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How To Paint Basic Graffiti Letters

teacher avatar Jeff Goring, Graffiti Artist

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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      TRAILER: How To Paint Basic Graffiti Letters


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      2. FILL + FADE


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      3. 3D + CUTBACKS


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About This Class

I have been a Graffiti Artist for over 20 years and have had the opportunity to travel all over the world and create Graffiti art for Music Artists, Live Events and Retail Brands. I am a member of Gospel Graffiti Crew and Supernaturals Break Dance Crew.

In this course, I will introduce you to the basics of graffiti lettering. By focusing on simply one letter, I will show you the various ways to create shape, outline, three dimension, highlights and background effects.

I have made this course super easy to follow so you can paint along with me. I hope you enjoy this course and I'd love your great review!

Please join in and post your own graffiti letter! (read project)


Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Jeff Goring

Graffiti Artist


My name is Jeff, a.k.a. Sonz1. I have been a Graffiti Artist for over 20 years now and have had the opportunity to create art all over the world. I write with the Gospel Graffiti Crew and have been able to learn from some of the best graffiti writers of our time. I have a passion for graffiti and think now is the time to share that passion with others who want to learn.

I developed my graffiti hat businesses ( because I had so many people who wanted custom graffiti for their events, bands and brands. Its been awesome to see this passion for graffiti art grow into something I can offer to high end brands. And now I am excited to pass on my tips, tricks and secrets to you!

Join my courses for your chance to try it out for yourself and I'm sure you ... See full profile

