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Email Marketing Tactics to Win New Customers - Part 2

teacher avatar Luna Vega, Author - Podcaster - Fashion Ecommerce Consultant

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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      1. Make people open your emails


    • 4.

      2. avoid spam filters


    • 5.

      3. Anatomy of a great newsletter


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      4. Segmenting your list


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      5. Emails that convert


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      6. Advanced tactics


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      7. Conclusion


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About This Class

Do you struggle getting people buy from you? Do your potential customers come on your website to never return or purchase from you? 

So what exactly can you do - to get more purchases & grow your business?

You guessed right - Email Marketing!

In this class Part 2 - of this class series, you will learn:

- How to convert your subscribers into loyal customers

- How to increase your email open rate

- How to get people to purchase from you

- How to segment your list to tailor messaging to your subscribers need

and more... 

In this class, I will provide you specific steps needed to set-up a marketing campaign which will convert your subscribers into loyal customers. You will only need to set-up what I am teaching in this class once to start seeing sales coming in automatically. 

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Luna Vega

Author - Podcaster - Fashion Ecommerce Consultant


Hi Guys :) and Welcome! Thank you for checking out my classes here on Skillshare. I'm a Fashion E-commerce Consultant, Author, Youtube, Podcaster based in New York City, Miami and Barcelona. I am on a journey to connecting, teaching, and creating possibilities for all talented freelancers, business owners and entrepreneurs out there.

Thanks to my many years as a digital marketing consultant, I know what works and what doesn't. I started my career working on a range of large-scale digital campaigns for a list of Fortune 500 clients. I left it all to pursue my passion in digital strategy and marketing consulting. My goal is to share my knowledge about digital marketing to inspire & empower others to Love Mondays.

