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Learn to paint Gouache Paintings | Easy Forest Landscapes

teacher avatar Shanan Subhan, Fine Artist | Art Educator

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      Introduction to the class


    • 2.

      Art supplies


    • 3.

      Differences: Watercolor | Gouache | Acrylics


    • 4.

      Mixing your own colors


    • 5.

      Gouache Techniques


    • 6.

      Practice session


    • 7.

      Project 1: Misty forest and Meadows


    • 8.

      Project 2: Bushy and refreshing forest


    • 9.

      Project 3: Plantain fields and red flowers


    • 10.

      Project 4: Forest with muted colors


    • 11.

      Project 5: Forest on black paper


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About This Class

In this class, We will learn to paint green landscapes with gouache. I will take you through the differences between the Acrylics, Watercolors, Gouache, and explain its basic properties. We will discuss the right consistencies of paints and techniques required to kickstart your journey followed by a small session that encourages you to try different elements of nature around us.

The class is packed with helpful information and several tips to achieve the desired results. 

You will learn to paint these 5 gorgeous forest paintings, each painting is guided with step by step instructions, where I will teach you various like how to block colors, add layers, create depth and highlights, paint the details, and many more things. 

This class is for anyone who is willing to learn and experiment with gouache. 

I hope this class sounds interesting to you, if it does let us get started.

I will see you in my class.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Shanan Subhan

Fine Artist | Art Educator


Hello, I'm Shanan Subhan, an Artist currently residing in Bangalore. I am a software engineer turned Artist.

Nature/landscapes are among my favorite subjects to paint. I thank nature and great photographs for inspiring and challenging me.

I started coloring at an early age, even before school taught me to read and write. Unaware of art and the theory of colors, I loved scribbling on papers, books, and walls! All I felt was colorful walls are merrier than monotonous ones.

Although I loved painting and coloring, because of studies and the competitiveness of day-to-day life, I somehow got disconnected from art a few years ago, but I always felt that emptiness in life. Back in the end of 2017, I felt the need to fill this gap so I gifted myself a basic... See full profile

