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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

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      Material Required


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      First Bookmark


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      Baby Chick Bookmark


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      Second Bookmark


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      Doraemon Bookmark


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      Third Bookmark


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      Fourth Bookmark


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      Fifth Bookmark


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      Piggy Bookmark


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      Butterfly Bookmark


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      Seventh Bookmark


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      Bat Bookmark


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      Project Work


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About This Class

Give your books cute bookmarks

In this class, you will learn to make cute yet easy corner bookmarks.

This class is for both artists as well as Non-artists.

Material Required:

  • Origami sheets
  • Fineliner/ Gel pen
  • Black Sketch pen
  • Glue stick
  • Pencil
  • Eraser
  • Scissor

By the end of the class, you will be able to make corner bookmarks on your own.

Enjoy Crafting!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Tanya Maheshwari

Artist and Crafter


Hello, I'm Tanya Maheshwari.

I am living in Delhi, India. I am an Artist, Crafter and an Educator.

I love to try new things and believe in 3 R's - REDUCE, REUSE and RECYCLE.

See full profile

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1. Introduction: Hello everyone. Welcome to my class. I am dynamically SRI and artist and necrotic do in this class given mix seven cubed corner bookmarks such as the dragon bad, gift, and so on. This class is for boot disk as it is known artist by Stefan. I will discuss material required and then we will want to Caesar. And lastly, I'll share a fun class project for you. Thank you. 2. Material Required: Phone making these cute corner bookmarks, we have a need. Adi gamey sheets, fine liner are same budget pen, sketch been glue, fences. It is MRSA. In the next video, we will start making these cute corner bookmarks. So keep watching. 3. First Bookmark: Hello everyone for making our first bookmark within mean square piece of sheet. Let us first make our basic corner bookmark. So during the corner up and press it firmly, no ring one of the bottom gone up over the top corner. Dress it nicely and make a nice and neat greys. Repeat the process with the, another bottom corner, bring it up, press it family and make another nice and neat Greece. After this, open it up, bring one of these flaps down, press it gently and make a good piece. No, bring one-off these bottom flaps over it and Target are no. Repeat the process, bring the another bottom flap awarded and delicate. If you need to see it again, just pause the video and rewind it. Take your time. There is no rush. So guys are basic corner bookmark is now ready and it's totally up to you guys from which side you want to use it? You want to use a crown. This side are you want to use it from another side. It's totally up to you guys. And in the next video we will learn to make baby chick corner of mouth from this basic corner bookmark. So keep watching. 4. Baby Chick Bookmark: So to turn our basic corner bookmark into a baby chick corner bookmark letters first got all the corners into a slightly curved shape. They will only got decoders and not the edge in any other shape because a we will do so, our bookmark will fall apart. So that basic shape for our baby chick cornea bookmark is ready. Now women need orange and pink color sheet for the detailing part. And here I have taken a small piece of pink sheet because months are going over this sheet and cut it off. Here. I have already developed the shapes so that after carding, I will get two circles. These two pink circles will act as checks for our baby chick. And it will show that to our baby chick is kind of blushing. After this got our rectangular strip from the orange sheet for the other detailing parts such as beak and the feet because we do not need the whole sheet. And if you have any scrap of orange color, then use that. So let us first draw the feet, thought our baby chick, and for this draw upside down hurt like me. Now develop the sheet and guard the heart-shaped so that we will get to foot, but our baby chick, be careful by using scissors. And if you are a kid, then do not cut it yourself as it can harm you. Just simply ask your parent or guardian or sibling to