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Learn how to make a cute note card set, incl. envelopes and hand sewn pocket folder

teacher avatar Nina Vangerow, Artist, Wellbeing through Creativity

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Lessons in This Class

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    • 2.

      Tools and Materials


    • 3.

      Cutting the Cards


    • 4.

      Embellishing the Cards


    • 5.

      Cutting the Envelope


    • 6.

      Finishing the Envelope


    • 7.

      Cutting the Pocket Folder


    • 8.

      Sewing the Pocket Folder


    • 9.

      Embroidery Option One


    • 10.

      Embroidery Option Two


    • 11.

      Folder Closure Options


    • 12.

      Class Project


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About This Class

In this class you will be learning how to make a beautiful note card set, including personalised cards, envelopes and a cute hand sewn paper pocket folder. 

I am going to show you how to cut and personalise your note cards from simple card stock, create envelopes from maps, gift warp paper, book or magazine pages and make a super cute pocket folder, which is hand sewn and tied with a pretty ribbon. If you want to go the extra mile, you can even add a little paper embroidered motif.

I really want to get into a habit of writing more cards and letters this year. Do you want to join me in  sending more "happy mail" to friends and family?

Are you looking for a last minute hand made gift for someone special? Then why not join me in this fun and easy to follow project.

Looking forward to seeing you in my class.


Check out the Class Notes for the templates and list of tools and materials.  As I live in the UK, I'm using  A4 paper, so you might need to adjust your cards if you are using letter sized paper. Oh, and I'm afraid I work in cm not inches, so you might need to ask Dr Google for converting the measurements. 

Meet Your Teacher

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Nina Vangerow

Artist, Wellbeing through Creativity





my name is Nina, I'm an artist, educator and online content creator and live in a small town in rural Wales, UK.

Under the name of The Forgotten Bookshop Girl I'm working as a mixed media artist, rebind old books turning  them into notebooks, create vintage style Travelers Notebook inserts, work with various forms of image transfers and a whole range of different types of coffee stained papers. I love working with materials that would normally have ended up in the landfill or is just looking for a new lease of life. In addition, I love creating items, that look as if they had been around for a while and might just have been found in somebody's attic or a fleamarket. If you would like to visit my shop on Etsy, you can find it her... See full profile

