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NEWSPAPER CRAFT IDEA : Well With Rotating Pulley

teacher avatar Tanya Maheshwari, Artist and Crafter

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.



    • 2.

      Material Required


    • 3.

      Newspaper Cutting


    • 4.

      Paper Rolling


    • 5.

      Fencing of the Well


    • 6.

      Making Of Base


    • 7.

      Pasting the Fencing


    • 8.

      Making Side Frames


    • 9.

      Pasting the Side Frames


    • 10.

      Pulley Making


    • 11.

      Bucket Making


    • 12.

      Roof Making


    • 13.

      Painting the Well


    • 14.

      Final Look


    • 15.

      Project Work


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About This Class

If you believe in 3R's and want to create an art piece using old newspaper then this class is for you..

In this class you will learn:

How to make a well using an old newspaper.

Material Needed for this class:

  • Old Newspaper 
  • Paper Cutter
  • Scissor
  • Glue
  • Water Colour
  • Paint Brushes
  • Tissue Paper

By the end of this class you will be able to make well on your own.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Tanya Maheshwari

Artist and Crafter


Hello, I'm Tanya Maheshwari.

I am living in Delhi, India. I am an Artist, Crafter and an Educator.

I love to try new things and believe in 3 R's - REDUCE, REUSE and RECYCLE.

