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How to make the perfect burger for beginners (step by step guide)

teacher avatar Pedro's Kitchen

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      Welcome to my kitchen!


    • 2.

      Key step for extra flavor


    • 3.

      It's all about that blend


    • 4.

      Forming the greatest patties


    • 5.

      Cooking the meat


    • 6.

      Setting up the perfect burger


    • 7.

      Quick side dish tip


    • 8.

      Wrap up & thank you


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About This Class

Welcome to my kitchen everyone.

Today we are cooking the perfect burger together.

This is a step by step guide, hope you enjoy it as much as I did making the class.

Thanks for watching!

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1. Welcome to my kitchen!: Hello, everyone. My spirit from Porto, Portugal. Welcome to what is literally my kitchen. This plus my favorite burger. Hold on. I'm gonna go over with you. Step by step in the entire state of being is promising. 2. Key step for extra flavor: we'll start by cutting the onion in half. Then do some vertical cuts followed by two or three resentful ones. And this will make it easier to chop with doing minimum damage to the onion. Now we're gonna bring the onion to a panic mild heat, and we're just gonna cook it until he becomes translucent and we're gonna set it aside. So we're gonna use a paper towel to dry the excess of fluids. Um, and we'll let it sit until it's ready to go out to defeat later. 3. It's all about that blend: now for the meat to prepare my Patties. I always like to do a ratio of 50 25 25. I start with 400 grams of Chuck. It's a great base for burgers. Uh, the lean meat to fat ratio it's 80 20 followed by 200 grams of C airline. Now, see, airline is a very lean meat, and it gives you that extra beefy flavor to it. So I'm gonna add 200 grams of bacon, give you that extra fat. So this is the standard ratio that I use your feet to use your own up to your preference. I like to keep mine in this 50 25 25 meaning 50% chuck, 25% sear line, 25% bacon. So now we mix it, Then we start at in the season. The measurements are entirely up to taste, but a good indicator would be to cover the surface of the meat with all the condiments. Gonna start by adding some salt, that book paprika, some war sister, some ground garlic, and we wrap it up by adding the UN end up. We prepared earlier. We don't want to overwork the meat, but we need to make sure that everything is well incorporated because we want every single bite to have all the flavor possible. Follow me to the next video and let's prepare to Patties Um 4. Forming the greatest patties: So this is where we start forming our burgers. Now, if in the previous step we mixed everything well and we kept everything in a nice uniform shape, this will be easier for for us now to divide it into equal burgers. I'm gonna start by dividing it into four, even pieces. Eso each of them should have around 200. Gramps, we're going to start by forming a ball with Palmer Barnes. Press it gently with three or four fingers to flatten to meet tour perfects. Now we just repeat the process for the other three. Now, just as a side. I'm not doing this particular burger, but sometimes I make huge birds just to try it up, and sometimes they have three or even 400 grams of meat in them. And because they're bigger, I often put a slice of cheese in the middle. So just in the middle of the meat, and then when you cook it, its melting inside and it's isn't safe, - for now that we're done for me, the parties we should let them rest until they reach room temperature, and this will allow for them to cook evenly. Aziz meat will all be a descent, as the burgers are considerably big. It's important that we do this 5. Cooking the meat: If you manage to get to this point, then congrats on bearing. Now it's where stuff goes down. We're going to bring the burgers to high heat. Now remember that these are bigger than average burgers, and the four of them don't fit my pants. Maybe if you have one that does do it for a burger this size. I like to cook it two minutes each side, twice each side. So full queen time. Eight minutes per burger. But but now for the cheese. Personally, I think there's no need to get to fancy about it. Standard standard slice Each other would be perfect in this case, due to dietary restrictions. I'm using lactose free cheese, but you're free to choose any type you want to. Just put two slices on top. Cover the pan with a lid for 30 seconds. That's all it takes to get the perfect molten cheese 6. Setting up the perfect burger: Now is the time to put the burgers together. I used standard burger Brett, toasted slightly, depend that I cooked the burgers. I had one spoon of Dijon mustard to the base, one layer of Aruba or rocket leaves. One slice a tomato. I put the patty on talk, then one more spoon a Dijon mustard on top bread, and I cut it. Now do this for the other three and you'll be ready to go now. Just remember, you should let arrest at least five minutes before eating. This will allow the juices of the meat to be absorbed by the fibers in the meat itself and make sure that you don't get that dripping on the first bite of your burger. 7. Quick side dish tip: now, just as a quick tip on a side dish, you can use tendered potatoes May extended fries if you'd like. I just like the taste of sweet potatoes, and I actually like to do them in the oven so you can cook them without frying them. So either you get sweet potato and you prepare it yourself or you get a frozen bag at the supermarket. You can cook them in the oven, and we just, uh, just a small dab of oil and some pepper. In the end, they taste amazing. 8. Wrap up & thank you: Well, everyone, thank you so much for Washington. I hope you guys took advantage of that. You join it, please. I did. And I enjoy sharing with you guys. All process the entire process of leaving bird for a class project. I really would like guest create your own or used mine and try it yourself. Course, But just share tips with me. So I love to hear about your every town has his own different birds. So hold here, you guys staying in touch?