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Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      Intro for mac students


    • 2.

      2 Desktop The menu Bar


    • 3.

      3 Desktop Status menu


    • 4.

      4 Desktop The Dock


    • 5.

      5 External media


    • 6.

      6 Finder and Spotlight


    • 7.

      7 The Dock preferences


    • 8.

      8 About my mac


    • 9.

      9 Installing apps


    • 10.

      Pages numbers and keynote Explanation


    • 11.

      Pages Overview for course


    • 12.

      Numbers overview for course


    • 13.

      Keynote overview for course


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About This Class

This Apple Mac Os course for beginners will take you from being a complete beginner into someone who is capable of navigating their way around the Apple Mac OS operating system. the course will be structured into small bite sized lectures that will allow you to be able to learn small bits at a time

Meet Your Teacher

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Colin Marks

Certified Microsoft & Apple Trainer


I am an IT Trainer with over 8 years experience in delivering training in both Apple and Microsoft to a large array of clients, in both public training centres and corporate environments.

I have an IT teaching diploma and focus mainly on software training. I hold a current Microsoft Office Master certificate and have been teaching Microsoft Office Specialist (Word, Excel, Access, Powerpoint and Outlook all to an advanced level) for the past 6 years.

The training I deliver ranges from iPad and iPhone training to Office productivity applications like Pages, Numbers and Keynote. I also train in video editing software like Final Cut Pro X and iMovie.

I feel the most important part of training is developing a connection with your students, building trust in both sides.See full profile