Where will you find me? At an airport browsi... See full profile

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1. Welcome: Hey, guys. So I have a few questions for you. Do you struggle getting people to buy from you? Does your potential customer come on your website to never return or purchase from you? Do you feel like you're spending countless hours marketing your business with very little results? So what exactly can you do to grow your business and get more purchases? Any ideas? Well, the first part is getting traffic to your website and getting people to discover your brand pretty obvious right was a crucial step, which is often neglected by most brands is email marketing. You must capture email addresses to build a relationship with your customer in order for them to purchase from you. Did you know that 95% of purchases happened via email? So how can you get all of this done and finally see the results you've been yearning for in this series? I will teach you how you can grow your email list, build a relationship with your subscribers and convert them into loyal customers of each class. We're gonna go through the step by steps needed to set up a seamless email marketing campaign, and the best part is All you have to do is set it up once in order to start seeing self coming in on autopilot. So register today if you want to stop leaking cells and exponentially wrote your business. But who am I exactly? Well, my name is Gena Vega. I'm a fashion e commerce consultant, coup, fonder of e commerce academy podcaster and shoot addict. I've been in the industry for about 10 plus years, and obviously things have evolved quite a bit. Marketing. Certain things are working better then they were five years ago, so I'm looking forward to sharing my knowledge and sharing some more advanced tactics. You can get the results you been yearning for really looking forward to seeing you guys inside. 2. Introduction: Hey, guys. So welcome to this second class email marketing tactics to win new customers were going to go over some of the more advance tactics to get not only people to open your newsletters but, most importantly, convert them into customers. So one of the main problems that most friends have is that they're having a hard time getting people to open during these letters. That's most importantly, getting them to stay subscribed. The unsubscribe rate is usually pretty high. People get bored after they receive a few communications from you, and then they're just not engaging with your brands. So one thing that's really important that you must understand is that most cell com from e mails, unlike popular belief, you're gonna get more cells through email than you are through official media. Why? Because emails is your opportunity to build our relationship with this potential customer. So when we like we talked about in the first class, that's why having a welcome Siri's and having the cells funnels and place is really important here. We're going to talk about how you can get these individuals engaged because that's the key . The more engaged these individuals are, the more likely they are to buy from. You were going to go over the anatomy of a newsletter as well, a newsletter that converts into potential cells. And finally, we're going to chat about how to segment of your list, how to personalize these messages, etcetera. So the first thing I'd like you to do is to look at one of your emails that had the highest open rates. Go ahead and print the following, and then take the one that had the lowest open rates and print that one as well. So make sure that you have the subject line in there. Include the Citic sticks when you press print the following because we're gonna use that as a benchmark. So as you're going through each of the chapters for this class, I'm going to ask you to essentially write down all the things that you could have done better in order to get a better open rate. And then additionally, from that, being able to look at your email that had the worst open rate and the best open rate, you'll be able to compare and contrast what you did right. What you did wrong in order to not make the same mistakes. So let's go through each of these chapters. And, as usual, if you have any questions, make sure to add them in the comments section. Hey, guys. So welcome to the second part of this email marketing tactics to win new customers class Siri. So in this class, we're going to discuss advanced tactics you can use to convert your subscribers into loyal customers. And email is actually the most effective weight to gain new customer. Yet it's often overlooked by most brands who don't have a great way of capturing emails, and they're not consistent with their email marketing efforts. So did you know that female cells conversion rate are three times higher than social media , meaning you're more likely to get a cell from your email marketing efforts versus social media. So why is that? Well, because today customers are way more skeptical, and it takes them an average of between 8 to 10 interaction with your brand in order for them to feel comfortable to buy from you. Therefore, you're more likely to convert a subscriber into a customer through your email efforts. Then you are through social media, so you're probably telling yourself a this point. Yeah, that sounds great, Luna. But where do I get started? So currently, you might be facing these problems either Your struggle with people getting to subscribe to your mailing list. We reviewed some of the tactics to get people subscribe to your mailing list in the first class. Siri's, if you haven't checked it out, urge you to watch? Not first. So once I have subscribed, you struggle, perhaps getting them to open your newsletter and buy from you and most of the email subscribers like So you're spending so much time essentially, like China, capture new email subscribers dot and then they end up un subscribing just after a few email. So how can you break that cycle? So what, We're gonna gonna what we're going to cover specifically in this class as how do you get people to open your emails? How do you make them hungry for more? So looking forward to your e mails and half them purchase Aziz Well, from your emails. So what do you think is the secret ingredient to all of the above? What's the secret ingredient to making all of the above happen? Well, you need to create an engaged tribe. Yeah, I know it sounds a lot easier said than done right, but you probably already knew that. But obviously, the more they will care, the more your audience will care about what you have to say, the more likely they will become your loyal customers. So the key is creating e mails where you deepen your connection with your audience and we're going to discuss how you can do that. Essentially, you need to make sure that you have a system in place and great copy and great image, a great newsletter that makes them feel like they're part of your tribe. Um, part of the first answer is having a great welcome. Siri's We cover dot in the first class. We're going to go over the tactics to continue this conversation after you sent the email, Siri's So let's get started 3. 