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Raise Your Vibration & Skyrocket Self-Confidence With This 1-Step Formula

teacher avatar Kristen Becker, NLP Practitioner

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

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About This Class

This course is perfect for anyone who wants to improve their self-confidence, achieve goals easily, and live in a higher vibrational state. The 1-step formula is easy to follow and can be used by anyone!

If you're looking to raise your vibration and skyrocket your self-confidence, this is the course for you! You'll learn a 1-step formula that anyone can use to raise their vibration and feel more confident in themselves. Take the first step today and see how this life-changing course can help you reach your full potential!

With this course, you'll learn:

 -The 1-step formula to raise your vibration and increase self-confidence

 -How to apply this formula in your own life for maximum results

 -The secret to attracting what you desire into your life

 If you're ready to make a change and attract more confidence and success into your life, jump into the course today & get started!

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Meet Your Teacher

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Kristen Becker

NLP Practitioner


Success Mindset, Manifesting, Law of Attraction, NLP

HI, I'm Kristen!

Once a mind has been stretched, it never goes back. Pebbles on the pile, one course at a time, discover how much power you truly have within you!

I am a Certified Neural Linguistic Programming practitioner & Cht, author of FreeLark, and creator of personal development courses with over 10k students. I have personally explored and found great success in all the topics I develop courses for. My goal is to empower you to start living your very best life by understanding and leveraging the power and ability already within you!

Subscribe to my YouTube Channel, where you will discover new weekly videos: manifesting, the law of attraction, living your best life, guided audios, i... See full profile

