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Jewelry Making: Make The Perfect Friendship Bracelet

teacher avatar Joleen Richards, Let's get creative

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

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      Special Tip


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      Technique One: Cobra


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      Technique Two: Twisted Cobra


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      Technique Two continued


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      A Fun Challenge


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      Cutting, etc


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      Adding the Beads


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      Gifting Options


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About This Class

In this class you will learn how to create, customize and personalize your own freindship bracelets. We will be using string and small beads to make your bracelet look like you brought them from a store! 

Not only are they the perfect accessory, it makes the perfect gift. 

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Joleen Richards

Let's get creative


I love making things from jewelry to home decor. I hope that you find joy in creating as well.

Common themes and influences reflected in my work include bright colors, reminiscent of my childhood in the beautiful St. Vincent and the Grenadines, and abstract Yin and Yang references. I believes experimental pieces are where discovery happens.

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1. Introduction: have you found your creative escape? What's that you acts? Your creative escape is that thing that you can do for hours on end without getting bored of it. Some examples are dancing, acting, singing, maybe crafting, drawing photography. These are all things that are part of a creative escape, something that you can do after your regular job, something that you enjoy doing. Or some people enjoy their creative escape so much that they take it on a full time. If that's not you and you're not ready to do that yet, you don't have to. But sometimes, you know, we get caught up in life and those creative passions just get tossed to decide. But I'm here to tell you, Let's go find your creative passion. Hi, I'm Jolene and welcome to making the perfect friendship bracelet on skill ship. I found my creative escape a couple years ago and Drover making, and since then I realized I'll be sitting at the kitchen table for our zone and making my craft. Who knew that would happen? But I trusted my instinct and found my creed whiskey, and you can't you never know where it could take you when I started, I had no idea. A couple years later, I'll be selling my crafts online. I had no idea that I would launch my first collection, which I did last year, and it was so exciting and wonderful. And I have no regrets off following that passion. And because I love creating jewelry so much, I want to share with you guys how to make the perfect friendship bracelet. I'm sure if you ever want to summer camp or anything like that, you have seen these patterns that we're going to use in today's class, and I encourage you as soon as you get started. Start uploading pictures of your projects on skill share so we can see your project progress along Really not just a final product, your progress. So as soon as you pick out your color, I want to see what colors you using all that fun stuff. So stay tuned for the overview coming up next 2. Overview: Now it's time for the overview of making the perfect friendship bracelet. In this class, you will learn how to make the perfect friendship bracelet. You learn how to customise it, personalize it at your special touch to it after you learn the basics, which is very simple and very repetitive, and you should have no problem learning how to do it. These friendship bracelets go beyond the basics, for the simple reason is that we have. We're going to add a class to it, and we're going to add meets it and to make it look really cool. Not only that, they're perfect for gifting. You can put multiple and this really cool container and you can give it to your friends. Or you can even use it as a party favor, which I do a lot if I'm having a party. I usually they're a couple of these friendship bracelets inside of D C containers at a cute little decorative note and give it out as party favors from my part. So up next, we'll go over the materials we need for this class, and then we'll start correcting 3. Materials: so these little materials you would need for class noodle clipboard you? Definitely. It's according string, but you can get any crafting story going to need, caught and flaws, right? There are many different colors. You could get us many colleges like we're going to definitely be needing a Caesarean measuring tape and assortments off beads. And he's happy like, and you're going to need some fabric group optional. But if you do use it, I'll show you definitely how to use it. And these are all that we need to get started. So here. So in the next video, you're going to learn technique one. 4. Special Tip: Here's a tip for you. Let's say you went to your craft store and you couldn't find the courting string. You can still use the cotton flaw string, and instead of using, you can use the cotton and loss by as the middle shrink so you can just use three pieces of cotton loss. 5. Technique One: Cobra: and now it's time for technique. One simple. It's technique, but we're going to start off with a clipboard. Make sure it's handy and close by because we're going to use that very soon, and then we're going to start with a recording. So which ever call you choose. So I have five colors with me right now. Black, blue, yellow, pink hopping and red. We're going. I'm going to start off with the black, and what I like to do is measure my hand with that, but measure my hand twice because we're going to add. Remember, we're adding the