cut it for you. So feet are ready for our baby chick known. Let us prepare before RBV tick. And for this draw our triangle over the orange sheet. Make all the corners of the triangle are a little bit curvy so that it resembles be. But if you want, then you can also fast got our normal Django as I'm doing. And then got all the pointed corners into a slight curve. So here the beak is ready for our Jake. And you can see I have dreamed Ali pointed corners. Adjust the exercise according to the size of our corner bookmark and trim it off if there is any need. Hello. Now, are all the detuning part side ready? They're just apply glue on paste them, I dare right position. Applied Lu, De pointed part of the feed and paste them. I D bottom. I'll debug mode. Now apply glue on the beak and paste it in the upside down direction over the middle line of the bookmark. After this, let us now move on to the cheek spot. Apply glue on these pink circles and paste them as I am doing. Repeat the same process with the another. Thanks, alcohol and pasted. Now, let us meet eyes of our baby chick, ion for the eyes, draw two circles using black sketch spend on any other fine line now. And feel free to change the shape of eyes if you want to. So guys, RBV, check corner bookmark as now ready to use now and let me just show you how we can use it. You can use it in this direction, in that direction. So basically we can use it in both the directions. In the next video, we will learn to make your garden character Yogananda bookmarks. So keep watching. 5. Second Bookmark: For this bookmark, we even need a blue piece of Squared people cheat and a scrap of red and yellow sheets. And if you don't have a scrap, then you just simply got small pieces from the sheet. We will also need a pencil, needle-stick, Blake sketch plan, our fine liner. And of course it is alpha, the retailing part. So let us begin by making a basic corner bookmark. And for this, boil up the square piece into our triangle. Make neat and nice Greece. And if you find some extra sheet, then there is no need to worry. We will just simply cut it off. After this, we will run off the bottom corners such that, that it overlaps the top corner and do the same with the bottom corner. President gently and make neat and nice Greece. Now, open up these bottom corners and fall down. We're not these flaps. Dress it firmly and make neat and nice crease and then bring one of the corner flap over eight and delicate inside. And if you want, you can also paste it in this way. Now bring the another bottom corner and tuck it inside. Dress it firmly and make sure that degrees are neat and nice. So our basic corner bookmark is ready. Now women need to turn this into carbon character. And for this, turn it around and make a circle with the help of penciling campus. Make sure that decide which we are drawing or would it as bigger than this corner bookmark as we don't want to cut the proper, sorry, because a we will do so. Then bookmark will fall apart. Now start cutting it. Do not cut this edge. Otherwise, as I said, are bookmark will fall apart. Guarded carefully and if you are below six, then do not got it on your own. You just simply take help of your padding, audio or elder sibling. No, guardian other side as good. So this is the basic shape of our bookmark and you can't have it perfectly round as a good fall apart. In the next video, we will complete this cartoon characters. 6. Doraemon Bookmark: So now we're gonna create divide part of duty moon space plays a piece of ice sheet over DBC corner bookmark and give it a round shape from the umbo according to the size of our basic bookmark. So does shape is ready nonlinear? Just cut it off. Be careful in by using scissor endocarditis straight from the bottom. So we'll divide part of the Riemann species is known Eddie lead to supply blue over it and be sued over the basic corner bookmark. Now, take a small piece of red colour sheet and guarded in a rectangular shape. Looking letter Vertica according to the size of a bookmark. So let just trim it off and I guess 10 is better. And yes. So now let's space state at the bottom of the bookmark and just below the white. But hey, I'm cutting the extra part of this right cheek. But if you're doing one Duke.edu just simply pays state. I did back sight. And after pasting this red bar to some of the blue part is steady peeping out. Just got it over. After this take us might be so white sheet as now we want to create ice but are during one. And for the eyes meet to small circle, not so propers are going to, you can make it in always shape and cut it off. So in there it does just bees these naught. So circular eyes at the right place. Apply glue over these eyes AMPs. Then in such a way they top of the icons over divide by n, half of the portion will come to where the blue part. So with the basic part of ices done, now take us Monte piece of red colour