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Painting Four Beautiful Bookmarks -Basic Acrylic Painting

teacher avatar Mohini Sinha, Acrylic and Gouache Artist- Nature Lover

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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      Materials Required


    • 3.

      Basic Brush Techniques


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      Paper Cutting Technique


    • 5.

      Bookmark Painting 1


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      Bookmark Painting 2


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      Bookmark Painting 3


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      Bookmark Painting 4


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About This Class

Hello All,

Hope you all are doing great.

This time I thought of painting something which is useful for you on daily basis if you love reading books.In this whole class will be painting four beautiful landscape related bookmarks which you can use it for your favourite books which you read and this bookmark will help you to easily return to where you have to start reading from if you stop in between.

So now the materials which I will be using are:

-Arches paper 300 gsm 140 lb , size 5*8

-Colors-Acrylic (Liquitex or Winsor Newton or Camelin)

-Masking Tape 1 inch

-Water as binder

-Tissue paper 

So hope you will like and follow my class .

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Mohini Sinha

Acrylic and Gouache Artist- Nature Lover



My grandfather encouraged us to paint Goddess Laxmi on the wall during Diwali; this is my oldest memory of my creative self. I never dreamt of being an artist, but as a kid, I was always inclined toward painting and even participated in various school-level competitions. I'm from Patna, India, and almost every child goes for engineering or medical. I was no different. I completed my engineering in Information technology in Indore and moved to Pune to work as a software engineer. I worked in top IT companies for a decade, and suddenly, the forgotten love for art came back, searching for me. I started my journey as an artist in early 2019 and eventually became a full-time artist in 2022.