beads at the end, so we needed to be a little bit longer. If you want to adjust the length of it after you can always cut off the excess. Always. Better to have too much what, making friendship resistant bracelets than too little. Because then you have to stop and start over if you have too little. So I always double the size of my hand. So my hand is quite tiny, so I will double it like that and that's the left. So that's what I will cut with my scissors. All right, put that aside and then I'll pick out the colors I'm going to use with my black string, which for this I'm going to do a little pink and purple, my sister's favorite colors, so I'll be using pink and purple. So I like to do with the street right to make sure that one, once we start crafting there is enough. You're going to use double the material. So I pulled out the purple shrink, and we're going to make sure we cut it two times as much as a Linda cut for your hand. So your string is to twice your hand twice the size of your hand. And when you cut your your flaws, your cotton loss, you're going to make sure it's twice as long as this string. So it's gonna make two laps like that, and then you cut the same with the other color the picture in. I'm going to do the same thing with the pink cotton and loss. Could it that live twice the size? All right, and that's my 1st 1 So I'm going to be making five races along with you today, so that's just to set up so two of them I'm going to shoes it with technique. One. So that's going to be pink and purple and black, my sister's favorite colors. And then I like to put them on these things once I'm done so they stay organized, and then we're going to also do blue, green and yellow for the next one. So remember, once you cut, you may get the lend twice over of your hand and the other two cotton strings. You make it twice the length of your initial should and the reason we're doing two colors. You can do one color, as you see with my examples, but just so you could clearly see the technique and make it easier for you, especially, this is your first time. We're using two different colors, but after you've learned the basics and you know how to do it yourself, you can use one Carl if you like, if that's what you're going for. So it's all about what you're trying to accomplish with the abrasive. So in this color I used the blue finding cord along with up pink and red flus and these ones acting. They're just such fun colors, so the court is pink. The hot pink with a black and blue string. And finally we have some, I guess, some bright color call of summer. So we have yellow orange in red, yellow, orange and red the color of summer. All right, so these under three colors the five colors I'll be doing today with you guys, so I can't wait to see what colors you pick out. Remember, as soon as you pick out your colors, you can start uploading them to skill share so we can track your progress on the class. Okay, Now it's time to get started. So put the rest of the materials aside, okay? And now we're already for technique one. So remember, I'm starting off with my purple and and my pink and my collection. So once that's settled and you have it set, you're just going to make a lot. So you're gonna pull the black string out and you're going to make a lot right about here with all three strings together. So right here, we're going to make good, not Kinloch first. Okay, so you make I'm not like that. And you pulled a string very tight like that. So that's all you need to do to get it started. So after you make your not you're going to put it on a clipboard and then you're going to separate your colors. We're going to need the black shirt in the middle, Okay, Just like that for technique. Juan, we're going to do the cobra. So with the Cobra, it's just going straight down. It's not going to spiral or anything like these bracelets. It's not going to spiral. It's just gonna be straightened out and you'll see the pattern. So now we're ready to get started. So we're going to start with the pink string. We're going to bring it over the black string and cross it like that. And then with the purple string, we're going to bring it over the pink stream under the black and pink. So we just cross the pink string over, like, right here and then we're gonna pick this part up with this and bring it through this big loop over on this side is gonna be a little bit confusing at first. But trust me. Once you practiced us, you surely get the hang of it. And there is our first Not so we're going to again. Start with the picturing because, remember, we're going with the same pattern, so we're going to start with a picturing cross it over the middle. We're going to take the purple string this time and cross it over the pink, lift everything up and put it through this big loop on that side. So just if you're having a little bit of difficulty with the clipboard like I was just now , you know, just take your time. Take a look at what we do again across the pink string across the purple stream on top. Live both the pink and the black strings and put the purple string through that big an important really type. So you're not really going to start seeing the pattern is yet till it's probably at a distance. But just keep following the steps and you'll see. So just keep clearing the string so they don't get tangled up together and just keep repeating the pattern. And remember, the pink string always crosses over first or whatever color you using. Whatever call you started that crossed over first, that's the color you're going to use. I remember to take pictures and track your progress along the way. I'm sure by your 5th 1 of these you'll be a pro, probably by your 3rd 1 foot. By your 5th 1 you will be doing this at supersonic speed. So as you can see, it's the pattern is starting to show up. So you continue to do the same thing until you get all the way down to the length I usually like to go. Until so the length of my hand is probably about six inches, so I like to usually go all the way down to five inches to do the pattern down to