How to paint crystals using alcohol ink, watercolor, and brusho crystals. | Kellie Chasse | Skillshare

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How to paint crystals using alcohol ink, watercolor, and brusho crystals.

teacher avatar Kellie Chasse, Sharing Art with 100,000 students & counting!

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      Painting Crystals Introduction


    • 2.

      Crystal Options


    • 3.

      Sketching A Crystal with Details


    • 4.

      Crystal Sketch less details


    • 5.

      Crystal Sketch Round Shape


    • 6.

      Using Masking Fluid


    • 7.

      Alcohol Ink Primary Colors


    • 8.

      Removing the Masking Fluid


    • 9.

      Final details Alcohol Ink Crystals


    • 10.

      Watercolor Crystals Adding Masking Fluid


    • 11.

      Watercolor Crystals First Layer


    • 12.

      Watercolor Crystals More Details


    • 13.

      Watercolor Crystal Final Details with a Pen


    • 14.

      Brusho Crystal Watercolor


    • 15.

      Project time


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About This Class

How to Paint Crystals

Get ready to have some fun in this course! We will be doing a few different crystals and mediums in this class. The first one will be using Alcohol inks on yupo paper. The second medium will be with watercolors, and the third demo you will use Brusho crystal watercolors. 

This is a beginner art course for those of you that want to develop your skills with a few different mediums creating similar yet different ways of creating these crystals. 

We will cover in this course:  Materials needed to create a gorgeous crystal painting fast and super easy! 

I am super excited to share with you all this new course.  It's a really fun and easy project that creates such healing and energetic images.


  • How to paint crystals using different mediums
  • How to use masking fluid for line work
  • How to use a calligraphy pen as a tool for drawing
  • How to use Alcohol Inks to create crystals using a rainbow of colors
  • How to create a watercolor crystal

Happy Painting!


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Kellie Chasse

Sharing Art with 100,000 students & counting!






"Watercolor Exploration - Painting Colorful Birch Trees"

Loose easy enough for beginners / Practice experimenting with colors!

Here's the Link:

Sharing my new favorite watercolor Brushes for Beginners! 


