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How To Freestyle Rap: Rhythm, Lyrics & Delivery

teacher avatar Douglas Butner, Teacher of Nomadism, Art, Music, Code

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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      Lyrics Part 1


    • 4.

      Lyrics Part 2: Topics & More


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    • 6.

      Never Run Out of Bars


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      Tools To Get Going


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      Where to Find Beats


    • 9.

      Swiching Flows


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      Rap Over Any Beat


    • 11.

      Cypher Ettiquete


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      Class Review


    • 13.

      2022 Update Pt 1: Finding CC0 Beats + More


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      2022 Update Pt 2: Making a Freestlyle Song


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About This Class

In this course, you will develop the skill set to freestyle rap in various styles without running out of bars, even if you have never rapped before. This is a bold promise, but like anything else, freestyle rhyming can be broken down into a few simple steps. I will explain the three components to rapping, then we will talk more about freestyle-specific skills.

1. Rhythm: You will learn to catch any beat by tapping out the quarter notes, then create a simple percussion rhythm which you will then put words to.

2. Lyrics: We will talk about polysyllabic rhyming, wordage (word choice)

3. Delivery: In this lesson, you will play around with your voice to see what it can do, and take a good look at how to deliver consistently

After we cover the three fundamentals of freestyle rap, I will help you to develop multiple flows and improve your delivery, teach you tricks to come up with rhymes and always have subjects to rhyme about in cyphers.

We will cover: Cypher Etiquette, how to Never Run Out of Bars, Tools to Get Going, Finding Beats, Switching Flows, Entering a Flow State, and more.

Relax, get into the vibe, and come with me on this journey through the components of freestyle rap.

=== 2022 Update ===
Learn make a freestyle song, and watch me record one. 

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Douglas Butner

Teacher of Nomadism, Art, Music, Code


I love to learn and teach. I am a free-spirited creator, and have been traveling the world as a digital nomad for over three years. My courses focus on selling art online, energy work, and music. I teach what would help a younger me, including the strategies I used to sell over 20,000 copies of my artwork without paid advertising, energy techniques I have learned to unlock human potential, and tips to help musicians.


My Life

I grew up in Maryland, and I am currently slow traveling the world thanks to selling art and teaching online. I plan to keep traveling, creating, and learning from this amazing planet as long as I live!

My purpose on Earth is love. Love is the greatest teacher, healer, and creator. I believe when the individual chooses to... See full profile

