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How to Create Amazing Pins for Pinterest [2021 update]

teacher avatar Peg Fitzpatrick, Social media strategist and author

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      How to Create Amazing Pins for Pinterest


    • 2.

      What is a "good pin" for Pinterest?


    • 3.

      How to create a pin in Canva on desktop


    • 4.

      How to add your image to Pinterest


    • 5.

      How to Create Pins in the Canva Mobile app 1


    • 6.

      Pinterest graphic on iOS phone in Adobe Spark


    • 7.

      You're ready to make pins!


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About This Class

If you’ve been hearing how amazing Pinterest is but haven’t figured out how to use it - this course is for you! Pinterest is the number two traffic referral to websites. Is traffic coming to your projects? We’re going to learn the elements of a great Pinterest pin and see how it’s done.

In this class, you’ll learn how to create a Pinterest graphic, what size to use, and the optimal way to post your graphics on Pinterest on desktop and mobile.

By the end of this course, you’ll know how to create a Pinterest graphic for your brand that will help more people find your content online. And you’ll know all of the essential elements that each pin needs to make it successful on Pinterest.

For this course, I've used Canva Pro [but you can use the free version] and Easil. And Pinterest on desktop and iOS.

If you want more information about how to use Pinterest, please check out my other Skillshare course: Pinterest Marketing 101 for Creative Entrepreneurs.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Peg Fitzpatrick

Social media strategist and author


Peg Fitzpatrick is the co-author of The Art of Social Media: Power Tips for Power Users with Guy Kawasaki the legendary former chief evangelist for Apple and one of the pioneers of business blogging, tweeting, Facebooking, Tumbling, and much, much more. Guy teamed up with Peg as he believes she “is the best social-media person he’s ever met.”

Ms. Fitzpatrick is known for her brand management, social media marketing strategy, and innovating the world of social media marketing. She is the Director of Marketing and Social Media Manager for Kreussler Inc. covering online brand management as well as traditional marketing.

She has spearheaded successful social-media campaigns for Motorola, Audi, Google, and Virgin as well as having been... See full profile