1. Make people open your emails: step on, you need to make people open your emails, right? So why do some e mails get open and some get completely ignored? What exactly do people look at when they're deciding to open an email or not? Well, the first thing is who it's coming from, and this is how you can get people to care about opening your emails specifically. So if you aren't a big brand, you need to generate trust. And the following will be done mainly with your welcome Siri's email sequence and encourage you to review the first class for a full refresher and debrief on how you can set up the right expectations Early on. Your goal is to have people remember your brand name by having them look for toe opening your emails because they know you will provide them with the type of content that they're looking for. So which is why it's so important to set the right expectations early on. So this brings me to my next point. You need tohave super clickable subject Klein's as well, which aren't pushy or sell Z. And don't worry, I'm gonna share a few examples with you shortly, but you want to also pique the curiosity of your reader who does his best in my opinion. Refinery 29. Yes, I know they aren't a retailer per se, but they do a great job with their subject line, and they always solicit curiosity. So if you aren't subscribe to their mailing list, I suggest you do so so Refinery 29 and review their clever headline and subject line. So this brings me to my last point. You need to make sure that your email headlines our intern changeable. Wave your subject line too often I've seen emails with great subject clients, but then there's the subject line has nothing to do with the content inside the email. So yes, obviously you want people to open your emails. But you also need to make sure that the subject line is not completely disjointed. From the content of your email. You could make your subscribers angry and have them either unsubscribe or report us bam. So keep that in mind when you're writing your newsletter. So here's some great examples of great subject line. Obviously, personalizing your subject line works wander, so make sure to test the following from time to time and, most importantly, need tohave fun with these subject lines. So these are examples from various retailers such as eso smashed, e gal, bonobos and more. And finally, a word of advice is for you to test her subject. Klein's and smell chip allows you easily to do that, and other email providers as well is to test two different subject lines as they will enable you to stir writing better headlines and use also a headline analyzer. So there's two of them out there. I included the link for you. So the following will help you write subject lines. I will draw the attention of your subscriber. It's not a foolproof method to testing your subject climbs, but if you are just starting out and feel you need a little extra help and copy, writing is not your strunk. This tools grade, and it will analyze how powerful your headline is by raining. It's emotional value, so the key in getting better at writing subject Klein is to simply test what performs best for your demographic and apply the same formula over and over. And which is why I encourage you to use a headline analyzer as well to refine your copyrighting etcetera 4. 2. avoid spam filters: Step two. You want to avoid spam filters before we continue speaking about how you can get more people to open your emails, you have to consider why you can do to avoid spend filters, no matter how legitimate your e mails are, with more sophisticated spam filters that can sometimes end up in the spam folder and even big retailers battle with the following threat. Unfortunately, there's no quick fix, but it's in your best interest to understand everything that can affect your emails, deliver ability and how the filter works. You can be prepared and avoid them as best you can. So first and foremost, you must always provide unsubscribe links. Most email providers include those directly. You just need to make sure that it's present. Did you know, for instance, that it's illegal to not have a way for your recipients to easily unsubscribe? So moral of the story is, make sure it's present. Second, include a physical address of your business. Same. Most email providers include those directly. I recommend that beyond your physical address, you also include your customer service phone number as well. You want to make it easy for people to contact you shall they have any questions? You also want to offer both HTML and plain text version of your e mails and finally, haven't easy recognizable from email dress, people often hesitate to open emails from unknown center, and we talked about this in the first chapter, so make sure recipients can easily recognize you by using your brand name. And even better, having a personal email address will more likely get through spam folders and get more opens. For example, Sharon from designs You love is more spend proof than just from designs you love. If that's the name of your company now, don't buy your email list or scrap emails. It's a dirty tactic, which will cause your email account to get spend. Are blacklisted. These people don't actually know who you are first and foremost, and they don't honestly want your emails, so there's a good chance that they'll mark you a spam. And if the following happens, your email address will be jeopardized. So think twice before doing the following, you must grow your email list organically like we reviewed in the first part of this class . Siri's so don't try toe hack the system. Make sure that you take your time into growing your list organically. Next, don't use all caps or exclamation points in your subject line. Yes, I know you probably tempted as the following will definitely get your audiences attention, but doing so will get you flagged. Therefore, you must avoid it as much as you can. Yes, you'll get people's attention, but not in the wrong way. And on top of it, it feels Spend me and sells e. Which brings me to my next point. Don't use cells E spam trigger words such as free dollar sign. No hidden cost. If you're subject clients. Sounds like a TV information and TV infomercial. Then don't press sand. Um, you need to have a subject line that piques curiosity all while being informational. Most importantly, it must relate to the actual content in your email, so make sure that you work on your subject lines. You make them interesting informational enough to grab the attention of your customers, who avoid at all calls to have caps and exclamation point. You're making it seem to sell Z. Next. Don't use heavy images. Yes, most retailer used many images, but using one large image as your entire email or too many images in general tends to end up in receipt peons spam folders, so you need to keep the following in mind. You also want to make sure first and foremost at your image. Fall size is as small as possible without the loss of resolution. So use a compressor tool like compressor dots I O. And most email providers will give you a warning sign if you're in mills are if your images are too heavy and additionally from that, you need to make sure that you stay within the 600 pixel wide because you also need to take into consideration. Must individual are opening their emails these days? A good 60% via Mobil's who? Obviously your emails have to be mobile friendly. Um, so overall, your emails deliver ability depends largely on your i p address reputation. So if you're sending emails from an I P address, which has a poor reputation, your e mails are far less likely to be successful. Deliver to your centers in box, right? So you need to ensure that you're not gonna be blacklisted by centers, and the best way to do that is to regularly check D n s stuff dot com. It lets you see whether or not you've been blacklisted by centers. And sometimes, well, yes, Sometimes it will happen as people might report. You asked him instead of un subscribing, but you must ensure that only happens occasionally. And the key here is in keeping your list clean. So if e mails air bouncing, you need to make sure that you're taking them out of your list. It people are not engaging. You need to re engage with them, etcetera. We're gonna cover the following in the next chapter. 5. 