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1. V1welcome: Hello and welcome. In this course you're going to learn the easy one question, one step formula to raise your vibration and skyrocket your self confidence. You're also going to learn the why and how behind, why it works and how it works. And this is really valuable to help you to get motivated to start using it and to keep using it. And the other thing that I love about this easy formula is that it's self fueling. You can start at a really small level and little micro events in your life As you see like, wow, this feels amazing. Things are really changing. I like how I feel. I like what's happening in my life. Then you can gradually keep using it more and more on bigger and bigger things. So you don't have to use self-discipline or willpower or make any big, huge sweeping changes. But you will have a very, very high impact and fast results using this easy formula. So let's go ahead and jump in, and I'll see you in the next video. 2. V2formula: Now we're talking about vibration here. So a great place to start is to look at, well, what is my vibration? And more importantly, how does my life look, feel and show up differently in different vibrational states? Now, what you're going to see on your screen here is something I call the manifesting scale. I created the scale based on Dr. David Hawkins scale of consciousness. And then relating that with those different vibrational levels to what it means, to how we feel, our emotions and our day-to-day quality of life. Now if you look at the bottom of the scale, you're going to see descriptions of the quality of life that you probably don't want to spend a lot of time. And now every one of these has their time and place and we'll get around to that. But just to start with looking at the bottom of the scale, what does this feel like? It looks like a lot of struggle, a lot of frustration, a lot of repeated patterns. And as you look higher up the scale, what does that look like? That looks like a lot more freedom. A lot more synchronicity is a lot more ease of doing the things that you do want to do in your life and having more of that come into your life in when it comes to vibration. Another thing that we want to consider is something called vibrational coherence. Now to look at the differences between being in vibrational coherence versus being out of vibrational coherence. I've made this little graphic for you. As you look at the vibrational, a coherent side of the graphic, you can see how you feel again, empowered, uplifted, nourished, hopeful, right? And on the incoherent side of the vibrational diagram here you'll see that it's a lot of overwhelm, frustration, struggle, repeated patterns. And as we look at both of these things, surely at this point you're saying to yourself, okay, I wanted to be in vibrational coherence. That all is stuff that I want in my life and want to bring more into my life and to move higher up the vibrational scale. So the next natural question is, how to do this? Now, I like to make things easy. I always like to find a really simple, easy tool that works in every aspect of your life that you can just say, Okay, I got this one tool and let me put it to use. And then you'll see from your own experiences, which is the best way to upgrade your beliefs, your vibration, everything by your experiences, how it works for you, and how you want to use it. So let's jump in and look at what that tool is and how it works. Now we've already looked at the different vibrational levels and the corresponding feelings, how we feel, our emotions, the quality of life that we're experiencing at those different levels. So probably you're already saying to yourself, yeah, I can relate to that. I can see where my life is at this level here, or maybe up here on this other thing in my life. And what you're realizing is that you already have a sense of your vibrational state. We all do this is very, very natural. It's not some crazy unknown, esoteric thing that you need a meter to figure out. Oh, I need a meter to figure out my vibrational state. No, we know that's just based on how we're feeling about things. So when you practice the vibrational coherence formula, what you are doing is simply this. With every little choice in your life, you stop and you become consciously aware, hey, I'm making a choice here which we don't often do just because of autopilot and habit, right? And you choose to move in the direction of the choice that keeps you incoherence or brings you into coherence. And another word that might be more helpful to use for this is harmony. Will this choice bring harmony into my vibration or will it bring Discord? I have another video coming up where we're going to show some real life examples. And that'll really help you to look at the real life examples I'm going to share and say, Oh yeah, I can really see how that relates to my experiences in life. And exactly how I would use this formula to make different choices every little step along the way. Is it really that simple? Do I really just make choices that always keep me leaning in the direction of harmony and away from the direction of discord, of incoherence. Yes, it really is that simple. And in the next video, I'm going to teach you some of the why and how the backstory of how and why it works. And as you see this, it's really an aha moment. You're like, Oh my gosh, it totally makes sense. Now, all of these things that are happening in my life that I wasn't realizing we're going on behind the scenes are under the surface. And now it's all crystal clear to me. So let's jump into the next video and look at exactly why and how this method works so beautifully. I am all about vibrational coherence. I practice it in absolutely every single area of my life. It's so impactful, so easy, and I love to share tools and content and ideas with people to help them to master this in their own lives. So if this is piquing your interest, be sure to check out my profile and see what else might be there for you to help you to continue to prioritize and get more and more into your own vibrational coherence. 3. V3howitworks: Anything in life that is functioning in its ideal state is going to function better. It's going to perform better, it's going to find better results. And we, as human beings, are no different, we're designed to function optimally when we are in a coherent state. So for example, when the two hemispheres of our brains are incoherence, we can do incredible things. This is the ideal state. We have heart brain coherence. When we establish heart brain coherence, all new possibilities opened up in our lives. We feel completely empowered, capable of anything. When all the systems in our body are working in coherence, our health is ideal, it is optimized. Absolutely everything about our lives is designed to work better in a state of coherence. However, what we tend to do is out of habit is to find ourselves in situations in life where we are completely not incoherence. And then wondering, Gosh, how do I change this? And this simple formula always put you in the direction of coherence, always leaning towards and prioritizing coherence. Another thing I like to really reflect on is when scientists take a cell and put it into a Petri dish with a toxin on one side and a nutrient on the other. What they discover very quickly is that cell is always going to move towards the nutrients and away from the toxins. Now a funny little way I like to think about this in my life is when I make a, let's just say a bad decision, right? Something maybe I'm aware of, maybe I'm not fully aware that it's not the best idea. I picture like every cell in my body going now. What are you doing? No, please. And it's really, really true. Another way to understand how this is working for you and why it