sheet and make us moles are going to wet it and cut it off. This red colors months our guy will act as our duty months nos. Apply glue over this circle and pasted just below the eyes. After this, take small piece of yellow corner, draw a small circle on it and cut it off. We are going to use this small yellow color circle as the bell of the do Riemann's negligent. Apply glue on EKG and just base data where the neck vein. So since we have pasted all the parts, I did right position now it has become easier to draw the remaining face. So let us start drawing the remaining phase. And for this by simple outline the eyes of the Dorian mode. After this make one's models are good in the eyes and fill it with defined 90 or you just simply use JPA. Make one small dot on the nose and then just move on to the looser gun. Outline this Ben and add details to it. Now and draw a straight line just below the nose dividing by it but into two equal house. And then I does my loved one. After this draw three whiskers I D both side of the line. Now would it be the same trusses to highlight these lines or you just simply use the black sketch pen for this. So guys, I don't anyone gone now bookmark is ready. I know it's not perfectly round, but it's totally okay. It is still looking so cute. In the next video, we will learn another type of corner bookmark. Keep watching. 7. Third Bookmark: For the third bookmark, I'm taking an orange color square piece of sheep. Let us first make our basic corner bookmarks. So far this bring the corner up and press egg family. Maybe one of these bottom corners make are nice and neat. Now bringing the, another bottom corner up, pressing firmly, making them nice and neat Greece. After this, opening it up and bring one of these two flaps down, press it nicely. Now being going up the bottom flap over it and tuck it under. And if you want you can glue it also. Bring another bottom flap over it and Target. And if you need to say it again, just pause the video, rewind it, and take your time. There is no dash. So here our basic corner bookmark is ready. Now we're very decorated and it's totally up to you how you want to use it. You won't be using it in this direction, or you want to use it in this direction. It's totally up to you, decorate in that way. And since I have taken clean sheets, so let's add some designs to it here. I'm growing hurts or lower rate, just simply make hood and add lines in it. You can also make other designs like if you want, you can draw flowers or if you want to give it, but they are by device, then you can draw a ribbon scandal, cupcakes and so on over it. And even if you don't want to do so, you just leave it as it is, or you can take printed sheet and instead of plain sheet. Also, even if you are making hood and don't want to add lines in it than you. It's totally okay. You just simply add dots a net or you can color it completely. It's totally up to you. So our design is ready. Now let's done this basic corner bookmark into the gift bookmark. Now, I'm going to use a scrap of blue color sheet to make two rectangular strips. So like just got to rectangular strip. I'm going to use these rectangular strips to make a plus sign over this basic corner bookmark so that it resembles at the ribbon is wrapped around the ball. Apply sufficient amount of blue over this a strep NPC horizontally over this basic corner bookmark. Press it gently and apply glue over the, another rectangular strip and pasted vertically over the basic corner bookmark. Now got the extra part of these rectangular strips. And if you don't want to cut them, you just simply pays them at the back side. Now, again, take the scrap of blue-collar sheet and got more rectangular strips as we did earlier. This time we got around four to five rectangular strips and there is no foundation that you have to cut our list strips of equal size. It's totally okay if this strips are of different sizes. We are going to use these rectangular strips to make riven goal, which we will pay is at the top of the gift bookmark. So our rectangular strips are ready. Now what we have to do is to make loops of these strips and paste them together. And bought this, apply glue at the edge of the each strip and pays them together to make a loop shape. Hey, I'm using glue stick, but if you want, then you can simply use blue instead of blue state. But according to me, glue stick a little bit easier to handle. So by now all the loops are ready to apply glue over the edge of each loop and piece them together. Or resupply sufficient amount of glue over the edges so that each loop is Sticks properly. So that event is ready. Now paste this ribbon at the top of the gift bookmark. Now apply sufficient amount of glue I did center and just paste it behind the vertical ribbon. So brains are gift gone up, bookmark is ready to use. Isn't it looking so adorable? In the next video, we will learn to make another garner bookmark. By then, keep watching. 