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Illustrated Journaling: 14 Days of Prompts

teacher avatar Dylan Mierzwinski, Illustrator & Lover of Flowers

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      Class Introduction


    • 2.

      Class Project


    • 3.



    • 4.

      Overview: Working from Prompts


    • 5.

      Day 1: Currently Listening to


    • 6.

      Day 2: Recently I Learned


    • 7.

      Day 3: Creating with


    • 8.

      Day 4: Latest Reading Material


    • 9.

      Day 5: Ingredients to my Mess


    • 10.

      Day 6: Daily Routine


    • 11.

      Day 7: Current Cravings


    • 12.

      Day 8: I Keep Wearing


    • 13.

      Day 9: Self Care Necessities


    • 14.

      Day 10: Grocery Run


    • 15.

      Day 11: Favorite Corner


    • 16.

      Day 12: Toiletry Bag Favorites


    • 17.

      Day 13: Reliable Recipe


    • 18.

      Day 14: #Obsessed


    • 19.



    • 20.

      Thank You!


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About This Class

In this Skillshare class we’ll be taking a mindful approach to working together through 14 days of illustrated journal prompts to promote calm and pressure-free creativity. The supplies are basic; markers and pens (or whatever coloring tool you have lying around), and time set aside each day to support our mental health, as well as refill our ever-draining-wells. Grab your supplies (there’s a list on the project and resources tab!) and let’s hop to it!

Here are the prompts we’ll be exploring:

  1. Currently Listening to (hearing impaired? Don't worry, we'll cover some alternate approaches)
  2. Recently I Learned
  3. Creating with
  4. Latest Reading Materials (open to all types of media)
  5. Ingredients to my Mess
  6. Daily Routine
  7. Current Cravings
  8. I Keep Wearing
  9. Self Care Necessities
  10. Grocery Run
  11. Favorite Corner
  12. Toiletry Bag Favorites
  13. Reliable Recipe
  14. #Obsessed

Meet Your Teacher

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Dylan Mierzwinski

Illustrator & Lover of Flowers

Top Teacher

I'm an artist and educator living in Phoenix, Arizona, and my main mission here is to inspire you to fill up a sketchbook. And then to acquire another and do it again. You see, my sketchbooks have become a journal of my life as intimate as a diary; a place to meet myself on the page, to grow, to express, to enjoy myself, and to heal. And to commemorate my favorite snacks if I'm going to be so honest about it. It's the greatest thing ever, and all people deserve to dabble in creative practice.

In my time as a professional illustrator I've gotten to work with clients like Anthropologie, Magnolia, Martha Stewart, Red Cap Cards, Penguin Random House, and many more. As of this writing I've enjoyed teaching over 150k of you here on Skillshare, as well as many ... See full profile

