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Let's paint TREES - Acrylic Painting for Beginners

teacher avatar Meenakshi Muthuraman, Artist and Illustrator

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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    • 3.

      Fun Exercises


    • 4.

      Basic Trees [Part 1]


    • 5.

      Basic Trees [part 2]


    • 6.

      Basic Trees [Part 3]


    • 7.

      Advanced Trees- Umbrella Pine


    • 8.

      Advanced Trees- Birch Tree


    • 9.

      Class Project


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About This Class

You always wanted to paint landscape, but didn't, coz you don't know to paint trees? Then, this is the class you are looking for!!

In this class, I will show you how to paint beautiful trees using Acrylic colors. The class is loaded with a lot of tips and tricks that would help you to get started.This class is perfect for anyone who likes to begin his/her journey in acrylics and also for those who knows the basics, but want to experiment more. Acrylics might seem challenging, since it dries too fast. But, it just takes a little bit of practice. That's it!

In the class,

  1. I start off with the supplies you'll need;
  2. We will do some fun exercises together to improve your flexibility and we will quikly go through some basics.
  3. Then you'll be painting with me 5 simple and tiny trees. This would give you an idea what the technique is all about.
  4. Then I will teach you to paint 2 advanced trees- Umbrella Pine and Birch Tree. This would give you confidence to paint any tree of your own by just observing its form and structure.

This is absolutely a fun class!


  • Canvas Board or Canvas pad [But any surface would be fine- Acrylic painting paper, wood ]
  • Paints (Scroll down for colors)[I used Camlin Kokuyo and W&N acrylic paints. You can use any good brand]
  • Painting brushes
  • Waste cloth 
  • Water Jar
  • Palette


  • Burnt Umber - Tree Trunk
  • Yellow Ochre - Trunk Highlights
  • Olive Green - Shadows
  • Phthalo Blue - Shadows
  • Sap Green - Midtone
  • Permanent Yellow Deep- Highlights
  • Permanent Red 
  • Permanent Orange

Paint Brushes:

  • Flat Brush - 2
  • Angle Brush - 10
  • Hog Bristle Flat Brush -2, 4, 6
  • Detail Brush (Optional)

