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Microsoft Word from beginners to advanced.

teacher avatar Colin Marks, Certified Microsoft & Apple Trainer

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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      1 Intro 1


    • 2.

      2 Word Overview 1


    • 3.

      3 Opening Word Create New Document 1


    • 4.

      4 Save And Switch Between Open Documents 1


    • 5.

      5 Enhancing Productivity 1


    • 6.

      6 Enteriing Text, Symbols, Selecing Text 1


    • 7.

      7 Find And Replace 1


    • 8.

      8 copy cut and paste


    • 9.

      9 Formatting 1


    • 10.

      10 Merging Para Alignment 1


    • 11.

      11 Indentation And Tabs 1


    • 12.

      12 Line Space Bullets And Borders 1


    • 13.

      13 Styles And Format Painter 1


    • 14.

      14 Tables 1


    • 15.

      15 Charts 1


    • 16.

      16 Graphical Objects 1


    • 17.

      17 Mail Merge 1


    • 18.

      18 Page Set Up 1


    • 19.

      19 Spell Check And Printing 1


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About This Class

This Microsoft Word for beginners course has been designed from the ground up taking the average office into account. Microsoft Word, along with Microsoft Excel is the most popular office productivity application used in offices. In this Microsoft Word for beginners course, I will take you through each section of the carefully designed syllabus so that you are proficient in every area of Microsoft Word that you will need to work in the average busy office. If you are a beginner starting to use Microsoft Word for the first time or if you have used previous versions of Microsoft Word (2003, 2007 or 2010) this course will give you the confidence you need to take on any word processing task.

We look at the simple things and the slightly more advanced, everything from document creation to mail merge, you will have the tools required to keep you at the top of your game.

Each tutorial starts off from the very beginning, assuming you have no prior knowledge but still going at a pace that will keep you engaged for the entire course.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Colin Marks

Certified Microsoft & Apple Trainer


I am an IT Trainer with over 8 years experience in delivering training in both Apple and Microsoft to a large array of clients, in both public training centres and corporate environments.

I have an IT teaching diploma and focus mainly on software training. I hold a current Microsoft Office Master certificate and have been teaching Microsoft Office Specialist (Word, Excel, Access, Powerpoint and Outlook all to an advanced level) for the past 6 years.

The training I deliver ranges from iPad and iPhone training to Office productivity applications like Pages, Numbers and Keynote. I also train in video editing software like Final Cut Pro X and iMovie.

I feel the most important part of training is developing a connection with your students, building trust in both sides.See full profile