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1. Painting Crystals Introduction: Hello. I'm Kelly Chassis. I am a simple living that free and main artist. And I have been teaching classes now for over 15 years. And I've broken down all my classes to make them very simple for beginners. Andi, Very easy to follow. I have full online courses, brand new classes on my website every month. Today I want to show you how I created this. A beautiful Little Alcohol Inc crystal painting with using just three primary colors. A little bit of extender. We're going to go into a few of my little tips and tricks for this Swan will be using some masking fluid and my absolute favorite way to make straight lines and his a picture of my little secret tool that I'll be using in this course with you. And for the first time, I'm actually gonna be doing a watercolor demo as well as the alcohol. A demo in this course for you. So you get a 24 on this one. This class is for beginners, but also for more advanced folks who just want to learn to new tools and try out some different ways of doing things. So I hope to see you inside the course. And I'm looking forward to painting these crystals with you. 2. Crystal Options: So let's take a look at a few crystals. If you go to Google, you can actually take a look at a lot of different types of crystals that they have on here as far as different colors that you could create. Many folks say crystals have a lot of uses and meanings. They can reduce stress. Each type of crystal has a different meaning or healing power. But if you go to a great little website that I found called crystal earth spirit dot com, they have a list of a lot of different types of crystals and rocks, and it really goes into more depth as to what the meaning of each type of crystal is. The ones that I'm working with here that I've got from Amazon, I believe, are called a seeded crystal, which are supposed to be about wisdom, ancient culture, holding ancient knowledge and wisdom for the past. Bring it to the present to a week in our spirit. So this shows how to move beyond boundaries and learn about ourselves and from the past really getting spirit, giving us a little bit of self belief so that we can reach our full potential and these air supposed excellent healers use for balancing and clearing. Shaq grows. So how cool is that? As far as especially working the spirit and really giving us some self belief, reaching their full potential when it comes to creating an art. So you can see here there's lots of different types, beautiful colors. You can really go in any direction you want with this. Just have fun. Pick some colors that you really like. If you see some other styles that you want to try, you know, just take a look at these shapes were gonna go over few different types and and shapes during the sketching part of this to relieve their doll about triangles, squares, rectangles and lines. So if you take it from there, you can pretty much go in any direction you want. So if you are ready to start sketching a let's dive in 3. Sketching A Crystal with Details: So before we begin actually painting some of these crystal, let's go ahead and look at what crystal is. The shapes, the designs of them. I purchased a bag of these off of Amazon Houston in a lot of my resin pieces, and you can see how different and unique every single one of these are. So nothing is perfect in nature, and these certainly are very raw crystals. They are not perfect. And they're fun. They're really fun to draw because you just have so many options and it really can't go wrong. So we're gonna do a lot of these more the elongated type crystals and you can see they're not, as they said, perfectly shaped, perfectly cut. Some of them will have little attachments and some of the smaller pieces down below. And when we do our original paintings, I'm gonna add a little bit of that, too. That's we're gonna show you how really quickly how to Caridi the 1st 1 So this is more of an exact replica, and I'm gonna hold the semi hand. You can see where we have the lines. The divisions in these were That's cut and you want to have some very sharp edges, but it can. These pieces are not perfect. So if you don't want to have a ruler out, you don't want to draw a perfectly straight line. You definitely don't have to with something like this. So I'm doing this a free hand. And when you do your piece, you can create all these different shapes in there. So I'm trying to get in that first point you can see and then you these lines as they come down or not. Exactly perfect. I'm going to try to draw this a straight as I can. And you can see where the crystals are basically broken down into these little rectangles, triangles, straight lines, squares. So there, for the most part. And they're very geometric. And then down the bottom, they get a little bit more raw, not quite as exact, so you can see through them as well. So you've got some areas that you're gonna have some glow and some shine and some reflections. Some of those lines will be seen through the piece. You have a little bit more about cloudiness to the bottom. Some parts are very crystal clear. And when you do these, You know, we're gonna be changing out the colors, creating a few different options for you. If you want to have little clouds, look cloudy marks in there, you could do that. If you want a crystal clear, you can do that. If you want a little bit more sparkle and more highlights anywhere you see, that shine is where you're going to use that masking fluid when we fill in for the next steps. So again, I'm just getting a few little marks in here that I'm seeing. It was