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20 Best Freelancing Jobs and Side Hustles: Become Your Own Boss

teacher avatar Dan Dan, Analyst + YouTuber

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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    • 2.

      What Is Freelancing?


    • 3.

      Fiverr & Freelancing: What to Know


    • 4.

      Top 7 Best Freelancing Websites


    • 5.

      Part 1: Best Freelancing Jobs


    • 6.

      Part 2: Best Freelancing Jobs


    • 7.

      Part 3: Best Freelancing Jobs


    • 8.

      Part 4: Best Freelancing Jobs


    • 9.

      How to Be a Successful Freelancer


    • 10.

      How to Start Freelancing


    • 11.

      Why Freelancing?


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About This Class

Freelancing Fundamentals: Become Your Own Boss

This course, Freelancing Fundamentals: Become Your Own Boss: Become Your Own Boss, is a course that exposes you to multiple side hustles and freelance businesses in our today's world that you can start. You can start all these businesses at the comfort of your house with little to no money, skill, and experience.  These side hustles are what you can start and grow into a full-scale business as much as you desire with no limitation.

The benefits of having your own successful business cannot be overestimated! It just changes your world for the better. 

This course offers numerous insights on how to start a business based on three pillars - what you enjoy doing, what you can do well and what people are willing to pay for. This helps to align your passion with your business. It also makes it easier to start and scale the business as you are doing what you already love and enjoy. It equally enables you to overcome obstacles in the way of your business success.

There are several tips and strategies for starting and running a successful business as you take this course, including:

1. Why you should start your own business

2. How to start a successful home-based business

3. The numerous examples of side hustles

4. How to align your passion with your business

5. Why freelancing is the job of the future.

6. The high-paying freelance jobs for beginners

7. How to start a product-based business 

8. Why you should use a brand third-party website to start selling online

9. How to start a business small and grow it big

10. The unspoken truth about side hustle businesses.

Meet Your Teacher

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Dan Dan

Analyst + YouTuber




I'm Chinonso Daniel. I'm a finance and trading expert who helps people make money online.

You can learn how to invest in the stock market, start your own business, trade forex, and make money with cryptocurrencies. I'll also be talking about side hustle tips and giving you insight into what it's like to be an entrepreneur.

I started creating digital content because I wanted to help people learn how money works and how they can make more of it. I've had a lot of success in these areas myself, so I know what works.

In conjunction with being a Skillshare teacher, I make weekly on YouTube. Kindly follow me on Skillshare and YouTube for regular updates. 