3. Anatomy of a great newsletter: next, you want to segment your list. When visitor lent on your website, they might not buy immediately from you, but that doesn't mean that they're not your customers. You need to make sure that your list is clean by reaching out to ignite active subscriber separately once a month to ensure that they're still interested in receiving your email. Why is the following so important? While because if you simply ask eight, they're still interested or not, the chances them of them reporting you a spam is less likely. And additionally from that it's a great opportunity to reconnect with users in a more personal way and understand why they aren't opening your email. So overall, the cleaner your list is the batter for avoiding spent filters and the better for overall engagement. Now, if you haven't emailed your subscribers in over six months and you're starting from scratch , make your subscribers re captain by reminding them as to who you are and asking them if they would like to still be part of your mailing list. Next, you want to differentiate high versus medium versus low engage er. This is a similar to the first point you need to segment your list so you consent relevant messages to your subscribers. You must treat each subscriber's differently based on their level of engagements who can best cater to their needs. So someone who is more engaged is more likely to buy from you. You should consider rewarding these subscribers and thanking them for their continued level of engagement. On the other hand, someone who is less engaged like we discussed in the previous point my knee to be reengaged and my need more in divided attention so you can understand what their expectations are from your newsletter or simply let them go. A. They just aren't into your newsletter. Well, that's OK. You are better off having an email list that is clean with people who want to be part of your newsletter versus having people who don't open your emails. And I think a lot of people get caught up with how many subscribers they have in their e mails. And a lot of times the don't feel comfortable re engaging with People were not opening their emails just because they don't want to see those numbers dropping. But it's not about harmony. Subscribe Business Li are in your mailing lists about how many people actually are engaged . So how can you meet the needs of all these audiences by simply setting up different email? Siri's based on their level of engagements. So these air different email sequences, which, um, you would send essentially and, um, in the next chapter, we're going to review the different types of email sequences you might want to send. But, um, these emails are essentially supplement of what you already scheduled. So they're supplements of e mails of your newsletter that you already send it, and it's in. The purpose of it is to meet the specific needs of thes different segmented audience like we talked about in last point. So somebody who has, ah, higher engagement you want to reward them somebody who has a lower engagement you want Teoh , you know, re stylish a connection with with them. So how can you differentiate your audience by their engagement so you can set up different groups audiences based on how often they open your emails? Most email platforms enable you to easily segment your list since most of your using different email platforms, unfortunately, it's gonna be hard for me to walk you through it specifically. But what you want to do is a search on how to segment your list to make sure to do the following how to segment your list. Do that search within your specific email provider, and, ah, most likely you'll have a step by step how you can create these different groups within your email list. So that's gonna be the first step. You want to make sure that your segmenting your list by level of engagement in order for you to be able to create these different email Siri's, which we're going to talk about in the next chapter so 6. 4. Segmenting your list: in this chapter, we're going to go over the anatomy of a newsletter DOT converts and that sells. The first goal of your newsletter is telling a story. First and foremost, you need to be useful. You need to be friendly. Why? Because you must first deepen your connection with your subscribers By creating storytelling newsletters, you must communicate with your customers in a way that moves them. Why? Because people buy based on emotion and not dry fax. A lot of emails out there tryto solely cell. I mean, obviously, the purpose of your email is to sell, but it has to be done in the right way. So sizzling hot you resistible brands know that psychological emotions is what urges us to buy and not dry facts. You must understand your customers emotional motivation for buying your products so you can inject that knowledge within your e mails. And this is key and creating great copy and having images that is really going to grab the attention of your customers. You must tap into the emotional core of your customers. You need to communicate to them in a way that moves them once you understand your customers . Emotional motivation for buying your products. You will have won a loyal customer. Now, you may think you already are doing the following, but I can assure you that, um, you're not on. And simply the reason is because, um, most brands bigger Bruns spend millions to find the core emotional motivation of dirt consumers. Some of the reasons we purchased include to make us feel good and powered or more productive. Psychological emotion is what urges is to buy. So for example, a while back I worked with a menswear brand who wanted to penetrate the U. S. Market. They had built up a reputation throughout the years in their respective country by focusing on the quality of your garment. Yet we knew that the following differentiator wouldn't be enough of the cells points to win the hearts of a broader audience. So by deep diving into the lives of their potential customers, we found or emotional hook these customers really what they wanted beyond just having beautiful suits as to be cater to. And they also wanted flexibility. So their high powered jobs were so demanding that when it came to finding suits they needed of already of selling options so they wouldn't have to make multiple purchases. We changed the brands communications accordingly and made customers excited about their brands so they wouldn't have received the same type of engagement if they only had focused on the quality of their garments. Therefore, make sure that you've done your homework, and you really understand what makes your customer tick and your best bet to do. The following is toe do extensive research and send surveys to your existing customer or future customers. So you really understand what is there psychology? Dir, um, reason for buying from you? So let's take a closer look at this Everly newsletter for their holidays because it does such a great job tapping into the emotional core off its customer. With this simple phrase you've got invites. We've got outfits clearly with the holidays. Their customers have holiday parties to attend and perhaps nothing to wear, and this is where ever Lane can help them. I also love the play of D image with the martini cocktail been slightly spilled because clearly, when you goto holiday party, my get carried away and spill your martini cocktail, I mean we can all relate to going toe holiday party. And that's really trying to hold her liquor right to not make a fool out of herself. D Image and the clever copy writing does it all. I mean, anyone looking for an outfit for the holidays were surely click through their landing page to view the selection. Just because A really taps into something that they know and most importantly, into this