Level: Beginner

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1. 1 Intro 1: Okay, So thank you for taking a look at the Microsoft Word course. My name's Colin Marks, and I'm going to be your instructor for the course, but I want to do is take this opportunity first of all to welcome you and then take it through a bit about me and a bit about the course. So we're gonna have a look about me first of all, So I have been working on Microsoft products for over 15 years in an office on for over seven years in classrooms. So I've been teaching it to begin our level on advanced level. So right the way up in the classrooms. I've only Microsoft specialist. Things done. So Microsoft Office Master on I've been walking in both public and private sector, so I really enjoy what I do. I've been doing in offices for 15 years, as I say and then teaching for seven. I really enjoy teaching people and seeing the end results so a bit about the course, then to the course of the same from the bottom up on it, designed to get the basics right, forced so to get you using good habits from the very start on what we call them is good practices. So get them from the very start so that you don't make the hours at the end. So it's designed with the average office in mind. So from walking in the officers, I can see the things that people do wrong and the things that people would like to do right . So I'll give you practical tips happen. You speed up your walk on, get more productive, and then it can be used by both beginners on people coming from different varies and award . So whether you're using Microsoft Word 2000 and three and just want to up skill or what they have never used Microsoft word in the past, this course will be able to get you to a certain level where you'll be proficient in the use of us. So some of the access we have then, so the X will have his practice material so along with each lacks, are out of practice material there for you to practice so that you can put the things that were Larrin and players to make sure that you understand exactly what we're doing. As the course goes on, allowed new material toot. So as I feel that new material needs to be put in, I put it in for you. We don't of a discussion area. So discussion area is for two reasons. It's there to help each other out so you can ask questions and other students can answer them for you. But also it's a place where you can ask me questions. You can ask the question, What I get back to you on the discussion area? So that's the course. Thanks for having a look, and I hope to see you later on. Thank you. 2. 2 Word Overview 1: Okay, so we have Microsoft Word open now, and we're just a blank document open. And what we're gonna do is we're gonna have a brief look around the screen just to make sure we know where everything is. So the first thing we have strikes you straightaway. Is this big page in the middle? So this is our blank area. This is where we're gonna type whenever we do. It's a page view or a print view. So anything, we type out on this and look exactly like it. Those whenever we printed out to print off, going up to the top left hand corner, you can see here we have the quick access to a ball. Now we will speak later in one of the other lectures about how you would use quick access. Terrible. But for the time being, we just need to know that that's where it is. Over On the right hand side, we have different options, like help putting away the ribbon on. Then the minimize maximize on, then close button. So in other sections, we will look at the help and putting away the ribbon. We want to talk about these couple of options here first, so the minimize button will just minimize your screen down into it. They restored on, or the maximize botany and see it's a restored on at the minute of a click it it puts it down to a small of you. If I maximize, it puts it into a big of you on, then the close button with those out of the program for you. So that's them tree buttons over the right hand side, saying in his friend unit has a Microsoft office account, so you can store documents on the clothed and that type of thing right across the middle. Hear a the top. You can see we have what's called the ribbon and this is the ribbon and the ribbon is runs right the way across the came in and Microsoft Office 2000 and seven. So anyone that use 2000 tree in the past this would be totally different for you. But anyone that is used house in 10 or 2007 details and Tartine or The New York Times in 16 would be able to recognize the straightaway, so the ribbon runs across the middle. You can see we have a couple of tabs at the top. We have filed home insert design, page layer and so on. There can be attitude so you can customize them ribbons across that the top. It's out of the scope of this lecture, but you can do it. Each tub, then has different sections, and what I mean by that is you can see the clipboard section here is closed off so you can see it step board on. It has a small laying down on the name of it. Here the fund sanction, then as a small lane down and has the name but here on again, paragraph and so on. So when I'm trying to get you to look at a particular part, I'll say it's in the front section of the home tab on each section has a small drop down box here that gives us other options Then, too. So this is a ribbon, right? Of course, that are polo mints out pairs there as we talked, and we Comtech true down, and you can see that each of them have different options. We will speak in more detail about them later on in the lectures. We also have two steps. So when I hover across an icon, you can see it comes up with a tool tip to tell me exactly what the icon does. So do you get into the habit of using them to tips as you go along the file bottom. Then when you click on the file button, so instead of opening up a file ribbon, there is no file ribbon. It opens up what's known as backstage View, so backstage views here on it gives us action to look into race and documents. So any documents that you have there recently, I've mind starts off just But any documents have recently, it shows that you're different places. So one drive is a cloud storage location on then computer and so on on anyone that's two in 2007 or 2010 would recognize this so it's in for new and open. It gives you options here down along the left hand side for saving and opening on different options. There, right away we can take on the bike button and liberalize to go back and out of backstage. You and we can see here so again we can see we have the middle area on the left hand side. Then we have the navigation panda. The navigation pane can be turned off here on. We can just close on it. I just explained what the navigation peon does. It allows you to search your document. It also lose. You look for your headings. So we will look later on how you would set up things as headings and you can sound straight through them. And then it also shows the results section for when you do south your page, you can look at it. It's pages. So if I put in a couple of different pages here, you can see that we have a couple of different pages rate dance. You could quickly click true on it. So that's your navigation pen. I like the close it off because it gives me more space. We have the ruler runs across the top, under and along the side. And when the ruler is owner off, you can see you can turn it on by taking on the view tab on. Then there's an option within the show section for Rula on that turns it on or off. I like to leave it on because it shows me my space that I can walk with down at the bottom here. This is the status bar, so you can see it's telling me Page three of Tree. So it's tree pages they have. It's telling me the different words that I have a 5 10 or 15 words of a type of your name in here. You can see the world kind starts to go up. So if you're using it for college, you can tell exactly money words. You have an Italian, a language that you use. And so I'm using English Ireland for the time being on the right hand side here with different options for the page view. So there's reading views, which we look at in the literal actual on. Then on the right, hon, Savory of the magnification again, we'll go into more detail in them. We have the scroll bar on the right hand side. When it's needed, it will be there, so depending if you need the scroll bar, it will come up for you. So that's a brief overview of off the Microsoft World window. As we go on into the different lectures, we'll have a look in more detail at each of the different sections that we need to use 3. 3 Opening Word Create New Document 1: Okay, So one of the first things you want to do is you want to open up Microsoft Word for the first time. They're depending on the operating system you're using. The procedure will be slightly different, but more or less the same. We can always search for it. So if you're using Windows seven just like on the start menu, don't start peril than the very bottom left hand corner, and it'll give you a search option and we can take in here. And we can just type in W O R D. You can see the version I am using his word. 2000 and 13. If using attention and 10 don't worry, they're very similar. So we click into it. It opens up for us and you can see no enter ties. And 13 it opens up with a template window for us. So do we want to create a blank document? Or do you want to use one of the pre defying templates that Microsoft have created for us? I'm gonna double click on this blind document on. It's going to take a straight in. True. If you're using 2010 it's going to bring illustrated this window here. It'll be looked very similar to now. We will do a quick overview of the window and wanted the other lectures. But what we want to do is I want to get across that we have two things here opened. We have the Microsoft Word program open on. We also have a document Open noted Act Document is a blind document, but it's still open. We can close out of both things. So if we wanted to close out of the program, we would use the ax up the top right hand corner, and that will close out of everything. But if we only want to close out of that document, we can just close out of a single document so we can go file on. We can go to close on bacon. See, it's only closing out of that one single document down. Oh, so that's the two things that we want to get across in this force lecture that you can have a program open on the document on the two of them are in with the one there. Okay, so we won't overlook now, creating a new blank document. So once we go to create a new blank document. You can see we go to the file button up here on the left hand side on. Then we go to the new option. Now when we go to new, it'll give us a couple of different options. Do we want to create a new blank documents or just a plan page and start off from scratch? Or do we want to use one of the other templates that Microsoft has created for us? So you can see here devolved a different ones that, ah, blood post report design all the way down through cover letters in vices, business ladders passion a ladder ahead. So there's a load of different templates that you can use. We're going to stick with the blank document for the time being, because it's the one that we're working on. It's going to be the one that you're going to use 90% of the time. Sometimes you might feel as if you want to do a business letter, or you might want to use one of these templates, and they are very good for that. But for the most part, we're going to use blank documents were taken into the blank document on here. We're back to square one where we have a just a nice blank document. So if you're walking on a document and you want to create another one, it's just filed new, and that allows you to create it. Okay, we're gonna enter some tax notes on when I'm entering tax. They don't like people having to sit on typos. So what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna show you this We're gonna tape in the equal sane we're gonna put a or e n d. And we're gonna put in unopened bracket on the clothes. Prakit, we using this shift nine and shift zero on efforts in equals. Rory, Andy open and close brackets. And then we had the entire or the return key on the keyboard, and you can see it puts in sample tax for us there. So from time to time, I might get you to do that to just save you haven't to type out all this text word puts in what's called random text, and it allows us to be able to use a for editing on practicing wet 4. 4 Save And Switch Between Open Documents 1: Okay, so we have the text on our file, and the next thing we want to do is you want to save it for future use. So once we have the tax, then it's just a matter of going to the file button up the top left hand corner. Once we click on the file button, it gives us options. Here, this is backstage view. So it gives us options here 17 The other ones say of eyes and from the start to two of them will open up the C M. C advise dialog box, but we're going to talk about them for a second. So if we have one document on, we make changes to it on we click file and save. It's going to see if the changes to Dodd existing document was. If we have a document on, we make changes to that document on. Then we take file save eyes. It'll save changes to a new documents, were then end up with two documents. So it depends on what you want to do whether you savor, save eyes, how they say from the start of those and make any difference. So I'm gonna gonna click Save eyes. It's gonna open up this sea of ice, and it is a new feature to India. Ties and tartine, it's asking is, Do we want to save it our computer? Or do you want to say that the one drive, which is an online storage location, we could also either player. So if we want to put somewhere else maybe an external hard drive or another online storage location, I'm just going to take in the bro's. It's gonna take me to the same place as it would have in anyone using Microsoft Office 2010 . So when we take in the brow, as you can see, it opens up the Sea of eyes dialogue box for us here. So with these dialog boxes, you always want to make sure that you do the same way. So the left hand side is the location, so we want to save a to your desktop. I think it's not good practice, but for this video, we're just gonna save it to our desktop. The next thing we want to do is you want to do the name. We want to make sure that the name makes sense so always give files a meaningful name. So I'm just gonna call this first practice filed. So I've typed it in there so that we know later on when we come back to it. What? The filers. The next thing is to save us type from time to time. We may want to save filed in different file formats by default saves as a word document. We're creating a document. Microsoft Word. It would reopen and Microsoft Word and so on. But from time to time, we may want to do it in a different file type like a pdf. Orders are the ones here. So you can see we have maybe a pdf. We have older versions of Microsoft Word for anyone still using the older versions. We have Web page. We have an open tax document. Open document taxed. We've just playing taxed XML. There's different things there that we can create them. So not everyone uses Microsoft words. Not everyone's going to open open word documents. Sometimes you want might want to save it in different file. Four months, veracity. Things you don't really need to know too much about. It's just the location where you're serving a two on. What are you saving at? Eyes. This is so that when you go back, we'll confirm that later date he confined. I'm gonna take on the save button here. Once we take them to say it was just gonna come up and say it's gonna be upgraded to the New Year's format. That's okay. If you want, you can click into that. Don't ask me again. I'm gonna say OK, so that's it saved. You can see at the very top. Now we have this force practice file here up at the very top on it, showing us that that's the name of the file now, So going to close out of it, I'm going to show you here. I have it. You can see force practice files. I haven't there on it's safe to my desktop. You can see the small w on it indicating that Microsoft Word file if I open it up. If I make changes to its I'm just gonna take at the very bottom of I'm gonna answer Maniam at the very bottom. And this time I'm going to go to file on save. You can see now if I close out of it on. I reopened this force practice filed. My name is part off that file because I have just looked violent save. So when you take when you make changes to an existing document on had violent save it saves , two died existing document. Whereas if I put the country, I'm living in here. And now if I go to file this time, I'm not gonna hit save. Because if I had to say, if it's gonna see if there are existing file, I'm going ahead. Save us. I'm gonna say it again and ask me where I want to save it to. I'm just going to say it to my dad stopped the same as we had been doing. I'm going to leave the knee, um, to see him. But I'm just gonna put onto us what country added Now, you don't have to be die precise what you're saving, but you know, So I take on save. You can see at the top. No. The names telling the first practice file of a country added, I'm going to close out of that now. I have to file. They'll drag right here into the middle week and see it so I have forced practice file on I forced practice. Filer Country added, I'm gonna open up both of them. So I'm gonna open up that force one on, minimize it. Does the minimize button here on open up the 2nd 1 on on Minimize that one. So you can see, I know have two files open and see from my Microsoft word. If I have her across that I have to files open, there's one which is forced practice filed on the other one with his first practice file. Our country added, If I take into one of them, seek and see this one has the country on it, whereas the other one just has my name on it. So that's how you would switch between the open documents as well. That's another section that we're gonna do. We can click between them. We can also go into the view button on. You can see here there's different windows and it's showing us the two files we've opened. So force practice file on forced practice, filer country added. So that's another way we can switch windows. There's different options. There are for viewing side by side. If we want to see two documents side by sides. You can see the changes and them one is the country and it on one doesn't. So that's the difference with the see of unseeing eyes button. And we've also you looked at switching between open documents there. 5. 