clear that you see a nice little chunk of it in this one. If you wanna have those little imperfections in there, you definitely can do that. So that gives you an example of one. Let's go ahead and try another piece with this portion on the bottom. When we do our painting, I'm gonna add a little bit of this more to the bottom of it. And if you see the crystals not separate in the actual rock itself, you'll see a lot more of these clusters down near the bottom again, just cheeping out some of those funny little areas there. There's no right or wrong to this. This is just what I'm seeing from my angle might be a little different for the angle for the camera, but again, it gives you a great way to look at it and see those shapes in there again the imperfections and just having fun with it. Let's get the top piece going here very similar to the other one that we had done. And this is where those cuts are a little bit sharper and again we condemn, vied this up and create a little bit of more reflection in here I got If you want to get a little bit more details, you can get a little bit of those lines and highlights in there that you see through the crystal and you can see where it really highlights on the edge here on the top, great. Here and then a long the right hand side on the bottom is where that light is really reflecting. So that gives you an example of one. Here is a close up of it. I will put the pdf for you for each one of these listed here 4. Crystal Sketch less details: Let's go ahead and try a 2nd 1 This one is gonna be a little less details, More of line work with this one or the shapes of the crystals, and you can see again that the crystals are very non uniform. And again you wanna have just lines and triangles and those little shape. So there's no right or wrong with this. That's when I am totally making up again. I want that point and I've got that triangle shape. And this is how the light that light is really gonna hit and reflect a little bit easier. And I'm just taking a line and going off from those points. Basically, this is a little funky one again, nothing in line to the point and then constrain it out a little bit. If I'm not happy with that, and then let's go ahead and add those lines towards the bottom again. That's those cuts, the straight cuts that we see. Let's go ahead and do just a couple more. These come in any shape so you really can go crazy with. However you want to make yours coming off of the lines, any little square or point that I've made. You could come off from that again. Highlights could be an angle. The bottom of your crystal can be really any shape as well. You could add a little bit more of that cluster near the bottom if you wanted to. Again, it's just straight lines and shapes. It's really I need to focus on. Do you? Just a couple more of these elongated ones. You've got a really fine point to this one. Looks like a rocket. Well, all the way down, all the way down with this one's. This one's a really straight you see. Wherever I have those lines is where those highlights will be, or those cuts will be in the glass or the crystal. You have another one coming off from my angle, and this is what we're gonna try to accomplish more with our paintings. We have more of a cluster of them again continuing those shapes. Let's go ahead and add another one over here on the side. I remember my triangular shaped rocket look and then straight down. I feel a little bit more comfortable. Let's try one more year, though, this one upside down and a little bit less elongated. once again, I'm starting out with more than that. Pyramid shape actually looks more like a kite. And then that little cut off on the side, I've decided let's go with another one of this one is even a more funky shape again, totally making it up here, making sure I still have those sharp edges on all of the sides and just creating more triangles. And they could be any direction you want meeting those lines again. 5. Crystal Sketch Round Shape: Let's go ahead and try one more. That's more of a round shape. You can see it's not perfectly round, but it gives you a little bit different shape than those elongated crystals that we have. So you can add some of these to him as well, if you want. Just creating at those lines and triangles, straight lines going from point to point. And that's really what it's all about. It was like a little uncut diamond. Now, if you don't get those lines perfectly straight when you're drawing him in, don't worry about it. Go right over it. You can always erase thes. So if you're not perfectly straight and don't worry about it and you can see when I do my sketches, I'll go back and forth sometimes to make sure that I get that straight line that I want. And then I'll take an eraser and just lightly touch that up before I paint it. All right, so if you are ready to a try, you're painting. Let's go ahead and start with our Alcohol Inc first, and I will sketch that in for you so you can see how we do that. I also will have the pdf for you on the cluster as well, so let's get ready to paint 6. Using Masking Fluid: Now that we have our U boat paper tape down, I'm going to grab my masking fluid. This is what the masking fluid looks like. This one has a little bit of a tent to of this is made by Windsor Newton, and you need to carefully shake it so you don't get lots of bubbles in there. This is my new tool, them love loving. Using this is a calligraphy pen. You can see I've got quite a bit of, um, space in this one's what does hold a good amount of fluid. And it worked really well, creating some beautiful straight lines. So if you are frustrated with your line