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Building a VIRAL Brand in a Saturated Online World: Performance Digital Marketing Roadmap

teacher avatar Luna Vega, Author - Podcaster - Fashion Ecommerce Consultant

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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    • 2.

      Understanding the Algorithm


    • 3.

      Finding Your Tribe


    • 4.

      What Problems Are You Solving


    • 5.

      Finding Emotional Pulls


    • 6.

      You Snooze, You Loose


    • 7.

      Rapid Testing w FB & Instagram Ads


    • 8.

      FB & Instagram Ads Part 2


    • 9.

      The Anatomy Of Viral Content


    • 10.

      Building A Community In Record Time


    • 11.

      Monetizing Your Influence


    • 12.

      Feeding the Machine


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About This Class

How can you build a HIT brand in record time? Is it even possible? 

In today's noisy social media world, it has become increasingly difficult to draw the attention of your idea customer. Branding and providing value, is more important than ever. However, how can you create a WOW factor which will make customers eager to work or purchase from you? 

In this class, I am going to provide you with a digital marketing roadmap so you can monetize your passion & stop wasting precious hours on social media. 

Here is what we will cover: 

#1. Understanding the Algorithm & how to make it fall in love with your content 

#2. How to Get inside your customers head and make them want more  

#3. How to get an edge in a crowded online space

#4. How to get traction with your digital marketing efforts from setting up FB & Instagram Ads 

This class is for digital marketers, small business owners, creatives, individuals looking to become influencers, e-commerce businesses or anyone looking to understand today’s online landscape.  

You will walk away with a roadmap in how to bring qualified traffic and start monetizing from it.

Hope to see you inside. 

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Luna Vega

Author - Podcaster - Fashion Ecommerce Consultant


Hi Guys :) and Welcome! Thank you for checking out my classes here on Skillshare. I'm a Fashion E-commerce Consultant, Author, Youtube, Podcaster based in New York City, Miami and Barcelona. I am on a journey to connecting, teaching, and creating possibilities for all talented freelancers, business owners and entrepreneurs out there.

Thanks to my many years as a digital marketing consultant, I know what works and what doesn't. I started my career working on a range of large-scale digital campaigns for a list of Fortune 500 clients. I left it all to pursue my passion in digital strategy and marketing consulting. My goal is to share my knowledge about digital marketing to inspire & empower others to Love Mondays.