Level: Beginner

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1. Intro for mac students: Hi, guys. So if you're watching this video, you've already taken out staff and even rolled in in the course. So thank you very much unwelcome to the course, this force video was just me welcoming you to the course as a new student. So thank you may have seen in the promo video my name's Carlin Marks. I've been teaching Apple on Microsoft for the last 10 years over the last five years or so have mainly focused on the apple stuff. I really liked Lap will do things, and you will get that as we go through the course, you'll see how passionately you become for it in the course, there's gonna be times when I'm going to appear on camera like I'm no all the times I'm gonna peer down in the bottom corner and it's more window on, then other videos is just gonna be me speaking over the Bagger, and sometimes you don't need to see me. So from time to time you may have questions that you want to ask, and maybe you need an answer to them. There's gonna be a question and answer section there so you can go ahead and I said. Question. I get a notification, and then I can answer that question for you. Do you have a look and see the questions will be posted so people can go back and look over . You might want to do that. There's a discussion section that you can also see there have been previous students may have something on us. I would put announcements every field that anything's happening at popular doing an update or after something important happened. I put a nice minutes. You can read them, and it'll keep you up to date on all the local news or all the apple news. And from time to time, Apple will update their software. The videos here will be updated also, so once you have access to, you will be able to get all the videos from then on. And and if you like the course and you're enjoying it, I would love if you could leave a review so that other students can see exactly what the course is. A bird. It's why I always look for am in student. They always look and see what is the student saying what reviews are given because it keeps me right, And it keeps me making sure that I'm doing my best in every course that I do. So please, if you do get a chance, leave that review. So don't be afraid to ask any questions. Use the question. Deny intersections. I'm under form 24 hours a day on answer questions, so don't be afraid to ask. So I did me best. Take a bite you. So I'm looking forward to seeing is in the next election 2. 2 Desktop The menu Bar: No. In this lecture, we're gonna look at your desktop area, and we're gonna have a quick overview over to make sure that you're all okay with it. So, first of all, the operating system that we're using is Mac OS Mojave. So it's 10.14 It's the latest version. Do you always try to make sure that during the letters version, but the panning on the Mac that you're using that will vary? But it's better if you can always keep updated and we will look it out in later versions. So getting started. What we're gonna do is we're gonna have a look at the different areas off your Mac on. We're gonna first of all, go up here to the very top left corner. I'm going to zoom in just so you can see it. So we'll see it here up the very top left hand corner. This is your menu bar. Okay, so the first thing we have is we over apple Icahn appear in the left. If we take it, you see it's going to give us a number of different areas here. We will go through the different areas as time goes on and as the course goes on. But we're just going to look at the apple a con for the forcing. It lets you do things like find out about this, Mac. And about this, Mike will tell you about your version. The Mac, you have they. And so for that using and so on, system preferences gonna be slipped. It's the same. A sad ings. It's gonna be where we do our settings. And when we change different things that we want up storm is where we're going to get ups later on. We talked about that on the different option to you have. You can see you can restart sleep or shutdown. We have a lock screen and we have longer driver damn open at the minute. So as the course goes on, we will look at all these different things in their own life. So there's no point in going into them just yet because he wouldn't have the time or the scope to do it just yet. But as the course goes on, we were going to each thing in more detail. Then we have this action here so you can see from Finder right across here to help that this is what's called a contractual toolbar on what contractual means. It's going to change with the context. So depending on what we're using at the minute we're on our desktop on our Dan. Stop is Finder. We will talk about Finder later on, but it's showing us a finder turbo. But if I go down here to the bottom, I'm just going to click on my calendar just to open up the counter for us. When I opened up the candle, you can see straightaway. My menu bar at the top here has changed to a calendar menu bar. So because we are no dealing with calendars, it automatically changes for us. And that's something that's totally different from Microsoft things to anyone that is starting Mac for the first time. Reynold. It's common from Microsoft to Mac. This is the man thing. It's It's very different because Microsoft doesn't use that Each window has its own manu ball, whereas so the menu bar would be appear on a window, whereas when you're dealing with Mac, the menu bar rollers remains up there on the top left corner, and it just changes, depending what you're using. So that is going to change from time to time. If I click into the area, so I'm gonna We have my most. They're just so you can see it getting big. If I click out here in that blue area, they're DeConcini. Yours may not be the same color, but if I click out, you'll see instantly that Manu Bardet help will change back to find her because I'm then dealing with my desktop so you can see it. It now has Finder up there, and if I click back on my calendar window, it changes back to counter and you can see the calendar is more prominent than its highlighted. I don't care. 3. 3 Desktop Status menu: So the next thing we want to do is I'm gonna just go over to the right hand side of our many of our desktop. Over here, I'll dream in fear. I'll show you later on how you can zoom in and out quickly. So we're Zuman in here so you can see starting from the right hand side. The first thing we have is a notification Santa here, these tree lines, tree lines in computers. It doesn't matter whether it's Mark or on the Internet. On Windows always means something else. Or there's Mawr here or the menu. So you click it. You'll see. It'll open it for you know, I'm using a brand new computer here, a brand new set up amusing. Actually, I'll explain it in a while. It's a demo version, so it shows as being new. So you can see today. Here we have the different options. This can be all, added it. So there's many other notifications and that we were luckily at her own when we're dealing with this action. But you can see here it just gives you basic things like stock and the calendar and night shift, and do not disturb all, which we will speak about later on. The notification then shows you anything that has happened. So if you've received any emails or if you've licking See, I have imported photo. I just imported photo earlier on for my profile photo. It shows you the notifications that pop appear so you can log into the likes of social media. I know that, and it would pop up here in your notification center. We then have a small search icon here. I'm just going to close out of this calendar. For the time being, we have a small search icon. Here are small magnifying glass. This is called spotlight search. The spotlight search is very powerful, and it has become more powerful over the last couple of years, and it allows you to search your entire Mac for fighters and folders or anything that you want. But along with shouting for files and folders, it will also search the Internet to see if it can match any things for you. So it's really, really powerful, and we will look no in a couple of seconds, how you would use it in more detail. This is your user name, so my user name you can see at the minute is calling marks. Damrell. If I click it, you can see I have my own account here. But I use the damn war kind whenever. Whenever I'm doing lectures just so that you're not seeing any passion stuff or anything, I leave it there. So a Demel kind. This shows up as being a brand your current for me, so it gives us the benefit of you seeing it blank for the first time to here we have the time so you can see it's a Monday on. It shows the time. There's not much to say about that. Your battery sightings here might my batch X charging at the minute. If I click it, you can see it shows your depth different things that shows you what's using the most power . I'm using screen phone I just to record this lecture, and if you want, you can show the percentage click on it. I always like to put the percent of joint just so I know how long I have left on it. We have a WiFi is the Naxal as we go on. True, it would speak about WiFi networks and how we would connect to WiFi and so on. So it's just we're just having a look at see what it is, then the next action here you have. Okay, this is going to vary for different people. So if you don't see this now, don't worry about it. These are just the different programs of the different I'd owns that you have. So the 1st 1 you can see here is a program called Team View that I use just for remote sharing on for logging in remotely to on the next one. Here is screened flow that I'm using to record this lecture wet. So the different ones you may have up there some people may have dropbox. So if you don't know Dropbox, it will show you the Dropbox. I come up there, maybe Google drive. You could have any of them ones up there Dropbox, Google drive and in the file sharing ones would show up up there when you do them Adobe. If you're anyone that uses photo shop, they will all show up up there for you. Okay, human back. And you can see your desktop picture may look different that than mine you may be using the Unite Chef mode. I didn't use it for this lecture. I do use it in my other demo. They didn't use it for this one just to keep it more colorful for you to see it. Okay, The next thing we have is in Mojave if you ever lose the mouse, and what I mean by that is the small icon we can see here. So, a point off from time to time, you may not be able to see it, whether it's on a black background or whether it's on something, then you just can't make it out. Give it a we shake and you see it make it goes bigger for you. So whether you shake the most or run your finger over and back on the track part, it will instantly zoom up so that you can just see where it is. 4. 4 Desktop The Dock: okay, right along the bottom. Here we have our doc. There's some people may have their dark on the left hand side. I tend to always leave it at the bottom. I will show you later on how you reported on the left or the right or wherever you wanted. But from a Mac point of view, I always tend to leave a default that it's done at the bottom here. So the doc said to the bottom, and what this does is it holds your your favorite programs that you use. It's bio means it's not all the programs that you have. It's just a favor, and the ones you can see here are the ones that apple put on it. So each thing has a small icon. You can see these are small icons here, so the pages one. We will speak about all these later on in more detail. First time messages, photos on just by hovering your mouse across them. It's giving you the name off them. I'm going to zoom in at the bottom so you can just see in more detail some of the things here. Some of them have this small dark beneath um can you see the small dot So beneath calendar Andi beneath finder. Now, you may remember early Rome when I was walking, I opened up Finder is always open because it's our desktop. It's are a user interface, but I opened up calendar this dark Andres means that that program is still running. Okay, so the program still running in the background or the Rance them here, you can see haven't run yet. If I was to open up contacts, I just click on it and you can see it Know how is small Dark, Benita. So you may have a all these darts beneath your icons and you don't realize wash It's going on on what's happening on that's what what's happening there, okay or dark at the bottom. We have the functions on some of the ones we have are finder on. Then this one is loaned part. I'm just going to zoom out, but you can see Lawrence part of the small rockets. So if I click on it, I'm gonna close out of my contact there. If I click on Launchpad Launchpad is gonna show me all the programs that I haven't stolen on my Mac, so you can see a lot of them are here and there's the APP store, and the APP store is down on my dark. We have maps and maps, is on the dock, so a lot of the time we don't need to go to the launch part because we have our most recent files at the bottom or a REIT. Most recent programs are our favorite programs, but she had just say, for example, some of the programs maybe final cut