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Jewelry Making: DeStressing with Beads

teacher avatar Joleen Richards, Let's get creative

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

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      A Bag of Skittles


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      A Bigger Bag of Skittles


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      Create a Pattern


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      Finishing up Jewelry


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About This Class

This class is for anyone with an interest in beading their own jewelry. You will learn how to make a necklace, bracelet or any other type of beaded jewelry. 


  • You will learn the hand motion for beading when working with seed beads
  • You will learn how to create beaded patterns
  • You will learn how to professional finish your jewelry with clasp for easy removal¬†
  • You will learn a new way to deal with stress by beading :)

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Joleen Richards

Let's get creative


I love making things from jewelry to home decor. I hope that you find joy in creating as well.

Common themes and influences reflected in my work include bright colors, reminiscent of my childhood in the beautiful St. Vincent and the Grenadines, and abstract Yin and Yang references. I believes experimental pieces are where discovery happens.

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1. Introduction: hi and welcome to my second class of skill. Share my name once again, is Jolene. I hope you guys are Although this in my first class, I focused on how to make the perfect friendship bracelet. The materials were used in that class will be a little bit different in today's class, since we will be beating and de stressing, can't wait to get started just to give you a sneak peek of what it would look like, we're going to learn how to beat. For example, the necklace somewhere right now is coming up in my fall collection these air with bigger beads but also smaller beads. The most important thing is, once you've learned the technique and how to do it, I would love for you to go crazy and cope with your own designs, your own creations and, of course, upload them to the class project. If you're ready to de stress with beating, just click enroll and it's time to get beating 2. Overview: guess what? You now have v I p access to de stress with meeting. But before we get started, let's de stress a little bit. So close your eyes. Take a deep breath in Let it out. Doesn't that feel much better? So, first stop. I'm just going to give you a little overview of what's going to take place in today's class and the next video. We're going to go over the materials and you'll see exactly what you need for this class, after the materials will jump straight into the beating process for the last video will be talking about what exactly you're going to do with all of these new beat creations you will be making. You can use them a skills. You can use them as a party idea. For example, I know people that have jewelry making parties you could do a range wide variety of things with your newfound talent, will be doing three techniques. The first technique. It's called a bag of Skittles, so you're going to be using sea beans and you're going to learn how to just be completely random. I mean, you don't need to Meyer that, but you're going to be completely random and the beads and the colors you use, you have to see it. It's gonna be quite interesting. And it'll be cool to see what pattern do you come up with in the next video. After that one and the next technique, we're going to use bigger beats. So if you want to use, if you want to use visas, biggest this one any sizes up, See you. You're going to just leave them all out and just be completely random again to come up with your own, your creation and your bag of Skittles technique. We're going to do a pattern, and you have more flexibility on this one. You can use the small beads if you prefer that or the big beat. If you prefer that to create a really simple pattern that you like, I'll show you different patterns and go through that. So now it is time to get started and go over the materials. See you in the next video 3. Materials: Today's materials includes Seabees. You can get a variety pack with multiple colors in it, which is what I have here. You can get it at any craft, so, such as Michael's or online scissors, you will need a fishing line. This is good because it's very firm and very strong. So will be easy to get into the motion of feeding. We're also going to some bigger beads, any colors you like. Try to have a variety, and as we get more complicated patterns going, we're going to be adding removable class. So definitely need some jump rings. I have both silver and gold. It just depends on the color scheme you're using and whether gold or silver will look best with it. Crims. They're perfect for the class you will see once we get into that motion, but it's called crims tendons if you're doing the necklace or charms. If you're doing a bracelet, these without a great variety to your bracelets. Whether you're giving them a gifts or whatever your intention is, you learn how to add these on leader. Have some crowns, lion, just different shapes. Also, um, are made. These are the class themselves. I'll show you definitely how to what's hatch them, but I have both gold or silver again, just depends on the bracelet. We will need up flyers and a container. For example. You could use anything you can use a shoebox container or any surface that has sides so that your beads don't roll all over the floor and create havoc when you're trying to walk around your house. Now that we've got the materials ready, let's go into technique. One bag of Skittles. 