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How to Grow, Scale & Freelance on Fiverr 2022 - Zero to Top Rated Seller

teacher avatar Matt Brighton, Designer & Small Business Owner

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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    • 2.

      Welcome & Class Project


    • 3.

      Fiverr Foundations - The Basics


    • 4.

      Exploring a Top Rated Seller Profile


    • 5.

      Success Rules of Fiverr


    • 6.

      The Level System - Zero to Top Rated


    • 7.

      Pricing Your Gig Right


    • 8.

      Create a High Converting Gig


    • 9.

      Generating Sales & Snowball Your Orders


    • 10.

      Promoting Your Gigs for Profit


    • 11.

      Optimising Your Gig for Search (SEO)


    • 12.

      Increase Profit with Subscriptions


    • 13.

      5* Reviews - Under Promise & Over Deliver


    • 14.

      Demo - Creating a High Converting Gig


    • 15.

      Creating a Strong Profile


    • 16.

      Efficient Orders with Quick Responses


    • 17.

      Demo - Delivering a Live Order


    • 18.

      Scaling Up With Suppliers


    • 19.

      Class Project & Conclusion


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About This Class

How to Grow, Scale & Be Profitable on Fiverr - Zero to Top Rated Seller

Having an online business has never been so important. This course helps you build the skills to not only become a great freelancer and entrepreneur but it teaches about creating systems, processes, optimising your profile to be as successful as possible and ultimately learning how to scale and grow a business beyond being a one-person company.

You'll Learn

  • How to craft high converting copy
  • Understanding how to search for prime keywords
  • Creating snappy, high CTR titles that draw attention
  • What metrics you should be focusing on the most to grow
  • How to scale a larger outsourced business with a team of people
  • What niches you can create your business in
  • Understanding how your services solve problems and challenges for businesses

In this masterclass, you will learn from a top-rated seller who has been working on Fiverr since 2011 to understand how to grow, scale, optimise and flourish on Fiverr with your own business, and when the workload becomes too high, understanding how to use suppliers and outsource your business so you can focus working ON the business, rather than spending time IN the business.

This is a key part of growing and scaling any business

You'll learn everything there is to know on Fiverr from the basics, understanding search engine optimisation, optimising titles, descriptions, gig images, utilising incredible tricks, you'll learn the legendary C-A-D-I Framework focusing on WOW MOMENTS for your customers and increasing 5* reviews to grow your Fiverr entrepreneurial snowball. 

What you'll learn by the end of the class

This isn't just about understanding Fiverr, it helps teach how to grow a flourishing and wildly successful but sustainable freelancing business. I show all of my tips and tricks that I've learned over the past 10 years as a top-rated seller on the Fiverr platform. 

This course breaks successful Fiverr selling into 4 key areas

  1. Attracting Visitors – We’ll go into detail about things you can learn from top-rated sellers, choosing the right niche and how to optimise your gig for SEO by finding the right keywords and understanding Fiverr SEO.

  2. Engaging Prospects – Next you’ll learn about creating a killer gig description, why gig images are so important and some great conversion tips to get your prospects interested in your business.

  3. Converting Leads – Here we explore how you should set your rates, the art of up-selling and turning those visitors who look at your gig, into happy, buying customers who look at your upsells to improve the growth of your services.

  4. Fulfilling Orders – You’ve put all the hard work in to create an awesome profile and gig when your first order comes through how do you handle the new order? This section explores unhappy customers, growing your business by scaling and automation, getting reviews as well as the pros and cons of Fiverr as a platform.

If you’re looking to find out a great way to build a freelance business, I’ll ease you in with the basics before getting into more detail on optimising and creating the perfect gig on Fiverr.

This is the course I wish I had when I was starting out, it's perfect for beginners but also useful for advanced sellers who are ready to grow, scale and optimise their business to the next level. 

Topics Covered

  • Getting started on Fiverr
  • The KEY metrics you should be focusing on
  • Get more 5* reviews using the C-A-D-I framework
  • Understand how to get the highest converting titles
  • Learn how to craft the most compelling gig description
  • Find out how to grow and scale your business with quick responses
  • Figure out how to scale beyond a one-person team and use suppliers in your business
  • Deep-diving into the analytics and sales of a top rated seller
  • Watching me deliver a customer order - LIVE!

Who am I?

My name is Matt - I'm a designer working in the UK, and on the side, I provide graphic design, SEO and other creative services to digital entrepreneurs and small businesses. I have now completed over 1500+ gigs on Fiverr, helping to generate $25,000 of freelancing income and before taking a multi-year break was a top-rated seller. It's been a great side business for me.

I often get messages on the platform asking how I do so well, or if I can help other people with their gigs, so I thought I'd put this course together to show the start-to-finish anatomy of putting the perfect gig together and selling on Fiverr.


Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Matt Brighton

Designer & Small Business Owner


Hi there,

I'm Matt, a London based designer with a degree in Graphic Design. I've worked with some big UK names and international companies as well as small businesses and charities.

I spent most of my time building small businesses and freelancing, having the pleasure of working with hundreds of people all over the world. For many years I've worked as a product manager in banking and more recently working as a senior product manager for a billion-dollar unicorn startup. 

My skillshare classes are about my passions around creating businesses, digital art, scale, growth and systemising a business with processes.

If you'd like to find out more, please hit +Follow on my skillshare profile, and if you're ready to get going, kick off with one of my sk... See full profile