pro So final Cut pro is Apple's movie editing software . Know if I was someone who was going to use final cut pro a lot on I want to have it done on my dock. What I need to do is first of all, open up my going to put and I can click and drag it. And I'm just going to click and drag an I'm holding on to it. No, I'm moving it down. I go down into the dark and you can see it separates for me. So I'm gonna move it out and put it back in. I'm still holding it down on my most on my track by depending what you're using I go down and you can see it separates. Wanted separates. I release it. It puts it on my dark, and it just puts the icon back into my launchpad. Because remember, all the programs are there. But now I have my extra one at the bottom, and you can see that you can go in and use it straight away. Just saying, for example, if we don't want to use, maybe something like this is Kino. So it's presentations offer, if that's one of the programs that I don't want on my dock. At the very bottom, I click and hold. That's the most important and click and hold. So we click and hold. We left it up until it sees. Remove. We release it and you'll hear that quick puff. I'll do it again with pages click. Drag it up till it's his remove on. Release it and you can see it's movement. So depending on what you use, this dark should be AM set up for you. So if you're someone who likes to use all the programs that are, they are well and good. But if you want to customize it and put your own programs down there. You can do that. If you're someone who doesn't necessarily use contacts, get rid of it and put something there that you will use on a constant basis. So that's your your dark at the very bottom. Over here we have the programs that are open at the minute, so you can see these are the third party programs that are are open around on your dark so screen flows open on teen viewers open by explained them to programs earlier, and you can see that Linus operating there, showing them that they're open. But they're not on your dark, whereas Calendar's open. But it is in your darks, which just shows that the dart beneath it. Over here we have a download folder, so anything you download from the Internet is going to go to that folder on. If we click it, it would show you the programs that I don't have any downloads yet. But later on, whenever we do start downloading things, you'll see that they're going to show up for me there. And if you wanted, you could removed out as well in the same where by clicking on driving it up on then The next thing we have here is a trash. So as you start getting files and folders, you're gonna need to delete things. You're gonna want to delete things. When you delete things, they go to your trash and then from there to remain in your trash until you want to get rid of them permanently. So with the trash, one thing I want to see it to people. You can see the way and my dad's up. No, it is clean, and what I mean by that is there's no files and folders or run the place on. It is important that as a Mac user, anyone coming from Windows usually has this problem. As a Mac user, you want to try and keep your desktop clean because the user interface in Mac OS walk slightly different to Windows when you see a file on your desktop. So we all know people who have a load of file scattered across their desktop when we say files on the desktop. Mac, the user interface and Mark thinks that were saving them there because we want quick access to them, which is probably correct. But what happens is if you have 10 files saved there. It keeps them in a kind of Sammy open stairs. And that takes up resources on your Mac. So the more files you have there, it Contin e gets bogged down, and it starts getting slow. So trying to save your documents in your documents folder we look at finder later on and how he would create folders but train outta, have your desktop to Massey. So in one of the other lectures, we will look at how he would store files and how he would create forwarders and where we would store files so that we're not getting into the opposition that our desktop is a mass with files. Okay, so that's the desktop for the time being. Later on, when we start looking at different things, that will start making more sense here. So it seems in one of the next lectures 5. 5 External media: Okay, So when this action, we're gonna look at how you would deal with removable media on by removable media. I mean, maybe an external hard drive or a USB key or a USB pen. Different people call them different names. So you just take a USB pan, you can see I'm on my dad. Stop here at the minute. Take a USB, your external hard drive in. You plug it into the USB slot. Once you plug it in, it's gonna pay her up here on your desktop for you and help Europe their top right hand corner so you can see that it appeared up the top right hand corner. We can open it. This one's empty. I just double second toe. Open it for me and you can see it's open there. Any files that were on my USB would appear there. I have a couple of files in my debt on my documents. So what I'm gonna do is I'm going to click into my documents here and you'll be able to see the files, data, files and folders here. If I wanted to put anything on the U. S. B, I can just click and drag it across to the years, but you can see the plus. There it opens up. I'm still holding down my make file there on a release it on. You can see it puts it on to the U. S. B for me. So I have the file honor for me. So it's a symbolizing on the close out of that and do it again. This is a larger fire. This is I'll open up and just put one of the files. And so maybe the picture of the phrase here, So I'm gonna take the picture on. I'm going to dry, get, And once I dry get, I'm gonna hold down Enough. It's gonna open up the USB on a cool down, and I play somewhere Everyone. If I wanted to put it into that marked as one for look, I would hold it on it, and it would open up that folder for me, and then they can place it into that folder. So it's a really quick way. I've been ableto put files onto a USB or to take files off a USB, gonna close out of both of these dark windows. For the time being, I'm gonna open up the USB here to show you. So we have, ah, filer of folder here. If I want to take the folder off, I can just like it and drag it off on place that they are on my desktop or wherever the case is, so we have it there. So when do you want to eject a USB and you don't just politics. The USB is being used by your operating systems. You want to make sure you're rejecting it properly on there's two ways of doing this. You can second re click, so this will be the first time we've seen. Second reflects. The second retake is a right click from a Windows environment. So you can do to is if you have a most, you can just right click on the right click on the right side of the button, or you can click with two fingers. So where the track pride you would take two fingers and prayer stone on the button with two fingers, and it gives you that menu option. You can see that it will be familiar wet, so it's a two finger click or second. It's like we were lucky that later on in more detail when we're dealing with track pad. So here's an option here. Reject So the e jacked option will do, and I'm gonna be jacked it on. You see, it's gonna disappear. Once it disappears, You're free to pull it out off your mark. I'm gonna put a biking because I want to show you another way of each acting. It's gonna put it back in. It's gonna load up for me again There we have the USB so we could do whatever work we needed to do. Let us know when we're ready to eat. Jacque Tous. If you want, you can click it and drag it. Keep your eye on the trash can down at the very bottom here. I'm just actually going to move it down to the trash can so I can zoom in and show you in more detail. So it's a wee bit easier for you to see. You won't have to squint. I always record everything with my screen resolution. 12 80 by 7 20 Just sort of. It's clear for you. 10. 80 is that's quite hard to see, so I have the US being here and It's exactly the same as it was over the top corner. I've just moved down the bottom, but I just want to be able to see it. So instead of secondary clicking on going to Egypt, what I'm gonna do now is I'm going to click it and I'm gonna dry. Get over the been watch what happens to the bin or the trash can. So I click as unmoving. Can you see that? So I'm gonna have to do it. I held on I was talking there and I'm gonna close out of it. I'm gonna do it quickly. But what I'm gonna do is I'm goingto take and dry get over to Ben on the I drag it down over it and I ejected that were so I drag it down. The ben changes to an ejecting similar that you would have seen and maybe a CD player from years ago. When you want to eject your CD So you click the icon, drag it down across the been on it Liege acted for you. That way I find that's the quickest way of doing it in a second. A second each actimates. So whichever way you want to do it. It's passionate preference, but both ways. What do make sure that you, Teoh reject properly? I'm going to eat. I'm gonna put it back. And again. This is a USB, the files. I haven't us. I don't care about them. Not important for me. So the USB is there. You can see it when in the exact same place as I took her from the last time. Now what I'm gonna do is I'm going to just pull the USB out without dejected and property. I'm just gonna take I'm gonna pull it on. You can see it's comin up. T tell me that you didn't reject the years. Be properly before disconnecting. So we jacked it, Stan, you to do it so sometimes what could happen 99 times out of 100 or 999 times over 1000 nothing would happen. So you put it in and pull it out and you don't do any harm. But it has happened me in the past that files were corrupted so some files may have been in use on something else on. When you pull it out, it corrupts files on their unusable. Then it's very hard to get them back. So do make sure that you do e jack things properly. And that's whether your common from a Windows environment or a my apple environment do make sure that you always reject the hard drive's properly on your USB is property. It's exact same process for both of them. Okay, so we'll see. Isn't one of the next actors. 6. 6 Finder and Spotlight: Okay, So in this section, we're gonna talk about, find up, and we didn't find it. We're gonna have a look at spotlight as well. It's quite a big section off it. So I'm gonna click on the finder window down or to find the right content. The very bottom in your dark or wherever you're dock is located. And once we click on the finder icon, you can see it's going open up this. Find a window for you? No. The different sections of finder on the left hand side. Here we have the locations. So a couple of favorites which can be sat up, maybe your and applications desktop documents you can see you can add or remove them from it. If we want to remove it from the same bar. We can do it on things like that. Okay, we have a right side driving. We also have tag, so we'll talk about them in a second. We have a couple of icons along the top here, if you want. In this gray area here, I'm just going to take my window in a way. But just so you can see the area for me in this gray area here. If I secondary click here, it gives me an option for icon on text Icon only, which is selected at the minute on text only. So if I put on icon and taxed, you be able to see that you can see all the different I am sections of their from. So this section here is the views action, the group's action, the actions action share on added No, it won't make sense to, you know, until I go on, open up a couple of files. So this white area here in the middle this is showing the contents of whatever is selected on the left on site so that the minute I'm on recent And like I said earlier, this machine that I'm using is, ah, damn a machine that I use and for recording walking for the in quick life demos on. And so if I click on my documents so I don't have any reasons. If I click on documents you can see I have to file straight away or two folders Now. If, for example, if I wanted to make a Fulla, there's a couple of ways of doing it, so I can go into this white area, and I can do a right click or a second Retek. So depending whether using a track pad or a mouse you can dio. Secondly, tick or right click on there's an option there for a new folder. When we're looking at the system preferences later on off the track part almost, we will talk about how you would select the right liquor left like. So if you're using a mouse on, you've bean right looking for. We will keep doing that for the time being. Or if you're using a tripod. Second re click or two fingers will allow you to do that. So when we put the forward render cause in as, Ah, Plan folder, it has untitled folder ruling the bottom, and it's highlighted in blue Want. It's highlighted in blue. That means it's in what's called over type mode, so of you type across it, it would replace what's there. So I'm just going to start typing, and I'm just gonna call it Mike basics. So we're just doing Mike basics when we're finished. We just like out of it into the white area on that gets your full of fine