Level: Beginner

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1. How to Create Amazing Pins for Pinterest: Hi, I'm Peg and welcome to my sculpture class and how to create an amazing ten for Pinterest. I'm so excited that you found me here. So we can learn together how to create pins that will bring traffic to your website or create a great Pinterest presence for you. We're gonna go over some software on desktop. We'll go over some apps on your phone. I'll show to have upload them on both different ways. And we'll talk about the elements of a great pan, what size you should use, how to create it, and what kinds of things bring eyeballs to your pins on Pinterest. So join me in this class how to create amazing pins for Pinterest. You'll be on your way to creating a fantastic Pinterest presence. Lets happen to the next lesson. 2. What is a "good pin" for Pinterest?: In this section we're going to talk about what makes a good pins. So I'm going to show you here we're in Pinterest, and this is a pin that I created in Canvas. And you can see it has a couple of different elements to it. Right here it has Pinterest tips. The title of the blog post is how to create a successful pin for Pinterest. And then there's a little subtitle here being intentional and focus can help you create winning pens. And then there's my blog URL. So you can see in this image, it gives people an idea of what they'll get when they go there, what they'll see, what the pin is all about. If you hover over it, you can see where the website that it goes to, which is my website. Also over here we have the title and it has the red says saved better blogging is the Pinterest board that I saved it, saved it to, and then there's a description of the pin and there's some hashtags that I added for this. So for this pin, I chosen an image with a keyboard. Kind of my brand colors, which are a pink. So I have a brighter pink and a lighter pink and my brand, this one I'm highlighting the lighter pink. So this kind of gives you an idea of what a good Pinterest pan looks like. And then I'm going to scroll down to show you some different ones that it pulled up. This one is how to repair your pins on Pinterest. And that also has the URL on the bottom. That what is very nice you can see. Let's go to this one, how to grow your own social media plus a free checklist. And this one also has the URL at the bottom. So it's kinda showing you different images going back up to mine that looked like this. How to create a successful Pinterest pin. It's pulling a different thing, a few different things to show things that are more like this sum is kind of pink with a text and some are also about Pinterest. So this is a great pen right here. How I got 1500 page, page views from 2 thousand, changing this one thing. So they're giving you a little teaser and an arrow to show something. So you can see that good Pinterest pins are easy to read. They have, you know, what is, what it's about? This one is ten ways to easily grow your Pinterest account. So there's a lot of people that write about Pinterest, obviously, which is great because Pinterest is awesome thing to learn about. So when you're looking at designing your pins, you wanna make sure that you have your title, so it's easy to read. You don't want to put the font that's too small. This one actually the free training probably could have gone underneath that line to make it a little bit better. And then it has saved your seat today, which is a call to action, which is also good to add on there. And they go back up to my Pinterest and look at things that I've saved. So this is my Pinterest presence, my whole, my whole page. And the, this one is the board that's for my blog. So these are all things that I have created. This is a recent one. Oops. And how to avoid burnout that I created in tail-end, which I'll show you how to do that in a minute. This one I love, it's called how to use storytelling for social media and marketing. And I just use an image for this one, it's really great if you have an image that kind of sums up what it is. And this one has colors select with a red bike. So this one kind of tells a story right in the image and leads you into maybe what it's going to be. Let's scroll down this pin I made a really long time ago. This one is really graphic and it's bold, and it gets a lot of interaction on Pinterest. So those are just kind of some of the things that you wanna think about when you're looking at Pinterest. These are, these are older pitons now. So this one just kind of has an overlay. It's okay. I mean, I like the cupcake image. I wouldn't do that little panel behind there any longer. I would probably just do it without that. But this just gives you an idea of there's one kind of design that it needs to be. These are things that fit my brand, so it's pink, it's easy to read. It has my URL. And this one's quick and dirty guy, the hashtags on Pinterest. So that tells you right there what it is. It's got Pinterest tips. It says it's a quick and dirty guide. And then my little subtitle text says Working Smarter without going crazy because who doesn't hunt the hat? So this is kind of gives you an idea of what, what pins look like that or good pins. Just to give you an idea of maybe some bad pins will go up. And well, we'll go back and down here. Like we'll find something that's maybe not a great example. This one's another good example. Great, easy to read text. Ultimate boss, babe resource to grow and scale. It's easy to read. She's got her URL on there. Maybe something that's not as easy to read is. I mean, this one kind of has a lot of fonts on it. This one might have too many fonts maybe, and a lot of colors, but they all go and it looks really nice with the image. So I, I actually wouldn't say that. I can't find any bad pin examples. That's funny. So I guess with my Pinterest one, they're showing you cute ones. This one, the pinterest SEO strategy is great. The use keywords to grow your audience is actually kind of hard to read. So I probably wouldn't use that little font, but everything else on there, you could just change that font on there and make it look good. If you're looking