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1. Introduction: Hey, my name is Matt and I'm based in London in the UK. And I have been working on Fiverr for the past ten years and I've made over twenty-five thousand dollars and completed over 1500 orders and I've learned a trick or two if you're struggling to make your very first sale or maybe you're starting to grow a really good fiber business and you're guessing a few orders already, this course will be perfect for you to learn the ins and outs of phi there, how to optimize your gig to make it the best as possible, to up-sell as much as possible and gain as much profit at the end of the month. It's not just about upsetting the business and creating more profit. It's also about creating a sustainable and growing business that you can outsource through systems and processes and suppliers. And that's what this course is all about. By the end of this course, you'll learn what it takes to grow and push your five business to the next level where you can be more hands-off. So you can work more on the business rather than in it. Watch me go through the entire gig creation process, looking at other top rated sellers as well as going through my very own profile and showing you the ins and outs of the working Fiverr profile. Ultimately, it's about building great freelancing skills and understanding how to build a solid business. It's never been more important to have an online income through your own freelancing or side gig. And this course will really teach you how to grow, scale and be more profitable for the first time, you'll have a fully transparent view of what a top rated seller profile looks like on Fiverr underneath the hood, you'll learn how I optimize my systems and my processes, how I change all of the gig to best performing, convert from all of the prospects and visits into paying leads and customers on the Fiverr platform, we've got an awesome class project on the inside where you will get direct feedback from myself or one of the team, where you will be able to have all of the pros and the cons of your current driver setup to push your business to the very next level. If you're ready to learn more and jump your business to the next level, then definitely take this course and I will see you on the inside. 2. Welcome & Class Project: It's awesome to see you here and I'm really excited to go through this course with you and help you take your Fiverr business to the next level. I've been working on Fiverr since 2011 and it has changed a lot in those past few years. I remember Fiverr, it was a really small website, no Silicon Valley funding and some interesting. It wasn't really big at the time for all the big tech startups. And it really was the start of online business and making money online. And there's little me, 17 years old really, really wanting to create an online income and an online business. And I will never forget my very first day on Fiverr where I started a blog and header gig on the website and we're studying my graphic design skills. In the very first day, I got six orders, which was totaling $35, and I couldn't believe that I'd made thirty-five dollars in a day. It was such a small amount of money at the time, but also such a huge leap that I just made where I could prove I can make money online fast-forward a few years and it has been a wild and bumpy ride. I've taken a few extended breaks from Fiverr. It's definitely tiring, but I've now learned how to scale and systemized the business to make sure that I don't actually born out by using systems and processes and suppliers, so I can work on the business rather than in it. I've also got another class on fiber with a few thousand students on Skillshare that you can also check out, which is the very beginner course of fiber. And it goes through all of the fundamentals. Understanding how do you attract visitors, convert them into customers, and goes through the basics of the Fiverr platform. This course is definitely more advanced and goes through into real business building tricks, strategies, how to optimize and tweet your systems and processes and really build that business from the next level it works for a beginner, but it's also great if you're looking to scale your own business. I've been through the struggles. I've had quiet days. I've had no orders for ages and I know it really, really is a struggle. Fiber can be a really hard website and it's really demotivating when you put in loads of effort to not see any sales come through in a particular week. It does happen. It happens to the best of us. I have been a top rated seller. I've also been all the way down and demoted to level one seller because of the metric system, I've been to the highs and lows. So I know the pains, the challenges, and the struggles that you are going through when trying to build a business on Fiverr website. But hopefully through this course you'll learn the inner workings of how a top rated seller profile works and also how the whole fiber system works and how to get the best out of the platform to build an online business for yourself and be a real freelancer entrepreneur for the class project where I would love to do is see your gig in natural class projects on Skillshare. So once you've created your profile, your gig, and applied everything that you've learned in this course. Submit your profile in your gig onto the class project. And I will personally give you some comments and feedback. So I usually try to give three positives and things you're doing really, really well, as well as three things that you can improve upon to make your gig and your profile even better to either get your very first sale or start to scale and grow the business if you're already making sales on the platform, and I'll tailor that depending on your own individual experience. Take lots of notes and make sure you apply everything that you've learned in this course. I can't wait to get started and I will see you in the very next lesson. 3. Fiverr Foundations - The Basics: Let's jump into the basics of Fiverr now this is for anyone who might not be as familiar with the website and still looking to get to grips with what types of services are offered. So let's go through all of the basics of five that gets out of the way. And then we can get into the really serious in-depth stuff within the course and later in the other classes. So this is the main fiber homepage that you can see here. There are loads and loads of different services. Now Fiverr is a huge, huge, huge marketplace that was designed back in the day where you would offer your services for $5. Now, that has changed and evolved over time. However, over time they were allowed you to do upsells on the platform and to price your gigs at a higher value. Therefore, people can actually make a really good online income of the back of it. So looking at the website, as you can see here, there were loads of different topics. Graphics and design is really, really popular. You've got logo and brand identity, gaming art and illustration, web design, app design, social media packaging covers visual design. You name it. There is a service here on Fiverr for the design category. Likewise, for digital marketing, anything from sodium, social media marketing over to creating a book or having a podcast marketed for you, crowdfunding, affiliate marketing, there are loads of different services and that means that if you are in the online world and by watching this class, you are in the online world. That means that you have a huge broad spectrum of skills to tap into whatever it is. Whether you are good at writing, whether you're great at design, whether you are great at strategy, business planning, SEO backlinks, whatever it is, there's going to be a niche for you on Fiverr to start creating your empire in your business, essentially, writing and translation, video and animation, music and audio programming and tech, if you are a developer or a programmer, as a hugely, hugely popular niche that you store. So consider there as well. Now, some of the popular niches that you should be thinking about, I'd say in terms of a top five, graphics and design is absolutely huge. Hence, white goes from left to right. So if you think about popularity here, they're going to put most of the stuff in the top-left corner of the website. So if you're focusing any of your services in these top, I'd say three, maybe five, music and audio as well. Programmings heck is good, but I think designers huge competitive programming on the Fiverr platform. So go from left to right, look at your skills and try and think about what is it that you have the best skill to offer on the platform? So I used to do banners for blogs, websites, and the headers back in 2011, the Internet, it's kind of changed a lot since then. I then found one of my new initiatives, which was YouTube thumbnails that sold really, really well. I made over $10 thousand doing YouTube thumbnails and banners as well, which was really, really awesome. But most importantly for me more recently and for scaling and increasing the business with the supplier, I've found that SEO has been really, really good. Fill my Fiverr profile by selling backlinks where I do all the marketing, create the package on Fiverr. I outsourced the whole thing to a supplier over in Bangalore. They send me the backlinks and a white labeled report back. And then I attach that back to the gig, explain everything and send a custom video to every single buyer buys with my fiber profile. So there's some of mine that I found worked really well. I do know and have seen on tiktok out of all the places funnily enough that ghostwriting and copywriting is also really, really huge. One girl I saw was claiming to make over a million dollars. Don't know if it was true or not, but she was saying that she had a copywriting service on Fiverr and made over a million dollars it since she started working on the platform at 2019, which is way more than what I've made at twenty-five thousand dollars. So again, copywriting third on the list here, it could be a really good way in to the Fiverr platform. So have a look around, check out the website and use this class to really think about what niche you want to provide as a service on the Fiverr platform. So grab a notepad and write down the top five skills that you think you could offer as a service on the Fiverr platform. And when you've done that, head on to the next class and we will dive deeper into Fiverr. 4. Exploring a Top Rated Seller Profile: Now we've covered the basics in this class. We're going to explore my profile on Fiverr now, it's a great time for me to record this entire class at the moment because currently the account has been downgraded to a level two, which is absolutely fine. But I'll show you the analytics. I'll share the earnings and what's been happening over the past year, as well as the breaks that I've taken in between. Because when you become a top rated seller, you need to sustain your activity on Fiverr. Whereas like me, if you then take a break from it, you'll then go down to level two as a seller. And your state uses at level two for quite a long time, you can just get back up to top rated seller over I'd say a good three to four months minimum because you need to show consistent, strong performance as a level two salad before you're then manually reviewed. So let's have a look at my Fiverr profile and deep dive into what I've done. I've done it how my gigs or optimize what my profile looks like and really get the drains up on a level two and top rated seller profile with 25 thousand pounds worth of revenue and 1500 orders completed. So here we are in my analytics now, every seller has the analytics page and it's been a really, really interesting year, so that's 2020. Let's go to 2021. You can see that the latest and of work that I've been doing with spread across 2020 in 2021. And then I've just kicked things off again in 2022 as well. So I'm just starting to rebuild the profile, just like you're looking to do in this class as well. So I'm going through the same troubles and experiences and problems and carnage that offers with Fiverr, try and get up to it's all rated seller again, but going back to 2020, you can see here that it starts off small. And when I say small, that being said, that was still over a 1000 pounds, which is about $1500 in my very first month when I started it again back in 2020, I have an existing profile, but it's okay to take breaks. But as you can see over time, it really starts to gain a lot of velocity. So the blue bar is how much I've earned. The little smudge of gray on top is any refunds and the blue is your overall completed orders. You can see here in 2020, I completed 757 orders in total, which is awesome. And it's study kinda crept up. But you can see here when you look at the income between May and July, I'm completing almost double the amount of orders from 102 up to 154. So a 50% increase and the earnings is going up, but not massively. But then as you can see, as I start to ease things off a little bit in October, I then started changing my niche into SEO. And that's when the whole thing skyrocketed. And even though I got less orders here with 94, I made doable probably why I made in July compared to December, and I made 4 thousand in sales and 15 pounds pounds in sales and 15 pounds in tips. Call that four-and-a-half thousand dollars in a single month, which is really, really crazy. And it was for what is essentially if you follow the blue line, half the work now, that's what this whole course is about. When looking at some of the fiber levels, you always want to consider all of your metrics. Now the whole class will go into this in way, way more detail, and we'll go into each of the metrics, what it means, what you should be doing, some of the best practices and some of the worst practices as well. And that will just get you through the automated process. Now, the automated process starts here and is evaluated on the 15th of every single month. So you'll start off as normal seller. Then you become a level one seller, and then you'll hit level two. Now all of that is automated. So as long as you hit the thresholds in a particular month, then when you get to level two and you hit green in all of these, you won't automatically move to a top rated seller, but you'll be manually reviewed IT. Staff instead, that can take many, many months of being at level two with perfect scores until you then are re-org, graded or upgraded to a top rated. As you can see here, I've got 532 reviews here. And there are more on the profile. If I go to my actual profile or show you the overall picture, I've got 957 total reviews on the profile. You can check out my favorite program. It's so real, I have live gigs. And you can see what I'm offering at the moment, but you can see here out of all of the reviews, pretty much all of them are five-stars. Let's see if I can go back over time. Show me more than that. Notice because I've had a break recently, so we won't share me. But you can see here average rating, their average rating is five-stars out of 957 reviews. That's not total orders, that's just reviews because not everyone who orders. Actually then it leaves your view. If I go to I think could be on my earnings page. You'll see here in it's now commercially it's a dollar. So just under $25 thousand, I've withdrawn the majority of that. And you should be able to see if I go back to analytics on the overview, you'll see that I've completed a total of 1420 completed orders and that's increasing and now I'm just starting backup again. And you can see I'm getting a few orders this month after starting, which is great. That has currently made me, if I go onto my selling profile, achromatic earns $252 in February, as well as 105, which is currently pending as well. So I expect that to grow and grow just like it did back in 20202021 when I was working on Fiverr. And you can see here it kind of hits the peak and then starts to go down. And that's when I took a bit more of a break and then starts all over again in 2022. So hopefully that's given you a little bit of a flavor of what's inside my profile and what I'm working on. Now we're gonna get into the really deep parts of the learning in the course and starting to pick apart Fiverr profiles, understanding how to craft the best profile possible to help convert visitors into leads into then paying customers and ultimately building your own business. In the next class, we are going to be learning about the fundamental success rules of Fiverr this year and what's going to be making a huge difference to your success on your Fiverr profile. So check out the next class and I will see you over there. 5. Success Rules of Fiverr: In this lesson, we're going to deep dive into the fundamental successful Fiverr now working through the past few years on Fiverr and with all the changes on the level of system and the way you find works with his new metrics. I strongly believe there are four key things that you should be really, really focusing on when it comes to growing your Fiverr profile attracting sales. But then when you've got those sales in being able to get to the next level from seller to level one, level one, level two, level two, top rated seller. If you really, really focus on these four key metrics and follow them to a T, Then I guarantee you will see some form of success on the platform. So as you can see here on the dashboard, now I'm currently on my analytics tab and I've just gone a little bit further down the page. Now, what you can see here is the leveling system. So you start as a normal seller, level one, level two, and then top-rated seller. So I've just taken a break and I've gone back down to level two for the moment, which is absolutely fine. But what you can see here, it's essentially telling me that I need to maintain these standards to remain a level to sell and as well as then achieving the goals on the right to be nominated for a top rate of cell. Now if you're a cell is level one, level one, level two, this is all automated. You don't have to be nominated. It's only when you get to level two that then it becomes a nomination process by five or staff who manually review your profile. Now, one of the first main metrics you should be focusing on is the inbox response time. So they say that you need to respond to 90% of inquiries that you receive in the past 60 days. So even though you get assessed every tomb, every month on the 15th of the month, is looking at the past two months worth of performance, which is definitely quite tricky to do. What this essentially means is that what counts as a mixed response is that if you do not respond to a customer's inquiry within 24 hours of arriving in your inbox, then that will then essentially calculate itself into that figure. So if you get back to them within 12 hours, that will class as a response. So it means that you cannot ignore customers on Fiverr otherwise, that will start going down rapidly now because I restart the profile, it's quite new and I missed one of the buyers who are buying and I was just outside that 24-hours. That's gone down 7% in total because I missed the one person who contacted me. So make sure you respond to everyone within 24 hours. The next one, it really is focusing on customer service. Now, There's lots and lots of different metrics around this. Customer service in a hole is not something that can be measured, but make sure that you're really, really focusing on delivering the best experience possible. And the later classes in this Skillshare course will really help you understand and can go into that in way more detail. So you always have to look audit completion. They're asking you to complete 90% of your orders over the past two months. Now, what this means is completed within completed fully where it's not refunded or anything like that. It's