Level: Beginner

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1. Intro: Hi, I'm Nina. I'm an artist, teacher, book lover and stationery addict. Writing letters Post carts is a wonderful way of connecting with people. I think everybody loves receiving postcards and letters, and I have started writing and sending more myself on. But it having a set of stationery ready to use, really helps to get back into that habit of writing letters again. So in my first skill share class, I'm going to show you step by step. How to create your own load card set way are going to cut our cards on. I'm going to show you several ways of how you can personalize your cards without having to be able to paint or draw way are going to make envelopes from book pages. Sheikh Music maps for magazines on hand. So beautiful pocket folder to keep the cards and envelopes in. So whether you want to start writing letters again, who are looking for a cute gift to make, why not join my class? I'm really looking forward to see you there 2. Tools and Materials: Let's talk about the tools the materials were going to use in this class. I'll be using my cutting. But don't worry if you haven't got one and abusing a Croft life, A scissors, a pencil on Raisa on, then for the cards I'm going to use. So stumps on also set off alphabet stamps. I'm going to use a room. Abound, handsome sent a tape. Teoh, keep the stumps in place. Then, of course, we're going tete think so. Stamping then a glue stick on, then I really like using washi tape. I like to use it and lots of craft projects anyway. But they work really well for embellishing your carts, then on good to need some tack or think on. Then some embroidery flows. Hyundai suitable needle that house and I that is big enough for the embroidery floss to fit through on then always like to have a cup of tea on a delicious brisket to go with my crafting a few free to use. I'm ready cut cards. But if you would like to make your own, just choose some card stock off your liking and you will do on. Then we're going to need some simple tracing paper. You can, of course, go for something fancy, like the beautiful Tim holds vellum papers. Their next thing we're going to have a look at is papers for the envelopes. You can use pages from magazines on, maybe go for specific color scheme. All you could use some old sheet music on create some envelopes from the pages. I really like to use 19 eighties Children's books for my envelopes. You can find those books really cheaply, and I don't feel too precious about using them on Finally old maps. Mike really amazing envelopes to. 3. Cutting the Cards: so if he got them ready cut cards, he can skip this video. If not, the next thing we will need to do is cut our cards, which basically means that we are going to cut one sheet of car stock into four equal parts . I'm going to use my cutting mat for this because I personally find this theme. Easiest way of doing it. But of course, you couldn't use a paper cutter or guillotine if you've got one. Or you can just use a ruler and pencil to divide your card into four equal parts. A news, a pair of scissors to cut a long first lines. If you're using our cutting mutt on the craft knife, please make sure that you're using a metal Zola and not one make from plastic. I always use about five or six cards and envelopes for one note card set, and I always make some spare cards in case something goes wrong on Here we are. We've got our cards. Freddie 4. Embellishing the Cards: Now that we've cut our cards, let's start to, um, banish them. In this case, I decided to use a corner cutter to get some round corners on my cards. This is completely optional, Bird. In case you do, you have a corner. Adding around corners is another way off personalizing. Then I'm good. Use my alphabet stamps. I'm for these cards. I am good had the words a note to them. So once I've chosen the right letters, I'm going to get the elastic band to hold them in place. So basically, I'm creating one Stan out of the four stamps. Just have to make sure that the elastic is sitting really snugly so that the letters don't move around. But to be honest, I don't really mind if they're not completely straight as long as the actual rubber surface lines up, so that allow the letters will be stand when we're using the stamp. So I tend to do a stamp example just to see how I like my stamps if they have enough ink on them before after start stumping onto the card. However, please don't worry too much because we did cut some spare cards on if one or two cards don't work out the way we want them, Teoh, we'll just use our spare cards. So you go. I'm happy with the result on the next thing I'm going to dio. I've got this really beautiful birds. Stam on. I'm going to add this. I find this'll is a really nice way of adding some extra featured to your cards, especially if you are not good at drawing or painting. But you would like to add something extra to your card stands up city. Fantastic. Obviously you don't have to use stamps but could, for example, use calligraphy, brush lettering or mortar colors to embellish your cards. You might need to get some special cart stop that is suitable for water color, so make sure you test it out first fight. So I've got my first card ready, and all I need to do is create another for to go with my set on. Now I'm going to show you another really easy way to personalize your cards. I've used a different kind of a corner cutter for this one. It cuts a pattern into your corner so it looks a little bit like lace on. The next thing I'm going to do is about some washi tape to it. No, I'm choosing one with a flower design because I think it goes quite well with the little pattern in the corner on. As I said before, washi tape is a really brilliant way, adding a little bit of extra personalization to your cards on. The good thing is, uh, that you can lift it really easily on Put it back on in case you feel that it's not quite straight. Okay, now I'm happy with were placed there. What she takes on a line cots off extra type, and then my card is ready for me to add some stamping to it on. But I'm going to use my alphabet stamps again. Bed. At this time, I'm going to write Thank you onto the card on for this example. I've used a set of tape to keep the stumps together. I'll