4. A Bag of Skittles: it's tougher technique. One. A bag of skittles. So now, whether you've beated or not, whether this is your first time or your one million time, I want you to start completely fresh. Start clear your heads that today just clear your mind. Once your mind this Claire, pour your beats out into your concern. You for your beads out the CBD. We're going to start it off with the Seabees. So now we're going to be completely random. So with your string, you're just going to be randomly for this technique. I want you to be as random as you can. Basically, if you had a bag of Skittles and they fell out of your hand just random, you pick them up in random order to throw them out. I hope so. About the five second rule, you pick them up in the League of Random Order. She just burst open the back there, just all random over the place. So that's the mind, said I want you to thinking, Don't try to think a pattern and just try to be random and just get into the motion off. How to be is measure. Just cut off an arm's length worth of of string. And once you've done that, you make not on one side of it. Make sure double not it. To make sure beats don't fall off. Make sure you pull it really tight on. Then you're gonna get your hand into the dancing motion off beating. That's the easiest way to go about it, because your hand is already in a pattern and it's making a very repetitive motion. Once you get that, you're trying to go for this pattern so that your hand just works magic this year, holding your strangling this it's time to get into the motion off eating. So just practice the motion. Grab any color that gets on the string and you just keep going. - Once you get, just keep once you got into close to the end. Not too close. You want to tie, you're not on that side. And then look at your beautiful creation. You're completely random, so the most, and you can put that to the side. So for the first tiny why The reason why we're doing a random pattern is just to get your hand inside emotion off beating because there is emotion that goes along with that. You're dancing your hands, air dancing and you're focused. And it's an amazing feeling, right, so just get your hands into that motion. Now we're going to move on to the bigger beads. 5. A Bigger Bag of Skittles: Now we've got technique one out of the way. We're going to start practicing on technique to and techniques who were using the bigger beats that we saw in the materials video. So with those beads were going to do practically the same thing as we did with the sea beads, but with the bigger beads. So as before, you always start with your string. You need something to beat on. I already made my not triple knotted it this time just because abuse they're a little bigger and a little heavier than the sea beats. So there's two ways you can go about beating bigger beads. You can easer. You can do the bolt pattern where your hand is in that, I guess, rolling mode, as I'm doing here. But as you can see, it's a little bit more difficult because the beads are heavier. So if that's working for you, you can try it that way. To beat a couple beats this way and remember to be completely random, I'm grabbing any color that gets to my string first. If it slips away, I don't chase it. I just move onto the next one, so I beat it a couple one using the rowing motion, and now I'm just going to pick up the beats individually and put it on the string. It's going a little bit faster on Lee because the beads are bigger and it's easier to connect with the string. So you just keep going on with the pack, the random pattern. And while you're beating, it's always good to play your favorite music so you can dance and beat and just be completely relaxed and chill while working on your project. I'm just going to speed up the video a little bit because you've now got the hang of it and it's your turn, really to start putting some beads on your string. So I'm almost close to the end. I'm just going to start time. I not remember. You always tell you not on both sides. The worst thing and it's happened to me before is for you to forget that not and all your beads you pick up the string from the wrong side. All your beats goes Catterton away over reports that, my friend, is how you create stress since it avoids stress. Please, please, please remember always high and not when you're done, you don't have to tie tightly because we will on Not this, even though I am tying it quite tight right now, just you don't do it won't tie too tight only because you're gonna a not it and second, the last video. But I'm just securing it, and that's the last step. Then we have finished with Are beating the bigger beaten. Now we have our second random, colorful piece of jewelry. We've just finished technique to. As you see you just has to be completely random as a reminder. There two ways to go about it. Either you can pick the bigger beads of individually, or you can try to do the same motion. But because the needs are bigger, their bit heavier. So it might be a little bit more challenging to get into the boat rhythm for this one. So if you need to pick up individually, that's fine. If you can manage this motion, if you could manage this motion with the bigger beads, that's even better. So I hope you enjoyed this one now that we've finished with being completely random, and now that we've learned emotion, we can now go into a pattern. So start thinking about your favorite pattern and let's go sit next video 6. Create a Pattern: Now it's time for patterns, so we cannot apply a pattern to whether you like to using this CBT the really tiny ones. Are you rather work in the big beats, which everyone is completely fine. For my video, I will be using the seed beat just to give you a quick overview of how I've come up with patterns. I really love numbers, and I really love patterns. So a lot of the times, like my designs, are always like in multiples of three. So be either 63 Oh, it'll be 369 12 18. I don't know. I just love multiples of three. So you see a lot of my patterns like in that motion. So for today's pattern, I'm going to do a countdown. So 321 and what that basically would look like before I get started. I just want to help you see it before then. So, basically, I'm going to be using three colors for this one. I'm gonna be using green, blue and yellow three blues to greens one yellow and then repeating that process three blues to greens, one yellow so you can come up with your own pattern. some very popular patterns could be just maybe blue, white, blue, white, blue, white, blue. And you can do that for the whole necklace operational whatever you're making or are, you can dio orange, yellow, orange, yellow or to orange, one yellow to orange. When you whatever pattern you come up with a whatever pattern you want to use. That's completely fine. Just maintain that same pattern for the whole necklace or bracelet. OK, now it's time to get started. Get your string and your beads and let's make our first pattern. So, as before, the 1st 1st thing you want to do is tie in. Once you're not a security, you're ready to get started. Next up, grab your feet and begin working on your pattern. Just a reminder. My pattern that I'm working on this three Blues su greens. One yellow. I'm going to repeat that same pattern for the entire necklace. - It very am close to the end. Actually, last up Hi and not I really love this pattern. Yes, I did not prepped this or anything. It was just something I thought as I was doing this video. I really just picked the colors out, but I really love how it turned out. I cannot wait to see what patterns you come up with. And don't forget to upload your patterns. I can't wait