Where will you find me? At an airport browsi... See full profile

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1. Welcome: Hey guys, Luna Vega here. I'm a digital marketing and e commerce consultant. I've been in the space for 10 plus years, out time flies. I worked for a list of Fortune 500 companies. I'm also author, speaker podcaster and as a recently, also have my own e commerce store. So it's definitely been a wild ride today. My goal is to share with you some digital marketing two bombs to help you build a hit Bren in record time. And to these noisy social media world, it's increasingly difficult to grab the attention of your ideal customers. We all knew the importance of branding and providing value. But how can you create a wow factor to get these very individuals excited, eager to either work with you if you're freelance, so our purchase from you if you're selling online in this plus, I'm going to provide an easy to follow digital marking road map so you can finally monetize on your passion. Here's what we will cover understanding the algorithm and how to make it fall in love with your content, getting inside your customers head and making them want more. How to get an edge in a crowded online space and how to finally get traction from your digital marketing efforts. This class is for digital marketers, small business owners, creative individuals looking to be common influencer, e commerce is, or anyone looking to better understand today's social media landscape and how to start seeing results from their marketing efforts. You will walk away with a roadmap, which will help you bring qualified traffic and start monetizing from it. Really, My goal is to start breaking some of these digital marketing myths that are out there so you can start spending your time wisely and scale accordingly. I really hope to see you guys inside, all right. 2. Understanding the Algorithm: understanding the algorithm is going to be a complete game changer for you because it's going to help you look at your content through a different less and be more strategic. So, like I already, this custody algorithm loves engagement, which is why value providing content that your audience wants is so important and why we're going to spend the last the next chapter really looking and death as to understanding who your audience is. So what Facebook instagram or YouTube is looking at is whether or not people are liking, sharing, commenting and actually viewing your videos with YouTube through D. Uh, while how much percentage or door watching your video? So are people slowing down when it comes to Facebook or instagram? What are your impressions when your clicks and it's giving it feedback? It's a feedback loop if you will. So if you're running paid advertising, you might have seen relevance score. And what relevance core is is Facebook way of knowing whether or not your content is appealing to your demo and usually want You wanna have toe. You want to try to have anywhere between a nine and 10 and so this shows whether people are watching the full video. What's the percentage of the video that they're watching? Whether there commenting, liking etcetera? So the reason the algorithm is so important is because it's all or nothing. At the end of the day, it's machine learning, right, and you will notice that post that are getting high engagement will just continue getting higher and higher engagement and eventually go viral versus the opposite applies with a post that's getting zero engagement. And essentially, what's happening there is that, well, it gets hidden because, well, if no one's interacting, it's not in Facebook. Instagram or YouTube is best interest to continue feeding that content. It's just giving it feedback that well, no one's interested in this, so let's just hide it. So it's important for you to really understand how to feed the algorithm, what it wants and influence it so you can get higher reach. So how can you do that? Well, I'm gonna share with you some little hacks Teoh keep in line for If you want to play with them, just note that obviously, Facebook and Instagram are working really hard to ensure whatever's being shared on the platform has value and they are. They don't want spin, they they don't want individual Teoh spam and, uh and so when you're spending, you have higher chances of getting Ben. But you might have seen this turns sound on on different video Facebook ads. And this is a little trick that us little smart marketers used in order for individuals to click on the sound button. Because Facebook it will essentially tell Facebook that individuals are interested in the Post and that they want to watch the contents. So it's a little hack, um, that is used with it within the community. Another thing is instagram engagement groups you might have already heard of them on. A lot of instagram influencers are using them in order to sort of fake engagement in different post. And what happens is that whether it's on telegram groups or whatever earthy, share their post and ask others to like and comment no, The thing with Instagram is now they're looking at the validity of the content. So what of the common sorry? So meaning whether or not the common is relevant with the photo and the caption and also the length of the comment. So a comment that's longer will have higher value than a comment that's short. It will also look at whether or not the common is coming from somebody who's following you so important for so that's gonna have sort of higher precedence and somebody who's not following you. And it's also going to look whether or not the individual commenting on your post are the same individual. And if they are, you're going to get penalized for that because it's essentially telling the algorithm that you're faking your engagement. So again, take this with a green assault you might want apply to some of your post, but just be careful. So how do you create actual organic engagement? Well, first and foremost, what are your posting? Should never feel like an ad. Even if it is an ad you need to be human. You need to be relatable. You need to be humble. You need to really write as if you were writing to your friends. This is the beauty of social media. People want toe, find a connection. They want to feel understood. You need to trigger emotions as well. Tell a story people can relate to, and this is where the Maslow. Yorkie is so important, the muzzle Yorkies essentially all the different needs that we have, the 1st 1 being food. Ah, like survival needs and then their psychological needs, like just google it. It's a great way to really understand human psychology. And again, which is why it's important to understand who your audience is. It can't see the scene off. The other thing is be truthful as humans really good at calling out the Bs. So share. True stories share true challenges that you're going through, and another great way is to twist minds by inverting public opinion. So if everyone is praising how amazing social media is, then you might want to take a stand and say, Well, no social media is a complete waste of time and instead you should be doing X y Z, which is kind of a little bit what I preach. Well, I'm not saying Social media is a complete waste of time, but I often see a lot of brands were spending a lot of time in thinking about organic social media traffic when they really should be spending their time with pay traffic just because they're going to get quicker results. And there's really dismiss conception of people not understanding their value of their time . You're something better off spending money on ads and getting results faster versus, you know, spending years and years working on your brun without seeing results. Hey, that's just my two cents guys. In any case, I wanted to share with you guys some example. So on the far left, this is a really bad odd I feel of. I'm getting there trying to sell me something. There's no caption. The picture doesn't see much. I have no idea where they're trying to sell me three shipping. Okay, why should I care? So do not do this. On the other hand, Dirk Halpern has a great odd, especially like he was talking directly to entrepreneurs. It's black and white, which is great because it's gonna pop out already in the feet as most continents and collar . And it's a quiz. It's asking me what's up of entrepreneur I am. It's asking me a direct question. This is called a Trojan horse, where he's providing value. He's