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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      Word for Mac Intro


    • 2.

      Microsoft Word Overview


    • 3.

      Opening Word And choosing Template


    • 4.

      Saving a document


    • 5.

      Enhancing Productivity


    • 6.

      Entering Text, Symbols and selecting text


    • 7.

      Find and replace


    • 8.

      Cut Copy and Paste


    • 9.

      Formatting Text


    • 10.

      Paraagraphs and alignment


    • 11.

      Indents and Tabs


    • 12.

      Line Spacing, bullets and numbering and borders


    • 13.

      Styles and format painter


    • 14.



    • 15.



    • 16.

      Pictures and graphical objects


    • 17.

      Mail Merge


    • 18.

      Document Set Up


    • 19.



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About This Class

This Microsoft Word for Mac OS course has been designed from the ground up taking the average office into account. Microsoft Word, along with Microsoft Excel is the most popular office productivity application used in offices. In this Microsoft Word for Mac course, I will take you through each section of the carefully designed syllabus so that you are proficient in every area of Microsoft Word for Mac OS that you will need to work in the average busy office. If you are a beginner starting to use Microsoft Word for the first time or if you have used previous versions of Microsoft Word (2003, 2007 or 2010) this course will give you the confidence you need to take on any word processing task.

We look at the simple things and the slightly more advanced, everything from document creation to mail merge, you will have the tools required to keep you at the top of your game. 

Each tutorial starts off from the very beginning, assuming you have no prior knowledge but still going at a pace that will keep you engaged for the entire course.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Colin Marks

Certified Microsoft & Apple Trainer


I am an IT Trainer with over 8 years experience in delivering training in both Apple and Microsoft to a large array of clients, in both public training centres and corporate environments.

I have an IT teaching diploma and focus mainly on software training. I hold a current Microsoft Office Master certificate and have been teaching Microsoft Office Specialist (Word, Excel, Access, Powerpoint and Outlook all to an advanced level) for the past 6 years.

The training I deliver ranges from iPad and iPhone training to Office productivity applications like Pages, Numbers and Keynote. I also train in video editing software like Final Cut Pro X and iMovie.

I feel the most important part of training is developing a connection with your students, building trust in both sides.See full profile