to see what patterns you guys dio. Now that we have learned the basics. I always like to give people a little bit more to challenge yourself. So I encourage you. Don't just make one of each and the dumb. Just keep practicing it because you never know. Maybe in a couple months time I'll see you with your own shop or making your own videos, doing the things that you came up with. So I encourage you to keep practicing because the more practice, of course, the better you be calm, not perfect, but the better you become so 7. Finishing up Jewelry: So now that you have learned the basics, we're going to start talking about next steps. So once you've created a piece of jewelry, whether it be a necklace, a bracelet, ankle it whatever you created, you want to think about, how are you gonna wear it? So with this necklace I'm wearing, I finished it off with the magnetic class. So it'll be easy to put on and easy to take off. We're going to add just a regular class. So the materials that we mentioned in the material with the jump rings, the crims and the class itself are gonna be using those those materials. Here are three final products. The first random one with C beads. So for this one, if you do not as yet have the materials, you can always just tie this on to your hand or your neck if it's a necklace. But remember, once you tie it on, it's pretty much stuck there. There's no class to remove it, which is why I'm going to show you how to attach the class with the next piece of joy. Here we have our second necklace, our second random one. This was unmade. The since one liquids, And now we're gonna attach the class. So we need jump rings the class itself and crimps. So I'm gonna show you how to attach each to hear my jump ring. You also need a pliers and crims trying this Chinese of black bags. But don't forget your buyers. It's much needed after you have your materials. The next thing you want to do is I'm not the knots you've made to seek your your beats. So now I'm just a nodding. Been outside first, mate, once you're not, is not Grab a crunch and you put it onto your strength like that. Now you're taking your jump a ring and you're putting it on the string. Make sure it doesn't get in front of the cramp, and then you feed your crimp through one more time, so this part can be a little bit confusing, so you can always rewind just to get that little bit of detail at once. You so basically going through the clinic twice. Once you've done that, you secure that, but your pliers. So you press down very hard to crush the crime, and that's how you get your jumping to stay. Now we're going to move over to the other side of necklace and you're going to start with the same thing. A knotting knots. If it gets a little challenging, you can always drew supplier since its fishing line to push it and they'll make it a little bit easier. Then once again, you start with your crim. You beat it through, you grab your class, you put it through and watch carefully as I beat it through the crimp one more time before I secure it with the platters. Secure one more time. Press down on the crumpled. My time with you're flyers Now cut off the excess strength. Step one is the same. I'm not. You're not. Put the cramp through, get a jumping and we're gonna do the same thing but it through the string and back again through the clip. So security and tighten it with your pliers. So you're crushing the crime and then you repeat the same process on the other side. Crimp class through to crimp and you're finished after you secure it with your pliers. Now we're going to add this heart pendant first you need your jumping. One more. You're going to put your jumping on your heart trump or hard time in my case. Then attach it to the middle off the methods. Secure it with the pliers. Just make sure the jump ring is once again a circle and you're finished your class spur on . Do you have just created so magnificent jewelry pieces? I really like this one. Even local. Even though the colors are all over the place, it looks really unique. And only you can create something that was this unique being completely random. And of course, the one that I tied on and this green and blue pattern 8. Conclusion: congrats. You have made it to the end of the video. You've made such beautiful work, I'm sure. And even if you don't think it's beautiful still you could still uploaded to the cost. So we get all comment and share what we have done just so you can see what they look like. Visually, I'm gonna put my necklace is on. So I really like this one. Even though it was completely random, I really love how it turned out. And I'm thinking I'm going to have to make some of these for my my jewelry store. Would you think you can vote on your favorite one in the common section? If you like. I would love to hear your thoughts on which one you like best. And of course, I already loved this pattern. I mean, even though it's the color of the flag of my country, I really just like it in general. I'll be wearing this one a lot for sure. And of course I'm going to keep this on for the rest of the day. And of course we have our bracelet. I took it off just because I didn't want it permanently on my hand, but just so you couldn't see what it would look like, it's pretty cool. Cool stuff. Yes, so I can't wait to see your designs, which is more important than my designs. I would love to see your designs because whether it's as I mentioned the first really, whether to first time or your 1,000,000 times, I really can't wait to see what other people come up with. And don't forget to upload them. And what that means is that you are and rolled and beating unit you have. You have your certificates and beating. Not technically. But you know, you've learned steps of what you need to do with how you can make your own beaded jewelry, which is always a good skill to have, especially if you're in a budget crunch and you have birthdays coming up. But you understand what I'm saying. A lot of people have jewelry making parties. As I mentioned in my first video how to make the perfect friendship person. I talked a lot about gifting options, and I should do some cool ways you can present your get. When does the United If someone gave me this as a gift, I'll be excited. I really love it. Also, Big needs air. Really cool. You just to really stand out with big beads, bright colors. I mean, look at this. Any angle, you cut it. It's pretty cool, even though the pinks and blues a pretty strong pits, have a lot of those colored beads. But I really love this design, so I really can't wait to see what you have done. Thank you so much for being a part of skill share. If your teachers watching, I can't wait to see your classes. I can't wait to see everyone's creations and until my next video, chow.