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1. Introduction: Hi guys, Welcome to my class. In this class, we'll be talking about freelancing decerebrate jobs that are available in freelancing. How much you'll be paid for a job, and how you can start your journey in freelance and so on. Different websites. Fiber to Upwork to grow, to Freelancer.com, to talk to people by hour. We'll look at each of them are the jobs that are available there that you can start as a freelancer. This class, we motivate you to take the freelancing job seriously by n and for meat. And the great thing about this side, hustles that are still here is that there are jobs you can do at the comfort of your house, away are traveling. In fact, analog from meeting that I've turned it to their full-time jobs without wasting time, let's jump in now. But jobs you can do from whom? Like an extra income from. If you're ready, let's jump right in and get started. 2. What Is Freelancing?: We want to explore entrepreneurship and we want to see why you should start a business. And business is that you can start like me and I believe you're walking from whom? I loved the idea of side hustle jobs you can do anywhere in the world. Do not have to be in a particular location in order to do that job. You can be your house, can be traveling. You can be in America and UK and Germany and Japan, wherever you are, in Australia, in Afghanistan and Bangladesh, wherever you choose to be, I'm so on dialect known people walking from whom offering their talent, offering is I'm making tangible. Good morning. Just by walking at their own comfort where the modern world. So I don't think that work has to be tedious and difficult to prove a point. Now, you can enjoy what you do and end for me too. I'm a fan of n From what you love doing, what we say, freelancing. What do we mean by freelancing, as name implies, free, we are free to work for different people. You are free to offer your talent, your savings to different clients who are in the gig economy. There's a statistic that showed us that about system million Americans are into freelancing system, million Americans are interpolation and degenerate about $1.5 trillion from the freelancing business. You see, and finance. And I've come to stay it to keep growing more and more something that I've been having nine to five job there, make freelancing with dementia, and even any one undoes down to nine to five job. We're in a dynamic world when a new modern world, a world that no, you'd have to add in a static way. You don't have to be in focus and money that differentiates. You can do by the side or Amazon, there's your side hustle into a full-time business. So we're talking about freelancing. We're talking about you're selling your talent to use anymore skin. What can you offer the people and the monies, mortgages giving you free money? It's about what can you offer to people that they'll be willing to give you one? And let me say this. We put our prologue giving human a human being loved spending money. They don't have problems giving you money. But why should they give you their money? Why you have to give them a reason? Why they can give you their money. What steps are you offering them? What talent are you offering? Are you teaching them something new? Are you at him or you have been them as part of their own business? We put on those demonic just to give monistic. I said don't want to give to charity. It has spending money that I have to be a reason why they're spending harmonic, given the reason why they should spend the money on you. You can say your talent because say your skin and the Gooten and anti-modern. What does that? Even if you don't have a tablet or an obvious key, you can learn it for free. On this platform that a lot of courses you can take to link up at the protoplast Cleopatra particular area and go and enroll on freelancing websites, start selling tasking. And also, you can take free videos on YouTube, youtube papular of free videos on different areas. It can just type it on Google, YouTube, live or die area in-depth on guanylate, your service on the philosophy website after making money from it. So you're not making money. The modern world is used stopping yourself. No one is stopping you. You are the one that stopping yourself. And please stop stopping yourself. Stop, stop, stop yourself from making money. In this particular class, I'll be spending more on freelancing. We'll look at the different website to look at the price. We looked at the profit, we look at the Gustaf, the parasite, and defense freelancing jobs that you can start working from home. 3. Fiverr & Freelancing: What to Know: What's their bees can you offer? In this class, we'll look isobar services that you can start which has to grow. You can expand on Udacity website. You can enroll your service for this course. Now that you can land on these key, you can offer to other people, I feel like, okay, what are the best website for me to start with? Are what are these keys? The service I can offer? Don't worry. I got you covered freelancing websites that you can start with for today. Body most popular of all of them, is Ivan. Most popular unless you've seen or fiber that different businesses you can offer. In graphic design. Defensive, it is here that you can offer the people print design, visual design that aren't breeding designs. So if you are thinking of what service can I offer, just come to five bar and see the different services. Who want. You can enroll in one or two of them to start any from each. Print design, product and character design, fashion, merchandise, packaging, and KOBAS, art and illustration, gaming. It will pick some of them to match it on them to tell you what you need to draw in starting this kind of business. We have digital marketing. If they went to market chain. In our digital world, businesses, you can do music promotion on mobile app marketing in place. I'm attaching look ICU, video marketing. There are all kinds of marketing. If that's your Asia, we'll call it out writing a translation. If you are someone that's into book translation, writing and talking, speaking. There are available here. Lag or writing, grant writing, transcript, press releases, white papers. At copy, script writer. You can see there are different businesses that act here. This is your area and we are calling out video and animation. Also want to connect video so people can be ads, it can be short, video, can be long videos, the DDB dose for them, or to create videos for them. Drunk. Videography, lookup, photography, product photography, game trailers, book to last article to video related promotes product photography down all kinds of videos. Here, e ln n, logo animation, visually felt equally art music and Arduino or someone that's passionate about music. You'll see there's a voice-over produced that time composers digit drops and tax the gymnasium. Different skills and different services that people are willing to pay for. What you are doing is to offer the service to people. And I told you that if you don't know any of these studies, but you are interested, you can take more courses to reach out to me about the particular area you entreated about. And I'll make more pauses for a particular costs about it. If I don't have the cost of our budget. That's about concepts from this platform. Dark patches on YouTube that you can take for free. Land is key and form an arrow here to programming and tech. We have what price? We have e-commerce development, web mobile apps, we have chatbots, we have databases, web data processing, blockchain, and cryptocurrency. So you've seen the changes that are here to support an IT or cybersecurity or data partition. The good things that you do this job at the comfort of your house. You are not going to depend on how to do it at the comfort of your own home