Level: Beginner

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1. Word for Mac Intro: hi and thank you for taking the time. First of all, and having a look. That's Microsoft Word for my course. So better about me. First of all, my name's Colin Marks. I've bean using Microsoft products in general for the last 15 years. I have been teaching them for eight years and originally, like everyone inside, probably started on Microsoft, first of all, but when the iPhone started comin in and I eventually got into the apple stuff and I've been teaching, you know, for about four years on Apple products, So why should you take this course when the first thing I wanted to do when I was creating this course that I wanted to make sure that people get the basics right? Forced If you can get the basics right, everything else follows on. So once we get the basics there, Dan will go on and we'll do the more advanced thing. So we're gonna build it up right? Where? True? Until we get to the advance actions. So what are you going to get from this course? You're going to get a lot of extras, so I have a lot of sample material. A lot of practice exercisers that you can try and create and walk along with me when I'm when I'm doing them, I'm gonna update it regularly. So I teach regularly still in everyday environments on my continent, create different lectures and I might see something else that happens on because I've walked in in offices and I've overseen officers for so long. I can have a look and see exactly what officers want and what skills people need for them. So in the course, I'm gonna constantly up there so it constantly see things that I think need to go intercourse. I'll do a lecture on it, Anil, up there, give the discussion section and the questions so you can ask a discussion and you can talk with other students and me on a can, Nancy, and you can have a look back and see what answers. I give up other students off the same lecture on give all to a messaging service so you can message me and I'll get a notification. I can have a look and get straight by active whenever I get the chance. We also have the money back guarantee, which is a big thing. So trying to course. If you don't like it, get your money back straight away so all I can see. If they hope to see you in the course, we'll have some fun doing it. We do want to get down to business and make sure that we do learn on tanks and I'll see you soon. 2. Microsoft Word Overview: Okay, So in this lecture, this first lecture, what we want to do is we wanna have a look at Microsoft Word. So I have Microsoft Word open here and open up in future elections. We will look and go and see how you would open up Microsoft Word. But I just want to show you for the time being, I want to take you on a quick tour to show you exactly what Microsoft word consists off. So the first thing we can see is that there's two different views. Okay, you can a full screen view on small view, So this view here is restored own view, as we call it. So you can see I have my window. I can see my background in island. They're going on. We also have the word menu up here. This man you borrow is what's called a contractual menu bar. It's gonna change depending on the contact. So I'm working on Microsoft forward at the minute. So it's showing me Microsoft Word. If I was the tech down to my finder than here at the bottom corner, on my mail on my calendar even click on my calendar. You see the menu bar with no change to the calendar. Manu bar. So depending on what your welcome, but it will change to suit that. In case that's the first thing your menu bars always there. We have thestreet buttons here, the traffic light buttons, as we call them, the red, the orange under green. The red is gonna close out of the program. The orange is gonna put it down into your system doing here, then beside your cycle, been at the bottom on, then the green is gonna put a full screen mode. So if we take on the green and see you put the full screen mode, it gets rid of the dark at the bottom, and it gets rid of the menu bar at the top. But if you hover across the top, you get the menu bar back, or however across the bottom, you get your doc back. It just gives you the full available space. Okay, so we're gonna have a quick look Mary at the actually out of the Microsoft word window so you can see appear at the very top left hand corner. This is a quick access toolbar. New quick access toolbar is there for you to be able to design your toolbar to suit your needs? Microsoft have a couple of things on the first of all. So they have this the save button. We look at all these later on. When we get into the different lectures the save button, this is undo and redo and then print. So what they have done is they've put a couple of buttons up here for you that they think might be helpful for you, but at the very end of it, you can see we even option customize quick access to a bar that a customized quick access to a bar allows you to be able to add your own buttons to that. Please do be aware that if you had the button suit up, it's only for this is the computer that you put it on. It's not going to be on every computer that you use. It's only going to be on this one. So if we take this option down, you can see at the minute we have file, save, undo, repeat on print. So it's showing us the buttons it as a tech beside them, showing us the buttons that we have done. One of the ones I like their von is maybe dispelling and grandma. So if I click on it, you'll see now it has an ABC up at the top here. So that means that every time I want to do a spell check, I don't need to go looking for it. I have it up here at the very top. So that's what the quick access to a bar is about. Have a luxury, do add ones to it. There's options here, form or commands. Okay, on the more command you'll see, there's every command that you can think off. So if I go through, maybe and have a look here at the page, sat up options and there's survives. You can put a C advise button there. You can put styles up there so anything you want to do and these are only the popular commands. If I click the option down here, we can have from the movie reference tubs so you can see no. If I wanted to put in a table of contents or a table off authorities or a table of figures , we can do that. We can add it up there. I just I'd something up to the very top. I just added a table of contents. I'm going to click on Save. Once I click on Save, you'll see. Now it's gonna put a table of contents up the very top for me. You can see here we now have a button called Table of Contents so you can add whatever buttons you want. Everyone's going to be different, and that's why the quick access to a bar. It's so useful of a tool because you can add whatever you want to okay, on the right hand side. Then we have a search option, so the search option just allows you to search through the document. We ought to have a feedback section on in this feed past section. You can tell Microsoft with the alike Microsoft Word or whether you don't if you think there's something better on do using Microsoft's usually good at taking people's advice, the other section we want to look at it is in the middle. Here. We have document to it's a default name that the documents given we haven't seen anything yet, so it's just called in a document to the court posit up there. Once you start saving documents later on, it's gonna have the name that you actually choose for that Do their options we have here is right across here. We have all the different tabs. So this is the ribbon that runs right across the top of the page on these tubs each belong to each ribbon. So the home ribbon has ah, home tub. The insert ribbon has the insert tub, the design ribbon and so on. So each time you click on a different tub, it reveals a different ribbon for you. They were going to be looking at the ribbon's different in different lectures later on. For now, we just need to know that that is the ribbon on the right hand side, just above the ribbon. You can see we have a share button. No share button is for you to be able to share it with somebody else to send someone a copy . But it also has the functionality have been able to send a copy to treat afforded from people that you can all collaborate on. That's become a very big now in 2017 being able to create one document and collaborate with five or six different people two years ago. If if I was had five employees on, I was sending them a document to make changes to, I would send the five employees that document. They would then make the changes and send it back to me. I then have a different document back from each employee. So I for five documents plus the one I had at the very start, No, with the share up from what we can do is I can create one document on I can share it with them five employees. So the five employees were then using my one document instead of having five documents. So at the end, once all the changes I made the only have that one document the small arrow we have to the right of the share button, all that does is put the ribbon away so it puts it up and take the back. Then so it's. And if you want more space, you might be using a smaller Mac book. You might want mawr area to the right with doing here in the middle. If not, you're and you're happy enough to deliver down. I tend to leave the ribbon shown the whole time because you're constantly is not okay in the middle of the screen. Then we have what's called print Leo Sharp print view, so it shows you what the page actually looks like. So it's just a white page with urine Sachin Point flashing their on. That's anything new. Tapout is going to go in there. Quick tip fear. If you want sample tax, which you may want during the course on you want just the type of example text. If you type in equals or a ND. If you open a bracket on closer bracket and hit the and turkey, it will give you a sample bit of text. And you can use that for just selecting things and maybe changing the color of it or doing a wee bit of practice with you could also you could also, if you want instead of typing, equals round and open and close the brackets empty. You could put a figure in there if I put six in between it on hit Enter. It just gives me six paragraphs. So whatever number you put in Italy, give your paragraphs. It's a good way of being able, Teoh, get sample taxed up for you to be able to type with and practice with then at the bottom of the page. Then you can see we have Page one of one. I'm not gonna go down too far because as soon as I go down, it's gonna open up that dark at the very bottom. But we have page one of one just times that of document only is Page one of one of the minute. As we get onto the course, I'm going to be using a document that has five or six pages on. I'll share that with you so that you'll be able to practice along with us. And it's just so that we can see the difference with all the different pages. It's showing us that the minute we have 270 words of writing that needs to do something for walking. You need your word count. It's down at the very bottom on. It shows your language as well at the very bottom here. So if you want, you can change it. I'm gonna change my into English. You care at the minute, and you can see, we have it here. Okay? The other options in the right hand side and these air delay our views. So, as I said, we're in print layer at the minute. And what currently out is it shows you the way the print it will look whenever it's printed on the next up to me have dinners. Web leered would show you what it would look like as a Web page. Not used that much. No, it used to be used more out. Lane view is very easy or not Very easy. Very handy for someone who wants to do table contents. So outline view will show you the different levels. So you have your headings, your soap outings and you're me and paragraphs. So as we get on, we'd have a looker outlined view on the last view we have. Then here is draft. You draft you is very similar to print layered. It just shows you what it's gonna look like. It allows you to be able to add it on the right hand side of that, we have a scroll bar and you can see the scroll bar lows us to zoom in on the rush. So it allows us to put the page in the night. We were plus and a minus that we consume it. Do be aware that that doesn't affect the way that the pages printed out. It just affects the way it appears on the screen. Another quick tip. The number I have here I have 120 here. You might have something different, but if we tap on us, you can see it opens up a small dialog box. This option here that we have is a dialog box. Anything opens up like that and it allow you to select from a couple of different presets. Or you could put in if you wanted to put a tip really precise. You could put it to a really precise and percentage that you have. Okay, so that is the Rough guide of Microsoft Word. As we go on through, the different actors were going to be looking at the different ribbons at the tops of the home, the inside to design, and we begin into more detail in each lecture. But for the first lecture here, it's important that you just know where everything is trying to make out of my pocket. Okay, so let's see, in the next action 3. Opening Word And choosing Template: Okay, so this time we're gonna go in and we're gonna actually look at how we would open Microsoft Word for the first time on how we would start creating our document. So I'm just going to click on. If you see the launch part down here, the very bottom left hand corner. This is going to show you all your programs that you have installed on your Mac. The results on the top row of your keyboard. There's a button with six small squares on it that will open up the same button for you so you can see here I vomit programs. I also have two different buttons at the bottom here. I can swipe left or right on the tripod, and that would bring me across to the Microsoft words here. So once we don't care Microsoft Word, we open it up. Click and you'll see it burns and down here at the bottom. Once it France's, you'll see the menu at the top when they changed to award menu. That means not the week Microsoft Word open on here. We are to our area what we can choose to template that we wish to use name change. Entertain. You're going to use a blank template, but sometimes you might want to use one of the other ones. You can see there's ones here. I'm just hovering me most across it. There are no it's a policy V. So it's CV template that you can go in and you can create change the things that are in it to the things that you want to be in a I'm just gonna go in actually to one of the CVS for the time being. There's a crisp, unseen C V I'm going to take on us. I'm gonna go down to create, then here at the bottom corner. Once I taken created. See, it's going to open up. I'm gonna maximize word I'd like We looked it like in the last lecture. They're gonna press in that green button just to put up the full screen Fear. So you can see here we have, the differently I tear. It has your experience, your objectives, your email address, your telephone number. So what you would do is you would win here, and you would actually replace the taxes in here with your room taxed. So it's already laid out for you. And you can see it's all ready for you just to put your different things in your degree. Disqualification? That did. You guarded the university College you attended. And so that's all of them. Okay, I'm gonna go back, and I'm gonna go to not going to save that. I'm gonna go back to make herself ward. Now we're gonna have a look again at the blank document. Do feel free. If you want to take a tour, you can have a look around their Microsoft's created showing you all the different areas off the page. But the one we want to do know is this blank document, As I say, nine times out of 10 you're going to use the blank document. It's the one that you're gonna go for straight away Templates are graph, but you do want to know how to make your own documents. So we go into the blank document here. I'm just clicking on it and I'm going to create. You could also double click there, and that would open it up for you. So here's our blank document. Open it on. In the other lectures, we look at how you would go about starting your tax night 4. Saving a document: okay, Before we go into Fort of what we want to do is you want to make sure we have a document saved. So I'm gonna go on ahead into Microsoft forward. I have a dime here. Open at the bottom. You know, a mike program is open. I'm just going to show you there at the bottom here. I'm gonna put it tomorrow. You know, program is open when you see the small. If you look down at the dock, each icon has a small dart beneath. Okay? So once it has that small black dot Benita earlier versions that might have what looks like a reflection. But the latest versions has this small dot so you can see here I have safari open. I have screenful open screen flows being used to record this lecture. And then I have Microsoft Word open here. I'm gonna be on the Microsoft 40. I'm gonna put it up to full screen mode on. We have this better tax then that we put in our here. So we're going to use that to save. So what we're gonna do is we can go here. We can go up to file at the very top. Once we click on file with two options, we save or say advise, we will look at both. But from the start, it doesn't matter what you click, save or save eyes later on, if you're creating a different document and well model, but from now it doesn't. I'm just going to click on, see advise. It's gonna open up this dialogue box for us. So when we're saving a document, No, it used to be. We just say, over to a computer or a USB or something. No, we've two options. We conceive it locally on locally means on your computer or on a USB or a hard drive, or you can see if it on lane. So in the cloud storage. So the likes of one Dr Google drive our dropbox or any other one. So if you wanted, you could other place. We may look let around and adding places, but for the train being, we're just gonna save it on my Mac. So on my mind just means locally. So it'll open up this dialogue box for us here in the Save Eyes option here. It's just telling us here that it has the quick brown Fox jumps over the lazy dog so it doesn't know what to call it. So it just put in a bed off text from the first line. So what we'll do is I'm gonna call it forced file. So that's the name that there's more options. Here. You can see the small arrow. If I click the small arrow, it's going to give me a location on If you're after comin from a Windows background, this would look more familiar to you so you can see you have your locations down along the left, like your desktop, your documents or downloads and but usually this age sufficient for saving it. You'll have a couple of recent locations here. You can see you have different locations there, but some people like to lean back on this area that you can see. I want to save it to my document. They want to save it to my desktop. I want to save it to my downloads or wherever that the cases I had saved to the documents for this first time here the tags allows you to be able to put tags into it so you could put maybe world into it, okay? Or you could put em if it was a Mac tutorial I was doing. I would put Mike Tutorial in. And that just means that later on, if I go to search for word on my tutorial, this is one of the things that shows up. So once we do it, now we have it. There just goes for the file for Martin here at the very bottom. So we're seeing it as a word document. Need a room. We look at different documents, but for the time being, we're going to say, but it is a word document, and we're just going to click save. So once we click save, you can see straight up with the very top here we have forced file. So it's after going from the document to into first file. Okay, so I imagine down here then that if you when you go to save it, gives you see, ever see advise on from the start, it doesn't make it any difference. But no, we come to a choice if we make changes to it. So if I just enter my near men down at the bottom here, I entered Maniam down at the bottom. No. If I see of the document, it's going to see if the changes I made So my name to that document, so forced filed will now have the original tax plus my name if I go in and go to see a vial . So if I go to file, I'm c of eyes, I'm gonna save it to the same location. So I'm going to save it to my documents. But instead I'm going to say, but I second file. Okay, aunt. Then I'm going to seven. Now, you can see it's second file up at the very top. So if I just close out of that for the time being on, go into my documents here got into my finder on, I'm gonna go to my documents. You can see here that we have God, First file. I'm gonna preview it by just hitting on the spare spot, and you can see it just as the quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog. And if we close out of it, I'm going to the second file. You can see it has the same tax, but it has my name at the bottom. So That's when you come to the option off. Do I want to save or say advise? It gives you the options there. So I'm going to open up that second file just so we can make a couple of more changes to So we take it an opening on How's it there now? What we're gonna do know is I want Teoh make a couple of changes to it and then just say, if so, at the bottom, we just put down the bottom here Microsoft War just to have something, Then I know I can save, but I can go to file and save or I can just like on the save icon that's up here. If I click on the save icon that saves the changes to so do have a bit of practice. I will include a exercise in the resource action so that you can go in and actually have a practice of save on sea of eyes. It's used for different document version controls, so you can have document varies from one document version to version Tree Building four on . Once you get the hang of it, it will be very simple from the start is going to be we but tricky to get your head round. But after that, you'll be fine. Okay, so we'll see. Isn't an extraction. 