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(In) Design Your Portfolio Book

teacher avatar Aga Kobylinska, Surface pattern designer

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      About the Class (Demo)


    • 2.

      0.0 Class Schedule & Class Project


    • 3.

      1.0 Deciding on Size and Layout


    • 4.

      1.1. The Logic Behind Adobe InDesign


    • 5.

      1.2. A New Document - Settings Explained


    • 6.

      1.3. Basic Navigation - Workspace Explained


    • 7.

      2.1 Designing Cover


    • 8.

      2.2 Designing the Hardcover


    • 9.

      2.3. A Spread With Multiple Images


    • 10.

      2.4 A Spread With Texts


    • 11.

      3.1. Exporting for Print


    • 12.

      3.2. Exporting for Web


    • 13.

      3.3. Archivising Your Project


    • 14.

      4. It's your turn! Good luck!


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About This Class

Do you know that Adobe InDesign is just the best app for all kind of multipage projects?

It seems to be created just for that! And your portfolio, if you need one (for sure you do!), is just a perfect project to check out its potential. If you already know Adobe Illustrator or Adobe Photoshop, you will also find it really intuitive.

So let's design some pages together!

This class is for people who would like to show their artworks in a form of a catalogue to showcase on issuu.com or in print as a photo book. I will show how to design such portfolio in Adobe InDesign which is just the best app for this purpose.

The class is for total beginners in Adobe InDesign: I explain the setup and the basic tools as well as the process of creating some exemplary spreads. At the end of this class you will be able to design multiple-page project in Adobe inDesign containing graphics and texts which is a perfect set of skills for creating a portfolio or a product catalogue!

I don't promise that you will be an InDesign master after an 1-hour-long class.

But I believe that with the presented basics you will have a sufficient understanding of this programme to love its potential and develop your skills later on!

Just start here :)

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Aga Kobylinska

Surface pattern designer


Hi! My name is Aga (this is abbreviation from my full name which is Agnieszka, but I suppose it would be hard to pronounce for most of you!). I am a surface pattern designer based in Warsaw, Poland.

My adventure with the pattern design has started a few years ago with Make It in Design courses. I loved designing patterns so much, that I have left my job in advertising to fully concentrate on this new career. Since then, I've been constantly learning new skills, painting and designing patterns for fabrics and other goods. I've beed working with fabric manufacturers and brands owners to bring new, beautiful designs into the world. Nothing feels better than seeing your work serving others everyday! 

I'm truly obsessed with learning. It may sound crazy but I graduate... See full profile