emotional psychology of like what duty? Interested in and buying, um, an outfit. So this raise me to my next point. Less is more. Don't try toe overstuff your emails with too many culture actions, too much copy or too many images. The bulk of the information must live in your website, ideally on a landing page, so you only communicate one point per email. Don't overwhelm your email subscriber with sort with like, for example, Hebei. This and hey do this and oh, and also do this going back to the ever lane email. Their call to action was extremely simple. Check out our holiday collection and find an outfit you can wear to your holiday party so they continue with the same messaging within their learning page, where they feature each other outfits that they're promoting. The other email and they continue the conversation with the simple messaging The night is yours. So in conclusion, don't include your entire inventory of what you're trying to sell on your email. Instead, just grab a statement piece or a few statement pieces and invite your subscriber to check out the full collection in your landing page. So you might be asking me Well, how do I actually do? Or, I mean, if I don't nestle have the ability to have a leading page. What can I do in order to be able to, ah, promote? If I don't want to create a specific lining page? Well, the best way to do that is essentially to have to drive to your shop. Now, Page and make sure that you have all the relevant products that you're trying to sell on top. The following only works if you have a smaller inventory. So smaller stock list and, um, I just encourage you to make sure that whichever products you're trying to sell directly through the email are easy to spot and are in their own little section in the top of your shopping or a home page in order for them to easily recognize what is it that you're promoting, So make sure that you, at the very least, do the following. If you don't want to go through the hassle of creating a new landing page for each of your emails, I understand. Just make sure that you the products that you're touting, always front and center in your shop section. So next your emails must feel exclusive. Your audience will continue being subscribe to your newsletter if they feel that they're getting insider benefits from it. Your email subscribers must find out about your special promotions or your contest or your new collections before everyone all's before you even announce it on social media. This is the key to keeping your newsletter relevant for your audience and make that feel special. So I picked here an example from a so so where they're touting a Viet A V i P cells preview to their email subscribers. It's a great way to build excitement amongst our subscribers and pique their curiosity. Now don't shy away from promoting special offers to your newsletter audience. After all, they're the most loyal to your ran as they allow you to email them on a regular basis. So remember your subscribers come before anyone else. Finally, a little bit of ah housekeeping list, if you will so ensure that your emails are always mobile friendly. Most people open their emails on their phone. Your images shouldn't be more than 600 pixels wide. When you're testing your emails, review them on your mobile device to ensure that the images were loading properly. Um, keep your running consistent as well. You're brining should be consistent through all your channels. Whether it's your website, social media, your emails. It sounds really obvious, I know. But many brands make the deadly mistake of having different fonts and collar treatments in their emails, which will confuse their readers. And so make sure that you don't make that mistake. Um, also includes Social Media lengths to encourage your users to follow you on social media as well. It's a great way to generate trust. And finally, I included an example from nasty gal again, straight to the point email with a clear call to action with dries to a landing page. And, um, the following is pretty straightforward, and obviously the image is within 600 pixels wide and you'll see that they also have social media. So essentially, you know, make sure that you are working on your messaging. First and foremost, spend the most time with your headlines with your subject. Klein's What is it that you're trying to say through the email? What is the call to action? What are you trying to get your customers to do? Obviously, you want them to go to your website, make sure that most of the information is on your website and that within the email, you just trigger their interest to go check out the site. Now, some of you I know my not have the ability to do special photography for your emails. I mean again, being having an understanding of what you're going to send throughout the year always makes a huge difference, because then, when you're doing your photography for your look books, that enables you to canister thinking about the type of messages you would send with your emails. Best recommendation. Try to look at what you already have. Obviously, if you don't have a lot of image of assets, it's not the end of the world. Make sure that you use a decent amount of tax ter, you know, final way to really and form and engage with your audience in a way that really moves them . So I think most important thing and would be a lot of people get caught up with emails is that you need to really figure out how can you move your audience? And once you figure that out through surveys and you know, just asking the right questions to people were buying from you, then it will be a much easier for you to draft sexy emails that people are just looking forward to reading. So just keep that in mind. Um, this is probably the hardest part of having a great email marketing strategy in place, but once you figure that out, everything else will come to you pretty easily. 7. 5. Emails that convert: Alright guys. So let me ask you hot often. Have you received an email just to roll your eyes halfway through it? Yes. You might have received just another email trying to sell you something lacking complete personality and most of the early not relating at all to your personal needs. So just another boring email which you had the pleasure of un subscribing from hot often has that happened to you, right? Pretty often. So why does this happen? Well, because most brands out there don't invest the time to look at the behavior of their email subscribers and they don't really segment their list. They're not categorizing what type of customer they are. So this brings me to the next point. Now all subscribers are created equal. Someone who barely opens your email should be put in the same batch as someone who opens all your emails, which is why segmenting is really important. You need to segment your list. Someone who has anywhere between fortify stars. If you are in Meltem, should be in a different group than somebody who only has one stars and barely opens your email, for instance. So we talked about this in the following chapter. So these different types of subscribers obviously have different needs day all our potential customers, but you need to address their needs completely differently, and this is where the email sequences comes in. We're going to discuss all the types of different email sequence you need to put in place in order to cater to the needs of all your subscribers and, most importantly, convert them in to customers. The great news about these email Syriza's well, is that they can be automated, meaning all you have to do is write them wants. And then every time you see a new subscribers used either engaging more or engaging less, you can activate that specific email sequence and send them through your email