8. Fourth Bookmark: So to make our green dragon corner bookmark when need green, yellow, and red colour sheet. We will also need use sake, black color, sketch, spin on my fine liner and do CSO. Hey, I have taken green rectangular piece of paper of around 16 by eight centimeter. So first thing we need to do is to create a basic heart shaped corner bookmark. For this your paper and half, like I am doing. Make a nice, a nice degrees. And then during this corner over here, making another neat greens. Now, open it up and do we have to follow this line across to the middle as I'm fulfilling. Dress it firmly and repeat the same process on the other side. No, turn it around a little bit. How to make it look like Dragon shape as a year. And it was kind of v-shaped. Again, turn it and cut it. Another way to turn it into a dragon head. Be careful when you are using scissors and make sure that you do not hard yards. So this sign has done into the dragon head. And then for this side, since it's going to be body, I'm going to formulate like this. Now, we even need a scrap of green color to make EL for our dragon. And the clever thing about the deal is that a2 actually gonna glue down the middle line and security guard take neatly. It's really an important part even though it's not looking so, but it will secure the dragon head. I'll let David now, we didn't need us grab a yellow color to cut our sight of a spike. Make these as spikes in triangular shape. And if you want to make them on little bit bigger according to the size and space of your bookmark. Good day around four to five, such as spikes. Now, take another look on a scrap for making wing are farther than Droid like me as I have drawn a sense of world. And then round and then small downward noun double up the sheet and Assad cutting the wings so that we'll get to two rings. Garnered very carefully as there are many small circular arcs in the wing. I'm cutting two rings for my dragon, but if you weren't, you can simply Carter only one ring, as it is not compulsory that you have to CARTO or two rings for our dragon. Now take a scrap of white sheep, but it's eye and draw a small circle. Now made two hours inside this circle so that it divides out a circle into three parts and start filling the first portion with black pen, leaving tiny circular space so that it will give side twinkling effect to now move on to the middle portion and do fill this portion red-green color. Also, you can fill it with any other color if you want. So our Dragons I is ready. Now, let us got it. Now take a scrap of orange color to make flame of fire and start making the flame like I am doing. Let us just got this off. Be careful and why you are using scissors and do not guarded yourself. If you are below six, you just simply take half of your pairing or elder sibling. Now to give it more fire like appearance, I'm gonna make one more flame on yellow scrap of sheet, but make sure that this is smaller than the orange one, as we will pay state on orange one and cut it off. Guarded carefully and you do not harm yourself by cutting it. So what they look like in part is also ready, sends all the retailing five side ready. So let us just speak them in there, right position. First of all, let us paste this yellow flame on the orange one. Press it gently and paste this complete flame at Demode of the dragon so that it looks like that the flame is coming out from the mouth of the dragon. Now take the I and apply glue on the eye and pasted at the head of the dragon. After this, let us paste the year of the dragon. Apply glue on the E and P sit over the middle line. Here, I'm using glue stick, but if you want, you can use any other blue also. Now and let us be as these spikes over the header and the body of the drunken applied blue on these spikes and paste them carefully. Remember we have to piece these spikes from the back side. Just keep pasting all these spikes. So here that basting of spike part is almost done. Now let us just start pasting the wing of the dragon. Hey, I'm basing only one wing of the dragon. But if you have made two wings, then you can simply pays the, another vein on the backside of the dragon. So guys are Dragon corner bookmark as ready to use isn't dead looking so fabulous? In the next video, we will make another corner bookmark. 