at the different sizes on Pinterest, you want it to be a long, tall image and we'll get into the exact sizes for Pinterest. But like when 1000 to 1500 pixels is great, it gives you a lot of space to work with. And that size looks really good. On Pinterest. I don't think I have any go back up to saved. I don't think I have any that are. A usually only Pan Long, Tall ones, but we'll just go into here quick to see if I have something that is maybe smaller, but I really don't. I typically tend to pick things that are big Was this one is a square, but look how pretty that images, and it's an exact image of what this recipe is. So I would say this is a great pen, even though it doesn't have any text on it, I would add a URL for the blog on there because this is so gorgeous, it's possible that people could steal the image because I have to tell you, I thought this was it. But this one maybe it's another one on there. This one doesn't have the right things IS once a banana, raspberries enrolled oats. So this is a different picture. This one, I love this one too. This is a food blog. And this is just an image. Again, it's fine to just do a really great image if your food blog or you have really great images for your blog, again, I would add my URL on there because people steal images way too easily. This is for a blueberry lavender Pop-Tart which looks yummy, doesn't add up. And let's say this one is great because it kinda shows you exactly what it is. This is a little recipe for essential oil mix from young living essential oils. It has the title and that font is a script font, but it's easy to read the diffuser blend and then it's giving you the number of drops in the type. So this one is a really great descriptive pin and it has different oranges on there. I feel like that's a really solid pin. Let's look in their essential oils to see. Look at they have a lot of beautiful ones. So here's another one that just has the little recipe on there. So this is really great. If you have a product, it shows you exactly how to use it. You put Epsom salt, 28 drops in there, bath. There you go for your tub. So can relax. Perfect. It doesn't have to be over complicated. This one's great. It's a blog post, essential oils for when you're in a bad mood on the blog. Awesome. And you could see their images are really nice. Like this is a frosted trees. This one's a video pen. This is beautiful. I would totally make this balsam fir peppermint and vanilla. I'm gonna append that because I like it. So that flip the sign of a great, great pin right there if you see it and you're going to do it, they've used a little recipe over and over again with their font. There blend in there, number of drops in the name of it. I love it. I mean, those, those are great. And they've created a whole bunch of different kinds of graphics that there people would love to repent. And then every time it gets read pinned, it repents their product or their blog. So think about making different types of little things to go on your Pinterest. These are a little infographic and it has 212021 New Year checklists. Just has a few things. These are really nice things for people to pin. I'm going to go back up and show you some Pinterests quotes that I've created. Because quotes are very popular in the quotes to live by. Some of these are just things that I've pinned. This is one that I made for my blog, and it actually pins and goes back to my blog. So you can make different quote graphics that lead back to your blog with all different things. This is another one that leads back as just a long tile image and with a nice positive quote which people live on Pinterest. This is another one that I made very easy to read, not that complicated. This one. I didn't put my URL on, which I usually do just to make sure that it goes back. Here's one that I made for a daily mantra. I can create my dreamlike life. I just put a couple little stars on their very easy to create. So everything doesn't have to be just for your blog, doesn't have to be just a blog article. You could create little, just a quote from your article with a great image behind it. And that can also be a great pin. So this, I hope, gives you some ideas of what makes a great Pinterest pin. You want it to have easy to read text. You want it to tell people what they're going to get when they go click through or just if it's like an affirmation or quote, you know, that's fine, but it still should relate to whatever people are going to click through to go there. You can create all different kinds. It could be mostly just an image. It could be an image with text on it. And this one leads to an Etsy shop. It's a little so Qts, just different faces. It's okay to feel your feelings. So there's all different kinds of things that make a great pen. They don't all have to be the same. But you can just come up with a style that matches your website, which we'll go over in the design element. But you want to create a tall pin. You want it to be visually interesting. You want your image to be as good as possible, very clear. And you want it to be easy to read whether they're on desktop or mobile. So now we're going to click over, I'm going to click over to Canvas. And I am going to show you actually how to design some great Pinterest pens. I'll see you in the next section. 