Level: Beginner

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1. Introduction: Hello. My name is Sir Douglas Fresh, and today I'm gonna show you how to freestyle rap. I'll teach you how to wrap over any beat, no matter what, even classical music, and I'll show you how to switch flows whenever you want to. I'll show you toes theatergoing, including word generators and APS for your phone. I want to talk about great places, defined beats on the Internet. Once you got plenty of beats, I'll show you how to never run out of bars or always be last man standing in the cipher. Wrapping in ciphers is a huge part of freestyle rapping, so I have an entire lesson dedicated to Cypher etiquette. Throughout the course, you'll find all kinds of great tips, like tips from remaining confident tips for breathing correctly and tips for using your internal energy to improve your flow a little bit about my freestyle rap career and why I'm certified to teach this course. I've been rapping freestyle pretty seriously since I was 16. I bought my first mike and recorded about 200 songs in the 1st 6 months. Most of them were just freestyles. While these weren't necessarily really good songs, they were great practice for later on, I'd like to say that you don't need any special talent to be a freestyle rapper. I have a terrible singing voice And I had to develop my rat voice a lot since I started. You're gonna be fine. Guys, just relax and have fun. Don't take anything too seriously. You're just making up words and saying them into the air. So come with me on this journey as I show you how to freestyle rap like a champion. 2. Rhythm: in this video. I want to talk to you about rhythm. But before we talk about rhythm, I want to talk to you about removing your limiting. Limiting beliefs can stop your flow of energy, get you tripped up and ensure that you will stumble and stop whenever freestyle riding. So I want to talk about three big limiting beliefs. I'll hold you back when you're wrapping. Number one is worrying about what people think, or the belief that you have to be cool. You have to completely remove any worry about what people think in your mind before you start this. If you're worried about what people think, you'll try to cater your raps towards them, and then you're not being true to yourself. If you care about what people think, you're going to get nervous. And if you get nervous, you're gonna think about getting nervous instead of thinking about the continual energy that's your building and flowing off of whenever you're rhyming next up, don't worry about how you should sound when you're freestyling. Chances are you aren't going to be recording it, so nobody is going to hear it except for right then now that's not to say that you don't want to sound good. You just don't want to let that worry trip you up at first cause you will get good and you will sound good. Don't worry about that. The third limiting belief is worrying about what people want to hear again. You don't know what people want to hear, so don't act like you do. The only thing you know is what you want to express. If you want. True to yourself, you won't be able to keep up a freestyle rap for very long. Remember that now. Let's define rhythm. A rhythm is a strong, regular, repeated pattern of movement, or south, so it's basically a patent. And in music you've got beats or notes and bars, and the bar is usually made up of four notes. So you go 123 bark 12 three. But 123 bar 123 bucks. And that was just four bars, which would be 1/4 of a 16 which would be a verse or a courts. Commonly, rhythms can be different. They don't have to have four beats. Poor bar that can have three. They could have eight. You can have any amount. It's about what the music writer chooses. But for this course and for almost all of your freestyle rapping, if not all of your freestyle rapping in your entire life, you're going to use four notes per bar, and you're usually going to wrap in even amounts of bars. So if you're in a safer usually, you'll might do two bars past two bars past two bars past or you might do 16 bars past or something like that. Now again, this is usually but every instrumental that you listen to for rap music. If the producer is any good, they structured it in 16 bar segments. Getting this rhythm into your blood booms and DNA is very important when you're wrapping because you're gonna be in a sort of flow state, and you need to know subconsciously where the verse is going to end. And it's great when you're rapping with a lot of different people to do this because you're gonna pass it off at the right part of the song. So you're gonna pass it off either at the end of the course, parsed going into the verse or you're gonna pass it off at the end of the verse part going into the course. All right, guys. Now let's practice. We're going to come up with one syllable to rhyme at the end of each bar for four bars. So let's start with something very easy. So we do bar So 123 bar 123 car. 123 Far one, 23 jaar. So do that a couple of times. It's very easy, but it will start to get your body in the rhythm. So now let's talk about getting lyrics in a rhythm. So we've got to find the fit between words and the beat, and the way I recommend we do. This is make noise before words. Each word has its own sort of shape, and if we can fit together these words to make our verses, it's gonna sound like we wrote it, even though we're just freestyle. So let me show you what I mean. I'm gonna play a beat by vicious music circle who has given me permission to use their beats for this course, and I'll show you exactly what I mean. Faras coming up with rhythm before layers. So, yeah, tap detective attacked, Tempted to tech, tech, tech, tech t detect Thio, thio Death. Yeah, that that did that. Death. Yeah, I got that. Does, Uh uh, that, uh all right. You can see just by going by tech T I sort of made something that sort of match with the beat, but wasn't exactly over top of every hit of the B. It was different. So, um, once you have that, you know how you want to go, Then you can put words to it and you already know that it's gonna fit well on the beat. Now, let's get a little bit more practice. I want you to freestyle over beat with no words like, I just did the debt that. But make up your own debt today, and you don't have to say that you can do about it up, but that the you can do whatever you want, whatever sound that you want, so long as it's not words. Next, I want you to put one word at the end and have the rest gibberish. So it's similar to the first exercise that we did, but we are going to start incorporating actual words. So let's do that real quick. I'm not play the same instrumental. Yeah, that that's the window debt debt debt Winslow that debt wind, though. Ginko. So it's actually not very hard to do that sort of hybrid tat debt debt and words. And it's something that you should use when you're writing lyrics A lot also, and it helps you get back on track when you're stuck and things like that. But it's also great for free styling, and you should do it in your head, especially when like your homies air wrapping and it's your turn. Next, you want to make sure that you're in the rhythm and you can sort of play off their rhythm like you can listen to them and then hold that debt. Did it that didn't whatever in your head and then change it or use it in your own style. So just be conscious of this. Be conscious of the movements and the conscience of how it all fits together, and also watch out for your syllables because you can do a lot more with smaller syllable rhymes than you can with on Amman appear. I really want to be a seat Now I'm stuck in a little earlier. So whatever. Ah, pattern. I do have to end in a deadly Leah ottoman. Appear Didn't lier lier lier lier. Sounds like a circus song, but yeah, so keep an eye on your syllables to because that's an important thing. So finally, let me get back to the exercise that I want you to do for practice, and that's bringing this whole rhythm thing together. And we're going to start out with the that that that that, um we're going to come up with that t um and then we're going to go pinning back to us, and now they do it yourself or whatever. Um, so let's do that. I'm gonna play the same instrumental again. I'm going to start out with a new depicted today, a new rhythm, and, um Then I'm gonna put one word at the end, and I'm going to put all the words in it, so I hope this works, and I know, but I didn't practice. Obviously exist is free stuff. Yeah, So let's think about so listen to the beat for a second. 