Who I'm 

Hi, I'm Mohini Sinha, a self-taught acr... See full profile

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1. Introduction: bookmark is a 10 Marco commonly made off cards, letter or fabric, which is used to keep the readers place in a book and enable them toe easily return to it. Keeping this in mind, I thought of creating it with my own style off painting that is landscape acrylic painting . Hello, friends. My name is Boy Anissina, and I am from India. I'm an acrylic artist. I mostly paint landscape painting as I am very much inspired by nature. In this whole class, we'll be painting four bookmarks on each bookmark is painting is divided into different sections, so whenever you wish, you can try and paint one off them. As for your convenience in this class will be learning what all papers we can use for painting with acrylic. Medium what all brand colors, which are good and useful for working with acrylics. Andi. Different types, off brush techniques, which I'll be sharing you. So I hope you like this class. So let's start with it 2. Materials Required: Hello, friends. Welcome back. So let's discuss about the materials, which will be required. So first will require the paper for painting. This is the ox 300 GSM cold press paper, and it's 1 40 l B. It's five is to age in just size, and this I'll be cutting into half so abusing two sheets off that and the masking tape for taping it around. And these are the brushes, which well be using. So the 1st 1 is the calm brush, then the fan brush riches of size two, and this is the flat brush size 10. Then comes the rig, a brush like zero and the last just round brush size two. So these old brushes will be required for the painting and the container for keeping the water the tissue paper for cleaning your brushes on. And yes, even apart from that, I'll be also needing pencil for drawing on the scale. So let's start 3. Basic Brush Techniques: Hello, friends. Welcome back. So just starting with the painting before that we'll just see what all colors we use. Thes other three types off colors, the liquid ticks and second is Windsor Newton. And to the 3rd 1 is camel in. These are the three types, or for colors, which I used brand name, which I use then These are the paintings, which will be depending in our upcoming classes. So these are all four paintings which will be doing so you can see that these bindings, which will be painting in our classes so apart from that just let's start with some basic brush techniques, which will be using in the spending. So they let's start first with the flat brush. We'll start. Let me take out some colors. I'm just taking out my crimson collateral. Just show you basic brush techniques. So for the first brush, which I'm using his flat brush size 10 I'm just using a little bit of water and just applying the color over it on. She can see we can create straight line, but just the tip off it began. Also use for blocking Onda we can also use for blending the color flat brush. Now the second brush is the fan brush, which we can use for creating. The crosses believes so. You can see you have to just fresh the tip offered very lightly, and you can create the grass you can. You can move it upward or downward whichever way you discomfort hable, and it gives very nice effect toe the grasses, then the 2nd 1 is the calm brush. This is also very nice for creating the trees are leaves, especially the palm tree leaves, and also for creating grasses you can use for creating grasses. So it's very good on the second. Last is the round brush this you can use. If you press it hard, it will create eso to see when we pressed light. It creates lighter line. When you press it hard, it creates a very tick lines. So depending upon the pressure that you apply, it's good for creating the branches. You can create very nice branches with it like that. The tip off it is take and slowly you can drag it. It's also used for creating leaves so different different techniques we can use it, and finally, the rigger brush, which is used as a liner brush. So very 10 brush just also called as liner brush. We can all be also call it a Tina rigger brush so these old rushes basically will be using for creating our upcoming painting. 4. Paper Cutting Technique: Hello, France. So welcome to our first lesson. So this is the Arcs paper, which I'm using as I discussed before. So this paper I'll be dividing into two hearts. This is exactly five stores, eight inches frocks. So I'll be just using my scale and I'll be just marking a tough and I'll be just dividing it. So I'm just mocking the half point boat, the ends, and I'll be just joining it with Dear Julia. So I'm just joining these two lines, - so I guess it's not straight. It's not in the middle, so just measuring so that it does equal. So it's a little bit. I decided a little bit bigger, so I'm just adjusting it. - So now I'll be just using my sisters and I'll be cutting it into half. - So same thing I'll be doing for the two. So therefore Andi abusing for these four for paintings. So now we'll be using our masking tape. So in orderto half the line straight, I'm just measuring the area where I'll put to the masking Dave. It is just half Santa Mido onboard the sites on on the but it will be one sentimental soul on board decides it will be half, and on the red side it will be one centimeter and then I'll based the masking tape people . So once this is done, I'll be applying masking tape. But along that line, which I have drawn so that it becomes straight because sometimes we get slanted lines while drawing just a bulge, a pasting, the masking safe. So it's better to draw the line and then paste it, - sure that you paste it properly, so it's done. 5. Bookmark Painting 1: now let's use now let's see. What'll brushes will be using your the flat brush and the other flat brush size, too. And this is the calm