3. How to create a pin in Canva on desktop: So here we are in Pinterest and I'm gonna show you how to design some Pinterest pins. So if you just go into search Canvas, so this is a pro Canvas accounts, so they'll be some features that aren't available to you, but most of them will be available in a free account. And when I do things that are a paid version, I'll let you know. But you can create just a free Pinterest or free Canvas account and you can do a lot of things in here. So this is just searching for a Pinterest pin and it will pull up all these different templates. Now templates are a great place to learn how to design something. And then you can just go ahead and create your own brand colors in your own fonts and all your things to make them look different. But when you're just starting out, it's perfectly fine to work with a template and just customize it with your own different things. So this, for example, and I just pulled this up. This is just a regular template that's in there and I don't love this fat. So you can just go right in here and you can change the font to something different. You can play around with a little bit, you can go back to the other one. There's all these different fonts that are in here. And you can also in the Pro version, upload any fonts that you want. That's a handwriting file obviously. So you can just go through and click and find something that you feel really fits your brand. This is not one that I necessarily lake, so I'm gonna go back in here and I need to close that. Just do just do a handwriting. Sorry. We'll go into corporate. We'll pick something that has a different kind of title. That's kinda fun. We'll leave that for now. So that's where you can change the font is up in here. You always want to make sure that you pick something that is easy to read and that you can see it on different, on your phone and on your desktop. So from here you can change colors up in this little tab, I have my brand colors in here. This is my book club. We'll just pretend that I'm making this one for my book club. So I went to go in and choose Book Club colors. And I'm going to write my book club in here. And we'll pretend that this is for Book Club. So if we wanted to do that, we want to find a different image that may be would work better for a book club. So we can go into the photos tab, and this is in the Pro version. You have all these images for free, which is amazing. You can just scroll through and type in books. And you'll find all these different images when you hover over it, it'll, you'll see that little pro crown. And that says that I get that one for free because I paid for the pro version. So if you wanted to just switch that to something different. You can find different, Wow, that's a cool element. So you can just find different images that you like. And this one has a little element in there where you can actually put an image in. It drags and it goes automatically resizes it. So this is a little bit too busy, so we won't keep an image in here. We'll just switch this to a brand color that's too dark. So this switch that to white. Just to give you an idea. So now I don't love this with us. So we could maybe find a person reading, which would be cute. So we'll go in there. That's very cube. So this colors very close. If we wanted to update this, say you don't have a website yet. You don't have all your colors down. But you want to make this work for a project that you're working on, you can change the colors in there to match in the photo. So if you go back up to this little color up here where we pick the color before. This is the document color. So those are the ones in the finance. The primary ones are my blog and then the book club. Then the photo colors, it actually pulls up photos that are in the picture. So if you'll see this is not exactly right, but we can just click on that and then it matches exactly. See how that changes, how it looks. Now matches a color that's in the photo exactly. Or we can use this new color. And we could use the eyedropper because we want to match her hat and we can just click on that. It's very easy to make things look professional and so they really match. If we want to keep working with this photo, just to keep making it match, you know, we can just go through and pull these colors also from the photo, so everything coordinates with it. And then that's kinda small. So we can make that a little bit bigger. And this is our last remaining web. So this just gives you an idea of what it looks like when you take a template and customize it, you can change the font. It would look once you start working with it and you don't really love that, you can just go through and find things. Once you do get your brand setup, you would stick with the same ones all the time just so they look better. I really would want that to maybe not go down as far. And maybe we'll try this and make it a little c. I don't love that. So this is another way that you can just kind of play around with things and make the font a little bit easier to read. You could make that all caps. If you wanted it to be a bigger we'll just due to work from home. That's not going to go up there and we'll just move it up there. So there's different ways that you can play around with things. You can make it bigger or smaller. You could separate like a few minor this sustained at a little bit more. You can take off the seven steps and you can make this bigger. And then you could add in a different way, just D7 tips. So there's no right or wrong way to create different designs. There's guidelines. There's a lot of different guidelines. But in speaking of guidelines, you may have noticed when I did that, see these little Guidelines that popup, those are very helpful. That's telling me that's lined up there. So we'll just switch that. So this wouldn't really go for a book club, but you get an idea, seven tips to how to work from home, has a couple little hand-drawn things. And if you didn't like this image and you wanted this to be you or something else like that, unless you could find a picture of me. These are just different images that I've uploaded in the past, which is a lot of them. Let's see. If I want to put a photo of me. Instead. I could always drag that over and just put my photo in there and then I could change those colors if I wanted or if I did that. And I don't really like it, I can just use this little Undo button and switch it back to the cute girl with hat in the books because they really like that. And then you can just switch it around in and test it with different things. You can upload all different kinds of images. You can upload videos, which I haven't. I have, there's bad videos and put those in. But this just gives you an idea of how you can use a template. And there's all different kinds. If I decide I don't like that one. And I want to make a Pinterest video pin. Let's go, we'll go back to this little valentines gifts. So if I want to switch it, if I decide I don't want to do this