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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

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      Mapping Out Your Funnel


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      Build Awareness


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      Setting Up Your Audiences


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      Brand Consideration & Interest


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      Loyalty Programs


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About This Class

Instagram has over 700 million active users ready to discover your brand. However, there’s no clear way to drive traffic back to your website and get sales. The solution lays in building powerful Instagram sales funnel to convert someone browsing into a customer. 

In this class, we will discuss: 

  • How you can transition a customer from discovering your brand to following you & eventually purchasing from you
  • How to track your customer's behavior & retarget them until they purchase from you
  • How to set-up reward systems to attract your customers
  • How to continue the conversation to transform them into loyal customers

This class is for freelancers or individuals looking to grow their business. You will get specific tactics you can use & test to start converting your Instagram traffic into raving customers. 

Meet Your Teacher

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Luna Vega

Author - Podcaster - Fashion Ecommerce Consultant


Hi Guys :) and Welcome! Thank you for checking out my classes here on Skillshare. I'm a Fashion E-commerce Consultant, Author, Youtube, Podcaster based in New York City, Miami and Barcelona. I am on a journey to connecting, teaching, and creating possibilities for all talented freelancers, business owners and entrepreneurs out there.

Thanks to my many years as a digital marketing consultant, I know what works and what doesn't. I started my career working on a range of large-scale digital campaigns for a list of Fortune 500 clients. I left it all to pursue my passion in digital strategy and marketing consulting. My goal is to share my knowledge about digital marketing to inspire & empower others to Love Mondays.

