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Learn Korean with BTS' Life Goes On (K-pop)

teacher avatar Olivia Kim, Five Minute Korean, Korean Instructor

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About This Class

Introducing Learn Korean with BTS' Life Goes On

A class designed to let you enjoy a more engaging experience by learning Korean through BTS' new song "Life Goes On". 

After completing the course, you will:

  • Understand the meaning and poetry behind the words in "Life Goes On"

  • Know the lyrics - if you know the music, you know the lyrics

  • Understand new grammar to enhance your knowledge of the language

  • Have learned new Korean vocabulary for you to use in daily conversations

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Olivia Kim, Five Minute Korean

Korean Instructor

Level: All Levels

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1. Introduction: And now I say, My name is Olivia and welcome to the class on learn Korean Web. Bts is life goes on. This song is from their album Bee, and it's a perfect song to learn new words and expressions from. You're also going to discover the message BTS is sending us during these hard times in our class. Without further ado. Let's get started. She's DOCTYPE bio. 2. Song Structure: Let's first look at the structure of the song. It's made up of four parts. The first part starts by Tom books intro and then summing followed by ROMs wrap. The second part is made up of V and songbooks pre-chorus, as well as the course part, part three has sugar and J hopes versus in the last part is the pre-chorus and a chorus again. So in our class will be skipping part for as it's the same as part two. Then let's get right to it. 3. Song Part 1: Welcome back. The song starts by tang book saying these lines. So let's listen to it first. Now let's read these four lines together. On the night mom saw I'm neuron, here go door, Hannah, op. C. On the Nile means one day. Cezanne is world. Ea is known as the subject marking particle, which means the word in front of it is the subject of the sentence. Bomb chest saw is stopped. So mom Chu is the stem and the, you combine that with us, so which is the past tense endings. And you have mom stopped in the past tense. A moron, any YAG will notice. Tool means even. Hannah is one up see without. So if you put them together, this means one day the world stopped without any notice referring to the pandemic, right? Moving on. Pullman, keep adding more lasso. Don't see Wab audios saw. You know what Paul Miss pull is spring is known as a topic marking particle, which means the word in front of it is the topic of the sentence. It's a key that in means to wait is a, an option Mark and particle. So qi dot m, The word in front of it, is the object of the sentence. Moore's Law means don't know or didn't know. It's in the past tense here. So means, so. It's easy to remember because it's all kind of sounds like so in English, right? Moon sees sense up seas without or less like senseless. While body of saw came already. So spring didn't know to wait. So it came senseless. It's here already. The next line, let's listen first. Let's read it together. Pads, Augie, towards, in CATI, Yogi, no, Mozart in men, not pi. It's Apple is footprint, see watchin erased. Cody, street. Yogi here. Nor Mozart. Mozart is fall. So, but if you see it dot together with this word and means you stay fallen. And now could be I or me. So this, these two lines mean streets where footprints are erased. I stay fallen. Next ones are Carney, shiny. Mirna. My adopt C on its own. Car is pass. It means to go by. If, if you're talking about time, then means to pass or go by name. This ending name is used when you discover something. Again is time. So this line means time passes on its own. The honey, I'm sorry. Maya is saying, taught once again means even obscene without, so we've seen that as well. So when Zack kinase synchrony means time passes on its own, Bian ML dorsi means without even saying, I'm sorry. So, so far, BTS has described how this this year, the year 2020, has been pretty depressing, but the time flew so fast because of the pandemic. Now, this is arms wrapped part. We're going to listen to the entire RAP first and then we'll come back and read it together. Natural gas, solid. And so you don't have to read this as well. Though. Got Qatar. Hmm, POC ta-da boreal name on there though is today. Two p is rain, will fall and then cut, cut. I think eddie dies for God. God path means I think humpback completely towards or Borromini were, or drenched. So I think it will rain today to, I am drenched completely. To do one to two. Lana article is still warm to z on mom to die once again means stop. Susanna not so still hasn't stopped. It's still hasn't stopped. Next, tall, walked, couldn't port that. Finally tile yoga. Could on Twitter. On Monday. Tom is that autumn is dark cloud. Poor die is used when you compare things. So here means then by really fast per euro run, if you've watched run BTS, you know this word in Korean rate Toyota plankton Haiyan means to write. Could r means then query throughout and Linda picture Latin ludus ending means I thought in this, in this case means would be enough. So this line means run faster than that dark cloud. Then I thought that would be enough. Next line, narco had I mean, gaba. Whoops, you are printing. Now, I co, merely sad, I'm human or person in gaba means must be Morsi, very painful. Once again, this ending is used when you have discovered something or when you are expressing your impression on something so painful. So I must be merely human. It's very painful. And what is painful? He explains right here. Cezanne, You don't know me, shouldn't come gay. Coplanar, Malabo learn onesy sign to a gunky cezanne world. Eden is like, norm is rascal. Truman gave its past tense of to that Tanguy, so called top Pliny. Thanks to that, thanks to the cold. Do law. Bolen. Law means Press poor. If you see poor with another verb in means try. Manziel, dust sign piled up to a gum. D is the rewind button. So are called given by the world. Thanks to the cold, I tried pressing that dusty rewind button. So because of this called his very painful. Next, nomads in Tang and N are Buck diet Shrimp. Though masida horns again means to fall down to k-means YL. So while staying fallen down time, try or Bokassa means off beat chum, dance. So I tried to dance off while staying, fallen like on the ground. Jodi or Mian, nasa, tall, the Goan soon. So TR is winner. Order, come young means when she dies, breathe out into is, let's this ending for, let's talk more. The Golden Hat, suny is breath. So when, sorry, let's breathe out when winter comes. Or hotter breath. So let's breathe out a hotter breath. What runner comes? Okay, this is the end of ROMs wrap. Lets listen to part 11 more time before we go. And again, all these dramatic jumps off. Asked on multiple valid data. That's how you don't know which job. For the most insert song on an approx charged with Joe Yeoman dead. Okay, this is the end of part one. I hope you enjoyed this lesson and I'll see you next lesson comes on me that Tommy. 