eventually becomes autopilot is neural networks, neural pathways. Now, we all have lots and lots of them. The ones that we revisit most frequently through our behaviors, our choices are words or actions, are ideas that we entertain. They get stronger and stronger, they build together, they build more vast neural networks around that belief, around the idea, which then is upholding our thoughts and ideas, our feelings and our emotions and our vibration. However, when you use this very simple formula to consistently lean away from those things in towards harmony, towards peace, towards things that are empowering and uplifting to you. You are now creating a fast, dense network of neural pathways. All support these ideas, that all support these beliefs. And the corresponding thoughts, feelings, emotions, vibrations. And this is where we really start to talk about the upward spiral vibration. Only upward spiraling, right? According to that manifesting scale that you saw. And this is where it also begins to happen on auto-pilot. It just becomes automatic for you to think in this way, to perceive your world and your possibilities and your options in this way, and to naturally lean towards them without even having to think about it. Another reason this simple formula is so powerful is simply because you can use it. You can start at the very small micro event level. Just experiment with putting it into practice in your life and what you're going to find. And this is where the self competence really comes in is like, oh, it feels good. I feel very empowered. I feel very hopeful. I like the way this feels. I enjoy making these positive, harmonious choices for myself. But you see you don't have to go do something really big and drastic. Use a lot of willpower or self-discipline. You can start applying this at the micro level. And then as you do, rather than having to start up there at that hard challenging thing, right? You started very small and gradually increase your ability to do this, your desire to do this, your trust and faith in yourself to do this. This last thing that I want to point out about, it might just be the most profound and the most elegant and beautiful. Remember that cell in the Petri dish that was always moving towards the nutrients and away from the toxins. When we implement this very simple practice for ourselves and our lives, what are we doing? We're taking care of ourselves. We're loving ourselves. We care for what we love. And as you do this for yourself, this is really where that self confidence starts to take off. You're like, wow, I really do love and cherish and appreciate and value and care for myself. And it's so easy because you're just doing it one little choice at a time. In the next video, we're gonna look at real-world examples. So you can really see this at play and start to imagine how you could put this into play in your own life. As you move away to the next video, I invite you. If you're enjoying this course, please take a moment to like it. Share your review. I really appreciate it and it helps other people know that, hey, this is really worth the investment of your time. So let's go ahead and jump into the next video and look at some examples. 4. V4examples: So how might you put this into practice in your own life? Let's look at some real-world examples. As I've already stated, start with micro events at the really low level. And if you find that you make a choice and then later you realize like, Oh, I didn't actually lean towards harmony. That is great. The first thing you'll apply vibrational coherence to it yourself. Don't beat yourself up. Be grateful for the clarity. Wow, I am so clear on that now. We're also going to come back to that in a minute and talk about some things you can do after the fact if you don't choose the harmonious choice for yourself. Now one thing that a lot of people experience I know that I have is challenging conversations. So you might say, well, this is maybe somebody being passive aggressive and needling me or a more direct in your face, argument or discussion or something. And we all have to deal with these things from time to time. One thing I want to tell you is that Azure vibration rises. This becomes a one-shot deal where you don't have to consistently apply the formula all the time because your vibration is actually rising and therefore, you're not finding yourself embroiled in these situations. Which is just something wonderful that you have to look forward to. But let's look at the situation at hand. So let's say that you have somebody who is constantly telling you, I'm putting you down right? Things that they think are wrong with you or your choices are what you do in life. And now also the thing to remember about vibrational coherence. It's different for every person. In every situation. It is not a black and white. This is always the choice model and this is a great example of that. So in one situation, I might look at the context and the dynamics of that situation and say, you know, what's going to bring me harmony is to speak my truth. I need to do a little truth speaking here right now, just to stand up for what I want and how I feel and then move on. Or conversely, you might look at the situation and say, not worth my time, right? I'm leaning towards harmony. I don't even want to deal with that. And just completely move on and not continue to put your attention, your focus, and your energy into that dialogue, in, into that conversation. So those are two very different examples of how choosing harmony could look different based on the situation. And as you do this more and more, you'll just navigate it so fluidly and easily and beautifully. But the first time you stop at a fork in the road so to speak and say, Well, wait a minute, normally I just react. But now I'm going to use this vibrational coherence formula to choose how I respond in what, in this situation is going to bring me harmony. Now here's an example from social media. I am friends with someone on social media who's not really a personal friend in real life, they're a friend of a friend type situation. And she went on a little bit of a role, right? Making these sort of snarky, nasty comments on some of my posts. So I said, Okay, vibrational harmony, what to do? I want to do here, what choice do I want to make for myself? And now I'm making a conscious choice. Instead of just reacting. I thought, well, I'm compassionate towards her. I know that I can see from the thing she's been posting that she's pretty frustrated in life. And I do fundamentally this person I do like like her, I guess I would want to say like I like everybody but I didn't want to unframed her is basically what I'm saying or blocker, which is also totally fine. I have blocked people, right? But I also didn't want to give it my attention, my focus, my energy. So in this case, I just snooze her for 30 days, which is something you can do on a lot of platforms. And said, Okay, moving on, right. I didn't give it any more of my focus and attention. Now, as a fun follow-up, what ended up happening? I really did put it out of my mind and quite some time later, she commented on something else that I posted that was an area that she knew stuff about was a very helpful, very kind comment. So that's just a real-world example to give you an idea of a which you can do be how you might navigate the situation and see the results that you might expect to find. Another example is when someone just wants to tell you in great detail all the things that they disagree or disapprove of about whatever beliefs you hold, how you navigate your life, how you view the world, whatever. I think we've all encountered this from time to time. And again back to that. Do I even want to address it? Does that bring me harmony? Or do I need to write? In a situation where I