Where will you find me? At an airport browsi... See full profile

Level: Beginner

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1. Welcome: Instagram is without any doubt One of the best social media platform to get your content discovered hover. One of the drawback is how do you attract these customers to follow you on Instagram and most importantly, eventually purchased from you. Well, in this class, we're going toe laser in the power of cells funnel. I'm going to dissect all the different steps required for consumer too purchased from you. Now there's different permutation when it comes to putting together a cells funnel. We're going to focus in just few and obviously going to give you different ideas that you could test throughout your journey. Now the goal here is to provide you the tools that you need in order to convert this individual who just saw your post into a potential customer down the line because it takes about 8 to 10 interaction for someone to feel comfortable purchasing from you, excited to see you guys inside. This is for anyone who has an e commerce store. So whether you're selling art on instagram or beauty products, or you haven't Etsy shop or you are a consultant, even though a lot of the key studies I'm going to pull are gonna be more e commerce centric . This will also apply to you. Who am I, exactly? Well, my name is Mona Vega on author, Speaker, digital marketing consultant. I worked for various Fortune 500 companies. I've had my own consulting business for the last 10 years. Super excited to see you guys inside this class. Let's do this. 2. Mapping Out Your Funnel: So did you know that into these culture it takes about 12th for someone to evaluate whether or not they want to interact with your brand, which is even more reasons why you need to map out a cells funnel away to attract these customers and continue for them to have a conversation with your brand. Just because having an interaction with your consumer is a lot like dating, you wouldn't go to a bar and ask someone to marry you straight off the bat. The same needs to happen with your with your consumer of your customer. Essentially, you need to ensure that they get to know your brand first that you have a conversation with them and little by little, tell them about all the different services that you provide. So what is the cells funnel if you've never heard the term? Essentially, it's the process of attracting these customers and getting them slowly to purchase from you , because there's different phases within the consumer journey. So the 1st 1 is you awareness phase in which is of individuals have seen your photo or you post or your story on instagram, and they might decide to continue interacting with you or not the interest phases when they actually started following you. They're looking at some of the other post that you may have on your feet. Start going through your content and digesting what you're all about. Evaluation phase is when they examine perhaps the competition. If what you're offering really spokes to them speaks to them. And this is where they're starting to, perhaps make a buying decision, decision phases when they decide to I mean, whether or not they're going to purchase from you or the competition, then they purchase. This is the first time that they purchase from you and then they re evaluate based on how that process went. Did they have a positive experience purchasing from you? Was it a negative experience? And then they'll repurchase. So this is essentially what the cells funnel is. And so there's different building blocks when it comes to building a funnel, and it's per mutable. However, in this class we're gonna focus on just a few ways of doing the following. But I wanted you to have insights so essentially on on holiday different techniques that you could leverage in order to attract your customers So the first thing, for instance, is potentially having a quiz. So everything. So this is the first interaction pre frame bridge. This is the first interaction that someone has with your brand. So essentially what happens is that they see your post, and in your bio you'll have perhaps a link to quiz. And this is great for someone who's just starting out and doesn't have as much insight as to what their consumer wants. So you could lead them to a quiz. And you will make sure, with all these different options to capture their email addresses, cause you're gonna be driving them to a landing page so you could have a quiz, you could have an article as well where again you're asking them to further email address in order to have access to that e book or whatever it is, you could also ob them go to your blawg to a video email. You can also have a pre Celt age now. I don't recommend the following if you're just starting out. Ah, pre sell pay just could be anything. It could be also a free plus shipping offer. We'll talk more about the following in the others slides. So for now, just worry about the pre frame bridge. So essentially, like all the different offers, that you can provide these individuals as a reward for them to follow your brand, if you will. And then once they qualify as subscribers than you have different ways of essentially warming them up. And once they qualify, then there's different processes. So wanted you to have this essentially a the entire building block of the funnel so you can have insights as you get more advanced as to what are some of the different techniques marketers use in order to warm up their audience. In this case, this is what we're going to focus on. So Instagram is going to be where and this is where you're getting most of your traffic. I have a class on different growth hacks that you can leverage in 2018 to grow your audience organically. And this class we're going to focus on how to capture attract these customers to follow you on social media. But most importantly, eventually purchased from use of Step one is you are gonna target customer to discover your brand through instagram, and so you're gonna especially make sure that you have content that peak their interest. The Step two is having a reward so they can have a deeper look at your instagram page and see some of the items are some of the services that you provide some of the products that you're providing and really, how this is where they're going to see whether or not your product fits their needs, that eventually what you want to do. And there's different ways of doing the following as you want them to subscribe to our mailing list or a chat bumps, or you want tohave their data in some shape or form you can. We'll talk more about Facebook pixels, but essentially your goal here is to have their email address the minute you have their email address based on the reward that you are have set up, then they'll get a welcome email. Siri's and this is how you gonna warm up these individuals so you're going to generate more interest via email, and they're going to get more and more acquainted with your brand. They're going to see your Brent. If they're following you on instagram, they're going to see your brain on Instagram. They're going to be getting e mails with different offers, different loyalty programs. And this is where they're gonna warm up to the idea off purchasing from you. So you're gonna give him a great offer at some point and they're not gonna resist and they're gonna purchase from you. So this is the ideal flow that you want to follow. Another thing is, you need to ensure that you have some consideration when you're creating your by a link. Because