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Meenakshi Muthuraman

Artist and Illustrator

Level: Beginner

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1. Introduction: Hi. I welcome you all to my class. My name is Meenakshi and I'm an artist. I love to throw on paint into these clouds. I'll be teaching you to pay increase. This class is designed for bigness. We will start off by doing some exercises. This will help you improve your flexibility on painting skills. Then I'll be teaching you how to choose the right colors all about the shadows and highlights. After that, we will start bein trees. Class includes those look seven elements. Five basic creates to help you get started, I would be shouting with you ladies tips and tricks to our dimension to your work. Finally, we will put together all that belonged in the class to paint you advance priests you'll be learning from start to finish. And this classes for anyone who loves to paint. I'm so excited to share with you all the wonders of painting, Please. So what are we waiting for? I'll see in the next lesson 2. Requirements: let us take a look on the supplies. First of four, Using the surface to paint I'm usually carry on this battle size, knowing about 12 inches are generally used. My part for practicing, but right now I don't have any kind of sport in my studio, so I'll go with my Candice back. But you can also use a board regarding the brushes will be using flat and uncle brushes for this entire class. We will be using boats and to take and hold the hog bristle brushes, and I'm not using any browned and brushes something which is easily have 11 this door. You'll also need a colored pencil to help us draw the outline on. Of course, you need a click pains. You can use any brand, but make sure is good enough. You need few greens, browns and a loose. You'll also need a palette to mix the colors. You can use any surface as your palate. Finally leader close to clean your brushes and also a jar of water. So grab hold your supplies and I agree to you in the next listen 3. Fun Exercises: Let's discuss the basics first. Before. Let's take a look on the angle brush, and the size I'm using is eight. Practice drawing few straight lines. Take a little amount of paint on the tape off the brush. You don't want a lot of pain for this. Don't apply pressure in case. If you want a decline, then it can add pressure on one mooted. Hold a brush it knocking off 90 degrees. This exercise will help you draw the tree trunk, so just keep practicing. Now let's do in a data size for the flexibility again, take a little amount of paint on the tip of the brush. Practice drawings exact. Ninth. This will make you flexible. Change the position of the brush accordingly. Again. Don't get too much pressure until the brush it land off 90 degrees one more time. The next exercise will be stolen. Hard to choose the right colors. In this class, I'll be teaching you to paint trees in different layers. The first layer before the shadows and additional layer will before the highlights. For example, let's say our painted green tree, then for the base layer, which is in the darkest color, say all the dream. Then, for the first laid off highlights, I'll go with a knife, factoring, which is, Ah, methadone on. For the additional layers, I will add more and more a little green, so that would be a nice like color, which is great for highlights. So that's how we choose the colors, a dark shade and to light atones. I'm using a whole Brazil flat brush of size number four, as I said before losing all of green for the first layer and SAB dream for the next layer. Just keep adding the lighter colors on the top. Now I'm mixing a little bit off a low to sack me to create a nice light atone, and I'm just adding the color on top. So that's how you do it. Just keep out in the light of colors on top. No, I'm adding more and go to dream. The light color presents thought sunlight, which is falling on the three. Now it's dry painting clouds off leaves for this again. I'm taking all the green for the base layer on. I'm just creating three clouds off leaves. I'm using the same brush hog bristle brush, which is really good for painting, Please. I've created three clouds off lease and one more thing you have to keep in mind is that lower part of the cloud is stark. So you have to add more all of dream to the lower part of the clouds. Now comes the second layer. A little bit off. Hello to sack me. This is just a guy. You can just go with your own, Carlos. Amounting the Carlos on top off the clouds. Just a nice, gentle tap. You can also use a synthetic brush for this. In this case, I'm assuming the light is coming from the left part of the DRI. Now for the next layer. Madding more. Hello? Can you see we're getting this nice, realistic look. This is a quick andan ese technique. Anyone can paintings. Klees keep repeating the process until you're satisfied with the outcome. On green is just an example. Trees come in a wide range of Carlos. Guys say you're a paint red tree like this one. The same basics I've added a dark ground shade with a touch of red for the base layer on dive added, ordered for the next on a low for the next layer so you can try painting these clouds off leaves in your own Carlos. Other than that, you have the check by the sunlight falls. You have to put the colors accordingly. Anyways. Don't worry. We'll be seeing all those things, the forthcoming lessons I'll see there but by 4. Basic Trees [Part 1]: Let's start by painting through simple and easy trees. Guys, keep your palate. Treaty will be using the same colors for all the trees. Grab young would brush to paint a tree trunk for that will be using burnt umber. Just draw a simple line. Increase the red on the lower part of the trunk. The top this pointy. This one is kind of a rectangular tree. I don't know the name off it, guys. For the leaves, be using a flat hog bristle