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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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      Material Needed


    • 3.

      Base Preparation


    • 4.

      Paper Rolling


    • 5.

      Painting Rolled Strips


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      Let's Paste


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      Leaf Cutting


    • 8.

      Pasting the Leaves


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      Final Look


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      Project Work


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About This Class

Hello Everyone, Warm welcome to you.

I have shared a new way to give your old CD new life and turn it into beautiful Wall Decor in this session.

This class is for everyone, whether you are an Artist or Non - Artist.

All you need is:

  1. Old CD
  2. Old Newspaper
  3. Black Acrylic Color
  4. Pencil
  5. Water
  6. Color Palette
  7. Paint Brush
  8. Fevicol or Glue gun
  9. Some decorative material and that's it.

By the end of this class, you'll be able to make such Wall Decor on your own.

Happy Learning!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Tanya Maheshwari

Artist and Crafter


Hello, I'm Tanya Maheshwari.

I am living in Delhi, India. I am an Artist, Crafter and an Educator.

I love to try new things and believe in 3 R's - REDUCE, REUSE and RECYCLE.

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1. Introduction: Hello everyone. A warm welcome to my Skillshare class. I am dynamic A3, an artist and a crafter. And my last session, I have shown you guys how you can paint your all CDs and give them new life. Now, in this session, I share a new way to use your OCD and make a beautiful wall, the code using that OCD and some already newspapers. The next video, I'll share the list of my dado we are going to need during the complete session. And then in the last, I share a fun class project for you guys that you have to submit end project and resources section of this class. So are you excited for this session? Yeah, Get ready. And I meet you in the next video with the list of Materia, say dealing. 2. Material Needed: For this class, all you need is vinyl CD ROM, Kate base already newspapers, black acrylic kernel, phi V color glue gun, some decorative materials like small mirrors, two contrasting color sheets like yellow and green. And that's it. Now we will move on to its prestige. And in the next video we will prepare base for our Baldi cool. So keep watching. 3. Base Preparation: Okay, So let us start with base perturbation for wage. I'm going to use this old CD. But if you don't ask CD, you can also use gate base are any circular card goal, It's totally up to you. So to decorate the city FASTA file, I'm using this green colored paper. And you can notice that this is a shiny when might you can also use normal color sheet as well. So just flip or reverse datasheet to draw osmoles are going over it. And for drawing small circle, I'm using cap off my acrylic color border. You can also use compass, any other circular object, but make sure it's not very big as we are going to paste it over the transparent part of CD. So our circle is ready. Now for Scott, the offeree handpiece, our sheet of circular, rectangular or square, any shape consisting this circuit. And then start cutting this alcohol in its proper shape. Partake nicely and properly. And if you are a kid and not able to cut this icon neatly, then it's totally okay. Just ask you a guardian or elder sibling to help you and cutting it out. So our green circle is ready to paste hail. But before pasting, let us draw when Mozart going over this similar kind glossy and Laoshi and just place your oil CD over the illu she and trace the whole blue circle over it like I am doing. Now. Again, got deep ocean around the circle first and then start cutting the proper circle. Here I have this green and yellow color sheet, but you can also go with any other pair of contrasting colors. It's totally up to you. So our two circles that has green and yellow circles are ready. Now what I'm gonna do a species these circles over the CD. You can paste these circles and decorate any side of CD. But haha, I'm pasting and decorating at this Chinese IF CD. So date fabric oil and apply it I D backside of this greens are good. You can even spread it with the hypo, brush REO of NGO and be sick over D transferring part of CD, like I'm pasting. Just press it nicely and family, there is no need to apply high pressure. And you can notice that it has got stake very well and has also covered D hollow pipe. Now take a looser and apply, if I recall, at its backside and the center, straight d Phi because with the authoring our brush and just paste it in the center of the green circle. Again, dress it gently so that it gets a stick properly. And that's it. This part is done. Now let us move on to the next part in which I'm going to use these circular meadows of small size to piece them or where the CD and this just apply if I recall, around the green circle like I am applying and notice do not apply if I recall, over the green circle. If you want, you can also straight d Phi, recall using your finger or brush. It's totally up to you. Hey, I'm not reading it. Now I do paste these as modulators. They come at stake applying five eco anhydrides backside and start picking the mater from debt side to paste over DCD like I am pasting. Or you can take some mirrors and your hind like this and start pasting these meters on DCD with the help of another hand. It's totally up to you. You can either use that method or this matter. Who pays the mirrors does do it at your own convenience? I have just a sped up the process, but you just do it ideal piece. So far has shown