5 Enhancing Productivity 1: Okay, so the next thing we want to talk about is how you would enhance your productivity for the force. Where we can do it is by using that what's called a quick access toolbar. So if you look up the top left hand corner, you can see here we have what's called a quick access to a bar, so we have to make herself ward icon. And then we've thestreet compensated with save the undue on the reader. Just when I have you here, if I hover across this, you can see it's coming up with a sea of icon that's called a tool tip too small right in that comes up with it. Used that. So every time you go to click on an icon, just allow your most to come to rest above it, and it'll tell you exactly what the button does. So you can see here we have save, undo and redo. I have a small dropped an arrow with side of it. You can see if I tick here. It gives me a number of different options to the 1st 1 we have here is new. Do you remember from a really Iran that when I went to click, a new document would open a new document I had to go to file on then you and then select blank document in all of versions. We'd have to click on the create button, too. This option? No, just let's me click on that button on it, automatically create a new document for me so it saves me time and saves me steps. If we wanted to print out a document, we would have to go to file and print. We look at that later on, but it be file and print and interactive under copies. If we take on it, we can just put a quick print button on a quick Brent Barton puts a printer here that we can just take on, and it'll automatically print out for us. So there's a load of different options. So we have the straightforward ones ex saving, printing, new documents, orders or more commands that you don't need to know how to do this. But I'm gonna show you so you can see we've more command to you. And from this more commands, you can select any amount of commands you can put up there so there's ones that emailing find aligning our DNA terrible, adding hyperlinks. So there's all different options there. So no matter what area of business you're in, you'll find it there so you can add as many things as you want in order for this to be quick, you don't want too many things there, so I only have the most popular ones. New print them ones. Or if there's a more specific one that you want, you can have a tail. So that's the quick access to about the next thing we have over in the right hand site. We have to help so you can see it's a question mark. In earlier versions off Microsoft Word, it was a blue circle with a white question. Marketers. It does the exact same thing. It just gives you a word. Help. So if you ever stuck, you can access it from there. This option here, the small arrow pointing up, allows you to hide the ribbon or realize you to put away the Reverend so you can hide the ribbon and put away the ribbon by taking it up. I'm taking a back down. We don't have the minimized those in the maximize. We look at them or country the overview off the window. The other things that we have then is we have deism and the magnification to down the very bottom. You can see Frank bottom right hand corner. We have a slating. Bardawil owns the slate forward and back and you can see the screen will get bigger and smaller as we dry. Get to the left into the right. Now, if you want to go to a certain size, you can take on the number so you can see minds at 1 72 at the minute. If I click on it, it will open up the small dialog box here for me and I can select the preset value and say OK, on it puts it right to dart file you then for you. So it's a quick way of being able to do it for you Did The option we want to look at is if you create a document, we want to make sure that your name is being put with that document as the order or as the user. So if we go to file and then during the options, you can see it opens up with this man window. Hell, So in the years on the, um, section, this will automatically be applied to what user name you created when you switch your computer on for the first time, Just go in there and make sure that it's your own user name on your initials also on Parliament. And make sure you take on the OK button down and out with Saturday that each document create. I will have your name as the use or office. Something to note. When you do that, the document to do it on. It's always whoever created a force to. If I was to change the name, this document, amount of the minute would always have Colin Marks on it, whereas the next document would have the new information on it. Okay, so that's all for the increasing productivity or enhancing productivity section. So we get into the other things in the next section 6. 6 Enteriing Text, Symbols, Selecing Text 1: Okay, so the next one very quickly we're just going to talk about how you would enter tax and how you would enter different symbols and that type of thing. So we had a love guarantee Iran and how we would answer attacks. I'm just going to get rid of that tax for a second. So if we want to enter attacks, the most important thing is this insertion point. So you can see that flashing lying there are the pulsing symbol That's your inception. Point on whether you're gonna enter an ABC or a 12 tree, it's going to go in where ever that line is flashing. So if we have taxed in so I'm just gonna type my own namun their night, you can see it puts it in. If I was the click in the middle of it, you can see that lane. I'm gonna zoom in just so you can see it. You can see that Politan Linus flashing in the middle of my name. So if I was the type in numbers, them numbers going exactly where that Linus Okay, so that's the first thing you need to understand a bit word processing the next thing is the keyboard can only be so big. So your keyboard have already doubled up on ladder, so you can see the one will be an exclamation mark. The two would be eight or not sign or a quotation market, depending on the region or country that you're in on. We access them buttons by using the shift onto the buttons. A shift in one will do shift in an exclamation mark on dso want, so you can see that the way it works. From time to time, we might want a antar different symbols. So if we go to the insert tab up with the very top and then over the symbol on the right hand side, you can see once we taken symbol, it's going to give us a number of about 20 off the different, more common icons or symbols that we can use. So one is maybe a copyright sign so you can see we can put the copyright sign in there so there is no keyboard key for that. There is a short cut you can do if you open a bracket, put a C on clothes, a bracket it puts in the copyright saying for you. So these are a couple of weeks short cuts for you, but very rarely will people need a copyright sign. Start putting in symbols and you can see there's different things that Euro Sainz pone Sainz trademark greater than or equal to it. There's a load assembled and again more symbols than at the bottom on. If we click it, you can see all the different symbols that we have, so there's loads of them there for you to choose from. The next thing we want of a quick look at is the different page view modes that the page removes will differ from variation diversion. But you can see to the left hand side of your magnification barter and at the very bottom right hand corner there's different options. So we have reading view we have print on. Then we have Web ended house entangle of draft Julia down here is well, and you can picture them, so reading View shows it like a book. Print view shows that the way it's going to appear on the screen and then where between the way it's going, appear if you were to put it on the Web, so there's different options. You can also access them from the view option so you can see we have reading, view, print view, Web layout, outline and draft. So they're all the different options. So it's just important to be able to know how to switch between the different views 90% or 99% of the time, we're going to be using what's called print layout. So it's just what it's gonna look like when it's printed out on paper. So when the next section, we're gonna have a look at selecting text and editing text. So if I put in a bit of text here, I'm just going to use the equals run that we've been using. So we have it in here. So the first thing we want to look at it, selecting a single character, I'm just gonna zoom in. You can see it the way we select the single character is taking to the left hand side, dragging across on releasing one Marana, and it just selects that single character. If we want to select an entire world we took to the left on, say the word drag across it and then release it and it selects the entire world. If we want to select an entire paragraph, you gassed it. So we click it to start drag across to the very end on release That woman at the very end on it selects the paragraph on to select entire bit of text. We can click at the start on drag right across. You don't have to. I find some people will tend to go If the once like to go over and back and then just go from the starting point to the finishing point on it will allow you to select it. That way. If you make an era when selecting click offers don't into a blank area and that will de select it and then start again, it's quicker. Because if you try so I'm gonna make a deliberate our here you can see there, and I have made a deliberate arrow. If I was to try and take it again to see what it does, it moves that Mary deliberately did it wrong. There. I'm gonna take my only important to go back. So when you make a mystic, take office angle back on, start again so that selecting tax by clicking and dragon. There's a couple of quick short cuts you can do to select the world. DoubleClick, the world to select the paragraph triples like a paragraphs to treat looks and it selects the entire paragraph order. Select all the text you can just control on a on. It will select all the tax for you so you can see it selects it all for me So they're just quick. Sure cuts. Okay, The next thing we want to do is you want to have a look at how he would add a text. So instead of having powerful if we wanted to put instead of powerful put strong, we can select it and we can just type in the word strong. We could also click at the end of us and we could use or delete or backspace key. So in this case would be the backspace. It's the one above the and Turkey on. We could release the warders and we could put in the word strong Dale. So that's adding taxes just very quick. Where we did it 7. 7 Find And Replace 1: Okay. So in this next, actually gonna have a look quickly at how we would find on replace data. So first of all, I'm going to open up a new document that we have here. So I'm just gonna go to file, and then I'm gonna go to open. I'm gonna go to my desktop. So files on my desktop, and it's in a folder called Word Processing. So I've just gone file open. I'm into the word processing Fulham, and I'm going to open up this document have here. It's called columns. It's just a document with a bit attacks. Then it just that we can use. I'm gonna close out of the navigation pan over here on the left on site. This the navigation panel just allows you to navigate with the document open. You can see it's just a document here with different paragraphs. And if they're six pages to it off five pages. So what I'm gonna do is on the home tab over on the right hand side. We have an option. Will find we don't wanna have to stay after to a document off their sites so we can use the find button. What we click on it, you'll see it will open up the navigation pan and as the results action. But it gives us a search bar on. If we tape in here spin, you can see it's coming back and tell me that there's tree results for the S P A i n. So you can see I have it there span, span and spin. I can click here on the left hand side, and I can quickly see where the results are found. Okay, I can also type in different things. If I want to type in there, you can see there's 19 results for the ward. Dale, right? The way, the truth. And it shows me everywhere that that word appears so you can use it for quickly searching documents for whatever word that you want. The next action, what we have is we have what's called replacing. So if you want to replace tax with something else, So again on the home tab, over in the right hands idea find, and then replace Panetta, I'm gonna click on replace on it, comes up with this find and replace dialog box here, and to find and replace dialog boxes two sections. That is fine. What on replace Wet. So I'm gonna take in here. It has th e i or in from early Rome when I was certain. But I'm gonna type in here spin because we know that there's a couple of occurrences of the word span in this document. So it's gonna find span, and it's going to replace it wet. I'm gonna put front, and it's not gonna make sense, but it doesn't matter, is the principle of that we want to do. There's more option here, which would let you change the case or change the different colors of writing our funds. But we're more interested in these four. But until replace will replace on a current of awards were finds it on, replaces that, then replace all will just replace all occurrences of the word. So if you've tree spin, it would replace it with three fronts. Fine. Next will just allow you to go through and find documents. I'm gonna click on, replace all it's gonna come up and see admitted to, and I'll tell you the reason why it made to an artery. I'm going to say yes and then it will see at mid Tree. The reason they only made 22 2nd name was because I wasn't think that the start of the document it started halfway there. Interest on it was obviously one of the spins was beforehand. So what I would always do before I started Remember, you be starting this from scratch. He won't be in the situation where I was. Click the start of the document annd, then go to replace on your type and spin on front. What it does is it searches from there Don't through the document, so you may as well be started at the very start. So it's to replace all option. That's fine and replace very handy if you want to quickly find suffer if you want to quickly change, taxed out with other bits of text. 8. 8 copy cut and paste: Okay, so in this, actually want to look a copy in in person. So copy and Pearson can be invaluable if you want to take tax from one document a place it into another or even a tech taxed within one document on play. Put it in another place. The first thing we need to do and we want a copy and paste is we want to select a document . So we select a bit of text once we select. Okay, just go back to what is so the first thing we want to do is you want to select our text. So when we select their tax, I'm gonna select this paragraph here. We want to go up and on the home tab. We want to take onto the copy button there. Once we take onto the copy button, it's gonna put it on what's called a clipboard. So the tip board is a section in Microsoft Word where it stores all the copied information . So I take on copy. It's after putting it onto the tip board. If you want to see the clipboard for any reason we can take on this week Down Arrow, I decided that support and you can see it'll shores or tax there. I tend to leave the tip or closed if you just take it for granted that it has copied it. But taking on that button will show you the clipboard. So it says there's an item there to be pasted. So what we do then, is we click where we want to put the tax. So I'm gonna click down at the bottom of our document here, and then I take on the past option. Don't try to click on this past world. You see, it gives you three options there, the more straightforward we're doing it. It's just taken in the top half of the button. So that small clipboard there taking on it past it into the area, So that's copying and pasting within the same document. Now what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna select my taxed the second paragraph instead of copying . This time, I'm gonna take on court. So once I click on court, you see, it removes the tax that was there. I click where I wanted put it so down to the bottom on it, taken pissed, so copying copies, attacks that leaves the original where it is cutting removes the original on parted into the new place. So there's a slight difference. Okay, next thing we want to do is we want to select a bit of text again on selected maybe to force two paragraphs and I want to copy it. I could click into a new document or one that I have previously made. So I just checked in the new button there. And then I can pass that in like that. So it passed it in this option that comes up here. So a lot of people asking about this option Every time you can't be appears something the pierced options will come up. It just gives you options. Do you want to keep the source formatting? So orders? Do you want to keep the four mining the same as it was in the source. Do you want a marriage? The formatting. So do you want to combine this in with the new formatting that the house there or do you want to keep taxed only. So just say, for example, you copied it from a document that was read on. It was size 12. You have the option to just keep text. Only that it will only put it in in black and white text size 12 or size 11 whatever size that you're using. So they're the past options there. The other thing you can do is caught from one document. Idiota. So we select the 2nd 2 or the third and fourth paragraph I'm gonna go to cost. I'm going to click into my new document doing here. I'm gonna take it The bottom on. What I'm gonna do is I'm gonna go to pass then and you can see it. Put it on. It's gone from the other one. So carpeting Pierre copying and Pearson copies the original and takes it to the new place. Where is cutting and pasting removes the original and put it into the new place. So the short cuts for copy and paste on cotton past a short cut for copy is going to be control, said the control button plus see for copy for past. It's gonna be control. Plus the that's going to equal the pissed on. Then, for course, it's control plus backs. So we just do control. See, we just put it there. Caution. So if I press control and the button. See, It's gonna copied attack. So if I select a bit of tax here, I press control and see, I think where we want a product on a press controlled and V eight copies and passes. If I select the document, it is going to select your document. There was like that. The new team here. I'm gonna price control and X. You can see it caught it, I think, where we want a product Enterprise Control and V and it passed it so that will make it quicker. Copy and paste cotton pissed on its using the short cuts on the keyboard to the control button, then the very bottom left hand corner on, then the C or V or X, depending on what you want to do. 9. 