British on this ISS fam British. So let's start. And of course, the rigger brush forgot to mention that. So let's start with paintings or this was brilliant blue and black onto turning white. And this is tallow green, So these four colors I'll be using in this painting. So let's begin with the background, which is the permanent blue. It's very bright. Kahlo gives a very nice texture toward on. I'm just starting my water to my brush and just applying the color. And I'm just filling. The whole background area can see have applied very little amount of water and the whole area covet this blue color. - Okay , so make sure you don't leave the corners. Otherwise, that border effect will not come. Make sure that you cover all the areas, especially the corner areas, nicely on blend Tikolo so that the brush mark is not there. Once this is done, I'll be using black hello for creating the landscape. The base. It starts coming out just a second, so it's So did black color, which I'll be using it for. Deal Landay Dio The color is not yet dried up, so it's OK, colorful next and create a nice color to it. So I'm just blocking the lower area with black color. We can see a little bit off. Bluish texture is also coming, so it looks nice. So now let's begin that the tree trunk. So I'm using my shorter flat brush and just drawing the lines. It's not a straight line. Is the shape offer triangles so pointed from top and poetess broad. So it's like a triangle. She It's not exact triangle, but it's the shape is like that broader from below. And as we go up, it becomes tener tener turner. It's like this, just creating it. Now I'll use my rigger brush and black color on will be creating the least Suspiria. So the stems I'm just dragging it little bit top. So the strongest done and then gum sti stem area, so we'll start with small load stems and then larger and larger. So this we really going So all this friends will not be in the same direction. So some if you create the same techniques and same directions. It will want to look Kriel. So I have done with two different different directions. Some US trade. Some are slanting, some are diagnosed. - You can see different. Different stems are coming out, not go to Leon's. I leave some area blank. Now I'll use my Guam brush. Onda will create nice leafy structures. It gives a very nice picture toe the leaves when you apply it and you can see separately each leaves coming out. So I'm just using same black color and I'm just creating the leaves. So I do have used a little bit off tallow green. Make sure that the com is shown that it's not the color off that does not get sticks to that calm brush because it will not give. Then the Harry look, - creating some grass effects as well. Just small, small grass is no. I'll use white colors, so that may take it out and we'll be creating the moon. So before that, let me just start with first the Lord area status he crosses, and I have just mixed Itala green and white, and you can see how bright the colors are coming when you add bride to it. So just the grassy effect, which comes from the fan brush madding. More off white on tallow green and just see three. Nice Carlos, which is reflecting. I'm just pressing the brush very lightly so that the hairs come out. If you press the breast rush very strongly, that tech show will not come out, so you have to press the brush very lightly. No, I'm taking just the white color and creating a small so called and with my little finger. I'll just move it around just to create a hazy look off that moon. And after that again, I'll use my brush and create another small circle in between. Soared can see how defectors coming out, but that shades all over, So I guess the spending is complete. So let's take out the masking tape and we'll see how it looks. I would love to see these bookmarks in your projects. These are very easy paintings. You can try it at home. So this is how it looks. So see you in my next lesson. 6. Bookmark Painting 2: Hello, friends. Welcome back. So these other colors which will be using so for the next painting this is raw sienna detainee in white, raw umber, cadmium, orange hue, permanent green, black and lemon yellow. On these are the brushes that is the flat on the rigger brush, which will be using So let's start. So first we'll be doing the base. I have taken out the colors. The raw sienna, remember orange and white. So I'm just getting my brush. And the first coat, which be using your is draw number yellow cocoa. So I'm just applying. The court says the yellow ocher on and orange haven't wash my brushes. I'm just using the same brush, which I used for Euler Oakar and just filling up the area, just moving by brush to and through direction and just trying to blend the calos mixing boat orange and yellow ocher to give it a nice or and just look on just a white just trying to blend the whole make Sure, so now I'm using Rosiana, the lower part so the middle part is light and the lower part is more dark on the upper body is less tax just trying to blend the colors, but inciting the colors have been blended. Then I'll stop doing just adding little white and trying to blend the colors. So now D blending has been done. So you're I'm using my flat brush and I'm just creating the tree trunk. This is the palm tree, which is coming from the side. This is 1/2 palm tree was just coming. It's not Biffle Palm Tree. We're just coming and just creating us line. I'm using my rig a brush to give it a shaped overdone, just appointed top. I'll be creating the leaves stems with my rigger brush, - but my recovers just creating the leaves. Small, small twigs, which is coming out off the leaf but same black color. - No , - now using some lemon yellow to give it a line in between. It's actually those san as just said, so I'm just creating a lying in between. You can create with before and also when you are doing the