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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

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      Coffee Ink


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      Mark making


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      Sketchbook making and book cover


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About This Class

Let's play with coffee and ink and see the magic that will happen on a paper. Here are a potato vacations and I will show you how easy this project is, because we will play with kids together.

So let's boil that coffee and start playing....but if you want you could watch us first while your coffee will cold. Enjoy.

Meet Your Teacher

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Lidija Miklavcic

Design, Mixed Media Art, Surface Pattern Design


I work as self-employed pattern maker-designer a.k.a. Tutorial Girl. I design everything from shoes to clothes and bags … anything I need that I can’t find. I recycle a lot of old jeans into a new hand painted and free motion stitched surface patterns, so my designs are a little bit more personal to me. I have a big wish to become a surface pattern designer some day and the last few years I’m the happiest if my hands are covered with paint. I’ve never grown up and I still live like DIY person.

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1. Intro: coffee and ink. Watercolor paper. Loose matter. The coffee. Good morning. Coffees for our Oh, yeah. Welcome to my new class. You want to know what? We don't really paint something person. Then, um I didn't ask my feet toe long, so they showed you strike three seeing the but kids illustrations, ink and coffee magic. So you are asking Is this useful little? I transform my coffee papers into suffers but there and design. You could use it also for wrapping paper, collage, paper, sketchbook, paper One more practical example how you could use it for book cover for more You will need to see the cast so in a role now and see there by 2. Tools: coffee and think watercolor paper dolls. Let me show you what you need for this class palette for mixing kink and coffee. Coffee, of course. Porter Salable pencil Any kind. It could be crayon colored pencil or graffiti, something that will react with the water in spray bottle or just a jar of water stuff from the kitchen. Paintbrushes. Water basting booty cutters are optional, but they really make good marks. Other kitchen staff or stand sirs fabric or paper rolls for training. And I forgot to show you the plastic wrap stance. Salt is optional. Do kid stars something for stamping like this, but they were You did use for banquet. Other colors you could use here. Bamboo stick and paper off course, any kind, further color or just ordinary copper paper. One more thing. Don't forget to protect your working table, especially if you will work with kids. Of course, you don't need everything here, just whatever you could find in a teacher or in Kid's stars on Now let's start playing 3. Coffee: coffee and think watercolor paper The coffee, magic all the water and make a coffee. The stronger the coffee, the doctor Ruby The marks the amounts off. Coffee and water depend on you. Just levity. Steered the coffee and enjoying this man. So nice. Could this matter My coffee Now we need to wait for coffee. The court I used the filter for catching bigger might off the coffee. Just go slowly if you were doing this stuff because I know you want to play even before your kids here you could make simple dots designed for wrapping paper. Maybe like this Simple right. This is the fun project. Later I will show you how you could make coughing for painting. 4. Coffee Ink: coffee and ink watercolor paper ink making. If you want to prepare coffee ing that you could use it for brush painting or drawing with the pen's, you will probably want to have a little bit darker ink. So you need to make a coffee and use a filter for catching small parts off coffee. Then bullet on low temperature for a while, and the ink will become darker and darker. If you want to preserve it for a while so you could store it in a jar, you need to add one tablespoon off sort and one tablespoon off me *** and stare some more. After the cough of your court, Place it in a jar and you could start painting. Now make yourself a little sketchbook and started the mornings with the nice smelling cup of coffee and on coffee and illustration. Isn't this Ah, good idea or what? Oh, and please do share your off illustrations in our gallery 5. Kids: coffee ending quarter color paper, Kids playing illustrations. I need to tell you a little bit about this window. I did have in India how to show how easy it is to play with coffee and think and how crazy good papers you could make. So I didn't ask my kitchen. They would like to play with us. So here they are playing queen the same supplies that they didn't want to show you, how you could make interested paper for projects. But my kids didn't get much instructions from me. And they did just create with a coffee for the first time. So or they work. It's more frustration down papermaking. Oh, there is much more growing done. I did plan to have, But all the drawings are combined with some coffee stains and they are fun and the pointy off these classes to do something fun. The thing is, the more you play, the more different result will get. So just enjoying their prank and see what could be useful for you. Right later , I will show you what did it I make with those papers and I will show you off your Samper's what you could do with, um so graphic off of coffee or tea and watches, and then please join us and shadow project in the color here. So we will or admire your creations. Maybe you did see on the start and at the end of each widow, I did tell you on example from us so you could see some interested marks that are made with coffee. Anything. - Also , while we did play, I did learn some new stuff, like when you place wait cookie cutter on wet or dry ice paper, the most amazing preside to get if you just leave the cookie cutter on paper and write it for try. But the think is when you play, you just want to move stuff. So you forget about that. On some places, I did see the amazing result. And if my project would be to collect the interested marks for making suffers potato and designs with them, the best would be to make photos right away. When paper is still that. And those moments I could get the most interested marks for for charity guitar work. Yes, using coffees times for making the dollar is something that is really interested for me. I did make a few really good suffers potatoes with it already. - One more thing I need to confess. I'm a bad teacher when I want to make a demon for kids because it just hard to be just a watcher and not to be involved in their projects. But I did help just a little at the beginning, and then I did meant to be just an outsider and just enjoying the surprises in the next video. 