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1. Class Introduction: I'm Dylan Mierzwinski, an illustrator living in Phoenix, Arizona. I have my dream job, making artwork for everyday products. But having art as my job means I need to be intentional about making time to create just for me without the pressure of it becoming something. I think a low pressure creative practice can be helpful for any person's mental health. So I've come up with 14 days of Illustrated journal prompts for you and I to enjoy working on together. As we reflect on a recent favorite recipe or self-care necessities, we'll get comfortable with filling a blank page with bold and stylized drawings and supporting text and lettering, 14 days in a row. I started working from illustrated journal prompts to help restore some calm in my practice. Not only did I find that, it ultimately refilled my well for all of the other things in my life too. I want you to have that as well as the total unique time capsule you'll be creating of the little and meaningful things that make up this particular time in our life. The supplies are basic, you'll probably have most of them on hand. The prompts are open and the time spent working on them will be just what your tired, anxious, and very creative heart and brain need. 2. Class Project: For your class project, you're going to be following along with me to work on 14 days of illustrated journal prompts. The artwork you create for each prompt is your project. You'll learn more about materials and how we'll work with these prompts in the following videos. But here's what I want you to know about your project. Firstly, you'll need to be on a computer, not a mobile device or tablet, to access the project and resources tab where all the goodness lives. On the right sidebar, you're going to find the resources I created to accompany this course, which is a materials list and a list of the prompts. Right above that is the button to create your own project. You're welcome to scanning your artwork to post your project, or you can keep it simple and take a few pictures of your drawings to include in the project body. You can include text to recount your experience with working with prompts and polish it all off by uploading a pretty cover photo. Since some of these prompts could cross into personal territory, don't feel pressured to share all 14 pieces unless you want to. Lastly, don't forget to look at fellow student work to help encourage others and to help fuel your inspiration. You will absolutely make someone's day by taking the time to leave a comment on their project. 3. Materials: The materials that you need for this course are pretty basic. I really want to urge you to just use what you have on hand first. If you have extra money or you've just been dying to pick out and you art supply, then I get it, go for it, have at it. But I don't want you to think that if you don't have exactly what I'm using, that it's not going to work. It's totally going to work. It's going to be awesome because we're taking time to sit down and draw just for us. But that being said, here are the things that I'm going to be using. If you're at a computer, you can find a materials list and the right sidebar of the project in Resources tab. Firstly, I have markers. These are Tombow. The full name on their site is the Tombow Dual Brush Pen Art Marker. They have a brush tip on one end and a finer marker point on the other. They're water-based, so you can blend them if you want. But I'm just going to be using them basically as a kid would in coloring big areas of color. You could just as easily use Crayola or a value brand. You could even use highlighters if that's all you have lying around. You may find it helpful to make a quick color chart of the markers you have for reference throughout the 14 days. You're also welcome to use a totally different coloring tool altogether, like crayons, colored pencils, posca pens, or even paint. I recommend choosing the medium that feels least precious or just feels easiest for your hand to pick up and get to work. That's what markers are to me. They feel fun. They feel easy. There's this burst of color, and they're really easy to draw on top of, which brings me to pens. I'm going to use a Pentel Pigment Ink Brush Pen and my trusty Pilot Precise V5 to add details on top of my work and to add accompanying lettering and supporting texts around the graphics. Now, if you're using an especially textured coloring tool that's not a marker, like a crayon or something, you may just want to use a darker value of that medium instead of trying to draw over with a pen. For example, I'm using a marker, and I could just use a darker marker for the details. But I just happen to like the combo of the textured ink brush pen, and it glides over the flat marker ink really nicely. A more textured medium like chalky gouache or waxy crayon may be harder to draw over with an ink or ballpoint pen. Keep that in mind, when choosing your medium, you're going to need some way to differentiate the details from the colorful shapes below. We will also need some paper to draw on. I'm going to be using this Big Idea Sketch Book by Wit&Delight. This notebook feels friendly and not so precious that I'm scared to mess up and tear out a sheet. Plus, the ink from the Tombows doesn't bleed through the page below. If you want to use a journal or a notebook to keep everything together, the paper in this one that I'm using is 100-120 GSM. That's what you can look out for. You could also use separate sheets of copy paper, cut them in half, and bind them together with washi tape or twine at the end. Again, whatever you have on hand is best. We'll be using scrap paper for brainstorming and planning. A pencil is always handy for sketching and notes. Finally, just a heads up that some of the prompts may require you to gather reference images or reference materials from around your home. But each prompt will come with its own intro and its own ideas for what references you may want to gather. 4. Overview: Working from Prompts: As you know, we're going to be working from prompts in this class. While the prompts themselves will change each day, and while our interpretations of each prompt will vary significantly, we're going to be following the same basic process for each of the 14 days. Let's take a quick look at what that looks like. Each day we'll start with the prompt itself and a quick discussion about various ways the prompt can be interpreted and tailored to our specific situation. From there, we'll brainstorm to come up with a succinct list of items to be drawn and represented in the journal entry from the given prompt. For example, if the prompt was shape parade, the actual prompts are more interesting don't worry, I'd want to make a list of the shapes I for sure want included like star, heart, circle, and triangle. I'll also want to jot down any accompanying words or thoughts that I may want to add it with the lettering. Though, you can think of these on the fly later once you see what space you'll need to fill. Not all prompts will require references, but if the prompt enlist calls for it, we'll gather any physical items or reference images that we'll want to look at while drawing. Images can be one you've taken yourself or since it's for personal use, images you find online or in catalogs, or wherever are available to use for this kind of project. For our shape parade example, I feel confident in my ability to draw the shapes I want without references. I would skip this step. Before we start drawing, we'll pick out a few colors to use for our illustration. Limiting your color palette can help take the pressure off and help unite the finished drawing. I'll choose two colors. Then it's time to start getting it all on the page. If you'd feel more comfortable, you're welcome to do some quick sketches on scrap paper to arrange the items you'll be drawing. But I do want to challenge you to loosen up even more and just go for it with the layout without planning first. Your creative brain will solve problems as you go along. If you start with the bigger objects first and work your way down, there's a greater chance that everything will fit and be balanced in the end. First, I'm going to use my markers to lay down the main shapes of my list items, working biggest to smallest. Once I've got a feel for the space, I can add the prompt title and date, and start adding in details to complete the shapes. Any leftover space or needed contexts can be filled in with accompanying text. That's how we'll be using prompts in this course. Let's get to day 1. 5. Day 1: Currently Listening to: Our very first prompt is currently listening too, and for me that makes me think of Music and I've been listening to Golden Hour, the album by Kasey Musgraves a lot lately. I'm going to draw that album artwork as well as letter the titles of some of my favorite songs from the album. Feel free to think of any artists or albums that have been inspiring you and you can follow suit, or you're always welcome for the rest of this class and for the rest of your life really, to do whatever you want and to run with the prompt as it inspires you. Instead of the album artwork, you could draw a colorful mix CD with different lettering styles for the song titles to show off the eclectic music you're into right now. You could draw a phonograph and letter your favorite lyrics coming out of it. Or if music didn't pop into your head first, you could totally recreate the artwork for an audio book or a podcast that you're into. If you're hearing impaired and therefore you don't really listen to anything, maybe you could creatively depict what you're hearing in your head right now, or use colors to make shapes that represent the quiet. Maybe there's a person that you're "listening" to for advice and you could take note of the advice, etc. The goal with the first prompt is to keep it simple. Go with your gut in terms of what you've been listening to lately. Gather any reference materials you need, whether it's images or any text or notes that you want to include and let's get it on the page. I have my reference photo printed out here, which today was pretty basic, just the album cover for the Golden Hour album by Kasey Musgraves. I also took a few minutes just to write down the track titles that are on that album because I want to letter them below. I've also gone ahead and picked out some of my colors. For the first couple days we're just going to keep it based on your references. You're welcome to choose if you already want to reduce this down to two colors and only picked two, that's fine. But I'm just going to stick pretty close to what I see here. I also have my palette precise and my Pentel brush pen ready to go, and so I'm just going to get into it. Now, sometimes I won't write the prompt name at the top until I've got more elements laid down to see what the layout is going to look like, but with this one, I already know I'm going to do a square album up here and then do my lettering down here. Which means I know I'm going to have some space up here protected for the title. I'm just going to grab my pen and write. You'll notice, I know it's really small, but the text on the album cover is white. Since my blue color is pretty dark, I don't think this black ink is going to show up on top of that, and so I'm going to use the fine tip of my marker to first draw the border of the CD. I'm going to leave this corner out because that's where her body is going to be. I'm going to use this to outline the letters, the block letters so that I can leave the white space there for when I'll color around it. I'm not going to be able to make it that small or that neat. I'm just going to let my own hand do it and I'm just going to go ahead and go in here and draw these letters. Now if you want to, you can go over with pencil first and just draw the letter forms and then draw the block letters over it, but I really want to show you that there's nothing to be afraid about with being messy or just going in and doing it on the fly. That's what this whole thing is about is that your brain is creative and it solves problems when you give it the chance to. Don't be afraid. No one's going to see this except for other Skillshare students if you share your work, so there's nothing really to lose. Her last name is longer and I want to be careful because her shoulder is going to be coming in over here and so maybe I'll do M-U-S and then graves down here.Yeah, that is what I'm going to do. Even if you're not a letter, that's fine, go back to your childhood days of drawing block letters. If you were like me and you're highly distracted from your work, you were drawing block letters on all your assignments. I'm going to leave that for now and I'm going to move on to drawing her. If you're freaked out that we're on day one and if your album artwork or whatever you're drawing for this prompt has a person on it and you're like, "I can't draw people," you're welcome to find a totally different creative solution. You can replace the person with something or you can just simplify. I'm just going to take this in shapes.The first thing is her face here show the part that's peeking out above. Maybe I'll draw that fan shape. You can see, I'm not really worried. I'm working in long strokes. These markers can be streaky if you don't blend them. But I like that marker look, that's why I'm using markers. I'm trying to be intentional about the direction that I'm moving the brush pen in, but I'm not worried too much. It's okay if it looks, I don't know, like an illustrated journal would look. I think I'm going to wait to do her hair. I don't want to do it on top of the blue. I'm going to wait to do her hair except for some of the pieces that are framing her face. I'll just put those in there so I know they're there. For her face, I'm going to keep it really simple. I just see her nostrils right here. She has these really beautiful long lashes, nice eyebrow. It's good enough. This is all about being calm and enjoying. Now, fill this in a little bit more after. Get the background in. Now I'm just going to color in around the lettering. Again, I'm going to work in long downward strokes. I could just color haphazardly, that's a great look too, it'll give me a lot of texture. But since this is just the background and I want to make sure the letters pop, I'm just going to work