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Marketing on a Shoestring: How to Promote Your Business on a Tight Budget

teacher avatar Raelene Morey, Founder of Words By Birds

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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      Update Your Email Signature


    • 3.

      Set Up Google My Business


    • 4.

      Leverage Existing Contacts


    • 5.

      Ask For Testimonials


    • 6.

      Join Groups on LinkedIn and Facebook


    • 7.

      Comment, Comment, Comment


    • 8.

      Answer Questions on Quora


    • 9.

      Get on Social Media


    • 10.

      Start a Blog


    • 11.

      Build an Email List


    • 12.

      Offer a Free Lead Magnet


    • 13.

      Create Videos


    • 14.

      Create Infographics


    • 15.

      Write Guests Posts


    • 16.

      Reach Out to Influencers


    • 17.

      Create a Referral Program


    • 18.

      Partnering with Complementary Businesses


    • 19.

      Final Thoughts


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About This Class

Looking for ways to promote your online business without blowing your budget? Join writer and editor Raelene Morey to learn how to start marketing your business for free!

In this 46-minute class, you’ll learn actionable ways you can start promoting your business right now to grow your brand. Digital marketing doesn’t have to be expensive! In fact, there are lots of free ways you can market your business yourself without spending a cent.

Key lessons explore:

  • Simple ways you can get people excited about your product or service
  • Using social media without paying for advertising
  • How to use thought leadership to build your business reputation
  • How email is your most powerful marketing asset

This class is ideal for small business owners who want to take the reins on their own marketing. This class is ideal for business owners who are starting out with marketing, and existing business owners whose marketing efforts have stalled and need a kick-start.

During this class, you’ll put the marketing tactics you're learning into practice while you're completing the class so by the end you'll be well on your way to promoting your business and you can start measuring results.

Get ready to start marketing your business online for free!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Raelene Morey

Founder of Words By Birds


Rae is the founder of Words By Birds, a digital copywriting agency that helps busy businesses create and publish better content. She works with words of all shapes and sizes, from articles and blog posts to editing, sales and marketing copy, content strategies and UX writing.

Previously, Rae was managing editor at WPMU DEV, the largest premium provider of plugins for WordPress. She was managing editor of the content team, producing web development articles and resources for more than 1.5 million visitors each month. She also initiated and wrote The WhiP, a popular and irreverent daily industry newsletter with more than 150k subscribers.

Before that, she was an editor at News Corp Australia. And before that she was a journalist at Fairfax Media.