not really selling at me, and he's just entering me within its cells, funnel and what a cells funnel is if you guys don't know. Essentially, it's just kind of like a pyramid where you just enter an email sequence or enter within this person's marketing wheel, if you will. And he's were swarming you up, warming you up to get a sell out of you eventually. All right, so the other ad is great. What I love about it is that it feels like a friend's post. It's funny if I'm into gaming, I'm seeing the fact that she's wearing thinking, intend in the tender glasses, not sure and more likely to click on something like that because it's fun. I don't really feel like I'm being sold to, and it's gonna peak. My curiosity. I also wanted to share with you some instagram post who went viral from two different, really successful instagram er Jenna culture. She so that post one viral she got fat, shamed. Oops, sorry guys and, um, just received a lot of ah negativity. So she essentially, you know, fought back. And, ah, essentially, she also I mean, she's she's great at, ah, with her Instagram. She's really humble. She's really fun. She she doesn't mind or she's comfortable in her body's When trying to say, And she doesn't really good job connecting with her audience. I really encourage you. If you're not following her, give her follow. She's amazing at what she does. And, ah, again like this is an example of somebody being genuine and showing she's having good times . She's comfortable in her body, etcetera. The another post are another great great instagram toe follow. Even if you're not nestle in the travel Nations, do you travel? So what I love about this couple is that their images all always feel like you're stepping into some form of dream. And they apparently wake up at 6 a.m. To take these amazing photos, uh, to ensure that they're not in a crowded space. And what's great about them essentially, is that they have amazing photography. Another image that went viral was one of a giraffe in South Africa. So check them out. Look at what look at what the ingredients of each of these different instagrammers are and how you can replicate that. So in the do you travel, first of all, they have amazing photography skills. They also use Photoshopped presets to help enhanced our photo etcetera. Alright, guys, So take all this with a green assault. You haven't understanding that your mission in order to succeed in this game is to get as much engagement as possible. And how you're going to do that is by triggering emotion, getting people excited, really getting inside their brain. So in the next chapter, we're going to talk about the importance of understanding your audience and getting through the steps needed to really understand them. All right, so seeing the next chapter 3. Finding Your Tribe: finding your tribe and understanding your audience is the fundamental of any marketing efforts. And I can tell you the amount of times brands have some loose ideas of who their customers are without really understanding their psychology and putting the work required to build out a persona. So, no to worry. I'm going toe break it down for you guys with Facebook. There are so many ways thes days that you can get the type of insights that you need in order to well, without spending the dollars that used to spend as faras having market research. You can do a lot of that work with Facebook. I'm going to show you exactly how to do the following, so let's dive inside. So let's identify who your audience is specifically for your brand soup. Before we start, I want to say that I am under the assumption that you already know what you're nations and who specifically you're going to help. You have to make sure to do that exercise before you even start with, um, understanding who your audience is. So with that, assign, if you already know whether you're in the PETN, Eesh or the yoga Nishi etcetera. We're gonna do a simple exercise so it gets her really thinking as to who are all these potential customers. So the first thing I want to mention the fact that a lot of times most brands have a really loose idea who of who their audience is. There's so many different customer personas. Potential individuals would be interested in your brand, and you might have not necessarily thought of so. An example I want to give is the dog beach. When we think people who love dogs usually we think, OK, individuals who are usually 25 plus my own a dog, they might be married to my be single. They're in two different sub Nisha's, and we just have preconceived notion of who these individuals are. So it's a perfect example I wanted to give you here Is that by simply embedding on, including on instagram the hashtag docks diagram I saw Well, hey, interesting. Actually I never thought of this active outdoorsy guys also are into Perhaps, you know, having a dog like larger breeds, for instance, like that go hiking with them or, uh, take him on a bike ride, etcetera, biking with them, etcetera So just to give insights of different demographics, you might have never thought of different groups, communities of individuals who would be into, um, dog knish, right? Su obviously can use Instagram to figure this information out, But what I love is actually using Facebook audience insights. This'd the euro we're going to jump into in a second. Essentially, what you want to do is get as much information about the type of content people who love dogs are into. Okay, so let's jump into it. So what you want to do is, as you can tell, the great thing about audience insight is you can also see people who have connected to your page. So you already have a bigger audience. You can get an inside us to the demo of these individuals with type of other pages they've liked. This is going to be amazing. Information for you is going to help you. If you having trouble figuring out the top of content you should be putting out there, then this is going to give you some insights. The purpose here for this chapter is for you to understand all the different types of audiences who could potentially be interested in your brand. We're going to everyone on Facebook. All right, so this is giving me, like, general insights, and all we're gonna do is include dogs. As you can see, there is different. Like dog breed, doc. Food, etcetera. Dog lovers definitely want to do that as well. So let's just two dogs for now. Location. I'm gonna keep that the United States. But let's see if you wanted to include Canada as well you can do that. Can include as many countries, and you can change accordingly. I'm not so much going Teoh worry about the following. This is like people connected specifically to a page that you own. So don't worry about that. We want to look at is Paige likes. And as you see individuals who have a dog or love dogs, these are the different types of pages that they like. So whether it's ah, women's clothes boutique pet services medium Ah, food, Betty Crocker publishers, personal, etcetera. It gives you like a whole list. This is a list of individuals you might have never thought of who are who loved dogs. OK, olive garden, etcetera. So now, personally like affinity, these air individuals who are more local likely to like, Ah, dog related page. And this is what you want to look out to? Something really interesting. So I love my dog is here, and this seems to be a publication that just shares content. And again, in the next chapter, you're gonna look specifically of these Doc Post. But for now, you wanna find your audience. This is this the goal of this exercise. So now you have access to all these different pages which you want to click on, and something really interesting is Country Music nation. See, you might have never endlessly thought of this, but it makes sense rate Anyone who lives perhaps or isn't to country music. Chances are I mean, obviously, I'm making generalisations by all mean, but okay, like individuals air into country music. While tenses are usually they don't honestly live in, um in big cities, like they live like further and suburbia, and they probably have access to wider spaces. So chances are they're more likely tohave a dog than somebody who's a city dweller, right? So I mean again, all assumptions. But this is why I actually love Facebook audience inside because it gives you some general idea. I mean, even Betty Crocker. Who would have thought that audiences who have, like Betty Crocker would be dog lovers? So what I want you to do