five inches, Like right here. You can also do it a little bit longer if you like. Down, you know, a little bit more spending on the size of your hand or decided person sand. But just my personal preference is five inches, which is ideally the same length of the bracelets I showed you before like this. So you're gonna continue with that same pattern and we'll check back in when I'm about five inches in. So this is what it's supposed to start looking like. As you can see, we're almost halfway there. They just continue until it gets. There are five inch mark, which is right here. So halfway there. And you're almost there. Upload your progress as you go so you can see how you're doing. All right. Great. Now he had a five inch mark. As you can see, I'm just going to do one more loose following the same pattern. Just one more loop over crust and no, and pull it. Nice insight. And then to finish, just offer. Just going to do a Not at the end of where your pattern ends. Ample it nice inside. And then we're gonna put this aside and get started on our other string will come back to the end to do the beating. 6. Technique Two: Twisted Cobra: Okay, now we're ready for technique. To what? This technique. We're going to use our three new strings. So we have the pink sharing the blue string and the black shirt with the strings. We are going to during technique to the twisted cobra. So we're going to get started with that. Not remember, the main strangles a little bit longer, not is great. We secure it on our clipboard and then we get started the same way. So what? The Cobra and twisted Kober. There is just one. I need difference. So we just follow the same type of pattern, but watch carefully cause there's one step that's a little bit different. So we cross our black string on top would bring out blue string on top of the black shrimp and we take our We lift our black and pink string and put this blue string through just like that and we pull it all the way to its up like that. But now, instead of using the Black show on top again, we're going to use the blue string on top this time. So we put the blue string on top. The black string crosses over. We live the blue and the picturing this time and pull the black sharing through the loop. And that's basically what you're doing. So you're just alternating the colors as you go along. I'm the black shirt goes on top. The blue string crosses over the black shirt. You live the black and the pink string and you slide the flute string through the loop. You pull it very tight, and there were on our way to doing the twisted Kovar Simple way to remember it. The string that's always on your right side is assuring you're going to cross over first, lift the other string on top, lived those two strings and slide this wonder just like that. And if you look closely, you're going to start to see the pattern really coming through. So let's just do I'm going to do it twice more with you so you can definitely start seeing the pattern, and then you're going to be doing it on your own to the desired month. And once you do that, start uploading your pictures on the project page so we can see your progress. So we crossed the black street, cross it over like that they're on top lift and bring it through just like that. And you continue that until you get further down. So the blues on the side you cross you lived You left the blue and the pink and you slept the blue into the and you pulled it when you pull it really tight. So right here you're definitely started to see the alternating colors pattern, as you can see right there. So we are almost two inches in, and we have to get to the five inch mark. All right, so when you get there, you'll be done and you tie your not a check back in when you're at your five inch mark. Sometimes when you're making brace, it's it's still repetitive. But it's so fun. How about you turn up your favorite tunes in the background and dance a little craft? I'm ready. You've got it all you have to do now. Once you've reached to the end IHS tire, not as we have done in the previous ones. Just tire. Not at the end, just like that. Now we have one more bracelet to do before we start beating 7. Technique Two continued: and that when we finish our black blue and picture and we can now move on to our summer colors, which is our red, yellow and orange string. So we're going off course, start the same way by making or not. Then we secure it. I found our footboard. Then we separate the shrinks, and this time we are starting with the orange string on top. So we crossed the orange string on top of the red. We left the yellow on top of the orange, left the little loop and slide our yellow shrink through. Just like so. This time, instead of the artist during the yellow shingles on top. So the yellow stream crosses over the orange string goes on top of the yellow string who lived the red and the yellow and slide orange drew the loop and pull it really tight. Just like that, we started the orange on the side, and if you're still having difficulty, you can always upload your project to the Project page. Explain your difficulty and we'll figure it out together. But one more thing you should consider it. Since this pattern is twisting as you go along, you might have to turn the string to help. You better continue the pattern if there is a problem. If you can't remember which color goes on top, just look at the last color you've done and cross the opposite color and keep going down. So keep uploading your projects, can't wait to see them and will continue. And then I'll come back as we reached where desired. It's looking good. We're almost to our five inch mark. I just have one more loop to do. One more of this and then we'll be finished will be finished with this one. Sincerest goes the last one and there we are, finished with this one. So now we just make a not at the end, just making not at the end of where the pattern ends with that and add it with the other two we've made already. 