unfortunately, with Instagram, you cannot have a link to all your different pictures. And I've seen individuals and this is a big no no. Do not never, never put your URL under a picture no one's going to copy in taste, on pace to following. You always want to refer them back to the profile page. So you want to have a U T M tracker or a Billy your L. If you're not aware, where would you TM trackers are because when you're essentially, you want tohave this information for your Google analytics as to understanding where the traffic is coming from, and even Doug Laux analytics gives you sort of like a rough estimate. It's always best to have specific trackers, so you can really look at the traffic and what there journey is once you're inside your website as well, the other recommendation I have is, instead of having people go to your website, you always wanna have a separate lining page with a sign up options. You can capture these email addresses so we'll talk more about the different offers you can put in place and the type of tools you can put it that you can shut down. You can use essentially to, uh, put together this landing page, and then another thing is, if you are a consultant, you can use link tree as you're different options and landing pages. Link Tree is great because it allows you to have multiple offers. So, for instance, if you are an influencer, you could drive these individuals to your YouTube channel to your iTunes podcast to your E book. Because you definitely want to make sure that you have a way of capturing people's email addresses. You can provide them with different options so they can sign up to all your other social networks and also potentially your email list. Whatever you do, do not drive to your website. I highly, I do not recommend you do the following and a lot of times, Uh, when I munch into following to my clients, I get ah, lot of replies is, well, other brands were doing this. Yes, other brands are multi $1,000,000 brands, and they have enough advertising budgets that they're able to re target their customer, and they have great tracking systems and place your smaller business. And it's important for you to have a flow which will lead these individuals to specific lining page. So OK, let's talk about the step one of your funnel. You're going to want to create a reward, and what the reward is is a way for you to capture these email addresses, and you're gonna have a separate lining page. This works whether you're consultant or any commerce business. If your consultant, for instance, perhaps you could tell individuals like sign up for a 15 minute coaching call, for instance, or sign up for this great webinar that will help you fix a Y Z if your E com e commerce so you can do a free plus shipping offer. There's a great example which I encourage you to check out from Sunny Coke loving that post which essentially Waas asking people to repost this image and tag it for a bit for the chance to win. Essentially, um, a bathing suit. And ah, and also mean to get to get all you had to do was that pay for shipping. So it was like a free plus shipping offer which was disguised as a contest. And, ah, a great case study, which I encourage you to check out. But so free pulls shipping. Essentially, the model is is that you just pay the basic cost of the product. So let's say this bathing suit cost, um, I don't know, $8. Um, Well, what they're doing is that they are ensuring that the customer already just like pigs for shipping so they break even essentially right contest are also a great way you need to partner up. And my recommendation is you partner up with other organizations brands that you can potentially have great partnerships. So this is an example from Savannah East, which is a brand that sells different Mandela necklaces and that this is an opportunity to win a yoga retreat and Morocco, so you could potentially have that as your landing page and tout your audience. Who checks out your profile to go register for a chance to win, And chances are they'll give away their email addresses. Or another thing that I've seen are discounts, not discounts are not the best. I don't recommend it for two reasons. First, because if somebody has never been and never interacted with your brand to give away 10% discount right away, it kind of cheapens your brand. Let's be honest here, and it's best to sort of reserve dot when someone's interacting with your brand several time to get them to finally purchase from you. It's something that a lot of brands use most definitely. I just don't highly recommend it. And again, you would be driving to a separate lining pages for all these cases. So they're letting page you can use different options here, whether click funnel, you have un bounce, you have Shopify. Viral sweep is great if you're doing a contest and make sure that whatever you do, you have your Facebook pixel installed. So the facebook pixel you will find the following in your ad account and again I wish I could, like, run a full tutorial on Facebook pixel. You will find plenty of tutorials on YouTube on the following subject. So what you want to do with this learning? Paige, depending on what the offer is, as you want to make sure that you have first of all, the items. So if you're doing free plus shipping, you have the item front and center having a great description. So people understand why they should purchase or purchase for the shipping. Obviously, then you definitely want to have a swell like customers wearing your item or customer reviews. If you have a specific service and then explain to them that you know money back guarantee having all the different SSL secure badges as well. And why not? So click funnel has a bunch of different templates as well that you can use if you are a consultant. Now you need to identify what your consumers customers. Pain points are so answering. What, why and how the following is going to help. You have a great offer, a great reward, and too often this is an exercise that compromise and just friends don't put the, um the time, Really, that should be spent and really putting theirselves in the shoes of their customer. And this is what also is going to help you decide whether you want to do free plus shipping a contest or potentially a discount. So I love bringing this up, and this isn't every marketers. Toolbox A. D. Maslow your key of needs, which is essentially all the different needs that we have as human. And so when you're writing copy or you're thinking of these different offers, you need to understand how it fits within this year, key of needs. So, for instance, self actualization, which is in the top and a lot of brands are leveraging that specific part of the pyramid is that it's this need of wanting to be part of something to do something with our lives. Right? So this, my so this might include the need for others toe have respect for them. They need to feel accomplished, a need to be fulfilled. A lot of big a theme jher brands, for instance, or a lot of different wearable brands as well are in this in the section of the pyramid. So how does this fit within the learning. Paige. Well, you need to take into consideration thes different elements so you can Sprinkle the perfect copy and the perfect taglines within your bio. So again, I want to bring up this post from Sony Co clubbing. Sorry, Maxon, But essentially, if you see how they are putting together their caption, you will notice that sharing is caring. Okay, so they want to be part of a community key, lots of emojis or use. I also recommend, depending on your