up. Mater is complete. Now let us apply moral fabric coil around. This was true and spread DIV call with the help of brush our finger. It's totally your choice. And hey, I have applied by the colon, the whole CD so that it partially dried up so that our middle guide to stick properly. Okay, so it's grading part is done. Now let us again start pasting these mirrors, our own DI, first round angle. It basically mirrors up to the end of this EDI. Hey, oh, you might have noticed that I have used fabric glue, but you can also use normal clavicle or gluten. It's totally up to you. I have used that fabric glue so that meter sticks to the CD nicely. I'm also it is easy to handle and always apply sufficient amount of agriculture so that d is a small matters characteristics properly, I, nicely by pasting, just press the mirrors gently and families so that they get six properly. You need to do it carefully and patiently. But trust me, you are going to love the end products, so just enjoy differences. So you can use any other kind of decorated material as well. Like you can use colored stones, sequence lays, and so on. You are totally free to modify the base design. Yes, keep rotating your CD by placing the mirrors and be patient and follow the process to get the amazing and attractive anchor them. Keep pasting these meters till this EDM like I am doing. And if you are not able to get any decorated material, what else you can do as being the CD as app.use in my last session. That is DIY ideas AD the ending class. Turn. Now another space when mirror hill over the illusory Clinics Center. You can also use a big emitter to paste in the center. It's totally optional. So how is it looking? Isn't it looking so beautiful and amazing? Yeah. Okay. So now we will keep this aside for around 20 to 30 minutes to get the meter stick properly. Till then we will prepare rule sets in the next class. So keep watching. 4. Paper Rolling: Now we will prepare rolled strips. So, but this take newspaper folded into half and make nice improper Greece by pressing it firmly. After this, take a steel ruler or plastic one, whichever is easily available to you and God, the newspaper into half from the grease like I'm doing. After this goal, the newspaper guarding horizontally to get DeLong strips just folded nicely and may decrease properly by pressing it gently. Do not apply high pressure. That's not required. And cut it again into how from decrease with the help of the ruler. Or you can also use paper got up on this. It's totally up to you. You can do it as per your convenience. Okay, So the longest is Turks are ready, we will need it such a strips for now and that doesn't start rolling one of these districts, I'm fathers take a ballpoint pen refill, plays a tail at the edge of the strip like this, and then start rolling this strip. We are gonna make such roles, threats of three different length. So right now we are making the longest soon. Just keep rolling the streets tightly. Here is like this. And while ruling, don't forget to take out the referral from this trip. Apply if I recall here, I D and H and P sit nicely. Always apply sufficient amount of air vehicles so that the roles scripts do not open, all loosened up. So you see our first longest roll strip is ready. Now put it aside and start drooling another strip. Just pleased the refill at the starting H and start rolling or gain. Rule the strip nicely, tightly. Now you might find you're done, let Albert harm. But once he will roll four to five searches roofs, you will get honey. And if you've seen my rotating polit loss and dried it, then it's an easy task for you. My ideas. First, do it slowly and then when you get tiny, just be some differences. So you see are another role servers also ready. You have to prepare such a T-shirts. And there might be slight variation in the length of each strip, but do not worry, just trim them off equal lent in the end when all the longest strips get ready. After that, again, deacon newspaper who are leading to have make our nice and neat Greece by pressing it gently and again, got it from decrease like we did our Leon by using ruler, our paper cutter. Last time we have for layer 2 horizontally, but this time we are going to fall it vertically in order to get small strips than the previous ones. And again, make it nice and neat piece as these greases helps us in cutting the paper easily. You can also use sizzle boycotting part, but that very real AND process as you have to cut it very nicely and carefully. That's why I suggest you to use ruler or paper data. Now take one of these vapor guarding and again fold it into half like I am doing Mega good crease and cut it from there to need to cut aid such as trips. And after that, take one of those strips, place our ribbon at the starting edge and start rolling it as we did earlier. Just relate nicely. I'm tightly, apply favicon at the end, urge, increase it properly. So royalists rip-off second longest length is ready. You can clearly notice difference in their lives. Now and let us prepare one more rule strip of this length. Do it nicely slowly. It might be tricky in the starting, but trust me, in the end, you will be able to rule them very easily and quickly and always apply a sufficient amount of glue so that the people's takes properly and your rules strokes one gate loosen up. By now you might find that your hands have gotten something blackish like this. And it's totally okay as it's because of you and newspaper Anchorage as easily removable. Just wash your hands with diesel. Okay. Now let us move on to the third and the smallest length strips. But this again taken in staple for later and cut it into half. After this, as we have folded for the first lens, older it similarly and do not forget to make good and nice crease every time. But data into half from degrees using rulers or paper garden, It's totally arteries. And then for these strips into half, like I am doing, again maker nice and neat Greece by pressing it gently and cut it into half from decrease grip or 16 such as strips. And after that, take one of those strips and start rolling with the help of boiling point boundary. As we have done so far. You can modify the length of your role strips as per your choice. Or what else you can do is make all the rules strips of same length and then drink them according to the length you want for your rule strips. So it is done 16 such rules strips. And you can notice that now we have rolled threads of 3D print length. We need eight rolled strips of this length, eight of this, I'm 16 rule is strips of Tesla. Prepare all these threads and I'll meet you in the next class. So keep watching. 