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1. Introduction to the class: Hello everyone. Welcome to mice. Keisha glass on being deemed green forest with Gosh beads. I'm Shannon, an artist based in India. I think mean liquid water colors. And I have gone a couple of glasses on watercolor landscapes. You can check out my skincare profile. Don't know more about me. I love to experiment with different mediums and subjects. And lately I have been practicing goulash for some time. And I must say, I'm very much captured by the beauty of this median. Mainly because offers forgiving nature wash as an opaque medium, it is very much comparable to accurate lakes and water colors, but as unique and its characteristics. In this class, I will take you through differences between the three mediums, academics, watercolors and wash. I'll be showing you how to achieve many shades of green using the basic colors or to have. We will discuss about derived consistency of spins and techniques required to kick start your journey, followed by a small session that encourages you to dry different elements of nature. This class is really helpful information and several depth to achieve desired results. You will learn to pain these five gorges flourish paintings. Each painting is guided, rich step-by-step instructions. Madame de jure radius techniques like how to blow a gallows. I'd Laos clear depths and highlights in the painting being the details. And many more things. To this class is for anyone who is willing to learn and experiment with Bosch. Hold this glass sound interesting to you is it does. Let's get started. I will see you in my class. Bye-bye. 2. Art supplies: Welcome to my class. I'm glad you decided to join me. Alright, so let us talk about the art supplies. Firstly, I'll take an info size of paper, which is 300 GSM, and the size is almost in by 12 inches. So you can use any people of your choice. So now I've got this paper into four pieces using a cutting blade. I'll fold them in half and then I'll try it. So now I have four papers, OK, smaller sizes. And this sheet for techniques and practice session. Let us talk about brushes. I used three brushes. Are they go brush of size 0 to round rushes of size 84. I'm asking did proceeded the sides of the people or tissue paper to wipe the colors or water from Doug rushes coming to kalos. I have used a tide ballot, goes to my Artesia wash colors, ice cream colored water using a spray bottle so that it remains fresh. I have mostly USO Lean Fellows here. And in the next step though, I'll be teaching you how to mix your own colors. Frame your bot saw yours to set our MY saucer as my violet or mixing bellows. Nights I love about this place. 3. Differences: Watercolor | Gouache | Acrylics: In this chapter, I will explain to you guys the difference between watercolors wash and agronomics. Wash is very comparable to vote. Actually can watercolors, but has its own characteristics, have applied a small amount of all three colors. Watercolor, wash, and anchor links on this small paper. Next, I will talk about it's riveting and transparency properties. So let's start with reverting property. Watercolors are livid table, which means it gets activated when you apply water. This way you can balance the tonal values even after bending. Same is with Gosh, if you apply water, it gets activated. But as an accurate list, it does not get activated on application of water. Next, coming to transparency, acrylics are opaque. If you observe carefully, I have drawn a leaf underneath the beans. This shows the opaqueness of acrylic pins. But Washington opec medium. However, when more water is applied, if the beams are lifted off from the pupil, it can also act like watercolors, which will act as translucent. Euro I have lifted the beans and you can see the leaf known. Traditional bush beans are also known as obit watercolors. What the colors are translucent in nature, which means you can see the underlying picture. After painting. If you apply less or written watercolors, it can act as an opaque beans. It can even act as a big bins. What were the colors are mostly known for its, what, what Apollos are mostly known for his transparency made sure. These were some of the basic differences between what Apollos squash and acrylics. I hope this helped win one dot next chapter. 4. Mixing your own colors: In this chapter, I will show you how we can make some differentiates of gleans using the basic shoot. So I have bake them three primary condos, yellow and blue, along with white and black. So I'll first wise de Carlos. Then next I will mix blue and yellow, which are quite obvious, gives us a green color. Add a lot to this mixture. It gives us a lighter green color. And if we add more blue and gives us greenish blue shade. You can refer to any color. For more details on how to achieve radius condos using family close. Now, I will paint some more leans right under this lively media. So you can see how we can achieve similar. Similarly, you can do it for bluish green sheets as well. Next, I will take the Green, which I have achieved by mixing blue and L. So if you add black to this dream mixture, you will get a darker green condo. And when we add white, we gave up based on green color. So depending on the amount of black and white to add to the color, induce different tonal values. The darker and lighter tones of greens are used to give highlights and depths to any painting. Now do the same green color. If we add a little bit of red and we get a brownish within column, which is similar to the olive green. Makes 2k. And see how we can get radius based on shapes by changing the amount of weight in it. So I'm adding more weight, the green color gets lighter. Similarly, we can get radius