Level: Intermediate

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1. About the Class (Demo): surface patterns in Poland. I would like to invite Shoot my new class, design your portfolio book in other in design. Know whether if you're a surface butter in designer like myself or a photographer or a handmade business owner who would like to create their product in this class, you will find a set of tools and functions that will enable you to create a beautiful folio to be more organized during my class and probably do it. 2. 0.0 Class Schedule & Class Project: Hi. Welcome to be class s so happy I have decided to join here to create a portfolio and to take first steps in other being resign You'll be surprised how easy and intuitive this base , especially if you are ordinary. Acknowledged with a day before the shop are really illustrator as the logic behind them is quite similar who I use other being designed for a different kind of projects. But I'm off This class is to give you a set off basic toes toe created to enable you to create beautiful portfolio are Olympic for your brand. This class was designated to total beginners in other in design. So I do my best to explain everything. Ask clearly as possible. The class is organized in the following. Quite first of all, we will discuss where to look for the inspiration for layout and what to think about before a starting designing. I would also say if you were it's about publication options. Next protectors introduce basics of other being design. I will explain its logic, settings and work space navigation. Then we move on to concrete. I will show how to design a cover bridge or page with the title on the cover with Spine A. Just in case. In it, a page of text on the example off about me page on. Paid with multiple images. These types off pages will enable you to get to know the basic functions. Nothing design critical. Later. Use for your independent work last but no, please. We will talk about finishing the World Exporting Document for Web and for print. I will also tell you a few words about saving the project for the light their uses for the class protect You will create your portfolio book over about spread and spread containing multiple images. They will serve you as a starting point for your multi page portfolio, which creation will be thrilled like their own. If you have taken my produce less is, I will be more than happy to see our projects embedded here. So let's start 3. 1.0 Deciding on Size and Layout: at the beginning off any work on your book, its going to decides on the size and the general layout. If you don't know where to start, I encourage you to take a look on some modern walks, fortune brands, catalogues, artistic albums and, uh, yeah and publications on issues that come for the inspiration. You can also follow my Pinterest parts layouts. It can help you. Somehow. I look at the books you love observed their four months, I noted down or stick to take over different pages. Layout spawns used. It's worth focusing your attention on. These expects to identify your personal preferences. I personally like very simple layouts with about any decoration, all elements, as they clearly exposed with its crucial your work. Once you come the general out of the year off the shape and they ought to be a book, it's good toe. Consider, if you will put, the doubts are just publish on the Web, for example. Yeah, he should come. I try to organize my every new collection in the form of a photo album that that I published online on. Sometimes I bring them out, for example, for the trade shows, but even if I dumped envisaged the print a portfolio in future, just in case I prepare it. Us is asking for prints to yeah, to save the time. If I change my mind, it's easier to the world this way. And that's why when I will explain you all the steps in this class, I will focus mainly on working with Prince layout. But off course, I would also explain how to we export the fattest part for what if you need to print your portfolio in one or two copies, I think the easiest and cheapest option is toe. Um, they contended from the front, a book on both off the portfolios that I have printed here, Uh, our father looks. There are many companies that offers our services. Onda choices really big. The books can be square or a rectangle are big or small in hard or soft over or even the line inviting. It's good to decide only four months before starting to design, so you'll save the time neither off course. The for the book is not the on the option. You can print individual pages and have them sound, but I booked by there are there a catalogue in a bigger volume to hand it toe own to your potential clients. Now here's the example off such mini portfolio that's a friend of mine, uh, have recently printed. I've chosen to the saying a square for the book and here on more specific dimensions. As you see, the cover page is bigger than Interior Page Andi. I will explain all these elements that I listed here in the tractor that it's about hardcover. Now let's check out what other being design is all about. 4. 