is very simple. Essentially, I want you to go pick like top 10 here. I'm going to show you now, do do, do do de you present. Okay, so go through all these different inside say you find on the pages You also might want to look at Facebook groups. I'll show you that in a second. How to do that? You want to put as many different types of audiences dog lover audiences as possible, right? So maybe the suburban couple, maybe the outdoorsy guy, the city dweller Ah, individuals air into country music people into Betty Crocker. Just try to put as many audiences as possible and then start building out a list of all these different interest groups cause you're gonna use that in the future when you do your paid ads and also because it's great insights that now you have and these are individuals you might have never thought of. We'll work on the persona after, but for now, I want you to put together a list of all these different potential demos and interest groups you might have never thought of. All right. And I really quickly before we jump into the other chapter, I'm gonna show you. So this is how you look for groups? Um, just put dogs right here, and then you're gonna do do do de groups and then my groups because I've already wanted to show you guys couple of example, or you could do any groups. And then you start joining all these different groups. You can look I mean Barcelona, because I'm in Barcelona, but essentially, like you can look at all these different types of groups and start joining them based on specifically what you're interested is. So, for instance, if your store that's focused on big urge breeds, then okay, hiking with dogs. Hey, see, like I talked about hiking, I mean, that's just reassess the fact that there's a whole culture of outdoors 4. What Problems Are You Solving: What problems are you solving? This is the most important question that you need to answer as a brand. They will take your marketing efforts from mediocre two outstanding, and this is how you will get ahead of the competition by answering this very question, however, a lot of times most brands have really big difficulty answering these questions. So in this chapter, we're going to go over how you can get insights from all the different pages and all the Facebook groups that you found in the lost chapter. However, one thing you need to remember, essentially, that story is king. You need to pull emotionally your customer. A lot of times brand focus on the specification on the functionality of their brands. So if they're selling, a smartwatch will talk about the fact that you can check different steps and calories with the watch, but they don't necessarily find emotional hooks. Me as a consumer, why would I want a smartwatch? Perhaps because I'm stuck with trying to lose weight, and I want a smartwatch in order to track my habits and find better ways to lose way and look at what I'm doing on a daily basis So by tracking my calories and tracking how much I'm exercising, it will be easier from you to lose weight. So if you go in with that angle with your copy, for instance, you're going, it's going to be much easier for you to convert that customers. And if you go and talk about all the functionality of the smartwatch, so really bad Marketing is about focusing on the functionality of your company while good marketing is about thinking about your customer first. So let's look at these two different example. The one on the left is a bad example. The reason they're getting so many comments and shares is because they're topping into a very passionate niche, which is individuals who love game of Thrones and a lot of individuals really passionate about game of Thrones. So the reason this is bad copies, because again, as you can see, they're focusing on the functionality of this hooding in the sense that it's warm and soft . Great. While any hoody out there is warm and soft and as a consumer, if I see this, if it was just a regular hoody, I would be looking at Price. I wouldn't be necessarily interested in this hoody. Now again, the reason it's successful is because they're topping into any shots really passionate so they can get away with mediocre copy something that would be more effective for them is connect with other game of Thrones fans by wearing this hoody. Share your love for game of Thrones by wearing the Saudi something along those lines. I mean, this is not the best copy ever, but you get the gist of it now the ads on the right hand side. The reason I love it, even though it could also use some enhancements, is because this one line which says you're living is about to go to the next level. This is stopping into someone who perhaps is bored with the way their house looks, their decoration and there, perhaps fantasizing about having friends come over. You know, they might be sort of have a 9 to 5, and they're just a little bored with your life, if you will. And the idea of having friends come over and also spicing up their apartment is something that you're sort of inhibiting through this one liner. So this is why I think this is really powerful at copy because it knows, or it's getting into the insecurities of their customers and finding ways to make them want to purchase these items, which are beautiful in order to make them feel like they're spicing up their life, if you will. So what you have to answer in order to get to that main question of what the problem is, is who is your customer? Why do they need your product? Because people buy story. So another great example is this led dog collar. So a lot of this is a item that's a drop ship so made in China through I'll express and people are drop shipping. So they where a lot of drop shippers who essentially where, advertising as love this led dog color Get it today. Show your share it with your friends, etcetera. Well, if I don't understand the psychology between why would need this led color again? There is less chance that I'm not actually gonna purchase it now, as you can see, the first example, over six million dogs were killed last year by cars for not being seen at night. Now, obviously my the safety of my dog if I'm a dog owner is extremely important to me now. If I know that this led color can help the safety of my dog, I'm more likely to purchase it. Versus the other copy doesn't do much, because again, it's not talking about the benefits of this led color is not taking me into consideration. It's just pushing cells at me. So this is why it's important for you to really go through the exercise of doing the marketing and sites and looking at all the different comments off all the pages. So this is all the pages that we that I gave as an example in the last chapter. So go through all the pages and all the Facebook groups and see what type of questions people are asking. Try to really understand what's the main problem that you can help solve and what the psychology of these customers are. So I brought in to example, we'll do. One is for Keto diet for fit beginners. So I've been on the diet for about nine days and have reached age where I have a bad taste in my mouth. Does this mean I'm in ketosis? Plus, I have had a bit of stomach ache for about two days. Is that normal, too? So if you're selling Keto products, perhaps this is insights that you could bring into your ad copy. Let's say I don't know you're selling a smoothie. Get rid. Get rid of your bad taste in your mouth by drinking this movie again. Really bad, copy. But I just want to give you some insights. You have to. I understand the psychology. Also follow influencers in your niche. So what type of post gets the most engagement? What kind of photos? One kind of caption. What kind of problem are they solving or sharing? So I love this post hiking dog. We already talked about the fact that this is a potential needs Dot might not have been as obvious and, um, in it, she's essentially talking about the fact that you know she's living in central Oregon. She spends a lot of time in the wilderness with, um, her dog. She has a very demanding job, so it's important for her to probably take time off and being the wall earnest to kind of decompress, right, So you have to understand the psychology of who these individuals are so the next up is for you to create persona and really understand the pain of dese customers. So I want you to go ahead and create something similar by going into all these different Facebook groups and all these different Facebook pages by looking