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InstaFamous - Instagram Marketing - Followers to Profit

teacher avatar Jun Wu, Social Media Influencer

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      InstaFamous Academy Trailer


    • 2.

      Top Secret way to Grow your Instagram Instantly with AI


    • 3.

      16X your Business LIVE with AI this week


    • 4.

      Insta Famous Academy Introduction


    • 5.

      Sponsorship 201 Brand Awareness Tactic 1 and 2


    • 6.

      Sponsorship 202 Brand Awareness Tactic 3 and 4


    • 7.

      Types of Profiles - Branding 101


    • 8.

      Finding your Niche and Identity 201 - Double Down on your Strength


    • 9.

      How to Get Followers during Quarantine


    • 10.

      How to Get Extra Traffic during Quarantine


    • 11.

      Why Viral content get so much views


    • 12.

      Storytelling 101 - Why you need to Tell Stories


    • 13.

      Storytelling 201 How to Tell Stories Short Form Strategy


    • 14.

      Storytelling 202 How to Tell Stories Long Form Strategy


    • 15.

      Storytelling 203 How to Tell Stories Extra Long Form Strategy


    • 16.

      Public Vs Private Personal Vs Business


    • 17.

      BONUS Episode! - How to grow on YouTube as well!


    • 18.

      BONUS Episode! - Why is it So Hard to get Subscribers on YouTube


    • 19.

      BONUS Episode! - The Power of 3 Secret


    • 20.

      BONUS Episode! - Why we DON'T focus on Subscribers or Monetization


    • 21.

      BONUS Episode! - How Small YouTube Channels Make Money


    • 22.

      BONUS Episode! - Why Success is Inevitable -Our Battle Plan


    • 23.

      Instagram Mindset Playing a Video Game with Intension


    • 24.

      Macro Micro and Nano Influencers


    • 25.

      Finding your Niche and Identity 101


    • 26.

      Memorable Username and Name


    • 27.

      Seductive Bio Picture


    • 28.

      Compelling Bio Description


    • 29.

      Your One and Only Link


    • 30.

      The Marriage of Art and Science


    • 31.

      Who wants some Cake


    • 32.

      Content Style Frosting on the Cake


    • 33.

      Content Photos


    • 34.

      Captions Why Would I like your Cake


    • 35.

      Hashtags Your Connection with the outsideworld


    • 36.

      Content Videos Toys on the Cake


    • 37.

      Instagram Posting Schedule


    • 38.

      IG Stories - How you make your cakes


    • 39.

      Story Highlights Come get your special cake of the week


    • 40.

      Storytelling 301 The Story Triangle Blockbuster Movies


    • 41.

      Storytelling 302 The Story Triangle Engagement Questions Answered


    • 42.

      Storytelling 303 The Story Triangle When to Join a Trendy Topic


    • 43.

      Top 3 instagram mistakes


    • 44.

      Engagement Boosts Please smother me with love


    • 45.

      The Helpful not Hurtful algorithm


    • 46.

      Analytics 100 followers a day 3000 a month


    • 47.

      This is not Goodbye


    • 48.

      Preview of my new $1000/Hr. Webinar Script


    • 49.

      My Next Instagram Course - Instagram for Business


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About This Class

My life changed because of Instagram.

Let me show you step by step how you can become an influencer as well.

Successful Instagram Users know they are building a Community.

From raving fans to paying customers, what you do with your community is completely up to you.

No one likes boring lectures. I will take you on an adventure as I give you a VIP tour of Instagram.

Just how do you compete with the millions of other profiles on this fast-growing platform?

Instagram and Social Media, in general, is like an addictive video game.

There are casual users playing for fun and there are others who play like a champ, using it as a major stream of income.

We will play this Instagram Video game with intention.

I will hold your hand as we uncover how to

  • Craft a unique voice, an unforgettable identity that immediately makes someone respect and like you.

  • Build a polished and stylish profile that makes people want to follow you.

  • Create entertaining and valuable content so that people will stay following you and turn into fans.

  • Use proven business strategies to not only turn fans into paying customers, but also get sponsorship deals, and other opportunities.

  • Use Engagement boosts, algorithm strategies, and analytics to grow targeted followers. 2K, 5K, 10K, 25K, 50K...


(I am about to reach 50K. Let me show you how I did it- Without paying for ads or using automation software that can get you banned on Instagram)

As an added bonus, you will learn the secret of getting people to like you.

I work in the entertainment industry and marketing industry for over 15 years and have learned from the best.

There is a reason why some performers always book gigs. There is a reason why some businessmen always make sales.

Now is your turn.

Let me guide you through the psychology of being an online life of the party.

Your Instagram profile is the first step.

It's time to work on the Instagram features that matter.

Style, design, content, captions, hashtags, videos, posting schedule, IG stories, story highlights, and everything that makes a profile attractive, making people want to come back again and again.

As an Extra Bonus, you will see that I am as real as it gets!

What sets this apart from other courses is that you can check out my IG account and see what I am doing and posting in real time!

Nothing is hidden.

Everything I am teaching, I am using at this very moment!

It might sound crazy that a simple photo sharing APP changed my life.

But it's true, and now it's your turn.

Make 2019 a year to remember.

Let's start today!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Jun Wu

Social Media Influencer



Welcome to the easiest and funnest way to learn Online Marketing.

I make helpful and fun courses to help you grow on social media and your online business.

My work speaks for itself. :)

15+ years working in the Entertainment Industry - Model/Actor/Director/Producer

15+ years working in Marketing. Branding, business strategies, and growth hacking.

7+ years as a Talent Instructor - Managing the careers and business of clients

As you get to know me, you will see everything I teach, I put to use myself. 

Find me on Instagram and I'll help you! :)