quickly show you how I did that. Basically, you line up along your stumps, get a strip of cellar tape, Andi, Then wrap it around your letters. All you have to make sure off is that all your letters are nicely up. Then you're done. I find these works particularly well. If you've got a longer words on, it works much better than the rubber band. So I would recommend using Sello tape four longer words. So would say anything longer than six or seven letters. Right? And there we go. We've got our cards done. Let's do the envelopes next. 5. Cutting the Envelope: for this class. I've decided to go for the dictionary pages. So what I'll do, I'll just go through the pages on Pick the ones I would like to use on. Then use my craft knife to Captain out of the book. I'm just in case I get worn out. Year of the envelopes Wrong. I'm going to cut out more pages than I'm going to need for the envelope's on. Once you've chosen or the pages you're going to use for your envelopes, you will need to print out the template I've provided with this class Quadra Command that you printed out on some card Stop or glue the paper with the template on onto some card stock or even cardboard, as this is going to make it easier to trace around the template. Get you first page on, decide which side you would like to be on the outside off your envelope, Then place template onto the side that is going to be the inside off your envelope. As you can see, I am lining the template up with the text on the page because that will create a meter. I'm also using some stones to keep the template in place so that it doesn't move around what I'm tracing around it. As you could see, I'm taking my time to draw around template because the nita my lines are going to be the easier it is going to be twofold. Theo envelope in the end, and then the next thing to do is just grab your scissors and cut out your envelope. I personally prefer to use my cutting mat, so I'm going to cut or more envelopes on my cutting that on. Once we've got all our globe's cut out and ready way, we're going to fold them up, glue them on at our labels to them. 6. Finishing the Envelope: Now that we've got a lower engineers cuts, we are going to fall. I like to use a ruler as it helps me to create a nice, neat edge. So what I'm doing, I'm lining up the two corners off the outside flap with the edge off. I'm then just folded down ones. I've got my fold. I moved the ruler on Ben fold along the line again to create a nice, neat line. Then I'm going for the bigger flaps. In this case, it's the lower flap on top flap, which is the closure off the envelope. If he do have a bone folder, you're free to use it to create this nice, clean line. Now that we folded our envelopes, we are going to glue them at the back. Remember to glue the bigger flap as the smaller is going to be the opening off. Our just apply a little bit of glue along the edges off the bigger flap on, then press both sides down and make sure that they stick nicely on the outside flaps. Now that we've got the envelope done, let's look at labels you can use Self T's of labels on Just stick them on when you're ready to write your letter. If you've got lots of bits of scrap paper like I do, just get a bit. If scrap paper cut it to size, I just use a glue stick to stick it in place. And next we're going to make our pocket folder. 7. Cutting the Pocket Folder: Now we're going. Teoh, get the tracing paper to cut and fold. Our Pocket folder Theme Pocket folder is going to be 17.5 centimeters wide. So making marks and I'm going to use my craft life on the cutting mat to cut off the excess paper. And again, don't worry if you have got a cutting months or craft life or you could do is just connect three dots. Draw a line on, use a pair of scissors in order to carpet tracing paper to the right size. Now get your cards and envelopes and place them on the paper. I quite like the cards and envelopes to peek out a little bit. Andi ones. I'm happy with how it's or sitting. I'm just going to fold the lower part off the tracing paper to get a nice, neat line we are going to. So the sides off the pocket folder first before we're going to fold. Deng theme Top flap off the pocket folder 8. Sewing the Pocket Folder: in this video, I'm going to show you how to sew the sides off the pocket folder. If you would like to include the little embroidery to your pocket folder, you would have to do this first. However, I recommend watching this video first as I'm going to show you how to prepare the paper for sewing. Right. First of all, you will need your embroidery floss. I've cut off a length off 85 centimeters on we're going to use to threads. Here. You can see me separating those two threats, and then I just put away the remaining embroidery thread for a different project. Know, before we start sawing the size of the envelope, we need to get the sewing stations ready with a thumbtack or a thick needle. We're going to poke little holes where you're going to later on, so the envelope thistles going to make it easier to. So the envelope I've recommend leaving five millimeters between the holes on. I leave about three millimeters between the holes on the edge off the paper when I'm at the top, adding one more hole on, then I'm going to do the same thing on the other side. I'm going to have a template for you to look at in my project notes. Now, before you start sewing, I recommend just going through a lot the holes with your sewing needle as this is going to make it easier. Two. So the envelope I'm going to start at the bottom off the envelope on use a running stitch to start sowing my way up. That just means I'm going up whole one, Then down. Hold to coming back up through whole three. I'm going down through a hole for all the way up to the top. And then when I reached the last hole at the top, I'm going to work my way down again. Make sure that Fred is straight and needs on. Then just fill in the gaps. And then when you free churched the bottom off the folder again, just tie a double knot with frets. I remain just cut it to the desired length. I quite like it. If the threads are too short now that we've done one side, we'll do the same thing on the other side. In the next video, I'm going to show you how to add the little envelope embroidery 9. Embroidery Option One: in