brush of size six. Let's do the greens now. As I said before, I'm using all the dream for the base because it's the darkest color. I have taken a lot of paint on the tip off my brush on. I'm just painting this crown shape. I'm going to sort off the regular pattern. I'm making this a rectangular tree hog brushes of great for painting trees and grasses. I personally recommend her brushes. They are inexpensive and also very good. Here's a bit of you. We got this basic round shape. Let us now go to the next layer, for this will be using saccharine with the touch of L O. I'm assuming the sunlight is coming from the right side of the tree, so mad in the color accordingly. This doesn't mean that you don't have to apply light shades on the other side. You have to, but a little amount. If you try painting a dream, then you'll understand what I'm talking. So it's not just about watching the class. You have to take a brush in practice it and one more thing. The top off the ground will have like the sheets. That's why I'm adding like Carlos in the top. We are done. Let's go to the next layer, which is even more light for this. Imagine more Hello to Sacranie. Take a little amount of pain that's enough and just create the small leaf like structures on the tree. This is the most important layer. This is bad. A tree. Get realistic. Look, it's all about your choice. If you think you want a little low, you can add more. Hello, but just a simple tap will give you a nice effect. When you're using. The salt is a brush, and that's why I love it more. Hello to the top off the ground. You can stop with this or you can add more layers for the highlights. If you find hard to manage with this brush, then you can decrease the size off it. We got this beautiful three dimensional effect, and that's water love bark painting trees almost done. Finally, I'm using my uncle brush on a loca to paint the highlights of the tree trunk. This will be the basic and simplest dreams class. The next dream. Be kind of a pine tree. I'm using a color pencil to draw the crown of the tree. Draw conical shape very lightly. Don't apply any pressure. Draw in such a way that while you can see the outline again for the tree trunk, I'm using Bon Tambor andan angle. Brush a straight line for the DRI drunk. It is pointy on the dip again for the first layer. Amusing. All agree. I'm just covering the end up ocean using olive green on. I'm using an angle brush that I've used for the tree trunk. It's just for the feeling you can use any brush paint a smaller sized conical shape for the first layer than that quite size because when we add additional layers, the size will get big for the second layer, amounting sat cream to a little amount off alot. Give a nice mix. Now start from the lower part of the tree. Just happened. Draw lines. This technique works with a flat brush or language brush under stopping and creating these leaves shows another angle. Can you see those pointy leave like structures? Draw this pointed lines without a part of the crown. For a realistic look, make sure your brush has a moisture for a smooth flow. Again for a natural look. I'm drawing this point lines on about a part of the crown. Now let's go for the third layer. Move alot of it. A small amount of sack cream. These tiny trees are great when you're painting a landscape. When you want to fill space, the small trees will do a great job. See, even for this layer using the same technique. Start from the lower part of the tree and go to the dog off the ground. As you add all these layers, you can see we're getting these three dimensional look. Add more like colors to the top of the tree. Now you can just stop with this or you can add additional layers, but I'll be adding one more laid off low. But it's your own choice. Can stop even before adding this layer in this whole class have included while two types of trees you since synthetic crush, this is type one on. We'll be discussing type two later the next lesson, so I'll see that, but by 5. Basic Trees [part 2]: in this part, we will take a look on to know coniferous trees using a colored pencil, a draught out blowing. Start by drawing a straight line. Draw the outline very lightly, then a drawing elongated triangle for the crown. If you want a beginner than these basic shapes, will help you a lot, so I would prefer drawing the outline before painting on it. As usual, I do the trunk first. I'm using. I see my little brush. The color is born timber. I am doing a straight line. The end is broad and the typist pointy. Let us know. Start to paint the greens as usual for the first layer of using olive green. This time, um, useless synthetic flat brush of size, too. I'm creating few leaf like patterns on my canvas. It is not necessary to paint every leaf. Instead, we will create the illusion of collections off leaves. It is just like topping your brush on the canvas on the right place. This might be tricky if you are a beginner, but trick the practice will make a difference. I just keep doing these small triangular shapes on one would think as you move down the size of the triangles will increase. These small crease will help you to create large landscape paintings. I'm adding more strangler lines on top of each other. When did this one and the previous tree we have used a synthetic brush other than that for all of the trees have used home results. That rush this one is the last triangle. So for this I do a lot of fleas were down to the base layer and for the next amusing sad green with a touch of Hello, I'm using the same brush after cleaning it on top off the base layer, merging few leaves for the highlights. I'm just giving up. Dogs showed in that you can also pay in the streets in the fan brush. It gives you an unique effect. But these moments that Russians will give you local troll See us. We do the second layer. We start getting this realistic look. All these techniques works