book anymore, I can just replace it with a different template. And this is a video that plays right in there, which we saw some of those which looked really cute on Pinterest. You can find those. And this little video tab. Again, I'm these are pro There are some free ones. So we'll just do Valentine's in here and see what pulls up. I really like this little window, so I don't know if we'll find them. Let's see if there's like admitting. You would of course have an idea what you're looking for. But let's see what if, what if we switch to a little, again, this one just drags in just like the other one did. And then you can test it and you can play it. I can't deal with that person's 30 nails. We'll try this one. Okay. So that's kinda cute. And then you could just go through and again, just like the other ones that we did, you can change all of the different elements in here. You can change the font, the text. You can add your URL. These little cute things are in your elements. And just say we wanted to just find some more little hearts. You could just look for a little hearts if you wanted to just replace, say you didn't want like little random. You don't like these little random shapes for Valentine's. You could take them out and you could replace that. And you could just have this little Valentines that looks a little bit bigger than there. So we'll make that smaller. And now I would say that text is too small. So maybe we'll just move the little hearts down. So you can see, you can just kind of play with things. And you can even change the color of these hurts. If you wanted to do something different. Why don't make it your blog color, a new color, you can make it darker. So there's all different ways that you can do. Colors will just click back on a little more pink one there. So that gives you an idea of different elements. Of course, you can go through, just dragged through and find maybe you want it to be more of a little hand-drawn hertz. You can change these to different pink or a weight or a red. So there's all different ways that you can customize any pins. You always want to keep in mind that you want it to be easy to read. You want it to say What's going on. Like, I would probably change those fonts, but there's all different ways that you can create beautiful things. And they have tons of different elements and things that you can test out and try. There's lots of things that are free and there's some things aren't If you want to only search for things that are free in the free version, just search free. And this little filter, you can just click that free version. And then I will only show you things that are free so you don't have to fall in love with something only to find out at cost money that he didn't want to spend. So you don't have to spend money. You can do free version of Canvas and do lots of things if you do have the pro version and let me just show you with the brand kit. Looks like where's the brand kit? There's a lot of things in here analyses, close, close those elements. Styles, NYU holders is my brand get, let me see, maybe it's over in this part. No, those are all different ways. Okay. So let me just show you, let's recap and we're going to use this one the way we like it. This one is a video, it's 2040 seconds long. So that could go, that would be perfect. So you can just download it from here and then it gives you different choices. Do you want to download it as a PNG PDF, which you wouldn't want to do for this, a video or you can make a gift. So say you wanted to do this as a gift or a video, you have a choice. So this, so you can just download it and click on it. It's going to show down at the bottom where it's downloading. And then when, once it opens, you can play it and test it. And I'm going to stop it from right there. And then you would have that maybe I'm retired as a gift just to see if it loads loose faster. They're both done lateral downloading. So that'll just give us a little clue to see what they look like. But there's no limit to the different things that you can make inherit. There's, there's really just tons of different things that you can make. One thing that I like to do, there goes, then this is how it downloads. It's just going to ask if I wanted to change the name and I'll just leave it that at that. And now this one's gonna pop up. It's going to have the same name. So let me just See if I click on this, if you can see what it looks like when I want to open it. Hope not that that would be me. We'll go in that downloads. We see if it'll show you the pin. Nope, it's not showing that I'm a screen I might pop up. So when you do that, it just downloads on your computer and then you can open it. It's recompute on your desktop or wherever you wanted. And it's really easy just to upload them to Pinterest, just to give you some more ideas. You can also do create savior templates on. And I'll show you some that I have. You can make a folder with logos, which is very nice. So I have liked the different logos for my brand. Or you can make your own templates and save them in here. So this example is going to go back and that wasn't the one I wanted. Let's see. Team templates. Which one did I want to show you blog images. So these are different blog images that I've made in the past. I'm just going to open this one, but why am I downloading these? Sorry, let me go back to the beginning here. And I'm gonna go down here. Kind of Cola's this. We're not going to start in another one. We OK. Now we're back in here. I can see what I was looking for before, sorry. Okay. So in this little mean, if you click on the home button up at the top, you can see the different elements. And here you have all your designs which will obviously be out my designs. These are ones that other people could share with me. This is a brand kit which is very, very helpful and this is in the paid version. So when you have the paid version, you can add in different logos in here. So these are some that I had a designer create for me on different logos for my brand. There's book club, lucky clover media. I have an image of me in there that I could use. And then you put your brand colors in