See full profile

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2. Top Secret way to Grow your Instagram Instantly with AI: I am not kidding when I said I was going to help grow your Instagram account asap, how are we going to do that? Well, we're going to ask AI to do it for us, check this out my team and I develop these AI prompts specifically to help grow your Instagram account, all you need to do is to copy and paste these prompts into chat GBT and have AI start planning out your content as well as start creating content for you. We first need to create engagement plan for you. So put this AI prompt into chat GBT right now, here are even read it to you. Take on the persona of an Instagram content strategist and come up with ten ways to increase engagement on your Instagram account. Consider tactics such as using hashtags, asking questions in captions, using Instagram stories, and collaborating with other accounts. Your Instagram account is about health and fitness. Notice what we did there. We told AI to be your Instagram content strategist and come up with an engagement plan for your account. And all you have to do is putting your Niche. For this example, we told AI that it's in the health and fitness Niche. And here is the output. Ai lists out all the different proven ways to increase your engagement for your account, such as using relevant hashtags, asking questions in captions, creating interactive content, hosting contests and giveaways and etc. cool, right? Okay, next, we need to help you create some amazing content for your account so that you can more Followers use this prompt. The next take on the persona of an Instagram content curator and brainstorm ten photo ideas that will be visually appealing and aligned with a campaign theme for your Instagram account. That campaign theme should be helping people spice up their relationship with their boyfriend or girlfriend this month. I obviously use the relationship Niche as an example. And as you can see in an instant, AI created all the different content you should be Posting based on that one Topic. Diy, date night, bucket list, challenge, couples workout, cooking together, and etcetera. Do you know how long it will have taken you to compile this list before? Do you know how much you will have to pay a marketing agency to do this for you. That is the power of AI. And guess what? We're not done yet. I also want to make sure you have a content plan done for the month so that you no longer have to wake up wondering what to post about. Okay, Here we go. Try this third prompt next. Take on the persona of an Instagram content creator and plan out the content for your Instagram account for the month, include the dates, Themes, and types of posts. For example, photo, Video, carousel in the calendar, your account is in the Make Money Online Niche. This time we're having a little fine pretending that you are in the Make Money Online Niche and voila, your content plan for the entire month is done. Ai is so smart that it not only tells you what you should post on what day, but also breaks down the theme, the type, and the actual content itself. When you should pause the video, when you should post a photo, When to pose a carousel and when to post on Rios. Is your mind blown yet, we're just getting started. We have barely even scratch the surface of what AI can do for you for free. Besides using this power for yourself. Can you imagine selling this type of service to someone? How much can you charge them for it? Hopefully, you're starting to see the amount of money you can be making and a different businesses that you can start with this free AI technology. Now you have a peri-implant get engagement for your account. You know exactly what the post for the month and even exactly when to post it. So what do you think? It's awesome, right? And we're just getting started. Is it okay if I over-deliver even more? Would you like more prompts to get AI to do everything for you? Make sure to open up a brand new tab and typing easy AI I'm basically hosting a live event where I will hand you even more AI prompts based on your Niche, your market, and your interests, and do everything with you for free. Remember, we're now living in the age of AI, as crazy as it sounds, there's no need to do everything yourself anymore. Remember to sign up for free so I can send you more AI prompts and grow your account and business with you, live 3. 16X your Business LIVE with AI this week: Hello my friend. Congratulations and welcome you. And I can't wait to help you grow your influence and business this month. Before you dive into the course, I want to ask you a question. Would you like me to personally welcome to your business with you live this week? Right now, AI is taking over the world and millions of people are losing their jobs because their skills are obsolete. Why hire a copywriter when AI can do it for free in seconds? Why hire a social media marketer when AI can do it for free in seconds, why hire a coach, consultant or an expert in any field with any expertise? Why buy your products, all your services when AI can do everything better than you in seconds and for free, right now is a very scary time for some people, but it's also an exciting time because there are tons of opportunities and money to be made. This is why I'm hosting a live, easy ai challenge, a virtual event where the goal is to walk you through the steps and to be able to hand you the top AI strategies, the templates, the swipe files, and most importantly, the prompts so that you now only survive the AI revolution, but actually expand your business and create multiple income streams. All you have to do is open up a new tab in your browser and go to Easy AI and sign up for the free live virtual workshop happening soon. This is gonna be any event like none other, because I will get to personally work with you on your business live. At this event, I'm going to help integrate AI into your business and implement it with you live. So what are we implementing? What used to take you hours, days and weeks? We will doing literally seconds. I'm going to show you how to use AI to get attention on social media without paying for ads. How to turn those followers into leads and warm them up with AI so they know you, like you and trust you. And finally, how to sell to those people with sales emails, ad copy, and sales funnels written for you automatically by AI. Do you currently have a way to generate new leads? They'll make people chase you and not the other way around. Or do you have a sales process that turns a lead into a customer automatically? And do you also have a follow-up sequence for those who didn't buy, so that they will buy by the end of this live event in just a few hours and everything will be done. This used to be a mission impossible, but with the power of AI, it is now possible. Within the first day, people started to pay attention to my copy. I made two cells after just the first day fixed to the power of AI. I just added a third stream of income and it's growing faster than ever before. And I triple the number of clients and started charging more than my regular rate, all thanks to Jews training. How is this possible? You see, I think using ai is very much like chatting with RDD2 in the Star Wars movie. Most people are stuck in beginner mode because they don't know how to communicate with AI the correct way. And that's why they get boring or weird results that turns their customers off. The secret is to understand how to communicate with R2 the correct way. It's a health and chat with AI. The correct way. These in seconds, my work is done. Here's the deal. You'll see a lot of people right now selling AI courses and training. And this live event could easily be another $997 offer, but this event is free. So what's the catch? My goal is to be able to deliver so much value, help you implement everything live so that you start getting sales that you'll want to continue working with me. Is it okay if I prove that I can help you by actually helping you first for free, life, can't believe it. But I get three times last week I had more growth on my account in one month than half of last year, I got six people who sign up to my program. That's $6,000 in 1 h. And that's what I want to be able to do. Give you the tools and help you increment it to be a game changer in your business and your market. Remember, you are not in the business of your niche. You are in the business of marketing and selling your niche. I can't wait to show you how to easily attract your ideal customers and automate that process a live review for your business. Just open up a new tab in your browser and go to Easy AI and sign up for the next live workshop where I will personally help build your business and your influence together. Live. 4. Insta Famous Academy Introduction: Hello and welcome to the angst of famous academy. I'm June and I will be your best friend in your journey to gain followers engagement, brand deals, paying customers opportunities and in short fame. I'm so excited to meet you because this isn't just a regular online course, it will be an adventure. We will journey through the world of Instagram and I will analyze every aspect of the platform for you how our groom account from scratch the mistakes I made the breakthroughs, how I gained followers, how I lost followers and how I learned that the number of followers weren't even that important. As I give you a special V i p Tour of Instagram, You will also learn the secret of getting people to like you. If you're building a huge community of fans, you need people to like you, right? If you are a business trying to sell your products, you need people to like and trust you, right? I will show you the psychology of being the life of the party are instagram and the psychology of attracting followers and turning them into paying customers. Being popular is fun. Getting lots of likes is fun But what's better than popularity? Making money and growing your brand and business? That's why the ultimate goal in my course is not just to become things. The famous is to be profitable as well. If you are a model actor, artist, photographer, performer, small business owner, I can go on. You should be actively using Instagram to grow your influence. Why? Because it's free publicity and one of the easiest platform to build an audience and drive traffic to your business. Even if you are using instagram for fun, you have a hobby, right? You have a passion, right? Well, then you have a niche. All you need to do is to draw the right crowd to your profile, and you have an automatic business. Why not put some time into instagram so that you can reap the rewards? What rewards my talking about? This is what's possible with Instagram. Receive free products or get paid just by posting a picture of you with the item. At the time of this video, you can see that with my INSTAGRAM account, I can charge between 393 to $756 per post. I used the waiting line in the rain with everyone else trying to sign with a modeling agency. And I was rejected. Every time I can tell you, walking home in the rain was so depressing. Now, with the help of Instagram, I am working with brand names with valid and agency brands like Bar Qadi, Unique Low Banana Republic, Forever 21 Omega, Apple, K, Tokyo, Tommy Hilfiger, H and M and many others. Hey, don't forget to find me on Instagram to see just how do I work with these brands so that you can, too. Okay, In fact, the models contacted me and asked if they could represent me. That's how I got on the show. Orange is the new black Check me out on Season three Episode six Week Week, but that is only one way to becoming the famous. You don't even need a post about yourself. You can just post your hobby like my friend Spencer, who gets free toys and get paid from Hasbro just for taking good pictures of toys. Like my student, Katherine, who posts her artwork, are instagram and sells her art for cash, and my other students, who is so good at makeup and telling stories that despite having only 2000 followers, she was able to correct her own makeup brand and make a living selling her own branded merchandise. You can also use Instagram to travel for free, for example, free stay at a hotel if you promised a post about your experience. V i p treatment as select venues This Philippines War Museum Let me right under tanking exchange for a post invitations to exclusive events. With the help of Instagram, I was able to travel all over the world and competing six international beauty pageants with hotels, meals and all activities paid for. My friend Michael is a fitness lover, and he makes a living charging people for fitness consultations right through his instagram stories, my dear friend runs several Instagram accounts selling various products. This is a pendant that he made a lot of money selling during Valentine's Day. I was even able to use the money I earned on Instagram to take my mom on a vacation to Paris. All I had to do was to post this macaron photo on my instagram page, but those are just things that you can buy if you have money. What is something that you cannot buy? A community having active music? Gram profile It's like having a community of people who cares about you. When I broke up with my girlfriend a long time ago, I went through a depression. We were planning to go to Disneyland together, and I even bought the tickets, not wanting it to go to waste. I went by myself. I posted this photo on Instagram and received many messages from fans who tried to comfort me and told me that I was not alone. See community. It's about building your very own community, where you are respected and loved for what you are passionate about. And that's the true secret to Instagram's success. OK, enough about my love life. Let's get a quick overview of this course. I will help you become things the famous in just six weeks. Week one is where we hit the ground running. I will show you the biggest influence or trans of 2020 and start teaching you how to get sponsorship deals. It's time to start using your account to get you free stuff and get paid. We two is where we break down just how to become successful on Instagram. I will show you that Instagram is like a video game. Some people play for fun and others they play to get results. Week three is all about optimizing your account. It's time to create a memorable first impression that will make people want to visit your profile, want to follow you and want to like and comment on your posts. Week four is where the fun begins its content Creation time. I will hold your hand and guide you through style design, content captions, hashtags videos, posting schedule, I D stories, story highlights and everything that makes people want to come back to your profile again and again. Week five is where I shared the ultimate in the famous secret with you, and that is to always tell stories. I will explain why, how and what kinds of stories to share with your followers so they were actually care about you and what's happening in your life. Week six is putting it all together. The strategy of using art and science to grow the top three ends of my mistakes. People are making engagement boosts algorithm strategies and reviewing analytics to ensure you will grow. And then we will end our adventure and discuss how you can contact me on Instagram for quick tips. By the way, if you are a small business owner, I made an extra episode just for you. I will talk about just how to create an account that will make people want to buy from you . It's titled Making the Sale or Instagram. So don't forget to check that out. My goal is to get you where you want to be as soon as possible. Whether is more followers, more engagement, more customers or more influence? I'm always striving to provide you with a five star experience. I'm dedicated to doing just that. You will get a chance to give a review for this course early on, and I really appreciate it. If you can give me some feedback because I am creating this course just for you, I really want you to have a five star experience. So if I haven't earned that five star experience from you, let me know, let me know how I can improve so that you are completely satisfied with this course. I try to make each episode stand alone, which means You don't have to watch this course in order. However, please, Please, please do not watch the entire course back to back and then start working on your instagram profile. Work on your profile week by week. Episode by episode and action item by action item. That is how you can fully focus on different aspect of your account and start seeing results. I want you to start seeing results as soon as possible so you can start sharing your success stories with me once again. Welcome to the insta famous Academy. Welcome to my Instagram family. We are gonna have a great time and take on the world together. Ready? All right, let's go. 5. Sponsorship 201 Brand Awareness Tactic 1 and 2: it is 2020 and you have built your account up to at least 5000 followers, and you are starting to receive brand sponsorship opportunities. So what do you do when you get a d m or a comment like this one? Thank you so much for liking my business post. It means a lot. I will love to send you a free mini facial just to say thank you or comments like my team wants to send you a product from us as an influencer. Send over your details so we can chat. People start freaking out there like, Oh, my God, I don't know how to convince my followers to buy your product and my followers don't buy your product. You wouldn't want to work with me again and no one will want to work with me again. Oh, my God. What am I gonna do? And blah, blah blah? Oh, my God. Stop! Welcome to sponsorship 201 We are going to get you your first sponsorship deal with two magic words. Brand awareness. A lot of beginner influencers don't know how to talk to sponsors. They don't know what they can offer them and they don't know how to help sponsors sell their product. Here's the secret that I learned early on as an influencer. When speaking to a sponsor you don't offer to help sell their products, you offer to help them create brand awareness. Brand awareness is you letting your followers know that a certain brand a certain business , exist. That's it. There are four main tactics in brand awareness that advanced influence or used one. Sell the fear of competition to promote the brand, not the product. Three. Extend the deal and the perks and four Use other brands to make yourself famous for free. Let's cover the 1st 2 Right now we all love action figures, right? We got Roble car figures, powering your figures, Terminator figures and bat mobiles. Huh? What? I'm not a geek. What? You never play with toys before? Whatever, man. Anyways, let's talk about how my friend Spencer worked with Hasbro to create brand awareness. In the last episode, we talked about why a brand like target would want to work with me. It's because I had at least 5000 followers who cares and listens to what I have to say. Now let's talk about the how How did my friend Spencer get a sponsorship deal with one of the major toy brands in the world? To put things into perspective, Spencer only has 14 K followers and Hasbro. Hasbro has 274,000 followers. This is how David conquered the Goliath and secured on. Awesome deal. Well, for one thing, Spencer takes beautiful action figure pictures. That's his specialty and collectible toys is his niche. His account is absolutely beautiful. However, what do you think? What happened? If he d m the Hasbro and asked for sponsorship, how do you think Hasbro would have responded? You are right. Hasbro would have ignored him. You never contact big brands directly. They will ignore you. So what do you do? You go where the action is. You go where they are, hang out and make them notice you. This is why my friend visits all the major toy exhibition events like the biggest one at San Diego. Comic con. He post photos and videos of these events on instagram and a lot of his followers tuning to see what new figures are released each year. If you collect action figures, you will know that brands like Neca and hot toys dominate the collectors toy market. Their figures are so detailed that they are not even considered toys. They are considered collectibles. But what about the Hasbro brand? In the toy industry, Hasbro is known as a toy brand. For kids, the quality is mediocre at best. Take a look at that Hasbro Captain America compared to the Neckar Captain America, the neck a figure is more realistic, more detailed and has more articulation. Now take a look at the Hasbro Optimus Prime figure compared to the hot toys Optimus Prime Holy Crab. In comparison, the hot toys Optimus Prime looks like a supermodel. It is obvious one is a collectible for adults, and one is a toy for kids. What some people may not know is that Hasbro also makes high quality figures to like their Star Wars toy learn. These figures are pretty detailed and can be considered collectibles to. In fact, Hasbro has a smaller brand called Hasbro Pulse. This is their instagram account. You can see this account is smaller than the main account. With only 94.5 K followers, this account is not general toys, but toys for collectors. See, they even mentioned that in their bio, Hasbro posts where fans come first. And that's how my friend got the Hasbro sponsorship. He basically struck up a conversation with Past Bro Smaller Brand and explain to them about the competition they are facing. You think Neca and Hot Toys R Hasbro's only competition? No, there are even more brands out there that creates amazing collectibles. So how is Hasbro? Paul is going to survive. They need to let the toy collectors industry know that they exist. And that's why they work with people expense. Er, in fact, these photos were taken by him to promote Hasbro toys. He is basically creating brand awareness for Hasbro, reminding people that Hasbro is not just a Children toy company. They also make collectible figures to. And if you look at his captions and stories, you'll notice that he never tells you to go buy these toys. He never tells you to go and follow Hasbro. It is not his job to sell Hasbro's toys. He simply gets free figures and gets paid to promote Hasbro brand awareness. Powerful right tactic. One of brand awareness is to let the brand you are working with? No, they have competition. If they don't work with you, then they risk being overcome by the competitors. They risk their brand not being seen or heard. Now let's look at another example. When I was in Thailand, I visited the Korean town there and got a sponsorship deal with the Egg Sandwich restaurant . Since some of my followers live in Bangkok, Thailand, this local business gave me a free sandwich and paid me to post about their restaurant. Now I didn't even take a photo of the sandwich that I ate because I didn't even like their sandwich. It was too salty and had way too much MSG. But I had to pose about it. I mean, the restaurant already gave me a free sandwich and paid me to post about it on Instagram, so I had to do it. So what did I do? I used tactic to of brand awareness, which is to promote the brand, knock the product. I am not going to post about the sandwich and tell my followers that I liked it. That would be bullshit. So what did I do? I posted about the brand instead, and in this case their location. I noticed that they had a giant egg photo booth in the back of the restaurant. So I told my followers Hey, look at this place. This restaurant has a place where you can take fun egg pictures. Did I tell my followers to go by the sandwich? No, it's not my job to sell their damn sandwich. My job is to let my followers know that this place exists and get a conversation going about it. I simply posted these I G stories and said, Hey, what an interesting place. What do you think? Hey, just so we're clear, you are not going to go tell that restaurant that I didn't like this sandwich, right? Oh, my God, You're so giving me hell today. First it was my action figure collection, and now you are blackmailing me. Whatever, man. Anyways, my Thailand followers were intrigued by my post, and many responded to me by D m, even my followers from the United States joining on the conversation and said things like, probably one of my favorite foods about the burst all over your head. Your stories are fun, eager to read every time you post and another, GM said. I will make some scrambled eggs now because you put my mind on it and then I let the restaurant know. You see, people are reacting positively to my post. People now know your business exists. My job is done. You now have brand awareness, and if they are ever in the area, they might check you out. Many influencers make things complicated. They feel pressured to sell products and give sponsors unrealistic. Expectations and guarantees. Don't make it complicated. Here are the action items in this episode when you are having a conversation with a small business, just tell them straight up. Tactic one. You are a new business, and not many people know who you are. And plus, you have competitors. Your customers Onley know about your competitors, but not you. I will help you grow your business by telling people who you are. I will give you brand awareness and tactic to tell them that you don't help them sell products. You help them sell their brand. You will let your followers know what you think of their brand and start a conversation going that will generate visitors and leads. Never, ever feel pressured to sell a product for your sponsors. It is not your job. Your job as an influencer is to create brand awareness. It is much more important to keep a brand name in the mind of your audience, then to sell one or two products. Now, do you want to know what tactic three and four is are seeing the next episode? 6. Sponsorship 202 Brand Awareness Tactic 3 and 4: Welcome to sponsorship to 02 You are probably here to learn about Tactic three and four. All right, let's get started. Tactic three and four of brand awareness is three. Extend the deal and the perks, and four use other brands to make yourself famous for free. That's actually how my friend Michael got a gym sponsorship deal. He noticed that a new gym opened near his home. So he visited the location and told the manager that he has a fitness instagram account, and he is willing to post about his experience going to this gym in exchange for sponsorship. To show how sincere he was, he showed the manager he already have a 62nd video of himself working at this gym, and he published the Post in front of the manager Dan. He showed him how some of his followers started liking the video. The manager was impressed by Michael's positive attitude and gave him, ah, one month free membership Right then and there. Now guess what happened next. What will you do if you are? Michael, you are going to go back to that gym and use that free membership right now. What are you gonna do when you're back at the gym. You are gonna post more videos of you working out on Instagram. And that was what Michael did. Every time he went back to the gym. He posted about it. It was so simple and yet so effective. He even gave me a few of his free passes to the gym so that I can go and help videotape him . He wasn't telling his followers to go buy a membership that would be too pushy. He's simply posted these videos. Every time he went to this gym and his followers became more and more familiar with this gym brand. The management was so happy for the social media attention that they recently gave Michael a six month free membership and some protein powder as a small gift. They were trying to convince Michael to visit their gym, often because they knew if Michael visited the gym, he was going to post about it and guess what happened next. They gave him a trophy. Yeah, I asked him, Michael, why the how did they give you a trophy? And he said, Well, arm their new brand. Ambassador, I told him, but it's not like you want a competition. I mean, you only get a trophy for winning a contest. You get a trophy for posting workout videos and you were gonna work out anyways. It didn't matter which Jim you were going to. Marco wasn't happy about what I said, and he's not talking to me right now. Maybe I should have kept my thoughts to myself, and that is Tactic three. Extend the deal and the perks. If you are proactive and take the initiative, sponsors will reward your enthusiasm by extending the deal and giving you even more perks. Okay, now let's talk about Tactic four of brand awareness Throughout these brand sponsorship episodes, you probably noticed that I have taken on a business minor toning, right, talking about contacting brands, building relationships, using the fear of competitors, selling products and so long. That's because I teach these concepts and more, in my things, the business course tactic. Four. Use other brands to make yourself famous for free. Here is an example. One of my students has a makeup account. I told her to research what is trendy in the makeup industry right now, and she discovered that magnetic eyelashes is a hot item now. So then I suggested that she reach out to small businesses who is selling the product and ask for sponsorship. She found 14 brands and sent out 14 collaboration requests. She got back three that were interested. She didn't know what to do next. Which brand should she post about? I told her that. Oh my God, how awesome. You have three brands wanting to give you free products. Use that to your advantage, post about all three and do a review. So that's what she did. She compared the three brands side by side and said something positive about each one. Now get this. I told her to title the video. My top three favorite magnetic eyelashes. Do you know what this does? First, it establishes her as an expert on makeup. Hey, she had to be if brands were giving her sponsorship deals. Second, this trendy item is what people are searching for on Instagram, and if she can do an honest review on it, then she will get a lot of attention and followers and three each of the brands that shipped her free products would be happy about the promotion. Why? Because they were happy to have made her top three favorite list. They didn't need to know how many times she was rejected from other brands. All they needed to know was that they made her top three favorite list. This tactic is using other people's products, other people's brands to make yourself more famous. And it's free. Do you know what I was happened? Even I was impressed. I'm so proud of her. She got a lot of attention from posting about the trendy product by doing a review that she turned her hobby into a business. She started buying magnetic eyelashes at wholesale prices, created her own brand name for it and started selling her own product. It's simple. You create brand awareness for some small business. You get attention and get new followers. Now people trust you, Dan. You create your own brand and start selling your own products. This was a brilliant business move, right? She basically tested the market before she invested in it herself with her own money. Clever. If you are interested in using Instagram to grow your business, don't forget to check out my instead business course. And also don't forget you can always contact me on Instagram Sami a message and I will help you to. Here are the action items in this episode. Learn from my friend Michael. Tell your sponsors that every time they give you a free product or access to your location , you will post about it. This will encourage them to keep giving you perks. Hey, if they want more traffic and they have to keep giving you perks or pay you and second learn for my business student, do reviews of different products to get attention. You are basically using other people's products to make yourself more famous. And once you get enough attention enough engagement, you can consider creating your own brand. And why shouldn't you? You are an expert in your niche. After all, this tactic allows you to test the market for free before investing it yourself. Don't make sponsorships complicated and don't give sponsors on realistic expectations. Use the power of brand awareness to prove to them that you are a smart business person, and then they will trust you and give you the deal. It's that simple 7. Types of Profiles - Branding 101: there are three types of profiles who does exceptionally well, Our instagram on by Well, I mean that they have tons of raving fans who likes and comment on their photos as soon as they post introducing the business profile, the personal profile and the fan profile. The business profile is a company selling a product or service they post content that is branded with their own theme. The personal profile is an individual sharing their profession and life. They post content that is branded with their own theme, and the fan profile is an account sharing their specific interest. They pose curated content that is branded with their own theme. I'm sure you notice a partner. All three accounts are branded. Don't worry. You don't need a business. Agree to create a brand. The secret of creating a brand is two parts, be focused and be consistent. Under Armour is known for fitness wear and very intense workout lifestyle, so they only post that kind of content. Here is an intense workout. Here is their product. Here is another workout and another product, and repeat and repeat. Supermodel Alessandra Ambrosio is known for beauty and her modeling career, so she only posts beauty, fashion and travel. A beautiful photo showing she has good skin, her wearing fashionable clothing and look. She is traveling and repeat and repeat. The Mima count, my therapist says, is known for humor and living the awkward life so they only post means with that kind of theme, me trying to open up to someone. Hey, at least I tried. It's hard. Been on diet for two weeks and proud to say, I lost 14 days of happiness. Yep, been there, done that, me coming out of my room every few days. So people know I'm still alive. High five Little fella. Glad to know you're still alive and repeat and repeat brands don't pose random things. They only post things that have a strong connection to their brand. Many think that branding is just putting a logo on something. Their brand it, their friend. It they're branded. A better way to think of branding is this. Brands have a special focus and identity that something is known for. McDonald's is not just any burger but fast food burgers. Victoria's Secret is not just any underwear but sexy underwear. Apple is not just any cell phone, but simple and easy to use cell phone. Their followers know what to expect every time they see their posts on their feet. If you usually pose about fitness and suddenly you start posting about a movie you saw a party you were at or food you were eating that doesn't have anything to do with fitness. Your followers were wonder why they are following you. This is why McDonald's would never put a tomato in there. Big Mac. It will mess of the taste and confused their fans. You want a tomato, Go to Burger King and get a whopper. The last thing to know about profiles is that you are either a content creator or a content curator. Content creator creates the content that they are posting. The either took the photo or video themselves. That's why they are unlikely to post anyone else's photos or take photos with someone. Unless there is a specific reason. Content curator collects content from others and repost them well, giving credit to the original owner. They do not create their own content, and they don't have to. They share the best and most viral content in their niche. Why do you even need to know this creator versus curator concept. All things being equal. If you start to accounts from scratch, the content curator account usually grows faster. It's because they simply share other people's viral content that's already proven to get engagement. Have you seen the YouTube video titled 100 K Followers being 48 hours? They created a very polished and specific fitness account and advertise it to all the major fitness accounts on Instagram. And they did get 100 K followers in 48 hours. It works because they collected the most viral videos of their niche and paid for heavy traffic to their page. Anyone interested in extreme sports will like and follow them. Why, instead of falling 15 accounts, you only need to follow one. They bring the best of extreme sports to you every day. Why follow anyone else? This also means that if you're shy and don't want to show your face on Instagram, you can still be very successful. Just collect content and give credit to the creators. Here is our first action item for the course. What kind of account are you creating? Take a moment and think about it. Is it a business account where you post your products and the lifestyle around your products, a personal account of you and your specialty or a fan account of the best curator? Images and videos from your niche. Be focused and be consistent with it. Congratulations. You have created a bread and guess what? It will last forever. 