while you are traveling. You can't do the integral. You would have to be in America. Anyway, you are in the world. You can't do these jobs and be any substantially from each degree thing that you can put any price you want me to fight a lot too. That doesn't last. You can put any price that you want. So you see, that's the one Jabal. Imagine having multiple clients. Coagulation about the BMI linear we call a business, can be a virtual assistant, can be in toasters, customer care, EBIT management, consulting, data entry and data analytics consultant. What can you offer? What can you offer to people? Here? Financial consulting, HR consulting was could you have pipa willing to pay you just to get the service from you. Recall your lifestyle. I use someone that can do top people are young to Jim, arts and crafts into cooking and to dance and into traveling. People that want to learn one or two things from you. Once we have them be current, I had people and get bit by a few people independently. We will have to that trend and of course they had empty is trending Web NFC, NFC services. Nft marketplace is character animation, data drop shipping guild development. They won't tax is also there. So push on is that multiple and billions of businesses out there looking for your service individuals adult about the word looking for your service. The question is, are you willing to offer them? You ready to offer them? 4. Top 7 Best Freelancing Websites: Very competitive. There are a lot of people that are vying for the same job. So let's go to Upwork. Upwork. We can also enroll on Upwork. And there's nothing that stops you from registering on Fiverr and registering on automating website. Upwork is competitive or you didn't like each day is Freelancer.com, which are seen here. You see high I freelancer, monetary loss and these companies are being used by Amazon, Facebook download, Max are IBM a box leaving Google? Use them. You see you or do you want me to offer the service here? Take your time and released on this one too. Extreme. Whatsapp is can you open is available here, we call top-down. I'm showing the website, the most popular website that people use for freelancing. You are coming to average Chinese website to offer the service and other people are coming to this website to actually or service. If pi, pi is very competitive, let's come to top-down and maximize opportunities. Whatsapp is, can you offer people here? Developed by designers, financial aspects of finance experts, Dr. project product managers. So do you want to n and b n, in reality stopping your service? I can go through all of them. I'm going to the top ones and the most popular ones. We can have groom, find, and hire experts, freelancers. You'll see that already for you. There are already waiting for you. Question is, are you ready for them? That's similar to Pi one, duck alternative two Pi bonds. So you can register on multiple platforms. Web writing and translation, engineering and architecture. Liga educational and training says I'm not getting design and programming and development, administrative and secretarial, business and financial. Several skills that we can see here. C, diff and services that people are hiring for. So do you have a talent, talent Xia, common megawatt, the vector please, by offering a service and get paid for doing it. We have people by hour. You see it where people buy services that we're offering. You are doing what you love. You are dealing with a passionate about, you are doing what you enjoy as t. But getting paid from doing it. Who doesn't love ducts? Who does not love that? I love it myself down one more website and on your own time, you can go to Google and search for more bodies that the most popular ones for now, I'm back on Python sensitive most popular one. Walk your way. You bring this key will make an easy what are you bringing to the table to put the carbon marriage? What are you going to do? Here is not about what you are bringing the worst key are you bringing to the table of any money? Gig is bought every false accounts, we are back on Fiverr, every force accounts someone is buying. Said this. In every false economy for the quiet gig, it means a service that's being rendered. I've been offered transaction data by 50 million plus transactions. The price range is about $5 to $10 thousand, as I've explained to you guys. And then like 500 align in one day. So multiply it for 30 days. Imagine an API product align in one day. Let's make it easiest. One hundred, one hundred times 30. That's 3 thousand salary. You are ending it by the inside house or business. And you can add more. You can add 10,001 day. If you enter any for 30 days. That's like what? $300 thousand method lab. One month. One month. What do you have to offer to the world? That's the equation. What do you have to do? What is happy to pay, but what do you have to offer them? I'm a designer. That's why you saying you can't design transfer. You I'm a developer. Isn't a coding programming and things like that. I'm a writer. What can you do for other people to get bid for each? I'm a video editor. He said grew in editing, produce, musician, Chicago, or you can make songs for you. I'm a voice-over artist. I'm Mr. shamatha Makita, which is wash your skin. What can you offer to other people to get paid for doing it? How does it work? You create a gig, miss your company at this website I'm showing you, you sign up for free and you do this jump to sign up on this website are free. You sign up for free. You set up your gig and alphai of walk through our global audience all over the world. You deliver a grid to work, which means you got to divide the way you get an order and use our system to discuss the things with customers. We talked to the customers on what you want. I want You don't want finally, you get paid. You get paid on time every time payment is transferred to you upon completion. Once if you need a job, you don't need to beg them to pay their bill. You and startling, automatic, nobody has benefited. You said the price you want to put on part a lot to take a dollar for every tax you want. And you get beautiful. These are the buyer stories, people, they'll come. And actually I said, please use the Q and a just to give you an idea like a text of no y. So interesting to work from home, starting freelancing job and be any money. 5. Part 1: Best Freelancing Jobs: What are you somebody most popular site has a businesses, freelance and jobs that you can start. Actually use some of them, but let's watch it on some of them for you to know to make you start. I don't want to give you this as possible. I wanted to stack. So let's go to the nitty-gritty details of some of them. The first time I had him with his editor, video editing, audio editing, sound design, music, animation, shot video ads. You'll be paid about 15, $200 for a project and website actually the website Upwork Freelancer. I thought I would just be editing or editing in general because you are watching my class. Someone edited this class for me. Of course, IPD person. I find the person on Fiverr could not have YouTubers.edu derivatives by themselves. They pay people on Upwork, Freelancer.com, on guru to ID Debbie do, and of course they pay you for the service. And to learn how to edit video is not difficult to apply to me across a bucketed using WC result. But the other causes, the other videos on YouTube. They can take those Allen attended videos and sometimes even need to IT and software. If I am you are go for WC result which is free to use. The one I'm using is free, which means you don't have to pay anything or pay anyone. And you can read for yourself is an adder of courses, which means the Gadara added might be a decent many causes for me and he'd do it but plastic job, as you can tell. And I'm happy to pay him and I'm happy to work with him. So that's how you start to remember we are on Fiverr, which means that he is into video and animation. Videos for me. There are people that can edit a video here. I will do personal video editing. We did firewalls. How much? She's button which 12 pounds. If we expand on it, you can see that it started off vertical French standards between three pounds, which is likely to have the last, um, premium is like for disease pounds, which is like $50. And that is like 20 minutes of video. 