specifically at thes posts and what's getting the most engagement and then create a fictional character. And maybe you have multiple fictional characters. So in this case, and for sticking to the dog nation toe hiking dog Midge, I pulled something together. So to give us an example. So this is Rebecca. She's 26. She's a graph freelance graphic designer. She spends a lot of time in front of her computer, but she's in Boulder, Colorado, so her motivation is to spend time outdoors with her dog because she's spending so much time in front of a computer. She likes to disconnect in the weekends and being the wilderness she hikes to release trust from the week her dog is part of her family. Perhaps she single, she seeing her dog happy, is a very high motivation to her and makes her happy. It fulfills her, and then her biggest fear is she's PR preoccupied by the health and safety of her dog. She doesn't want to lose her dog. She doesn't want her doc to be lonely, perhaps during the week, etcetera. So having as much detail as possible will help you figure out some of the problems you can be solving. And then when you look specifically at your products, you can also start thinking as to now that you know the psychology sort of put it to into together and understand how you can fill in the gap, if you will. So what I want you to do here is to look through all the different Facebook groups and page and influencers that you find within your niche. For the influencers, you'll have to use different hashtags and a way that you can figure out hashtag I mean, I encourage you to just uses many hashtags possible and then threw it. This is a quite a bit of research, but you will find different influencers and look for a common problem in a common threat and start writing those down right as many as possible so you can start getting into the psychology of your customer, and then the next thing I want you to do is essentially put together up persona, even if it's just swan. If you have multiple, it's fine as well. So persona is when you essentially figure out what the motivation and fears of thes customers are, and you can really understand their psychology, and this will make all the difference in your marketing efforts. 5. Finding Emotional Pulls: now that you have all the information when it comes to understanding what your audience wants, you've came up of couple ideas as well. For some of the problems and solution that you provide, you have to continue the work of finding the emotional pool and figuring out where your competitive advantages. So you're gonna grab insights from the personas. You created a persona of all the different potential types of individuals customers would be interested in. Your brand we talked about in one of the example of dogs are individuals who ah, do outdoors activities with their dog hiking for dogs. So this is something that I've actually grabbed from a Facebook group, and essentially, she's giving you information. Its cage. It's getting chilly outside. Any suggestion on warm, waterproof dog docket? So not only your having ideas of potential items you could sell. Tip number one. Tip number two. While you know what the emotional pull is, she cares about the comfort of her dog. She wants her dog to feel warm while they're going through hike. So this copy elements and you can use not only for your Facebook advertising but your entire communication. Whether it's Instagram social media whether you want to create a YouTube video about this content, etcetera. So this is why it's so important to spend a lot of time on Facebook Group and really understanding your demo. I mean, ideally, you should know what your demo wants because you are passionate about that subject. But essentially some other insights that I was able to grab by going to different Facebook Group is the fact that as an individual, if I have a dog, a lot of individuals love to take pictures with their dog or love taking pictures of their dogs, sharing positive experiences with their dog. They do activities as well outdoors activity or obviously going ah, for her walk, etcetera. Their dog is part of their family. They want to keep their dog happy. And, uh, yeah, they also potentially it during that segment. Like to be outdoor, um, and to hiking activities. So something that actually found through the research is ah, and again, like you're gonna sort of dig, dig deeper and find what your competition is doing and something that's been trending is dog selfie stick. So again, looking at your competition and I'm gonna pull into Facebook. It's really important to get ideas as well. How can I do this better? How can I solve the problem better? So let's take a quick look at percent for most some research as far as a dog's selfie stick is involved. So what's great is you can see different photos that have been shared and you can see well , this had actually a decent amount of traction. This is a French bulldog. Seems like it's a store or a breeder, actually, um, and they're selling it. So let's actually go on the French world. So this is Ah, yeah, it's probably a Shopify store. I see. Well, some things that are missing first and foremost is Ah, there's no customer testimonial. So you want to make sure that you always have customer testimonial. They have zero review and this image in the forefront. I don't recommend that you would want to have this image. Um, okay. And then if you go on their home page, you can see kind of what they sell. Um, And again, this concave, you different ideas on how you can do this better. Ah, because so essentially, you also want to go on their page per se and, ah, you know, get a cent. They have a pretty big community, half a 1,000,000. So, you know, you can see it. Like what saw? Mean discount. A decent amount of share. Lots of comment. Are you ready for Christmas? To be honest or copy is not that phenomenal. I'm really not impressed. And, um and I just feel like I mean, those videos absolutely cues. That's where they're getting a lot of engagement. But this copy is ah is not great. Um, so again, I encourage you to go through all of these different odds and all these different images and ah, dig as much information as possible. Uh, these are individuals who actually purchased a selfie stick. It seems we know this is a different thing, many ways. So that's why you have to kind of go through and parse through, because this is there's a wealth of knowledge in here. So this will help you get into the head of your customer, come up with different ideas, different angles. You wanna have a many angles as possible again. I'm showing here potential different groups or store and look at the ads. So another thing is info and adds. It shows you the ads that they're currently running and you can get a sense is true. What might work for your business? Are you a dog lover? Dog owners lovers are going crazy over or looking or limited tool created for you know, your dog. Um, this copy is okay. It's not great. I mean, I would put unforgettable memory with your dog, uh, etcetera. So I would put that first, cause obviously you're going to be targeting individuals who love dogs, and then you have to share all the different benefits, right? Okay. Another thing that I love to do is actually going on Pinterest and looking at some of the, uh, slogans like T shirts. Um, because it gives you ideas of taglines or captions you could potentially use for your ads. Like and also emotional pools. Right. So I woke up like this covered in dog hair. That's I mean, I could really to that if I ah, you know, let my dogs sleep in my bed. Someone who's a dock person is completely going to relate with to that. So this is a great way to use these elements to at personality and come up with different ideas to go have that emotional pull. My dog thinks I'm awesome. Definitely another great slogan. Don't you can leverage for either your odds or what Not so again, I mean, but all means I'm not the most creative person. I just know how to use the Internet, and you also have access to the Internet. So make sure that you do as much research as possible and try to come up with ideas through all the information that you have at your disposal. Something also I love to use is Google trends. I'm gonna show you really quickly. Um, so the beauty about Google trends you can see already sort of pre populated does. But dog hiking, Doc, Safety Doc Selfie. So dog hiking seems tohave been well, it seems like it's more of a poor