background painting, just using lemon yellow and white mixture, - just using my permanent green and creating the shades. - So for giving a realistic look, you have to create three or different shades. The first layer waas black color, then the permanent green and then lemon yellow and green mixture, which gives looked like the rays are reflecting on the corners off the leave. On this Santa pod, I'm using just white and small small dots I'm creating. I haven't washed my brush brush, so it's giving a greenish white color to it. Just starting, remember and wide and creating the lines on the tree trunk and adding a little bit off white to it. Just adding white blind to it, - adding little fights and little white to the tip off the leaf. Just different. Different shades and different different techniques. Using different, different leaves gives a realistic look to the whole painting. So just using my black and giving the nice border toe the tree trunk, - highlighting some off the areas just highlighting the middle area. So I'm just adding, Why it, too? Though tip off the leaf disease. The branches stems off the leaves, just giving a white highlight to it. Just giving a nice highlights. Studi trunk on. And once this is done really Duthie son part, I'm adding just white and lemon yellow. Make shirt on, and I'll just creating three son. Just a small round shape and abusing my little finger. And we'll just be blending drowned circles after that. On the top off, it will be adding more off orange, white and lemon the top off it. Just be creating boards with black color with America brush on different, different directions. They are flying. - So now the painting is almost done. That's a little bit left, so just I'm just blending it, just adding more where? Ideas to the leaves. So now it's done. So let's take out the masking tape and look how it is. So this is deal with painting. Thank you. 7. Bookmark Painting 3: Hello, friends. Welcome back. So let's begin with an expanding. So there. Three colors, which will be using dags in purple, Naples, yellow and black. And the brushes, which will be using our rigger brush on flat brush on the com Brush water onto tissue paper . So let's start with it. This is up paper, and I have just taken out the colors to make sure that you have sealed the areas properly and just dipping the water on DTI, taking some jags in purple and just mixing it with water. And you're supplying on just using 21 throw directions and just feeling the colors in the area so the top most area will be dug, and as we go down, the colors will be light. So the upper part is Dag, seen purple than the metal would be the Naples yellow. So in this as the acrylic dries faster. So make sure that your brushes fully wet and you clean the brush before using Naples yellow properly, because if Naples yellow Wilm expect that it will create, create a different shape. So take Naples yellow and just apply, believing middle space to work and then start blending the color. So you concede the colors I'm blending toe intro on. I'm just going up just planning the colors, go up and then again town and then start blending so again on just washing my brush because I can have to use Naples yellow. I just tried to wash it brush properly, and then again, I'm using neighbors aloof from below, and then I'll move slowly upward. So this is the technique which we can use for blending the acrylics, even for we're making clouds sky. So this is the best tractors. Whenever you have to blend, you have to start blending from down, toe up from lighter color toe the darker color, so blending plays a very important role. So I'm just moving my brush to and through anted. Unless I feel that it's yards blended properly, that line should not come. It should blend. That line should not be visible so they don't. I'm blending it again and again so that the color mixes properly, just moving by a brush to went through, just adding little water and above imagined Oh, again, with this cultural go down, mix it. If you have excess color, just wipe off with the tissue paper and just start blending again and again once you think that it's done completely. So I think it's almost done. So now, just a little bit more, depending part. So once this blending will is done, so take black and just create these small land below for creating that grass bushes. So I'm just stopping the brush and I'm just creating all round organs here will shape to it people. Now I just mix a little bit more off water, and I'm using my rigger brush to create the stems. Just creating the stems off the grass is just different. Different strokes. It's not the same normal lines just where I days off stems, coming out from different, different directions on different different sizes. Some are small, some big, which creates a very nice and really look to the trousers can see it's different. Different strokes. I am applying. Some are hard pressed. Some are soft breast, somewhat take lines soul. - Once thes stems are created. I'm using my fan brush. Sorry, not my fan brush. This is my calm brush, and I'm just tapping the area. Make sure that you use the colors and the brushes tips are apart. When you use the colors, the brushes should be apart. The color should not combining. Otherwise, start Terry Look will not come. Yeah, you can also use fan brush, but there I'm using comrades because this is more easy a pop on, and I feel I can use this best so calm. Bridge gives another texture, but this gives some other deck shoes and, as you can see the leaves apart easily. - If you don't have accomplished, you can easily use fan brushes. - So I think oh can create more stems, just creating some more so that it should look more like a grass well, where you can see that the areas are left. Can all these used Arteta just making that line dog towards little light? So I guess this is almost stands. So