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Instagram Business - Sell On Instagram - Customer Psychology

teacher avatar Jun Wu, Social Media Influencer

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      Instabusiness Academy Trailer


    • 2.

      Top Secret way to Grow your Instagram Instantly with AI


    • 3.

      16X your Business LIVE with AI this week


    • 4.

      InstaBusiness Academy Intro


    • 5.

      Making the Sale - Instagram Business in a Nutshell


    • 6.

      7 Ways of making Money with Instagram


    • 7.

      Followers don't equal money Engagement above Followers


    • 8.

      Target Customers Locked SELL THEM this Pen!


    • 9.

      Target Customers Worksheet


    • 10.

      Social Media and Marketing – Getting Attention and the Indirect Sale


    • 11.

      How do you make the Big Bucks Online Business Blueprint


    • 12.

      BONUS Episodes! - How to grow on YouTube as Well!


    • 13.

      BONUS Episode! - Why is it So Hard to get Subscribers on YouTube


    • 14.

      BONUS Episode! - The Power of 3 Secret


    • 15.

      BONUS Episode! - Why we DON'T focus on Subscribers or Monetization


    • 16.

      BONUS Episode! - How Small YouTube Channels Make Money


    • 17.

      BONUS Episode! - Why Success is Inevitable Our Battle Plan


    • 18.

      Your Money Making Machine 007 Gadget


    • 19.

      Bio Picture Visitor's First Attention Grabber


    • 20.

      Business Name Your Brand Legacy


    • 21.

      Bio and Link Your Follower Generator


    • 22.

      Story Highlights Your Movie Trailers


    • 23.

      Theme Red Vs White Napkins


    • 24.

      Lifestyle Content Your Secret Weapon


    • 25.

      7 Point Inspection WORKSHEET


    • 26.

      How to use IG Stories to Sell – Power of the Familiar


    • 27.

      Why do people Buy Psychology of the Customer


    • 28.

      Influence with Power Words Psychology of the Customer


    • 29.

      Creating Ads 101 Customer Pyramid Customer Psychology


    • 30.

      Strategy Vs Tactic


    • 31.

      The Tactics Triangle


    • 32.

      Strategy Finding your Marketing Direction


    • 33.

      Goose that lays the golden eggs short and long term sales tactics


    • 34.

      How to make money in 3 months case study short term sales tactic


    • 35.

      Trust - How to immediately get respect


    • 36.

      Affection - How to immediately get people to like you


    • 37.

      Tempting Offer - Time to put it all together


    • 38.

      A life of Regret Avoided Most powerful Long Term Sales Tactic


    • 39.

      Branding 101 Brand Conquest


    • 40.

      Branding 202 Be Different not Better


    • 41.

      Branding 303 How to get Loyal Follwers


    • 42.

      Branding 404 Go where the battles are


    • 43.

      Automation Tutorial Bonus Episode


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About This Class

Instagram Marketing Tips; Instagram Business; Instagram Growth Strategy; Instagram Tips; Get Instagram Followers Fast

You are taking this course because you want to grow your business on Instagram.

I know that. That's why I am going to give you what you want.

You want me to show you how to make a sale on Instagram.

I will do that.

You also want me to show you different ways to grow your brand and influence.

I will do that.

And you don't want any bullshit.

I will do... I mean I won't do that.

I hate videos that waste your time. In Business, time is money.

This is why I concentrated everything I know about doing business and making money on Instagram into a 2.5 hr video course.

Because hey, if I can't explain a business concept to you in 5-10 minutes , then I don't understand the concept well enough to share it with you.

It's time to attract targeted Instagram followers and use Art, Science, and Psychology to turn them into fans and long term paying customers.

Successful Instagram Users know they are building a Community.

From raving fans to paying customers, what you do with your community is completely up to you.

As an added bonus, you will learn the secret of getting people to like you.

I worked in the entertainment industry and marketing industry for over 15 years and have learned from the best.

There is a reason why some performers always book gigs. There is a reason why some businessmen always make sales.

Now is your turn.

Let me guide you through the psychology of being an online life of the party.

As an Extra Bonus, you will see that I am as real as it gets!

What sets this apart from other courses is that you can check out my IG account and see what I am doing and posting in real time!

Nothing is hidden.

Everything I am teaching, I am using at this very moment!

It might sound crazy that a simple photo sharing APP changed my life.

But it's true, and now it's your turn.

Having a business is owning an empire. A powerful influential force that controls a niche.

And what do empires do? They conquer.

It's time to help you build your empire.

Let's start today!

#instagram #marketing #instagramfollowers #profits #instagrambusiness

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Jun Wu

Social Media Influencer



Welcome to the easiest and funnest way to learn Online Marketing.

I make helpful and fun courses to help you grow on social media and your online business.

My work speaks for itself. :)

15+ years working in the Entertainment Industry - Model/Actor/Director/Producer

15+ years working in Marketing. Branding, business strategies, and growth hacking.

7+ years as a Talent Instructor - Managing the careers and business of clients

As you get to know me, you will see everything I teach, I put to use myself. 

Find me on Instagram and I'll help you! :)