12341234 Death that debt, debt, debt, debt. The last guy looking here And I've been so flat I doing this, man. I swear I could cry when I looked up And I see the blue sky and I wonder why I can't fly. Really? That's all you guys need to know about rhythm. Remember that we're human, natural organic beings on we follow cycles just like the stars sun and the moon We follow rhythms, it's naturally inside. You don't get to hyped up about following the rhythm. If you do, you're not gonna follow the room. If you worry about following the rhythm, you're not following the rhythm. Just let it float through you. And, uh, once you do, uh, it's just about putting words to it. So that's it. Let's move on to coming up with great lyrical content that that that that that that So what gets this all about death? Um, that was a lot of tips. I hope that you get him 3. Lyrics Part 1 : Alright, guys, let's talk about one of the most important parts of freestyle rapping the lyrics. If you're not familiar with rapping at old, basically, there's 1/4 note. Each bar the last fourth Newt. We want to rhyme one or more syllables for at least two bars, and then we're wrapping. Usually you wanna rap like 2468 10 12 16 bars and even number of bars before you switch up to a different rhyme. This is because that's the way that songs are structured, usually in 16 bar segments. If you want to add some spice to your freestyles and you do think about adding Polly syllable rhymes, also known as compound rhymes, multi syllable rhymes or multi ease to your structure. And I'm gonna use this line that I wrote in a song when I was 18 it's You can belittle me spit on me, beat me up and get rid of me But faced won't bruise determination that sits in me Now that has a poly suitable rhyme. Little me let toe me and spit on me. Okay, so the next thing I want to talk about is Interneuron, because we have both of these in this line that I'm showing you these two lines It's You can belittle me Spit on me, beat me up and get rid of me But fists won't bruise determination that sits in me So the first bar is You can belittle me Spit on me beat me up and get rid of me So we do that line Or do that particular Ryan three times in the one verse And you could probably fit about four three syllable rhymes in one bar if you're really getting excited and you think you're good at this but anyway, um, so do both of those things. Some other things that you can do for spice is toe like stretch out words like I got the bling like Blau. Yeah, they all want my style. I'm staying in like, an hour. These rappers all saying our, um yeah, that wasn't a very good example, But yet you can stretch out words, Mispronounced words, even make up words like it felt a fisherman. You know, there's no felt. A fisherman is not a word, but it's a good felter. Fish is a word and fisherman's word. So you just make up your own words as long as they make sense, it's cool, and it it'll save you a lot of times when you're wrapping. If you just make up a word out of real words, trust me. You can also use sounds like boom and record scratches in your actual freestyles. For example, you could rhyme someone's name Eric with the sound of a record scratching like that. Now let's talk about the magical, mystical key to coming up with awesome rap lyrics all the time. Now what is? I'll tell you exactly what it is. It's. Think up only the last word and think of it. While you're saying the previous line, that's all you need to do. If you could do that, you'll never run out of bars ever. If you just do that by focusing way ahead of time on the next last word you want to say and ignoring the whole sentence, you allow more complexity to build up in your bars because you have more time to plan what the final rhyming word is. Also, it lets your story's flow more naturally because your brain's gonna fill in the gap between what you need to rhyme with and where you're going with the story. So it allows you to do things that sound like they're written even when it's off the spot. Just because you're in that mind state that you're thinking of the next thinking of the next thinking of the next and then letting it all flew together. The second part of this key is, if you can't think of a word, switch up the rhyme scheme. Don't worry about it. Uh, don't spend too much time trying to keep going on the same rhyme forever. You're gonna run out, so there's a couple ways that you can switch. So if you need to switch up from Monopoly, if you can't think of another word to rhyme with Monopoly, you could do something like China own more property than Malaba Lee. I never settled. I'd be doing it. How to then the kettle. You can see how I did something that was relevant to copping as much property as Monopoly. Never settled, you know, never settle for less, and I rhymed it with Kettle. So I got off of the monopoly, but I still made sense. I still transition the idea from more property than monopoly never settle and then kettle. Okay, now here's the fun part. Once you're all satisfied that you are a lyrical champion, or at least you know the components and you're familiar enough to let yourself go, we're going to learn about entering the flu state, which is, I think, the most important part of flowing and not every rapper does it, and you don't even have to do it to be a good rapper. But you've got to do it to be a great rapper. And it's a, uh, an overwhelming electromagnetic feeling within your body that affects your host, your whole entire membrane, all your cell interactions within your body. And it's a very real thing. The Chinese call it Chee, and we're going to learn to get Archie in the proper organizations so that we can wrap awesome anytime. So what's it all about? First of all, you want to feel the flow of energy you want to be in the vibe. You know, your body should be subconsciously, at least moving a little bit, you know. So you got this This rhythm you're feeling the rhythm. You're already getting in ready to go next. You wanna have the level of focus of an athlete. You wanna be at the top of that slope about to hit that slope style course or on that field about to run that touch Now, whatever you've got to be, you know, aware of your surroundings, not tripping up in your own thoughts, but reactive and active. Okay, next is on topic. You know, don't be too flaky. Just wrapping whatever word rhymes Flake and Drake and making you know, just think of things that are associate ID and make sure that you were developing a story because because we all our brains listen to stories. That's how we are. And again, this is a whole body thing, everything from your breathing to your heart rate to how you're swaying back and forth to the volume of your voice to the tilt of your head should all be in sync and all be representative of your energy state. When you're in this flow state, try to visualize the store, your talent and if you're not a real visual person trying to just feel the vibe of where you're going with each and every word that you're saying and it's a weird thing to explain . But if you if you have ever listen to instrumental in your few yourself, just get height. You know, you just feel this energy. You just want to attack it. You know, you want to carry that energy throughout your verse. You don't wanna get tripped up on the last thing that you said and thinking about all I said that wrong. Oh, how are they going to take that? Never, Never worry about anything, cause that's just gonna screw up your vibe. Just let it go. So what happens if you lose your flow and you've got to get back into the rhythm? Remember, get back into the rhythm. These are all cycles. Our body is a cycle we're breathing in and out. Get back into the cycles that you were in before you messed up. So breathe like you were before bob your head like you were before. Don't let the fact that you messed up threw you off track. If you continue all the other rhythms and cycles within your body and you don't forget the rhythm that you had picked out for your vocals while you're free styling, then even if you do forget a word. You never really went out of the flow state, and then you can jump right back in the very next line and nobody even really cares. And most importantly, you can keep going, and that's what it's all about, not stop. If you find that you're losing your flow, often, try to limit your limiting beliefs. We talked about this before, but it is very, very serious. You know what you believe inside your mind only exist inside your mind. Let that go whenever you're wrapping. They say that desire is the root of all suffering, and it certainly is in freestyle, because if you desire to be portrayed a certain way or you desire, um, anything, really, then you aren't being true to yourself. And you only are going to try to measure up to that and you're making live music. Don't don't try to measure up to any any standard other than yourself having fun and expressing yourself 4. Lyrics Part 2: Topics & More: now where could we find topics to rap about? Before we start about topics, I want to tell you the three kinds of topics. The 1st 1 is people. The 2nd 1 is things, and the 3rd 1 is ideas. There's an old saying that goes something like Little people talk about people, normal people or average people talk about things and great people talk about ideas when wrapping. You can always rap about the common themes you hear music today. Cars, women, jewelry, everything like that or you could wrap about popular themes like spirituality is becoming more popular today. That's very nice. You crap about yourself. You rap about your lifestyle, observations of the world around you, your hopes, societal critiques, niche interests that you may have. Once you're on a topic, you can always switch it to a similar topic. In opposite topic. You can go in a group like different types of cars. You could wrap about a theme like you're having a very good day. You could make illusions toe other artwork. When you're in a safer, it's good to rap about the things around you, the context of the cipher, like how everybody got there Why you're there today shared experiences that you have with people within the cipher. You could talk about what happened today. Relevant information in the news, etcetera, etcetera. If you run out of things to say than your uninspired go out and find the beauty in life and get inspired and find new topics now, while running out of topics is a result of being uninspired, running out of words is a very serious thing. And it's not like we can cure that. We can't really come up with enough words to rhyme anything endlessly, but what we can do is switch and because we can switch, weaken freestyle hypothetically forever. So how do you switch from one line to the other? Like I said before, if it makes sense, you can just use internal rhyme to switch over at any time after any ending words. So, like I said, uh, I'm gonna cop more property. The monopoly