let's take out the tape and see how it looks. Please do try these lovely bookmarks and share me on the post. I love to watch that so you can see how nicely the borders are coming out and that Naples Yellow is giving a shine to that color. So now, Stan. So let's go back to the next painting 8. Bookmark Painting 4: Hello, friends. Welcome back. So this is our last painting. So I thought toe make something different. So we'll be making floods this time. So colors which will be using its black, green, red, white and permanent blue light on the brushes are here. The flat brushes, rigger brush, round brushes and yeah, So these brushes which will be using so water and did your paper all set. So let's begin so far. So I am using this permanent blue light. If you don't have permanent blue light, you can mix permanent blue with Dannion white color and same color will come up. So it's a very bright gallo on. I really like the sculler a lot. So what I'm doing here is I'm just using a little bit of water on, like 20 and 80% ratio, like 20% water and 80% off colors. And I'm just trying to block in the whole background area with the color and trying to blend the colors so that it comes out very smooth. So you have to use Lord amount off color and less water. Otherwise it will be transparent, so its better. You use more colors and less mount of water as acrylic dries very fast. So you have to be little fast in that case, and you can, if it is drying than use water and just try to blend it up when you're blending it. When you're clever blending the colors, make sure that you're not blending. The colors are very hardly. It should be very light because if you will blend the colors lightly, it will break. The colors will break out and white paper with a pair up. So you have to be very careful regarding that so you can see that I'm mixing water and I'm bending very slightly very light. The pressures, which I am holding is very light, and I'm pressing it very lately. I'm just seeing that none off the areas are left blank. Specially, the corners because of corners are left white. The shape will not come up now. Once decoding is done, I'm using blind black color for making the branches so on, in this case abusing my round brush size two for creating the branches. So make sure that this scholar is dry. Then only you start creating the branches, some just mixing little water on just creating branch, the main branch CME pressing it hard and then I'm loosening it up, up on slowly, very light. So when you press hard, the of the branches will come take and then you press it lightly. It will be very late and nice lines. So I'm just creating random branches. - It's not like you have to create the same type of branches you can create any time. This is just my imagination, which I'm creating. So you can also create your type off branches and twigs coming out off the branch. So it depends upon you how you are creating it. - So I guess it is almost done. So once the branch part is ready now we'll be doing the flowers. These are the bunch of flowers which will be creating you. So here is crimson red, permanent green on Dwight. And in this case, I forgot to mention this type off brush. This is off fluffy round brush, which has round tip do it. It has a so called tip and decide you can also use ah, like ear bud for creating this If you don't have this type off brush, so I'm just have just mixed white and crimson red, and I've just I'm just up creating Bunches bunch of flowers. So if you don't have this type off brush, you can always use here but here but is easily available on you can get it easily from anywhere, - so you can see I'm just stopping the brush and it's just creating round round circles. So I'm just creating bunch of flowers, and I'm just mixing white and red. It gives a nice pinkish shade to it, so you can just create small, small circles in Bunches, and I'm just filling it up the whole area. Just enjoy the whole process. - This is the first layer off the color, which I have done. The next part, which I'll be using. Your is complete red, so this will be three layers. One will be pinkish than red and then white, so it will create a night shade to the flowers. So I'm just using my, ah, red color and I'm just creating. I'm just putting on the circles, which I have created earlier. I haven't mixed any water over yet. I'm just using the brush and the color, and I'm just creating small, small daughters now, once we're done with the red color. Now I'll be using white color on. I'm just creating small small dots again over it. It gives a layering to the flowers like the contrast you can say, and it looks more realistic now. I think we're done now. We'll do the leaf part time using permanent green and just create pressing the on just starting white to it. And what I'm doing your is I'm just pressing and then releasing press and then release. So it gives a nice to leafy shaped a word just adding a little white, and I'll mix little white toward so that it gives a light, greenish color and adding read. It gives a nice color when you add a little bit off red, white and green. You can also add black if you want for the doctor should just for variety's off colors and the leaves. I'm trying different different techniques thing, Theo Theo, - Way , way, Theo. So I'm just filling the 80 years, which I think so. I guess it's almost done, so I'll just peel off that masking tape and we'll see how it looks. This masking tape create magic. You can see how nice borders it creates. I really love masking trip. I think you should also give it to try whenever you're painting. So this is the whole painting. And I think waken create small, smaller line student leaves. So let's do it. So I'm just using my rigger brush on just creating small, small lines Judy leaves on . This is our whole four paintings. I hope you liked it. And thank you for watching.