5. Painting Rolled Strips: Now that our rules are ready, so let us pain these rules threats and starting with these shortest rules strips, but you can start with anyone for painting these as threats. I'm going to use black acrylic color. But if you want, you can also go with the watercolor is when it's totally up to you. But before applying paint, let us first place a newspaper or any old clued on your work. They will do avoid stains on it. And then take color Valley, add some black color and egg with the headache of the brush. After that, I add a small amount of medium or water in it. I'd medium or water according to the consistency of your colo and if your color is new, then there is no need to add water medium by IAS. Fdr color has dried up a little vague. Then add water medium according to the consistency of your color, and then take a plaid brush and mix the color and water medium properly. So mixing is done. Now take a roll strip and apply paint over it, and always apply sufficient amount of paint as we have to cover the newspaper incompletely. So you see that our first rule is rapist ready, and now it is looking really very great. Now, take another rule is strip and apply paint on it as well. Tail, you can notice I'm using black color only to paint all these scripts. But you can use multicolored says where, for example, you can use three different colors to paint all these rural districts like paintball, longest ones, then orange, Guam middle one, and black varchar artist's when you can go with any color and any color combination, you just do it as per your choice and modify the design. You can also notice that by painting these rules trips are newspaper, which we have plays on our book table, has also got lots of scenes. So if we have in place that newspaper or old clothes scenes would have been all over our table. What I want to convey is always place newspaper or any old cloth while doing such. So, just keep painting all the roles, trips. And if you are using dark color, then there will be no need to apply two to three codes. But yes, if you are using light color, then apply at least two to three coats of your colon so that the new server and get gobbled up completely. And after painting all the roles strips, just leave them for around 10 to 15 minutes to get the paint dried completely. And I meet you all in the next video in which we will face these rules, trips to our base design. 6. Let's Paste: By now all the rules, threats, and base has dried up. And you can notice how well these mirrors has got stake to DCD. So now let us paste these rules strips on this decorative this, and put this just flip or reverse the base. And first of all, I'm going to paste our longest rule strips. So for this, applying fabric coil or glue on the CD, like I am doing, first in vertical direction and then horizontally. You can notice x kind of looking like a plus sign. Now take one of the longest strip and basic like this. Press gently and make sure you paste a district. After this. Take another rule strip of the same length and be sitting at a 90 degree from d plus 1. Then p is the third one in such a way that it is directly in opposite direction of defaults to end and makes 90 degree angle with the second one. Now and they're desk-based fourth ruled strip just oppose it to the second one and that 90 degree lift from the tide going. So we have pasted out for longest roll strip. Now we have one more of this lens through which we will paste in between all these rural districts. So far this applied by recoil and between these two strips like this, I'm Beasley roll strip like IMB sting. Do not apply pressure and aggressive very gently. After that, apply fabric oil in between first and the second rule, strip. And to be very exact, just apply if I recall it, 45 degrees clockwise from the post rule is to repeat the same with the other two as well. Apply vehicle in the middle of deserts and paste the rooster. Press them gently and we have pasted all the eight longest rural districts now and let us move on to the middle size rural districts while which apply for vehicle in the middle of the two longest rule says I'm to be very exact, I 22.5 degree angle from each longest royal district. But yes, you don't have to be very accurate. Just paste them in the approximate middle of the two longest role is to press the royalty strips nicely and always use good amount of heavy coil to paste them properly. Let's honest, done. And you see we have pasted all eight meter length rule strips and it's looking very nice. Okay, Now we will paste our last and the shortest length rolled strips, the in-between all the rules strips we have Base Search so far. So for this, take this drip, apply if I recall on edge like I'm doing, I'm pasting it in between the rolls strip like this. The way to very carefully and gently and make sure you every time piece them in the same tariff to struts, paste. All these 16 illustrates nicely and very, very carefully. I have a spread of the process, but you just