lace for you. If you want, you can click and dry. Get sort of it in line or not. The way of doing it is when it's out of line. Secondly, click on There's an option for clean up so you can see the cleanup option will clean it up for you to little lying them all up here and it'll put them there. So you see it there all nice and neat name. Okay, so that's one way of creating a forego. Another way is if you click on this action button appeared the top so that we gear well. There's a new folder option there, too, so you'll see the window it gives you is very similar to the window that you're right Click Button gives you. So we live A look at these buttons here. The first point is, these are going to make more sense, and I once their review, I'm going to go into the this word processing task files. I'll include these files in the LAX, or so you can go and have a look of them. They're just sample files that I have from over the years teaching so the viewers you can see it. The minutes of the first few here is is a Leicester icons. Okay, we can then go into a list. Blair's them down as a list. The next one we have, Then you can see it's a gallery. Hell, we have cardamom, so it shows you the different ones. Here's the folders here on then the content of this folder are shown appeal. If I click on to that one, the content of this Ford Russian up there and then the mic basics is empty still. Okay, so the last file there and the other one then, is a gallery option. So it's like a under the gallery. You can see it has. It was what looked like small pictures at the bottom and then a bigger viewing area. So if I click on a file, you'll see it shows you a picture off the smaller picture along the bottom and then a preview window over here, and it gives you some off the information about it there, too. So different sections are there. You can see there's different word processing documents and write the waitress. Okay, do their options. Then I'm just gonna go back to our normal view, more deal. The other options we have then is grips. You compartment a different groups you can sort and by Neami consultant by type or by kind . So we were sold on the word processing documents together, it would sort all the m different things together in different types the the action, then very similar to what we have in the right click menu so we can go down on weaken Second reluctantly give us the options menu. So things like opening files are opening wet. Certain things moving at the trash get info will get you information about the files we look without any way. Second, you can rename them. So this right take or the second click just gives you a menu off each file that you can do . The action will give you the exact same and you so you can see you can see open get in four , move to trash. It gives you the axiom options. This share button, if we click on share, will give us options to her. We would like to share it. So do you wanna whip Maillet messages, airdrop notes, or similar? Or so again we will look at all of them Different sections later on. The other option that we have here is either tag. So if we want to add a tiger at a tags if we click on it here for a minute, we're I selected this find on replace Manu here on it wants us to add a tag so we can add different tags too. It's a red, orange, yellow green. These are just a couple of defaults. I can type in the tag idol so I can type and walk, and I can create that tag. So that's gonna be a walk tag. So I'm happy enough the data walk tag. So if I hover across that no, you can see I'm just going to go to this calorie window for time being, it's showing me a preview of that file on it has the tag alongside a cold walk. So when we want we can put our file is not only can we put him into file folders, we can also tag them so that when we tagged them, I'm gonna go down the page here. Just gonna pick this windows document. These are all old Windows files. I'm gonna add a tag. I'm just gonna put in again. Walk. Okay, so I'm after writing down to it there. So no, at the minute I have to files that I have just tied them with. Walk if you want, you could tied them different colors. I'm gonna take a couple of them. Read that one. There is Red interview. I'm gonna tag it as red. Or we could right click it, uncle Down on Target as right. That part of an easy it's partner we tag beside. It doesn't do anything to change the file. You're only nearly carry grazing it now. The beauty but haven't files. I'm going to zoom out away, but just so you can see the whole window the beauty about having files tigers on the left hand side here that we looked up area when we scroll to it. If I go in and I click on red, you can see it's only show me the files that I have tied. There's right and I think warned, untrue. There's all tags here. The walk tigers there. And if I click on work you can see it's only show me them to files that are tied. Does book. So it allies you to be able to quickly change them so you might have Maybe a red tide could be walk Blue tide could be your personal things or whatever it is that you can tag different things. And we were luckily around when we're saving a document that you can assign a tag when you're creating the file that goes with it. So if you get into the habit of doing it when you do calm later on searching for files, it's gonna leaving a lot quicker for you. Okay, No. Within. And find out we have a search option here and you can see the South option every search. So I'm just gonna come off. I'm gonna go back to my documents after time being if I search anything here, one of the fighters behind was called Borgo. So if I say I just you'll see it's going to go through it and it's going to find the files that are called board or so very simple typing. And it automatically finds them for, you know, Apple have what's called spotlight. You can see it up here in the top right hand corner. Just gonna zoom in to see against here. It's the magnifying glass, but it's more powerful than just the magnifying glass. Okay, if I click on it, it's gonna open up in the middle of my screen for me here, and you can see it's open up there, the short court for it, just for anyone that wants. So our cut. Some people like having shortcuts is command and space. I quite often used commanded space because it's right in front of it rather than going up to the top right corner on what spotlight search will let you do. Is it lettuce search from anywhere? So you don't have to go into finder to search. He just commanded space and type burger, and it automatically started for Houston. See its finding that file straight away. If we want to type and walk, it'll automatically go Gertrude and find any walk things that we have any fuller's that we have straight away for us. If we go through and we search for anything, directions or maps, it will find them for us, and you can see that we could do that so we will look Li Iran in more detail at spotlight such more advanced details. It can also do something that we put in five times for. It'll tell us it's 20 or we can get more advanced, weaken Gwyn and weaken search. I just moved it there. We can go in and we can put just a couple of numbers and multiplied by a couple of numbers and you can see her quick. It's It's adding it up for us so it can be used straightaway like that. I can access the calculator. It can create notes from what you can do anything just straight away without having to go into the actual application. So too, am Dude, If we wanted to do 85 kilograms, it will automatically tell you it's £187.39 on. That tells you all the different calculations right down along the left right and say that if you put in and dollar scene 56 it'll tell you at the minute of $49 on it to give you up to date information so you can see this is died a common from Yahoo. So this is why spotlight deserves a wee bit more of a mansion than just being a searching function. So do have a player. But with spotlight pipe and a couple of things and see doesn't walk for you. And you can see the way they are straight away. It can be used very well. Okay, so we'll see. Is in the next lecture. 7. 7 The Dock preferences: No, this is gonna be one of the quicker lecture. So this lecture is about the dark at the very bottom. So we did speak briefly about the dark when we were dealing with the desktop, but I want to just go into a wee bit more detail. I did say that I recovered in another lecture, So there's a couple of things you can do with the dark. The first thing is we can go in and we're going to go into the apple Icahn up the very top left hand corner. We're going to click on the system preferences. So once we take on the system preferences, it's hard in from the top. We have dark. She could see that Icahn deal. So if we click on it first thing is your size so you can make the doc bigger or smaller. Okay, it will only lead to go a certain size depending on your screen. The magnification is the next option, so you need to take it on and you can make it bigger or smaller again. Your screen size is going to the town when which of these you can use the position on the screen is gonna be left the bottom or right. I tend to leave it at the bottom. But it's all passionate preference, whichever you rather it's on the left over here bottom here and then right this genie effect. This is something that I found. If someone is using an old or Mac book on you, maybe have trouble seeing the rainbow. Well, I like to call it so if the rainbow Wheeler's wonder things that come up now and again this genie effect can be something that might help it for you. It's not gonna make a drastic difference, but it might be something that will happen. So the genie effect I'm just gonna open our window. I'm just gonna open notes. It's gonna be the first time note is open. So it's going to say, Welcome to know Tom's gonna try and log in, but when I am, minimize it. It's gonna use a genie effect. So it's gonna look like a genie going back into its fast and so you can see if I click it, it goes in and you can see the way it goes in like a genie. If I turned this genial factor just put it. The scale effect? No. If I go to minimize it, you'll see it's just straight on. So that is taking a lot last resources than the genie effect with, and you get the exact same effect from what? But some people like that genie effect on If you have a brand new MacBook or a Brian you a Mac, that's not going to make much difference. See, it's only for someone who is using an older MacBook. Like we said earlier, the best. The best thing to help your Mac speed up right? His make sure desktop isn't cluttered with different files. The worry about folders. Folders are closed, just filed. Andi. Make sure it is shut down regularly. That's one of the men problems people have. You can close the cover doughnut and just leave it till it come the next year. But your Mac, those need timeto hibernate or switch off folly. So do make sure your restarted every couple of days or a week at most. I don't care the tops then, so there's different options down here at the bottom, so you can see if you double click on the title. Bardhyl Asia Zoom you can minimize windows into an application. I conduct the bottom animated opening applications. That's when I click on something. So if I was the lack on, I'm going to see what can I open that I haven't opened previously? And if I open reminders, so if I open reminders, you'll see when I click it, it does that we burnt. So that's the option. Their fears with small options and show indicators for open applications. The small dots at the bottom are showing the indicators for it on, then showed the recent these air the recent ones here, and if I click them off, you'll see it stops that break up line that we have. I tend to leave it on because off I used them recent ones. They'll OK, so that's the dark options that are all there now. What we can do is we can also, from time to time and you will see me doing it. I used for recording all my videos here. I use a Mac book air just for the sole purpose that it's it's handy and I can lift it on. Take her with me from place to place. But the problem with that is my screen is quite small or quite limited. So what I do is you can remove your dark so we can do command option and D will remove the dock and command option and D will bring the dock back. Your dark is always there. So command option d put it away. But if I hover down across that it brings it back up for me on then command option D will bring it back up so that that's just a short cut for you. It will give you more walkable screens. Best that you can use okay to overseas in the next action. 8. 