in big strips moving downwards. With this black that I laid down, this is actual ink, so I can go right over the black areas with the blue and the black will show through. It is big areas like this where you just get to use one color for a while. But I want to try and challenge you to just be mindful and enjoy it, don't try to rush through. I've got a lot of little areas to move around for these letters, it's going to take me a little bit and that's okay. We're done with the artwork portion of this one. Actually, I notice her fan has some nice details on it and so I do want to go through with my black ink here and maybe just add a few details. See how some of these lines are a little shakier than others. This is the project to let those things go and accept them. I'm not doing the same exact motifs that are on her, I just want something that looks decorative. Now, I'm going to turn to my list of song titles, and I'm just going to letter them free hand down here. I'm going to do them in order that they show up on the album, however many I can fit. But the songs that I particularly like, I'm going to make bigger or bolder in some way. The very first song is Slow Burn, and I think it's a wonderful opener to the album. This is also a really great time to practice lettering because you get a lot of different types of words and things to practice. Again, it doesn't have to be seen anywhere so your hand just gets a lot of practice. Slow burn. With these Pentel brush pens, you squeeze the barrel of the pen to make more ink come through. I recently squeezed mine before hitting record on this so it's really full and saturated with ink. That can actually make my lettering look a little more wonky because you see every little wiggle in there, but that's okay. I had a tiny bit of space here, so I just put a little butterfly. That's what I mean by your brain will solve problems. I was a little bit off centered with that lettering and my brain was like, well, fill it with little butterfly. Excuse me. I just straight up ran out of room for the word thing and so I just dropped the G down there. That's fine. It's not great, not ideal, it would have been awesome if I just had started mother a little bit sooner or took up less room there, but I didn't and I'm still alive. Everything's fine. I might not have enough room for all of them, that's okay. She has a song called Wonder Woman. Since I don't have room, I'll just put two W's next to each other. Another idea is I could've started writing them in squares around there. High Horse. Let's see if we can fit Golden Hour in here. Then the last song is called Rainbow and so I'll just draw a rainbow down here. You can go ahead and add the date for your entry. I'm not going to. I just want to keep this date lists just for this class. But definitely you can get creative with your dates. You can draw a cute little icon or you can just letter it really nicely somewhere else. Like I said, I was able to put the prompt in here early, but sometimes I'll wait until the end so you could put this in the date at the end and fit it in wherever it fits. But that's day one. 6. Day 2: Recently I Learned: Welcome back. Our prompt for Day 2 is Recently I Learned. As it suggests, I would like you to brainstorm something you recently learned, as well as some visual cues that you can draw to help represent it. This could be a new word you've added to your vocabulary, a life lesson you recently mastered, a historical figure or event that you recently became aware of, somebody's name that you kept forgetting and finally locked into your brain. Been there. To keep things low pressure, I recommend choosing a single noun or a few nouns, to represent the subject and let your captions fill in the context, as opposed to trying to draw an entire scene, a person, etc. Gather any reference materials you need, both images and any notes or texts that you want to include, and let's get it on the page. I have printed out some images of some saffron crocuses here, because the thing that I recently learned was about saffron. I cook with saffron in a crushed lentil soup recipe that I make and I was just curious why it was so expensive and what made it so special. So I have these two images. I did a Google search for saffron and found this image by and this image by I'm going to use these, I'm basically going to do a centered placement drawing of some of the flowers, and then I'm going to use lettering to fill in the facts that I learned in the spaces around it. Just like yesterday, since I know everything is going to be centered down here, I feel confident in writing the prompt right at the top here, and then filling everything around it. I have picked out some colors, and similar to yesterday, I'm just going to stick with what's true to life. I'm not going to rely on my brain to have the pressure of picking out colors, and you can do the same. Starting tomorrow with Day 3 we'll get more creative with our color choices, but for now, I am using two yellows for the center of the flower, the red for the actual threads of saffron that come out, a bright spring green for the long green leaves, and then this lilac color for the actual flowered itself. Now we're turning it in the learnded, to recently I learnded. There we go. That's your teacher, everybody. Go with that and I'm just going to start by doing the flowers. Like I said, the flowers I want to be wild and centered in the middle here. I grab my purple and just get to it. As always, you're welcome to sketch first, whatever you need to do. You'll notice, I'm not working too hard to perfectly fill in everything. I like that expressive look that the markers give in those streaks. Little yellow centers, and since this yellow is pretty bright, I grabbed this second one, because I thought it'd be nice to add a little bit of dimension in there to anchor the center of the flower a little bit. Now, the fun part, these red threads that just shoot out. In the picture, the other thread is going this way, but I'm going to have this one come out this way instead. Now, the leaves of the saffron crocus are really long and they come out wildly. I'm just going to use the brush to flick a few times just to make the feeling of those leaves, shooting out in-between the flowers and around the flowers. That's good. Now it's time to add in what I actually learned. I should have written it down on a post-it note just for the process for you to get in the process of doing that. I actually have the information fresh on my brain. I'm going to work from my brain, but feel free to either write on your reference photo or another sheet of paper just the few things that you want to get down. The first thing I learnded is that, saffron is a crocus. Unlike most crocus which bloom in the spring, saffron blooms in the autumn. I'm trying to think, I'm going to have everything going around, but I think I still want it all to be facing upright as opposed to writing on the side over here. I'll just put that down here. Arrow. Just thought it was really interesting, I read or I saw, I think a YouTube video of a woman who grows saffron crocus in Oregon, in her garden, and she said, I believe, that these long green leaves stay all throughout the summer, it's just like these long tendrils that are flat and combed against the grass. Then in the fall, these little crocuses appear. Then the main thing I learned and the whole reason I sought out the information was saffron is a pricey. Is pricey E-Y? It's a pricey spice. It sounds like the newest edition of the Spice Girls. I'm pricey spice. It's a pricey spice, because these threads, so these threads, if you don't know, are what the saffron actually is. When you buy saffron, you get this little jar of all these little tiny delicate threads in there. It's pricey,\ because the threads need to be harvested and processed by hand. Then, I want to add just a few details to help anchor these flowers and stylize them a little bit more. I don't want to take too far away from the threads, but also, this was looking just a little light up here, and it needed some help. The last thing I'm going to do, because I have a weird blank space here is I'm just going to draw some of the threads as if they're just loosely picked, and they're just laying there in a pile. Don't forget, if you want to add the date to yours to fit it in somewhere fun, and that's Day 2. 7. Day 3: Creating with: Hi again. Our prompt for Day 3 is Creating With. We are going to show off the tools of our creative trade. If you're an artist, this can be the art supplies you wield. If you're a writer, it can be your favorite writing accompaniments. If you're a cook, it can be your favorite kitchen tools. Whatever you create with, you can gather the physical items, you can take a picture of them, or you can find reference images using a search engine. Let's get it on the page. Now we're getting to the point where we're going to start reducing our colors. Instead of using a bunch of colors that reflect exactly how the thing is in life, I'm going to pick two colors to try and unite all of the different items I'll be illustrating and to make it look a little bit more graphic and a little more bold. I'm using a green and a pink for this. You can see instead of reference images, I actually grabbed some of the tools I've been creating with most, and just spent a few minutes laying them out in a way that is pleasing and that I can easily transfer over to the page. Now, there are some things I'm going to take creative liberty with, like, I want these three things to be as tall as the other stuff over here so that it makes a nice neat rectangle that will fit nicely in here. Let's get started. Again, I just happened to have a nice rectangle of stuff, so I think that I can keep everything in this area. I'll go ahead and write my prompt at the top first thing. I'll even try to spell it right this time. Even though I have everything planned out, I just want to make sure that I'm just taking a minute to make sure I know where everything's going to go, I think three paints down here. All right. I'm going to get into it. I'm going to start with this marker right here. Since I'm only using two colors, I'm just wanting you to know what I'm thinking, I'm thinking through how I'm going to want the colors to be laid out. I think if I go green-pink-green here, I think that alternating is going to be too distracting. When I draw my Pentel pen over here, I'm going to also do it in pink. I want to accentuate that, even though it isn't that squeezy of a tube, but I want to use up that space to show that's what it's like. I definitely exaggerated the shapes of that, but that's okay. Next, I'll work right here, and that's where I'm going to fit my watercolor palette. This is Daniel Smith watercolor palette. It's the perfect mixing palette by Jane. I almost said Jane Goodall, that's the chimp lady, Jane Blundell. Perhaps I will find the name. I'll share it if you're interested. As you can see, I have a bunch of different colors here, but I think all I want to do is represent this part of the palette. I'll use my two colors to draw each square and then I think I'll just right on top of it with pen to write what the pigment is. First, I'm going to use this to draw the outline of the pallet and then I'm going to let my squares of color pop in there. I need to fit five across, which means there will be one in the middle, so I'll start with the center one. I want to be careful because I don't want them all. I want to break up the pink and the red to make it look random. Cool. Now they're not all the same. It looks like random placement without everything looking like a checkerboard. That's good, except my little tiny Blackwing down here. I'm going to draw the barrel of the pencil. What is the thing that holds the eraser? This metal piece? I can't remember what the technical thing is called. But since it is metal, and it comes out, I want to show some reflection. I'm actually going to leave just some white space in between there. Then the same with the tip down here, even though the tip on this pencil isn't a ton lighter than the base. I just want to use my negative space there and contrast to just create the point. I'm going to let my ink fill in the rest of the details there, but that's a good base for the pencil. I think I'll draw the sharpener first. Again, these blades are metal, and so maybe I'll use that as a chance to leave them blank. I'm trying to guess how big this should be so that the tubes look right. Maybe I should draw the tubes first. Yeah, that's what I'll do. I'm going to draw the middle tube first because that will help me make sure I'm leaving enough space down here. These can be any size that I want them to be, whereas I want these to have the right proportions. I'm going to go in the middle. Since these are used, I want to accentuate that hard shape there. A lot of the tube is white. Just like I used up here, to do the outline of the ink and to let the colors pop there, I'm going to do the same with this. I'm going to outline the tube. You can probably see now why I love this Pentel brush so much. I love the quality and character of line it produces. Oops. One thing I wish I would have done is, the logo on this tube is white on the color, I wish I would have left that negative space there. I'll deal with the other two and this one will just be different from the pack, but that's okay. This one, I'll try and, just like we did on Day 1 with the album, I'll draw it with the skinny side. Then I can color in around it. I'll finish off the writing and the details on there when I finish everything else. For now, I just want to get the main layout down of all the shapes to make sure everything fits, and then we can detail it up. I don't know if my plan worked, because now I have a more square space than I intended. I also have to remember that I'm going to be filling in text around here. Let's see, the Palomino Blackwing will have writing right on it. I guess I could just put this further down here and then let the label take up the room. I'll just try to get a nice erasery shape in here. I think we're ready to go through and decorate the items, and then add in supporting text. Not only do I want to stay true to life just for fun for the character for the materials, you can see on this Pentel pen, there's actually these stripes, these grippy lines that go up and down. I'll use that