quite frustrating. Commute time to because I have buyers who might buy SEO backlinks in band and non-cloud niches and then I have to get them to refund the whole thing and that goes back on me. So I have to contact five or customer support every time to say, Hey, they've ordered an illegal website to be promoted through my services and arbitrary funding, I shouldn't be penalized for that and they then correct it back up to 100. But if you have to refund any orders, counsel them what it is, whatever it is for any reason, if you have to cancel an order that's already been started, that we'll hit this figure. So the tricky thing is if you make two orders in a month and you have to refund one of them. This is going to plummet down to 50% and of which you need to make sure you're above 90. Same. If you do less than ten orders, all it takes is one order to put you below that and then you won't be able to get to the next level for the next two months unless you start then taken a more orders to bump it back above 90%. I'm on a 400 there, which is great. Then on-time delivery as well. So this is asking you to deliver 90% of the orders within the time-frame over the course of the past few months. So when you have your gigs, you have to make sure that your set S I set a seven day timeframe or mine, you have to deliver it within that time. Now what you can see on my current dashboard is it says this is two days late, but that's fine. And that doesn't count toward metrics because I've already delivered this now, waiting for my supplier to send me a new report for this particular buy it, and then I'll reattach the new report and send it on a market as delivered. But once you deliver it, it's fine, it doesn't count towards that. We're going back to the metrics page here. As long as you set a sensible timeframe, if you start delivering orders late, bump up the time on your gig, that's not a problem whatsoever. It is better to put a seven or a ten day delivery time frame or scale and deliver it in 24 hours than it is to over-promise. And then under deliver, what you want to do is under promise and over-deliver and do the complete opposite of that. Then the rating, quite self-explanatory. You need to make sure you have above 4.7 stars on average, Apple the ratings you get. So if you get a five-star and then I'll give you a one-star rating, is going to bring the average down to three, for example. Then there are some longer-term strategic goals here around selling seniority. So you have to be at least a seller for over half a year, completed at least 200 orders over 20 K in earnings and days without Terms of Service warning. So really it's all about these on the left-hand side here, the whole premise of Fiverr for me is under promising and over-delivering. And this is how you create customer delight. And when you create customer delight, That's when you get happy customers. Five-star reviews, repeat buyers subscriptions and all your business really, really starts to float because the more that Fiverr can see that you're getting returning people to your gigs. It shows that you're providing a great service, especially now that Fiverr allocates levels and badgers and rewards to buyers as well as sellers. It means that choice and select buyers that they're known as on Fiverr who are trusted by fiber and order regularly. If they're ordering with you and giving you a five-star review, it reflects really, really well on you. What I do is that I always make sure that I really glossy, have all the glossy marketing on the gig and really sell the service that I'm offering. And we'll go into that in one of the later classes. But at the same time, I hold back about 5%. If I say to my customer, I am going to deliver them a 100 backlinks. Instead I'm going to deliver them a 105 or 110. Because when I'm delivering, I can then say to them, Hey is little bonus. I've added some extra backlinks completely free into this. And then when they get that, and I think that's a really nice gesture, they've done a really good thing there. If you're under promising and over-delivering, that's the best way to do it. The worst thing you could do is over-promise at the very start. So you're gonna have the most amazing logo creation service ever. Then you kind of under deliver it and that's how you start getting refunds and one-star reviews. And you want to avoid all of that as much as possible. That being said, it is better to just refund someone than risk and the ones they'll review the money really isn't worth it in the long-term. It kind of goes without saying as well, but also just deliver it as quickly as you can respond to people as fast as you can. If you have a gig that is seven days like I have, but then deliver it within to do that, the sooner you can get something done the better because people want a quick, fast, great service on fiber and that's what you need to be providing. I hope that's been useful for the levels on Fiverr and really understanding some of the key metrics. If you focus on those, you'll progress to the next level. You'll keep buyers happy and that's how you'll start to really review client the fiber ranks. In the next class, we're going to explore Fiverr levels in a little bit more details. So I will see you in the next class. 6. The Level System - Zero to Top Rated: This class is all about the Fiverr leveling system. We've already covered the basics, recover the metrics, and now we're looking at the levels themselves. Now, the levels are really, really important because it gives you credibility on the Fiverr platform. And I've started as a normal seller. Everyone who's selling even the top rated ones start as a brand new center on the website at some point in history. Now, the levels give you loads of additional features. The ability to upsell pressure gets higher. But it's also a great status symbol that's going to bring in more sales over time. So even if you're a brand new seller on Fiverr and it feels really, really slow as long as you can tick all the boxes and meet the metrics by completing one order, you can still go from a new seller to level one and from level one to level two, that's what you need to be focusing on. So it could start small. By the time you get to a level to seller, you're going to have credibility because in the five options when people are buying, if I show you what the website looks here, if I'm searching for a logo design, for example, it's gone to this tab. People can actually start to filter through based on whether they're online, which I'll touch on another class. Or you can then start to go down into the salary details. And people can purely, purely target top rated sellers, level two, level one or new sellers. And you can see here, there are a lot of new sellers compared to level two and no, Not many tolerated sellers overall. So that's really important. So the more you can start getting up the labeling system, the more you can get out of that 200 thousand and get more into the top 5, 10%. That's really, really important. Let's explain some of the seller levels on Fiverr now, when you first join it and start selling, you'll be given this gray icon as a brand new center. And you can see back on here, they're all in just in a logo design section. There are two 100 thousand new sellers over. Here. You get to create up to seven active gigs. Now this is really, really important and you'll want to create as many gigs as possible on your Fiverr profile when you have no sales, this is because you need to be trying out different niches. You need to be trying out if you're gonna be doing copywriting, making sure that you are creating five different copywriting gigs to then capture one person into one of those five, rather than just creating the one gig and hoping that everyone sees it, the mortgage you've got, the more visibility you are going to be able to get by targeting different keywords, different niches, and getting the all important for sound. You can also add extra services as well. So when you're selling a gig, I will go into my profile here as an example and show you what I do on my SEO gig. Now, it might not be a little bit different, but this is my main flagship gig here. And you can see that there are different packages that again come with it. But what you can also then start to do is add extras onto as well. So if I continue here, you'll then be able to see these extras. So I do extra speedy delivery. I then converted into a manual package rather than automated backlinks. Or I then add keyword research as well. But you can see here there's an expensive upgrade. There's a not so expensive are great and it just adds all of the extra profits and revenue that you'll get onto your Fiverr, Fiverr business. So that's really important to add the extra services as well. You can also create custom offers. Now, when buyers contact you and they might say, Hey, I need this doing and your particular gig doesn't quite fit that bill. You instead can message them credit custom offer, and then just send them the exact price if they want more than one thing of what you're offering or they needed a kind of tailored version of it. You can then send that to them. And I made a little bit of money through custom offers, but most people just go straight into the gigs and you can withdraw your money after 14 days, then you get up to level one after reaching all of the success metrics that we've covered in the previous lesson, we're making sure that you're getting above 90% of your response time for delivery rate for on-time completion order. That's really, really important. Here. You need to be an active seller for at least 60 days, have completed at least ten orders in $400 or more from that have a good rating. And then there's the 90% responses that we've already mentioned. This is really good because we get to level one. You've got more credibility. You're getting out of that 200 thousand. And if I get back onto the previous page, the way we were before, you are now getting into the top 10% of sellers on Fiverr. Then you'll also be able to create more gigs. If you're struggling with, then again, by this point you would have already had sales. But if you're still struggling, it means you can create more gigs and tackle more niches to try and get more and more sales. Now, as you can see on my profile, if I open up into different tab rather than flicking around all the time, I only have the two gigs now because that's all I need to generate sales. I know what works well, the gigawatt credibility, I've got loads reviews, which is really good. You can add extra custom services as well. So if you have a gig, you can then add loads more upsells onto it to try and make it a little bit of extra money if you're selling logo services attached the PSD file for an extra $10. If you're doing backlinks like me, then you could offer a manual package or keyword research if you're doing copywriting and you could add an extra amount of words for an extra upgrade. And that's where these extra services Queen, really, really handy because you can turn a 51020, $30 gig into 5060 By the time you factored in the upsells on top of it. And if you can think of a way to provide a service, but then have an upsell that a lot of people need. That's the best way to make money because people come in for the great pricing. But then you upsell and sell a premium, well-priced gig overall. Then level two, which is right at the moment, had been for a very long time. When you use level two status, there are certain criteria you need to fulfill. So selling for at least 220 days, complete 50 orders and over $2 thousand have a good rating and all of those 90% brackets that we've already previously covered. And then here, the only way the additional benefit is more gigs, more extras, and protein customer support. But the main thing here is having the badge, because if people are searching for trusted sellers on Fiverr, they'll go straight to here and we'll go right. I want top rated, I want Level two, and they'll scrap anyone in new seller or level one. There. You really, really are in the top 10%, rather being in the bottom 80% or 90% in the new seller and level one category. So the quickie and level two and beyond, that's really begin to benefit view because these benefits here aren't as important. But instead, just by having that badge is gonna get you into more people's eyes and white people's search results and give you the extra credibility and almost like social proof, that's what these levels are. Then top-rated seller. I, I've met all of the metrics on these rather than showing you here, I'll show you how it works on mitral profile. But again, you have to meet, show you meet all of the 90% targets, but then also be around 280 days minimum complete, at least 200 orders, 20 thousand in sales, which I've done, and no terms of service issues with Fiverr. And honestly, it now then creates 30 gigs. I didn't need there to gigs. I could try really, really catapult the Fiverr business, but at the moment I don't need to. I'm tempted to explore copywriting is a servicing that would be quite interesting. But here it really, really is about the badge. It's social proof that alone is going to get you orders because people will trust the badge. It's shown that it's proven on fiber and it's going to make a huge difference. It is hard but focus on the metrics and start working your way through the fiber level system by following everything else in the future classes. So I hope that was useful in this particular lesson. Next, we're gonna go into pricing your gigs correctly and finding the right point to generate profit, but also get enough sales and interest from all of the visitors on the Fiverr website. And I'll see you in the next class. 7. Pricing Your Gig Right: Welcome back to the next class. Now this is all about pricing your gig correctly, which is really, really important. The worst thing that you could do on the Fiverr platform when you're brand new is trying to undercut everyone else selling on fiber. And the reason behind this is because it's not going to secure you loads of sales just by undercutting because there is a perception of value that's really, really important here. So if you buy something that's really, really cheap in a store, for example, you're going to expect it to be of cheap quality is not very good. It probably is going to break very soon as well. Compared to buying something that's more expensive, that is probably produced in the same factory somewhere in the world. That's what he's known as the perception of value, which is really, really important. So the thing that you shouldn't do is start selling on the Fiverr platform and then create your gig and then just set it for a really, really kind of bottom $5 price tag and deliver loads of value on top of it. It could work for some people, but it's not the right way to go. The great thing is with fiber, they set you up to make more money rather than just selling everything for $5 into cheap as possible. Instead, you can price it at whatever price point you want as well as upsetting as much as possible. So I used to focus on these $5 sales and worked so hard as we saw in the graphs in the second-class, I was working really hard and doing loads of orders. But then compared to that December where I completed almost half the amount of orders but made more than double the amount of income. That's what you want to be striving for in a business. You need to work smarter, not harder to make that income. Now price is a huge factor and one thing that you should be doing is looking at the competition, what they're doing, what's the pricing? And use that as your starting point. And then think about how can you use your marketing and skills to get a sale over them? That's all the big fashion brands do all close to the same income from very similar factor is a cotton shirt, is a cotton shirt. It doesn't matter whether it's my really cheap pound store or whether it's Ralph Lauren, It's the same material. At the end of the day, there might be a slight difference in the quality, but it doesn't justify the huge difference in the price point, and that is all marketing. So if you are pricing yourself a little bit higher or the same price, but your marketing in your gig and your presentation on your Fiverr profile is way better than the person next to you in the listings, then you're going to get a sale over them because you appear more premium and have a more premium service that you're offering to your customers. And this is all centered around providing a great gig description that we'll cover in a later class, having a fantastic profile that we're also going to cover. As well as what we mentioned earlier around responding really quickly to the buyers and having really in-depth responses, having examples, and really giving everyone the VIP service and also still under promising and over-delivering is that you create that all important customer delight to get repeat buyers. And those five-star reviews that are all important. When I started off on Fiverr, I was selling banners and headers for $5. Even when I was doing my YouTube thumbnails, I was selling one for $5, which at the time seemed okay. But then compared to what I do now, my average order is around a $100 minimum because I'm really, really upsetting expensive services. I'd rather get less sales that are costing more or I'm making more of each one, rather than getting ten sales at $5 each. I'd rather do the less work for more money rather than more work for less money. So let's have a look on the Fiverr website and I'll show you an example of how people are really, really underpricing themselves and working themselves too hard, which means they're not creating a sustainable fiber business to scale and grow, which is what we want to do here. As you can see, we're on the Fiverr website. I'm going to go into, let's have a look at graphics in design. I'm going to go with one of my old niches, which is YouTube thumbnails. Let's have a look and start to see how people are pricing themselves. So as you can see here, this person will design one thumbnail in three hours. So their premium bit of the service is the time here, three hours, but they're selling it at a minimum of 15 pounds and 66 pencil, which I assume is a conversion probably from about, don't know, $20 maybe. Let's find someone who is really, really understanding. Here you can see this person is J. Smith, 609. So he is saying that he will create three thumbnails for 783. He's setting up for half the price and doing trip all the work. Now this is where economics really, really comes in here because yes, it's working for him, but this person will be working to the bone and getting very little value. And he's going to be unable to scale their business because they're selling them such a low price and providing so much delivery that they then can't outsource it in the future and create our profit margin because their margins are already really, really squeezed where I can guarantee this person is clearly outsourcing his thumbnails and he's just setting it at a premium because he's got a great profile in level two seller. And he's only selling it higher so you can pay your suppliers. And then he takes the bit on top which to be phased, probably the same as at 7083. Imagine you split that in half. Let's say he pays his suppliers seven to eight pounds. And then he's making seven to eight pounds per order at the same time. Whereas this guy is doing all the work and still making the same money, but for triple the amount of delivery as well. So it's really, really important. Looked at some other examples. So this person here, interesting because they've gone for a different angle in this whole market here. They're going to design at one thumbnail, but within two hours they clearly copying what their salary is doing here to try and get a good service. But they priced it at what is $5, which is what I used to do. It means that they're doing at least three times less the amount of work than this seller. But they're making almost what, 34 times less than what this seller is doing for what is essentially an hour. They're doing it within an hour quicker and also making it for four times less. So you have to really, really look at these almost create a grid and started to say, this seller is this price for this MOOC delivery in this time. And have a think about where you're going to price yourself because this is really, really important at the end of the day, trying to get the best in terms of cheapest and quickest and most isn't always going to win. It obviously works for these and it's gonna put you up, but he's going to burn you out for the call compared to having a more premium service, which I'd say this person in the top-left who was ranked number one is definitely doing. They don't even a top-rated seller that the same level as me at level team, what they're doing is providing a premium thumbnail. They're just selling 13 hours. Fair enough. That's their upsell. But they're selling it for a really, really high amount of money, which then has a great perception on it. And people would rather pay for them better, more higher price thumbnail that's going to be high converting and you squeeze all of that into your marketing compared to a really cheap one that won't be perceived as good. So that's where you can then tie prices, benefits like conversion, click-through rates, and all of that nice stuff that you get with thumbnails on YouTube. So I hope that's been really, really useful and just have a look through and now use this time to research through fiber. Have a look at what you can see on the platform and create a table and look at the seller, what the price is, how many things, words, wherever it is, what they delivering, and how fast. And then look at where you want to put yourself in that market to make as much as possible, but also provide a great service. So have a look at that. And then in the next class we are going to be looking at how to create a high converting gigs. So you've now started to look at creating it and you ranking in a search. But how do you turn people from visitors on this search page to then someone who is going to be a prospect, who's contacting you asking questions into then a full sale. How did you go through that process? How would you convert as many people as possible? So let's find out in the next class. 