R... See full profile

Level: Beginner

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1. Introduction: Hey, I'm really Mori family would buy goods and you're here because it's thinking about marketing. Were already trying to promote your business. But you really frustrated because conficker out how to get more traffic engagement brand awareness. You probably feel like missing something because you've done everything we possibly can to promote your business. But you just all seeing the results. And you know that marketing will help you stand out and get more people to your side. But it's really time consuming, not to mention the fact that you don't really know what the heck is doing, and it's holding back. But let's get really room. It's about time and money to write. Maybe you just don't have the time to spend on marketing, because every minute you know, doing client with well selling goods overworking your product is a minute you know, making money feel you up statement. When you're running your business, it's really hard to taste so away from working for timing Tamaki, because you need to pay the bills. It's a tough soccer cattle, but he's a thing. You don't need to spend hours in marketing, and you certainly don't have to pay some notes feel, boy, I mean, you know, be suspended in 80. You have the passion. You have the right message to share. You just need ways to share it to get the result to conform. Gory business. So in this cloth, I'm going to share with you The exact steps are used to put my business and help clients away with all of the world. Maybe I've designed H lesson to give you a quick bite sized chunk of actionable information so you can go away and put the listening into action and start marking the business while working through the cross. There are 18 lessons in total seven with quick and easy fist through the toss and take a bit more time. And if it didn't make so you ready? I'm ready. Let's get started. 2. Update Your Email Signature: Yes, your personal email signature is absolutely a serious marketing opportunity and should only take you five minutes. Stop data. Think about it. How emails do you send out every day or every month or even every year? Every single email you sent to someone, whether it's a friend or calling or even a Cody Maui's into someone you want to work with is an opportunity to make a really good first impression and get them thinking about you in your business. No, only do you want to give the impression that your business is a professional outfit with a professional signature by email should include some kind of cold action to encourage the people who get your emails to learn more about business and what you often it. Probably already using a signature to display some kind of info, like your name and job title that's pre standing. But it could take this practice to the next level by updating it to reflect what you currently working on. Particular projects you want to promote or even Schiff Rabies, like lead magnets and videos out of bed minimum. You should always include your website in your signature. If you're on social media when she should bay. Don't forget to include your social handles if you've written a book. Include a link to that. In fact, is Lords you can promoting the signature conferences he speaking at landing pages, case studies, white papers, free tools and resources. You've created dimmers of your product or service, video tutorials and latest news value business. So example time. Let's take a look at my email signature. It's short and sweet, but also crystal clear about who I am. Where I work and way confined me on social media. I also have a very clear call to action. I want people who get my name out tonight that I teach a class right here on skill share about creating quality content with you were in a mile signature. You want to make sure you don't go overboard, so keep it simple and stick to one or two CTS that most avoid using lots of images. It's best to use just one small image of your business logo and make sure you optimize it so loads really quickly. In any email. You want to keep your signature minimal and ease the scan, so stick with one phone and only a couple of colors if you want to. Just out. So right now. Hit. Pause on this. Listen and open your email. I want you to update your signature and include a call to action Fuel business. Don't you think it was stressed about design? Just do it. 3. Set Up Google My Business : Now, this marketing tip is super easy to put in place. And when I consider a necessity, it's also something a lot of people don't seem to know about. You know how sometimes you Google a new cafe mean Jon to try on the first page of Google? Results will display sidebar with a whole lot of information about business, like opening hours. How busy it gets photos and reviews. Well, all the info is pulled from the businesses. Google My business profile. Basically, it's a free Google tool that lets you control your businesses online identity with Google, and it only takes a few minutes to set up. There's a lot of information you can plug into your Google my business profile, including your website, mailing address, phone number, hours of operation, photos and videos off your business and even virtual tours. What's great about Google? My business is that the information at your profile then filtered out into other Google properties. So, say run a life coaching business. If a potential client searches Google maps for life coaching your area, your business will pop up on their map pretty cool Right now, it's important to point out that This tool isn't just for bricks and mortar businesses. It's what any business, even if you completely digital and the only address you have. Euro Google. My business empowers you to control your online Google presence and ensures that the information display to users in search and maps is current. So time to put these marking method to practice. Hit, pause and go to Google Doc home slash business right now and set up your profile. 