5. Enhancing Productivity: no. So this action here is gonna be all about getting your productivity, making your five star trained to get your faster with the different things that we can do. So the 1st 1 is it's a short cookie that I use quite regular. It's old on tab or option and tab the key, then the very bottom left hand corner. All the option on the tab key is above the caps. Lock in your market. It'll have an arrow pointing over or with a Mac book. It might have the word tab on independent under the region. That urine will be different. So what we want to do is we're gonna hold our finger down on the old or option key on. We're gonna just press tab on. What it's gonna do is it's gonna allow me to go quickly. True. The different programs that I've opened when I find one that I want to go on, I just released my finger on it open to that one. If I wanted to go back from exile, I would click on it so you can see down at the bottom. Here. I have finder. I have safari. I have system preferences, screen flow, Word on Excel all open. You can see they have a small dark beneath him that's indicating that it open as we talked about earlier. So rather than having to click down or look at them all, tin tub will allow you to quickly move between the different programs that have opened. So, system preferences, Safari is there Finder is there on work. So it's just hold on on the command key or on the option old option key on what is pressing the tab once, and it allows us to go to go through. So that does it for us. Okay, the next thing that we have then is the next option is our moving their screen around. So I have made track part here on I three fingers on. What I'm doing is, um, just swiping up on the track part. So just up on the track. But this this lecture is gonna be more beneficial for someone who has a Mac book with a track pad or someone who has a magic trap like this. If you have a Big Macs green, you're not going to be in the position that people with a small art MacBook screen have. So people are smaller Mac books. You want to get as much of the screen possible so he would have like my screen is here. You'd have a lot of the applications zoomed out fully or put it to full screen boat, whereas if you have the big 27 inch or 21 inch, you're more inclined to maybe have it smaller and you can move things freely and you can see round of. So when we use three fingers up in the tripod, it shows us what programs is open and we can check into it, have a program that we want to go for, or we can scroll up to put it there, scroll down to take it back away so you can see I can go onto a travel programme that I want biting. Okay, taking them back there, so that's a quick option. Then we have getting to the launchpad, so we only have so many programs that we can put down on our dark here. There's no limit to the ones that you can put there, but if you have too many there, it kind of gets the short cut away from it because there's gonna be too much going on. So what you can do is if you've treating three fingers on your tongue. So if you just take three fingers on your thumb on the tripod on, we can drag in towards from the outside in it opens up our launch pride here for us. So your launch parties, where are all your programs out? And then, if you want to get rid of it, you just drive the opposite way out. So it's three fingers in, takes you your launchpad open for you. If you want to see your dad stop for some reason and you want to get quickly to your desktop, what you can do is again three fingers on atonement on. If we go out in Texas to a dead stop taking it back and again, we'll take you back to your program. So if you want to just see maybe what you call the file or what you call the full under that stop, you could do that and you could go back down. No, there is a way to set or check all these. So not all Max will be three fingers up or tree fingers, then you need to check your system preferences. So I have my system preferences open here now, in your system preferences, just your settings. So if we go to system preferences on, then if you go to your key pot, okay or your track pot, you can see we have a couple of different options here. So the point and click on it shows different things. A second Retek is a right click on a Joni. The video of what to do so two fingers down gives you a right, like so if I'm in my Microsoft Word. So if I go to the Microsoft Word, if I select a bit of text and if I two fingers, I'm just going to get two fingers on another click on us like that, it gives me a right click menu like you would have seen and windows if you had to use Windows. Privacy gives your right click menu. If you're using the most, you can just right click on the most. We have the other option gonna go back the system preferences. Here is your scroll options so you can see your scroll options are to scroll. You just use your two fingers. You can pinch and zoom and so on and smarts him on road test. If you had a picture, you can rotate different things with it on the other options we have more. Jasper's thes are the ones that we were doing there? No. So if we want to swipe between full screen APS, you can open rice or swipe up from the top or down from the bottom with them. We wanted the opener launchpad. It's Town was Pinch with Tom entry fingers, and it's showing you on the video exactly how to do it if we want to show desktop, spread the thumb and three fingers so it's showing exactly how to do it. Mission Control is the one that we had to. This one here is Mission Control, and you can see it's swipe up with three fingers. So if I go up a tree, fingers opens Mission Control to take it away. I swept damage three fingers. I could change that if we wanted to swipe up with four fingers. No, if I swipe up with three and a show you, so if I swipe up a tree nothing happens if I sweep up with four fingers. It my opens for me so you can change this. Adding, I'm gonna put that back that three fingers because it is something that I used constantly honest. So they're just a couple of things. The other one that I find is the most important Barton you're gonna use is theon Dukie. We all make mistakes and as you'll see going through the courts, I constantly use it. But we mistakes that happen when you're doing walk in your everyday office in environment, it's the undo key. So Dion do keys to just say, for example, if I select averaging under leaders by accident, I can do command and dead on little ticket straight back for me. So it's command on dead is going to be the button that you're going to use most. We all make mistakes. I'm are constantly doing things. But with that undo option, it gives you that Europe ableto take something back straightaway. The important thing would undo is that if you do make a mistake, recognize it and use the undue command straight away. Don't try to fix it, cause if you're trying to fix a mistake. What happens is it snowballs on. It will get worse and worse and worse until you don't know how many times you have to do the under command. So by recognizing the Jamaica Mystic Press, undo button straight away. So if you delete award the accident press undo straight away, it takes it back and you're by the square one start again. So that's just a couple of quick tips just so you can try and get your productivity up and you're all going to make mistakes. The undo button is the most important thing. It's also up in the top on your track part here. I'm just gonna show you're not contract, but on your ribbon at the very top we have, the undo button is here, on at the sides or on. Do we go back once or if we click the arrow down, it will list the amount of things that we can on do. So, depending on the options that you're after doing or depending underthings there after doing the undue will allow you to go back more times. Okay, so what's he is in the next section 6. Entering Text, Symbols and selecting text: Okay, so for this sanction, I'm gonna open up a couple of sample files. I'm going to include the sample files in the resources section for you, so that you can practice along with them if you want to. The final of open Now it's all made up stories, so you can have a re treatment if you want, But they are old, made up stories, as you will find out. Okay, so you can see the document down at the bottom. Left hand corner is five pages. So we're on page one of five. It's 2.5 1000 words roughly on. It just gives us tax to be able to play with. Okay, So what we're going to do know is we're gonna look at how we would insert text on how we would insert symbols on how we would select text to them, treat things. We're gonna get through them as quick as possible. So the first thing we want to do is look at how we would interact, taxed. So when you go into their attacks, the most important thing is going to be your insertion point. So if you look, you can see people attending worship robbed at gunpoint so you can see it's flashing there on that lanes flashing. And that's your insertion point. So that means that it's going to go in wherever that lines flashing. So if I go to put in an A a B or a C or a 12 tree or a charge or a table or a picture or anything, it's going to go in without insertion points flashing. So it's very important to know where your insertion point is. Kicking whatever you want to put the insertion point will allow you to put it there if you had a blank document, for example, there in here. So just don't at the very bottom here. If I double click into the middle of the document and let me toe type into the middle of the documents, DoubleClick would allow you to type anyone but taken will get you wherever you want to type . So just be aware that you need to have that insertion point wherever you want to put anything. Okay, the next time we want to look at its and sound symbols, so if we go with the very top here, I'm gonna click at the end off useless information up at the top. I'm going to zoom in just so you can see it. So I'm just clicking there on the International points down on. What I'm going to do know is I'm going to insert Assemble now you see your keyboard. Your keyboard can only be a certain size and especially with the apple keyboards, so they made them smaller and smaller. On with that Hillary sound keys to the count of every single symbol on your keyboard. They can do better in pieces with Shefki taken double up the number so that the two will be a not sign. The tree would be a pound symbol of British parents symbol. The four would be a dollar symbol if you hold the Shefki down on by doing that, what to do is they allowed themselves to be able to get to symbols on each key. Are two different things on each key, but still were stuck for space. If the keyboard was to have all assembles available, it would be the size of your desk. Okay, so when we want to inside assemble, it's not on the keyboard. What we do is we go to the insert tab at the very top. That is the first time we've gone onto the answer tub. So the answer top the very top and right over the right hand side of that ribbon, you can see we have a new option called advanced or insert symbol. Advance symbols It is, so we click on it with two options of the top. We have symbols on special characters, so symbols will be here. So the symbols are like the at saying the end. The aren't sign the different ones. These run on the keyboard to the role. So there there's different funds and you can see you can select all the different funds from down along here. So you will find this to thousands of different characters that you can put in there. The other option we have here special characters, especially characters, is going to be the likes of a copyright symbol, a registered mark, a trademark, a section, a paragraph break and quote, quote marks and that two different things. It also shows you couple of short cuts we have here. I'm just gonna put in a copyright symbol. I'm just gonna take on the copyright symbol. I'm going to just drag this window down away, but click and drag it down on You can see now that my insertion point is flat is here, it's flashing at the end off that uses information. I have selected the copyright symbol on I go to insert on you see, Actually, May insertion point might have been further down, so it puts it here. You can see what we're put it. I'm just gonna close out of that. I'm gonna go back and I'm gonna set on the uses information, going to make sure my insertion points there. She can see how important it is that you have your insertion point in the right place. Copyright on. Then It's like, got it. I'm gonna drag this down so we can see it on. I'm gonna go to the inside option and no, it puts the copyright symbol there. The reason I pulled it away is if it's sitting there and you press in sound, you don't actually see anything happening to show you that the copyright symbol has gone in and now we have to open the very top here. So it's important to just pull it away so you can see what's going on. We will copulate symbol in their articulate for the delete button and just a non option here. I'm going to zoom in on the word useless for the second. Just when we have the keyboard, a lot of people that's doing this course may have come from a windows background on you may have been used to a having a backspace key on a delete key, whereas you don't have that with a mark. So when we want to use a backspace key, so the backspace key I'm gonna lift up my keyboard to see if I can show you the backspace key. Is this one here? Okay, it's the delete or backspace key on it. Deletes the way the arrows pointing. We also have a non option. Then, if I saw if I press that button, it would release the E, they're okay. It would delete that E for US survey present. It's gonna delete the E. Then we also have the option for a delete buttons or in Microsoft. And when everyone used to use Microsoft, we also had the delete button on. If you press the delete button it'll delete to the right. So in in Apple or in Mac, what we do is the FN key. Don't the very bottom left hand corner off your keyboard, even FN key Here we hold on the FN key on press the delete button on it. Deletes the l on the other side so you can see that we can do it by that. Okay, so I have them back down. I said, that's the police on the backspace key so you can delete left on. Right? Okay, I'm going to zoom by. Go. Just so we have been see what we're doing. The next thing we want to look it is we want to look at selecting text. So when we want to select text, we however the most across it on what we can do is we can click on drag. So if you want to select a single word, we can just click on drag. I have my track bike here. I'm going to lift it up and show you what I'm doing. So I'm just clicking on dragon like that and it would allow us to do it. It's a click and drag allows to do it, if you have a most is to see him. So you just like the most button on unmoved across. Then if we want to select the world, we could also double check on it to two clicks on a word. So a quick to tax on award will double will select that word for you. If we wanted to like the paragraph, we can click on drag across the paragraph. It will select the paragraph for us or a quick tip. This is when you made out of hair it off is a triple click. So treat text like that and then select the whole paragraph for you. So that's a quick way. Have been able to slack the paragraph. The headings are different there. They're not included in the paragraphs here in this particular document. So it selects the actual paragraph of tax. So try it. You'll be able to see exactly how you select tax dinner. We could also those trail for ways to do everything if we go out to the left hand side. So I'm just going to zoom in to show you exactly what what we have him So you can see here . I'm zooming in just slightly over to the left hand side. When I dragged my most wrote It's that black arrow. That's the one that that you want that black arrow I can then click and drag down under the low me to select the text for me in a line versus the other option we have is to select everything on the short cut key. Is the CMD or the command on here? So if you just hold on command, press A, it will select everything. I just scroll down, just a verified that we have everything right to it. Then I just want to show you the way I'm scrolling there. A lot of people will be new temp to Mac. So I had my track part here. And if I if I use one finger on the track pride, you can see my most just moves on the screen. But if I get two fingers on holder two fingers, it scrolled the page down for me. Okay, so one finger moves the most two fingers moves the page, so you have your track pad on your mind book on. You can do to see him with that one finger will move. The most two fingers will move the pitch. It's the same with the magic most you have. If you scroll two fingers on top for it, it'll move to pitch for you as well. Okay, so that selecting taxed, there's no problem. But clicking and dragging across taxed. It's whichever way you're most comfortable with. And it's all about getting quicker. And Oliver trained to do things. Fire! Stop. Okay, so what's he is in the next, actually. 7. Find and replace: Okay, So the next thing we want to do is you want to talk about finding and replacing and finding and replacing does exactly what it isn't. Then it allows you to find information in the document analogy to also replace information in the document with something else you can find very simply by clicking into the search document at the top on typing, and it'll show you the Met the number of times it comes up. But I find it there's not much if I type in here France, you can see it comes up there at one time. You have to click the arrow over and there's to take you back to the Force One. Then again, so it doesn't really sure you're much. But if you go in and go to the edit menu at the top on, go to find and even go to the replace option, then so find on replace. You can see now you confined this time if I type and they've been spent, so we have spent here so you can see that their spin on it shows us that it's after finding three matches. So it has spin, spin, spin so it. It's mawr. Straightforward lows. You to see exactly what you have, how many you have on where they are. If you take on the middle, then show you in the middle page what you have done. OK, so that might be a better option for finding things. That's Sarah to the very top here. It's grand if you just want to find something very quick and have a five page document and you want to go to it. But if you want to find him many times at war, the cars, or how many times something happens, you're better off going to the replace option on Latin to find it there. So the next thing we have is the replace then. So we found something on. We want to replace something else I have spent in there. So what I'm gonna do is I'm just gonna put in front here. I know it's not going to make sense. It's going to say Madrid Frantz, powerful on the front on Madrid fronts. But it's just for demonstrations. A week. We can see it actually walking. So no, we've two options. We put span and terrifying box. We've put fronts into the replace box. We even option here. We can replace all which will replace all occurences. So you can see we've tree words here. It's gonna replace all three of them. With France, we replace on what that'll do. Is it'll individually? Do the middle, give you the option. Do you want to replace this? Yes. Replace. Replace. So I'm just gonna click. Replace all when I take replace all. If I search for Spain now at the very top it's not gonna find anything, so you can see it doesn't find any occurrences off the word Spain. But if I put front and I'm just gonna take France out of the replace section if I put fronts into the find section, it's gonna find Madrid fronts Paris, France, Barcelona, France. Madrid, France. And Paris, France. So it's finding the France's from early around when we hide it in when the span was there. So I find the replace command is very useful, especially for business. If you're doing one job in a certain area on your doing a similar job in another area, you can replace things with it so you can replace words on replace locations and times and dates, whether so it comes in handy. Okay, so we'll say is in the next election 8. Cut Copy and Paste: Okay. The next options we're going to look at is what's called cut, copy and past. And cut Copy. Appears to always go hand in hand together. So when open up the same document again that we have. So I have it here. Same document, open uses, information we have called on. What I'm gonna do is I'm gonna select a bit of text. We're just going to select our paragraph anywhere. You think the fires were to select us. You select that. So we have it selected. I'm gonna take you up them to the top left hand corner. So my resume in so we can just see it. Okay. I'm using the accessibility options on the Mac there. It's all command and plus for women and all command and minus for him out. But you do have to sad it up in your preferences, first of all, so that's what I'm using to zoom in and out so you can see here. We have cost copy, and that's for my pants. But this is pissed to cut. Copy, paste. Zoom out. What we're gonna do is I'm going to click it there. Copy button. So once you click copy. You don't really see anything happening, okay? Not those happen. What it's done is it has taken a copy off the information you have selected. They'll on its put it onto its clipboard. No, I'm going to open up a new document. So command and end, you can check for a new document that allow you to open up a new document. That's the short cut for it. Command. And then on what I'm gonna do know is I'm going to pissed. So it's like underworld passed undetected so you can see what it's after doing this. It's after taking a copy of the information that was on the other document on its after taking it UNP partnered into did then you want? So I have my documents or open here. You can see it's out to take in that document on it. Put it on to the other one. I'm gonna put the two of them small site. They say just a week and we can see them so you can see it's taken a copy from this one Wanted to put it on to that one. The difference is then if we do caution, so I'm going to select the second paragraph. And this time, instead of copy, I'm gonna leave the screen small just so you can see it instead of copy. I'm going to select. Caught. So caught is the scissors on? You can see No, something physically has happened. It has cost or it is taking it. I'm gonna take into my new document that I have here. I'm gonna position my car. So wherever I want to put it, I'm gonna click on. I'm gonna take pierced on a president. Easy. Court is after taking it from one. Where's copy leaves the original. They're so caught. Moves that copy makes a copy of it. These options that come up here are passed options at the bottom. She can keep source formatting. So say for example, if you're after taking it from a document that has read, tax does and you keep source formatting, the tax will go in as Red March Death used destination team. It matches them with the destination. Much destination is the same on then keep text only. So if I keep text only, it'll just keep it as normal. Taxi see its after party at the default and took all the bold office that I had on all the different formatting that was on it off. Okay, so that's cause copy and paste court copying pissed. I'm just gonna zoom and I'm gonna show you for a second. I'm gonna make so we have a couple of short car keys for it. So, for coach, we have command and X. So if I select a document on command and ex from just holding down on my keyboard command on X on it cuts it command and see is gonna copy on command and V is gonna pay us. They lost my connection there because I left on my keyboard up. So command and see is going to cut. Come on and see is gonna copy. Come on. The X is gonna cut on command V is gonna past them shortcuts. You do want to try to get used to because they will speed up the will create getting creating documents quicker on you. Find that either more use them, the more you will get used to them. Okay, so that's court Copy and paste. We'll have a look at are the ones in the next lecture 9. Formatting Text: Okay, so this section here is all about formatting text. So what we want to do is I'm gonna open up this document that I have here, so we've a bit of Tax Island turned this document and the resources to feed the practice on on what we're going to do. It it is We're going to have a look and get to it as quick as possible. So all the four mining is done in the home tab, more or less all in the home tab. So you can see this is the formatting section here. So it starts off roughly up here. I'm gonna just zoom in just so you can see it. So we're gonna go through each section as we do, so the 1st 1 This is the fun types that the minute it's times new Roman. So