8. Finding your Niche and Identity 201 - Double Down on your Strength: Hi. This episode is inspired by some of my students who wants more help discovering their niche and their unique identity. If you are having trouble figuring out what your instagram account should be about, I understand what you're going through because no one is born knowing what they're good at . It takes time to figure that out, and that is the purpose of this episode. Let me share with you something that has changed my life. Of all the businesses and brands I worked with, the one that made the biggest impression on me, the one that pointed me in the right direction in developing myself, was FedEx. Ah, while go, I got a chance to work with them on a commercial. They gave me their uniform, dressed me up to look like their employees and put me in a sing in the commercial. I got a chance to have lunch with the V p. A. FedEx marketing, and here's a picture of him, but he doesn't like taking photos, so I just had the assistance snap this when he wasn't looking. So don't tell him. Okay, Anyways, he taught me something that just blew my mind, he said. self help books are bad for you. What? How so? What he meant was that most people read self help books to improve the weakness. Like if you were afraid of public speaking, you will go to the bookstore and find a self help book on how to improve your public speaking makes sense right. But focusing on improving your weakness is actually hurting your success. Why? Because it's a weakness for you. It's going to take a lot of work just to be average. You will never be able to excel and compete with people who are already naturally good at public speaking. What you should be doing is finding out what your strength is and develop it, make it even stronger. Then you were really excel. Beat out the competition and take over the world like what FedEx did. I'm paraphrasing, but you know what I'm talking about, right? If you focus all of your time, are improving your weakness, the best that you could hope for is to be better than average, but being better than average will not bring you success, our instagram or success in your life. To be successful, you need to become an expert, and you become an expert faster and with less effort if you focus on developing your strength. And that is the secret of what makes FedEx so successful as a business. When faced with intense competition, FedEx didn't focus on improving dale weakness, which was a lack of variety in their shipping services. Instead of trying to add more shipping services, Fat X double down on their strength, they're express shipping and made a faster, more streamlined and more trackable. Because of this, they immediately became an expert and became so successful. Now let's apply this concept to our account. For example, if you were not comfortable in front of the camera, but you are really good at making sculptures, then don't spend too much of your time with a camera. But more time developing your sculpture skills. Look at the sculptor. He has developed his skills so much that he is able to do miniature sculptures. It is so small that it's made on pencils. Here is an example of him working on a rose and sponge Bob Square pants. If you follow him, you'll notice that he never gets in front of the camera. I don't even know if he is a heat, but there's no doubt someone double down on their strength. Another artist got so good at drawing that he draws on bananas literally. Even his bio reads. I draw on bananas, and that's what his account is about. Here is him working on a drawing of the Eiffel Tower on a banana? If someone told you that you could make a living drawing on bananas, where do you believe it? If you took the time to develop the skills, why don't Here's another person who took his skills of paper cutting to the next level. He draw simple silhouettes and images on paper, custom out and integrates them with everyday life. Playing with perception, he can make a cone shaped structure look like a lady skirt. He can make an awkward shape rock look like a grizzly bear or a window looked like the propeller of an airplane. Creative right. It's as if you get a chance to see the world from his imagination. He got so good at the skill that he was even invited to do a little video with Will Smith to promote one of Will's movie. He did a cutout of will and turned it into an animation. If you enjoy being in front of the camera, look at what this makeup artist did. She is a lady who got so good at makeup that she could transform her face into any celebrity like Anne Hathaway, Scarlett Johansson. And who is she working on right now? Taylor Swift. It's amazing, right? Thinks she can only transform into a woman thing again. She got so good that she can use makeup to turn herself into Guess Who, Johnny Debt and Robert Downey Jr But my favorite has got to be this. Who is she turning into? I'll give you a hint. The girlfriend of Leonardo da Vinci Look, it's more Lisa. Another girl took her fitness skill to new levels by posting about what her body could do. She can do continuous backflips and the human flag exercises. She can do continuous walking handstands and pull herself up without using her legs. She got so good at fitness that she could even do workouts underwater. Amazing, right? I guess she could be the next cycle girl, and all it took was developing her strength. Are you getting tired of me saying this person got so good at blank that day Blank. I'm going to stop using that phrase, but I am going to continue to show you a few more examples to prove a point. Check this out. This photographer got so good at, Dammit, I'm doing it again, Okay? This photographer takes action figure pictures. He does it in a dynamic way that really makes the toys come to life. He got the attention of various toy companies and now he makes a living doing photography for major toy brands. He has less than 50 K followers, and yet his account is already verified. That just proves that your skills is more important than your followers when you want to stand out. Speaking of cameras, if you are really good with a video camera, you can do something this girl did. She shows you different and creative ways to make cool looking videos. These shots look like it was taken from a blockbuster movie, and yet she explains how easy it is to create these cool camera movements. My favorite is when she shows you how to create a fantastic flying drone shot without actually using a drone that behind the scenes videos really shows off her creative film making skills. She recently even got a sponsorship deal with a P. O. V camera company. Want to know how she was able to create these dynamic shots in her posts? She explains how to mount a camera to her toothbrush to create the desired effect. If you enjoy problem solving and want to challenge, check out this account. This person is really good at solving interesting math and science problems. Each day, the person will pose the question with a multiple choice answer and asked followers was the answer. If you wanted a note answer. You will need to click the link in the bio to find out this is a great way to keep visitors engaged while showing off your problem solving skills in a fun way. If only I knew about this account when I was in high school, I would have totally followed them. And maybe dead, uh, would have had better S a T scores. Do you like cakes? How is your baking skills? If you want your mind blown, you can take a look at this account each week. This baker will bacon. Amazing looking cake. So amazing that it doesn't even look like a cake. And he will cut it to show you that it is this Baker has half a 1,000,000 followers, and all he does is bake cakes and custom ing have. Really? That's what his whole account is about. But I think you would agree with me that it takes some special skills to make these amazing cakes. And what did he do on his birthday? He baked the cake that actually looked like a cake. But there is a twist. When he cut it, what looked like chocolate filling was actually Sprinkles filling inside. And finally, we have the cube melt account This artist draw simple Ice Cube cartoons. What makes this art special is that he has the skills of great own LTD cute and funny scenarios of ice cubes melting. Eventually, the Ice Cube turned into a character and you follow it through its daily adventures. I mean, what kind of expert is that? Acute Ice cube melting cartoon expert. Hey, if you have the skills, people will follow you. Why did I spend so much time showing you all of these examples? Yes, it's entertaining, but there is a point to recap. We have the mini sculpture expert, the banana artists expert, the paper cutting expert, the celebrity impersonator expert, the fitness expert, toy photography expert, videographer expert test taking expert cake expert and finally cute ice cubes melting cartoon expert. Now what are they all have in common? The answer is obvious. They are all experts. I hope I have proven to you that if you want to be successful, you need to be an expert on something and you become an expert not by improving your weakness but by developing your strength. I am the same. Do you want to know what my strength is? A few years ago, I discovered that my strength is storytelling. I am good at sharing ideas, giving you good examples and making it entertaining a meaningful for you. My account is about travel adventures and fun sponsorship projects. But when I started my account, I had no idea it was going to be that I slowly discovered that was what I was good at. And I developed it when I discovered that storytelling was my strength. I did everything I could to improve that skill even further. I bought books about courses. I even went to film school, marketing school in advertising school to strengthen my strength, which sounds a little weird. But the point is, I double down on my strength, and that's why I have so many strategies to help you grow your influence and business on Instagram and on social media, as you will soon see in our future episodes. There is only one action item in this episode. The next time you are looking for self help book to improve a weakness, don't limit yourself. Look for ways to improve your strengths as well. Developing skills that you are already good at will get you the results that you're looking for faster in a shorter amount of time. I understand that it takes time to find your strength and develop it. But don't worry about it. That's why I'm here. We will take it step by step. We will find your strength strengthening even further and then use that strength to change your life. Okay, Don't forget to find me on Instagram's if you want to write about it. All right. I'll see you in the next episode. 9. How to Get Followers during Quarantine: they 23 of quarantine. I haven't had a haircut in like, over a month. I am so tired of eating spaghetti and I'm down to my last toilet paper. I'm kidding. I'm kidding. I have one more after this. Don't worry. This episode is not me complaining about being locked down but showing you how to use this special opportunity to get more followers on Instagram and on social media. In fact, right now is the best time to grow your instagram. Let me show you why a study done by new potato shows the decline and rise of traffic due to the outbreak. You see, the biggest decline happened in the travel space, and that makes sense. No one is online searching for travel. Everyone is staying home. Now. Look at the largest traffic increase was spaces airing in media social media. Another study, done by TechCrunch, shows that WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram saw as much as a 40% increase in usage because of the cove in 19 pandemic, your potential followers are spending more time online than they have ever before. However, just because there's more traffic on instagram than usual doesn't mean everyone is growing followers. You see, there are three kinds of people on Instagram right now. The oblivious people, the paranoid people and people like you and me, the sensitive but positive people. The oblivious people are those who act like nothing is wrong. They are still posting pictures of themselves, living the life, relaxing on the beach, wearing sexy bikini. Hang out at nightclubs. I mean, come on. Are you even in lock down? Do you know what corn he means? Why are you even outside? And if you are not outside but locked down at home, why are you still posting vanity photos and acting like your life is still so awesome? Some business accounts are doing the same thing. They are still heavily promoting their products without a care in the world. Last chance by this Don't miss out shop now link in bio. Apparently, it's still business as usual for them, and they wonder why they're getting less and less engagement. The second kind of people are what I call the paranoid people. These are the ones that pose nothing but news about the cove in 19 virus. Every day they pose about how many people are dying because of the pandemic. What the president Trump said about the pandemic and oh my God, there are now three strands of the virus and it's making its rounds. You could be next. I appreciate you for trying to educate me about this situation, but seriously, you are just freaking me out. I follow you because you used oppose about funny cat videos. But now its corona virus, this corona virus, that I didn't follow you to be reminded every day that the virus exists and that my days are numbered. No offense, but I will ranter get my news from a more reliable source. And finally, we have the third kind of people, the people who are actually growing followers on Instagram. These people are sensitive about the pandemic but still positive. As a result, their content is uplifting, which results in huge amounts of traffic every day. Content like these that got me 40 k views and 60 K views which resulted in 900 followers a day to my profile. Don't worry, I won't show you in a few minutes how I did it so you can do it too. So just how do we grow? Instagram followers during quarantine. If you are influencer, you want to show how the pandemic has affected your life and how your daily routines have changed. But remember to be entertaining and positive. No one wants to follow people who are negative all the time. If you are a business, show how your products or services help someone during this time, how will it relieve someone? Stress and make staying home more bearable and productive? In both cases, you address the elephant in the room. I mean the elephant in the world. You acknowledge that the pandemic exist, but hey, life goes on and this is how you are dealing with it. Now let me show you some examples of how people are growing followers. Some artists are taking this opportunity to give a shout out to all the doctors and nurses who are risking their lives every day to say people like these posts, which portrayed them as angels in disguise. Another artist drew this simple yet meaningful drawing of infection growth chart showing that people who are staying at home are pulling the infection down, keeping it from growing. Believe it or not, The original photo from the artist Onley gas 645 lights. But because it was so uplifting, it was shared on under profiles on Instagram, one of which got 65,000 likes and loss of traffic back to the artist himself. Others who work at hospitals post content like this nurse's dancing together celebrating teamwork are day posting about how awful their work environment is. No people already know. It's awful, and it's depressing. No one wants to follow that. The's medical personnel are growing followers because they choose to stay positive and post entertaining and hard warming videos. Of course, you don't have the post about things that are directly related to doctors or the medical situation. You can post about how you are personally dealing with the quarantine. One of my friends is growing her followers by sharing what kinds of meals she is cooking every day during locked down. She not only shows you how she makes them, but gives you easy to follow recipes right in her captions. Others are posting videos of how they are playing with their pets. A home wine created a stack of toilet paper and made her cats jump over it, and she increased the difficulty by adding more and more. Another poster about the importance of washing your hands. She held her chameleon up to the faucet and showed that even animals, no about hygiene. But really you and I know that the Camelia is actually just playing with water. However, this simple video got over 1/2 a 1,000,000 views because it looks so relevant right now. Speaking of hand washing, my student, who has a makeup and skincare account, is getting lots of traffic and followers. Is your hand dry from all the washing? You can make your own lotion at home. She posted this helpful video on Instagram and got over 9000 views in two days. Another way to get attention is to show how you are entertaining yourself at home. Like these people listening to the famous Fail Commons Air tonight. It's creative and fun. We can all relate to how she is feeling right who's now is also a great time to turn your hobby into a business. My friend Michael is a fitness and nutrition coach. When the gym he works at shutdown, he lost his job. So what did he do? He now offers one on one coaching at home. In a moment, I will show you how he got his first to paying clients by using Instagram. My student Kim has a course teaching people how to paint flowers. She was going to post about 100 days of flower painting. I told her to make things a little bit more relevant to her visitors. How about making it 30 days of flower painting during locked down? If you were stuck at home and wanted to learn how to draw? Can you see why you might consider taking her course? The famous anthropology brand invited one of their merchandise manager to do a tutorial on creating a happy hour at home with the home a cocktail. They are not selling anything. They are just keeping the brand name in your mind so that when locked down is over, you will want to visit their store. I'm having a craving for a cocktail for some reason. Had it since a lock down, not really sure where it came from. Oh, and I got to get one of those cups that go good with a drink. Hey, do you know what I can get some After the locked up. You see being in quarantine can strengthen your relationship with your followers and visitors. My friend Bella is stuck at home and unable to hang out with her friends. So what does she do? She messaged her friends and told them to create a short video of each catching a toilet paper roll and handing it to someone off screen. She edited the video together to show that even though they can't be together, they are still united. Bella tagged all of her friends who participated in the video, and their friends shared it, which got her more followers when the outbreak happened. I was in Puerto Rico. I had a collection of fun and interesting photos and videos to share with my followers even a sponsorship deal with Omega Watch brand to promote the GoldenEye satellite. This was to help hype the new James Bond movie. No time to die. But did I post any of the fun photos? No. Why? Because that would turn people off. People are dying. People are losing their jobs and stuck at home and what I am doing fund sponsorship deals, traveling around the world and having the time of my life know that will be hello? Insensitive. So what did I do? I posted a few photos of me in Puerto Rico with quotes that made the photos relevant. Like when I found a giant heart statue and I told my followers to stay safe and keep hope alive. I also took a photo with some Spanish soldiers I found at a museum and reminded people to stay strong because we are currently at war. It is World War three humans against viruses. As long as you put context with your posts, people will find it relevant. My friend Jen Cramer is a magician in Vegas. She has an awesome show, but her show shut down because of the pandemic. Actually, the entire Vegas Strip is shut down. So now Gen is growing her instagram followers while in quarantine and guess what she is doing at home? No, she is not complaining about being stuck at home. She does magic shows in her living room and post them on Instagram. Her visitors love it, and she's growing followers daily, and that's what influencers do. They tell people that, yeah, quarantine sucks, but life goes on. Let's make the most of it. Basically, you want to post things that you are good at and show how you have incorporated that into your daily routines. If you can do that, your followers will love you, and your visitors will be curious. What will happen next and follow you. Here are the action items in this episode. Don't be the oblivious or paranoid person on instagram. Be the sensitive but positive person. If you are influencer, show how the pandemic has affected your life and how your daily routines have changed. But remember to be entertaining and positive. If you are a business, show how your products or services can help someone doing this pandemic. I hope you found this episode fund and helpful right now is the best time to grow your followers because of the heavy traffic on Instagram, you just have to share positive and relevant content. I'll see you in the next episode. I put my 10. How to Get Extra Traffic during Quarantine: Do you want to get more traffic to your instagram account and more traffic to your instagram stories? Well, you want to start using this sticker right now? I mean, right now. To encourage people to stay home, Instagram added a stay home sticker to their stickers collection. You can find it here every time you use it in your instagram stories. Your post will show up at the top of your followers feed. See, you can't miss it. And when your followers click on it, it will show them the stories of the people they follow who are currently using the sticker . So make sure to take this opportunity to get some more likes and engagement on your I G stories. Do you know what's funny? Some people are enjoying this extra boost of traffic to do accounts so much that they even change your profile picture to stay home Sticker. I didn't even know this until someone followed me. I was checking my notification today and look, the stay home stickers started following me today. Anyways, don't forget to use the sticker in your I d stories. Okay? Are you wondering how I got 40 k views and 60 k views on some of the videos I posted and got 900 followers per day. Okay, let's do it. Secret is creating a viral video. But don't worry, it's not hard. Let me show you. We are going to collect a bunch of videos that is already viral and edit them into one video, two minutes max. The only requirement is that the collection of videos have to be related to one theme. Like all videos are related to the shortage of toilet paper or all the videos are related to life. During quarantine, you need only 30 minutes to do this. 15 minutes to search and collect funny mean videos you like and 15 minutes to edit the videos together. Look at what I did. The first video I did was about the shortage of toilet paper. It got 40,000 views. Then people started to catch on what I was doing. And so by the time I posted my second video on the quarantine life, it got over 60,000 views. I was ableto at one day get 900 followers because these videos were shared so many times now, why were people sharing this people are stuck at home. They want to be entertained. If you can't entertain them with a collection of relevant and funny videos, then people will like and follow you. It's that simple. If you want to see these videos, remember to find mailing Instagram. Okay. Oh, and remember my friend Michael, the fitness coach. He took my idea and created a one minute compile elation of people working out at home during lock down because it was funny. Mawr and more people watched it, liked it and shared it in the captions, he told his followers and visitors. Now that you are done laughing, do you want me to show you how to really work out at home? Click the link in my bio and book of free consultation from this one simple video, he got not only followers but also to paying clients because of the traffic it was generating to his account. Just remember, the people who are growing followers are instagram are people who are posting helpful, relevant and uplifting content. Here are the action items in this episode to get an extra boost of views and likes to instagram stories. Use the stay home sticker and lastly, to get more traffic and likes and followers to your Instagram page curate, a collection of funny or entertaining videos related to the pandemic, make sure they are related by one theme. This will make it super relevant to your visitors and followers right now. 11. Why Viral content get so much views: - So there is a hose in the toilet that will wash your behind one. Sure. Oh, shit. - I hope you like it. Castle is your home now so you can go anywhere you like except the West Wing. What's in the Thank you for coming. T T t. Thank you, guys. Team Democracy scandals happen all the time. The question is, how do modern spinal candles on? What will it mean for for the wider region? I think one of your Children's just walked in. I mean, shift is shifting. Shifting sands in the region to the relations with the North may change. I would be surprised they dio partney, - okay ? 12. Storytelling 101 - Why you need to Tell Stories: If you want people to remember you, you need to tell a story. Did you remember in the introduction video when I told you about what happened to me when I broke up with my girlfriend that I went to Disneyland by myself and posted about it. Then my instagram community wrote many comments and tried to comfort me. You remember that, right? I share something personal with you as a friend and you remembered it. Learning how to tell a story is something that you have to do because it's the best way to connect with people. Why do you go on instagram? Yes, to look for entertaining photos and videos. Actually, what you are unconsciously looking for is a memorable story or situation. Stories don't have to be long. It could be a quick situation like a mean that is funny or a quote that is inspirational. They set up a situation and pulls you into their world, and for a few seconds you experience something with the person. If someone posted a picture of something without any caption, they're not telling a story. Unless that picture is very unique, it will be for gotten not putting a caption is like someone forcing you to come up with your own story for that picture. Is that your favorite tree? Is this where you had your first kiss? Darn it. Tell me why this tree on Lee, your most devoted fans will look at it long enough and force a story or make some sense of its importance. Most, however, will just squirrel passed it without a second thought. Don't worry. If you feel you don't know how to tell stories, you'll get better at it with practice. In fact, you are already doing it. Every time you post something you're telling a short story. You just have to make it clear and obvious to the viewer. This is why Selfies doesn't work very well unless there's a purpose behind it. This selfie has no purpose. So what if you think you're cool? No one cares. But this selfie does have a purpose and a story. Hi, guys. This is my first day in Paris ever. And I got to see something special wanted to share this moment with you. There's a reason why I got over 1800 likes on this photo. My followers probably thought, Oh, that's cool. You are sharing your first time with me. I want to go to This is also why profiles with strong and clear stories do very well and have tons of fans, a fitness account posting the story of their diet and weight loss journey and a fishing account posting the story of their weekly Catch it so engaging and their followers keep coming back for more. What stories would they tell next time? Look at what happened when I used storytelling to build anticipation. I normally post videos without prior context or build up. Look, I'm modeling a T shirt today. Look, I'm doing a pageant with my ex girlfriend today, and I normally get about 2500 to 3000 views on my videos. This time I decided to really bring my audience with me on a journey. I was auditioning for a casino commercial. I made an instagram story about the process. Many people bro to me wish me luck. I didn't expect the book it, but when I did, I made another string of instagram stories thanking everyone for their support. Then I shared that I was on my way to get the rental car to drive to the casino in a different city. And finally, when I had some behind the scenes videos of me at the commercial, I posted it right away. And look, I got an extra 800 viewers who tune in to see how my story progressed. If only I posted these videos during the most optimum time when my followers were most active, I would have gotten a lot more views. My content was pretty much the same. Behind the scenes videos were made. It different this time was that for a short period time, all my posts were related to one thing. Booking the casino commercial, I brought my audience on a continuous journey and my followers felt invested in the story. The experience of following me on this short journey is similar to me telling you about my casino trip in person to you right now. In fact, it's better on Instagram. I could show you my experience and keep you engaged. Here's the action items for this episode. Be aware that every time you post something you are telling the story. If you are always conscious of it, you will be able to make it meaningful and interesting, if possible, even for a short time. Make all your posts related to one theme or one project you're working on. Make it a continuous story. A string of posts together or instagram stories together. Encourage your followers to join you on this specific adventure. Most profiles out there do not think of their posts as telling a story. They are just sharing bits and pieces of their lives that don't seem to have a clear meaning other than to themselves. If you make a conscious effort to create and share stories in your posts, you will make it meaningful. You'll make it memorable, and you will have people coming back for more. You're coming back to watch more my episodes, right? All right, I promise to share more interesting stories with you. 13. Storytelling 201 How to Tell Stories Short Form Strategy: This is an instagram growth course. So why am I spending so much time teaching you? How does health stories? Because storytelling is one of the most important thing that you can do when growing your account. Posting beautiful pictures is not enough. Posting funny videos is not enough. And using I G stories newest features is not enough. None of that will make you is the famous. But if you can tell a story, you give your posts, meaning it will make strangers want to follow. You want to come back and want to be your friend. It is the quickest and most direct way to becoming things, the famous someone with influence. You see, many of my students wrote to me to tell me they started to get more views when they started to tell a story in their posts. That's how important the skill is. Okay, now you know the why. Why you should always tell stories. We spend the last episode talking about it. So now let's talk about the how how to tell stories besides using ideas stories which only last 24 hours, there are three ways you can tell stories with your permanent posts. There's short form stories, long form stories and extra long form stories. A short form story is a single post or care so of post made up of several photos, it takes a one block of space on your account. Ah, long form story is three posts chain together to form a row. It takes up three blocks of space on your account. And finally, an extra long form story is nine posts or more chained together to form a large square. It takes up at least nine blocks of space on your account. Now, what do these three forms of storytelling have in common? I know this is gonna sound common sense, but D three forms all have a point. There is a purpose for posting them. That is because all stories have a point. Do you just hate it when someone posts a picture and you're like, What's the point? Let's face it. Most people are self absorbed. They only post photos and videos to entertain themselves. They couldn't care less about what other people think. Just go through the profile of your friends, and you'll know what I'm talking about. Hey, look what I had for lunch. Hey, look what I'm wearing. Hey, you look, I'm hanging out with friends. Do you think visitors to their account will care? Absolutely not. Why? Because their posts don't have a point on when there's no point, there's no story. And when there's no story, no one will care. Let's take a look at the short form storytelling strategy. The short form is just one post, a single situation that has a point in this post. You see me with the famous Love statue in New York. It's a pretty photo. But what is the point of this photo? What's the meaning of it? To me personally? This is why, in my captions I wrote, if you left a comment on my post, I will return the favor. Why? Because there's a rumor that New Yorkers are rude and selfish. No, we are not. I will prove it to you by sending nothing beloved. I basically shared my personal point of view of the statue. Now there is a point. There's a short story in this post. You see me in a suit next to a wall of roses. It's pretty, but what's the point? What's the story? I had the hardest time coming up with the point. So I went on to Google, search for quotes about roses and found this quote. So I used it and applied it to my situation. The caption read. A Rose does not think of competing with the one next to it. It just blooms. Happy Monday, Everyone. Don't worry about other people this week. Just focus on your own bloom. Now there is a point and a short story when all else fails. Using a quote and describing what it means to you makes for a good point. Now, what about killer? So posts they work the same way before posting a care. Or so ask yourself this question. What does my follower most want to see happen? There is a secret. Something has to happen. Have you seen people posed a carousel of the same object just in different angles? How does that make you feel when you swipe through it? You're thinking, What's the point? Why? What's? There's nothing happening. Why did how did you even posted care? So you're just wasting my time? Here's a good example. One of my friends post transformer toys. On his account. He takes several pictures of his toys and turned them into a carousel. Here is his post about the Optimus Prime toy. As you swipe through it, something is happening. The toy is changing form. It's pleasing to look at right, and that's why he got at least 468 likes on this post. Dan gets what he posts another care or so of another toy. Now, why did this post only get 190 likes? If you were swiping through this carousel, how would it make you feel? So what? Nothing is happening. It's just the same damn toy in different angles. And that gets boring fast. You just wasted 10 seconds of my life. So of course, my friend, learn from this mistake. That's why in his next post, he went into the transformation formula again. As you swipe, something is happening again. There is a point of the