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1. Introduction : Hello everyone. I am done MIC and artists and up graph. Do I welcome you all to MyClass newspaper craft idea. In this class, I am going to make a very big rotating pulley using the newspaper FASTA file. We will discuss material required and then move on to its pluses. And lastly, I will share a final class project file you, through which you can practice motoring mode. Thank you. 2. Material Required: Firstly, I will tell you what material we will need to make a will end. Then I'll discuss some alternate options of these materials if there is any. So let us first discuss what material we will need. No will newspaper, paper, Gatto. If I recall, watercolor, painting, brushes, tissue paper. The alternate options are as follows. Good, use scissors. Instead of people garden. Glue gun in place of glue, all glued in place of tissue, paper. Posture color or acrylic color in place of watercolor. In the next video, we will cut the newspaper. 3. Newspaper Cutting: To make our will, we will take an old newspaper, which we will cut in three different sizes. First, foil, then newspaper, and cut it using paper cutter as I am doing. You can also use scissors, but to make this process faster for me, I prefer to use paper cut to foil these paces properly to make sure all of these pieces are of equal size. Buoyantly proper knee carefully. Now, got these four little pieces. Again. Also, if you are not care, then there is no need to cut AD or CE, use scissor or a paper cutter. You can simply take help up your padding or guardian to be cautious. Why using paper cutter? Now for the edge of the paper and cut a to remove that zigzag pattern. I am foiling encoding only one edge, as it is the only edge which has some zigzag pattern. But if you feel that there is some unevenness on another edge and then you are totally three to cut that pie. Now, keep polling and cutting the paper into small pieces as I am doing. Foil the paper carefully, as we mean equals sips. Press the folded crease family as helpers while cutting it. So guys, the smallest sizes strips are ready to use. Now cut around 50 to 60, such as strips using same procedure. Now, let's move on to the next size is treads. Take another paper to cut down long strips of paper, which we will use later for will the newspaper and cut 84 and these cut pieces again and cut them. Another sides strips are ready current around to a 215, such as sales using the same method. Now, let us move on to the last sizes straits. Take our newspaper for IL-8 and date. Again, be careful while using paper towel for these districts. Again, anchor. Now for early edge of the paper which has zigzag pattern, any type aid to remove the egg back down as we did earlier. After this coiled up paper, again around 1680, such as strips. So frames here we are ready to drink size paper pertains to use. In the next video, we will roll these cuttings. Thank you. 4. Paper Rolling: To rule the paper strips data, ballpoint pen refill as diabetes and start drooling does modulus district through it slowly? Because if you roll it firstly, you might find some unevenness at the end points of the rule. Apply glue at the edge of that paper strip. And B state, as I am doing, take out the refilled from the rule and start rolling the another strip. And if you are new to this process, then you have to regulate it down very slow pace in part a. I know it's a bit tricky and annoying process, but once you enroll in six a straight, you're buying this process very easy. And believe me, you are going to love the end result. Here. I have used fabric glue, but if you want, you can use any other blue. That's totally up to you. I have used it because it is six really, very good. We are going to use these rules for making fencing off, I'm ready. So all these model strips using the same procedure. Here are some of these rules. Are Indies looking amazing. Now let us move on to the next the sizes strips. Use the ballpoint pen refill as a base again and start rolling these streets to make known rules. Then I'll now take out the reef veil from the rule. And it might be a bit difficult to make out refilled from the rule as our rolling driven are of equal size. Now, apply glue at the edge of this shape and this shape. Remember, via enrolling fastest trip of this land, we slow anki as H longer than the earlier one. And it might get a little bit tricky for you. But there is no need to Eddie, you will get used to it again after rolling around T2 for instance. And even if you are not getting used to it, then there is no need to Eddie, just be relax and keep rolling this trip. We use these rules, fun making side reins of rule all of this land using the same method. Now, let us move on to the next. The size is set. Use a ballpoint pen refill as debased again, and start rolling these bigger sizes shapes to meet longest rows. Then earlier ones. You will find ruling these shapes a bit easier then previous ones. Apply glue at the edge of this shape NPC. I have applied directly from dark to you. But if you want to, then you can take it in a container or a bow and apply it with the hippo brush. By now, you might find that your fingertips has gone some things sticky and blackish on it. But don't worry, it is just because of glue and ink of the newspaper, and it will just wash away. By assembly language. We will use these rules to make, base and pull off all the strengths of this size by using the same procedure. Paste them carefully. So frames here we are ready with the rule sets of three different sizes. The minivan, which we will use for making the site frame, the smallest one for fencing and the longest one for the base. In the next video, we will meet fencing of Del Valle. 