8 About my mac: Okay, So when this lecture, we're gonna learn how you tell the type of mark you're using on some of the information that you may need to know from time to time, we're going to click on the apple Icahn up the very top left hand corner on the option about this mark is the one that we're gonna look for. So we click on a birth this Mac, it's gonna open up in the middle of the window. Now I'm going to zoom in for you just to show you that you be able to see all the different things. OK? No. So this mike, as I said earlier on this month that I use it's an 11 inch MacBook air, and it's a machine. I've had this couple of years on a user for recording. I don't use it for exporting any documents or for exporting their finish videos. I have a Mac, many in the office, but I just use this for recording, cause it's so light and versatile it wouldn't be powerful enough for exporting. Videos are editing movies on, but it would do everything that the average user needed for am the final videos. I used a Mac many in the office. So first of all, it has your diversion of the software that you're using. So you can see I'm on Michael Westmore, Harvey. So depending on the version that you're using, always do try to make sure that you're on the latest version that you can be some of the more that you be. You contract out by clicking on the software update. And here we were lucky that no, Before we go, what has your version that were on Italian? The Mac book that you're using? Okay, it's an 11 inch MacBook meditators and 12 attached to the process. Er on the tells you what memory you have. So all the information that you need about your Mac book and it also gives you the option for your displays here. So if you have depending on, if you're using our Mac book or an I Mac or a Mac many, you will have different options here. But it shows you all about the displays. You have your storage. So this micro care I've up graders, I put a new SSD in it. So if you do have an older Mac that you am thinking is, maybe we but slow. You can put a new SSD and it and it will greatly improve the life of it on SST. We will talk later on about all the different options off that SSD is solid state drive. So it's a tape of hard drive that they're used basically hard drives, common two or tree different ways. So, first of all, you have a hardly that looks like that's the one that you can see on the screen there on. It's a standard hard drive. It's kind of like a CD inside it that that spins fast on Dem. The problem with that is it can be slow at times because there's this spin up. It has to wait until it's up to a certain speed. Then you have a solid state drive. A started state drive is more or less like a USB two like you would have a USB. It's it's solid on its fast off bought solid state drives, a more expensive than their older hard drives, but they have more lifespan. The other thing we have then, is what's called Fusion Drive. So someone some people with an I Mac so the bigger IMAX might find that they have a fusion drive on diffusion. Dr is the best of both worlds, so it's the hard drive. It has the volume of a hard drive, but it has the speed often SST so it incorporates both things. Okay, so that's the different options. I also have a US being here, but this will show you what kind of storage have other users. The reason that it's showing that is because I am logged into the demo account here, so it hasn't got the privilege to show me what's using up spears. But your computer will show you all the space here. You may have a lot of things called order or whatever it is, and you can see them built up here. Okay, so it it shows you all the options and the much room you have left and the same on the hard drive here. CNC I've mostly films on the heart on the USB on, then photos on then, although OK, so that's the way you would use that. The only other thing we have here on the overview is the system report. If I click the system report, you'll see it will give you mawr information. It'll give you different types that will give you and different things about the battery. You can tell her many times it was charged. You can tell all the different things about your computer, so it gives you amore precise, um, overview exactly about the computer on all the different things that you have on it. So that's quite a good thing to know, but the me and one that we would use is this about my Mac. So it just gives you the quick basics off. What is the important things on a hard drive? Okay, so what, see, is in the next, Actually look at more things. 9. 9 Installing apps: Okay, So when this section, we're gonna look about the APP store and how we would download APS on also in store lapse for the first time and get our updates done. So the first thing we're gonna do is we're gonna look at the APP store. So when I click on the app store what they took in the APP store, you see, it opens it up there and you will need to be signed into the app store. Foreigners. So you may want to go ahead and do that. The APP store is divided up into different sections, so you can see we have our menu bar over the very top. First of all, it's dividing the difference Actions discover, create walk play developers. Card agrees. But it also had this search options. So if you know what you're looking for, you can just go straight into the top and search for it. So ah, popular. One would be a movie so you can click and type and I movie on a movie with. The results will come up for you there so you can see a movie is already installed and there's a good chance it will be already installed on your Mac to Okay, If it wasn't, it would say, Get like this. OK, and final card is another one similar I movie than the next version up from it. So if you know the app that you're looking for, you can just go ahead and search for. From there, we may have from time to time an update that needs to be done on certain applications. So if I click on the updates action, you can see it the minute of Show me that my system is fully up to date, but you may come across and you'll see. It might say Tuapse need updated or whatever the case is, and that's where you would find them in the updates action. And it's going to be a step by step guide that you can go walk your way a true toe up there that there won't be. It'll just be a matter of click in the bottom. No, Apple lets you put two types of applications on your computer. One type is on application from the APP store, which were after looking at their night on. Another type is from the Internet or from the Web. Now, when you're dealing with him so far from the Web, those two men types of software you can get one is from identified developers, and then one is from all others, So identified developers will be the likes of maybe Microsoft Adobe. And a good good rule is that if you've heard of them, there would be unlearned identified. Developers list. So what we're gonna do is I'm going to go in here to my apelike icon. I'm going to go to System Preferences and I'm gonna go to security and privacy. And once we go into security and privacy, it's going to give us options night. Okay on, I'm going to go into the general options. This is the section we want Hell so you can see here a low ups downloaded from and it gives us options the up store on APP store and identified developers. So just make sure that that is selected up store on identified developers. If you go ahead and download it, it will tell you if it's not allowed happen to, usually by default, that will be selected. So we're gonna go on ahead. I'm gonna open safari here just for the Internet. I'm gonna download a browser that I don't have. So I'm just gonna type in Firefox for my So we're gonna go ahead and download this Firefox for Mac just to see to reckon, show you a walk. True off how you would install a program. So gonna go to the second round here, download Firefox for Mac. So this is just to get you to show you exactly how you would download our program. We're not gonna be able to show you how to do not every program. But once you see one, you should beware level to do the rest of them. I'm going to click on the download. No feature. It's going to go up to my downloads and you'll see it happening. You can see here up at the top right hand corner. It's downloading there, and it's also showing in my downloads folder here. So into far you can see up here if I click on it. It's downloading that. So I'm just gonna let it run true there. I'll speed up the video and post Okay, so it's reached its fall down, or I'm gonna click on this download button up here the very top corner. If I click on it, you can see it has Firefox six tree 60.0 dot re dot TMG. So DMG is an installation file, so I'm going to click on it and then double thick it, or you can double click straight on us. It's tenure that it's opening here for you, so it's just verifying it. First of all, it's finishing it now. No, When you're installing our application, people get stuck at this point. This is your applications. Folo on this is the application on all its wanting it you to do is click it on dry, get UN releases and that's it. So it's click drag. Release on it will do it for you and you can see it copies it in for you. So that should probably say it out. But they expect people to know what. So now you will be able to do it. You can hear it has done it. So I'm gonna close out of that window. Then I'm gonna close out of safari on then. If I go into my programs, do you remember from your launchpad? If we scroll over, there's Firefox. They are fully installed when you open it. Forced? It might ask you, Is it okay to open this program just for the first time? After that, it won't happen, so we'll see. It's verifying it down. Oh, it'll come up and see hello to run on. I'll say yes. Open on. That's it. So the first time you open if it will ask you to perform them, there's Firefox open, and Firefox is just a Web browser like Google chrome like safari. One of them, I just chose that to download because I couldn't download Google Chrome because they already have it on safari comes preinstalled, So it was just to get a program that we could download. I'm gonna close out of Firefox because I want to show you what happens then. When you don't know the program, it launches as if it's a USB. So the files that you download from the Internet launched themselves for logged themselves on your computer like a USB. Once you have the program installed and it's all working properly, you can eject that just the same way as we would inject a USB by clicking it on, dragging it down to the trash or you can. Secondly, click it and reject that won't do any problems to the existing file that you have have on on it saves your desktop and cluttered up with them. So if you have a couple of them fires or desktop, you can go ahead and do it once you are happy that the program is opening for you. So that's installing a program from the Internet. We looked at updating programs on. We looked at am going to the APP store for different programs. So we'll see, is in the next actual. 10. Pages numbers and keynote Explanation: No. So when this lax, we're gonna talk about AIDS. Apple have a suite of programs called iBook. It used to be called I don't really call it. I walk. I I still refer to it as I walk its pages. Numbers on keynote on pages, numbers and keynote would be equivalent to Microsoft Word Microsoft Excel on Microsoft Power Point. So in the next relaxes, what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna show you a brief overview off all three programs on I mean, just a brief go in and see what the the programs like, have a look around the screen on Try and tell you the different things that the programs could be done. Just so you can see now they will come preinstalled and some Mac books. Any new Mac books? The will. If you have a Mac book that's older than 2014 you may need to pay for it. Depending on your location, the price will be different. If you have Mike Brooks after it hasn't 14 or an iPhone, it will come free on it. You just may need to go to the APP store on downloaded. So in each of the lectures on show you how to Go into the APP store and diet Lord, It might be weeping repetitive for you, but that's I just want to make sure that everyone just in case someone watches one of the videos and not the other one, I want to make sure that you know exactly how to do it. And a small tip. It used to work. I don't know if it works. Now, if you have an older Mac that is looking for you to buy it but a new or iPhone if you downloaded on the iPhone forced it may be available to you, then on the Mac for free. Get usedto work. I'm not sure of. It still does. I can't check now. I haven't got access to an older McKnight. Okay, so I hope you enjoy. And definitely my view on it is people always ask me, what do I think off keynote numbers and pages? Because I do teach Microsoft's off as well, And I think if you just want to create documents on spreadsheets and presentations for yourself and you're happy enough that you're not trying, Teoh heavily collaborate on a mean, heavily collaborate on that with if someone was going into an office with 50 people on, 49 of them were using Microsoft. Word I knew were coming in with pages. It is going to cause problems. But I mean, if you were walking for yourself for creating ladders or creating things and sending them off the people that you're not heavily involved with other people, pages is perfectly fine. Numbers is perfectly fine on some people would say it's it's better even on GM Keynote. Definitely, I would rank E nota both power point for making presentations. It's a lot more creative on it's It's a lot more user friendly, so I wouldn't put it right. And if you are someone that has used Microsoft Word, my cousin forward, Microsoft, Excel and like yourself Power Point in the past I did. I was one of them. Soldiers don't