1.1. The Logic Behind Adobe InDesign: before we go into in design, I would like Teoh, briefly clarify its logic. As it looks, it's a little bit the friend and for the shop or illustrator that you probably know eso its many about taking the images that you have prepared this to programs and putting them in one place. So Adobe in design is while you still layout printed materials, especially multi page ones. I like books, magazines, brochures, and it's greatly optimized, so even the biggest project will run really smoothly. So how it's possible? Well, actually, all the time you work many own previews that are put into creditable friends. The particular images are linked to the document and not embedded. This means that other being designed, displaced the images that are on your drive. You can't really editor images in here, but any elementary modify in its original place will be automatically updated here. This has its bright and dark sides. The great think is that you can modify a replace an element in a second. To illustrate this, I've just reported four frames and place into them images from my drive. Some of them are PSD file. Some are flat. PNG's Let's say I want to modify my pandas on the right. I can right click on it Truth edit original and my Photoshopped document opens. Let's say I want to change my pants to being so I do this click safe and my image automatically updates in other being design. Now let's check out what will happen if I modify my PNG file. So I opened it in photo shop, modifying its colors and safe as a PNG under the same lane. I just replace this file. It seems that nothing happens. But in my links panel I will have a little exclamation mark that informs me that this link need to be updated. Once I do this, my branches strange toe the pink version. Also, if I close my in design project, next time I open it, the link will be updated. So, as you see, modifying the images that are placed in tow, other being design is very easy and quick. This was the good news. But the bad news is that you have to really watch out what you do with your fights, as if you change the name or place off a length document. It will be lost in other being design. I will show it on our example. Let's save our in design project and close it. I go to the folder with my links and slightly change the name off my branches image. Now, when I opened the in design, I will say this question mark on my image. And if I want to export a PdF for print, this image will be missing to solve this issue. I just running the image to the one with change name. But if you move your image to another folder, you'll have to look for it. I have to admit that my competent drive is a complete mess, and from time to buy, I follow the impulse to make a big cleanup. You know, I changed the file names, the folder organizing systems and so on. And if you are like me, remember, toe, wait with all this lining up until you're in design, project is finished and you have your package than because otherwise your files will be lost somewhere in a drive. And on the very beginning of my adventure with other being designed, I didn't really remember about it, and I lost planted plenty of time looking for my lost images amongst dozens off files that are all my life. So does don't beat my mistakes. Asai 13 Dutch The color issues during the class Let me quickly introduce you the swatters subject. If you know that you will use some colors in your document, for example, for some backgrounds or text, I suggest you to prepare. This watch is in photo shop or illustrator. Once you copy your color swatches into your other being designed document, they appear in a SWAT to spinal, ready to use. Otherwise, it's quite difficult. Experiment with the color ways in in design. For now. Think what images you would like to put in your portfolio as we are going to start and your inducing project together. 5. 1.2. A New Document - Settings Explained: Okay, so let's start from the bird beginning. Opened the adobe into signed up and start a new document. Once this window appears, you can decide on many aspects of your project. I'm sure that you have prevue charts. Select it so you can definitely see your document layout below. Let's quickly see what we have inside here. Intent in Adobe CC version, you have three options here brings Weapon Mobile Once you choose your design objective, that will then suggest you the most popular document formats as we create our catalogue with a printed book layout in mind. Just the print intent. Then we have a number of pages. I was sitting to 10 but you can easily add or remove any I just like their own facing fighters. Check this square toe work on spreads instead off the singular pages of your book start page number. Here you decide if you want to start with uneven or even page, I will start with uneven to see the cover separately. This will be perfect for what publishing purposes. My portfolio book will have hardcover, so I will have to create additional file for it with different dimensions. I will explain it later. Primary text frame doesn't interest us today. Then let's go to the page size. If you have already chosen your printing house for the Father book right here, the exact size values our futures and version. If you only intend to publish your catalog via issue that come are you know that you will print it in grand greater volume. You can choose whatever former thing needs. You're bringing house through the justice that a page format in my book will be of a 188 millimeters square. Then you have column section. Columns are used, many for breaking text for books or magazines where we won't use it in this class. Margins there are here to help you in designing. You can set them as you like. My manufacturers adjust to keep the elements 10 millimeters from the edge, so I will set them to the millimeters bleeds. Uh, this is a very important element to remember. If you prepare your designed for printing and you want your artwork toe, occupy the whole page or bleeds to one or more bitch edges white. Basically, because in the professional printing process, the pages are usually cut