that's the type of fund. So there's different types of fund and you'll find the different other funds walk better than others, depending on what you're doing. So if you're doing and a newsletter, you'll want to use something like maybe calibrate okay. Whereas if you're doing something like an old style, you might want to use the's you can see the difference in the Calabria is a straight. It doesn't have any feet. You can see at the bottom. This one here would have feet. So you see the bottom of the There's a big open here. It's easier to see. The has a fortunate Where is this one here? The A house and so different funds there. Zarif and sensory funds. Okay, just gonna see a matter. Let me get up back toe. So we're at the thing. Okay, so that's a fun type. There's a fun site so we can make the front whatever size that we want. And you can see there's all different options there. This is growth fund on shrink front so you can make fund one size bigger on make fund once a smaller it's useful if you're doing the likes of a poster and you want to just you don't know what so easy wanna make it. But you just want to make a different size. You can do it in increments off one or whatever this is the change cares button. Okay. And change kiss. So just say, have you ever been in an example where you've typed out a lot of text and then realized you have the caps lock on on. It's the opposite way that it's supposed to be. With this option, you can toggle kiss on. It'll put it back to the bit. But we will have a look at that in the second. All the different options. This removes the formatting from text. This text here looks as if it's bold. So if I take down that it will remove the format from what we level of man seconds here, then we have bold italic. And on the lane we look at them or doing it. We have strike true. Okay, we have the subscript and superscript again. We talk about them and a second tax the facts. We'll talk about them. We have border or highlight color on. Then we have fun color. So we're gonna deal with this section here. It's the fund section off your home tab. You can see it starts off for that lane goes down in there and finish is where that lane goes to end their okay, the front section so we're gonna do is all too much just so we can see the actual tax tail that we have. Okay, So the first option is asking us here to change the area front. I'm going to zoom up me page so that we can see all the stuff. Okay, so this document here is I designed it just to get truth as quick as possible. So it says you must form out. Each line is described in So So if the for If the line says changed the aerial black fun type, you must change the whole line. The aerial black fun type. It says changes, size their thing, then change size anything. That the whole line. So you select the entire line. This has changed the area Black fund types. We're gonna go appear when it's taken on Funt. There's a font section here. I'm going to go toe aerial black, So give us area black. It might give us area black. We just put it the area okay to me Have been an option down. When I went there in the area just for area black. You can see it there during the corner area Black. So we changed the area black find type. The next option one is a changing size. So we select the fund on This is the fund size action here. We want to change it the size 18. So we click on it on their size 18 and you can see it changes the whole line. The next one here wanted to play bold formatting to the taxed. We select the whole line and we take him to be on that does the bold for money. Metallica's the Naxal again You can see the way this is going. We click on the italic on weeks, like on that just the short cuts Command B is bold command. I used italics Command you is underline. So we play under lane. We selected 30. Underline this sorrow The side will allow you to Do you like to double underlying or a dash on the lanes of those different options there? Strike. True, there's nothing for a strike. True, I'm going to strike to you on this one that we have. So I'm just going to select it on a strike truth and you can see it and put it in. So if you want to leave a word, they are but showed that it wasn't applicable. The next 1 27 will be 22 nd on the nd should be what's called subscript er superscript. In this case, it's superscript superscript goes up high, subscript goes below Think of sub zero So this is the superscript option here on If we click on it, you can see what it does. So it puts the 22nd into the way it should be seeing and see It has small nd Microsoft will automatically do that for you as you're typing, right? But I wanted to show you an example of a turn it here too old. So the correct way the two should be subscript So again I'm only selecting the number two. Do you think I don't like the here to order? Oh, I'm selecting the number two I'm clicking on subscript on it puts their heads too old and I'm do men so you can see it But there we have here Teoh so you can see the difference in subscript and superscript that just divides the lane into and put it below the lane or above the link. The next thing we have has changed the color to red. So we select the whole front or the whole line. This is the fun type or a font color here. That second on that button will automatically change the red. But that's only because red is on the line on it. Here, we can click here and get what's called the Color Palace. So the color pilot opens up here. And if we hover across, you'll see different names. That's read that when there is dark red, I'm gonna change the red. Sometimes if you're doing a exams are on only exam, maybe e CBL or Microsoft Office Specialist or any other exam that will be precise, that they want raid and not dark red. Okay, the next when we have that has changed the upper case. So this text has been typed in lower case all about the force world and wants to change the upper case. So this is the change care spotting here. The a ikan See, I took on it. I'm gonna take on upper case on. It's gonna change the whole line. The upper case, This one wants to change the lower case so it's been typed out on it wants of the changes to lower kiss. So I click on the change case button and go to lower kiss and put it all the lower case. Then capitalize each word. So Capital A's each word is here in the capital age. Word is it's this one here on. It's gonna put a capital letter at the start of each word. So it's It's also known as initial capitals. No, I want to show you the other ones toe a toggle casters. I'm going to do it on this. Capitalize each world we're finished with it. Gonna take on toggle case so you can see what it does. Is it envy? Acted too. If it was lower, case supported advocates and vice versa. So it's handy if you do type like that on the other option, then we have is sentence kiss. So what sentence case will do? I'll do this. This one here, the second last one. My take on it and go to sentence kiss. It will put a capital letter to start on small letters right to it so you can see it there . Sure, your preview of what each one of them is going to do, So sentence kids has the big letter. Lower cases are small upper care size big letters and then companies each word bigger to start in total kiss. It's the opposite one around. Okay, The other one. I want to show, you know, it. It's not in this document, but I do wanna show you is the tax effects. So if we select a bit of text, if we go up to this, it will say tax effect used that option. So however across your tax just allow your most to come to rest on the button, and it'll tell you what it embodies. You're not gonna know the names of all these buttons straight away. You wouldn't get to know them, So tax effects is here. If I click on this nice on drone here, you can see what it does. I'm gonna make that tax that we but bigger with the button that we have here and it puts it . We put it down one. It puts it that you can see it. So that's when I would use thes change, cares buttons or change size buttons to go up and down. If I just don't know what size I want to put something, I can increase the fund or decrease the fund So that's what the tax the facts does. You can see there's other options here that we can play maybe a shadow, too. So I put a shadow to the bank and I'm going to zoom in just so you can see the shadow that's after going on that. So it's out the partner shadow in the background. So quite nice effects that you can do. If you're doing a poster or anything, you could use that on, then. The highlight attacks is the one with the highlighter marker. So if we select a bit of text, we can check in here when we can put a different color on us on. It would highlight the tax just the same as you would if you got standard highlighter pen and drew across that on it. Okay, the other one that we have here is what's called clear format to clear Former. If I select with this lane here, you can see the four month that's on it is it stains your room and size 18 and strike True is on. If I took unclear former, it just put it back to default. So if you have text or if I select all the text like that. I'm pressed to your former. It puts everything back to normal. Okay, and that's it. All done. So that's formatting text. I wanted to get truth out document as quick as possible, because a lot of this stuff is the exact same. It's just a matter using all the different buttons here, So that document will be in the resort of section that you can go and have a look at it yourself. Try it a few times. What you'll find is Isaiah practice. You'll get bad aware, okay? 10. Paraagraphs and alignment: Okay, so this section we want to talk about four mining paragraph. So how we would create paragraphs, unmarried paragraphs on also how we would am format them the way that they're aligned. So left, center, right or justified. The first thing I want to do is I'm gonna take this heading out of there. So we have two paragraphs here. I'm gonna highlight them just so you can actually see them that we would have learned in the last lecture hall. We highlight paragraphs, but I want to show you how we do different things. I'm gonna have a yellow on a green paragraph there. So what I want to do is I want to join the yellow and the green paragraph. So it's called marriage ing paragraphs. So the only thing that separating them paragraphs is this bit of space here. So you can see just where my mother says that we have a bit of spare. So just where it's flashing their their space there, and that's what's keeping one paragraph away from the other. So what we want to do is we want to remove that space. There's two ways of dinner. We can click here so I'm just gonna zoom in so I can show you. We can click here at the end of the green on weaken. Delete what is to the right off the green. So in this area here, Or we can take to the left of the yellow on weaken delete what is to the left of the yellow , which is the same space. It's this yellow spare seal. If we take here where the greenness we have the press fn on belief is gonna delete like a backspace would have done in Microsoft. And if we took here, we can just press the delete key under the backspace on the keyboard. I don't tend to veer towards one way or the other to them, do the exact same thing. So I'm gonna take it to the left hand side of the yellow here. I'm gonna press the button. You can see we're removing the spears. You can put a space back in just so it it looks right. Get the way is if you take a the end of it. I'm gonna took here at the end. You can press shift on by experience on that will delete the same thing for you. Okay? Another way of doing it would be you could select the space so you can see we can select space. I'm going to show you something that just when we have this open Microsoft word need some way of telling the computer to put space in their counters, put space. And so those what's called known printing or formatting marks. So if you look in the middle of your screen, I call it the music note, apologized to anyone that does music. I know it's not like that, but you can see is here. It's a show in Hyde Command here. So it's like this. OK, so if I click on us, what is going to do is it's going to show what's going on in the background. So every document that you have to just say you tape your your name in my kiss C o l i n space M e R K s Microsoft Word need some way of putting that space. And so what it does is it puts a non printing mark or a non printing, non formatting mark in there. So if I type it out, I'm just going to type up my name here at the end type and c o l i n space m a r k s on. If I turn on the show and hide, you can see if I zoom in it has put in a small mark here. You can see it's highlighting. The in blue differs from Microsoft in that way at Microsoft used to keep them in black on the PC. But you can see No, it's in blue to show you that it's a non printing mark on turning it off. I tend to tell people turned them off again because it does confuse people. It puts it in there. But it's it. It's way of showing the computer that there's a space in there, so it has to put something in the same here. So if I click on my non printing off formatting marks with this one, you can see that it's actually showing me that there is something there she can see. I can select them, so I'm just gonna zoom in to show you that I have selected that non printing or paragraph. Mark and I have also selected the other one undersides. You can see I've selected both of them. Once I select them, I can just press the delete key on the keyboard and it brings them up on it. It mayor just, um So we have from there so we can select it when we can delete that one too. Like that. It's what you're doing. You just don't realize that you're doing it because you haven't looked in the background by hitting the delete button or the bikes. But Spartan, you're actually deleting them paragraph marks that you have there. Okay, so that's that's how we would create a paragraph or marriage two paragraphs if we wanted to create a new paragraph. So just say, for example, if we wanted to create a new paragraph from witnesses, So we want to create a new paragraph starting out witnesses. What we would do is we were just position, of course, or at the start of witnesses. Do be careful that you don't take in the space here so you can see if I took here. There's a space in between, so I'm gonna select the space to show you there's a space there in between. So make sure you're expecting on the W or to the right left of the W. What we want to do, then, is we want to press the return key on What we're doing is what adding in space when their marriage and paragraphs were removing space when we're adding paragraphs were when my marriage in paragraphs removing space when more creating paragraphs were adding space. So that's the way we talk about it in Microsoft Word. Okay, I'm gonna take the undue couple of things so command and said Amanda and said will undo the options for you. There's me back to normal. So I'm just hitting, commanding said. And that allows you to under the last action. So the next thing we have now is we have paragraph alignment. So in the English language, we am Elaine. Things left to right so you can see I'm going to do with the mouth because my screen to be different and use of back down along the side Here is a straight left margin we read from left to right. So it's makes sense to have it. Alain left. I'm going to leave the top one aligned left. We don't have another option. I'm going to select the paragraph on We can align Santo so you can see up in the middle. Here we have This is the paragraphs Action off of the home tab. So the paragraph section off the home tab is here. So we had been in the front section? No, we're in the paragraphs Action, which is here That's the left, the lane button, which is turned on at the minute. So the next thing that we want to do is we want to We've selected the paragraph, we're gonna central. So what Santa does is it puts a line down the middle on goes the same distance I left and right, the other one we have is right in line. So if we wanted to write a lane text, we would click on the right Elaine button. When you see it puts where possible a straight right margin on then the other one is justified so justified. What it does is it gives your straight left on right margin so you can see now we have strayed left and straight, right? A lot of people get confused if they were doing a ladder, right? So I'm just going to open up a ladder here a new document up for us. And what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna just put my I dress and I'm gonna make up on the drive. I'm not gonna push me on the draft. I'm gonna put on the dress in on I'm gonna go on to three trees and we just do new turn. Okay? That's my address in a business situation. Got a draft. Should be over on the right hand side over here. And people try and get it over, But spears bars and doing things. My advice is go ahead and do your letter rush. So they're sore. We just said there. So, madam, and I am writing to you. I'm we just sit blah, blah, blah. We just put in a better text there, you know, like we normally do so equals. Or Andy open and close the brackets. I'm gonna put actually number, maybe nine in there. Just sort to give us nine paragraphs of text. You may have to do it on a new lane. Okay, We have a couple of paragraphs attack. So this is the bulk off our ladder here on Dane when we have the latter done. What we can do, Dennis. Then we can select attacks on Elena to the right hand side, and you'll see it puts it straight over for us on. You have no massing a boat with trying to get text over here or they'll. So my advice is always part attacks in on the left hand side, first of all, and once you've everything in, then you can put it to the left or to the right, because I only selected the paragraph. They are that the address is in. It only puts it to the right hand side, so that's left. Elaine Sandor, Rado Lane and Justified Justified would be used in magazines or newsletters. It's used quite a lot. If I select this tax deal on just a fire, you'll see it'll put it there. It's a straight left on right margin. It's a bit hard to look at that tax, but I just wanted you to get the me an idea off your address bar. Okay, so in the next election, we look at a different section 11. Indents and Tabs: Okay, So in this section, we want to talk about in denting paragraphs on how we would in then paragraphs and what we can do to end then paragraphs. We also have a look at standing up tabs. So in joining paragraphs, there's three or four different ways that weaken indented paragraphs. And in order to do this, we need to use the Manu Bar here. So if we go up to format and then paragraph, it's a good option. Force that liquid in the paragraph that you have taken in the paragraph that you have just that's Microsoft noted. That's the paragraph that you're dealing with. So take it in the paragraph to you have you can select that if you want book the format and then paragraph it's going open up this paragraph dialog box here. I'm gonna move it away, but just to see, I'm just taking on dragging up the top there. So indentation is hell. So what I'm gonna do is you can indented before text or after tax, so I can indented maybe one centimeter that's going to go to the left hand side before I'm like, OK, you can see what it does it just pushes it in one centimeter from the rest. I'm going on. Do that. I'm gonna go on, do it from the right. I'm going to go to format paragraph. Once I go to for my paragraph, I'm gonna put one in here. I'm going to type it in just to see if making noise. So I'm gonna put one in there. I'm gonna say OK, and you can see it's indented in one here on the left, on the right hand side. So it put it in one centimeter from the rest. So that's indentation. You can do it from the left from the right, or you can do it from both either, and it just puts it in a way. But for them, then there's what's called a special in depth. I'm gonna under that because I want to get back to normal. There's a special in Dent, and a special invent is hanging or forced line. We're gonna go to former and paragraph once I go to for Martin Paragraph. Forget this left on site that takes you from the left on from the right or both. This special section here we have. If I take down. You can see they have a forced line. So a first line, I'm going to leave it at 1.27 That's the default. You can change it if you want. And then it's like I'm OK. And you can see what those is it just in dense. The forced line to the forced lane only indented by and 1.27 centimeters. Some books will start off like that. The Linden Force lane we were going under. I'm gonna go in and I'm gonna show you what a hanging indent will look like. So hanging in down to look like this, it's exact same thing inside of first line I'm gonna do hanging. I leave it at 1.27 and what it does is it leaves the first line in and puts everything else there as if it hanging from that force line. So different options welcome. The first line is going to be the one that people might want want to use most, so you might have a bit of text on. Maybe put the first line of it in. So that's four slain in dance, hanging and dense, and Indiana from the left and indented from the right Did the option that we have then is setting up tabs. So I'm gonna open up a new document for this command and then is going to open up a new document for me. I'm gonna maximize it out for full screen and just see if we were doing a C V. And this has been a common problem that people always have done. If they want to get certain things toe laying up what Stevie's are with anything that you're doing. What did you want? Menu? If you want something toe lane out, what do you do? Well, actually do on menu. Okay, be easier for us to do so. We want to have lines or grids are columns. What we can do is we can do what's called tabs. We can click on the ribbon up of the top here, you can see on the ribbon or under ruler. I can click. And if I click on the ribbon or gorilla to show you, you can see it's going to give me a tab here too. There's a left tub. Okay, on I go back and show you We have options here So we have a couple of different types of tabs. We have left hub. We have the justified tabs are going on and actually show you them. So from the format menu, we want to go to paragraph and then we can go to tops. So these are two different tabs that what we can do? So at the minute I'm after putting at six. And on 11.5, it's perfect just to click on the ribbon if you just want to do quick tabs. But if you want more precise So if you want to maybe allying it differently If you want to do dazzle points, you can do it that way. So I'm gonna do it. Maybe I leave it left for the time being, the default spares reliever. I'm gonna leave this leader at none. For the time being, I'm gonna say, OK, I'm going to show you exactly what it is. So just say man, you I'm gonna say Chicken burger. I apologize If anyone didn't after dinner yet, I'm gonna hit the tab. Key time key. Is this one here? So it's the bottom there. I'm gonna crash the top key. I'm lost my connection. Gonna have to use my keyboard. The top key. It takes your straight across. You can see to the number six on I can type in. And the yesterday's price maybe would put six on it. Pressed how? Begin It takes you to dis option here. You can see it taking a straight across on. Then we'll say it's today or doing it for four year old. Okay, we're just gonna do a Borgo on this