carousel, and that's why he got at least 1000 likes in this post. So that's what we gotta do. We gotta start posting transformer toys. So let's change our account and post nothing but Optimus Prime toys. OK, you with me, e. I couldn't help myself Okay, let's use this strategy in our real life posts. Remember, before you post a care or so you have to ask yourself, What does my followers want to see happen? When I was traveling in Singapore, I wanted to introduce my followers to the door in fruit. So I posted this with the caption Who farted? Not me. Ever tried the durian fruit? My grandpa says it smells like cat urine, but tastes rich and creamy, a delicacy of Singapore. The first photo shows me holding up the fruit. The second photo shows me making a smelly pose and the third photo. What does my follower most want to see? They want to see what the fruit looks like inside. That's why the fair photo shows what the inside looks like. There's a reason why I got over 2300 likes and 171 comments. Look, I am telling you, this stuff works. One of my followers even commented. The way you put this and the pictures, I want to try this fruit. I love trying new food. When I was working in New York, I wanted to share what the Central Parker looked like. The caption read. One moment you are walking through a dense city and the next you are in a forest. New York Central Park is one of the few places where skyscrapers and a huge park are crammed together. The first photo is a side view of Central Park. Now what do you think people would most like to see next? They probably want to see another view of just how cram it is, right? That's why the second photo is a bird's eye view of Central Park and the third picture. Just as a joke, I found a bird looking over Central Park to play on the bird's eye view pun. If your posts have a point, then people will want to like and comment on them. Look at these comments from my followers. Nice to see a bird. Ouch. I hurt my feet walking Central Park last time and another said, Love the pigeon photo. And finally, I love Central Park. If we just posted a central part photo without any story, no one would have bothered to, like much less comment on our photo. Are you enjoying these examples as much as me? Let's do one more example Besides having a point and having something happened, camera cell posts were best. If you reveal something, a person that does this extremely well is a baker who bakes cakes. His instagram feed is filled with these types of posts. The first couple of photos are of his recent creation, zooming up to show the texture and shape. This happens to be a Doritos bag. Then in the Last post, is a video of him cutting it, revealing that it was actually a cake all along in the shape of a bag, your mind is blown right, and that's why revealing something is also a great way to tell a story. Here are the action items in this episode. A short form story is a single post or care or so of post made up of several photos. If you are a posting a single photo, make sure that the photo you are posting has a point to make a meaningful either share what this photo means to you personally, or use a quote to describe its significance. If you are posting a carousel, ask yourself. What does my follower most want to see happen and then post a sequence of photos or videos that reveals something 14. Storytelling 202 How to Tell Stories Long Form Strategy: Now that you know how to tell sure form stories. Let's move on to long form stories. Don't worry, it actually gets easier because now you have more posts to aid you in telling a story. The long form story strategy is three posts chained together to form a row. It takes up three blocks of space on your account. This is a favorite of big brands and photographers because it is visually appealing. Nike Lab uses this strategy even if they are not telling stories with each individual photo . When you look at the count as a whole, it looks like there is a point being made. This row is the story of this type of shoe, and this road is the story of this type of jacket. Some photographers use this style as well. One of the photographers I work with dedicate each row toe one type of model he is working with you can see in this row. It's the story of him working with me, and in this row it's the story of him working with another model. The way the strategy works is that the photos in the row has to look similar to each other . That is how you can tell from a mile away that it belongs to one story. I used this posting style when I do sponsorship hosts. Like when I was working with Target during the Christmas holidays. The first post was on December 23rd telling people that Target has a buy one get 1 50% off deal on sweaters. Then, on December 24th I reminded people that it's Christmas Eve and Target has same day delivery service. And finally, on Christmas Day, I just wish everyone a merry Christmas On behalf of Target. Each post had a target logo. This was the target story three days short and sweet, and I stopped after three days. Even if Target offered me more money to continue posting about them, I would have declined. Why? Because I don't want to appear like I am trying to push the target brand down the throats of my followers. Here is a non sponsorship example. I was in Venice, Italy, for three days. Here is the perfect time to tell the Venice story in three days, on the first day, I posted a quote regarding Venice boats. The second day I posted me writing one of the boats with the Italian flag. And on the third day I posing me, eating black spaghetti, a delicacy of Venice, and thats it end of the Venice story. Now, when you zoom out and see my account as a whole, you can clearly tell that D three posts tells the Venice story. The previous role tells the Paris story, and the one after tells them a long story. I want to know why this long form storytelling strategy works so well. One word. Consistency. People enjoy seeing consistent content. It builds trust and reliability. It also helps people remember what you are doing. If you post a random events in your life, even if you are telling a story in each post, it's still hard to keep track of what you are doing. And if people your followers can't keep track of what you are doing, they will care less and less about you. You. So if you wake up in the morning and see me announcing that I am heading to New York for a few days, you might be intrigued. Then the next day you wake up and see that I am at the Empire State Building. You will think, Hey, June is really in New York, Dan. The third day you wake up and you see me at the Statue of Liberty, you will become more and more curious as to what will happen next. And that was just three days. Now imagine what we could accomplish with more days. Well, that's what the extra long form of storytelling is for. Here are the action items in this episode. A long form story is three posts chained together to form a rope. When doing long form stories with three posts. Make sure the three posts are related in theme, same location, same project and same situation. 15. Storytelling 203 How to Tell Stories Extra Long Form Strategy: the actual long form storytelling strategy is nine posts orm or change a cater to form a large square. However, in this example, we will use seven. It was the new year, and I did an experiment for seven days straight. I will motivate my followers by posting ones per day, reminding them every day that we are in a new year. The first day post look like this and it read. This is the first day of anything you want. They one of 365. Then the second day was similar. This is the second day of anything you want. They two of 365. By the third day, people started to catch on what I was doing. Look, one of my followers commented, Oh my God, I really love it! June 1 day, one post This went on for seven days, and by the end of the seven day I decided I had enough and stopped. But guess what? My followers like the idea so much that they even d m me and continue the New Year's celebration. One rope have a fantastic 11th day of the new century and another DME and said So tell me how exciting next week will be. You see, people love consistency. They recognize that consistency is my way of telling stories to them. That's why I took this extra long form to the next level. It was a bit of work, but I kid you not. I gained about 10,000 new followers in one month by using the strategy. When I traveled to Thailand for a month, I decided to document things around me. For the duration of 30 days, I posted nothing but my adventure in Thailand. Cool things, funny things, interesting things, food, culture and everything that I could think of that would be of interest. Do you know what happened? My followers felt that they were on a Thailand adventure with me, especially for those who have never visited the country. They tuning every day to see what I was posting. My followers told their friends and their friends told their friends. And before I knew it, more and more people started to care about what I was posting, and that's the power of being consistent telling a consistent story. However, there are limits to what this extreme long form conduce for you at about 30 days into the Thailand posts, I started to see a slow drop in viewership and followers, and it made sense. My followers tuned into my posts because of my Travel Adventures Day. I didn't sign up to spend the rest of their lives with me in Thailand. They got bored and started to lose interest. That's why I told everyone that I was heading back to the United States. The Thailand story has ended, so that's about the sweet spot of extra long form storytelling about 30 days a month. Basically now, I don't want you to think that you can only tell stories if you're traveling. Traveling happens to be my niche, and that's the example is that I'm using. This storytelling strategy works for any niche out there. Single post triple post or nine posts chained together works just as well in other fields. As long as you have a project ah, situation or location that you compose about for a set amount of time, it will work. Here are the action items in this episode deal are three ways you can tell stories with your permanent posts. A short form story is a single post or care or so of post made up of several photos. Ah, long form story is three posts chained together to form a rope, and finally, an extra long form story is nine posts or more chained together to form a large square. If you are doing extra long form stories with nine or more posts, make sure you announce to everyone that you are about to do a whole week or a whole month of a particular theme, then follow through. You will be surprised by how many people will to in to follow you on your adventure. Doesn't matter who you are or what you do. Your followers, your visitors, everyone respond to stories. That's how human beings stay connected. You know what I have even Mawr storytelling strategies to share with you. This next episode is gonna help you grow to the top of your niche in no time. I see you in the next episode. 16. Public Vs Private Personal Vs Business: okay. I wasn't gonna make this video. But too many people are making this mistake. And I have to say something about it. I see many people on Instagram with a private account and I'm thinking, Why are you even on Instagram? Some of my friends set their account private, and I don't even bother trying to follow them and waiting for my request to be approved. What? Just so I can see your new photos, Why are you making me jump through a hoop? Setting your account private is like saying I don't want to share anything with you unless I really like you and want you in my inner circle. Visitors would be like, Fine. Forget you. Then We are running a business and we want the maximum amount of people to follow us. If you have a business and make it private, it's like having a store with all the lights turn off and everything closed and people walking by, I have no idea what your stories about. Are they going to knock on your door? No. They will leave if you don't want kids. The Bader You doing Halloween? You shut off all your lights and remove any Halloween decorations outside your house. Mr. Schools lives here. Kids don't bother him for candy. You might be wondering why some large accounts are set private like the Count Best Vines. Why are they private? It's a psychology tactic. A private account with millions of followers draws curiosity. You see this account with so many followers, and you're like, Whoa, what is all the commotion about? I must find out. Let me enemy ing. But this does not work for small and growing accounts. If you have only a few 1000 followers and it's set private visitors will think it's a personal family account and won't care to follow you. Oh, excuse me. Request to follow you a word on security If you have a private account because you are afraid of being hacked, there are better ways to protect yourself, have a two factor authentication and use the email that no one knows about there. Problem solved. Now switch account to public. Since we're talking about accounts, let's take a quick look at personal versus business accounts. What is the major difference? A business account gives you insights and gives you the option to pay for ads to promote your profile and business. The insights will help you figure out your audiences demographics and help you create a posting strategy. Also, once you reach 10-K followers or more, a business account unlocks a swipe up feature in your instagram stories. A direct link to send viewers anywhere you want. Sounds like business accounts are the way to go, right? Well, there's been a rumor going around that you will have much less reach with the business account. Your posts are not seen by as many people, and you have less engagement. How come? Remember Instagram is a business to They want to make money and they want you, the business owner, to pay for their ads so that you can reach more people. Are the rumors true? The only way to find out is to experiment. I switched to a business account for a month, and then I switched back. I was very consistent in my posting content and posting schedule for both months, and I found out that drum roll, please. Nothing. I got about the same amount of engagement and followers. My experience might be different than yours, so be sure to experiment yourself Just to be sure, here's the action item for this episode. If you have an account set to private, make it public pauses video and make it public right now, you are losing potential followers as we speak. Second, switched to a business account to take advantage of the insights. If you are concerned about the drop in your reach, then experiment. Give it a couple months. Switch back and forth to see if there's any difference in the number of engagement and followers. It doesn't matter if you have a business account or a personal account. Your instagram strategy remains the same. Let's start working on that right now. 17. BONUS Episode! - How to grow on YouTube as well!: Congratulations on making it this far. You now know some secrets to give visitors to stop scrolling and pay attention to you and follow your Instagram account. Awesome, right? Before we continue with more Instagram strategies at this stage of our journey, I want to share a special secret with you. Since you are taking the time to post on Instagram, why not double your influence? But also growing on YouTube. You see many of my students post their content both on Instagram and YouTube. As a result, grow both accounts at the same time, my student Francesco, posts about fitness and living the active life. Every time he posts short form content on Instagram, he also post long-form content on YouTube, and as a result, he grows on both platforms. My other student clouding posts about terror cards and astrology, our Instagram, she just started her YouTube channel and already have 38 new subscribers. Since I am currently working with YouTube headquarters in California and learning about the YouTube algorithm, I thought how would give you a bonus? In the next couple of episodes, I will share some secrets with you that I learned from YouTube. Show you how to grow your influence on YouTube as well. The next couple of episodes are taken directly from my new YouTube marketing Academy, which will be available in June. But I don't want you to wait until then to get started on growing your influence on YouTube. Because if you are posting content on Instagram, why not post it on YouTube as well and grow there as well. Makes sense, right? Okay, without further ado, let's take a small detour from Instagram and learn a little about YouTube so we can grow on both platforms at the same time. I'll see you in the next episode. 18. BONUS Episode! - Why is it So Hard to get Subscribers on YouTube: Just why is it so hard to get subscribers on YouTube? It's fairly easy to get a follower on Instagram and fairly easy to get someone to like and follow your Facebook page. So why is this so hard to get a subscriber around YouTube? After working with YouTube in their San Bruno headquarters as a content marketing consultant, I finally found out the answer, because the psychology of the people on YouTube is different than years before, when YouTube started in 2005, people who stumble upon a fun or entertaining video, we'll subscribe to the channel looking forward to seeing more of that content. However, when Google bought YouTube a year later, they started a vigorous process, turning YouTube into a search engine. And that is the biggest secret I can share with you about becoming successful on YouTube. It actually also answers the question, why is hard to get subscribers? Let me ask you a question where you go onto Google searching for a solution to a problem, where you find a website that provides you the solution. Do you bookmark that side? Do you subscribe to their mailing list? Do you even bother to like and comment on the information? No, probably not. Once you figure out the answer to your question, you simply click the Back button and leave. And that is the psychology of the people on YouTube today. Youtube is a search engine. That means it is a library, a library filled with billions of books, billions of videos. And most of the people visiting this library, our consumers, they find a video, consume the content, and leave often without liking, commenting, or subscribing. And that's okay because I'm sure you do this to, let's say your dishwasher is overflowing. You go onto YouTube and typing the keyword dishwasher overflowing. And you get these videos, you watch a couple of them to figure out how to solve your problem. As soon as you figure out the answer to your problem, what do you do? You leave the EU borders subscribing to any of the videos that you watched? No, not at all. Why? Because as soon as you found what you're looking for, as soon as your problem is solved, you leave, you simply close the book and put it back on the shelf without looking at any of the other books written by the same author. And there's nothing wrong with that. I mean, why would you want to continue watching or be notified, have more dishwasher videos, right? How do you get people to subscribe to your channel? It's more interesting to think of this question from your point of view. At what point do you made a conscious decision to hit the subscribe button on the video that you're watching? The obvious answer is if you feel that the video is helpful, entertaining, and you wouldn't mind being notified of future videos like this. But let's talk about the not so obvious answer. The answer that I learned while working with YouTube headquarters, this secret is so awesome, die YouTube. Don't disclose this information to the public. So you will never find any public article from YouTube talking about this. And that's why it's so exciting for me to share the secret with you right now. You see Google, the owner of YouTube did research into the viewing habits and the subscription habits of millions of users and found that a good majority of them subscribe to a channel after watching at least three videos in succession, I wish I could show you a graph of their research, but they wouldn't let me take any photos when I was in the YouTube building. And that's one of the secrets I learned when working with YouTube, the power of three. Would you like me to show you how to take this power of three concept and apply it to your channel so that you can immediately benefit from this secret directly from YouTube Headquarters. I'll see you in the next episode. 19. BONUS Episode! - The Power of 3 Secret: Of all the things I learned while working at YouTube headquarters, the secret of the power of three is my favorite. I wish I can show you a graph of their research, but they wouldn't let me take any photos when I was in the YouTube building. So this is a graph I made for you based on what I learned from one of the meetings, the percentage of people subscribing to a channel after watching one video from the channel is around 1%. The percentage of people subscribing to our channel after watching two videos back-to-back from the same channel is around 5%. Now comes a secret. The percentage of people subscribing to our channel after watching three videos back-to-back from the same channel is not 10 percent, not 20%, but get this 30 percent. Do you know what this means? That means the likelihood of someone subscribing to your channel after watching three of your videos increases tremendously, making it the perfect sweet spot. I know what you may be thinking, But June 30 percent is not that big of a deal, is too low of a conversion rate. If you have taken my e-mail marketing course, you know that if you can get 30% of people to open your emails, when you send out a newsletter, you are considered a great marketer. And that's why I think of getting subscribers on YouTube. They're very similar to getting people to sign up to your email list. To get people to sign up to your email list, you need to have a good lead magnet. One good lead magnet. To get people to subscribe to your YouTube channel, you need to have how many good videos? You got it. You need to have at least three good videos linked together in a playlist. Now imagine, after watching the dishwasher overflowing video, the person invites you to watch another short video in which he talks about how to easily fix small appliances in your kitchen. You are probably watched that right now. Imagine after watching that video, the person continues to invite you to another video about five things you can do inside of your house that will immediately decrease your electricity bill for the month. You're probably watched there too, right? Guiding you along and quickly answering questions related to your original query, you are considering subscribing to this channel, right? And it only takes three videos, three lead magnets to capture and maintain people's attention. If you think about it, this magic number three can be found in our daily behavior as well. You are more committed to a Netflix show if the first three episodes of the show captures your attention and it isn't boring. You are more committed to an artist. If you'd like at least three songs from the album, you are more committed to a relationship if the third date you go on is an enjoyable one. And then I wonder why Instagram have three columns. Anyways, the reason why one of the things we will be doing in this course is to help you create several play lists that are linked by three videos or more. This will increase not only your video ranking, your channel authority, but also gets you subscribers. Cool, right? In fact, that this three video strategy works so well that I'm going to use it on you to help you understand what you need to do to be successful on YouTube. Let's play a game. Watch the next three episodes with intention. You will see how with three videos, I will be able to explain how you will conquer the YouTube platform. In the next episode, I will explain why we don't focus on subscribers monetization on YouTube. In a second episode, I will explain how small channels with a small subscriber counts are able to make money and grow their business and influence without monetization. And in the third and final episode, I will explain why our success is inevitable, our weekly and monthly goals, how to immediately put everything we are learning into practice immediately getting your results. I don't know about you, but as much as I enjoyed making videos, I don't do it just for fun. I do it because it gets results and that is what we will be doing. Okay, let's move on and talk about our master plan, what we are trying to accomplish in this course, and how we are going to do it. 20. BONUS Episode! - Why we DON'T focus on Subscribers or Monetization: Almost all courses about YouTube focus on getting subscribers and views on videos. Their primary goal is to grow a channel with massive amounts of fans and then get paid monetization money from YouTube. That's extremely attractive, right? It's attractive because everyone wants to be a YouTube star, to be internet famous from making videos, to be able to make a living from posting videos. But that's just it. Can you really make a living from YouTube? We know it was possible years before, but how practical or realistic is it right now? In late 2017 to early 2018, youtube started to place heavy restrictions on their partner program, which limited the amount of money small channels can make while completely stopping new channels from making money at all. Currently, the eligibility requirements for monetization is at least one thousands of scrubbers with 4 thousand hours of watch time within the past 12 months. This means if you have just started your channel, you won't be able to make money until you have proven to YouTube, you are an active and positive member on their platform. To make matters worse, have you ever wondered how much money you make if you had 1 million subscribers? Google actually publishes this information publicly, $60 thousand a year, and that's before taxes. Can you possibly make a living with that? Okay. What if you had a million views on your video? If you put your blood, sweat, and tears into YouTube, worked for years and got lucky and got a million views on a video. How much money would you make if you have a large channel, around $40 thousand? If you have a small channel around 3000, $400, can you believe that thirty-four hundred dollars before taxes for a million views. Is this the kind of reward worth your investment of your time, energy, and money? This is one of the reasons why on April 3rd, 2018, a person visited that YouTube headquarters in California and started shooting YouTube employees with a handgun, gunfire and tell you to In California, new information still is coming in, but we now know the shooter was a woman. Police say she's dead and multiple people are wounded. And within minutes there is a massive police presence on scene as well as emergency services. And then it was a bit of chaos with very heavily armed police moving into the YouTube headquarters. Over a thousand employees there, that 1000 employees were trying to get out of the YouTube headquarters at the same time, she empty 10 rounds from one magazine before loading a shooting again, the perpetrator publicly complained about YouTube on her website, writing that YouTube filter her channels to keep them from getting views. And also YouTube had D monetized most of her videos. Look, she got 366 thousand views on her channel. And how much that YouTube paid her, 10, $0.10 cents for 300000 views. She was so angry that she went to YouTube headquarters, injured three people before committing suicide on the premises. Now, I'm sharing this tragic story with you for a reason. Youtube's new policies changed the lives of millions of creators in an instant. I want to remind you how truly difficult it is to make money from YouTube's partner program when you have a small channel, people with large channels were not as affected by this policy change. Why? Because it is in YouTube's best interests to keep these YouTube stars happy. They bringing tons of viewers to the platform daily and continue to keep YouTube competitive in the social media wars. But what about us? Wherever you are still growing your channel or you just started your channel. Is there any hope? Of course there is. In fact, I will prove to you in the next episode how to grow your influence, your business and make money without a lot of subscribers or monetization. I'll see you in the next episode. 21. BONUS Episode! - How Small YouTube Channels Make Money: It makes sense when you see a large channel make money, right? Like Russell Brunson who teaches how to build funnels with 190 thousand subscribers, make money. Like sunny Lenore doozy, who teaches social media growth with 515 case subscribers, make money. And grant Kardon, who teaches entrepreneurship with 1.53 million subscribers, make money. It makes sense they are making money, right? But what about people like Frank Kern, who makes millions of dollars a year teaching people about the psychology of sales. He only has a channel with 34 case subscribers. How is he able to make money? What about people like jump Hamburg, who mentored me about how to run successful webinars. He makes millions of dollars a year and he only has 9.49 case subscribers. And finally, another one of my mentors who got me started in email marketing, Carl Icahn, a who owns his own marketing agency making ozone millions of dollars a year and he get this only has 4.39 case subscribers. How are these people able to find success on YouTube with such a relatively small channel? Here is the secret. Are you ready? They don't make money from YouTube's partner program. They make money from the targeted traffic to get on YouTube. In other words, they don't wait around to get paid by YouTube, but use the free and organic traffic that's happening under channel every day. And that is what we will be doing in this course. We don't focus on subscribers, but focus on leveraging that traffic and influence we have on our channel. I bet no one has told you this before, but there are basically two paths you can take when growing on YouTube. The business path. If you have your own products and services for sale, you simply create videos related to those products and services. You are waiting for those videos to collect views. You drive the free and targeted traffic towards your website and collect email addresses so that you can contact people interested in your niche on your own terms, away from YouTube. Once your videos have a good amount of views, you can target those views with ads to sell your products and services. Your ad costs will be low and your conversion rates will be higher. Why? Because the viewers are not only targeted traffic who cares about your niche, but they also are one traffic because they know who you are and trust you. For example, I have a small YouTube channel and yet you see this video, this video titled How to Grow Instagram followers during quarantine. It has over five K views during the pandemic. This one video alone, maybe thousands of dollars per week because I ran as to whoever watched this video selling them my Instagram growth course. Now if you don't have products or services of your own, that's totally fine. The second path you can take on YouTube is the influencer path. You simply make videos that are related to the niche that you are interested in. The affiliate products that you want to eventually sell, all while using the targeted traffic from YouTube to grow your other social media accounts like Instagram. The majority of the money you will be making on YouTube are from commissions, from affiliated products, sponsorship deals, or collaborations. For example, a type of video that is always trendy on YouTube is review videos. Where you make a short video reviewing a product and service. Whenever you post a video like this, you are building a community that trust your recommendations, growing both your influence and the value of your opinion. That's why you can charge sponsors a lot of money to promote their products on your channel. For me, I enjoy making fun videos of my travel adventures. Was invited to Peru to document a male beauty pageant. The deal was simple. The organization pays my airfare, my hotel, my meals and activities for a week. In exchange, I return back to the United States and make a short video about their pageant. Check this out. The video I made for the organization is only two minutes and 34 seconds long, and it has gotten 25 K views since it was posted three years ago. You can see there is a lot of benefits from using and growing on YouTube, and it is not limited by how many subscribers you have. The key is to make money and grow your influence without waiting around for YouTube themselves to pay you. If your goal is to get paid by YouTube directly, you will be waiting and working for literally years before you make a single cent. Why would you ever waste a second of your precious time on such a poor reward? Nobody got time for that. In the next episode, we will wrap up our first week and give you a concrete picture on how we were benefit from YouTube's massive traffic. Why our success on the platform is inevitable as long as we follow this proven formula. 22. BONUS Episode! - Why Success is Inevitable -Our Battle Plan: Let me get straight to the point and tell you why our success on YouTube is inevitable if you follow this formula that we are about to implement. I know, I know that is a bold claim to make. You are probably skeptical right now and you have every right to be, well, once I prove it to you, you will be amazed at how your perception will change the moment you start to see U2 for what it really is, the moment you will be able to do some real damage on the platform. Remember, we talked about how YouTube is a library. A library filled with information. Ever since it was created, people had been filling this library up with their knowledge so much. So there isn't a single topic that you can't find on YouTube. At a rate of at least 500 hours of video content uploaded to YouTube every single minute. There is no shortage of information. You may find this intimidating. I mean, the platform is so saturated. How can you ever make a difference, right? Don't worry, the fact that it is filled with endless information is precisely the reason why you will stand out. I'm going to ask you a question and I want you to really think about the answer. On average, how many videos do you watch until you finally find what you're looking for or stop because you've got tired of searching about four or five videos, right? And since the average length of a video on YouTube is about ten minutes, now you know why the average person spends about 40 minutes on the platform every day. Okay, This next question I ask you will break the mold and make you realize how powerful you can be on the platform of the 40 minutes that you spend on YouTube daily. How many minutes is spent watching someone talking about their name, their profession, and their experience, promoting their channels, Brand video, asking you to like, subscribe and hit the notification button. How many of those 40 minutes is spent listening to the person ramble on and on, talking slowly, repeating themselves, and not getting to the point. I think you are getting my point. That truth is, many videos on YouTube. Waste your time. Now imagine how you will feel if you arrive at a short video that gosh straight to the point and give you exactly what you wanted without wasting your time. You will be delighted, right? You will want to watch another video from this channel, right? You will probably subscribe, right? That is why you will succeed. You now know the secret to standing out from billions of other videos. We are not done yet. In fact, we are just getting started. This is our weekly and monthly battle plan. This is how we are going to conquer YouTube day by day, week by week, and month by month. How are you sitting down? All right, let's do this. Here is our Bataclan in a nutshell. One, every week, we will research and find low competitive keywords to target and make our videos according to what people are searching for. Two, because we are only making short and to the point videos are scripting, filming, and editing of our videos will be simple and fast. Anyone watching your videos will instantly fall in love with your content. And it's delivery. 