8. A Fun Challenge: awesome guys. You've learned a twisted cobra and the cobra. Now it's a little bit child. Now we're going to do a little bit of a challenge for our last race, it where we're going to combine both techniques to make one beautiful bracelet. I mean, I could give you a sneak peek of what it's going to look like, but I'm going to let you discover it along the way. So we're going to start off with the first pattern. Continue with the We're going to start off with the cold rather than the Swiss take over. And then we're gonna finish it off with just the cobra. It's gonna be a really cool Now you have learned both techniques, both the Cobra and Twista Kober. Now here's a little bit of a challenge for you, but only if you're up to it. And you feel very confident in what you have accomplished so far. And even if you're not back confident and you've mastered the skill, definitely go for the child. So here I am with my three new strings my blue string, my pay string and my registering. So we're going to start with the not securing of honor clipboard, and we're going to start. So for this special edition our challenge, we're going to do both patterns on this one string. We're going to start with the red string on top crossing it, putting it inside. I blew, and we're gonna pull it nice and tight. Sometimes it could get a little bit crazy just a little bit, but just they focus on what you're doing, and it will be confusing. So we're gonna continue with the red on top for the entire pattern. So we're just going to do the regular cobra for about two inches. Well, you can do it to your desired land, but I'm going to put the twisted CoBeR in the middle. So remember, without measuring tape, so my desired length is five inches. Years could be less than that. So for the 1st 2 inches, we're going to do the irregular pattern with the red on top. And then once we get to two inch mark until we got to three inches, we're going to do the twisted cobra. And once we're finished with the twist a cobra at the end for the last two inches, we're going to do with the pink on top instead of the red. It's gonna look really cool and you'll see as soon as we get underway. So we're going toe. Of course. Start with the red on top. So we started already. So we're just going to continue through the hoop, pull it really tight, right on top again, Of course. And through the hoop. And you're going to continue with that until you get to your two inch mark or your desired till I get to my two inch mark until you get to whatever you're going to choose. And now we're at our two inches mark. So I'm just gonna do one more, Remember, Padded Duke Cross and through. And now we're definitely at our two inches work. Perfect. Now we're going to start that Swiss the Cobra. So? So we cross with the red strain the pink on top, left the blue and red and slide through none of it across the pink. Sharing. All right, so for one entry, GIs gonna keep alternating the colors. All right, cross lift through. We're gonna continue this until we get to our one inch mark. See? Almost s. So we're not quite a three yet, So I'm going to keep going. Continue with the pattern. Okay. So I'm not my three inches marcas you conceive. So now it's time to continue. What? The pink on top this time for the next two inches. All right, so remember before we did the the right on top. So we're going to do the tank on top. So just to make it easier, I'm just going to do one more loop of red so that the pink could be on the other side so we can do the project. Okay, so first we crossed the pink over, and then the red and through blue have a little boat. Important. Tight. So for the remainder of the project, the pink is going to be the color that is on top instead of the red. And since we're not alternating anymore, only the pink fiscal. Wanda, we should see on top. And I'm just going to continue with the pink on top for true more inches, right? And wants them at my two inches mark. I'll be all finished. Great. So my goal right now has to get to five inches. Awesome. Now we add our five inch mark. Perfect. So now we have done in the previous four examples we're going to tie and not at the all. Right. Perfect. Now we can set our last one aside my Valentine Day colors and finishing off our bracelet. So now that we've finished this pattern, Rich is going to go on to the next section where we finalize, cut off all the excess material at the bead and have our little bracelet already stay tuned . 9. Cutting, etc : Okay. Awesome. You successfully finished your bracelet. So let's take a look at some. Here are my first ones. All five of them. All right here. Right now, it's time to do the finishing touches and get ready for beating. So first, what I'm going to do is I'm going to take the strings and we're going to cut off the excess . That is not the main strength cut, and you just discard that and cut it as also on the other side. 10. Adding the Beads: great. Now that we've finished creating the actual bracelet, what we're going to do now is add the beads on. As you can see, I did one for you already. So this is what the end product would look like. So I'm gonna show you how to achieve this. That's our next stuff. So here you can see I have a variety of Eudes that we can choose from. I'm going to use to the square reads one of the to two of these cross speeds and two of these cold meat for the last. All right, so these are the three breeds I'm going to use. You can use any beans that you like. So these are the beads I'm going to use for the remaining three bracelets. Okay. I think what I'm going to do is going to put the gold beads with this bracelet. I'm going to put the cubes with the middle bracelet and the crow speeds with that bracelet . We'll see how it turns out. Okay, so we're going to do it step by step, so you see exactly how to achieve these residents. Okay? So first step first, then we have to Dio is we bead the bracelet, so you take the bead, you take the bead and you put it in your bracelet on the end of the shirt. Once it speeded, you tie, and not about how long you want your bracelets trying to be. So ask for recommendations. Um, say about