sequence. So let's go through the list of all the email. Siri's The 1st 1 obviously, is the welcome Siri's. We spoke about this in the first class. Therefore, I'm gonna keep this one pretty short. You must set up a series of five emails toe all your new subscribers. This is your opportunity for them to Well, it's their opportunity, essentially to get to know your business a little better. And this is where you slowly introduce them to the philosophy and mission statement of your business, and you welcomed them to the family. You shouldn't try to be selling them much in these emails. This is just your opportunity to introduce your brand to these newly acquired subscribers so they become raging fans. So if you want the full list of all the different emails, day should be including hair. I encourage you to check out that first class. Next comes the reward Siri's. This is the Siri's that you're going to be sending to highly engage customers. And, um, you know, I mean something interesting to keep in mind is that when you know, nurture highly engaged subscribers, you can get 50% more cells from them, as they often make larger purchases as well. So the reward Siri's, needless to say, is extremely important, because this is your opportunity to top into these highly engage customers who are more likely to buy from you and also by more so these air great individuals who have more chances of becoming loyal customer. So the key here is making them feel special. By being highly engaged, you must show them that as a business, you value the fact that there really active. So how can you do the following? You need to provide of Siris of rewards to the subscribers, and it's a way to thank them from being high fidelity subscribers. So some of these rewards could include access to V I. P. Content. So you could potentially create a Spotify music list for them, for instance, or a special free look book. Or you could have, like a free Q and A section s, um, talk for them for an hour. We're essentially, like they have access to you for a Knauer than can ask you whatever questions they want or access to a special gift of the I. P contest or a Cells preview, etcetera. Essentially, the purpose of your reward email is not necessarily trying to sell them something. You need to focus this email on how much you appreciate them for being super engaged and explain to them why you are offering them a special V I p sex access choose special content . So I mean, you know, you need to essentially tell them Hey, guys, super happy to have you on board. We noticed that you love our brands. So as a thank you, we are sending you this special V I p content, whatever it is or the special V I p access this personal touch of you noticing how engaged they are will make all the difference. They will feel understood, and most importantly, they will connect to your brand even more because they're seeing that you're paying attention to what they're doing and their engagement. So it's gonna it's obviously gonna help build a stronger bond. So these are the three emails that you should plan on sending for these special rewards. First of all, you want to introduce the reward. So whatever it is that you decide, just send a quick email thanking them for being ill. Engage told him to top a reward that you're sending their way, etcetera. Um, obviously, you'll have to have a specific lining page for the following, where they can claim their reward, etcetera. The second email is making them feel excited about participating if they haven't opened the email yet, you know, just remind, um to go and claim whatever it is that you're providing them and obviously, you know, make them excited about being super engaged like you need toe. Figure out a way to pick to curiosity and, you know, just make it fun essentially, like make sure. Like I keep on mentioning that all your emails have plenty of personality and they don't feel like it's coming from a corporate more about. And then you sent a final reminder which essentially would be, you know, telling them about the reward if they haven't opened the email yet and telling them that you're looking forward for them to participate, etcetera, etcetera. So all these emails can be sent in 48 hour increments, or 72 hours. Increments really depends on your specific audience. Tested out, see what works for you and go from there about these reward. E mails will make all the difference. You want to send them to a specific lining page like I mentioned where there's a reward, and then, based on that as well, this will be your opportunity to Upsell to them in the near future. So then comes the We missed You. Siri's also known as the Reengagement. Siri's following is like you guessed. It's for subscribers who haven't been opening your emails. They might have completely to you out so tuned out your brand and they just need a little extra push to fall in love with you all over again. And additionally, from that this is a great way to keep your list clean. See if a lot of people aren't opening your emails. It's going to tell Google and email providers that your e mails are spam E. So to avoid spam folders or being put and other folder like promotional folders, you need to keep your list clean like we discussed in the previous chapter. So desire the four emails you should be sending them first is the wheat missed you email. You need to explain that you noticed they haven't been opening your emails and that you don't want to send emails that are unwanted. Obviously, therefore, simply asked them if they're still interested in receiving your emails and make sure to blend this with plenty of personality. So you'll have to have a call to action, a button that essentially drives them to a landing page in order for them to um, you know, in order for them to say that they are interested in continuing to being part of your mailing list. Thes e mails can be easily set up on Melchett. Look for how to set up reengagement e mails and look for tutorials. I mean, unfortunately, because everybody's using different email providers. It's a little hard for me to be able to go toe walk you through how to do these. But if you just quickly searched Emanuel of your email subscribers of your email provider's sorry, you should be able to find that information. So we missed you. Email is the 1st 1 The 2nd 1 if they still haven't opened your email, is to send them a discount. So this is where you can tell them that you know this, that their love for you is not what he used to be. And then you can provide them an irresistible offer and asked him if they're still interested in receiving your e mails, why sending them a discount? Well, because this could be your way of keeping them interested. It works great. And if even the discount doesn't work, then you know that they're really not interested in your brother. So this is where the third email comes in with Obviously they haven't engaged. They still haven't opened your email. You just simply tell them that you will unsubscribe them from the list in the next seven days if they don't respond and you just remind them of the amazing offer you providing them in the last email. So this is the Is this goodbye? Email. Finally, you'll need to send them an email informing them that they've been unsubscribed. This is a last email and remind them one last time of the offer that you sent them and provide them as well a link to re subscribe. So this is a last email that you send them. Just let them know that they've been unsubscribe. And obviously, if there's still no engagement there, well done to really not worth your time, and they should be on your list. So it's extremely important that you run. We missed you. Siri's at least every other month, so you can keep your list clean. And like I