from the bigger sheets of paper. She tightened images to the page edges without setting the beats. Even the one millimeter shift off cutting knife will be seen us and unwanted white edge in your outward. To avoid that, the safety margin off, usually free to five millimeters is used. And this is called police. Ah, you're a manufacturer should give you the exact values. In my case, I need three millimeters each side. I will explain later how to work with them. Option offing if you want. You can keep this settings for the future uses by saving them as a per set for this purpose . Click this. I come here and call the presets as you like. This way, Next time you will open the new document in design, you will recreate the settings with just one click. Okay, that's it for the settings. Click. OK, we have our documents set. Let's check what we have inside 6. 1.3. Basic Navigation - Workspace Explained: Once we have our document all set, it's time to check what we have inside. Other being design is the powerful tool with many great possibilities. But I have chosen for you a set off the basic doors which will enable you to create really nice designs all you need for this moment you will find in essentials workspace that you will find in window workspace essentials. Be sure that you have your toolbox visible. If it's not goto window tools here, I would like you to localize Fritos that we will use in our class. Later Rectangle friend told type, toe and rectangle toe on the right hand side, you have pages money. Here you will have all your pages of Israel to easily navigate between clicking twice on any Patriot carrier to this patch. If you want to add a new page, just click this icon here to the late a selected page, right click on it and True's dialect. The the Layers panel you will find here under the pages panel being designed work singular as another big illustrator, they're not as essential as in Adobe Photo Shop, but still very useful to didn't defy on the particular element. Andi organized the document. Um, I like to see real Aris in my document because they enable me to easily work with guides to show hide them. Go to view showed show high thrillers. Once you have rulers phone, you can draw out guides directly from the ruler by holding clips Most bottom mm to delight the unwanted Ra largest left. Click on it and hit delight. If you want to lock your guide in one place, right, click on it and just look, guys to a doctor, go to view, greet and guides and unchecked the love guides Commons. We can also do this with the shortcut written below. Now, once you know the general navigation, let's start creating. 7. 2.1 Designing Cover: mm. Let's start with designing the front cover. We can learn all the basics cleared. Look at my ready example we have here. All the elements will develop later on. We're photo, our graphics set in the background, plain color rectangle and a text. A title. Here's how to achieve this result. First of all, check out if you have a normal screen mode. Selectors. This way, all the needed lines will be visible leads, margins, frames and any additional guides to create. I want, like over page to be fully covered by the print so I will designate all the page, including pleats using the rectangle Frink tool. The sharp cut is F with this frame still selected. Used the shortcut control Be to import the graphics this way. Your default in between the will open. You can explore all your drive to find photos that are needed here. Once you have chosen your picture, click open and your image lands inside the box. The image is now in its full size, which means that the friend crops it. Let's feed it the frame. It can be easily done with this icon fit frame proportionally. My picture is originally square, so it's fits. They will area perfectly, but if you have an oblong graphics, you can easily move it within the frame to obtain the best composition. I will show you this on the example of this picture. It's originally horizontal I imported and feed the frame proportionally. Now, by clicking twice on the picture, I chose it, and I can move it in all directions and large army mice. Let's get back to my original background pattern. Andi put the black rectangle on top. It will serve us background for my title to do this toothy rectangle toe on the tool cyber . By default, your shape will be probably transparent. So let's change the field in tow. Black by choosing black color here. Ah, yeah, uh, you want to be sure that it's at the very center of the page in the align money check allying to page option and then click align horizontal centers That, uh, let's think is to add the title and lager. If you have one to a text to the documents. In my case, it will be the world's portfolio. We use the type told the shortcut 60. With this tool selected, you can grow the textbooks and right in sight. I would create my friend. Same with us, my square. Once the Texas finished, I will choose its found call, color and size. You can decide on the position off text in relation to its frame, using these controls here, I will send her. It's using a lying center. I come, of course, you can make any changes into the text appearance. Finally, I will import my signature to the document with control. I haven't provided the frame for it. And as you see, it's quite big without paying too much attention to the fact I cut the graphics. I will decrease the frame and place it in a chosen area. And this time I will use feet content proportionally icon. So I my victories signature will pick to the provided frame without losing its proportions . I would play while with all the elements until I like the composition. Everything gets ready now and now The best thing if you want to change the important picture in any moments. Nothing. It's easier. Click on the frame. You shortcut control the look for the other father you want to put here and is that 8. 