6. Mark making: coffee and think watercolor paper mark making. I would just start with the writing paper and fakes on coffee stains. Now I'm adding Inc and coffee mixed. You add more ink for bigger contrast how the inquiry LaRock depend on how where the paper is and also what kind of paper you have. You need to experiment a little, but I'm using here the low quality on the cheapest other car of paper spraying in tow, Inc make great things. Now I'm adding some scratching, the dividing and coffee and some stumping. Salt could make good marks toe, but I think on coffee don't have such a impact than on water color paint, but it direct. Better. Rethink. I'm adding cropping plastic, and I want to make crackles with it. It's important to live the plastic on paper and wait for drying before you really move it. The plastic piece will make spot the effect. Yes, it is so fun as it looks. This is water. So liberal graphic pensar. How cool is that This cookie got that is my favorite new tour. One advice. If you have options for it, play on bigger table so that you could leave papers to dry on it and play with more papers at once. You could even work in more layers that way. This is from my kids stores and it have some snares on the surface. Used the same tours for different mark, so you will have less cleaning to do. This place to corrupt from lemons didn't work because maybe I should put a book on it and live it to try. I will try this the next time. This pool of coffee is just a deep, so I need to remove some before putting this paper to rest. After I'm watching this, I did get the idea to use white crayon or rocks for resist That could get on interested resort toe. But hey, it sit there for you to try amusing salt here and think and some more coffee for something like that. I should have better watercolor paper. I need to admit that at some water on top of it on, watch what will happen on paper and how all the stuff will rack If the ports of water and think and coffee becomes too deep. It's better to some paper napkin to take some off the water off, - stand with your red paper napkins and make different kinds off marks. Make some coffee rethink, and you will get a different you pretty cool for making wrapping paper right? Or just for some paper that would be used Pus, Kalash paper or big or digital collage? I mean how you will use the newspaper. It all depends on your imagination, and now are the mics off coffee stains. It's like painting king liars for the next layer at some water and see what will happen stamping with kitchen tools or other materials. Or you could use Stanciute. I like how uneven results you could get. One more option used to Stamper in layers with sento or different tools on Wait for Leicester Dry. I mean, you will get really interested layer remarks. Perfect Force offers Terran or hand painted papers. Now added marks with plastic fork and watching how they will blend with march under on how they think we're blend with them, it really is just playing on asking. What if I do this on just doing it right? Simple. Sometimes you could just scratching toe the red paper and you were get fun. Aunt interested results when the paper will drive much. Know what will happen when the ink will make its magic. I just like now I think some water will make its own magic toe, but it really depends off what kind of paper you're using. So you need to experience a little on found the one that you like the most you some pencils or crayons or graffiti that Iraq with water like water solar, Bill Kranz, for instance, and makes our marks with it. Now I'm using King and I just love What will happen. Could imagine toe make just bigger paper and rapper booking it. I mean, how person crazy. Good idea is this for the present? When you place for I think plastic, make sure you make some force and leave the plastic on. Ride the papers drying. You'll get amazing results. It's a good if you place on book on its toe. I make sinking and coffee if you think you would like darker March, makes a little bit off Inc into your coffee, but still use just coffee, too. And combined the who's Yes, it's a massive business, but it's fun. And then at some water for bigger mess. The bigger the mess, the bigger the farm and some sort. Why not? It's like cooking with passion. Put some in coffee lines and then play some coffee and see the magic that happened there. Now for the interest. Make some scratches or stampede some tours. So this is just a few samples from me. Andi, I hope you didn't enjoy and that it will be useful for you to now go and make some great denies coffee smelling paper mess and share it with us. See you in the next we don't buy. 7. Sketchbook making and book cover: coffee and think watercolor paper, sketchbook and book cover. For the last reader, I would like to show you two simple examples how you could make something useful from our papers. Let me show you how you could easily make a sketchbook with coffee stains, so no more blank pages and scary moments. First you need to for the papers into a signature, then found the center and make three horse with some sharp tools. Place your threat into a needle and start with the center hole. You could start from the inside book or from the Arctic depend when you want tohave a lot. So go from center to decide hole and then on the opposite hole out and back to the center. Then make double cannot and cut, but you don't need. Our book is ready to practice our Mingqing sketching or morning doorless or maybe could be a present for our friend. Let me show you one more idea how you could make simper book cover the paper. Need to be bigger than your book for five centimeters all around, and then just make a few faults like I will show them. I line it here on Mike, Fourth of the bottom. They entered it around and repeat. Place a book in the center of the paper and four both edges inside both colors. You could use it for your favorite books or, if you plan Toby Ah, books entered this year. This could be great. Wrapping India just out some night strings and book talks for the people you love. You could even make some handmade lettering con your book colors. This method of book wrapping is really useful for or soft colored books because the Arctic paper will protect them for a long time. The falter finished, and now just place the covers to the paper pockets and you're done. This could really be a nice Christmas present and so personal. So if you did like the class, please leave me a positive review. So the more people could find it and share it with friends, have a nice and creative day and see you soon. Bye