See full profile

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1. Instabusiness Academy Trailer: What if you could sell your products and services on instagram without paying for ads? That means you can save more of your money. You basically used the free and organic traffic that's already on Instagram. For the past four years, I have helped my students grow their accounts by teaching them instagram business strategies like creating lifestyle content. The biggest mistake that most business accounts are making on Instagram is that they are not connecting with your audience. Each post and every post that they're after is a product. Very few people will want to follow them and to be Toto buy their product 24 7 Now let's take a look. At a good example, we all know the Red Bull energy drink, right, so let's check out their instagram profile As we scroll through their feet. There is something we're going on. There is not a single product shot. It's all videos of extreme sports. And that's how I helped a mobile speaker company in the UK get 670 backers on Kickstarter, making them £120,000. Look, they made £124,000 when they only needed £10,000 to fund their project, and you do it all with the power of lifestyle. Another thing I teach my students is instagram brand identity. When I started teaching this idea to my students, their instagram grew like crazy. When I explained to Catherine how to create the perfect identity on Instagram, her art business took off. Many people started to buy her products. How does she do it? She only posts her skills, her entertaining personality and her helpful attitude. That's it. No more, no less. I also have some students who would rather run ads. They're used to it, and they're confident about it. In that case, I show them how to run at effectively. I show my students how to use the customer pyramid and explain what kinds of customers needs, what kind of sales message that will get them to buy. That's how are helped of virtual reality business sell tickets. I explained that they had two kinds of customers. One will waste of time and the other is more sincere. So now they just needed to create a special sales message. There will speak only to the kind of customers who are more likely to buy your mission should you choose. Except it is the Join me on this business adventure is time to sit back, relax and enjoy the show. And it is Ozel time to get up, get hype up and grow your business. Are you ready? We don't wait for opportunities. We make our own opportunities. Your business adventure starts now Click the link on or around this video to get started. I'll see you inside. 2. Top Secret way to Grow your Instagram Instantly with AI: I am not kidding when I said I was going to help grow your Instagram account asap, how are we going to do that? Well, we're going to ask AI to do it for us, check this out my team and I develop these AI prompts specifically to help grow your Instagram account, all you need to do is to copy and paste these prompts into chat GBT and have AI start planning out your content as well as start creating content for you. We first need to create Engagement Plan for you. So put this AI prompt into chat GBT. Right now, here I'll even read it to you. Take on the persona of an Instagram content strategist and come up with ten ways to increase engagement on your Instagram account. Consider tactics such as using hashtags, asking questions in captions, using Instagram stories, and collaborating with other accounts. Your Instagram account is about health and fitness. Notice what we did there. We told AI to be your Instagram content strategist and come up with an engagement plan for your account. And all you have to do is putting your niche. For this example, we told AI that it's in the health and fitness niche. And here is the output. Ai lists out all the different proven ways to increase your engagement for your account, such as using relevant hashtags, asking questions in captions, creating interactive content, hosting contests and giveaways and etc. cool, right? Okay, next, we need to help you create some amazing content for your account so that you can more Followers use this prompted next, take on the persona of an Instagram content curator and brainstorm ten photo ideas that will be visually appealing and aligned with a campaign theme for your Instagram account. That campaign theme should be helping people spice up their relationship with their boyfriend or girlfriend this month. I obviously use the relationship niche as an example. And as you can see in an instant, AI created all the different content you shouldn't be posting based on that one topic. Diy, date night, bucket list, challenge, couples workout, cooking together, and etcetera. Do you know how long it will have taken you to compile this list before? Do you know how much you will have to pay a marketing agency to do this for you. That is the power of AI. And guess what? We're not done yet. I also want to make sure you have a Content plan done for the month so that you no longer have to wake up wondering what to post about. Okay, Here we go. Try this third prompt next. Take on the persona of an Instagram content creator and plan out the content for your Instagram account for the month, include the dates, themes, and types of posts. For example, photo, video, carousel in the calendar, your account is in the Make Money Online niche. This time we're having a little fine pretending that you are in the Make Money Online niche and voila, your content plan for the entire month is done. Ai is so smart that it now only tells you what you should post on what day, but also breaks down the theme, the type, and the actual content itself. When you should pause the video, when you should post a photo, when to pose a carousel and when to post on Rios. Is your mind blown yet, we're just getting started. We have barely even scratched the surface of what AI can do for you for free. Besides using this power for yourself. Can you imagine selling this type of service to someone? How much can you charge them for it? Hopefully, you're starting to see the amount of money you can be making and the different businesses that you can start with this free AI technology. Now you have a peri-implant get Engagement for your account. You know exactly what the post for the month and even exactly when to post it. So what do you think? It's awesome, right? And we're just getting started. Is it okay if I over-deliver even more? Would you like more prompts to get AI to do everything for you? Make sure to open up a brand new tab and typing easy AI I'm basically hosting a live event where I will hand you even more AI prompts based on your niche, your market, and your interests, and do everything with you for free. Remember, we're now living in the age of AI, as crazy as it sounds, there's no need to do everything yourself anymore. Remember to sign up for free so I can send you more AI prompts and grow your account and Business with you, live 3. 16X your Business LIVE with AI this week: Hello my friend. Congratulations and welcome you. And I can't wait to help you grow your influence and business this month. Before you dive into the course, I want to ask you a question. Would you like me to personally welcome to your business with you live this week? Right now, AI is taking over the world and millions of people are losing their jobs because their skills are obsolete. Why hire a copywriter when AI can do it for free in seconds? Why hire a social media marketer when AI can do it for free in seconds, why hire a coach, consultant or an expert in any field with any expertise? Why buy your products, all your services when AI can do everything better than you in seconds and for free, right now is a very scary time for some people, but it's also an exciting time because there are tons of opportunities and money to be made. This is why I'm hosting a live, easy ai challenge, a virtual event where the goal is to walk you through the steps and to be able to hand you the top AI strategies, the templates, the swipe files, and most importantly, the prompts so that you now only survive the AI revolution, but actually expand your business and create multiple income streams. All you have to do is open up a new tab in your browser and go to Easy AI and sign up for the free live virtual workshop happening soon. This is gonna be any event like none other, because I will get to personally work with you on your business live. At this event, I'm going to help integrate AI into your business and implement it with you live. So what are we implementing? What used to take you hours, days and weeks? We will doing literally seconds. I'm going to show you how to use AI to get attention on social media without paying for ads. How to turn those followers into leads and warm them up with AI so they know you, like you and trust you. And finally, how to sell to those people with sales emails, ad copy, and sales funnels written for you automatically by AI. Do you currently have a way to generate new leads? They'll make people chase you and not the other way around. Or do you have a sales process that turns a lead into a customer automatically? And do you also have a follow-up sequence for those who didn't buy, so that they will buy by the end of this live event in just a few hours and everything will be done. This used to be a mission impossible, but with the power of AI, it is now possible. Within the first day, people started to pay attention to my copy. I made two cells after just the first day fixed to the power of AI. I just added a third stream of income and it's growing faster than ever before. And I triple the number of clients and started charging more than my regular rate, all thanks to Jews training. How is this possible? You see, I think using ai is very much like chatting with RDD2 in the Star Wars movie. Most people are stuck in beginner mode because they don't know how to communicate with AI the correct way. And that's why they get boring or weird results that turns their customers off. The secret is to understand how to communicate with R2 the correct way. It's a health and chat with AI. The correct way. These in seconds, my work is done. Here's the deal. You'll see a lot of people right now selling AI courses and training. And this live event could easily be another $997 offer, but this event is free. So what's the catch? My goal is to be able to deliver so much value, help you implement everything live so that you start getting sales that you'll want to continue working with me. Is it okay if I prove that I can help you by actually helping you first for free, life, can't believe it. But I get three times last week I had more growth on my account in one month than half of last year, I got six people who sign up to my program. That's $6,000 in 1 h. And that's what I want to be able to do. Give you the tools and help you increment it to be a game changer in your business and your market. Remember, you are not in the business of your niche. You are in the business of marketing and selling your niche. I can't wait to show you how to easily attract your ideal customers and automate that process a live review for your business. Just open up a new tab in your browser and go to Easy AI and sign up for the next live workshop where I will personally help build your business and your influence together. Live. 4. InstaBusiness Academy Intro : your business is your baby. If it doesn't do well, it's like someone killed your child. How? How does that make you feel? If your business doesn't grow, it's like someone punched you in the gut. Ah, blow to the ego because, hey, I guess your business just wasn't good enough. I started many businesses in the past, but some of them unfortunately failed. I had a good product but had a hard time finding an audience that wanted to buy my product . Like the time I invested in cool and innovative household gadgets but hundreds of units of inventory, but only made a few $100 a week because I couldn't find enough people who were excited about it. Yes, of course. I will show you how to build a Polish instagram profile so that you will get likes and followers. But why stop there? What happens after I help you build the best looking profile on Instagram? Why stop there? You still need to understand your customers. You still need to know just how to sell them your products. This is why, in addition to talking about Instagram, I also turned this course into an exciting marketing and sales course. Here is an overview of what's waiting for you in this course. As soon as you start the course, we will hit the ground running. Weak one is all about showing you Instagram's 2020 Trends. How to use Social Media to get attention. Seven Ways to use the attention to make money. How to make the big bucks and your instagram business In a nutshell. Week two is where I will sit down with you and explain the importance of finding your target customer. I have a worksheet for you to fill out so that you will know exactly who to target. Rick. Three is where the fun begins. I will take you into the world of James Bond, Double seven and explain how your instagram profile is your money making machine. I will guide you step by step in making sure that all seven components of your Instagram machine is working properly so you can turn followers into fans into paying customers. Week four is where we will take a break from being a secret agent and talk about human psychology. It's N B. A 101 We will cover exactly why people buy things and how to use that knowledge to tailor our sales message directly to people most likely to buy. Week five is MBA to a one. We will talk about the difference between a business strategy and the business tactic and how to use that to grow your business and your e commerce store. If you have one Week six is where it all comes down to creating the perfect environment for a sale. We will talk about how not to kill the goose that lays the golden eggs, which is our instagram account. I will show you the difference between long term and short term sales tactics. I will show you how to build trust, how to get people to like you and how to create a tempting offer so that people will buy from you. And remember, you can contact me anytime on Instagram and I will look at your profile, your business and give you custom tips. My grandma was a teacher. My mom was also a teacher. I have two generations of teaching blood inside of me. That is what I take teaching very seriously. I made two promises to myself and you. I am going to show you useful and practical business strategies, and I am going to entertain you while doing it. It's a simple promise. I have to have good content so that you can start applying the strategies I show you. And I also have to be entertaining enough so that you won't get bored and forget all the things I show you. You have an expectation of me. Guess what? I want to exceed those expectations. Having a business is owning an empire. Ah, powerful, influential force that controls a niche. And what do empires do Day conquer? So are you ready? Let's plant your flag today and say that we came. We saw and we conquered and we also made money along the way. Cheers to you and your empire. Let's get started. 5. Making the Sale - Instagram Business in a Nutshell: what makes you want to buy something from someone? Even if I am selling exactly what you wanted, you still need to like me. You still need to trust me, and you need to be reminded every day that I have the product that can solve your problem, possibly even change your life. The biggest mistake that most business accounts are making on Instagram is that they are not connecting with your audience. Each post and every post that they're after is a product. Their entire feed is filled with product shots. There is no life to it. It looks like a lifeless catalogue. Very few people will want to follow them and to be towed to buy their product. 24 7 Now let's take a look. At a good example, we all know the Red Bull energy drink, right, so let's check out their instagram profile As we scroll through their feet. There is something we're going on. There is not a single product shot. It's all videos of extreme sports, and there lies the secret of a good business profile. I hope I don't hurt your feelings when I say this, but nobody really cares about your product. People only care about the lifestyle that your product will provide them. Ah, lifestyle. That's a key word. Red Bull is saying that if you buy their energy drink, you will have enough energy to have an exciting life. I don't care about Red Bull, but I care about an exciting life. So instead of constantly promoting your product, promote the lifestyle of your brand. If you're selling fitness equipment instead of posting only your products, consider the lifestyle of your customers who uses your product. Maybe they're chilling at the beach playing volleyball if you are selling makeup or cosmetic products instead of just products considered the lifestyle of the woman who now have the confidence to be social. If you have a local restaurant business instead of just still shots of your restaurant, consider the lifestyle of the people who eat there. Are they celebrating a birthday or an anniversary? If you focus on lifestyle instead of just products, visitors will want to follow you because they want that lifestyle. They don't know that they want your product yet, but they do know that they want the life that you're promising them. Once you have targeted followers who likes your niche. How do you sell your products to them? The second business strategy is a triple V O rule, which is value, value, value and offer rule. This means 3/4 of your posts are nothing but value, and 1/4 of your posts is a good offer to buy your product. If you were selling fishing equipment, your first post could be about how to fishing different seasons. The second could be where the best location for fishing is. The third could be. What's the best the bait to use and the fourth? Hey, I need equipment to fish, right? Why not try your special equipment? If you were selling makeup brushes, your first post could be about how to take care of your skin. The second could be what kind of makeup design is best for what shape of I. The third could be what make a material is best for the skin and last the longest and the fourth. Hey, I need a brush to apply the makeup right. Why not try your special brush? Notice what you're doing. You are with each post slowly convincing your followers that you are an expert. You know what you're talking about. That is how to get people to trust your brand. Okay, you have the promises of a great lifestyle. You have their trust, but we're not done yet. We still need your customers to like you. Let's say you want a sandwich for dinner. You worked hard all day and you deserve a good tasty sandwich. A goofy clown comes up to you and offers you the Big Mac. It's on sale two for $5. Ah, creepy King comes up to you and offer you a whopper. It's buy one, get one free. Then an ordinary looking guy comes up and say, I know you worked all day. Me, too. But it's unhealthy to eat such a heavy meal for dinner. Try my subway sandwiches. It's healthier for you, and it's still tasty. If you don't like it, you can always go get those burgers. Tomorrow you might be a super burger lover, but if someone comes up to you and he understands where you're going through and he has your best interest in mind, you can't help but like him. The quickest way to get someone to like you is to be relatable you know, personable. That's why Jared, the spokesperson for subway sandwiches, had a 16 year advertisement campaign. His advertisements was so successful and may subway so much money. He was telling the story of someone who lost £245 by eating a subway twice a day. He is someone a fast food customer can relate to. You can't help but want to try subway every now and then if you're trying to lose some weight. This is why your brand must be personable. It must be relatable to your target audience. Your posts should always have the theme. I understand you. I know your hopes and fears. Stay following me and I promise to continue to help you. This is also wide. The best business accounts don't even look like business accounts. You see people you see riel faces of people using and having the time of their life with the product. Or you see the owner, the CEO, educating people about their specialty. If the person is good, they will also bring you into their world and give you education, entertainment, inspiration behind the scenes and community content. You gave them the promises of your special lifestyle. They trust you and they like you. Now The final business strategy is to get their personal information and take them out of Instagram. Remember, Instagram is just an app. It's a place where your followers are housed. You don't own the followers, and if you want to contact them, you will have to go through the instagram app. This is why many smart businesses are constantly asking their followers to click the link in their bio. They want to take you to their website and provide them with your email address so that they can contact you with more value and offer any time they want. That is exactly what you should be doing. As a small business owner, you need to create value on both your instagram profile and your blood. And you need to remind your followers that you have mawr content and even free stuff on your blood if they will provide you with their email address. Once you have their email address, the triple V over, we'll still applies. You are still providing value emails, and every once in a while you send your email list a good offer. Here are the action items for this episode. If you want to sell someone something, you need to do three things. First, you need to convince them that you have the lifestyle that they want and your product will help them get their. That's why your INSTAGRAM profile cannot be filled with product shots, but the lifestyle people will have when using your product. Second, you need to get people to trust you. That's why you have to post valuable information that proves you are the expert in your field. Third, you need to get people to like you. That's done by being real, being relatable, having the customers best interest in mind. And fourth, you don't own any of your followers. INSTAGRAM does. You need to once in a while, convince your followers to give you their email address so that you can provide them value on your own terms, promises of a special lifestyle, getting people to trust and like you that is a secret of making the sale. And do you know what happens when people like you and your products you have a profitable community 6. 7 Ways of making Money with Instagram: Instagram used to be just a fun photo sharing app. I mean, you post something, someone likes it, and that's it. But somewhere along the way, business savvy users realize that having insulin count with engaged followers is like having real estate, virtual real estate. And what can you do with real estate? You can make money with it or sell it. These are the seven main ways you can make money on instagram number one photos. If you are a photographer who takes amazing photos, you can sell your photos. Brands and businesses love authentic images. They need images for their promotional posters, Internet advertisements, media press kits and so long. That is why they are actively looking for good images that represents their brands. Your instagram profile is your polished online portfolio, a place for prospects to quickly skim through. If they are interested in using your image for commercial purposes, you can tell them to click the link in our bio to purchase the rights To use your image, you can either have your own website or upload your photos to a digital marketplace like self i dot com, etc dot com, a Shopify store or stock images every once in a while. You can also remind your followers that you sell your photos as a digital download or a physical print number two sponsored posts. It doesn't matter if you have an account where you post pictures of yourself wearing fashionable clothing or if you haven't account where you post the cute kittens in the world . As long as you have good engagement, businesses will want to advertise their products from your account. This is what influence our marketing is all about. A clothing store sees your fashion account and thinks, Hey, this person is getting a lot of attention Posting about clothing. Why not hijack your traffic? Can you post our clothing picture in your feed and tell your followers to buy? You are clothing. We will pay you a pet store owner sees your cat account and thinks, Hey, this person has direct access to followers who like cats. Why not use your target audience? Post our new cat toy in your feet and we will pay you. If you want to get an idea how much your posts are worth, you can visit sites like influence or marketing hub dot com. Just type in your user name, and it will calculate your social influence. Money value based on followers and engagement. Number three Shut outs What is the quickest way to grow followers on instagram shoutouts? It's when someone within your niche notices you're engaged followers. Hey, since we post the same kinds of content your followers will probably like my account to. Can you post my content in your feed and tell your followers to follow me? I will pay you. There is also something called account takeover, which is you giving a business 24 to 48 hours access to your account. During that period. They can post anything they want in your stories to drive traffic to their account. I am personally against this option. Giving a stranger access into your account can have consequences against your brand. Your followers follow you for a reason. They wouldn't take kindly to seeing a stranger popping up on their feet. Blasting offers and promotions boast sponsorship and shout outposts belong in the realm of influence and marketing. The key difference is a shoutout is usually used to promote an account and grow followers not to promote a product and make sales number four your own products or services. This is probably what your most interesting, using Instagram to promote and sell your own products and services. It could be a physical product, such as a makeup kit, a digital products such as an e book about how to attract the opposite sex and get more dates. A service like a one month diet and fitness consultation or a local business like a restaurant or a barber shop. As long as you can convince people of its value, you can promote it and sell it on instagram number five affiliated products or services. As long as you have the right product, the right audience and the right marketing strategy, you can make sales even if the product or services is not yours. You become an affiliate to a brand and sell their products for them. In exchange, you get a commission from the sales. Online marketplaces such as Click Bank, JV Zoo and Amazon have plenty of products you can promote on Instagram. In fact, so many products these days have affiliate program, just typing the product name and the word affiliate in Google and click Search. However, a word of advice selling other people's products tend to be a little harder than selling your own, unless you can explain a market the product extremely well. Your audience is not dumb. They know you are selling someone else's product. You will therefore need to have their full trust. Guess what happens if you promote a crappy product just to make a quick sale? Do you think people will ever buy from you again? You sold me a diet supplement and I didn't lose a single pound. Now you're promoting a gym membership? Hell no. I still want my refund number six account management. If you went onto fibre dot com and type thing Instagram, you will find many people offering to manage your INSTAGRAM account some charge of $50 per month and some charge $100. I want to know a secret. Some of them don't even know how to create valuable content or have a proven marketing strategy. How the hell are they able to manage your account? Simple. They use an automation service that does the work for them. All they need is your user name, your password and a list of your competitors. They lock into their automation service. Input all your information and hit right. And then the robot will follow. Um, follow like and comment on different accounts in your niche on your behalf. These sellers don't Caray any content for you. They just set things up. Sit back, relax and way for your monthly payment. And guess what the automation services that they are using are not even that expensive. For example, I use follow planner and they charged me $9 per month for five accounts. And if I charged five people $50 each to manage their account, guess how much money I could make $50 Time five equals $250.250 dollars. Minus $9 equals $241 of pure profit per month. And we're not just going to stop at five accounts, right? Why not 15 or 50? We can multiply our profits so quickly. Don't worry. I would teach you how you can do this too, in a different episode. And plus you will be better than everyone on fiber or on the net, for that matter. Why? Because by the end of this course, you will know so much about insulin marketing and business strategies that you can charge not only for automation services but also consultation services, which is where the real money is. Number seven accounts for sale. As with any real estate riel or virtual, you can sell it for a big payday. If you have an account with tons of engagement and followers, you can transfer the ownership of the count to someone else. Why would someone pay for this? Because an active instagram account in the hands of the right person is a money making machine. Someone buying your account will have immediate and direct access to an engaged target audience that is extremely profitable. This is why Facebook, Google, YouTube and Instagram makes so much money they have access to the information of billions of people, and you selling your account is you giving someone access to a community that you have built. However, after you sell it, you no longer own it or control it. If they take your makeup account and turn it into a fitness account, you have no say. It's like George Lucas selling the rights of Star Wars to Disney. Disney can kill off all the main characters and turn it into a musical, and Lucas cannot do a single thing about it. Here are the action items for this episode. Think about which business strategy fits you and your skills. The best charging people for your photos. Sponsored posts, shoutouts your own product and services, affiliated products and services, instagram account management and finally, account ownership transfer. I don't want to sound rude or insensitive, but if you are having a hard time making money on instagram, then you are not trying hard enough because, as you can see, there are so many opportunities to make money. I hope I was able to make you see Instagram in a different way than before. The money is there. All you have to do is the picture strategy. Stay focused and polish your skills. 7. Followers don't equal money Engagement above Followers: Let me ask you a question. If you have 2000 followers, but no one will buy from you, do you think anything will change once you get to 10-K followers? What about 50 K followers? 