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Learn to Paint Poppy Field using Acrylics

teacher avatar Meenakshi Muthuraman, Artist and Illustrator

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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    • 3.

      Painting the Sky


    • 4.

      Painting the Clouds


    • 5.

      Painting the Greens


    • 6.

      Poppy field-Part 1


    • 7.

      Poppy field-Part 2


    • 8.

      Class Project


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About This Class

You have no prior experience in painting, but want to get started? Then, this is the class you are looking for!!

In this class, I will show you how to paint a beautiful poppy field using Acrylic colors. The class is loaded with a lot of tips and tricks that would help you to get started. This class is perfect for anyone who likes to begin his/her journey in acrylics and also for those who know the basics but want to experiment more. 

In the class,

  1. I start off with the supplies you'll need;
  2. I'll teach you different ways to blend colors in detail. Coz, blending is quite tricky when you use acrylics since it dries too fast.
  3. Then we will do the clouds.
  4. After that, we will move on to the poppy field starting with the greens, then the poppies. 
  5. I'll be teaching you to add highlights and shadows.
  6. Finally, we will do the birds. A landscape is never complete without birds :)

This is absolutely a fun class!


  • Canvas Board (size 9*12 inches) [But any surface would be fine- Acrylic painting paper, wood ]
  • Paints (Scroll down for colors)[I used Camlin Kokuyo and W&N acrylic paints. You can use any good brand]
  • Painting brushes
  • Waste cloth 
  • Water Jar
  • Palette
  • Masking Tape
  • Reference photo


  • White
  • Black
  • Lemon Yellow
  • Golden Yellow
  • Cad Orange
  • Manganese Blue
  • Permanent Red
  • Burnt Umber
  • Hooker's Green
  • Sap Green
  • Olive Green