opportunity to add stripes to this. But even on materials that don't have a texture or something, it's good to look out for opportunities where you can make a big area of color more interesting, either with dots, or just some texture or shading. This pen has these little threads, this coil, in here for where it twists on, and then the cap has more of this texture. Then for interests, I'm going to add just some shading. This is where the cap is on, and so I'm going to do a cast shadow down there and then down along this edge. I just want it to be a little bit darker. Now, I actually want to write on them. Then the color numbers are on here too. This is color 158, and this is color 912, which I use all the time, easily my most used color. I don't think I'm going to have much luck writing the pigment codes on here with this brush, so I'm just going to use this brush just to add some interests, just to add some depth to the little wells of paint. This part's really fun to me because it really pops and comes to life. I'm going to try my best to fit Palomino Blackwing on here. Now, since in real life I've sharpened past the Palomino, I'm going to start with Blackwing to make sure there's enough room for it. Then however much of Palomino fits on there will be good. It looks like there's not really enough room for it, good thing we started from the back. My eraser, I just want to add some lines to help give it a little bit of dimension and texture. Now down to the paint. There's a lot of information on here. I'm just going to write gouache, the color number, and then the color name. Now the color names, so shallow pink, deep green, and flesh, which is a pretty terrible name for a color when you consider that there are tons of flesh colors. Maybe we should let it hold by now about that. I know I didn't leave negative space for the A over here but that's okay. Now, the general detail has been added, but I still want to add some notes. With my Pilot Precise pen, I want to add the pigments and I need to fill in this space a little bit. First thing I'm going to do is I'll just label this plastic eraser. You know how there's always little fibers and things after you erase? I'll fill this space with some of those eraser things. Then I have this space down here so even though I wrote down Palomino, maybe I'll write Trusty pencil. This is what I meant in the Working from Prompts video when I said you can do the lettering on the fly. I may not have thought of the words Trusty pencil when I was brainstorming, and I wouldn't have necessarily known that I would have needed to fill space here, but once I see it, my brain's able to come up with something to fit there. Great. Then the last thing I want to do is just fill in these pigment colors. I have a cheat sheet on the back of this, and I'm just going to fill that in. There is our creating with prompt. As a reminder, don't forget, if you want to add the date on your page to do that. I'll see you tomorrow. 8. Day 4: Latest Reading Material: Hey, our prompt for day 4 is Latest Reading Material. To represent it, we're going to be drawing a stack of books that we get to letter and decorate with the titles and author names of what we've read recently. Again, even if you don't or are unable to read traditional physical books or media of that type, the titles of audio books, podcasts, magazines, reports, and blogs, etc, anything that you read that feels noteworthy is welcome on our illustrated bookshelf. It is our bookshelf after all. Gather the names and authors of the material that you've been reading or taking in and let's get it on the page. For today's prompt, I'm going to be working horizontally, because I'm going to be drawing a stack of books that I'll be adding titles to. As I said when introducing the prompt, even if the media you're reading isn't an actual book, you can still follow the book layout and just add the title of what you're reading on there. So if you only read blogs, you don't have to draw a computer screen. You can put the blog title on a book spine and decorate it. I have my little sticky notes of the last five books that I've read that I want to represent. I've got my colors picked out. I'm using 912 again. Big surprise. Then 817, which is a rosy pink. I'm going to start just by drawing my rectangles that make up my books. I'm going to draw two bigger books on the bottom. Because I have some cookbooks I've been reading. Again, if there's any text or anything that you want to reserve the white for, you can go ahead and outline that and then color around it. For these, I'm going to keep it real simple. I don't just want there to be a bunch of alternating pink stripes, so I'm going to switch up what color I'm filling the book with. I'm also going to do one alternating one that's just outlined. With the pentel brush, if you want darker line, you need to go a little bit slower. That'll work there. I'm going to do three smaller books. I'm trying to do it as if these were actually styled on a shelf, so they're going to be a little bit off center. This is a smaller book. I read two books from the same series. So even though I'm doing different colors, I want their shapes to be pretty similar. Then I read one smaller novel. I'll make just little smaller on top here. Okay. Obviously, I left this space over here to be counterbalanced. For me, I'm just going to add a little plant pot right here as just a cute detail to help weigh this down. But please tailor this to fit you better. So if you would have maybe a little dinosaur figuring or some incense or a candle, you can put whatever you want on top of there. Then I'll use black to have some leaves coming out of here. I'll just do that now. You'll notice I didn't start this prompt with adding the prompt on there, because I actually don't know with this one, how much space I'll need for little notes and stuff. So I'll add that at the end. However, I know that this space I want to fill with these plant leaves. So I'll just go ahead. That's the other nice thing about this project is, you can experiment with trying things just to see how they work out, and if it doesn't, it's not a big deal and then you know your instincts are honed better for next time. That's good for now. I just wanted to make sure that I have that balanced out. Of course, if I were magic, I would try to move that down to center it more, but it's okay. Now I'm going to go in and actually decorate and letter the book titles. The most recent book I read was The Bluest Eye by Toni Morrison. Beautiful and heartbreaking book with a lot of horrendous parallels to America today. Toni Morrison is an incredible writer. Even this Dumb Dumb, I'm not always the best with reading literature. I'm very concrete and big things get by me. But I could even understand Toni Morrison. That's how good of a writer she is. Okay. Let's see. I want to vary the styles that I'm going to letter everything in, so I want to make sure that I can fit everything. I just drew this little flower. Sometimes books have a little publishing icon or something down here. In The Bluest Eye, marigolds are a visual metaphor that's used. So I put a little marigold down there to hint at that. I'm trying this pink because I know I won't be able to fit The Bluest Eye and Toni Morrison all in big writing, but I do want to have her name on there. Maybe I'll do that. Again, if it just stresses you too much, if it just takes the joy out of it for you to not plan ahead of time, you're welcome to plan. Okay. Next I have the two books that I read that were part of the same series. Since they're part of the same series, I want to do something visual to represent that. So I'm just going to do a little pattern here at the top that goes across both books. Then I'm going to want them styled the same too, because the books in real life are. But I don't have to, I could alter it. I think I'll wait on those ones. I'm going to do my other cookbooks first. The first one is this book called V for Vegetable. I have a little space down here, so I'll wait until the end, but maybe I could draw a little vegetables growing or I could just underline it or do some dots, but I'll leave it for now to see what the piece calls for. Now I have another cooking book. Sometimes when I think of cookbooks, I think of kitchen patterns. I want to do a little pattern on here to make it feel kitchen-ey. I'm just going to do that at the border. Then this book is The Flavor Bible. I think for this one I also want a big writing. I'll do The- But then I want to put both authors in cursive going this way just to make it different from now on. Or actually, you know what, I'll switch it up. I'll do this title in cursive and then do the names and just regularly to do the opposite of this one. I'm not very good at cursive upper-case F, so I'll just leave it. Now I have a little space here. I think I'll draw. I'm going to do a little spoon or fork. I'll do a little fork. Doesn't really look like a fork. Well, it's done now. Okay. I don't think that I'm going to do little vegetables down here. I think they would end up just looking like blobs. So instead, I'm just going to do a nice texture line. I'm going to need to squeeze more ink on the body. Instead of just doing one big squeeze when you're using these, because sometimes you'll get a bubble of ink that comes out, I just squeeze it a few times one after the other, and then it can take a minute for the ink to get there, but it will. For this one, for the last, for the series books, I'm going to write the author's name the same way at the spine down here. Okay. Now for the titles, they are murder mysteries, so the titles are pretty dramatic. The most recent one, I believe was Bitter Falls. You can see the difference now that ink has gotten here. You can see how bold the fresh ink is. The other one was Wolfhunter River, and I'm actually going to do that one a little different. Then another way I can hint at the series is to put little roman numerals. I believe this was the, oh gosh, was it third and fourth? Yeah. This is the third book and that was the fourth book. Great. I'm almost done with the artwork portion of this. Now I just want to add a little bit of interest to this fake plant pot just by adding a little design to it. Now we'll do the journal part of it. I'm going to use my pilot precise for the notes because I don't have a lot of room. First up, The Bluest Eye. I'll just draw a little arrow. Now I just want to make a note that I actually did a book clubbed with the Ashleys. I have two very good friends named Ashley. They are both smarter than I am, so I wisely asked them to read this book with me so we could all discuss it to make sure that I didn't miss any of the big stuff. Book clubbed with the Ashleys. Let me make a note that just says many parallels to 2020 USA. Over here, next I have these. I just want to write that this is part of the Stillhouse Lake Series. Then I know book 5 is coming, so book 5 coming soon. Next I've got The Flavor Bible. This book is amazing. It just tells you what the main flavors are, for any ingredient, it will tell you what other ingredients naturally pair well with it. So I'm just going to write, "So much wisdom". Then with V for Vegetables, this is a book that my aunt got me and we cooked together from it a lot. So it has a lot of special memories for me. I'll just say, "Highly recommend." Let's see if I can spell recommend. "Highly recommend stuffed artichokes". All right. There is our prompt for day 4, all about what you have recently read and little notes about it and don't forget to add the prompt in, let's see where. If I wanted to date this, I could add a cute little banner to fill that space and then write the date right there. I will see you tomorrow for day 5. 9. Day 5: Ingredients to my Mess: Hello there. Our prompt for day 5 is the ingredients to my mess. Look, I'm not trying to point the finger, I just think it's totally normal and human for us to accumulate clutter from time to time, and I happen to think that the items in our messes are super interesting. Snap a photo of your shame closet, or under the sink, grab your pile of mail, untangle the ball of clothes on your closet floor, and let's get them on the page. Let's jump into day 5. I have my list of a recent mess that I had cleaned up and the things in that list, or in that mess were, I had a recipe for chicken shawarma, I had some Sticky Notes. I always have Sticky Notes laying around. Scotch tape dispenser, also very common in a pile of mess. NASA Sweatshirt. I always have an emergency sweatshirt in my studio, I'm wearing it right now, so that's the common find in my mess. I had two new books that I got in the mail and those were in a pile of stuff. I had some pencil shavings, and then bobby pins are pretty par for the course as well. I picked out my colors, and I made two swatches because the caps are counter-intuitive. If you just look at the caps it looks like this one is lighter, but that's actually the darker marker, and so I just have a little swatch to remind me which one is which so I don't get messed up. Then I have the names of the two new books and their authors so that I can write those on there. As I said in the working through prompts video and as you've seen so far, it's easiest to work biggest to smallest. So we started with the biggest book. On this one I started with the biggest items. On day 2, these were the only items, so we started there. Same with day 1, the main thing was the album covers so I drew that first. We'll still be following that process for this one. But this prompt in particular, I want it to look a little messier. I don't want the layout to be perfect because it's a mess, and so I want it to represent that. While I will generally be drawing the things biggest to smallest, the first thing I want to draw is my Sticky Notes because I made a note on my list that I wanted the Sticky Notes to be on top of everything. Since they're going to be the top layer, so to speak, I want to make sure that I get their placement down and then I can draw other stuff around it. Also, I'm not quite sure how the layout is going to end up, so I'm not going to add the prompt yet because I'm not positive yet. I'll wait and see, and I want to make sure I have my lighter color here, 192, and I'm going to draw some off-kilter squares. Right now, the two shapes will join a little bit since they're the same color, but later