3. After we upload, we make sure people will see the video by sharing it on our Facebook page, boosting it and driving traffic to the video, giving it a surge of traffic so that the YouTube algorithm will take over and show it to more and more people. For, while we are waiting for our videos to collect views, we will occasionally drive traffic to your other social media platforms so that you become omnipresent to your subscribers and fans. Five, then in a month, ones are videos have collected 100 views or more. We will target those viewers with YouTube ads promoting our products and services for sale. And 6, we were also occasionally research and find keywords that have no competition. That's right, no competition at all. Too easily rank our videos at the top of YouTube. Then we will use these videos to drive traffic to our other videos that are trying to rank. This will help your channel rank for more and more competitive keywords. If you are a little overwhelmed by all of these tactics, please don't worry, I will guide you through this process step-by-step. And if you are worried about running YouTube ads or Facebook ads, don't be, I will show you how to easily do that as well. Now some of my students, when they're starting out, don't want to run paid ads, and that is totally fine. I just wanted to give you the option to do so if you wanted that extra boost, because every time we run YouTube ads, we are growing your email list and Google Ads pixel so that we can retarget anyone who have seen our ads, building relationships. This will help you cut out the middleman and start owning your very own traffic. And every time we run Facebook ads, we are growing your YouTube video with views, subscribers, as well as the influence you have on your Facebook page. As you can see, everything we do on YouTube, off of YouTube, driving organic traffic, driving pay traffic all support the ecosystem that we are creating. The ecosystem of your influence and your business. It took me literally years to perfect the system. And the goal of it is simply this. If you are going to put in the time, why not reap the benefits from more than just YouTube? If you follow the system, not only will your YouTube channel grow your Facebook page, where grow your other social media channels where grow your e-mail list will also grow. How's them, right? That's awesome times for a quadruple. Awesome. Okay. I'm having way too much fun with this, and that's fine because doing this is supposed to be fun. I hope you are getting more and more excited at what the possibility this means for you. Are you ready to take the first step of your YouTube journey? Tare, Let's do it. 23. Instagram Mindset Playing a Video Game with Intension: What is your purpose? You might not have heard of this before, but instagram and social media in general is like a video game. Ah, very addictive video game. Then you want to play every day? What is the purpose of a video game? It's entertaining. It's a place where you can interact, beat high scores and feel satisfied and fulfilled. Getting likes and comments is satisfying. You post a photo of yourself or something that you are interested in and feel great when people like it. In fact, you feel validated and you want to give more likes each time you want to beat that high score. When I reached my 1st 1000 likes, I had a party. Well, not really a party more like a huge pat on the back. But we are not playing this Instagram video game for fun. We have a specific purpose. We are here to receive opportunities while building a community. I have some friends who started using Instagram when it first came out in 2010 and some still only have about 3500 followers. I also have some friends who started using Instagram a year ago, and now some have more followers and engagement day Me? How could that be? What's the difference? The successful ones Tree instagram Like a business They play the Instagram video game with intention. I do have to warn you if you are using Instagram just for fun you will never reach your full potential and you will never grow the way you want it to on the platform. Have you decided What is your purpose yet? Let me help you decide. Right now you are running a business on instagram. You yourself are a brand and you are marketing yourself to people every day. Having a successful INSTAGRAM account is like having a business. You have people who follow you because they like your posts and your products. They are part of your community, a family that you created. There are three things you need to prepare yourself for when building your influence, you have to post every day. You have to do research and you have to be professional. Please don't think that if you build it, people welcome. Even if you have the world's most gorgeous feet ever, new visitors won't know you exist unless you post every day. If you don't do research on what other people are doing in your niche, you will fall behind. It's like being stuck in your room without a window and praying that you will make friends somehow and grow. And lastly, keep it professional. You are a role model in your community. You know that I do beauty pageants, right? Well, when I won the international top model title in Brazil, I received a lot of connections and became the national director of U. S. A. I was so happy, and I wanted to provide the same amount of opportunities to my followers. So I offered them a chance to join one of the pageants. But I was working on seven nights at a five star hotel grand finale on a cruise ship, meals and activities all paid for Just cover your own airfare. Yes, I know it sounds a little too good to be true, but, hey, I'm willing to do that for my followers. I got a lot of good responses, but do you know what also happened? I received a few comments from random people saying, and I quote something seems off about this. This is some sex trafficking ship, human trafficking. What am I gonna do? Argue with them and try to convince them Otherwise they don't know me. And they don't know what I'm trying to do for my community. I got better things to do. I am not gonna argue with them. Comment Deleted, account blocked. I don't need that kind of insult and negativity in my community. Keeping it professional also translates to things that you post. We are playing this instagram video game with intention. Everything that we post have a purpose. If you want to beat the high score off more followers and more engagement, you need to play professionally like a champ. We are not posting random things because we feel like it or are in the mood. A girl that I have a crush on posts at least 30 instagram stories a day. A picture of her food down her chili on the bad board, then a tree zooming up to some random object. Her using a filter her with a stranger. I guess that's her friend. I think you have seen profiles like that. Her profile is completely driven by her mood and is so random. And she wonders why she doesn't grow on Instagram. I mean, she is posting every day. Even though I like her very much. I commute her stories In conclusion. The successful instagram mindset is to prepare yourself to post every day and make it purposeful. Do your research. So you are current and always be professional. Are you willing to commit to that promise to commit to that? And I promised to commit to you. If you play this instagram game with intention and treat it like a business, you will be successful. 24. Macro Micro and Nano Influencers: Why Instagram? Why should you spend your time and energy building your instagram profile? I mean, I could have totally created a Facebook famous course YouTube famous course or Twitter famous course. So why is a grand? Well, don't take my word for it. Let's see some research data. Instagram has the highest engaged audience on any social media platform. That means you are more likely to get likes and comments and bookmarks and shares if you post on instagram online. Businesses on average received much of their traffic and sales from Instagram. And finally, Instagram is the one social media platform where you can grow followers the fastest. I mean, where else can you follow someone and have a good chance of them following you back? Yes, the follow and, um follow strategy still works if you know what you're doing and we will be covering that in a different section is 2019 and instagram has grown so popular that the impact influencers have on the platform is changing. Do you agree with me? If I said that you can only be an influencer. If you have millions of followers, you have to have at least 100 K followers, right? If that were true, I would not be here right now. So long. Okay, Okay, I'm back. I originally thought that people with less than 50 k followers could not be influencers and received benefits. Well, I'm happy to be proven wrong. When I got to about five k, I was surprised to receive messages from brands offering me free stuff and discounts off from their merchandise. Come on, five k. You can do that. If you follow this course, you can reach that within a few months, if not sooner. Believe it or not, businesses are using Mawr Micro and Nano influencers for their promotions. You have the macro influencer who has over 100,000 followers. You have the micro influencers who has somewhere between 2000 to 50,000 followers. And now you have the nano influencer who has around 2000 followers or fewer Holy crap 2000 followers. And they can influence people. You almost don't believe me, right? Well, an influence. An article written by Wired magazine wrote. Mega stars have super fans, but they also have legions of casual viewers who don't really care what shoes they're wearing or what sodas they're drinking. This makes sense. If Brad Pitt recommended you buy this particular soda or disc alone, would you? Maybe, Maybe not. But if your friend told you that this soda was good, you will buy it because you trust your friend Wrap. It is cool, but he doesn't know or understand you. Your friend does. Your friend the Nano and micro influencers not only understands but cares about you. They would actually tell you not to drink the soda because it's bad for you. They are always looking out for you. You feel connected to them and that's why you follow them. That is the power of the Nano micro influencers. It's that simple. Welcome to the Nano Micro Club. 25. Finding your Niche and Identity 101: What are you interested in? What is your passion in life? Traveling food, sports, movies? Long walks on the beach. Chocolates, fishing, beauty, video games, Fitness. Oh, my God, This is taking forever. If you're just starting your account, it can be overwhelming. Just what is your account supposed to be about? And if you had your account for a while now and can't seem to grow, it's discouraging. Just what are you doing wrong? I started my account back in 2013. And it wasn't until a few years ago that I started to see some success. Five years? What the hell? What was I doing wrong this whole time? Look, I know what you're going through. It took me five years to figure it out. Here's a secret to help you get some clarity. You don't get paid to do what you like to do. You get paid to do what you're good at. People don't follow you because of your interests. People follow you because you have something to give them. If you're particularly good as something you can use instagram to find a group of people who appreciate you and your skills, and these people will be willing to pay you for that knowledge. Let's create your unforgettable identity in three steps. We already this Step one, which was to figure out what you are good at. Make a list of your specialties, things that you have an abundant knowledge on and don't be so critical of yourself and say things like, Oh, I'm good at this but no one will care much about it. You'll be surprised. For example, people who are good at video games or reviewing video games have created a YouTube accounts with millions of followers. They make at least six figures a year. The second step to creating an unforgettable identity is to take what you're good at and make it unique enough so that you become the leader in your field. Let's say we're really good at baking pizza. We start a business and open up an account on Instagram and it doesn't grow. Why doesn't anybody like pizza anymore? Of course they do. But guess what? There are hundreds, if not thousands of other accounts on Instagram dedicated to pizzas. What makes our pizza different? How are we different than Pizza Hut? Well, let's decide to focus on delivery Pizza Hut don't deliver. So we do. You know what? That is? Exactly how Domino's became the second largest piece of change in the piece of business. Instead of copying Pizza Hut, Domino's created their own speciality, which is delivery. Now. Whenever someone thinks about getting pizza without leaving their home, they think of dominoes, not Pizza Hut. That's what we need to do. No, we don't need to learn how to bake pizza's. We need to figure out how we can make our specialty different than other people. Now let's say we are creating a makeup account and we post makeup products or tutorials. What makes our makeup different than the thousands of other makeup accounts are instagram notice? I didn't say what makes us better, but what makes us different? Being better is subjective. Is this really better than this, or is this really better than this? Well, this service is different. Well, this makeup material is different. Focus on being different, not just being better. You want to be different enough that you become the leader in your niche because no one out there does it quite like you. You are a role model. If you start acting like one. You will build a community of followers who will love you and your identity once you figure out your specialty and your uniqueness. Indus Specialty The third step is to focus on 1 to 2 characteristics that enhances your identity. What am I talking about? What you're doing is creating an attractive persona. You are diving deep within yourself to find something else that you can offer your followers. For example, my account is about modeling. Okay, good for me. There are thousands of other accounts about modeling. What makes me so different? I also teach Marley. I explained how the industry works, and I take my followers behind the scenes. Okay, good for me. Again. There are plenty of other models will do behind the scenes photos to what's so special about my account. I also have a sense of humor. I'm not afraid to make fun of myself and be silly if it entertains my followers. If you follow me, I will entertain you while I travel, model and live. There's a crazy life of mine modeling travel behind the scenes sense of humor. That is what my account is all about. Nothing more. Nothing less you know what to expect If you follow me, the extra characteristic that you add to yourself and your brand will make you more of a three D and likable person. It's like extra layers that help you become more unique. What started as a niche filled with thousands of people with a similar accounts is you. With each characteristic that you add, you stand out mawr and more until only a handful of accounts like yours exist. A word of caution. Don't try to be a jack of all trades. Don't try to have multiple characteristics that you start to dilute your identity. Focus only on to a maximum of three themes for your account. You are a pizzeria who specialize in delivery. You are a makeup guru who, specializing eye makeup. You are a model who specialize in travel and behind the scenes content and from time to time. You are funny. When someone follows you. They have a certain expectation of the content they will receive from you. If you give them too much, they will be confused and no longer engaged with your brand. Here are the action items for this episode. Figure out where you are especially good at and build your account around that idea, make your idea different than everyone else in your niche. And finally, add 2 to 3 themes to your account to make it extra unique. Keeping mind to always stay focused within 2 to 3 themes and nothing more. I know it's challenging to create an identity and make it a lasting brand. If you need any extra help, send me a D M to my INSTAGRAM account. Let me know that you're taking this course and I will take a look at your account and give you some pointers. Now you have the identity that stands out among the millions of others on Instagram. They don't know what we do. Let's keep the momentum going and make your profile even more impressive. 26. Memorable Username and Name: for the longest time. My instagram user name and name was the same. I mean, it's supposed to be the same, right? No, it isn't. Let me show you what I'm talking about. Your user name is your quick identity and your name is your keyword identity. Your user name should instantly tell us what you are all about. It should be memorable and easy to spell so that if I met you at a party and you told me your instagram user name, I could find it right away without asking you letter by letter. How to spell it. Here is the evolution of my user name. I wanted to be known as a funny and loveable male model. So I started with the Asian Zoolander name. I got some followers but realized that no one really took me seriously. I felt like a cheap imitation of the fake movie character. So I started to use My real name is a unique name. Yes, but it's hard to pronounce hardest. Spell doesn't mean anything to visitors and make my brand seem to foreign. So I started to use my stage name. June Woo. It's a little better, but June I realized is a girl's name and still not meaningful enough. Dan came my break through June Tom Model with this name. I was able to immediately tell visitors what I do. It's also a Clickbait because it creates curiosity. Visitors were think Oh, really? You're not just a regular model, but a top model. Let me look at your feet. I will be the judge of that. And when they see my feet, they believe me. And finally, I didn't want people to think that I was only a tomato. In the month of June, I omitted the eating. June. You still pronounce it the same June tomato. Why did I take you through a trip down my memory length? I want to show you that it's okay to not have a perfect user name when starting out. It's a working title. It will evolve as you and your brand evolved. Don't get bogged down by perfection. Just pick one and keep moving forward. But why can I use my own name? I like my own name. Can I use it? Yes, you can. If you plan to name your company or business after yourself, you can use your own name, No problem. But take this into consideration. When you are starting out. No one knows who you are and your name is the first impression. Do you know who Michael Van Amory is? He's one of my best friends. And yet I still cannot pronounce his full name. He'll be like, Hey, June, what's my last name again? And I'm like, uh, can I just call you Michael? His Instagram name is his real name. He is a fitness guru in Belgium and spend years growing his reputation and influence. His real name is recognised in the Belgian fitness community. That's why his real name is his brand. But if Michael Van Amarin Amer met, if Michael wanted to grow his influence to the international market, like to the U. S. A. It would be helpful if he used a user name like fitness addict or Belgium Fitness King or Michael Fitness guru. The key is to correct something memorable and meaningful to complete strangers who don't know you yet. Now let's talk about our name. Wait, were we just talking about our name? No gym tomorrow is our instagram user name. Our Instagram name needs to be something different because our Instagram name is searchable . It needs to be filled with targeted keywords. Take a look if someone was searching for top models. Are instagram they typing top model? And I'm one of the profiles that show up. I show up because my name top model community have those keywords and view typing top model community. I'm on the top of the list. You see how powerful this is? Just like Google and YouTube. Instagram is like a search engine. You will show up in searches if you use targeted keywords. This is why you should never use your real name as your Instagram name. No one is searching for John Smith. No one is searching for Jane Doe, but people are searching for things like makeup tutorials. And if you post makeup tutorials on Instagram, your instagram name needs to have those keywords something searchable, like makeup tutorials, 2019 or quick makeup tutorials or easy makeup tutorials. Here's another cool fact about instagram names. Did you know that emojis are searchable as well? It's true if you have a emoji that you just love or it represents who you are, use it in the event that someone searches for it. You will be one of the few that pops up in searches. Cheers to that. People who use the same name in their instagram user name and instagram name are considered amateurs. They are losing out on possible traffic to their profiles. You are not an amateur. You are part of my answer grand family. So please make sure you are taking advantage of your Instagram name. Here's the action items for this episode. Create a user name that is short, memorable and meaningful. People should know what your profile is about. Just by hearing your user name, Figure out the most popular keywords used in your niche and use that as your Instagram name . You want people to be able to find you if they are searching for your niche. And finally, don't be stressed out about picking out your perfect user name and name. You don't need to be married to it because you can always change it later. The important part is the guest started and keep moving forward 27. Seductive Bio Picture: just like your identity. Your bio needs to stand out among the millions of other profiles on INSTAGRAM. Sounds hard, right? Don't worry. We are going to use a little bit of human psychology. I got your back. Let's get started with your profile picture first. Your profile picture is so important that some argue it's even more important. Daniel. User name. We are visual creatures. We notice a profile picture first. And if it interests us, we look at the user name. And if we are still curious, we check out that person's profile. Bingo. That's what we want. We want to make people click on our biopic. You believe me, right? Just click on your notifications when someone likes or comments on your photo. What is the first thing you notice? Your profile picture and it is interesting. Then you check out their name. Now tell me the truth. Do any of these profile pictures make you cures enough to click on it? No, not really. They all look pretty playing and boring. Okay, how about now? Doesn't matter. What's the name? This pick just stands out Now You know why I use this as my profile picture? I mean, I could have easily used a regular image of myself. Which profile picture makes you want to click it? The one on the left, right? Why? It's catchy and mysterious, while the other one looks boring. Just another random looking person on Instagram. Let's break it down and talk about what makes a profile picture of pop. First of all, it should be flashy. It needs to stand out from the millions of other profile pictures surrounding it. See how this stands out. The colors just jump out at you. Second, you need to consider that it's going to be super small on someone's feed, so don't bother putting text on it unless it is part of your brand. Speaking of brands, many businesses have logos, so they use their company logo as their profile picture. This works if your logo is bold and easy to read. The McDonald's Golden arches is a very powerful image. It could be read even if it's small. Same could be said about the H and M logo. It's bold and clear. You don't need to squint your eyes to be able to make it out. Now McDonald's and H and M can get away with using their logo as their biopic because it's simple, with only one or two bold letters. But do you know what is better than using text using a picture? Remember, we are visual creatures. We recognize and remember pictures better than words. This is why the Wal Mart brand and the show brand use a picture as their biopic on their instagram profile. Why? Because they know it's a lot easier to recognize a picture. Dan text. Which one do you want to click on? The text that says Show or the picture that is a show you see using pictures just works better. This is precisely why Kentucky Fried Chicken uses a picture of Colonel Sanders, Ratter Dane, the logo KFC as their biopic. So when in doubt, always go for the visual representation of your brand rather than a text representation of your brand. Now let's talk about the concept of simple is better. Which profile picture do you want to click on? I intentionally made them very small to prove a point on the left. You can barely tell what it is a person, Yes, but what does he was she doing? Who knows it's too busy and complicated now on the right, it's clearly a girl leaning on a balcony outside. Simple and clear. If you zoom ding, we can tell. Oh, the left picture is the same girl just wearing fancy clothing. But on the instagram, no one will get a chance to zooming on your biopic. If people can't tell what it is, then they will ignore you. The same could be said about these two provide picks. The left one is clearly a person relaxing on the beach, but it right one, uh, I don't know. Maybe a person just standing there. If we zoom being, we can tell. Oh, it's a guy wearing a hat with his shirt open, showing off his six pack. You see, the simpler you can make your profile picture, the better. You don't need to zooming to know what it is. The third tip in creating a seductive profile picture is to seduce your audience. If your profile is about you and you have a good figure, use that to your advantage. Bikini photos and body shots works well. Even if they're small, you can still make out their fine lines. This even works if the image is not you. If you have a fitness brand, a wellness brand or a beauty brand, or make a brand, you can totally use this concept to career allure. Lipstick, bikini, body muscle. Six. Back gets immediate attention from people scrolling through their feed. Why? Because it's sexy. Everyone is curious and want to see hot looking girls and guys. I know what some of you might be thinking, but June my brand is sophisticated. It has nothing to do with sexy bodies or sex appeal. I'm classy and my brand is classy. I can't do that. I understand you. Your brand is your baby, and you want people to have a respect and admiration for it. I'm just showing you some strategy that works. Plus, you can always prove the visitors that you have class, that you have sophistication. Once they arrive on your profile, the key is to get them curious enough to arrive on your profile in the first place. Check this out. One of my students is curating a collection of the hottest girls in bikini on vacation. Their account name is vacay girls official, but it's not the name that will get your first attention. If they're biopic showed up on your feet, would you notice it? Of course you would. Not only did they use a bikini body, but also a bright yellow frame around the pick. You can't miss it, even if you tried simple and yet effective, and that is the power of using visuals to get attention. Look, even seductive looking food works. Which one do you want to click on the one on the right? Because it's just calling to you. Here's the action items for this episode. Use a profile picture that is simple and clean. It shouldn't look too busy. Make it flashy so that it easily stands out in a crowd. You can use logos if you want. Just make sure it's easy to read, because it will be a small thumb there on someone's feed, if possible. Always go for the visual rather than text because people prefer pictures. If someone has zooming to your photo to know what it is, Daniel Profile pic is too complicated. Avoid complexity at all costs and lastly, you seduction, if appropriate, catch someone's eye and make them want to visit your profile. You know me I want to share everything that works with you. And I hope this works for you so that you can get more people wanting to check out your profile on once they have arrived. At your profile, we grab them with our compelling bio and stylish feed. 28. Compelling Bio Description: Now that we have visitors on a profile, quick, let's convince them to follow us. And how do we do that? Apart from your stylish profile, which makes someone immediately respect you, your compelling violet description is supposed to seal the deal. You won't visitors to say, All right. I mean, you convinced me I respect you, and I think I'm going to get something out of following you. So how do you seal the deal? The secret may surprise you because it's so simple, so simple that most people take it for granted. Your bio is not a value. What the heck am I talking about? It's called Bio for reason, right? My bio is about me, right? Not exactly. Most profiles are instagram are completely self absorbed. It's completely about me. Me, me. Why won't anyone care about you? If they don't know you yet, we're not going to do what everyone else is doing. The best bio is written with your audience in mind. It's not about you, but what you can offer your audience if you write it With this perspective, more people will follow you because they know they will receive value from following you just like the bio picture. Let's break it down and talk about what makes a bio description. Pop number one. A bio description must be easy to read. People should be able to skim it, and within a few seconds, no will. Your profile is about. Actually, you only have about five seconds. If it's a huge paragraph, no one will bother to read it. It's like the ultimate elevator pitch. A great way to make people want to read something is by adding emojis. It adds personality and invites the eye to read what's around it. A list of bullet points also works well. It literally takes five seconds or less to look at a short list. Don't save the best for last. People might not get to it. So, if possible, start with it. For example, in my second bullet point, I tell visitors that I can help them become denser. Vamos number two. Your bio should help you relate to your target audience. You are trying to create a specific connection with people. You want to show them that you understand them. I want to know something interesting. People don't want to see strangers show up on their feet. They want to see friends that they are familiar with. So that's why you should use your bio to say, Hey, you don't know me yet But I'm your new best friend. You are basically telling visitors that you know what it's like to be them. You're one of them. That's why they should be part of your community. The majority of people who follow me are from ages 18 to 24 people still in school. This is precisely why I start my entire bio stating that I was a nerd student. I've been there were the same. I understand you and that's why I can help you. Which brings us to the third part of writing a compelling bio. The most important part of the bio is to tell visitors what they will get if they follow you. Your photos and videos are images that you use to convince someone that you have style and they should follow you. But that's in direct with the bio. You are directly using words telling people why they should follow. You compelled them, make it crystal clear the purpose of your profile. Do you want X Y and Z let me show you how to get X, Y and Z. Your visitors cannot read your mind just by looking at your photos. So tell them and lastly, give your visitors something to do. Hey, they bother to stop by. Why not take them somewhere special, create a call to action and ask them to click on the link to learn more. The action items in this episode is Make your bio description short and sweet. Get straight to the point and make it easy to read, relate and connect to your target audience. Make them feel comfortable and let them know you understand them. Tell visitors what's in it for them. What they will get if they follow you. Give your visitor something to do. Use that link to take your new followers somewhere to learn more about you. If someone offers you something and it is exactly what you wanted, what will you do? You will follow them and appreciate the fact that they are now in your life. That is the power of a good bio, and that is how you can get followers that matter 29. Your One and Only Link: Here's a fact most people don't want to leave Instagram when they are using that, you're scrolling through your feet and you see an ad. I'm not gonna click that. I want to continue chicken out what my friends are doing. You visit someone's profile and you see a link. I don't know. Where is it going to take me? I'm not gonna click that when people are on instagram. They don't want to leave. They don't want to be taken to a strange place and have to keep president of back button to get back to where they were. This is why your link needs to be special. Plus, you only have one clickable link in the entire platform to send someone to a place outside of Instagram, so don't waste it. With the exception of the swipe up feature Instagram stories, why does Instagram only give you one clickable link? Instagram wants its users to stay under platform as long as possible. They don't want users to be clicking on random links and leaving the app. Many wonder why no one clicks on the link in their bio. There's two reasons for that. First, they didn't tell people to click on it. It sounds obvious, but it's true. People are passive creatures. If you have a YouTube channel or a Facebook fan page, and you just put a link without saying anything about it, most people will ignore it. However, just telling people to click on something is not enough. If I told you to click on my link, what is your immediate reaction? Why? Why should it click on it? That's why, second, you must tell people where the link takes them and why it will benefit them. Maybe you're selling a particular product, and you are giving some free samples away on your website. Click on the link. You are posting free content on instagram, giving value to your followers form or quality free content. Click on the link. You are selling items three and four on your instagram page, but you are giving items one and two away for free to get started. Why not try it for free, click on the link for more in vote or for me. I am posting various modelling life content and showing people what is possible with modeling and instagram. If you want to do it to check out my YouTube channel with free tutorials. Click on the link. It's amazing how this works. Look at the number of clicks I receive when I didn't tell people about the link versus when I told them about the link and why they should click it. Here's another tip to encourage people to check out your link. Make the incentive easily. Consumable people these days want immediate satisfaction. They want to hear they want it. Now, if they're trying to solve a problem and you provide them with a long, drawn out solution that takes time to consume, they will be turned off. Which link do you want to click on? Make money online in three easy steps. 10 Page E book. Make money online. 30 Page E book. 30 pages. That so much work. Forget it. Lose weight in three weeks. Watch this video. 10 minutes. Start losing weight. Now. Watch this video. Five minutes. Whoa. Only five minutes. I don't have time for 10 but five sounds Okay. You see, the quicker dissolution, the quicker you can satisfy your visitor and the quicker they will want to click on your link. And to top it off with a cherry on top. Use an emoji that points to the link so that no one will ever miss it. Here's the action items for this episode. Getting people to click on your link consists of two parts. Sounds obvious, but first you have to tell people to click on it. Second, tell them what's waiting for them on the other side. Give them some free quality content, and you have to tell them where it will take them and why they should click on it. Send them to a place where they can receive immediate satisfaction. Our goal is simple. Click here. Click now you won't be disappointed. 