4. Leverage Existing Contacts: last year going to the US for holiday with my partner and spent an amazing time parking in your semi national POG drink A lot of cross be and just generally enjoy the beautiful Northwest. On our last day, my partner wanted to catch up with an old university friend he hadn't seen in a very long time. But I was so tired and ready to just hop on the plane and go home after three weeks away. And the last thing I wanted to do was entertain someone I hadn't met before. But my partner has insisted and said These grab is really lovely. So off we went to a park in San Francisco, where we met up with this guy and went in search of glory. Days after chatting for a while, I soon discovered he ran an ink almost business. We had mutual friends in the WordPress community, and he was about to launch a new product and needed help with walking. He's now one of my top clients and has been for about a year now. It's funny, our chance meeting under it valuable client for May, but this has happened to me many times before in the most random of places, like while out having dinner with friends during a wine tasting in a vineyard and countless other occasions while having really innocent conversations. My point is, while you may have already exhausted your immediate contacts, believes they might have friends or contacts of their own who could use your products and services? So leverage the people you know and ask them to advocate for you and spread the word about business. This could be a simple is sharing your business on the Facebook page tweeting about business to their Twitter forwards, sharing your business information on their linked in pro follow, even folding and email you put together to their email lists? Word of mouth is incredibly powerful stuff. So if you can keep your business front of mind, feel contacts in Carson to refer you, you're widening your network. So right now, let's leverage your existing contacts. Open Facebook, Twitter oh, any other medium abused and put together a quick message about what you do, how you help people and how potential clients can get in touch with you, then posted and ask your follows to re share your message to their followers. maybe one include an offer such as a free hour every time to people who land you and your client or customer. 5. Ask For Testimonials: anyone online composed about helmets. Now all it takes in some clever copy, hard quality images, maybe even a compelling video to and he said, to Sally business. But often these marking tactics alone on enough. It's not unusual for people these days to take the time to research, compare prices and read reviews before making the hiring or buying decision. Whether they're looking to hire someone to develop the new website or just want by Paris ops, people are skeptical. They need to know you're the real deal. Any proof that this spinning the hot owned cash wisely? This is why you need to have testimonials on the website. Kind words from a real life customer. Someone who hasn't been paid to say nice things about you are powerful and can persuade a potential customer to do business with you for the first time. Testimony was a powerful because they prove you are genuine. Visitors to your site will be much more inclined to reach out to you and high if you can show examples of how you successfully helped others. These third party endorsements do the work off selling for you in a much more effective way than you could on your own. Done correctly. Testimonials can turn a wavering prospecting to a paying client or customer. A good testimonew should state the client customers initial problem, how you solved it, and the result. It should only bay a few sentences long. Now, actually, getting testimonials isn't really all that hot. It's a big scary, but all you need to do is ask a top clients or custom is almost every business collects raving fans who will bought everything you sell or really just love the services you provide and keep coming back from all. Usually that would be more than happy to help you out. You might even want to write a testimonial for them, said all they have to do you say yes and improve it. This was a one time, and you get to choose or decide you might have someone incorporate testimonials into sale cycle. When a project ends, make it a point to ask for a testimonial right afterwards. Okay, pause right now and email your top three clients or customers and ask for a testimonial. You don't need to write a fancy email or grovel. Just thank them for being a great Kleiner customer and Austin for a testimonial. Simple 6. Join Groups on LinkedIn and Facebook: Lyndon isn't just the wind. You're looking for a new job, Robert and just looking in confirming all those new connections and looking back out again , Try joining groups in your nation, start conversations with people and shared blood poster articles you think contain valuable information that might help others. There are so many groups on, like Dean, where people are already connecting, so we're not tapping into them. These groups can be great places to share ideas and build awareness around your brand. Likewise, Facebook groups also provide a fantastic way to connect with people who work in similar fields. Now, I'm not talking about being spammy. Spam is a big no no. When you join these groups, don't simply post about your business and spam group members. Instead, be helpful. Answer questions, share information and articles, and you will naturally spark interest and draw attention to your business. Then, when members need your kind of products and services that remember how helpful you've pain and seek you out when they're ready to buy, there's another great benefit to these marking tactic. It helps expand your thought leadership in credibility in your niche when group members see how you're regularly answering questions and being an all around nice and helpful person. It will help elevate your reputation. One of the tape don't just joined groups related to your industry joined other groups that might benefit from your products or services to okay, time to get pause, jumped on LinkedIn or Facebook right now and find two groups related, teenage or groups aka benefit from your product or service and join them. 7. Comment, Comment, Comment: he is another really simple marketing tactic during way for people to come in on your blood poisons. Be proactive, and comment on other blog's and articles in Munish commenting can be a great way to get noticed by both the articles and other readers. Plus, helping out I was in the co means it's a great way to share expectations and demonstrate thought leadership in urination. Asking clients or custom is what websites they really raid. You could even do a quick survey. Oh, awesome. Using tools liking to comb and and these thoughts your favorite RCIs radar, I use Faidley to keep on top of the latest post from sites I follow. Make sure to check the sides every week or so and leave a comment on the Post you like. Whether it's a question of the author or an answer, toe another commenters question or just saying thanks when you think post is a great read. The idea here is that you're engaging in your community and being part of important conversations happening in your nation. Not only does he show that you want to be included, and you're eager to take part, but you're also staying on top of industry trains and engaging with potential clients and customers. Again, don't be Spammy dart. Include a link back to your site in every comment you leave. Also, don't suck up. Just be friendly and helpful. Okay, time to put this one to action hit, Pause and find three websites in your niche that you know your clients. Customers follow and leave a comment. 