9 Formatting 1: okay. And for this next action, we're just gonna have made out a document here to get us to it as quickly as possible. And you can see here I've just got different lines on each line is going to be a different bit of tax that I'm gonna walk on. So the 1st 1 here, you can see is change the font type. Now, fund is a particular style of characters. So a number of characters on it makes the type of text what it looks like. So you can see some of them have small legs on them, whereas other ones don't. And we can change the font types. The fund type option is here, and you can see every hover crossing the upper fund at the minute it satya times new Roman . And I'm gonna click into here on. What I'm gonna do is I'm gonna go down and I'm gonna change the fund type. There's a lot of different find tapes. One of the ones is maybe Tahoma. So if I go to the tease, you can see their teeth. You can see all the fun types you can see as I'm having across it. It's changing the style of the ladders. So that's the fun type. And that's the homer that I'm after. Changing it to the action is the size of the fund some just selecting the whole line. I'll give you this document in the resource action. You'll be able to do it. So I'm gonna change it at the minute of 12. I'm gonna change it up to size 18 so you can see that. And if you wanted to change down, you could change it down. Another option we can do here is thes two buttons, the air under A. You can see it here with a narrow up on air with a narrow done the year with the arrow up mix. At one size bigger here with ER, Odone makes it once a smaller, so that's a quick way to be able to do it. The next one we want to do is bold. New bold will put something into it like a tech black Fonterra tech front. So we selected the tax. First of all, we always need to selected on here. You have to be for bold italics in action. The eye is italics and you see an italicized the text. It kind of puts a slant on a DNC. It looks like a slanty type text we've underlying. Then we select the text. The U is for the underline. We've also dropped an hour with the sight of it here on the dropped an hour will allow you to select different styles off underlying for it. So maybe like a double underlying or you have a tech underline. There's different ones there. The next one we want to do is you can see it's 22 nd they're very rarely will you find yourself in. The situation goes word automatically does it for you. So if you just watch where I'm typing appear at the top I'm gonna tape in 22 d When I had the space bar would automatically put it up for you. But from time to time you meet a friend that you need to do it. So if I select the nd what I want to do is I wanna play superscript or sub scripted, and you can see these two buttons over the top. Here we've X with two of the bottom on exiting at the top. So the two of the bottom is called sub. Think of sub zero on the accident, a top is called superscript. If I take on the accident to the top, you'll see it's superscript and it's gonna put it into small ladders and in orders. I only selected the two smaller ladder didn't select a 22. The next one we want to do is called subscript. I want to select the two here because I want to make it read here. Too old, but too is meant to be a small two of the bottom. So I've selected on this time I'm going to click on the subscript and you can see it puts it down at the bottom so superscript and subscript there will take a bit of practice to get used to. But it's just a matter of only selecting the tax that you want to make bigger or smaller. The next one is we have changed the color to red, so we've selected all this text this A here with red on the line it out would change it straight to read, but if I took on the down arrow with the right hand side of it, it's going to give me the color palette, thes air team colors. And then these are standard colors you can see when I hover across. This one, it tells me, is right. This is dark red. This is red to see the other ones blue, light blue, blue and dark blue. Just make sure that you're picking the right color. So there's red. The next options we have to the next three thes tree. Here is what's called change kiss. So have you ever found yourself that when you're typing us, you might realize the draft of type and everything with the caps lock on and you want to be able to change up a cares or lower case letters? We can do that. So if I select thes ladders, I want to change them the upper case. So I go into the option that's doing here at the left hand side. You can see we have the A and it says change case. If we kick on, it will change the upper case and puts them into all uppercase letters. The next one is all lower case letters on. It wants us to change at the lower kiss, so we select the change care Spartan. I'm gonna pick lower kiss and you can see it's partner for us. Capitalize. Each word is the next option we're gonna take into capital Lazy each word. I'm going to click on the change cares button on. I'm gonna put it on to Capitol Ese Each word and you can see it puts a capital letter to start of each word. The only other thing we have here is this highlight button. So air your own. When we were changing the color of the tax to read, we just clicked on the button and changed it. But if we wanted to select another bit of text, this option here will put a highlight behind it. So you can see it puts a highlight. That's the different options between these two buttons. There soon does the font color. This one does the background color. The next option we have then is this a reas button or the arrears on? So if I select a bit of text that has some formatting honest and click on the razor, it raises the four money, so it puts it back to standard size. So that's all the formatting options there in the fonts action. Have a player with them. I give you this document to be able to practice with. But demanding is that you understand each of the difference actions. So you have fun type fund sites, fun size up, fun size done Change Chaos Alozie To change the case of all the different buttons. This allows you to remove the four mining from a taxed. We've bold, italic and underline. Remember, these tree should only be used when you're trying to emphasize words. It's no good having a full paragraph in bold because you lose the emphasis then. So I only do it with single words or two or three words at a time. This is strike true, it's not really used. But if we highlight a word click on Strike through, you can see it just puts a bit of a lying through the text. We have sub script on superscript. This is tax effects again. It's not really used out much, but if we have a heading, so I'm just gonna put are heading in at the top. Hell, I'm gonna take me Neiman. And if I select it, notice it took on the four mining from the last one. If I have it highlighted, I can click on the option. It's Great Island, this one then we have tax highlight color on. Then we have found color. So that's all the fonts, actions in the next action level we locker creating paragraphs and what the different paragraphs mean. 10. 10 Merging Para Alignment 1: Okay, so I've just got this sample taxed open here, and we just want to talk. We better about paragraphs before we start talking. The Microsoft Word needs some way. I've been able to tell the printer or the computer screen that there's a bit of space in here. Or that there's a space in between these two words. So what? It uses a thing called non printing off non formatting marks. So this small AVC I'm on the home tab here on roughly half were Trude. We have this small symbol. It's the show height symbol looks similar to a music note. You can see it here if I click on it. What that does is it shows me the four mining marks that are underneath in the background, so it shows me the things that don't print out. So I've all the different things. So Space 1000 print eyes were put in a we dot at the end of a paragraph, I would have press the return key there, or the computer would have priced the return key. So it puts in this small market that the reason we need to know orders is from time to time you may find this may be your print noted document on its print note on two pages, and you can understand why it's print note on two pages. This will allow it is to see what's keeping it on the second pitch. The reason it's printing it with two pages is there's obviously something there that's keeping it on the second pitch. So it's the non printing on four mining marks, so I'm gonna turn it off for a second, and as we need it will talk back and voters again. So the first thing we want to do is you want to talk about joining paragraphs or creating paragraphs. So I have two paragraphs here. I'm just gonna highlight the two of them. I'm gonna put them in two different colors just so we I can talk about the different ones. So I have two paragraphs. He'll ones in Green and the others in pet in pink. If I wanted to join them. Paragraphs. What I want to do is I want to remove this white space that's there, so I want to remove the pap despairs between the pink and the green paragraph in order to make them one on If I turn on my show on hate No, you can see that What I, in actual fact want to do is I want to delete this small paragraph mark. So that paragraph mark was in between each paragraph. So if I deleted, you can see it brings me back up and know the green and the pink are no one paragraph. So gonna press the undo just to show you that again I'm gonna turn this show on Hate off so you can see when the show and hide is off You can't actually see it. So that's the reason for turning, turning it on and off just so you can see it. So we select us on. We comprise the delete key by your means. If you're able to do that, what I turning on the show and hide well and good, but from time to time, you may need to just turn it on. Okay, So I'm just gonna put that back. I'm gonna take the four, mining up for a second or take the colors office. The next thing we want to do is you want to talk about creating paragraphs, so if you want to create a paragraph. It's the opposite to marriage ing. This time we want to increase the spares or ad space between. So if you see this bottom paragraph, did you can see there? So it's one paragraph which she Lane did. That's what I want to do is they want to create a new paragraph starting here at the F notice. I'm clicking to the left hand side of the eye and not to the left or right on Save the space. I don't want into the space, so I just take their on. I actually zoom in so you can see it. So I'm just taking here at the start of it on what he wanted to you. Then it's press the return key on the keyboard. So once I press the return key on the keyboard, you can see now have one paragraph on two paragraphs, so that's creating paragraphs on marriage in paragraphs. So that's two separate things. The next thing we want to talk about it is insulting a lane break or a soft lane break. So it's soft lane break is where we want to go on to the next lane, but we want to keep in the sand paragraph. So say for example, here I'm appeared just the right of the world galleries. If I want to go on to the next line, I would usually press the return key. But what that will do is it would start a new paragraph. You can see I'm into a new paragraph. But if I want to go on to the next line but remain in this Sam paragraph I can hold, then shift. I'm press the return key. No, I am down one lane, but I'm still in the CME paragraph on bacon. See, to prove it if I take three times and it selects the world was if I do it the opposite way , I'm gonna press the enter key. And now I'm gonna tape just a word start just to show you If I take three times in it, you can see it doesn't include the word started it so it's not included in the same paragraph. So a soft line break is shifting, and I'm sure he again I'm gonna dio pressing shift Ananta on. Then if I turn on my show on height, you can see that this is the symbol for a soft lane. Breck, where is this? Is the symbol for a paragraph. Okay, so that's the way it works. The next thing we want to do is we wanna have a look, a aligning text. So I'm just going to select every on I'm gonna go equal drowned. I'm gonna put into paragraphs. I'm gonna turn off that show on hate. So you can't see it now. At the minute my paragraphs are allaying to the left hand side, you can see it has a straight left margin on it, has a ragged right margin. We want to look at the different options for aligning text. So the 1,000,000 options we're going to dealers here in the paragraph section of the home tub. You can see this is laughter Lane, Sandra Layne, Raider Lane. Unjustified. And we're going to do each paragraph so left. The lane is the first when you can see it's got a straight laughed margin on a ragged right margins. Central line is the next one. It puts a line roughly down the center and it goes the same distance each side of that line . So it centers your text if you only had one word. I'm just gonna put a single word in a part of the left hand side. I'm just gonna put a heading. If we centered heading, you can see it just puts the world in the middle of the screen on the page. The next tax, we have dinner the next. The Lehman we have is the rate. Elaine buttons over clicking the Elaine right button. You can see it has a straight right margin where possible? Straight right margin on a ragged left margin. So it's aligned to the right hand side on. The other option we have then, is justified. So we justify does. It gives you a straight left margin on a straight right margin. You can see it's it's like in magazine or a newspaper would use justified. So it's straight left on, right? So they're the four different options for aligning text left center right 11. 11 Indentation And Tabs 1: Okay, So the next thing we want to talk about is in dancing paragraphs. So when you're dealing with paragraphs, you can indented paragraphs from the left and from the right. And you can also do what's called Special in dancing. So we'll have a look at a few of them. Here we've 1234 paragraphs at least to walk with. The first thing we want to do is we have this paragraph section here. You can see it's on the home tab the paragraph section at the very bottom right hand corner that you have this collapse bottom You can see it just a small collapse But it's a paragraph settings or paragraph dialog box launcher You want to make sure your clicked with in the paragraph. First of all, you can highlight, but you just have to be clicked within the paragraph at the stars Perfect. So we click on us and you can see we have an indentation section So the indentation section allows us to in Dent. I'm just gonna indented to I'm gonna put two centimeters on the left just to show you exactly what it does. You can see it just in dense puts it in two centimeters. I'm gonna do the Naxal gonna take on it on this one. I'm gonna indented two centimeters from the right. So I'm just going to the indentation section on the right and part of the two. I'm going to say OK, you can see it puts it in two centimeters on the right hand side. You can see it over here. The next one will do is we'll do left on. Right. So I'm gonna take into the paragraph. I'm going to go to the paragraph. Two laps button. I'm gonna put a two centimeters to the left. I'm gonna put a two centimeters to the right. I'm typing it in there. You can use the arrows if you want. I'm going to say OK, you can see it. Puts it in two centimeters in the left, on two centimeters on the right. Okay, so that's straightforward enough. The next thing we want to do is what's called hanging in Dent on forced line in then to these are what's called Special in dense. So what I'm gonna do, is it going to take into the first paragraph for the taking into this paragraph? that I have here. And then it's like into the paragraph dialog box, don't you? In the indentation section on the right hands idea happen option here called special. So if I take into special you can see a forced lying on hanging I'll do first line first of all, so I click on Force Lane I'm part of by to just cause we've done the rest of them by two. And then I take on okay, notice I don't touch the left and the right when I'm working with special. Until I was in this section here I click on OK, and you can see it only in dense the first line. I think in the last paragraph and this time I'm going to go up to my paragraph collapse button. I'm gonna go to the special on this time I'm gonna do a hanging indent again. I'll do it a two centimeters. I don't even have the type in the CME just due to I took okay And you can see No, it does a hanging indent. So forced line in dense the force line was a hanging indent Leave the first line. Word is and puts the rest, and it nearly looks as if it's hanging from the first line there. So that's Indian In denting on. You can see you can end in from the left, from the right, from the left, on the right, or from a forced lane or hanging so different times you'll use different in dense, so they're quite handy to be able to do it there. Okay, the next thing we want to talk about knows tabs. I want to start a new document for this. So have you ever find yourself that you may be wanting Teoh laying up things and columns to just say, for example, if you were doing are if you were doing so, just say, for example, if you were doing a CVS and you wanted to put the company, you walked in the role you hide on the years you walked in. So what has happened is people used to do. They used to put the company, and then they used to have the space bar on. They would continue to hit the space bar over and again on what happens is that's all here for the first line. When you get to the second lane. It's very hard to match up where you've bean, so it's very hard to get them all straight. Plus, it's not good. Practice. Toe have to hit the space bar over and over and over again. What we can do is we can set up tabs on setting up tubs. There's a couple of quick ways off doughnuts you can see here at the top, left hand corner off my screen. I'm gonna close out of this navigation pin just so we can get more screen space at the top left hand corner. We have a small what looks again l here and it's my left hub. If I want, I can go across on my ribbon and I can just take here. So I'm gonna take on the maybe on the seven. So I take on the seven reports that what looks like a small Al there and then I'm going across and I'm gonna take on maybe the 11 just like that. You can see it's after putting a small Al. So I one side here, I've l l on the Al Zohra tabs. We don't usually call them l. Now you can see So I'm going to start off with my normal left aligned top here. So I'm gonna just put in the world company there. Now, I'm gonna press the tab key on the keyboard. So it's just above the caps lock key on the left hand site. I'm gonna press it and you can see it brings me straight across to wear it out. Number seven is on Aiken, type in the role, and then I'm gonna press the top key again and it takes me under the 11. And then I'm gonna put the year in there. I could hit the return key to go onto the next lane. I'm putting the company name was ABC LTD. I pressed the top key. The role was office stuff. I press the return key again on the year was 1999. I go into the next lane. The company was 12 Tree limited thes wrong made up cos I press the tab key. I walked eyes admin and I press the tab key again on the year was 2000 entry. So you can see all these lines are lining up and I can keep going the whole with and near. If I did want to keep typing and not use the tabs. I can just start typing. I could just say I walked for this company and notice it's not. It's not looking for me to use that the top. So it's only whenever I press the tab key that it takes me across to the next section. So if you just keep typing as normal, you don't use the tubs. So it's seen as good practice to set up them tubs. Another way we can set up top is being mawr specific with the tubs. So I'm going to start a new document just for this because I it's not good practice to use the same document when doing tops. So when we're setting up tubs, we can set them up to be seen by just clicking on the rule. If you can see that ruler for any reason, click on the view option at the very top and just make sure the tick boxes selected here in the real or section so you can see here. No, we're going to go to the paragraph in the home tab, the paragraph section We've disc elapsed box here. We're going to click the collapse box