100 K followers? If you can't make a sale with 2000 followers, then you would not make a sale with a 1,000,000 followers. There must be something wrong with your product, something wrong with your target audience or something wrong with your marketing strategy? I don't want to hurt your feelings, but it's true those 2000 followers follow you for a reason. They like your profile, and they like your product. They are just waiting for the right moment to buy from you. But if you can't make a sale with 2000 followers, you won't be able to make a sale with a 1,000,000 because zero times 2000 equals zero zero times a 1,000,000 still equals zero. Why did I even use 2000 as an example? Because right now that is what a nano influencer is. It only takes about 2000 loyal followers to be labeled a nano influencer. And why do I say loyal followers because these followers are not zombies. They will like comment and engage with your photos every time you post. Otherwise, what is the point of followers Because of popularity? Popularity is great. It's an ego boost. Your But guess what? Popularity does not pay the bills, so please do not worry about followers. If you have the war about something, worry about engagement, you want people as much people as possible to like and comment on your posts. And if those people also follow you, then they will buy, if not today, then tomorrow, if not tomorrow, then the day after tomorrow, because we will remind them every day that we have the product that they want. People will buy from you. And it all starts with the mindset that engagement is worth more than followers because one follower who buys is worth way more than a 1,000,000 followers who don't buy 8. Target Customers Locked SELL THEM this Pen!: you have a hobby that you just love. You created a product around it and turned it into a business. Now you're just trying to find people who want to buy. It doesn't sound like you that sounds like me. Unfortunately, I started many businesses in the past, but some of them unfortunately, failed. I had a good product but had a hard time finding an audience that wanted to buy my product . Like the time I invested in cool and innovative household gadgets. But hundreds of units of image or but only made a few $100 a week because I couldn't find enough people who were excited about it, not enough to make it a sustainable business. Anyways. I also had experiences where people love my product but couldn't pay for it. Like the time I created a complete modeling course for kids and teens. My ideal customers. Oh, they love the course, but guess what? Their allowance couldn't pay for it. I should have targeted their parents, the rial customers. Uh, most businesses fail because they spent most of their time, energy and money developing the product, but not enough time searching for and understanding the customer Yes. What? Creating the perfect product doesn't mean Jack, unless you have the perfect audience waiting for your product or the perfect guardians who are able to buy it. Because your product is not gonna by itself. Weight doesn't even make any sense. Anyways, you have to understand your audience. You need to know their hopes, their dreams, their fears and their worst nightmares. You need to know their social status, marital status where they live and their job. Okay, you might be wondering Why do we even care about all that? Because you can only sell to people you truly understand. Hitting the gym seven days a week and still not losing weight. Dude, I have been there. I understand you. You need to watch your diet, follow me on instagram and learn some free diet tips right now. Does your face feel dry? Even though you moisturize all the time? Do that. I have been there. I understand you. You need to use a toner first that makes the more stories or last longer. Follow me on instagram and learn some free skincare tips. Right now, that is the fundamental secret of business. And of course, business on instagram. Figure out what people want and then give it to them. Figure out what kinds of followers you want and then give them what they want so they will follow you and buy your products. Who is your target customer? If you don't know, then we have a serious problem. That means you don't know how to sell to them. You don't even know who they are. Oh my God, how can you possibly sell to them? In the movie Wolf of Wall Street, Leonardo DiCaprio asked people to sell him a pen. It's it's Ah, amazing pen for professionals. Sell me this pen. It's a nice pen. You can. You can use the pen to write down faults from your life so you can remember and everyone start to say that Oh, it's a great looking pin is writes. Well, it's made from quarter the materials. It's on sale and it's Wait, wait, wait. Giant face home. What makes you think your audience cares about that? First, that you should ask the customer what they want. What are they going to use the pen for? Are you using the pen to sign your child's hideous report card or are you using the pen to sign a $5000 check that you made on Instagram? Can you see how I made you think about the pen that you could be holding in your hand? I made you feel something. I created a practical situation and created an emotional story. Now this pin I'm trying to sell you is memorable and meaningful to you. Now is not just a stupid piece of plastic that has ink in it. You are now emotionally connected and based on your emotional response, I will tailor my sales message directly to you. You are signing Ah, horrible report card. Okay, I'm selling these disposable pens. 10 for $3 because your child got a seeing history Yak. Better sign it with a cheap in and throw away the disappointment. Are you signing a $5000 check? Oh, my God. You need to get my prestigious pen for $100 because you need to commemorate your success with a quality $5000 signature. As if the ink in the signature would be any different in those two situations. That's our secret. Ok, don't tell him that there are only two action items in this episode Remember, you can only sell to people you truly understand. That is why you must prove to yourself that you know exactly who your target customers are . OK, now it's time to prove it. Fill out the target customers worksheet in the next lecture to start honing in on your target followers. It's time to prove to you and me that you know who you are posting for on Instagram every day. 9. Target Customers Worksheet: this is by far the most important episode in the series. And this ironic. That's also the shortest episode in the Siri's. Look, if you don't bother to understand your target customer, do you know what you have? No, you don't have a business. You have, Ah, hobby. You are then just posting things for fun and hoping just praying that it will catch a random person's eye, that they might be interested enough to follow you. And then maybe later, click on the link in our bio. Eventually. Please, please buy from you. We don't believe in luck. If anything, we create our own luck. So are you up for a challenge? All right, let's do this. Please take this step seriously. Fill out the work she posted on your wall or somewhere. You can see it every day so that it will remind you who you're talking to, who you're connecting with and who you are ultimately selling to 10. Social Media and Marketing – Getting Attention and the Indirect Sale: social media is you getting attention? Using Instagram is you getting attention? As long as you can get someone's attention, you can sell them something. No attention, no sale. Even if you have the best product in the world, the Holy Grail that grants eternal life. If no one knows about it, no one will buy it. If you can't get attention, no one will buy it. And Instagram is one of the best platform to get attention. So what happens when you have someone's attention? You go for the indirect sales. Everyone knows how to sell directly. Buy this product now get the service. Now sign up now and we all know how well that works, Right? You are walking down the street and suddenly, out of nowhere, you hear a little boy yell out extra, an extra re all about it. He's got your attention. Then he yells by my newspaper. You ask why? What's in it? But the little boy continue the yo extra extra Read all about it. I heard you the first time get lost. And if this boy kept on doing just that day after day, yelling the same line, what will happen, people would not only ignore him, but also called the spam police. Get that boy off the streets. Jesus! But what if that boy was clever? You are walking down the street extra extra Tomorrow it will rain bring an umbrella paid that's relevant and helpful. And the next day, extra extra is going to be super hot today. Bring your swim trunks. Hey, this kid is giving me daily value for free. If he does it every day, you will look forward to seeing that little boy in the morning. In fact, if he doesn't show up, you might start looking for him. Hi. Can I just get a subscription from you? So I can see you every day? I can. Cool? Yes. What just happened? You just followed that little boy every day. He will give you a little bit of valuable content. And as a result you will start to like him more and more. But that kid better be on top of things and stay relevant. If one day he came up and said extra extra, it will ringing Egypt. What? What the hell does I have to do with me? Cancel my subscription. Um, follow. If you have a specific niche and a specific target audience. Getting of subscription is easy. But how do you get people to buy a product from this newspaper? If you are trying to sell stocks or stock consultation services, saying star prices are dropping the time to buy is now is not good enough. Why? Because there are other little boys with newspapers yelling the same thing. How do we compete with those annoying kids stealing our attention? Why not suggest one stock that you can buy? Show off your expertise and personality. Build that trust after the initial attention. You should buy this stock because of this. This and this. Oh, you like me for helping you for free. Don't you want to learn the rest? I'll give you a good deal on it because you follow me. You are already part of my community and I take care of my own. How could anyone interested refused that offer? Remember, this boy is not a stranger anymore. You like him, you trust him. If he gives you a good offer, you will consider it. But it has to be a good offer. Well, that little boy is you. I don't want to be sexist or anything, so that could be totally a little girl. It doesn't have to be little. The point is that attention grabber is you. That is what your instagram account is for. If you go for the direct cell, no one will buy it. They haven't even subscribed to your daily paper yet. Why the hell would they buy a specific product advertised on your account? You need to get them to follow you first, then deliver daily quality content and finally way for the right moment to send them an offer. There are no action items in this episode. Just be aware that people who always sell directly are amateurs. Soon no one will pay attention to them. You are smarted in that you know you need to connect with people, build a relationship and warm them up before you can ask for the sale. That is what we're here to do on instagram, get attention, get leads and get sales. So what are you going to do once you have someone's attention? 11. How do you make the Big Bucks Online Business Blueprint: What is your financial goal on instagram? How much money do you want to make on a weekly and monthly basis, depending on the size of your account and its engagement? On average, a sponsored post is worth about $200. A. Shout out about $50 if you sell your own product or service, you might be able to make a couple $100 per week. How much does your product cost now? This is important because the pricing of your product determines your INSTAGRAM marketing strategy. If you're selling a $20 product, let's say a makeup brush on instagram. It shouldn't be hard to make a sale. You post daily valuable makeup content. How to take care of your skin with makeup material? Asks the longest. What's trendy in makeup news today and so on. A person interested in makeup will follow you because of your valuable and relevant content . In a few days they will get to know your brand, and in a week or two they were start to like your personality. You obviously know what you're talking about and your make up brushes. Only $20. Some will start buying it and join your community. But how do you make the big bucks? What if you are selling an entire seasonal makeup line $500 per transaction or $1000 with consultation included? Let me put this in perspective for you so that you can understand how to approach your online marketing strategy. If you want to make the big bucks hundreds of dollars or more per transaction, you need a webinar Ah, phone call or a personal meeting. Why your product is $20? Sure, why not? I mean, I do trust you. Your product is, what, $100 you need my credit card to. But ah, um, tell me more about your product again. You see, this is how customers think. No one is willing to click on a link and immediately pull out their credit card and give you hundreds of dollars. That's just not gonna happen for big ticket items. Potential leads need some form of human interaction. They need to be able to look you in the are, hear your voice and listen to you explain the value of your product. This is why so many ads that you see on Facebook instagram and YouTube. Have you signed up to a webinar where a person spends an hour building trust and likeability? So at the end, you arm or willing to take out your credit card? And those webinars are not live, they are pre recorded. Hope they look live. I sat through many of them. I wrote a question and was wondering, How come the coast never answers my question? They answered everyone else's question. Just not mine. Oh my God, I was such a dork. But really, do you think they will have live webinars several times a day? No. Those online marketers create a webinar and have it replay over and over again because they understand the power of the human connection. No one is going to pay $1000 for a product, no matter how well a landing pages written. So how is all this related to Easy Graham. If you want to make hundreds of dollars or more per sale, then you will need to have a system put in place. Once someone clicks on the link in your bio, they are taking to your website where they put in their email and sign up to a Webinar phone call or meeting. But what if they forget to attend the Webinar or don't buy anything? Well, we have their email address, don't we? We create an automated email chain that sends them value emos and also reminds them every few days of our offer. Then we change our offer and do it again. Yes, how many times the average customer needs to be reminded of your product before actually buying from you? No, really, I guess seven times they need to be familiar with you. And unfortunately, that takes time. This is why we want people to follow us and interact with our daily content to get to know us. I charged apparent $500 an hour for modeling consultation for his daughter. Did the parent out of nowhere deposited $500 into my bank account without asking any questions? Of course not. He followed me on instagram first and then on YouTube, interacted with my free content, asked many basic questions, waited some more, watch more my videos as some more questions and finally decided to take me up on my consultation offer. Before the actual phone call, we emailed back and forth a few times until he finally understood my value and expertise. He wanted to get her daughter on a billboard, and since he saw that I was on one, he wanted to know how it was done. I explained. Getting her daughter on a billboard is not the first step he needs to take on her daughter's modelling career. Perform you ability networking agency representation are among the many things he should co so consider. I created a custom package for her daughter with detailed weekly and monthly action items and sold him on it. And what started our business relationship? It started with Instagram. You see your INSTAGRAM profile is your online interactive portfolio. You use it to showcase your expertise and your personality. It is a traffic generating lead warming machine, but you still have to create a system that does the final selling. Here are the action items in this episode. Stop and think about your financial goals on Instagram. Are you trying to make a couple $100 a week or a few 1000? How much does your product or service caused? If it costs a few $100 you will need to create a system outside of Instagram to cultivate the relationship with the customer. A Web site that collects emails and signs people up for webinar phone call or meeting is a great place to start during the interaction. You have to prove that you have the qualifications to teach or saw the product. You have to earn the person's trust, and they also have to like you. Don't worry. That is exactly what our INSTAGRAM profile is made for. We post things that educates our followers, building trust. We post stories that entertains our followers, building affection. They trust us, and they like us. Now they're waiting for is the right offer. 12. BONUS Episodes! - How to grow on YouTube as Well!: Congratulations on making it this far. You now know some secrets to give visitors to stop scrolling and pay attention to you and follow your Instagram account. Awesome, right? Before we continue with more Instagram strategies at this stage of our journey, I want to share a special secret with you. Since you are taking the time to post on Instagram, why not double your influence? But also growing on YouTube. You see many of my students post their content both on Instagram and YouTube. As a result, grow both accounts at the same time, my student Francesco, posts about fitness and living the active life. Every time he posts short form content on Instagram, he also post long-form content on YouTube, and as a result, he grows on both platforms. My other student clouding posts about terror cards and astrology, our Instagram, she just started her YouTube channel and already have 38 new subscribers. Since I am currently working with YouTube headquarters in California and learning about the YouTube algorithm, I thought how would give you a bonus? In the next couple of episodes, I will share some secrets with you that I learned from YouTube. Show you how to grow your influence on YouTube as well. The next couple of episodes are taken directly from my new YouTube marketing Academy, which will be available in June. But I don't want you to wait until then to get started on growing your influence on YouTube. Because if you are posting content on Instagram, why not post it on YouTube as well and grow there as well. Makes sense, right? Okay, without further ado, let's take a small detour from Instagram and learn a little about YouTube so we can grow on both platforms at the same time. I'll see you in the next episode. 13. BONUS Episode! - Why is it So Hard to get Subscribers on YouTube: Just why is it so hard to get subscribers on YouTube? It's fairly easy to get a follower on Instagram and fairly easy to get someone to like and follow your Facebook page. So why is this so hard to get a subscriber around YouTube? After working with YouTube in their San Bruno headquarters as a content marketing consultant, I finally found out the answer, because the psychology of the people on YouTube is different than years before, when YouTube started in 2005, people who stumble upon a fun or entertaining video, we'll subscribe to the channel looking forward to seeing more of that content. However, when Google bought YouTube a year later, they started a vigorous process, turning YouTube into a search engine. And that is the biggest secret I can share with you about becoming successful on YouTube. It actually also answers the question, why is hard to get subscribers? Let me ask you a question where you go onto Google searching for a solution to a problem, where you find a website that provides you the solution. Do you bookmark that side? Do you subscribe to their mailing list? Do you even bother to like and comment on the information? No, probably not. Once you figure out the answer to your question, you simply click the Back button and leave. And that is the psychology of the people on YouTube today. Youtube is a search engine. That means it is a library, a library filled with billions of books, billions of videos. And most of the people visiting this library, our consumers, they find a video, consume the content, and leave often without liking, commenting, or subscribing. And that's okay because I'm sure you do this to, let's say your dishwasher is overflowing. You go onto YouTube and typing the keyword dishwasher overflowing. And you get these videos, you watch a couple of them to figure out how to solve your problem. As soon as you figure out the answer to your problem, what do you do? You leave the EU borders subscribing to any of the videos that you watched? No, not at all. Why? Because as soon as you found what you're looking for, as soon as your problem is solved, you leave, you simply close the book and put it back on the shelf without looking at any of the other books written by the same author. And there's nothing wrong with that. I mean, why would you want to continue watching or be notified, have more dishwasher videos, right? How do you get people to subscribe to your channel? It's more interesting to think of this question from your point of view. At what point do you made a conscious decision to hit the subscribe button on the video that you're watching? The obvious answer is if you feel that the video is helpful, entertaining, and you wouldn't mind being notified of future videos like this. But let's talk about the not so obvious answer. The answer that I learned while working with YouTube headquarters, this secret is so awesome, die YouTube. Don't disclose this information to the public. So you will never find any public article from YouTube talking about this. And that's why it's so exciting for me to share the secret with you right now. You see Google, the owner of YouTube did research into the viewing habits and the subscription habits of millions of users and found that a good majority of them subscribe to a channel after watching at least three videos in succession, I wish I could show you a graph of their research, but they wouldn't let me take any photos when I was in the YouTube building. And that's one of the secrets I learned when working with YouTube, the power of three. Would you like me to show you how to take this power of three concept and apply it to your channel so that you can immediately benefit from this secret directly from YouTube Headquarters. I'll see you in the next episode. 14. BONUS Episode! - The Power of 3 Secret: Of all the things I learned while working at YouTube headquarters, the secret of the power of three is my favorite. I wish I can show you a graph of their research, but they wouldn't let me take any photos when I was in the YouTube building. So this is a graph I made for you based on what I learned from one of the meetings, the percentage of people subscribing to a channel after watching one video from the channel is around 1%. The percentage of people subscribing to our channel after watching two videos back-to-back from the same channel is around 5%. Now comes a secret. The percentage of people subscribing to our channel after watching three videos back-to-back from the same channel is not 10 percent, not 20%, but get this 30 percent. Do you know what this means? That means the likelihood of someone subscribing to your channel after watching three of your videos increases tremendously, making it the perfect sweet spot. I know what you may be thinking, But June 30 percent is not that big of a deal, is too low of a conversion rate. If you have taken my e-mail marketing course, you know that if you can get 30% of people to open your emails, when you send out a newsletter, you are considered a great marketer. And that's why I think of getting subscribers on YouTube. They're very similar to getting people to sign up to your email list. To get people to sign up to your email list, you need to have a good lead magnet. One good lead magnet. To get people to subscribe to your YouTube channel, you need to have how many good videos? You got it. You need to have at least three good videos linked together in a playlist. Now imagine, after watching the dishwasher overflowing video, the person invites you to watch another short video in which he talks about how to easily fix small appliances in your kitchen. You are probably watched that right now. Imagine after watching that video, the person continues to invite you to another video about five things you can do inside of your house that will immediately decrease your electricity bill for the month. You're probably watched there too, right? Guiding you along and quickly answering questions related to your original query, you are considering subscribing to this channel, right? And it only takes three videos, three lead magnets to capture and maintain people's attention. If you think about it, this magic number three can be found in our daily behavior as well. You are more committed to a Netflix show if the first three episodes of the show captures your attention and it isn't boring. You are more committed to an artist. If you'd like at least three songs from the album, you are more committed to a relationship if the third date you go on is an enjoyable one. And then I wonder why Instagram have three columns. Anyways, the reason why one of the things we will be doing in this course is to help you create several play lists that are linked by three videos or more. This will increase not only your video ranking, your channel authority, but also gets you subscribers. Cool, right? In fact, that this three video strategy works so well that I'm going to use it on you to help you understand what you need to do to be successful on YouTube. Let's play a game. Watch the next three episodes with intention. You will see how with three videos, I will be able to explain how you will conquer the YouTube platform. In the next episode, I will explain why we don't focus on subscribers monetization on YouTube. In a second episode, I will explain how small channels with a small subscriber counts are able to make money and grow their business and influence without monetization. And in the third and final episode, I will explain why our success is inevitable, our weekly and monthly goals, how to immediately put everything we are learning into practice immediately getting your results. I don't know about you, but as much as I enjoyed making videos, I don't do it just for fun. I do it because it gets results and that is what we will be doing. Okay, let's move on and talk about our master plan, what we are trying to accomplish in this course, and how we are going to do it. 15. BONUS Episode! - Why we DON'T focus on Subscribers or Monetization: Almost all courses about YouTube focus on getting subscribers and views on videos. Their primary goal is to grow a channel with massive amounts of fans and then get paid monetization money from YouTube. That's extremely attractive, right? It's attractive because everyone wants to be a YouTube star, to be internet famous from making videos, to be able to make a living from posting videos. But that's just it. Can you really make a living from YouTube? We know it was possible years before, but how practical or realistic is it right now? In late 2017 to early 2018, youtube started to place heavy restrictions on their partner program, which limited the amount of money small channels can make while completely stopping new channels from making money at all. Currently, the eligibility requirements for monetization is at least one thousands of scrubbers with 4 thousand hours of watch time within the past 12 months. This means if you have just started your channel, you won't be able to make money until you have proven to YouTube, you are an active and positive member on their platform. To make matters worse, have you ever wondered how much money you make if you had 1 million subscribers? Google actually publishes this information publicly, $60 thousand a year, and that's before taxes. Can you possibly make a living with that? Okay. What if you had a million views on your video? If you put your blood, sweat, and tears into YouTube, worked for years and got lucky and got a million views on a video. How much money would you make if you have a large channel, around $40 thousand? If you have a small channel around 3000, $400, can you believe that thirty-four hundred dollars before taxes for a million views. Is this the kind of reward worth your investment of your time, energy, and money? This is one of the reasons why on April 3rd, 2018, a person visited that YouTube headquarters in California and started shooting YouTube employees with a handgun, gunfire and tell you to In California, new information still is coming in, but we now know the shooter was a woman. Police say she's dead and multiple people are wounded. And within minutes there is a massive police presence on scene as well as emergency services. And then it was a bit of chaos with very heavily armed police moving into the YouTube headquarters. Over a thousand employees there, that 1000 employees were trying to get out of the YouTube headquarters at the same time, she empty 10 rounds from one magazine before loading a shooting again, the perpetrator publicly complained about YouTube on her website, writing that YouTube filter her channels to keep them from getting views. And also YouTube had D monetized most of her videos. Look, she got 366 thousand views on her channel. And how much that YouTube paid her, 10, $0.10 cents for 300000 views. She was so angry that she went to YouTube headquarters, injured three people before committing suicide on the premises. Now, I'm sharing this tragic story with you for a reason. Youtube's new policies changed the lives of millions of creators in an instant. I want to remind you how truly difficult it is to make money from YouTube's partner program when you have a small channel, people with large channels were not as affected by this policy change. Why? Because it is in YouTube's best interests to keep these YouTube stars happy. They bringing tons of viewers to the platform daily and continue to keep YouTube competitive in the social media wars. But what about us? Wherever you are still growing your channel or you just started your channel. Is there any hope? Of course there is. In fact, I will prove to you in the next episode how to grow your influence, your business and make money without a lot of subscribers or monetization. I'll see you in the next episode. 16. BONUS Episode! - How Small YouTube Channels Make Money: It makes sense when you see a large channel make money, right? Like Russell Brunson who teaches how to build funnels with 190 thousand subscribers, make money. Like sunny Lenore doozy, who teaches social media growth with 515 case subscribers, make money. And grant Kardon, who teaches entrepreneurship with 1.53 million subscribers, make money. It makes sense they are making money, right? But what about people like Frank Kern, who makes millions of dollars a year teaching people about the psychology of sales. He only has a channel with 34 case subscribers. How is he able to make money? What about people like jump Hamburg, who mentored me about how to run successful webinars. He makes millions of dollars a year and he only has 9.49 case subscribers. And finally, another one of my mentors who got me started in email marketing, Carl Icahn, a who owns his own marketing agency making ozone millions of dollars a year and he get this only has 4.39 case subscribers. How are these people able to find success on YouTube with such a relatively small channel? Here is the secret. Are you ready? They don't make money from YouTube's partner program. They make money from the targeted traffic to get on YouTube. In other words, they don't wait around to get paid by YouTube, but use the free and organic traffic that's happening under channel every day. And that is what we will be doing in this course. We don't focus on subscribers, but focus on leveraging that traffic and influence we have on our channel. I bet no one has told you this before, but there are basically two paths you can take when growing on YouTube. The business path. If you have your own products and services for sale, you simply create videos related to those products and services. You are waiting for those videos to collect views. You drive the free and targeted traffic towards your website and collect email addresses so that you can contact people interested in your niche on your own terms, away from YouTube. Once your videos have a good amount of views, you can target those views with ads to sell your products and services. Your ad costs will be low and your conversion rates will be higher. Why? Because the viewers are not only targeted traffic who cares about your niche, but they also are one traffic because they know who you are and trust you. For example, I have a small YouTube channel and yet you see this video, this video titled How to Grow Instagram followers during quarantine. It has over five K views during the pandemic. This one video alone, maybe thousands of dollars per week because I ran as to whoever watched this video selling them my Instagram growth course. Now if you don't have products or services of your own, that's totally fine. The second path you can take on YouTube is the influencer path. You simply make videos that are related to the niche that you are interested in. The affiliate products that you want to eventually sell, all while using the targeted traffic from YouTube to grow your other social media accounts like Instagram. The majority of the money you will be making on YouTube are from commissions, from affiliated products, sponsorship deals, or collaborations. For example, a type of video that is always trendy on YouTube is review videos. Where you make a short video reviewing a product and service. Whenever you post a video like this, you are building a community that trust your recommendations, growing both your influence and the value of your opinion. That's why you can charge sponsors a lot of money to promote their products on your channel. For me, I enjoy making fun videos of my travel adventures. Was invited to Peru to document a male beauty pageant. The deal was simple. The organization pays my airfare, my hotel, my meals and activities for a week. In exchange, I return back to the United States and make a short video about their pageant. Check this out. The video I made for the organization is only two minutes and 34 seconds long, and it has gotten 25 K views since it was posted three years ago. You can see there is a lot of benefits from using and growing on YouTube, and it is not limited by how many subscribers you have. The key is to make money and grow your influence without waiting around for YouTube themselves to pay you. If your goal is to get paid by YouTube directly, you will be waiting and working for literally years before you make a single cent. Why would you ever waste a second of your precious time on such a poor reward? Nobody got time for that. In the next episode, we will wrap up our first week and give you a concrete picture on how we were benefit from YouTube's massive traffic. Why our success on the platform is inevitable as long as we follow this proven formula. 