dot coldline or changing the amount of black fellow in the green. So these were some of the lighter and darker green. Next somebody desc ultramarine blue, which is a cool green. And now we find mix and along with this color, it gives me a good skin shade of blue. So you can try different laws and different rules to get media shades of green. So now you can see it gives me a different change. Next I will take lemonade law and backroom, give me a different shade of green. Again, if I add black to this green, in darker green, we won't see much difference. Uomo digital carefully absorb light. Now to this ultramarine and L ohmic show by we add a bit of red color. So doing give me a different brownish green. So any compared the two colors, it looks different. On day two, let's take any green color and the exercise of adding black and white color to create code. And so now I have this many white color to this to show you the graded effect. Why didn't you is present in raising gosh set. So I'm sure you have this color. When you want to achieve graded chain, you have to add white on black to the same colored. Whereas in watercolor, so we'll add more water to achieve what they did effect on right? Jacqueline Wallenberg column extend. You can try and experiment with more colors that you have and see what colors you achieved on right? So in one go next chapter. 5. Gouache Techniques : Okay, let's learn about Kalanick thing in Gosh, I'm using this sort of 300 GSM frantically Folsom courting before by brusque Drew. And I have this, all ceramics also. I already have some gosh, scholars of this. And I'll take some fresh beam directly from the field. The ratio for mixing wash beams is two is to one, meaning two bytes of cosh and one bite of worker. You have to mix it in such a way that you get politically me like recurrences, TMZ. Those in the right consistency slide very smoothly when you apply it on the FIFO. So if you use more water, it behaves more like watercolor. And it looks a bit of transferring. And if you apply less water, it acts more like acrylic page. So I'm taking pains directly from the deal and applying it on the paper since I have applied less water. So you can see it is difficult to apply these beams and you'll get dried texture. So depending on the textual and affects that you need on your artwork, you can choose any direct Off mic fellow mixing. That is, you can use that item on Gulf water or you can go with less water or more Walker. So when do you know what is a type that you want? So it does when you practice. The more you practice the mortar and be able to analyze the consistency of spins you need for your artwork. So next I will show you some techniques that I will use for painting the backlog. Firstly, I'll paint with very dilute and background that is less beams and more and more people. This is most often used for the background because we are going to overlap the day above it several layers. And the basically OpenLearn with that visible. So it is okay to use diluted H. The next one is using the right consistency of Bosch, which so I have applied two-photon bush beans and one part of water and applied very smoothly. And triggering all these backgrounds, I will explain the layering in cosh. In order to create layers in cosh, you need to have a dry base layer. So let's see how does the kalos react when applied on with wings. So I have taken a different color. And when you apply it on this, on a wet paper towel and doesn't give us very neat and plus plant because that base layer is to event we will get some blurry lines. Seems wash is forgiving medium, just like academics. So let's say I want to hide these small lines. So I aimed toward this area. Okay, so gratia is an update made him. So it helps us rectifier mistakes. Now, I've applied the paint here and we can't see the biofilm lines. Let's see how those are being looked when the base layer is type. So when you have this layer dried, you get very nice and crystal planes, this is really ideal for detailing works. More. She's a simple medium. You can either being delayed too dark or dark to light. Let me demonstrate it for you. I'll begin to backgrounds. One is in light color and the other one is in darker color. I lend this guy first. Then I will apply the themes and lunar details using contrasting colors. Ok, so the beams are Dre. For this green background. I will apply that convex, which means I'm painting from light to dark, or you can use any color of your choice. Next one is, I have dark black color. Now I mean being like Dhaka look. So you can use both ways to paint and you will get amazing results. You're going to end up making mistakes. Because gosh, is it from giving way? Like I said earlier. Now, let's go back and being on their dried areas. So you can see this neat prominent lines or these kalos. So if you consider revamping property of Rosh, you can fix the colors as and when new required. For example, I have this painted surface your. And now if I want to have different shades of green, so I really just applying what door and where the idea and then apply and Dublin color. So it's that easy to paint with a brush. Now, if you observe, I'm going to erase one of these lines by coating it with black color. Blindness. You can see more black space. Madison, do you do of course. Alright, so in the next step, DO small exercises to understand properties of wash. 6. Practice session: In this chapter, we will practice some simple elements of nature. And that will be helpful for our class politics or any paintings in gender. Repainting small rectangular boxes using different shades of green and some other colors. You can lose a new green colors that too. How do can mix? Some are Docker allows us well, this is just a