8. Answer Questions on Quora: So in the previous lesson, I talked about commenting on book poses, a way to raise brand winners. But another channel with checking out these Cora Cora is a fantastic question and answer side where anyone can ask a question and someone will even answer to share. And then the community votes on which answer the most helpful. What's really cool about Cora is that anyone can ask, say, an issue question and someone like Rand Fishkin from melisma. And so, well, someone, what else could question about playing? Bastable and Barack Obama might pop into the thread and leave a reply. Now, as far as marketing your brand encore Agos, just like leaving comments and other blog's selling an hour, I are the number one goals here. Hustling and selling is exactly what you shouldn't be doing on Cora. So why do this? Instead, you should be aiming to share you knowledge about your nation by answering core questions related to industry. You can demonstrate your expertise and boost your brands. Witness incredibility. Most importantly, you could influence people to stop thinking about a problem in a particular way, one that considers your product or service as long as you clearly stated who you work for. You could also explain how what you offer can help solve someone's problem. Now I have that for direct marketing with people from all walks of life from everyday people. The industry ladies present core is a helpful community of professionals were willing to help others by regularly engaging with our members. You can gain key insights from leading experts, target audience and even repurpose your content while answering and asking questions. Getting started on core is really easy. So hit pause on this video hit over corridor calm, and I want you to create a profile, then pick a question in your niche that you feel confident you can fully answer an answer. 9. Get on Social Media: There are billions of people on social media, and the great thing is that access to the means absolutely free. Getting set up on the very social media platforms is one of the best and most economical ways to reach any quieter customers and maintain contact with existing ones. Now there are some basic rules to effective social media marketing nation follow. First, the content you create should be hard quality. I mean, your potential customers have to want to view it and share it. It should also be current made and that you should update your social media presence. Retain Lee. I can't stress this point enough. Your company's Facebook page is worthless if the last time you updated it was eight months ago. It also indicates that in these fast changing online world that maybe business isn't around anymore. You should also remember to share and share alike when your social fades, be willing to share great content that you come across from other businesses in you Neesh. This will help spread your social media presence further in the long run, build relationships with other businesses and never you to reach more potential customers, choose the social platforms at your clients or customers. Use the most and make these your focus, finding a way your business fits and spending the majority of your time on to all three platforms that you have the best results and is far easier to do than trying to capitalize on all platforms and only getting mediocre results. Now, if you're busy business owner and let's face it, we all then you want to automate your social media as much as possible. There are lots of free tools you can use, like buffering hurts. Wait that you can use to scheduling social media and manage it in the Loma. Finally, social media prison should foster community it business. You interact with customers and potential customers and foster a climate where your customers are climbs. Also talk to one another. If your social media prisons become a place where people come together and interact, you'll be creating the kind of brand awareness that is process. Now it's your turn hit pause, and if you don't already have social accounts for your business, choose one that you know your clients or customers use the most and create a business account there, then posted first message don't overthink it. Just get started. Once you set up, you can stop planning future social posts and social strategy. 10. Start a Blog: okay, so starting a block and publishing quality content, he's online marketing what I want. I covered all this in my skill. Shawcross creating content People love to read, and Google lost to rank, so be sure to join that class alone. More now, your blog's should deliver original content with immense value for your audience. If you want it to succeed in the long term, there's no point regurgitating what's already out there. But if you do want to compete in Google, search for popular keywords. Make sure your content is better than every other article that ranks paying someone to write your articles of cost you. So if you can write more post itself, that's great. But if writing isn't your thing, ask someone on your team to write articles or even create a whole team to take in turns writing about and sharing the expert takes. There are lots of types of articles you could get started with, like tips, collections of resources, top 10 lists, tutorials and how to use. One of my favorite examples of a block done well from the very first book post is The Groove Log. When founder and CEO outs turned will start at the help desk software back in 2013. He wrote all the Post himself, sharing his lessons on growth, marketing and entrepreneurship. He's postal packed with information about his marketing experiment, successes and failures, and he's journey towards building sustainable and profitable business. Plus, I hope