17. BONUS Episode! - Why Success is Inevitable Our Battle Plan: Let me get straight to the point and tell you why our success on YouTube is inevitable if you follow this formula that we are about to implement. I know, I know that is a bold claim to make. You are probably skeptical right now and you have every right to be, well, once I prove it to you, you will be amazed at how your perception will change the moment you start to see U2 for what it really is, the moment you will be able to do some real damage on the platform. Remember, we talked about how YouTube is a library. A library filled with information. Ever since it was created, people had been filling this library up with their knowledge so much. So there isn't a single topic that you can't find on YouTube. At a rate of at least 500 hours of video content uploaded to YouTube every single minute. There is no shortage of information. You may find this intimidating. I mean, the platform is so saturated. How can you ever make a difference, right? Don't worry, the fact that it is filled with endless information is precisely the reason why you will stand out. I'm going to ask you a question and I want you to really think about the answer. On average, how many videos do you watch until you finally find what you're looking for or stop because you've got tired of searching about four or five videos, right? And since the average length of a video on YouTube is about ten minutes, now you know why the average person spends about 40 minutes on the platform every day. Okay, This next question I ask you will break the mold and make you realize how powerful you can be on the platform of the 40 minutes that you spend on YouTube daily. How many minutes is spent watching someone talking about their name, their profession, and their experience, promoting their channels, Brand video, asking you to like, subscribe and hit the notification button. How many of those 40 minutes is spent listening to the person ramble on and on, talking slowly, repeating themselves, and not getting to the point. I think you are getting my point. That truth is, many videos on YouTube. Waste your time. Now imagine how you will feel if you arrive at a short video that gosh straight to the point and give you exactly what you wanted without wasting your time. You will be delighted, right? You will want to watch another video from this channel, right? You will probably subscribe, right? That is why you will succeed. You now know the secret to standing out from billions of other videos. We are not done yet. In fact, we are just getting started. This is our weekly and monthly battle plan. This is how we are going to conquer YouTube day by day, week by week, and month by month. How are you sitting down? All right, let's do this. Here is our Bataclan in a nutshell. One, every week, we will research and find low competitive keywords to target and make our videos according to what people are searching for. Two, because we are only making short and to the point videos are scripting, filming, and editing of our videos will be simple and fast. Anyone watching your videos will instantly fall in love with your content. And it's delivery. 3. After we upload, we make sure people will see the video by sharing it on our Facebook page, boosting it and driving traffic to the video, giving it a surge of traffic so that the YouTube algorithm will take over and show it to more and more people. For, while we are waiting for our videos to collect views, we will occasionally drive traffic to your other social media platforms so that you become omnipresent to your subscribers and fans. Five, then in a month, ones are videos have collected 100 views or more. We will target those viewers with YouTube ads promoting our products and services for sale. And 6, we were also occasionally research and find keywords that have no competition. That's right, no competition at all. Too easily rank our videos at the top of YouTube. Then we will use these videos to drive traffic to our other videos that are trying to rank. This will help your channel rank for more and more competitive keywords. If you are a little overwhelmed by all of these tactics, please don't worry, I will guide you through this process step-by-step. And if you are worried about running YouTube ads or Facebook ads, don't be, I will show you how to easily do that as well. Now some of my students, when they're starting out, don't want to run paid ads, and that is totally fine. I just wanted to give you the option to do so if you wanted that extra boost, because every time we run YouTube ads, we are growing your email list and Google Ads pixel so that we can retarget anyone who have seen our ads, building relationships. This will help you cut out the middleman and start owning your very own traffic. And every time we run Facebook ads, we are growing your YouTube video with views, subscribers, as well as the influence you have on your Facebook page. As you can see, everything we do on YouTube, off of YouTube, driving organic traffic, driving pay traffic all support the ecosystem that we are creating. The ecosystem of your influence and your business. It took me literally years to perfect the system. And the goal of it is simply this. If you are going to put in the time, why not reap the benefits from more than just YouTube? If you follow the system, not only will your YouTube channel grow your Facebook page, where grow your other social media channels where grow your e-mail list will also grow. How's them, right? That's awesome times for a quadruple. Awesome. Okay. I'm having way too much fun with this, and that's fine because doing this is supposed to be fun. I hope you are getting more and more excited at what the possibility this means for you. Are you ready to take the first step of your YouTube journey? Tare, Let's do it. 18. Your Money Making Machine 007 Gadget: Congratulations. You have been promoted to double 07 Sadness. You are now James Bond and have access to special gadget triple M. Cute kid X ray. Hey, thank you for the screen time bond. Okay, Your instagram is your triple M gadget, which is your money making machine. And what do machines do? They convert something into something. You put gasoline into a machine and it converts it into energy. Powering the car. A tree is a biological machine. It takes carbon dioxide and converts it into oxygen. Your instagram account is your money making machine. You put visitors into your account and it converts them into followers, Dan fans and then paying customers. So if you have a good instagram machine, you can basically turn visitors into money, and that is what we're here to do. But you have to remember, all good machines have a polished system that keeps it functional. These are the seven components of your Triple M gadget. These seven critical components make up your brand. What is the bread? A brand is a memorable identity, a symbol, a story and a legacy. It is more than just a person, a product or a company. That is why the James Bond movie camera can be played by many different actors as long as they possess the essence of the character they can be. Bond. What about you? What is the essence of your profile in the business world? Ah, brand is a reason to choose. Why would someone choose to follow you over someone else? Why was someone choose to buy from you over someone else? When someone buys your product, they are buying your brand. This is why a $1.25 cup of coffee with the right branding sells for $3.25. This is why a 45 cent brick with the right branding sells for $30. We are basically here to convince people that your product, your brand, is high quality. This is why all seven components of your instagram profile needs to be working together as one single message, one single brand for you to convert followers into customers. Otherwise, you will have visitors who don't follow you followers who don't like your content followers who like your content but don't ever comment, and followers who like and comment, but never by your instagram profile needs to be optimized in order to avoid these situations. Let's start building your gadget right now. This is your triple M gadget. This is your brand time to use it to take on the world. 19. Bio Picture Visitor's First Attention Grabber: why are so many people on Instagram using boring, unclear and easily forgettable profile pictures? No, I am not being me. Just open up Instagram and go through your notification feed right now. If someone liked or commented on your photo where you be curious enough to check them out? Do any of these profile pictures intrigue you? Probably not. If your profile picture doesn't stand out, very few people would bother to check you out. Then why are people making this mistake is because most are thinking about their account from their own point of view. Hey, this picture is me. I look great, don't I? I'm so proud of this photo going to use it as my profile pic. But guess what other people are thinking. Shrink it down to thumb now size and it's easily lost in the sea of other profiles. If it doesn't look interesting, why would anyone care if our first goal with Instagram is to get attention and our profile picture is the first attention grabber, we better do way better than that. No excuses. You are James Bond, and you demand attention. You always have to consider what other people are thinking when they are looking at your photos. When you look at your own profile picture, you should be asking yourself two questions. Will people know what it is? And will people be curious enough to click on it? Ah, curiosity. That is our secret weapon. Just how do we make someone curious enough to click on our profile picture? Well, you even make it flashy for you. Make it sexy. What is flashy, flashy is allowed colorful, clear, simple and unique. It's loud, something that immediately grabs your eyeballs. It's colorful, something that is rich in color and intensity. It's clear, like a logo that is bold and easy to read. It's simple, like an image that is easy to understand. Take a guess why Apple changed their eighties logo into this, because is more simple and clear and finally be unique. Being unique means standing out. It means doing the exact opposite of what everyone else is doing. If everyone is showing their face, you show your body. If everyone is showing their body, you show your face. If everyone is using color, you use black and white, and if everyone is using real photos, you use a cartoon look, one of my student is using this Q and flashy profile picture. Do you want to click it? Yes, you Do you want to click it and see what her account is about? Is she a artist? Is she a comedian? I don't know. It looks fun. Don't you want to find out? The key is to grab someone's attention and make them curious. All right. Now, what is the second way of grabbing attention with your profile picture? I have a confession. I don't know about you, but whenever I see a girl in a bikini or something sexy, I want to click on it. What it is, what it is. Whenever you see an image that's attractive, you are immediately curious, so why not use that to your advantage? This is especially true if this profile has reason. Li liked or commented on your post. When they show up on your notification, you're like, Hey, who is this person? Looks hot, it turns me on. I need to figure out what their account is about. If you haven't account about fitness, health, cosmetics, makeup, sports, yoga or anything that could be made to look active, try the strategy out picking an image with a lower and use it to attract visitors. Just make sure it is clear if it is a sexy or dynamic body photo. Make sure people can easily identify what it is because it will still be a small thumb now in someone's feed. Keep in mind we are human beings. We are not robots. We have emotions. We have desires. If you push it these buttons, you will get people's attention. And lastly, it's also a good idea for your brand to stay classy Instead of using boobs, use a full figure instead of using a but use a waistline. We are not selling sex were selling intrigue. Here are the action items in this episode. Remember boring and unclear Images push people away, while flashy and sexy images draw people in. Make sure to use a profile image that is flashy, which means it should be loud, colorful, clear, simple or unique. If you cannot make it flashy, they make a sexy consider using body shots, curves, lips, eyes and so on to create a lower and intrigue. We want to subconsciously turn people on without losing class. When someone sees your profile picture you don't want them to think? Uh huh. What is that you want them to think? Whoa. Who is that? What? And who are come? Clearly different reactions. 20. Business Name Your Brand Legacy: think about the brands you buy off line the brands you buy online and then think about the celebrities that you admire. What did they all have in common? McDonald's, Apple, WalMart and BMW, Amazon, eBay, Google and Yahoo. Beyonce, Biggie to Park and J. Lo. Would you buy them? Um, name you couldn't remember. Would you admire a name you couldn't pronounce? Obviously, no. This is why most of the successful companies and celebrities have simple and memorable names. They certainly don't have meaningless numbers, weird characters or awkward symbols in their name, because if people can't remember your name, they won't buy from you. If they can't pronounce your name, they won't buy from you. The first take away of this episode is that your instagram business user name should be simple and easy to pronounce. I learned just how important a simple business name can be during my acting career. This is my real name. Just try to pronounce it. Don't worry, I will not be upset if you put your I totally understand. Just imagine how hard is it to be a working actor with that name. When I play the role of a gangster leader in the show. Orange is the new black. Everyone had a hard time pronouncing and remembering my name. When I was on set playing an important scene. The director was like using XK after number one. Move over here so we can set the focus of the camera on you after number one. I was an important character and I wasn't getting the respect I deserved. That was a big wake up call for me. I quickly changed my acting name to June, which is simpler now. The director just had to say, June, go back to the trailer and get bloodied up. See you in 30 minutes. See how easy that was. June. Simple and memorable. This is why performers have stage names in the first place. Since we are running a business, we are going to take it a step further. We don't want just a simple name. We want a name that actually describes our business. This is the quickest way to get people to remember who you are and what you do. Steve Rogers is not a great user name for business. Why? Who is he? What does he do? Same thing as Martha Kent, who is she? And what is her account about Steve? The plumber is better. Martha's cookies is better. Now we have an idea what their account is about. But you know we can make it even better. Even more memorable unless your real name is part of your brand, your business user name should only describe your business along with a catchy theme. Consider this the plumber captain and account with Steve Role plays as a captain on a ship and his expert on everything. Plumbing or cookie artista, an account where Martha not only bakes cookies but turns them into works of art. The second take away is that the more descriptive and creative you can make your user name , the more memorable it will be, because suddenly you are adding life and personality to your business and you're making a fund. The key is to make your business user name or descriptive. If being descriptive is so important, why so many people using their real name in their business ego? But don't get me wrong. I understand your business is your baby, and you want to use your real name because it's like leaving a legacy. It's okay if you plan to use your real name and turn it into its own brand later on. However, if you are not married to the idea yet considered this Apple is not a company selling fresh fruits from the market. Amazon is not a company selling travel excursions to the rain forest and subway is not a company selling fares to an underground train. These companies have meaningful and memorable names. It's not called the Steve Jobs computer company. It's called Apple because Apple is a symbol of knowledge, and buying an Apple computer is like buying access to knowledge. Remember when starting out. No one knows who Steve Jobs is, and no one knows who Steve Rogers is. But the plumber captain, You know what knee shit is ing? And you know the owner also has a personality. If his services are good, I would rather buy from him. Then another plumbing service with a boring name. The third take awake in your insulin. This is name is a difference between your user name and your name confused. Don't worry, let me explain. Your user name is your descriptive identity. Your name, however, is your s C e o identity ASIO. That is an online buzz word search engine optimization. That means you are supposed to understand your business so well that you know all the top keywords people are typing in to search for your business. If you don't know the top keywords used in your business, then we have a problem. Because that means you don't know how to help people find your business. That's why you got to get on top of it. Do keyword research. Not just on instagram, but on Google, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Amazon. You want to know what people are searching for? When it comes to your niche, let me show you how powerful this strategy can be. You know that I also teach insta famous course, right? My user name is June top model. But my name is Insta Famous Academy. Yes. What happens when you search for the keyword insta famous academy on Instagram? You see only three results. One is my personal account. One is the business account that I created to market my course. And the third The third is one of my student who wants to be in the famous as well and is using those keywords imagine that millions of accounts on Instagram and yet only three results come up for people who is teaching Instagram on the Instagram. I know that is a play on words, but you can see how powerful S. E. O is in your name, right? Here are the action items in this episode. First, make sure your user name is simple and easy to pronounce. If people can't remember it or pronounce it, they won't buy from you. Second, make sure you use your user name to describe your business. You want people to immediately know where your count is about just by looking at the user name. If possible, try to add an adjective or a bit of personality into your user name. And third, make sure your user name and name are not the same Your name should be. S E o friends. Simple, easy to pronounce, descriptive bit of personality and S e o friendly. Congratulations. Your business legacy is being created as we speak. Let's keep going 21. Bio and Link Your Follower Generator: Let's face it, we live in a self absorbed world. Customers want immediate satisfaction and sellers want immediate sales. It's all about me, me, me and now. But you are smarter than that. You know that your bio is not actually about you. Why was someone want to follow you? Because you are bond. You are a leader and you are helpful. You post content that showcases your accomplishments. That proves you are an expert in your field, making you the leader. Your content is also full of advice, giving your followers the inside scoop, making you helpful and approachable. Do you know people who enjoy talking nonstop but have nothing valuable to contribute? Or people who are so stingy that even though they know a lot they refuse to share anything unless you pay them? You don't like these two types of people, right? Well, then what is the opposite of thes two? The opposite is expertise and generosity. A most powerful combination. If you constantly show your expertise and generosity, people will respect and love you. Does Your bio description is born. Your bio is a short list of who you are and what you're offering Be relatable be specific and be quick. Be relatable because your account is not for everyone. It is only for people interested in your niche, the people who you can relate to your target customer. Be specific because you are directly telling people what to expect if they follow you. There is nothing vague about it. And lastly, your bio must be quick and straight to the point, because Instagram recently started to collapse the bio. Now on Lee, the top two lines are visible. You pretty much have three seconds or less to capture someone's attention and convinced them to click form. Or a strategy you can try is to use the first line to relate to your target customer. And the second line to show your generosity from their student to is the famous. Let me help you, too. Single parent with two jobs daily tips to stay saying dummy to Garden Hero. Let's help grow your green thumb, too. You also have to remember people these days are self absorbed and lazy. If you write a bio focusing on your own accomplishments, you are stroking your own ego and no one will care. You can post about your accomplishments in your feed. But your bio is not a place for bragging. It's a place for offering. And if you put an un clickable link in your bio, you are forcing people to pace that address in another browser. No one will do that. So make sure everything in your bio is useful. Okay, what do we do? Once we grabs people's attention with our bio, the next step is toe work your way down to the link. The BIOS job is to convince people why they should follow you. The links job is to take them somewhere out of instagram, preferably your website. Sounds like they are doing two different things, right? So why is the link part of the bio and why are we talking about the link in this episode? Because with one motion, we are telling people what we're offering and how to get more. What are we offering? Take a look at our posts like what you see. And once a more click the link in our bio and visit our website. Your bio and link work together to get you more followers simple and straight to the point . The purpose of your account must be super clear. Your visitors will know exactly what you are offering and where to go to get more. This is also why your link has to be special. You have to tell people to click on it and tell them where it will take them. Your link is a lead magnet that drives traffic to your website, collecting potential customers emails in the process. The more specific you can make the link, the better your link is a door that leads somewhere. It needs to be helpful and specific. Click here to go to my YouTube channel. What? Why should I go to your YouTube channel? You're not telling me anything helpful. I'm not gonna click that click here to learn how to be successful. What? I'm not gonna open that door. It's so vague. I don't know where I would end up not clicking that. Click here for free five page e book on five Ways to maximize your daily routine. Now I know what I'm going to get if I click on the link and it's helpful and easy to consume. Two. Okay, I will try a link. Here are the action items in this episode Why was Someone want to follow you Because of your expertise and your generosity. Your bio should clearly explain your expertise and how you can help those who follow you. Your bio should be relatable, specific and quick. Instagram started to collapse your bio, so the 1st 2 lines should quickly relate to your target customer and show your willingness to help them. And lastly, make sure you tell people to click the link and explain where it will take them. Make your lead magnet helpful and super specific. This way, people won't hesitate to click on your link because they know exactly what they will get if they do. Your content and instagram stories are your daily traffic generator, but your bio and link are your daily follower generator. If you do a good job, people will join your community and some will visit your website and give you their email. Cheers. I wish this wasn't Martini, but I gotta get back to work 22. Story Highlights Your Movie Trailers: If you wanted to watch a movie, how do you decide which one? You won't be investing two hours of your time. Better be worth your while. The answer. You want a trailer? If you are considering following someone, how do you decide this account is going to show up on your feet every day? It better be worth your while. The answer. You watch their story highlights your story. Highlights is the movie trailer of your account and entertaining quick introduction of your profile and personality. Why do I say personality? Your permanent posts are supposed to be polished and perfect, but your I G stories are supposed to be fun. They are created to entertain your audience and should never be boring or self absorbed. It's never about Hey, look at my products and how cool they are. It's about Hey, let me entertain you with what my products can do. Promise to teach you something and make you smile. This is why if you follow me on instagram and watch my stories, you won't feel like I am being selfish or showing off. I'm always sharing my world with the audience, wishing people are good week or cracking jokes. Even when I post about food, I'm directly saying that I am sharing my food with you. Always post for your audience and not for yourself. Here's another way to look at the impact of I G stories Feature on Instagram. If your brand cannot even be at least a little entertaining on I D stories, then your business will be in trouble. Your movie trailer will be boring, and no one will want to stick around and watch your movie. If you are constantly posting products and only products on RG stories, then no one will be interested in following you. Why you are putting commercials, your movie trailer? Oh my God, that is horrible. You put product placements in your movie, not in your trailer. You can also think of your story. Highlights as a compile elation of your most successful I G stories. The ones that got the most views. These are the posts that are already proven to be viral on your profile. That's why you turned them into your highlights to keep them from disappearing. After 24 hours, you are essentially using them over and over again on your profile. Take advantage of this. Your story highlights are supposed to do three things. They're supposed explain who you are, what you do and how successful you are, who you are is about your brand personality. Are you fun? Are you cool? Are you outgoing? Do you have a sense of humor? Do you know how to connect with people and prove you understand them? What you do is your product and service, your specialty, your expertise, your qualifications for selling your product. And finally, how successful you are is the lifestyle your living because of your product or service? Is your product effective? If it is, your lifestyle must reflect that if you are a successful travel agent who sells travel packages, but your highlights never show you going anywhere. Then there's something weird going on if you are a successful performer and you're using instagram to receive more job opportunities, but your highlights never show you performing winning awards or even on stage den. There's something weird going on as you accumulate more entertaining I D stories. Your highlights will be filled with your Travel Avengers community get togethers, new product launches, weekly and monthly project announcements, and so on. If you did your research, you would notice accounts with different story highlights. Some are super polished with consistent looking thumbnails, while others are various screen captures. Which one should you choose? What you choose is dependent on your posting consistency. Do you post I G stories very often, or do you only post once per week? If you post often, then by all means, use a screen capture as your thumb. Now it doesn't have to look consistent with other highlights because you're always constantly updating it. This shows you are active. You're constantly up to something. Ah, brand with an exciting lifestyle. However, if you only post once per week or a few times a month, then you will need to hide them under a polished Um Now, that way, people who visit your profile daily won't be able to tell that you haven't updated your highlights like ever. You can also use your story highlights as you're entertaining Demo Rio. A quick way to show off your skills and wow the ordinance. If you are an artist, photographer or content creator, create some stories of your best images and set them as your highlights. Then name them wallpaper one of my artist friend does is to great effect. She selects her best images and names them wallpaper, and when you click on it, you tap through the gallery. This is a psychology tactic that subconsciously tells your visitors that you create content so good that people are actually using them as wallpapers on their phone. You are someone who definitely deserves to be paid for your quality work. Just remember to put a small watermark on your images so that people know it's yours and can't just steal it. Once you get really good, you can sneaking Ah, product placement in one of your movie trailers. This works especially well if it is a new product launch. Okay, I know I said, you are not supposed to do a product placement in your movie trailer, but, hey, if you get really good at entertaining your audience, you can certainly break the rules. If you are introducing a new product, you can make it an interactive experience for your followers. Ask a question. Set up a pole, which allows them to select yes or no and then answer it with a swipe up feature to take them to your website with the product. You want to ask a question first in order to prime people up for the offer. For example, when I was promoting my insta, famous courts are instagram. I did an instagram story and asked, Do you want more followers and engagement? And then I answered it by creating a second story that said, Take my complete course with a swipe up link, taking them to my website. If you don't have the swipe up feature because you haven't reached 10-K followers yet, don't worry. Just put your sticker name in your story and tell people to click the link in our bio. Here is another sales tactic to use directly contact people interested in your new product , and how do you know who to contact? We just did a poll. Remember, you can go to insights and see who tapped Yes to your question. Then send them a D. M and offer your time to answer any questions this person might have about your product. Here are the action items in this episode Story highlights are the movie trailers of your profile and brand. Make sure your highlights are entertaining and full of personality this will make you stand out above all the rest of the boring and meaningless I. D stories that's flooding people's feeds. Your highlights are a compile elation of your most successful I G stories. Pick out the ones that you received the most views and put them in highlights so that you can collect even more views and traffic. Remember, each highlight is supposed to tell people who you are, what you do and how successful you are. If you don't post I G stories that often, then consider hiding them behind. A polished and consistent looking highlight some now. If you do post often, which is recommended, then just choose one of the stories as the cover of your thumb. Now, once you have a good collection of entertaining highlights, you can then do a product promotion. Do oppo and ask people if they are interested in learning more about your product in the second post. Asked them to swipe up to learn more. You can also contact the people directly. Who said yes in the poll to speak to them about your product? Offer your story. Highlights. Tell the story of your brand. The adventures that you are promising people if they follow you on, buy your product. If you're movie trailer is really good. People will watch a content every day. 23. Theme Red Vs White Napkins: what makes you respect someone immediately style. But what exactly is style? It's one of those words that you know but hard to describe. Until now, style is something that's well put together. It is a theme. Take a look. Which profile is better looking? Which one do you respect? More? I'm guessing you are picking the one on the right. Why? Because is more pleasing to the eye. There is a consistent pattern, and the