needed to one time I said, Hey, I welcome your right to have your beliefs and ideas and opinions. However, I disagree and I'm not going to engage in this conversation with you any longer or conversations like it. And that was not confrontational and not aggressive. However, it sent a very clear message to the person. I'm not going to continue to engage in these conversations that don't bring harmony to me, right? And it's in a very clear message myself. I remember that self-care, self-love. So here with this example, you can see how it works again on so many levels. What about self-doubt? That happens? Anytime you're moving into a more up leveled place in your life, you're oftentimes going to have some element of self-doubt, fear, right? So this is another great example to see how you can apply the vibrational coherence model. That easy one question, one step formula. Will it move me towards harmony? Or is this going to move me towards discord or keep me in Discord or incoherence. And whenever I'm doing this in my life and I find that little fear monster of self-doubt popping up. I say, okay, what's going to bring me harmony? Maybe to learn something more, to empower myself more confidently in that situation. Maybe just to give myself a pep talk and say you can do it, girl, right? Keep moving forward. And also the whole idea of having self-doubt. I don't beat myself up and say, oh, there I go again. I just don't believe in myself. Apply the oxygen mask to yourself before assisting others. That's okay. I'm seeing maybe what's holding me back a little bit better understanding it, and then better able to see the ways in which that I can move beyond it. So again, another beautiful example of why and how it works so beautifully in any situation. Now, as I said, I apply this in every single area of my life. Let's talk about vitality. And this is also a really good example of a little, I guess I'd say, not trick but tactics, something that you can use as follow-up. Now, I use vibrational coherence to consider what I want to eat and why, or how I want to go exercise or choose my physical activities. What brings harmony? What makes me feel good? You know, what raises my vibration? What cares for me? How do I care for myself? And I make my choice, choices accordingly. Usually, sometimes I don't. And a perfect example was one of my teenage boys wanted to get something from a fast food restaurant, which I don't normally do. And I thought, oh, I haven't had that in awhile. Maybe I'll get some right. And I spent the last couple of hours after that laying on the couch going, My God, what have I done to myself? Because I didn't feel in harmony. I didn't feel uplifted, I didn't feel nourished. I just I physically felt terrible. So of course, the first thing I did was I don't beat myself up. I'm grateful for the insight. And also here's something very interesting on two levels. First of all, our minds don't know the difference between real and imagined. So if I'm going to generate beliefs and ideas around that choice about myself and then get emotional about it, which is of course, creating my frequencies, creating my vibration. That's one way you could do it. But another way you could do it is to a, say, Wow, okay, I'm grateful. That was really just gave me so much clarity about what I don't like about that and why much more empowered moving forward, Then rehearsing, right? Imagining the alternative response. You know, I like to just sit here for a few minutes and think about what if I'd had a salad, ooh, that would feel good or salmon or something like that, or took the time to cook something for myself instead of just getting something at the drive-through, right. So I'm rehearsing this and because I'm rehearsing it, I'm building neural networks around it. So the next time this event pops up, I'm much less likely to just out of habit. I guess, reflective, like just reacting to make that choice, to choose a better choice because I've already practiced it. I've already rehearsed it. I've already developed neural networks around that idea and created the emotions around that. So as you can see, that is a very powerful practice. You don't have to get this right the first time, right? Apply the oxygen, master yourself before assisting others. Always lean towards harmony. 5. V5successtips: I hope you are as excited about this as I am and I know that as you practice it, just go out and put it into practice in your life. You are going to be very quickly, see from your own experience, get into your upward spiral. Here. Before we go, I want to share with you some extra tips, things that you can do to really help to enforce this and have it happen even faster, getting into that higher vibration more quickly, boosting yourself communists more quickly. And before we jump into that, I do want to remind you, I love this. I love empowering people. Be sure to check out my profile, see what kind of other content and products and things that are there for you. They can help you on your journey. And if you've enjoyed this, please take a moment to leave a review. It is so helpful to let other people know, hey, don't miss this good stuff here right? Now, let's look at what more you can do in addition to just practicing this at the micro-level, day in and day out. Well, here's something we know from psychology. What gets measured gets improved upon. I do highly recommend that you start keeping a journal and give yourself credit, celebrate your wins. Every night before I go to bed, I sit down and I take note and a little journal. Not only of the things I'm grateful for, but the things I did for myself that I'm happy, I'm glad I made that choice for myself. Way to go girl, good job. And then I've already talked about that mental rehearsal health. Well, I want to do a redo on that one, right? You could even redo this in your journal, write it out. If you think about most of what we do all day long as telling stories is telling yourself a better story and pre rehearsing, building those neural networks around. And this is an incredibly powerful little language hack. Again, I do this every single night before I go to bed. And you can do this to help enhance your ability to see and celebrate and read further reinforce everything about this vibrational harmony for yourself. And here is the language pattern that you use. There's two of them. And really there's, there's kinda three weeks. There's like a combination. So the first one is, the more i i, and the second one is, the less I, the less I. And then another combination could be any combination of the two. Like, the more I, the less I, the less I, the more I. So let me give you an example. I might see something that I did during my day that was a real when I'm like, wow, I'm so proud of myself for being that cell in the Petri dish that's moving towards the nutrients for loving myself. And I'll write it down. You know, the more I choose healthy foods, the more energy I have, the more I feel good about myself and how I care for myself, the more I love myself. And a combination of the OSI, the LSI, you might say, the less I allow people to engage me in arguments, the less frustrated or angry I am acknowledging and celebrating. And then, as I mentioned, some combination. Let me try to think of a combination. How about this? The more I stopped and articulate myself in a graceful way, the less I find I'm in conflict with other people. So this is just a really, really easy way in your journal at night that you can get super clarity and also enhancing those neural networks, right? Building that vibration, building that self-confidence. Thank you for joining me. I am really excited to hear what you think about this, how you're putting it into practice in your life. So be sure to comment. Please leave a review and I'll see you in the next course.