that his writing was sore Dan engaging. He was obviously passionate about his business. He really made you feel like you were along for his Crazy Rod and this compelled raise to subscribe. He's bloke and read the post regularly. Well, he doesn't write so much these days. He's post really resonated with readers who are also building businesses. His post was shared widely on social media, and even now I often referred to his first post about his journey to reach 100,000 users four years after it was published because it was sorry, Memorable. Starting a blow can feel a little overwhelming. So your task that this lesson is to jot down three ideas for block posts. Think about problems, you regular self, A clients or customers, maybe things to keep your painting over no find, maybe even the latest happenings in your nation. Then, sometime this week, sit down and write opposed to. Don't over think it will spend too much time on it just right as much as you can and then come back to it and review your dropped. Now, if you need help putting a post together or you're not sure how to get started, be sure to check out my other skill. Share class on creating quality content for tips to get your creative juices flowing. 11. Build an Email List: I don't know about you, but I still have the same email signed up for back when I was in high school and Billy Day goes by that I don't check it. We had wrought Remain a mile is Kandahar cake as faras Ticos but steps shy. There'll be three billion email users worldwide by 2020 already, Jamelle has tapped into about a 1,000,000,000 of legs uses. So it was a male still so popular after a couple of decades of Nigerian Prince Games, Viagra ads and mountains and mountains of span. The fact is, we've grown up with a male. Also, it's decentralized and not controlled by some big corporation like Facebook or Google. Let's take a look at some stats. 91% of all U S consumers still use a mouse daily. The rate at which emails prompt purchases is not only estimated to be at least three times that of social media, but the average order value is also 17% higher. Email is 40 times more effective at acquiring new customers in Facebook or tweet up, and 66% of online consumers have made a purchase as a result, often email marketing message With all that in mind, email is one of the most powerful and valuable assets any online business can have. There's a loyalty to email that makes it high impact, and it's a fast and low post way off delivering a marketing message to existing and potential customers. Despite the prevalence of social media and 100 other forms of missing these days, email marketing has distinct advantages. It's personal. When you emailed landed someone in box, you're in their space and more likely to focus on your message. It's direct. Every person on your least received an email the same way that they receive a piece of mail . It's much different than fighting a piece of content in the newsfeed. Even if it's personalized, everyone uses email. It's pretty much impossible these days to not have an email address. Also, you can go for a few days of that checking social media or video chatting with your family and friends. But most people check their email every single day. It's holly custom possible. You can create an email campaign on any subject and at any bells and whistles that you need to get the job done. It's action oriented now this is interesting emails, naturally prompt responses. Such a Z replying, folding cooking through by including a CT A that conveys a clear benefit you can take advantage of. Uses impulse to react and drive them back to your website. E mails can be hot, personalized and behavior. Trickett Behavior triggered a miles longer, the same content to user that's related to this specific progress in your marking funnel as opposed Teoh generic came out lacking relevance. Measurable testing a mouse can help you learn what works and also what doesn't now over to you. The first step towards building an email list is adding a sign up form to your website, where people can submit their email. You need to give people a reason why they should give you give you their email in the first place, so you might want to offer a regular newsletter updates, new book posts or some other content. The best way to get started is to sign up for a free service like Mount Cheam or convert kit. From here, you can usually copy and paste the provided code Teoh at a sign that form to your website. Don't forget to test your sign up form so you can make sure that it's working properly and accepting email submissions 12. Offer a Free Lead Magnet: Now that you've got your email, we set out from Los Listen. It's probably looking a little India, so let's do something about that. In this lesson, I want to tell you about late magnets. They one of the best ways to get more email subscribers for your website. Basically, a Lady magnet is something that you offer for free in exchange for someone's email address . It's usually some kind of digital content that the user can download, such as a PdF checklist. Able quite paper report video. In other words, it's a piece of content that leverages your knowledge and office value for your target audience value that people are willing to hand over the email for late. Magnets don't have to be lengthy or complex or even time intensive to create. In fact, the longer and more complex elite magnet is the list. Likely it will convert. What's important is that the late magnet Selves a specific problem with a specific solution for your target audience in Alyssa talked about loss. Listen is one of the most powerful and valuable assets of any online business. The first step towards building an email is to use, usually offering a sign up form on your site, where people can submit their email and join your newsletter or get other updates. But simply offering a sign that form doesn't offer any immediate incentive for users. I mean, do you give away your email? Really? Nearly maybe a decade ago, when it was exciting. A sign up for newsletter is, but certainly no today you have to be a little bit more creative than that. One more sign ups and it says we're late. Magnets coming. There are many different types of lead magnets. You can try such a Z Abel's checklists. God supports video training, chase shades, templates. What files, scripts, case studies, tool kits, resource lists, principles, tutorials, infographics a mile, courses, sample chapter slides, quizzes and tons more. What makes a great leap