demo, that you use plain into the emojis. They work and they get people's attention. And then they mentioned the fact that everyone that reposed in Texas in this picture within the next 24 hours will receive a free Pamela Sunny suit Onley valid than the U. S. Promo ends. Um, may 3rd 2017 at three PM must bait shipping and handling. So again, this is a way of making people feel. First of all, there's fear of missing out inside this post. Then there is also this idea of like being part of something, and it's almost like I'm letting you in on a secret. Make sure to share the following and tell your other friends about it. Alright, guys. Well, so you have everything you need at this point. Your first homework is to understand and come up with different rewards so you can attract these customers who are in contact with your instagram feed to click and either give you their email address. Or at least you can retarget them and get their pixel info. And we'll talk more about that in the following chapters. So now the next thing you want to do, obviously, is spy on your competition. This will also help you with your taglines. So follow Facebook pages from your competition in this case, so Nico clothing. And if you go into the info and odds, which is now required by Facebook, this is a great tool to use is you can see some of the other they're currently running, and this will help you give you spur ideas for different offers. And this as well. If your consultant, I'm sure there's penny of influencers out there who have ads are currently running, look at what it is that they're running and look as to what is performing better. But the amount of likes and comments that they're getting. This is great way if you're having a hard time coming up with an offer to get some insight and get some ideas now, the last thing I want toe mention as well. So Instagram has implemented a way for you to have a shopping feet. And sure you've seen this in a lot of different e commerce shops is that there is a little shopping bag inside each of the images which allow you to shop. So I wanted to provide you with Instagram Ural that you can use in order to get approved. If you are on Shopify already ex extremely easy. All you have to do is hook up your instagram account and then you will get a notice from Shopify whether or not you've been approved. It's also very important that you set yourself up on Instagram as a business profile if you haven't already done so. I know that in the past, there's been a lot of conversation as to whether or not having a business account versus a personal account really altered the algorithm. It doesn't you're better off having a business account because you're going. You're gonna need that data in order to retarget thes customers and also because you are gonna want to have paid ads. I don't care who you are. Even if you are freelancer, you should be sending money on ads. Even if it's $100 a month, we'll talk more about the falling. So this is how you get approved. Make sure to do the following if you haven't already, if you are, even if you are an Etsy shop. Um, I know that there might be some restrictions there, but I highly recommend that you at least have a Facebook catalogue. So essentially, it's uploading all your different products on Facebook if you're an Etsy shop, because then you'll be able to tag directly from your instagram shopping feats. You want to make sure to be able to do the following alright lets us you in the next chapter. 3. Build Awareness: So now that you have your reward and you've set up a leading page where people can go in order to give you their email address or by the specific item that you're testing out for with free plus shipping, you want to build awareness. So one thing that's very important is first and foremost. That you highlight does give away any highlight section because this is one of the first thing customers will do when they discover your instagram page. The other thing is, you also want to have paid ads around your giveaway. I'll talk more about the following and the other slide, and you also want to have for reminders. So throughout 30 days, you want to remind individuals once a week, at the very least about your giveaway. Also, announce it at least once a day on stories on your stories as well. Now the post that I showed that Sonny Co. Clothing did about a year ago, they only had one post where essentially they were telling individuals about their give away. However, the reason I went viral is because they already hod partnerships with different influencers who reposted for them, so this helped him just have one post, and I mean, they ended up having such huge demand for a couple reasons. First of all, that specific cut bathing suit cut was really in. At that moment, they also, I mean, not a lot of brands have done free, plus shipping with bathing suits of this was really novel and also because they disguised it as a giveaway and most importantly, because they really knew how to talk to their demographics with all of these are very important elements to take into consideration when you're crafting the perfect the perfect offer. So second thing is, you want to invest in paid advertising. Why do I love paid advertising? Because it's a quick way of seeing whether or not your offer has traction. And it's going to take you couple offers, especially if you're just fresh out, and you haven't really put much up there to see what's gonna work and what's not gonna work . This is why I love spying on competition, because this is your way of getting consumer insight, getting inside us to what's worked for other brands, and you can obviously change it accordingly. Based on what your services are based, on what your products are, etcetera. So being an advertising, this is what you should do. The first and foremost I personally love Story adds Now, with story adds The format is different in the sense that it's a rectangle are yeah, more like, uh, more like a vertical rectangle, which is 19. Well, I think it's 1920 by 10 90. You can find the specs on Google Pile jokes for that I don't know them. Ah, with top of my head. But depending on what you use, I personally use final cut pro and just I enter my personal specs. You can also use Adobe Premiere, and there's a couple of ups as well that allow. I think Adobe Spark that's correct, allow you to create your own content, which would be either images with some sliding text or video as well. Now I definitely encourage you to do story ads, and the goal here would be toe have people clicking to your landing page. Whatever it is, you're offerings. If you again, you're doing the free plus shipping. Then they need to go to a page where you're gonna have this offer of getting this free bathing suit, for instance. Right. Um, two types of ads that you want to do. I personally love doing post engagement ads. This is when you're doing instagram Post. A reason is it helps us far as building credibility. So what do I mean by that? So let's see that you see a post or somebody saying like, Hey, we have a give away and no one liked the Post. Our number one commented. Just a czar If you were thinking about clicking on that poster, not gonna click. So the first thing you want to do is just spend $5 doing a post engagement um, ad. And what Facebook does is that with with an instagram, you will target specifically, individuals who like who are are just like er's and like the comment, this is the type of in the middle is gonna go for so once you have that data. First of foremost, if that ad is not performing well, then