I never settle. I'm hotter than the cattle. Um, I switched the never settle for monopoly because that makes sense. You could also really jump in with some things at any time, as long as you have an internal rhyme and unending rhyme to match it. So, like I could say, I'm a cop, more property, My monopoly swerved. I'm gonna give it my best. That's my word. Swerve has nothing to do with property or Monopoly, but because it's one of those hype words I mentioned. You can get away with switching it at any time, and nobody's going to call you on it. Also, if the beat is about to switch or it's switching like from course diverse, it's going to sound really natural and really concern. Get away with a lot more as faras switching from rhyme to rise. So now that we got most of the basics of our limits, how can we be the best? How can we be the standout shining member of the cipher? And there's two things, really. It's wordage and wordplay, and wordage is your choice of words and wordplay is how you use them. So think of your wordage as your cards and your wordplay as your plays. Word usage is one of the most important parts of your overall impression as a rapper, and as a person. Certain words can heip up your raps likes were Pop getting it Twerk etcetera, etcetera. Certain words can also define your style. Think about the ad Libs that popular rappers use today. Like Littlejohn is the best, you know. Yeah, yeah, when you're in a cipher, there's more opportunities for different words you can use. You could use the word that the last person ended their rhyme on in a different meaning or context, and you could also have or be aware of relevant words to the safer itself. Like what Beatus playing or what the producer of that beat is or whose house you're at things like that. The icing on the cupcake is wordplay. There's plenty of words with double meaning. For example, this is a line that my friend Que or a New Vista God is his rap name. Hughes, in one of the songs No Ranch but I Blue Cheese spent a few G's just to feel the cool breeze . Now he says, no ranch but I blue cheese. So no ranch, as in he doesn't own a ranch and no ranch dressing but I blue cheese as in blue cheese dressing, and he spent money. Another cool thing you could do is use words that sound similar or the same, such as dough and does and though, and dough is in deer, a female deer, you can also use words to refer toa other things kind of like a metaphor, but with just one word. Example would be like put on the block in the butterflies, watch your girl's eyes have flooded by what I did. There was, I said, butterflies to mean butterfly doors like there's fancy doors on cars. But I didn't. I just use the one word. So it's a metaphor, but just a short metaphor. Another kind of advancing to do is to break down a word into its root prefix and suffix and change the meaning, for example, that cheap plastic ponies. We run the market ponies so phone ease as in Bony's and bonuses and four knees. If you can say on the right way, they sound exactly the same. And finally, don't sweat it through. It's just stuff you made up in a few seconds. It doesn't matter. Let it go. Poof, Poof! Gone. No regrets. Only lessons just have fun. Every time. Every lyric, every time you freestyle every time you say for have a good time, progressively get better practice. You know, make this something you love. You got to be the person you know at a party. If everybody's too loud and you just get in that zone, you just go off somewhere and just spit by yourself. You know, you gotta You gotta love it. You gotta love the craft, Love getting better. And lyricism is really how you show your progression. Especially the other emcees. People are going to respect you if they hear a lot of wordplay, good word, choice and as well as good delivery, which will get into later. But it starts with the lyricism. So so get Get the fundamentals on that and always develop your skills. Thanks. Piece. 5. Delivery: our guys. We went over rhythm. We've won over lyrics. Now we just have to talk about delivered. Delivery is how you lay down your vocals. In a particular instance, be it over a beat or a cappella. Our aim here is to be comfortable and versatile. With our delivery, we wanna have a standard default delivery that we feel comfortable with, as well as be able to switch up our delivery appropriately for any beat. Now, before we start working on our delivery, make sure that you've got your rhythm and your lyrics down while you can practice your delivery on another person's verse. It's a good idea to get the 1st 2 components down before you really focus on your delivery . Because if you're too worked up about how you see things, you're never going to get the actual structural component. Just like if you worry too much about decorating a room, you're not gonna build the actual house. First of all, when we're developing our deliveries or about to deliver, we need to flush out our emotional state, and we do this by breathing in and out at equal links whenever you're breathing. It's a good idea to have your poems match your direction of energy. You want to breathe in and have your problems facing upward receiving energy, and you want to breathe out pushing energy downwards towards the earth. Once you're in a calm and collected emotional state, then you can manipulate your emotional state to match what you want to deliver. If you have an aggressive verse or you're going into a freestyle and you're know you're gonna rap trap, you're going to get into a different emotional state. Then, if you were going to talk about a girl that just broke up with you or something like that, use your breathing and your posture to get into the correct vibe before you start delivering your vocals. Now it's time for some practice. Once you get into an energized state, I want you to continue to breathe in and out and try to perceive consciousness without using words or pictures within your mind. Instead, allow your consciousness to be a light that's flowing within your body and allow this light to represent your current emotional state. Once you're able to kind of feel your emotional state within your body, I want you to flushed out again by doing calm, you know, even in and out. Breathe ing's and then switched to a different emotional state and do the same thing. Try to make your consciousness disappear and only exist as awareness of the light flowing throughout your body. Because this represents the energy within your body. And although you may not realize it, you can consciously feel your energy within your body. And once you can do that, you are going to know whether or not you're in that state in the future. So just to reiterate the goal with this practice is to be able to tune into an emotional state and then be able to read it as well as recall a previous emotional state using this technique. Now that we're all ready to go, let's talk about finding our voice so that we can deliver high quality all the time before we start. It's important to keep in mind that you don't always hear the voice that other people here , so you may want a record averse, whether it's something that you've written or something somebody else's written three or more times using different voices and then go back and listen to the voice and see. See what sounds good? And I mentioned this in another video. Another good thing you could do is record the verse with just your natural talking voice. So I would be like it was all a dream. I used to read word up magazine salt, pepper and heavy D up in the limousine and then go to your complete rat voice whether that be high pitched, low pitched, but just make it extreme Whatever style you're going for. Just making issue. It was all a dream. I used to read word up magazine some pepper and heavy deep in limousine, then record 1/3 verse where you kind of mix it too. It was all the dream I used to read Word up magazine. So I'm pepper and heavy D up in the limousine hanging pictures on the wall every Saturday Rap attack, Mr Magic Marley more. And when you jump between your natural voice and you're crazy accented voice, whether it be high pitched low pitcher, whatever you're going to have sort of a curve that you got to go up and down to do this and why you're going up and down the curve. You're actually going to find your rap voice or find your delivery because it's somewhere between your natural speaking voice and a very full of active, energized voice. OK, so now let's look at some components of vocal delivery. The 1st 1 is volume. You want to make sure that sure at not yelling volume, but loud enough so that everyone in the room can hear you. If you're standing in the corner mumbling, nobody's gonna even know if you're in the cipher or not. Next up we have pitch or how higher low you rat. You're probably gonna changes, depending on what beat. Get to know what your strengths are so that you can tailor your delivery efficiently. Next up, you have your range. Your range is how high, or how low you can go. Make sure you know what your strengths are and where you're limited in your range. You can work on this by practicing a singing voice or just stretching out your vocals by doing vocal exercises related to range and pitch is your dynamics, and this is how much your pitch moves while you're actually wrapping. You usually don't want too much dynamics when you're recording, but when you're freestyle, you have a lot more opportunity to be dynamic with your voice, your volume, your pitch, all of that. You can use loudness to amplify it and use quietness to kind of bring down the vibe. You could do the same thing with pitch. You can get high pitched when you want to talk about something that's maybe emotional, and you can use low pitched when you're