Paint Brushes

  • Detail Brush
  • Flat Brush - 2, 4
  • Angle Brush - 16, 8

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Meenakshi Muthuraman

Artist and Illustrator

Level: All Levels

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1. Introduction : Hi, I welcome you all to my class. My name is we knock Xia monarch dist and loose Draper. I loved to draw and paint flowers. In today's class, I'll teach you to paint a poppy field using acrylics. I have designed this glass will begin knows so the glass covers from start to finish. You'll be learning about the brush positions and various tips and tricks to get started. We will start by painting the clouds. Then we will move on to paint the bore pre-filled step-by-step. I'll be teaching you each and every part in the day. This dam the leads, the LPs how to add the shadows and the highlight, nor that. You'll also be learning how to add texture to the flowers. Finally, the class also Carl was a basic outline. The brain doesn't flow feed. Even if you have no prior expedient in acrylics, you can still take the glass because of the die with you each and every step to guide you. So if you think this gloves for you, we will meet in the next lesson, the buy. 2. Requirements : Let us take a look on the requirements for the class. You lead a canvas board of size nine by 12 inches. You can also use a stretched canvas or a Canvas pad or an acrylic painting paper or whatever it is, you need acrylic paints in shades of greens, reds, and blues. I'll be using soft body academics for this project. However, for the flowers, I'll be using heavy body acrylics. Regarding the brushes, I'll be using few flats and few angled brushes are not using any brand and brushes these OECD available in this door. You'll also need a pilot to mix the corners. You'll also need a paper tape for masking. You lead it off clawed into Java for didn't clean your brushes. Finally, you need a reference photo to get inspired. You can find the reference photo below the video can make use of that. That's all about the requirements. Grab use. Obliged. Let's get started. 3. Painting the Sky : This is the reference image I've used for this project. You can either download this or you can follow the steps I teach you without any further delay. Let us move on to the painting. We will start with this guy. As I mentioned earlier, I am using a nine by 12 Canada's boot. I have a rough she'd beneath my canvas boards who I do miss my paid well, first I'm going to divide my canvas board into two parts. Monthly, the poppy field, N14 clouds. I use a baby but deep. I'm choosing Manganese Blue has made plus gala for this guy. Manganese Blue is do dock into light in the gala mining white. It is going to be one byte of Manganese Blue, N15. Bain de Manganese Blue and white makes shown dot by a few canvas. I'm using a large angle drainage of size 16 for this. I'm just applying the paint on the door potion. We are almost done with the blue collar before you switch on to the next color, cleaner garage, do not forget to clean your brush. In. What happens when you don't clean your brush, when you paint orange color, it's going to be brown when you don't clean your brush. So always before you switch to the next Gullah, Make sure to clean your brush. I'm using cad Orange. No, I'm filling the middle part of McCandless using orange carefully observe how I blend that, Carlos. I first red orange color like Canvas. Once I dreaded the orange to the desired portion is slowly move on to the blue color. I moved my brush side-to-side to create a smooth blend. Appointed notice that Buddha colors are red trike now, in case if your blue has already dried in ads or Mobutu that do this until you're satisfied with the gradient. And before you continue to blend the left part of your canvas, clean your brush. And again, move from orange color to the blue color. Movie a brush side-to-side, and create a smooth blend. When you move your brush to blue color did not come back to Orange before cleaning your brush. Brush side to side until you get a smooth gradient. I'm going to add some more cadmium mode inch. The next scholars going to be a mixture of cadmium mode engine Berlin, and apply it on a canvas. For this, I don't clean my brush much because Botha shades of red, Moldova oranges, light gala and red is adopt sheet. The next column is going to be pulled in trade and I'm applying it directly on Canvas. As I said, this will flow spread the paint on your canvas. I'm taking all the excess paint. Once you have spread the paint, linear brush traveling and come back and Linda to Carlos. And this blending is now going to be as challenging as the previous one. The reason is because odd engine great, come together. So I'm gonna end the blending process by adding a light shade of brown to it. I'm using burn down NBA. I'm mixing burned down by with Bowman and painting it on the bottom pi some mobile and Tambo on the site. If you want to leave this guy as such without painting any clouds against ill do that. It is still going to be a doctor. But painting clouds is gonna make it even hope Lydia, In the next lesson, I'll teach you to pain clouds. That bye, I'll see you there. 