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1. TRAILER: How To Paint Basic Graffiti Letters: Hey, what's up, guys? Was Jeff growing It was my son's one. I'm from gospel graffiti, supernatural crew. And we're gonna get you guys a little bit about graffiti day. We're gonna teach you guys headed to take a graffiti letters, cause me graffiti went started back in the late seventies. It's about letting go, putting your name up, getting known. And so for me, it's about graffiti. The basics of it comes back the lettering. So you gotta be able to you let him. So I'm gonna teach you guys some basic graffiti letter. Is that right? Hi. Start up with $1,000,000 Dream Understand things on always with Start up, kitty Let me put you on my team Gonna go for baby Gonna make it you know And that's how you do it Take a basic graffiti letter and turn it into a hole full of beauty Peace Thanks so much. Start up, kid with 1,000,000 Tell a dream Understand things 2. 1. BASIC LETTER OUTLINE: Hey, guys, how you doing? We're gonna teach you guys headed to take a graffiti letter, because for me, graffiti went started back in the late seventies. It's about letters since it opened in your name up getting known. And so for me, it's about graffiti. The basis of it comes back the lettering. So you got to be able to You let him. So I'm gonna teach you guys some basic graffiti letter. Is that a night? Hi. Here we go. We'll do a letter. Any letter? Let's choose letter une okay. We'll do any basic what I'm using because I'm gonna use my transparent paint. The one woods half, half black, half clear just to do an outline. So a lot of times, when you're doing an outline, people will want to use a transparent paint just cause you're just gonna go over top of it anyways or they'll use whatever color we're gonna fill with. So for me, I will show you how to do a basic letter first. But here we go. So we'll do an E. What do you think? Yeah, not so much. So this is the basic good way to get basic coffee letters. Picture it as that's a bone running through your body, you know, but and all it is, all we're gonna do is that's gonna be in the inside And then I'm living my outline Cut my we'll go for my fill color I'll fill with Let me fill with the baby blue So I put it in Make sure my outline tip Wait for me And while I'm gonna do to this I just did a basic e is I'm gonna outline it with this being the Senate of my skeleton. So I go themed. That is how you get your basic graffiti letter. Start up, kid with 1,000,000. Tell a dream, understand things. 3. 2. FILL + FADE: I'm going to have fade for you guys. So we'll go. We'll do a little bit dark blue on the bottom so you can still see your letter is gonna fill it in quick. I'm using a fill it in. I'm using a New York fat and I'm gonna tilt it up like this a bit because I'm gonna do a fade to it. Switch it, make sure it's always point away from you and just fill it in again. And when you get to the fade part, I'm gonna put up a blue dot on a blue dot cap Just because it just might make it better for fading. Come on. My wrist like this facing down And right there you had a nice simple bubble letter e with a fade start up, kid with $1,000,000 dream, understand things 4. 3. 3D + CUTBACKS: way to make it a little bit more fans here. So what we'll do with all outline it in a black? I got my universal gold, a universal playthings hip. And the thing is, what? I'm painting a line from here to here. Any time I move my wrist, I get a difference, Right? So what I want to do is I want to go clothes and stay straight the whole time. And if I was to explain back like this, I'm just gonna get a mist. So you want to go close to the wall you display, But you gotta bend your knees on longer lines like this, like that, and we'll continue that line it and then say Say, you got say, you got a drip in your piece I got from drips Still what? We'll come back to that so and if we were gonna add a three d on to it because you want to make it look a little cooler than just just that. If you're gonna add a three d, it's just like doing a shadow. There's a few ways you can do it. I've seen some guys take a can and put it on the ground, off to the side and anywhere where there's a point they're directed to that can write that Ah, good way to do it is just like your shadow. So say, for your shadow, you need a nice, beautiful son Thiers, my amazing son. And so all I'm gonna do now maybe if you're doing a graffiti piece, don't draw son on it. Just pretend to the sun that anywhere where there's a corner So right there, I'll do a little line. Come down right here. I'll do a little line right there. Do a line followed down through there. Any place where there'll be a shadow, I'll do a line and then I just connect them, connect them and fill them in down. So that's your basic three. D Do it now You guys are all thinking. But Jeff, what about your drips? What about your mistakes? Let me fix that. I'm going to a thing called a cutback and all the cutback is is where I take my outline color the baby blue and I make that go away cause nice English play paint on a nice day about 10 to 12 seconds. It tries really quick. So here we go. I go. I'm gonna go over. I'm gonna go right across. What Drip and see if we got some over spray here and we do the same thing. So this is a good way to clean up your pieces if you have any mistakes, cleaned it up like that and just makes And all I'm doing is making these outline lines. They're just making him a little little, little smaller. But you don't want to stop. You want to go, you won't go right through because any time you stop, you have to start again on the same spot, which is a little tricky. So we got that and we'll do the same for the blue, the same for the blue of the bottom like that. Now, now we got the different things you can do in the three D. There's everything from a few techniques that I'm gonna show you is one. As you can put, you can put a few colors in. It will go well, keep going for a whole bunch. You can mist miss some colors in their three d. So what I'll do is I'll miss do a two tone missed. So spray a little bit Doug Green in the mist. And then let's play a little bit of like greed, and you just want to push down gently. You don't want to play too much, so you can do it like that. If you want, you could do it one color LA times one close look too well. You just do a little mist like that, and then you could add White find by adding white. It just makes it pop a little bit. I hold it back about half a foot of pap foot and just get a little bit of this way, and then you could also, if you wanted Teoh, you get Adlai. A lot of people had lines or blocks in the three D just little lines like that. So that's really popular. One thing to that people do, is after you Do you missed like that? You can just add lines in black again. That just gives it a bit of depth. Start up kid with 1,000,000 tell a dream, understand things 5. 4. HIGHLIGHTS: on, We'll have some highlights to it to make it make it a little nicer. You know, there's a few different types of highlights. One of his highlight, which a lot of people dio, is just a straight line like that straight baseline. Another highlight people do is they will stand back about a foot and just do a missed kind like mist in their letters. One that I like to do is I like to do shines what it's like. It's like when you watch the old school cartoon characters and like someone ships Miles has like a kind of in the teeth. I like to do that, and there's a few different ways of doing that. One way is you just pray split like that and go on just doing X. That's one way like that. Another way to do it is you go close and a little tricky to see. Well, you do look across the same thing, but then you just bring it together. They do a little miffed amount on the outside. You can put a few bubbles. I had some flair to it, and that's how you do a bit. Take a basic graffiti letter and turn it into a hole for graffiti piece. Thanks so much. Guys. Start up. Kid with 1,000,000. Tell a dream, understand things. 6. 5. BACKGROUNDS: simple backgrounds are think shapes like anything from like if I was to do some bubbles has a basic level basic bubbles. That's a simple way to do some background. Some highlights You could dio you can do triangles. La times. I'll do a little kind of seasons, and I do them right over the peace to, like, all kind of go. It kind of gives us some depth, right and all I'm doing. There is just quick, quick triangles, right? If you want to dio and these are all just in the background, like one thing that's cool is yet to colors that kind of match. You do bubbles and then you do do red bubbles, and then you can add on bubbles right over top. So there's some basic, some basic background things, some basic. We call these bits and then another thing I do for background. A lot of times, even I'll do bits, but I'll do them even in the outline color. So I outlined and did my three D and black just do some same things. Little bubbles. You do that you could do little triangle again, and you could even just outline shapes to it doesn't have to be right, doesn't have to be fully filled It and the thing with thing. With this, it's still it's your are. So it's up to you What you like to do what you want to dio There's not a judge. Did not someone say e don't know. It's your So these are just some basic kept techniques to help you along with that. Thanks so much. Guys, start up, kid with 1,000,000 Tell a dream, Understand things on always with you.