20 minutes we do she edited for you better 50 pounds likely to dollars, which you can't do one day. Of course. Imagine an extra $50 for within two to three hours. You can have mom because my client and there are two others in queue. Crh and four-point HD digital show you an example of what is possible. So you can learn how to edit a video by taking classes on his platform, by watching for you to reduce the different softwares. We're trying to do is to pick the one landmark parti, particular area that offering services in our area, we are proudest business is that you can start graphic design. Graphic design simply means you are designing things for people. You can use composites, Napa, monkey, Adobe Photoshop to decide things for people. Let me show you an example. Using is an example that I made carpet for beginner is it doesn't need for one of my class on Canva. I've made a class on Canvas and this was no need for it. I didn't put myself on camera by another. You can do something better than what I've done. You can do your own much more better than what I've done. Boy, to show you an example that you can design it for free on Canva facility people. The class on Canva where I do a lot of designers, a lot of people, these digits, your scene. I was the one that doesn't is T-Shirts. This t-shirt and these categories. I would want to design it on camera. I'm not even like an eyespot, like improved Lin design. I took some classes and watch some videos. And I went on Canva, I've had to try in it. And it became very good at it. But you too can do something better than my own digital. Give you a taste of what is possible. You can just come back and it's Napa Pic Monkey, Adobe Photoshop. If a beginner is completely free, you don't have to spend one I did that I will teach you in this class are teams. You can start for free. I'm also going to act to take your money from you. You can start them for free and you can read tangible money for each. You can decide proposed omni Instagram posts for people. You do post for people and you end up at $25 to $5,000 for one hour. I use website, I've shown you five boundary Bu, Upwork. So let's go to the website again. See the graphic and design that's electives you can design for people here, flyers, brochure design, poster design. Let's go for gimme, gimme, and see what you've done. Designing characters. If you can learn how to design some of distance, I like this one. Let us go for each and see was the ability of bias. 23 pounds, which like $5 standard is 74, premium is about $200.70. Delivering in seventies, she's making about $200 for one client each cow multiple clients to adults in Q. C I do any and every generation such as seawater offers, what can you do that you get paid for each and I told you like I'll come back to Stalin and just type it. Canva.com are the cost on camera, whereas then you need to greet your Canva. We can pick it, lend it, and start offering the service sita, traditional chlamydia. We do print, marketing office, like convert our ADA website you can use for free to start designing. I was wonder design or distance CD. So I will not have an award from Canada. Regulations on creating 200 designs and camera. That big achievement in your design. Janet cover gave me this award. For designing the website. Is simple to use, simple to learn, making money from it. Let's explore freelancing jobs you can do and how much will be paid for it. 6. Part 2: Best Freelancing Jobs: We have online consultant or you're someone that's very good in Patna training who came in business consultant, Kodak coach online beauty project management and software. What do you know? Like a bath you can opec, cause of cancer in that area. If you're not a lot about these nice, even a lot about which are a lot of our finance. A lot about cooking, dancing, making cost is bending. If you're like me, you can dash like me. People are willing to pay you, offer advice to them and it's through Zoom or Skype. Can't be one-to-one or one-to-many group. In particular, we use your own website to get more clients. You can use Instagram, YouTube to gamma client. You can grow it to a postscript business has been developed by, by small bipolar. You see business consultant like a consultant, financial consultant. I'll be your investor. You're not coach or mentor. I will give you much elastic of using plants which are blue beam. People are often defensive is here. I will create investor already business plan. I will start your non-profit and gets 501 c. There are tax exempt approve. You see people I ended a lot from doing the Zoom. See this one. I will design your report or guidebook or similar document, CDD basic offering, Standard and Premium. Take this class to be like your motivational prototype. And in one online, I'm sure you defend services that are available, that people are uninformed. Online consultant, we're going to have online recruiting. You are someone that can help to recruit people to your job. So by businesses are looking for who we are able to recruit a wooden above entropy nose. Don't know the potential precaution on to Georgia business. There's someone that's very good with, which are kind of thing. It will be happy to walk with you was junk packets. See, you select candidates, find W, and you conduct the initial interview. And we'll talk about jobs. Linkedin is very popular, but on these freelancing websites, freelancer, Crudup do remote.co, job boom, business where? Hr, consulting, career counseling. What's the width of the people? Linkedin is well-known for jobs. If you're into recruiting linkedin very handy. Just like LinkedIn, sign up and start using the platform gap. We put our platform jobs, search for jobs, find the person you know, learning new scheme. We call it our website designer. That's one deck and cooled for people program. I thought C plus plus C Java, JavaScript. You also want to create a website that looks amazing, but people got from it. Well, of course you have to be good at what you do. Just aren't as good with Adobe Illustrator you as our CSS. I don't know a lot about designing website three-prime EBSCO area. You can take more courses about which are designed. You can be paid about 30 to $50.1. Our website a good job and at night design Upwork indeed, I think it's a five-hour to show you what is possible. So let me go to Upwork website. Let us see what will come out. See that the dollar per hour by hour, $50 by L1 to $50 per hour. These are people that can design websites. In this class, we're looking for jobs that you can do and how much you can enter meet, you see people are handing from each and you too can sign up to this website and finding from each we have content writer you want I can write for the internet, for block from magazine, for Jonah's for newspaper. You can write. All can talk to a microphone or error code to translate your waist and to return. Whereas you can send to magazines blocks don't pay for each. So you would add to this kind of cytosol appetite to one area. They know a lot about cooking food denial, lot about dancing. That's not finance, job market, industry, the NAB, I want ADR, the order data specific, one area, double quote, passion and niche. It can be pet fashion territories in and you'd be paid up at 1501 hour. These are diseases where you can take jobs in ModPo, pro blogger, blogging pro credit leaves freelance writing