roles match up. But guess what? Look closely. These two accounts have the exact same content. It's just arranged differently. The one on the right is organized. The account owner bartered to create a theme. Suddenly de Aristotle, have you heard of the red vs white napkin experiment? A researcher brought to posit napkins to a dinner party. Napkins that look much like these two white napkins and red napkins. They were both made from the same material was the same size and costed about the same. The researcher left the two piles and napkins on the buffet table and left the party. When he returned Later that evening, he noticed something quite interesting for the dinner guests who used the white napkins. The white napkins were everywhere, crumbled up, thorn apart on the ground and plenty left over. But the red napkins really did. The researcher found ones that were 20 part or crumbled up. Many that were used were nicely folded up. Some were taken from the original table and not even used, and there was also a shortage of red napkins. Apparently, some guests took them home. But why? It was the same material, same size, same cost. The only difference was the color. Somehow people felt that the red napkin was of higher quality. It apparently had style, something that the white napkin didn't have. How does this translate into the business world? You are judged by your outer appearance. If you want respect, you have to dress nicely. It's as simple as that. And how does this translate into the instagram world? You are judged by how your posts are arranged. If you want to appear professional, you must have a theme, even if you post great content. If your photos or videos don't go well together and form a cohesive unit, you are still a white napkin. This is why some business accounts still look like personal accounts their posts, don't have a theme and looks random. It looks like bits and pieces of someone's unorganized life, not professional at all. Having a theme is paramount in business branding because it immediately sends a message that you are a professional, that your profile is polished and you post with a purpose. Just how do you create a theme? Having a theme is all about consistency, consistent arrangement of posts, consistent use of colors and consistent use of fonts. The placement of your posts should form a pattern. It doesn't have to be complicated. The most common ones are based on columns or rows. You can experiment and see what fits your posting style the best. If you don't like this type of arrangement, then use consistent colors, which means each post has the same filter or border or color tones. This means people will recognize a certain color to be your brand color. What is the brand color of subway sandwiches? What is the brand color of Pepsi? It is easy to recognize this is a Pepsi product that is a subway product. These companies are always using consistent colors to market the product. In fact, I am so conditioned to recognizing yellow and green as subway colors that when I went to Thailand and saw these taxis, my first reaction was, Oh my God, the subway sandwich cars our day delivering sandwiches to people's doors. Now that is the power of using a consistent color for your brand. Speaking of consistency, if you post quotes or have text in your images, you have to make sure you use the same font each time it will look like one person. One brand created these quotes. If you don't and use random Vons each time, it will look like you stole someone else's quotes and use them as your own. Horrible for branding. Here is an example. I normally use one type of fun whenever I add text to my posts. These two photos in the row has the exact same font and look good together. But this one on the left it has a different fund. I was in a hurry to post, chose a random von and published it from a design point of view. This photo looks out of place. It looks like I stole someone else's photo and use it as mine, even though it was my photo See totally proving to you that this is my photo. Remember, your visitors are used to seeing one type of font using a different font. Each time will confuse them. That is the power of branding. That is the power of having a theme. This will make all your posts uniform as if they came from the same family. One family, one brand. Since I'm having so much fun talking about themes and styles, I'll share one more secret with you. Something I learned from my graphic designer friends. Take a look at how these three rows are arranged. They look nice and well put together, right? Well, that's not by accident. It's because of one word balance in the first row. The theme is jean jackets, but more importantly, there is balance. You see both photos from either side facing inwards, which draws your attention to the middle. In the second row. The theme is black and white photography, but more importantly, there is balance. You see two full body photos plays on either side of one central closer photo, which draws your eyes to the middle. In the third row. The theme is buildings, but More importantly, there is balance. You see two buildings on either side with one central photo of me with the Statue of Liberty, I'm sure you notice a pattern. Each row draws your eyes, tours the center, the spine of your account. This is an effective strategy to use. If you want people to pay more attention, toe a certain post. Put your favor post in the center and balance it with two other similar posts on either side, preferably facing inwards. If your instagram account is new or less than 10,000 followers, then using the theme is even more urgent. You need to be heavily collecting followers and engagement. You need to jump over the hump of amateur versus professional account amateur accounts, have random looking posts. They don't have a theme and look like someone's personal scrapbook. That is not you. You are here to do business. You have a brand and you have a theme and you demand people's attention and respect. Here are the action items in this episode. A re occurring theme is how to transition from amateur to a professional account. A theme is all about consistency. Make sure you are using consistent arrangement of posts like arranging them in a column or a row. Consistent use of colors like choosing one or two brand colors and repeating them throughout your account. Or consistent use of fonts, like choosing one font style and never deviating from that one style. Finally, if you want to draw attention to a certain post, use the balance rule. Put one of your important photos in the center and balance it with two other similar photos on either side, drawing people's attention towards the center. The spine of your account. Having a theme will take your INSTAGRAM account to the next level. Take a look. What if I with a tear this white napkin apart, you don't feel anything? Even if I were the tear it to shreds. You don't really care, do you? What if I tear this red one? You feel something right. I am tearing this red apart. I'm just tearing and shredding it, and it's almost painful to watch. Why? Because you respect style. Always be the red napkin 24. Lifestyle Content Your Secret Weapon: And when you think of James Bond, what comes to mind suits, martinis, hot girls, travel gadgets and so on. Of the many things that you know about Bond, those things stand out. Why? Because that is bond signature. That is what he's known for. We now know what James Bond's INSTAGRAM account will look like. That is his lifestyle. If you want that lifestyle, you follow him. And if Bond was smart and wanted to make some extra money, he will teach you exactly how he got that lifestyle. Want to learn? Pay him and he will show you. Stop and think about this. What is your brand known for? What kind of lifestyle are you promising your followers? I know you have spent time, energy and money developing your products and services, and you think people will be so excited about it. But guess what? People don't care about your products. They only care about the concrete, tangible benefits your products can give them. One of my students asked me, Hey, June, I have a music business. Do I only post about music or me in my studio? If I travel, should I post about traveling or should I just pose about music related content. Here is the answer. You post the lifestyle of a successful music producer if you travel post about it, but make sure that your followers know you are able to travel because of your profession. Nobody cares about your music making ability, but Whoa, you are making enough money from your music to travel everywhere you want. Hey, what music are you making? Let me hear it. Teach me how to do it, too. The content on your instagram should tell people that if they follow you and buy your product, they will eventually have your lifestyle. If they copy what you tell them, lifestyle is your secret weapon. It is what allows you to tell the story of your brand. Here's an example. Let's say we are teaching people how to make some extra income online, and since traveling is a popular niche right now, our goal is teaching people how to make money to travel. An amateur will post their products and fill their entire feed with nothing but product offers. This turns their account into a boring, self absorbed catalogue. But what if we did things differently? This is the thought process of a potential customer visiting our profile for the first time . They see a picture of us with the Eiffel Tower and think, Hey, you went to Paris. Pretty cool den to Italy. Wow, Let me check you out and I will follow you for a while. What you are now in Jamaica I want to travel to how do I make some extra money on the side to travel? Oh, you teach people how to make money on Instagram. You teach how to get sponsorship deals and you also teach how to use your influence to travel for free. My goal is to travel and you're teaching all different kinds of ways to travel. Oh man, you are now in Singapore and you have a sale on your course. OK, take my money and teach me a visitor turned follower turned fan turned customer. You have a product that teaches people how to make money but people are not interested in money. I know that sounds silly, but think about it. People are not actually interested in these dirty pieces of green paper. They are only interested in what these dirty pieces of green paper came by. and that is what we sell them on the lifestyle You could be living if you had money. You have a product that makes you money. That gives you a certain lifestyle. Forget about the product. Forget about the money. Focus on the lifestyle. That is what people want. Do you hear that powerful themes on playing in the background? That's your brand. It gets people excited about the life. You are promising them. You are already living that lifestyle. Your INSTAGRAM account is proof that your brand works. So why not buy your product and give it a shot? Cool. Nice party. Love the atmosphere. Gotta love that song so hot right now. Nice looking speaker. Oh, that's a heart looking people at your party. Your slogan is controlled The music control the party. That makes sense, man. I want to control that party. Christmas is coming up. Whoa! Holiday Special and 30 days money back guarantee. Okay, let me try it. A speaker. And that's how I helped a mobile speaker company in the UK get 670 backers on Kickstarter, making them £120,000. Look, they made £124,000 when they only needed £10,000 to fund their project. And you do it all with the power of lifestyle. If we only posted product shots of the speaker on Instagram, no one will care. But if we inspire people by showing them what our speaker could do, how it could change your life well, at least changed their party. People will care. You can understand the thought process of the customer, right? Hey, you inspire me to host and control my own party, and your speaker does just that. OK, tell me more. There is only one action item in this episode. James Bond has his own signature, something that he is known for. What is your brand known for? What kind of lifestyle are you promising your followers? Once you figure that out, you'll know what to post you post the concrete, tangible lifestyle of what your products or services can provide. Just remember, Bond will not be bond without his lifestyle. Nobody actually cares about James Bond the person, but we do want his lifestyle. Attention is a scarce resource, but now you know what people want. People want an entertaining experience. That's why we give them the lifestyle off our brand, giving them that experience, winning their attention and sales 25. 7 Point Inspection WORKSHEET: Now you are fully briefed on how to use your triple engadget. Here is a worksheet, a checklist to make sure it is fully optimized and ready to go. If you want to use your INSTAGRAM account to convert followers into customers, then you must make sure the seven components of your account is optimized. This has to be done before you start engaging with your target customers because it doesn't matter how good the gasoline you put in your car is. If your car is crappy, it won't run. Doesn't matter how good your leads are. If your account doesn't pass the seven point inspection, you won't make any sales. Download the checklist and complete the inspection. It's time to show the world you are here to do business. 26. How to use IG Stories to Sell – Power of the Familiar: I just sold you something. Don't believe me. I just sold you the James Bond lifestyle. Is it possible that at this moment you want to go and see a bond movie? Or what about buying bond collectibles or merchandise instead of me? Just talking about the bond lifestyle as an analogy for Instagram content creation I showed you I showed you bond lifestyle photos, videos and even music. I had the soundtrack playing all seven of the episodes I dressed up in a suit. I dressed up as his nerdy psychic and even said that your instagram account is your money making gadget. Which is true. I kept this style consistent throughout the seven episodes, and as a result, you became immersed with that style familiar with Bond. I myself got into James Bond's so much while making those episodes for you that when I traveled to Switzerland, I could have purchased any watch brand I wanted. And yet I chose to buy out Omega Watch. Why? Because I became familiar with the bond lifestyle. I was like, I'm Bond wears omega watches. So if I bought a mega watch, then I will feel like bond. I still haven't gotten the date with a cute girl yet. But, hey, I'm working on it now. Why did I do all that secret agent stuff? Yes, it's an entertaining way to learn new material, but what I was really doing was showing you the power of familiarity, how it could influence you to feel a certain connection to a product. Remember that I told you it took an average of seven reminders for a potential customer to finally buy a product. An article published by Psychology today stated the research people need to be reminded more often than they need to be instructed. This is a big sales tactic than many sellers are not using correctly. You want people to become familiar with your product because that is the only way that someone will be willing to purchase a brand new product from you. You that's the key word. You are new to them. If you were selling a leather jacket, your jacket is new. Everyone has heard of Harley Davidsons, motorcycle jackets and Polo Ralph Lauren jackets. But what about your jacket? No one knows who you are, and if they saw your product at the store or on Instagram they are not going to buy it. I know you could totally be a mission. Impossible fan. You could totally like Tom Cruise more than Daniel Craig. For the next time you watch Secret Agent stuff, you are now more familiar of Bond. You are actually hyped up about it. So how do we hype up the new jacket brand were selling? We get people familiar with your jacket. Here is the fact not all of your followers will interact with your content. Depressingly, many won't even watch your content. A long time ago, when I had only a few 1000 followers, I think I had about 4000 at a time. I only had 110 people watching my I D stories depressing, but then it grew from 300 to 3000 to 6000. How was I able to do this familiarity and association. But first, let's sell this jacket and then I will show you how I got more viewers and followers from my instagram stories. After coming to a business agreement with the Italian Jagged Company, I was ready to promote their product. First, I started to wear the jacket in my stories basically using the product. Then I started to take my viewers around Florence, Italy, showing them around, explaining that Florence is known for high quality leather craftsmanship. Then I started to teach about letter quality, different kinds of leather and how to tell real from fake. While wearing the jacket, I cracked jokes about meeting the famous Michelangelo's David statue. We compared six packs, and I joked that David was shy. My viewers forgot I was promoting the jacket. They just had a fun time watching my stories on becoming familiar with Italy, they started to associate wearing leather as part of the Italian lifestyle. I made people feel that buying this jacket will allow them to take a piece of Florence with them. And when I finally finished the week long promotion, I said, Enjoy your leather, which made people who didn't buy the product feel left out. If we just posted a picture of the jacket and tell people to buy it, no one will. If we just posted about the jacket, then about our life, that doesn't have anything to do with the jacket and then back to the jacket. We would have lost the attention of our viewers. I made a lot of money for the jacket company, and they paid me and gave me this jacket for free. Why? Because I was able to convince my visitors toe associate this jacket with Italy, and at the same time people started to associate me with travel and fashion. To use this strategy, you post about one product, one association and one theme consistently for a period of time. The product is jacket. The association is Florence, Italy. The theme is letter appreciation. The duration is one week. The goal is sales. Besides the things, we don't post anything else that week. The second perk of using the psychology of familiarity is getting more viewers and followers Now. Do you want to know how I grew my instagram stories from hundreds to thousands of viewers? Of course I will show you since I travel a lot. I wanted to be known as a fun travel guru. When I was touring Shanghai, the live action movie Aladdin, starring Will Smith, was doing great at the theaters, making millions of dollars were wired. It seems everyone was loving the movie. I took advantage of this trending topic for two weeks Whenever I posted about my Shanghai travel experience, I used nothing but music from the ladder movie. Hey, I was going to post these videos anyways. Why not use a trending soundtrack to go with it? Here is an example. Hello, my family. I want to share this awesome moment with you. Yes, but that is that is a symbol of sharp Welcome to one of the most exciting Rose in Shanghai 19 road What? Ali Baba 40 have residing had 1000. But Master, you're in luck because up till stlede you gotta brand welcome to the bride. Oh, Expo in Shanghai, China I can show you Come on, let me show you around Tell me, Princess now When did you last let your heart decide? What does do psychologically is say to anyone watching your posts If you like that thing that is trending now I am trendy to If you come back tomorrow I will show you more of the same thing Promise tomorrow Same bat time, Same bat channel I mean provide Okay Okay enough of me promoting the Aladdin movie. But tell me the truth. Are you now in the mood to wash that Disney movie, and do you now associate me with being a fun travel guru? The product is Shanghai City Tour. The association is I am a fund travel guru. The theme is Aladdin Music. The duration is two weeks. The goal is viewers and followers. Besides these things, we don't post anything else that week and look at all the people who direct message me about how much they like my stories. Some of them were not even following me, but they are. Follow me now. Here are the action items in this episode a psychology sales tactic that many sellers are not using is familiarity, familiarity that is cool. Now, Spammy. The best way is to associate your product with something and create a theme around it. To use the strategy, you post about one product, one association and one theme consistently for period of time. Product is jacket Association is Italy. Theme is letter appreciation, then post on Lee that for certain duration so that your visitors and followers feel invested in the story you are telling, then they will come back tomorrow. This strategy also helps to get more viewers and followers because you are the product you just need an association and a theme product is you. Association is your specialty. Theme is what's trendy now. Bond Jackets, Italy, Shanghai Travel and Aladdin. If you post consistently about it, people will become comfortable and familiar with you. A gadget is only as good as the agent using it. Your instagram account is only as good as the psychology sales tactic you're using. Let's continue and they're more. I seriously need to drink my martini right now. And bond, you seriously need to pay me commission for talking about you so much. 27. Why do people Buy Psychology of the Customer: Why do people buy because of coupons? Promotions, bonuses, money back guarantees? No. Those are just things that push the customer over the edge. Ones toe. Haven't I on your product, but they have toe Want your product in the first place. So how do we make them want your product? People buy for two reasons they buy because they are either solving a problem or they are elevating their status. If you are suffering from a disease, the solution to the problem is simple medication. Or at least that's what the pharmaceutical companies want you to think. You have a medical problem. I have a pill you can take for your problem. Problem solved. Sales made. If you want to elevate your status and feel good about yourself, you go and buy a Gucci purse. You want status? I have a product to boost your ego status. Elevated sales made Some people get this concept mixed up because they feel that it overlaps. Some feel that elevating a status is also solving a problem. No, those are two separate behaviors. Let's break it down every time you go outside. The sun is really bright. It is damaging to your eyes. That is a problem. The solution. A simple pair of sunglasses. But when you go to the store USC sunglasses ranging from $10 to $500. Does that mean the $500 sunglasses block the sun better than the $10 sunglasses? No, not really. But if you wear the expensive one, you will feel cooler than everyone else because of the branding. Okay, for all you Gucci lovers out there is a Gucci purse really better than other purses? I mean, does it hold your belongings better? No, it's about status, and that is where you move from solving a problem to elevating your status. You don't need to pay $2500 for a bag to hold your stuff. The $50 bag could have done the job, but when you hold on to the $2500 bag, you will feel like a star. And that's how it Gucci, with their branding, was able to make so much money off of you. Think about the product or service that you're selling or promoting. It is either solving someone's problem or elevating someone status. Let's first talk about how to create a marketing strategy to sell a solution to a problem. Most products and services solve a problem. Months of looking and still don't have a job. Man, how are you going to put food on the table here? Join my network and we will match your resume with the right job networking problem solved . Are you lonely all the time? Man. This means you are stuck at home on a Friday night here. Get my seduction course and build your confidence and get more dates. Social problems off The key is to really dive deep and pull out all the painful frustrations of having that problem and then show how easy it is to buy your product to solve that problem. Are you not able to perform well in bed? Oh, that sucks. And it's so embarrassing. If this problem continues, you might lose your partner by our Viagra pills. Our slogan is Make every day. Valentine's Day. Are you trying to win this year's holiday decoration competition? But your gardening tools are all worn out. That sucks. If this problem continues, your yard would look like crap and you would never win the competition by our gardening tools. Our slogan is be the queen of your block. Now let's create a marketing strategy to add status to your product. Let's say you have watch Brand and your watches cost a $150 each. You cannot market your product as a problems over. Why? Because people don't need $100 watches to tell time they have their phones. Your slogan by my watch so you can tell time is going to sound ridiculous. So what are we going to do? We add status to your watch. We're going to make people feel that if they wore your watch, they were suddenly have style. That is actually how the movement watch company marketed the product. Their instagram account is super polished. Their website is super polished. You feel like if you bought your watch, your life would be super polished. But want to note the ultimate secret in their marketing strategy. It's all about branding, branding the stylish life. If you did your research, you will find watches on a wholesale website. There are almost exactly the same as the movement Watch brand on the website alibaba dot com. These watches cell for about $40 but wait a minute the movement Watch Brand sells them for $150. What's the difference? Branding the one on the right has a brand logo. The one on the left doesn't have a logo and therefore don't have as much prestige. The movement Watch Brand basically convinced you that they're $40 watch is worth $150 0 my God. And you believe them, right? That's the power of branding. Another strategy in elevating the status of your product is to hire attractive looking people for your brand. They are physically attractive, which increases the status of the product they are promoting. It's not a coincidence that the top fashion brands of the world use supermodels in their advertisements. A word of warning. There's always gonna be ambitious people trying to merge the two marketing strategies together. Oh, why don't we just hire hot looking models to promote the solutions to a problem? You shouldn't do that. Why? Because you have to look at a context for problem solving. The marketing strategy is making it as relatable as possible. Using models will hurt your believability. Do you have a way problem by my diet supplement and look like a supermodel. What are you saying? If I barge a diet pills, I would look like that. That's not realistic at all. You are such a liar for status elevation. The marketing strategy is the role model lifestyle. Using practical and down to earth lifestyles will hurt your brand. Do you want to feel special? Do you want to feel sexy by my Victoria's Secret underwear and spice up your bedroom? What that looks up boring. How could buy you underwear inspire my sex life? And you, Rosa, want me to pay top dollars for it? What a rip off. Solving problems require practical and realistic solutions by my diet supplement and lose some real weight this month. Look, I'm an average looking guy. It worked for me. It will work for you to solving problems is not about being flashy or over the top. It's about being riel and believable. Elevating statuses require polished and prestigious presentation by my Victoria's Secret underwear and make him drool over you. Turn your bedroom into a jungle. It's not about solving a problem. It's about taking your life to the next level. Focus on one marketing strategy and you attract your ideal customer But if you merge the two, your customers would not believe your product, and you will forget what they really want. Here are the action items in this episode. Think about the benefits that your products will provide. There's your product. Soft someone's problem or elevate someone status. Once you know exactly why a person will want your product, you will know how to market it to them. If you are solving a problem, market your products in a way that is realistic and practical. Be relatable. Be down to earth. Show your customers that you understand the pain of their problem. If you are elevating status, market your products in a way that is glamorous and prestigious. Use attractive role models to inspire and add value to your brand. However, do not mix these two marketing strategies focused on solving a problem or elevating a status, but not both. People don't need a $150 watch to tell time, and they don't need a $500 sunglasses to protect their eyes from the sun. The whole point of this episode is to get you thinking about exactly how to influence your prospect into investing in themselves. Solve your problem now, elevate your status. Now. Trust me, it's worth your money 28. Influence with Power Words Psychology of the Customer: people take words for granted, especially since Instagram is a visual medium. Many think that as long as they post a beautiful photo, followers will like comment. And by no, there is still something missing. If you were Pablo Picasso and you wanted to introduce your new product to the world, how would you do it? Just posted and expect people to appreciate it and even buy it. Oh, my God, What the hell is that? What is that hideous thing? And you want me to buy that? I wouldn't want to if it was free. The life of an artist is hard. But guess what? Picasso was clever. This is how he would use words to influence you. Attention, please. The Mona Lisa is famous because you can move around the room and her eyes will follow you. My new painting is an upgrade to this. Imagine standing in front of it without moving an inch and still be able to appreciate a painting. This is great because for the first time in our history, you can experience an image from all different perspectives. All I once Don't worry, it's not your fault. If you can't see it yet it took me years to be able to see art this way. Wait, Why are you giving him money? Okay, what just happened? Picasso just so do his crabby painting with three phrases. Okay, it's not crappy, but he sold you something weird that you never saw before. Imagine, because And it's not your fault. That's very clever, Picasso. Did Picasso really use that strategy when explaining his new paintings to people who knows ? But if I was in charge of his marketing department, I would have. Do you see how powerful words can be when creating a memorable experience? Let's start applying the strategy into your business. Try these three types of words or phrases. First is situational words. Using these words sets up a situation and allows the audience to follow you on your story. Words like, Imagine, Imagine how your daily schedule will change. If you had financial freedom, imagine getting out of bed whenever the hell you want. Second is logical words. Using these words convinces your audience to listen to your reason Words like because my products are 20% off this weekend because of Earth Day. We are joining on the celebration because we want to create awareness to love our earth. Third is relational words and phrases Using them will show that you understand where audiences coming from phrases like It's not your fault. I totally get you. It's not your fault. How were you supposed to know that eating a burrito after a workout is bad? I made the same mistake. It's not your fault. You worked hard at the gym and you deserve a reward afterwards. How is this a customer psychology episode? People don't want to be. So the two people want to be inspired, motivated. They want to feel they want to be explained to, and they want to be understood. Situational injects stories into your posts. Logical injects reason into your posts and relational injects understanding into your posts . The word Imagine pose people into your world, painting a picture telling a story. Imagine the good life and people will visualize that in their head. Imagine the bad life and people will do the same. Why? Because it's hard not to think about something once someone already set up the situation for you. The word because explains why what you're saying is relevant. Giving purpose to the whole experience. You cannot just say I'm having a huge sale this weekend. Why not? Because when someone mentions a discount off of their product, you immediately wonder why is your product defective? Did it past the expiration date? Why are you trying to get rid of your inventory? Using the word? Because will give reasons for your meeting for sale and the phrases like It's not your fault lowers people's defenses and establishes you as an understanding person. If you're trying to teach something to someone, it's easy to be a jerk about it. Oh my God, why would you search for airfares on Google and buy from the first website that you visit? You wasted so much money. How could you not know about the top websites to get traveled years from? Everyone knows that you are broke right now. You should have known better. Should've known better. Who the hell are you? The lecture me about how to find deals. What makes you such a know it all? Travel guru. You see, your student is totally on the defensive now. This is why we use phrases like it's not your fault. It removes the burden of responsibility and tells them it's OK that they didn't know an honest mistake could have happened to anyone. Be mindful that you have more power than you realize. Words can make or break someone's attention. Words can make or break a sale. Here are the action items in this episode. People who know how to use the right words have great influence making them grace. Salesman. This is something you can totally do. Start by using these three types of words or phrases situational words, words like Imagine that injects a story and helps people visualize what you are talking about. Logical words, words like, because that injects reason into your speech and gives purpose to everything you say. Relational words and phrases. Phrases like It's not your fault, which lowers people's defenses and shows them your understanding side. Don't expect people to read your mind. That's silly. If Picasso posted his paintings without explaining the significance of it, his legacy would have died along with his awkward looking paintings. Besides posting beautiful photos, use power words to extend your influence. This is, of course, just the tip of the iceberg. There's got to be mawr influential words in the English language right. Oh, I think it's time to give you a bonus to help you get the most out of your captions and written influence. Here is a list of power words that you can consider adding to your vocabulary. A marketing resource website called Sumo generated a list of 401 plus power words. These are the most popular words used by online advertising companies today. Imagine using these words to spice up your business. You need to do this because using regular words is just boring. Hey, it's not your fault you did not know about this list. Okay, okay, that is a corny joke. But I am very happy to share this pdf document with you. So download it and start using more power words in your vocabulary today. 