talking about more earthly things. I don't know. One component. A vocal delivery that you may not think about It all is what note or what beat you actually wrap on now and talk about the 123 wrap 123 Tap 123 Gap. Um, you don't have to always wrap on four. You could go tap yet T back. Do do rap do do do so that I started on one, and then I continued to wrap on one. Not rapping on the fourth Newt can make your verse really stand out in a song and can also make your parts stand out in a cipher. The last part of vocal delivery is Can you spent 16 bars if you don't have Ah, voice that you can keep up for 16 bars, and it's not a voice that's very useful to you. Now let's move on to non vocal delivery components. The 1st 1 is posture. Posture is very important not only when you're wrapping, but when you're living from day to day. Whenever you stand fully upright, your lungs are able to fill. Whenever you're like this, your lungs can't fill up with as much air. Also, you project your voice more when you're standing up. When you're in a straight line, the energy flows through your body and your spine much more regularly. So keep that in mind whenever you're in a cipher and whenever you're just living your date of a life. Next we have body rhythms. Now, any time you're in a site for you'll see people doing just like this or swaying back and forth, they're just nodding their head regardless. There, keeping the beat with their body right. Keep control of this rhythm and let it feed your energy. Don't focus on it too much where, you know, try to be cool by doing in particular bounce. Just just do what feels natural and let your body work for you instead of working against it. Next up, we have just stick your relations or how you move your hands. You may notice that I do a lot of gesticulations through this rap course, and that's because I think it brings people's attention. I'd rather have you watching the screen watching me, then, uh, listen to somebody who's monotone and maybe be checking yourself and this works the same way in a cipher. Whenever you're doing a gesticulations, people are going to notice it and watch, but you can overdo it. So you want to use gesticulations to emphasize certain verses. You know people commonly, you know you do the gun thing or whatever, or you do the smoking thing or drinking thing. But don't be afraid to make up your own gesticulations and use them to hype up your verses . Next, we have eye contact, usually as you're going through life. I contact is pretty important, but when you're freestyle rapping, it's one of the least important things. I may focus on one person if I'm saying a bar that I think they'll particularly like, but usually I'm either, you know, just off staring into the distance because my mind's working like that, or I'm just kind of glancing from personal person whenever I feel like it. But don't focus too much on eye contact. And the last and possibly most important nonverbal delivery component is breathing. When you're going in, you need to make sure that you have between 1/2 and 3/4 tank of air in your lungs before you start spinning. If you have too much air, it's gonna sound where if you run out of air, it's gonna sound weird. So try to start out with that amount of air and then keep your breathing regular throughout your verse. All right, that's about it for delivery. So let's talk about how to get into the state that we're going to deliver our verses. Remember to breathe in and breathe out slowly at the same pace in order to calm yourself down and get in a neutral state, and then use your breathing by breathing in longer than you breathe out To get in a more energized date and breathing out longer than you breathe in to calm down. Once you're in the correct energy state, try to focus on the energy and feel it throughout your body. Now that your body is ready, focus your mind on hearing yourself spit. Get yourself into the mode of body and mind. Once you're in that mode, just go in. Your body is naturally going to do a good job because you've prepared. 6. Never Run Out of Bars: how to be last man standing or never run out of bars. The most important part of never running out of bars is to get back up when you mess up, because inevitably, you will miss, say a word, mispronounced something or just go off, beat something like that but be able to recognize when you mess up, Don't let it stumble you up and also try not to bring it back up because, honestly, it's annoying unless you do something like, yeah, I just messed up. I'm about to step up. But editor, that a tip to no one to pass um, you're gonna get tired eventually. It's like a running event. You know, freestyling kind of is, And if you are in a safer, don't hog it because nobody likes that guy. Three. Switch flows a lot. This is going to not only make you sound better, make your rap sound more varied. Make you look like you're more skilled. It will help you to keep going longer because you'll have more different things that you're thinking about more modes that you can go into when it's your turn to wrap. If you're worried about running out of content. This tips for you and this is toe. Have words ready but not wraps ready. You should know plenty of things that rhyme with your name. The town that you're from your current location, local places in those two areas as well as geography. In addition to these, if you have a subject that you were rapping you can do in association with that you can do synonyms, anti names or you can do things like classes or groups like kind of cars were like rap about your favorite rappers, then you always have kind of, ah, long subject to rap about next tip. Watch your breathing. You don't want to run out of breath whenever you're wrapping, obviously, because you need it to make words. So try to give yourself room to breathe. And another tip I have related to this is if you do need town to breathe, you said as opportunity to switch flows So say you're going like really fast, and you ran out of breath and go and then I dicked it that switch it up. Part three of Breathing Tips is tried to start with half to 3/4 of a tank of air in your lungs. If you have too much air in your lungs, you're gonna sound slightly different. And you also well of you, too, little Aaron. Your loans half a tank is plenty to get you started when you're free style. And finally, I have a few words to the wise for my own personal experience. Number one is Watch the foam at your mouth and this is kind of embarrassing, but you will get like foam at the corners of your mouth if you're spitting for, like, over three minutes, solid and, um and you don't do anything about it. So just keep that in mind. You can just, you know, do one of the snake things. If that happens, number to have water or a cold beverage at your side. And this will help with, you know, getting dry mouth or whatever. And finally, the last word to the wise is don't be the guy that always has to be last, man. If somebody kills the site for, just let it go, you know you don't have to jump in, cause then that puts a lot of pressure on you to be better than that. And chances are if they really killed it, you're not going to be able to come up with something always to kill that. So be respectful of others and no one. It's your time to keep going and when it's time to stop. But don't stop because you ran out of bars stop because it's appropriate. 7. Tools To Get Going: Let's take a quick look at some tools to get us going whenever we're freestyling. So one great thing is online tools like random word generators. Here's a couple of the random word generators available on the Web today. Here's one for just one word. So this might could be good for a safer another one that you can pick. Here's one for a lot of words. This one. You can customize the syllables and word length, so each of them have like their own unique type of words so you can switch between them when you get bored of one. Here's a an app coat songwriters pad. There's a free version for, like your phone in your iPad or whatever. Um, I don't have the Mac app, so I don't know how it works there trying to sell it. So I guess you could buy it if you really like it. But the free version will show you like rhyming words, so all these will help you to build your vocabulary as well as make you more confident that you're not gonna run out of bars. And don't be afraid to look in random places, forwards, books. They're great dictionaries air, obviously a great choice. Websites like Wikipedia and, uh, really any website. If you just read, you can learn about things and then incorporated, or you can just pick words like never you could do last names first names, places and then you will have more subjects to rap about later. Another good website is at the source. You can check this out if you want to maybe practice like doing back and forth like opposites of things Or just, you know, finding words that mean similar things. So you don't say the same word all the time. And if you want to be good at freestyle rapping, be inspired at all times during the day and think of rhymes like, If you're driving in the car and you see a road sign and you think of, ah rhyme that'll rhyme with the town or whatever. If you find any other great schools for freestyling, please contact me on Facebook or on this site and I will share them with the group. Remember, guys, practice practice is the best rap tip 8. Where to Find Beats: as a freestyle rapper, you're gonna want to know where to find lots of good beats all the time and have the ability to find beats wherever you are whenever you're having a cipher. So I want to show you a few websites online that you can find sweet beats the first ones DAP If and if you surged up, if you can find some beat, beat