there with the little hex codes in there. So you never have to look for that again, I'm going to take that one up. This is that is that one. You have your brand fonts. And I'm not sure where that ones there, but you can just, I'm just gonna make this Open Sans. That's how easy that is to change. And then you can upload your own fonts when you have a paid version. So if you get a font, you can just click, Upload and pull and custom fonts in there if you don't want to use something that's inherent for everyone. So that's just that's in the paid version. And let me just go back into my folder and show you some blog templates that I have in here. I'm going to click on this one. This one has 13 different pins in it. So this is one file. And this is a way that you can easily come up with your own pens if you're, if you're brand new and you haven't done it before and you're kinda nervous. You can actually get some templates for Canva pins on Creative Market or other places. And you can customize these templates or you can have a designer that does Canva create some custom for you if you don't want them to look like other ones that are already in there. So say for example, you know, this is one that I can just reuse this and change the, change the titles and finance. Or say, I love this, but I want a different image behind it. I can just go in and find something that I loaded for blogposts. I'm just going to scroll through kind of quick and say I want to switch to this one, then I can just drag that in there. So it's really easy to use these templates and change it. Just change the background image, changed the text, the colors. It's really great if you want to just have this one had 13. So I think that's probably like ten or 11 different pins because there is a one that was just a intro thing at the beginning. So you can take these different pins in, just reuse these and change them. I love the way they look. I've used these a bunch a bunch of times. I reuse them. It changed the photos in the tax. So this is a way to use templates, but customize it to your own brand, which is really great. And I will put a link to Creative Market so you can check their, you could probably also find people on fiber that design canvas tablets and then you can tell them what you wanted and they could create things for you. But this is just a great way to just have your own fonts in here. Have everything set up and create your own Pinterest pins. I'm just gonna go back up to the beginning and show you their Pinterest pens. Let's see. Here we go. So these are different templates that they have will try, we'll try one more. That's maybe more of like an image. So say we wanted to create something and we just wanted it to be really simple, and then we just wanted to put an image behind it. So let's decide that we're going to make that a travel blog about going to Italy. So I can just go into photos and I'll type in Italy. And then it's going to pull up pictures. And then I'm gonna put this one in because it's gorgeous. Now you can see that you can't read that bottom section very well, but you can read the top. I might just try this one. So you can try, these are just free Canva. Cree camp a photo for your canvas. And that F3, sorry, these are in the Pro version, so these were Pro. But you can see that there's a lot of different ways to just make the templates look your own. So say, see how this all moves together. This is actually grouped as one group. If I wanted to use this exact image, but the spacing isn't exact. I can ungroup and then I can just move this up a little teeny bit. And then you can change the text. And how easy is that? That's very easy. So now these are ungrouped, and I can just go ahead and do that. So that's a really easy pen. You can see that looks similar to what was in there before, but it's not exact. And then I would just add my URL on there. So I would go into my logos. This is a great thing to have. Just have your URL as an image which you can make yourself in Canvas. And just put it in there. If that doesn't look good, which it didn't, you can just type it and add the text on there. And then change the color. I'm gonna make it wait, just so it shows up. And I'm going to put this at the bottom. It's a little bit bold, but you can see, you can really just play with things and make them look the way you want. Change them. You can match them exactly to your brand all the time. You could stick with the same colors, fonts, and everything, and you don't have to recreate the wheel every time. So this just gives you a really great overview of how you can make a pin in Canvas. The size that they use is 11000 pixels by 1500 pixels. So it's always that big, tall image. When you download it, you want to change up heres where you can change the title. So you can just write visit Italy. And this will help with the SCO for your pins because you wanted to have the text on there. So you want the title, or you could even put your URL up in here, so that's saved to, so then when you save this as a PNG, it is going to actually those words in there. So that's how I would save that if I download it, you can also, you can see publish this to Pinterest. I don't have my printers connected because I like to load all my separately. So I will download this and then I'll show you how to upload it directly to Pinterest in the next, when a download this quick way of reading, I will show you in the next video how to upload this to Pinterest the right way so you can make sure that you get all the views and re pins and everything for your Pinterest account. 