practice that is known as friction to be exactly the same colors. So I will fast forward this section. On these painted areas. I will then layer it with different elements of nature, like trees and grasses, etcetera. You will see how easy it is to create the elements using goulash colors. The first few blocks and painting or leaved trees here. So you can observe how it can we achieve with simple techniques. So once you have painted the background, we just have to pick a darker or lighter. And then Bain decrease, although foliage or anything that you want in your big. So you can take major as today's lunch for your, the things. It does much easier when you see the real and shapes and analyze a phosphoric, print me out the things. Prm building different types of trees. But someone green. This job sleeping in this. Okay. Next time we'll create some more rectangular boxes. I will repainting some grasses with single stroke. So you need to maintain a balance between applying more endless pleasure. That surgery cured to achieve, find glasses. And this will also help us in creating highlights and shadows to the painting. On a boat. I think the layer and making the elements stand out so that you get a beautiful painting. By adding some grasses. I have used light to dark and dark blue light background. Molten look equally grid. Having a balance of both lighter and darker colors gives us a pleasant contrast in our brain. So keep practicing more and more. And then we figured out what opposition works best for you. Now we have identity acquired bellows. You can add some details for these boxes with lighter or darker yellow, red ever required. And the final type two, this is only boat minute details and analyzing what looks best on the Tyler's audio feed things. When you're being England gosh, that are less chances of ruining your work on getting sages arcs. Migros wash is a joyful giving medium. You can and Anita lowest or overlap it with a new element or how high did with someone who kind of you can do anything you want on. I can see you can do wonders with this medium. So I lived to absorb though steps that I DQ. Right? Okay. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Okay. So I hope you can watch. Right. So we'll move on to our next chapter. 7. Project 1: Misty forest and Meadows: I have all the supplies that I do on my desk. So let us start painting. I read a small amount of viridian hue on my pilot. Makes, I will make some whitewash to create lighter shade of green. No DO brush with lighter green color that we have created null and applied from the top edge of the paper. And gradually being green downwards. I'm using the right consistency of beams for this being that this two is to one ratio of wash color. And one part of what my idea of using this color is to create kind of misty background. So I think some white beans directly on before go get green look. As I go down, I'm going to give it a gradient look. So I will add some dark god we didn't heal. In order to create our dark. I'm mixing black with this viridian hue. Create all leading looked some lighter green to darker green. It's okay if you're not able to achieve a smooth blend, or we are going to paint two mod layers on this. It will not make much difference even if you don't blend the carlos win. I will apply. Weldon who worked in the bottom of the paper, is fully covered. And then use my brush size for this brush, I will draw straight lines. Would it be depicted as the drunks? Next, we will add some branches and leaves on these chunks. So you can just drag them nipping. It doesn't have to be fulfilled. Because going forward we are going to beam. So more layers on this. I had some glasses that I'd below the tree trunk, nitpicking the ground level, which is at some distance from w White Bean, some motor branches make the Fordist lidar beams on the branches and leaves. And so this green fellow comes on the other side of the beam. Tears had framed it in the bimetal is affordably. Next I will take a lighter green color and give some highlights to the glasses in the middle ground area. For me, being being washes like create a balance between darker and lighter so that it complements each other and gives us a beautiful painting. You need to use the tip of your brush with less pressure to get fine lengths. If you are applying more pressure to guidelines. So be watchful off though brushstrokes that you apply. Now I will take a darker green color. So to achieve darker color, you can add black to any green color that you're using. So I am applying repeated dots on foreground area. So this is going to be depicted as a meadow in the foreground. So I'm trying to build a radiation of green leaves and stems and all of that also applies them lighter green color don't. And we will learn this drain because we need a base layers to dry. When we bin the flowers. I'll dig non-color and apply it to the tree trunks. Next, I will mix my it with Brown, took the end, unlike long colored with which I will be in the background. Trees. So no trees which are closer to w, wind at Biola dot Good in Golan and the ones which are ready five IPOs many light the Gaza to somewhat Gawande with mist. Now it's time to paint zone flaws in them indoors. So i use and white to being individually. They'll be gove labs in the US than closer to w point. And once made giant lakes mon dot. I mean some of the new point. Next I will take off fine liner. Brush. These glasses and leaves, which will be depicted as the news and branches of the medals. Now, I will use darker green color to create the depth. So I'm adding these new Yolanda branches will be depicted as the shadows of the trees. Carefully absorbed finishing steps. It can either make it or regular tree. You need to be very careful when you're finishing. In English bending. It doesn't matter if the base layer is messy. But when you are about to finish it, you need to make sure you are adding proper depths and highlight should have been doing. The Don says no failures are very less gosh, when compared to water colors. You can fix your mistakes by overlapping windows, right? So now I will paint some dynein grasses using Docker in the Middleground area. So I really wonder masking. And maybe I'll give this one last change. I forgot to. Iron in the center of whiteness. Tiny dots in the center, all speech flat. Okay, so moving on to our next class project. 