this video, I'm going to show you how to add the little envelope embroidery to your pocket folder. First of all, you might want to do decide on where you would like the embroidery to be. Then we're going to create our sewing stations. I'm going to use the squares on my cutting mat as a guide, but you can use the template I've provided in the project notes. Again. Use a thumbtack or thick needle to poke little holes into the tracing paper. As before, I'm going for distance off by five millimeters between the holes. I'm not using the template in this video. Are using a ruler to help me create the little envelopes. Once you've got a war, the little sewing stations in place get your so needle out on again, gently peers through all the holes on. Now we can get started with our embroidery. Get your embroidery floss ready way we're going to start in the top left corner off the way . We're going to use thieves running stitch again. Make sure you leave a little bit off the thread hanging at the back because we're going to tie a knot in the end I'm making my way down with this bread on M sewing ground the outside off the envelope on. Then when you have reached the corner, we've started. Go back into the first hole on the next thing we're going to do is embroider the little flap off the envelope way. Once you get to the top right corner, make your way back down on finish filling in the gaps off the envelope flap. First on, then when you get back to the top left corner way, we're going to fill in the gaps off the rest off the envelope. So this time, instead of going from the top hole down, you're going from the top hole towards the right. Aren't go clockwise around the envelope, filling in the gaps. When you get back to where you started on your little envelope is finished. Just tie and not on dream the Fred. In the next video, I'm going to show you another option off adding a little embroidery 10. Embroidery Option Two: in this video, I am going to show you a second embroidery option. In this case, I've decided to embroider the little envelope design on two separate piece off tracing paper on I'm there by going to add a little pocket to my folder. First, I'm going to prepare a paper ready for sowing. That means I'm going to add my little sewing stations again. I'm using my craft. Matt, Andi also keep a straight line. I'm going to add a little bit of washi tape to the little pocket just to keep it in place because I don't want Teoh Move around. What's I finished preparing my sewing stations? I'm going to use the sewing needle to go through the little holes as we have done before, Wendover sewing the sides off our pocket folder and then I'll just start sewing. I'm going to use the running stitch again and just start in one corner at the top On worked my way around to the other quarter on the other side ones. I've reached the other corner. I'm turning back on, filling in the gaps. Now that I've finished sewing the little pocket onto my folder, I can tie a knot on the back off the folder Onda trim the threat. Now that I finished sewing a little pocket onto the folder, I can remove the washing tape. Next thing I'm going to do is just so the two sides in the same way we've done the first folder on Here we go. My folder is ready on. I'm going to use the little pocket ist or my stamps. 11. Folder Closure Options: right now, let's have a look at some closure options for our note cards, said folders. Theme easiest is probably just to get a ribbon that would work with the color scheme off your note cards set on. Just tie a loose double knot or a boat on and we're finished. Next, I'm going to show you a button and ribbon closure. So what I'm going to do here is just so a button. Do the top flap off the pocket folder. So the first thing I'm going to do is get my ruler on, make a mark at the center off the top flap on, then I want to strengthen in the area where I'm going Teoh. So the button on. So I'm just getting my circle hole punch on a piece off the tracing paper and I'm going Teoh glue this little bit of paper on the inside off the flap. If you haven't got a circle punch, you can just use a small coin or the actual button as a template. I'm using embroidery on to so early, but none, but you can definitely use normal sewing thread. So the first thing I'm doing I'm going to attach the ribbon through the paper. I would suggest to maybe secure it with about two stitches. Make sure that you've got a knot tied at the end off your Fred thing. This convey a little bit fiddly, but just take your time on. Be patient, Andi. It'll work out. Then, once you ribbon is attached to the paper, get your button on so it's on top off the ribbon. When you feel that the button is noise and secure on the top, flap off your pocket envelope. Finish on the inside on, then just loop your needle and thread through the stitches below. Just to make sure that the thread won't unravel on way. Do is get your scissors on. Cut off the remaining froth. Rights done. We've got our pocket envelope finished. Now you can get your cards and envelopes. Aunt, put them into your folder. Way to Clothe folder. Just Luthi ribbon around the buttons of one or two times. Then grab your scissors on. Trim the ribbon to the desired length. The third option consists off a little tuck closure. Lower half is going to be good on to the folder so that we can tuck in thes top flap of a pocket folder, I used a circle punch on some scrap of paper and a smaller circle punch. Do you can't the letter out off the dictionary I've bean using for the envelopes. Bernard just glued the smaller circle onto the bigger circle. Remember to only apply glue to the lower half off your tuck closure, then glue it into place. Aren't you finished in the next video? I'm going to talk about your class project. 12. Class Project: Now let's talk about your class project. I would like you to make a note card set. It can be either just one card on envelope. All make a whole set of five cards and five envelopes. If you would like to add one of thief folders on, just upload a photograph off your project to this class. Also, if you on social media on your posting, images are fuel load carts said Don't forget to tag me. I really hope you enjoy this class, and I am very much looking forward to seeing your note cards sets in my class.