one. We're gonna hit the tab key. We're gonna have the ball. Go. Was five year old today? It's gonna be 3 50 Next one chips, it's gonna be off phrase as we might call them, is gonna be tree Euro on today is gonna be to 50. So can you see how everything is lining up there? So it's all lining up nice and nature, and it's only me having the tab Key People have gone in and hit the space bar to get them across sort of headed. You could do the exact them in, uh, if you were doing CV make, we said so. If we had a CV keyboard back Now, if we had a CB that we were doing on. Do we have the places I walked? Don't do this in a normal TV water Betterton in this, we could have places I worked on. We could have the company okay when we could set up tops now so we could set up maybe a tab here on the tab here. Okay, so the company did the year on the road. Okay. We wanted the next lane on. We just said company was ABC LTD. The year was 2000 and nine on the role was office manager. Okay, the next thing we have done is I have these as a Santa tub with living at left tubs. The next we have is 12 tree. Just gonna put 123 limited. We leave websites. The year was it has 9 10 11 on you were office Claire committee. You can see every news making it add up. No. The next step we get is when we want to start going on and doing mawr things. I'm open up a new document close out of these all let around. So I'm going to do a C V again. We just receive e on. We just do again places I walked. Okay, so now when I go to set up a tab instead of taking on here, I'm not gonna take their that it is very easy to do that, but I want to add something extra to it. I'm going to go to four Martin Paragraph. You can do this slow on a former paragraph. I'm gonna click into tubs, which is down at the very bottom of that last menu on its asking me for a cab stopped possession. So I'm gonna tab stop possession. I'm gonna put the air, which means it's going to go to it. The alignment. I'm gonna leave it. I'd left. It means the tax would be left aligned. The leader is non that. The leader means what spirit? What's going to be in the space in between? The first point On the second point, I'm gonna leave. It may be just that this dash for the time being, I'm going to say OK, we can say sat would let us a set. So it's after putting it in there. I can put another tab in. I'm gonna get a former paragraph I go to tops again on this time I'm going to put in Maybe Tartine. I'm gonna leave it right, aligned. I'm gonna leave it on the line, okay? So you can see no company. We priced top on it goes across with a dash. We did the year tab across and it does on Underline. I would just say it roll. So now it's putting something in between them. So we do. ABC LTD top across the year was attention and not 10. Tab was office manager. I know it doesn't look right now because we're Dennis, but you could see that if you wanted to put something in like a page number, That's how you would do it so that that's tubs have a we play about with them. If you need to go back, I'll put a exercise here for it. But if you need to go back and have a look at the video, but your means do that 12. Line Spacing, bullets and numbering and borders: Okay, So in this lecture, where we want to talk about is lane spacing. Bullets a numbering on. We want to do a bit of borders and sharing and playing borders. Two things. So what first thing we want to do is that the line spacing so you can see from the document of the minute know that we have a single lane spacing. So each lane of texts taken up a single lane of space. So what we can do is if I select a paragraph is going to select its first paragraph here on the line. Spacing button is here, so it's in the paragraphs action. So wouldn't that paragraph section it's there and you can see it's called lane spacing and paragraphs piercing. So if I get, I'm just gonna go out away. But just so you can see the whole paragraph if I click it, you'll see it's telling me no 1 to 1 lane of Spears is taking up one lane of taxes, taking up one of his best. If I go to 1.15 and it click it, you'll see it slightly more. No, so one lane is gonna take up one on the best lanes of spare, so you could just see there. It's the line of text, and then it has a bit of space after us. I take it again and go to 1.5. You'll see that each laying node is taking up 1.5 lanes of space. So Elaine is getting the lane of tax that has on another half. Along with that, and you may have heard of double line spacing. The double line spacing is where you're not. A lecturers would users because they find it easier to read so you can see there. Zumer. The fourth paragraph is in double line spacing. Where's the second paragraph? There isn't saying the lines facing, So that's how you would change if you would just select the tax that you want, and if you want to change all the text, you would select all the text and you go to the line. Spacing options appear at the very top. Click it Andi comported the 11.5 to 2.5 or tree, and there's also more options in the line, spacing that you can Saturday whatever you want. So there's at least or double or multiple or whatever you want to. You can put figures in there if you want, but usually the single double on 1.5 is the one that we would go for. Okay, so that's laying spacing. The next thing you want to talk about his bullets. And for this, I'm going to open up a new a new pidge on what we do in this pages. I'm going to start off our list, so I'm just going to say it. This is a list. It doesn't have to be in particular. Since this is the list, I'm going to go on to the next line. I'm going to click on my bullets on. I'm going to start the less store. Just put in item one. I hit return on the keyboard. It gives me a new bullet. Item two, return. It gives me item three. And so on on, every time I do it, I'm gonna put in eight and four because I want to finish off this list. What I do know when I want to finish the list, I can hit the return key and then press the bullets, or I can just double tap the enter key. So the return key on the keyboard double tapped out on it, takes me down to the next line on the second head of it, then get you out off the list. So that's the way you can start a list from from normal. I'm gonna go back up here. I'm gonna take this idol because what I want to do is I want to start a new list. We're going to say this is a list, and this time, instead of choosing the standard bullets, so I'm going to zoom in just to show you. So instead of choosing the standard bullets which are here, there's a small arrow to left to the right hand side of that button. If I click it, you'll see that it's going to show me a number of different bullets so you can select which you have a polity one. So we just do this color phone just because it will stand out more. So I just saying no Item one hit return. I am too. You can put your own things and you don't know that I am. I am a tree. When I'm finished the list I hit the return key. So the return He is the anti road from key on the keyboard. I just had it twice back in the night. Lister hit it twice on it takes me down onto the next lane and gets me out of the list on. Then I can continue. Continue on typing. Okay, so that's the way we do our lists. It's the exact same way if we're doing numbers. If we use on, go on to the next line, Justin, and start a number list. Just say this is a number list going to the next line. If I click on this, it's on the actual botnets off. It's just going to give me number one. Number two, number three. But if I want more specific options, you can see I comport number one with Dr Number one with a bracket of us. I can put room and numerals I can but e here with brackets and then so on, Right? The waitress So you can see that I can I can keep going on down through the list. Whatever wear this, I want I just put in. I am one here. Item two on item tree. Okay, you could also am. You could also get yourself in a position where you may want to id bullets to an existing list. Just see if we have a list that doesn't have bullets on it. So you can see this is is a list to this list here, and we want to play bottles to these things here. What we can do is we can select him like I've just done. No, no. On click on the bullets on it with Donna. Play bullets to notice that uses the last bullet that I was using on the same What numbered list. And we can use different levels. So if we want to have to say, for example, if we have another think this list out of here, I go back, get rid of my my bullets and a number, Okay? I'm going to use English football teams just because most people will know the main knows that some of the people across the water might, but we be able to do it. So if I put in here, I'm just gonna put in e n g l I s h just gonna put English football. I'm gonna put premier league. Okay, on the Premier League on the other one is the championship. Okay, so what we're gonna do now is we are going Teoh put bullet on these two. So these two are bullets because they're too subsidiaries off the English football. OK, But inside the Premier League, what I want to do is I'm gonna put in just gonna put in mind united on. I'll put in Chelsea. Andi in here, we'll put in, um, we put in Brighton Breitner after getting promoted, But would we leave them in the championship for the time being? What I can do now is because mine United and Chelsea are again subordinates off the Premier League. I can select them on. I can press the tab keys. Remember earlier on, we pressed our tab key. And without those is, it moves them on a level I can do to see him for Brighton. I can select them, and I could go on a level with the tab key so you can see what your bullets You can have different levels off the bullets. The same would walk if it was numbers. So if I select them all and put it on the numbers, it will go one Premier League and then e and B two championship and then here. And if I was to doom, or it would come out would be and so one Okay, so that's how you would use bulleted lists to create that type of thing. You can go another section. Then we could do maybe players. So if I put in here and I'm just gonna put Juan Mata is a football player Apologies. If you don't follow football, if you're not into football, I'm just trying. Teoh, put it in so I can show you a list. So we've Premier Li Manya lated on. Then one model would be the next level in. So you can see it goes another level and then so you and you can keep doing that. You can keep adding on the list of levels, think of countries you might have. Maybe the United States on Then you might have a stay of itself inside, and then inside the state, you would have a city. So the role on different levels. And if you have Europe, you have Europe in the country and in the city. So they're all in different levels. So you can see now that it's creating like a list, right the way true, you can update the lists so you can see here it's using the different lists. So it's using one A and then I so you can see one day and I always gather two years, maybe in this type of a fashion 11.11 point 1.1 on it will do that to you. 11.11 point 2.1. So that's just this next button over here, you can see it's the multilevel list. It'll allow you to select it that those get on a wee bit more advanced. But I do want this course to the branch out into them. More advanced. I am. I expect to constantly add stuff to Okay, so that's the bullets. A numbering. Pretty straightforward if you really want to do a single bulleted list. But when you start getting entered out, multilevel listed, those start getting away, but complicated. But that's why you are here. We want to learn all the the options. Okay, next thing I want to do is I want to go back into Microsoft for their just another tape. I have a few Microsoft word documents open here. So on my doctor and here at the bottom. So if I hold my finger down and it's going to show me the documents I have opened, so have document one, which is this one here on leave this useless information, which is that one. So I could do that to holding your finger down under on track five will give you them options there at the dock. Okay, The next thing we want to do is we want to either better off text around these borders. I'm gonna put this back the single lane spacing just so it looks right for us. So I'm selecting a paragraph of tax deal once a the paragraph attack selected. I want I'd borders and sharing to it. So this is the option for borders and sharing here. I'm going to move into it. You can see it's a border spot in this button will change depending on what you've been using last. But I'll show you if I click down in it on the matter even more so you can see the full option meant window. So we have bottom border so lazy to put a bottom border on. If you want it, allow you to put a top border on and so on. You can see here there's a bottom border top, border left border, right border, no border, which is on at the minute You can put all borders. You could put an outside border. We'll just put aboard around the whole text. And we could also put ah incite border on different ones. But the option I quite like most is their borders and sharing at the very bottom. So we click on the borders and sharing. It's gonna open up this dialogue box for us. The dialog box. When you're using dialog boxes, you should always work from the top corner here, done to the bottom corner here. So that's the way Windows and Microsoft and Apple in general always work. They always have the finished bottom down here at the corner, so you can always start up one corner on walking away across it. So we're on borders at the minute. What type of border do we want at the minute it sat out known here We don't want it None. We wanna have a box border. We want a box around it. Text you can put different styles own. We just put maybe this type of a style here. It's like a tick line on a single lane. The color is automatic of the managed will put it Maybe Teoh on orange color. Okay. The wit, then is what with do you want the borders? It walks in points. You can see it's giving you 1.5 points. Two and 1/4 tree. We leave it, maybe believe it. 4.5 points and then it's asking it. He wanted around the top middle of bottom the role switched on the minute you can see in the preview down and you wanted around the paragraph on a run or around the taxed, I'm going to do this one run paragraph. I'll do the next one around the tax and show you So I taken OK, it puts it around the paragraph and you can see it. It looks cane and nice. What I'm gonna do knows I'm going to select the next paragraph. I'm going to do the exact same process. I'm gonna go into borders and sharing at the bottom. I'm going to select the box border. I'll do that. Um, double lying. I put it orange on. I put it out 4.5 points. But instead of using the paragraph, I'm gonna put it around the text. So I say, okay, so you can see the difference. So when when you put it around the paragraph, it puts it around the whole paragraph when you put it round attacks that put its part run to each individual line. So it's a much nicer fact when you put around the paragraph, you also have options here again. I'm going to select this paragraph here with like, that's like the whole text. We have paragraph here. I'm gonna go to borders and shading on again, Back down the borders and sharing. We have a tab at the top we wear on borders. We have a shared ing tab here at the very top at the minute, the fillets at no color. I'm going to go into the fella and I'm going to say part of the green. This might be hard when your eyes but we will do it anywhere so that we can see it Click it , and you can see it gives you that bored or fill right around it. The last option we want to talk about their borders and cheating is a appeared border. I used to tell students when I was teaching they used to teach a class, and the students have to submit Stevie's at the end. And I always tell them that if you could do something to make your CB standard, employers were more likely to lift it straight away. So some of the things we used to do is maybe printed out on a different color paper, you know, like a yellow paper, a pink pair for a black pepper on. The other thing is to do a page border. So we click here in the borders and sharing right there on the border and sharing at the very bottom. You see the top in the middle here goes for page, border. So what? The minute it sat for known because there's no border around the page, I'm gonna take on box and again, I'm gonna use the same something similar that the double line, well, even a tree point on our part of black just assure you water. It looks like you can do different things. Like art in oil. Have a look at these things. Fill them in trial in our just use it and see what it looks like. I'm gonna taken OK, It's applying it to the whole document, which is every page of the document. I'm gonna check in, okay? And you'll see it goes right, rounded the documents. You can see my My margins are quite small there. We could make the margins bigger if we wanted to. On have them right the way around on. There is options there to make a go further out from the AM from the options so you can see the top margins. You can change the margins, toe the foreign five and measure from the edge of the page. If you measure from the edge of Pidge, it would It would mean we're just part of the 10 measure from the edge of the page of measures from the edge of page. I'm not from the actual text. So you'd want to keep it running the edge of the page when IM said okay on. Okay. I dont know. It gives you your margin, right round your page. Okay, So if I went in on I did a quick print preview off the you might be able to see what it looking like. So you concede out, down you have your board or right round to document and we have right around each of the five pages. We will talk later on about print preview and how we get the sidings up for print preview. But you can see it there straightaway. Okay, So sometimes appears border can make a document stand out more so than if we didn't have it on. You'll see No. When I take it off the page border straight away, because our for Okay, so that's page borders, borders and shading on the single line on double line spacing that we looked at their Okay , So what's he is in the next election? 13. Styles and format painter: Okay, So the next thing you want to talk in this lecture is styles on for my Panter. So styles are up here. So on your home tub, right across on the right. Inside, we have styles. You can see the go heading one heading two heading train normal, no spacing. And so on. No, it's good practice that if you are creating a heading type environment or somewhere where you're gonna have headings that you use styles. So I use a style for the ministry and see it's gonna put a big but the reason you would use style. So I'm gonna select all these headings, and I'm gonna use heading one for it. Okay. Heading one having one. I'm just gonna keep doing having one. I'm gonna put that on to the next page just so it doesn't pop up heading one. That's enough. We will do if you having one. Okay, so I'm just selecting and I'm doing heading one like that. So the reason I would do heading Warner for that type of thing is your document. No knows that that is heading your after telling it this is heading one because you're using that. That style. So if you did, for example, going to do a table of contents, we will look later on a table. Contents. I'm not going to go through too much detail about how to do a table of contents. No, but if you went through later on to do a table of contents, you could, then your headings would be used to make up your table of contents. So you see what what it's after doing night. It's telling, you know that each of these are the headings that we picked. It's telling you that the role on page one page, too, because obviously we only have five pages in the document. But it picks up that these are headings so you can see 10 toes and individuals violence on New Year's Eve and it has here 10 hesitated individuals vanished on New Year's Eve, so that's why it's important to to use them headings. If you have, it gives your document a sense of Waters are heading and what isn't heading? No, I'm gonna go back, and I'm gonna undo right back to be getting very start that we have all of them. I don't like this What you can do is if you don't want to have that big heading. Okay? What you can do is you can select the heading, Okay like that. And you can right click on a Mac people get confused with, right click. If you're right taken on a Mac, you want your track pad or your mouse, your mouse is gonna be standard right click. But on your tripod, you want to do what's called a two finger click. So it's two fingers and just tap on it will give you a right tick option. So what I'm gonna do knows I'm after selecting this. I right clicked heading to and I've just said up there too much selection. Or you could write, like, heading one and see up there too much selection. So once we do that, what it does know is I'm all for changing it. That the computer know think no knows that anything that has the same characteristics as this is a heading. So I updated it. So, no, If I go to, I'm gonna change these two from adding I don't want them to be. These are tiles. I don't want them to be headings, So everything that has this type of formatting here is going to be seen as heading. So when I go into my table of contents on making HarperCollins, which we will do later on, we will do it. Let me see. We're going to go in here and we're gonna go to home on over notated. That's having one. This one here is heading one, and this one here is heading one and so on. You can see I'm just putting the more less having one on the role matching up to the all of the same. So no if I put inmate, every content or even up there I looked at the entire table. We talked about all this later on, you can see No, it's including these things in our table of contents. So 10,000 individuals. So these are the styles, and that's why it's important to use styles. It shows Microsoft Word what groups things our end. So if you've headings used the heading style, Microsoft Word then knows that it's part of the headings group that later on, when you go to your table of contents, it would recognize it as a heading. It'll make more sense when we get in to do the table of contents. But for the time being, we just noted to apply Ah, heading. So I'm gonna delete it table contents that that we have here to apply a heading. We we just select attacks that we want and click on heading one or heading to your heading three or whatever the case is, I tend to always use heading one for us. It was just a matter selecting on heading. No. The second thing that we want to talk about is if we have a heading. So I'm just gonna changed attacks to take, taking out of taking styles out of it for the time being. So if we have a bit of tax, that's raid. I'm gonna put it may be that it's underlying die italic on its That's a stale. Okay, So if we want to do all the headings to match that one there, what we can do is we can click within it some more, and I'm going to click on this. So it's the four. My Panter do men, so you can see it up at the top. So for my painter, it's a smaller pan brush beside the copy and pissed. I mean, when I take on this, what it does is it gathers in or it copies that caught the formatting, not attacks the copies of formatting that's attached to this. So I click it, You can see it stays highlighted, hurt stairs and pushed in. And then I just click on drag across the one that I want. So just those at once It's like into it like, yes, I don't like the one that you want a copy it onto on it does it for you then another thing you can do with it If you know beforehand that you're gonna do want to treat for five or six headings so you know that you're going to do a good few them tick, quit in this double, click it, then on. Then you can do one Teoh tree as many eyes you want for five six and will keep doing it until you take it again on turn it off. So the good way have been able to match formatting, and that's exactly what it does. It matches formatting from one bit of text onto another bit of text, so it's called the for. My pants are very handy for doing business if you want to match something up. Okay, so we looked at styles on the former Panter styles will come into play him or whenever we do the table of contents in later sessions. 