plugged job news outlets. Happy to pay you. For them. Doc, you put a liquid. That's what their website, but it blocks these websites where you can find a job. That unemployment, writing and translation, e-book writing, book editing, script writer and podcasts writing, Beta read in creative writing. Us right-hand speech writing, white papers, website content, product description. You also want to correct product people in one area of the garden, weighting per service. And you can end up by 1091 hour past pry bar. You can do transcription for people. You listen to audio recordings and type it out so that people made videos, made causes, or they want to upload it to a website. Don't have it to PDF. You want to listen to the audios, listened to the videos, a bit typing, test out, talking about goodies that matches guy, help you. If you use Google Doc, you can match it and be typing test and drug B to translate model distance. You would just go through it and review it. You go to read unknown are reviewed, measure that everything is well said and where it then you get paid for doing it just by the repeat about $30 in one hour data website you can use transcribed me RAB.com, script B, got transcript sent up after that offering the services it to rev.com SAC combat or do we do to text humans walking side-by-side with the best speech to text AI. I can do it, or you must need to correct it in order to give you the best results. See transcription, $1.25 per minute. Captions for videos, movie that you watch, Netflix. Love is blind. Man. He has a dose interesting movies they are. Let them have transcript Sean, my iPhone in one language and that transcript to English. We're doing each year. I get them paid for each summer I've been built three to $7 per minute for one hour. Had me do the mathematics, a 1D, calculate how much it would be for one year. You know that the sun is significant, just translating videos with foreign titles, subtitles. You see, I've used them. You do have come into register this pattern of a disservice. I'm leaving it at a simple level. Up social media manager, you will illustration media, TikTok, Instagram, Facebook. You can end by communists. I've been a manager. You have to put the wrong campaigns on social media platforms. Facebook, that TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, interoperable, want to run art board. They don't know how the ad walk. They don't know how to run, asked for their business. They grew on, I asked you create hilarious memes, you create accepting posts, you get a unique perspective to businesses. Business area is the bigger part, $50 in one our website that you can walk. I already explained to you, indeed Upwork Fiverr people buy. I wanted to see did you tell my kids when they were downward weight before and running a lot of Acts online. If you also wanted us Very good. Which? Video marketing, content marketing, public relations, look, ICU, crowd funding markets in the Gibeon motivation on that. Go for it selects the Amazon. Go, which mobile app marketing and see how much you can see our friend here. He's even private choice. And it ends up button on $60, $100.50 dollars, which is about two pounds. And aspect products in queue. Grid up Description. See more than 500 apps and games promoted before. Want someone to make their life easy. So make it easy for people. 7. Part 3: Best Freelancing Jobs: If you are someone does good with customer support, you can do customer service. Or some of us were like, I don't have to be on call or you can do chat agent where you do customer support, tax basis them, a lot of communities, these habits, Chatham platform, you'd be the one to chapter four on the other end of each Vienna comfortable talking on the phone audit done this better, leverage your phone or on a laptop, become customers or clients, which people do this as full-time job you are doing as a side hustle, making that extra income. Websites can use Django. Indeed, crowd chat. I'd be paid about $20 in one hour. Most people don't do 95 job divided by the number of hours they enter the dollar in one hour. That's what you need to decide. Isn't that exciting? So you'd be like a customer said, This boy, in this case, you do with chattering week. We'll have our specialists who do similar to what I've shown you before. Most businesses don't have the expertise or time to launch campaigns, if concrete and ties and creative until campaigns to a specific audience programs on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, TikTok, and other app we have be paid about a $100. And what I want for doing that. These are among websites to find job. Indeed simply hired upstart challenge, we will have virtual assistant or better assistant they set at. If everybody is beginner, who be the one who said the shovel, if ever. But I want to be an entrepreneur of our services that have entropy knows. That's what venture assistant is. Like an online circuitry us a catered to entrepreneurs, to other businesses bone. Instead of the typical way you go to the office and sit down and be typing things, you do it at the comfort of your house. You do simple office tax for people, like taking calls, emails, scheduling meetings, and other administrative duties. You decided you wanted to walk and be better back $30 in one hour in the last me, it looks more if you multiply it with eight working hours in one day. If you multiply it with the number of days in a week, a month, people on red dot and a year from Fiverr, normal people like you and I to n, about 200 thousand from Fiverr from Upwork represent in one year from Upwork, Some of us are two n-bit value stand little, you start little and grew. I'm not saying that this way you end bump telling that is you can start from here and grow your income, your own website, at your own clients, and keep growing by you start from somewhere. So let's go to Fiverr to see what is possible and what is visible. You'll see bedroom assistant. I'll be your long-term personal virtual assistant. Lbo, WordPress better assistant. I'll be your library intuitive better our system. See people offering jobs here. U2 can offer these jobs are being created virtual assistant. Let's go for it. But when I won one pounds for five hours, $200. It was 250 pounds, which rather dollars. It was one day you enter a dollar is done not amazing. Is that not amazing? But it has been a creative virtual assistance shaft, three orders in queue. This is what the jump and tastes, this is washy of us can go through the retreat, needs to give you motivation of what people are doing, our debt to end money, to motivate it. A U2 can do it as I'd like them to say, people that does give you pretty much. I said HRET, know, you'll give them a service and they give you money for each. And wanting or by using this website, is that they're happy to handle the stress, the difficulty of payments to avoid difficult customers, most Muda come here to look or service sense, so they're not coming to make your life horrible. I don't want to make your life as easy as possible. So you just come here and Andrew, for the tax and get paid once you've finished your tax, we have all do non-lethal. You are someone that can speak to a mike, to record a book, to record something. As a voice-over artist, you'd be paid for each. You just need to have a unique, attractive voice duct. I think you know my voice, your voice is already unique. So don't overthink it. Danny, to have the best voice in the world? No, with a good microphone, me jump to fine tune your voice so you can work with Amazon, iTunes, fame scatterings, podcasts, apps. I be paid about $50 per one. Our website, we have pcr.com, people buy our voice.com upwork. Please see. They'll be like under music and audio, voice-over produced as a composer. See them workout, tune-in, podcast editing, songwriters, singles, and vocalist. You