2.2 Designing the Hardcover: in the first chapter. I've told you the specific, the emotions off over and the Internet other required by my printing house. As you see the cover, a hardcover in this case is bigger than the inside page. It means that the page we have just designed will be properly prepared for print. We needed anyway, as it's perfect for work publishing. But for the print, we need to prefer a bigger one in a form off spread in this case, usually design it as a separate document. And let me quickly show you how very often your manufacturer will we have to send you a ready template that looks, for example, like this. But if he doesn't ask for the eggs and the emotions, this call my specification looks like it goes for 26 to 40 pages. We have here size without bleeds, bees, separately, life, life right and stuff down, spine with and with off the folding areas. So if you want to write something on the spine, you have a place for it. Falling area is also worth marking. You can have graphics here, but be careful not to put any crucial elements here as they will be, yes, folded. So let's create our new the commendable article hardcover with the specification in mind. Once we have our size and it's Don, let's mark out spine and folding areas. My way of doing this is very easy. I drove the rectangle. I said this to bloat just to see it better and right, its exact with. In my case, it's 10.6 millimeters on I write it in the W books here, then with district and go steal selected. Go to our lying options and check allying to spread. Now click this icon Align horizontal centers. This rectangle shows our spine, but we don't want to leave it here. This throughout the guides from the ruler on your left inside and place them exactly on the left and on the rights edges of your rectangle. It shouldn't be difficult. We have now the guys for our spine. We'll act analytically for my folding areas and for use my rectangle for this purpose. We set up its with two. I mean, there's this time on a place exactly next to our spine on the right and place a new guide on its right. Etch We did the same for the left holding area. Move your rectangle toe left so it at years toe our spine and put the last bite here. No, I can delight a rectangle. Yeah, we have our templates ready, Mr Take advantage off the layers panel. I will call the guy slider. Guys, I will also market to blue and look, it's We work on the new layer with our design, so create a new one. Once we have our template ready, let's get back to our original cover design and copy Eat by simply taping control. See on then by states by Control V In our hardcover document, let's start with the title books. We want to have it centered relatively to the front. Cover to those. So choose all the elements off the title and group them with the shortcut controlled. You can put the names on the layers. Eso You can easily find the elements you want like their own, then turn off the visibility of the background so it doesn't distract us. Now let's designate the visible part off our front cover. As before, I'll do it with the help of a rectangle. I will stretch it from my spine to the edges of my page. Abdi's are not included this time. Send it backwards so we see both the rectangle on the title box, select both key elements and then click once on the square so it's frame becomes speaker. Goto align. Many select a lying to key object this time and align horizontal centers. Yeah, our title box is now at the center of the front cover, so let's delight our referenced rectum gold lock the title box and turn off its visibility . Now we can focus on our background image, so turn its visibility on our picture is so small and have different size than needed. So let's start by feeding its frame so it covers all the spreads, including please. Now, uh, our image doesn't feel all the frame. Let's check if I can do this simply by using fit frame proportionally. Comment. At first glance, it looks quite OK, but we have to check out if the resolution is sufficient to do so. Go to window info. Once you see like their image frame here, you will see the effective creepy I minus 207th PP I so not enough. I have predicted it. And as my background is the seamless pattern design, I just created a bigger document with this field. So by thinking contra post e, I just place it here. I turned on the visited, eat off my title walks and my heart covers. Fred, I will save, you know. But what if you want to put a to cover the picture that it's not big enough or doesn't look good on the horizontal layout? You can just put independent me just at the front at the back and separate them with a spine with, for example, applying color. Let me quickly show it at the example off a vertical picture is that of a one long horizontal frame. I would row two frames extending from the spine edges to the external, please. Then I would feel the front cover with teacher using the shortcut control boost e feet per frame proportionally and objective for the position. Then I turned on the visibility off the textbook and sent image backwards. So we see the title, the front cover. It's for the so now place the image to the back over. Once it's done, you can design your spine. I will make it black By placing the black rectangle between this pint whites. You can even add a title on your spine. To do so. I create a text box right portfolio inside just the phoned and center. It could help Santilli and vertically in relation to the textbooks, and I'll rotated 90 degrees. I will adjust the text frame size to the size of my spine and Bala. Our cover is ready, right? Once you did the cover, you can now do almost anything. Let's check other possibilities. 