go back to the drawing board and create a new reward. Because if people aren't engaging, is that you could do better, whether it's t image that you're using, the video you're using or the call to action. Make sure that you test, and if it's not performing well, move onto the next one. Once you have that data is performing well, I usually move it to conversion, so conversion you can do an at a car or you can do a purchasing Add. This is where it's important for you to have your pixel on your lining page like we talked about your Facebook pixel because Facebook is going to keep track of individuals were adding to CART or purchasing instagram stories. We talked about this. It's a personally you'll get great return on your investment on the following odds, and it's a great way to supplement. And I mean something you could do as well is. You could retarget. So individuals have already gone in the page, Let's say for that item and haven't purchased or haven't downloaded, you can retarget them with instagram story ads, and the way you would do that is that you would speak. You will pick that specific demographic and, ah, and essentially you will retarget them and we'll talk about that in the next few slides. So the other thing you wanted you is influencer seating influence receding, meaning that you want to give access to influencers to your offer, so you'll want tohave your V a, um, go through a list of influence or provide you a list of influencers. It's important. I mean, I have a whole course on influencer marketing, and it's important to see that these influencers have traction, that they have actual people who are commenting on their posts. And you don't necessarily need to be working with big influencers. For this to be effect effective, make sure that you have key partnerships with these bloggers and have them help you promote the reward. You can tell them that you're going to do paid ads. Usually they are pretty open to the following, especially if it's going to help them with their exposure, etcetera. So this can also help your campaign. Another little hack is before I run anything through influencers like I mentioned earlier is I do these post engagement ads to gain insight as to whether or not there is potential for that campaign. And once I know that a campaign could potentially perform really well, this is when I go into face to and start reaching out to influencers. Now you need to remember, and we're gonna talk about different audiences. I'm gonna pull up Facebook ads manager right now so you can have insights about what I mean by be targeting etcetera. So we talked about this already, but winning a new customer is just like dating. So the first step and what we're in right now to face our covering in this 1st 2 chapters and is brand awareness and Brent consideration. This is where people are senior brand for the first time, and you want to re target them with ads because, especially now, with Facebook, you can easily do the following. If somebody's interacted with your account on instagram, you can we target them for sent for most, And then you can also retarget them. If they've been specifically on your page and you can offer them a second offer, let's say so. Let's say they haven't purchased, like I don't know you can have. You can drive him to a free download or whatever it is right So you can really play around with does because that life cycle, just to give you some insights, it takes about 8 to 10 interactions, sometimes more for some customers to for them to feel comfortable having the first purchase . And you really should not give up because it's going to take several interaction for individuals. Shoot purchase from you. All right, so let's move into Facebook Ad manager. 4. Setting Up Your Audiences: Okay, So when you aren't inside, your, um your panel you're a panel will you want to do is go under audiences, okay? And, ah, I have a bunch of different assets, but essentially, what you want to do is you want to create an audience. You want to create a custom audience. Okay, Um, and then where you want to do is website traffic. Okay, so my pixels already integrated, and what you want to do is people who visit visited a specific page. And this is where you're gonna include your specific learning, Paige. Okay, um, in this case, this is a campaign that I ran for one of my client. I'm gonna put this here, and I'm gonna name this lending page. Ah, Page view. And then whatever the campaign is, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. Okay. And then I'm gonna create the audience not gonna do it here. But you have insight. Usually what I like to do is I also like toe have the check out page because a lot of people ah, do a Benz and carts. I usually include this page as well. Okay. And then I write lending page. Um, check out blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. OK, so you'll see. And I mean, I don't really Another thing that I want to show you is that you can also do by engagement . So and by engagements, free video. Um, so these are any videos that you've posted on Instagram or Facebook or your instagram business profile, like I mentioned earlier. So anyone who's I'm and I have, like, different accounts for my clients and whatnot. So anyone who's engaged with your business in the past, you can make it 30 days, you know, and you can name that audience. So it's really born for you to set all the following up because you are going to retarget these individuals. All right, so all of this is you will find it under your There you go audiences all your different assets. Okay, guys, so make sure set that up and so you have as much information as possible to beauty. Then is you can create local like audience is a little bit more advanced. But for now, just create your custom audiences for all the different learning pages and all the different parts of your website, where you're driving traffic 5. Brand Consideration & Interest: So you set up your reward. You set up all your different custom audiences. You've set up your landing page. Now, this is where individuals are going to consider whether or not they're going to purchase from you. And this is the longest stage some customers like I mentioned earlier. It can take up to eight interaction with your brand or 10. It could take up to a year. It really depends. So you absolutely need to have run retargeting ads on instagram Facebook. I mean, even Google. If you aren't familiar with Google AdWords or YouTube, um, paid ads as well, extremely efficient. Not really. Depends on your marketing budget. If you're just starting out, the very bare minimum is for you to have instagram odds in place. So we're gonna do is your re target people who have engaged with your ad? Um, you're going to find the following in the engagement section under video, like I showed in the previous chapter. So you want to re target these individuals and you just want to run the same ad or you can have a specific ad. You can have something that say, Hey, notice that you didn't get the offer. Life got in the way. Make sure to check us out. You can be running that for a week. See the performance. And if it's not working, then you try a different campaign so you can give up. You have to try different campaigns, which is why it's so important to do research and look at what the competition's already doing. So first thing you want to do is re target people who have engaged with your ads who've gone on the landing page and heavens purchase or haven't even gone on the landing page. And you might want to segment these two