magnet? Well, there are eight things you leave. Magnet should have. If you want to use, is to stop and give you their email address in exchange. Firstly, it should solve a real problem. Think about your niche. What kinds of problems does the target audience face? The perfect late magnet should offer a specific solution to a specific problem. Secondly, it should demonstrate your industry expertise or UV pay. Your late magnet should straight up demonstrating knowledge of thought leadership in your nation. So don't be shy. Lay down your unique value proposition. This will help cement your industry cred. It should also promise quick win. Your late magnet should promise and deliver one quick win. Few target audience. In other words, it would help them to easily achieve something. Next. It should be hardly specific. Don't miss around. Your late magnet should be super specific and cut straight to the point. The more specific you are about the benefit of your lead magnet. Better it will convert. It should also be quick and easy to consume. One page pdf checklist, templates and brief guards of popular forms of league magnet because they take no time at all to read and digest. The important thing is that you don't overwhelm your subscribers with too much information . It should also have a high perceived value. The idea here is that users should read the title of your lead magnet and know right away that they need it and that that email is a small price to pay in return for the valley. They believe it will provide. It should also be instantly accessible. Once the user has into the email and hit. Send your late magnets would land in their in box almost immediately unless you direct them to landing page where I can download it. People need and expect instant gratification. Lastly, it should also be well designed. You lead magnets. You look fantastic. This doesn't mean you have to spend a heap of time on design or even pay someone else to do it. But make sure it's easily readable, scannable and easy on the eye. Okay, now that you're up to speed on lead magnets, it's time to create one. Pick one of the ideas I mentioned and create your own laid magnet. There's no reason why you need to create a new piece of content from scratch, because you might want to repurpose an existing blood post by turning it into a pdf or God or even transcribe video podcast. There are lots of free tools that can help can vote, which allows you to create checklists, infographics and change shades using templates. When too late magnet is ready tools that Hello Bob and opting Winston can help you add it to your website 13. Create Videos: There's been a huge shift to video in recent years. I mean, it's dominating social. People watch more than 100 million hours of video on Facebook every single day, And a Facebook executive even recently predicted that a platform will be all video winless in five years. On top of that, you treat reaches more 18 to 49 year olds than any broadcast or cable TV network, and that's just mobile traffic. Crazy, huh? The great thing about video online businesses is that it's quick and easy for users to consume. It's also ideal for visual learners, and it's very Cheryl. In addition, creating videos of value products or services and sharing them on social, even creating your own YouTube channel, let me demonstrate your expertise and boost your credibility. For many people, the desire and will to experiment with video is blocked by the struggle to come up with big ideas, he says. We're doing a research can really help, though sometimes it's often the simplest of ideas that can go viral. Take Dollar Shave Club, for example. The company didn't shy away from dropping F bombs in its first ever product video, wanting to appeal to young professional men who spend way too much on big Brown raises from local stores. The company created a funny and still e v ery that they knew would appeal to the target demographic. Most importantly, the video focused on how its product sold specific problem for its demographic. So how did they come up with his Faro heat? Well, see, I Markle Dublin studied improv, wrote the script himself and hard a comedian friend to produce the video digging around in the comments of core real severe costs just $4500 to make while attracting a living 1,000,000 views and coverage on various media outlets so recently don't need fancy equipment or big budget to create video. It's really easy to fill with any smartphone. All you need is the motivation to get started. Sorry, hit pause on his class and shot down three different ideas for one minute videos you could create using your smartphone. They might be product reviews, funny skits involving your brand or quick tutorials on how to use your service. My advice when it comes to filming video is don't be intimidated. And don't be shy to put your face out there. Appearing in videos can help users create a personal connection with your business, which is invaluable and can encourage repaid business. 14. Create Infographics: infographics are hugely powerful mocking tool because they sorry easily Shannon consumed. The visually striking include minimal text, easily understood and enjoyable to look at. Basically, they're the chocolate chip cookies and the Internet. They go down really easily, or at least they should. You can condense a lot of boring information numbers and stats into any photographic, and suddenly it's fun and perfectly formatted for sharing on social media. Creating infographics isn't a simple is riding regular block post olive meat. The rare reality is that making visual content like this does take a lot more time and if it then the written word to produce. But considering the popularity, effectiveness and share ability of visual content, particularly on social media, that are, I is totally with it now. There are a few steps to keep in mind when creating an infographic. Firstly, you want to collect the information you wanted to stay in your infographic in particular. Any numbers and stats next sketch out of design with your first infographic. You want to keep it simple. Maybe just some text boxes or speech bubbles before you go diving into more complex layouts , then you want to actually design you infographic. Hiring a designer will hit your hip pocket, but you could make your own cheaply if you don't mind challenge. If you know how to use photo shop, start there. Otherwise, check out canvas, excellent drag and drop infographic makeup or just Google around begging for graphic