9. 2.3. A Spread With Multiple Images: after finishing the chapter is devoted to the cover. You have a general understanding how the images in other being design work now preferring to spread with multiple images will be a piece of cake. It would be a good occasion to discuss the matters related Teoh margins on go a little deeper into the alignment functions. We'll create a spread that looks like this. I'll start with the page on the right. If you think is easy peasy, it's release us our portfolio. Bite square. Just throw your new frames starting at the right corner of your remarked Marge's. Stretch it down to the bottom margin. This way, you should have your square at the very center of the page. For a double check, try alignment functions aligned to page, then alliance centers horizontally and vertically. Um, to decrease the square while holding its position. Just hold shift out while operating on size. You already know how to place the image within the given area. Click Control D and look for your image. You can easily play with the composition. Feel different proportionally move and precise. Remember to control the effective resolution off the image in the info box If you're prepare your portfolio for print, it should be at least 300 BP. I I have one hint for you. If you have decided on the picture position in reference to its frame, check this box here out of it. This way. Once you were size your friend image inside with balls. Now let's prepare a page layout like this. It may seem a little more complicated as we have different shapes of frames, and I want the equal spacing between them. When I start designing this page, I don't recur. If the spacing are equal, I lay out the images more or less, mostly focusing on their position next to each other so they look good together. As you see, I placed the images into the document in their original size and decrease them manually with the outfit option selected. Then, when they want to manipulate the shape of frame, I need toe uncheck this box. Otherwise, my images will love stay or proportions. Once I'm pretty happy with the composition, it's time to clear off the layout by aligning the spaces and position off the elements. I usually start this process from the edges. Uh, doh this easily. Uh, I used margins Are some new guys only one that's done. I have just the inner distances. Like in the hardcover chapter. I used the rectangle to trick here. I just spacing that shoots me most. Andi, I drove a little square there. That will serve me as a reference for me. This is a really present process. I love aligning spacings. Really? I know it may sound a little strange, but maybe you do will discover their relaxing part of this process was all your address are even. And the spicing equals the side of the reference where you can the later references. Before we go into the next chapter, I will stop here for a moment to quickly present you the alignment. No, no. Here we have a couple of yellow squares that will serve me as a demo Elements. Normally the O linemen panel you have right here But I will open a separate window. Eso sing better. We have various options. Eso you can play with them. But I would like to pay your attention Toe this one tiny icon. That's it's really important. One he reason decide Teoh what we align. We can lying in reference selection, which basically means that the elements will be aligned in report to each other. I had then, in reference to key object eso. Once all the elements are selected, click on the one that is the most important for us, and it will be the focal point for the alignment or distribution. Uh, then we can align to margins and page and finally to spread. You have several options to align the objects and distribute them equality. So I encourage you to experiment with this settings as they're really useful. Okay, now you know the basics off. Working with images, I assume you have, um, experimented a little bit with the alignment settings. Eso now just try to design some different layouts by your own. You can copy your spread here toe design your next one in the same layout. You can modify it or does something completely different. Here. I create a new spread at the basis of the old one By using some graphics that I created for one of my clients. I also used their lovely felt off you drink it. Remember that you can easily change the pages order by simply moving their place in the pages. Stop, Go 10. 