when I add details, I'll help differentiate them. This is also where the direction that you're coloring can really help. Even though this is all the same color, if I color these two Sticky Notes with different directions of strokes, you're going to be able to see that and it helps them stand out from each other. Now, working biggest to smallest, the recipe I have was pulled from a magazine, so that's like a magazine size sheet and then the two books I have. I think I want those to be on opposite corners so that they weigh each other down and then I can put the smaller things going the other way. No, I'll start with the recipe up here, and I'll just have the recipe. When I ripped it, it has these little tears on the sides, so that might be a fun thing to try and communicate with the marker just for added interests. I want to leave whitespace on the recipe either for where the image is or for the entire text area, and then maybe just the image itself will be colored. I think I'm going to leave a white spot for the fake picture that I'll draw. Now, with my books, I'm trying to think color-wise. I know I want them to be here and I have two books, so I'm going to draw them as if they're stacked on top of each other. The two books I have is 100. The first one is by Sarah Cooper, it's a small book. It's a square called 100 Tricks to Appear Smarter in Meetings, it's hilarious. Since that one's smaller and square, I think I'll fit that one on top going this way, and then the second book which is, Why Are All The Black Kids Sitting Together in the Cafeteria? By Dr. Beverly Daniel Tatum. I'll have that one going this way underneath and you'll just see it poking out. I don't want to do this. Which one of these is darker? Three hundred and twelve. This is going to be the Sarah Cooper book, and before I get in the brush, I'm just going to draw the outline of it. Looks good there. Then for Dr. Beverly Daniel Tatum's book, I'll do an outline. It's going to get too color heavy if I don't balance it out. So I'll show her book peeking out through the bottom down here. Now, for this, since this color is so dark, I want to use some negative space for the title or for Sarah Cooper's names. The words, 100 Tricks, is shorter, so I'll do that. You really got to learn to embrace the lumpiness. This has more character than if I were to draw a perfect font, and so I'm not worried about that. I'm going to do 100 Tricks and then I'll do the rest of the title in ink on top of the color, but then I want Sarah Cooper's name to also stand out. Since these letters are smaller and I want to fit them in, I'm going to write just the skeleton of the letter with a pencil lightly so that I know how much space I have to draw around for the block letter. Sarah Cooper, If you don't know is a hilarious comedian. Her books are very funny. I'll go ahead and color this one. For things like this when I'm going to have to be really careful around her name, I'll just do as many of the big long strokes as I can, and then I'll just go in, and as I get close to the letters, I'll just stop, and then I can get in and do that more finely after. I lost a little bit of her name in there because those letters are so small. But when I have my ink, I can go in and add some definition there so her name isn't lost in there. Then for the book on bottom, I just want to write as if the title is truly down there. Down here, I'll at least get all of Dr. Beverly Daniel Tatum's name. Now, for the title, I wanted to make it look like the title is hanging out back here. Great. Next thing I'm going to do my NASA Sweatshirt. I think maybe it would be better to do green right here than another dark color, but this sweatshirt is dark and not that it needs to look like it does in real life. But I'm going to choose to use a dark color for it. I'm going to draw it as if the sweatshirt is partially folded in half like that. Then I have a little bit that I want to keep white, so I'll just start to do the NASA letters. Then there's the part of the logos, this swoop that comes around, and that'll be enough to hint at it. Now, again, with my coloring, I can help make this shape make more sense. The sleeve, I'm going to color at this diagonal. But then the rest of it, I'll do at this angle that's slightly different. Then again, I'll be able to use my ink to really change it up with the details. Let's have a few more items to fit in. The next biggest item is my scotch tape dispenser and I think that's going to fit really nicely here. Now since it's clear, I want to just use both markers to just hint at the reflections of the shape. There'd be another circle here, and then we have a little tape dispenser. This is the tape coming off the side view. Next, the last thing that's going to be colored is my pencil shaving, and I think I'll fit in that space there, and then right here I'll be able to fit some bobby pins and ink. Then I think my text and everything will fill everything else out. I think it looks like a cube or a recipe now. For the Sticky Notes, I don't want to write any recognizable texts on it, I just want it to look like scribbled notes, so I'm just going to make it look like writing. Now, we just think we need just all of the text to fill everything in. I'm going to take advantage right now. I've got this nice strip at the top, I'm going to go ahead and add the prompt. That would be a good spot for the date, if you want to add that. If you are a fun of The Office, one of Michael Scott's Alter Egos is Michael Scotch. I think of that every time I see the word scotch now. I'll do pencil, and then I want shavings to go here. Lettering is a lot easier if you just rotate your page to where you need it to be. So shavings. I can fit. Let's see. I think I'll do emergency sweater here, and then I'll fit new books down here. With that, day 5 is done. 10. Day 6: Daily Routine: Our prompt for day 6 is daily routine and whether you have a fully formed strict regimen that you follow, or merely a comical list of endeavors that you just try to attempt each day. Literally no judgment on you. We're all human. I want you to make a list of the things that you do or aim to do regularly. This layout will sort of be a grid of icons, one set of icons per task. So I'd recommend coming up with four or six items to best fit them on the page. Though, of course, you are welcome to experiment with other layouts. I have my list here for the items I've picked for my daily routine prompt. I have six items, morning pages, which are like a journal entry and for that I'm going to draw a journal. I go on a walk every morning, so for that I'm going to draw my shoes. I try to have what I call a power lunch every day, which is just a lunch that is vegetable based and gets lots of nutrients in. Studio time, so I try to get into the studio every day, and I'm going to represent that with just some flowers because that's what I usually draw or work on. For power lunch, I'm going to draw some produce. I tidy, I really like tidying. I fell for Marie Kondo's, whole KonMari method, it makes me happy, I do it every day. Then vitamins are a daily thing I do. Then you can see I picked out four colors for today's. Up until this point, if you're wondering how I'm choosing my colors, I literally made a color chart and then I pick out however many colors I feel like and which ones look good together. On days where I need things to be more simple, I'll just pick two that I like to go together and on days where I feel more competent in my color picking abilities, I'll pick a few more. I'm going to lay this out like a grid, so there's going to be two down three times. I think I'm going to be able to count on this space being up here for my prompt. I really need to squeeze this through but if I do it now then it's going to be too big of a difference between where I started so few squeezes while I'm drawing. First up are my morning pages. It's going to be this top left corner. I think because I have a hard time sometimes I'll tend to have things be too far away from the center. So I think I might just draw a light line down the center just so that I know how close to things I can get. For this, I'm just going to draw the outline of an open journal. I'm going to leave the inside because that's where the pages would be. A trick with this is to take, a journal is pretty straight forward but something like a walk or studio time, it's to take these things that could be made overly complex and to just simplify them. So just as an opportunity to add more color, the notebook that I write in is a dot grid book. So I'm just drawing a little grid to represent the paper back there. Morning pages are an exercise from The Artist's Way by Julie Cameron. If you've struggled with having a regular journal practice, I really recommend Googling those or reading her book to learn more about them. It's the only way I've ever been able to keep a regular journal practice. Next I'm going to do my shoes for my walk and I want to have the shoes so that it's like I'm holding them by their tied strings, so they're just kind of hanging there. I'm going to draw with a thin tip first and see if they're hanging. First one would be about here. Next up on my list is power lunch in this area. I'm going to just draw what looks like produce. It might be a little bit in this size. It could be hard to differentiate and really tell, but the other nice thing is there's a caption right there. So even if someone couldn't tell from the drawing alone, and again, no one's going to be looking at this. Caption helps fill in the context. These could be little pieces of broccoli. I want to try and keep it centered in the one above so that everything feels nicely laid out. Do some bigger leaf shapes over here, big lettuce leaves, very big lettuce leaves. Do an apple back here, classic apple. You'll notice that with this one, I am laying down the ink and the labels as I go. That's just because in this one I really want to have a very clear layout. I want to make sure that anything's going to, for instance, this pen, had I not done this pen and this text right here then when I drew this one, I may not have known to go this far over right here. So by having everything complete, I'm able to better guess the spacing and see the places that need to be filled. Now for the little group of flowers over here. Then I'll just add some simple details just to pull this all together and make it real cute. Those black lines may have been too much, but that's okay. I don't love that there's something missing in that space, but maybe I'll remedy it after. For now I'll keep cruising. Next is tidying. I think I want to do almost similar to this folded sweatshirt. I want to do another folded sweatshirt and then some stacks of clothes to make it look like tidied clothes. These just represent a little stack of folded clothes or anything neat. Then I have a little space here, so I'll just do maybe some bobby pins, all hair tie, it's the little things that I end up picking up each day. Maybe to fill this space, I'll put a few stars, they represent that twinkling clean feeling. Last is vitamins. I'm just going to draw some cute classic pill shapes to decorate. I don't want all of them to look totally the same. Since these represent my magnesiums I'll add little Ms on them. This can be my probiotic, we'll draw a little circle in there. Great. There's my daily routine. I can't think of anything. Actually, I sure can. I'm just going to fill up that space by twisting the laces a little bit. There we go. A nice visual representation of our, whether it's strict or very loose daily routine. 11. Day 7: Current Cravings: Welcome back. Our prompt for the end of Week 1, the halfway point is current cravings. I'll just let you know now, I'm pretty sure like three of the prompts have something to do with food, this is just the first one. You're welcome. Daydream about the foods decadent, rare, and or common as they may be, that you wish you were currently eating in the privacy of your own sweatpants. If my same current cravings didn't bring food to your mind, what's that like? For real, as you know by now, this is your illustrated journal time, so I want you to draw anything that captures what you're craving right now. Maybe it's a hug or a good deep belly laugh, alone time, whatever it is, make a list, find some reference photos if you need them, and let's get it on the page. I've picked out a bunch of sugary refined foods, the ones that doctors are always telling us to eat more of, and I have their reference photos here. I'm ready to go. Let's hop in to it. I have my two colors. I've picked out 910. Actually, I used it yesterday for these light flowers. Then 905, which I also used yesterday for those kind of bright red orange color. I'm not sure quite yet how the layout is going to go, so I'm not going to worry about the prompt. I'm just going to jump right in with the biggest item, which for me I want to have the pack of Sour Punch Straws be pretty big over here on the right, and I want to have it so that the tray is pulled out and you can actually see some of the candy in there. I'm going to start with that first. I want the lettering to be in the negative space. So I'm going to draw the outline first and then worry about the lettering and coloring it in. I'm going to do my best to copy the letter style that they have. To try and help keep me centered, I'm going to start by drawing the two bigger outside letters first. Then I'll fit the other ones in there. The N is in the center, so I'll do that one next. There's some black in between the letters, so I'll leave a little bit of space so I can get that with my brush pen. If you aren't in America or you don't eat sugar latent foods because you're smarter than I am, Sour Punch Straws are basically just little hollow, gummy candies that are sour and fruity. I think that's the only thing I will want to keep white. I want to make sure I got the tray that is inside is clear. Just use the outline to draw it. Now again, since this is one big area with a lot going on, I'm going to color in straight strokes as much as I can. I'll wait to add in the details until we finish the layout. The next biggest item for me is going to be these donuts. I want to draw them like they are on the box, but I'm going to reverse it. Because since they're going to go right here, if I have that one stacked right here, it would put a lot of weight over