8. Project 2: Bushy and refreshing forest: Let us make him our second beam. I'll start off by painting the sky. So for that I will mix blue and white to achieve a sky blue collar. Then adding a bit of blue on this guy. Because we don't want this guy to be flat mixed. I will take some base to green. You can make Sabrina red-white color to achieve openness, to change and apply it in the shape of bushes. Next island beam, the second layer also shows Lynn Dhaka being color blind, the darker green color in the shape of which shifts again. So thus guy. So I will add some lighter colors to bring dogs out. Makes to the darker layer of Bush's. Any doctest green Canada do have lushness. So you see the one tau, the darkest green color. You can add black to green color and create your own Cheerios darkest conduct. Below you can be an outline for stream or photo and long-term AV alpha green glasses. Do not worry if it does not make. Maybe Leo's on this. Lineage is blocking the aid were funded one to advice. It makes Dhaka and lean on the blog. Next, we're going to bake some glucose and being the water. I mean, they are playing tiny details on these Night. Mean Bush's slightly dark good. Mic allows me want to mediation in the undos. Similarly pain, so Dhaka wishes were slightly darker color. You need to make sure then days late radiation can collect. Painting. These date is making some sense of depth gladly endings. Mainstem, bronchus and the drunken countries on board decides on discrete. So Dennis, this walk goes stream and then you have the crazier. No. Yeah. And just keeping them. Yeah. Okay. So let these branches right. Then then I'll apply some other details near. I will take some darker green condo and create an outline for the stream of water. And then I will paint the grasses and own this area from gently dabbing the brush to create an impression of grasses. I got Santos. You can mix black with green to create a DOD could green shade. So anyway, I'm Madu again always makes u1 gallows in women's newborn cow. 90 main fellow pilot. I'm glad somebody days on the water, the goes on locker. Now let me bring some falling edges of the King US with some green beans. Foliage is on branches. And I relax them. Dockerfile huge leaps due to lay down shadows that are forms of leads. So you need to determine goal values of greens when money is not the case. Just many gently and apps and really lead happy with that is Maps. Okay. So now I'm left playing some colors and dabbled with my chamber. This is to create unsolved don't look. So when I'm painting and dock windows on the right ideas kind of gives me sharp edges. So I want to avoid that and keep it 20 soft. I relax them grasses in the ground level and some highlights the existing gas and Cl. So I'm using some lighter colors to give the highlight. So at this point I feel like adding some flags flash. Then stop myself from doing that. We're gonna leave it makes them a large them highlights from the tree trunks using a light brown color is achieved by mixing white pebble. And then I lived some details there. So I am only I need the ending balance using fine liner brush. So this is the Gold Rush. I'll slice needle. Did you mean the final local for being so I'm guessing you didn't warming needed guess. Again, I actually tell something is missing. So I will add some darker color names or falling wages to give some sense of depth to their painting. Andre does more on God makes class project. 9. Project 3: Plantain fields and red flowers: Let us start the door project of our class. I have been down all the four sides of the paper. Now let us sketch the outlines. What other French? I will draw these two slopey areas using pencil and then draw the leaves, which looks like a banana leaves or blending. So I'll draw one in the same dough. And somehow leaves pumping from the corners. So the trees are not visible in the. 10. Project 4: Forest with muted colors: Let us start the project. Firstly, I will take a gray shade, friend f lie in the middle region of the paper. You can make some black and white to get this. She'd say I'm blocking this ADR to pin the water later on. The water stream looks mad as it goes towards this end, go in the front area. It looks in order. It is all about the perspective. Some name pains me and up on the selection of the trees. Later in the ADF logs on both sides using gray and black colour. So when you are in this stage of painting, it looks messy. But don't Wylie, as you go forward and I beat this, it will now take some dark color, reliably black color, and apply on both sides. This will be the shadows of folly ages of the trees. Next to this we will bring some leaves using Docker green color. Now, when the, so it gives me a meal. And now lighter yellow leaves. Using beamed in such a way that we don't have any gap between the sky and the leaves. So it should look window. Okay, so now we see that is this empty space left between the tree and walk. Good. So I will cover it up using bonds Yana. Now with this same muted green color, I will add some leaves and other details here and there, so that it looks more