don't be afraid to give pages. Keynote. Andi numbers are trite. You might like it. It's if you like the mark and the layout of the mark. You might like it. It's a lot of dragon drop on different things like that. But it's definitely definitely not a downgrade on under third. Um, okay, so I hope you enjoy looking a damn lectures. Okay? So once he is in the next ones 11. Pages Overview for course: So when this election, what we're gonna do is we're gonna go first of all and see about downloading pages. First of all, we take into the APP store. Now it may come preloaded on a lot of the max that you have, but if we click in here to the sacks bar up at the top of the APP store, I'm just gonna type in pages and click on the 1st 1 that comes up there in the search bar. You can see here we have peerages remains is open. Their open means that I already have it downloaded. If you have downloaded previously, you might have a small clothed with a day in our rotor on. If you can see here, if you don't, it will say get now those two options would get get with get. I didn't say Get within the app purchases. The gap means that it's free. Get with in our partisans means that it's free to download. But there may be some cost after that, that's not gonna happen with pages. It will just be Get that there is a good chance that it will. There some older Macs pre 2000 and 14 me require our porches of it, but it would shouldn't be too much, depending on your location. Okay, so I have a downloaded. So I'm gonna go ahead close out of the APP store, and I'm going to go now to my launchpad, because that's where all our programs set. So if I take on the launch pad here, the very bottom left hand corner, it's this rocket like we seen earlier on. I'm going to go to pages. So here we have our pages icon and you can see it here. It's a small page with a pain on it. On it has that red color at the top. Then we can take it straight from there, and it will open. But what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna put it on my dock for later use, just in case that we needed later on. So going ticket. I'm gonna dry. Get there And I checked it open to air lead up. I'm going to click and drag it down, so check it. I'm going to drag it down. It makes room for me. You can see there. It's making room at the bottom of the dark. I'm holding my finger down my mouse on my track pad. Andi, I release it on there. You can see it's no on my dock down at the very bottom of scrolling so you can see it. So here we have pages down here. Okay? So once pages opens, you can see it opens with this dialog box here for us. And it's asking us where do we want to stay of our document to or where we want to create our document. I'm gonna take on the desktop just for the time being. Now, as we say always, it's not good practice to save things on the desktop, but for easiness in this course, I'm going to do that. So we take on our desktop, you can see here at the top. That means we're saving it to our desktop. That's always the location where you're saving it, too. If you want the old that you can do so on the left hand side here. Or you can take there in one of these dropped in arrows and picking from one of these ones here. So we're gonna do a new document. We're just gonna take new document here. I'm gonna do my screen, just not for the zoom that this is the first window. That will matter with pages. Now, if you only have to do in order for the first time, you might be greeted with, like an information page to tansy but of information. Or if you download a new update it to meet, meet you with that new pages while that you can read about what's going on and what's happening. But this enforcement here is the template articles. Which template do we want to use for a document? You can see we have blank, blank landscape, no taking, and then these are just the standard default ones. And then if we scroll down here, you can see we have different asset types and end of term. It's a school report on these. Go on. So there's a good few team. There are hundreds of them. They'll know when we use a blank. It's grand. We can start from scratch and weak and idle content to it, and that's nearly every idea at most times. But these are the ones here, the assets and the different ones. What happens here is you would start where the template that Apple has created for you. Quite good templates. And you would replace their content with your content. So it's a chance to be able to go in and do it. We will have a look it out in a second. Okay, What we're going to do, first of all, is we're going to just open up a blanket just to standard default. Just a dude. I'm not gonna take on. Choose on its going toe Open up for us now. I'm gonna put a full screen just so you can see you get the full benefit off the screen and put me dark away. Okay? So with all apple products, we always have the file or not file menu bar up at the top here, and you can see it always comes back when we go full screen to put a full screen. I district on the green button there so you can see up here. We have the different menu options here, and we would look at how to use them right to a different course. This is your toolbar, right across the top on 90% of the things that you want to do can be done using this toolbar. Okay, this is your main screen area here, so this is it Looks like a near four paid so just like a blank. Therefore, pitch on. We have this. What's called an insertion point. I'm going to zoom in, and just so you can see it now, whether you're doing Microsoft Word or Apple Pages or Keynote or PowerPoint or Excel or typing something in an email, this insertion point is going to be the most important thing that you're ever gonna deal. But when typing, and so the insertion point is flashing there and what that means is it's ready for you to type anything you type, whether it be an ABC or a 12 tree is going to go in at that point. So it's very important to be able to know where that insertion point is and two new be where you want to put it on so on. Okay, that's the inception point to do. Take note of that. The next thing then we want to look it is, and the more we want more is just a brief Leo off the window. So we have our men toolbar area up at the top here. So we have the different page control to your Exume, the different views. You can put it all the different views, like your Web view, our Tom nails. We have weakened Zoom in tonight, so I'm going to zoom to 100% or you consume to 75%. If you wanted to see all the page for you, we cannot appeared. So if you want a one or two pages of three persons in one thes options here, I'm just going to treat him very quickly. As I say we go into more detail in Different Lacks is just just an overview of it. So we have the insert allergic. To be able to put in things like page breaks or numbers or dates and times tables speaks for itself. It allows you to put in tables. Charges for charts, taxed allies, you to put in tax boxes. Attacked boxes are very hunde are very easy because the lawyer the players taxed anywhere on a document. Shams allows you to put in any type of ship that you want, and you can see we have all the different types that are not just shapes you consider symbols under different we people and globes and things. So if you want to make a poster or anything, you could use them ships. They're made here then is going to be any photographs that you want or you can see. You can take them straight from your phone. So if I want to take a photograph directly from my phone, I could take on that take photograph we formed here beside me and I could take a photograph of what's in front of me on then. Over here we have a comments action. So the comments action is going to be used for markup. So if you're not familiar with mark up, don't worry about it. Just say, for example, you created a document on you, sent it to somebody else, and they were correcting it for you, or the were putting their take on it. They could use a comment so they could leave small comments for you that maybe say maybe change this to the number one or maybe change. So the comments action is there collaborators here on the right hand side on collaborate allows you to be able to share your pages document So years ago, if I had five people working for me on I had them all doing a document I would have my own document on. I would have the five documents that the other people have. So we're all walking on the same document. They would all have a document each when they are finished to send the document to me on. Then I have my own document on I have one document for each passions. We have six documents in total that I don't have to try and combine our marriage or take the basket out of each of them. What collaborate does is it allows me to make my document share above. So if my document is terrible, it means that I can share it with them. Five people, the sex people. So me and the five other people can walk on the same document on it just means at the very end and that I don't have six different documents. They only have one document that I can use for am collaborating with. Then here on the right hand side, we have four months undocumented that these tubs in the right hand side or what's called contact Jewel. So these are going to change the panning on the context. So the minute I am dealing with tax in the right hand side here are in the man page window . You can see I've taxed. I'm just gonna type in a better sample tax here, and we're not going to get into typing. Okay, We have taxed here. So because I'm dealing with taxed in the main document of the window, this here on the right hand side is allowing me to form are taxed. If I put in a quick ship, I'm just going to click on ship. I'm gonna play in just the 1st 1 that comes to me. You can see straight away on the right hand side. This has changed. No. And it's allowing me to format ships. I take back on the text and you'll see note alone before my text. So it's granted it alos your day. I It's weirding for you. It's ready for you to use straight away. This documents action on the right hand side here allows you to deal with the document properties. So the likes of this page size the print off the orientation. If you have had a riff orders. All these would be explained in a later lecture. But I just want you to see what happens over here. You've different sections here. So if you were doing a 20 page document, if you wanted to be broke up in different sections, you can do that here and then bookmark to hear that you can put book marks in the longer to take it back to them straight away. So that's all over the scope of this lecture. But we would look at that in future elections here, but I just wanted to make sure that you have seen exactly what was the layers of the page. We have a world current down at the bottom here, and you can see a Tanzania how many words many pages you're dealing with. So if you are doing something for college or anything like that, you can use that straight away. Okay, I'm gonna take on this ship just to delete it out the way we don't need it out for the time being, so you can see we've not in selected. It's not going isn't as soon as I take back on our text, it allows me to change text here. Okay, then the next thing we want to do is we want to put in a wee bit of tax tr. So I'm just going to say this is sample tax enough, But the same taxes that on some pretext and just to hello us to I'm just pointing in tax. You can spend more time partner in tax day. Okay, Now open the top here. There's mainly a couple of different things that we want to do. We want to save, so you can see here we have at the minute it's called untitled frequency. Untitled on they're added at the end of it here. Just means that since it's being last saved because our pages with auto save it for you. Since it's being last saved, it's being added it. So what I'm gonna do is I'm just gonna click here on once we take here. We're gonna put a name on it. I'm gonna call it forced file. Very original forced file. If we wanted to add any tags, you could put it in here so you could see you could maybe call it important. You could call it excel for Mac one of the other courses. Or you could call it different things so you could create in a new thing, so you could just say M documents or whatever it is. Documents create a tag. And there you have a new tag for documents. So the reason you would do tags is later on. If you want to search, you can just search for a document on it would come up. So just say you had a company that you're walking for. It was called ABC Limited. If you were doing documents for them, you could have a tag created called ABC LTD. On. What you could do is each time that you created a file for them, associate that Tig with it, they had her own. Whenever you want to search for not file, you can just type in the tag on it would take it up for you all the files that have been there, So that's tags. The next thing we want to do is where do you want to save it? Do you want to save it locally? And what I mean by locally is on your Mac. Do you want to save it in like out there the beauty. But I thought it is. If you savor tonight at your phone or your iPod. It's also connected to that CME iCloud, and you can pick it up directly