14. Tables: Okay, so in this next actually want to talk about tables, so tables are great way off, keeping data lined up for keeping taxed lined up. It's a great way off, displaying text and again with table. Then what? Everything else, like pictures or charts. The most important thing is that you have your insertion point exactly where you want to. First of all, so one more in Santa Table we can go to the inside top. So again, insertion point where we want it. We go to the insert tab on, we click on table, and when we click on tear, but you can see it gives us this box like former. So boxes were tan across on 10 down or it done on. What we want to do is we want to select the number of rows or columns that we need to do so rules go across. Columns got pinned down. So for this I'm going to do here columns across on. I'm gonna do three rolls toe nearby tree, so I'm just selecting. I'm not clicking on that, and they just have most hover. And there, once I'm happy, I just click on the button. The Lions box that I want and you can see it puts in that box for me and just going to give it a wee bit of space. So it puts the table in for me there. And what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna just tape in the days of the week here. I'm just gonna put in the short ones off that I'm not gonna spend too long doing it. Um, so you can see I can put them in very quickly there, open on to sit close. Onda. We just say we open up nine. We close at five. We don't really have had a copy and pissed so we can select through them. We can see a command and see his copy said, Like the ones we want to put it into. And then their command and V pierced it in for us. So that's what it's all about. It's all about getting quicker and getting your your speed up. Okay, so there we have did the days of the week from Monday to Monday to Sunday open time closing time just of a sharp or whatever it is that's put on the table and entering data into the table. So it's simply an officer's tomorrow going inside table on selecting the one that you want . It was a couple of things you can do when you do get the table, and so the first thing is selecting it. Okay, you can select the rules by taking out the left inside of them. Here, you can select the car Williams, but taken above them here. So just above it, I'm gonna zoom in so you can see you know we've power. Thank you. So we have the whole table there. So it's taken above the column like that with the arrow pointing down selects the column like him with the arrow to left, Onside selects the whole row on. And if you want to select an individual cell, you just take in the bottom corner of the individual sound like that, and it will allow you to select individual self. If you want to select a few individual cells, you just click and drag from one to the other, like Donald like just like them. The same goes for columns. You can take and drag across the columns, and the same goes for the rules. You can click and drag across the rows if you want to select the entire tier. But of course, you can click and drag across the entire table, but what you do is you can click at the top left corner. You have this small plus sign here. If I click it, it'll only to select the whole tax for us there. I know some of the things you can do with tables when you due to lack them, that one of the most important things that dinner tables is in sounding a row or entering a column on the way we do that is we pick a column in relation to one that we want to put in . So just say, if we wanted to put in a lunch hour, so we want to bring a new role between open and close. We right click on one of them, so I'm after right click and I'm going to zoom. I just so you can see it. I right, clicked Or second retract, as I call it. What a Mac. So it's two fingers down on the tripod or right click on the most. So right there. Secondary click. Goto ends out I know it. Alaska's Do we want to insert a row above or below? We want to put it in between open and close. So it's gonna be a role below. So it's gonna put it in any ACEA. It puts it in there and we can I'd if we wanted to, we could add lunch, but lunch in there 1 to 2. Okay, I'm going to copy it. I don't let it pasted across your name. So there we have it. So that's putting in a column and rows there for you. We can do to see him if we write, like here. So anyone, right? Look on a corner inside called him to the left. Little put a column in there for us. Just if you want to say that you were closed or anything are fattened, that's happened. So I'm gonna take that role whether there or not Carly murder because it doesn't look right . We control act the room so that top rules there weaken selected. I know we have thes tabs at the top of you. Watch them tubs of the top. If I take out of them to go away, take back into the table. It's going to come back for you. So these are what's called contractual tubs on contractual tabs only appear when you need them. So the table tabs don't be there when you're not working the tables because you don't need the things that are in them, whereas the chart tubs will come up when you're working with charts drawing tabs that come up when you're working with pictures and so on. But in this case here, we're walking on tables, so it gives us the terrible tabs. Weaken, select their from styles of tables. If you want, you can see you can put different styles on. I'm gonna leave it at the default, but we go through a few of them and just see so you can see there's a more button here. If you want to take apart different styles on there, I'm just gonna leave it at the default straightforward one that we have cause we want to play about with us. There's a sharing option here, so I select the top row here, and I you can see if negotiating I can put a different color on the top Row. Blue is probably not a great card apartment because it's blue and it's highlighted. I put a red color just so you can see that I'm actually doing something to it. We could also select the card IAM that runs down along there when we get again, take on it the shading and put the card iam a different color. Other options we could do then are we could with the layer you could change the border styles. We could change the west of it. So if we select all the border, we could go into border styles or the wet. We put it on toe four points that, like let you draw. But if we go the borders and borders and sharing, so to see him it's more or less the same borders as we would do when we're doing the page borders. At the minute the width is half point, we can put the weather on two, maybe two and 1/4 and you'll actually see it happening now. As you can see, that the wet the west of the borders thes borders that run along here are no bigger. Okay, we can also increase or decrease the wet off the columns, so I'm going to zoom in for this just so you can see. So when a position my most between the Monday and choose their I can click and drag over to whatever what I need, I could also double click on. It will do what's called our office. So when you double click it or a moderately fits to the size that it needs to be, whether that be bigger or smaller and you just double click each one what I could have done as well when a white in the morning just pressing the on the bottom there, just toe white in the mall. I could have selected all the columns like that. I just could have went to one of them on a double Collectors on because the roles, like did it applies to the mall. So it's just a quick away off dinner, and the other thing we can do then with here was gonna zoom out and show you doesn't think we can do it with tables in the layers. We can change the height or the wet here, so if I select the column, I can change the width here to a certain wet. So if I wanted to be a certain whether ever wanted to be 2.5. I can put it to 2.5 so you can automatically fed it to their for that stables. There's not a whole pile to them later own. When we do a meal marriage, we're gonna be looking more tables, would be able to see the different things we can do then with properties, and that for the time being we just want to know how to get a table in their own. We look a different thing, sorting and doing all them things, so that's tables. 15. Charts: no. So this the charts action when we want to. Do you have Microsoft Word open here? And we want to put in a chart before we put in charge of something. We need to understand the boat chart. A chart needs to have some kind of sample data in order to be a chart. If there was no doubt it there would be zero. There'll be nothing there to actually populate the chart. So what Microsoft Word does when we go to put in a child, it's gonna open up Excel. So it's important to make sure you have Microsoft Excel installed for this Onda updated. So that's very important. Just another quick note up there. Microsoft. You just take on your help under the check for updates, action there, and it will go ahead and do it for you. So just make sure you always have yourself or up ideas on again. Both Microsoft Word on Excel. So the next important thing is we have to make sure they're on Sachin. Point is wherever we want the chart to be, I'm just gonna type in a bit of text. This is a chart. Just so we have something to go by. I'm gonna put the charge on the next line and you could be more elaborate, but your your tax that you put in so to put in the child, we go up to the insert tab up at the very top here on the river on driven option here called Chart. So once I click on chart, you can see it's going to give me options for all the different type of charts that I have . Collier lying pie bar area scattered, charged all different ones and the type of business you're in, you know, the type of ones that you're gonna use. But what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna just put in a standard chart. If you can put in one, you can do the mall. I'm going to just do a column chart, and I'm just gonna do this forced one, which is a clustered column. You can see each of them has an unnamed there. So I'm going to insert chart. I'm selecting the charter they want, and I'm just clicking on the chart. You'll see what it's doing is it's opening chart out and excel. Microsoft Excel opens up for me on there. I have this chart out. So this is where we put in our chart data, so I'm just gonna put it in the Microsoft word still is open. It's in the background here. We have our chart outta here. I'm just going to type in here. I'm just gonna put in joinery February on March Weaken. We can use Microsoft blacks out here. Just drag them across. January, February, March. I'm just gonna put in maybe and shoes in here. I'm gonna put in coats. I'm gonna put in hats. I'm gonna put in them socks. So she was cold hearted socks with just salad things. We leave the numbers. We put a couple of numbers in here with just 45 Just so you have data in forest. We don't need to be guy precise with it. We just need to make sure that we have data in it. I'm not going to leave with the points. And it because the points would I wouldn't represent it properly for us. So we're gonna put five in here on maybe six in. Okay, so we're after parting indicted there. You can elaborate more that you can put as much on his little daughter in as you want. Once you're happy with the data you can close out of Excel on Open back up Microsoft Word and you'll see. Now you have your chart in on it has. I'm going to do minimum for you. You can see you have John Re February and March on. It has shoes, coats, hats and socks. So it's important to have dark data in. And you could see previously Microsoft Word had on Microsoft Excel had got sample data in it first. So there's a chart. Okay, What we want to do is you want to talk about the charge you can see straightaway again. We have a tablet. The very top here chart design on former. So again, this is one of the contractual tops that appear only more dealing with charts. If I click out of the chart, I'm gonna check, take up beside my tax, take and see it's gone back into the chart. It pops back up for us. So anything we want to do in a chart allows us to be able to do it on these two tabs here so you can see there's different options here we can change the colors through these arm or more simple than this. We have different styles of charts so that we can select different styles. If we wanted to do maybe one with a black background, you can see you can put it in there and make it stand out more. We have selected the data or added data. If we click on it, it's gonna open up Microsoft Excel again, and we could re added it. Okay, so that's how we we do like that. We couldn't swipe over and back in one of the previous lectures in the performance. Things we can see use all the different swipe function. So have a look at that one, too. We can change the chart type from here as well. Remember, these are only available when we've selected the actual chart James the chart type. So if we wanted to put it, for example, to a bar chart, we could change it to a bar chart there, or if he wanted to change it to a different type of column chart. TREATY column shot, you could do it. They're all chance chart type. Then we have the former top, which again is part of the chart design. We have it here so you can see we chart area different options. We can change the fill of the color. So if I click on, I'm going to zoom in on show you. If I click on the Orange column there, so I click on it. You can see it's lacks all four off the aren't columns on. What I can do is I can then go one instead of partner, maybe two orange. I can pick one of the other colors. I can maybe pick that yellow color, and we have it there. If I wanted to change the gray click on the gray on again, I can go up to my foam mat and I can pick one of the other colors for us. Or pick maybe that green on the same with the blue. You can click on the blue on. You can change the color like that. Okay, Maybe one of the I don't want to put it to black or anything. We just put it a different shade of blue. Have you had maybe company colors that you want to change That you could put that Okay, The next thing we have then is we've different areas off your chart. Okay, So you have your chart area, give your plot area of your back wall any of your floor. So this is the floor here. I'm gonna show you the actual floor. I'm going to zoom in. So it's the floor off the chart, and when you have a cross, he gets a little safe floor. If I click on it, it's electing floors. You can see there's the hundreds there going round to show you That's the floor selected. Andi. I can if I wanted to. Then, like that changed the color of the floor part of into those orange color. Just so it shows up here do men, because it may be hard enough for you to see so you can see I'm after changed in the cholera off the Florida we have the back wall. If I click on the back wall again, I can also change the color of it. You can see the way this is going so you can change the color of all the different things that you want. And it's just a matter of clicking on the area that you want to? If I want to change the child area, I can click on it and I can go when they comport a different chart area car. That's probably but hard on your eyes. We put it to one of the degree of colors here, so you can see that you can change whatever colors you want just by clicking on the area that you want to do and going up the format them. We can change our chart titles again. It's gonna open up the chart design area. If I want to change my chart title, I can click on it on. What I can do is take a the end of it. I'm going to zoom in. Just do what I can show you, so I'm gonna click out of it. We click on it once to highlight the actual title area clicking it again on Then you can delete the text. Or of course, you could select it. I'm just gonna say closure, Okay. And then check out of us on that he selected for you. Okay. You could change areas here. You can drag this round. If you don't like where it is, you can move the area where it is to put it into a different area. You can also make the chart bigger and smaller, so you can see I've handled on it the same as we have with pictures. And if we click on the handles, we can make the whole chart bigger or smaller. Quick tip FIA. If you do want to move a chart, run the yours area. Make sure you click and drag up here at the top right corner. You want it like here. You don't want to be clicking on anything else because what will happen is the things will move or don't go with you. You want to make sure you're there with that four headed our way. Once you've before had a narrow, you can just click and you can move your chart wherever you want. OK, your child will react in the same way. Eyes your pictures so it'll it'll move and it'll go wet and with text. Okay, so that's charts. There's not a whole pile to. If you wanted to create the likes off, a pie chart will be the same. Where you go to insert, you go to chart, we grow the pie chart. Select the price chart that you want. Maybe with a treaty. One for this It opens Accel up for you, and it gives you four things that always split up into four fear. So we'll just say we just save votes. Andi, I'm just gonna call this green party. We're not gonna get into politics now. Will you just say a blue party? We call it AM read party, aunt. We can leave it a tree. Naturally. You know how you would leave it at tree? So we'll just see if he's got 76 votes. He's got 56 votes on these guard 49 boats, Okay? No, I only want to use You can see it. Give me four things. I only want to use tree. I could delete this this role, but if you look here down at the bottom corner going to zoom in a wee bit more so you can see it. We have this small blue right on go there. If I grab the blue right, anger, what I can do is I can click on drag it up on then it only includes this area in your chart . Okay, so I close out of Excel Open up, Microsoft Word on you can see Now we have our treating So the blue to green in the right party We could change the green party again Format on Go to the ship fell on We put it to a green color There's green down here on I should click again I'm gonna show you on Do so click on it It selects all the areas like on the single green again And you can see now it has only clicked on it So you can see that by making a mistake I can use the on Dukie and then go back And so it's only selected this one. Now I'm gonna show you that once more If I take on the pie chart, it's a lax Every if I just click now on the single one It only selects that single one on. Now if I go to change it when a part of the green it only changes the green weather. If I change this blue party which is the one in the three Orange caught up and I put it to a blue collar on again, I should make sure I select the more click on it and taken it once again on then part of the blue. And then the last one is the right parties Want it taken at once, clicking again that only select that sing the Red Party. And then I changed it to the Red Party. Also noticed that the legend So your legend is down here has also changed the color that associates whether to start showing up as being green, blue and red. So it's very did that. It works with you and you can change your heading there. So that's charts. Charts are great way of representing data. The most important thing is that you have your data prepared, forced, and you put it in. But you can see how you can make them stand out straight away. Okay, so it's he is in the next action 16. Pictures and graphical objects: The next thing we want to talk about is graphical objects off photographs or objects like that. So what we're gonna do is have a blank document here. I'm just gonna put in a wee bit attacks. Just so we have taxed in again, you can follow along. You can put that that tax then just so that you have to see him as us on. I'm gonna put a wee bit of space in here. Just so we're gonna put the picture in the middle here. So we have a paragraph attacks. We were better space. And we have more paragraphs than at the very end. Undreamed. Document up just a wee bit. So it's a week, but big on, just make sure I won't cover up myself there. So what we're gonna do is we're gonna go to the entire tab at the very top. Once we take in the entire tab, we're gonna go to the pictures option. Let me taking the pictures. Officer is going to give us two things we can take from a photo bro zone, which is the photos on your Mac. So any photographs that you've taken on your iPhone a camera on, give them Already stored in your photos. You can take them straight in from there, or we have a picture from file. That's the one that I'm going to do. So I'm not gonna open up photos there. Now, I'm gonna go picture from file on. I'm going to go to my desktop so you can see here. I've selected my desktop. So this is a photograph I have in my dad. Stop. You could have it on the USB or you could have it on a hour drive or or anything like that . So it's actually on your computer system. So the force I'm gonna put it is this shallots when I'm just gonna take it and I'm gonna go to insert you could also double check it there either. So you can see what straightaway it puts the photograph in. It puts the photograph in, and it has thes squares right the way around it. So there's Aidan Total Ford each corner and for the middle, and they're called handles. Okay, so they're sizing handles, and you can use them to click and drag to make it smaller or bigger. So to make it smaller, you just hover across it. I'm going to zoom in and show you what it looks like, However, across it until you get that double headed arrow. Once you get that double headed arrow that sizing mode, you can drag it in towards the middle of the picture to make it smaller or out towards the edge of the picture to make it bigger, I always say, the people trying to use the corners, You don't want to put yourself in a position that you're doing this so you don't want to make it that it's the wrong ship. So by using the corners, you can make sure that you're keeping the ratio the same so you can see it's keeping that the picture still looks right by using the corners. The other option we have, then it might be kind of hard to see. I'm gonna put in an extra line of space there just so you can see it. Battle. I'm gonna zoom in so you can see here we have what looks like a rotation. Okay, I'm gonna see much just so you can see the actual effect that's happening. So what I'm gonna do is I'm going to click on it, and I'm gonna scroll around to the right or screw around to the left and you can see