next tapes. Honestly, there's some good ones, and they're definitely some not good ones, too. But if you poke around, you should be able to find something something good. Next hip. Sherman was dot com. There's a lot of Lake Big label beats on here. You know what I'm saying? So it's good for ciphers, cause there's lots of hype stuff, obviously. Next there is Soundcloud. There's a ton of great underground producers on Soundcloud. I think nowadays it's safe to say that the first website that producers are gonna put their stuff up on is usually Sound club. The 2nd 1 might be YouTube, but the 3rd 1 is probably sound. Click. So let's check out sound click grow quick. There's a lot of good instrumental artists on here because they make money on it as opposed to Soundcloud. So check out the beats here for sure. Best place is YouTube. YouTube is an amazing place to find beats. There's also beat tapes and be tapes, obviously tapes and beats. So check those out for sure. If you need to have a cipher for a long time, or if you just want a freestyle for 45 minutes, definitely check that out. But probably the last two places. Google and producers websites are where you want to lean towards if you really wanna produce anything for a project. But they may not be the best if you're just trying to have a safer so you can Google instrumental tapes. You know you can do search tools past week and you can see what mixtapes people are putting out and listen to the hottest new instrumentals, and I do it. What you want is this is again my Homie Justin's Page or his website. That is. You're looking for something like this producers website, where you can listen to the instrumentals. Sometimes I'll have short, shorter previews like this sometimes, usually if you're just freestyling, especially if you're not recording it, it's fine to have a tag g and these air good for freestyles cause beats, which is a lot. So I actually have to be good or bad. We just run back anyway. Uh, yeah, that's that's where I like to find beats online. And if you have other places, please let me know and I'll share them with the rest of students here. Peace. Hello. It's me from the future and I want to show you my new favorite place to find beats. And I actually made this website have been working on it for a very long time. It is music dot c xy doubt, world and on the website we have this map where anybody can post music, post music. All you gotta do is double click, and then you can post the music right there. So we have a lot of rappers as well as a lot of producers that are putting their music up on the site. So to get there, go down to format and then go to instrumentals and there's just a thana music on here. I'm really happy I found, like, so many great beats. And you can also go to genre and go to hip hop, and then you'll only get the hip up and you'll see everything is color coded, and you can also tell the mood of the beat by the color inside of the dot. But there's some really, really dope beats on here, and I found so many underground soundcloud producers and then, like, checked out there other beasts after finding them on here. So definitely check out this website. I made it for everybody to enjoy for everybody to share their music. So share your music. If you make it a swell and find people in your local area to collaborate with, it's only gonna be bigger and better from here. And probably by the time you see this video, it's gonna be completely way better of a website. But it's already pretty cool, very intuitive. Just click, Click that things and that the music shows up right there. You can get to the music through clicking down here and then find the artist directly right here and then share the music as well 9. Swiching Flows: Let's talk about switching our flow while we're wrapping, as well as developing our own personal style. When you're developing your style, you may feel tempted to just jump on somebody else's style. And that's cool if you're developing a flow and you want to make it similar to someone else's. But your primary flow should be organic and come from your natural voice. Be it changed a little bit. Before we talk more about developing your style, I want you to know that you may or may not want monitors. So right now I can hear myself from the microphone to the headphones, and I do that through a program called Line In. You can also do this to recording programs like logic PROO tools, etcetera, etcetera and, um, you'll see that you have an input and output. This program, I believe, is only for Mac. But if you have a Mac, definitely get it, and you can install multiple versions of that program or any other program on a Mac by just duplicating it. So handy. Tip. So right now I'm playing through my snowball mike to the fast track, which is hooked up to my headphones as well as the monitor speakers here, and you can't hear them cause they're muted. But if I talk, then you can hear me. And you do have to worry about ah feedback when you do this, obviously, so make sure you have your microphones spaced away from your monitors, So I want to talk about developing your organic flow. This is for people who are new to wrap. But even if you have a flow, listen along because you may get a new flow. I want you to start with your natural voice so that you can organically grow your rap flow . Practice spitting averse. You know, in your normal voice it's gonna sound weird, but just speak out the words Next. I want you to go extreme. Either go extremely like Deep were extremely fast or surely slow were extremely high pitched after you've done those two things, talked out the verse in your normal voice and then gone to extreme and done that to a couple different weird extremes. Then try to flex between the two. Flex between a normal and an extreme, and then you can try switching to different extremes in the verse. When we're developing our flows were usually going to be switching up the rhythm that we say the words as well as the voice that we use. You don't necessarily have to change up the rhythm, such as if you're spitting the same verse, but you almost always have to change the voice. Whenever flow, you end up developing, make sure that you can go in it for 16 bars. If I were to spit something like really like D, it might not feel good after 16 bars or 32 bars or 48 bars or more. Whenever you're in a safer, it's a good idea to switch up your flow. Often. This not only is fun, it shows people that you can, and it helps you develop new flows. Cause if you hear a beat that just gets you in the mood, you're gonna come up with something on the fly that's different. Whenever you're spinning flows, it's a good idea to switch up every even number of bars. So, like every 2486 whatever board, developing fluids and being versatile and able to switch him at any time is important not only for freestyling, but if you plan a career as a rapper. Alright, guys, it's time for practice. I want you to go to my man J Cons Page, vicious music circle soundcloud dot com slash v Underscore m underscore. See? And we're going to write to keep it lit. This is a brand new instrument. So you can tell how old this video is by how old this instrumental is. And don't forget to switch up your flows. You can choose to imitate someone else that you admire Could choose to imitate someone you don't admire to make you. I'm gonna put monitor using line in, take every single thing that do everywhere. Now I got monitor around close first, So we're gonna do some little ways first. I guess I haven't listened to this instrumental fully first. Yeah, and not be on their own property. I'm China on I got the bone I'm in my song que And they do it at the park Yeah, I'm gonna hit Yeah I'll be on every instrumental I'll be opinion, Mental girl Got the dental on like now Yeah pockets Run the town I'm the pot now You better slow down before we part now Yeah, I'm talking champagne because I got problems like Big Shine nor the man. Hey, and it's just another flown man. So I got to learn. Got to make my own. Rodin. I'll be switched. Not getting, you know, on the best kids tricks about the wishes. You do this. Yeah, I'm just trying to spit make a couple of the bucks and pulling up the cut. I don't give a what? What? What? Yeah, and that's somebody I'll be on the mothership. Yeah, I really do it. That's where I gotta move it. Yet It's like the movement. Yeah, I do this on top for a new bus. I got whatever I want that plus the rocks. And I talk about the crap, But I'm stepping in the pot like my pockets a hot year. And you know where freestyle Super say, You know, I just glow in my cheek. I go when I hope that that be one of the best of the embassies. But now I'm just trying to do this until my crown is all that they see and that shine light down 10. Rap Over Any Beat: everybody has their own metrics, for which they judge how well they think another person is at free styling or did at freestyling personally. For me, I respect people a lot more if they can wrap over any beat, even beats that they don't like. It's pretty simple to wrap over any beak. You just need to first find the beat, the 1234 and then make up how you want your rhythm all your float ago and then pick whatever flow that you have and you think would match it or come up with the new flow on the spot. If you can't, you're gonna want to spit this and then adjust it kind of as you go and listen to yourself and hear how it sounds on the beat. And also, if you haven't heard the beat before, it might change so you might switch up completely practice rapping over obscure and different beats, even like classical music, rock mood music, instrumentals, anything that doesn't already have vocals in it. When you were developing your style hopefully came up with 3 to 5 flows, and this will make it a lot easier to jump on different beats. I'm gonna put this microphone up and we're going to do a little bit of wrapping. I have my friends beats as well as a beat that I made a long time ago. So I'm gonna show you how you can just sort of feel out the beat and then go from there and I start out with my friend uh, j con vicious music. JC, take a All right. 