different audiences as well and run different ads based on what their interaction was, which is why it's important to have all this data set up for you. Then you also want to re target people who heart engaging with your instagram content. And Facebook now gives you the ability to tog or to have your instagram account linked to your ads word, especially if you're going to be doing odds specifically on instagram. So make sure that individuals who are who saw your page or so your content that you can also retarget them and tell them about the offer. So something to keep in line. These audiences were going to do two different things. So the first audience that I mentioned is the one who's already who already saw the reward . Hard already saw the odd You want to give him fear of missing out, essentially, so they take that opportunity on whether it's signing up for your webinar or having access to this free product. Make sure that you give him the your goal is fear of missing out. Now someone who has interacted or saw your content wants, or twice they might autopsied. You're not senior reward. So it's important for you to speak to them and the different tone and be like, Hey, just so you know, we have this cool contest love if you could be part of it, etcetera. So again, you must have all this information in place. The second thing is, you need to set up all your different email sequences, especially if you have an e book or if you have a webinar, etcetera. So the first thing is so welcome. Email. Siri's Let's talk about the following so welcome email. Siri's is when someone has opted in. I gave you my email address because I wanna have access to this video. Webinar. The first thing is heres my email while I get a welcome emailing. Or like Hey, Luna, Thanks for signing up. Here's your Here's a dulling to the e book. Awesome. I hope you enjoy it. Okay. And day later, you'll be like, Hey, did you enjoy the e book? Awesome. Well, let me introduce myself. My name is so and so and I do digital marking for all these clients. And this is where you tell your personal story. If you're in e commerce or Etsy shop, you can have the same approach. Where since she you start with your welcome email and like, hey, supercool, here's your item. And it's gonna be shipped to you in couple days that Audi did it all the next day. Hey, my name is and I love doing canvases because X y z, I'm an artist. Do do do do de. Here's my story. Then you wanna have another email, join our tribe Or here's the link to mice to all the other social media channel. Whether you have a Facebook group, perhaps, or you're on YouTube. This is where you tell them more about your mission, Brende, Your Brenes mission, where to follow you were to get more information, and then you want to send a force email where you activate. So this is where essentially you want to try to get them to purchase something. If they haven't already, um, or you could have a block post. This is really up to you. And then finally discounted offer. So this is just, like best practices by all mean, you see that I have 12345 e mails. You want to send a Siri's? Because up in rates continue going down. You also wanna have the data, and it's important for people to continue seeing your name. You're like, Oh, well, this is going to get annoying. No, it's not gonna get her knowing. So this is where ah lot of brands don't understand that it takes multiple interactions for people to want to purchase from you or anything. And if somebody and subscribes, it's not the end of the world or not the right customer or something's wrong with your messaging. So it's important for you to be able to deal with the rejection and understand what the data is telling you. So an app that I e. I mean, if you were just turning out male chip is great, especially if you integrated with Shopify. You can set up different sequences. There's plenty of other, um well, um, subscribers that you can use. I personally love Mel, Chimp or Clavijo is another one that I've used as well. Another thing I forgot to mention that's not in here is the fact that you can do, um, abandon cart emails if someone hasn't purchased, especially if you're using click funnel Click Funnel has the ability. Um, if you are capturing the email before they press the button and they press the purchase button, then you can send them an email. Shopify does that for you automatically if you sync it up with Mel Chin. So abandoned card emails for anyone who threw the free plus shipping process did not actually check out. You can also retarget them by all means. But if you have their email address even better, because then you can continue sending them offer until they purchase. Okay, so the next step is once you start getting cells. I recommend that you build trust, build credibility by having influencer repost your content. So this is the retargeting phase, right? Like we talked about where essentially this customer has seen your your contest. Let's say a contest to go to Morocco. So they've seen your contest a few times. They still haven't engaged because in their mind, they're like, Well, I still don't really know who there's Brennan is. I mean, I'm still feeling scheme ish about whether or not I want to, like, participate in this contest and playing are gonna win, like whatever this is when you bring in your next campaign, the next campaign s and she would be when these influencers you you have interacted with because you know that this campaign has potential. You're already seen results like whether people signing up you're getting ah, 100 emails a day, for instance, like or even 10 emails if you're starting out. But you're seeing traction, okay? It's really important that you always look at your data and you see traction. But the next stage would be that you take your partner up with these influencers and you ask them for a testimonial or you ask them to tout what it is you're working on, So if you're doing the contest like we talked about, this could be the influencer in front of their laptop or with a brochure of your contest. Be like, Hey, I just participate in this contest like have you as well ask them for permission to use their image to create an odds on instagram and linking that to them. Usually they will be okay with it because essentially, it's kind of a way for you to pay them. That's going to help their network as well, but by it's going to help you. So essentially, what the purpose of this ad is is that it's building trust. It's building credibility because there is nothing like seeing other people wearing an item or other people vouching for something, even if it's an odd and the beauty of it is as well. And this is where it gets a little bit more advanced. You can actually retarget her audience, and you can do so through the different interests, and or you can ask for access to her Facebook account. See if she gives it to you like I mean you you cannot negotiate the following, and I've done this for client. But essentially, you can target her audience and have her audience see hey like in order to boost the post because you don't know on the heart entire audience is going to see it that essentially she's promoting and she's collaborating with your friends. Okay, so this is a very important stage because, like I mentioned, you want to test different things, especially as these individuals start seeing your ads over and over again. Now, rinse and repeat. You need to look at your data. Google Analytics. Make sure you have all your you TM tags installed. You need to take a deep dive as to how Google