it's allowing me to rotate the picture. That's what's called Free wrote it. So the lows you to freely rotate the picture around, left and right. The other thing women I want to talk about is a really around in the courts. We talked about contractual tabs, So if I take off the picture for a second and then check back on, you can see it's opening up this picture of four months at the top, like offered again. If you look up at the top of Look back on, it has a picture for my tab. So this taboo me appears whenever we're dealing with pictures, we don't need the format options for pictures of for dealing, attack store tables or anything like that. So if I take into the picture for my tub, everything along this section here it's to do with pictures. So there's different options here. We have removed by a Grand Isle do each one of these that I think that you need an ally under than we don't want to appear with a picture removed background, but it does is it removes what it thinks is the background. It puts the handles rounded on. I'm just taking it. I just saw it knows exactly what we're doing. So that might be the best picture to actually try for this. And you can see that I get a small plus or a minus. I'm going to zoom in to just say, for example, the minuses here. So what the minus will do is it removes the background, so if I click it, you'll see it will try to remove the bike grand, so it's removing it down. Now it's trying to remove it, removing power to the background. If we only wanted to leave the middle child of me and shell that we have, they're gonna remove that. It's quite fiddly. Ideally, with a picture like this, you would need to have a real standard background. So, like me here on the white background, something that's really, really contrast his remote node that I can show you, I want to click out of it. You can see it has only left that show there. Okay, so going over that very quickly again, the way we do it is I'm going to zoom out. I'm going to take off the removed by ground again. So on the for my picture up the very top here, I'm gonna click off the removed by a grand, gonna undo them, changes that I've just done. So we have our background by again. I'm just using command and said, You can see it Taking all the changes by again. There's a reset option here to this option Here will allow you to reset the picture and put it back to normal for you. So to remove the background a picture we take on it, go to the picture performers I click on removed, background over at the left hand side on removed background. It'll automatically do it for us to see. It's trying to do it on its A. Surround the foreground image by using the selection rectangle so it puts these air. Many handles runner on the inside, and you could put it run the area that you want to subtract of. You wanted to leave only that shell. You could select it like that and you can see it's doing a better job straight away of it. So, depending on the area that you want, if you want a toe, I'd bits and pieces into it. You would just like on the plus to remove bits and pieces out of it. It's like on the minus, so that's a way of removing a background. It's not as good as any other like photo shop around like that. It's It's very basic, but it just allows you to be able to do it. Okay, I'm going to reset the picture and so that we're back to normal. Change picture just allows you to change, the picture wrote. It allows you to put a different picture in the instead of the picture. Corrections will allow you. You can see it's going to give you all these different brightness or let your dark enough it delay it a sharp enough. Okay, so it's showing your preview of all the different options. So if you wanted to brighten the picture, you could bring the picture like that and click on it. I'm going to reset it again. I don't I don't want to get too far away from the picture. Color, then allows you to change the color of different things. you can put different, different years on a different different tones. You can see all the different black and white there you have green and their saturation. You can add more saturation to add more cholera or take Colorado, so these are just things you might have a picture that's maybe too dark or too bright or not enough color in it. And you can change them like that artistic effects and allows you to public drawings on a glazier, changing into what looks like it was drawn with a pencil or drawn with a Stansell. So I'm going to pick one of thes. Just a quick note. When you hover across any of these, it will tell you the name of it you'll be able to see exactly from the name of what it's going to do. So if I go on this one, here is a paintbrush, so it's going to make the picture looked like it was done with a pan brush might take a couple of seconds, just toe appear up for snow. So it's just doing it down for US dominance E so you can see it straight away. Some of these will will take longer to effect, so it just gives the picture Different effects for transparency just allows you to be able to see church so you can set it that it's last transparent. If you want to put like a watermark, all these as well, we'll have at the very bottom options so you can see color options corrections there. At the very bottom, you have the options. So these air like fine tuning. So there's a couple of presets here, and then if I go into the options, it would allow me to find unit to a percentage so you can see I can do it like that. So the pre center there for you to be able to am to be able to put the presets and still be able to use them. 50 65 80%. But if you want something in the medal, or if you want to be more delicate, whether you can dio the compressed pictures, then once you're finished to do narrating with your picture, what you can do is you can compress your picture on what it does. It just makes it a small as possible, so depending what you're going to use it for. So if you're going tohave your document that's going to be viewed on the Internet. There's no point in having a full print quality because if you have a full print quality that you would go on print out in a printing shop. If you have a full print quality, the picture is taken up so many megabytes of space. Where is if your partner on the Internet? You want to leave it a smallest possible because you don't want people to have to download the's big files so you can put it if it's on screen or email or print. Are here to see your use original quality so you can select to change that. Also, if you have a picture and your crop in area, we look a crop and know in a second if you're cropping area over. But even though the area has not been shown because you cropped it out, but it's still with the picture in case you want, ever bring it back. If you compress it, it will delete the crop, the arrogant so it gets rid of it. So it's not using up the despairs from there, so that's cropping or compressing the pictures. There's different styles here we don't really use. Okay, possession, allies your possession, your your picture so you can put it in line with text at the minute. My picture is what's known as in line with text, and that means that your picture takes up a line of text so you can see here we have a text text picture on. Then the taxes moved right down to the very end. If I was to select one of the different options here, so we just have a look of the different options and be able to see it so you can put it may be to the top right corner, so it puts it here to the top, right? We could put it into the middle of the document on it, puts it into the middle here. We could put it to the top price or more layout options we also have. On the right hand side of it, we have what's called tax rap. So what this does is it allows you to actually wrap the tax round your picture. So the minute it's what's known as in line with taxed are square. If we put it, the Thais pangalos us to be able to move the picture around the screen. I'm gonna undo it a second. I'm gonna make sure that it's square. Okay, Now you can see that when I am mover gonna put it in language tax. Actually, that we have a Okay, you can see No when I move my picture. So if I go to move it up here to the top, you can see the insertion point. I'm not gonna point out, but you can see it moving on open land up. So when I click the tax, that was their moves down because the picture is in line with taxes taken up or other areas of text. If I put the picture is what's known as taste title owes you to be able to battle maneuver , picture. So instead of the picture you can see No, it's a lowering the tax to wrap around it tightly. Okay, so that's what type means. I'm actually gonna make this picture. We've been smaller just so we can play a little more. So title owes you to wrap around attack surrounded battle so you can see now important attacks like that, Or as if it's in line with text. It won't allow you to do that so you can see that I can't actually wrapped attacks around a battle. So tights wanted the batter options for doing that. We look at it. Note you can see tight allows you to do it. Okay. Another option you could do was you could put it behind taxed. So if we put it behind tax, what it does is it allows the picture to go in the background on allows attacks to go behind it. So you can see now you can move the picture around on the tax stays on front of it. That's when you're transparency comes in that if you want to Saturday we but more trump transparent. If you want to do I had something like a postcard or something. You can see you have the tax across the front of us. But if I'm gonna go back again too tight, armed in line with text, if it's in line with text, you can't do that so you can't deal with that. That's the different options for lonely. Be able to do it in front of text and behind text. Always you don't want in front of the text because it will make the picture cover up the text at the minute. The transparency is allowing you to see that tax from it. But if we had full transparency on, you can see you can see your text. The picture is on front of us. It's like a different player. Okay, so if I leave it behind text, you can know. See the picture there. So that's different options going to reset that picture just so we have back in the normal , we're on the same one. The next thing we wanted look at its alignment. So when you have the picture on, you can lane into the page or the margin. Once you Elaine into the period of the margin, it's where the picture is in relation to the page or in relation to do the margin There. We have a rotation here to the rotate options. We did look earlier. You can rotate freely with the top here, or you can rotate it right 90 degrees or left 90 degrees. Or you can flip a vertical or you can flipper horizontal, so there's different options there to do it. I'm gonna reset. That's over at the same picture. I'm gonna flip a vertical on the flippant horizontal, not back to normal. Then the other thing we want to look at is cropping the picture. So if you wanted to crop the unwanted areas out of the picture, the first thing you do is take on the picture and then click on your crop option. Once you click on crop, it's going to give you these different look and handles. So handles you can see now are slightly different looking. It's like a right angle. And once you get the's right angles, you can crop again. I tend to tell people to use the corners so you can see I'm just using my my some have earned. I'm keeping the one finger down on the track pad or the mouse. I'm dragging in on it. Sure me know that I'm the grey area Dark area is the bit that I'm going to crop out of it. So I click on it. You can see that gray area is now gone, and I'm gonna take a better from the outside up as well. So there's my gray area back And then once you're happy with it out in here into the white area, just check out into the white area on. That's that picture corrupt. So you can see the pictures cropped. If I wanted to, I could go back in to crop, get taken my picture, go to the picture of former. Once it comes up, I can go to crop. You can see the gray area. It's still there. Okay, so that gray area is still in the background. That if I ever did want to take it back, I have the option to do that. But if I compress it like we were saying earlier, so if I compress the picture, I'm not gonna select any settings here, But I'm gonna make sure that this is selected the deep, delete, corrupt areas I had. Okay. I know you can see that. If I want a crop, that picture, I'm going to go back and second crop. The gray area that was there around the outside of it is gone because I have told her to compress it, so it just gets rid of it. We have the sayings over here so you can see you have sayings up on size down. Okay, on this option here is lock aspect ratio. So I'm going to zoom in. Just you can see it on what lock aspect reissue means. So if you have picture, that is a sound size like that. If not, aspect ratio is selected and you make the height bigger. It will automatically make the wet bigger too. So if you watch if I try and make it bigger, I'm gonna go to the size zero. I'm gonna make the height bigger. You can see that the width is also changing. If I was the click off the slot cars back ratio. So aspect ratio means that the picture is not gonna get distorted. It's not gonna get looking wrong if I click off lock aspect ratio. I know if I take up my height, you can see the height is changing, but the wet isn't staying the way it is, and vice versa. If I change the wet, the height doesn't stay. There is a click lock aspect ratio back on. No, I changed the wet. You can see it's changing the height west. So that's an important thing. Sometimes people say I can't change the height of the wet. What? I'm doing it so that that's pictures. That's Parton in our picture on that's doing the different changes that we can have with the pictures. The other thing we want to look at them on the insert tab is different ships. If you could do one ship, you can do every ship I'm gonna take down into my blank area down here at the bottom. I'm gonna take on ship on. You can see it's given me a number of different shapes that's given me the recently years. Ones, lines, rectangles, basic shapes, black arrows, equation shapes, flow chart, stars, disorder, different ones. I'm just gonna pick a star here. So it's just a simple style I'm taking on ships. I'm going to start. I'm checking. So that's my hands off the most on the track, partner. And I can you can see I know, have a double headed our a plus arrow here. A plus sign on. What I'm gonna do is I'm gonna click where we want to start to start on. I'm gonna drag when I'm gonna release where you want to start to finish, and that allows you to battle Control the star Quick tip fear when I'm clicking And dragon If I hold my finger and shift, it's going to keep it nice and symmetrical That'll keep the aspect Race with him I'm going to do it without my finger on shift for the tank for the force one So you can see I can change I can make the star be Maybe narrow Or I can make it be long Are that wet? Our whatever it is once I hold in the Shefki So I'm just gonna practice on the shift key? No. Okay, so you can see No what it does when I move out. And in its keeping it like a nice so magical star I'm gonna take my finger off the shelf Keep No. And you can see Know that I can go back now to make another whatever she if they want I put it back on again I know you can see that's making a nice girl one time happy with ship off the star. I just released my finger and that's my style Created under the one more ship. Just so you are happy with it, So I'm going to go up. I'm gonna go to the ends up top at the very top. I'm going to click on ships I'm gonna go down to maybe the smiley face Click on it. I'm clicking on I'm Dragon. Once you click and drag the smiley fist, you can see that you can, um, go. And you have all your different fills here so you can change the color of it, okay? Or you can select the color from the template, whatever one you want and you can do the options there. This is your ship, Phil. On this is your outline so you can change the different things. The height is the same here, right along on the height on the wet. So they allow you to do that the same things. So once you can put in one ship, you can get any ship. And so that's the different options. Pictures on ships later on. Different lecture. We're gonna look at smart out on. We'll have a look of a different type of things you can do. It smiled out 17. Mail Merge: No, this is the meal married section. So in the mail marriage section, what we want to do is we want to talk about male. Most first of all, on in male marriage, we have two things we have. Ah, ladder. I'm weaving Address list on the windmill marriage walks is we create a ladder. So to say, I electricity company if there's 100,000 customers on the part in the rates up by one cent , they are going to send ah, 100,000 individual ladders. They are not going to create 100,000 individual letters. What didn't do is they will create one ladder and they will combine it with their data. Bets off addresses on that will produce all the different ladders than on. Then they can send on individual ladder to each person. So what we do is I have two things here and you'll see on my desktop. I always tell people it's not good practice to say if things they're gassed up and people would ask me why I e. That is when your items are saved on the desktop like this. Mac OS in general thinks you have them on your desktop because you want quick access to them, and that's more likely true. But it keeps the minute like a semi open stairs. So if you have 100 things in your desktop, which I have seen people do, it has all these things 100 things half open or in semi open mode. So it uses up computer resort Er's. Ideally, what you could do is put him into a fold up, and that's getting the murder the way. But in this case for demonstration, we're just going to use to me up. So I haven't made a marriage ladder, which I created area. I'm going to open it up. You can see it's just a male marriage ladder. It has a company name at the top. It has an address. It has a Ram Prince number on. It has a bit of text. So he created a generic ladder that I'm going to send toe on my customers. I then have created on address list. So these air on made up addresses that I have here on we've put them in and you can see I just have them in a normal table. So I'm going to just show you the way I would do that. So I'm just gonna open a new document. I'm gonna go to file at the top a new document I would open up on. I would go to insert table on. I would put in the amount of road rose that I want on the amount of columns that I want into mighty ever. And I would put me headings and just say, for example, forced name. I would put in last name. I report maybe I'm gonna do address on in this case, it's good practice to do address one addressed to address tree and so on. Because you're gonna have different lanes of addresses. I guess you do address one addressed to you could do maybe city and so on. So you would keep on doing that as many times as you needed savy. And we'll just do maybe country and you would film them in just like a normal table. So you reported in the name you open in the second name Get put in the address is we'll just put in 1 to 3 new streets. Okay, I'm were just put in the turn or the city or the ruled on whatever cases, she would just fell in the daughter like that. I need to see it, but like, a normal document file. Save us on that stuff. So, like I've done here, I'm gonna close around. I'm not gonna say ever. I have just created less theory for first name, last name, address, one address to guarantee country. I've all to put a reference number here. There's no limit. You can put as many Rosa condoms as you want, right? With a knife. Pretend here again. These are all made up names here. I felt the men just like a normal document that we have there. I've gone to file and save on. Then I've gone Teoh, see if it just as a normal document. So that's the two things that we have. So we have our land on here, and we have a normal address list to normal documents. So what we do is, once we have the address lists created, we leave it there. We don't open. If we don't leave it open or anything, we want to make sure that we have our ladder open. So gonna open up the ladder on what I'm gonna do is. I'm just gonna put the full screen just so we can see it. So we've or ladder open there? No, on what we want to do is we want to start what's known as the male marriage process. Male marriage is a process that just goes from start to finish, like everything else. But there's a couple of steps, and once you get them steps, that's perfectly easy to do. The man thing is that you understand what's gonna happen. So we have the latter, which we have open on the screen. No, on. We also have the address list. What we're going to do is we're gonna it somehow with this process combined the two of them , and it's going to create individual ladders for each of the people that we have on our address list. OK, so I'm clicked on the mailings tab at the very top here. What I'm going to do now is I'm going to go to this start male marriage option. The worry, but the envelopes are are labeled. We might look at them in a different lecture. Once we get to the more advanced stuff, we just want to do ladders for the time being, so I'm going to start me and marriage and clicking on it. I'm selecting ladders so you can see there's all the different options I want to do ladders . So I'm going Teoh letters. It's coming up here on it, telling me, Select recipients markets in choose the recipients who choose to people. So I take on the select recipients. It's the next option over. And do we want to use a new list? No, I don't want to use new less because I have a list created. Do we want to use an existing list? That's what I'm going to do. I'm going to use an existing list. There's other options, like from your contacts from your Apple contacts off. FileMaker Pro find maker is a Napoli company that they use for databases. So I'm going to use an existing guest because I have a list created on. I created a list in a normal world document like I did, but you could also create in a spreadsheet he could created in a database. Anything like that. I just don't have a normal word document. The easiest way to do it we will look later hided here we it's asking us. No choose to file. So the recipients, where are the saved? That's what it centers. So the recipient, sir, saved in the mail marriage addresses. So we take on the male marriage dresses on, we could open. So what we're after doing there is one. After seeing that's where our addresses are, bring them in so it's bring them in. And then the next option saying here is filter recipients Do you want to filter recipients ? So I'm going to go in and have a look at it and see we don't need to filter them. It's one of its assets coming access to the contacts so filter recipients would be an option where it would like to. You just say, for example, if you have male and female, if you don't set up that way, or you could select only a few of them if you if you didn't want to do it, I'm not using my contacts, so I don't need Teoh. Filter them. Okay, The next step is the important part. It's the marriage fields. So do you remember when we looked at that and formerly or that table that we had I put force name, last name, address, one addressed to you at the