29. Creating Ads 101 Customer Pyramid Customer Psychology: I am sure you noticed that whenever you post something, you are actually posting an advertisement. That's because you are always either advertising your brand or advertising your product. Let's say you own a virtual reality studio and you want customers to sign up and visit your location where you post this photo. You are sharing your brand voice. What your business is stands for. This is advertising your brand. Now, when you post this photo, you are sharing what your VR hits that look like. This is advertising your product. Posting photos like these on your account is fine. You might get some likes from your current followers, But guess what happens if you decide to pay Instagram to promote these photos to other people turning them into paid ads? It wouldn't do so well. In fact, it will do terrible. Very few people will visit your account and follow you. Because of this ad, no one will sign up to visit your studio. You would have wasted all of your added dollars. Just what's wrong? How can we get more people to care about this ad? Do you remember the definition of branding? How are explained that branding is a reason to choose. Why would someone choose to buy from you? Good branding is specific. It takes a specific stand. KFC isn't just any chicken restaurant. It's a fast food fried chicken restaurant. Holiday Inn isn't any hotel. It's a budget, but still decent hotel. Good advertisements are the same. It also needs to be specific. Your quote. Why shouldn't people be able to teleport wherever they want? Could be said about any virtual reality experience? How is your experience different than others? The same could be said about the headset. What's so special about it? How is it different? Daniel competitors? The first thing in creating of winning ad is to focus on something specific, such as a specific experience your service will offer or a specific function in your product that's different than others. However, not being specific is only part of the problem. It's still missing something. Can you guess what? This is a customer psychology episode, and that's what we're gonna do. We gonna analyze it from the point of view of our customers. Advertisements are a way to filter people out and is more than just Hey, you are interested in my product coming and buy it or Hey, you are not interesting. My product. Go away and don't waste my time. It's Mawr involved in that. The best ads have a tailored message. It's speaking to a specific type of customer while filtering everyone else out. So how do we create the specific message we look at the customer pyramid? My business life changed after I discovered this because it forces you to categorise your customers. You won't be able to sell people something unless you can effectively categorize them into groups. On the bottom of the pyramid are people who are unaware of the problem they have and the solution for it. The second level are people who are aware of the problem but not a solution for it. The third level are people who are aware of the problem and solution, just not your product. The fourth level are those who are aware of your product but are not so donna yet. And finally, on the top of the pyramid are the people who are sold on your product. They are just waiting for a good deal. You can see how this pyramid puts your customers into perspective, right each category of people requires a specific sales message. Okay, for example, let's say you are trying to sell a Dia plant. Now. How will you communicate with these people? Let's start at the bottom. These people are the hardest to sell to. Why? Because they don't even know that they have a problem. They don't even know or care that they are overweight. How are you going to convince them to buy your diet plan? This is why I suggest you don't even bother with these people. They are not worth your time now. When we go up one level, it gets a little easier to sell them your diet plan since they know they are overweight but don't know the solution. You explain to these people that the solution is not going to the gym. The solution is to buy your data plan. Then we move up one more level. These people know they are overweight, and Noah diet plan is what they need. However, they have never heard of you. So what do you do? You spend your time explaining to them why you're diet plan is different than other plans out there. Let's move up. One more level people know you exist. They know you are selling Dia plants, but they are not convinced of its value yet. So your job in the situation is to show them all the testimonials of people who have bought your daughter print and have lost weight. Now we reached the top of the pyramid. These people not only know about your diet plan, but they believe it will work for them. They are just waiting for the right moment to buy. So what do you do? You don't waste a single minute explaining to them how great your planners, they already know that. You just tell them your diet plan is on sale for a limited time boom sales made. Don't you just love this pyramid? It shows you what kind of message is appropriate for what groups of people. So you don't waste any time. It also allows you to see where most of your sales will be coming from, which is talking to those people who understand the problem who understand the solution but just don't know who you are. Yet one of the biggest obstacles in your way from making a sale is knowing just what to say to your customers, say the wrong thing and they will ignore you. Say the right thing and they will feel that you understand them, that your advertisement was just what they needed to see. Speaking of ads, would you like to know how to run a successful ad promoting that virtual reality business? All right, let's do it. When I was working on a commercial with the VR studio, they asked me what was the best way to promote this business on social media. They created ads before, but it failed. And when I saw their ads, I knew why even people on YouTube was leaving comments like I seriously learned nothing from the video, and the description has no information or links I can follow. You see, their ads didn't have a specific message. I showed them a copy of the customer pyramid, and I created a very simple scenario for them. I explained that they essentially have two kinds of customers. On one side is a person who doesn't really know much about virtual reality or what's all the fuss about. He has $20 to spend for the evening, and he is planning to go see a movie. On the other side is the person who knows what to expect from a virtual reality experience . In fact, he probably already tried 102 He knows the value and is prepared to pay $40. Now you are creating an ad to target the first person. What would you say to this person? You are basically telling him, Hey, don't go to the movie and spend $20 double that spend $40 go to my studio. And now you have the explain Why ar VR experiences more entertaining than watching a movie and why they should come to your specific VR studio. You see how difficult it will be to convince this person to buy your product. Now you are creating an ad to target the second person. This person already knows what VR is and knows that's where he wants. You don't need to waste time explaining to him how awesome VR is. You just need to create a specific message explaining why he should spend $40 at your VR studio. And that's what we did. Forget advertising to the first person. We are going to focus on the second person we are gonna create an ad that specifically explains why our studio is different from other studios. How are we different? It's not our equipment. Everyone uses about the same level of equipment these days. It's not our price. Everyone in this virtual reality business is charging about the same price. What about our service? Bingo. That's how we are different. We made an ad that explains, If you go to other VR studios, they would just put a headset on you, turn on the power and in an hour come back when it's finished. Our studio is completely customer service oriented. We will stay beside you and program the machine to fit your interest and playing level. We will not only calibrate the machine for a custom experience but have way into the game. We will hydrate you with beverages and have snacks waiting for you to think about how much a can of soda will cost you or a bag of chips. These are just ways to convince and prove that you stand by your service. A customer is going to spend $40 anyways, so why not spend it at your place? You can see why this particular ad will not work for the first person, right? How are you going to convince him to not spend $20 but $40 For what? By adding a $1 can of soda, a $1 bag of chips. He will not only not buy from you, but he will feel insulted as if you are cheaply bribing him. These two customers value different things. When you realize this, you will be able to take your advertising to the next level. The ad campaign did very well and the client was so happy that they offered me free tickets to give to my followers on Instagram. Hey, maybe next time I can invite you to their studio or any other product I'm promoted. Just remember to find me on Instagram. Okay, here is the action item. In this episode, download and print out the customer pyramid den on a separate piece of paper. Write down what you would say to each category of customers. How will you specifically try to convince them to buy your product? When you get good at writing simple but targeted messages, your customers will take action. Why? Because it's exactly what they needed to hear. If you think you are selling to everyone, you're gonna be broke. And if you think your advertisements will be appreciated by everyone, you're going to stay broke. So please stop speaking to people who are just gonna waste your time. Create a specific message for specific category of people. Dan, you'll start seeing results. 30. Strategy Vs Tactic: you know what the word strategy means, and you know what the word tactic means. But when you compare to two, it's kind of hard to describe what is the difference, right? Well, let's answer this question today. Just what is the difference between a business strategy and a business tactic? Tactics come from the outside out in the field, out in the marketplace. Strategies come from the inside inside your company. Most companies market inside out. The CEO or the VP of marketing thinks of an idea based on their ego. They create the strategy and then create the tactics to implement that strategy. Like Coca Cola, they like bears. They assume that using polar bears in their advertisements will make customers feel like Coke is code and cool. So they create an ad campaign about polar bears drinking coke. The strategy is using animals to create a brand association. The tactic is having polar bears drinking coke in TV commercials. This business approach, moving from strategies to tactics, is ignorant and arrogant. What makes you think people cares about bears and how is that even related to drinking coke ? If you go from strategies to tactics, you are basically trying to force your values and believes on your customers. You're trying to convince them to joining on your interests. This is always an uphill and difficult battle. We want to fight downhill. So let's reverse this. Let's move from tactics. Two strategies. The Outside ING rule. It is recognizing what is happening out in the marketplace and using those ideas to shape your tactics, which will shape your overall strategy. One of the best tactics to use is viral marketing. It is using what's already trending right now in the public eye. Just like the story that I told in my instant business course the marketing war between Coca Cola and Pepsi. Pepsi recognized that pop stars were trendy, so they created the tactic to make a commercial of Michael Jackson drinking Pepsi while performing their strategy was to associate the Pepsi brand with pop stars. If you go from tactics to strategies, you are not trying to change people's minds or trying to convince them of something. You are simply working with what's already in people's minds. This concept is so important that you can immediately start to implement it in your life and business instead of deciding what you think people want. You go out into the marketplace, figure out what is already working, then create a tactic to bring attention to you and your business. The questions you should be asking yourself when coming up with your tactic is How are people using your product? What are people's perceptions of value product and what do they think about your competitors? I am sure you heard of these brands in the laundry detergent business, Tide cheer and arm and hammer, and I'm sure you have seen their commercials. They are always promoting their detergent by saying that their product will make your clothing wider than white. And if you use their detergent, you will have brighter whites. This brighter whites ad campaign was a tactic based on a self assumption strategy. These companies assumed that customers only cared about the look of their clothing after it's been washed. Ah, Long came Unilever, a company from England. Unilever excelled in consumer research. They found that when people took clothes out of the dryer, they didn't check for brightness or if it was wider than white, whatever the hell that means. But they smell them. Many people smell their clothing out of the dryer to determine if it was clean or not. So Unilever introduced the surf brand Ah, washing detergent with twice as much perfume as the other leading brands. Guess what happened? Surf was able to grab at least 10% of the $4 billion US detergent market. Checked out the commercial, sir with fragrance release with fragrance release first after first about lifting fragrance . Always keep away from Children. Notice It's all about the fragrance and none of that brighter whites. Nonsense. It was not an accident that Serve was able to later sell their brand for $1.45 billion. The tactic to strategy concept is so simple and yet so powerful. Do you know who Alex Becker is? He is a popular online marketer. He teaches different ways to make money online and has a YouTube channel with over 374,000 subscribers. Of all the people teaching entrepreneurship on YouTube, why is he getting so much attention? This is his secret. Instead of relying on his own entrepreneur videos to get attention, he posts viral and trendy videos to bringing traffic. His entrepreneur videos gets about 20 K views, but his videos that is about a trendy topic on YouTube gets 1.2 million and 100 K views. He was able to grow on YouTube so quickly because he used what's already trendy on YouTube to get attention, and a fraction of those people watching his trendy videos will eventually watch his entrepreneur videos. I do the same with my INSTAGRAM account. You see that I normally get about 3000 to 4000 views on my videos. Every once in a while, I will post something that is guaranteed to give views. How do I know this? Because it is already viral and trendy on Instagram. Like the time I edited a video of me walking with a viral video of Rihanna and a cow walking, it got 10-K views. Here's another video where I edited me, eating a squid with a viral video of a cat being attacked by a squid. I was able to mawr than double my views. With this tactic to strategy concept, here are the action items in this episode. Don't make assumptions about your customers, use the outside angle and create a marketing plan that go from tactics to strategies. This will have a higher chance of success than if you created a strategy filled with assumptions to create tactics. Ask yourself these questions. How are people using a product? What are people's perception about your product and what do they think about your competitors? If you can answer these questions, you will be able to create a tactic for your business. Lastly, use the viral content rule to get immediate attention. Use something that is already viral in the marketplace and related to your product or brand . This will get you extra traffic and views. Now that you understand the difference between strategies and tactics, watch the next episode ice. I will introduce to you the Tactics triangle. This will help you create a tactic that your competitors cannot copy. 31. The Tactics Triangle: Now that we know tactics are what we need to first focus on in our business, just how do we create them? This is the tactics. Triangle tactics are either company focused, customer focused or competitors focused. However, most companies Onley focus on the company or the customer. A company introduces a new product, which is introducing a tactic to drive sales. They are doing this because they want to fill a hole in their product line. They don't care about the customer's needs or the competitors reaction. For example, they currently offer all these products, but not this one. So they start offering this product now. This is a company focused tactic. The second tactic is the customer focused tactic. A company wants to attract customers, so they introduce a tactic that benefits the customer. They lowered their prices or add more features to their existing products. But these two tactics are doomed to fail. Why? Because these companies are not alone in the world. There are competitors They didn't even consider how their competitors will react to do a new product. Do you remember who was the first airline to offer triple mileage bonus points, too? Frequent flyers Delta Delta was the first to offer it, but you probably don't remember why, because many airlines are now doing it. As soon as Delta offered the triple knowledge bonus points plan, all the competing airlines started to do the same. And what was the result? No single company benefited from this tactic, and no single company got credit for introducing it. Here is a big secret in creating tactics. Tactics should be competitors oriented. Ah, competitors focused. A tactic is what Burger King dead. They wanted to steal a piece of McDonald's market share. They see the McDonald's fries their burgers so they challenge McDonald's with this TV commercial. Burger King presents roiling versus frying At this time, Burger King would like to suggest that everybody from McDonald's please leave the room to be ready in a coast to coast opinion poll. Flame growing beat frying by nearly 3 to 1. Can you believe it? Nearly 3 to 1 on Burger King's flame boils. Okay, everybody for McDonald's. Come back in now break it to him gently. How can McDonald's react? McDonald's can not just go and get rid of all their deep fryers and get boilers so they can copy Burger King. That's very unlikely to happen. So Burger King will always be known as the Flame Broiled Burger. That is what a competitive, focused tactic does. It is Caray did with your competitors. Reaction in mind. Burger King studied McDonald's business model for years. They knew that McDonald's assembly line was their weakness. It was stringent and cannot be easily changed. And disassembly line. Also courageous burgers in exactly the same fashion. A McDonald's burger in California tastes the same as a burger in New York. So Burger King attacked McDonald's again with another commercial man. Two whoppers to offer juniors on for Coca Cola And what I have to wait long if you make one proper with pickle and no lettuce. No, sir. Hold a big hole. Special orders don't up status. So we ask that you weigh Oh, well, in that case, could I have the other robber extra catching? Sure way. Conserve your rosy flopping fresh with everything on top. Anyway, thing is have a way. Now that's the way to do things our way. Okay, I know the saying is a bit corny, but this have it your way. Slogan was brilliant. If you really think about it? Burger King's burgers taste the same in all different locations to, but they were the first ones to promote idea that you can remove all millions or add more ketchup, or put less mayonnaise to have a burger your way, it puts the idea of control in the audience's mind. McDonald's is not going to respond by saying, Hey, you can order your burgers. You weigh in our stores to That's just not likely to happen. A competitor focused tactic is where you introduce a product or change a part of your business. While knowing quite well that there is nothing your competitors can do about it, they can only sit by and watch it happen. Here is one more tactic to use in your business. This is something that some business don't know about or they know about it but are not willing to do it. Promote the catch Charles Schwab launched the discount brokerage firm he was offering everything his competitors were doing except at a lower price. So by logic, there has to be a catch right? Schwab actually promoted to catch. He didn't hide the fact that he had no sales rep. No account executives and no sales team making phone calls now, why would anyone in their right minds promote the negative side of their business credibility? This tactic is especially useful if you are offering your products or services at a discount to compete with other sellers. What Schwab did was he talked about the catch as if it was a positive aspect of his business. He tells you what he had to give up in exchange for your benefit. This was exactly with a VW Beetle dead in 19 seventies. The company knew their Beetle was not the previous car in the market. In fact, they downright said it. Their ad campaign read. The 1970 VW will stay ugly longer, which means they are actually promoting the reliability of their car pay. You want reliability, the sacrifices beauty. There is always a catch. Don't forget. Customers these days are very observant. They will see your honesty and start to trust you because no one in their right minds will advertise the negative. Here are the action items in this episode Tactics are either company focused, customer focused or competitors focused. Most companies Onley focus on the 1st 2 you will focus on your competitors, because only then can you create a tactic that cannot be easily copied. Another way to introduce a tactic is to promote the catch. This gives immediate credibility to your brand because customers will appreciate your honesty now that we understand the power of using tactics first, to shape our strategy, let's start talking about how to build your strategy, steering the next episode. 32. Strategy Finding your Marketing Direction: you know, we cannot fight a war by closing the door, staying at home and coming up with our own strategies out of the blue. We need to open the door, see what's working outside, and then come back home and craft that strategy of ours. You start with a simple tactic, and then you give it time to see if it works and how well it continues to work after a period of time. If your tactic steelworks, then bam, you have your strategy. This is the formula for creating strategy. Strategy equals tactics plus time. Place of why it works confused. And don't worry, Let me explain. A client I worked with has a passion for pets. He has a dog, a cat, a turtle and a bird. He pretty much has all of land, air and sea covered. His passion is his business, so he has an Amazon account selling different types of pet products. His strategy is selling various paper products to various people. His tactics is paying for Facebook ads to promote some of his products. I think you know why his brand is not growing as much as he would like. He has no focus and is constantly operating from strategy to tactics. I suggested that he started using tactics to shape his strategy, focus on one type of product and one type of customer and use tactics to test it. Based on his research with Google keyword planner and on Amazon, he sees that more people are searching for pet beds thes days, so he decides to start selling beds for dogs and cats. He comes up with a business name for his new dog and cat brand. He buys the domain name for his new brand, goes on fiber and pays for a logo to be made. Contacts. Some manufacturers from alibaba dot com to start creating a type of bed for pets and was about to pay for 500 samples to be shipped to his home. When I said Whoa, whoa, Hold on. Your tactic is too big. You don't even know that your beds will sell Get. And yet you are already investing so much into logo designs, buying domain names, buying manufacturing samples. You totally forgot the tactics to strategy Rule star specific. Start with one type of product and one type of customer, so my client decides to sell only two dogs high and told him to make it even more specific . There are many people already selling dog beds of various sizes. If you go on Amazon, you'll see the majority of the pictures are of a large size dog on a bed. Let's focus on small beds for small dogs and test it to see how well it sells. Let's create a tactic and test it out. Don't worry about coming out with a fancy name or a fancy logo or getting a domain name just yet. Your job as an entrepreneur is the Get your products out in the marketplace as soon as possible to test it. Please don't overthink it. My client narrowed his focus and sold only small dog beds. Guess what happened. He started to get sales Mawr and Mawr. Small dog owners started to buy from him, and it made perfect sense. If I was a small dog owner and wanted to buy a bed, I go on Amazon and see all these beds for pets, beds for both dogs and cats, beds for dogs with four sizes to choose from, and a small bed for a small dog, which one would I choose? Obviously, the small bed I see a big dog on a bed and a small dog on a bed. It could be exactly the same bed. And yet I immediately feel that the bed with a small dog on it was made for me, and I will buy that. In fact, I am willing to pay a little extra because I feel this bed was made just for my small dog. As my client started to get Mawr and MAWR orders, I told him to interact with his customers, continue the relationship after the sale and asked them how they like the product and how would they using the bed. Surprisingly, the majority of the people who bought the small dog beds were using it for travel. Bam! Now we have enough information to create our strategy. We have a tactic that works, and now we know why it works. The product was dog bets. The way we were selling it was bed for small dogs. That customer was people who travel because we know why people buy our products. We can create a brand that targets just those customers. That is our next step, that is what our strategy will look like, creating a brand for small dogs that travel. My client, where he started this business had no idea that travel was why his customers wanted his product. It was certainly not a strategy that he came up with himself. This travel idea came from tactics. It came from outside out in the marketplace. This is the formula for creating strategy. Strategy equals tactics plus time, plus why it works. Remember, your brand speaks to a specific demographic. If you try to sell to everyone, you will lose. If you sell one product in different sizes, you will lose to the competitors who is specialising in only one size. You see how powerful that is. Your marketing strategy is based on tactics out in the field, and those tactics are proven to beat your competitors. Why, Because of it? Didn't those tactics would not have survived long enough for you to turn it into a strategy ? Here are the action items in this episode. In the beginning, do not waste Resource is building a brand paying for logos, domain names and manufacturing costs. Start with a simple tactic and see if it works. If it does incorporate it into your business and come up with a strategy based on those tactics, interact with your customers and ask how they are using your products. This will allow you to figure out why people want your product. The why is what your brand strategy is all about. That is how you can create an effective strategy to target your customers. The main idea is you do not have to come up with your own strategy, go out into the marketplace and see what is working. See what your competitors are doing, see what your customers are doing and then pick a tactic and see if it works. If it works, then incorporate that into your business and then, Pam, you have your strategy. 