trend. Obviously, during the month of summer, it's kind of still going down, But there's more interested in sort of dog hiking, Doc Safeties pretty high in this in the list and duck selfie. Well, interestingly enough, um, went viral it scenes. Ah, May 13. To me, 19th would be interesting to know why and here. It gives you all the different related queries so it can give you additional ideas of other items that are breaking out. Meaning where there is some individuals returning to be interested in a particular topic, and you can start a dive in and see if you can catch a trend at the very beginning, so you conserve to trend as well. Dog mirror selfie Interesting. None of these have many. Ah, search volume, it seems, because it's recording at zero. It's definitely more than zero, but dog mirror selfie duck, take your selfie, etcetera walk safety test answers dog safety belt, etcetera. So this is another place where you can pull information and done. I also recommend you look at Reddit groups as well beyond Facebook groups. Um, that can also be really helpful. People were on Reddit are really passionate about the topics you're gonna get great and sites you can also go to viral thread and Kickstarter to come up with ideas and just review on General, what's going viral? You really have to have a pulse on opportunities really need to come up with ways toe have that emotional pull and the way you're going to do that in the way you're gonna have a competitive edge is by doing all that research. Because most brands are lazy, more sprints don't put the research. They're just trying to shove products. And that's not how we work. As humans, like, we want to feel a pull. We want to feel amuse. We want to be entertained. So really, keep that into consideration, all right, so the exercise I want you to do is really thinking about what makes your Bren great. What's your unique value proposition? Now that you have ideas of what the customer problem is like, What's your spin? What's your spent on your product? What's your spin on your personal brand? What's your spin on your consulting brunt and come up with different ideas, which you're gonna test? Another thing to keep into consideration is that your spend is also gonna affect your branding. There's complete different brandy from Zoo plus two Perp Remco election. Obviously, it's speaking to two different demographics again, which is why it's so important to really understand who are you going after and have different options, different people that you can target? Alright guys? Well ah, mixture to brainstorm ideas. What makes your brand unique particular services specific. Focus. Specific ideas. Woods, The emotional pool Brainstorm at least 5 to 10 ideas, and then we're going to start rapid prototyping and testing all these different ideas. 6. You Snooze, You Loose: So let's look about why a majority of the brands out there fell. They spend too much time on social media. Social media is a huge time suck. Yes, by all means. It's filled with opportunities, but you have to think as to the strategy you want to put in place like well, how what kind of demographic you want to bring, what type of traffic, the quality of your traffic you want to bring, which is why it's important to focus first on cells and traction. So I'm gonna talk to you as to why I persuade love paid advertising where you should invest in paid advertising and the type of feedback you're going to get. So whether it's Facebook Mobile or INSTAGRAM ads with our its story, what not? It really depends on the type of services or products that you provide. Some are better than others, and we'll go through listen next chapter. But you also want to play around on Google AdWords based on high level keyword research, especially if there is a specific keyword that is trending. So I could give you an example. Last year about a gear ago, Unicorn ones ease were really in and they were trending. So I was able to capitalize on that keyword for a client just because there wasn't as much competition, especially in the Google shopping section. And I got this client decent amount of traffic. So again, I know it's a little trick. You're just because it does require additional knowledge. But this is what's going to make. The difference between you and the competition since she would paid advertising dust for you is that it helps you target the specific the right demographic. Remember that initial exercise we did when I had you look through the Facebook audience insight to figure out all these potential audiences will. Essentially, when you're running an ad, what it's doing, it's go. It's going to served all these different audiences you're going to be able to test, and you're going to get feedback as to how well your ad is performing for each of these different audiences. So for civil is going to help you test your product ideas, it's gonna help you test your content. You're going to get better with copy writing as a result, because you're going to understand what works and what doesn't work. What gets people with triggers, emotion versus what doesn't You're gonna get that feedback much faster than getting frustrated, posting on social media and not getting any traction in advertising. The reason I love it is because it's going to help you target the right demographic. And once you have data on the individuals went on your lining paged and you can create lookalike audiences. And so, essentially, what it's doing is that Facebook or INSTAGRAM is helping you reach buyers. Reach people who actually are ready to purchase, versus spending a lot of time on social media and putting constant out there, hoping that you're going to get a reach and not, and I mean this actually works as well for influencers. If you have content, you can boost your post and start getting individuals were interested in that particular topic. If your fitness instagram or if you will, and start getting traction. So why? Why not boost or create a Facebook story on to get more followers versus wait for yourself to get traction, especially because this is a great way again to test your content and seeing whether or not your creative is strong enough, so I'm gonna show. I'm gonna share two things like keyword CAG, uh, is a chrome extension which absolutely need in your life. Um, and the reason being that it gives you insights about search for specific key terms. And it also gives you the value, so hop competitive it is now. It also gives you ideas for potential contents. And we'll talk more about this. Like whether YouTube content or block post content. This is what people is currently searching, and it gives you an idea as well. The volume. So, Doc Toys Obviously it's a broader term, so it has more search. Now in the left hand side, I have unexamined all of a great Facebook out. And I'm gonna share more in the next chapter where essentially Hey, Human. There's nothing cute about cosmetic testing on animals. Help me and my furry friends put an end to it. This really speaks to me as a consumer just because if I love dogs, obviously I'm gonna click on this. Uh, it's like the dog is talking to me. It's a cute little dog wearing a fungal Salfit. How enduring? Yes, of course I'm gonna engage with this autumn. So when you're going to do an ad, and what you're gonna need, obviously, is a landing page or a Shopify store, or if you're driving them to your at sea. I mean, you're better off having your own personal Shopify store versus driving them to on Etsy store. The reason being is because you want to collect that data for yourself, and I think within etc. There's also specific advertising tools that you can leverage any case. Make sure you include your Facebook pixel and your ghoul tags. Uh, don't have time to go over that, so make sure to write a note to yourself to do the due diligence of looking on how to do that. And there's plenty of YouTube videos I will show you. And it's pretty easy, especially if you have Shopify click funnel pages absolutely love or a simple Shopify or a WordPress. What you want to do is have appealing branded photography a good description. Social relevance, meaning people and testimonials showing people have used as video testimonials performed better than written testimonials, because these days people don't nestle believe written testimonial and an emergency messaging. Make sure that you pushed up faux mo fear of missing out. You also want to create Trojan horses when you're doing ads. What are Trojan