working or doing things by hand with a brush, this is a wonderful tool to use. So originally, I was going to use a bunch of different colors. Um, and I started with the extender is gonna do some green, some blue. And then I looked down beside me here, and I see my little my little friend who was looking up at me, and she has all these little rain bows all around her. I have a crystal hanging in my window. And so I thought, Why not do something a little bit more simplified. So we're only gonna be using three colors for this. We're going to use the primaries will be using the red, the blue and the yellow and the closest to the primary colors that you can get will work for this. So I'm gonna take my masking fluid airport just a little bit into the cap to make it a little easier to get into cover that bottle up so that you're asking fluid does not dry out . And I'm going to dip my calligraphy pen into the cap. You can really use any type of nib. Whatever you're comfortable using, most of them will work. You just may have to read IP some more than the others, but I will give you the link down below to the calligraphy pen kit that I purchased. And it just comes with a few extra little names that you can try out. So I'm going Teoh. Basically, instead of sketching this, I'm going to just go ahead and use my pen to create my little crystals here. Now, this does not have to be perfect. I'm not looking at anything in particular while I'm doing this. I'm just going to Makesem triangular shapes and in all different directions here. And I'm gonna try to layer these. I wanna have more squares and little tops. Oh, this is gonna be give it a little bit of shines. This is where the whites going to be. I have also added for you a pdf that you can print out of the shapes that I'm creating here . So if you want to just copy that and trace it onto your you po paper, you can definitely do that or you feel free to create your own little shapes and your own style for your crystals. - I think that's pretty good for the crystals. Let's go ahead and add the base most like the shape of a little boat and then give it a little bit of texture underneath. So if you've looked at these little crystals or rocks, they often will have just a sharp rock edge on the outer side and inside it's more jagged and more few pieces here and there. So that is a look that I'm going for it if you want to check out Pinterest. Pinterest has a lot of different photographs you could take a look at for inspiration. Three. Can Google edges Google Geo's or crystals on the online? You can see all kinds of different ones, so I'm actually looking at anything in particular. I'm just haven't find. Making shapes of some of these shapes might not be correct, but it's all part of the fun. So when I just a few more smaller ones up in the front, so this will divide basically all of this up for years, you have little white lines all throughout your you po paper. If you don't have your people paper, you could also try mineral paper, and I haven't tried it yet, but I just got the new ceramic paper and some excited to try that coming up soon as well. So I think that's pretty good. Let's make a line down here on the bottom as well. Then again, you can adjust that shape later on. We're going to use a little bit of pen in ink, and that is totally up to you guys. This looks absolutely gorgeous without any pen and ink at the end, but I always throw pen and ink and stuff. That's just my thing so you can take it or leave it. You know, it's all about you. I'm always saying that whenever I'm teaching my classes, everybody's different. You'll have things that you like and things you don't like. And, you know, when we post things upon the community, it's, you know, it's all ours. Interpretation. So it's really whatever whatever floats your boat, whatever you like. And that's what you want to work with. Don't worry about what anybody else thinks, you know. It's it's Do you like it If you like it that you're good all about you. Nobody tells us that enough, do they? So I'm rinsing this out. I'm done with the masking fluid. Make sure you rinse it out right away. You don't want that drying in there or you'll have, ah, little sticky mess in there. So, um, make sure it's doing a few times and just wipe it. Wipe it off and make sure you've got all of that out. Other there before it dries, and I'm gonna go ahead and take this. I'm going to give it a quick blow dry. It doesn't take long, maybe 34 minutes for this to dry, and it will be ready to begin using the alcohol inks 7. Alcohol Ink Primary Colors: All right, so I'm back, and this is all dry. So, like I said, we decided perm and I decided we heard they used the primary colors and see if I can get that rainbow. Look, I'm doing a little bit the extender so that I can lighten some of those colors. They're not as bright again. If you like those bright colors, you go for it. You know, use any color you want crystals coming and all different shades. So I would love to see what you guys come up with. A za matter of fact, if I'm on instagram, So if you're on instagram and you try this crystal, I would love to see it. So go ahead and tag me on there because I'm really interested in seeing what other colors you guys come up with. So I'm just using a ceramic plate. You can also use a tile at work school rate in. You're mixing your colors. So I'm just going to go ahead with my primaries if you can. Yet I think I am using watermelon here from Ranger sunshine, yellow from Ranger and then the sapphire blue fin from the pinata. And those air pretty true to the primary colors pretty close. So I have to have the extender here. I'm