on at the bottom left hand corner. We've an option for tabs. So once we go into this option for top, that's going to allow us to manually set these tubs under some other we satins that we can do with them too. So the last time all the tabs we did was laugh the lying tubs. In other words, when we press the tab key, it aligns from they are out on its a left lying text as well. Read it. But we can change that. We can put in santo tubs. We can put in right tubs or Daz melt, absorb our tubs. They're all different types, off alignment options that we can do. So the first thing at arses for is what's the tab? Stop position. So where do we want to stop? The forced tab will be to do something similar to the last time we stopped at seven. So seven, we don't even have to type in centimeters. It automatically picks that up for us. The next action is Do you want it to be a lying to the left? The Santo the right or Daskal, We leave this one that is maybe aligned to the right just to show you the leader of the bottom, Then. So the last time when we were taking on the ribbon or on the rule at the top, we had blank space in between them. This gives us options. Number one is none which we had the last time with just blank in between to his dots. I'm gonna do the dots just to show you on. The last thing I'm gonna do is I'm gonna click on set so you can see it has automatically sat my top for me. So it's going to go from here to number seven on In between. The blank spears is gonna put dots. The next one we can do is we just keep type and we'll do one. Maybe at 12. So we'll do 1 12 I'm going to set it that its dash MMA. I'll show you what that means then. So it did asthma, and I'm gonna have it that it's on underlying number four. I'm gonna sat that one and then I'm going to say Okay, so remember these can be used in different circumstances, whatever you doing. So I'm gonna put in here I'm gonna put in an item. I'm gonna press the tab key to see what? Those airports in darts for me. The whole way across here, I'm gonna type and maybe cold on. Then I'm gonna type and see what it does. It doesn't underline. I'm gonna type in Price. You would use this on adapted to the way you need to do it. I'm gonna hit the return key through the item. I'm going to say, Coach, I'm gonna take it across the cold. I'm going to say we call us and C t 01 I'm gonna press the tab Key on. I'm going to do the price I'm gonna do 99.0 Thank you. You can see your puts into dots. They watch this when I go into the next lane, the next item going to do is call the house. I'm gonna just call it head t zero to I'm gonna go into the next lane on its 65 97. Do you see what it's doing? So this one here is lying and up to the left on site. This one here is laying in up to the right hand side you can see in the seven. The AL knows backwards. You may not see it here, but the allies bike words I'll do minute. They had Iran and post production it zoom in a little, so it's lining up to the right hand side. Then we go over here on. We've set this one as a dad, Asmal. So it's lining up the dazzle points, so it keeps all the decimal point straight. So by using tabs, you can make sure that your document looks correct and it's all lined up under. Everything's in order. So do try a couple of tubs there. Make sure you understand how to use them on the way you would do it. 12. 12 Line Space Bullets And Borders 1: Okay, so in this next action going have a quick look at airplane spacing the paragraphs. So these power grabs here. You can see that if we want space after or before paragraph. It seemed as good practice to enter the space via the means of the program, as opposed to pressing the enter key. So in other words, we don't want to get into a situation like this that we have a couple of lines of space on . All this is in actual fact, and reality is different paragraphs. So you can see we've just had the answer key tree times. So what the program is doing is it's in. Okay, there's three blank paragraphs there and we don't want that. It's not really good practice. If we do want a bit of space after a paragraph, what we can do is click within the paragraph, and there's two ways of doing it. We can take on the page layer top, and once we take on the page, Leo Tab, you can see there's a spacing section here on we can. I'd spacing before or after, so it's just a matter of putting the amount of space just as a rule of thumb. 12 points is equal to one line. So if we wanted to be tree lines, we can put in 36 points. We don't even have to put in the PT and you can see now it puts entry lines of text for us . If we wanted Berlin four we put in 40 years, I took out of us and you can see its partner in spares. No, the beauty of it. I'm going to do a couple of lines with the anti key there just to show you the difference in the two of them. I'm gonna turn off that show on hate just so you can see them. So the two of them look pretty similar is probably a bit more Spierce after that one. That's the two of them, even enough. But the difference is I can't click here so you can see. You can hear me most looking there. I can't take after this paragraph. Where is this when I can take in and I can just start typing. Another reason is earlier only seen that if you took three times in a paragraph, it selects the paragraph. There's the paragraph selected with the space after us. If I do to see him on the second paragraph, you can see it's only selected it with that 10 points. That's there is default. So it's battle practice. Nothing is going to appear in this space here. It's always going to remain a space, so that's before and after spacing. I'm going to get rid of that. I'm gonna under because I want to go back to where I was at my normal. Okay, I want to go back for the next action. The next action, Wonder Locker, is laying spacing. So that was paragraph spacing. Then we've lain spacing you would have heard. Or you may have heard of what's called double line spacing. So if I select a bit of tax, so I'm selecting all my tax there and I'm going into this option here. So it's in the paragraphs action off the home tub, you can see there's lane and paragraph spacing, so if I click into it at the minute we're on 1.15 So what that means is each line of text takes up 1.15 lines of space, so it's just gives you that we but extra space before it. If I put it at one and see it's a lot tighter. If I put it a two or 1.5, it's getting bigger, too. Is hell to is what's double Laynce? Piercing of rep referred to 2.5 is 2.5 times on. Then Tree is like that. So if I leave it up to so this is what's called double line spacing. So every lane is given two lanes of tax, so we have a lane for the tax down the lane for space. Elaine for attacks the lane for the space. So that's the way it works. So that's double lane spacing and sing the length spears, and we can put it back to 1.15 which is the default for Microsoft Word. Know anyone that's dealing in Microsoft Office 2000 Tree. It will have been won and then from 2007 on its 1.15 okay, so the next thing we want to look it is adding and removing bullets. So I'm going to open up a new document on I'm going to show you two ways of doing bullets. So first of all, I'm gonna type for a couple of things. So this is a list some type of right now, What I'm gonna do is I'm gonna just hit the return key. I'm going to go up and I'm gonna press on the bullet button, which is in the home section, Home tab, paragraphs, action, bullets. And I'm just going to type one to tree on four on each time I press the return key, its partner in the new bullet for me. When you're finished, you comprise the return key twice. If you're listening here and it puts you back out of the list another way we could do it is tight. Been this is a list. Once we have this type that what I'm gonna do is I'm just gonna take one on, then two and then tree on then for so just in four what you could call them separate paragraphs. But no, I select them. So I highlight them and I click on the bullets Barton on. You see, it puts them into a less for me. So there's two ways of doing it. You can do it originally from the start. If you if you do it one by one, or you can put them in and then add the bullet to the list. We could also do the same with the numbers button to the numbers. Barton is here. It's next to the bullets button on. It's the exact same thing, so we would select the list. Like so checking the numbers button on it puts the men for us. There's a drop down arrow with the sight of each one on the drop down. Our will give you different options for the numbers you can see there 1.1 and bracket and so on. So there's different options on the CME with the bullet. So if we like the bullets and click on the drop down our the bullets, you can see it gives you different options there for the different bullets. So it gives you the mall. They're all the different options, so that's a quick way off doing it there to take the bullet off. We just select the list, click on the numbers or the bullets, and it takes them back off again. So that's bulletin numbers very quickly. There. Okay, the next thing we want to do that is we want to have a look at adding boxes or borders to text. So for list, I'm gonna put in my paragraphs. I wanted to go off me borders down. So we have a text in there now the first thing we need to do is we need to select our text . Once we select our text, we want to go up to the borders and sharing bought, nor the border points. You can see it here. It's in the paragraph section of the font top off the home tab on its here. So if we take down that the we dropped an hour to the right hand side of it, it's going to give us a drop down list with all the different borders we can put on it so we can put a bottom board or we can put a top board or left board or right border all borders renders or weaken the down into what's called the borders and shading option down at the very bottom. If we take into the boards and sharing optional open up a dialogue box for us once the dialogue boxes opened up, it's gonna ask is If we want to do what type of a thing do we want to do? Do we want to do it a box or a shadow or a treaty? I just do a standard box. It's just a straightforward box Rounders. It then asked us, What style do we want to use so we can pick one of these styles? Er scroll down and pick one of the styles it's giving your preview over here on the right hand side. What color do we want to do it? Well, do it a different color just so you can see it will do a blue collar. And then the wit is many. Why do you want the border to be so this border here you can see it's a tree point at the minute we put a slightly now or two and 1/4 points. The last option we have here is Do we want to apply it to the text or to the paragraph? A plane into the text will apply it toe run the single lanes where the plane into the paragraph would polity entire paragraph. You can see it's giving you previewed heirs of text on theirs off paragraph. I'm gonna leave it. The paragraph it I'm not taken, OK, and you can see it puts a born around your tax, then for you. I'll do the same on the next paragraph, but this time I'll only do it on the text. So we selected. We go to the Drop down arrow and during the borders and sharing we're going to select on box, we do roughly the same. We do. Maybe this one here we do it as a blue collar will do the two and 1/4 points. But this time we'll leave it at the text and we'll click on OK, so you can see the difference in the two paragraphs. So the paragraph is a lot nicer, a lot neater looking where his tax puts it, run individual lanes. So that's Borders and sharing their 13. 13 Styles And Format Painter 1: Okay, So in this action here, we're going to talk about styles. Styles are here. You can see in the home tab. We have all these styles right across the top here, that these styles, they're all ones that have been pre made by Microsoft Word onder there for you to use So style is a number of setting so different fund types, different fund sizes, found color spacing or them different options. You can see their styles right across, and then there's a more button here. If I take in the more about little, show me any more styles that I have. We also have the option here to create a different style. So if we have a company and we use certain colors or you'd like to use a certain fun type for all your headings in your documents, you can create a style, and you can have them preset that whenever you need to apply this style of something, it's here for you. So all we want to do in this course is look at how we were placed ales. So we're going to stick with the preset ones for the time being, so you can see they have different names here. Normal, no spacing, heading, heading to title subtitle and so on. So if we wanted to do are heading, we would click on Selected and just like on Heading and You See It Applies are heading to know the reason you would use styles as opposed to formatting. Normally is if you're doing a document with tardy pages in it, and you have a load of different subsections with headings on them. If all the headings are formatted with same style, you can create what's called a table of contents, so it will easily later on. Pick up that table of contents for you. It would recognise them eyes headings, because you have told it here, but it's a heading one on again. You can put subheadings in so you could put subheadings in on. A politician is heading to on what that would do. Dan is exceeds Microsoft Word as being the top level, and then it sees by Colin Marks is being the second level, and you can see it's represent not here in our navigation pane on the left on site. So that's the main reason for using styles. Number one is that it's quick and you can apply formatting two things. The second thing is that you if you're doing a table of contents, it will automatically tell Microsoft they're two different headings on it will pick its table contents from there. It also keeps continuity, so it keeps everything looking the same. So all you're still headings are gonna be the exact same right to write your document. So that's styles in the next section, we're gonna have a look at maybe the former Panter. So I want to open a new document here on what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna type two words. So I'm just gonna type birth the Force paragraph. I'm gonna go down a couple of lanes. They know what's not good practice to use the anti key deal. But I'm gonna go down a couple of lines and we're gonna put into second paragraph. So we have two paragraphs here, and we're just gonna imagine that these are paragraphs and what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna form out the first paragraph or the force bed of taxed with a certain type of fund so you can see I'm gonna put it the dark type of funt I'm gonna put it may be the sites 14. I'll put it Teoh Red or a blue column. Every believer play just in case you can see her. We put it on to the blue color so it's late blue and there's blue. We will pull it eyes a bold type front on. We put Teoh italics on underlying so you can see that we have a number of funds or a number off style changes of fun changes made to that force. Paragraph here. Now if we wanted to replicate, urge, implicate the style order fund that's on this paragraph on. If we want to put it on to this one, we could go in and we could change the mall Singley one by one. But there's an option and Microsoft Word that's called for my pants. So what you do is you take within the text or highlighted. The man thing is, if you watch my text up here in the fund section home tub so it's It's black folks STD! It's a 14 on its board, metallic on the lane and blue. When I click out of it, you can see it goes off it goes back to the normal. So the main thing is that you have clicked within the text or highlight. That sort of has thes settings here in place, and we want to take on the former panties. You can see it's there on the left hand side, in the tech board section of the home tab, we click on it. And what that's afternoon is it copied the formatting so it didn't copy the text. It just copied the four money on. Then we go to the text we want Apply it. You can see. Now my cursor has changed into a small paintbrush and I'm gonna dry. Get across my new front so it copies the four mining from one and place it on to the other one. It's very easy. If you want to do the lights off a document on you want all the headings too much. You can do the four mining on one heading and use it. The whole were true. Or if you have a type of color that you'd like to march in a different front, you can take into it. Select the color on, then you can match it into the other one. So for my Panter, it doesn't copy the text. It just copies. The former 14. 