from there. So if I was to create this file a nightlight where it's saving at the minute, I could immediately pick it up on my iPhone or iPod. Continue editing that tax that we have in there in pages. So with the collaboration between the iPod, the iPhone and the market is perfect am again, we will look it out in a different lecture so you can see here. I can see it, but I'm gonna say it just to my desktop for the time being barred practice again. But it's OK. It will do it for this one forced file on. I'm gonna take out of it. I'm just gonna take you back a second, and I keep saying it's bad practice. The reason. It's bad practice. They would have mentioned in there in your lectures, but just in case you're watching this one and not watching the other ones, Mac walks different to any of Windows or any other operating system in the fact that when you say if something on your desktop, it saves it in preview mode. So there's a preview mold already pre loaded there. So if you have 100 things saved on your desktop the royal sitting in preview more ready to be opened because your Mac things that you want to access it quickly what you're more than likely do. But it puts it into previa more. So you're better off pointed into a folder on your desktop or afford or somewhere else on that stops it am taking up resources. Okay, so we're not gonna look at putting Inpex event in here. It's way above the scope of this lecture. This lecture is just about seeing what them pages is what we can do it. I'm gonna go out of my full screen. You can see here we have. I'm gonna close out of that for a second. Here we have our fourth file and second, I'll drag it over just so we can see it. So here's our first file. If we open up, you see, it opens it straight up again, and pages allows us to be ableto added it quickly. Now, again, we wouldn't say that there to our desktop. So that's pages. It can be used in collaboration with Microsoft Word. So it's no problem. I'm going to go back into pair just just to show you. So we have this first file, I'm gonna open a backup that when we were dealing with, if you wanted to walk with someone, that was Microsoft Word. You could take file and you could export it. Eyes a word document on kids. So the person that's in the PC can open that up straight on award document. If you wanted to create a pdf, you can go straight in and create PDF export as pdf straight away. Export PBF onda We put it, Just leave. PdF selected. We leave. The quality is best with thick. Next we put it toward asked up again just so it's there. I'd call it forced file pdf just so that we can distinguish the difference between them. They'd be different logo than your When we take on export, it exports and you can see here we have our pdf on that PBF can be opened by anyone on any iPhone or any different things, and you can see it opens straight up for us. So that's the beauty off pages. Number one. It comes free on your Mac. If you have Party Mac after 2014 it comes AM usually preloaded. You can open straight up, you can add it. It's very graphical, and what I mean by that is it's good for doing pictures and doing graphics and art and that type of thing more sort of Microsoft Word. You can use it in collaboration with your iPhone, so you can straightaway use one against the other so you can open up in your iPhone on a bus. Create a pages document on your iPhone on when you get home, you can pick up again on your Mac. You can also share it with people like we looked at with the collaborating section on its very easy to create a PB Affleck were after seeing so do check out pages. It's definitely one of the better programs that Apple have on I'll See is in one of the next lectures 12. Numbers overview for course: So in this section we're going to look at numbers for Mac. The numbers from Mark is a spreadsheet application equivalent to Microsoft Excel. So it's it's used by people for Mac and because it comes preloaded on your Mac providing the markets new anyone who doesn't have it, I'm going to take you through a quick process of how you would get it. And you would go to your APP store that at the very bottom we could take up here, the top left hand corner. We just type in numbers. I just take on the force one that comes up there. Once you take on numbers, it's going to go in search and see Where is it mind you can see. Here it is open. That means that I have it already downloaded. You may see a number of different things, so you mean see a cloud with a down arrow? That means that you've downloaded previously, and maybe on an iPhone or an iPod. You may also see the option called Get. That's if it's available for free to you on. You may also see a price there. If your Mac is older, it's only from my experience with her is an and 13 so and it should be OK. They're It's not a big price, even if it depending on the country that you're in. But it's not it On a day's work compared toa Microsoft excel its price If you just want to do smaller spreadsheets and things so I have it downloaded so we're not going to download it again. We're going to put it down on the dock. First of all, all your programs rest in your launch parts. I'm going to go to launch part down here at the bottom corner on Dhere. We have numbers so you can see it over here. I'm going to zoom in. You can see the icon. It's over here, numbers down in the left hand corner. You can see it's like a chart on what I'm gonna do. You know, it could open it directly from my launchpad, but I'm gonna have to keep going back into a launch. But every time that I need it. So what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna put that icon down on my dark so I'm gonna click the icon I'm gonna dry get their into the dark to make a bit of room on. Release it on. That puts it on my dark for me then So you can see I know how about sitting down at the bottom corner here? So we're fine ticket. It's not going to open for me. You'd see it jump here if you don't lord it for the first time. There's a new installation or a new update. So when you downloaded for the first time or doing up there, it's gonna tell you what new or what did this. So you can have a read through that in your own time. I'm going to click on. I was gonna take on Continue. So this is the first thing that we have here. It opens up with this small dialog box on its asking you, Where do you want to save your spreadsheet to? So there's a number of different places you conservative. You can save it locally. And what I mean by that is you can save it on your Mac or on a USB pen or on a hard drive. Something like that. Local to yourself. You can save it in the cloud. So minute a minute of saving two numbers in iCloud and what that means is in your eye coats . When elector from Lecture, we would go through iCloud and what it is. But in ICT I there's a folder called Numbers or a Place called Numbers. And if you save all your spreadsheets in there, it just means you can access them from your phone, which is connected to your iPhone, which is Collective item, or your iPod, which is connected to iCloud. So that means if you were on a boss or somewhere and you were starting to do a spreadsheet on your iPod, save it. iCloud. When you get home, you can pick up again on your Mac, so it allows continuity between the two. I'm going to save to the desktop, we said earlier there in your lectures. It's not great practice, but we go to down in a different so I'm gonna say it to me. Dan, stop. I'm just going to click on new document, so here you can see the first thing that it opens up for us. It wants it to choose a tablet, so we have a couple of different templates here. We have a blank template, a checklist. The checklist. Total charting categories and so one and you can see there's a load of them, right the way it down here. Okay, Now I'm just going to speak about the blank one in this lecture in different ones, we can look at the other ones, but a blanket black one is the one that I would use maybe 99% of the time. Very rarely do I use a tablet. Some people do, but I don't tend to. I like to be able to make up my own spreadsheets and be able to put my data where I want a template And Apple have created these templates here for you. So they have created a budget template on They have all the boxes and all the charts ready for you, and you drag and drop your information into them. Very good for someone who just wants to create a quick budget. And it is happy using the way that I would have done it, so I'm definitely not against templates. It's just not something that I use regularly. Okay, so we're just gonna open up a blank, because all we're gonna do in this lecture is just have a look around the screen and see what is around the screen. So we click on the choose button there, it opens it up. I'm gonna put it on a full screen. I'm gonna take on this green button at the top. Left hand corner pocket, full screen on here we have the full screen view for you. No, over on the left hand side, we can see here we have two different view options so you can see we can show the rulers or we can turn the rulers off. Or we can turn comments or we can hide and for place and them different things. OK, so that's just your view. It's changing things about the view off your window. Your zoom is here, and we can set zoom up or down, depending on what we want to see. So we're depending on the amount of data that you have in your screen. You can set the zoom up or down. We have our categories button here that we cannot different categories we can put in a B's or C's, and again, and a different actually would look at that. This is only to get a brief overview off the program. These are our tool bars here. So this is the man to about on all the options would give you different things that this is a formula, but there's a table Solaris, but in tables this is the charts were put in charge tax box, but in tax boxes, shapes but in shapes. And we will look at all these later on. We just want to have a look and see where everything is for the ball. Media allows us to, but in pictures or videos on, then our comments allows us to put a comment on itself. So if you were doing markup for somebody, so if someone was correcting something for year or over viewing it, he could put a comment on it instead of changing the salad. That could put a comment and see. This might be wrong. Check it out. The collaborates action here collaborate alos as a metric on it here and now, and you can see it came up for me. So collaborate allows you to be able to share your file with somebody else. So if you had a spreadsheet and you wanted five or six people to walk on us instead of giving them a spreadsheet each you just shared what it's We would have seen that in earlier lectures. So I'm gonna cancel it out to the different ways you can share it. You can send a message or you can email it or you can air drop it. Okay. These tabs over here on the right, right on site for Martin organized thes are gonna change the panning on the context So you can see here because I'm dealing with spreadsheets or tables. It's giving me options for table two years. You can see we have table options, Sal options because we're day limit Selves. Watch If I was to be in a ship, we're gonna take on shape. I'm just coming in the square, automatic via changes to she eps options. So it allows me to do things that would change the ships I click back into a cell on it automatically changes back to tables so you can see that it straightaway changes from one to the other, depending on what you're dealing with in the middle. So that's quite good for you. Disorganized option. Over here on the left, on the right, hand side allows you to do things like art in category, so you can group your stuff in different places. If you have data for different types of things, you can group them and you can put a category for different groups. Would look at that. It allows you to do things exhorting your daughter. I'm filtering it. So getting rid of things that you don't want in your daughter, we over scroll bars here. We're not gonna look too much at numbers now, Rooney, as they say, looking at the overview off the window. But you can see we have here this part in here at the very end. So I'm gonna zoom in Jersey and see it. We have our layout. So the way your spreadsheet is later in general, you have columns and you have rules. Here we have Karl Amir Colin be called him seeing d e f g on. Then we have 123 right down to 20 to know the majority of spreadsheets that you're going to do. You are going to be small enough. You may not need more than 22 rows or five or six or seven columns. Whatever is there. But if you do want more, you can click on this button over at the end, and you can see it's adding columns for us or click on the button at the end. Off your numbers on it will allow you to add Rose right the way it entrance. So that's the way you can make your spreadsheet bigger, Smaller? I'm gonna just do emergency. You can see the fact that that's happened. So if I want, I can add Rose right the way across like this, right the way and columns rather right the way across on and rose right the way. Then toe enter data in spreadsheet. You just take wherever you want on you type in whatever you want into your spreadsheet. So I