just going to go ahead and put that down and wet that area inside, just in the crystal area. And then I'm mixing up my yellow and I'm going to start with my yellow on the left side of all of these crystals. So you want to work fairly faster? This Cooper want toe wannabe blending this end. And I don't want that extender to dry. So we're gonna do a really large crystal. Make sure that you're doing this and in smaller sections at a time, and that will work best again. I'm trying just to get the left hand side of the most of these. Just a little line, Rinse that off and grab a little bit of the red. I'm gonna go with the rednecks that we have a little mixture of with the yellow and the red Will will given orange and we'll have right on the edge just tapping it in a really lightly The brush that I'm using here is a square brush. It just helps a little bit. What makes it'll be your fault Lines on this one and then a little bit of the blue or the red and the blue will make a nice purple. Let's go and do Purple Purple's next on on there. So red and blue make purple and them we'll go ahead and put the blue on at the very end that don't have a whole lot of red, these air fairly thin. So I don't have a lot of room to work with. So blending that color out something's gonna make it a little bit easier since I decided Adul bit down here. I know I had a little bit of blue in there, a bit of purples. It was a little muddied. I'm gonna go back in with a blue here in a minute and a little bit more definition of the color. They didn't like that muddied look down there and a little bit more tender. See if I can lighten that up a little bit. That's drying just a little bit, so I'm just tapping in just a little bit more. Before we put that blue in here, I said it dry so fast. Cars depends on the area you live in. If you got fans going. If you're in a warm climate, you know this so many variables toe alcohol, anxious. So it's always so hard toe give you guys the You know the completeness to this stuff because it's like I said, There's so many variations. You know how much you made it. Did you have in your area? Do you have a D? I'm running another thing to think of as if you're using just the straight alcohol inks. If using lots of colors over and over, you're going to get a little bit thicker. Paintings. The extenders is the center's gonna dry a little bit easier than having a number of layers of alcoholic. No against adding a little bit more blue. You can see how soft that it's almost like a teal teal blue. It's lightened right up a little bit more yellow so you could see you can add a little bit more colors to I'm trying again. Not to get it to muddied. I really should be rinsing my brush off in the alcohol before I do this, but I like the blending that it's doing a little bit more blue over here, a swell just trying to find that darker side on the right. You don't know this blues. One of my favorite colors. So I'm gonna put more blue in here. If you have purples. Your favorite color is more purple. Do you like pinks? Go for pink. I mean, this it would be pretty, I think with just about anything. Yeah, I'm gonna go just a little bit darker. Here is. Well, I'm curious to see what is going to look like Once we pulled the masking fluid off. I think I'm good. I'm gonna go ahead and and dry this again, and we'll be right back to pull the masking fluid off. 8. Removing the Masking Fluid: so the master, until it's all dry. I'm just gonna use my finger to rub that off. Now, if it's still a little bit wetter, damp, this can smudge. So just make sure that that masking fluid is completely drive for you. Start to remove it, and I just do a light warm setting on my blow dryer for three or four minutes. And that usually is enough. Doesn't take long for it to dry it all, and it will be a little bit tacky to the touch cause it's It's sticky like rubber to make sure we get that all off there. That looks cool. Look at the bright lines in there, so it gives it a little bit of a sparkle, I think. 9. Final details Alcohol Ink Crystals: So let's go ahead and try some pen work. I like to give you options, so let's you could leave this as is, could add just a few touches here and there. But, you know, this could be done at this point if you wanted to be. I'm gonna try a little bit of my black pan. You could use a gel pen for the white. You the pasta pan. My gram pens work well on the U boat paper. No, again, get creative and see what you can come up with. I just got my new Posca pens in. They have all the different size Nibs, so those are pretty fun to work with. You can also use the regular black Sharpie again. You know, this is all what you legs. That this one is. I'm not even sure what Brandis help. Ennis's just a an ink pen and it's gonna very fine tip on it. I think I got it Staples or something, but I love the really small point on this one. It's almost like Thea fine tipped sharpies so you can do a little bit more smaller details in here. Using this, you could also use a brush if you want. The great thing about using these type of pens Oh, is that it doesn't reactivate your alcohol inks. You do have to be careful, though. Test depends out on a little piece of paper to see if they will react. If you put alcohol on top of them, some of them will stay put. Others will reactivate. Usually the water based ones are better for that. Alcohol based pens will pin to reactivate, so I always recommend that you do a little separate piece of paper and just do a little test before you actually ruin one of your painting. Because we don't want that. Something's following along here, just doing little doodles from into