5. Fencing of the Well: Take a long strip of newspaper of length around 33 to 35 centimeters, and a width according to the length of your smallest size royalty sets. Now, we will base the smallest size rule strips on this rectangular strip. First started applying glue in that small section of this S-shape and applying viewed directly from the tube, or you can take it in and apply using the brush. Also to avoid is stains on your work table. Please all go to our paper below it. Now, start pasting the rules. Swift's one-by-one. Make sure these royal saves a deal properly on the paper strip and with each other as well. To make a steak with each other, you can either apply glue on that side of rowers. Ships are simply copy me. That is grow your strips on the portion where we resent and then stick just to the previous one. Length of my smallest size rule strip is seven centimeter. So I got the newspaper seven centimeter abroad and 33 centimeter long. You can change the ratio according to the number, any length of your roles. Make sure you don't leave any space between these royal serves. As we are going to use it as a fencing up. I will apply sufficient amount of glue on the rectangular strip so that I get due to eight properly. And if that sum rule sets are bigger than the rectangular sheet, then there is no need to worry. Guard D extroversion before they sing it to the strip or stick first and then the, except when it get dried out. Again, apply glue on the smaller section of this S-shape and start pasting these roles scripts. Keep pressing these royal steps after you paste it on this rectangular sheet to make sure they get a dia to atropine me. Hi, Guys. Here we are done. I fencing is ready. Now, leave it for a while to get it dry completely. Then let us prepare me about it. 6. Making Of Base: The longest size drawers shapes for making the base of Divan beds. These are stripped from one end to another thing to make these strips, right? For this, you can simply press them video pingo. But if you find it difficult to pass it with your fingers, making don't do ID eight might be because you have ruined it very tightly. So you, and use base up your pencil, blue sick or anything instead of pressing it with your fingers. Now, these latest threats and start rolling it from the corner. As I am doing. Keep pressing this safe by unrolling it. Applies sufficient amount of blue on that small strip and start rolling again, saints, me and making base by automated. So via rolling this S-shaped, give it a round shape. Again, apply glue on the strip and keep rolling the strip till the end. No business trip again and apply glue at the edge of this shape to pay say this, this to give it a round shape. No applied Lu and paste the, another strip. After this, apply blue on this new strip and rolling it. As we move farther, it will get a little bit difficult to roll these strips. And if you are a big now you might find this process very annoying. So far this, you just relax yourself and ruin a very slow pace. And I'm telling you this from my personal experience as when I was a beginner, I have experienced it too. And I guess it's totally okay because after all, we all are humans. Royal. Heads carefully. Keep rolling these shapes until we reach a bigger size. So friends, here we are ready with D B sub d will now leave it for a while to get it dry. In the next video, we will paste the fencing of d value to it. 7. Pasting the Fencing: Egg DBAs and a fencing available which we have prepared in the previous classes. No, apply glue over the edge of dBs and spread it evenly. For this, you can simply use brush or even you can use tape up your glute, you know, start basting the fencing, do it. Pasted properly and press the fencing family. Now, please, this extra newspaper at D Innosight. Apply glue on this extra sheet of newspaper and paste them mean fencing as I am doing. By the end of this video, half of our reading will be complete. Apply a sufficient amount of blue and paste the first and the last rule of defense in properly such day nullspace, we'll be left with the rules of Defense, same press D fencing and try to give it a circular shape but the shape of your hands. So friend's hand part is done. Now, leave it for a while to get it dry completely. And then we will make side frames Friday. So see you in the next video. 8. Making Side Frames: For making side frames, we need to know psi is ruined strips a fake smile circle of newspaper and rollover it. Apply glue on this monster about newspaper and basic rule, this stripy layer ten lose over the same term rod. Now take out this rod from the central groin and pasted properly, make one more piece of the rod using the same procedure. Now, take those two strips and at the middle of these strips, please, this is my rod-shaped in-between. Apply glue at the both side of this rod. As I'm doing, I'm pasting in between those two straight. Press it lightly and leave it to dry. And then got small strips of newspaper, plays. One of these strip below the side frame. Apply glue on this month's trip and wrap these iframe. We are doing this to make sure that on which we have peace in between these rules shapes remain an expedition. Now, pick another strip and place it below the side trim, as we did earlier. Apply glue over it and grab the side frame. You might find this task little difficult. And if it so, then first acre, deep breath and relax. You can do it. And if you want, you can also insert. We're not doing middle-size role strip inside the hole to have it as grip. Now, garden extra sheet of newspaper and pasting. Press it lightly. And most i-frame using the same procedure. In the next video, we will face these side frames at defensive when. 9. Pasting the Side Frames: Now we will paste these side frames at defenses. Apply glue at the end of this site frame. Now, based on this side, dream as I'm doing, pasted crop by Lee and don't forget to apply sufficient amount of blue to make sure it sticks properly. Take another middle-sized rule strip and apply glue. Now, paste this a strip as I'm doing. This is to actors supporting Serif. Dream. Take the another rule strip, apply new array and paste it as we did on. This will also act as a support for our side frame. Now, take the side frame, apply glue at the endpoints and pasted fencing oven. Pasted properly and press lightly. Take the middle size roll strip, apply du over 8 and paste state as we did in the previous side frame. These strips will act as support for this site train. Pressing firmly. Now, take another middle-size long straight and insert eight through the holes. As I'm doing. This rod will be used to tidy bucket to fetch water. Eighth one nonmetal sizes, shapes and cut to the size as shown. Apply glue at the end of this strip and paste this shape between these I trained apply more glue to make sure it sticks properly. In the next video, we will make police are on when. 10. Pulley Making: We need long size roles shirts for making deeply best these