top. That's our feels. So what we're gonna do now is we're going to put in the different fields. So the most important thing now is urine Sachin Point click wherever you want your force field to go. So when we take our interaction point, it's going to be just above the reference number. Now we're going to go to insert field. I'm gonna put in forcing him and you'll see it's gonna put in another zoom in on it, you can see it. So it's two hours. That's where forced them to ours out with two hours indicated it's a field. So it is going to do is it's gonna put in the person's force name in that space. Okay, the next field is going to be the last name. But between first name and last name, we want a space. So we put a space and physically, the way you'd see it on, I'm going to go up when I'm gonna go into their last name. I'm gonna go onto the next lane because that's the way I want it to appear. I'm gonna put in address one. I'm going on to the next night. I'm gonna put in address to the next line. I'm gonna put in current E on the next line I'm gonna put in country. I'm gonna leave Elena space as well. So that's the way of my address is going to appear If I want, I can preview and you can see it's looking. Jim Morris, 18 Sunshine Road. Mullen Girl. So it's shown it and I could use thes arrows that I have here to go true. The different documents that we can see, I'm gonna turn off the preview from and I'm gonna leave it at the first and last name. So these airfields. So what did the latter is doing is it's taken that forced name field, and it's going to the source document that we have on it. Seeing what's in the field there. Put it in here. So it's showing me if I put forced the enforcement enforcement enforcement, it would just put Jim, Jim, Jim, Jim. It's only doing what I'm telling that actually do. There's a reference number here, then a naive a reference number in my document. I'm gonna for money. I'm gonna put a space and I'm going to go to insert marriage field. I'm gonna go reference number. So can you see that? These feelings here? First name, last name address. One addressed to currently country on reference. Humble There the fields that I typed in in my table and Iran. So your dictating what the fields are If you put call this name, it would just have name here. So whatever you call it on then I'm gonna put in here is Well, deal. I'm gonna put in a force name as well, so I'm gonna put in deal. So it would come up there, Colin there, John there, whatever the force name is. Okay, so that's our our ladder. Ready? If you want a preview, it you can preview to. You can see it's Jim Morris. It has his reference number on Dear Jim. If I move onto the next one that had Sarah Donnelly, it has her reference number on Dear Sarah. It has parted Malone. His reference number on it has the force name as well. Okay, You can get into mawr. The rules here we talk about them in another section. When we got into the advancing that you could have Mr and Mrs or down type of things were just doing straight for everything being okay. So the next thing it's Alice to do is finish in marriage. So select finishing mayors to complete your mail marriage. So over at the very end, you can see we finish in marriage. The next step we want to do is added individual documents. So where it's going to do? No, that's going to create the individual documents for us. So I click on added individual documents. Andi, you'll see. No. So there We have two ladders up. You can see two on the screen, but if you look down at the bottom corner here, I have Page one off 11. So if I go through here, there's a ladder for Jim Morris. There was one for Sarah Donnelly. There's one for Patrick Malone. Pat Saxton, Julie Cooper, Thomas O Neill, Peter Smith, Jerrod Ferguson. AM catching Jacobs. Joe Hamad on Bob Master. So you can see here I have 11 different ladders. I only put in 11 people remember earlier on. We have from the I am table that we put in. We have 11 different people there. I hit print. I printed them 11 different ladders, put them into envelopes and post them off on 11 people gather ladder that they think was rolled out exactly for them. So that's what me and marriages it takes. A ladder on an address list combines them on apartheid individual ladders for each of the documents. So that is the meal marriage process from start to finish in simple form. As I said earlier, there's more bells and whistles that we cannot under it, and we will look at them in future lectures. But for the time being, I just want you to be able to understand how to do it from start to finish. I'm going to include both ladder on the address list in the resources for you that you can take them on practice, unused them. But do try to create your own less than is important to be able to create your own lists, too. Okay, so we'll see, is in the next action 18. Document Set Up: No, this lecture is going to focus on the saddle up of your documents or the different things you have. So we're gonna look at margins. We're gonna look at orientation. We're going to look at headers and footers case from back into using the useless information document that we used earlier in the course. The reason I use this one is it has the content that we need. So it has five pages. It has plenty of words, plenty attacks. And we can actually see the way document reacts when you change things, too. If yet you're dealing with bigger documents, it's definitely using a single page. But we're using five pages here. No. So in order to change the document sat up, we want to look at the two options. Maybe the layer top will go to first. The first thing we want to do is the margins. So I'm gonna turn on May ruler again. So I'm going to the view Taban Raila. I tend to leave the ruler off because it takes up a bit more space for you. So we've the review tub or the View Tab and Rula. I've switched it on and I'm gonna go to May Layered options. You can see my margins here, degree area up at the top. I'm going to make the most bigger just to see it. If I shake the most, that's what happens. It makes it bigger that that's a new thing in market night. So we have a margin here. We were marginal. Decide on we have our head are at the top on. We have the footer at the bottom. Header and footer are part of the margin. You can see that that white area I'm going to zoom out just so you can see my page area. So the white area there you can see round the page is on margin. So the margins are quite bank. It's taken up are taxed areas only taking up a medal a bit in the middle. But what I want to do is I want to change the margins. What? You can see how it affected. So we're taking on the layer tab and we're going to margins. It gives you a couple of different presets. So you have normal margins. Give narrow margins moderate, white mirrored. Okay, on you also have this option called custom margins so that custom margins is the last custom margins that were set to. If you constantly sat different margins, it will use the last one that you you have used. If you wanted to sent custom margin, so if you wanted to put it to a particular size, you would use this option at the bottom. It says. Custom margins dr dot on. If you click on it, you'll see it will open up a dialogue box for us. Once we open up the dialogue box, you can see we have top bottom left and right, and we can change them individually. So if we can change the top two, whatever we want, the bottom where we want left and right. And then there's another option there at the bottom, which is called The Gotta Know. If you were creating a book, so you have to two pages on the pages are joining like that. That's the way your book opens. The garden is this area here? So it's the area where you're here. Just joined is known as the Godel, so you can create a garden again. We'll do that in a more advanced section, so I'm gonna cancel. Let us for a second. I'm going to show you a couple of different margins. So we have margins here. We have normal and narrow. I'm gonna put narrow on first of all, and you can see narrow is a lot narrower. The margin here on you have a lot more text on your page and you can actually see if you look down at the bottom left hand corner. We had five pages. No, When we change, we have four pages because it's actually taken up last space. So if you want it decreased amount of piers, You having a document making your margins now rewards the first thing that you can do. We also have different options, so we might have wide margins. So wide margins. You can see it's very white note. I know if seven pages. So you can see that it's a fact in that greatly seven pages of tax no on. We've brought normal margins again. So I'm gonna put a back onto Norman Martin's on go back to five pages. No. So I'd say it was said out normal originally, so that's margins on heavy would change them. So we took on margins custom margins if you want to set them up or down yourself. But for the average person thes, moderate, narrow or wide or normal will get you bite for everything that you need to do in an office environment. The next thing we have is orientation. The orientation is the with the page is gonna print it if it's portrait or if it's landscape. So the men that these pages have been printed out in portrait. If I click on orientation, I could go to landscape and you can see know that they're the opposite way around. So if I take the murder, the printer, they're going to be in a longer landscape ship for you. So the simple is that click on it on portrait or landscape. You can do there, say's. Then we have the option for sites. So if you're print note on the different size of paper a five or a four or a tree, or whatever the sizes, you can go in and you can put them there and there's a load of different sizes right the way there, and you can see all the different options that you have there for different sizes. so if you look at the usually would be using a four pages first. But if you did happen to look at the side of the box of people that you have it give you the dimensions that you need. For now, the car Diem's is here. So I'm gonna actually do this now when we're here. It wasn't intending on doing it, but I will do when we're here. If I select a bit of tax, I'm going to select two paragraphs of tax there. So if two paragraphs of text selected, I'm going to zoom my page up just a morning tedium with one page of tax. Here I have two paragraphs here. If I click on columns, you can see I comported onto two columns on it actually gives me no. Two columns of text. If I had trees elected, I tend to always select the paragraphs that I wanted to do, as opposed Teoh, just like the morning partner in the tree. So if I three paragraphs that acted, if I go to columns, put a tree, you can see it's given me three different columns on with the Rays breaks, you can do so they're heading is at the start of that one. The headings at the start of that one. But this heading down here is that the other one? I can click at the start of it, and there's an option here for bricks and I can inside a collie in brick on Little Put it on to the next page for me. Inside breaks kardian brick so you can see Noakhali Unbreak breaks it into the next column . You can see now I have my column set up. So if you were trying to do and use ladder or something like that, you could use columns for it. Lying numbers isn't something that we're really going to get into. No, at the minute we might get into it further in a later election. I'm gonna do this because they don't want columns for the next, but that I'm going to do hyphenation then toe hyphenation is if you've ever seen in the in the book, hyphenation will go to the end of the line so you can see, for example, here at the end of this sentence that I've highlighted at the minute The world clothes can't all fit at the end of this sentence here. So what it does is it puts the whole war down on to the next line. If a document has hyphenation in it, it will put up as much of the tax that can fit in. It will put a hyphen on little put it on to the next line. So going to take on hyphenation, I'm gonna leave automatic mine, even makes you actually go through. And selective orders they want automatic is an awful lot easier. So if its second automatic, you can see what it does. It's after going through the whole document on, etc. In which words can I put down to. Their demonstration is after one moving down. It didn't put clothes then, I would say, because of the full stop is there or because something's there, it's keeping up. It'll do it for you. There's associates you can see here, associates down at the very bottom. The first, a few letters that go in this line. It puts a hyphen in on a post, arrested him on the next lane. You'd see that in books on different things, so that's hyphenation. In Dent, we looked at earlier, we looked at the indentation. So that's the man thing. The next thing we want to look at in this action is what's called headers and footers. So your document has hatters and fathers. Andi, there's a header up in this area here. I'm going to show you in a second. On there's a photo donut. This area here now do bear in mind or do take into account. It's the document head out on the document photo. It's not. The page had a or the page for, So if you apply something into the head on page one, it's going to go into the Hatter on page two. And if you put something in the photo on page one, it's going to go into the photo on page two, and vice versa. If you've tamed pages and you open up the header on page 10 it's gonna put it in tow. All the headers and father headers right away. Trip on last. You stipulate otherwise, which we looking and more advanced. Lecture the Iran. But first of all, we just wanted their headers and footers. So the way we get into headers and footers, there's two options we can go to insert And then there's had a off follow. Okay, but the way I like to do it is just a quick way. If you see in the middle of the documents or just in the middle of that white area up here , maybe about an inch down from the top of the page. If you just double click, it will open up the head off for you. It's the quickest way of doing it saves you having to go in Trudy Insert top. It's the same with the photo and throws out of it. It's the same with the photo, so there's the bottom of the page. It's about maybe half on and jump from the bottom of the page on double click on it opens it up for you. A good rule is, can you see on the left hand side here on my grey area you want to be with in the gray area so you can see I'm within the grey area here, and you want to be within the wife area to top so it's worth a gray on the white meat double thick, and it opens it up for you. You'll also notice that when you open up the photo, it opens up the head on and vice versa. Okay, so I'm gonna take into my head, are here on I'm just gonna type my name and and I'm going to scroll down to my document. So I'm just using my two fingers to scroll down. You can see it's in the header on page two on its in the head on page three on page four on page five and so on. It's right to with interest. If I put something into the photo, I'm gonna put in them Microsoft and were course, and I scrolled ensures its in the footer on that page. And the father on that page on the for turned up agency. When you put something into the header on one page, it goes right, which we think of page numbers. Okay, page numbers up aren't put onto each page to put into the fort around. It'll automatically there. So once we have the basics now have had unfolded. What we want to do is you want to go and look and see What can we put into a head on on? What can we put into the photo? So you can see you can just type text. Then we've top Middle Oh, are left middle and right And you can just take into the left, the middle and the right, And you can start typing wherever you want. Left middle, right or weaken do options here. So just see if I want to put page numbers on. If I click where everyone two page numbers to go, Me and Sachin points down, I go to the Hatter info tab So you can see now we have a head on photo time because we're dealing with harder and fathers. It wasn't their annual. If I take on page number, it gives me an option here for page number. So it asked me where I want to put it in the bottom of the page. Do I want to put it on the race? The inside the outside. We just put it on the right. We leave it under the right hand side for no show number on the first page. So if you had a title page and you didn't want to show the number and that you could take that off and I'm just going to say OK, I'm not gonna form at them and say, OK, you can see No, I have paid one pitch to pastry pitch for on page five. Rate of return trip. So that's ph numbers. Okay, You've also different options. If you wanted to commit to put into dead, maybe it's like where you want to put it. It's like a dent in time, and we just put it in. That gives you different four months. Okay, So if you're in America or wherever you are, England or Ireland, you can select the debt for Dale. So in Ireland, here we would say 26th of June. Whereas in America it said June 26. So we have different options, whichever one that you want. So we have put it in there on there is one other option. I want to show you their this up there automatically option if I click that. So just say, for example, today is the 26 of General I'm according us If I opened on dark, if I up there automatically at like it there, I open it in tree months time. It will then have that is dead on it. So it'll automatically up there for you to save you don't. So that's your death. And now you can have it there. Okay, there's a go to for your option, which I'm in the header at the minute. If I could go too far, it will bring me to the photo. I tend to just scroll in between them and click the other option. We want to look it. I don't want to look at any of these options yet because we can do them whenever. Over doing the advance action. I just want you to get the basics of head on father's authority. First of all, we have had our from top on header from bottom. So if you want to make your had a bigger or smaller, you can do that in this area here. You could also click on drag if you're in it so you can see you can click and drag like that to make a bigger or smaller so you can close the head on photo or we double click to get into it. Go into the middle of the document on double clicking. It'll take you back out of it so you can see it gives you ghosted version Monday The 26 to June on the handle on. We have our page number. We have the head off on. We have our page number two. We have the head or they're on page number two. So you can see if you do want something to appear to hold me a true your document. Use hand and fathers don't be taping. Then don't. Don't try to type it and go into your head on. Tape it in once and it'll appear, right sweatshirt. The good thing about it is if we go when we put in the new page so back early, wrong. We'll be looking at this action to, but if we want to put in a new page, we click at the end of the document. We called it in sound pages on. We can put in page Brick It's going to go on, and it's gonna put in a new page for us and the headers on the new page. And if we scroll down the page numbers on the bottom, too. So it seems you haven't a worry about it right the way through. So that's your documents? Sat up. This is just getting ready for printing in the next action. I we're going to look at how he would print the document that 19. Printing: no. So you're after creating your document hereafter Gun in you put your headers and footers in . You've made your margins the way you want them. You have proof. Read ity of spell. Check that gift on all the options tours on what you want to do, you know, at the end is you want a printed because you want to get that final parishioners. So when we want apprentice, we go up to our file option over the very top. So remember, were taken out most up to the very top or our track part up to the very top. We're letting the menu bar come back down. If it's not, there were checking on file on. We're going down into print. So once we taken print, it's going to open up this option for us here. It's showing us the print off my printers offline at the minute, but it'll show you a number of printers. You can add a printer there if you wanted, and given the name of the printer, there's different settings that you can have their. She can use the default that excite and always use them. Or you can use the last stand that you have. It's showing you here a preview of your documented you consume in a night. I'm just using my fingers to scroll in. And I just like you Would Enough iPhone. It showed me. I have one of six pages. So if you want, I can take through the six. Pay just to see what they're gonna look like. If you had pictures on it, it would allow you to see the pictures on it. We can take this off if we want to turn off the preview or leave it on. If we do, the number of copies is here. So what? The minute we have one copy. Just say, if I wanted to print a tree Copies for Trey students, I have collated here the collate it is, detect. So what that means it's going to call it the copy. So it's gonna print out 12 tree for 56123456123456 If coordinated was turned off, it would print out 111 then 2 to 2 and tree tree tree and 444 So coordinated. Make sure that keeps it, keeps them in order the pages. So at the minute it's printed, note all pages. I'm gonna put this back down to one at the minute. It's printing out all the pages, so it's printed all six pages. If I take on current pidge, it only prints out the page that I'm currently on. So I'm just gonna go back to all if I goto page tree and then current Pidge. It's only gonna print out this one. Okay, so you can see it's only printed out the page that were on. So just say, for example, I'm gonna throws out of my print if I scroll down to page three and I like something on this page and I want to print out that page But I don't want to print out the whole document with six pages. I make sure that among that page by clicking on it, I go to file, I go down to print and I make sure that I click on current page on. It's gonna printed page tree from Belzec Roland. He can see so you can see it's printed page tree. If I go down the bottom, you can see there that there's my page number is pageantry. We can also print out a selection. So if we want a printout from Page one toe one, not page 1 to 4 our page to tree and four, we can do that. And we could also, I'm going to select a bit of text, so just a wee bit attack selected. If I go to file and print, it gives me the option now for selection so you can see it's only printing out that one paragraph that I have selected we could print out from Page one to page for a little printed them three pages or, if I want, I can print out a page range so I can print out Page two. Put a comma in on Page four. It's only printing out appeared to on Page four, whereas earlier on If I put in here 2 to 4, it's print no to Tree and four. This one here is only printing on two and four. We can m. It's printing noted as a PdF format is tell me that the Yanks low. The last option we do here is the print options. Once I take print, it's gonna send it to the printer for me. So that's printing. There's nothing to my Dell. I no matter. Even when we do get into the advanced section off the course, then print options aren't going to change. They're not gonna get any more advanced with that, so that's printing.