mentioned, I mean, it's best toe. Have people who are happy to receive your newsletter versus having inactive subscribers who never open your email. So a lot of brands they shy away from getting rid of inactive users, but it's in your best interest you want tohave? A naughty Insua's engaged anybody who hasn't been opening your emails for at least a month or to re engage with them. And then if they're not reengaging, then at that point just unsubscribed. Um, next come dot heart abandonment Siri's. So I'm often surprised by how many retailers don't do the following at all. It's really important to remind you shoppers to come back to your website to finish their purchase, especially if they put something in the car and they didn't finish the purchase. Make sure that you set the following up. So now obviously, it depends on the type of e commerce you have set up. You might have to set up different AP eyes for the following. Um, Shopify has a pretty easy way of integrating this for you to be able to know whether or not , um, you know, some of us come to your website and ah didn't finish the purchase. I mean, obviously the person who have to be logged in for the following to work. Ah, but usually one, um, e I mean, obviously like if they're already logged in, they put something in the cart on and they haven't purchased from you. It will be easy for you to be able to send them an email. They you don't have any sort of like logging system done. Obviously, it's gonna be a little harder for you to set that up, But let me walk you through the cart of Endymion series because it's a pretty important toe . Have this. So you want to send Ah, Siris of three emails? So first is the reminder. And I mean, the reminder is simple. Just say that, you know, they forgot something in the car. Tell them, um, I mean, showed them a picture of what they forgot in the cart at some benefits and include a simple link for them to complete their check out if they haven't opened an email. Next thing you want to do, ISS asked him if everything is OK. Ask him why they didn't purchase from you and just simply asked for their feedback, which is totally fine. You can essentially you know, Ptolemy, you'd love to hear their opinion. Like what we can do to improve the check out experience. Like why did you shy away from buying from us this is information that you can use in the future in order to refine your check out experience. So make sure that you include the following. Finally, if they still haven't bought from you after you reminded them, you should throw in a 10% discount. I mean, whatever works for your margin now only apply this special discount to individuals you haven't purchased from you before. It's important to get them over the leap. And I mean, sometimes a discount is all you need to encourage a purchase. I mean, because if someone has browse through your website and put something in the cart, they're more likely to purchase from you. So don't shy away to sending them emails to remind them in a cheeky way that they left something behind. So I walked you through a different email. Siri's. Obviously, my recommendation is to set up different email. Siri's based on the specific needs of your subscribers. Don't be shy creating, ah, more email. Siri's is not about thing, and it's really needed in order to convert your subscribers into potential customers because they will feel like you're really listening to their specific needs, your really nurturing them. You're listening to what they want. So these emails need to be mostly informational and never needs to feel like you're a car salesman. And I mean, obviously, as you become an ace with email marketing, you might decide that you need to, you know, create different email Siris for your customers. A different stage. Obviously another email series I didn't mention in here is for loyal customers. You obviously want to treat them in a special way. I mean, obviously the reward email. You'd have to have, like an enhanced version of the reward emails, because these are people bought from you. So go ahead and do it. Go ahead and set up as many email syriza's you need as a great thing about these is that they can be automated like I mentioned, and make sure that you also personalize the message so it feels like it's really speaking to them and meeting their specific need. So at the end of the day, you just want to be helpful to your subscribers, and you don't want to heavily push cells. So just remember that when you're setting all these up, be helpful. First 8. 6. Advanced tactics: we've covered quite a bit in this class. But before I let you go, I want to go over some advance email marketing tactics. So ways for you to have higher engagement and get your subscribers hooked. Now the key is like have been repeating over and over again is to be helpful and infirm, a tive first and foremost, so every email you send should feel like it's part of a story you need to create suspense, excitement. So let me give you an example. In an email, for instance, you could start talking about a special promotion or a special contest without revealing everything and telling your audience to stay tuned for the next email. This is a tactic that works great overall. You need to make sure that even when you're creating these emails sequences, Siri's like we went over and then lost Chapter is that it feels like story telling, even if it's essentially telling them about something that they forgot in the cart. You need to do it in a way that is fun. Obviously, it needs to fit with your overall branding. Whatever the copy tone is in your website, you need to make sure that you have to seem voice all throughout. But make sure that it feels authentic that you're talking to an individual on that it doesn't feel like it's coming from Ah Solis company and the following ticks. Work takes practice, but I know that you guys will figure it out. It's just a matter of sending thes email series over and over again. So let me walk you through some specific examples which are really going to help you, Um, get your subscriber hook and you can essentially Sprinkle in these ideas within all the different email, Siri's and all the different emails that you'll be sending out in the future. So the first thing is to ask the right questions. You need to have a dialogue with your subscribers. Too often, emails kind of feel like a monologue, right? So you're speaking to them, but you're never asking them for feedback or what not. So where we are receiving messages after messages, it feels a little bit like we're being talked out, right? So what has worked great for some of my client is simply asking questions to their subscribers, and this can be in all shapes or form you can ask them about. What's your favorite ice cream flavor? What's your favorite music, etcetera. The key here, before you go and add a bunch of random questions, is it needs to work with the threat of your email and, most importantly and needs toe have a purpose. For example, one of my clients wanted to create a Spotify music list further subscribers for the holidays, and what they did is that they simply asked that their subscriber share their favorite twos . You can also do the following by just having a quick look little linked to a survey. There's like 45 songs that you're thinking of, including just for them to engage and tell you what they would like to have included within this Spotify playlist. Now you might be telling yourself, Luna, but that seems like a lot of work. It seems like it wouldn't really make much of a difference. I don't think my subscribers were engaged. First and foremost. You never know prescribers might engage, and the more playful your with them. And the more you asked for their opinion, the more likely they are