here, and I want the weight to fall towards the middle. Since I'm going to put it here, which means something will be below and something will be above, I'm going to use this color again, and then the pink can go on either side. If I did a red item down here or a red item up here, it would create kind of a weird L, and I don't necessarily want that. Where the cake is showing in the byte, I'm going to try and leave that. Firs, t I'll draw the center. Then, we've got this bite area. I'm just drawing out the outline of the shape and I can color it in an ad detail after. Then, the chocolate is really glossy on the outside, and so I'm going to draw some reflection areas that I want to keep bright. These reflection areas will also help show the shape of the doughnut. Now, with my stroke's, again, I want to color in a way that helps the form of the object. Since this guy's round, I want to show those strokes curving around as much as I can. You have a distinct memory of being in the store with my birth mom in the grocery store when I was very small, and I was obsessed with these donuts. Like these were the treat of treats. I remember asking my mom for them one time and she told me no, and I couldn't believe that she was so heartless to send me home without the donuts. I didn't talk back to my parents very often, but I remember on this occasion I definitely told my mom, "I can't wait until I'm an adult and can buy all the doughnuts that I want." That's very sassy to her, sorry mom. I haven't really exercise that right as an adult, I should buy more doughnuts. Great. I want to be mindful and now I'm going to fill in these areas above and below I want to be mindful of any text I'm going to be adding. The Entenmann's logo is a script that goes upwards. I'm just going to fit it right here along these donuts and then I'll write chocolate frosted donuts down here. I'll give myself a little bit of buffer work. Down here, I'm going to draw these pieces of dark chocolate. I'm going to do three of them in a row. These are really just going to look like little rectangles. I'll leave some whites pace because they're reflective wrappers and that might help get that across. Then, that's really all I need for the chocolate. Then the cereal, I don't really eat cereal anymore because it's literally just sugar and carbs. It's not good. But I crave it all the time and I love Lucky Charms. I miss it so much. I don't need to draw the whole bowl, I'm just going to draw some of the pieces as if I dumped a few on the page. There's the serial pieces themselves are like Xs, and weird shapes, and Os. Then, I want to mix in a few of the marshmallow in pieces too. Actually, I had somebody buy me a bag of just the marshmallows, and at first I was like, "That's disgusting, what kind of person do you think I am?" Then I ate all of them. They're so good. Not ever allowed to do that again because of poor body. Now, I'm going to use my red just to dab in a few of the other shapes, maybe the little rainbow. Maybe there's that hat, the lucky hat. Put the lucky hat in there. There's a little heart. I'm just going to do another rainbow up here. I think the repetition will help. It'll help me redeem that rainbow shape. We'll do one in the middle here in the circle. I've got all my items laid down. Now, we just get to do the fun details and adding text. The rapper has a crinkly edge. I'm going to put some lines down here. Flavor, the strawberry straws is supposed to all fit in on this, but I knew I wouldn't be able to fit both those words there, so I'm going to add the word strawberry at the top and then just draw little strawberries on either side. It's off center to the right, so I'll just do one strawberry up top here. The tray has little plastic lines in it, so I'll add that. Then, there's little dots of sugar on the top, and I know I didn't list this in the materials, but it'd be really cool to go over those sugar dots with a white gel pen to add white, but since this is what I've got on hand, I'll just add some black speckles to add some interest and add some texture. We move on to the doughnut. I want there to see some of the texture in the cake here, but I don't want it to be full black, so I'm just going to add some of it in red. Then, I can just add a few speckles in black. The serial up here, I just want to add some shadows and some texture dots, nothing too complex. So I used a light color for the cereal, and so this contrast will just help add some weight to these little shapes up here. Up here, I'm just going to fit in the words sugary cereal. Before I do that, I'll write the prompt at the top and then I'll just try to fit in sugary cereal with whatever's leftover. Looks good enough to eat to me. That is the end of Week 1. 12. Day 8: I Keep Wearing: Hey, our prompt for day eight is, I keep wearing. I don't know about you, but from season to season, I have just a few items of clothing that I seem to just live in. I'd like you to make a list of what these things may be for you lately, from lucky socks to favorite jewelry. It's all worthy of this prompt. It doesn't have to be a multi-item list, if you have a single favorite item that you always reach for, you can show your love by illustrating that single garment. You may want to take some time to look at images of how online shops photograph clothing to give you ideas of how to manipulate your chosen items to look interesting on the page. I have my list here of the items I wear the most. Since I truly wear these all the time, I know what they look like, I don't need them in front of me, I'm going to challenge myself to just draw them from memory and get them on the page. I have a zebra dress that I wear all the time, it's my casual go to house dress. I have a sweater that I put on top if I get cold. I have this gray net sweat suit that my friend got me for my birthday that I love wearing, leggings and sweater socks. Nothing but business casual here. I'm going to go ahead and get started. I'm pretty sure I'll be able to keep everything down here and do the title up here, but I'm not totally sure yet. For me, I did write these from biggest to smallest, so the zebra dress is the very first thing that I want to draw. Yesterday, I put the sour punch straws taking up this whole right side and I think that it counterbalanced everything on the left side pretty well. But I think if I were to just put the dress all the way to one side, it would weigh it down too much, so I'm actually going to put it like a little bit closer to center, but not quite. Since the dress is so big of a shape, I'm actually going to draw it as if it were folded in half. For the next part, the dress has these little cream colored zebras all over it and it's going to take me a little bit to draw all of them, but I think it's going to be a really cute effect to see them all over the dress. I would actually normally outline them. I would draw them all in the color they're going to be, which I'm not going to leave them totally white as the paper, they're going to be like this lighter cream color. I would normally just draw their bodies in the cream color and color around it with the green. But I'm fearful that if I take a bunch of time to draw zebras and this color it won't actually show up on camera. Just for the sake of this class and trying to film it, I'm going to outline the little zebras in green first. But the effect might be a little different if I did it in the actual color only because this is the color of the background. If I draw the border on the zebra a little bit too small, then when I color in that shape, it's going to be smaller than had I just drawn it. Anyway, I'll stop trying to explain that, but, and I'm also not going to worry too much about drawing perfect zebras, I want to try and get their general shape down but if I don't, that's okay. Even though I have a lot of artwork to avoid in coloring the background, a lot of spaces I need to be careful with. I still want to try and get as many of the longest streaks in there as possible just to help calm the fill of this dress so that it isn't so crazy with little streaks going everywhere. This helps the eye make a little bit more sense of what it's looking at. I'm just going to go through and coloring the zebras with this warmer color. Again, it may not show up on camera as a big difference but in person, that little bit of the warmth and that little bit of difference from the paper just makes it look more interesting, more custom, I guess. Once I add ink, I'll use ink to add all of their little details and round them out. But at least now I've got the placement of those guys down. Now the space I left over here is a little interesting. I think the only thing I'll really be able to fit are my level socks, but I think that'll be a nice counterbalance. I'm not going to do it yet because those are my smallest item, but I think that's probably what's going to fit right there. Next up is my sweater that I wear all the time. You know what? I did not grab a marker for the darker sweater. I'm going to flip to my color chart to see if there is a gray color that will fit best. I think this N57 is going to work best. See and that's why having a color chart is so nice. Yes. Now that I've got that color, I'm going to put this sweater here. I'm going to draw it how I've been drawing some of the sweaters like it's folded, so the sleeves coming out up here. It's funny how just looking at this is it just looks like a blob and then as you know, we're going to add those ink details and I will just really make it come to life. Next step are the sweatpants which I'm going to put down here. I'm going to do it as if they're folded like catalog style. The leg will be like this and then fold and the rest of the pant, so as if it were folded in half. I'm not going to try and put words to that moment, but yeah, so just folded. Then my leggings I'll do in the same style, but there'll be a little bit smaller. My leggings are black, so I'm going to color them in with my ink. Get more ink in there. Then the socks I think I'll just do one and two, so one will fit right here. My little sweater socks that I have been turning to a lot, little hearts on them. That's all my items. Soon I'm just going to go through and start adding their detail like the cuff of the sweater and now the sweater itself, it's like a mauled net, so the texture is very apparent. I'm just going to use a bigger dot and go down and that will also add interest just to this big gray area. I have all my garments down. You can see the time taken to draw those little zebras was really worth it. Even though they're really imperfect, they bring a lot of character and you can look at it pretty quickly and see zebras or at least see some type of animal. I didn't leave myself a ton of room to use my big pentel pen for the caption,so I'm just going to use my pilot precise. But actually look, there's room for the prompt right here. Up here, this dress actually got it from World Market and I'm just going to make a note that it is comfortable but not flattering. People are always surprised at how much warm clothes I wear considering I live in the desert, but air conditioning, that's why. I'm cold all the time as it is. There is our prompt for I keep wearing. You can see that I have some space up here and if I wanted I could maybe journal more about these items or maybe I could think of a note to fit in right here. But for now, I feel happy that I've captured the clothes that I've been wearing a ton this season. 13. Day 9: Self Care Necessities: Hello. Our prompt for Day 9 is self-care necessities. This one's going to look pretty different from person to person as self-care is such a personal balance. I want you to think about the last time you were feeling burned out, dragged down, feeling low and heavy, and to make a list of three to five of the actions you take in those situations to show up and care for yourself. The things that restore you. Maybe not all will be actions, but prayers, scriptures, or affirmations you repeat, or the name of a song you like to listen to to sooth yourself. It could be your medications or your therapist's name and phone number. Don't judge your list, basic or heavy as it may seem to you. Instead, focus on just acknowledging and being grateful for these things that help take care of you when you need it, and let's get it on the page. For my list of self-care necessities, I try to keep it simple. I didn't want to get too personal. I didn't want to get too, too heavy while still being authentic. I have five items on my list. The first is a thoughtfully prepared meal. This isn't so much about the food itself, but about the practice of being mindful and the practice of nourishing myself, of being there while chopping vegetables and cooking the food and being grateful. So I have this reference photo of some salmon because I think salmon on top of a butter greens would really represent what I'm getting at. The second is freshen up slash hygiene. For me, when I'm in my dark days, hygiene is one of the first things to go and so crawling out of that means pulling my hair back from my face, washing my face, maybe taking a shower, putting on lotion. Really taking the time to write myself again. Journal time. It's really important for me to take time to reflect and process through my feelings. A candle is cliche. It's a little basic, but there's something about lighting a candle that really makes things feel calm, and fancy, and safe, and all right. Then, the last is talking with my fiance Brooksie. He always helps make things feel better. Food, looking at this, I can tell it's salmon, but when I draw it, it's essentially going to look like a rectangle. If it were an apple, the shape of a traditional apple, I could probably draw that in almost any color and the shape itself will give you the context that you need. With salmon, that's essentially just a rectangle. I'm going to need the color for the context there. Otherwise, it's just going to look like a blob. So I centered my colors around what I would need to make the salmon look correct. I also wrote my list in the order of biggest to smallest, so the salmon is what I'm going to work on first. I'm imagining like a plate of salmon, but with my other items. I think for the hygiene, I'll do a thing of face wash just because that bottle will be easy to fit somewhere. I guess I won't do the plate in the center because