14 Tables 1: Okay, So when this actually want to talk about tables and I will put in tables on former tables So the first thing you need to do when you're putting in table does make sure that you're in Sachin Point is in the right place. So you're inception point, as we seen earlier. Is that flash and line on? If we insert a table, it's going to go and exactly where that insertion point is. So we have our own sergeant point in the right place. Now it's just look beneath my name there and what we're gonna do is we're gonna go to the ends up top on, then we're going to go to table. Now when we click on this table option, you can see it gives us a grid like form out there on what we do. Is we just, however the most across it and you can see it's showing us the amount off rows and columns that we're gonna put into the table? Socar Diem's run up and down, Rose run over and back. So that's the way it works. We could also go well. Show is in second. We could also go to the answer table on. We could type in the number of columns and rows that we want to put in. So if we want to put in five or six, we could put it in there. And just like on the OK button, I'm going to use this quick option. So I want ass across by trade. I'm so you can see I'm just hovering across it when I'm happy enough that that's the one I want. I click on it and it puts it in for me so you can see there's my table in straight away and what we want to do first is we want to enter some text into the table. I'm gonna put in here. I'm just gonna put opening time in here. I'm gonna put closing time in here on. What I'm gonna do is I'm gonna put the days of the week of the top. I'm just gonna put him on. We're gonna leave them short just to see if you watching me doing it. So we're gonna just like in here. So what we're doing is we're just doing a timetable or an opening and closing time for a shop, so I'm just gonna type in the times there. We're gonna put nine oclock on Monday morning on 5 30 on Monday, evenings after opening closing time, and we're not going to type them in right the way across. What we're gonna do is going to select Boat is unlikely. Did earlier in our copy and pastes action, we're going to click on the copy button and then we're gonna select where we want a product to. I'm going to take on the pass button and you can see a part of it for us. So anything you need to do you like that that's going to speed up your productivity. So there we have our text into our table. What we want to talk about now is the way you would select the table because, like everything else, if we want to form a text, we need to select the first. If we want to form on the table, we need to select our table first as well. So the first thing we talk about is selecting a row. I'm just gonna put it one laying down just to give us that we've heard of extra space renders if we want to select the rule we can take out to the left hand side. Here, you can see my Corsa is gonna change from this blackout already into that white arrow. Once it's out the way, our that means it will select the entire roll across. If we wanted this like the sacha, when we just look out to the left hand side so that selecting rules if we want to select more than one roll, we click and drag into the Rose. If we want to select the first on the last row, we would click on the first option. We would hold control down in the keyboard and click on the 2nd 1 and you'll see that allows you to select. Alternate rows are not the rules in the metal non adjacent. If we want to see like columns, we go to the top of the column, and you can see we have that small black arrow there. And once we take on the small black arrow, it selects the road. The column on again. If we want to select more than one, we just click and drag across it, and it selected more than one column for us and if we wanted to like Nana Jason. Once we select the Force one, we hold control down in the keyboard, and then we can select the other ones that we need like that. So that's the way we did. We told controlled on and click on the Monitor, except for us so that selecting Rose on selecting column so you can see the two of them are very similar. It's a white arrow for the left hand side on a black arrow for the top. The next thing we might want to select is a single cell on the way we select the single cell is just by clicking in the bottom left hand corner of the cell, and you can see we just like here on it's like the cell for us again. It's the exact same if you want us like more than one. We just taken dragged across it, so that would be a kids that if you wanted to select a few of them across the top, you don't want to select the whole role. You just want to select a couple of salads. You do it that way or again. If you want to select a couple of cells. We just like on the 1st 1 whole control down and click on the next one, then on its elected for us. So using the control key, if you may have seen their I checked on the Force one. If I hold the shift, he down and, like on the last one or the second house on, it's select them all in the middle, so the shift selects from one to the other one. Where is the control he selects, the ones that you actually click on, so that selecting them? If I wanted to select the whole table, I could just like across it on drag like that, or they have an automatic option in. You'll only see it when you go from the inside of the table, out to the left hand side. You can see we have this what looks like a plus sign up at the top left hand corner. If I click on us, it allows me to select the whole table, then, so that's your option for selecting the whole table. So that's we've looked at putting in a table we've looked at putting in doubt a in a table if I wanted to change opening times, I could just put a NASA at the end of it, so you can see I can just like in an addict at the time. If I wanted to change may be on the tourist. There were going to open less. I can just select the sect. How does the tax that I want and I can change the time there so you can quickly change things in and out. The next thing we want to look at doing is inserting or deleting rows and columns. So if I want to insert a row in the middle of these two, so in between opening and closing times, what I can do is I can right click on one of them that it doesn't matter if I right click on opening times or closing times or a contract right across here. But the next step then changes. So if I write like on opening times, I want to add a role below. If I write, liken closing times, I want to add a row of both so you'll see it nice. I'm going to write like an opening times, and it gives me an option for insert, and then I have an option than for inside rose above or below. I want to put it below. So it's like in here and you can see it Put it below for me. I'm gonna take the undo button. Then I'm gonna go back and I'm gonna go into closing times. I'm going to right click. I'm gonna go down to insert. I know it's rule above that. I want to do so depending on where you click, it's going to town when which option you use above or below. I'm just gonna put in here on my lunch time on again. We just do. Lunch is from wonder too. So once we have lunch from 12 to weaken, select it. We click on the copy button or weaken selected and taken control and see on control and C is the short cut for copy on. Then we can select where we want a product. I'm click Control and V. So Control and V is the short cut for past. So there we have the options in downing. Okay, The next thing we want to talk about that is thes columns, so you can see that the condoms are wet. There's a lot of white space in them. What I can do is I can alternate the weather, change the worth of them, the one that suits me. So I'm just changing the width of the columns down. If I want to get double, click him on. Double sector will automatically fit them for me, and you can see it's putting them in for me there on. Then we can put them at sea and see it automatically fits. So it's the quickest way of doing it. Double clicking. Or if you want them to sound inside, you can click and drag, or we have this table tubes so you can see if you want to. The top is the first time we've seen this. When I click into the table, I'm going to get this table tools option at the very top. It's what's called a contractual tub on its there when we need it to its only they are based in the context. So when I'm doing tables, it gives me table tools. When I'm not doing tables, it doesn't show it for me. So in the table tools, we've two options design and layout on the two tabs here on underlay attire. Before you select the column on the layer tab, I have a wet option on the wet option. I can change the wet to a certain size up or down by just clicking on it if I selected the whole table. So we just select the whole columns there, right across. I can change the size of it right up and then maybe positive to, and you can see it automatically changes it straight for me. So that's a way of putting it in. Okay, the next thing we want to do is the role. Height is the same seeking, click and drag the rule. Hate up or down, depending on what you want to do. So you can take and drag it up or down like that, the same as we can drag the columns on. We could change the role height here, the same as we could do it there. So it works for both ways. Okay, We want to look now at modifying themselves so you can see that the lines in between the cells So there are Lemme boxer called cells. We want to modify them it's what we do is we select the whole table. We can go up to the design tab off the table chills. They want to go into this borders button. So once we went to the borders button, you can see we've different options here. So we've borders, and sharing is one of them. Once we take into the borders and sharing button, it gives us this table so similar to air in Iran that we hide with the borders on. What we do is we go in here, we can select a different style. So if you want to pick a different style, I'm not gonna pick one that's too mild. I'm gonna just pick one of these maybe dotted lines. I'll pick it that it's a blue color so you can see it and I'll put the way out of it a wee bit bigger. So the weight of it just means the techniques off the line. So what we're gonna do is we're going to change the options on the right hand side here gives us options so the manager can see it's given your preview on it, showing the lines at the top, bottom left and right and also the interior lines. I can turn the top on or off. I can turn the middle owner off or the bottom on or off. Or I can turn the left center on right on enough. So I'm just going to click on OK, and you can see your changes. My box for me there are my terrible. If we wanted to do it, we can select the whole table. We can go into the design tab on we can during the borders and sharing. We could turn off the middle off both of them and click on. OK, so I've just turned off these two buttons the middle, and I click on OK, on you can see, then it only shows the board or right round the outside. So it's very handy for doing something up. If you want to do a post the road or something like that, the only other thing we want to look about is we want to change the shading on the background. So if we select the column, you can see that these lines are still here. If I select the column or a row, so I'm selecting that roll across the very top. I'm going to go up to the design tab on initiating option. What I'm gonna do is I'm just gonna put a collar on its We'll put this collar here, and I can see, like, the a column as well. I'll put the same color on it as well. So you can see here that we're getting a terrible done up. So tables are a very good way to be able to allying, taxed to keep everything looking the exact same way. Okay, so in the next section, we're gonna have a look at pictures and graphical objects. 15. 15 Charts 1: Okay, So in this section, we wanna have a look at charts on how you would enter charts on how he would add it. Um, so the first thing you want to talk about is when we put in a chart, Microsoft Word needs to have some data. They are in order, but in that chart, so it needs to have underlying data. So we'll go ahead and we put in the chart. So we just select where we want the chart to go. We wanted to go here above that text. I'm gonna go to insert on the top at the top, and I'm going to go to chart. So the child option is he on it is the other child. So we take on charter is going open up this insert chart dialogue box for us, and it wants us to select which kind of chart that we want to, but in so there's different options here, like a column chart lying chart. There's pie chart, all the different types. I'm going to stick with a column chart, and then it gives us for their options. Then that we can put into Clustered column stacked column 100% stacked column. There's a three D one there. We just leave it at this. We go for the three d one because it'll look better. So we taken the tree D column on we click on OK, it. Once we do this, it's gonna open up. You'll see it's trying to do it here. It's going to open up a chart, but it also opens up a small window for us here in the area version that may open up half and half. So half the screen Microsoft Word. The other half will be your child area, but it needs This died out there because if all these figures were zero, you wouldn't have the charts. Or what it needs to do is it needs to put in sample data in order to make your chart. So what I'm gonna do, you know, is I'm going to click on it here on. I'm gonna type in Siegen seek I've gotta be 1234 on Syria's one to entry. That's what we can do Here is instead of categories we can put in are different things that we want. So shots Coates, maybe shoes on socks, maybe, and then we could change the figures. I'm not going to bother changing the figures, but you could on then we have these Siri's so the Siri's could be maybe January, February 1 March so you can see that you would put into data. I knew it added, And you can see it's showing you for for hearts that's going up there. Or you could change them so we could switch the role in the column. So if I switch to ruin the columns, it is button here at the top. If I click on that, it switches them and then it shows January, February, March on. Then it shows hats, coats, shoes on socks here for us. So some of the options we can do is we can change the chart title. So I clicked in here and we can just put in sales. We can change the background color if we want. We can go up to the former time we've charted a top we will for my tab, and if we go to ship fell, we can change the background color to a color that suits us. We can change the individual colors off the different things, So if I want to change this blue on. If I don't like the blue, I can put it. Yeah, Lupe just taken on it and go into the yellow option. I can also change the back wall. So do you see this bank wall here with the graders? If I click in Aiken, go to ship fell. And I can product maybe two to a green color or one that's not there, even to one of these blue collar's. Just change the chart wall and I can change them with their so we can change all the different options to make our chart look right. We can make a bigger or smaller the same way as we can with a picture. So we're taking and driving it it on. We can move the chart by clicking and dragging, providing we have this tight switched on. So we go up here and show you that where we have been doing it in wrap text and then tight , we can move the child around the page wherever we need to put it. Okay, When we're finished with all these things here. So just here, for example, we stop selling socks. What we can do is we can just click up here and remove two socks from it so you can see No , it doesn't have socks on it. It only showing tree hats, coats and shoes. If I want, I can put it back in and it gives me before. So you don't need to use all the columns. You could just use one or two. Just a short we can throws out of this window. We don't need it. The only time we need that window open is if we want added us. So we took on the chart. You can go to the design tub and there's an add a title option on. It'll open it back up for you that you can re added it again. Another thing that we can do on the charts is we can change the chart type, so I'm just gonna put a bit of the data back on. I'm gonna put it that it has the four of them just so we can see it. We can add it the chart type so you can see in the design top of the charters. We can go to change chart type and then we comported to maybe a line and you'll see it says a line chart or we comported to a bar on it would be as a bar chart, so they're just some of the ways you can do it. So the child to be used just to represent outta easier. 16. 16 Graphical Objects 1: Okay, So in this section, we want to talk about graphical objects. No graphical object is gonna be a picture, an image, a chart or a drawn object on. It's going to be just partnered into a location here, so it's also adding them, putting the men and the different things we can do. So the first thing you want to do is you want to take where we want to put the picture. I'm gonna put it just above the heading here, and we want to go to the entire tab, then on the top, and then we want to go to pictures. Sometimes people will try to go into the fold over the picture is and copy and paste. From there, it takes the settings, and sometimes it green is a preview version. You're better off using the Microsoft word option for putting it in and a cuisine with its full quality. Then so we go to insert pictures. We just go to the picture that we want to have a picture saved here. You can see you have me preview turned on. So me previews turned on their If I click on it, it showed me what the picture is going to look like I'm gonna take on insert. So I put the picture in there once the picture goes in because Emmet was called handles rendered. Didn't see here. There's eight hundreds that go right round the picture. You can use the picture forties. You don't need to use the one that I'm using. Any picture will go in the same way. So use the hundreds there're under them it Hundreds are there for a reason that therefore, re sizing your picture a word of advice when you want to resize a picture, always trying to use the corners of it. So we don't want to end up in a situation that if I drag it in from the outside, you can see that the picture is all out of shape now. So I'm gonna press the undo key just to get me back. Whereas if I go from the corner on, go diagonally and you can see that the picture still looks the exact same where so by dragging it in diagonally our oath diagonally, you can change the size of the Petra del So that's re sizing your picture by a So just by dragging it in our dragging it out. Sometimes you may want to put it to a certain size. On the way we do. It is we click on the picture tools. We have this here. Remember, it's a contractual tab would only appears when we click on it. So it's like crack and the pictures. And here's the picture tools over. On the right hand side, I have a height on a wits action that this picture is more than likely locked for aspect ratio. And what that means is that if I change the wet, it'll also change the height because it wants to keep it looking the same shape. It doesn't want to let it get all out of ship. So if I go when I just taken height, you see with is automatically changing along with it. If we wanted to get into a situation when we wanted to change only the wet order height, we would need to click on this button here. So it's advance Leo part, and you can see if I click on it. It tells me here that I have the height on the wet, but here you can see that the lock aspect raise your was switched on. So what that means is that it's gonna make sure. Have you changed the height? It will change the wet for you. So if we take that off Dan, it will allow you to change only the height on the wet remains. Where it is now. It's not really great to change only the height of the Western A picture like that, because it's gonna put it all out of shape. So that's changing the height and changing the weather of it. And you can see we can do it by by just clicking and dragging it in right. Or we can be more precise weather the next option. We have his crop, so crop is where you want to remove a bit of the picture. So just say, for example, the blue cocktail glass here. If we don't want that in the picture, weaken taken the picture. First of all, it gives us the picture tools for Martin Tub. Then we click on the crop button. Once we click on the crop on, it's going to show us different handles rounded so you can see the right angles right that we around it again. We're cropping, depending on what you want to do. I always go for the top, right or top left corner on. We just click and drag it in or up. The top corner relies. You be able to do it till we get to a size where we're happy enough and click it. You can see it's practice background as like a ghosted version on. Then I just look out into the white area that he selected and you can see know that the picture is gone for it. Or that that half the picture it does remain there in the background that if you wanted to get a bike, you could just take on crop again on you could take it back like that. So it just stops an area of a picture beat being seen. There is options here that once we crop a bit out of a picture, I'm gonna click out of it and click back on it. There's an option for compressed pictures. This is more advanced stuff, but what compressed pictures does It makes the picture to the smallest possible size for your final version on. If you compress the picture, it removes that cropped area, it would give you an option. You'll see if I do it, there's an option for delete cropped areas of pictures. I'm not going to do that because it would get rid of that blue glass that I have in the background there. But