1234 Do, do, do, do, do, do, do do do do I just one and know how to wrap out Tried real hard on every track The float I like to switch Maybe I could do more with my living Yeah, I think I know where Now I think I can go in I'm flowing like the guy posts I Dan I'm just showing when the field goes up about the float through That's three points blood. I'm Steph Curry with shop. Yes, hot a time that I'm rapping out Do it like don't stop this a Pringles can It don't mean nothing. I'm just show me y'all step up. No front and any beat Switch it up, Mix it up I'd be like Go ahead get it, bro. I would do thing about love. So this is Ah, Mawr song E type instrumental. And then we're going to go to it something real fast. All right? So again, we're going to find it. Then we're going to pick out a raft. Then we're going to wrap. Then we're going to switch the flow. Do. 1231 one This kind slow. So it's like that that that that get lost like a hawk in the blue skies One different Why I can't fly forever But I find the current of the warm air under my feathers Switching Mix it up You've got to get the broad This is the only way that should go online tables gone time We all gonna have a term So take the time to shine And I hope that should learn Ah, now we're going to do a faster B. This is when I made in, like, freshman year of college when I was listen around with fruity loops with my friend We did this well, shadow be result. All right, so if you haven't already realized, this is a lot quicker. 1111 Go! Go! Do dead span, bread walking. Oh, yeah, we be on Dad left. Always like a Chevy truck. A sign but dying, blowing smoke. Unless we talking on Yes. So you'll see. I did like a really slow, almost half step, Um, style on that because it was super fast. Now you can go super fast on the super fasting as well, but you might not want to jump in with, like, your regular length of bars so you could do something like shorter but still sounding on something that's this faster, faster I'll be on my own. I am doing what I can in my home can't can. Don't wack rap. I'm just trying to show you you can have that. All right, so that's how to wrap over any beat. I feel like I should throw on something classical just to show you you can do anything. Yeah, all right. Yeah, that that this is just like any other be it goes 123412123412 for going to do you want to. Do you want to do? I'll be on my own. Grass building businesses showed destructive millions. I'm never selling Mr Movement. That's appealing. I'll be feeling I'm a villain, my soul and myself. I do this for help. Never for wealth, but accumulate and lots of that. Yeah, I need a property. So I gotta stop to write off. But that's attack. I'll be on my other ground. Yeah, I said a bad word. So I guess I'll talk about that some other time. You really can get any beat. So don't be afraid to jump out of the genre. This builds skill as well as confidence. Alright, guys, I forgot to talk about how to wrap a cappella. And this is really the easiest, because you're going to come up with the beat and it may help it. First for you to tap out a beat whenever you're going Ah Capella. And then you'll be able to get in your head. You could nod or move your whole body to keep beat. So site I'm racked. But Dr Pelham, that's where that I'm the fella. I may go to guys jealous and all the girls overzealous 11. Cypher Ettiquete: I'd like to take some time to talk about safer etiquette. Safer etiquette is how to act when you're in a group of people spitting freestyle rhymes. Number one don't wanted a time. It's okay to have a couple of people if you're doing like a chorus type thing, you know, like you're wrapping over instrumental and you've got people that are good at singing. But most of cyphers that you're in you're going to go one at a time to take fair turns. It's not always appropriate to wrap their whole instrumental. That's not to say it's not always inappropriate. Often people just start killing a thing, and everybody's hyping them and they'll go for an entire song, if not mawr. But usually if you're you know, especially if you're just starting out and everybody hasn't got a chance to wrap yet. Keep it to under 16 bar also, guys, if you aren't feeling a beat or something, you can always just skip your turn. Just make sure that you make it known and try not toe cause confusion. You often do this by just saying, like, get it or something or like going like this to the person standing next to you when it's not your turn. Try to be quiet and listen to what your home is had to say and not just listen react to it . You want toe, you know, nod your head whenever somebody somebody says something, given the admitted the okay, you know something like that and just make sure it compliments. Don't try Teoh wrap over somebody else or anything like that. And while we're on the subject, do get ad Libs for the other people in the cipher. This is gonna hype them up and let them know that they're doing good, giving them confidence and allowing them to kill. And finally let everyone that wants to pick a beat. Just do it. All right. Now let's talk about some cipher games now. These aren't really games or just what kind of happens in the cipher. But I just gave them names so you can remember him first is pass it to the left, and that's where you spit an unspecified number of bars before passing it to the person on the left hand side of you. This is kind of just basic ciphering, and it happens all the time. Next up is bar hop, which is when you spit a specified number of bars and then you hop to the next person so you could do to bar hop, which would be I'd be killing this. I'll be standing right here, Shannon like the glass in the chandelier path. Or you could do four bars. Hop where you spent four rhymes. Or if you're wrapping over like a chorus, I mean instrumental with the chorus and verse you could do 16 bars past. You can also pick a subject or theme to rap about, such as a ex girlfriend or like trap music, things like that. You can go around in a circle until everybody spits a verse about it and then switch it up . And finally, is something that I call remix time, where you take an already known instrumental something that everybody in the group knows and you make a remix of it. And you do pick a subject or theme like we said before, but you can do it based upon what the original subject or theme of the song Waas. So instead of started from the bottom and we're here, you could do start it with a roll up and a beer. Let's talk about some do's and don't win ciphering do switch up your flow on the beat. This is a great opportunity to showcase new flows that you've been working on or just try out new flows completely. Most of the time, you're going to feel comfortable and energized in a cipher with close friends, and you're gonna discover things that you may not have discovered in the studio by yourself . Do have a couple water handy whenever you're in a cipher. Don't interrupt somebody else whenever they're spitting, Don't hog the beat. And also don't hug the instrumental playlist. Finally, remember that it's all fun and games. Nobody is attacking anybody. Nobody is trying to call anybody out. You're having a cipher. You're having a good time. And in that same note, don't attack anybody. It's just lame. And if you want a battle, do that. But don't try to bring it into a cipher because you're going to detract away from what everybody else in the cipher is trying to do. All right, guys, thanks for watching. Please help future ciphers that you're in run smoothly by following this etiquette, and I hope to see you in a site for one day and drops and bars with you 12. Class Review: thank you guys for spending the time, money and effort to learn how to freestyle rap. I hope that this course has benefited you more than you put in, and you now have a new skill that you can't wait to show off. Let's review what we learned in this course. We talked about rhythm, lyrics and delivery. We checked out some tools to help us find words and get us going If we're stuck. We learned how to wrap over any beat as well. A switch flows whenever we want. We went online and checked out places to find beats to freestyle to. We learned how to be last man at the safer or never run out of bars. We also talked about cipher etiquette as well as other tips like confidence breathing and cheap energy flow. If you're still struggling with your freestyle raps, or maybe your skills aren't quite what you want them to be, keep practicing guys and also seek feedback from others. The more you get together in freestyle, the better you all get. So hold ciphers with your friends, do as much as you can to build up your vocabulary associations as well as your delivery. That's about it, Guys, if you want to listen to me and my friends freestyle, I'll put a couple of links in the notes or descriptions to this outro. Also, if you're near me on a solstice or Equinox, please contact me and ask for an invite to so surfaced. Learn more about souls fest at Seoul's fest dot org's Our Guys. Thanks again for taking this course. Stay awesome. God is love. Everything is everything live in love. 13. 