see these are services are not like people like you and I are offering and then making money from each be calling up ACL.com. This is where your audio book could be sued through disciplinarity. Last two-part books don't turn into audio books. They come to ACS, to Tanya books into audio books. You are the one that's coming to reach the book out to a recording platform and edited and send it to us via.com and you get paid very well for each RW displaced by my lunch, I'm going to use them. I choose use them. Or you, it works atom or a voice producer. See how it works. I am in tone. Let us go for it and see how it works. Step one is to create a profile. Step two is to upload samples of your work. As a test substrate is you get paid for each to decide how you want to get paid to promote method at a w on the recording business. When the book says or the PIPs amount of money at the beginning. So it depends on what you want. There's prediction because you're not the only one interested in it. There's competition which philos and jobs, so prepare for each asset, the Aufbau, you can accept the offer here. Start Recording, work with others to do professionals to Pi tune your voice, finish the recording, and get paid. This departure multiples want to step nine. With me, the ADA possesses before step nine. Come back for more people or any substantially from this recording. And people like you and I used to conjoin them analogue from each proofread done. If you have someone that's very good with karma, you can spot on correct grammatical mistakes from email. Copy, block will be in a document. You are someone that's very good with grandma. You can see that the absorbance type, this was a boy knew you knew the correct English is disabled. You can use Grammarly or a website to help you make it work unlike easy, and she'd be better by $50. And when our website, this congratulate from Upwork for most start from Freelancer. Let us go to freelancer. Proof reading. You see proofreading, editing, and rewriting. Their $2 in one hour. Editing and proofreading a short text. The last thing I want R1, and it is Spanish and English writer to do allows for one hour. The power from the services. Proofreading, about a thousand dollars in one hour. This gives you an idea that what we're doing to make money, what are you good at? What key do you have? Don't come, I'll sell it to this website. It does sign up to the website. Often disservice to have SEO specialists. If you're very good with SUM, you are spot and building backlinks and optimizing the existing content of your website. You have experienced in doing it to be better by $50 in one hour, can get your job from people by our fiber job in SU, see, people buy our MSU Zoom. Let's go for it and see what's available to optimize the hair out of your WordPress SU, right? And published SU article. Follow link on Twitter. You want to maximize your SU. Su is simply means search engine optimization. If you want your website or your video to rank high, description of State website around car. You need SEU in order to rank high. Google or any search engine that we put our hip to optimize engines such SEO expert, you are the one that the experts helping people to know. Dora on Google rank high on different websites where people bet on and see you just gotta any money. Prompts, which like $22.1 hour. You too can do deception. 8. Part 4: Best Freelancing Jobs: I have website desktop. You have someone that can help people tear their website and people have a website board. They're not sure I like it if things are working so they need to review. So you we have them to test the website. There's the app for bulks for UI for us, and they pay for each. It'd be about $20 per one hour desk, the user testing, respondent professional trauma, you Angela go to respondent, respondent.com, get P2 Epcot an edge projects come to life, responded to the best place to leverage approach ionized parties for Pedro research interview suit. You give a feedback on a website and they pay for software developers or P total dollars. At the price of oil used as a PDF to dollar market has appeared on $2. So you have to ask some questions on the website. You have to review websites. This is what I liked, this is what the adult like about this website. You'll give you an idea, you give your own opinion about the website and you get paid for each. Alternative website is user testing, user testing.com and argued by some songs by our trees, by dominance, you are just giving you a feedback on a website, platform on your research, on a walk for giving a feedback loop per each get paid to share a perspective with global brands. Lead to extra morning us bedtime by heparin branch, build better products and experiences for people around the world. As I'm saying, you do good RUN. How does your work apply? Browser, the website test, which means you share a perspective that text you match with an app best In class branch, improved their product and services. Make money. How much did you make? About a $100 for Life interview. Layer voice be heard by HP samsung with CBS, I do Alaska and forward the abuse, this company to test the project. So you could be a brand, it could be anything this company wants to release to the public, but we put down to release a product or service to the public. They want somebody to test it out first. So you're among the best test to each, to give you a feedback on that project. On the side is on the brand. Before the go back and modify it and send it to the whole world or salinated to the whole world. It'd be like an initial feedback to them up, I've given you my feedback. You get beautiful. Is that not an exact job? I didn't want to release initiatives, reward. There was an issue to you to wait and give you a comment on the shoe. Giving you a review on issue, modified the shoe background. I'm making it better for their customers. Then they pay you for the service. That's the good job. I want to tell the issues that as an example of what you can expect from usertesting.com, it could be Survey better such it could be different tenses we have that are entering because I wanted us very good. We did that. Microsoft Excel is your colon in life. They're very good reward with PowerPoint that people that are willing to pay you Upwork Fiverr, working solutions above $50 by one hour for walking. We did that. So let us look at some of the exciting jobs that you guys know by now dummy final Fiverr. Because it's very popular to give you an idea of what exists. The C we have that are entering data analytics, data visualization. If you have someone who can walk with huge data, make it look beautiful for business to present it to the clients. Highly welcome. See this one. It looks very catchy. Caught my eye. See how we turn data into this in two capacities. See how fast it looks. It looks fancy. You see it. Just don't want to turn huge Excel data into something that normal people can understand and elite, which looks at exciting and interesting. Playing with data, data visualization. I would design except dashboard report in Excel and Google sheets for you. And I'm only dependent, get paid about $20 for basic for standout, that it allows for premium, $50. You've seen within for this whatever. Can you open the Google Sheet master and be unhappy to am I connected which him and he had been proved a very complex problem. We will Apps Script and XX patch dicta visualization. And these are things you can expect to n for helping people analyze the data. Question is, what are you good at? And if everybody good with Excel, that I have to do that, let me repeat it. You can't take more classes on a particular niche that I can expand on all of them. If one interest, you take more classes on our area normal budget and go as I said in your skin, differential geometry, R groups, there's online