horses? While instead of telling someone Hey, bye bye bye. You will drive them to content or quiz quiz are amazing. And I encourage you to play with quizzes because it's a good way to ask your audience what type of content they would like to see. Ah, what they're interested in. So let's say that you are interested in creating a beauty brand, and you're just not quite sure what you should do, do you? You are what zone? Or we'd like to know which zone you're interested in. Ah, and working on, um, would you be interested in, ah, but enhancing cream or whatever. So again, this is a way to get different ideas from your audience and ah, and figure out a potential product to be working on. But for Children horses, essentially, what you want to do is either drive him to a video webinar or where you're providing them different tips. Maybe you have a YouTube video where you share sort of 10 toys for your dog that your dog will love so you can drive them to that to your block both so you can get the data or any book. So an example here, which I wanted to share. This is a good lining. Page example. Um, were essentially he's This is encouraging you to be part of a webinar. Um, their social perfect. The bottom. Ah, which I so essentially like testimonials. But this is pretty straightforward. There is a video which, essentially, he talks about why the webinar is relevant for you. There's only 200 free spots. So this is the urgency element. Oh, I might be missing out if I don't register now, etcetera. And he's not going to send a replay. We need So this is another faux mo emergency messaging. So keep all the following in line. Um, this is where you're gonna come up with a strategy. Essentially, you want to have the beginning of your funnel sorted out. And what I mean by that is how are you going to get people interested in your brand by giving them something for free and getting them Ah, within your funnel. Another example that I love. It's sunny co clothing. So they did this give away about a year and ago a year plus ago where they were telling everyone to repost this image in order to get does bathing suit for free if they paid for shipping So free. Plus, shipping is something that's widely used within the e commerce space were essentially, Ah, they're probably getting this bathing suit, I don't know from there ah, fulfillment company or a manufacturer for $5. So they're asking people to just give him $5 for shipping, and in exchange, it's covering whatever it costs for them to make it. So they're breaking even. And what they're doing is that they're spending that money to get a mailing list of people who would be interested in receiving perhaps more bathing suit in the future. So essentially, they're building their mailing list by giving the opportunity to these individuals to get this bathing suit for free. They're just purchasing it for I don't know anywhere between 5 to $9. Um, they think they're getting it for free, but they're just paying it. Ah, sort of. So the company's just sort of like breaking even. And so what they're doing is that first of all, they're helping them go viral because they're posting it and sharing it with their friends . And also they're building their mailing lists. So again, this is a perfect example of another Trojan horse. Were essentially, yes, it might seem like I'm giving information for free, but what I'm doing is I'm entering you inside the funnel. 7. Rapid Testing w FB & Instagram Ads: in this chapter, we're going to review how you can wrap it, test your idea and the sequence that I use within Facebook advertising in order to see if different products or different piece of content have potential and build my mailing list. So, advertising sequence. The first thing you want to start with is with an engagement. Odd. What we call p p. E. Odd. I highly suggest creating a video odd. Anything between 22 even 50 seconds performs well. The purpose here is to really think about the pains of your customer. Aggravate the pain so they really feel the need for solution. You will provide the solution and then a call to action. So this is the formula you want tohave pain, aggravate solution. Take action. This is gonna be the formula to creating your odds. Now, the purpose of the PPE ad is twofold. One is to test your audiences. Remember that list that we've put together? You're gonna test all these different audiences one by one, you're gonna test different types of creative and messaging and this is gonna help you refine your messaging and figuring out exactly who you should be selling to and creating lookalike audiences later. Now conversion ad would be the second step. Once you know where there's opportunities where there's potential through these PPE at sequence, you're going to create conversion ads meaning looking for individuals were ready to purchase at the carts and your goal years to get cells or get people inside your funnel through a Trojan horse by having them give you their emails and continue testing ideas. So let's jump into Facebook. So let's open up the dashboard and you have to be inside. Adds manager so facebook dot com adds manager. And we're going to create a PPE at. So when we're creating a PPE odd, we are looking for engagements. Okay, post engagement. So I like to name my odds us follow. We're gonna do P p e Ah, dog, because we're gonna do that sequence to continue with the example on going on in this course and then, um, test one. Okay, don't worry about split test or budget optimization. This is for more advance. Okay, so continue. All right, so at set, this is your demographic. So we're going to do test audience one, um, one quick thing that you want to do is have your audience insight right here. So I want to test all these different groups I love. My dog is gonna be one of the first at set. So at set are different audiences. I want to test so United States. Okay. And I'm gonna do I love my What was it? I love my dog. Okay, so I love my dog. So this audience perfect. It's make sure that your potential reach is always above one million. So 3000 Atari three million. 700. Perfect. So that's gonna be my first at set. Okay? And I'm gonna save this audience, and I'm gonna write. I love my dog. Save. Got it. Okay, Budget. Just make it five for now. And then I also recommend Let's see. Listen, Gediman did it. Outplacement. You want to edit the placement so it doesn't cost you a fortune? I don't always do just mobile and I actually like to Onley do Facebook or just do only instagram depending on where your audiences but just to mobile Facebook cause you all you need is 2000 impressions in order to test. Okay, so then continue. Okay? And then ah okay. Sorry, guys. Oh, no, no, no, no. We're gonna do this. Uh um, this is where you're gonna implement your creative. So you're gonna say creative One single video is what I recommend. You'll upload a video here, then you include your text. Learn more include the euro. And that's it confirmed. And you have to make sure you have your facebook pixel, by the way. So I mean, this is a dummy facebook pixel, but you want to make sure that the following is installed. All right, so there is your first odd and then what you'll want to do. Okay, so my campaign has been created and what I want to do is create additional outset. So I already have dog test audience at set are all of the different audiences you want to test and it's going to test the same creative. OK, Ideally, what you want to do is have two different types of creative and then within the upset, I'm gonna do create and I'm gonna do a new audience. So United States and I'm gonna do the second audience that I was interested in, which would be okay. So something you could do as well is essentially country music. Oops. And then you want to do individuals who are also interested in dogs. That's a other wig. So the reason I'm not all Facebook pages are available. This is normal. And ah, yes. I mean, not all of them are available, um, to target, which is why you want to hot that full list. And essentially also some other ideas. So here I'm going to target individuals who like country music and weren't to dog. My reach is 100,000. It's a little on the big side, so I probably want to add other items. So country music dog and maybe narrow the audience and right hiking, hiking trails. Perfect Sanoma. 