2022 Update Pt 1: Finding CC0 Beats + More: Hello and welcome to the 2022 update of the how to freestyle rap course. My name is Douglas and we're here in eternally beautiful and internally springy median Columbia. Flow is eternal. And I hope the skills to freestyle have now transpired through your speech and prose. And you are now a better communicator because of this amazing art form. This update, I'm going to share some of the best places I know to find copyright-free freestyle beats, some exclusive tips for getting into the flow state and let you know about the music DAP I've been working on for the past few years. And our music and FTE standard that we released so anyone can meant their own music, NFT and our discord full of tools that you can use to find beat makers, rappers, singers, and other musicians to collaborate with. We'll also touch on selling your music, which is now easier than ever. First off, let's talk beats. It's 2022 and there are so many beats online. Bead star is YouTube, blooper man, SoundCloud, Reddit, and discord housed huge communities where you can meet producers when you're ready to take the next step with your music. There's also a big push towards copyleft, aka copyright free or CCSE music. This means you can find plenty of beats that you can freestyle rap too, and then you can legally sell the music that you create and keep the profit. You can use it to stream on Twitch, put it on your YouTube videos, and even upload your freestyle songs through a distribution service like district kid or SoundCloud re-post. It's good karma to credit the beat maker, even if a b is released without attribution requirements. If you've never distributed your music before, you may think that it's complicated or difficult, but it's incredibly easy and non-restrictive. Uploading to just one distributor service like district kid or SoundCloud re-post will allow your release to be listed on Spotify, Tidal, Apple Music, Tiktok, Facebook, YouTube Music, and virtually all other platforms. And yes, I have personally made money off of freestyle songs over copyright-free beats. Where can you find these copyright-free beats? Recently I've been finding my CCSE beats by going to YouTube and typing in either ouzo Libra or copyright-free in the search bar. And I also like to use the advanced search to look for music marked CC 0, meaning hopefully that you can use it for anything, even commercial purposes. Now, I say hopefully because you do need to read the description of the song to make sure it's actually free. For me, this is the quickest way to find beats. And I do believe it's always better to personally connect with producers and make something really special. But I also understand the, sometimes you just want to create something in the moment and this is a great way to work at it. At a level that perhaps if you do create something worth selling, worth sharing, you could get something back through distributing that music. Now we made a space where artists, producers, and different creators can connect and share about the creation of music, collaborate as well as promote their music. And really just start to develop a community around empowering creators and co-creating music together. Checkout our link tree slash Cxy dot world to get your invite to this discord. And don't forget this, select the artist's role to unlock all the collaboration channels. Once you're in the Discord, Go to link tree slash Cxy dot world, find out more about our projects and use these tools to advance your musical creation and musical collaboration. And when you get on the Discord, Go ahead and introduce yourself, declare yourself an artist, jump into collapse questions, promotions and more. That's it for this part of the upgrade, but there's more I'm going to show you in the process of making freestyle songs. It's 2022. And my desire for this update is to show you you have so many tools available to you that you can create a finished product and legally sell it and increase your abundance. Even if you don't have any beats, you can find these commercial free ones online. And once you learn this skill to tap into that flow state, you can create something incredible and just a few minutes. So I hope that inspires you. I hope to see you in our Discord, and I hope to see you in the very next lesson where we make a song in six minutes. Pace. 14. 2022 Update Pt 2: Making a Freestlyle Song: Making freestyle songs. Once you've got the beats, it's time to flow. I'd like to share a little bit of my process making freestyle songs. Practicing this art form has helped me a ton to later, right, and make more structured music confidently as I was comfortable with what I could do and how it would end up sounding on the mic. Let's get down to some real tips. The first thing to do is to realize that you don't have to keep the first take or any take thereafter. You can click a button and it's gone forever. Let that be a relief and know that you can go as crazy as you want to, and that will end up being your best work. Plus it's often the second or third take when you loosen up enough to get into the flow state. When you're in that flow state, that's when you can instantly make music that other people resonate with and went to listen to as your sole really expressing itself just like that movie Soul. And as you're getting into this flow state, and even if you create something that might not be a packaged product in the end, you can still take what came out of you. Take those lyrics, write them down and make a more structured, well-thought-out song. In my mind, the key to making freestyle songs is to be able to freestyle in a flow state, at least most of the length of a song. Audio quality can be a limiting factor, especially when you're making a freestyle song. And if your audio is not up to par, you may be rejected from distribution. Often when we freestyle, we move around and it's easy to lose track of the mic and even look off in a direction which will make the audio level lower. Making a freestyle song means you've got to get in front of a good microphone and deliver just like you're making a song that you had written down. Now there's a ton of ways to make songs. So checkout mine and then discover your own, not through copying, but through filling it out and adjusting the process that you've already used. Personally, I like to take the instrumental and put it into the DAW, usually Logic Pro or GarageBand, and then put a loop section over the entire length of the instrumental. This allows, at least in logic, the ability to record again and again over the same section, in this case, the whole song without pressing any buttons or requiring any further input. If you have a case that the software doesn't do this loop with instrumentals, you can simply copy and paste the instrumental at the end of itself again and again until you have a good amount of space to work with. About 20 minutes. Once they have the instrumental in the editor and I'm ready to record, I usually start by recording some melody and percussion sounds that will later translate into lyrics. Very similar to what we talked about in the rhythm section of this course. If possible, I like to leave these sounds in my headphones at a low-level when I'm recording, which tends to layer up the vibe and make it easier to freestyle on subsequent takes. Then I'll go back and record several takes of freestyle. Though, if I'm really excited, I often just jump in and start free styling without recording anything ahead of time, because songs have sections. Take extra care to end and begin each chorus bridge, verse section. Well, this is because you can later mix and match different takes, different sections of your free styles together to make a complete song. And if everything lines up, then it's just as simple as dragging something back and forth. Sometimes I like to just keep an eye on the waveform in the DAW. But you should eventually get used to the length of 16 bars and just automatically know when to switch as you practice over time. Finally, once they have more than enough lyrics to cover the entire song, I nearly always go back and rerecord some melodic and percussion elements. Adding these as well as doubling and emphasizing specific words and syllables makes a well layered song you can create in under an hour, I recorded a force on epi and under an hour as a teenager with no previous materials but the beats. My final advice would be, don't be afraid to record one last take. Especially if you've already gotten a take you like the pressure will be off and you might record some sound you need later on or even a better take. And you can even redo a section that you thought was good, like it, especially if it's like an instrumental or Melody section that you'd liked where you're going, but maybe you made it up on the spot so you could you could use to do it again. Go ahead and do that in the final take as well. Once you've added EQ, little bit of compression may be some tape delay balanced out your song and you're ready to upload it. You did uploaded, don't forget to add it to 60 dot world. And if you don't know about it, if you didn't catch the last video or you haven't checked out our linked tree slash Cxy dot world. We have all kinds of tools for artists, as well as tools to help you meant and music and empties from the music that you create. Now that we've talked about making a song, I wanted to show you just how quickly you can make a song. This is one I did in literally two loops of the song. That's all the vocals that went into making this song. So go ahead and watch it, check out the final product, and I hope it inspires you to create your own freestyle song if you do definitely share it here on Skillshare as a project. Thanks for watching and thanks for taking this course and expanding your creative flowing energy in all directions. My name is Douglas signing off for midiin pates. 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