natural. I will add some reflection on the water, often the darker colored trees that are on the top. So I'll use black and blue. Being them with dot-com news audio genuine, I'd green as well. No extra dipping done rocks on disk depicted as so small dogs undecided, somebody walked off. So long to 18 forties. Let us add some details on the reflection bug. Adding simple lines using dangling below to the big data selection. Next, I will apply highlights on the leaves with white color, followed by a local law. I'm not following any message by bending one Nadya and then moving on to other. It does not like that because we have to lead one alien dry and then go on to the other because we've been on the red area, it is going to live though colostrum there. So we will leave it as it is and then come back to that again. One thing you need to remember is you need to let the colors dry, oily then you can achieve the desired results. Now I will apply a local load on these news. Like SAW, I want unmuted valued on this green thing. So everything is kind of certain line really muted. Next time we load my team brush with the darker green color and bringing some leaves, which is mostly like families. And also paint with bringing this bomb lose on both the sides with different colors. So you can bin this bomb news is by applying more pressure initially and when you're about to n. So you have play less Pleasure. Next we will be in the grasses in the foreground using radius greens. So you have to create a balance between shadows and highlights. Next, I will outline the areas neon. So maybe we'll paint some grasses as well. Now we will add some DDD names using Dhaka follows. So I'm being doing some families urine depth, could different opera pillows, different videos. I will add some glue on the water area. Lastly, I will add some highlights on the green areas. We are almost done with the spin dim. But lastly, let me add some darker blues on the water area to create some depth window BMD. Alright, we are done with the spin thing. So let us remove the mask in depth. In the next chapter, we will learn to paint on black people. 11. Project 5: Forest on black paper: In this chapter we mean weeping thing on non-black people. So this is at a 100 GSM textured paper, which I have bought from a local store. I have on the sides of the paper using polygyny, used masking tapes and sketch some outlined choosing a white Benton. I'm using white Brenton because the normal Benson on be visible on black paper. We just want to divert while painting so you can go with anything to how far you can directly paint onto paper. So next time we'll use dark varied in green to paint the leaves. So I'm building a bomb leaves here in different sizes and direction. Makes everyone makes white when really didn't heal, don't create lighter green color. And I'll paint some highlights with the same color. Next, I will bend the lake in the foreground. So I will use two colors, that is blue and green, and create a nice blending between the green and blue. Next I will paint or layered or slight brown color to depict the ground level. I'm just blocking the color right now. We really paint multiple layers later on. And right above this area, I will paint some light green grasses. And painting with light green because the light is falling on this and it is appearing very bright. So as you can see, I have been doing with not so thick beams because I will apply multiple layers on this later on. Makes I will paint the trunk of the palm trees using brown color. I'll repainting straight lines, which will be depicted as a drunk. Then I will paint darkened Lean In between the drown lightning grasses. So this ADI is four under darkened gleamed grasses in Ws.gov because it is not exposed to sunlight. I will bring some lighter color palm trees on the top part. Next, I will paint some small boundaries in the background. Now, you can be drunks for the smaller trees in the background using same bungalow. Next I will add some highlights on these glasses. I'm dabbing it with my fingers so that there are no sharp edges and I get really soft edges. So now I will apply black dots on this brown area to depict small pebbles near the water. Makes her like some labels on water using white and black color. So my buildings may not be perfect, but it is more of laws and I don't draw enough dopa affection. I have been for my own joy. And what matters is if I'm enjoying or not. I'm adding highlights on this bomb leaves with a lighter green color. Now, I've been agreed grasses in the foreground. So these are done with reading news and random brush strokes. Can be very easily. I would let my tiny noise here and there. Some light brown color and I'd highlights on the tree trunk. When they will be OK, leading highlight, it means that sunlight is falling on that. I've been doing these tiny details on the trunk of the trees. So this step is optional. You can just simply being there drunk. Next time we'll be building some glasses using single brushstrokes. Keeping these glasses, I'm applying more pressure in the beginning. And as I go outwards, I reduce the pressure. If you want to know more about these brush strokes, you can visit my previous classes on misty landscapes. Did I have explained Aldo techniques in BB and yeah, so we are done with this painting. I hope this was helpful to you and it inspires you to pained when wash. If you liked this class, please no lever reveal. Your support is very important to me. And if at all you attempt these paintings, please don't share it with me. Under projects candy bar, you can even for Dogme in Instagram stories, I would love to see your recreations. Thank you for joining me. I will see you in my next class. Until then, happy ending.