33. Goose that lays the golden eggs short and long term sales tactics: Have you heard the story of the goose that lays the golden ache? A farmer was working one day when he saw one of his goose laying a golden egg. Whoa! What the health? This is possible. Sure enough, the egg was solid gold, and the farmer immediately sold it for a big payday. From then on, this special goose will lay in golden a each week, making the farmer very happy and rich, but not rich enough. The farmer started to think, Discuss is awesome. But at this rate, when will I make enough money to retire and really enjoy life? The more he thought about it, the more impatient he got. In fact, he started to wash the goose closely every day and became upset when no egg was laid. And how did the goose feel? It was really uncomfortable. It got no privacy and no personal space. So it started to lay an egg. Every two weeks. The farmer had enough in his rage. He thought, this is just too slow. But what if I killed the goose and retrieve all the exits? Stomach at once. Then out of ones, I will make tons of money and retire. That's what he did. He killed the goose, cut it open and was shocked to find nothing in its stomach. Now there was no golden eggs. And the farmer, he still hasn't retired yet. I felt like the farmer when I made my first sale on Instagram. When I made my first couple $100 for promoting a product, I was like, Whoa, what the hell? This is possible. And sure enough, the next week, when I promoted another product, I got paid again. And then I thought to myself, Wait a minute. There are seven days in a week. Why don't I just promote a product a day? Then I will be rich. I am so glad I did not do that because promoting your products too often or going after the quick sale each time will burn out your account. Your engagement will drop and your followers will leave. Essentially, you just killed your goose. The main idea of this episode is to be aware of the selling environment on Instagram. There are short term sales and there are long term sales. What we have been doing up to now in this course have been preparing you for the long term sale, which is the most profitable. That's because the most profitable business is a long lasting business with repeat customers. Yes, it takes time to lay a go neg. That's because it takes time to convert a follower into a customer. Don't rush things besides having a polished INSTAGRAM account. To make a sale, you need to create the perfect environment. There are three parts to creating the perfect environment for the sale, trust, affection and tempting offer. The next three episode of this section will show you exactly how to do just that. Your ultimate goal is to make a sale, but there are two types of sales on Instagram. We just talked about the long term sale. What about the short term self? As an extra bonus, I created an extra episode for you titled How to Make Money in three Months. Case Study. Short term sales tactic. I will show you an example where my friend created an INSTAGRAM account from scratch and started making money in three months. There are no action items in this episode. Just remember, if you want to make a sale, you have to create the environment suitable for a sale. You need trust, affection and a tempting offer. You need to take good care of your goose, feed it, pet it and love it before it will start laying golden eggs for you. 34. How to make money in 3 months case study short term sales tactic: I know what you might be thinking. The short term sales tactic is just blasting offers and promoting your products like crazy , and you might get a few sales. No, not at all. That is not even a sales tactic that is pure spent and doesn't work. This is a case study of something that does work. My friend owns a Shopify store that sells jewelry. Valentine's Day is coming up, and he wanted to take this opportunity to sell his Lockhart necklace. He needed traffic to his Lockhart webpage, but what kind of traffic? My friends business mind was very clear. He needed targeted traffic because only targeted traffic from within his niche will buy. Since he was selling jewelry as a gift, he knew his Target customer was someone who was into romance and relationships. These people, he knew, followed accounts that posted about relationships and couples boom. That's where all the target traffic with potential customers is currently going. A few months before Valentine's Day, my friend created an INSTAGRAM account from scratch and focus on the relationships and couples niche. Step one for content. He went to a free photos website like picks obey dot com and downloaded the best relationship photos he could find. Romantic, sexy, funny you name. He downloaded it. Step two for context. He went to Google and search for the best relationship quotes course about love, couples and marriage. As long as it was meaningful. He downloaded it. Step three. He used photo shop to combine the photos and quotes. Here are some examples that I think stood out. Whoever coined the phrase absence makes the heart grow fonder. Who was an idiot? Absence makes a bitch go crazy. That's funny. Don't make me laugh. I'm trying to be mad at you. That's relatable. Men always want to be a woman's first love. Women like to be a men's last romance. Oh, that's meaningful. Okay, we're more funny. One, that awkward moment when an unattractive person is pursuing you and you start to question your own level of attractiveness, My friend basically put together the ups and downs lifestyle of someone interested in romance and love. Step four. He made 30 photos and posted them once per day. For a month. He needed at least one month worth of photos to prove the visitors. It was a legitimate relationship account step five, he went to a website that sells followers and likes and bought about 20,000 followers. But June, wait, I thought you once said that people should never buy followers and likes. What are you talking about? Yes, I did. You should never buy followers. And like, if you are going to run a long term account, my friend was running it short term. Hence the title of the episode Short term sales tactic. Did I answer your question? Well, yeah, but you said that buying fake followers will mess up the insolent algorithm for your account and less of your riel followers will see your post. Answer that. Okay. In our example, the short term sales tactic my friend was going to buy special targeted traffic He didn't care of his own followers will see his posts. He only cared about the targeted traffic with the targeted customer. Did I answer your question? OK, continue. As I was saying, before rudely interrupted step five, he went to a website that sells followers and likes and bought about 20,000 followers. Then, right after he posted something he would immediately by 500 likes for that photo. He just posted. This makes the Instagram algorithm feel like he has just posted a quality photo because they got a lot of likes immediately. So in turn, the algorithm will show it to more people. Step six. Right around Valentine's Day, he contacted the biggest instagram influencers in the relationship. Niche. Couples. Niche, romance, niche and marriage niche. Any one of those target niches should be able to give him target traffic with Target customers. He paid those large accounts to promote his Lockhart necklace on their accounts. Post them in their permanent post or I G story. Here is his tempting offer. Lockhart necklace Free Valentine's gift. Just pay shipping. People thought they were really getting it for free. Each shipping costed, my friend $4 dependent itself costed $3 each. He charged 1997 for it. With thousands of sales, you can do the math. My friend only paid for three hours of post time. That means after three hours, those major relationship accounts will delete his post from their account. He didn't need to run it for 24 hours because he knew most of the traffic to a post will happen during the 1st 2 hours. Paying for more time isn't wasted money. Step seven. Wild. Getting tons of sales and making a lot of money from all the target customers. Visiting his dreams a Gram profile He posted his second and last tempting offer after Valentine's Day. He paid those large relationship accounts again to promote this post. It said, Give your partner another gift right after violent Tynes Day and proved that with you every day is Valentine's Day. Step eight. What do you think Step eight is? Actually, there is no Step eight. We stopped at Step Double 07 If you look closely, you will notice that even the short term sales tactic have three parts of a perfect environment. Trust, affection and tempting offer. Visitors trusted him because the account has social proof, even though the followers and likes were bought. Plus, there's a 15 days money back guarantee on the product. Visitors like the Count because of the relatable and funny content that he posted regarding relationships. And finally, visitors bought dependent because of the tempting offer. It was just in time for Valentine's Day, and it was free. Just pay shipping. He even created a second tempting offer convincing targeted customers why his pendant was still relevant even after Valentine's Day. June. I am beginning to think that your friend is actually you. Is that true? Let's just say I worked with my friend on this project. Listen, if you keep interrupting me, I'm gonna end this episode. Anyways, this is still a short term sales tactic, meaning after the second promotion, my friends stopped using the count. He made all of his money already, and it was time to move on, so he abandoned the account. Now it has no engagement, no followers and no activity. Essentially, the goose that laid the golden egg was killed. My friend had no time to care for the goose, so he just let it die. An attractive account that had so much traffic during Valentine's Day that made the owner a lot of money is now dead. Well, virtual death. Here are the action items in this episode to use the short term sales tactic, have a product to sell in a certain niche. Then follow these seven steps. Step one, find high quality photos that represents the lifestyle of your niche and download them step to find good quotes. that your niche can relate to and download them. Step three. Use a photo editing program to combine the photos and quotes. This will make their photos even more meaningful and share a bowl step for making enough photos and post them once per day to convince visitors that your account is legitimate and has good content. Step five by followers and likes for social proof, further proving to visitors that your account is legitimate. Step six. Contact the largest instagram influencers in your niche and paid them to post your product photo based on your budget on Lee. Pay for less than six hours of promotion. Step seven. Create a second offer or interact with everyone who have commented on your photos to see if you can get more sales. I hope you enjoy this case study. It does take a bit of work, but this is currently one of the most successful short term sales tactics people are using on Instagram Cheers 35. Trust - How to immediately get respect: cereal boxes, Lexus cars and Chanel products. Do you trust them? Of course you do. But why it is because they have polished presentation, supportive social proof and constant activity. If you can do that, then visitors will trust you and your brand. Let's get people to start trusting you and your brand, and it all starts with presentation, polished presentation of your profile and polished presentation of your product. Presentation of your profile is definitely the first thing people see before deciding to trust you or not. That is why we already spent an entire episode talking about how to polish your profile. Just remember, ah, profile with a theme will look well put together. It immediately gives the impression that you are a professional and you can be trusted for delivering good content. A Polish profile also reminds people that you are a quality red napkin, not a cheap white napkin. Okay, now let's take a look at the product itself that you are selling. Is the packaging presentable? Many sellers forget the impact packaging has in demanding respect from the customer. When you go to the grocery store to purchase cereal for your breakfast, you will walk down the cereal aisle. Hey, check out all the flashy and gorgeous looking boxes. They are full of color, and many have a cartoon character to attract kids. Do you want to spend the morning with two Con Sam? Or do you want breakfast with Tony the Tiger because they're great? Can you imagine buying cereal without the box? What the heck is that? Cat litter? I'm not putting that near my mouth, but guess what? If you look closely right below, all the fancy looking boxes are actual bags of cereal. For sale. You'll find funny names like tooty Fruity ease, which is the exact same as Froot Loops except in a bag. And these bags are usually way cheaper than the ones that comes in the box. Logically, you know that these two products are the same thing, and yet you are still willing to pay more for the one in the box. Why? Because of the polished presentation, Imagine trying to convince your child to buy the cereal that comes in a bag. They will not stop crying until you get the one that comes in a box. Look, there's even diehard cereal box collectors tohave an entire wall filled with boxes. Now do you think they bought the serial because of the serial or because of the box? The Polish? The packaging strategy even applies to digital products. If someone is selling any book, which product do you trust? More The three D one, of course. But you do know that what you're buying isn't really a real book, right? It's a two dimensional. Pdf ba hey, Ah, three dimensional book looks better and sells better. The second component that immediately gets people to trust you is supportive. Social proof. Social proof is all about the community that you have built around your brand. It's about the interactions and testimonials on your product when you post something our people liking and commenting on your posts. If you do, then you have social proof. Kim Kardashian posts a picture of her sexy self wearing a sunglass brand. Then she tells people to go by them. She gets 1.6 million likes and 6500 comments. Don't be intimidated. She already has a fan base. We are still building ours, so let's do something mawr meaningful. Let's go deeper. Let's focus on the quality of our comments. If I was a customer thinking about buying products are Amazon. Look at reviews. If I was a customer thinking about buying products on instagram, look at comments. If you want people with the comment on your post, you need to make it meaningful, and you need to make it simple. Have one idea and ask people what they think of that one idea switch between serious questions and fund questions. A serious question is when I was promoting the Omega Watch brand and I wrote the caption, People buy for two reasons. They are either trying to solve a problem or elevating their status. Do you agree? Why do you buy things its thought provoking and meaningful? A fun question is. When I edited myself walking down the street with a viral video of Rihanna and a cow walking, I asked who did it better. It's silly, but it entertains your followers is one of the few posts on my account to reach 10,000 views and 288 comments. Remember to always respond to each of the comments and thank people for their time. If you don't, they will never comment again for extra credit go to the profile of the people who commented on your posts and complement their recent posts. People who bother to comment are loyal followers, and they need to be well taken care of. Also, remember to not overdo it. Don't ask a question each time you post it can get annoying, as if you are always trying to get attention and start a conversation. Sometimes a meaningful statement will attract comments as well. You now have some likes and comments on your posts. What's next thing? Social Proof Testimonials. These are examples to showcase satisfied customers who bought your products either a post pictures of them with your product or a positive review about their experience. This is a simple strategy, and all businesses are doing it. But let's take it a step further and focus on something that other sellers are not doing enough of. Have you seen the Deer Lexus commercial? You're Alexis. Dear Lexus. Your elections. I wanted to take a moment to say thank you. Thank you. It is with a very grateful heart. Did I write you about your amazing employees? Eric volunteered to come to my rescue that evening. As soon as Lex was closed. The whole commercial was social proof. They were not promoting a new car. They were promoting their brand by saying that so many people wrote to them thanking Lexus for their excellent customer service. This is where we start thinking outside of the box instead of just showing how many people like your products. We also want to start showing how many people like your customer service. This is an extremely important strategy in trust. Building customers these days are not focused on just the quality of a product. They also want to know how well you run your business after the sale. This is where your customer service comes in. Check out my example In my insta famous course, some students wrote that they really appreciate my quick feedback. Others thank me for answering the questions, and even Mawr said that they appreciated that I responded back to them fairly quickly when asked specifically what they needed to work on. You see how this is completely customer service oriented? It's not even about how good my courses anymore. It's about if you have a question while taking my course, I will do my best to personally answer it now. Do you trust my course now? Do you trust Alexis? If you can prove the people that you have great customer service, people will trust you. People know that your product works. If it didn't, you wouldn't be in business. Customers just want to make sure that they will be well taken care of after the sale. That is what trust is all about. If I bought your product and fell, would you catch me? You would. Okay, I will buy a product because I know you have my back. The third and last component that immediately gets people to trust you is constant activities on your account. We follow people on Instagram because they inspire us and help us. What kind of activity are you having on your account? Are you posting inspirational and helpful content? If so, how often are you doing it? Let's first look at inspirational and helpful content. This is an inspirational video posted by Chanel. What is a watch for telling the time? 20 past five. I mean, I think everything in my professional life is a decisive moment. Every job that I take or I don't take is decisive. Moment is all about seconds. They are obviously promoting their watch, but they didn't just post their watch and said, Go buy it. They hired an actress to express how meaningful time was to her. Short and sweet. Now you associate the actress as well as appreciation of time with their watch. Inspirational messages don't have to always be about your products. When I was working on a casino commercial, I posted this picture along with this captured. We cannot change the cards. We are dealt just how we play the hand. If you receive crappy cards, don't worry. We have the whole week to turn it into a winning hand. Motivational right? And did I create that quote myself? Nope, Didn't have to. I search for card quotes on Google and found ones that I felt fit my picture and used it short and sweet. Besides inspirational content, offering quick tips or advice also builds trust. When I did an advertisement with Kate Tokyo cosmetics, I posted this picture along with a helpful quick skincare video. Here is a skin care tip for you. When you wash your face or moisturize, always use upward and inside out motions. That way you are not pulling your skin down. If you keep pulling your skin down, your skin will sag. This way you keep it tight and firm. Cheers. This is an example of advance promotion of products and brands. If you follow me, you will notice that I don't actually promote or push products to my followers. I simply share my experience and tips. This is why my followers trust me. They know that I will never pressure them to buy anything. Remember, amateur sellers promote professional sellers share and finally, the last part of using activity on your account to build. Trust is all about posting often. If you follow an account and they don't post anything for a week, what would you think of them? Wow, They must not have anything going on our days doing business. I was reasonably punished by the Instagram algorithm. What happened? I traveled to China and you might know that China doesn't allow the usage of Instagram. So I had to find a VPN service to jump over that China firewall. I got lazy and didn't post for over a week. Actually, almost two weeks gone by before I posted again. Guess what happened my engagement dropped like crazy. You have to be posting stories and permanent posts on a weekly basis. If not, Instagram algorithm will think you have left Instagram and will reduce your reach the next time you post and with less reach, you receive less engagement from your followers and how to get that back up. You have to earn it back post by post, so make sure to post often at least twice a week, if not more. Here are the action items in this episode Getting people to trust you can be broken down into three parts. First, you need a Polish profile and a Polish presentation of your product. Make sure your profile has a theme that makes all your posts look well together, making you look professional. Ah, quality red napkin, not a cheap white napkin. Create a unique and presentable package for your product. A serial with the good box sells way better than the same cereal in a bag. Also, if you are selling digital products, create a three D image of the product to make it look more professional and riel. The second part in trust building is supportive social proof with interactions and testimonials. Encourage your followers to joining on a conversation by asking a meaningful or fund question. Make sure to respond to all comments. Then visit the profiles of the commenters and give them some praises. This will keep your connections strong for testimonials, post not only content that shows customer satisfaction in your product but also satisfaction in your customer service. This will make new customers feel like you always have their back, even after the sale. The third part in trust building is constant activity on your account post inspirational content to inspire your followers and remind them why they follow you. Make it short and sweet. You can even use quotes found on Google as long as it matches your brand and life. Post Helpful content to remind your followers why you are an expert in your niche. The best way is to share a tip or experience you had without calling too much attention to the product you are using and finally post at least twice or more times per week to keep a good standing with the instagram algorithm. If you wait too long to post, your reach will go down and it takes more posts toe. Earn your engagement back. Trust is the first step in building the perfect environment for the sale. Now that people trust us, the next step is to get people to like us. Don't worry, is gonna be a piece of cake. Let's get started. 36. Affection - How to immediately get people to like you: do you get messages from random people asking you to buy their stuff? This is the kind of crappy direct messages that I get on a daily basis. Hello. Um, hi. How are you? Fine, thanks. Nice to meet you. Nice to meet you too. Do you want to learn how to make money with Bitcoin? Uh, no, I don't. Even if I was interested in Bitcoin, I could see that you started the conversation because you want to sell me stuff. You don't care about me. You don't understand me and you are horrible at small talk. He failed to build a relationship before asking for the sale. After you earn someone's trust meaning after they acknowledged the legitimacy of your product, you still need to earn their affection. Trust and affection are not the same thing I trust and know that my college professor is knowledgeable and can solve any problem throwing at him. But he was a tyrant in the classroom and rarely wanted to answer any of our questions. That's why I vowed never to take its course again, let alone by his textbooks or products. Learning how to get people to like you is crucial in business. But don't worry, it's not difficult. It's just a simple matter of being relatable. Armed with this knowledge, we will be able to survive in the business world and make our mark. Here is a current business landscape. You have big businesses and small businesses. Big businesses are name brands. Brands like Coca Cola, who dominates the Coke industry. Motivation Mafia, who dominates the motivational quotes industry are Instagram and Eminem, who dominates the hip hop industry Day, are famous. Small businesses are you and me. We are hard working and successful, but we are not famous or well known. Many small businesses are struggling because they are using the same marketing strategies used by big. Business is a big business has a product. They poster product along with the brand name, and it will get tons of engagement. They can pay millions of dollars in advertisements and even mawr engagement. That's what big brands do, and they can afford to do that because they have worldwide fame and unlimited resource is we cannot do that. What if we are selling sugar water to How can we compete with Coca Cola? How can we convince their customers to try our soda. We are a small business, so our marketing strategy should be different than the big businesses wanna know a secret. People actually don't want to follow small brands or small companies. People want to follow other people, and in turn, people want to buy from other people. People don't want to follow a brand or a company unless it's famous. If you look at the most famous motivational profiles on Instagram or the most successful curated profiles, you will see that they have a couple of 1,000,000 followers profiles like Motivation. Mafia, who posts motivational content, has two million followers, and Superhumans Power, who posts Viral extreme exercises, has 3.2 million followers. But when you look at profiles run by Rio people, people like the Rock or Leo Messi, they have millions, 149 million and 125 million followers. To be exact two million versus 149 million. That is a huge difference. Why? Because people follow people. When someone visits your profile, they will scroll through your feed. Searching for a face, not a logo logo does not make us feel connected to you. We connect with faces, and it doesn't matter what you look like as long as we know you are riel and a relatable person. This is why, if you were to start a brand new account posting motivational content, you will grow a lot faster if you show your face your life along with your motivational quotes. If you only post quote or quotes of others, then why would I follow you? I already follow motivation Mafia for my daily motivation. But if you start posting about yourself and your own life to motivate me, I will follow you because you're unique. You are giving me something that no one in the world can give me. That is the power of being relatable. For a small business to thrive, to be able to compete with a big business, you have to be relatable. Some celebrities even use this strategy to become successful. Eminem, one of the most famous rappers of all time, got his big break because he knew the power of being relatable. The turning point in his career happened one night during an epic rap battle, a battle where hip hop artists take turns insulting each other on stage and the audience decided winner by applause. It was the end of the night. The contest comes down to two people. Eminem and another black eye winner takes all. Imagine you are Eminem, the only white guy in a room. Four black people. Everyone wanted you to fail. The tension was so thick you could cut it with a knife. What will you do? You relate to the audience. You saying for them You tell them you understand where they came from. You came from the same place you grew up from the same street. You know how hard life is in the ghetto. As Eminem started the gang momentum in his performance, he said one thing that completely shattered the credibility of his rival. He wrapped that his rival attended a prep school, which was true. Now everything out of that guy's mouth was pointless. He is a phony. How could this impostor rap about the ghetto if he didn't even experience it himself? Eminem won that contest and gained so many opportunities that propelled him to superstardom . Now you know his secret doesn't matter your race, your age, your gender or your background. As long as you can relate to your target customer. They will love you and buy from you. Look, even big companies are wise ing up and hiring fun and relatable actors for their positive brand image. The character flow who promotes progressive insurance is a great example. Can you hear me now? Character who promotes the Verizon phone service is another one. They are the face of the company that makes the brand more human more relatable. The concept of being relatable is so powerful that it packs two punches. First is that it can give visitors to like you. And the second the second is that I can help you steal your competitors customers. Here is a story of the marketing war between Coca Cola and Pepsi. Coke promotes their products to everyone, and for some reason they use polar bears as their mascot, as if polar bears have an interesting carbonated sugar water. I don't know. I just report what I see now. Long came Pepsi. How the hell is Pepsi going to compete with Coca Cola? Coca Cola is world famous. They completely dominate the Coke business, and your Pepsi product tastes similar to Coke. How the hell are you going to survive Pepsi was clever. They see coke using polar bears and even Santa Claus. Oh, my God, Pepsi thought Coke is so arrogant, they can pick any mascot, any spokesperson, and it will work because they are already famous. We are going to be different. We are only going to target young people. And what do young people like? Pop stars? So Pepsi started to associate themselves with the young generation. They hired Michael Jackson as their role model. They hire Spice Girls as their brand image, while Coke was marketing their products to China and using pander bears. Okay, wait, I can't even finish this sentence without cracking up. What is with Coke and there? Bare fetish. I don't know. Maybe it's true. Maybe Chinese people will drink coke if they see Panda bears drinking coke. Anyways. While Coke was indulging in there bare fetish, Pepsi used Britney Spears and Kendall Jenner to promote their product. All this time, that younger generation who used the drink Coca Cola started switching to Pepsi because they associated drinking Pepsi to be cooler. Don't drinking coke. I don't want to be Santa Claus. I want to be Michael Jackson, and that is one of the reason why Pepsi is now also a global brand in the Coke business. They stole a piece of Coca Cola's market share, and Coca Cola doesn't even know him. You can use the same strategy, don't stress. You don't need millions of dollars to hire pop stars for your brand. You just need to prove to the customer that you understand them. Mawr Dan, your competitors, your competitors might be catering their products to everyone. But you know you are going to narrow your focus. You are going to cater your products toe a specific demographic, because only then can you beat competitors larger than you and steal a piece of their market share. I just said that Coca Cola I didn't even know that Pepsi stole their market share. Why do I say that? Because after all these years, Coca Cola is still using the same marketing strategy. Look, let me prove it to you just for fun. You can go on Instagram and compared to two accounts, take a look at Coca Cola's profile and then look at Pepsi's profile. Just by scrolling through the two accounts, you will notice a clear difference. Coca Cola posts a lot of cartoons, and Pepsi posts a lot of really situations. Both are no doubt entertaining, but which one can you relate to more? Which brand makes you feel like they understand you more? Here is the question of the hour. If you could only follow one account, which one would you follow? Here are the action items in this episode. People follow people. That is why you need to make your account as relatable as possible. In addition to posting your products, post pictures of yourself so that visitors can learn more about you the face of your brand . If you are posting quotes and motivational content, make sure to include yourself and your own motivation in the posts. Otherwise, your account won't be unique and visitors won't feel the need to follow. You use the strategy that Eminem used to climb to superstardom. Show your customers that you truly understand them and know where they came from. Use the strategy that Pepsi used on Coca Cola. Target a specific demographic of the customer formula competitors and explain how your products are made for them. The larger the brand, the larger the ego. This will allow a smaller brand like yours to steal their customers from right under their noses. 