30. The Marriage of Art and Science: The best Instagram strategy is to use a combination of things that work, and that combination has the half balance. That's why the most successful profiles use a mixture of art and science in their strategy . Art is subjective. Science is logical. Art is if you post a picture of Mona Lisa, some people would love it. Oh my God is the most famous painting, the world double like no triple like. Then again, there's others will think. What's the big deal? She's not even hard. I'm follow. Science, on the other hand, is logical. After posting Miss Lisa, you go and interact with accounts were diehard art lovers. Guess what will happen. They will come by like your photo and probably even follow you. It's science, the signs of reciprocation. If you like something of others, others will feel the need to like something of yours. It's also of science that people with the same interest stick together. Part is creating and organizing the content. Science is using that content for maximum effect. This is our overall instagram strategy. Build a Polish profile, invite others to come, then engage. We will use art to build a Polish profile. We will use science to invite others to come. Then we will use a mixture of art and science to engage our new visitors so that they will want to follow us and become our fans. This formula is simple, and this is why it works. It's important to have a polished and presentable feed because getting followers is as simple as saying hello to strangers. If I said hello to you and you turned around and saw me a tank top and not having my act together, would you follow me? You get away from me. So many people are using Instagram as their private scrapbook, low rez pictures doing random things and, yes, people in tank tops. It's okay for friends and family, but that is where the limitations line on Lee your friends and family would care. You will never be able to grow followers past that Art is figuring out what you're good at and creating the content that will attract your desired followers. In fact, you might get so good at creating a beautiful profile that you'll be willing to spend some money advertising your account because you are confident that anyone interested in what you're posting will follow you, period. Once you have a Polish profile, now it's time to use signs. We will use proven hashtag research and niche research methods to invite like minded people to visitors. This is why the follow and on follow strategy still works. Let's say we are obsessed with cosplay, and our profile is full of beautiful and professional costumes that costs thousands of dollars to collect. Everyone will want to follow us right? What will happen if you went up to random people and said hello while wearing a costume? It doesn't matter if you're wearing a Power Ranger costumes, a clone trooper costumes or a Robocop costume. Many people will think you're silly and childish, and they will never follow you back. Look, I even lost some followers when I posted a video of me dressed up as a power ranger doing Halloween. Under other hand, if you went to other people in your niche and follow them, they will appreciate your content somewhere. Appreciate your content so much that even if you don't follow them for whatever reason, they will still follow you because only they recognize that you posted a video of the 1993 mighty Wolfram Power Ranger costume that his TV show accurate. Oh, my God. Where did you get that? I want to see more. See the follow and arm photo strategy still works if you use science to target your niche audience. Finally, once you said hello and brought targeted people back to your profile, Now it's time to use a mixture of art and science to make them feel comfortable. In the beginning, you engage with people who like your photos and use art. Oh, you like my photo? You must be interested in modeling. I know everything about the art of Margaret. How can I help you then, later on, you use science, for example. You know that if you respond to a comment, people would be more likely to return to your profile and see if you have a new post. And if you just post something fam automatic engagement increase. Don't worry, I will explain all this in a future episode. There's no action items needed in this episode. I just wanted you to have this simple formula in the back of your mind. Every time you're using instagram, build a Polish profile, invite others to come. Dan, engage and repeat 31. Who wants some Cake: it's finally content creation time. I have one question for you. Who wants some cake to help you visualize. The process of creating content for is a graham. Let's use the analogy of cakes. Everyone likes cakes right. While the entire process of creating content is like baking a cake, I have eight episodes to help you create the best content this world has ever seen or the best cake this world has ever tasted. Let's take a look. Contents style is frosting on the cake. It's about creating a polished and cohesive profile that holds all your photos and videos together. Content photos is the cake itself, the actual core purpose of your profile, the core flavor that satisfies and keeps people coming back again and again. Captions are the reasons you give us for trying and liking your cake. Suppose I have never tried chocolate in my life. You can't just say, Here's chocolate. Try it. You have to use descriptive words and bring emotions into the mix to convince me to try chocolate for the first time. Hashtags is your connection with the outside world. How will new people learned that your cakes exist? You can't just expect them to stumble upon it. Your cake needs to be devoured. Now let's use hashtags so that your content can be discovered by people searching for it. Content videos are the toys or extra toppings that make your cake extra special. Some kids love their birthday cakes because of the fun toys that it comes with. Use videos to give your content. Extra life Posting schedule is delivering your cake to your followers. You can go up to your followers in the middle of the night, ring the bell and say, Here's your cake. Most won't answer the door. They are special times during the day during the week when people most want to see your content I G stories and I HGTV is your own reality cooking show. Here is your chance to show us how you bake your cakes and bring us into your world. This is how you convince us to not only like your content even more, but falling love with the baker, which is you. And finally story highlights are your special cake of the week. This cake is trendy this week. This cake is the best seller. Come, get this content before is gone. How is your sweet tooth feeling? Are you ready to build your profile that houses the best cakes in the world? All right, let's get started. 32. Content Style Frosting on the Cake: first impression matters. As much as we don't like to be judged, we are judged from the wardrobe that you wear your attitude and your ability to communicate information You are judged. When someone lands on your profile, they are immediately judging your feet. They will notice your overall style first before noticing the individual posts. Is your cake bear with no frosting coating everything together? It doesn't matter how great your take tastes. If it doesn't have a Polish frosting with style, no one will want to try it. It looks like ordinary bread style is frosting on the cake. It's what makes us feel like we're dealing with a professional bakery, someone who knows what they're doing. What is the secret to creating stylish content? The secret is making all your individual posts look well together, like a cohesive unit. Most people post images without thinking about the previous post that came before it, or a future post that will come after it. They're only thinking about the image myself. Don't get me wrong. It could be a great image and amazing image even. But this amazing image is not a long in the void. It's surrounded by other images. When someone visits your instagram profile, they're not looking at just one photo. They're looking at all your photos together. Ah, three by three grid. Tell me which one is more pleasing to the eye. Which cake has better frosting. People are unconsciously trained to spot patterns. In fact, we love patterns because it's a way for our brain to quickly make sense of things. And that is the major secret to creating a stylish feet. We create a noticeable pattern. Don't worry. We don't need a bill in order. The Vinci or Pablo Picasso. We just had to take a little time to plan our posts. That's all. Here are some of the most recognizable pattern styles are instagram. They draw immediate attention. Our eyes immediately noticed a consistent theme that's going on, and we can help you feel some comfort in the consistency. We have patterns based on rose based on columns, colors, chessboard patterns, shapes like having all landscape shapes or alternating between landscape and profile shapes . As you can see, the variations of patterns that can be created are endless. Remember, we are creating art. There's no right or wrong, just your personal preference and your personal style. This pattern consistency on your profile can also be determined by how you share your content story every day. For example, the profile Top model lifestyle posts about style diet and extreme workout routines. When you look at their feed, you see a column of workout videos. Ah, column of diet tips and a column of style tips, a very noticeable and consistent pattern. And for me, because I love sharing stories, I do rose. I tend to dedicate an entire row to present one project I'm working on. That's why I make it obvious that photos and videos in certain rose are very similar to each other. There's no explanation needed. You can tell visually that this is one project, and this is another project that's quick visual storytelling. Notice how we're not talking about the actual content. What each of the individual images are about style is the overall feel of the profile, especially if your account is new or growing. You need to have a noticeable style or theme because immediately puts visitors at ease. A stylish profile immediately builds. Trust proves you are a professional and that you know what you're doing here is the action item for this episode. People love seeing patterns. Use this to your advantage. Look at some of the pattern examples that gave and go on Instagram to check out some of your favorite profiles. The photos and videos look polished and well put together for a reason. Dan. Create a profile with an obvious recurring pattern or theme. Once again, style is art. There is no right or wrong. It's completely dependent on your own preference and what works for you. Actually, the only wrong thing that you can do is to not have a consistent theme to not put frosting on your cake and cakes without frosting. Looks like ordinary bread, no matter how well they taste. 33. Content Photos: content is the soul of your profile. It is the actual cake. It is the foundation of what you're all about. Sounds awesome, right? Let's play a guessing game. Can you tell what this account is about? Just by looking at the photos? What about this one or this? There you have it. No name, no bio, no problem. I can still figure out what your pages about, just by a glance. If your page is about fishing, you better have photos of yourself with a fish. Or at least pictures of fish is to show people that you are an expert in that field den. Followers will look up to you as the fish man. Wait. That doesn't sound cool at all. Okay, fisherman, maybe if you do any online marketing or sales, you hear the phrase content is came. Quality content give values to your followers. What does that even mean? Your content is not about you. It's about what your audience wants to see. It is about taking them on a journey and adventure and a story of your life. Your brand. If you are a host at a party, you wouldn't bring out foods that only you like. You will bring out foods that your attendees were like. If you're having trouble coming up with content to post or figuring out what flavor should that special cake we're making B This will help every time you post something issued. Belong to one of five categories. Education. What can I teach you? You may be smarter. Inspiration? How can I inspire your day? You made me want to work harder. Entertainment. How can I interest you about my life? You made me laugh or said Wow behind the scenes. How can I bring you into my world? You give me a V i p tour of your world and community. What do I make you feel? Part of you made me feel like you got my back. I'm sorry. My apologies. That is a lot of yays. Let me show you what I'm talking about with these five categories. An education post is when you are teaching people about your specialty. I was trying to explain how to take a picture with a genuine smile. I told my followers that you want to be aware of your body language. Keep your hands open and palms up. It will help give a natural and open smile. An inspiration post is when you inspire people with a special situation. I was working in San Francisco during New Year's Eve on New Year's Day. I posted this to inspire my community. This is the beginning of anything you want. Day one of 365 you get what you work for and this is Day one. Let's do this together. And entertainment post is when you try to make your audience laugh or say, Wow! Even though I represent a six countries in beauty pageants, I'm still a fun guy. I still have a sense of humor and let my inner child run wild. Sometimes I'm not immature. It's just that your inner child grew owed or died. Behind the scenes post is when you take your visitors into your world, you give them a V I p access into your professional life. I take your friend to work day. I shared a modeling photo shoot that I did and what it took to create this image. The director teaching me how to pose for the shop, the person lighting the shot, the photographer and the editor of the magazine Breathing down my neck Stressful day Now people know how you get things done. And finally the community post is when you remind your followers that you are doing everything for them. You really appreciate the support. We are so focused on success sometimes that we forget one thing. You don't have to do everything yourself ask for help build a team, always think big. You are building a community No. Nine, your backyard. Ah, worldwide community. Your instagram profile has global reach. Look, my modeling academy account has most of its followers in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Go Brazil. This is when you realize you need to cater your content to an international audience. If you are posting a picture in SF, you can't use abbreviations. No one would know what that means. You got to tell people. SF is San Francisco In the United States, another aspect of creating content for global community is not posting controversial topics . There's a reason why you don't bring up religion and politics at parties. You will always started argument. You don't need that on your instagram profile. Look at my dumb trump posts. What are you support? Trump or not? Doesn't matter. Politics has no place on your profile. This is the action items for this episode having trouble figuring out what you should post every time you post something. You are serving your community and it should belong to one of five categories. Education. What can I teach you? Inspiration. How can I inspire your day entertainment? How can I interest you about my life behind the scenes? How can I bring you into my world and community? What do I make you feel part of? As long as you post within these five categories, your posts will be meaningful to your audience. And it will be something that your audience look forward to every time they're on instagram . 34. Captions Why Would I like your Cake: captions are the most direct way of connecting to your audience because you are directly using words to quickly explain the meaning behind the photo or video that you just posted. Suppose you just bake one of your specialty chocolate cakes. Most of your followers know what it tastes like, and they will like it and comment on it. But visitors not following you have never tasted chocolate before. You cannot just say, Hey, here's chocolate. Go try it. You should like it. They never try chocolate before They don't understand the context in which you're speaking . They won't understand your cake, and they will ignore. You always provide context and write a caption that everyone will understand and can relate to, not just your die hard followers. If you post something, you need to use captions to explain or add to what cannot be already implied from the photo . This is why you cannot just post a picture of yourself without explaining how it relates to your brand and your niche. You post a picture of yourself smiling. Yes, your fans were like it, but so what? The majority of people won't understand. What's the big deal? They won't understand the context of the photo. But if you said that this is a headshot that used to submit to commercial projects, suddenly it's meaningful and helpful. You post a picture of you with a couple of Jamaican soldiers. So what? How is that related to your brand and what your account stands for? Well, discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishments. The soldiers trained hard to be the best at what they do. That's what we should do, work hard and be the best at what we can do. You post a picture of a beautiful scenery. It's beautiful, but how is that related to your profile? I am an artist, and I wanted people to appreciate beautiful architecture with me. So I posted the quote. Art is not what you see, but what you make others see. Now there's some meaning behind the scenic photo you post a picture of you and a friend. This type of post is the worst to connect with people. Unless it's done well, even some of your own followers may scratch their heads and wonder who the stranger is. This person reminded me to never be selfish. We're interacting with people She asked me to take a picture of her, and immediately afterwards she asked if she can return the favor. Hey, that is nice. That is friend material. And that's why I shared this photo with my followers. Everything that you post has a purpose, and you use captions to make sure that people understand your purpose. I met a Russian girl who I thought was very talented. We became friends, and I tried to help promote her account and told my followers to follow her and some dead. However, even though she speaks English very well, she only wrote Russian captions every time she posted. As a result, many of my followers stop following her because they didn't understand Russian. And she got upset at me for the loss of followers and said it was my fault. What? I cannot force my followers to do anything when I suggested your profile and send them your way. You have to take care of them. If you can't connect with them, they won't leave. Captions also work best if it's short and sweet, get straight to the point and don't expect people to want to re through your entire text. You see a large paragraph and you're like, uh, that's too much work. Forget it. In the event that you have to write more than usual use Emojis. You see, I use emojis in paragraph so that it makes reading fun. People see emojis spread out in this way. I know that I'm telling a short story, and they will take the time to read it to see what my interesting thought of the day is. And finally, don't paste an online address in the captions. If you want to share a link in your captions, change your link to the address and tell people to click the link in the bio. I see some people post the euro address in captions, and I wonder if they know that this link is not clickable. What, you want me to copy this link, Open up a Web browser, paste it just to go to a link that you think it's cool is too much work for just about it. I'm trying to do this Italian accent, but it's not working anyways. You know what I'm talking about. No one will visit that address. Here are the action items for this episode. Captions are your direct way of connecting with your audience. Use it to explore extra meaning in the photo or video you have just posted. Always involve the viewer, whoever it may be and provide the context of the situation you are sharing, make it short and sweet. Get straight to the point and don't take up people's time. If it has to be a long caption, use Emojis and spread it throughout the paragraph to encourage people to read what you have to say and finally, don't post euro addresses in the caption section. No one will bother copying it and pasting it somewhere. Use your linking bio instead. If you use captions in a way to connect with the audience that is short and sweet. People will take the time to read it because they want to know what you have to say. Hey, you are explaining why this chocolate cake is delicious on why they were like and appreciate it 35. Hashtags Your Connection with the outsideworld: Hashtags is your connection with the outside world? Or else how would new visitors know that your cake exist? How will people discover your post? Then discover your profile so that they can follow you. You are supposed to be growing every time you post. If you are posting without using targeted hashtags, then you would not be found by visitors. And if you're not found, you're just posting only to your current followers and will never grow. Okay, let's jump right into Hashtags. Our first goal of using Hashtags is to first accurately describe your image. Take a look whenever you post something on. Instagram has an image identification software to label your post. You post a wall with painted palm trees and instagram labels that photo. As containing sky, plant and outdoor, you post a selfie picture, and instagram labels this as one person close up. And if you post a picture with your friends, Instagram notes that it is a photo that contains three people Sky Mountain, outdoor nature and water. Now, why is this important? If you incorrectly tagged this photo as a car, Instagram will be like Wait. Our identification software says it's not a car. Why are you using the car hashtag? And if you continue to use random hashtags that doesn't describe the picture accurately. Instagram will think you are a spammer, and thus they might shadow Banyu, which means your photos were not show up in searches or in followers feeds. So make sure to use Hashtags that accurately describe the photo you are posting. Our second goal of using HASHTAG is to compete with other users. Using that tag. We want to be ranked for that hashtag. We want to be placed as one of the top nine posts for that tag. If we are successful, our post will have great visibility. For anyone searching for or following the hashtag, this equals more engagement and mawr potential followers. So what is the strategy to getting a spot on the top nine? This is the moment that I have to remind you, if you want to grow, you cannot be lazy. I discovered that there are four different tiers of people using Hashtags. We have the bottom tier where people are using incorrect tags, coming up with their own tags out of the blue or no tags at all. Then we have the tear, where people are using an app that populates a group of tags for them. Depending on the subject of the post, all they do is copy and paste. Then we have those who take the time to research the specific hashtags that are being used in dunwich, the popular and trending tags that their competitors are using. And finally, we have the top here, the people who not only research what specific Hashtags are used in their niche, but also how competitive it is because they are always competing for a spot among the top nine. We want to be doing what the top two tiers are doing before we get to the strategies of the top two tiers. Let's review why the bottom two doesn't work, at least not for the long term. You already know the dangers of using incorrect tags are not using tags. You might get shadow band or not be found at all. Now, what's wrong with using an app to produce tags for you? It's okay to use it when starting off. Hey, it's better than nothing, but here is the limitation. These tags were created and used by the general public they are not may specifically for you or your brand. Here's an example. My friend posts fitness related pictures and uses the app top tags to populate fitness hashtags. For her, these are some of the tags that she uses hashtag post workout hashtag, fitness, motivation and hashtag under armour. If she did a little research, she would be shocked to find that hashtag post workout has about 3.7 million people using it. Hashtag Fitness Motivation has 57.5 million people using it, and hashtag under Armour has 4.2 million. It's nearly impossible for anyone to find her post with that hashtag because too many people are using it. What is the point of using hashtag selfie when 379 million others are using it? It's so competitive that her posts are literally drowned by other tags. I'm sure you are aware of the basic hashtag strategies. If not, don't worry, I got your back. Here is a quick review Number one Instagram allows you to use up to 30 hashtags proposed. Do it. Use all 30. Maximize your exposure number two post in the comments section and not in your captions If you post it in your captions, you will make it look too cluttered and messy, Not professional looking at all. Number three used tags that people are more likely to be searching for if you take a picture of your boyfriend. Don't use hashtag boyfriend. What are the chances that someone is searching for what your boyfriend looked like? Now you know how silly that sounds. I'm not searching for some random person's boyfriend. I'm more likely to search for boyfriend tips or boyfriend goals. Use those hashtags instead. Now let's move up the tear and move up to the van Strategies. Let's say we have a macaron store or a picture of us eating macaroons, and we want to use the hashtag macaroons instead of just posting the tag and forgetting about it. Let's do a little research to see how competitive it is We type hissing and holy crap. 4.9 million Other people have already used his tag. It's going to be impossible to rank for that term, so we continue down the list. Hashtag Macaroons Shop has 10,000 posts. Macron's lover has 76 K Macron's Radi 64 K Macaroons shelves, a K. As we get more and more specific in our hash tag, it gets less and less competitive, which gives us a better chance to rank for that term. So which hashtag should we use? Here's the secret. We check out the competition that is already ranking for that term and see if we have a chance of beating them. Here's the steps to increasing your chances of getting ranked among the top nine with your hashtag number one. Figure out what kinds of engagement you normally receive. Number two compared that with the engagement of the top nine posts. That's already ranking for that tag. Number three. If your engagement rate it's similar or above those nine, then use it. If not, move on to another attack with last engagement. Let's put this plan into action. You can see here that I normally get about 1000 to 1500 likes on my posts. Hashtag macaroons Time has about 6000 posts. The top nine posts for this hashtag is getting these engagements. 293 1278 622 178 1416 1126. We get the idea. The average engagement is about 835. Likes we have a good chance of beating that. And look, I use this hashtag and was able to rank in the top nine. Keep in mind Ranking amount. The top nine is determined by many factors. One is how fast you receive your engagements. If your post received tons of likes and comments right away, there's a higher chance of it. Ranking then, if it collects, likes slowly throughout the day. It is also determined by how often people are using the hash tag and how long the top nine has been sitting there. Please also note that once you reached top nine, you're not there forever. Instagram will eventually replace your post with another in a few days just to make things current ready for one more events. Hashtag strategy. This one. I think you're gonna love another events. Hashtag strategy is to build engagements one on top of the other two rank form or competitive tags. Ranking among the top nine for attack that was used 6000 times might not be that hard, but what about ranking for a term that's been used 20,000 times. How is that even possible? If you don't normally have stellar engagement, here is a secret to doing just that. We build engagements and rankings, one on top of the other. We're using all 30 hashtags, right? Well, they are not selected by random. The 1st 10 should be super specific around five K to tank A people using it. The 2nd 10 should be more general around Tank A to 50 k people using it. And finally, the last 10 should be popular around 50 K to 100 K people using it. What we're doing is to try and rank for the 1st 10 super specific hashtag. If this works, we might get more engagement to bump us up and rank for the General Hashtags, which might bump us of third er and rank for the popular Hashtags. Like when I used the hashtag Jean Paul Gaultier the male tag with 983 posts. I rent for that. This later bumped my engagement and help me rank for the hashtag JP Gaultier official with 2.7 K posts finally bumping me up and ranking for hashtag jp Gaultier with 19 K posts. I don't believe in accidents. Things happen for a reason. It's all about consistent research. If you take the time, you will get better and better at getting rent. Like this example when I use the hashtag Picasso baby and was ranked with Jay Z at 43 K posts. At the time I was making this video, I reached my 1st 100 K Top nine ranking. It was the same strategy. I posted a photo of my translator project and tried to rank for all the tags I was using. I started super specific ranking for hashtag translator training, with only 55 people using the tag, which quickly bump me up to hashtag translator outfit with 573 people using the tag. Then I was ranked for hashtag Translators Day, with 1000 people using the tag. Not a big deal, right? Let's continue ranking for hashtag translators of Instagram with 2300 posts, which helped me to rank for hashtag translators with 26.9 cape hosts. I did some research and found foreign hashtags that also described my post and used it ranked top nine amount 83 k posts. All this time, Instagram noticed that my photo was getting rank top nine. For many Hashtags, that was a signal to Easy Graham that this is a good photo. There accurately represents the translator hashtag. And so I finally climbed to the top nine of hashtag translator with 161 K posts. There is no reason why you cannot do this as well. You just have to do some research and continue to compete with others to be ranked. Get ranked for something super specific, which helps you to rank for something general. Then Instagram rewards you and rank you a mom popular. I know that's a lot of information. If you feel overwhelmed, don't stress out. You can watch the episode again if you need it. Don't worry. If I could do it, you can do it. Here's the action items for this episode. Use all 30 hashtags every time you post post these hashtags in the comments section, not underneath your captions. Use tags that people are most likely searching for. Hashtag boyfriend goals is better than just hashtag. Boyfriend use accurate hashtags to avoid being shadow band research. The top hashtags that is being used in your niche. Look at accounts similar to yours and know what tags they're using. Try to compete with the talk nine Post for any given tag. If your engagement is more than those top nine, use attack. If not, move on to a less competitive tag. And lastly, break your 30 hashtags up into three groups. 10 4 super specific, 10 for general and 10 for popular. Take time to do the research and use specific tags that speak to your brand and niche. Switch them around every once in a while so that you are not always using the same tags. You built a great profile and you have great content. You deserve to be seen and heard. We want more people to find you and your cake. 36. Content Videos Toys on the Cake: If you see a regular cake, you might consider trying it. If it has polished frosting, you definitely want to try it now. If it has toys, candy and other toppings, you now want it. Why? Because you feel like you're getting something extra. That's why the birthday cakes or sell the best have toys on it. What? It tastes good and I get to keep the toy to. That's like a birthday gift right there. Videos are toys for your followers. They bring extra life to your profile. Instagram used to be a photos only platform One day that changed. Now you can upload a 62nd video. What does that do to your presence and influence on Instagram? It turns you into a three D person. If you post photos and only photos, that's okay. They are two dimensional images. But if you post videos of yourself or your brand and products, suddenly you add life. Suddenly, people get a chance to see your personality, your attitude, your style. You and your brand become more riel and more people will feel connected to you. Now that all the good stuff about videos are out of the way, let's talk about the psychology of the viewers on Instagram. Do you know what's the average Watch? Time of videos on Facebook. 10 seconds. What is the average? Watch time for Instagram videos. 26 seconds. That means if you upload a 62nd video, most people will only watch 26 seconds of it. And that is if the video is really, really good. I'm gonna be direct with you. No sugarcoating it. You have to earn the privilege to take up someone's time. You cannot expect people toe watch your videos from start to finish. Why? Because there are a lot of crappy and pointless videos on Instagram. If you don't capture someone's attention in the 1st 5 seconds Bye bye viewer. What we need to do is to build up your reputation. You need to be known for good quality videos that is worth watching. That way your followers will be willing to watch more than five, 10 15 20 seconds of it. Here are some tips to make your video making endeavor Stand out among the rest First, even though you can don't post a 62nd video people's attention span on Instagram is short Your target length is around 30 seconds. Second, and this is important. Don't forget, you are still giving value in your video. That means the video helps to tell the story of you and your brand. Remember from our content Photos episode. Your videos should be either educational entertainment, inspirational behind the scenes and community. That means you shouldn't be posting boomerang videos unless there is a strong purpose. Boomerang Videos belonging Instagram Stories Not on your polished profile. Third, when possible, always tried to start the video with you, which means the 1st 5 seconds of the video should have you bring us into your world. Why? Because as your followers scroll through their feet and see your video. If the start of your video is a scenery and now your face, many would not know that is your video, and they will scroll past it forth. Format the videos to a square shape. Instagram is square. If you post a landscape, it's a little too small. I know most videos are landscape formats, but do try to use a video editing software like final cut pro Bordeaux, be familiar or any free editing software to edit and make it a square. That way it looks professional as if it was made for and belong on instagram. And lastly, choose a Clickbait cover. When you see a video on a person's profile, what makes you want to click? It picked the most attractive and action oriented screenshot to represent your video. These are some examples of a good Clickbait. Whoa! Is that a camera in the sky? Hey, is this a commercial? This looks like a fun behind the scenes video. What? Where are you? Why are you acting goofy? A bag connected to the face on this horse. What are you going to do next? This girl is about to touch something. What will happen, huh? Your video looks like that photo next to it. Oh, Is this another behind the scenes video where you take us into your world? Hey, cool. You are jump kicking. You know, martial arts. Who are you fighting? You are pointing out something. Is that red carpet on the ground? Where are you taking us? Oh, sexy. That's a girl in a bikini. Who is that? And how do you know her? What? You're getting slapped by someone. Oh my God! What did you do notice a pattern, A good video. Clickbait creates curiosity. It makes you ask a question. And how do you find out the answer? You gotta watch the video. Here are the action items in this episode. Use videos once in a while to bring life to your profile. Static photos are beautiful, but it doesn't tell us what kind of person you are or what kind of brand you are. She was with the video. Make it purposeful. You are still bringing value to your community. Is still needs to educate, entertain, inspire behind the scenes and deal community unless really needed. Make your videos 30 seconds or less. No one is likely the watch more than that. Anyways. Start the video with you so that followers No, it is your video format the video into a square. It will look more professional as it was made specifically for instagram and lastly, use a Clickbait cover. Create enough curiosity so that people will want to click on it and watch what happens next . Creating a video does take more time than choosing or creating a photo, but it is definitely worth it. Videos help you connect with your followers Now they know your style and personality. It's the toy on the cake. Your cake already taste good. Now there's a toy on top of the kick. And you made that just for me. All right. I want that cake Here, take my money. 