strips strong one end to another, end to make these strengths flag. And if you find it difficult to press it with your fingers, then you can simply use base off pencil or glue stick to press it. Now take one of these plate strips and apply glue at the corner of this a string. And start rolling it. Don't forget to apply glue on the steak and keep pasting by ruling. Since we will use it as a polyA far we'll give it a shape of a circle while ruling. Apply glue at the edge of the strip and pasted. Now, apply glue over this circular shape and start rolling the new string. Apply a sufficient amount of views so that it is takes properly. Keep rolling new serves until we reach the desired size according to the well size. Apply fabric oil at the edge of this trip and P state. So our desired size for poorly is ready. Now we're going to paste this poorly on this left side of our will. Apply glue on this police in a straight line as I am doing and be saved on the left side as bullied or design. Process gently to make sure it is fixed properly. Now, leave it to dry for some time and violet and getting dry, you prepare to small roads as shown in my hands. We are going to use these rods to make handled for Arvin, apply glue at one of these and B state a dissenter drawn, doing press it very hard. Just simply tap it. Now apply glue on the second one and pay state to the first one. Let it dry for some time. So with poorly designed is ready. In the next video, we will make bucket for it. 11. Bucket Making: Eight unused trip a sheet and draw a semicircle of radius 4.5. Same DeVito with the hippo compass. I chose this radios according to my real size. And you are totally redo chains these according to your will. Now reduce decompose radius up to 1.6 centimeter and draw another half circle. And you can also change this radius if you want to foil this paper and apply for heavy coil to be safe, you might be thinking by VR doing so. So let me tell you we are doing to make it a little bit thicker. Now, D-shaped up by Lee and carefully. But if you are a gate, then there is no need to cut ADRs that you just simply take Cape up your bedding or ALA sibling foil, this skirting as I'm doing to form a smile bucket. Now apply very coil a, d, x and p state. After this date costs my sheet of paper and just draw the small circle and when are without the help of campus, anchor on your gun directly. Car dust mites are going for diabetes of yarn bucket. Apply fabric oil on this small circle and paste it to the bucket as I am doing. Now, we will make handle for our bucket and then leave it to get it dry. Aig, another smiles ship off people for late and applied you to pay say V, I'm doing so to make it a little bit thicker. Now, apply glue at the boat edge of this S-shaped and base state to the bucket to make its handle. Ego train n Pi a to D handed tidy double node and candy extra. Shift B node in the center of the handle. Now, tidy other end of the trail to decenter. Tie it in the center of the rod. No date handed to pull the trade end bucket. So frames as oil most complete. And in the next video we will make room for our event. 12. Roof Making: Take a sheet of newspaper of length around to 8.4 centimeter and width according to the number of middle-size rule strip. Here, I have taken seven middle-sized rules. Now, apply glue over this sheet of newspaper and spread this with the help of brush or with duct tape off your Bluetooth. Start pasting these strips on this newspaper. She bees these asserts carefully such that non-space will be left between the strip. Apply more glue and pasty losses strip. So our roof making part is done. Now got the extra sheet of this newspaper. Now apply glue in the sufficient amount at the top of the site frames and basically groove over it. Press the roof gently so that it is six to eight properly. So frames here are relevant. Rotating pulley is ready. In the next video, we will color this way. And if you don't want to add color, then it is totally up to you. But according to me, color will make it more attractive. So let's meet in the next video. 13. Painting the Well : In this video, we will color our win for coloring. I'm using watercolor. You can use poster or acrylic color. It is totally up to you. First of all, we're paying the fencing of RV. Here. I am giving ground color to my will. But if you warn, you are totally redo chain this coloring to somewhat grayish black color or any other color if you want, it is totally up to you. And if you asked me why I've chosen, it is just because I have seen many brown color waves picture and I found it really attractive. So I'm giving it this color. There is no any other specific reason for this. Also on ground column and give it to us on what woody texture. Use very less amount of water and paint. These rules shelfs very carefully so that no space will be left between these rules. After completing the brown color version, I gave gray color to my bucket and we'll give black color to the central per liter. Also weeping blue color inside dividends so that it looks like water. Paint every part of the wave and spatially don't forget to paint the top of defenses. We will see it's fine and look in the next video and then painted completely. 14. Final Look: So guys, head is the vine and lookup array. And don't you guys think it is so amazing that we have done an online newspaper that is a VSD into such an amazing and beautiful showpiece. Hey, I have chose Greek alert to paint my bucket because it some values MBA. So these steed odd I didn't bucket. And I think that this will lead rod black so that it looks a little bit different from the other five. And I have given blue-colored to the inner part of the vase so that it resembles water. And use it as a showpiece. Odd, if you are a teacher, you can also use it as a DLM, teaching learning material to show the students how will you vote? So he had Ottoman is ready. In the next video, we will talk about fun class project. 15. Project Work : So everyone is yeah, fine class to try to make our way using an old newspaper on your own. Click pictures of Yeoman and upload those pictures in your verdict section. I am super excited to see pictures off your ang if you upload your work on Instagram, do not forget to tag me at the date, I guess three dot seven. And if you like my class name, please press the Follow button. Thank you. Bye bye.