just typed in January. There you can see we have January typed in right the way across if I wanted. Now again, we're not gonna be looking too much here. This yellow box that I have If I hover across that ticket on dragger, you can see it gives me the months of the year straight away across. It's called the auto fell to. So it's the small yellow box that you have here. And it only works for certain things like January Monday. Words, different things. It walks right away. Then we can put if we wanted. Maybe we were salad things. We could put shoes if it spat it right. Maybe coats we put happen. So we're selling these things, and then we could put the different figures right the way truth that we wanted to or whatever we were selling. So I'm not gonna take too much detail important and figures down. But you could see we could sell them right the way across on that would allow once then to be able to do things on that daughter like, calculated and maybe create charge or create different things. Creative printouts for us. We can add different sheets. So the minute we get we only have one page and you can see it's called Sheet one. But ever plus, here, the left hand side. If I take on the plus, it's gonna add a second sheet to me so I could call that one. You can see if you want. I can rename that, but taking on that arrow I can call it the shop and I can call this something else so that I can different anti different yet between the two things. So that shop I'm just gonna call the sweets. So we sell streets as well. Okay. And you can take between them so you can have no numerous different things right the way across there. Okay. So we could spend all day here putting indicted there. That's not what we're here from this lecture. We're just here to have a brief overview of it. The only other thing we want to do is have a look at saving your spreadsheet. So if we take the very top, you can see it the minute it's untitled. We haven't put a name on it yet. If we kick on it, it's going to give us options to save it. Okay. It's taking this time to come up here on here. We have it up. Note. So untitled is up here. If you want to see if we can just call it our spreadsheets. Very original. If we wanted to put tags on it, we could click here and put different tags on it. If we wanted, we can select wherever we want to save it. So if we want to save it and I include or in our documents or downloads folder on. Once we click out of it, it will be highly. It will be saved now, something to take no chicken. See here it's being added on what that means is, since we last save that something has been done, something has been changed, so it would save it for you, so it just keeps automatically. Seven for you. I feel wanted to. You could take violence, EV, and it would be gone then so you can see it the minute our spreadsheet, it doesn't say, added watch as soon as I take in and take maybe a hitch, it comes up that it's been added. So it's been at it since it was last on. Okay, so that is. Numbers for my family were only after having a brief overview off that screen, just so you can see what numbers ease on because you may have heard people talking about it . May I never used it. It's a spreadsheet application similar to Microsoft Excel. It's slightly different the way that it's used underway. That is done. But if you knew how to use Microsoft accent. You should have no problems with this, and it's definitely a lot of people would stare aware from it because they feel as if they can't walk with anyone else that is using Microsoft Excel. That's definitely not the kiss. If we go here to our file menu, you can see there's an exports action, and you can export it as an Excel sheet so you can send it directly over toe. Anyone that has Microsoft Excel if anyone sends you a spreadsheet that is from Microsoft Excel that they have made in Microsoft Excel. You can open it straight away in in numbers, so definitely, and it's it's up there with Microsoft Excel. A lot of the power users that use Microsoft Excel would say that it's not equivalent to put it up there. It's okay for doing spreadsheets. If that's what you want to do on a course, it comes preloaded with your Mac, so it's nice. It works with everything at your iPhone, your iPad and everything else like that. So I hope you enjoyed this like you do. Check out apple numbers in more detail. It Stephanie water look so etc is in the next action 13. Keynote overview for course: So when this action, we're gonna look at Kino on, what we're gonna do is we're just gonna have an overview of keynote just to show you what the program looks like. What? How you would use that. What type of thing? You could do it. It's gonna be very short just to give you a feel of what it's like. The Reds mawr inclusive Victorians there so you can have a look at them after. But this is just the week tested to see if you like that. So the first thing we're gonna do is we're gonna look and see where we would get keynote. So we're gonna click here on the APP store, and we're gonna go on. We're gonna type and keynote Onda, we are going to take on the 1st 1 that comes up here so you can see it the minute I have it downloaded. Hear its sound me to open you. Me get options like a small arrow pointing down with cloud enough meaning you've downloaded previously get would mean it's free, though maybe a small fee, depending on if you're markets older and before the started running and out free. But the shouldn't be. If you don't order on an iPhone, first of you have it. It will give you that. Don't look free, then the small hack fear we also am having. So I have a dialogue, So I'm gonna go ahead and open it up. So I'm going to go in here during the very bottom left hand corner, or I'm gonna go to my launchpad on Dhere. We have keynotes sitting over here. It's like a podium. You can see there, over at the right hand side. You can see it. We have it here on human just so you can see it. Uh, zoom in there. We have our keynote option here. No, I'm not gonna take it straight from here because I want to put a diner. My dock with the ransom with pages and numbers. You may have seen earlier videos. I'm gonna take end the keynote I'm gonna drag down on. I'm gonna release it when I get to the bottom. So we have it on the bottom here. Now I'm gonna take on it. It's gonna open up Keynote. For the first time you can see here I have been creating Aquino documents or keynote presentations. If it's the first time you've bean open and you've opened up keynote, you may get a screen that's gonna tell you a little bit of voted. Some of the new features start everything if you want to read through it. If not, you can just look under continue button. I was gonna ask us where do you want to see attitude? I'm gonna leave it to me. Documents here just for easiness on. I'm gonna take on a new document. Okay, so the first thing it opens up, what is it opened up with our teams here. So think of a team that's similar to a template on. We have a template means that Apple has just created colors and everything for you. And you're just gonna literally drop your stuff into their places that they have different things on it. So half a looked through them. Pick one that you like. I'm gonna use just a straightforward this one here. It's called Radiant. I'm gonna take on radiant. I'm gonna click on Choose, and it will open it up for us. So again, this lecture is more about having a locker keynote as opposed to making a presentation, so we're not gonna do too much with. So we're gonna have a brief overview of what you can see here. Right up at the very top. We have a menu bar. As with all of the apple products, your many bars always going to be there. We have a toolbar running right through the middle here on the toolbar allows you to do different things important. And tables, charts, tax ships, A media, if you do, I m enjoying this lecture and you think you know, there's something that you would like. I do have a full and full course on keynote. Did you can go call? True. It'll be in the bonus lecture at the bottom of their section. So you can see here we have our first light. So what we're gonna do is we're gonna add are different things here so we can put in I'm just gonna put in an the tutorial videos or computer classes, Daddy, or whatever it is. So I'm just gonna put a title. Just gonna call it my title on in here. I'm gonna put in many um So this is our presentation that we're doing. You can see, it's going into the middle of the screen here for me. This is the editing section over at the right hand side. Now, I'm not going into too much detail in us. But this allows you to do things like changing your tax, the signs of your tax, the colors, the shadows, anything like that we have on Amiot. Then over on the right, hon site. UNAMIR knows you to be able to animate your slight so that you could maybe bring a better life to them. On document allows you to change any settings on your document that you wanted. Your document is your presentation here that we have on the opposite side. Here we have a collaborate button that the collaborative bottom. I'm going to zoom in just so you can see the collaborate button. So it has a small head or a person beside an A plus. So what we can do is we can collaborate on what collaborate means is you can share your presentation with others. I don't mean share it as and send it to them. I mean, share it eyes in I load them to walk on it or allow them to create it with you so you could have two or three different people walking on the CME presentation from different areas off the world of no restriction on at once of an Internet connection on an apple computer. Or even they could use a Windows computer if they were going to use iCloud on the Internet on Google Chrome or something like that or a night. So what we have is we have here we have our title in on. What we can do is we can add a slide left hand side. You can see we have add slide on. I'm going to go when I'm just gonna pin in standard slide with text and we put it in here so you can see that we could build up or different slides. What tax? We can add slides and right the way. Richard, I'm just gonna call the slight one, and I'm gonna call this just bullet 0.1. This isn't very bullet. One bullet to again. It enjoyed us. Look up some of the other lectures or have a look at that course you can preview. You can see exactly what's happening in the course on you would learn all about this. How to do it. What would enter all at a slower speed? This is Just have a look out. Okay? Once we have our slaves down into, you would just keep adding slides down along the left hunt site. I'm gonna put a picture in there. I'm gonna leave that picture down. What I'm gonna do is I'm gonna play the presentation. True. You can see it comes up on the screen. My title, My name When I hit the enter key, it takes me to the next night what's laid one bullet, one bullet to bullet tree. You have imagined this could be up on a screen that's 20 foot white on. Then it would show the picture on whatever picture you put. And I left that default one in. So you can see that how quick we are making that there. So that's what keen order lows you to be able to do. It allows you to be able to create a presentation that you could give to somebody or stand up in front of an audience and do you could also do the likes of a better party that you see people would have pictures up on music in the background. That type of thing are you could am creates light for anything that you wanted. So Kino. Very good. It's equivalent on batter. I would, I would say, than Microsoft Power Point. It's used for creating presentations, and it's very creative doing them. Apple have done a lot of work on their templates, so that happening locks while color wise and you can use it with your iPhone. You can use it with your map. So if you start creating on your iPhone, you can finish it on your Mac. And so that's the good for code. Do you know anything? We want to look at it, saving up a the top you can see at the minute it's being added on. So it's untitled on its added. I'm just gonna call it my presentation on. I'm going to save it in keynote in iCloud, and when we take out of it, you see there's my presentation. It saved so far that much. So this was just a tease are off Kino. Just so did you could see if it was the type of program that you might like using. It's definitely very creative, and you can create lovely things with us. It's definitely equivalent to Microsoft Power Point. If you were just going to do presentations, I would say keynote is perfectly fine to use and it can be exported as a PowerPoint file. So you can see that if I exporters at the very end, I'm just gonna go back here and check on my file. If I goto file export, you can see I can export the records. A PowerPoint file for anyone that needs to use it with Microsoft PowerPoint. So if he had someone that needed to add it for you on Microsoft PowerPoint, it can be used. It may say that some of the fonts on aren't the same or equivalent, but that's that's okay. Apple uses different Funston Microsoft. So, Daphne, keynote work, having a locket to try and downloaded on. If you do enjoy it and have a look at the full keynote course that there. Okay, thanks for watching