4. Song Part 2: Welcome back to part two of life goes on. Here. We're going to start with the pre-chorus by V and Tangun. Ok, let's listen first. Before the meeting. Now, this part is these part. So he starts by saying that c point Janna, to cool guy, he denied that. Good and poor we seen. And then it's Yana is not. So I can't see the end. To go. Guy can hide true gametes, exit, it dies to exist. Kenai GGAC is even so together means, does the exit even exist? That is there even a way out its questioning party? Anna repeats to know their comma pi means foot there, g, that means to be lifted. Then C1a naught times xi for a moment to is number two. None iss comma close. So I can't lift up my foot. Close your eyes for a moment. Yogi, there's hundreds ha bar, tall meat at all. Yogi means here, Nissan My hand, TBA, hold tall. Once again, that meta means Future Law is too hot and that's, let's run away. So hold my hand here, let's run away to the future. And then we have the chorus here. Let's listen first. There is a line in English, like an echo in the forest. How do I taught I will get z. How do means day? Florida comeback? Kit z means will so that they will come back door. Abundancy. Yeah, life goes on. So I'm more means any it is matter or dummy's. There isn't. And two, she is as so if you put it together as if nothing happened, that's basically what this sentence means. And yeah, life goes on as if nothing happened. Like an arrow in the blue sky. Do Harrow tall, not unlike Z. Dollar means again, how to day. Tall is more, not another fly away. So another day flies away. Again. It's expressing how fast time is flying on my pillow and my table. Yeah, life goes on like this again. Okay. This is the end of Part two. Before we move on, let's listen to the song one more time, and I'll see you in the next video comes out. So the main Pascal. 5. Song Part 3: Welcome to part three of BSS. Like goes on. Let's start listening to sugars part here. Now let's read it together. You immigrate. Neu, again, not all-night gay. Saddam there and Murray says, I Ni De, You amok this music. Pinellia literally means to borrow, buy here means with the help of its annoys you, eg, immune to NYSE I, tonight will tell. So we'll tell you with the help of this music. I'm there is people might say Cezanne, once again, World ties all or everything Qian had changed. And then this TE, ending means that they, people say this thing. So these two lines mean that I will tell you with the help of this song that people say that the entire world has changed. Next, tying it all, Moody's Hai Nan, zip your ankle and knee. Tying it amines. Thankfully, Audi, our psi relationship still young till now and is not changed. So thankfully, our relationship, so hasn't changed until now. So this relationship refers to the relationship between BTS members and the army. So BTS members love army, the fans, and of course the fans loved them back. So it's saying their relationship has not changed. Now we have J hope and songbook singing here. So let's hear it first. Hadn't Chautauqua, good law or their Gua, needle gate, your boots arco. So this is a little bit longer. Means always had done, makes it past tense. She is beginning, amines and goodness. The ending annyeong is how you say hi or n pi in Korean, right? He's like my words. Today, Chua, once again, and name means tomorrow dog again. Hmm, game. Together, yeah, words ago. Connect E0 is connect poor means try and Tom selects. So put them all together. This means that we always began and ended by saying annyeong. Let's try to connect together today and tomorrow as well. Next line, bomb China, semen or domain. Sima, pizza dough. Older Ni ban, bomb chalk stopped. And as I mentioned earlier, if you see it together with another verb, it means it stays in that state. So we have stopped. But Cimon means but optimised darkness as in some back his hide. Si Ma is don't like a command, don't, so don't hide in the darkness. Then is light. Dom means again, the order that rise need done is since. So this means we are stopped here for now, but don't hide in the darkness. Since the sun will rise again. I believe this is referring to the sun. So the sun will rise again, so there's hope in the end, so don't hide in the darkness. Now, this is the end of part three. We won't be going over part for since it just repeats the pre-chorus and a chorus. Then let's listen to part three of the song, and I'll see you in our next video. Comes out. Imagine that phenomenon on machine adopting unhealthy Apollo chose to mine. So you get that right? Yes. 6. Quiz: And yeah, Isaiah, now that you've learned all the words and expressions in the song, it's time to check how much you remember. I'm going to play the empire song and you're going to fill in the blanks, like that's I've attached the answer sheet so that you can download it if you want to check your answers. If you've watched all the videos that I'm confident that you can do this. Are you ready to be SIL? And let's go take a moment to not know protamines a block type double the MULTISIG solid. So let's see. So this is going to happen. All right. So let's listen to it one more time. As a former, semantic asked most multicomponent valid data.gov. Not know sodomy could block that tiny done no more. Multisig, solid and a backside as a job. And now the magic number omega. That's fine. And