were living a painter's off good quality. If you're painted strong, inning when it is trance. Pardon? This doesn't work, so make sure you use good quality pains. Yes, we have completed the second layer. Time to go for the next. This time more ello and less green. Clean your brush before going to the next layer. I do some highlights just here in that a light tap. I'm assuming the sunlight is coming from the left side, so I add a low pain to the left. I'm just giving a gentle tap. We have completed 1/3 type of tree. I hope this was fun. Time to move to the next. This one is also coming forestry, but we'll be using the whole grizzle sat brush. I start by drawing the outline. I draw a triangle, she but this one's quite larger than the previous world. I leave a small space in the bottom for the trunk. We will do the trunk. Clay doll. Let's start with the greens again, all of dream to the base layer. This time I use the whole grizzle sad brush to paint. This Using different rash gives a different effect. See, we're doing the same tree that crackdown before, but the result is different. I'm stamping just the tip off the results and not or the drizzles as you work your way down . Keep stopping the brush left and right in the exact motion. If you want to achieve details, then don't apply pressure. Just touch the canvas. That's enough. After keep zigzagging your weight down. Make a three former wider shape on the bottom. Try to get the branches just on the sites of the tree to be thinner so they go to a point. So I start giving no pressure to my brush as they move down. The bottom should be the widest part of the tree, and I make this Endemol white. I leave a small space in the bottom for the tree trunk. That's it. We're done with the first base layer. For the next. I go with sour cream with a little bit off. Hello before going to the next layer. Make sure your basis. Try now. Pain the second layer, Using the exact same technique he used to paint with all of green, started the top. Go left and right in his exact direction and tap very gently. You designed how much highlights you want. Leave some space between each toe for realistic look. When they are, this minute does to the tree trunk. We get these beautiful Tex chills on shadows. This is that a tree will start to come to life, adding one rule. Laid off highlights will give us even more realistic look. So this time more yellow and a little bit off. Sad during wait for the previous later dry and then go to the next. I add the lightest tones, another flash to make a tree off own. I just give some small strolls off light ellos can you see. As we start adding these drugs, we get these beautiful, realistic effect, right? It's all about the brush we use painting. Police are very easy. You just have to choose the right brushes and right Carlos, I see moved down. Had to be careful about why you place your paint because we just came one stroke and it gives a big effect on a painting. So dove in a hurry, take your time and relax. Finally, I use burnt. I'm about to paint the tree trunk. The next listen would be discussing how to paint an oak tree. I'll see there 6. Basic Trees [Part 3]: latest now discuss the last element off a basic crease concept, and this one's a little bit advanced. I'm using a colored pencil to draw the outline. I'm doing the trunk. I do some branches. All the branches are coming out from the bottom, and I about the same size, add some most more branches. Now let us start to paint the trunk. I use my same on with brush ongoing number. All trees have different grounds. Entrance structures. Look at different types of trees and notice how they're built. That is a lot of variation, depending on the type off. Three I know paint all the branches that comes out in the bottom. You can do all these small branches. Is the use a flat brush or an angle brush? But if you find it difficult to control dense, which onto the didn't brush, But that consumes a lot of time. I'm painting this more ground just now. Make the branches thicker and at some most more launches, even though small branches making the bush tika tika that does not define the leaf radius in the foreground, I draw a few clouds off leaves. This will help us a lot during painting. Trust me, nothing much. I'm just defining the areas where the leaves for. I'm covering all the branch areas on these clouds conveyed in size, for example, or the top on making the cloud small in size. To pay the leaves, grab your number four whole prison rush as always and starting with all the greenest bees layer. Take one cloud at the time and paint. You had to cover the industrious roller green, but they won clouded time. Move your brush in a circular motion, start from the bottom of the cloud and moved to the top. The top ocean doesn't need a lot of pain because of using some light colors over there. As we paint, you can observe our garages are vanishing, but it's OK. Just keep painting. People think that painting realistic crease are very tricky, but you just have to understand few basics. And when you get those basic points, you can just keep painting again and again. And what I say is when you see all these things on the screen, my sleeves carry for you. But take a brush and try to paint No one's born. It's noticed like why I spent all the cloud syncing all the dream Leave some white space in between the class tells or realistic Look for the next layer. I'm gonna make my paint lighter by using a touch off alot using the same brush I'm giving some highlights to the top of the class Does I'm assuming the light is coming from the left side So I had no highlights to the left Part of the class does even for this layer take one cloud at the time Seeing this part we have one big global of all agree But when they do this highlights weaken Divide this one big global off all the green in 23 clusters like what I'm doing now. So while you put your pain has a great