4. How to add your image to Pinterest: Hi, so here we are. I hopped back over to Pinterest, and I'm just going to show you how to create your Pinterest pen. So you would, once you've downloaded, depend that you made, you're going to click on create, create pen. You're going to drag and drop the video, the pen. So I'm gonna go to my Downloads and there's our visit Italy pin that we made. So that's the title. We're gonna say that this just, just gonna go to you would put the exact URL and to the pin that you want it to go to. I'm just gonna put my my website on and then you want to tell everybody what your pen is about and that'll be y Phenice. Italy should be on your bucket list. And I can type. And then you could do travel bucket list. You can add some hash tags. Oops, I had some automatically pop up for me. So I had some for travel. I'm not going to use love. That's not a good level, but Italy Travel, Graham is too good to pass court. Think these were some Instagram ones that I had. Ok. We could just travel blogger so you can put a few my little thing come up again. So there we go. We have this. You can add alt text for what people will see. So people will know is put Venice, Italy. And there you go for this. So now you can choose if you want to publish it now or you can schedule it, or you can edit the pen in Pinterest. But I am not going to edit it because we already did it in Canada. You would select your board up here. So I do have an early board. And then you can hit Publish for that or I can schedule it by publishing at a later date. If I wanted this to come out on Tuesday, I could do that and then I could just hit publish and it will save it for me. So this is just, just a little brief overview on how to do that. Just how to upload your pen and you just want to show you. Yeah. And that was just like your basic how to do that. I am going to show you another program now to make Pinterest pin. So you have a couple of choices. So the first one was Canva and then it was a direct upload to Pinterest. Just so you have a little how to upload. It always makes sure that you add some description and you use keywords in your image names. And when you upload them. 5. How to Create Pins in the Canva Mobile app 1: Now here we are on my phone and we're gonna go into the Canvas app. We can go, you could search Pinterest up here if we want to just look at some templates. And if we look, these are the same that we saw on desktop. There's the one that we used to create something. We can also just go in and find our last design in this little design apps. So by the little designed button, here is the pin that we meet that was visit Italy. So that one is a 100% done. And this is a great way to test how your pins are going to look at mobile if you like it, you can just save that. That will save it to your phone. And a little bit later, I'll show you how to add that to Pinterest from your phone. But this is another quick way if you just wanna do it on your phone, if you're just in here, you can just search Pinterest pin and is going to pull up. If you look at the blank one, you could start from there. You can go into photos. It's so easy just to make something in Canva. I'm trying to just make that bigger so you can just do it then you're just basically moving like that. You can add text to it because yeah, your choices, you have templates, uploads, photos, elements, text, styles. So that gives me my little, there's my brand palette at the top, but also it gives me other choices. So if I wanted to choose this one, I could choose that. And then if I wanted to change the colors, I can just go in. Edit. Text. Styles, choose different colors. It's very easy to do things in here. You could add filters to your photos. So it's all the same things that you have a desktop really. It, it's very easy just to change things the way that you want to. It's also cool. Let me go back into one that we had created earlier in designs. Go into this one. You can animate things with one click. I want it to go to the one that we did that were we changed stuff will go into this one that we changed a little bit. And you can actually animate things as a choice just a second. Maybe this one will animate because it's a video. Let me go into one that's just text. Adding animation is a great way to create patents. So it's little animate button. It gives you different ways to just add some animation. And you can use this on Pinterest pins or you could resize as for an Instagram story later. But you could just pick one that you like. That looks good. Honestly, I like the first one a lot. And then that gives you some animation in there. Now if you want to download it, same thing, you just download it and then you choose right there. If you want that to be an MP4, which I do. And so that's going to download. So now I'm just to add this into Pinterest, just to show you. We can go into Pinterest and we can add this as a new pen. Go right to the little plus sign. We create a pin and there's the video pin that we made, which looks pretty cool. Whereas a regular one, either one, they're both for the same thing. So you can just take next. We'll pick cover. We will choose that. And then you do all the things that you do have desktop, visit Italy. You can say more about the pin, why Venice should be on or bucket list. And then you can just add your link to the video. That isn't even clustering name. But we'll go with that. We'll pretend that's correct. And then you can do alt text for that. And then you would go next. And then you could add tags, which would be topics. So you might want to choose travel. Hmm? Maybe you just travel guide. This one would go and hit done, and then you would select the board, and that would go right on to Pinterest. So you can see it's very easy to create pins. I'm going to go back to campus quick. You can go right back in here, increase your pens sometimes what I like to do is create things on desktop and then go do it right here in Canvas. But here is, I'll just show you the other templates that I had. Again, it's really easy to just go through, whoops, don't wake it, do the little Replace or my other pages on here. I'm gonna go back. Ok, so domain, it has all your templates, has everything. I think I just swipe through. There we go. Okay, so this is my one. They had all the different templates. So you could just go through again and you can just update these a little bit. Change the text, change the image. You just click on there, you just do replace. These are other images that I've already uploaded. So we can just pick another kinda nice desktop one when I could tell there and a lot of products on there. Let's see. And then we can just save it. So if you like it, then you can do it or you can