to purchase from you. So you know you can get really creative here, and you can. I can definitely encourage you to pepper and questions within your emails. It's going to make all the difference, I assure you, because it's going to feel for them like their opinion matters. I mean, their opinion does matter and you know the day right there. They're your customers, but you want to make sure that they're happy. So it's important for you to keep the dialogue going on. I asked them to participate in whatever it is that you're creating. It's going to make them feel that much part of the family, and the next thing you want to do is make sure that you personalise your e mails, meaning Don't forget to include the name of your subscribers into the subject line. This is a little tiny treek, which really increases open rates, and it works now. For this to be feasible, you need to make sure that you're capturing the name of your subscribers within your email form. So when you're asking people to give you their email dress, it's important that they give you their name. Yes, some subscribers might not feel comfortable giving you their name, but It's important for you to include the following so you can really get to know them and was poorly. She can personalize your messages. The more personalized your emails are, the more your audience will open and they will obviously engage more and feel like you know them on a personal level. So make sure to send fund messages as well. Don't be boring. Sending the same old you know, promotional email with without it being personalized, you know, is a little boring after a while. So make sure that you know you are you. I mean, you need to feel like you're like the cool kid on the block. Essentially, you know everybody that everyone wants to aspire to you. You also need to Sprinkle in the name of this. Describe er in the body of the email because it's also been proven to, um, get people more engaged when they see their names. So again, you know, like find different ways that you can personalize the email so it feels like you're really speaking to them personally by and you can just do that by simply adding their name, obviously in the subject line, but also within the body of the email. Make it fun and see if the following works for your specific demographic. But from my personal experience is quite great, and it definitely helps tremendously with open rates. Next thing you want to do is use video. I know most of you out there are scared of using video. That's like 99% of the brands out there except brands. You have obviously bigger budgets, but video emails are all the rage, sending a simple email with you speaking about what you have been up to. Or, you know, speaking about your creative process is extremely powerful. Videos actually more powerful than written words. Personal Ramos Because not a lot of you were doing it right now and because also we are highly visual individuals, so you don't need to be an expert on video. You don't need to be perfect. Just need to be you. People love the personal connection that they can have with you via via video, and, ah, it's really going to help you set you apart from other brands out there. So don't shy away from video. It's a great way to build a relationship with your customer for them to build trust and obviously mean feel comfortable from buying from you because they get to see you and they really get to pick up on your vibe. So the more genuine you are, the more likely your customer will aspire to purchase from you. Make sure that you're bringing them into your creative process. Make sure to talk about what happens behind the scenes. For example, you can create a quick video with your phone to show them everything that goes into play into shipping their order, whatever it is. And, um, you know, just don't come across as a brand that doesn't care about its customer. Put soul into these video emails. And, ah, video is a great way to to have, like, a personalized message, and it's different. People aren't used to it, and, um, they're more likely to watch just quick little video if it feels like it's, you know, coming from the heart. So finally, um, being consistent. So this is honestly, like a Nad Vance tactic, if you will. But this is something that's extremely important. You need to be sure to sending emails consistently to any runs. All their only send emails once in a blue moon, so you need to make sure that you're sending them weakly. Weakly is standard bi monthly if ah, weeklies too aggressive. But the more consistent you are, the more likely you are to build a strong relationship with your subscriber's too many brands out there on we send emails once in a blue moon, and then they have to re engage with your audience, which obviously you're going to end up losing a lot of subscribers. And ah, yeah, I mean, essentially your subscribers room. You forget all about you and your brand and, um, yeah, I mean, essentially all your efforts will go unwarranted. So make sure you have an editorial calendar in place who can schedule all your emails messaging in advance, and my recommendation is for you to schedule at least three months in advance. It will make all the difference. So the moral of the story is make sure you personalize your emails. More personalized emails are better. Don't shy away from video and use suspense within your emails. Create a story threat. It needs to feel like you're telling a story, and then every email that comes along you're going to reveal different little parts of the story. This is the best way to get your audience hooked, which is why you'll have to think about deficit emails You're sending ahead of time so you can be prepared and send messages that's really going to resonate with your audience. 9. 7. Conclusion: Now that you have all your email marketing strategies in place, it's important that you are consistent and send your emails on a regular basis. I can't tell you the amount of brands out there who have great newsletters for not seeing the result that they want simply because they're not being consistent and they're sending their e mails sporadically. What does the following do? Well, not only does it hurt your trust because people feel like you're not professional, it shows a bad example of your brand. People forget about your Brenda's. Well, if they're not seeing your name on a regular basis and my unsubscribe, they my report, you spend etcetera. So following can be hard, especially if you're a solo entrepreneur, which is why you have to make sure that you also have an editorial counter for emails. You can also add it within your social media editorial counter. Make sure that if you're not feeling comfortable with sending once a week, which is standard standard practice that you send at least twice a month, so subscribers see your name on a regular basis once a month is too little. I know it sounds a little off but it's important to son regularly. There's this thought out there that people don't like to be emailed. Yes, that's partially true. But don't feel shy. You need to make sure that your continuing the communications with your subscribers otherwise, well, all these efforts you've put in setting up all these different campaigns and optimizing your message to people are actually opening your e mails. It's going to go to waste if you are irregular with sending your email. So keep the following in mine and make sure that you're always writing your email communication ahead of time so you don't feel as overwhelmed. All right, guys will Disc includes the class. Make sure that you share with me your progress. I would love to hear from you. So add me on social media at Miss Lina Vega on Instagram or you can subscribe to my newsletter on Luna. Big Adopt met by guys