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How To Make Custom Graffiti Hats

teacher avatar Jeff Goring, Graffiti Artist

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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      Trailer: How To Make Custom Graffiti Hats


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      Step #1: Spray Paint Hat Background


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      Step #2: Graffiti Letter 3D Drawing Technique


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      Second Hat Example


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      Thank You For Joining


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About This Class

I have been a Graffiti Artist for over 20 years and have had the opportunity to travel all over the world and create Graffiti art for Music Artists, Live Events and Retail Brands. I have developed a fun and quick technique for making Custom Graffiti Hats that I believe anyone can learn. 

Custom Graffiti hats are awesome as gifts and are a great skill to add to your artist resume. They make for great promotional items and sell well at large events.

In this course, I will show you how to build your hat art; starting with the background, basic block letters, adding 3D elements, high lights and finishing it off with great details.

I have made this course super easy to follow so you can draw along with me. I hope you enjoy this course and I'd love your review!


Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Jeff Goring

Graffiti Artist


My name is Jeff, a.k.a. Sonz1. I have been a Graffiti Artist for over 20 years now and have had the opportunity to create art all over the world. I write with the Gospel Graffiti Crew and have been able to learn from some of the best graffiti writers of our time. I have a passion for graffiti and think now is the time to share that passion with others who want to learn.

I developed my graffiti hat businesses ( because I had so many people who wanted custom graffiti for their events, bands and brands. Its been awesome to see this passion for graffiti art grow into something I can offer to high end brands. And now I am excited to pass on my tips, tricks and secrets to you!

Join my courses for your chance to try it out for yourself and I'm sure you ... See full profile