change the colors, you can change the tax. It's very easy to create pins in Canvas. If you wanna just go to a template, you can do that. You could type in say set. So you have different choices. Or birthday Pinterest pin. For a kid's party, you could choose this. And then you can just customize all this with your colors. You can add in your own photos or you can find stock photos. There's a lot of different ways to create pins in. It's really not hard. You can see the app is almost even easier to use. And desktop, I usually just use the desktop because I like it better for typing text. As you can see, my tax when I was typing, it wasn't great. My fopen it also does autocorrect. So like if I was looking at this when I'm dusk pap, I would say, well, I like that, but but I don't wake is that she can't see that at all. So I might change that to black so you can test it to see how things are going to look on desktop. I like this, but it doesn't have my logo on there. So I could just go in and just really quick at that depth, the bottom tap off it, just going to drag this down. Ok, that messed up my little overlay, so I'm gonna take that out for now. But anyway, that just gives you an idea of how easy it is to create this on desktop. So I hope that you have some fun and create some pins on Pinterest and upload them from your phone. 6. Pinterest graphic on iOS phone in Adobe Spark: So for this section, we are going to create a Pinterest spin using the spark post ap. And this is IOS only right now. So I'm really sorry, Android people. But for the time being, I'm gonna give you guys a link. You can click on that and load this app. This takes you right into how to make a Pinterest pin graphic. So this is the main feed in. This is all ideas and suggestions that they're giving you. Or again, you can hit the plus sign, or you can go and see my post, which is graphics that I've already made. So, for example, the one that we just made on desktop is already year. Look at that. It sinks right over immediately to your phone or your iPad, but we can create a new one. So we'll go into the photo library hoops at that photo library. We're gonna search free photos because I didn't pull that same image over here. But again, you can pull images up in the APP. It gives us a lot of the same choices. We'll see if that flamingo wins in here. There's hearts. This one's There's the flamingos. That's actually a vertical image. Which is why that horizontal image Excuse me? This why it didn't work? So while there. So we're gonna go back and I'm gonna get that one. Um, we'll get one that is a vertical image, so it kind of fits better. So we use this blue heart with the clouds. So now you can see it looks a little bit like the desktop version where you can select the different sizes. This isn't instagram size. We're going to select Pinterest and we're done. Now it add some text in there and we're going to write how to create. We're gonna make the same type of pen done, and now here it gives you the same kind of thing. You can drag and drop really easily. That looks kind of cool, but it's really not eligible at all. So when you're in here, you can actually just do this crazy little wheel and change it to different things. Look at that. Listen, that crazy, it's little wheel of choices. So I'm gonna go back because I just let's see if I could go into shape and we'll find the one that looks like the one I like we'll go into the fonts and will change that. That found two super hard to read. So again they're sorted by bold, decorative, elegant So you could see how easy it is just to try out different funds, see what they look like. So that looks kind of cool, but you can't really see it. So we're gonna add black on there. Black and white looks nice and bold. So this shows you exactly. You know how you can do it, just like on a desktop. But it's so easy. So from here, you could just create it, Save it If I want Teoh change themes That way I can actually click on that little magic wand. This gives me a whole bunch of different choices. It keeps the same photo but gives you different choices. It's so easy. This looks kind of like the one that we used on desktop. You can change the photo around the background, and then you can change this text around to make it look like you want. That's nice and bold, so that gives you an idea how to do that. If you want to add in some more text, I want to put your name in there. You can do that. Gonna make that smaller. So it's not as big as your other texts. You could do that. How easy is that? You can change your color palette just like you can on the desktop version. Super easy. Same color palettes are in here. Then you can just click through to find different versions that you might like gives you lots of choices within the same color palette. That's where you can change your photo, or you can add the different filters. And you could also add animation on the desktop version, which is super cool, and then these load as videos. This is in the APP on Lee. You can't do this, but we're not going to do this for a Pinterest pin. We don't want to add an animation, but for an instagram post, that will be super cool. So just say, for example, we're done here. Then we could just hit share, and then I'm gonna save that image. When I upload that to Pinterest, I will have to change the name of that and that pin graphic so it does have a good name on it with the key words in it. So I hope this gives you guys some great ideas for how you can do this on mobile, and you can actually load it straight to Pinterest from your phone, which will work out in a little bit. 7. You're ready to make pins!: So now you are ready to create your own fantastic pins for Pinterest, it doesn't matter what tool you use. You can use Canvas. You can use Photoshop, easel, any app that you find. It doesn't matter what you use, just try to be consistent with your images. Use the best images, photographs that you can find and create interesting pens for Pinterest that will lead people to your business, to your blog or whatever it is that you would like people to find from your Pinterest. I'm Peg Fitzpatrick and I can't wait to see what you create.