2.4 A Spread With Texts: Once you have a general understanding off working with images, I would like to show you some absolute basics concerning the length out the text on the example off the about page that any portfolio will probably have the chapter devoted to designing the cover. You could see that texts like images also running friends So my about spread will contain for a text friends title. Hello friend with about the text title for the Context section and Airframe with contact details I used here. Also a few additional elements. Background pattern by Grant White Square, My signature and at frame circled with my photo. I will demonstrate all the process so you can visit the actually single or is out. So let's open your heart character. We know to see clearly the text attributes and let's start with the title frame. You already know how to place a title. I create a new text ring right there. Word. Hello. Just some fancy bonds here. I already know what kind of fund I want to use, so I so I directed enter its name here, Um, I said its sights and at just the frame. Now let's go to the body text. You can write it right inside your other being designed ORAC. Okay from some at text editing software here. I have my text already. Prepare it. So I copied to my text frame, changed the phone to my favorite one lotto and said the text size at text will fit into your frame. So if you want to narrow or wide in your text column, just operate on the frame and the text will fold. If there is not enough room for your text in the frame, you have to enlarge the frame or decrease the letter size. You can also finish your text in another frame, for example, on the neighboring page to do. It's mostly create and your friend now select this first frame. You see, there's still little squares here. Click on the right Bottom one. You're coarser should now have a mini text I come beside on. When you bring it closer to an extreme, it will change to change. Click on the second frame. Now the two friends are connected and the text will flow between them. You can manipulate their size and position as you like. I will live one solid text sprain this time. Now I place my signature pmt into the document and adjust its size and position. I finally I changed the color of my text in both friends. The left Patriots ready? Now let's go to the one on the right side here. I will prepare a patterns background by placing one of my designs in the leaving frame and then at the White Square at the very center to go under my text. So it's time to add a last thing. Contact details. I create a new text frame for murdering production. Andi, I used the same from us for the title here on Left Going through this this section. Then I create a new explain for my contact information on type in my email and Web page. Other s Instagram and Facebook handles. I just that x paragraphs and text for my thing. So it's centered. I change the phones from from a default one Teoh the same one s used on the left page and distinguished the main words with capital. Expend a bolder version off my body text font as a sweet balls. I will also add a little profile photo here in a circle the show. You also this alternative. So instead of rectangle friend tal, I'll choose Ellipse parental throw a circle by holding shift and both my father inside with control the short that I can also easily add a frame to the picture changed its with and color if I want. Once everything is done, you can change your view moat to purview. So no guidelines are visible and you see all your page clearly. And then you can just move around the particular elements. So are you like the overall composition? Yeah, that's it. Our, um, about me spreads. It's done. 11. 3.1. Exporting for Print: the last and the most important element of our designing process will be exporting a pdf for print. We do it simply by exporting the file to pdf. But before we do that, let's check if we have everything cover. There is. This leads are covered. Picture has a good resolution. I feel reviews, pixie like that. Go to view over people. Prince purview to see everything clear and sharp. Then let's go to the document with our interior spreads. The cover doesn't interest us here as we want exported from this document. First, I will check the pages or there. Mm. I would prefer that this tropical spreads goes after so I simply drag and drop it in my pages final. Then we have to check if all the photos have a sufficient resolution. You see, these pictures are too small. The resolution is not enough for print. So if I would like to print out my book, I have to get high resolution for those and replace them here. Otherwise, your printed images will be pixelated. What I do in this case, I marked the pictures that are too small with a color, two rectangles and the moment I change them to the right ones, I will delight this marks. Let's assume mine are big enough. Last thing. Sometimes your manufacturer will require that your friends are converted to cures. It can be done with one click just selecting it explains and go to type create outlays. But from now, your text won't be a beautiful. So if it's your case, I advise you to save a copy of the document before Victor Rising defense. Now we are ready to export our document. You do this by going to file export Just the farm. At this time. We want a PdF for print just the place on the drive for your pdf to be saved and click Say this window appears and I will explain what to pay attention to. So at the very top have percents and standard. But it doesn't interest us really comparability unless you're manufacturer, give you some more specific requirements concerning this. It doesn't interest us neither paint range. We want to export by default we have all But as I want to add my cover separately, I choose the range from 2 to 13 in the background. I see all my pages so I can't won't go wrong. Then we need to decide if we want to. Export Singler pages are spreads. In my case. I need spreads but took it out with your among factor. I also check this box of your pdf after exporting so they exported. Pdf opens automatically for us to see next important matter is compression. I like the in design file that has only links to the images. The pdf file have all pictures embedded, so it's good to optimize the size off the document as the resolution sufficient for printing is 300 peopIe I. We can down sample all the images to this value Adam being