37. Instagram Posting Schedule: you have the content, You know how to write captions. You know how to use Hashtags. It's time to post, right? Wait Before you post. Here are some things that you should know before delivering their awesome cake of yours to the world Many people post when they are living in the moment when they are in the mood. I just took this awesome photo with the famous love statue I have to post us now. I'm traveling again. Finally got WiFi on the plane. Got to share does with everyone Now I just finished creating the advertisement for my burger store going oppose it now and ask people to visit my website. Now the problem with posting when you're in the moment is that is probably not the right time. Then what is the right time? The right time to post is when your followers are the most active. When the majority of your followers are instagram squirreling through their feet, If you post at that time, you increase the chances of your photo being seen. The quickest and easiest way to find out when your followers are most active is by switching your instagram account into a business account. Don't worry, it's free if you don't have one yet, click on the top right corner of your profile, go to settings and scroll down to switch to business account. Then you go to the Insights section and look at your audience. You see, the majority of my audience is in New York, and they are the most active at 12 PM This is why, if you follow me on instagram, you see that most of my posts are published during noon Eastern time. You can also see what days of the week your followers are most active and playing your posts accordingly. Take a look at these two posts. One was posted when I was excited, and in the moment it got 1190 likes and 76 comments, while the other was planned and posted. When my followers were most active. 1718 likes and 96 comments. It does take about a week for Instagram to populate the insides. Information for your new business account while you are waiting for your insights. That's the only time when you can post at different times giving Instagram enough information to record your followers. Online behaviour Once you have insights and have the data that tells you when your followers are most active, that is when you should stop posting at random times. If you only post when you're in the mood, you will lose a lot of potential traffic. It's like posting in the middle of the night and praying for engagement. Your followers are sleeping. Most will not see your photos and interact with it. Here is an example of my posting war flow. How I deliver my cakes to the world. I figure out what I plan to post based on the theme of the week. What my current project is, what is trendy at that time or what holiday it is. Then I create the content on my computer and select photos that tell a story. Style is very important to me. So I lined the photos up in a row and make sure they all look good together. I write a meaningful caption for each photo research, the competitive hash tags that describe my photos and email everything to myself with the photos, captions and hashtags ready my mail. All I have to do is to copy and paste them when the time is right. I set my alarm five minutes before the post time based on my insights and bam cake delivery time or posting time. But wait, there are a few more things to know. Before you hit that share button, I always add a location in your posts. That way you increase your chances of being found. When people search for that location, don't forget to attack people who are in the photo or who you know. Well, like the photo. However, please don't Spam. I have a lot of random people tagging me on their photos. Do they want some feedback on their photos? Or maybe they want me to like their photo. Here's a psychology tip. If a complete stranger tags you without introducing themselves first and you are not in the photo, what would go through your mind? Uh, who is this? What does this have to do with me on tag or ignore? You can also share your post on Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr. At that moment, you post on instagram by ideally, people on those platforms should be already following you. Tell them to follow you on Instagram. There is a danger of always sharing your content on other platforms. If you are always sharing the same photo on Facebook when you post our instagram, why would anyone bother to follow you on Instagram? That's a pretty post on Instagram, but I already saw it on Facebook. Why would I want to follow you on instagram to get the exact same content every day? And lastly, from personal experience, I see a boost in my engagement when I post at the top of the hour. That means if your insights say that your followers are most active at five PM, don't post at 5 10 5 15 or even 4 45 post exactly at 5 p.m. Here are the action items for this episode. Even if it's temporary, switch your personal account into a business account to take advantage of insights, experiment and post at different times while waiting for your insights to collect data on your followers behavior during that first week of the accounts, which, once you figure out when your followers are most active, post accordingly to that time schedule before you post always at a location so that people searching for that location can find your post Tak people in the photo or who you know would like the photo when appropriate, but always let them know ahead of time so that you are not a stranger. Spamming them. Share your post on other social media platforms once in a while and encourage people to follow. You are instagram form or quality content and lastly, post at the top of the hour for maximum reach and engagement. You have already baked the best cake this world has ever tasted. You have the caption that describes why people would like your cake. You also have hashtags that would enable new visitors to find your cake. All you have to do now is to figure out when your followers are the most active post at that time to make sure your cake is loved by everyone. 38. IG Stories - How you make your cakes: how to give more views on instagram stories. I will show you this one simple idea story hack that no one is using. Here is my three steps storytelling formula. Start using it today to get more views. Oh right, it's time to have some fun Why is that? Instagram stories is like your own reality show. Plus I e stories are only lie for about 24 hours before it is automatically deleted. It's here, it's now. If you miss it, it's gone forever. So you better watch now. Realizing the power of Snapchats platform, Facebook, who owns Instagram, tried to purchase Snapchat in 2013 for $3 billion. Snapchat pretty much set Hell no, we are worth more So what the instagram do they copy snapshots platform and thus Instagram stories was born and now is a grim stories is even more popular than Snapchat. Why is Instagram stories so powerful in connecting with people? There are three reasons for that. First, our current instagram stories shows up at the top of your followers feed. This is a constant reminder to your followers that you exist and that they should check out what you're currently up to second. If you constantly use stories, it tells the Instagram algorithm that you are using all of Instagram's features and you are being very active with the APP. Thus, you are more likely to be rewarded by increased audience. Reach third instagram stories allow you to be super creative making you appear Superfund and making people super like you. Okay, now we know the why Now let's look at the how how do you effectively use instagram stories ? I'm going to share with you a secret that almost everyone takes for granted. And when I tell you the secret you are gonna roll your eyes at me. The best way to use Instagram stories is to tell a story. Okay, Don't pinch me. I am dead serious about this. Instagram stories should tell a story. The key is toe have a sequence, a sequence of events that reveals a situation as the viewer taps the screen. It is a pleasant experience to see several posts that are related to each other. Here is my simple three step I d story formula. I am sure you heard of it before. A story always has a beginning, a middle and an end That means most of your instagram stories should have at least three posts chained together. Ready, set, go about to shave in the process of shaving. All done. There is a specific sequence of events that on votes as you move through each story post Do you remember the girl who posts 30 instagram stars a day, a picture of her food, then her chilling on the bed board, then a tree zooming up to some random object for using a filter her with a stranger while we even watching her instagram stories. Why are we even following her? Imagine you're the viewer. You see our cart of food, zoom up to see sandwiches and then at the airport where two people are dozing off What is happening? You are at the airport. You went to grab sandwiches. It looks so random. And if you keep on posting these types of things that don't seem to be related to each other, people will not care about your instagram stories at all. They're just random bits and pieces of your life that don't seem tohave meaning and are not interesting at all. However, if you try to tell a story a progression of events that makes a point or go somewhere. Then you will entertain your audience. My flight delays. Okay, fine. Do you want an apology sandwich? Now? Things are starting to make sense. Now you have a story. Here are some more examples of my three steps I g story formula in action. Everyone is staying home. So what am I doing? I am making a funny video for you. I invite you to have some wine with me. But I am a heavy drinker. Can you handle it all packed for Puerto Rico? Can I go with you, Daddy? I don't know, sweetie. Do you speak Spanish? Holy crap. The playing is empty. More lakes space for us. More disgusting. Airline food, please. What describes Puerto Ricans? I am Puerto Rican. I can't keep calm. Let's give people some attitude today Doing a bar Qadi photo shoot way. Why do I have to be topless? My friend is in topless. When life gives you eggs, you make an omelet. A really big omelet. Happy December. Be good and get presence. Or be bad and steal presence. Whether you realize this or not, people are unconsciously trying to make sense of things in your posts don't make a hard for them and don't force people to guess at its meaning. Tell them you can also tell a story by asking a question and answering it. What is that? Cupid's bow. If you focus on just one thing, success is inevitable. See what I did just now? I asked a question, answered it and gave context and meaning. Why? I asked the question in the first place. Now that we understand the beginning, middle and end formula, let's take it a step further and talk about how to make people really like you. Your regular posts are polished. They are like the pages of your online magazine. They are almost too perfect. However, your instagram stories are not supposed to be perfect. They are a quick snippet of the real you. You without makeup that you with a sense of humor, the you that is talking directly to the audience on bringing them into your world, basically, how you do your job, how you make your case. Some people I think I have a lot of modeling and acting jobs offer to meet all of the time . I wish just like any other performer, I have to audition for them. I told you the time when I share some instagram stories of me auditioning for commercial. When I came out of the stressful meeting, I made this video. I just got back from my audition. I think I did a good job, but it's raining like crazy out there. Look, you see, I'm totally getting whether you just showing you San Francisco range. Okay, I'm gonna get back in the car. You can see I really try to talk to the audience and share what was happening with my life . At that moment, I made my followers feel like they were with me on my adventure. And look, I got so many direct messages from followers commenting on just that story post alone, if you think about it. It was such a simple 15 2nd video. I wasn't doing anything special. Just looking at my audience in the eye and sincerely sharing a moment of my life with them . Don't forget to also tag your occasion. Include a hashtag look. I was feeling lazy one time and published a to post story. I was at Google headquarters and noticed some of their Google Bikes Location tag, Mountain View, California. Okay, that got about three extra viewers. No big deal. I use the hashtag Google home and look an extra 50 viewers kick ass groups. Please edit that out. The more you practice, the better you will be at telling stories with instagram stories. Just remember to always put yourself in your followers shoes. Think about what they will be thinking and feeling as they watch through your stories. Guess what I'm going. Um I don't know. It looks like a castle. Oh, I'm right. You are at Disneyland. Oh, that's sweet. You are really walking into the park. Steamboat Mickey. Cool. You are bringing us into your weekend. Snow White looks a little different. Oh, you're trying to make me laugh. You're asking a question. Which one is my favorite? I don't know. I would need to see all of them. Okay, you are trying to be cool. I appreciate you trying to entertain me, so I'll give you that one. And that's the end of the Disney story. I actually have the criticized myself for that interim story because that story didn't have unending at the end of the day, I should have taken you out of the park. That way the viewer would have some closure. It's as if you are my friend and we went to Disneyland together. Well, if you learn and you improve right here are the action items for this episode. Create a reputation for yourself as the person posting interesting and meaningful instagram stories. And how do you do that? You tell a story. Don't just pose random photos with no relations to each other. Create a sequence of posts that get from Point A to point B. Every story has a beginning, middle and end, so make sure to have at least three instagram posts that tell just that make your audience want to tap through your stories by asking a question as a question. Answer it and provide meaning. Why you ask the question in the first place? Talk directly to your audience as if you were having face time really tried to bring them into your world. And finally make sure you are also location tagging and hash tagging the story post for maximum exposure Instagram stories is a powerful tool to help you connect with your audience. It's like one of your videos except less polished and more riel. So don't hold back, really share yourself and your life with your followers, because that is what building a rial community is all about. 39. Story Highlights Come get your special cake of the week: we have finally reached the end of content creation. Now it's time to polish your profile off with some story highlights. The purpose of story highlights is another way for people to quickly see and understand your brand. These are the highlights of your brand, the highlights of your cakes for this week and since they are a collection of your previous interim stories, they are very engaging. A photo can be beautiful, and with the caption, it can be meaningful, but your story highlights arm or they make the visitor want to keep tapping to Seymour of you and your brand. These highlights also encourage someone to stay on your profile longer, which tells the Instagram algorithm that you have a popular account with good content, which will help increase your reach. Now that you are sold on the importance of using story highlights, let's cover a few things to watch out, for. You can only use I G stories that you have already posted, so you want to make sure the auto archiving feature is turned on. To do this, you open up one of your I D stories and click on the bottom right corner that's labeled Mawr click on story settings. Now just make sure that the safe to archive is selected and we are done as you select which posts to include in your highlights. Make sure there is a logical and interesting sequence that on vote a sequence of posts that reveal something. So the order of your selection is very important. You are always telling a short story. Next is choosing a thumbnail to represent the highlight. Just like what we said about our profile picture. It's gonna be tiny, so make sure you use a photo that is simple and clear. There are many accounts with extremely polished highlight thumbnails. Each highlight is represented with a graphic art, and all the artwork, from its colors to its design are consistent with each other. This makes a profile immediately professional. It builds trust and proves that you have a strong brand. So why do I not follow in those footsteps? Because I'm always trying to find ways to encourage people to click on my image, to learn more. I feel that profiles with super polished highlight thumbnails is great, but a little boring. Yes, it builds trust for their brand, but doesn't really motivate me to click on it. For example, if you see this model thumbnail and you see this top brands thumb now, which one do you want to click on? The level of curiosity is different. The one on the left makes me wonder what the photos will look like while the one on the right is already giving me a sneak peek. The one on the left is a clapper board representing acting, and the one on the right is meeting from the camera. In my opinion, the one on the right looks more interactive, and Rio, also using different captivating thumbnails, makes it look like you're constantly updating your highlights, which encourages people to look at what current cakes you are baking, making them want to come back to your account in the future because, hey, it's not just a static looking image. It's constantly changing. Once you build up your reputation as someone with interesting and meaningful highlights, you don't need to focus on having perfectly polished thumbnails. Take Rolex luxury watches, for example. They already have the reputation, so they choose to focus on what's new and hot in their product line, or what they are particularly proud of that week or month. Same thing with Ferrari sports cars. They are showcasing the new models in their product line. No need for boring and consistent branded clip art. Which new model cardio on the click on. Lastly, make sure the text that you use to describe your highlights are short and sweet. You can only use a few characters before Instagram cuts you off. Your text should immediately tell us what that particular highlight is all about. Mona Lisa Visual effects. Big cameras backstage, posing Audition time. You see, I used too many characters and instagram coming off, so we better be careful. The action items in this episode is to use story highlights to make your profile even mawr engaging. An interactive Make sure you have the auto archiving feature turned on so that you can easily select your previous stories to add to your highlights. Just like your profile picture. Each thumb now should be simple and clear. It's totally up to you to create either super polished and consistent looking thumbnails or just using the cover from one of your I D. Stories post. Just know that different looking thumbnails when done right makes your brand fresh and active. Lastly, used short and sweet text to describe your highlights. Ideally, one or two words is enough. Right more and instagram will cut you off. I encourage you to not only use story highlights but to add new ones each week. Trust me, your followers will notice and they will come back each week to see what's going on in your life. Do you have new cakes? Oh, you do? All right, let me have so. 40. Storytelling 301 The Story Triangle Blockbuster Movies: now that you know why and how did how stories Let's learn some advanced strategies so that you can make your posts, even mawr Attention grabbing. We are basically gonna take any situation that's happening in your life and make it catchy , relevant and personal. Hey, do you know what you have there? Use just stumbled upon the story triangle. I studied hundreds of instagram posts and spend years researching what makes a post attractive, making people want to like it, want to bookmark it and even want to share it. We already know the posts that does the best, almost always tells a story, but maybe some stories are better than others. Have you ever wondered why some of your posts do better than others? For example, why did this photo of me with the Red Bull statue got 1200 likes while this photo of me with a Greenbow statue got 1800 lights? Was it really because of the color difference? And this example, why did this black and white photo of me got 700 likes while this other black and white photo got 1900 likes? Was it because of the facial expression? Did more people like me goofy rather than serious. And when I did a sponsorship deal with the uncharted video game franchise, why did this post on the left? Got 687 likes while the other on the right got 1600 likes. These two posts are pretty similar. So why they won do better than other so many questions, right? Well, after all of my research, I finally stumbled upon something. The story triangle. I am sure that you will agree with me that not all stories are created equal. Some are just better than others. The stories that do the best use the story triangle formula. They all have these three components, something that is catchy, relevant and personal. Let's break this down and talk about each of them separately. Being catchy is visual appeal. It is what gets someone's attention. When you scroll through your feet, you automatically stop at photos that are visually attractive, just like when you want to watch a movie. The first thing you notice is the catchy movie poster. Almost all blockbuster films used the strategy in their storytelling, Star Wars, Rambo, Joker and aliens. Star Wars is about spaceships, laser sores and costumes. It's cool and visually appealing. Rambo is about ah, highly trained soldier who uses machine guns and knives, is heroic and visually appealing. Joker is about a psychopathic comedian who gets into all kinds of mischief its mysterious and visually appealing. And aliens is about a life form that uses humans as hosts in their reproductive cycle. It's scary and visually appealing. Each of these images makes for great instagram post because it's catchy. It makes you want to learn more. Your instagram posts work the same way. If you want to get someone's attention, your photo needs to be visually appealing. You have to be catchy. That's the first step in storytelling being catchy. However, that by itself is not good enough. You are missing substance. You are missing meaning, and that is where relevancy comes in. Relevancy is about the big environment, how your photo is related or effective by the world around you. Star Wars was not just a cool, special effect movie. It was relevant because it pushed the fantasy and science fiction genre into new heights, introducing memorable characters and iconic situations that competed with Star Trek for viewership. Rambo was not just a heroic action movie. It was relevant because a review of the horrible treatment of Vietnam veterans by the American government after the Vietnam War. Instead of treated as war heroes, these veterans were treated as unwanted outcasts when they returned home. Joker was not just a mysterious man dressing a crown costing movie. It was relevant because of the success of movies like Batman, Dark Night, The Suicide Squad and the Marvel superhero franchise. Warner Brothers fell. It was time that the Joker character had his own movie, and finally, Aliens was not just a scary creature movie. It was relevant because it was a satire on what would happen if corporations got too big to control. They no longer care for the well being of humanity. They only cared about making money and fell. Human lives were expendable. You see, these movies were successful for a reason. They were relevant to what was already happening in the world when they were first premiered. In the theaters, good stories are often influenced and guided by outside forces. Current events that's trending in the world. Your instagram posts work the same way. Posting a catchy photo is a good start but it's not enough. It still has to be somewhat relevant to what's happening in the world, relevant to your brand and relevant to your niche. This is why, if you post a topic that is trending, it will get more engagement. It is trending in the world. It is relevant, and if you post about it, you will be relevant. If relevancy is about the big environment, then what about the small environment? And that's what the last piece of the storytelling triangle is all about. The small environment being personal, Star Wars is very personal. If you think about it, it is focused on the journey of Luke Skywalker, his experience joining the rebel lines and making a stand against a tyrannical empire. Rambo is very personal. It has focused on the life of Rambo, his struggle to cope with post traumatic stress from the war and the injustice treatment by his community. We didn't recognize his service to his country. Joker is very personal. It is focused on the mental breakdown of Arthur, who could no longer live a saying live in the hostel Gotham of the eighties. And finally, aliens is very personal as well. It is focused on the last remaining member of exploration crew, Alan Ripley's hatred and fear of the alien life form the Hunter. Even in her dreams, it's actually more personal than you may have thought, because up until that time there were so many male role models, male action stars but no female action stars. Ripley was the first well known female actions are. It was both relevant and personal in the world. In fact, when I'm Asagoe any river, the actress who played the camera turning the film, we had a discussion why the alien franchise was so successful, Weaver said, that it was all due to storytelling. It was the personal vendetta between Ripley and the aliens that paved the way for the three Sequels and other movie spin offs. It was all female power Go girl power. Your instagram posts work the same way. Having catchy and relevant content is great, but not enough. It needs a personal touch. It needs you. You need to share how you were personally influenced by the Post. It will give your posts that extra bit of meaning that your followers are waiting for now. Why did I spend so much time giving you movie examples because I want you to start treating your insulin posts like it was a blockbuster movie. Every time you pull something, use a story triangle as a quick checklist. There are no action items in this video. Just remember your INSTAGRAM posts are blockbuster movies waiting to happen. Just use the story triangle to help. You want to know the answers to all those questions we asked in the beginning. Why the engagement difference? Why one post was just better than the other. We will answer all those questions in the next episode. 41. Storytelling 302 The Story Triangle Engagement Questions Answered: Okay, let's put this theory into practice and answer those questions that's been bugging us from the beginning of this episode. Why did the Red Bull got 1200 lives while the Greenbow got 1800? Likes. Nope is not because of the color when you evaluate it side by side. Both have bright colors and can be considered catchy. Okay, both get a check mark for the catching this factor. What about relevancy? If you look in the captions, you'll see that for the Red Bull. I used the quote. Many people raise their voice to get attention, but getting quieter can stop a bull from charging. This quote is really relevant to what's happening in the world, and it's not really relevant to my brand. But when you look at the green Ball caption, you'll notice that I posted it on a Friday and I used the quote The world stands aside to let anyone pass. Who knows where they are going? Happy Friday, Let's head towards our target. This post is relevant as a Friday motivation post. What about the personal factor? I already said that the Red Bull had a week caption. It had a quote but it wasn't really relevant. And I didn't explain how I felt about the Red Bull on a personal level. Now the Green bull caption. I started it on a personal level. It read. I learned something from a boat today. If you are in a hurry and want to get to where you are going fast, don't make eye contact with anyone. Heads straight towards your target. People will get out of the way. Now you know why the Green Bull photo did better. It was catchy, relevant and personal. While the Red Bull was only catchy, it wasn't relevant and personal enough. Now why did this black and white photo of me got 742 likes while the other black and white photo got 1900 likes? No, it wasn't because of the expression. Let's look at this side by side. Both have the catching this factor. If you were swirling through your feed, these two photos would stand out. Okay, let's dig deeper. Is it relevant? The serious photo had a simple quote. Most obstacles in our lives can be overcome if we keep a calm mind, take a deep breath. Open your eyes. It's still not really relevant. It tries to be meaningful, but it falls short because it's too abstract without any concrete examples. What about the goofy photo? Is it relevant? If you look at the caption, it read, We don't have control over what jobs will accept this, but being prepared is something we do have control over. Now. This is relevant to my brand because I teach people how to get sponsorship deals. And this post was also a personal experience when I didn't have a sponsorship job. The caption also read, What do models do when we don't have a job? We continue to work with photographers to polish our skills. You will also notice that this post is a care. So it included behind the scenes photos of me in front of the camera and me reviewing photos with the photographer. Very personal experience. Indeed. What about the serious photo? Was it personal? Not at all. Once again, it talks about being calm and overcoming obstacles, but it never shared anything personal. Now you know why. One photo got more than double the engagement, while the other was for gotten. And finally, when I did a sponsorship deal with the uncharted video game franchise. Why did this post on the left? Got 687? Likes while the other on the right got 1600 likes you know the drill. Let's use the story triangle once again. Both of these photos were beautifully shot by the UN Charter video game team. They are both catchy on Instagram feed. Now let's take a look at the captions. The one that didn't do so well had this caption. Half of our life is still uncharted. You don't play a video game just to see the ending. You play it for the adventure and the challenges. Is this relevant? Yes, it is relevant to my brand because I am constantly reminding my followers that live is full of challenges. But it is also an adventure, and in this case I tied this mindset with a video game. Now onto the photo That did do well, the caption read, working with the uncharted franchise to promote Puerto Rico and Spanish culture. Now, is this relevant? Interestingly, it is because I have been telling my followers for weeks that I just got a brand deal with uncharted, and now I'm proving it Okay, so both are catchy and both are relevant to my brand. Why the engagement difference? What was the personal factor in these two posts on the photo that didn't do well? You can see that the caption ended with the video game thought and that's it. There were no personal examples of challenges and adventures at no actual video game experience. Now, on the one that did do well, you will see that I took time to make the experience personal, I wrote. Our adventure starts at this Spanish century tower built to protect PR from invading countries, and I also posted a gameplay footage that the uncharted team gave me. It was of the character Nathan Drake standing in front of a century tower in the video game . Now you can see how personal oven experience it made it right there. Now you know, not all stories are created equal 42. Storytelling 303 The Story Triangle When to Join a Trendy Topic: interesting enough. The story triangle also helps you decide when you should post about something or not. On January 26th 2020 Kobe Bryant, the celebrity basketball player, died in a helicopter accident. Immediately, people on Instagram started to post about this incident. There were thousands upon thousands of posts about Kobe and his daughter. It seemed like everyone was participating in this trainee topic. Now, why did I not joining on this trend? Why did I not post about Kobe and his accident? Because I was missing a piece of the story triangle. Objectively speaking, the death of a celebrity is visually catchy, especially if the cause was all natural. If you post about it, it will get immediate attention from people who not yet heard the news. The death of Kobe was also relevant. It was a trendy story to the world at that time, but was it personal to me? Unfortunately, no. I respected him as a professional athlete, but besides that, I didn't feel personally connected with him. I never met him, nor have I been influenced by his struggles and success. I didn't have anything to add to the conversation posting about him without a personal perspective would make me feel not genuine, as if I was only posting about his death to get attention. On April 15th 2019 the Notredame Cathedral in Paris caught on fire, the roof collapsed and it was tragic. Immediately, people on Instagram started to post about the incident deal with thousands upon thousands of posts about the fire accident of the cathedral. It seemed like everyone was participating in this trendy topic. Now why did I joining on this trend? Why did I started posting about the Notre Dame accident? Because I had all the pieces of the story triangle. Objectively speaking, a disaster of a famous landmark is visually catchy. If you post about it, it will get immediate attention from people who have not yet heard the news. This tragic event was also relevant. It was a trendy story to the world at that time, but was it personal to me? Absolutely. I visited the Notredame Cathedral when I visited Paris and fell in love with the architecture and the history. When the accident happened, I posted an old video of me seeing the cathedral for the first time den. I posted a collection of different fan art I found that were inspired by the event that care or so got 2442 likes and 145 comments. And finally I posted about the aftermath of the event, told my followers not to worry because $994 million were raised and it's time to rebuild. I had a care so that showed what the cathedral looked like before the fire and after the fire, and share the information that Paris will rebuild any damages to the structure in time for the 2024 Olympics. These posts works so well that I got an influx of comments like this 11 person wrote, You are just so relevant right now. And she capitalized the word relevant. You can see how personal I felt towards the famous landmark, right? You cannot create feelings for something or someone. It is not there. You don't have a personal connection with it or you don't. This is why I did not post about the Kobe accident. But I did post about the North Saddam accident. Here is the action item in this episode, download and print out a copy of the story triangle. Every time you are about to post on Instagram, look at the triangle and ask yourself. Number one is a catchy Is it visually attractive? Will it make someone stop and pay attention? Number two is irrelevant is a meaningful to what's already happening in the world is a significant to your brand. Number three is a personal How is it related to you? On a personal level, can you share a personal experience to prove it? Congratulations. You are now an event storyteller. Let me know if you liked this episode. If you did, I will create more catchy examples mawr relevant situations on more personal experiences to help you grow your account. 