effect especially when it comes to highlights anyways will be discussed more about this in the forthcoming lessons done with the second layer Time to go for the next I'm gonna make my paint even know lighter by adding more end to it when you do, this layer of gentle touch is enough Do know it apply too much pressure. This is the layabout Are tree will come to life I've seen a lot of big nose giving a lot of highlights. But when you do that, you're gonna drew your entire painting less highlights a snuff on. Don't take a lot of paint on your brush. One Lee. When you take less pain to get this beautiful texture, just keep painting onto your satisfied with outcome, but make sure you don't overdo it. I think I'm done. Time to give some highlights for the trunk. For this. I'm using a loca and I'm doing the base of the trunk. Okay, we're done with our five trees. Now let us paint the bras, and for that I'll be using a low with attach off dream. I want in a bluish green shade, but it's up to you can choose any color. Use a flat brush to paint the grass. Cover all the trees based on your choice, you can add more green or yellow. I'm in love with this elevation green color. Isn't it so beautiful? With this, we have completed the first part of our class in the food coming. Lessons will discuss some advised trees. It's gonna be super fun. I'll see you there 7. Advanced Trees- Umbrella Pine: having learned the basics, that is number one trophy advanced trees. I use a colored pencil to draw the basic outline of the tree. But before getting started, check out the Internet and goddess and pictures observe the tree, its shape, form and texture. This tree is kind of raunchy. It has a lot of projects on. It has no umbrella shaped drone. I'm breaking down the crown into a lot of small plus toes. These simple guides will help us a lot when we get to painting. Once it done with the drawing, Grab your pains. Amusing bone Tomba on an angled brush to paint the tree trunk. The same brush that I used the previous listens. I'm slowly pulling my brush down, breathing a smooth girl. I have the paint one on the tip of my brush. Once I got the basic shape, I'm making the trunk a little bit mo ticker. I do some brown just now. That device from the main trunk sika. Achieve these details by using Justin and brush on a flat brush. You can achieve this by changing the position of your brush. Like what I do know. Observe carefully how I change the position of my brush. See, I do this, but resting my brush up and down When you're painting small branches, apply a little pressure. So that's having pain. The trunk and the branches. Isn't it so easy? Like vice drumroll branches to make the tree moved? Rajhi. Finally, I'm doing the base. Let us number one to the leaves. In all the previous lessons, I have used all of green for the base layer, but I want to teach you few mobile righties. So this time I'll be using a mixture off green and blue, and this is gonna be a doctor. Levity. Small, suitable for the base. You can also use a touch off Fred. We just want a base layer to be dark and regarding the brush, amusing. The same home drizzle sack crush Always. Here's a medium sized brush because it's very easy for you to control. Take one cloud at the time and paint slow me. Move your brush in a circular motion. The lower part off each cloud means a lot of pain, but a papa doesn't need much paint because we are in FEMA layers on the upper part. So when you do that apart. Just leave a mile touch that's enough on that will also create a beautiful texture. Similarly, paint or the clusters off lease. Just keep this one thing in mind. When you're painting the lower part of the cloud, you have to add a lot of paint on when you're painting up apart less paint his mouth. I paint my final cloud, giving a Madoff texture on the top, having no paint on the lower part. With this, we have completed our base lier in the next layer will be adding some mid tones, and for this I'll be using a little bit off and low dose at three. I'm assuming the light is coming from the top left side, so I'll be adding this myth tone on top on left part off each cloud. This is a quick step. It doesn't take much time, but you have to be very careful, right? You please your colors. Instead of seeing this as a whole, crease, split it into a lot of plus toes. That would help you understand where to place the Kahlo's similarly admit. Don't Stoel the clouds after you finish that wait for the paint to dry then let's go to the next layer. We will add highlights in this layer, so you have to use a light color. I'm adding more low to green. I'm taking very little amount of pain on. I'm just tapping on the highlights part. If you take a lot of paint on your brush, then it is very difficult for you to achieve the required texture. In case if you are a beginner and you don't have any prior experience, I would suggest you to try this out in a race paper and once a satisfied move onto the cannabis before doing the highlights. The crown off the stream was a big green over, but the moment we added those Ellery string color, we caught this three dimensional effect. So value places yellowish green color on your canvas gives a big impact on your painting. This is the reason why I insisted you to draw those clouds and plasters before getting started to paint the actors guy. For us, this is the fun part and then type roses off painting the police. I couldn't do this over and over our trees, slowly coming to life. One more thing I forgot to mention you whenever you paying. The highlights start from the top off the ground to the bottom because the top is concentrated with light color and I see most down we have to blend it. We have almost completed the beautiful of the lush eight crown. Now that's paying the dress. And for this I'm using yellowish green color. I'm using an angled brush. I'm not gonna create a lot of drama to this. Just simple