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1. Trailer: How To Make Custom Graffiti Hats: Hey, what's up, guys? My name is Jeff. Going from my graffiti hat dot com. We'll go by sons, one of them paying graffiti. For almost 20 years now, I've been doing graffiti has for So I teach you guys how to make make a hat like this like this. 2. Step #1: Spray Paint Hat Background: Okay, I step one for making a graffiti hat is we're gonna split in the background. So instead of having to like and instead of having like Jess so it'll put house paint on it as a primer display paint works, works to two purposes. One, It looks cool. The other one is just that it makes it so that the market's don't bleed on the hat. I'm just using a New York fat. You can use an outline cap. You can use any type of cap you want. Really? I like to use a New York fat, because let me give you a nice, clean, clean, straight bubble. I always do a little bit of back here, so we'll go for the classic Black in red. I take it a bit. Same thing. I just want to hit. You want to make sure you couple all the spots on the front? Definitely all the spots you're gonna put the markers on, you get a paint on, get a little myth, they'll give this just a second a dry. We'll do this one as well. We'll go for the Navy. One will go for a navy and all it is is just a standard snapback hat. Nice, clean. I usually just few clean dots there all over. We'll go for the blue and, well, that will make this one look a little brighter. We'll add some neon pink. I think it you want to make sure you get it anywhere where you're gonna put a Marco, anyone We're gonna paint on top of it and put somebody's name. And it's cool, cause these things look out for the awesome little gifts. Doesn't cost much. Yeah, it's just cool to a customized thing. And so we're gonna do one more little effect. One thing I'll put just because when I started doing my graffiti hat dot com, I started doing it in my parents garage. My parents would give me a wall to paint, started painting one wall in the next wall on the side on the whole wall. Then I got married, moved out. My parents got just trashed. So But, you know, what I do is I got a box like this, just a regular home people box and every the majority of the spray paint cans when you vital they come with these little plastic knobs on them really, I don't really I don't really know why they're on there. They usually they want to keep the spray paint tip from coming off. But what I do what I do with, um, spray a bit in the lid like that and you have a loose list and you just slide it on way, decides a cool little effective news for background and keeps all the paint contains same thing. Just gonna switch some colors splayed a little bit and you can tell after use of deaf two years or months of doing this. And Children, how many hats have done This is all done through my graffiti hat dot com. But there you go. It's like I got a full other full of the thing just of spray paint tips from doing this little technique. It's all thick anyways, so it's play paint in their sweet panel it again, and I just go if you send supplies right on it. I usually try to do a bit on both sides because you're gonna do the name right across there , right? So you want to do a little bit so it kind goes on the back. You can turn the hat around, too, if you want to split of some of the back. But that's kind of secondary, so we'll give those a few minutes to dry, usually with my graffiti hat dot com. Would do. Is I let them sit overnight? Just kind of completed. Gets a smell it before we do the names on them, But we'll get to it right away. Start up, kid with 1,000,000. Tell a dream, Understand things on always with Start up, you're gonna go for baby 3. Step #2: Graffiti Letter 3D Drawing Technique: the best way to do that. Simple graffiti for these hats. Get a fat marker. Nice chisel tip. Just go at this. That that So that's the basic basic way to do it. But I want to do I use that kind like my base. I grab it and that was just like a Sharpie. This is just a pilot market. I find these ones are the best. I don't really find the the the Sharpie markers of Sharpie paint markers are not the best. This is an oil based thing, and a lot times I'll just use gold and silver just because they have metallic in, which makes him more, they cover cover over things better. So do that. You can still see the outline and my k e. Then we just do this. How long do it's? Pretty much just following the other line. So So now I got it all filled in. We're just gonna want it at one. And at a three D, we'll need to use that again. Can come back and do some cut cut backs to clean it up a bit. But I just grab that a jumbo mark again. It even says jumbo on it. And I'm just adding a three d here by just using the chisel tip on. Anyways, sometimes we get orders for bands and stuff in the order hundreds of hundreds of these at times. We always gotta figure out what's the fastest ways. We can still produce quality hats, but also kind of keep it quicker. So we find by using chisel Tip Micro's is the best way to go. So I do this. I outlined it. But what we're gonna dio have to we outline it is come back and cut it back. So you really notice the definition So we'll get that gold gold marker again. I come back at any time. What overlapped it? Just do a little come back like this and that's what this really cleans it up straight. The cool thing about this, too, is a lot of graffiti letters. They get really good at doing their name. But sometimes when you ask him to do other letters other than their graffiti name, it's a little tricky for them. But by doing found the hats I've been ableto practice all my letters because once again, I find with graffiti, comes back to doing it comes back the letters. So they got the basic Mike and let's add some stuff to it. I got a little paint market. What we'll do. We'll add a few little lines in the three D. So just to just to show you how simple it is, I got a This is a Montana acrylic paint marker, but all I'm doing is I'm just doing some basic lines like this that in then we'll do. What's out of it. Has had a bit of silver do some silver kind of kind of highlights here, lying down, boom, something that's kind of cool you can do. We're gonna add some white in it, but what we'll do is a little trick. This is a little technique that my body Iraq from Picture from Pittsburgh told me, he said. You could do with any Marco. You do it on paper of Sharpie. It's easier with the paint markers. This is a Moloto paint market. I like these ones the best out of all the markers have used, but you hold it close to be the way from the market. Go on, go and then just a little paint paint paint splattered. So do it, Push it, push down a little bit once again leave the waiting longer and then I'll turn these in the little shine We're just going So there is That's how you would do a basic media start up with $1,000,000 Dream Understand things on always with Start up, kitty Let me put you on my team Gonna go for baby Gonna make it 4. Second Hat Example: Now we'll go to the legal, the next hat, What we're gonna do We're going to Lundy l owed and d I. So here we go. Nothing sucks more than when you spell it wrong. So go basic back to the chisel tip market and all I'm doing for this basic l Oh, and I'll do this one all capitals de even a capital I lundy like that. And let's do this. Uh, we'll use silver for this one. Once again. Back to the point. Pilot markers, silver ones. And you always want to use the chisel tips. The fat and one's the major media ones. Or they even have the next level up like a Montana gold one. You can use these lenses as well, but I find the pilot company is the best ones to use. So I feel like this and all I'm doing. See, you can still see the black outline just filling it in with this. You know what these are great for? Even lately, I've been doing a lot of I've had a lot of people hit me up for birthday parties and they'll give me a set fee and I'll just give me the list of the kids names just sit there and do the whole kids names as, ah little kind of party favor. But when you get lots of cool opportunities with, um, a lot of people events, we'll sit down and do the feeding events where you sit down, get people's names, but with everything you want to do, you want to make sure its quality is Lundy and then back with the chisel tip. And all I'm doing is adding my three d just taking the chill, and you could do it with a smaller marker to. But I just find this way is saving time. It's quicker, and we'll go back and do the cutbacks to I know you're thinking you're looking at that. You're like It's not that clean. Don't worry. This is where we come back. Do the cutbacks with the silver market make that line a little smaller, like so way really cleans it up? Thing is, well, bringing a small, smaller marker. I still use the chisel tip. It's your own preference for me. I just like the chisel tip that makes you like around the outline. Give it a good outline, make sure it's all even that will add some. Let's add a little bit of gold, I find. I thought gold lines always look nice. The letter is kind of your classic. That is, some lines here and there. Another thing will do because this is for this is for your younger, younger girl. We'll add a little bit of kind of cute built, cute blue bubbles. What this is that's a little I usually try to just balance him out of it. So it puts him up, top up, some up, down low. It's kind of like that. Bounce them out. It's a lot easier than it looks Guys like that. If you wanted to go back to that technique that I was saying, my buddy lock taught me back in 98. Just go close to sell Little pain, flooded kind of like that. Still, add some highlights to it. Get the white, volatile market and just even some different types of highlights. Just line straight down. You do a daughter too lines right now that that that and then because for writers kind of close together, I would add, get a skinny black marker and just add a little bit of structure to the letters at a little bit of that line to them. Just so they really stand out. Really just helps. It helps the name of it. Better that just for the one letter ends. But that that will do a few black bubbles to here. Just kind of bubbles coming off. Good little theme there. All right. And there his basically Yeah, start up, kid with $1,000,000 dream. Understand things on always with you gonna go for baby 5. Thank You For Joining: Hey, what's up? Thanks so much guys for checking it out. That's how you do a custom graffiti hat. If you have any questions at all, hit me up with my graffiti hat dot com names Jeff going sons. One crew piece. Thanks so much. Guys. Start up. Kid with 1,000,000. Tell a dream, understand things.