Analytics works. If you're using click, funnel, click funnel or any other are even announced, they have data inside their platform to need to look at the page views. You need to see how it's converting as well. A really depends on a case for case, so conversion rates, usually around 3%. Anything below that it's not performing as well. So how many people actually went to the order form? If you're doing free plus shipping, how many of these people actually checked out, meaning that they actually purchased the item if you're doing free plus shipping. So look at all this. Look at the bounce rate as well. If you're bounce rate is above 50% then you have a problem. Meaning that your landing page needs to be reworked. Your campaign is to be read, work. And also look at your Instagram analytics. How many people are visiting your profile? How many people, How many users are you adding onto this list, etcetera? And when you're also running ads, make sure that you're aiming for less than $1 per cost per link. Click OK, CPC. So Facebook ads Manager um, this is where you're gonna get this information for all your different ads. And also look at how much D data carts are costing you. If your item is around $10 you need to make sure that it's under that your took hearts are less than five. Would be my recommendation. Okay, so important for you to this is gonna be the stage where you're gonna be the spending the most time because it might take like I mentioned a couple campaigns for you to get this right, but make sure you follow all these different steps. All right, let's jump into the next chapter 6. First Purchase: who? Congratulations. You got your first purchase. So what happens next? This individual purchased from you or is part of the funnel Now they've given you their email address to don't know tab access to a webinar. Don't know, Daddy. Book, whatever it is, please remember that it takes up to eight Bren interaction or more for a potential customer to purchase from you. So, like I mentioned in the other chapter, you're going to spend quite a bit of time retargeting. And this is why beyond I only showed you instagram beyond just instagram e also want to be retargeting on Google ads, if you can. If you have budgets now, the key is to have a social media editorial calendar. You want to be pushing multiple rewards throughout the year, and you also want to make sure that I mean depending on whether or not you're running a campaign and how aggressively you are running that campaign once a day via your stories or bi weekly via your insta post. Now, the purpose of the editorial calendar as well is for you to look at. You'll have to keep track of the data as to how many customers have already purchased from you. How big is your mailing list? This is where you need to segment your mailing lists. Right? So from individuals were still in the at the cart. Sorry. Abandoned cart section. So meaning that they haven't purchased from you Two individuals who already opted in. Okay, So if they opted in for a freebie O r, they made their first purchase through the free plus shipping. You want tohave email sequences in place as well. Let me walk you through. All that segmentation is you want to have. So you want to segment your data as much as possible. So the first using introduction. So welcome. Email Founder, email, customer stories, activation, email. This is the introduction Siri's. This is for individuals who opted into an e book or something, but they haven't necessarily purchased from you as well. If they purchase from you right away, you would do also. So we'll do a thank you email for purchasing from you. You might also want to do a welcome email as well. Ah, ask em for product review request, which is right down here. Product review request. Um, and then you want to Upsell them and cross sell as well. We'll talk more about that next light, but essentially, as you see, the first thing is introduction. So this is the welcome. Email Siri's. Then the engagement. So somebody's already in your mailing list and there interacting with you. You want to do permission? Promotional email sequences. You maybe want to do quizzes as well to keep things fun. You wanna have offers specifically for the holidays, which is why again, it's important for you to hop in editorial calendar and plays because you want to know as much as possible at least six months in events what the calendar is going to be as far as like, not just social media but also your email sequence. Um, you also want a segment? So what's the activity on their site? Buyer versus non buyers. Shopping cart versus purchase? Um, huh. How hopped and do they purchase from you? What's your browsing behavior? Etcetera? No, it this gets obviously more advance, and you would need to have deep knowledge as to how to create truckers and have more complex system. The Milton. This is where you have to have, um, more advanced email providers and also better tags within your website, depending on whether or not you're using Shopify or other platforms. And then, um yeah, also future engagements. So you need to come up with different promotional emails, etcetera. So how often do you want to be emailing your freshly acquired customer? Well, ideally, once a week, you definitely want to email them once a week and you want to be consistent. You also want to look at their open rate if they're not opening, you wanna come up with different messaging? You also. Perhaps you notice this is where you have to be inventive and you have to come up with different ways of interacting with them. And this again. A lot of this will also apply with your instagram, and you can re engage with your audience, um, through instagram as well. So, first and foremost, you need to be testing multiple campaigns every two weeks every four weeks. So if somebody's already purchased from you, you still want to interact with them and you still want them to see ads. They're obviously not going to see the ads that differs audiences seeing they're going and a So Kate, the first and foremost is the audience that is going to be purchasing from you. You're going to have their emails, and what you're gonna do is you're gonna want to upload those e mails of individuals who have purchased into Facebook, which you can in order for you toe have data of all these individuals who purchased from you and this weight you can. We target specifically that segment, and this is why it's important toe have really high quality data when it comes told your different customers. Let's talk about loyalty program and some of the seams you can do in order to keep these individuals purchasing from you over and over again. 