43. Top 3 instagram mistakes: are you not getting the followers and engagement that you deserve? That's probably because you are making these mistakes. That's hurting your growth. If you fix these mistakes today, you will start seeing better results. Hello, my grand family. Happy holidays. I am totally taken easy these days. And look, I'm not even shaving right now, but I'm starting to notice that a lot of my friends on Instagram are not growing and they are getting horrible engagement. What the heck, It's the holidays. There's even more traffic on instagram right now, and you should be growing like crazy. That's why I'm making this video right now so you can start growing today. The biggest mistake I'm seeing these days is number one, the lack of focus and purpose on your account. Here's my profile. I make a super clear to visitors that my focus is mulling. That's why I am constantly posting improving to people that I am a successful working model . My account also has a purpose. You can see from my bio that I am building a modeling community, a place to help people with their artistic career and become any influencer. This is why I also post tons of behind the scenes photos and videos, sharing and teaching people how to live the entertainment life. My secondary purpose is to receive opportunities from sponsors and producers. Make it very clear to people that I know how to promote their product and that I have an outgoing personality. Here is one of my friends who I'm trying to help Hinder is an aspiring model. As you can see, she is cute and adorable. She has a lot of potential to be a successful model. But as you look through a profile, it's hard to figure out her focus. You can say her focuses modeling, but some of these posts look a little random. There's a selfie. There's a selfie with her friends. There is the beach. There's a necklace, more selfies, some food and another necklace. It looks like a very personal profile, and unless someone knows her personally, they're probably not going to follow her or like her content. Now let's talk about her purpose. Her purpose right now is to signed with a modeling agency. This is why she started to post more selfie photos. However, Selfie photos are not professional enough, and if an agency would just stumble upon her profile. They would say, Hey, that's a good looking girl. True, But she hasn't really proven to me that she knows how tomorrow, how to pose and how to promote a product. So, unfortunately, the agency is going to move on. It is super important to have a clear focus and purpose on your page. Anyone visiting a profile should know exactly what your pages about within seconds, it doesn't have to be mauling. You could be posing about your fishing hobby, your makeup addiction, your sports car finish. It doesn't matter as long as it's clear, because if people have to figure out what your pages about, they are not going to stick around. The second mistake that many Instagrammers are making is that everything that they're posting is about themselves without any consideration of their audience. Here's a secret. Instagram is not about you. What it's my account, of course, is about me. It's about my looks, my style, my life, my interest. It's my account, of course, is about me. Look, I get it. I understand you. But this type of thinking on Lee works If you are a celebrity or someone who knows you personally. If you were Kim Kardashian, you compose anything and people will like it. You see a picture of two kids in your feet. Oh, my God. Kim poses. I love it. You see a picture of a necklace. Hinder posted. I don't really care about necklaces, but Oh, my God. Hand oppose it. It I love it. Here's my friend Shannon. You can see she's a great looking girl with style, especially this photo. Gorgeous sponsors should be contacting her with brand deals. However, from time to time she would post a photo like this with only the caption Loved this lady. This photo also doesn't have any hashtags. I'm pretty sure you don't know who my friend is and who her friend is. If you saw this post somewhere or if you worked by chance following her, you'll probably think Who is this? What does this have to do with me? Convo. I know this is harsh, but it's the truth. How many followers do you want? Five. K 10-K 100 k If you want to really grow, you cannot expect your visitors or followers to care about what you're posting unless you give them a reason to. If Shannon wrote a inspiring caption that says something like Left seeing my best friend again, I met her when we were in kindergarten and we're still friends. How would that make you feel? You probably think, Oh, I wish I had a friend like that. Or if you do, you'll probably tag them in the photo to remind them that you're thinking about them. You want to inspire your audience. You want to make them feel something. You see, Instagram is not just about you. The third mistake that many people are making on Instagram is all about Hashtags. I know, probably you've been told thousands of times to use Hashtag hashtag happy hashtag Love has set coup, but I don't think anyone has told you how to use them or the impact it has. Here's another one of my friends account. Nadia is a beauty pageant winner and the business owner. Hey, I just realized that a lot of my friends are cute girls. That's pretty cool. Anyways, there's no doubt that she is beautiful and talented, but she's not getting the engagement that she deserves. It's partly because of hashtag usage look at this post, I think is awesome. She looks fit and stylish, and that post makes it look like she knows how to dance to. Let's take a look at her hashtags. She is using hashtag Post Workout, which has about 3.6 million people using it. Hashtag Fitness Motivation, which has 52 million people using it and another one under Armour, which has four million people using it. As you can see, it's nearly impossible for anyone to find you with that hashtag because too many people are using it. One solution is to be more specific, like using the hashtag under Armour Girl. Instead, you can see that there is only about 2000 people using it, which means less competition and higher chance of rank for the hashtag. Play around with the wording and take a look at the competition before you use it. Here's one last example. She looks stunning in this image. I agree, but let's take a look at her hashtag what she only is using. Three. She should be using all 30 but anyways, the first hashtag hashtag selfie Oh my God! 369 million and hashtag makeup 200 million. I think I made my point. Using a super popular hashtag is pointless. Unless you have super engagement, you will never ring for that term and no one will ever see your post because of it. I want you to get more followers and engagement. So do this as soon as you can. Open up your account and make sure you're not making these mistakes. Number one. Make sure your account is focused with a clear purpose. Number two. Make sure you are posting photos and videos with your audience in mind. Inspired him, entertain them and emotionally connect with them. Number three And lastly, use specific hashtags to increase rankings and your chances of being seen. I hope you like this video. If you did, please, like a subscribe and leave your questions or comments in this section below Happy holidays . I think I'm gonna start shaving 44. Engagement Boosts Please smother me with love: engagement's arm or important than followers. You believe me, right? What have you had? 100,000 followers, but no one liked your photos. How would that make you feel? It's like as if you had 100 thousands on these following you and others will think you bought your followers, which is even mawr embarrassing. Our focus is always engagements before followers. If you have engagements, followers will come. I don't want to waste any time, So let's jump right into engagement hacks that you can try. Please remember these are just hacks and are only used for when your account is brand new. We're going to use, um, grill of warfare tactics to get you some quick engagement and quick followers. If you need some quick validation and some quick social proof, these hacks will help. First start by following a known following Instagram Celebrities go to a social blade dot com and click on the top lists for Instagram, then click on top. Follow Instagram users. These are the people with the most followers on instagram. Follow 10 to 20 of them, ending a few hours unfollowed them, damaging a dozen. A few hours followed them again you should start to gain some new followers from this tactic. It works because people will notice your activity. And since it's a famous celebrity, some people will follow you as a result of similar interests. Second, go to other people in your niche, click on their followers and follow their followers. This tactic is a bit more targeted and works because people following your competitors will be more likely to follow you. Hey, you guys are in the same niche. It makes perfect sense that their followers would like your content as well. Third, visit Kylie Jenner's profile or one of the Kardashians profile. Click on their most recent post in the comments section, you would notice many people leaving these comments L B, C, B, first and rope. What do they mean? L. B stands for like back CB stands for comment back. These people are saying that if you go to their profile and like there photos, they will like your photos back. If you left a comment, they will leave a common back. When they write first. It means they want you to like their most reason. First, photo and roll means exactly what you think it means they want you to like their entire row and they will return the favor. Take advantage of people trading likes and comments. This tactic works for immediate engagement as long as you keep refreshing the common section and liking the photos of the profiles. That's most recent. They should like your photos back immediately. Always do things in moderation. These tactics shouldn't be abused. Instagram monitors all of our activities. And if they feel that you are liking to many people following and I'm following too many people in a short amount of time, they will block your ability to perform their action for 24 hours. And if you continue to do so, your account might get suspended. So be careful. The key is to spread your activities throughout the day. And as with any new follower that you gain through these guerrilla tactics, if they are not targeted followers interested in your niche, most would not stay following you After a period of time. Let's cover one more tactic that's a bit more targeted. The $1.80 rule created by Gary V, a social media guru, the $1.80 rule is a way for you to engage with your target audience. It works like this. You pick a targeted niche hashtag and you go to the hashtag page where you will see the top nine posts. This is where all the traffic for that hashtag is going. So we want to interact with just that. We go and leave a sincere comment in these top nine posts. Basically, we leave our two cents and show our expertise in this field. You do this for 10 hashtags per day, which will equal $1.80 because two cents times 9 10 times 10 equals $1.80. Here's an example. Let's say our account is about way loss. We do some research and find out that there is a way lost recipes. Hashtag We didn't go to that page and comment on the top nine posts. We have to make sure that our comment is sincere, not just writing cool in the comments or awesome or a smiling emoji that is not giving value that is not giving your two cents. However, if we say something like, Oh, nice to see you using shrimp in your diet, its high protein and low fat. Great choice. Have you tried salmon? It's also lowing fat and has omega oils that help boost brain function and tasty to notice how this comment is sincere and real. No, only with a person who posted this photo appreciate your comment, but also other visitors will see the value you're giving. Hey, you must know a lot about weight loss. Let me check out your profile. Wow, you really do know what you're talking about. Your profile is so polished totally following you. If you consistently do the $1.80 strategy once per day for a week for two weeks or even a month, you will start to see not only increase engagements but also targeted followers. This strategy is one of the best ways to engage in a track target followers. You are basically being part of the community and handing out your business cars everywhere . If you do it consistently, you will be recognized as a go to person in your niche. To ensure the maximum engagement possible, be mindful to also post every day post when your followers are most active post at the top of the hour and use targeted hashtags on all your posts. You can also attack some of your close friends on your posts and have an agreement with them that once they see your post, they will like it. Once you start getting likes and comments, please don't develop a diva complex and stop responding to people. Thank you, Thank you. I know I am cool now, and I'm not going to respond back to you. Always respect and appreciate people's time. They bartered to like your photo. They bothered to comment on it. If someone left a comment on your post and you don't respond back, do you think they were ever comment on your posts again? It's like when someone came up to you and said, Hey, that's a cool hairstyle. If you don't respond, that's rude. If you respond by saying thank you, that's just acknowledging the other person. But if you go to the profile and like and comment on their posts, then you are showing sincere appreciation. You become friend material. Here's another tip. When you leave a comment on someone's profile, use their name. No, not their user name, but they're really name that's written in their bio it will show that you care enough about the other person to learn their name. This will make her comments stand out among the rest. Definitely community friend material. I might not get a chance to return all the likes that I receive, but if you leave a comment on my post, you can bet that I will return the favor. Here are the action items for this episode for quick engagements and followers. When you have a new account, you can follow an arm. Follow Instagram Celebrities. Follow the people who are following your competitors. Go to Kylie Jenner's profile and trade likes and comments with the people. Incur Comments section Do be careful not to abuse these tactics and go overboard. Instagram will block your activities if you do too much in assuring Valentine for more traditional tactics, make sure you are posting every day, posting when your followers are the most active and posting at the top of the hour. You can also tag your friends on your photo and let them know ahead of time to like your posts. Give the $1.80 Rula Try and consistently engage with the top nine posts for Hashtags garnish and finally always respond to comments and go to the commenters profile. Interact with their content as well. For extra bonus friendship, material points use their real name. When you're building your account, there really should be only two types of people. You are engaging with your followers and people you finish, and that's it. Focus on these two types of people and you will get better engagement and followers as you grow. 45. The Helpful not Hurtful algorithm: If you went on to YouTube and did some research on the instagram algorithm, you'll find people complaining about it. It's evil. It limits your reach and my followers are not seeing my posts. Is it really that bad? The instagram algorithm can be summed up with one word relevancy. Relevancy is what makes an app useful. If you went on Google and typing CPR and didn't quickly find what you were looking for, then Google is useless. If you went on instagram and all your feet is full of crappy things that you're not interested in, then instagram is useless. The instagram algorithm is focused on providing users with relevant experience. The things you see on your feet were populated based on your interest and online behaviour . The people that you see are people that you like based on your previous interactions. However, just because you follow Stacy does not mean you will see every post that she posts. This is the reason why so many are complaining about the algorithm. You will only see Stacey's postive one. You want to see it and to if it is a good quality post. If you follow Stacey but never like the single post of hers. Instagram will think, Oh, you must not like Stacey's content. Then we will show you less of her posts. The same could be said about post quality. If Stacy posted a blurry photo of herself, many people would not bother to like it. As a result, Instagram will think that it's a poor quality photo, and we'll show it to less people, even though those people are following Stacy Sounds depressing, right? Well, don't worry, because the Instagram algorithm works both ways. If you take the time to develop your relationships with people, they will become your super fans. And they would like your photos every time you post it, sometimes immediately when they see it on their feet. Do you know how powerful that is? That means if you have 10 fans that always like your photos, every time you post something, they will see it. That is 10 automatic engagements every time you post and you're not gonna have only 10 fans , right, you will grow and get more engagements as you grow. Which brings us to another way. Their INSTAGRAM algorithm determines the quality of a post the speed in which photos get engagements. Your posts are considered more high quality if it gets a lot of likes immediately, rather than if it's slowly collects likes throughout the day. This means a post that gets 100 likes within the first hour is better than opposed. That gets 200 likes at the end of the day because it takes extra effort to leave. A comment comments are worth more than likes on the engagement scale. That's why you should always try to post things that start a conversation. Now that we understand the algorithm, how do we take advantage of it? We want Instagram to label our current post as high quality, and we achieved that by getting lots of engagements as soon as possible. You already know about the posting at the right time and posting on the top of the hour and all of those basic strategy Here are three more to add to the list. Create groups in the direct message section of Instagram. Get a small group of people that will agree to like each other's photos as soon as they're posted. After you post something, you send a direct message to the group, letting them know of your new post and bam in media engagement. Promote your new post on I G stories. Tell the people watching your stories that you have a new post. Ask them for support. Some people tease the audience by taking a screenshot of their recent posts, covering it up on I G stories and asking people to visit their profile to like the New Post . And the third strategy, the 3rd 1 has to do with understanding users behavior on the platform. People on Instagram usually have fast reaction times. That means if you interact with people by sending a direct message or liking their photos, if they are on the up, they will respond immediately. One thing you can try is this. Post your photo and immediately start responding to previous comments. Visit other people's profiles and interact with their content. Even respond to the EMS. Most will respond to you immediately, and some will come to your profile to see if you have anything new. And oh my God, you do have something new. Well, you just like my photo, then is time for me to return the favor. Lastly, it's also important to understand that Instagram wants users to stay on their platform as long as possible. That is why they reward people who use all of their features. If you are very active on INSTAGRAM posting daily hashtag incorrectly adding location tags , tagging friends, using ideas, stories and even going on live instagram will reward you with more reach because hey, you are active in the community. You are helping the APP. You deserve to be seen and heard more. Here are the action items for this episode. The Instagram algorithm is not your enemy. It's here to help you. To take advantage of this program, consider encouraging people to joining on an interesting discussion in the comments section . You want as many people to comment on your photos as possible because comments are worth more damned. Likes crepe groups so that you have a small team of people liking and commenting on your posts immediately. Promote your new photos on I G stories. Give viewers something to do. Tell them you have a new cool post and ask for support. Increase your engagement rate by also responding to comments and interacting with your community. Immediately after you post something, people will be more inclined to show your profile some love immediately after you show them some of your love. First, the Instagram algorithm is a double edged sword. You can complain about it all day long and get nothing done, or you can take advantage of it and grow. It's your choice. 46. Analytics 100 followers a day 3000 a month: There's a lot of Anadigics for Instagram that you can find online. However, most charge a monthly fee and doesn't seem to be as effective as the analytics that's already built into Instagram called Insights. There are three reasons why we should even care about analytics in the first place. First, it helps us figure out what kinds of things we should post and win. Second, we post according to our insights and see the results so we can improve our content. And third, we use an external website so that we can track our growth, making sure we meet any goals we have. You have already seen me show you how to get into insights from switching your account to a business account. So that's jump right into our insights, a big part of what you post has to do with the audience, and it is dependent on gender, age, range and location. If most of your followers are woman, you wouldn't want to post pro male posts that is not respectful of your audience. You would post things that woman can relate to. If most of your followers are between the ages of 30 to 50 you wouldn't post immature or goofy photos. Your audience is sophisticated. You would need to post things that they can relate to. And if most of your audience is located in a different region, you would impose things based on your own time zone you opposed. At times they were more likely to see it. Now you can see why insights can help you determine the types of content and the times when you should be posting after you created your content and posted it. The second step is to review and reflect how well you did. You find this out by opening up one of your posts and clicking on the view insights. But then you will see how many people liked your post. How many comment on it, how many shares and how many bookmarked it. These are some of the things I learned from my insights. Close of shots of the face tend to give more engagement. Denna Photo where you are farther away. If you are using quotes, posts with you in the photo tend to get more bookmarks than photos without you. And finally, if you want people to share your posts, you have to eat and post something inspiring that people can relate to, or you have to give some real value. Look. When I posted a photo of me with a quote written by the famous designer Oscar dela Renta, I got 11 shares. And when I posted a photo of me inviting people to join my beauty pageant, I got 78 shares. Definitely check out your insights and see how you can either improve or keep on posting similar photos that have been successful in the past. If you really want to grow, you must set concrete and specific goals for yourself. Tell your friends, Write it down. Do whatever it takes to hold yourself accountable. Let's say you wanted to get 3000 followers by the end of the month. Okay, That means you need to get at least 100 followers a day because 100 followers a day times 30 days equals 3000 followers a month. To see if you are on track, you can use the website social blade dot com for help. Select Instagram from the drop down menu and put in your user name. It will populate about two weeks worth of information and provide you with the daily averages and monthly averages of growth. This is a quick glance to see if you are going to meet your deadline or not. If not, then you know you need to step up your instagram game and get more active. Here are the action items for this episode using sites to figure out not only when to post but what to post a part of what you post is determined by your followers. Gender, age range and location. After he posted something, always go back in a few days to see how well that post did. If you don't do this, you will never know Wish Post are getting engagement and which are not. If you want people to share your posts, you need to either inspire them with something they would want to share with their friends or provide real value by giving away something. Lastly, use a website like social blade dot com to figure out how well you are growing. If you don't track your progress, you wouldn't be able to reach your goals. Analytics is a way to ensure that your account is growing. There's no need to pay for external services when starting out. Just use the insights that's already built into Instagram to track your daily and monthly goals 47. This is not Goodbye: Normally we start our episode with a quick intro, get straight into the content and then end with some action items and a good conclusion. But now, um, I'm actually last four words, because this this is the last episode, and this is where I have to say goodbye. But as the title of this video states, it is not good bye. So let me explain to you what that means. First of all, I want to say thank you so much for being part of this adventure. It was my absolute pleasure to show you around. And I hope you got something out of it because you know I love this stuff. So I hope you were entertained. And you also laughed at my stupid jokes too, right? I also want to tell you that Instagram is always changing. It's always updating. There's always new things and new strategies. So I don't expect this course is just end here and never continue. I expect that in the future, as I learn more strategies, I'm going to share that with you. So I'm gonna be adding more episodes in the future. So stay tuned for that. And lastly, I want to take this time to look at you straight in the eye to tell you that you don't know this yet, But we are friends. You are part of my instagram family. I appreciate you taking this course. I appreciate your sitting through my corners and listen to me. Talk, talk, talk about this program, this app. And plus you know who I am. You know how to find me on instagram. So if you have any problems, you want some extra tips or if you want me to take a look at your account just hit me up with that said I want to wish you an awesome year. I'll see you all right? 48. Preview of my new $1000/Hr. Webinar Script: Welcome to the one K per day secret webinar training. This is the same exact script and slide deck that helped me make hundreds of thousands of dollars per month before and during the pandemic, selling my own courses, programs, services, and affiliate offers without paying a single cent on ads. That's why this training is only available for my height ticket clients. And the fact that you're watching this means a guess. Wide congrats. You are currently my high ticket client and I will do everything I can to support you. It is also the same webinar script that helped my students January over ten K per month from just doing one-hour webinars from the comfort of their own home. If you think webinars are dead, the pink again, if you think making at least $1 thousand in one hour to 90 minutes, Sounds like a good deal. There you are at the right place. In fact, $1 thousand is just the bare minimum you can make during a webinar because enough time is built to show the value of your products and services that you should be charging a bare minimum of $1 thousand per sale and you only need one person to reach the wind K per hour rate. All the heavy lifting is already done for you. All you need to do is to download the slide deck and watch the training as I analyze step-by-step, slide by slide, and fill in your information for each slide with me and you will be done. And also make sure to download the e-mail templates so that you know exactly what to say to your audience to get them to attend your valuable webinar. So how do you use this training? Well, do not and I repeat, do not adjust. Watch these episodes back-to-back, but please please do it with me. Okay. Implemented with me, as I explained to you, slide by slide, what to do? You will get the most out of it if you do it with me, make a copy of the slide deck and then edit directly on it as I'm going through it. So that by the end of this training, you will be completely done with your own presentation. Ready to bring in the big bucks. Here's what to do next. This interactive training is divided into four parts. The welcome phase, the warmer phase, the selling phase, and the closing phase. The welcome phase is from slides to 233. Its goal is to welcome people to your presentation. Set expectations give reasons why they need to stay and briefly introduce them to your background, who you are, and what you do. The warmer phase is from slides 34 to 106. Its goal is to explain your product and service, build a connection with your audience and provide mindset changing impact of your topic. The selling phase is from slides 107 to 162. Its goal is to show why your product or service is an irresistible offer and why and how you created it, just for them to get the result that they ever wanted. And finally, the closing phase is from slides 1632183. Its goal is to provide more powerful mindset changes in your audience and push them over the edge to buy. As a special bonus, I provided you with a top ten, most powerful closest used by the top and marketers today, these are like selling superpowers. Please use them with care. Only use them for good and evil. As you can see, nothing is left to chance. Everything is calculated and proven phase by phase, slide by slide to present your product or service in a way that will make someone take out their credit card at the end. To make this interactive training as easy and as fun as possible, I color-coded the slides so that you are easily know what we're doing, why we're doing it, and how to input your only information to complete your own slide deck in a single day. Slides with a blue bars will show you the purpose of each step, what it is you're trying to achieve with that step of the presentation. Slides with a yellow example bar will show you an example of how I will present a giving information. Pay close attention to the words are used and the messaging. In many cases, you can just copy my exact wording for your own presentation. Slides without a yellow example bar are slides that you need to leave in your presentation. Keep the exact words written as they are very powerful. When you see blue words with a bracket around them, is your chance to fill in the information relevant to your business or circumstance. When you see green words or phrases is usually reminding you how these are keywords that you can start using in your sales copy to maximize your communication impact. When you see acute brain logo, it means it's a powerful psychology tactic we are using right now. So pay attention and take note. And that's pretty much it. Oh, and the product example that we'll be using is when I sold my e-mail marketing masterclass. And since I will be presenting each slide to you as if you were my webinar audience. And also afterwards explaining what I'm doing to you. Whenever you see this button, it means I'm in presentation mode. Whenever you see this button, it means I am in explanation mode. Alright, that's it. Just remember to edit the slides and implement the changes as we're doing it together. Now after, okay, Great. One thousand per hour. Here we come. 49. My Next Instagram Course - Instagram for Business: now that you are officially an influencer. What's next? It's time to start making money with your INSTAGRAM account. Here is what's waiting for you in my next fund and helpful instagram course. You know you have a great product and service, but you're not getting enough sales. Why? Because you don't have enough attention. I will help you get attention on instagram. Polished profile tips Online business strategies have to use I G stories to do promotions, how to create a brand how to influence people with power words and much more. For example, did you know there are seven components on your instagram profile and all seven of these components? I need to be working together to help you convert visitors into followers into customers. Okay, now you have a Polish profile and you have attention on your account. What's next? Psychology, sales tactics, how to get people to trust you, how to get people to like you, how to create tempting offers, how to make people who don't buy from you regret their lives and more. For example, did you know most people buy for two reasons. They are either solving a problem or elevating a status Once you know what people want, you will know exactly how to sell to them. Most businesses fail not because they don't have a good product. Of course, they have a good product. They spent time developing it. Hello, But guess what? They didn't spend time on understanding the customer and figure out just how to sell to them. I can't wait to share with you how celebrities like Eminem used psychology to defeat his rivals and caught his big break. I can't wait to share with you how Pepsi stole Coca Cola's customers in order to survive and become a global brand. And I can't wait to share with you how Lexus cars with this one commercial was able to make new customers, trust them. And this commercial wasn't even about cars. Your mission should you choose. Except it is the Join me on this business adventure is time to sit back, relax and enjoy the show. And it is Oh, so time to get up, get hype up and grow your business. Are you ready? We don't wait for opportunities. We make our own opportunities. Your business adventure starts. Now let's get started monetizing your instagram account just click on the about tab, Scroll down and check out my other fundings aground business courses. And remember, you can contact me on Instagram anytime, and I will help you chat with you soon.