designed. Do it automatically for us. Just limit the resolution to 300 peopie i for all pictures above, Let's say 350 p p. I. If you have some black and white pictures to the same for the below books quality for print . I always shows maximum. The check box below should also be checked. Marx envies. It's usually enough to check prop marks and leave the other subject. Check the box used documented lead settings so it automatically consider our settings that we have from set. It's at the very beginning. Output here. We can convert our document to a specific profile, but generally, if you know the profile, it's better toe. Have the individual images well prepared Advanced Security summary here find additional options and information, but we don't need it now after finishing click Export. And once it's done, we can see our document. A. I will not repeat this process from Recover it. Paige, here we have our two pts ready to be sent our printing house. I will move them to any further that I will call production styles. Yeah, let's take how to export our pdf for Web. 12. 3.2. Exporting for Web: if we need to export the file for the Web publishing purposes, we act Anna logically us for print, but this time we really use a little bit different settings. But before we do so, I will show you some sweet little detail that will make your online portfolio more convenient. And this adding keeper links. I think it's really cool if you can add a link director, webpage address or social media accounts so your client can go there just with just one click toe at hyperlinks, just like the words that will be our handle. Right Click elects on Goto hyperlinks near he Burling at the page address and select the formatting. Yeah. Now, when you export your pdf for Web, your link would be active when we export for Web. We don't really need to check the pictures resolution, but instead took If all the pages are there, look in my documents. The back over is missing. I would simply don't take a different cover by clicking on it in the fighters money I just duplicate and stay copy of my front cover lands. At the end of my document, I delight the empty page that was there so much. My back page is a singular bait and not a spread. Then I d like to text books and now everything is fine. So we are ready to expert our document. Go to file export Truce The lice in your drive to save your documenting We want an interactive Pdf So does this name your document and click safe? This is what interests as this time the range of pages. Let's just all now decide if you need the single Our pages are Spence. I would do single our pages. All the rest You can leave in the different position Us at thes are settings useful mainly for the presentation. Click export and wait until your pdf is generated. Yeah, he would have our pdf for Web. Just look at it. It looks great. And if I click on the link it sent me to my wife. Right. Go. Isn't it last thing If you want to export singler progess to J picks, for example to attach them in the class Partick section nothing gets easier. Click export Choose the place on the drive for you want your document to be saved and the day pick European deform it. Besides, on the range took if you'll prefer pages or spreads, decided resolution and leave all the boxes unchecked here. Once it's done, you have all your spirits waiting for you in the chosen for that. 13. 3.3. Archivising Your Project: Let's assume that our portfolio is finished and ready, and we want to archive eyes the edit herbal in design file on our disk or in the cloud. To be sure we can open and edit it like er in any moment. The in design file is not sufficient. We need to collect all the fonts and graphics in one package. We can do it really quickly. Just goto file back it. Once we click this icon. Such books up here here we have a summary of what we have. Insight, sounds, images, colors, click package safe. This window shows other way in design. Creates a text document with additional information, and that's it to your package so you can add some remarks here if you want. Now we have to decide what to save our package, and here we have some additional options to truth by default. In the CC version, these boxes are checked copy phones, compelling graphics update graphic clings in package includes idea man and includes a PdF or print. But this free first boxes are the most important and the two other optional. I would leave only these first free text click package and when this window appears. Click. OK, Yeah. We have our package ready. Inside. You have all the phones who have used you're linked images. Your report and you're in design file. Yeah, I think we'll get dust now. 14. 4. It's your turn! Good luck!: now exert turn, use your annual ski is to create your own portfolio book. Just look around for the inspiration and start designing. Uh, for me, it's really exciting to observe how my different works come together in the form off book off multiplied projects on I really I really encourage you to give it at right. Even if you find it's maybe a project that it's too big for you now are too complicated. Just start, start with cover, start with one or two spreads and he will see once this first I just come to light You will want to hit the mark. And yeah, I would like to invite you to share your progress and your process. And your inspiration was with the other students in the class project sections. We are all here to learn. I am here to help you. So if you have any questions, just ask. I will try to to help you on your way And um, yeah, I can't wait to see our your work's years, So good luck