the doodles lately. What? What? I'm having a really good time with my pens, so just creating a little texture in there because most of the Geos, if you have seen one or basically a rock and you cut those open and inside, you just never know what it's going to what is going to create? So I did a little research on the diodes, and it, um, talk about, I guess it begins as bubbles and volcanic rock and um, it could be mud balls, and I guess over time in the rocks. And that takes, like, millions of years for this to do this. It forms of shell on the outside and it hardens. And supposedly it's water that gets into the cavities of the Geos, and this helps build the minerals in there. It's most of what they say is the quartz and ethicists, Um, so they have, you know, is a bunch of different kinds of mineral that could be found inside of them. But anyway, they cool and they harden, and it forms these different types of crystals inside of them. And it's, you know, I've seen people actually crack up open if you you too. But you can actually see them open up some of these and you just never know what's inside of them. So and the outside is very rough, more stone looking. So it's like a little little, uh, surprise when they open them up and you never know what you're gonna get. So that's that's a fun thing. I guess. They find him mostly in California, Arizona, Utah and Nevada. Those were the, I guess, the big places that they find them, But it's kind of need who's really need So you can see. I just basically put a little bit of that black in there just to make it look more like a rough stone and the outside of the Geos air. Not pretty at all. And here's a little bit of a close up for you, so you can take this a little bit further. I've got had and signed this, but you can take the gel pen and add some more little lines in here. A little bit more spark a little bit more highlight. Or you can take more of the black pen if you want, and just define those edges a little bit more so that they're a little bit darker. So there you go. I hope you enjoyed this little tutorial. So for our next section, what we're gonna do is try something similar, but will be using a water color to create your crystals 10. Watercolor Crystals Adding Masking Fluid: so I thought we would try a watercolor for something very similar, and I did sketch out a new print out for you, for this one's a little bit different, and we're gonna use the mask. Include for this one as well. We'll be using some £140 watercolor paper for this, and we'll be using the clicker few pen for this one as well. That I have a different tip on this one is You can see it's a little bit smaller, and I want you to be able to see just the difference between the two. So I once again we're going to be pouring that into our little camp. And once again, I will just be doing a Freehand sketch. Here are with the masking fluid, and I find this to be so is more simple because you know, crystal could be any shape. They're kind of like trees in the respect that it's, you know, there's no right or wrong for these. So if you just want to go ahead and grab, you're masking fluid and try this without the sketch. It's always a good experience and a good thing for you to try so you can see the difference with the watercolor paper. It's a little bit thicker, so I've got to really get this flowing a little bit Mawr with my pen. So I filled that and he could see how small this is. And now you can see here. Now we've got it going. It's still a little bit more frustrating than it is on the U PO paper, but it works. You just gotta keep going with it. And once you get it moving, you may have to go over a couple of times and you could see where I'm just really moving this back and forth a few times again. It's a great way to practice. And if you don't like that line, you could always wipe it off and start over if you need to. So once again, I'm gonna sketch this out and I will give you the pdf you can print out if you want to follow along with that you are welcome to. So I'm just finishing this up. And then what? You'll want to make sure that you do is again rinse out your masking fluid. We don't want that to dry inside there and this just a little bit of soap and water and a little rinse will take care of that and then just wipe it off to make sure that it's nice and dry. It is a stainless steel nib on here, but always a good idea to dry it off. So just a couple little swishes in here. Rinse it out and you are good to go. So next will be beginning our painting using some watercolor paints. 11. Watercolor Crystals First Layer: So the next thing you want to do is make sure that you're a masking fluid is completely dry before we actually start painting on it. And I'm using my watercolor Cotman kits and I have a Kalinsky round brush you can use really any size. But I just found, like a size six or a is easy to fill in those areas. Now, we're just gonna add water to this first so you could see I've added just a little bit of water to that one crystal that we have. And now I'm mixing up my colors. I want to do a little bit of a teal color, some using my ultra marine blue and my veridian Hugh, which is that beautiful shade of green blue. You could see what a lovely shade this makes. Now, I'm gonna add this directly into the next fuse. I've got a lot of water on here now, and I could just basically fill these in. So this is going to be my lighter shade. This is going to dry a little bit lighter cause we're using watercolor and you can see as I moved down here, it's getting a little bit lighter a little bit lighter. So let's just add some water to the bottom and then just move that