4. Painting the Clouds : Let us do the cloud. I'm adding two more colors to my ballot, lemon and Lou and golden yellow. I use a medium-sized download. Crash, load your brush with lemon yellow and add a column on top of your canvas. A pointer in them buys that my background is wet. If your paint as dry, the new law be able to do this. In such cases, go back to blue and then move on to a local law. I'm making few more clouds using golden yellow and they use a number six UAV would brush. This is one of my favorite brushes to paint the clouds. To create the clouds, move your brush in a circular motion. Do this very gently. You don't want any brush marks. For the first layer of clouds, I would suggest you to use a very little amount of pain. You can also mix the paint with water, decreed that the mosh. Sincerely I paint editor set of clouds on the other side. I use the same brush movie of rational circular motion. I still want the background to show through, so I'm not using big pains. Real Clouds are made up of smaller ones bunched together. So that's why I create a lot of clouds. You can do some variations, but changing the kalos and chiefs for this recent amusing golden, yellow and white did not use too much. If I add some white highlights, I do the highlights for God to clouds. I'm gonna make few more transport and clouds. And for this, I'm using golden yellow. I use the same deal. Flip dry. Shall I go back to lemon yellow? There are no rules to pay in the clouds. It comes just like that to your imagination. One MOOC louder that aside. Now let us do some clouds using great cheats. I used the same brush and that column using his goddaughter inch. Do the clouds in the brownish area, movie and rashness, circular motion use a bed into the mode of use, golden alluded to the highlights, but this step is optional if you want it clouds to be transparent and you can skip this step. Make few more clouds on the bottom part. You don't have to copy the exact shape or done doing this just as a reference. And do you own clouds? I want a lighter shade, so I google golden yellow. I just turned the page with lousy movies Garage side-to-side to create simple clouds. Now by Lord, my flat dry ash with God orange creates and some boats louds. I create some shadows using GAD orange. That's all we have just completed painting clouds. From the next lesson, we will discuss about the poppy seed, Buh-bye. 5. Painting the Greens: Let us now paint the Green's. The first step is to give a dark background. I go with Lucas green for this. Identically apply the paint on the canvas. Usa large flat brush over and angled brush. And just read the paint on the canvas. Don't leave any whitespaces just filled the gap. We have almost completed the background for the greens. Whole gel Midrash at an angle of 90 degrees and do the outline at last pain. The inner part. Wait for the background to dry completely before moving on to the next step. The next step is to paint a stem. Let me teach you how to do that. I load my brush with Sap Green. I use a medium-sized download. Josh, hold your brush at an angle of 90 degrees and draw this. Then. I do this in a single stroke. Just a gentle pool is enough. Practice this terribly. Before moving onto the painting that is first observe that efference. If you observe the size of the stem that tops tends us more. And as you move down the step size gets bigger and bigger. And this joule is the same for all the flour fees. Keeping this in mind, let us data pane the stem. For the first layer ongoing with sap green, I start with a top part and at banes most dense over dy, I understand that cholera is hardly visible, but still do this. This is just for the shadows. Feign small, small slanting lines. Now let us make the gala even moonlight by adding golden lotus app. As they move down, I paint a little bit largest dense, and paint the lines in different directions for some variations. On the top part, the stands up closely packed. I just keep adding mode and most dense. It can change the gallows by changing the proportional SAP into Gordon. Hello. Finally, I do a last layer for the highlights. For this, they add more golden lotus app dream. I add some most dense using the Scala does just for the highlights and degrade some variations and photo nudge should look. Let us move on to the lease. Led me first dequeue how I paint the leaves. I use the number do flat brush for this low JEB rash with green color. And make some boost strokes and your canvas and the leaves by changing the pressure on your brush. You can also drift to a brush to clean some variations that is come back to the painting before painting the least Gita perspective in mind, just like we painted this dam, the lease are going to be tiny on top. And as you move down, it's gonna get begun because I'm using the same color that we used for the practice. I didn't want to waste the paint to Joseph, my brush, so I ended up a decent leaves with that. I'm going back to my palette to create a shadow color. For this, I use a mixture of Sap Green and who goes green? And I give some tiny strokes for the leaves. Don't worry about the sheep. These leaves a two timings. I can hardly see them when you paint the flowers. The top leaves at due time is I'm just touching my canvas. I see move down, cleat larger and larger leaves. You can create the lease by just changing the pressure, or you can create them by let us know on to the next layer. And for this I'm adding a little bit more of golden yellow. You can also add a little bit of lemon and those who want to create tiny leaves. Remember the perspective again. Leaves on the lower part are larger. Comeback to the leaves on the top. I just create some random strokes. And this is what I love and painting Flower Garden. Even if you're not Buffett dip painting was still look amazing. I'm using the same number, do flat brush for this. So keep adding larger leaves on the bottom bought and Dani leaves on top. For the final latest highlights, I use lemon in low and Sap Green. Create tiny leaves on top, gender, Duchess enough. I moved down to create more leaves. I twist my brush to clean it leaves of different sheets. It might look complicated when you see this on the screen. But trust me, it's super easy. Anyone can paint this. The next lesson is going to be simplifying. We'd be painting the flower wise. So let's meet in the next lesson, the buy. 6. Poppy field-Part 1: Welcome back. Let us paint the flowers now. If you observe that extrinsic and see the top flowers are small when compared to the bottom ones, just like we did for the greens. Keeping this in mind, let us move on to the painting. I would like to add some texture to my flowers so we go with heavy body academics. The color I'm