four. Not forages, but maybe three inches. Good spot. So it's not too long, but it's not too short. And it could be adjustable in type three times because this one, these air beads with a bigger hole, so it's easier for beating. There we go, the same thing on the other side, and then you measure it to make sure you get a lot at the same place. - And once the beating is done, there's just one more step to complete your friendship bracelet. Perfect friendship. So there we go. Perfect. Now all you do is you can now cut the extra string off at the end, and then you're ready for the next up to complete your friends bracelet are your 2nd 1 If you've been following along with the first pick, so for this step, let me take it very simple. So first you cross both strings over each other. But make sure the beads or at the very end of district, and then you're going to take some of your leftover string Some of your leftover carton lost. You're going to slide it under the to strings like that. You're going across one in front, just like when we were doing the Colbert on the clipboard across one over. Bring it over like that. And this little loop here is where we're going to take this string, Put it under, bring it through, make sure everything stays together, the bracelet stays together and you pull it through. So we're making knocked, right? And we're going to continue that same thing until we are finished. And we made it as long as we want. So just continue with the same chattering Luke over string on top, pull everything underneath and pulled two strings together. So I do. Usually about eight of these. That's sufficient. So basically, that is how you get the finishing. Do you add your finishing time to make these bracelets retractable and whatever size we would like them to be. Okay, so we can do it from this way. So, as you see, the pattern is starting to form. So you cross do and 30 that rooms across looping 30. Who pretty much is what we're doing. So I'm going to do about four more of these. My Kraus. Sleep okay to well, more. So this is the final stage. So what we do to finish it off is we just make a knot on both sides of the stream. So one not on decide and pull it really tight. Make sure it gets really close there on the same thing on the other side with other string . Get a really close as close as you can. And I want you done that Just cut, except during off before the place where you made your not so right before they're not. That's where you cut it. So the strings are not and you do the same thing on the other side. Perfect. And there we go. There is my bracelet. It's pretty cool. Now, one way you can use the glue, especially in this case. It's since the meat is a little bit bigger to keep the bead from falling, keep moving back and forth like that. One well used agree is blue. The end right around here. Cool around edge slide to be done and let that hang out for a while and do it on the other side. Let that go, Dio and you just letting out for a while so the glue can drive. Okay. And for the final bracelet, we have thes cross beats. I mean, they're not They don't might not look like meat, but they are. You can get cool beads. You can go to your local crafts store convicting pretty interesting beat. So if you do the same thing, you beat it through Our Valentine's Day special are pretty colors and the special color from my sister. 11. Gifting Options: Harry are with the cool gifting options that I mentioned earlier. You can always just drop a couple off your French embrace. Its in these, Claire pales. That's what they're called. You can pick them up at your local crafts, or you can drop a couple bracelets and hair and it's a gift that's a party favor. It's whatever you make it. Also, you see these cool little treasure boxes. I love painting them. They're really awesome, and it's really also good activity. I can drop a couple friendship bracelets in here. Another perfect gift. Another perfect party favor. If you're having a child's party, how fun would it be to paint these that treasure boxes and then put your your gift in there ? And it could be a party fever for the kids so they'll take home something they created themselves, and I don't know why, but I also love putting my bracelets and champagne or wine glasses. I think it's really interesting, I don't know. Maybe so. That's also another option with these ones, the ones that I haven't here. These are all single colors, which is what I I like to do sometimes make them all single colors. But the string, of course, might be a different color. So district are mostly black. Or or as I told you, once you get the hang of it and you're ready to start challenging yourself, you can add little beads inside of the pattern like this. Oh, are? Yeah. And you can add for the ending bees. You can always add magnetic beads, so the magnet magnetic so they'll always be attached to each other. Perfect for Valentine's a gift, you know, See together here are something like All right, so there you go. Thank you for watching the video on skill share. Remember, remember, upload your progress that will see that cool work you've created. If you took the design to a whole other level, upload it. I would love to see it. I love when people take a creation and make it their own. That's what I advise you to do. You've learned the basics, make it your own. And finally, if you really enjoyed the class, what I advise you to do is teach someone else. Someone else could really benefit from learning the skills one of my favorite saying is each one. Teach one so Why not teach someone your favorite graph today? All right. And don't forget to upload your pictures. I can't wait to see how you guys give them. Um, Different things you do with that outfits. You wear them with anything that you deal with. These bracelets, please upload it to the class page so we can keep everyone posted on the amazing things you're doing. I can't wait to see them. I'm sure everyone else can't wait to see them. So get posting. And thank you for watching. Making the perfect friendship bracelets. Cheers.