pain around so you could see you've got some variation in values here and in your lights to darks. We can spread a little bit of that out, just making sure that you're getting everything covered that's within your masking fluid. Let's go a little bit deeper with our colors as tapping in a little bit more on one side here, can we just want to have some lights and some dark, so it gives it some dimension. Now the light will reflect in crystal so it can hit different areas. It's it can go through and show and shine in different areas. So that's one of those great little projects where you could just kind of have fun and your colors where you want to. Let's go even darker shade down here on the bottom, and you see how easy this is to fill in. It's almost like a coloring book that makes it so simple. Let's add a little bit more of a green down to the bottom. We'll get our darkest colors down here, or darkest values. Remember you can use any of the colors that you want just using those two and adding it here in there. Can I just want some lights and some darks? You can see how it was simple, that is to fill in. So I'm going to go ahead and dry this and then we'll be adding a little bit more of the details. 12. Watercolor Crystals More Details: so before him of the masking fluid. Let's just go ahead and add a few more little details in here, so I'm gonna use my little Cotman mini brush that comes with the kit. It's a little sable, and I'm going to add a little bit more depth in here using that small brush, and I can make those little squiggly lines again. It just looks like there's some smaller crystals or that cluster underneath, and it gives it just a little bit more depth and another color, another shade of these greens and blues. I'm not adding as much water to this, so you could say it's a lot darker. Remember when using that bigger brushing, using lots of water, it's going to dry a little bit later so you can deepen your pigment by using a little brush , using a little bit less water and going directly into your paints. And this will give you a really deep shade. Do you know, dark? You can get that and again, I'm going darker down here on the bottom. Swear that rock outer shell would be so it's gonna be the darkest here, almost a black, really. And you can actually make a black by using that RealD dark, ultra Marine blue and your birth number. I'm just continuing to deepen that underneath the edge here where the darkest of the rock would be And then just along a little bit. Here, I'm just tapping in just a few little dots and again, I'm just going over the area is just barely touching it. I'm not filling it in. I'm just giving it just a little bit of texture in here. Now we're gonna go ahead and blow dry this and our next step will be to remove them, asking fluency what we have. 13. Watercolor Crystal Final Details with a Pen: All right. You ready for the reveals? Let's go ahead and remove. Are masking fluid? Can I'm just using my finger. Just rubbing it on here. Now they do have a little tool that I found can help. You do want to make sure it's completely dry again before you do it, but it's just like an eraser, but it works really well and I'll put a link for you on that as well. I mento grab it for you so you could see it, but I didn't have it candy, So I'm just using my finger. But again, it has to be really dry. Before you remove that world, you will smear some of that water color. Make sure you get all of it. Look out pretty that is, It's like instant crystals. Just with that alone. Have you want to take it a little bit further? We could do the same thing that we did with our Alcohol Inc version. We can use a little black pen or Sharpie or micro pen toe. Add some black details to the bottom here and again, I'm just adding a few and remember, this is always optional. I tend to do as I said before, a lot of pen work. I just like that real fine detail. But this is something that some people like and some people like to leave it more of a pure water color. So feel free, Teoh g o in your direction with us. So I'm just liked it again. Add just a little bit more of that depth of the darkness to the bottom and just a few little squiggles here and there just to give it a little bit more texture. So I hope you enjoy this. I do have another version of this that I will put on the very end. Just one done in purple just so you can see another color. Um, I mean, I won't go through, but I'll just show you what I have now. I'm switching to my pasta penne again and again, adding just a few highlights here and there. If you miss any with your masking fluid or you just wish maybe you added a little bit more to it. This is a great option. Toe added a few little highlights in there, and the pasta penne works great for that. Together, pasta penne does come in different sizes. So if you want a thinner line, it's got a thinner version nib, and it's got some really wide fat names. Also, I'll give you the link to both the white pasta penne and the black Posca pen, and it will give you some options and again, optional. If you want to go and just add a little bit few more of those deeper shades in there, you can do that. Still, even once you've pulled off that masking fluid. So if you feel like maybe you've got a little bit too much white in there, you can go back and and just give yourself a few more darker shades and lines as I'm doing here. So there we have it. The finished piece with our watercolor. I hope you enjoyed it, and I can't wait to see your projects 14. Brusho Crystal Watercolor: I thought we try one more project. This wasn't actually listed in the materials, but I thought I had