there's too many big items that are going to need room. I'll put the plate down here. I'm going to draw the salmon first. Even though this is my reference photo is at an angle of view, I'm going to draw mine straight on as if we're looking down at it. I just needed the reference for the colors and just the general look of it. There aren't many items in these journal entries that I layer colors like this. But, again, I think it will really help get the salmon across if there's just a little bit more texture and a little bit more context from the rendering of it. I'm going to add just a few you flux of green. I sometimes like when there's like a little bit of fresh herb added on top. Just to hint at that. The salmon is already like a chunk of color. I'm also going to add some greens. I think if I tried to color a circle underneath that, even with the lightest color, which I think would be my pink, it's going to be really heavy, so I'll probably use my technique of outlining some items. Here's a good example. Like the book down here that's outlined but not colored in and this book that's outlined but not colored in. I think that's what I'll do with the plate. But for now, the next thing down on that layer is little greens. I want the greens to be wild. Like they're so fresh that they're just bursting out from underneath that salmon. Makes sense, some fresh green, some spring green too just for some variety. Try to do a slightly different shape. Even if it's abstract, they're just to show that there's different things on the plate here. Then, since I have this color, I could do little swipes of red onion. I love red onion as a flavor in most meals. Then let's see how much of this plate would even show through. I'm going to get my arm going so that I can find where the circle shapes are going to be and make sure that it'll be centered. Even though we usually wait for the ink at the end, I didn't in this case because I needed to know where the edge of the plate is going to be. Hygiene, my face wash bottle is going to be next, and maybe my journal. My journal is going to have to go right here or right here, which means my prompt is going to be shortened to one side, but that's okay. If my journal is going to go here, candle could go here, face wash here. That's skinny for face wash, but that's okay. I'm going to do my journal first because I think I actually got it wrong in making the list. I think the journal is the next biggest thing. I'm actually going to copy the style that I did my journal in a few days ago for a daily routine like this. I'll add more ink details, but I don't think anything's going to be outside of the journal that take up more space. So I've saved that space there. I'm trying to imagine how I can do a little face wash bottle here. Maybe what I'll do is just a little guy like this and then I can have the pump come up there to take up that room. Just for some interests, I'll leave some whitespace for the packaging of this. Maybe I'll do some lettering on it for the face wash. Really tight space. Sometimes it's nice to do the outline with the skinny version of the marker for this exact reason; I made the borders on that so big that it's hard for me to fit these letters in. That's okay. I know how many times I've said "but that's okay" in this course, hopefully, it's getting into your brain that whatever your perceived mistakes are, whatever your perceived weaknesses are, none of them should keep you from making art, if you are called to make art, and if it's too big to call it art for you and you just want to call it fun time, that's fine too. Whatever you need to do, just do it. It's the doing that matters. It doesn't matter what you call it. It doesn't matter whether people recognize you in it. Just do it. I don't know if I'll need it, but if I need to put something in the space of texts and go there, I could do a little bubble dripping off of here or something. I've got hygiene, prepared meal, journal time, candle, candle can go right here, and then talk with Brooksie, that's what can go here. I'll just do a little heart with a B on it and that will represent that. For my candle, I am going to do this color. This is my space now for my prompt, so I want to be a little bit careful there. Since this is a candle, I want to get a flame in there. Then I am going to go over it with the pink because I want it to look like there's glass in front of that flame. Let's add some details. Down here, I just need some lines to help anchor, and I'm going to also add dimension. Before I forget, I've left this space here for the prompts, so I should get that in. With that, Day 9 is complete. 14. Day 10: Grocery Run: Hi, our prompt for 10 is grocery run, and it's as simple as saving the receipt from your most recent grocery run and picking out a few items to draw. Having access to fresh food is a huge privilege and so it's nice to take some time to be grateful for those items, even the regular items that may get onto our shopping lists and into our meals. If you don't technically grocery shop, this prompt also works with food you've grown in your garden, food given to you from a friend, food bank or community food drive. However, the latest batch of food got to you, those are the items I'd like you to focus on. Consider that you can draw the food item itself or use the packaging or branding of the item for the page layout. For my grocery run, I've actually picked out quite a few items, but I think I can fit them all on the page and if not, things can get left off. I have some pot stickers, jumbo shells, soup, some fresh parsley, I also have chives, eggs, oranges, strawberries, and Reese's Cups. The two colors I've chosen are two greens, a more yellow green and a cooler green. I think that they'll work well together and there's no food items in my references that I'm worried about not coming across. Even the strawberries if they're in green, I think the shape I am rendering of them, you'll still be able to tell it's a strawberry. I'm going to start with my pot stickers. One of the things I want to try and achieve is the bag is translucent and then the wrapper is in front of it. Whenever I start with my first biggest item as you've probably noticed, I like to start on one of the four quadrants, because if I start right smack dab in the middle, there's a smaller chance I'll be able to fit everything and around it. If I start in a corner, there just seems to be a much better organic flow to it. I'm going to keep doing my thing. Now, I know from the bag sitting on my counter, it doesn't so much show in this picture, but the bag gets a little roughly on the sides and so I think I can just show the edge of the bag with just some carefully placed reflections. Next, I'll work on my jumbo shells box. When I was a kid, my mom made stuff shells a lot and it's a comfort food. For this one, I don't want to put the box right at the bottom because I'm using a darker color and it's a bigger item. Again, I want to move it up a little bit like I did with my dress the other day, how it wasn't all the way to the right. It was just off-center a little bit. You can see that my soup can got super close to my pot stickers so now these two light green things are touching and might not be ideal, but it's done now. I'm just going to roll with it. But that said, the other thing that I want to do in light green is the parsley and chives. Since these are on the right side, I want to make sure I take advantage of this real estate over here so that I can break up these light greens with dark green right there. For the parsley, I'm just going to do a single sprague. I'm just going to look at my reference here for just the leave shapes. This is the time that I really like to have this brush pen. I think it helps me make these shapes a little bit more organically. I was starting to run out of room. I've got all four these down, see eggs, oranges, strawberries, and Reese's. Well an egg, I could just do one egg shape. But confederate there. Then I could do two Reese's Cups stacked on top of each other. When I was a kid, I really liked Tetris and Legos. I think sometimes those skills help me in these situations with fitting things together even when I don't nail it like this, my brain still works to figure it out. Oranges and strawberries, I think I'll just try to fit one little orange here. I'm going to do some circles to keep light. Does a nice touch to help communicate that orange. I think I can fit in some strawberries. I'm going to leave some areas of white for the seeds. Fit everything in. I mean, technically fit everything and I guess I could have done the fit a little bit better, but I think it will still look cute. Now for the fun part, I'm going to go through and add all my details. This is going to be fun because I did a lot of food packaging, which means I've got fun lettering to do and just drawing some details. So I'm going to hop rate to it. I got all of my details and my lettering added in there. Now I'm just going to try to finish up by filling in some of these more awkward spaces with some lettering. For instance, my orange is a carrot orange. Right here I'll add something about the shells and how they're going to be stuffed with spinach and Ricardo. There is day 10, our most recent grocery run. 15. Day 11: Favorite Corner: Welcome back. Our prompt for day 11 is favorite corner. Whether you live in a tiny apartment like me or a great big mansion, I want you to zero in on your favorite corner. Now, I use corner loosely as maybe yours is a favorite view from a certain window or an entire room. Maybe you just organized your pantry and it makes you smile every time you open the door, or maybe you just have a shelf with a few treasured items on it that bring you peace. You're welcome to represent the space itself in your drawing, or merely lay out the items in that space. Whatever represents your favorite corner, let's get it on the page. For my favorite corner of my apartment, I've chosen my nightstand area. There's just something really pleasing about it, it's always neat. It doesn't really get messy like other places in my house. I took a picture of what it looks like, and then I also added a note. I have a painting, a print that hangs up on this wall right here by fellow artist and Skillshare student Caitlin Alderfer Landon. I don't know if any of you follow her on Instagram. She's a gem. So I have a watercolor print of hers over there, and even though it's not right here, I want to include it in my layout of items. I have picked out my colors. I'm doing two yellows, a cooler, brighter yellow, lemon yellow, and a warmer oakery, golden yellow, as well as like a really light jet stream blue color. Even though I took a picture of the items as they are, I could certainly draw the nightstand itself and then everything on top of it as it is, but I want to work on a different layout. Just like with everything else, I'm going to work biggest to smallest. It's not always necessarily the biggest item, but the item that maybe commands a specific placement or a specific size, whichever one is the most troublesome, I guess, or the one that's going to give you the most issues is the one you want to do first. For instance, ever since I was a kid, I've loved Curious George and I have a big collection of Curious George stories. That book, it's got a very specific shape, this rectangle. I know it's either going to go vertically, one way or horizontally another. I don't want to chop my space in half by leaving the book to be in the center or something. So all I'm getting at is that the book is actually going to be the thing that I do first because I want to make sure that I've got this space down here for it. I'm going to start with that, with just this big yellow spine for the Curious George book. Then the next thing that's on my list that I do want to capture but could be troublesome is the nightstand itself. I have the option of placing it and then putting something right on top of it like it's an actual table. But I'm a little bit worried and I'll try to do my best to explain the thinking here. But there's something in my brain that's saying that I don't actually want to put anything on top of the table, I want to use the flat top of that as an opportunity to put that shape up here because then I can have something that's flush with this corner. I'm just going to go for it, and that's really just an intuition thing. If you're watching me do this and your thinking like, "Oh, I would've put that somewhere else." That's good. You're a different person. You should think to put things in different places and to solve problems in different ways. Don't be afraid to follow your gut and see where it goes. Then, by doing this, I can actually put something underneath the table to utilize that space. Then again, I have this nice flush up against the top here. I guess, the next thing is the lamp just because it's going to take up, the shade is big, I think I'll counterbalance this with that. The lamp is really light and so I might want to do mostly an outline. Actually, I'm trying to think of what I want to be outlined and what I want to be filled. For one thing, the lamp, it's probably hard to see on this, is half blue. It's like deep blue. I think what I'll do, if I want it to end here, I want to do little light rays coming out, but since I don't know where everything is going to go yet, I'm going to wait because I'll be able to fit those around whatever shows up. First, I don't want to forget about this painting, and since I have this nice area right here, I'll take advantage of that space while still there and just draw the frame. Then the painting itself is loose marks. I'll just represent that with the colors that I have to keep it all united. They're not on here, but I actually, I always put my glasses on my nightstand at night and I loved my glasses. I think that I actually want to add those to the list impromptu. I know I haven't put the prompt in here yet, I need to save space, but I just think the glasses would be really cute to have here. Just a few more things that I want to include are my jewelry box. I have this little vase of fake blooms, and then my engagement ring box is there and I'd like to represent that. First, I'll do the blooms because I think that they'll work best if I just kind of plop the vase right in the center here. This is also a good practice in simplifying things. You know the essence of something when you only have a few colors and a few shapes, really forces you to think. Now, use some ink work to add to that. I think my jewelry box can fit right here. I've got everything on here, I want to take advantage of the space and get my prompt in here. You know the drill. Now, I'm just going to go in and start adding some details. One thing really quick is I made this vase a little too short, so just to add on there. I'm about to letter The Curious George on here, and I want to be a little bit more careful with my placement. I'm going to actually do the word George first to help with centering. Great. I've got everything in here and now I'm ready to just add in all of my captions to kind of help fill the space. I'm literally just looking at my drawing and seeing where things are needed, so I feel a space down here. Then, I can think up something to say about Curious George. In this case, I'll say the goat of my childhood. With that, day 11 is all completed. 