8. Create a High Converting Gig: Hello and welcome back to the next lesson. In this one, we're going to be looking at creating a high converting gave. Now, this is really, really important because Fiverr will send hundreds and then thousands of viewers to your gig listing every single day as it starts to climb up the ranks. Now what you want to be doing is capturing the attention and converting them into a lead on your Fiverr Gig profile, which is really important because the more leads you have and prospects, the more they're going to convert then into buyers and ultimately stopped grow your business, create the prophet and all of that other good stuff. Now what we're gonna do in this lesson is I'm going to show you some of the top rated sellers, some of the things that they're doing really, really well. And then show you my gig as well and what I've been doing and how I've implemented some of the strategies of top rated sellers. So let's have a look at this one here. Now, staying on theme with the previous lesson, I've been opened up this person's profile because I went, I used to sell thumbnails. This was one of my direct competitors. Now, he's doing a really good job of this. Now the first thing that you want to be focusing on is the title itself to convert. And you also get the attention. Now, I've got different tablet but who here open of the normal Fiverr page. What he's doing here is every gig will say, I will. Dot, dot, dot. Here is saying here I will design amazing YouTube thumbnail in three hours now that doesn't read perfect English, which is fine because it's short, it's sweet and it's very precise. And you know, without looking at anything else, this gig, what they're going to do and deliver. I know I'm gonna get a YouTube thumbnail in three hours, Simple as that. Then the amazing bit is kind of more of the marketing and the sounding word. But this is really important because YouTube thumbnail is one of the main keywords. And obviously I know this because I used to work in addition each but the best way to find keywords is go on to find services. And if I clear my search actually didn't get rid of any saved ones. If I type in YouTube, and then let's have a YouTube promotion editor intro SEO, intro video and YouTube thumbnail. Then if I look at YouTube thumbnail, I know that's already a big keyword and this is all of your keyword research to make sure you're appearing in the search. And this is a great way to find niches as well. So I can see here YouTube thumbnail, create YouTube thumbnail professional. Youtube, thumbnail, Bye. Throwing in these extra words, you can really start to target it. And this is why I was saying at the very beginning, if you're a brand new seller, create five of the same gig and have one that has a title that focuses on YouTube. Thumbnail is a keyword. And then the second one is create YouTube thumbnail professional, YouTube thumbnail, amazing. You see here, there you go. Amazing. Youtube thumbnail. That's exactly what he's done. They're amazing YouTube channel because he has seen that people are searching this in fiber. And then he's targeted his gig title for that keyword. Keyword optimization is really, really key here. You can also look at YouTube thumbnail templates and provide some kind of template for people. Gaming thumbnail is also another completely different niche that I wouldn't have even thought of. As well as clickbait, YouTube thumbnail here, just by searching the way do to promote, you've got loads of great suggestions and this is giving you the answer. This is what people are searching for. Whatever niche you're in, that's the best way to find the right keywords. Now, take any of these keywords here. Clearly this seller level two is using a mixture of create YouTube thumbnail and just the generic YouTube within that one. Sorry, amazing YouTube's on them. They've got amazing YouTube thumbnail in their titles. You need to create a title around that. The next thing to do is make sure that your main gig image is really, really eye-catching. Now, when you look at the YouTube thumbnail section, everyone has a really, really similar looking at one and it can be kind of copied this person to be fair. So if I go back to YouTube thumbnail, I'll show you what I mean. You can see here, Everyone seems to be doing the same thing. They've got this classic yellow background, some kind of male or female with a kind of shocked face and pointing. It all looks really samey, samey with black text and read texts on the yellow background. Now, you can follow the trend or you could try and find a way to create another thumbnail. It stands out because the thing and the irony of this is that whoever was the original person who did this style of thumb though, everyone else who's now copying, which is fine and it works, but at the same time it disproves it because all you're doing is copying the trend and you look like everyone else's thumbnails rather than standing out, which is what a thumbnail does. There's a bit of irony there. So have a think about that gig image. It has to be really, really eye-catching. It can't be blurred, it has to be high-quality, it has to be bright, eye-catching. You can see what they've done here. They've even colored the eyes of this girl in a really, really bright cyan color. Because when it's been struck down onto the fiber search results, those eyes, as you can see, they're still really, really pop out. Really certain things like this make a huge difference. Then as we were saying earlier, with under promising and over-delivering, if you can then start getting those five-star reviews and getting people back, you even get a nice shiny badge here that says that people keep coming back and has an exceptional number of repeat buyers. It obviously can't just put it on your profile. You have to earn it over time. But that's why the whole under promise over deliver is really, really important. Done the title. We then looked at the main gig image. If you have something like designer copywriting, include as many examples as possible. When you start getting orders, you can just attach your deliveries as a portfolio on the gig with which is what they've done here. Because then when somebody leaves a review, that review is then shown, which is great social proof and it's a great snowballing effect. Then the gig description. So what you want to be doing is adding as many keywords as possible into here without overdoing it. So custom thumbnails was obviously one of the ones that we saw in search. Let's have another look here. Youtube thumbnails or great YouTube thumbnails in there. For some reason is hyphenated out, which I don't think he really needs to do. And make sure you're putting that YouTube thumbnail main keyword in wherever it is you're looking at. So you go back to the search YouTube thumbnail and make sure you putting these keywords into your descriptions that you've got the best chance possible of being shown in displayed in the search results. Then on the gig description itself, it needs to be really clear, really concise. If English isn't your first language, then consider actually hiring, for example, on fiber, a copywriter who can write this for you because if there are top rated seller, they also know what works and just go and find a copywriter and pay them five to $10 to do this, but it needs to be short and concise. Now, I would say this person's isn't actually the best in the grand scheme of things, but actually are looking at some of the English isn't perfect. However, he's got a little bit about them then, but then they're saying what they're trying to do. What they're doing here is setting the scene and people for YouTube thumbnails have one problem, which is, I need a better converting thumbnail. Let's get more views. I want to have high conversion. So you need to think about what is the problem of your potential customer and how are you going to solve that? They're here, they're doing an okay job of it. They're saying that you need to look at more clicks and views. And it's all about standing out. So they're thinking about the problems that the customer is going to experience to be even more popular. And then that's where we come in. Hello, we're designing eye-catching YouTube thumbnails. So you have the problem that the challenge and how you then great to help that. And then he goes into the very specific line-by-line detail. You can see many years experience. You've got the credentials, quick and fast, responsive, money-back guarantee, friendly communication, and then also the more specific stats of the YouTube thumbnail itself. Let's look at another person here. So this is another person who's selling YouTube thumbnails. And I think they've got a really good description, but as you can see here, clickbait, YouTube thumbnail was five. Type it in there. Youtube thumbnail, clickbait, YouTube thumbnail was there. One of the main keywords. So all they're doing is this technique and that's why they have 16 orders in the queue and over 1800 orders for the YouTube thumbnails, which then they are starting to upsell from either 13 or seven as you go up. Now as you go down, and I think this is a really good example of a really clean description. They're obviously using the highlighting tool there, bolding things. There are obviously here putting in the main keywords. So clickbait, YouTube, thumbnail is the keyword. They've put the keyword in here as well, clickbait, YouTube thumbnail. And it's working really well for them. They're saying here that they're going to be attracting the viewer's attention, help you get more views. So me as a problem as YouTuber, I need to get more views and higher clicks. And at this gig solves that problem. They're saying that our service will help you solve it. So think about the public statement that the challenge, how you're going to solve it, and that's the great way to open up with your description. But I love the way the bolded that added a highlight over the top of it. There's a little bit of Bolding here as well. It's really clean. They've got wider portfolio and then they've got a simple bullet lists here using emojis. So here's what's included, Here's what I can do for you. Why choose me tick, tick, tick, tick, tick. This is what I love to see is really clear. There's not reams and reams of text or a huge paragraphs three, because people won't read huge blocks of texts and that's really, really important. Let's have a look at my gig and see what I've been doing recently. So this is one of the newer ones I set up. And I'm here. If you see it doesn't read perfect English, but I'm doing it for SEO purposes. I will 200 powerful SEO backlinks, white hat link building services for Google. Now, if I look at if I'm roughly split the tabs here, so if I find SEO backlinks on here, Let's have a look at some of the main queue as SEO backlinks, high-quality do follow social media and then number SEO about links, SEO, contextual, contextual do follow proof about anions white hat SEO battling. Here I've been trying to target some of these keywords of SEO backlinks and put them into my main title, white hats, link building surveys for Google and all of that is really, really important. I've gone one step further and one way I try and supersede the competition is by attaching a video. Now, have a look at this yourself and you can see here my name that I find mute that you can see here that I am being very personal. It's a very, very clear video is for k equality with a really high-quality microphone, like how I'm feeling with this class right now. All of this makes a massive difference because I can show that I'm a real human being behind this and that's what grabs attention and not many people are doing this. Fiverr say that it can really increase the views on your gig by up to a 158% just by attaching a video. So I highly, highly recommend it. Really, really underutilized skill here. As you can see on the search results, not many people are doing it for the YouTube thumbnails. They're not introducing themselves what they can do, the benefits and going through that kind of spoken version of, here's the problem and here are the challenges. Your challenges with Fiverr is getting your first sales scaling the business. And I'm here to help you learn and solve that problem through this Skillshare class. It's exactly the same thing. So I do that and it works really, really well. I then have a static image of it. It's really clear, it's really concise. You'd have countries on their a really big keyword and then the big Google, all important Google logo. Then if people want to, they can look in more specifics of the details. And then, as you can see here on the gig description. I am sprinkling some of the keywords in here. It's also completely laid out really clearly I liked the use of emojis. It's a really popular thing to do on gigs at the moment. And just in general, in general websites. So saying people, please be careful, but I've got a star or bolded the title, I've highlighted it in the orange yellow color, keeping all the paragraphs to one or two sentences, maximum and bolding things. I'm introducing some of the problem here, but I'm really, really kind of giving it fancy marketing and punch packing, gut busting, ultra SEO package. You don't need 1000 spanked backlinks. And this is why I'm trying to sell a more premium service starting from 27 pounds, going up to a 109 without any upsells on top of it. And I'll show you what the prices were, the cells in a second. But you can see here that I'm going through and building things, making it really clear. Then I say, why choose me just essentially bullet pointing with star emojis here as we go through really, really setting the whole service and then talking about the benefits of the gig. And again, he's all bullet pointed. And I'm bolding a few extra words as well here to really, really make it as great and as clear as possible. Because if it's a big paragraph of text, people aren't going to be interested in terms of the way the gig is priced as well. So I've made it really, really clear here with emojis that I've got 50 SEO about links or 100, then premium. So it kind of goes from kind of a peace symbol with hands to a fire to a huge explosion. And it's trying to communicate this idea of progression as you go through the basic, standard and premium tiers, you can have a rocket emoji for premium because it's gonna take off versus something like a mountain and getting to the top of the mountain and climbing that YouTube, youtube and Google algorithm. Also think you can do here is make sure that you separate mine with little, little dot bullet things here, but quick delivery and I'm being really clear on what they're getting phi keywords one URL, boosting the traffic and ranking white hat SEO. Here, they just kind of goes through and goes with more detail. Also make sure that if your gig offers it, put subscriptions on it as well. This is how you get repeat orders. I'm starting to build up at the moment because you'll have more month for income repeating revenue rather than how to capture one person in, is that guaranteed income every single month if you get someone to subscribe for three or for six months and just give them a little bit of a discount. What I also do here to help convert and get more money is even with the basic package, I'm still upselling the top end manual gig with it as well. Somebody asked this on, they wanted to extra fast and they won't keyword research. All of a sudden, 27 pounds turns into a 133, which is around 150 plus dollars just for one gig. And that's how when you saw on the original December data, if it's actually on this tab here, if I go back to year yearly and then here it was at the 12020. Yeah. You can see here that I'm doing half the amount of orders where the blue line is, but I'm almost doubling the amount of income, which is the lighter blue here. And that's the real fundamentals of creating a high converting gig. It has to be really eye-catching. I highly, highly recommend using a video on your gig profile. Have a look at the keyword research. That's really, really important point, the main keyword in the title put the keyword in the description. Your description should be paragraphs of no more than one to two sentences, and then the rest should be bullet points with bolds, highlights, emojis, make it really clear and make it really well laid out. And that way you're going to present yourself in the best way possible to then price your gigs at the price point that you want. 9. Generating Sales & Snowball Your Orders : Welcome back to the next class, which is all about generating your very first sale. Or if you've already done that, starting to snowball, grow and scale that all important freelance business. Now it really, really is a struggle to get those first few sales in. And you've seen on the dashboard that I've shared today and even just through my own personal experience when you're starting on Fiverr for the first time or even if you've had a break in your restarting, it's really painful at the start. It's a slow process and you'll start to see orders trickle in overtime. But there's a certain strategy and framework that I follow to snowball those orders and gets to the point from one sale in a month to having that all record breaking $6.5 thousand month via hard back in December last year. So there's an incredible