forums, There's day-to-day duties, what you would do it? No. You don't have to. Removing negative comments like WhatsApp group. You are the Udemy of that group, your group lead. Now what about the quality on demand forums? To make sure that they put on statins they're not supposed to say to you will have to moderate a forum and you get paid for doing that more than what is needed to school, about $40 per one hour. And you get your jobs from glass dome, from CloudWatch custom Upwork. You have to answer negative comments. You have to remove negative comments. You have to categorize queries and set to disputes in the forearm in a WhatsApp group. Know what people online. You are the administrator of that pH. Of course, you'd be paid for doing calculation. So if you go to Upwork moderate or steam department directors, you can be a moderate to be paid for doing it. Recording. I have translation. If you are someone like I have to translate movies or books or do, it'd be paid by fatigue. The last one, our website include Glassdoor. Indeed, I've spent a lot about translation. When I talk about transcription. Transcription is you combat and videos and audios into text translation if you're converting from one language to the other language, computer science and in Spanish, the subtitle is in English, so you have to translate it from one language to the ADA, which means you have to be skillful in two languages, or at least two languages in English. In French, you have done to combat it from English to French. If a document is in jama, you can have them to convert it from German to Spanish, from Spanish to English, depending on what your client is asking for, what services you offer is available here. Even if you think that what I've said so far doesn't apply to you. You want to interface the physical jobs you can do Diamond our jobs, part-time jobs. If you can't do like PET CT, heart sitting, delivery room, they can't become Amazon driver or bad driver, can also go into beauty and cook because we're pleased to present, can also do want to know the order. The most lighthouses on hospital.com. Let's go down OXO Beta.com. You'll see if you're looking for a walk, the different jobs that are available that you can do. If you think that I didn't talk about your own, there are more jobs here that when I talk about you can also rent out things like tissue current out to people. You can certain tactics. You can set the people. If you want more tips on businesses, on insurance, retirement, and cashflow, arbitration. 9. How to Be a Successful Freelancer: I don't know Andy's class which are giving you some tips and strategies on NN and freelancing. Back-up. My tip is ontologies don't over promise and under deliver. If you promise to deliver on your promises, impact on their promise, or nobody deliver data, you've got clients that I agreed to retain clients. You start small and grow big. Most of the businesses, do you have anything you want for your pair job? No. We won't end up an industry transportation and I'm sorry to disappoint you the jobs afterwards I got em, wanted to laugh at one hour. But artists, you can group those by n and the last one hour, there's room for scale and dependencies that are covered in this class are non-business. You that you cannot start on groove. You can offer them, ungroup it even beyond the freelancing platform, you style it to a new group beak on ASU unit the left me of competitors. What are your competitors offering? What is that you get from them? Or you can apply to your own business in order to brew your gig. Also follow policy. Depending on the policy of the website or the platform, please follow policy and also follow policy of your company. If you have been 95 job, you know, the Arizona ovulation, please consider before jumping into the pillars and website to see that it does not have bet you, there's no breach of interests. And also finally, have an excellent profile description. We should describe your profile very weird. Describe what you do better with millet to line it up, you put I interested in you would come for you. I'd be happy to work with you to give you a good rating. They were making more people to come and work for you. 10. How to Start Freelancing: In order to end this class, Let's talk about how to be a seller. Taught us how do I become a seller on his platform, Dawson up on the platform, click on become a seller to bring it to this page. On this page, you click on become a seller. You ready to start selling on fiber. That's the breakdown. Land what makes us will profile great toe slab profiling. Publisher geeky. Click on continuing to tell you more about how to BSL on what you need to have. It is how you become a seller on Fiverr and most of this philosophy website in time, take your time and retreat and digest the information. These aren't these with taking your time in creating a profile. Dude, adding credibility by linking out to your relevant professional networks. You describe what you do. You put a fistula into an image to each and you verify your ID, you see click Continue tense, dioecious, void in registered on Fiverr, you should avoid any misleading or inaccurate information. Java duplication accounts. You, our voice soliciting other people to work on Fiverr which are requesting, but parliament as our fiber, you see, these are the do's and don'ts. Here talking about change, you should be aware of chess, you should do and not do. It is a platform downregulated and sellers are not being changed that cringy Danone. They can payment platform. It not encourage. They want you to do a written within their platform. Take your time good. Through the document, go to the policies. Here. If you go to five, I have APOC have philos, I have, what am I supposed to them? They often don't have a lot of tens. Then you should take a thermometer. Each click on continuing is where you put your best my info, your name, your profile picture on the description of your work, the language that you speak. Continuing, if you have any professor nine permission to have any Lake account, I can't security this way. You you create your account basically just feed isn't up and keep following. In fact, nest and nasty camera is Ella, I don't have to create an account because I'm not DSLR. I'm just giving you that it's not difficult to win a room to sign up to their platform maxilla, you just feel your name, your last name, and click you can nest nastiness. So let us look at the guide on how to start selling on Fiverr, you see greet your seller profile, retro gig buying and selling using the mobile app. Veto the parameter by view, offering packages, upselling, southern customer or false by request tips for success. Promote your freelance business FAQ. And the best thing that they want to be free course on how to be a seller, left-click on it. They'll be precaution had to be intellectual assay that was done on Fiverr. Take the trip cost right here. You see that the free course went out to be a test for sellers on Fiverr. Watch it for free. And it was made by, by, by instructor. And our courses on this platform can take for free that will give you the nitty-gritty of Upwork, of GRU of Freelancer.com and Sarah websites, it will die now use Fiverr. I love this class, a lot of it by using demand platform. But to create an account on any of these platform is simply just a sign up. That's often difficult about it. The goal of this class is to give you a motivation that should be what is possible. And certainly freelance business really want to pursue it. Take your time and good through each distance, retreat and sign up to the platform. From it. That brings us to the end of this class. Thank you so much for taking this class. I would highly encourage you to read this class, review this class in order for them to know the betas businesses that they can start on philosophy