added because I got these new brush O crystals in. And I figured since I already had our sketch done, I thought I would try the brush o on watercolor paper and see how this works. We can do a really quick painting with this, so I have a cut out a little piece of paper and was gonna put a little bit of that pigment down on the paper. So if you are not familiar with brush o crystal color, they are from the united United Kingdom and they're basically a a crystal, really concentrated pigment. And you can see her. I'm just putting a little bit of that color in there on this piece of paper that I have. I've done a blank piece of paper, and then we're just going to wet just the areas of that. I'm going to fill in with color here. Eso the This preshow can be used basically for great backgrounds. Um, you could spritz it actually comes a little spritzer, and it does have six, 24 66 different colors that come in a little spritz or kit, and I will list that for you in, um, on the comments down below here. But it comes with sunburst yellow, orange, Eliza, um crimson, violet, turquoise and see green. And they're like I said, they're very highly pigmented crystals. So, um, really fun to work with. The are acid free, they're nontoxic. And you can add other little options to this. If you want, you can try. You know that we're doing the Sprinkle technique for this one, but you can also try painting with it. You can use a bleach technique, and they also could be added to like a gel or Jess Oh, to create some different colors on that. So it's there really fun. Um, so I've added all water to this, and now we're just put a little bit of the Sprinkles right on top and watch this burst in color. It's crazy. Isn't that pretty? Now I tend to go overboard with a lot of the colors. I really could have stopped already half 1/2 the amount of color in this because the pigments air so concentrated. But you can watch here as they still continue to move. Now all of the dry pigment that's around this where I don't have water, you can just basically brush that off. And then, if you want to add a few little details, take your brush with the mixture that's already on here. And you can get some really deep colors in here. Or maybe shadows or darker values in here by using the tip of your brush, maybe adding a few lines on the side here for a little bit more drama. Couple little darker areas because you do lose a lot of those lines because this pigment is so concentrated. I think if I use a little bit less of the pigment, you might be able to see those lines a little bit better or even try using a alcohol and bakes based marker for the bottom, and those pigments will stay in place for you. For the Uncle Inc Marker will stay. It's more permanent if use a water based marker. Of course, the water might reactivate, and so just be really careful that tester markers before you do it, just to see how it's going to react with water. So how simple is that? Is so fast, that was you got a beautiful crystal. Looks like you've spent hours creating by doing it this way. So I'm gonna take the blow dryer and just quickly blow dry this. And if you wanted to, you could add a little bit of some highlights in there, either with a gel pen or a posca pan. Something to that effect, like we did with the other ones. But it's also pretty as is. You could also try with a masking fluid if you wanted to go that route and do something similar to the way we've done the watercolor and the alcohol Inc. So I hope you enjoy the thes tutorials. And I am really excited about seeing your full projects. And I can't wait to see what you guys come up with. Please make sure to check out my instagram page. Remember to poster projects on there. I have a YouTube channel, so I'm always sharing. Um, students work on their when I can. And, um, I'll also chairman stories for instagram. So make sure that you go ahead and hag me. And I am so looking forward to the next class with you. Hope you enjoyed this. Have a great one by 15. Project time: So thanks so much for joining me in this painting Crystal class. It's your project time now. So yet all of your supplies together I would start first with the sketching. Move on to maybe the water colors. If you have Russia, give that one a shot. That one is Superfund is actually one of my favorite ones that came out and then move on to alcohol ings your alcohol in fanatic and you've been working with alcohol links. You may want to try that one first. And if you are brand new alcohol thanks, it is a fabulous medium. I have a few other classes here that may interested you. If you are looking for something new and exciting and colorful, is a great medium to work in. Don't forget to poster projects. You can tag me on Instagram. You can tag me on Facebook. Don't forget to join our special exclusive Facebook group that I have. You have other questions. Something like that is a great place to post it. There's a lot of folks on there now and way love to share and share ideas on their super helpful. So head over there. Check that out. I'll give you a link for that as well. Don't forget to check out my YouTube channel where I do videos every single Tuesday at 9 a.m. Eastern standard time symmetry clicked that subscribe button You click that bell and that will give you the notifications. Every time I got a new video, you will see it. You have some things that you would like to see. I would love to hear about it. And if you have the chance, please don't forget to leave a review that lets others know that this might be a course that they would be interested in as well. Thanks so much. And I hope to see you in another class real soon.