7. Loyalty Programs : loyalty program. How do you keep people interested in your brand, and how do you get them to come back like we discussed? A lot of it will be through email marketing, but you can also do Ah lot of the following as well within Instagram, so you can get feedback from your audience. I absolutely love. Ask me anything you can have special. Ask me anything sessions stories really enables you toe Have deeper interaction with your customers. Take advantage of that. I have a great class about which e commerce related how Kylie Jenner was able to grow her brun so quickly. A lot of it was because she was present, and she gave her audience access to her with her Kylie Jenner makeup. Brent. So make sure to really take advantage of stories. It's a great weight to interact with your audience. Now. You also want to reward your customers for shopping with you, and you need tohave loyalty programs in place. Now, if somebody's purchased from you, you need to make them feel as they're part of a family. You can also have special offers for them. So hey, because you already purchased from us like 30% off for we. Ah, here's a special badge. Whatever it ISS see what again your competition is doing. You know what I personally do, especially because I always need data, is I sign up to a lot of different email list. And, yes, I have a separate account where all I have do is receive email sequences from the competition just because it's important for me to see what different brands air doing, what's working, what's not. So try not together as much data as possible now. Loyalty program. I personally love referral candy. So couple things person. For most testimonials, make sure if somebody purchased from you that you encourage them to provide a testimonial, perhaps giving a special discount for posting and tagging your brand on their instagram. You can also provide them with a referral code, and you can use referral Can deal. Can't mention in here where essentially every time they were for a friend, date will get $10 off for whatever make sure that it's incentivised. Another thing that I've seen several brands do as well is what's called affiliate marketing . Have a whole course unskilled. Sure about Fillion marketing, but this is where you essentially have your clients. Be yourselves person. Your customer are selling from you. So big brands like B two B brands like Shopify Click Funnel they all usually have referral codes. And so what that enables a lot of consultants to do is, for instance, they will get a small commission any time they refer that specific product, you could do the same with your brand. There's plenty of affiliate links that you can set up our programs, which is similar to referral candy, and it enables you to set that up so your audience can be your cheerleaders. And again, people like to see crowds right. Which is why I chose this picture because the more influencers are partnering up with you, the more customer reviews and more testimony music HAB. It's going to build overall credibility for your brand, and this is just beyond Brendan, because obviously, Brendan is also very important part of the recipe. Um, you also need to have plenty of testimonials for people, so people feel comfortable purchasing from you. Next thing is, if you're selling just one product, you need to come up with different products. You could potentially up sell these individuals and make sure that you always have different lines of products to sell to them because, ah, problem that a lot of businesses have is that they only have one product, and then they're spending a lot of dollars trying to acquire new customers. But then they don't really take the time to nurture the relationships that they have, what they're already existing. Customer. It's easier to convert somebody who's already purchased from you than someone who's cold. And we talked about. This is why it takes a lot of time in that phase of retargeting. You need to make sure that you have a solid email marketing plan in place. I don't care if you only have 100 people in your email list. That is plenty in order for you to have up cells and really nurture these newly acquired customers. Alright, guys, well, that's it for this class. If you have any questions, make sure to finally on social media Miss Luna Vega, whether it's Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, a more active on Instagram, I also have an advance e commerce costs if you are an e commerce business or looking to get into e commerce. You will learn about different spy tools. You're learn about more advanced instagram and Facebook as a swell as more advanced email sequencing. And, of course, follow me on schedule classes. I have a good set of instagram marketing classes and also paid acquisition classes. So where I teach the gametes of advertising and get getting paid traffic. Alright, guys. Well, thank you. And please, please please One last thing before I forget, Make sure to leave me a review. It's extremely important as it helps not only for ranking, but it also helps me get perspective on what I can do to improve. Alright, guys, Thank you so much. Have amazing day and, uh please share your projects. By all means. I want to know what you're working on. Thanks, guys. Bye. 8. Bonus: I wanted to include for you guys a little bonus to walk you through a specific example of a funnel You could apply for your business. So essentially, Step one. This is where you are dealing with coal traffic traffic that you are gathering either through paid advertising or individuals who happened to also go on your instagram page. But they're going on your instagram page because they found you through advertising. So what you want to do is create an informational video or a reward video contest. Where you going to announce the contest or whatever free plus shipping offer you want to create for these individuals? This is where you are going to essentially test how receptive this audience is to the idea you're going to do a simple video post on instagram, and essentially what you're going to do is do first an engagement, add a piat, and if you're getting good engagement, then you'll also want to switch it to conversion. Add still, making sure that you also have in place your landing page. Once you have that data, give it about a week. Obviously make sure that you have good metrics meeting that you have a good click through rate a less than a dollar, etcetera. What you're going to do is that you're going to re target based on video view, so you're going to get a sense as to how many people have watched your video on Facebook. You can target it by 95% of, like so, whether they watch your video 95% 75% 50% etcetera. So you can segment all these different audiences. And also you can create another separate segment audience custom audience for instagram engagement Were you going to do there is create a limited offer video where you announce the fact that the special contests or reward is on Lee for a limited time and then. Or you can also do new, valuable content. If you are an informational type service business or if your consultant so you're going to create two videos in the space of just a week or two, etcetera and then third stop would be retargeting again. The video viewers who've watched video to through every time you're going toe create different custom audiences like I showed you in the custom audience. Um, aspect of the chapters are you. And so make sure that in this part this is where you're going to show your credibility. So testimonial or influence her video, these individuals are going to share either speak about your Bren in general and their positive experience of your Brent, or perhaps telling people about whatever it is that you're touting as a reward. Next, the fourth step would be retargeting these individuals who've watched a further video by that time. They're pretty warm, and they should be ready to either purchase from you or take that reward. So again, as you can see, it can take quite a few steps to warm up the audience. So make sure that you, our testing different creatives at all time and keep in mind it can take up to four steps. And this has gone the great results when I've worked with clients. All right, so hope this is super helpful for you guys just wanted to share just one more funnel, which you contest out and different ways of setting up your instagram advertising and retargeting so you can get the best results. Good luck, guys, he puts it