it is an option for anyone that wants to crop a picture and leave it that it's cropped follies. With that, you don't want to get back. Other options we can do, then, is what's called wrap text. I'm just gonna make me picture we, but smaller. It's a bit big for playing about what we're gonna make. It may be that size there, okay? And then I put it back to roughly what it was like at the very start. Now, if I go to try and move this picture, you can see what it's gonna do. It's what's known as in line with text, so the picture has settings on it that are seen as inland with text. And that means that it can't move anywhere at once because it takes up lanes of pack. So it's seen as being another bit of text another paragraph. But what we can do is there's two options. We have this option here and Microsoft officer toes and torching. But in Microsoft, that house in 10 and earlier versions, we need to use it under former tub. So I'm gonna go with the for my tabs. I'm gonna go to picture tools and former on I'm going to go to the rap taxed option. Remember to see this picture tools and for my team need to be clicked in the picture. So I'm going to go to wrap text on. What I'm gonna do is I'm gonna put it into tight on what type means is that it just wraps the taxed tightly around the picture so it doesn't see it then has been a paragraph on. It shows your small sections here so you can see you'll be able to see it in your screen better than mine. But you can see it's giving a small picture of what it's gonna look like and how often across it just shows exactly what's gonna happen. So there's behind taxed on in front of text. So if you want to do an option like that, I'm gonna part of his taste. I wanted it says tight. Then you can see I can move it on. The taxed automatically moves around it. You can see here I have a ragged margin. If I select all my text, I'm just going to select my tax, their on going to justify it, to remember in the alley or section we had text justifying. It gives it a straight margin on a parts a tighter to. That's just if you wanted to do the likes of a newsletter or something in 2013 you can see I have these we green lines. That Green Line shows that I am in the middle. If I go down, you can see then that it shows me that I'm in the center of the page as well. So there's the center on There's the middle so you can see it's coming on for me just to tell me that I'm dead. Center off my document. They are very handy to be able to use it for if you want a position it. But usually when your position and text we just want to keep it between the two lines, you can see it there goes on for me. Okay, so that's positioning text, tight or otherwise. The next thing I want to talk, but it's just selecting an object. We have already bean selecting objects, clicking the knob on object selected for us. If we want a copy, An object, we click on the object. We go to the copy button up the top in the home tab. Copy on the second copy. Weeks, Like where we want to put us on. We just look on pissed and you can see No, it puts a 2nd 1 in forest so you can copy and pairs that. Or you could put it into a totally new document If you wanted to. Maybe you might want to make a poster with maybe two of these over the top corners. You could do that. You could have one of the corner on. You could have wanted that corner on. It would work out for you so you could do whatever way you want it down. Okay. Did have copy and cutting will do the opposite, so it just removes it from it. Okay, so we've looked at re sizing an object, so that's more or less All the things that we want to do with objects, putting them in changing the size of them. Some of the other objects we can use are what's called clip art or ships. So I'm just gonna go down to the bottom of my document. You do it on the blank document just so you can practice. I'm gonna go to the insert tab. I have two options. I've shapes here. So once I took on the ships, you can see that I have different cockayne of shapes here. I'm with shapes. I can click on one. Once I click on it, I take my ah road. I know you've removed my finger from the most I'm just like on it. Once I'm going down to where I want to ship to be And I put the ship and like that, I'm just clicking and dragging and drawn it. I'm going to do another one. I'm going to click on it. I'm gonna put a shape in this time I'm gonna put a triangle on. I'm going to draw a triangle and then I'm gonna go to the insert top. I'm gonna go to ships again on what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna do a circle So the circle is here. It's an oval in order to do a circle. If you hold your finger in the Shefki on draw, it will make sure it remains as a circle. I'm going to remove my finger from the shift key. Just a show. You What happens so you can see it goes to more like an over where they put me finger back on the shift key it, make sure it's a circle for you. The same happens with square If you're making a square, if you hold your finger in the shift key, it remains that all sides of the exact same on with a triangle, so just make sure it's all equal right the way across. So I've made these tree objects here. No, not gonna position them left center on. I'm gonna put this one here so you can see the arcana over lead on. What I'm gonna do is I'm gonna change the color of the tree of them so you can see now I've me drawing tools up top because I've flicked on 123 you can taken lying them up with bottom and all, So I'm gonna take in the Force One. I'm gonna click on the drawing tools on in the former top here. I'm gonna go to ship Phil on. I'm going to go to shape fell. I'm gonna put it may be, too this green color. If I wanted to change that Blewitt Lane, they would just look on the out lane. I'm going and put the out lane to the same color. You can put it into the same college just so we know that they're all right. I've triangle in the middle and then it's like and share for long on a partners, maybe to read on. I'll put the outline to write as well. And then I'm going. It's like in the circle. I'm gonna put the circle to yellow. I don't put the outline to yellow as well. Just so the role, the same. So you can see now I have a square, a circle triangle and a circle on there on top of each other. So the circle is on top of a triangle, and then the triangle is on top of the square. Now, what we can do is I can move these independently so you can see here. I can move them independently. Or if I take on the 1st 1 I'm gonna hold control down. I'm gonna click on the 2nd 1 notice I'm taking away from where the square is, and then I'm going to click in the toward one. I notice I'm taking outside of this hundreds area. It allows me to select the tree of them. I want I want to do is I'm going to, right Click them and I'm gonna go to grip on then group. And what that does is it makes them into one object then So one group, as opposed to being tree separate things on I can click No on dragged them as a group. So that groups them. If I right, click them again, I can go to group on on grip on. That's them now that they're all separate objects again. So if you go to the bother of positioning things and you want to keep them like that gripped him, Okay. The next thing I want to show you is you can see No, the green. The green square is behind the red triangle on the red triangle is behind the yellow circle . But what I'm gonna do is I'm going to right click on the Green Square on There's an option here. Bring to front your If I click, bring the front. It's gonna bring it right to the very front, whereas if I click bring forward, it's gonna bring it forward one level, so I click. Bring forward once to show you so you can see. Now it's after moving one level forward. So from the Red Triangle, it's no jumped over it and it's in front of it. But it's still behind the yellow circle. I'm going on do that on this time. Instead of saying, Bring forward, I'm going to right click it. I'm going to say Bring to front and you see now it's come totally to the front of the other two objects, so that's different layers. You can put it backwards and forwards like that. So that's the different objects that we do there. So that's putting them in in 2000 and in 2000 and set on 7010 you're going have an option for clip art they're on. Their part is just different shapes you can put in and different pictures. It's just a matter of searching for them. I'm putting them in. Online pictures will be the same option in this sorts. Loading the pictures there for us. They replace that? No, with clip art. So when the next action, we're gonna have a look at male marriage. 17. 17 Mail Merge 1: Okay, so in this section, we want to speak about male marriage. Me marriage is one of the things that employers look for a Sooners to take somebody on the ass. Can you do me a marriage on Diffuse the way it's supposed to be used, It can be brilliant. So what male marriage does is it takes a ladder on an address list on that combines them together to produce multiple letters. So take, for example, a company who is sending a letter 02 200 people instead of drafting up 200 letters with different names on each latell. What they can do is they can drive up one letter with blank spaces on, and then they can create an address list on. They can use male marriage to combine the latter on the address list to produce 200 letters with an individual name on each ladder. So it's very handy for people who want to do that type of thing, sending notes, letters. So what we need to do, first of all, is we need to have them to documents we need to have a ladder on. We need to have an address list now I've created both here. I'm gonna take you through very quickly just how to create both things. Ah, ladder. We just create as normal. So you can see I've just It'll open up. No, for me, you can see I have just created a ladder here. I have a letter. Donors have a logo at the top address either. Different options. I have reference number on a left it blank because it's going to put a reference number in for each person. Ideal is left that blank, and we're gonna put the person's address here. We're going to get it to go there. Other person's address, then I have an address list. Now I want to show you how to do on address list out going open up just a blank. Make yourself word document. The way we would do it is we were just taken and put a table in. So, like we did early upon in a terrible on whatever amount of columns that we need Just a straightforward table on We report here may be forced name. We were put last name. We would put maybe address on then maybe current E on country. You're not limited to the ones you can put their. You can put more across the top or less on what you do then is you would go when you would fill in the information off the people you want to send the letters to, and so on. Right way then and you would just save it as a normal Microsoft Word document you go to file save eyes on. Then you would save it wherever you want. I will savor to my desktop, and I'm just going to call it the sample addresses. So that's all you would do. And that's the male marriage address list created. Obviously, you're gonna have more than morning. I'm gonna show your mind. So I've created a male marriage address in the exact same way as we've just done. I'm gonna delete that one, just in case we get mixed up. Later on. I've created a male marriage addressed name and you can see that if I go into it, you can see here just has forced name, last name, address, one address to currently country and reference number on. I've just put in the information that these are all made off people, but you can see there that there's different ones. If you want, you can have more. You can have 100 or two under. There's no limit to what you can have. The most important thing is that at the top you have what's called the field names. So you have forced name, last name, address, one address to county country reference number or whatever field names you want. It doesn't have to be in this. I like the part of the dress one address to because they're going to be on two separate lines. So that's the way I do it on you. Just put the information in and it's just saved. There's a normal Microsoft Word document. You can also use a spreadsheet for this. So just a normal spreadsheet and Excel spreadsheet, unsavory as a spreadsheet. Then, too, if you're doing a spreadsheet, I think it's good practice to only have one chief in the spreadsheet. So anyone that's been using Microsoft exiled previously will know that it goes in with three sheets in it, too. You're better off just having one. So this is our spreadsheet or or this is our meal marriage address list on what we want to do is we want to take this latter on this address list on. We want to combine them to create a new ladder for each person on the list. So what we're gonna do is I'm gonna open up the ladder. I have it here. So we've typed out this ladder on that we want to do is we want to do the male marriage. So the way we did the 1,000,000 marriage, there's a very AM approach to doing this male marriage. It's just the same thing over and over again. So we're going to go into the mailings tub. I always tell people just don't like where you want the address to go. So we're gonna put the address. He'll just There beneath the address on the right hand side on roughly down one line. We're going down one more lane. Even we go into the mailings, top of the top people will show you how to do this with wizards. And this the mailings tab opens up right the way across, and you just follow the steps right the way across this ribbon. So the first thing we want to do, we're going to do it in, like, steps. It's going to be 12 tree. So that's the steps were going to do. Then we're going to skip tree steps and then we're gonna go here, so I'll show you exactly where we did you. Don't be afraid. You have the option of this video. Don't be afraid to watch it back twice. I include thes two ladders and the address list in the resources documents so you can download them ongoing. Practice it then. So you can see here we go to start mail, merge on analysis. What type of a thing do we want to do? We want to do ladder, so it's like a ladder. So that's the first step done. We forget about these two here. We're going to go start mail, merge on. We've done ladders. The next thing we want to do select recipients deceit, a tool tip, it says, Choose a less of the people you'd like to send the document to, so we know that we have a list created on. I've saved it on my desktop, so if I click on it, it gives us a couple of options. Do we want a type and you list. Do we want to choose an existing list, or do we want to choose from our contact when we want to choose an existing less? They're using existing less because we have a day off from previously, so we go to use existing list on what we do then is we go to our desktop because that's where our files are on. It's called male Merida dresses or whatever you call it. When you're practicing on we go toe open. That's done. Its post them addresses into the mail marriage for us. The next option we want to do is add it recipients list. So if you go to edit recipients list, this option here allows us to be able to sort them or we can untech boxes if we don't want to include people in it. But we want to use them all. So I'm just going to click on the OK button. If you had a list of 20 people and do anyone to the sound of the 10 this would be where you'd select the ones that you send it to. So I'm gonna take on okay. On that stunt, we've gone one to tree on them steps are okay, so it's just start male marriage, go to ladders. So lack recipients. We want to goto use existing less because we've existing list there and then we want to add it. The recipient list that just is make changes. We didn't want to make any changes, so we just don't know. We go on then. If we wanted to put in the drives blanc in, we could put in a trance. Block's straight and but it's just for people. I just take it to put it in and show you it just puts it in straight as on address block. We want to do it individually. So what we want to do is you want to go to this in South marriage field option on this bottom is in two halves. I find it easier if you click in the bottom half the insult marriage field, bottom half here. So we kick on it when we go to force them. So what that's gonna do is everywhere Passions force name is it's gonna put the force name . They'll in between the first name on the second and we're gonna put a space, and then we're gonna put in last them when it's like on to the next line on, we're gonna put address one next line addressed to the next lane addressed tree or county in the next lane. We're gonna put in country notice. I've a reference number here, too. So I'm gonna put the reference number section here after the reference number. So what this is doing is it's showing that this either two arrows at the left hand side and right on site. That means that it's a field. So what it's doing is it's pulling the forced name in from the address list. It's gonna pull the last name and from the address list off each record on also the reference number four that record. I'm gonna put a space in there just to have it looking right. The next thing we have his deal. If we had titles in like Mr or Mrs we could use doubt, we're just going to use force name were unfortunate embarrasses here. So we go deal Force name. So it's going to say Colin Marks, Dundalk, County Louth, Ireland. Reference number in my reference number deal, Colin. So it's going to be more passionate approach to it. So we've done 12 tree. We've skepticism in some. We've gone into Inserra marriage field. The next thing we can do is we can preview the results here. So once we go to preview results, you can see it's going to show us the different options. We can use Thes buttons to Scepter toe. Have a look at the different results here that Thea on then what we can do is if we want. We don't need to preview the results we go to finish in marriage on it says, Choose how you want to complete the marriage. So do you want a print the mode, or do you want to put them in an email or new document? We're going to go, Thio added. Individual documents. We don't want to print them just yet. We goto added individual documents on its asking us. Which ones do we want to add it? We want to edit them all. Once we click on it, you'll see. Now I have a ladder, and if you look down here at the left hand site, I have page one off 11. So it's after doing so. There's a lot of for Jim. Then we go down here. We have a letter for Sarah. We've allowed our for John notice. It's John on dear John, and then it's passed on to your past and you can see of the reference number. Each ladder is identical, apart from a couple of different sections, so the only difference actions we have is forced name, last name address, one addressed to county country were a policy them in from the other section. So that's the meal match. You would then click into the ladder you want, and you were printed out. Put it in your envelopes and send it off so you can see there it goes one step further. It saves. You haven't Teoh to dio each one, so it's a great option. It doesn't have to be used for male marriage, so you can use it from em, any ladders that you want to do or anything, and for putting things into it. So it's very versatile in it. Okay, so the next action we're just going to look at the different options for printing 18. 