websites. Thank you so much, Bye. 11. Why Freelancing?: Hi, thank you for taking this course so far, it really shows that you're interested in choosing a side hustle business will discuss a lot so far, but I want to do MO on freelancing. Freelancing is a huge part of cytosol business. A lot of people that say that they are into cytosol are truly freelancers. So because freelancing constitute a big part of site also business, I want to discuss it further so that some of you don't want to become a freelancer. You will know what is obtainable the market as of now, and what to be obtainable in the future. So just before we dive deeper into discrete answer, please, I will strongly encourage you at this point to reach REP discuss. It has been a pipeline experience. So you should give it a five-star rating when it span to read a review discourse and how highly encourage you to tweet. Now, it takes like two seconds from you to just rate and review. Elected me so much for me if you do it. Thank you. Yes, we are talking about freelancer. So let us see some matrix, let's see some numbers. Why freelancer? What is happening in the world of freelancing at the moment. So let me show you some matrix freelancing. So Upwork is one of the most popular freelancing platform, which I like Python. Every year, they only do a survey of what's happening in the freelancing word. As freelancers do survey Asada people and they carry information to tell us what's happening in production work. And the Collins pre-labs forward and then read through every answer is an independent workforce report in the US. And it was done by Upwork, as you can see. So they give us the numbers of what's happening. So data loss at the moment, 59 million Americans are freelancer, which is about 6% of the total workforce. So in America, as of today, we have about 59 million. Freelancers. Does huge, about 59 million people are already doing freelancing jobs. What's the trolley Freelancer? Let me explain further here. Freelancing is the concept of working for multiple clients must be necessary. There was one person or two persons of freelancing is working for different clients. If you can do sometime you offer the same service to different people. So you never call free Lassen, like it's free. You are free to offer the same service, two different clients. I have shown you a list of available freelancing job you can't do in America now, 59 million people are already into the business of freelancing, which is about 36 percent of the workforce. And trust me, the number will keep getting higher and higher. None of this 59 million people versus percent of this freelancer do so full-time. 36 percent of them are doing freelancing job full-time attitude, you align these costs so people do cytosol in addition to the foot time 95 job. Boston people, they do side also as their full-time job. So appetitious percent of these freelancers doing the job full-time. But we also have an interesting number that 75 percent of those who left an employer to freelance, they, they make the same amount or more income than they did in the attentional job is a huge number, which means more people are getting more money from freelancing that they get from nine to five job. This is huge miss. More people are paid higher. Been freelancing job. That the typical nine to five job apart 75 percent are saying that paid the same or higher, which is good. Some of them are making their full-time job wherever that 20 percent increase in total. And our freelancer n, with a total of $1.2 trillion this year, about 59 million freelancers, I ended up at $1.2 trillion. So does the amount of Mandanten and which an increase of 20 percent from the previous year. So there's an increase in free landslide have an increase in revenue. So Azure KDC and there's $1.21 trillion, $0.2 trillion that's been made by freelancers. By this 59 million freelancers. And every generation chooses freelancer. The gene set, which is people between 18 to 20 to 50 percent of them want to become freelancers. Millennials, which is fun to entrained to the i-th, want to become freelance us. When Gen X want to become freelancers. Bowman's want to become freelancers. So every generation I in love with freelancer don't want to chase financing ACASI, the younger they are, the more they excited to join the freelancing. Freelancing is the job of the future. Actually, freelancing provides necessary flexibility. So you can't be a caregiver or even do you have a disability? You can also have be a freelancer. So you care for your parents at that age or you having a disability of any kind, don't know, stop you from any YOR T2 and DAS on bringing this course to you so that there will be nine species. Why you should not end? There is no reason why you should not end watch. Or what you are willing to end. So an ANOVA people reported that could be material didn't wear. So freelancing where people were crying or our SOC I was full on. Freelancers are like Yes, we're like before these two, they didn't experience the uncertainty that most traditional workers experience. And the good news is that more professionals are constituent fill answer. So after the equivalent measure era, more people now are interested to become freelancers. And the last model, Listeria. Freelancers, optimistic about the future, about idiocy space into a freelancer state, the best days are ahead of freelancer, which means the hoof. Since we keep getting better and better for them. So you see why philosophy is really making the news? Because a lot of people are doing it and more people will join it, is the job of the future 50% of American workforce to actually become freelancers. Or freelancer you can't reach with a third-party website like Upwork, Fiverr, guru, freelancer, or you can have your own website and start doing freelancing job. So just to summarize, utilize million Americans, this is million. Fifty nine million Americans are currently freelancers, 5,986.5 million workers, we go freelance, so more people want to go into freelancer. And degenerated applied to $1.4 trillion to the US economy in just 2020. And fulfill us Are they have typically about four to five client each month. For example, percent of millennials are already finance US and more willing are ready to join. In the last decade, more than half of Americans workforce, we do freelance work, which I've explained to you that more and more people actually interested into doing freelancing because of the flexibility of us. He offers revenue because most of them, 75 percent of them, at least their income effect plus the time it off, are working with different people and separate experiences. You can see why people want to become freelancers because they are generating income from it. And more and more people are embracing the concept of online jobs, walking from whom you want the freedom to work from home, and trace the way you want. You want the freedom of using those key to N1 and the gluteal that they are legit online jobs with reliable and constraints, you see the income oxygen about $1.2 trillion to Theta is legitimize. Car is actually for rebar doing it. And the office, excellent flexibility done most traditional workers will not offer. So you see she's walking from the comfort of a bet. These are the reason why people are into freelancer offered auto show you the website that you can apply for these freelancing job. So you can apply for freelancing on five-by-five. I is well-known for it, which I've showed you. There's freelancer, there is pop walk, they simply hierarchy. There is 1999. There's Doctor Des people per hour. These are website I already learned for offering financial services. Just registering this website and you start getting jobs that will help you to stay in dialogue of freelancing website, a movie come up in the future, but these are the most popular ones.