and easy. Draw us a little bit of sap. Dream for a realistic look. We are done. The next lesson is gonna be super fun. We will be painting in order entry, so don't miss that. 8. Advanced Trees- Birch Tree: trees are not always green becoming different sheets. Now we're going to paint in order entry. As always, I have only drawn the basic outline, so I know more to die. Klay paint the trunk. I'm gonna do a burst stream. Now this tree's long. I start off by painting. The main tree trunk is Malala brush. The dip needs to be pointy and ask him, Roll down, make it right and wider doing the base of the trunk. Once I get the basic shape, I'm gonna move back and make the trunk. Even erotica. I'm doing the small branches on the top. As we discussed in the previous lesson. Change the position of your brush to achieve the details. You can do some ups and downs for organic. Look, you know, do the exact same thing that I'm doing. Don't try to be perfect because the nature is never perfect. I just keep adding more and more garages on. Each one of the main religious gets a few branches off their own. Similarly, do that aside. Okay, we are done with the trunk before painting the greens. Let's draw the clouds for this amusing colored pencil. Draw the clouds on top off the small garages draw some overlapping clouds for organic look , I have drawn 3 to 4 clouds on top off the tree I keep out in the clouds on all the side garages. As I said before, this will help us a lot during painting. Similarly, draw the clouds on the left side. Let me start to paint the leaves. Since this in autumn tree, I'm gonna use 1/9 rounder straight color for the base. So I'm mixing burnt umber with prominent trait to give a nice, probably straight color. No, just started paying the base layer. As I said before, take one clouded time and start painting. Your lower part of the cloud should be very dark and decrease the pressure. See move up because the lower part of shadows you need to concentrated with brownish color . Similarly, a pain. The next cloud, when you understand the basics of things that we discussed in the class will be able to paint any tree. I recommend that you practice this technique on several sheets of paper forced. It takes a bit to calibrate with a brush and get the hell off it. But when you figure out the technique. It's quite addicting. You can do this over and over. You could also paint increase blue Crees, ella trees. Priest, come in different colors, right? If you think of basis a little bit transparent, you can always go back and redo it Like what I'm doing now. I'm using the same brownish red color that we used for the first layer. I want to make this opaque. Once you're done with the base, let's move to the second layer. The second layer will be mid tones, and for this amusing orange I'm using Same for reasons that brush. I'm assuming the lightest coming from the left side. Don't give any heart strokes just that your brush gently on the canvas on to take one cloud at the time because that would help you understand what to paint, since the light is coming from the left side and marry the middle to the top left corner off each club. The basic idea behind this is whatever you place the orange color and slowly blend it down . It becomes a separate cloud. For example, you be able to see on the screen whatever you see or and just concentrated it looks like a class drop leads, right? So that is the basic idea behind this technique. So if you are able to get this, you be able to do it in case we want to paint a tree off some of the color say a low. You can use brownish a local for your base on, say, Portland Hello for the middle on lemon yellow will do for the highlights. Choose your own color palette. Let us move to the highlights. Once you're done with the mid owns for the highlights, I'll be using opponent a low and a bit off orange. You're just gonna touch each and every cloud you know, gonna give any hearts drugs just a gentle top will do. This is a very crucial step because people get excited and will add a lot of highlights. As a result, you're painting will lose its natural look, So don't do that Less is enough, since the light is coming from the left side amounting more highlights to the top left corner. Similarly, paint all the clouds off leaves our truly slowly coming to life. I'm not giving much. I light on the right part of the tree just a little bit because Sunlen cannot reach that, I guess. Finally, amusing a local to give some highlights on the trunk. I'm using my same angled rush since the light comes from the left side. Um, adding a little go to the left part of the drunk. I'm giving the highlights even on some Rogers on. I do some branches in between the clouds off lease for a realistic look. And I also do the highlights for them. At last I do the draws using a knife green color. I also had some a low and then to Yeah, we have completed the class. Please tell me a few more minutes to discuss the class project. I'll see you there. 9. Class Project: dance for taking my class. We have come to the end. I hope you learned the Lord in this class. If you have any queries, feel free to ask me. I'm always there to help you out. Your class project is split into three parts Number one practiced exercises we did in the post. Listen, which includes those straight lines. Exact lines on the color theory. Those clouds off leaves. Remember number two such for a nice photograph. You can check out the Internet or you can take your own photograph. Number three, you see photograph and start painting. First draw the outline, then paint the trunk and then go for the lease. It's okay if you don't get it right for the first time. But keep practicing. Maybe do the three tries. And the next time you're gonna get it on, Don't forget to show your projects. I would love to see them. Thank you again for taking my class and also for your support. Have a great day. But by