16. Day 12: Toiletry Bag Favorites: Our prompt for Day 12 is Toiletry Bag Favorites. I would love you to make a list of all of the products that you use for your whole routine. I think everyone has at least a few specific potions they rely on and trust, whether it's toothpaste or a vintage razor, your favorite perfume, anything. Even my very unpicky fiance has a single certain face wash that he has use in all of our years together. Make a list of what those are for you, find reference images if you need to, or just gather them from around your house, and let's get them on the page. For my toiletry bag favorites, I picked out all of the products that I just get a lot of joy using, like they just bring me that little spark that Marie Kondo talks about. Just seeing them and getting to use them makes me happy. Just like with the Day 3 Creating with Prompt, I have taken some time to lay out the actual products themselves in the way that I want to represent them on the page. My brain did all the work upfront planning and so now my brain gets to relax a little bit on this one. I've chosen two colors. I have a light pink and a light purple. I think those will go well with these beauty products. I think since everything will fit into a rectangle, then I'm good to go ahead and draw the prompt right at the top. I'm just going to start right in this top corner because this clinic blush anchors. It's the one thing that's like rectangular and solid in shape. You can see I have a half and half thing going on. I'm going to go to the halfway mark on my page. I photographed the blush closed, but I'm going to draw it as if it's open. That will represent that space and then I'm just going to quick make a spot for where the actual makeup would be, and then there's a little brush in there. Moving down in this column, I've got these two perfume bottles. I'll start with this one that's on the inside so that I can keep them all lined up. Since this one is a glass bottle, I'm actually going to not draw the whole form. I'm more just going to draw the essence of the bottle. It doesn't show up in the picture, but this brand of brush, I don't know if it's Morphe or Morphy. Just so this isn't just one big long section of black, I want to break it up with some of this color. You can see by taking advantage of using the black almost as a third color as a way to add contrast is a nice way to weight down these really light and airy colors. That just helps balance out the composition a little bit more with this mascara and this brush right here. When I took the picture, I thought that my brow fill and my concealer would fit next to each other like this, but I'm thinking now I'd rather have them stacked on top of each other and then I can just do notes right here. I'm going to change that. I have all of my main products, everything placed on here. You know the drill. Now I'm going to go in and finish adding details. You can see I started to do that on some of them as I was drawing, but now I want to go through and make sure I add them to all the places. This brush is one of those areas where I can take advantage of adding some texture for some interests without distracting away from what it is. I've added all of my details in, and now I'm ready to go in and fill in any awkward spaces or anything that needs to be filled in with captions. With all of that packaging, and branding, and captions, Toiletry Bag Favorites, Day 12 is complete. 17. Day 13: Reliable Recipe: Hello. Our prompt for day 13 is reliable recipe. If you have a recipe, simple or complex, that you've really been leaning on or digging lately, that's the one to use for this prompt. For me, this prompt is about food, but if you'd like to interpret it more broadly as your favorite recipe for something else, like a recipe for inner peace, or a recipe for the best dad joke, more power to you. When gathering reference photos, consider how foods are photographed in different ways for food publications like a slice of apple versus a whole apple. Jot down the ingredients and the basic steps, and let's get it on the page. A longstanding recipe that I loved to make that we revived recently is this absurdly addictive asparagus from Food52 or Food five, two, which they might be how they say their name, doesn't matter. I mean, it does matter. You get what I mean. I have the actual recipe here to reference so that I know the amounts of the ingredients and so that I can summarize the instructions. I'm not going to write the full-blown recipe, but I want to be able to reference how much of what is in it and everything. I have some references here of my ingredients. There's leaks, asparagus, garlic, pine nuts, and pancetta, and my colors. Remember for self-care necessities, how I needed to have the colors to give context to this salmon? Well, this is the same, especially with the pancetta. There's also butter in this recipe, and so those things may not come through if they're weird blue or green color, and so I picked a palette that is based off of the ingredients that I'm using. But you are welcome to do whatever you wish. The biggest item is definitely the leak, and since he comes out at the top, I'm going to put him off-center a little bit and right here. Again, since the color is the context for the food, I'm actually going to use multiple colors to get this leak across. Then the asparagus will line up really nicely right along here. Now, since this is a recipe, I want to be creative with showing, like for instance, see how this image of pancetta, it's all chopped up as if it were being used in a recipe? These leaks in the recipe end up getting sliced really thin, and so I think I'm just going to do a few light rings down here to make it seem as if somewhere chopped up. Then the same with the asparagus. The asparagus gets chopped up into little diagonal sections, and so down here maybe I'll utilize the space because all the other things are pretty small, like garlic, pancetta, pine nuts. Then there's chops and chopped parsley, butter. All the other things are small, and I'll be able to fit in over here. I think just from looking at it, I'm going to have a chunk of directions that I write on here, and they're either going to go down here, or they're going to go up here. I think I'll put the safe space up here for the instructions to fit here, and then I'll just sprinkle the rest of the ingredients down here. I'll do the butter, I guess, is technically the biggest thing. I'm going to cut it up into most different cubes. In this space, I'll do all the cubed pancettas. I want to leave some white space in there. Because pancetta, like bacon, is marbled and shows a lot of the fat in there. That will help communicate it too instead of just being these random pink cubes. I'm trying to debate if I want to add details first or if I want to write in the instructions and everything, but we'll stick with the process we've been doing. I think that's mostly the details. There's so much color to help differentiate things that I don't need too many lines. There's going to be a lot of captions and stuff going throughout. I've got the prompt, the name of the recipe, and the right full credit for the people who wrote the recipe. Now, I'm just going to fill in the space with the amounts of the ingredients. Then I'm going to try and do a truncated version of the instructions up here. Yay, now I've got a cute drawing. A nice little illustration in memory of this favorite recipe that we've been making a lot lately. 18. Day 14: #Obsessed: Just like that, we're at the two week mark. Our final prompt is hashtag obsessed. I love hearing about the things that people are super into at any given moment. The more random, the better. I don't even need to know the person. I just love a good list to skim. May be the most boring thing I've ever said about myself. This topic is really broad so use all your acquired skills this far of creatively representing both tangible and intangible items to make a list of what you'd like to put on your hashtag obsessed list. For the last time, let's get them on the page. The list of my currently hashtag obsessed items or people is Tim Gunn. I've been re-watching a lot of Project Runway and I just think that he is a wonderful and kind mentor. I think he is just a wonderful mentor. Tacos always especially here in Phoenix, I've been missing. We have an award-winning taco place around here with a family, who has relatives in Mexico. The recipe has been passed down for all their meats and everything for so long and so good, I may say I'm obsessed. True crime, my friend Kelly made me a priority number one stamp and it's very satisfying to use. I'm pretty obsessed with it. Ever since I got engaged, I suddenly like rings now and so pretty rings, I've been obsessing. I don't really buy them, but I window shop and look at them a lot. ChapStick always is on the obsess list. I wanted to choose a person for the last stage just to show you that you don't have to be afraid of faces. Even if it turns out horrendous it's, for an illustrated journal one of the joy is, when I've looked back on my illustrated journals, the things that came out wonky and weird they make me laugh later on and that joy is real. If you make a face and it looks like a monster, then just know that when you go and look back on it later, you're going to just think it's hilarious and so win-win. I'm going to start right with Tim Gunn's face and I'm going to try and draw an outline of what I see and I'm going to just color it in. I'm not going to try and do shading on his face or anything. I'm going to make him a cartoon or a caricature and just really simplify his features. Then I'm going to give him a little speech bubble. Helps use up this corner down here and that gives me a chance for lettering. I'm going to leave it for now, we'll do the face after. Got to follow the process. The next thing is items or the tacos. I think I want to do three of them, wonder if I can fit three tacos here. I'm just going to do the classic side view. I'm going to do the label in between the second and the third one so I'm going to leave a little bit of a gap. True crime is a big thing so I need to come up with something that I can represent that. I can already tell I'm going to need some yellow over here. I think I could do like a long fake jewelry box that I could draw rings in here. Before I close this off, I'm going to leave some openings for in case I want the jewels to be white. I think for true crime, I could do a magnifying glass. Again, since this is a glass item, I'll just do my trick of using the multiple colors to give it a nice effect. Then I can write true crime right in the middle of the glass. The stamp that Kelly gave me, it is a rectangle, a self stamping stamp, but I want to draw it like an old school stamp, because I think as a visual that will be more interesting. Before I close in on the space up here, I'm going to add my prompt. Then, I can just fit ChapStick right in here. I'll have to fill this with some lettering or I could put lettering up here. No, I want the ChapStick to be up here. I'm not going to put it off anymore. I'm going to do the face so the first thing is his smile. Luckily, I don't know if anyone would really be able to look at this and know it was Tim Gunn, but that's why we have lettering. We can use lettering to fill in the context and caption him as Tim Gunn. See, so not perfect, but it worked. Got a face down there, represents Tim Gunn, pretty cool. Pretty much got all of my details added and now I just need to fill in the space with captions and contexts and texts. All right guys, and with that it is the end of our 14 day prompts and our final prompt of hashtag obsessed. 19. Finishing: We've completed all 14 days, where do we go from here? Firstly, if you created your artwork on separate sheets of paper, I think it's a great idea to bind or compile them in some fashion. You could punch holes in each piece and join them with string or twine. You could use washi tape to bring the sheets together or even find or make a pretty envelope to keep the sheet safely together. If you loved this practice, I would recommend continuing. There are so many more prompts and topics for you to brainstorm and experiment with capturing down. Another idea would be to complete these same 14 prompts in a couple months. Our life seasons bring different wear all the time garments, new songs to put on repeat, and different requirements for self-care. You could vow to create new time capsules throughout the year. If you got what you needed from this course and you're ready to move on, have an awesome time wherever you go from here. I sincerely hope you'll share your class project, though. Good things happen when we share. 20. Thank You!: Thank you so much for spending two weeks doing illustrated journal prompts with me. I hope you're feeling calm and connected to yourself, and have an urge to keep looking at all 14 pieces of artwork you just made. If you'd like to know when future SkillShare classes are out by me, you can give me a follow right here on SkillShare. If you'd like to keep up with me on a more regular basis, in Instagram follow @ByDylanM is your best bet. If you want to keep in touch but only need the highlights, my quarterly newsletter maybe the fed. Thank you again for taking the time to show up for your creativity, for being part of our community, and for being you. Until next time.