way to do this that will help keep you motivated because part of it is that mindset as well. It's hard to look at Fiverr and not see any sales coming in. You've optimized the gig, you've optimize your profile. You've got the best copywriting and the role of the most incredible high converting main image on the thumbnail of the gig. But it's just not creating that sale. And this is what I do to start to snowball that effect and either get the first sale or snowball and get more sales in a month. What I've noticed is that Fiverr will promote my gig at the very start and I'll get potentially around one sale. Now, I have to read you really go to town on that sale, get the person to give me a five-star review. And I noticed that once I've done that, it'd be about two weeks later. There's a bit of a delay, I think got another order, but then all of a sudden the next order came in quicker and then the next one even quicker. And then I was getting one a day and then today in three a day than five day, then ten orders a day and more. That snowboard really started to build out. The best way to do this is use the maximum amount of gigs possible that fiber give you even as a basic salary, you have five gigs that you can create. That just goes up and up with the fiber levels like we saw in the previous video with creating a killer gig and hiking and making it high converting. When we looked at the SEO keyword research, you saw that when I typed in YouTube thumbnail, there were several different listings. Now the best way to do this I mentioned and alluded to is create five different gigs all on the same topic but using different keywords. And that way you can make sure you're covering a broad spectrum of keywords on the Fiverr algorithm. And you've also a little bit like lottery tickets. You've got five times the amount of chance to get an order, rather than just having one gig and one times the amount of chance to get an order. Instead. Like we saw with the data, there was clickbait, thumbnail, amazing YouTube thumbnail high converting YouTube thumbnail, create 1s and all of these, whether it's copywriting five, find five different keywords within the copywriting niche. Create five kids gigs centered all around of those keywords. Now you created the five gigs all around different keywords within fibers ecosystem itself, you've given yourself as a new seller the best chance possible to get yourself your very first order or start to scale up the amount of reviews because their reviews is what's going to be important here. And also just generally pushing your gig to level one, level two, and ultimately to a top rated seller. Now the next best thing that you can do is start to look externally. Now, I would never use any paid promotion when it comes to using Fiverr instead, look for organic natural promotion. But a good way to do this is Fiverr is a website that primarily caters for the business market. It's someone who has a business. For example, if I'm at home and I have a podcast, I might need Fiverr services. So everyone is running something in terms of a business when the ordering of fiber, they are willing to put money into their own business and invest. Now what I was doing when I was setting my SEO services is look on Facebook and find any local groups in the area now look for, rather than selling SEO services, are buying SEO services, which a lot people do. And I guarantee there are huge groups where people just spam or their different services instead, find local community groups on Facebook. Now the best thing to do here is find warm near your local area or within your country and find entrepreneurs, freelancers, new businesses, start-ups, those kinds of groups where you've got small companies who don't have the skills that you're offering through 5M. And then what you should be doing is not spanning the group with your service. But let's say you found a nice community group of entrepreneurs and start a businesses. When people start asking questions around your knowledge will topic. So if you do design gigs and people are asking about how decorate the best logo or where do I go? Give them value first? So think about value and then deliver your service afterwards. Instead of just saying, Hey, order on Fiverr, Hey, I'll do this on fiber. Instead, give them some help, give them some tips and tricks. Even potentially do them a quick mock-up for free and give them some ideas and then just say, by the way, I also do a professional service over on Fiverr. Just click here and order through. Answer questions, help people and be a part of the community. Because otherwise, if you join the Facebook group and start spamming your gig saying, Hey, take my services, you'll probably just get banned by the admins in the Facebook group. So join a local community group, provide value over a longer period of time. Give it a week or two and just answer questions. Be around the President, make sure people are seeing your name and become a bit of a trusted figure and authority within the Facebook group and then start to answer specific questions. You can even go back in the search history of the group and search for graphic design logo wherever it is that you're offering and see, and find people asking questions, how do I create a logo? What's the best logo here? And then give your opinion, give some value, gets some help. That person asking the question. And then a bill, by the way, on the end and then attach your Fiverr Gig to that. It's a great way to generate an initial sales because you've got trust and authority from within the Facebook group. That way you're not fighting purely on the Fiverr algorithm to get ranked up high on the search and get those visitors into clicks. Instead, you've got someone who has a need right there, right now. You're the only one competing against it. Give them some value, build your rapport with them as an individual and then give them the cell of your services. The reality is you won't need to do this forever. It's not about going on to loads of different groups up and down the country and selling your services to them. But at that very start, when you're still trying to get every sale possible in every cell really matters before then, the Fiverr algorithm then takes over. It's the in-between periods. So create the gig, make it high converting and everything we've learned in the past classes. But now, think about and find any Facebook groups that you can find where it's a local community group where you are finding your target market, be the entrepreneurs, startups, small businesses in your local area, and that's what you want to be targeting and they're held their needs. Sell your services and a few extra organic sales from Facebook to your Fiverr Gig. Now have a look on Facebook. Give it a try, see what you can find and start to help some people in those groups. In the next lesson, we're gonna be talking more about using the promoted gigs feature within the fiber ecosystem, which is a very, very new tool that they've added in the past few months in this year. And it's a great tool to get some extra sales and it's not available on day one, but I'll talk you through the whole system how it works now I've generated every $250 from $30 worth of spend. So I'll see you in the next lesson on promoted gigs. 10. Promoting Your Gigs for Profit: Welcome back. So this class is all about using the promoted gigs feature. Now it's something that's quite new that Fiverr introduced over the past year and it's not available on day one for every single seller. So take this with a pinch of salt, but at least you know, it's there to use when that snowball effect that we've already talked about. And using the Facebook promotion method in groups for local entrepreneurs and startups and small businesses. When you're five algorithms started taking over and you're getting way more organic sales purely through five or without the need for any external factors. You can then look more internally at what is the five volt promoted gigs feature. Now, this is a little bit like Google AdWords or Facebook ads where you can pay a cost per click to bump yourself up the Fiverr algorithm and make more sales. As long as you are making sure that the spend on the cost-per-click is less overall than what you're making through the gigs, which goes back to pricing your gigs correctly that we've already covered in the previous lesson. Because if you have a really, really cheap gig and it's bringing in a few sales, but you're paying a really high cost-per-click to bring people in, you might end up spending more money on the marketing, then you aren't the actual sales, which is really, really important. So I'll show you now on my screen here how this works. And I've been experimenting with this more, more recently. And it's a really, really cool feature. So at the moment I'm just promoting the one gig. Not all gigs are available to promote. Know, I've got four in total and I only have one really switched on. So you can see here that I used to have my YouTube thumbnail design. I used to promote these back in the day and it was really, really good. But the moment of money promoting the one which is the SEO backlink package, so it's switched on. But you can see here, I've managed to gain in the past 30 days 253 impressions, which is great. That's then generated 29 clicks, which is to be fair, more than a 10%, probably 1111 or 12%. Click-through rate, which is awesome. It shows that because the video that we've already covered, the I added onto my gig, I know here that it's a high converting gig when people click on it. So my problem here isn't the click-through rate. It's getting the amount of impressions getting bumped up more organically within the Fiverr algorithm. If I was on the first page for SEO backlinks, I can guarantee that if I'm already getting a ten to 12% click-through rate, I do really, really well. And that's why my whole profile exploded back in the analytics in that December when I was ranking on the first page about links and was converting really, really well. But you can see here even better. I've generated for orders, which is fantastic. Now this is where pricing your gig correctly comes in, really, really important. So you can see here that I've spent just shy of $30 on the paid promotion on the Fiverr platform. But it has brought in $245 worth of earnings, which is an incredible return on investment to spend 30 and get back 245 is phenomenal. It's almost ten x I'd say that's what eight or nine times the amount that I've brought back in because of that spend, which is absolutely awesome. Now let's look at some of the more details here. You can see that I'm spending an average cost-per-click of $1. So to get those 30 clicks, I'm putting almost, almost $30, almost $1 cost per click. And to get those awesome earnings, what I was saying earlier, that if I price my gigs at $5, like we saw with the thumbnail example where sellers were really, really underpricing themselves. If they are then spending that same $1 cost per click and they're spending 30. And if I'm making for sales at $5, my earnings would be essentially $20, some spending 30 to make 20, which is why I was saying earlier, it's really interesting to think about where your price yourself and think about a Ralph Lauren and premium brand bit of clothing compared to a really cheap dollar store or pound store item of clothing. There are markets for both ends of the spectrum, so you don't have to go with a very cheap end of it just to get some kind of cell instead, you can still market yourself as a premium service if you have an awesome video on your gig profile, the writing is perfect. You're really standing in the point. You're thinking about the problems that your customer has and how you are going to solve those problems. That's going to help you convert like I am here, into ten plus percent conversion rate or click-through rate from an impression into an actual view on the Fiverr Gig. Now that's why here, I have spent minimal and someone needs to get great profit. What this essentially showing me here is that if I add up everything, I could essentially make even more sales. And recently I've even up to this, up to a $3, which is the top you can spend. All the fibers are cost-per-click cap. So I don't mind spending $3 to quickly find out that $1. I'm already making pretty much in every 30 I'm making vehicle it kind of tan x. If I'm spending enough money to generate 900 impressions, I'm still making a huge, huge return on investment, as you can see here with the pricing, If I'm making $245, which also doesn't include the extra 100 that I've got pending at the moment as well. But this is saying this is purely on the promoter ones rather than organic. So I know for orders it definitely creates the 245 that if I just made 12 orders, for example, so I forex that, but 12 isn't a huge amount of orders to get in a month on Fiverr. I'm making almost $1000 purely from that. And I'd be spending what, 90 to $100 in terms of the spend. So awesome, awesome return. And this is a heavily under-utilized feature because it's so new. So the moment you have it available, don't be afraid to invest in your freelance business, spend some money and don't be afraid of wherever the spend is because the max is three per click and you can also set a daily max budget as well in mine has never even go near the budget. So give it a try. It's really going to help them boost some of their sales because that's an extra $245 I otherwise wouldn't have earned. So I can't wait to push this further kickback cap as high as possible and enjoy a really awesome kind of infinite return on the investment really because it's always going to make a profit. It's going to push more sales into my Fiverr profile. In the next class, we're going to touch in way more detail on the SEO side of things. We've already lightly touched on it in the previous classes, but I'm going to recap everything together, put it in one single lessons. You can understand how SEO works on the Fiverr platform to search through titles, through the gig description and also on the Fiverr profiles as well. So to check out all of the SEO stuff, I will see you in the next lesson. 11. Optimising Your Gig for Search (SEO): This is one of the most important classes which is optimizing your gig for SEO and making sure that you understand how SEO works on the Fiverr ecosystem and on the Fiverr platform. Seo, or otherwise known as search engine optimization, is a really common phrase used for normal websites linking into Google so that when someone types something in on Google yet run entirely now, SEO applies essentially to any search engine now, Fiverr in itself with the e-commerce website, when people search for things is a search engine. So I'm talking about five SEO, I mean, purely within the fiber ecosystem. But in this class I'm going to show you how the SEO works, how to find awesome keywords and just recap everything from the previous lessons where we've talked a little bit about SEO, put it all into one class and you'll really start to see exactly how the whole thing works. And ideally, the more you are optimized on your Fiverr profile, the more search you're gonna get, the more impressions. And if you've already mastered the high converting bet converting those impressions, interviews like you can see on my profile, then that's how you're gonna get more sales. So let's jump into the Fiverr website here. Now, the first thing to do is head on to find services here. Now this is an absolute goldmine. I'm going to clear my searches that doesn't come up with any and kind of preferences and anything like that. But let's say that I'm sticking to the same topic with YouTube, some of those we used it a lot already through this particular course. What I might do rather than using that is, let's have a look. Let's go for blog, article writing. This is a topic I know nothing about, but I'm going to put together and show you live on here how I would do the keyword research for this. So typing the main keyword is really, really obvious. You can even start on here and go left to right because we know that on the left is really popular as you get more and more, right? It's kind of less popular, but there's still a market there on fiber. Also looking at what's in the top-left. Because again, we know that the most popular thing is Logo Design on Fiverr huge compared to writing, which is articles. So I know that these articles are good. One, two articles and blog posts I know here using easy starting keywords, type it in here. And let's see what we've got is we've got article writing, which is what I've searched. That in itself will be a big keyword SEO article writing. It's really interesting because that mixes the core of a copywriting but with a really specific skill which is optimizing your writing for SEO purposes, that's an entire niche in itself. So you could offer blog Oscar writing or website article writing. But if it's SEO article writing, Bye, creating those five gigs we've already mentioned. Using all of these keywords. You're going to cover a really, really broad spectrum and get that all important first sale in their SEO article writing. So I'm going to write that over here. So we've got article writing, SEO article writing, and then let's have a look. Article on blog writer, interesting article, blog writer. Then what we've got best SEO article writer. I see you. What was that blog article writer with them? Best SEO article writer. Best SEO to co-writer. Then what else we got amazing article writer. So it's clear here that article writer is a good keyword and I'll say there's lots of kind of secondary keywords off the back of it. Let's have a look at SC. I'm gonna go a little bit deeper in typing SEO article, writer and just see what comes up here. Okay, yeah, so here you're at the bottom of the keywords because there's no other interesting variations. It's just the word best in front of it and SEO friendly article writing. So really, really similar variation of it. So we've got a nice list of keywords here. Now, what I'm going to do is now I think about some of the titles I could create for this. Let's actually look at what is there at the moment under SUR school writing. Okay, So we've got, I will do killer SEO content writing, article writing for blogs. I think that's not the best one in the world, especially for vlog writer. The fact that writing is in there twice isn't necessary is using a really, really important real estate in the title. This one here, one k. Let's have a look at L2 seller clearly has a lot of experience. I will do SEO article writing really, really close to that same keyword, even though writing and write two different words, it'll be the same thing in the algorithm, so it doesn't matter. But they've also managed to get blog post or content writing. Now, I think writing is in there a little bit too much. They don't particularly need it. Short and sweet is going to really play dividends here. I will do Oscar writing. It's an expert SEO blog. So they've got the word article, blog, SEO, content, writing and writer all in there together. That is a really, really genius titles. So I'm gonna copy that one and paste that into here. Let's paste it as normal text and let's have a look. There we go. That's one. I think that's a really nice one. I would do fast SEO, article writing, content writing and blogposts. I'm going to copy that. I'm going to change a little bit because it's not the best. Then actually let's take the really bad one and try and fix that as well. So this one here, I will do fast SEO article writing, content. Content blog and let's have a look. I will do fast expert SEO article writing content. Let's do it. So Oscar writing blog content because there I'm ticking the words, content, blog, writing, article, SEO, and expert, all in a sentence that makes complete sense and that's what you