14 Days of colorful joy

14 Days of colorful joy - student project

Day 1: Currently Listening to

Kacey Musgraves' "Golden Hour" has been a calming album for me to play over and over all summer long. "Slow Burn" is a wonderful opener to the album.

Day 2: Recently I Learned

Despite spelling "learned" wrong, I did enjoy relaying the information I had recently learned about saffron. And the addition of "Pricey Spice" to my beloved Spice Girls. 

Day 3: Creating with

Tombow Dual Brush markers, Pentel Pigment Ink Brush pen, Daniel Smith Ultimate Mixing watercolor palette, Palomino Blackwing pencil in soft lead, eraser, sharpener, and Holbein Acryla Gouache.

Day 4: Latest Reading Material

2 cookbooks, 2 murder mysteries, and a literary novel.

Day 5: The Ingredients to my Mess

My mess accumulates most quickly in my studio; mail, bits from current, future, and past projects - it all ends up in the studio. 

Day 6: Daily Routine

During isolation and this pandemic, I've found it especially important to try to retain even a loose routine. A few things to take care of myself and give the day structure. 

Day 7: Current Cravings

Sugar please!

Day 8: I Keep Wearing

Cozy knits. Always.

Day 9: Self Care Necessities

Day 10: Grocery Run

This grocery run is during the COVID19 pandemic, when groceries seem especially valuable and a source of joy/mindfulness. I chose foods that I was comforted to bring home from the store.

Day 11: Favorite Corner

My nightstand! Always tidy, and the first thing I see in the morning.

Day 12: Toiletry Bag Favorites

I'm a sucker for beauty products, though I try to not be wasteful, so I only buy something once I run out of it (save for perfume, I usually have one or two of those). Moving forward however I'd like to transition to only using brands that are cruelty free. My friend Peggy has been helping to educate me on this as she's very passionate about animals.

Day 13: Reliable Recipe

Asparagus all day :) 

Day 14: #Obsessed

Tim Gunn

Tacos (specifically these tacos)


"Priority No. 1" stamp

Pretty rings (with moons and stars)

True Crime

Illustrator & Lover of Flowers

Top Teacher