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      Repeating Notes 1,3


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      Repeating Notes 1,2,3


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      Repeating Notes 1,2,3,4


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      2 Notes Phrase


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      Thank you!!


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About This Class

This class is the number 5 in the Piano Technique 101 Series, which main purpose is to help you develop a good piano technique, that will improve your sound, develop control and avoid injuries, you will feel how your playing is improving, being able to play with accuracy and which is even  better, it will help you to enjoy your music. In this class you will learn how to play repeating notes without loosing control. Enroll in this class today and start developing a better technique, no previous knowledge  is required because all the videos are 100% practical.

Meet Your Teacher

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Ilse Lozoya

Music teacher and Online Educator



Hello Skillshare community!!

My name is Ilse Lozoya I am a pianist and educator, I love to teach online because I can share about music, piano, and education with student around the globe and I think this a wonderful thing in our days.

 My Skillshare classes are dedicated to music students, if you are a beginner or a advanced student I am pretty sure that you will find a class that can help you in your music journey, you will find classes basically about piano, music theory, ear training and education.





Here are the links to my classes:


        Piano Technique 101 #1   - The 7 Min Routine -  https://skl.sh... See full profile

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1. Introduction: Hi. Welcome to this last. This last is a number five in the piano technique. One a one series, and this class is dedicated to a very special thing. I just call it repeating notes. Well, what's this? Who needs this course? Well, any music piano student that wants to start playing pin or already playing? Maybe there are a stuff of person and you have been playing piano for many years. Well, this course is going to help you. Why? Because as pianist, sometimes we need to be able to repeat. We need to repeat many times the same note, and there's a special technique. Why is this important? Well, because there's a risk. There's the risk. If you don't play this correctly, you can get tired. You can lose control. Your rhythm can change and not be appropriate, and you can't get injure. You really can have this problem. So even if you think it's a very small thing, it's necessary to be able to practices in the correct way. This class has 100% practical videos, so no previous knowledge is required, and I'm going to give you some important tips and exercises so you can develop this skill and we prepare when any song requires this from you. My name is since illusory. I'm going to be your instructor. Dirt teetering This last name be happy to share, would you? Oldest tapes that have helped meet Truman e years and have held my students as well. Thank you and vault today to this class. 2. Repeating Notes 1,3 : this exercise. I'm going to give you, give you a very port on tape. Sometimes where we're playing, we need to repeat the same note many times on. Sometimes we need to do it really fast. Well, here's the tape. Very important. You never never repeat the same note with the same single. Because if I I need to repeat this seat and I do it with finger many, many times, what is going to happen that I'm going to lose control because my finger is going to get tired so I can really tired. Get tired on my muscles can get hurt so we don't want that. What we're going to do is that if you need to repeat the same note, you need to play to change fingers. So you're going to play with finger want country In this exercise, I'm going to you. Maybe you cannot see. But as you can see, all my fingers are close like this. Right at the scene now trying to play four times this C 1234 and then 1234 1234 1234 234 Always on terminating finger tree and one. Now I'm going to play with my left hand finger. One and tree I bring all my life The relaxing exercises. My hunch. Blake. 1234 123412341234 1234 1234 1234 1234 So this is a very good idea. If you need to play many times the same note, try changing fingers. This exercise I showed you how to play using finger number one and three. 3. Repeating Notes 1,2,3 : Now let's keep practicing. Playing the same note seven all time that now we are going to use other fingers instead of playing with finger number one and tree. We are going to use finger tree to someone. So this trade figures were going to do. I'm going to bring all my fingers close to my thumb and I'm going to begin with finger number tree. So I'm going to do tree 213 to 1 on. Go to practices twice with each note. 321 dream Teoh want. Then I'm going to the next the next note. Don't play too fast. You can't go back to the CEO if you need. This exercise is going to help you. If you need to play faster, would like this way. This is a good idea to breakfast. In this way, I'm going to play with my left hand 4. Repeating Notes 1,2,3,4 : Now let's practice one more exercise, repeating the same note several times. But in this location I'm going to use Finger number four to eat to someone. It's very rare not coming to play. 54321 So I'm just going to play for tree to one, going to bring on my fingers to the center. So I'm going to play for Treat. To what? I'm going to practice his tryst in each note. Good E No. 4321432143214321 Going down. Going back. Thank you, Blake. Passing slow. That's necessary. E. I want to play with my left hand for tree to want, so I bring on my fingers close to myself. I'm going to bring a plate. 43214 Drink, too. Going back for treat 214 So practice this several times in very slow way, and this is really, really going to help you to play several times. The same note 5. 2 Notes Phrase: Now let's play this exercise that is going to help your to play two notes phrase. If you need to play two notes like this very general musical law, I can say that is that the 1st 1 is going to be played louder than the 2nd 1 So what I what I would like you to do is to play the 1st 1 like this and then the 2nd 1 very, very PM very slow. Now you're going to play one more time. So, Dan, like this, then I'm going to play the older then the e note. Softer night. It's well, now how about going back? No. If e Dan de and D. C I'm going to play with my left hand, Take your time. Don't play too fast. I need to live a day beginning off each phrase No, Now I'm going back. Jeanne See? So this is the important play. Not fast, very slow. So you can control the south And next time that you need to play two notes phrase a phrase that has to note Well, the 1st 1 must be louder. All s the sheet music says the a possible most of the time. Do you need to play like this? So you do practices exercise. You are really going to be able be able to control your 6. Thank you!!: we're now at the end off this class. I really hope that off this exercises have helped you to improve your plane. Remember that this classes are part off the piano technique. Serious. So I'm going to keep releasing another classes with different exercises about this important topic that is having a good pianistic. My name is also so. Yeah, it has been a pleasure. And thank you. Poor have enrolled in this class. And I be aware off next announcements when I'll be releasing more classes about piano technique. Thank you. And if you have any questions, let me know ants. If you want to leave a review of a very happy to read about this. Thank you.