want to do is just go through and start creating that list. I could then think of some of my own phone to be a bit more original. I can say I will writes the best. They're not doing that I will write. I remember him one of them and amazing article writer, amazing article writing or do amazing all through writing. I will create an amazing article writing for us. Let's throw out completely fine, I've got amazing article writing and the word SEO. And you could try and squeezing blog, amazing article and blog writing. That's another great cycle. And here I've already created three out of the five gigs I need in the same niche. And if I then create a gig for each of these and just tweak the titles and descriptions for every single one that's really going to pay dividends and try and get more sales through my Fiverr profile. Then when one of the gig starts taking off, you can then D list all the other ones like high done and just focus on the breadwinner That's bringing in all of the sales because you know that that one is working really, really well. The next thing to mention on the SEO side, so let's go back to my profile and is have a look at this in a bit more detail. So when you've found some of the keywords and you've thought about the title. So you take the key words, you put the keyword in the title. Then when you're looking at the descriptions as well, make sure you're adding it into the actual product, the offerings. So my main keyword here is SEO backlinks, which you can see very clearly here. And then as you go further down the page, let's see how well I've done. It has been a while since I've looked at this. I then changed rather than putting SEO backlinks absolutely everywhere. I've essentially put in SEO package was one of them. And the rest of it is really, really hard sell. The main thing to do here is make sure you're putting the keyword in the first 100 words of your gig. Now, a lot of the gig descriptions are quite short anyway. So a 100 words could in this instance be quite far down, but the closer it is to the top. And I should in theory during be a bit of a better job on this one. Put it near the top and you can even put it into the title. So I could say welcome to five as best, SEO backlink gig and UK cell. And now I think I remember why it's not in here because I've pretty much hit the word count limit for this gig. So I was chopping and changing as much coffee as possible to try and get it to convert. And I've already clearly Goats weren't, which is fine. But that's what you need to do. Have a look through the keywords. Use the search tool, start creating your titles, which will then form your first five gigs. Start creating them all and make sure you're putting the main keyword in the title into the product and then also sprinkle it into the main description as well. And that's the best way to optimize your gig and appear for loads of loads of different search terms in fiber. Obviously my profile is a little bit different these days, but it's fine because mine is a different stage where it's level two, I'm getting sales and I don't have to go as hard on this kind of thing, get noticed because now it's more about my reviews and the authority that I've got within fiber and don't worry too much about it, but that's how I started off, that's how it worked. And it was really, really great method. In the next class we are going to be talking more about five or subscriptions and really focusing on a strategy to get repeat buyers, which he's going to bring you way more guaranteed revenue into your freelancing business every single month. I will see you in the next class. 12. Increase Profit with Subscriptions: In this class we're gonna be talking more about increasing your profit and overall revenue with repeat business and subscriptions and how to do all of this and why it's really, really important. So one of the major things that Fiverr have introduced on the platform more recently is subscriptions and repeat business, and they're even giving awards to sellers off the back of it. The reason it's so important is that if you have a trusted by, especially if that buyer is a great status or they have the fiber select status, whether a trusted by on the platform is going to really bode well on you. But it also means that the end of the day you've got guaranteed income. We don't have to fight the algorithm, pay for any promoted gigs like I do instead by getting those clients coming back for more and more. You've got guaranteed income month a month, which is fantastic. So let's have a look at the platform and I'll introduce a little bit about subscriptions and repeat business and whites really, really important. So as you can see here, let's have a look at this center that we came to it earlier because I felt this was a great example when we saw at the time, so clearly with YouTube thumbnails. And this is really interesting when you're thinking about the niche that you're choosing. Try and choose a niche where obviously yes, it fits your skills and that you can do it in the first place, but also where it's something that is needed again and again. So if it's just a one-off, that's fine, but that means you're going to struggle to get people coming back. Whereas once you gain that trust and under promised, over delivered and given that real wow moment to the buyer, they'll come back for more. And I saw this with YouTube thumbnails as well. With YouTubers, they need more videos. The means need more thumbnails. You might have an entire back catalogue of them as well that need fixing. So there is a huge amount of scope here to build the trust with someone and turn them into a longtime customer, which Phi that look because it's great for you. It's also great for them because people keep coming back to the Fiverr website to buy your services that you're offering. The great thing here is that clearly, even though he's not offering a subscription that I'll touch on in a second. Instead, just by getting repeat buyers when anyone lands on this, this is great for conversions. So you can see here that they've got a trophy and that people keep coming back. The seller has an exceptional number of repeat buyers. Now that is awesome because that shows as well as the reviews and the fact that there's 19 orders in the queue, you can clearly see here that it's a trusted seller and I'm surprised they're not top rated to be fair with the amount of money they're making from all these orders. But there you go. That's why it's really important to focus on getting repeat buyers because you get this nice stamp on the profile. It's going to really aid the conversion. Once people land on here, they're going to convert straight through. Next as well. You can see here now I just restarted backup, hence filming the course. I've got the time to go through this. This by a hair ordered off me multiple times and every single time leaving a five-star review. And that's all you want to be doing is getting more of them. Now that person ordered, I think probably about nine or around nine or ten different orders from me in total. There's only so much history shown on Fiverr, but again, awesome to get ten repeat business. And I wish that that person was still ordering now and I didn't take the break in between because that means that I'd be closer to getting this nice shiny badge on the gig and helping it convert even better. The other point that I wanted to mention is subscriptions. Repeat businesses, one of the thing. But if you offer a service where you can include subscriptions as well, which are pretty much available now on all of the good categories. Definitely look at adding this onto it. When you're in your gig editing page, you can add the subscription on there so you can subscribe for three months or six months. Now, have a think about what it is you wanted to actually offer. Now with SEO is really simple. You can just have a monthly battling King service and that's really, really simple. It's guaranteed income, it's going to be coming in, you know, it's going to land and you don't need to fight for space on the search results or pay for any paid promotion because you know that that subscription is guaranteed for three or six months fast either a quarter or half a year's worth of income, There's gonna be guaranteed. The more subscriptions that you can get on your Fiverr profile, the more top-line revenue that you're going to make, which is awesome. And you can kind of start to project and forecasts the rest of the business. Now have a think about what it is you're gonna be offering SEO, which really simple because you just then provide a monthly bad linking services. But if it's designed instead, could you provide X amount of design resource within a monthly periods? So almost that person high as you want a retainer from an even higher price, almost like hiring a freelancer for a monthly basis. Or could you, for example, if you do copywriting, provide a word limit of three to 5 thousand words month for a 100 pounds, 200 pounds, whatever it is in dollars, provide that on a monthly basis and then just keep track of well, that person orders in the month and if you hit the limit, that's it. They can pay a bit of extra for it. There's many, many ways to create subscriptions. It doesn't mean that you have to give that one client five logos a month or a new logo every single month because the client isn't gonna want the new logo every month, but they might need design services and monthly basis. So one month you're creating them a logo and a business card. The next month it might be a banner, YouTube thumbnail. The next might be a leaflet or a booklet or a poster, and that's how you can start to sell those services. So pause now, have a look through your skills and the gigs that you are starting to create. Have a think about how you create a subscription plan. Is it that your time that you're setting, is it more deliverables and a monthly basis that you could sell it through it and start to piece that together. Have a look on your profile and look at turning it on. It's a great feature and a great way to get some more guaranteed income. In the next class, we are going to be talking about five-star reviews and really getting into the framework behind under promising and over-delivering to create those awesome delight moments or moments of delight for your customers on Fiverr, which ultimately transform into five-star reviews. I look forward to seeing you in the next lesson. 13. 5* Reviews - Under Promise & Over Deliver: In this lesson, we're going to explore all about five-star reviews and creating those magic moments of delight your customers, which is going to pay dividends to repeat orders, subscriptions in awesome reviews, which all really help you in the fiber algorithm to rank higher and get more sales and create that snowball process. This is one of the biggest secrets that I've always followed too. It gets to the point where I have twenty-five thousand dollars worth of orders, over 1.5 thousand orders and 1000 positive reviews on my Fiverr profile. So as I've mentioned many times and I'll keep saying it throughout the rest of the class. It's all about under promise and over-deliver. And now this is really, really crucial. You still need to get the right balance of setting your services make people go, Wow, this is an awesome premium products or service they're offering. It looks absolutely fantastic. Don't undersell yourself like some people are doing on Fiverr. But then leave a little bit back. For example, let's say you're doing backlinks in the SEO world like I am, promise that you're going to deliver a 100, but then deliver a 110. Just a nice little bow moment when people see that and you can actually say, hey, I've delivered some free actual links for you. There'll be more than delighted with that. If you do design, for example, you could offer a logo, but then either checking the PSD Photoshop file for free or give them a free mockup of a business card, just something extra they didn't know was coming and had no idea that he was going to do if it's copywriting, say that you're gonna do an article that is 250 words instead, give them 300 and give them a little bit extra with some awesome SEO touches on top of it as well. It really, really helps in that way, as we were saying in the other class about not underpricing yourself in the market. Instead, you can have a high premium products and still give that extra wow in the delivery. And that makes people want to buy with you again, it's going to make them give you a five-star review because they're really happy with it and they're really, really impressed with the overall service. Now, to do this, I follow something known as the caddy framework. Cad and I, now this is an awesome framework that focuses on care, attention, details and interests as well. So let's jump in and I'll show you on the screen all about this framework and focusing on this caddy framework, the c, the a, the D and the I to create those wow moments. So the first is care. Now this is all about taking the time to understand the customer's business needs and challenges. Take that time to understand it, as well as making it a personal service for them to understand how you are going to solve their problem. They have a business, they have a need, they have a challenge to have a problem wherever it is. You can solve it by understanding it and taking that time to Karen understand about it. That's where you're going to help. You also need to understand their mission and what they're trying to achieve as well. By doing this, you can really show that empathy and be on their side and be that person that's going to help solve their problem because that's what they're looking for. Secondly, is attention now renamed to respond quickly and in depth with helpful replies. Now, I went our experience being a buyer on Fiverr, it really is hitting mess. Even some of the top rated sellers and level two cells that are doing really well aren't doing a very good job. And even though they might upload a sales, they might have a really rubbish response process. And I've seen many kind of big sellers on Fiverr have this particular problem where they're too busy doing the actual work and instead they can't actually focus on the customer service. Respond quickly and have in-depth, helpful replies. If their names in the username, pull out that name and just say, Hey Chris for example, or hey Jamie, and use that name. It's a personal greeting. It shows that you're not just giving them some kind of bought time response, even though we'll be talking about quick responses later on, you can still make it personal. And within that, which is great. And if they ask any specific questions or have any particular words, answer them very specifically and tell me exactly what you're gonna do to solve that problem. And that will go down really, really, really well. We've shown the care, we've given them the attention. Next is the details. Now in the details, ask your client questions to get clarity and avoid any mistakes on your part. And also by talking to them and asking questions. You can get them talking and show that you're just as best that in their businesses what they are. So if you get them talking, they're spending time as well, building rapport with you and spending that time to talk to you rather than just having a bit of a cold communication that really, really helps how good of a dialogue going and get them talking is going to be great. It's a great sales tactic that is used when you're buying a car, buying a house. That's why when you have a look around for a house, the estate agent will always ask you questions about washing situation, where at the moment what you're looking for and getting you to visualize and talk about all of it and what you want essentially. And then they will say, Well, we can solve the problem with this household at house. And lastly is interest. Now this is all about upselling your regular services or subscriptions. You show them the care you've given them, the attention you've done. You've gone through all of the details and last is the interests, so you want to keep them interested at the end, we've under promise with over-deliver DE, we've created that wow delight moment. Now it's about saying, Hey, I also offer this service or that service, or if you want to build upon what you've already ordered. For example, if it's a logo, I can instead or as well create you a business card. We can create a whole brand on a website and really start to showcase your services here and show them that you wanted to help grow their business. Next is telling them that you look forward to working with them again as well. Make sure you say this. You've had an awesome experience. They were about to give you a five-star review. Satan, that you can't wait to work together again and you look forward to when that is. And then lastly, you can also up-sell the subscriptions as well. So if you've just delivered someone who logo through fiber, you don't have to give them a logo every month because that's not going to open. It said you could say, Hey, if you enjoyed working together, you could consider a three-month subscription. And I will give you x amount of design work or hours every single month. Because if it's a new business, having almost like a part-time member of staff in the business is really exciting. It's going to help them grow, will have loads of needs and they can give you ten hours worth of work for whenever price that is every single month and it's gonna be guaranteed income for you. It's going to look great for the fiber algorithm and it works well for everyone. So by following this caddy framework is really, really helped me create those wow moments. I hope that was really useful. If you follow this to a T, it's really going to help have that awesome customer experience and it will help you go a really long way and overall build that snowball, the Fiverr snowball to get more orders in a single day and start growing and scaling that business. In the next class, I'm going to create a gig from complete scratch. Now I've already done some of the SEO keyword research. I'll use the same topic, but we'll go through creating the title, writing the description, and you'll get a full transparent view of how I, as an experience Fiverr seller would create a brand new gig from scratch. So this is gonna be really exciting. I will see you in the next class. 