do it at DOPS and do not apply pressure by pasting these rulers serves as it might, can make them fled. So president, very gently. And you see it's done. We very, very careful and gentle by picking it up or handling as right now, all these rural districts have not extinct up very well as the pie because it has not dried up here. So now to secure these rules strips, what I'm gonna do is take a step up newspaper and folded up to seven to eight centimeter rod like I have done. I'm cut it from this trip. It's totally okay if it hasn't got ready, state as it really doesn't matter. Now, open it up and apply by vehicle and the half portion and paste it after pasting, apply if I recall, again, in the half portion like this and paste it again. I have dirt. So to make this newspapers like LID tech, now apply fabric on this piece of newspaper and spread the fabric oil if you want to, and just paste it over these rules trips to secure them. Press it nicely and gently. Do not apply pressure. Now, do flip it, take a ruler and slided below the CD and try to put it up and flip it. So you can see now it's kind of looking like sun and these rulers threats are looking like sundries. Okay, let me show you it from different angles and this is how it is looking. Now what we're gonna do is be some leaves here. I did pick up these rulers strips to make it look more attractive and more. I Katie. So now I need you guys in the next video. Till then, keep watching. 7. Leaf Cutting: Now let us meet leads to paste at the tip of the rule is ships. But this acres trip up about five centimeter of green color, which we have used for making circle. And fold it into half like I'm doing till the both end. After this, take a pencil or pen and draw a leaf near decrease like I am doing. I am drawing simple leaf shape, but you can draw any shape you want. Okay, So this is done now for this strip into half and this way, and then foreleg one more time. And this way we will get multiple leaves at that time. So now that the leaf outline light, I am doing just totally sheet tightly and guarded carefully as it has got very take now. And it's almost done. Yes. And it's done. So you can see Hale, we have got four leaves at that time. Just to open folds of all the leaves and fold them outward. Also prepare 16 such green color. Now let us move on to another color leaves and put this, take yellow colored glossy Ishi. And before coating step for the leaves first remove this white portion as I don't want this white line might East after this for the shape like this and guard the sheet from here. Like I am doing a very careful by using sizzle. And that's it, our script or the leases ready? Now take went up the green leaves plays a tail like this and start tracing the shape in order to cut the leaf or same size and shape. Now, this time for this trip and zigzag back down like I am doing in order to get multiple leaves at our time. Again, got dealings when my one as well. But this is a time consuming process. We should go with the smart process and the zigzag line is less time consuming. Now since the paper has gotten very tip, be very careful while cutting the leaf, coiled it nicely and tightly. And yes, it's almost done. Yes, our yellow colored leaves. Ready? Just you're going only leaves and pull them outwards. Prepare 16 such leaves of your libido as well. And you can prepare leaves of any other two contrasting colors as well. Like you can go with blue and orange, yellow and pink and so on. You can even repair leaves off multicolored. So, so after preparing all the leaves, what we are going to do as foiled only leaves one by one, phosphorylate like this, then in opposite direction, and keep doing so till the end. And then open the lease give will lead to get such beautiful leaf pattern leaf. So now it's totally up to you. You can even use them as they are right now, are for all the leaves in order to get such beautiful it back down nice. Now, I will meet you in the next video in which we will paste all the leaves. I did tape up the rural districts. So keep watching. 8. Pasting the Leaves: So by now our rule strips has a state dove very, very. Now we will paint the leaves which we have prepared our Leo, I did take out these rural districts. I'm gonna base yellow leaves at the tip of the longest and middle length rules drills. And green leaves at the tip of the shortest rural districts. Now big the fabric oil and apply drop at the tip of these sets and decide pasting the leaves. I'm first basing the yellow leaves and then we'll paste the green ones. You can do as per your choice and even do the vice versa. Like first peas green leaves at the tip of the longest and middle-end through instruments, and then yellow at the tip of the short S2 and modify it as per your choice and paste all the leaves one-by-one. In the next video, I'll show you its final loop. So stay tuned. 9. Final Look: So guy's hair is the final look of our Goldie Gu. You can see how beautiful and I guarantee it is looking. You can paste it at the olive oil like I have done, are hanging with the help of trade, which you can attach at its spec side. You can paste it on, hang it in your drawing room near the window and wherever you want. In the next video, I'll share a fun class project for you. So stay tuned. 10. Project Work: So guy's hair is your project work. Tried to make such will decode using an old CD or cake base on your own. Tickets, encloses and final pictures and share those pictures in your project and resources section of this class. I'm excited to see what modification you have done. Any avoid equal. I do not forget to review my class. I'm waiting for your feedback. Also. If you don't want to miss any notification regarding my newest classes on Skillshare, then do not forget to press followed by 10. Thank you so much guys for joining me. Bye bye.