18 Page Set Up 1: Okay, So in this section we want to look a printing and getting ready for printing. So we don't want to look at things like document orientation, paper size, the margins and putting in new pages with a page brick and then Parton in page breaks and taking the mode on Hatters and photos, that type of thing. So we wanted. First of all, they want to get a bit of taxed in here. I want to go to do is I'm gonna do the equals runned I'm gonna open the bracket. But what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna put tree zero in there so tardy on what that means is it's gonna put in tarty paragraphs of text. It's just going to give me to San Paragraphs over and over again. It just gives me tax that I can walk with for practicing. So hit the return key on you can see. Now I have on my pages a one page two pages, three pages. So it just gives me paragraphs of text. Oh, awkward. So when we type in equals rand open and close the brackets, it just puts in for five or tree whatever it is when we put in a number, it gives us that exact amount of paragraphs there. So I have a couple of paragraphs of text deal on. What we want to do is we wanna have a look, first of all at the orientation. So the orientation is landscape or a landscape on portrait. So at the minute we're in portrait orientation, so think of the morning. Lisa is portrait, where his landscape is the mountains. What we're gonna do is we're going to go into the peerage, Leo Tab at the very top on. We've orientation here. No, the orientation. We can change that. You can see it's portrait at the minute. We can put it onto landscape on a changes for us. So we're just show, you know, you can see No, it's a landscape version. So if I printed I did you committed a printer like that? Okay, I'm gonna put a bike the portrayed for us. So that's how easy it is to change it from portrait to landscape. If you're doing any posters that might be easy to do that the next thing we want is the paper say's you're by default. We use Air four paper sites. But if we want, we can change it. We just take in here so it spiritually odor than sites. And you can see. Here's all the different options for Page Elliott Pidge people so you can put it in. If you use an envelopes or different size paper, you can get the size of it and you can put it in there. There's also, um, or option at the very bottom that you can change it from there to. Okay, the next thing we have is the margins, so you can see that these are the margins here that run down along the left on the right side of a page on at the top, on the bottom. So you can see there, right on the left, right and right is this white area. What I might do is I might justify my text just so that you can see it's stress left on right CNC straight on the left. There on, straight on the right. No, if I open up a new document, just assure you for a second so you can see my my ruler result in there you can see the gray area. I'm going to zoom out just so you can see the whole area. So it's great. Grayer and wife and then back in the gray and it goes great here on then wife on back. Integrate. So I'm gonna put in two ships I'm gonna first of all, putting rectangle. Just that the area you can see so roughly like that. So that blue area at the minute is where I can type. So the rest is seen as margins was if I make my margins smaller, so I'm going to go to the page layers on. I'm gonna go to the margins tab. Not sure you're the margins, but now I'll show you in a second how we would do them. But we have a couple of one tr normal, narrow, moderate, white armored I'm just gonna put narrow on. So at the minute there a normal I'm gonna put narrow one for detained bean just to show. Yes, I'm gonna move that back to the center of the pidge on. What I'm gonna do know is I'm going to put in another share, but I'm making a different color, so I'm gonna go again from where the margin starts to wear the margin finishes roughly there. And I'm gonna put us a different color just so you can see it. A predator is red on. Then I'm gonna put it behind it. So remember that we were doing We sent it backwards so you can see Dr Ship gonna change the color without it. Might be quite hard to see quite hard on your eyes. So now we've yellow and green. So earlier on when we had the normal margins on or typing area was the green area here? No, we've widened a margin. So we've made them or with narrow margins. So we've widened our typing area so we can know Type in the yellow area, inclusive off the green so you can see the small. Your margins are, the more tax you can fit on the page. Okay, so we'll go back to this document here so you can see it the minute it's taking up. Three pages. 1st 2nd on. It's just maybe about half way down under toward pitch. What I'm gonna do is I'm gonna change the margins. I'm gonna go to page layers, margins, and then I'm gonna go to narrow, and you can see. No, it's taking up one to, and it's only about 1/4 to wear down under pitch. So you think if you were having a tortilla 40 page document, that would make a drastic difference to it? Okay, so that's changing the margins toe one of these presets. Now, if we wanted to change the margins to a custom size, what we can do is we can click on it. So margins we could go down towards his custom margins. So when we take into the custom margins, it gives us options. Here, you can see for top left, bottom and right, don't care. Confuse people usually go top and bottom left and right. But you can see here top and left on bottom and right, you can individually change them. We just put them all to 1.6 on. We could type that in there as well, so down the margins are at 1.6. You can see them there. You can also moved among the written on the ruler at the top. It's not really good practice, but you can move them so you can see the ruler at the top of like an egg timer. It shows me laugh margin. I can drag me left margin in or I can drag it as depending on us I usually find for everyday use. The presets are perfect, so either the normal order narrow debut deter that ideas most if it's just a normal document and use normal, whereas if it's a long document that I want to fit more on a page views that now one. So that's the margins. The next thing we have is what's called a page break. I'm just gonna put these back onto normal margins so that we have them set ready for default. So the next thing we have is part in in page bricks. So if you want tax to appear so just say, for example, this bit of tax deal if I want that to appear at the start of the second Pidge people over the years have always hit the return key like that until you get down to the start of the next pitch. That's seen as bad practice, and the reason is it's putting in. I'm gonna turn on our show and hide from earlier on its putting in all these anti keys to see that. So it's not seen as good practice. And the reason being is if someone come in and deport a picture in. So we put a picture street and I put the picture in the will using earlier you can see what it does. No reports it right down onto the next pitch. So it's right then maybe half with on the pitch. So your document control is very poor when you use died option. So I'm gonna take this stuff back out of it. I'm gonna take them out of turn my show and hide off on. What I'm gonna do is if I want this to appear at the top of the next page, I'm going to click here on I'm going to go to insult page break. So it's the inside tub and then page break it puts it on to the top of the next page. I know what I can do is I'm gonna turn on the shore and hey, just a show you It's after putting in Appeared break. They already see it. We've the page break in, so no, If I want to put in that picture, I can go here. I could go to insert picture. I put the picture in. You can see it puts the picture in on my taxes. Still at the top of the next page. So your control of the document is a lot better when you're not using the enter key repeatedly over and over again. If we wanted to remove the piers, Brick. So no, we can't see the pair's break. We don't know where it is. I just need to turn on the show and height. Find what appears break is I can select it on press the delete key on the keyboard on it removes the page break for me. So that's when the show on hate comes in handy. Okay, the next thing we want to do is you want to have a look at headers and footers Gonna put that page break back in there just to have it on the next pitch. Okay, so we've had ours and fathers then. So a document contains a header section I'm put gonna put in a small ship just to show you a doctor in contains a hatter sanction on a contains a photo section with a header section is roughly appear on, then the photo section is dying here at the bottom. Same similar area down there. So it doesn't consist of the margins of the left hand side. Only consist of the inside, too. That's ahead. Off on. That's a photo. The main thing to remember is Hatters and fathers are documents controlled and not pages. So in other words, if you put it on one page, it's going to appear on each page through the document. So what we do is open the hat on for a couple of different ways. The quickest way is by double clicking into the metal and it opens up the head off for you . So I'm just up here roughly in the middle, within the to margins on in the middle. If I double click, it opens up the hat off and you can see it has the photo open too. So we have a left section. If Santos action, I never rights action. So I'm just gonna type in my name. I'm gonna take the tab key to go to the middle. I'm gonna type in word processing, which is what we're doing on. I'm gonna type in the debt instead of typing into debt. I have this pattern photo tooth so you can see it here at the left. On site on here. We have page number. Or did it in time, I would put the debt containment. So I'm just gonna put a straightforward debt containment if I wanted to up their automatically. So every time I open the document, it will be a new dead on it. I can click on that button that I'm just gonna put it straight in. So they are puts today is dead, and I'm gonna tell was the head on photo so I can use that button there are closed on for Oregon DoubleClick back into the middle of my pidge watch when I scroll down. So I have it and put it into page one. When I scroll down, you can see it's no impaired too. Okay, so that's Hatters. We do. For others, it's the same thing. We can click into the top or we can take into the bottoms of middle of the page roughly a wee bit up on double click. It opens it up for us. You can see you can see you can see their way. Have the hat off for the previous page or it's still there. What we want to do is you want to put options in, so I'm gonna take you back up to the top here, to the ribbon on. We have different options. So head on photo here. That's how we can open them. Also, we have page number, So if we want page number, we can put a page number and so top of the page bottom of the page or current position, which is where my courses click. Now, if I go to current position, I have a number of options so I can put in just a plain number I can put in one, and it says Page, Page one, you can see it's giving you a We preview might be hard to see in the video, but if you look when you're doing it, we have been playing number large italics. So there's different options there rounded rectangle music, so there's different options for it common. One that people use is here. If we just scroll slowly, we'll get to it. It'll be what's called Page X of y. So here's page acts of white. What that means is gonna put in page one off three page two off three pitch, tree of tree and so on. So you can see here, reported in its page one of four because of the picture is gonna put it on to the next page . So we four pages now, so it puts it in for us. So it's a good way of keeping document control there. We can also go over unders, different options here so we could put a picture. And if we wanted into the header, we could put in document info the document inflexibly maybe the auto so he could put the author any reports, my name and their or I could put different options. So there's also taxed like different options. We can have them. Okay, so that's the way Haddon photos work by close out of the hat on for a you can see that I have my header and footer in top and bottom. There is more advanced options for Haren footers that we can use so we can use different odd and even had earns photos. But they're way out of the context of this course. So there's different options. Had her and photo doors. Am Arditti Even if you want to do the likes of a book there's had on from the top so we can make the head are bigger or smaller, and then we have the option Goto header and go to photo. So I'm in the photo at the minute I can take this. It just takes me to the header on that Go. The photo will take it to the former option. So that's closing the head on for our using the headers and footers. The other thing that we want to look it is if we have a document, I'm just going to take the page number and everything that's in the photo out of this photo , just a show you. So if we have a document and all we want to put in his page numbers, we can do it very quickly. We can go to the insert pardon? We can go over the page number, we conflict them on. We can say bottom of the page. Do we want to play a number left center or right? If we want play a number on the right hand side, we just seconds on a port it directly and force. So if it's only a page number you wanna put in, that's the quickest way. Where is if it's a full photo within a number of different things in it, you can put it in, have a tryout of and see how you get on. 19. 19 Spell Check And Printing 1: Okay, so in this section, we want to look at the final steps. So before you print out anything, you should always do two things you should always proof. Read and spell check. Miniature boats are seen as different thing. So a spell check will only pick up wrong spellings. Whereas if you type a word in the wrong place, it won't pick that up. Okay, so do proof. Read your tax before you printed out of before you send it after somebody. So the first thing we want to do is you want to do a spell check. They always tell people when you're doing a spiritual click at the start of the document. The reason being it starts off for everyone, Sachin Point is, and it works its way down to the document. So if you are clicked in the middle of a documented start off from there, so you miss, I doubt force better tax that well. I ask you, do you want to go back to the very start? But it is easy to do it from the start. I was having to do it later on. So we take it the very start on we go to the review tab at the very top. And then there's a spelling and grammar option on the left hand side of the review tub. So once we kick on this, it's gonna open up the spelling and grammar or spell check boxes People call it so you can see here in area versions of Microsoft, I am word. It's going to come up in the middle off the screen, but the principle is the exact same. So it's opening up the spellings. So the first thing that is find here I put in a couple of deliberate spelling mistakes in this document. Just so it'll pick up a few of them. So the first thing is, you can see it has see Hitch A i N g. E. On is telling me that the correct spelling maybe should be changed. It's giving you a definition down there. If you want to see it, I'm going to click on it. I'm gonna change it. Okay. It picked up another spelling Ivan option here that I can ignore that spelling. I can ignore all occurrences of that word, or I can addis on adequate Put it into your dictionary so just say, for example, if I type in a word and it comes up with the wrong spelling maybe a place name, it'll come up with the wrong spelling. I can add it because it's not in the dictionary. I can add it and it will come up then, is the crack spelling later on? Change will change this occurrence of the world. Where is change? All will change all the occurrences of that word. So if it's repeated a number of times, right, the document. I'm just gonna take on change in this one, and then I'm gonna take on change on this when it's supposed to be each and I put in and I there just so it shows it up. So it comes back and tells you the spelling and grammar check is complete, Your good to go. Another option we can do is if we have an incorrect spelling in. So I'm just gonna click here, and I'm gonna put an incorrect spelling in here. So instead of make, I'm going to type in a me i e. On. It's gonna come up as a wrong spelling. You can see it comes up with a red line beneath it. I can right click it. And I also have options there for being able to correct the spelling from it. I've ignore all, and I have this add to dictionary on. As we said earlier, the dictionary will make sure that if it doesn't come up is a wrong spelling Lee Iran. That's a quick way of checking your spellings. If you were doing it as you go along, you could do it there. So I'm just gonna take that out of there for the time being. Okay, so that's preview in your document, on making sure that your words are all correct in your spottings. All right, The next thing we want to do is you want a print preview, So you want to go to file on, then print? I want to be open up file and print. You'll see it's going to show you a print preview over here on the right hand side so you can see I have two pages at least under four. You can see it on the bottom one of four. Here you can change all the settings so liquid. Earlier, we had orientation page size margins on its showing us that we can do it there. This is the printer that we're going for. You can see there's other printers they are that I can select from on my network at the minute we have a print button up here at the very top, and we have the number of copies. If I want the printer 10 copies of this document, I would just put 10 into the box here. Other options we have here is at the minute. It's printing all pages I can select here from my contract. Print all pages. I can print custom pages or Corrine pages on custom. So if I only one of the print pages to entry, I could just type in here to to Tree and it will only printed on pages two and three. Or if we want the print 02 to 4, they just put in 2 to 4 on. That allows me to do it. If I only wanted the printed pages one and four, I could tape in one comma for lonely printed pages one and four, so that selecting him print on both sides of the page, providing you have a printer that's able to do it. It will allow you to pick up and print on both sides of the pair just on. Then we've different options doing here, right? Were down so collared. It just means I have four pages here. If correlated is on on a printed four pages, 10 copies, it's gonna print out 12 Tree 412 tree for 1234 whereas, if collated, his office or uncollected, it's gonna print over 10 pages of Page one, then 10 pages of pitch to and then 10 pages of Petrie. So ideally, you wanted to be collated unless you're using it for something else. So that's printing on the final button, then, is the print button up with the very top click on the print button on the print side. Your copy