14. Demo - Creating a High Converting Gig: Welcome back. So in this particular class, we're actually going to be going through a live view of how I would create a gig from complete scratch. Looking at the SEO research that we've already done, utilizing all of the skills that were picked up in the class so far and implementing all of those tips and tricks that we've learned. So this is taking what we've learned and now applying it. And you can have an over the shoulder view of how I would personally do this. Use this video as many times as possible to really get a view of how it works. So I'm gonna stick with my current research that we've done so far. So looking at the copywriting service with the research and the titles, and let's jump in and I'll show you how to create an awesome high converting, highly optimized gig to give you the greatest chance of success. And if you times it by five and max out your gigs, then you're definitely going to get your very first sale or start to scale up the business. So here we are on the Fiverr page now, I'm gonna go into here to start with them back to the keywords that we've got and the titles. Now I've done three titles for the sake of estimating integrate one gig. The next thing to think about after the keywords, the titles. Next, which is the problems and the challenges. Now this is thinking about putting your shoes in the customers. So putting your feet in the customer's shoes and think about as a business owner, what am my problems and challenges when it comes to the service that again to offer. So here it's article writing. So some of the problems and challenges are possibly that I'm not fluent at writing in English. It could be that I don't have the time to write lengthy articles or I don't understand how to create SEO content best for a website. Let's think about some more. I'll try and get to five problems and challenges. My spelling isn't the best, is the best. And then one more which could be, let's have a think about this. What problems in China's could someone have? Then either one would be, I'm too busy focusing on the business too. Think about, well, even to generate content and articles, you've got five palms and challenges. And this is why it's really important because you're thinking, putting your shoes of yourself in the shoes of the customer and thinking about how did your service meet those needs. These are the needs of your customer and that's why it's really important. And we're gonna come back to this as we start to create the gig in more detail. On this tab here, I've opened up a brand new gig page. As you can see here, the title. I will see you can't change the I will bet. You can see there. I will x it doesn't let you change it. So always has to start with I will now, I already did the heavy lifting earlier with a keyword. So take your keywords, write them into some titles. Now out of these three, Let's have a look and I will do article writing as an expert here. Look confident writer. That's a good one because that's got writing expert SEO blog content in there all in one, I will do fast experts erasing. I kind of liked that one actually. I will do right now. I do like the top one. Actually I will do Oscar writing as contact myText, got all the keywords in there. So let's have a look at that. Awesome. It's saying here the shorter titles, cell bath, which is fine because it's copied the eye. Well, let's get rid of that. There you go. Perfect. So I will do article writing as an experts SEO blog, content writer. It's got all of the prime keywords in there. It's a great length and even it is saying that it's perfect, which is fine. Then put this into, let's say I'm specifically looking at SEO content is going to be website content, which is fine. My main language here is going to be English. Where has it gone? It's right here, somewhere. There it is. Search tags. Now a search tags are really important. The best thing to use here is just go back to your main keywords and put them in. Here I'm going to put in article writing, SEO content. Let's try again. Okay, let's just use these ones. Say your article writing, they don't have to appear in the actual tool here, which is absolutely fine. Article writing, SEO article writing. Next one article and blog writer. All I'm doing is taking exactly what was in that search result that we saw that it's the most popular searches on Fiverr. And in theory, exact matching them into the cake. It's simple as that. That's the first page done. So let's go to the next one now. Scope and pricing. So you want to offer packages. You want to go over the basic standard, the premium. Now let's name the package and I'm going to call, if I'm gonna do blog posts, I am going to think about my emojis and also the names of them to really make itself. So I'm gonna start with, we're going to put the rocket and the premium because I like the idea of it was actually already there. Rocket is gonna be in there. The standard, I want a mountain, this one to show that you're gonna be climbing something. And then maybe I'm gonna make this a really crazy or stone emoji. Let's do a crystal. Basic. Standard and Premium. Now, I'm going to offer 250 word SEO article, 500 word SEO article, and then premium 1000 word super SEO article. I'm also going to put founded word, something. Think of another one. Powerful. Actually let's do it. Let's do put super in this one, Super esco article and then ultra articles here you're really selling the service and this is all copywriting marketing. At the end of the day, it's the same amount of light. There's only one way to do an esco SEO article. All I'm doing here is adding the extra kind of marketing and glitz around it. So this is going to be 250 word SEO article optimized for Google search and organic traffic. Then here I'm going to just leave it up a little bit more. 250 words super SEO article, or I'm gonna put super optimized. Let's get rid of that one. Super optimized for awesome Google search and organic traffic. Then that's founded words as well. 500's would SEE article and then 100000. Let's copy this and just tweak it. For the sake of time. One thousand word ultra SCO article. Completely optimized for awesome. I'm gonna use the word ultra again, ultra Google search and high organic traffic. So I'm just kind of beef in Europe every single time as we go along delivery time, I'm gonna do this in two days. I do this in three days, and let's do this in five days because it's still the amount of time. Words included two hundred and fifty five hundred ten hundred number of pages. Well, they're all kind of maybe one, maybe two for that one. That's a bit of a strange question because it's all about the words, SEO keywords. Let's say I'm going to choose one for that one too, for that 13 keywords for that one. Revisions, usually the best thing to do is just do unlimited. It's a really, really great way to upsell a service on Fiverr. So the price here, I haven't researched the pricing, so I'm just going to just use an illustrative example, but you don't want to undersell yourself. So you could start from five I, because for example, I live in the UK, I could utilize on that and use that as one of my marketing selling points. Nika start for example, at 15 for that one. Now, naturally I'm gonna have to do all that to 30 or maybe you give them 25. For 500 is it's double the amount of words minus little discount. Then for that one, that would be essentially I could do that for 40. So that again, that's under the discount on the back of it, or I could maybe push it to 42 and get a little more out of it, which is fine. Now we're going to add the extra services. So here I'm going to charge an extra $10 because that's going to be cheaper than my 15 to 250. For an extra 250 words. They're there. I'm gonna do that. I will. All I could charge an extra 20 for I'm going to go for a little bit more than many miles is 500. For an extra pharyngeal, I'm gonna get a 20. Let's do 20. Oh, I see. Actually I've missed the point here. So this is an upsilon, the basic standard and premium. So I'm going to make these all the same actually. So I'm going to charge, I'm going to go for the extra 500 words. I'm going to charge an extra 25. I'm going to go into the same primary, 2423, actually twenty-three dollars on these for an extra family, whereas it's a little bit cheaper than that one. But it means that they're going to get that $40 package plus an extra 25 to make it a really beefy, super high optimized SEO article. Not going to do extra faster than you could do that for the sake of this, I'm not fill in. When you go through all of this, you could also add additional keywords. So again, for an extra 15, I'm going to add an extra two days potential keyword. Then pretty much that add as many gig extras as possible. Think about how you can do this, but for the sake of time on this video, I'm going to skip through it. I'm also going to add some subscriptions here. I'm going to give a discount of 5% for 3, 10% for six, Save and Continue. Now, the best thing to do here is go back onto fiber. And I'm going to use my gig is a writing comparison point just to make things a little bit easier. So choose a really good gig that you like. And here, I'm actually just going to copy this to make it really easy and just tweak it for this particular gig. Get rid. This very first thing to do here is welcome to find as best as you guys have. So I'm gonna get rid of this and say welcome to fivers. Most powerful because it's about SEO here. Most powerful. Uk based. Copyrighting. Then the main keyword is article. I'm going to go for SEO article writing. You'll hear this now go back to the problems and challenges. So thinking about the problem challenges we wrote in here, I'm going to start to implement those now into the gig. So if you're struggling for time in your business or not sure how to create ultra powerful SEO article writing. This gig can help you. Ultra powerful than this kicking I help you. I'm going to highlight this as well just to make it look extra cool. Then you've got your main title highlighted with some marriages. I've got a bold subtitle and then now we go into the main copy. So here in this section, let's have a look. Sorry, I'm not fluent in writing in English. I don't know at the time that the articles, I don't understand this man who is best to really focus on the adrenergic. So let me take over one of the most powerful parts of your business to help generate sustainable and powerful, organic traffic to your website through ultra powerful. Insert keyword again, SEO article writing. Blogs and websites, I'm just sticking an extra keywords there as well. Then let's just put a hyphen in-between there. If you find outsourcing this to an expert who can create perfectly crafted, natively written English SEO articles. You will be able to focus on growing your business. Even further. Awesome, Cool. So you're thinking about the challenges and how you solve it. Because then i is a bit in there and ago I don't have time. I don't enjoy writing that wouldn't do it. Yes, this was my problem. Then you want to really sell the light? Why choose me and maintenance personal. Why you choose me? I'm going to get rid of all those and just start at the top. I'm a UK native writer based in London. Let's just copy the emerging I'm unexperienced SEO seller on Fiverr, I'm gonna say 10000 plus orders. Over 1 thousand positive five-star reviews. What else can I put here as well? I choose mean personalized service to best help your unique business perform cool, I think for in that case is more than enough us all we need, they'd benefits to the gig. Let's have a look through here. So, powerful SEO, let's put the keyword in. Whereas SEO article writing, powerful SEO article writing for your website or blog gets organic traffic from Google by ranking your website. And Google. That's highly researched, perfectly crafted content to serve a useful purpose to your viewers. This class is again a little bit longer now, so I'm going to wrap things up here, but you kind of get the idea. You want to start with a nice, clear, easy time for using the keyword. Have an awesome subtitle. Think about the challenges that the bio is facing and how you're gonna fix them, then go into the hard sell on you as a person and why they should choose you, as well as the benefits of the gig and always make sure you sign it off with. I look forward to working with you and stay off of the name is just a nice little touch. Awesome. And That's really all you need to do. The next thing I would focus on in more detail, he's adding FAQs. You can add a maximum of ten and I recommend fitting all tanks. It just makes the gig look way more complete as a page and it's really, really helpful. So can I order more woods then? Provided? Yes. Just pop ads and it's just recapitalize that. Just pop an add-on. When you order before paying through, adds more words if you require longer articles. Awesome, and then I'll just do one more. That's an FAQ. Let's think of another one. How do you best optimize? Do these articles work for SEO and ranking my website in Google? Yes, these are highly crafted SEO articles using years of research and knowledge to best craft the structure around your target keywords to perform as high as possible. In Google, awesome, fill that out, create ten FAQs. Fairly old Alex, it'll really make any difference. But you can see here, I do this on my, I see a gig and it just pads out of the page. It makes it look way more established and wave will fall. And it's that whole idea around credibility in premium, this Save and Continue. Yes, awesome. Then we need to do is create all your requirements. So here is, what is your target keyword that's required? What country are your customers? I know whether to write in US or UK English and fill out all the questions, ask as much as possible about their business, their challenges. What you want to achieve from this copywriting. That's I can include stuff like that. Really, really helps hit Continue. And then the very last point here is then uploading your gig images. So as I mentioned earlier, create a video, upload a video just like I've done here on my gig, just here, it's gonna be way better than a static image. It makes it way more personal and you come across a way more professionally. So pop the video onto there. You can see here that I think that video is increased user engagement by 40%, which is an incredible stats. You really, really need to utilize that because a lot of people don't utilize it. And then pull up your three really clear, really high-quality gig images as well. As well as then your documents, which is your portfolio to show the skill of the writing, and then you're pretty much ready to publish. I'm going to save and preview. They're not actually published this to live, but that is how to create it in a nutshell. I hope you found that useful. Follow all of these steps and feel free to go back to the start of the class to watch this all over again of how to craft an incredible title, a high converting description. I have followed this method and it has really, really helped. Gets to the point where I've had over 1.5 thousand orders on Fiverr. So pause here, take some notes, try and write your own gig and really go for it. And this is already forming part of the class projects in the class homework. In the next class we're gonna be focusing more on your Fiverr profile and how to make that extra high converting to bring more people in who land on your profile first and then onto the gigs, shall see you in the next class. 15. Creating a Strong Profile: In this lesson, we're going to look more at the actual Fiverr profile and understanding how to optimize and craft your Fiverr profile to make it stick and make it converts as well. Because when people are checking you out with the first time, especially when you have new gigs with no reviews, there'll also be looking at your profile as well. So here on the screen you can see my current profile. So it's great that I've got 957 reviews, 4.9 on average, which is great. But obviously if you're just starting out on five-year, not going to have that. The main first thing to mention is that you always want to make sure that you are on line five. And this is really important because when you search through gigs, you can search for online sellers only. So you want to be in those top amount of people. Again, thinking about all those different gigs there, we sort over 200 thousand in one of the previous lessons. In this case, you want to make sure that your online, your whittled down. And sometimes when people are searching for level two sellers online, I'm one of light two or three people in my particular niche, which is awesome because that's how you're gonna get an extra sales. So make sure if you're working in the day, just Habitat Open with Fiverr on it so that if you're getting messages, at least you're always online. You don't have to be looking at natural website and just make sure that tab is open or minimized. And that will class as you being online. As you can see, here's a few things that I do. So the main thing is having a nice clean username if you can kind of make it your name in some way, shape or form and highly, highly recommend that again, makes it more personal. Here is the tagline. So at the moment I'm all about SEO backlinks, which also remember is one of the main keywords that we searched in one of the earlier classes. Likewise, for article writing, I'll use the word article writing in there. I'm a UK article writer for SEO blogs and articles, that kind of thing. That is really, really key to get the keywords in there that are in your niche and make sure it's really clear. Then as you go down and make sure you're adding an awesome description here, talk about yourself, your experience. This is where it should be really setting yourself. And again, make sure you are thinking about the problems and the challenges of the business and putting those into here. Now, I'm talking about understanding when I was still wet YouTube thumbnails, we used to sell those. But the problem was, I want a higher conversion rate. How do I create a thumbnail that makes people tick and makes them click through to the next video. And that's why I was touching on in this description here. So I touch on that. I've been on fire a long time. I've got all the experience and also told you about how my experience helps solve the problem of the bio. That's really, really crucial. So thinking about the challenge, solve the challenge, putting the keywords and really sell yourself in the description that will really go down a tree. Adding the languages, if you can wherever possible, take as many tests as possible because this will add more credibility to your Fiverr profile. I have no idea whether it actually impacts your rankings. There's no proven stats or data behind that. But if you're new and you've got no orders, it can't hurt to do it whatsoever. Link some of your accounts are linked to my Facebook and Google to add more credibility, again with the skills, add as many as possible linked to whatever you're selling, try and exact match the keywords if you can. And also, for example, with SEO, I had to go through and examine, prove that I was knowledgable enough to be able to sell the gig in the first place. So the more exams and tests you can take on Fiverr again, the better it's going to help you and benefit for you these days that anybody had education I used to. But again, if you're a new seller and you've got not that many reviews compared to my 900 reviews that I've got here is going to be really good. It can really, really help you show your credentials. And likewise for any certifications as well, add those in. It's really easy just to add it from wherever school, college, online course, wherever it is, you can add those in. The key lesson here is all about filling out the profile, the main bits of the tagline on your actual profile and then description. So as we recapped, make sure you're using the main keyword that you've researched. Think about the challenges and problems of the business and explain how your experience solves really easily that problem or challenge that the business may be facing. That way you're going to have the best profile possible that when people kicking new gig and they check out your profile as well, the profile is going to aid the gig, and the gig aids the profile and the two go hand in hand as well. If you have multiple gigs, people will start to have a look around those as well. In the next lesson, we're gonna be talking about scaling up with quick responses. When you start to get that snowball of orders, it can become quite overwhelming. And obviously we need to be making sure we're meeting Fiverr metrics and responding within 24 hours, which for me at times has been really difficult. Quick responses are an awesome tool on Fiverr, but you need to make sure you're using them correctly and still adding that customer delight that we've already talked about in the review section. So adding in personalizations answering questions rather than just having a generic blank response, that doesn't really touch on the needs of the customer in that question. So we'll dive into that in the next lesson. 