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Piano Technique 101: Class #3 Octaves

teacher avatar Ilse Lozoya, Music teacher and Online Educator

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Watch this class and thousands more

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      Broken Octaves Part I


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      Broken Octaves Part II


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      Thank you!!


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About This Class

Learning to play octaves correctly is absolutely necessary for any pianist, even if is an amateur and this is because octaves are frequently needed to play any kind of music, but if you don´t know how to play them your arm can get tired and you can develop an injury.

This class is the number 3 in the Piano Technique 101 Series, through very easy to follow exercises you will understand and capable to incorporate this in your daily routine.

Meet Your Teacher

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Ilse Lozoya

Music teacher and Online Educator



Hello Skillshare community!!

My name is Ilse Lozoya I am a pianist and educator, I love to teach online because I can share about music, piano, and education with student around the globe and I think this a wonderful thing in our days.

 My Skillshare classes are dedicated to music students, if you are a beginner or a advanced student I am pretty sure that you will find a class that can help you in your music journey, you will find classes basically about piano, music theory, ear training and education.





Here are the links to my classes:


        Piano Technique 101 #1   - The 7 Min Routine -  https://skl.sh... See full profile

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1. Introduction: Hi. Welcome to this class. This class is a number tree in the piano technique 101 serious and as dedicated to practice octaves. Who needs this course? Well, this class and this course is dedicated to any music student. Any piano students, even if you are just preparing to start playing pin or you are already taking piano lessons . Maybe you have been playing dress of thought person and you have practicing for several years. Well, this exercises aren't going to help you. Doesn't matter which generally do you like. And how are you? How many years you have been practicing? Well, why did you need this class? Well, because there are many difficulties that you will find when you play any kind of music and sometimes joining to play oak types. Well, this exercises I want to help you to play all types and broken OC types in a better way. You are going to develop a better sound. You're going to prove yourself. You're going to play with much confidence. Sometimes we can get nervous and start playing with not very loud. And we have lack of sound. Well, this exercises are going to help you All these videos are practical. 100%. No theory is required. So no previous knowledge it required. My name is Silsila. Aren't going to be your teacher during structure in this last. And I'm very happy to share this exercises that have been good for me. And I can see that they are very good. They are very good for my students. Welcome to this class. 2. Octaves: we're going to practice something that's really, really important to control and to have mastery than necessary. Mastery. Why? Because you are going to I need to play this aim even if you played popular music or classical music. What is that? Well, we need to play op tapes. What? It's a knock table when I play seeing on the next scene at the same time, Thistle knocked eight. So sometimes we need to play like this week. I need to play something, something like that. Well, what we need to the volatile. It's like the position, the shape. It's something that this stance that or hands need to memorize. So this exercise is going to help you to learn how to play octaves, and your not only be capable to play that, but your hand is going to be, you know, going to open your fingers that the senses between is going to are going to B y either. When I started playing, but I the beginning, I was not able to play. I'll take my hands. I don't have very large hands, but not very small hands, but at the beginning was kind of difficult. So after many exercises. Hi. Are you proven that lot capable to play without any problem? The tapes. So don't worry if the beginning this is a little bit strongly for you. So what I'm going to do that? I'm going to make this movement. I'm going to throw my hand. I'm going to use my my arms, my arm and went to true my through my hand like this. This is not a vertical movement. And it is not like this because we don't want to heat the edge off the key. We don't want to get hurt or names. We must be careful with that. But I wouldn't want to do this. I'm going to do this on then I'm going to relax that if you're playing especially if you are playing in an acoustic piano, then the acoustic piano is really going to you produce a very wife and deeper sound. When you play like so juice, your sound is going to improve on. You will be able to play louder when it's necessary. Now I'm going to play the opt A but right here at the C sharp And this is some things can be a little difficult because the Black Keys, far less whether that's the reality. So the distance, the size of the key. This is a smaller so that we need to be careful with that. But the attention you're going to play the octave with. Finger number four when you play. Why keys. We're going to play finger one of five on when I play black Keys that I want to be one and four. Why? Because you have more control. Figure number. Ford's really stronger, so I'm going to use like this. I'm going to use its like this. I'm going to play eso at the beginning. Maybe you want to do this to your fingers, going to sleep like this. But it's OK. Don't worry. Just keep trying. So I'm going to a C sharp Danglard to play two D on I relax. I take a few seconds before playing. The next note I love this exercise is because really help me to improve my son, and I can feel how my hands are getting stronger. They're going down. Do now. We're into practices. We might lift him the same very normal that you feel more confident playing. Wait for one of your hands Don't play the same time. Just play separated. Uh huh. So that's the way you're going to practice octaves in the next videos. We're going to know it's a different way to play in this That is really going to help. 3. Broken Octaves Part I : Now let's learn to play these tapes and another friend way What? We're going to do it instead of playing both See at the same time What? I'm going to do it. So I'm going to play this See first and then the higher So going to play louder The 1st 1 on the second Very soft re stuff that way is gonna really make your fingers will play now Very more All palm position your time Maybe if you think that I'm playing too fast will place lowered I really feel how my fingers are, Gary getting stronger each time that I played it. Now I'm going to play with my left hand Ah, look how I throw with seniors Cheaper Use a louder sound But I'm not stressing anything and really relaxing my fingers before playing the next note Uh ah ah ah ah ah ah! This way I'm going to practice. If I need to practice to play something like this, I will be able to play something like this. So take your time. God, you're in place, Young patron. Sorry. So you can't really improved. You're praying and manage how to play this type off combinations 4. Broken Octaves Part II : Now let's play the other way off playing off tapes instead of beginning right here, I'm going to begin with a higher note, so I'm going to play like this. Remember, it's louder. The first known slather the 2nd 1 is very so so I'm trolling a little bit articulating you see my whole hold my hand. I really feel how my fingers are stretching. If this is too difficult for you, you can go really slower. No, now we're going to play with my left hand. Guesses is my thumb and I got TA to notch, just like dropping my phone there, always controlling the second note of the octave way . Don't play both hands at the same time. Just control your sound. Watch your fingers and always relax before playing the next note. 5. Thank you!!: we're now at the end off this class. I really hope that off this exercises have helped you to improve your plane. Remember that this classes are part off the piano technique. Serious. So I'm going to keep releasing another classes with different exercises about this important topic that is having a good pianistic. My name is also so. Yeah, it has been a pleasure. And thank you. Poor have enrolled in this class. And I be aware off next announcements when I'll be releasing more classes about piano technique. Thank you. And if you have any questions, let me know ants. If you want to leave a review of a very happy to read about this. Thank you.