9. Fifth Bookmark: For the fifth bookmark, tea cup pink colored square piece of sheep, and turn it into a rectangular one by four linked into how translate nicely and make nice and neat. Now open it up and repeat the process, but this time in vertical direction. Again, press it firmly and make a good piece as these screens will help us in data step. Open it up and you can notice that these two creases are dividing our paper into four equal parts. So now guide one of these parts. As I'm doing. After this, draw a line joining the vertically opposite corners using skin and pencil. Repeat the process in the middle part and draw a line joining the opposite corners as I'm doing. Now, got this diagonal line to turn this into triangular one. Gp deep doses and got another diagonal line running the square part into triangles. Do not throw these guard pieces as we are going to use these pieces for detailing part. Now for these triangular flap. So in such a way, and flapper would lapse be another Dymola flap. After this applied blue over the flap that comes under the, another one and paste the another triangular flap. Or whether it do not forget to apply sufficient amount of blue over D flat. Just gently so that it gets a stick properly. And basic kinda bookmark, as noted in the next video, we will add the dating parts to it. So keep watching. 10. Piggy Bookmark: Now we will turn this basic kind of knock into a bookmark. And for this, I'm going to use these leftover pink pieces plus 25, draw an oval shape on this piece of sheet. And here I'm using fine liner. But if you are not comfortable with directly using pen, then you can simply search it with pencil. Okay, so already shape is ready. Now let us just cut it and I'm going to use this shape as our nose off RPD. Now take another pink scrap to make ears of our piggy and draw it in a kind of leaf shape. Shape is ready. Now WFD sheet and cut this shape so that you have will get two ears. We didn't paste these ears near the top corner. So Joseph, peggy are ready, now outlined both the ears for outlining you can use by 90 odd sketch band. It's totally up to you guys. After this, take us crap off white color and draw not so small circle on it. Double up the sheet and cut it off. In this way, we will get to whites are going to seem size. We are going to use these circles as the eyes of debugging. So now all the detailing parts are ready. Let us just paste them, their respective positions and then draw the remaining phase. First of all, apply glue at the base of the ear and the left side of the top car. Now, repeat the process with the EEOC and paste it at the right side of the continent. Press gently so that it sticks properly. Now, apply glue on device, our goods and peace then just below the ears. So basting all by itself, as done, now, apply glue on the nose and pasted below the eyes. Okay, So the basic part is done. Now, let us draw the remaining phase. And far this draw a small circle in each whites are going after this make when moles, moles are going in the previous one in both the eyes and fill the remaining part with black color. This will give kind of a no sane and shiny look to the eyes of our piggy. Now made those monks or it goes over D pig is nose like me and these moles or it goes with no strings. So cute, big heat garner, bookmark as now ready to use. In the next video, we will make a tune butterfly bookmark. 11. Butterfly Bookmark: So far the butterfly bookmark, we need a rectangular piece of paper and ratio for the rectangular piece of paper is three. So do. So it is 15 by 10 centimeter for my butterfly. Now the first thing you need to do is create differs for, we will just for lead. And here I have choose both sides same color origami sheet. But if you want contrasting colors, then you can use to color Origami sheets which are easily available in the market. Or you can just use white paper. It doesn't really matter. And then they greeted with pens, It's totally up to you. Always make nice and neat Greece. So I'm going to now flip it up and my folders at the top, and now fold it in half. Now open it and I'm going to take my finger for shade between, I'm delighted, get to the point at the top. This creates kind of a triangle. So I'm going to squish it down, aligning this center Fool and creating our triangle for this half triangle over eight. And repeat the same process as the now I'm going to put mapping and right to the top. This is going to help me create this triangle. Push it down and forward. You can see how nicely aligned, so we'll press it firmly and make nice and neat. Now I'm gonna open it. So this bull comes back and you have this ID boot side. Now I'm gonna take this corner here and four let out. And this is not an exact science that you have to fall in the same amount. It is a matter of preference how much you want to foil it. And I'm going to repeat on this side and make sure that it matches this side. So it has got DCM amount for you. Give it our good Greece. Greece will really help us. And here you can see that our oils are of equal amount. So open this poll and now I'm going up on this end and pull the same on this side. I'm going to open this poll and just push it through. And if creases need, it will fold in really easily. So we are almost there guys now to turn it into a butterfly, we take one of these two flaps and four, let it down and it's totally up to you guys that how much you want