using is permanent tread. Go with a smaller sized flat brush. I'm using number to grab some paint on your brush and gently tap it on the canvas. As we discussed before, the top part has smaller flowers because of the perspective. It's not as he pages more dots. I'm just grabbing some pain to let ballot and tapping the canvas degree it's more dots. We will be painting the flowers line by line. The first line is going to be full of small dots and as you move down is going to get bigger and bigger. I'm going to complete the first line of tiny dots. And now let us pay the next line with comparatively larger flowers. Grab some paint on the brush, and make competitively larger flowers. I do this by giving a little bit more pressure to my brush. There are no rules in painting these flowers. If you just take your brush, you can do this. And the result is also going to be amazing. Trust me. The second line is almost o, the next one. But you're going to use the same rule all throughout the painting. As you move down, increase the flowers size. As you can see, the process is so meditating and relaxing. This is the very reason why I enjoy painting Club of fees. To paint larger flowers. I just put my brush down or towards the side. I always love to give some texture to the flowers. That's why I'm taking a lot of pain. But this is optional if you don't waterways. And moving on to the next line with relating the largest flowers. Grab a lot of paint and pull your brush down or towards the side. Keep adding the flowers. In between. The largest law was signals are pains and smaller vans photorealistic look. As they moved down to make largest lowers. This metadata is just like a cupcake. Grab a lot of paint and apply it on your canvas. You can play with this as long as you want to. The more pain to use more attractive your flowers are going to look. Since mod law wasn't between the larger ones. Now finish the whole thing. We now got the basic outline for the painting. In the next lesson, we will add some more highlights and details. The bye, I'll see you then. 7. Poppy field-Part 2 : For the highlights or use a mixture of lemonade, Luan, Poland. I uses same number two, flat dry ash. Apply the paint on one side of the comma. I'm going to make it even more light. It is do parts of lemon yellow with one part of permanent trade. Gently apply it on one side of the flower alone. Gently apply the paint on one side alone. I'm assuming the light is coming from the left side. So I give the highlights to the left part of the flowers. I'm hardly dodging it for the smaller ones. Similarly, ADA highlights for the flowers. I'm done with the highlights. Let us now make the same decile. The flowers. Use the finest dress she had on using a liner brush. I'm going with black and burn Tampa. I make small dot in the center of the flowers. For the larger flowers make larger dots and for the small ones make tiny dots. Likewise pain The Center for what the flowers. With this we are done with the goddess. That is been few birds to finish it off. Let me teach you how to bring the birds. I'm using the same line of drums. I start by painting a v-shaped for the rings. Then I joined the doings with attain and the body. You might find some difficulties if you do it for the first time. But keep trying to the best results. Now let us try painting a burden and it's in position. Again as David painting two wings. Start with the V-shape and paint the tail and the body. Here I start with a point and I add more pressure and take my brush out with the point. I paint the head and the day you can try painting different positions using reference for DOE. Let us move back to the painting. Keep practising, collaborated with us. Now let us move back to the painting. Load you liner brush with black color. I start with a point, molar ratio. I take Madrid, shout with the boyd. I do the head and the tail. I'm gonna paint one mole bird on the right. I start with a V-shape for the two rings at joined them together to paint the tail. I'm gonna make one more Bird on the job. I start with a boy and a dig luxury shout with the boys. I do the head and the similarly make as many birds as you wanted to. With this, we have completed our painting. In the next lesson, I'll teach you how to paint. Different law was using the same method, sunflowers in tulips and all that. So I'll see you then. Bye bye. 8. Class Project : Now let us see how to use the same technique to paint either flowers. First, grab a nice photograph. It may be a lavender fleet or a Tillman feed or some level of fees, whatever they did, anything you like. But there is one common rule for the flowers, which is the perspective. So the top part has tiny flowers and as you move down, it's going to get larger and larger. So keep this one thing in mind before you paint any Flavel field. Let us say you want to paint a sons lava field? Just like we did the Poppies, I do the sunflowers. With one change. I use a local law. And regarding the size adopt part has tiny flowers and as you move down, it's gotta get larger and larger. And the same rule applies for the tulips also. Then I use a liner brush to paint the pedals. I just produced some lines from the center to do that vectors. It might not look attractive now, but it's going to be OK, yes, Florida. Finally I do the Center but I use burnt down buffer this that's how you'll painted sunflower field, isn't it so easy? And the result is amazing, right? So what are you waiting for? Grab your canvas and start painting. Paint a sunflower field or a poppy fields or what do you like? I just can't wait to see your works. So do shadow him. And if you have any doubt in any part of the class, feel free to contact me, I'll get back to you as soon as possible. Also do shy of feed bag, it tells me create method losses in the future. Finally, I thank you so much for taking my class. I hope you had a great time. Mcleod's again, thank you so much for your support of I have a nice day.