templates. I've included some links to templates and infographic creation tools in the resources section off this class. Lastly, don't forget to include a food out with your sources and business logo. It's important that you attribute, attribute any information used in your infographic to its source past. You want your logo on there? So when people share, they know who created it. Okay, ready to create your own infographic? He pulls on his class and write down somebody's for an infographic you could create. Keep it simple. It might be about industry steps for your nation or some useful tips for your target audience. Be sure to check out the resources in the your project section of these class for more links and tips 15. Write Guests Posts: guest posting can be a great way to reach a whole new audience. Yes, it can be hot would writing content. But with a rod approach, research and strategy could really pay off and expand. You'll reach and brand awareness before you reach out to other thoughts and asked to guess Post. Here are some tips to keep in mind. Firstly, only reach out to sites that are a waste of your time. This one want seem obvious, but basically you don't want to guess post, um, sites that your potential closet customers don't even raid. Always thoroughly Vet blog's and the audience before reaching out. Next issue connects before you pitch before reaching out to a blogger. You want a guest post on comment on a block post, follow and like them on social media or share and tag bloggers content before trying to picture guest post. This way, when you get in touch, you won't be a complete stranger. Next, put together a brief or the bar that clearly explains who you are, what your business office and how you help people. Your guest post will usually display you bar at the bottom of the posts and make sure it sends the right message and includes a link to your website. You'll also want to promote your guest post as you would any other posts on your own Bob. So don't just leave it up to the blogger to drive traffic to your post or shared onto that once, and I think that's enough. It's also a good idea, to replied Asian. Every Coleman blow comments are a great way to learn from your readers. Gain feedback and get to know them better and get a second shot, I guess posting and just generally coming across as a friendly person and finally guest post more. Don't stop it. One impact of guest blogging compounds. So if you can guess, posted different science regularly. Now it's your turn. Make a list of three sides. You would like to have a guest post publish on and far off emails to each one of them. Make sure you explain who you are included. Peach For the Post. You like to contribute and explain why you think the Post is a great idea for their audience. Make sure you keep your email brief. Located is generally don't want to read email essays and certainly don't have the time for it. Remember the site patient who wants to know how Your post will be valuable for their business? So focus on that rather than what you get from the transaction. 16. Reach Out to Influencers: When you're a small fishing huge online ocean, chances are your voice is getting lost in the Normans around you. You might also feel like all the time and effort you're putting into creating content for your site. Any CEO isn't really paying off. Well, let me tell you that you certainly shouldn't give up on content issue because these two things are violas. Virus digital marketing goes, and they do take time to show results. But one way you can reach beyond your own network and tap into established audiences is by getting in touch with big plays in your knees and asking them to share your content. Of course, getting influences to notice you and actually replied, Your emails can be really tricky, especially if you call message people out of the blue and stop making demands. Like in real life, folks online will usually just trash a stranger's emails, but they don't want hoping a friend out. This is why it's important to build relationships with the influences before asking them to share your content. So how do you go about building relationships with people who won't even ask you a male's? Well, let's go over some tips. Firstly, it's important to establish authentic relationships with influences. The fact is, these guys and gals get here up all the time by people asking them for things. I can only imagine how annoying this obey, not to mention detrimental to them. Hitting inbox zero every day. What you want to do is follow the influences you want to connect with on social media, engage with them on Twitter comment on their blood posts like the content. But don't do it in a store kind of way. Be yourself and be genuine. After doing this for a while, maybe a few weeks, they will start to notice you. So when you do hit them up and ask them to share your content, they'll be much more likely to respond in a favorable way. You also want to make sure that you share other people's content, not just your own. A lot of people neglect to do these, but the thing is, when you share other people's content with your followers, they notice and appreciate it. Thirdly, a great way to get influence intention is to include tags, mentions and handles, as well as links when sharing someone else's content. Leeson shows that getting the look when you shared the content and don't forget to include a friendly message to you fall was sitting out what's great about their content and why they should read or watch it. Putting always in place will ensure influences. Notice you, and when you do ask for a shared that, recognize you as a friendly ally rather than a demanding stranger. Okay, so over to you hit, pause and write down the names of three big players in your nation who you would love to see. Share your content at the morning social accounts if you haven't already, and leave a comment on the latest content over the next few weeks. Make a conscious effort to like and comment on their posts and making in the calendar to heat them up in a few weeks. Time to ask them to share a piece of your content 17. Create a Referral Program: word of mouth is the best form of advertising I made. You really can't be a solemn recommendation from a friend or family member, which is why 92% of people trust word of mouth recommendations. Affectees. You can have a fantastic team and a great range of products or services, but none of it really meant is if you can't keep your customers or clients happy, engaged