16. Efficient Orders with Quick Responses: In this lesson, we're going to learn about scaling up with quick responses. Now this is one of the newer tools in Fiverr, but has really, really helped me get out some sticky situations and just manage sometimes what I've been 101520 messages every single morning when I wake up, it really, really helps, especially because a lot of buyers on Fiverr asked for pretty much the same things. The worst thing you could do though, is just have a automated response and just send that every single time because it's not personalized. And going back to the caddy framework that we learned in one of the earlier lessons. You still need to show that you care, you need to show attention, needs to show detail and interest in the buyer. And that's what's going to create all of that customer delight altogether. The way I do this is the bulk of my responses are automated, but I then throw in things like their name or if they ask any specific questions, Does this section to answer those as well? It means that when I'm out and about or if it's a weekend anime, I've got my phone on me, I can see a message come in. I can respond to it really quickly, so I keep my response time really quick. And I could attach all the files and send them a really long personal message and it's a great customer experience. So let's dive in and I'll show you an example of one of the recent orders that I had and how the whole thing worked. So as you can see here on the screen, this is a Fiverr select by a now Fiverr when they have a look at certain buyers, if someone orders loads of different gigs works for loads of different sellers on Fiverr, they themselves like the sellers and the levels will also get some kind of awesome status. So I can see that this person with a kind of King crown icon is a Fiverr select by means that we ourselves will love them. They're focused, committed, and experienced, and the honest and now Fiverr works and it means that they're going to order and usually have no major issues. Even when they sent me this straightaway, it's said that there are farmers like buyer and it's kind of Fiverr warning you to give a good service. Essentially, it's true because this person who also ordered a second time off me and this was only two weeks ago when the first message out. So he said, hi Matt. What kind of website approach backlinks on. Thanks Mark. So here his username is empty pool. However, I can see here that his name is Mark. What you don't want to do is just on your quick responses. Add in a really generic phrase that takes their username as a dynamic tag instead greet this person by the name Marks. I said, hey Mark, how are you? So I put in the word mark there. All of this here is all automated pretty much. And then I also say to them, in this is pretty much ready to go. I'm ready to kick off with you and get the order started to converting them familiar lead into an actual sale. That should have something I have to ask him to check because some gigs aren't allowed. And I then really set the context and the foundations a bit and expectations, tell them what I offer, what happens afterwards. I've also then attach some samples because that's what people always ask for. So I always attach these and they can look at all the reports, how things work, and they'll get really good flavor of what I'm offering. Then they started to go through this was all after the order and he just didn't spot something in, so I corrected it, which is fine. But that's pretty much it in a nutshell. So just that one simple message converted straightaway into an order and then now into a second-order, which is amazing. So you can see here, this person has ordered twice off of me totaling $140, once on February 17th, sorry, that was due on once would have been at the start of February and then at the middle of February after delivered the first one. So awesome, awesome, awesome. And he picked my middle package. I ordered 50 or a 100 or 250 backlinks. He ordered my middle package, which is awesome and of the upsells on that to him, which is great. To use this. I'm going to pick another one, Higgs, it's because I've got an active order with them. It won't let me actually show you. So I'm going to just choose another random person here. You click on here quick responses. And I essentially have loads Hou Fei get inquiry in. I would then click on SEO find to go. You can see here that it automatically puts in their username, which is fine. If I see their name is in there, which I can see here. Then again, it looks like the word Dylan is clearly a name. So I could say, Hey, the len, how you then order that is completely automated. And then all I have to do then is go in and attach all of the samples and reports that are usually attached to them. And that is showing care. And part of the caddy system is showing care if Shang attention, it's showing detail and it's showing interest in them, asking them more about the business, really setting the service. But again, here, under promising 500 hundred, two hundred, I usually deliver about 6010 or 220 backlinks is my actual delivery. That's how I managed the two. But hopefully that has been useful in helping you understand how to really quickly respond to people when you start to get loads of messages, which I did at that December peak that we saw in the analytics. This system really, really helps me stay on top of things, but also sticking to the caddy framework and the system, deliver that quality and customer service even when things get busy and tough. In the next class, I'm going to show you exactly what I do when I delivered. And you'll see a live delivery to a customer and seeing that whole experience using quick responses and using my whole process and how that works. I will see you in the next lesson to deliver a live gig to a live customer. I can't wait to see you in the next lesson. 17. Demo - Delivering a Live Order: Welcome back. In this lesson, we're going to deliver a live $70 SEO order to the person that actually you've just seen in the previous lesson. Now this was pre-recorded, so my top and closer getting completely changed in a second. But it goes through the live process of using quick responses and automating as much as the process as possible. And it's fine when you have one or two orders. But when you have 101520 orders on the go, like you see with some of these sellers when you look through the search results, it's really important to have these quick responses and systems set up so that you can quickly deliver, deliver, deliver, respond, respond, respond. And that's how you're going to stay on top of the file biometrics, otherwise, 90% sounds like it's easy at the moment, but when you've got 20-odd is to deal with it can very quickly get on top of you say That's something to bear in mind without further ado checkout this pre-recording and delivering a live audit to a live customer and how the whole system works. Let's explore what happens on the Fiverr dashboard. So what you can see on the screen here is a live view of my current orders that I've got at the moment. So I've got two orders. One is $70 and the other is thirty-five dollars, one is delivered. This is all about systems and processes. And whenever a new buyer reaches out to me for any of the services, the main thing that I do straightaway is go over all of those requirements they've ordered with me and then I send him an auto response. So if you go on to use quick responses, you can see here, I've got loads around SEO started SEO delivered examples if they're asking for a bit of a portfolio. And as well as some of the prestige packages that we offer as well. It is really, really streams, line, streamlines being able to speed up the whole delivery process. So they made the order, and then literally 1520 minutes later, I swear on my phone, generated the auto response and just told him, Hey, thanks for ordering. It's now under way and I'll be finishing up within 72 hours. I then hand the details of the order to my SEO supplier and they then start the whole process and we'll deliver it usually within 48 hours. Now the gig itself is seven days, so I do allow a little bit of delay if they have any public holidays, weekends, etc. But otherwise, let's go through and deliver this order. Now. I've just had the delivery and the SEO report from my service provider. What I'm gonna do here is on my a quick responses actually now when you click on delivery now and then on here, I'm gonna go onto SEO delivery, which then thanks the buyer for buying it and explains what happens next in the process, and also encourages them to leave a review as well. Then I upload the work or I can essentially click and drag. So I'm gonna do that on my other screen here. I drag that in there. Then what I also attached to every single order is a little video that kind of helps explain a little bit more detail about the order, what happens next, because SEO can be confusing. So by dragging that video on there, it's a nice little touch because they get this quite personalized video, nice generic. And I attach this to every single gig, but it's directly addressed to them as a buyer. And it just explains the whole scenario. It essentially is a repeat of this text here that we've got in the gigs delivery. But again, it's a really nice touch and a lot of sellers don't do this on Fiverr. And it's what helps me get all of these five-star reviews because the buyers are wowed by this service. As simple as that, I got the report from my supplier. I've got the video that already pre-recorded and deliver on every gig. I've done the Auto Text and quick response on their hit the liver. And then that's a $70 order done really quickly automated without me having to do the actual manual work on all of this. And there you go. They've got the message, they've got the delivery and that still processing, I would say because I was too quick, but it's still processing and that'll show us a nice video on the screen, as well as their fully delivered report. And that's really as simple as it is in terms of delivering, providing a great customer experience and service on Fiverr. I hope that was useful and you've seen what it takes now to create a automated response system using quick responses on fiber and how quick it makes the entire process when you're dealing with multiple orders. In the next lesson, we're going to learn more about scaling and growing your business beyond you doing the work. So lot of people watching this will be doing the work itself. And a lot of their previous lessons that we've touched on is, what are your skills, what are you good at? And then translating that into Fiverr gigs. But when he starts to grow, what you want to do is find a team of people who can do the actual work for you because the best businesses in the world, or where the owner, which is you can step away from working in the business and instead focus on the business. You can step away from the article writing the design, the SEO, and outsource it to a supplier. And this is where pricing it correctly really, really, really becomes very important because you price it right. That means you can then make a margin. You pay your supplier, you make a margin and you're essentially you'd have a business that's working for you, making money without you doing the actual work, and instead, you focus on the business side of it. So I look forward to explaining all of this in the next class. 18. Scaling Up With Suppliers: Welcome back to the penultimate lesson in this Fiverr Skillshare class. Now, this is really exciting, is this is one of the most important lessons. Now, we've learned over the course of all of these lessons how to understand Fiverr, the level systems, the metrics you should be targeting. We've covered the caddy framework to delight customers and get as many authorities as possible. We've looked at strategies to get your very first sale by creating as many gigs as possible, centered around five major keywords. We've looked at how to craft and create a gig. We've looked at so many more things like quick responses, the list goes on. Hopefully it has been a really, really inspiring and useful course so far. This is one of the most important lessons because at some point your Fiverr profile will start to grow and grow. And I'm speaking purely from personal experience here. I, when I created my both the design gig with the thumbnails and also SCO. It got to a point where I was making ten or 15 new orders every single day. Now, when you're doing this work yourself, it can be really hard because Fiverr is a 247 business. They do allow a tolerance when you're in at nighttime in your time zone, but otherwise the audit is still going to come in. So I was waking up to ten to 50 new orders and having to spend all day doing it, which is hard when you've got a day job or when you want to spend a day off on the weekend, the reality is on fire, but there's only so much you can do until you reach your max capacity to be able to deal with all of the inquiries, to deal with all of the actual work itself within the gigs, then all the time it takes to deliver them. And that's why I made the decision to step back. And this is where a business owner, you start to create systems and processes. And as you really then start to grow and scale the business, you go from freelancer, the business owner is still on the Fiverr platform and this is where you go from making $1000 a month to like how he's doing when he was making I was making 6.5 to $7 thousand a month, which is really, really crazy. This we encompasses everything that we've learned so far in the entire course because pricing your gig right, is really important as I've explained many times. And this is why, because as you grow in scale, you want to make sure that you can find a supplier that would provide you the exact same service if not, do a better job than what you would do for a cheaper price. So let's say I priced my gig at $20. If I'm paying my supplier five to $10, I then make a mark upon that by charging the customer 20 and essentially you take whatever's left after all the fiber fees. But It's not a bad thing to do because you are doing the marketing, you doing the hard work, you're doing all the inquiry's, you're doing all the delivery a bit. And it's fine to in Article I had called ghostly white labeling, ghost labeling, ghost writing. There's loads different terms for this. So I have an SEO supplier because SEO is my main gig on Fiverr at the moment, and I'm looking to get into ghost writing as a service. And I have the fancy video on the gig. I have a high converted gigawatt, 1000 five-star reviews, which is great because I can bring in the orders. I then collect all that information, send it to my supplier who then delivers the gig from anywhere from $5 up to $70 depending on how many backlinks, whether it's automated or manual. But either way, wherever the customer orders on Fiverr is always a lot more than what I will pay my suppliers, classic classic business, whether it's your favorite big clothing brands, They'll buy clothes cheap and sell them higher. And it's all based on marketing, which is why we've gone through creating a real premium gig that you can sell for a higher price rather than just undercutting everyone because it doesn't really work in the long term and it's not sustainable, which is what this is all about. So I get an order, for example, of $70 on my gig or at the very bottom one, which is thirty-five dollars now, thirty-five dollar gig comes in. I pay my supplier $5 for that. That means I'm left with $30. However, five is still take their fee as well, so that usually turns into about $25 after everything else. So I'm left with $20 from a thirty-five dollar order is my profit for my time. That's the deal with the inquiries to hand it over the time taken it over to the supplier to take it back to then deliver the report, we will look quick responses. And by doing this at scale with a quick responses and having a supply, it means I can purely manage the in and outside of the business of inquiries in and the sales back out being completed. And that's how you scale and build a big business on fiber. When you're creating your gigs, you really, really want to think about the type of niches you can go into where you can also outsource for an affordable fee, or you have to do is go into other websites like oDesk There are loads out there where you can find awesome companies everywhere in the world that we'll be able to provide the services you need for an affordable price at great quality that you can then provide to your customers. And rather than you doing the work or you're doing is outsourcing to your wider team. And Fiverr are supporting this more and more now with Fiverr teams where they acknowledge the agencies. Do you want to work on fiber? This is an allowed practice and it's perfectly fine and it's just stepping through business to the next level. And that really is one of the most important lessons that you should be planning towards that scale and growth. And that's how you'll start to make a lot more money in the long term and how I made an awesome amounts of money on Fiverr. I hope that's been really, really useful and it really does tie everything that I've tried to teach and get across in this class. There's one more lesson after this, which is talking about the class project, which is really, really exciting, wrapping everything up into a final conclusions. So I look forward to seeing you in the very final lesson of the course. 19. Class Project & Conclusion: Welcome to the final lesson of the Fiverr course. I hope it's been incredibly useful. There are loads of awesome tips and tricks that we've gone into in loads of detail. And it's never seen before from what his a level two and top-rated seller account on Fiverr. I hope it's been great and it's inspired you to create your own freelancer profile and build your own awesome, wildly successful business on Fiverr and freelancing all over the internet as well. This course is all about being an entrepreneur and being a freelancer and building the online income on the side, which is more important than ever in this ever-increasing remote world. In all of the classes we have covered, how to understand Fiverr, the leveling system, the metrics, how to create high converting gigs SEO research, optimizing for search, understanding what the best practices are, scaling, sizing and growing the business, having the best practices, the caddy framework, care, attention, detail and interest to create those customer delight and wow moments to get five-star reviews that let the list is completely endless, but I hope it's been really, really useful now for one of the important bits in the course, which is the class homework. So take everything you've learned in this course, feel free to go back and watch as many lessons as possible as a reference. And now it's up to you to put all of this into practice because unless you start creating those gigs, you're not going to start creating money through freelancing and entrepreneurship. Head onto Fiverr, create your very first five gigs using all of the research, using those fine keywords or at the titles, all the descriptions, and start creating all of that. Then submit one of those gigs as a project onto the class project. And I will have a look through, I'll give you three bits of good feedback and three bits of improvements that you can make on your gig page to give you the best chance of being successful as possible and feel free to have a look at other students on the course as well, what they've submitted. Feel free to give them feedback as well as all more than a loud. I hope you've found this useful. Feel free to go back and recap. I really do wish you the best of success in your freelancing Fiverr journey. And I hopefully we'll see you in one of my other classes around on the Skillshare. Thank you very much for watching and I'll see you in one of my other courses.