to fall in this club. So let's move on to the another side and oil going up these lats down like we did earlier, and make sure that it matches the other side. So it has got the same amount of full. So guys are basic butterfly corner bookmark is ready. Now we will equity debt for degradation for a simple line, drawing its eyes to give its eyes twinkling effect. I'm filling this circle acceptor tiny, small circle. And for the ion the other side, I will first make us models are gone and palate as we did earlier, leaving our tiny circular space so that it will give us our twinkling effect. So it's eyespot is done now mic on small state line, which will act as its nose and then make its mouth. And the degradation part is done. So butterfly corner bookmark is ready, is in this butterfly looking so cute guys. In the next video, we will learn another type of car now bookmark. Keep watching. 12. Seventh Bookmark: For this event bookmark, take a black square piece of sheet of around 14 by 14 centimeters during the bottom, gone up over the top corner and press it for me, making a good greens. Now for the base of the triangle like me, and it's not fix that now unless you have to foil, simply folate according to the size of your sheet. Turn it around and make us landline at the boot sign, leaving equal distance from the both side. Again, there is no such mix ratio for marking these lines. Just mock them according to your bookmark size. Now, start folding the paper from the line which we have drawn. Make sure that more default lead parts are of equal length and press it nicely, making a nice and neat greens. Now fold one of these flaps in upward direction as I am doing it gently, making good grades. Repeat the same with the, another flap for late in upward direction and make sure they do for the flats equally. These flaps will act as wings off our bag. So our basic corner bookmark is ready. Now let us give it some shape. Make a knock at the top part. After this move on to the veins makes monarchs, at the bottom of doing, hey, I'm making three to four arcs. You can modify it according to the length of your ring. Now and their desk or departs which we have drawn, be cared for and why you are using scissors. And if you are below 60, then do not use this on your own. You'll just simply ask you are bearing our guardian to cut it for you. So now the basic shape of our corner bookmark is also ready. In the next video, we will decorate this bookmark. So keep watching. 13. Bat Bookmark: Now we will decorate this back bookmark. And for this we will need a small piece of pink and white q0. First of all, take up pink sheet and draw a small circle already. Garden small rectangular piece from this a squared b's. Now, this rectangular piece and cut the circle. And this way we will get two circles. We will use these pink circles as sheets or five bags, so cheeks are ready. Now take a scrap of vite gonna draw two circles over 8 having different diameter. Okay, So let us cut these circles. And if you want, you can simply take help of your parents are older sibling. We are going to use these white circles as eyes of our bag. Okay, so now let us first space these eyes and Jake's idea right positions. And then we will make other visual part, apply glue on the cheeks and paste them. As I am doing, hey, I'm using glue stick as it is easy to handle by basting small things. But if you want, you can simply use glue. Make sure that every part 6 properly. After this make us are good. Ndb the whites are good at D bottom side and draw when Mozart gun in it, start filling the rest of the part with the help of fine line. Now our sketch been known, draw a semicircle and the, another white circle at the top right side and fill this semicircle with the help of black fine liner, except that tiny circular space. Okay, So bank size are ready. Now make us my log d back using the black sketch when however, 80 wouldn't be that vec1. And it's totally okay guys. After this, take us my piece of white sheet and cut a small triangle. This triangle will be 235 bag. Now apply glue over eight and paste it at the corner of these nine. Got another small triangle and paste it at the end of this mine. So guys, I queued back bookmark as now ready to use. In the next video, I'll share a project work we do so that you can practice these bookmarks. Thank you so much guys for joining me. Bye bye. 14. Project Work: So everyone here is your final class project. Try to make such corner bookmarks on your own. Click pictures of your bookmark and upload those pictures in your project section. And so excited to see your governor bookmarks and what color sheets you have selected. And if you upload those pictures on Instagram, then do not forget to tag me at the artistry dot 27. Also, if you don't want to miss any notification regarding my new classes, then do not forget to press the follower then. Thank you. Buh-bye.