37. Tempting Offer - Time to put it all together: This is what it all comes down to. We have been building trust and affection so that we can create the perfect environment for the sale. We are so close. All we need now is a tempting offer. There are several ways to effectively create an offer for your product, so let's cover them right now. First and foremost, you need to let people know somewhere on your account that you sell your products. Your products are not free. There are many people these days that just want three things and expect everything to be free. If you are always offering free samples and promotions and suddenly start charging for them , these people will be surprised and unfollowed good. We don't want to deal with these people. That's why Dale shouldn't be any surprises. You may be generous from time to time and offer free samples, but that is because of generosity, not because your products are free. There is no free lunch in the world. Second, when you are doing a promotion, always explained the purpose of the sale just like what we talked about in the influence with power words episode. You have to use the word because to let people know the significance of the sale is the promotion because you are celebrating Fourth of July weekend, Black Friday or cyber Monday. If you don't do this, people won't care, won't remember or worse. Won't think your product is high quality enough since you are doing sales all the time. Also, make sure to change your products price back to its original price after the sale. There are people watching, and if you don't change it back, they won't take your sale seriously in the future. Offering your products at a discount or giving a few samples away for promotion is not new . Everyone's doing it. What we need to do is to maximize the return in every giveaway that we do. This is why, third, we do a contest to gain new followers and filter out potential customers from followers. When I first heard about doing a an instagram contest, I thought, Huh, Man, that's a lot of work, but don't worry, it's quite simple. First, you post a picture of your product and tell people you are doing a contest. Second, both in your post and in the captions tell people the rules, which is comment on the post and tag to your friends who might be interested, then let them know when you were announced. The winners and third lastly, tell people to click the link in the bio to learn more about the product. That's it. Here's an example. What I did a contest for my insta famous course. I use the camera so format so that all my photos will be in one post. The first photo is of me announcing the contest and telling people that they could win free access to my online course. The second photo gives the benefit of Why would someone want this product? The third photo are the rules. It's simple comment on this post and tagged two friends. Three winners will be announced this Friday, and the last photo is telling people to click the link in the bio for a free preview. Then, on the day of the contest, I went on Instagram Live and did a lottery and picked out three winners. The contest is great because it first generates a lot of traffic and you followers to your page from people tagging your friends and second oh, this is a major one it separates the potential customers from your followers. Your followers follow you. But many won't buy your product for the ones who are interested in actually buying your product. They will joining on the contest and leave a comment. Oh, my God. Do you know how big of a deal this is wearing the world? Can you filter out potential customers like this? Now that you know who these people are, make sure that you answer any of their questions and treat them very well because guess what? If they don't buy today, they will eventually by they obviously want your product. They bartered a sign up for the contest. The fourth offer strategy is to break up your products into parts and sell a smaller part to wet your customers appetite. If we like pickles but have never tried this brand before, would you buy this big jar of it? We don't know if we like it. It might be too salty if we hesitate. We are not going to buy it. If this brand came out with a smaller, less expensive jar, we will consider it. If we bought it and like it there in the future, we will by the big jar. In fact, since we're now exposed to the brand, we might consider their other products. It's a psychology sales tactic that when someone made their first purchase, they have jumped over the hoop and are now more willing to buy again. So get people to jump over that first hoop. The fifth offer strategy is using I G stories to deliver your tempting offer, just as we discussed in the story. Highlights episode. Introduce your new product by asking a question. First, ask if they are interested in the benefit that your product can provide, then set up a pole, which allows them to select yes or no. Then answer it with a swipe up feature to take them to your website with the product. After 24 hours, go to the insights and see who tapped yes to your question, then send them a diem and offered to answer any questions this person might have about your product. Now, how often should you have an offer? The sixth offer strategy is the triple VO rule, which is value, value, value and offer rule. This means 3/4 of your posts are nothing but value and 1/4 of your post is a good offer to buy your product. Since pet products are trending on instagram right now, let's use this example. If we were selling cat products are instagram. Your first post could be about how to feed your cat, like making sure that treats should be no more than 10% of their diets. The second post could be how to get your cat accustomed to a new litter box location that you should move the box just a few inches per day so as not confuse the cat. The third post could be how to groom the cat and what you should watch out for, like not cutting their nails if they are an outdoor cat, letting them protect themselves. And the fourth post spring is just around the corner and your cat is likely to shed. Why not try our new D shitting pet gloves on sale for a week? Notice what we're doing with each post. We are slowly convincing our followers that we are an expert. That's why if we promote a product, they can trust that it works. However, not all posts need to be heavily full of tips and tricks, sometimes showing visitors your passion for your products works just as well. My friend Catherine sells resin. Artwork are instagram. She is currently splitting her posts into four parts. First is where she is posting the beauty of her artwork. Second is a behind the scenes video of her working in her studio. Third is a picture of herself to show you she is a real person behind her brand, and the fourth is a good offer to buy her product. It's a perfect combination because it entertains, inspires and relates to her target customers simple and focused. And what is the seventh offer strategy? The seventh offer strategy is so powerful and important that I had to create a new episode for it. Look, I even switch into a different uniform to share the strategy with you. Please check. That s o out after this one. Here are the action items in this episode there are seven ways to effectively create a tempting offer. First, make sure you state somewhere in your account that your products are not free. This will filter out anyone not serious about your product. Second always explained the purpose of your promotion. You don't want people to think you're just trying to get rid of inventory. Third, do contests and promote your products at a discount. This will get you new followers and filter out potential customers from your followers. Fourth, break up your products into parts and sell a smaller part to get your customer familiar with your brand. It will be cheaper and gets the customer to try your product. Fifth, Use I G stories to introduce your offer. Do a poll as a question about your product, then answer it with a swipe up feature sending people to your website. Six. Use the triple Vo rule three. Fourth of your posts are nothing but value, and 1/4 of your post is a good offer to buy your product. To find out what the seventh offer strategy is, check out the next episode. See you there. 38. A life of Regret Avoided Most powerful Long Term Sales Tactic: through my years of marketing and sales, I have learned the difference between good sales people and great sales people. Great sales people have a good response for every rejection or concern that their customers might bring up. If the customer says your product is too expensive, you say you get what you paid for. The value speaks for itself. We could lower the price, but in doing that we would have to give you a cheaper product if the customer asked, What if your product doesn't work for me? You say That's why there is a 30 days money back guarantee. And if the customer hesitates and say they can't purchase it right now and can they think about it? You say, Can you afford not to have it right now? Where will you be tomorrow or the day after tomorrow? And that is what makes the seventh offer strategy so powerful. There are two prices for everything in life, the price of having it and the price of not having it. Your job is to every day remind your followers and visitors that you have the lifestyle that they want, and if they buy your product, they will start having that lifestyle, and if they don't, then they have just wasted another day of their life. You need to have this cutthroat mindset to be successful in business. Each day without your product in their lives is another day of regret. And if your potential customers continue to hesitate in their purchase, then they will live a life of regret if they want to stay on the fence and wonder, should they buy or not? Fine, let them. We will torture them every day with our content. If they don't buy every time they see you pop up on their feet, they will cringe because you have the product that they want. You have the life that they want, and they are stupid if they don't buy it already. That is how influential your daily content is. Here is a great example. Let's say you want to learn a foreign language. Well, there's tons of accounts selling online foreign language courses, and most of them post nothing but products in their accounts. So spammy, we are not going to follow them. I myself have been looking very hard for a good foreign language course because currently I am trying to learn Spanish. I am chasing after this Spanish girl, and I thought it would be romantic if I spoke Spanish to her for my research. I have found this one language learning course that runs their business account exceptionally well. So well, in fact, that they don't even post their products. They post entertaining content about languages to inspire learning languages. They post these content romantic. I love you to the Moon and back. Romantic 2.0, I am going to learn your mother's ton English mosquito, Spanish mosquito, French Mustique, German mukker, Portuguese Mosquito, Italian. How lame. Let's call it Xan Zara and lastly, that moment when you're fluent enough to understand that, but not to reply. This company's feed is full of colorful and humorous posts about what language can do for you. They never actually promote their course. If you follow them, you will be constantly reminded to buy their course because they are entertaining you every day with what's possible with language. After following them for a while, I finally bought their course. Why, what was there tempting offer that made me do it? It was because of this post. Whoa! I don't want to make those mistakes when talking to that Spanish girl. I don't want to say I am horny and aroused when I'm actually trying to say that I am hot and excited. I finally bought their product because their posts were entertaining and relatable. I thought that if I did and buy it, I will live a life of regret. Don't ever forget sales is negotiation. It is an ongoing conversation. If your potential customer doesn't buy from you today, guess what they are still following you Since they are still following you, we are going to remind them every day that without your product they are living a life of regret. Big hugs. I just want to tell you it has been my absolute pleasure sharing instagram business strategies with you. If you have any questions about tempting offers or anything else discussing discourse, please let me know. Hey, you know I am relatable. I'm familiar and I am really So find me on Instagram and send me a message and we will take on the world together and sell some stuff in the process also 39. Branding 101 Brand Conquest: of all the definition that you confined about branding, I still like this one. The best branding is a reason to choose. Ah, brand is designed to be different than the competition or else What's the point? A brand is what you stand for, the specialty that you use to stand out in your niche. FedEx is not just any delivery service. They are an overnight delivery service, and now it is not just any burger shop. They are the fresh, never frozen burger shop. Eric Self Help communication book is not just any communication book. It's a female seduction communication book. So branding is basically selling one type of product, one way to one type of customer. If you keep it simple and focus like this, you won't be distracted and your business success rate goes up. Now, just how do you find a specialty to focus our to find a focus, you find the one problem you're trying to solve. Emery Worldwide was a cargo airline that offered all types of air cargo service. Federal Express also had a shipping service. But how is FedEx going to compete with Emery Worldwide? FedEx narrowed their focus toe only one service offered by Emory delivering small packages overnight, I got a chance to model for their international ad campaign and learned so much about their company and branding strategies. FedEx New people were not going to like the expensive cost of their new service. It was an overnight package not going to be cheap. To justify their large price tag, they pioneered a system that could track packages and provide real time updates on package location. This was a big deal. Now you were willing to pay for the expensive service because the cost was justified. That's how FedEx was able to conquer the shipping service in the U. S. But the battle is never finished, because now comes all the competitors. So who is going to win the company who stays focused? Rick right here wrote about self help communication books for almost 10 years. No one cared, so he narrowed his focus. He started to write on Lee about female communication seduction secrets, basically how he was able to date so many pretty girls. Suddenly, his book became popular so popular, in fact, that he got offered a TV show deal with VH one. He talked about how If you teased girls to lower their confidence, they will be more likely to pay attention to you. He talked about how to approach girls within five seconds in making eye contact, or she will lose interest and won't feel you are manly enough. This show became so popular and launched an entire pickup community with some copy cats on YouTube, getting millions of views FedEx didn't want to sell to everyone, just people who were willing to pay for overnight delivery. Emmerich didn't want to sell to everyone, just people who were willing to pay for seduction tips. One type of product is shipping service. One way is overnight delivery. One type of customer is urgent. Knees customers. One type of product is communication skills. One way is female seduction skills. When kind of customer is guys looking to have more successful dates with girls and that is the first secret of branding. There is only one action item in this episode, which is to memorize this formula. Branding equals one type of product, plus one way plus one type of customer. That is how you can conquer with your brand and be different. The next episode, branding 202 will show you just how to be different in the marketplace 40. Branding 202 Be Different not Better: in the business world, if you say something or claim something, you have to prove it right away or else no one will believe you. That is why you should never say that your products are badder during someone else's. You can't prove that being better is an opinion, and you cannot prove an opinion. But what you can prove is that you are different. The first thing about being different is you have to make sure that people will know exactly what they will get when they buy your brand. If you asked your spouse to pick up a co gate on their way home from work, what will your spouse pick up is a good chance they will bring back a toothpaste. But if you ask them to pick up a Nike, they will be confused. Are you asking for a pair of shoes, a shirt? A golf club? Nike used to be famous for their shoes, but now they so everything they have lost their brand essence and purity to be different. You need a strong brand. Fill out the blame. Your brand is quality blank. It can't just be quality. Everything that Nike brand now just means quality in general, and that makes their brand week. It has to be quality something. Co gate is quality toothpaste. What about Canon? Canon used to be known for cameras, but now they also make printers to so no, a strong brand, especially when starting out must have only one product. How about Goodyear? Yes, this works quality tires, But quality plus product is not good enough because everyone is doing it. Everyone is claiming that their products are high quality. That is why we need to add something that your competitors are not doing. We need to add meeting. Do you know how Starbucks became famous? Yes, they were the first to serve quality coffee in a coffee only shop, but they also added meaning to their coffee brand. There were so many coffee shops back in the day that served muffins, snacks, sandwiches and so on. Do you still serve coffee? You sound more like a bakery, not a coffee shop. Starbucks was the first coffee shop that guess what only served coffee, But then they did something amazing. Nope, It was not promoting that their coffee was high quality. They promoted the entire coffee experience. Starbucks created the marketing strategy that went like this. We don't sell coffee. We sell a place between work and home relaxing place to chill for 30 minutes before going back to work or going home. That is how Starbucks became so successful. If you want to meet a coworker outside of work or just go on a casual date, where do you go? You'll say, Hey, let's meet at in your Starbucks and grab a couple companies. You are not meeting a Starbucks because of their quality coffee. You are meeting there because it's a relaxing place between work and home. Their location have meaning, and now you have the formula to be different. Quality plus product plus meaning equals brand quality, plus coffee plus business. Casual meeting place equals the Starbucks brand. Here's another example. One of my students sell marijuana own Instagram now that it's legal in California, he wanted to be one of the first to use social media to sell his products. His product is we'd quality weed, but he was still missing a meaning in his brand. So what did he do? Just like Starbucks, he came up with the concept of community, his instagram account is all about the weed, a loving community. He shares, the positive we'd lifestyle. Anyone who purchased from him will feel that they have just joined a community, And that is why his brand is different than other competing brands. Here are the action items in this episode to be different. Your brand must sell only one kind of item. You cannot be known for quality everything. The quality. Only one thing. Once you figure out what that one thing is, you add meaning to it because quality product with meaning will last and compete with your competitors. You already know that you're selling quality something. Just figure out the meaning of that something, and your brand will be remembered. All right, let's get you some loyal followers. That's what the next episode branding 303 will be all about. I'll see you in the next episode. 41. Branding 303 How to get Loyal Follwers: We know what branding is, and we know how to be different. Now. We just need a focus on our target customers and turn them into our loyal customers. Branding is the most efficient way to sell a product. The marketing message makes people think that your brand is the best option for them personally. You are a girl, and you and your mom go to the department store to buy makeup. You both look around and you by the Mac brand. And what does your mom by your mom buys the Revlon brand? You bump into your aging friend at the store. And what does she buy this? Just say, though. Brand hold on a minute. Why did the three of you buy from three different brands? They're all pretty much the same makeup. Yes, they have different ingredients that may be more suitable for a certain type of skin, but they are still the same type of makeup. Look, I work in the entertainment industry, and I know a thing or two about skin care. Take a look. Here is Vassilis Nightly renewal, facial lotion and clinics. Famous facial cream. Vasselin is about $10 per bottle clinic is about $20 per bottle. I tried both of these products for a period of time, and I have to be honest. I didn't see or feel a noticeable difference between the two products. Vasselin markets there lotion to everyone, while Clinique markets there cream to the upper middle class C. Notice how Clinique refer to their lotion as cream. It just sounds classier. That is the power you need to know about branding. Your brand speaks to a certain demographic. Mac markets to girls, Revlon markets to women. And, she said, oh, markets to Asian women. In return, these three types of people all feel that their brands were created just for them, and that is what brand loyalty is all about. How well your brand does in the marketplace is determined by how well you can connect to your target customers. Here is something I learned in business. School expansion is selling tomb or kinds of people. Extension is selling more kinds of products. My Brazilian student cells spiritually and business motivation services to hiss Sao Paulo community. He just reached a milestone in his business, achieving 1000 loyal followers. These are 1000 fans that love his content, 1000 potential customers so awesome and so proud of him. However, he is already thinking about Expansion, which is selling two more kinds of people. He wants to turn his brand into a global brand so recently started to add English subtitles to his videos. I said, Hold on, your brand will suffer if you do that. Currently his fans watch his motivation of videos while he is speaking Portuguese to them. If he added English subtitles, his Brazilian audience won't feel like he is speaking to them anymore. And the English audience. They won't feel as connected because it's like watching A for a movie with English subtitles. My student is also thinking about extending his business, which is selling more kinds of products. He is considering moving his attention to YouTube and possibly Facebook. I said, Hold on, your brand will suffer if you do that. When you start a new platform, you are starting from zero, and you have to learn how customers will interact with your content on this new platform. Stay on instagram, build upon what is already working and keep your loyal followers growing. Don't expand or extend too fast Oprah has always been an amazing talk show host. Her show is charming, and she provides values that inspires us. However, after years of producing her show, she now wanted to be no more as a philanthropist unless as an entertainer, so her shows have taken on a more sophisticated few. What this did was to segment her viewers. She is now losing the interest of the common middle class viewer who just wanted to relax and watch an entertaining show. Introducing Wendy Williams. She has a show that is all about celebrity gossip, 20 news and moral values. Windy is currently recognized as the new Oprah Young, funny and energetic Oprah, Wendy has built up a legion of fans who feels she really understands them. Keep your brand focus and keep your loyal followers happy, or risk someone new and young stealing your customers. Here are the action items in this episode. Your product should make people think that your brand is the best option for them. Personally. Narrow your focus and create products and content for one type of customer expansion is selling to Mawr Kinds of people. Extension is selling Mawr kinds of products. Do not expand or extend too early in your business. If you do, you will make your brand week and your brand would die before it can take off. Lastly, don't change your product unless it's what your customer wants. They followed em. Bought your products for reason. Don't change what is already working. Look, a skin care brand used me as their model in their ad campaign. They are successful because they are one of the few brands in New York that markets specifically to men going to a spa. I use their products and they are great, but their products are not really that different from other products. It's all about branding. Wait, you're not gonna tell them that I said that, right? 42. Branding 404 Go where the battles are: customers like choices. But if there's only one company selling that one item that you want, sooner or later you will come to resent that company. Why? Because we don't like monopolies controlling our purchases. If you have an apple cellphone and are happy with it, it's because you have a choice. You had a choice to pick another brand, but you still chose Apple. This will make your connection with the Apple brand even stronger. If you have a boyfriend or a girlfriend and are happy with the relationship, it's because you have a choice. You had a choice to date someone else, but you still chose that person who is lying in your bed right now. This choosing power actually makes your current relationship stronger. When you're at the food court in the mall, you have all these choices. Aren't these companies directly competing with each other for your business? Don't they hate each other? When you want to buy a car, Where do you go? You go to a section of your city where all the car dealerships are. But why are these different kinds of car brands together on the same street? Don't they hate each other's guts. Companies from the same niche actually want to stick together because that's where the action is. That's where all the commotion is. More stores means more choices. More choices means more traffic, and more traffic means more sales. Don't be afraid of competition. Welcome it. Competition creates more hype for your niche and makes the product that you're selling mawr visible to customers. You already have a brand. It's time to show not only your customers, but also your competitors that you exist. Don't expect people to find your lonely website out in the middle of the Internet abyss. You have to go and generate traffic for yourself. There is only one action item in this episode, and that is to go where the battles are. Go where your target customers are hanging out and start introducing your brand, not your product. Your brand people don't buy products. They buy brands, go to online forums of your niche and start or join a conversation. Compete with other advertisements by putting your ads alongside other people with ads on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. To start joined the group on community and list your group on a mound. Your competitors, go to Fiverr dot com and compete with other sellers selling services in your niche. Goto Kickstarter dot com or patriot dot com and compete with other people who is also crowdfunding their projects. Compete, compete and compete. The money is not made in your home, in your store or on your website. The money is made out in the marketplace. You probably found this course that you're taking in a competitive marketplace. I'm so glad that you chose me, and that's why I'm gonna take care of you. I'm going to continue this year interesting and helpful branding stories with you onto the next episode. 43. Automation Tutorial Bonus Episode: automation services for Instagram have been around for a long time, So why am I just starting to talk about it? Because people are using it before they Already people are trying to break the rules before learning the rules. An automation service is you hiring a robot to, like follow, um, follow or comment on other people's accounts on your behalf. This automates traffic to your own account. But guess what? If your account is not polished or professional looking, what will happen? All the traffic that you are getting will be a waste of time and money. This is why I encourage you to make your profile look professional and have your marketing strategy ready first before using automation. And since you're watching this episode right now, you must already have a Polish account. And now you know all the major online business strategies. Okay, now it's time to break the rules and use automation. I tried many automation services and finally decided to stay with follow planner. Why? Because it's easy to use and gives you great control. Besides simple automation, this system also allows you to organize and manage your posts. Post I G stories and send direct messages from your desktop. However, I will give straight to the point and only discussed the basics. Click the link that I gave you in the description or on the screen to get started. This will give you 73 days to try their service. If you do like it, you can keep the subscription, and it will only be $9 per month for five accounts. Once you sign up to their service, you need to download a proxy onto your desktop. It is titled FP Proxy utility. This will allow you to control your robot activities from your desktop. So download the proxy and open it. Then make sure you are sick when you see the green light, then it's go time. Open up the app on the browser. This is their interface. Go to the count's tap and connect one of your accounts, then turned that account on. Open up the planner tap and voila! This is where the fun begins, I said, just loading a preset because you always want to start slow and increase your activity. Slowly click on low, preset and select warmup Week one and then hit load. What do the green boxes and red boxes mean this is why I like the service. Everything is so visual. The green boxes symbolize one hour blocks of time when the system is following people for you. The red boxes symbolize one hour blocks of time when the system is on following people for you. This is an interactive chart that is broken up into the time of day and day of the week, For example, right now is Sunday 5 35 PM, as indicated by the red Line. You can add and subtract activities simply by clicking on the day and hour. You want the system to run it. You can also click on the arm follow tab to add on follow activities to the system. Isn't that pretty Christmas colors? Now go back to the follow section. This right here is your assets, which is the collection of profiles that you will be following and I'm following from So let's click at source here. You can search and add your competitors profile along with hashtag youth in your niche and occasions into your library. For example, if your account is about Q cats, you can search for Q cats. Check out their accounts on instagram. And if they post the same kinds of things as you, such as the Count Cute Cats TV show, then they are your competitors at this source into your library, and the system will now target your competitors followers. Cool. Right. You can add source for hashtags and locations as well. Oh, isn't this cute? Weaken. Totally watch this all day. Uh, Okay, okay. Okay. I know if I watched this any longer, you're going to punch me. Okay, so let's get back to work up next is setting how maney follows you want in an hour. A good number is 20 to 30. You can select new targets after follow, so these new accounts will not show up on your feet and you can select 1 to 2 Punch likes, which means the system will like a new photo and old photo. In addition to following the account, this will make your bought activity realistic. You know, like a human. Then we have the target user filters. This will filter out accounts who don't fit a certain criteria such as you want the accounts that you are following to have at least five posts and a minimum of 100 followers otherwise is probably a fake account. Also, you want to skip business accounts and verify accounts, because these accounts are two professional and unlikely to follow you back. When all is done, you click update settings. Don't forget to also click on the arm. Follow tab so that you can fine tune the arm. Follow activity you can choose between how many unfollowed you wanting an hour and how many days to own. Follow these people after you follow them. Give at least three days click update settings and finally go to the top and turn on the automation. For this account. When it's running, you will see a green button that says it's running. Ah, word of warning. Instagram recently updated the algorithm. They don't want people going crazy and spamming others. That's why they are cracking down on those who are abusing the service and engaging in too much activities. We need to always fly underneath Instagram's radar as a rule of thumb. If you just created your account, Instagram only allows you to follow on. Follow around 20 users an hour maximum of 100 to 200 per day for council have been active for years. Instagram allows you to follow an arm, follow around 50 users an hour maximum of 300 to 400 users a day. But this is just a general rule. You will have to test this to see what your limits are. Just be careful. If Instagram suspends your activity for 24 hours, then don't do anything during those 24 hours. I only recommend automating following. I'm following and liking activities. I don't recommend automating direct messages or comments. Comments can get really spammy, especially the same comments sent to 30 different people. Instagram will know you are up to no good and suspend your ability to comment. Although I don't do auto comments anymore. Years ago, when I did, I had a funny experience. After setting up my automation services, I went about my day minding my own business. And then I don't know where I would get a random message that says, Hey, thanks you, too. I'm like, What, thank me for what we're No. Then I will get it. I did, and then I will get another notification from another random person saying Hey, thanks, Happy Wednesday to you too. And I'm looking at my phone. I'm thinking, Who are you? What are you talking about? I never wished you a happy Wednesday. Oh, my automation system is running. These people are responding to my automation activities. I felt so dumb. But hey, that's what happens when you have so many things going on in your life, right? If you are interested in learning more, please let me know and I will make another tutorial just for you. Automation is a great way to help you gain traffic. If you have a polished account that way you can focus on the things that really matter which is to create content. If you want to try out the service, click on the link in the description or on the screen and sign up. This link will give you a seven days free trial. I hope you found this episode useful. If you have any questions, let me know and I'll see you on Instagram.