and also willing to tell their friends batty. Which brings me to referrals. One of the basic tenets of customer service is the ability to create advocates for your business because happy, satisfied customers or clients can do a lot of legwork for you when it comes to spreading the word about your business. But there's a catch. You shouldn't assume your existing users will automatically tell their friends about business, no matter how good you are, because that's just naive. You need to give them a push, a reason to refer you, and this is why you should consider putting in place every phone program now implementing a programme. Mobtown complicated, But it doesn't need to pay. Basically, all you need to do used to side on some kind of referral incentive and then promote it. That's it. So put yourself in the customer's shoes. What do they want? What kind of incentive do you think who push him over the line and encourage them to tell other people about your business? For example, say you run an online still selling jewelry. Customers not being tossed by some kind of discount like a $20 stole credit for referring friend. Not so complicated, right? Once you've decided on a referral incentive, you need to promote it. Now there are various ways you can do these. You could simply send a one off email to your existing clients or customers telling them that back door for off. If you run an online store, you could even schedule a holiday greeting, thanking you customers for their loyalty and commitment to your business. Traffic you and offer them a bigger referral discount than usual to drum up extra business . Not only Willie clients or customers appreciate the thought, but it will encourage them to think about other businesses and contacts. They know who would benefit from your products. Off services. Your existing clients or customers are the life blood of your business with a referral program. Oily navies for each of your customers to bring one of their friends to your business, and you've doubled your client base. All right, so time to hit Pause. I want you to spend some time thinking about what your business could offer existing Collins a custom it as part of ever for a program. Think about what would most benefit them and also how you could best promote your program. 18. Partnering with Complementary Businesses: So here we are the lost video in this class. Thanks for sticking it out with me. Now for this lesson, I'm gonna talk about food and connections with businesses that why don't necessarily Banyan ish but complement what you do. The idea of working with the business that is completely different. Hearing might seem a bit strange, but think about it. You wouldn't partner with a business that office what you offer right, working with businesses that complement your offering, allowing both tapping to each other audiences for mutually advantageous outcome. For example, say you run a wedding photography business. It might make sense to partner with Wedding Planner. You wouldn't step on each other's Tories as far as getting your business goes, but the two offerings go hand in hand as engaged couples would be looking for boat services other than the fact simple partnerships are usually free, there are lots of other benefits. They're a powerful way to reach new customers because you gain incredible introduction. There's increased credibility for your business cross promotions, wide new audience, for example. You could access each others email databases. They can boost your issuer through website clings, and they provide opportunities to share resources, ideas and even contacts. Partnerships don't need to be a complex. You could stop by guest posting on each other's blogger or offer your product or service. T Apartness uses at a discounted right and vice versa. It's entirely up to you what you want from the partnership and what you're willing to exchange. So Tom Tape Pole was one last time. I want to spend a couple of minutes thinking about what types of businesses could complement your own. Then try reaching out. Send a couple of friendly messages at one of your business, what you offer and why a partnership across promotion would be mutually beneficial. Make sure to talk up what they would get out the partner shoot. So there's an incentive there to start a conversation about working together. 19. Final Thoughts: Okay, so a few closing thoughts. There are so many ways to market your business online. They're also 70 free tools for operating your business and getting your name out there. It's on the back trading and sharing information with world waking up every day and telling people about what you dio. All of these tactics connected, and you shouldn't obsess over any one of them. They also different in important function. So don't put all the eggs in one basket and expect to get thousands of visitors to start over. It just doesn't work like that. Marketing takes time, and if it it sounds cheesy. But it's like keeping you gotten you water and fertilize and nurture plants, and eventually they grow and produce beautiful flowers. I'm not like marking your growing something beautiful and hopefully something profitable. Over time, the efforts will pay off. Just need Teoh get started sticky guns and keep it. Now I do want to say these don't go after short term means quick bursts of traffic and sales. Seriously, it doesn't work on. You might get cells next week, but next year you're after that. Those efforts won't mean a thing. Marketing is about building audience building community around what you do and building your credibility as solar business online. So start creating and sharing information, put together great content and make connections in an outside invasion. I also want to mention a C are. It's a complex topic and far too aboard for the purposes of this class, but I really encourage you to make issue a top priority. As it goes, hand in hand is online marketing. I've included some this year resources in the project section of this class to get started . And now that we've covered all these things will be also took old tactics coveting this class and use them to market your business. Download a copy of the checklist that comes with the schools, start at the top and working way down. If you haven't already doing things right for your business and make the most of this class as a resource for kicks down marking. And don't forget to cut through the links and resources to a perfect section of this class . Good luck and happy marketing