21,000 which is perfect. So then what I have to do is essentially right here dog lovers, country and hiking. Okay. And I'm gonna add that to my outset edit place, man. I'm going to make sure that I'm also doing just mobile on only, um, Facebook and keep it out. $5. Okay. And done. Continue. And I'm gonna use the existing post. So when you're using existing post so within the ads manager, you want to look at the odd. Ah, you want to see what's and currently in review? But you odds down. You want to click here? Oops. Um, and then you're going to do this, uh, Facebook Post comments. And this is the post I D. Okay, So obviously, this is the shouldn't be running so horrible ad. And what you want to do is enter post I d enter it here and click submit. Okay. So seeing how now it's showing up. All right, So make sure that, um and then you're doing this is the same creative, so creative one. Okay? And then you just preview. Yeah. Um, yeah. So at said name is this exactly Okay, save to draw off. Exactly. All right. So this is how to create a PPE. Odd. Now I'm gonna show you how to create conversion. Odd 8. FB & Instagram Ads Part 2: all right. So wanted to share with you how to create conversion ad. And, um wanted to show you with, ah, existing account. So you have an idea. So essentially, what we're gonna do is a purchase conversion. Not so I like to write PC done. We're gonna do dog. I'm gonna riot winning. Creative. Uh, okay. Okay. Uh, okay. And then we're gonna do winning audience. Granted, you're still gonna figure out who your different audiences are, but at least you have some insight. So essentially, what I'm gonna do is a camera select a pixel or d d d d d It's gonna be its initial check out our actually let me do the purchase purchase. There you go. Purchase. So this hasn't had events in a while. Anyways, make sure that you have your pixel set up, and then the outset name is gonna be dumb. Winning demo one. Okay, Winning demo want. So this is based on the result that you get from the p p. E. On. Uh, I'm gonna use a safety audience. Todt. Um, yeah. So this is a look alike audience chakra necklace. Um, I'm gonna do at it placement just because I like to do mobile on Lee and then I like to do I like to test just on Facebook are And she or have two different types of placements. My budget is gonna be five. Okay. And, uh, did it. Ah, don't worry about all this stuff. And, Dan continue. And then I do usually videos. Um, gonna do PC creative PC, Creative on. I'm gonna upload my video, etcetera. I'm gonna enter the URL, and then there you have it and then confirm. So when your ads are running and I'm gonna show you really quickly where you want to look for you want to look for the SETI are and how many clicks you have. So this was an act a cart, which I did with a lookalike audience. And I'll show you in a second how to create a lookalike audience. But essentially, my reach was 11,000. Um, my Costas result was really low. Uh, $3.21. I have 12,000 impression on and I hade about 1215 links. So what this is telling me is that does creative is working and this audience is working so I need to save that audience. So I'm gonna show you really quickly. Um, the audience manager. This is extremely important. We're gonna leave. Okay, So, essentially, you'll have to Yeah, I saved one here, but, um, I'll show you my other account. Unity. Did he have, like, so many accounts? Sorry, guys. Um, so you have an idea. Ah, this is my backup. Okay, So, essentially, these are all my different audiences. Okay, Um and what I do is I usually do ah look alike audiences. So if somebody is watch my video 75% I'll do 75%. They watch my video, 75% they've watched, they've added to cart. I do look alikes as well, so creating Let's look, let's create a lookalike audience. So if you're interested in creating a lookalike audiences you would just go under a lookalike. Audiences, you're going to take a source. So other sources on c d d d d. D. There you go on, then we're going to do United States. So you would pick here an audience that worked for you. An audience that you've saved on you had positive feedback on the PPE and and then you're going to create that audience. All right, so look alike. Audie. So then there it is. It's updating my audience, and essentially I'll be able to use them when I create my conversion. Odds are you guys, so essentially, just keep in mind, uh, you have to save all your different audiences because you'll want to know what audiences air performing by. 9. The Anatomy Of Viral Content: let's now review the autonomy of great content and Facebook ad. I walked you through how to set up a PPE odd, which is essentially how you're gonna test your creative and figure out who your audience is. I recommend that you do video, and within these videos you will segment people who've watched your video 75% 50% and 25%. And you can test these different audiences again and again, either by running other. PPE adds. So engagement post. Why engagement? But because they're cheaper and then, based on that information, you can just continue refining. So what? How will you create great creative? Because creative is also ah, fundamental to getting traction. You need to solve a pain. So based on all these problems that you've seen in different Facebook groups or also pages , you need to understand what pain you can solve. You need tohave to solution. You need to include in action and tell a story I loved. A specific example. Turn vegetable into healthy, creative, satisfying meals. Most individuals in diet are trying to include more vegetables in their diet. Then you can turn vegetable into noodles. Or maybe if you have kids as well and then honestly love vegetables while turning it into noodle could be a great way toe hack your way into having them eat vegetables. So this ad is great because the video shows you how easy it is to use this specific kitchen item, and the copy is pretty straightforward shop now. Or it could I would, I would, personally would have put learn more, because shop now can be a little off putting. So an ad like this just to give you an idea, it's so you can continue thinking about different types of audiences. Who would you target? Well, you could target individuals who are on a diet, so either fitness individuals people were into fitness could be one segment. You could also target individuals who are in the Keto diet or testing different diet who want to lose weight. You could test mothers of young kids who want them to eat healthier. The other thing to keep into consideration is for all these different audiences. You might want to test creative to speak to them directly. So you're speaking to someone who's in the fitness segment. You might want to say, Make your vegetables last longer by turning them into noodles, for instance, or make your meals easier to store. Ah, well, you at the gym by turning your vestibule into noodles. And if you're targeting a mother, he'd say, uh, have your kids crave more vegetables by turning them into noodles, etcetera. So you see where I'm going with us, but essentially into its This is such a great ad because it shows essentially how, as a consumer, I'm more likely to engage because I'm relating to this. You're solving a specific problem that I have. Okay, so now that you have the recipe and you understand that you have to test all these different audiences, you have to continue testing your creative. I mean, the beauty of this is that it's going to leapfrog your knowledge base. And because you're testing, you know exactly what works not just for your ads but also for your social media content. Your social media content will be down much stronger because you you know exactly what your audience is looking for. So what you need to look at is how much interest are you getting? How many comments are you getting? How much engagement are you getting as well? How many cells did you get? If you have at the court or purchases, what are the conversion rates? So CTR is an important metric toe. Look at how many clicks did you get? Like I showed in the previous chapter? How many impressions versus harmony clicks? What was that? CTR rate. Okay, so make sure that it's at least 2%. How many email sign ups did you get our people carrying? Most importantly, the first phase of all this work is to figure out specifically who your audience is. So you're Facebook's pixel gets smarter and most importantly, so you know exactly who to target moving forward. So let's say that you created, um, or you have a custom audience of people who watch 75% of a creative that did really well. Well, if you know that demographic is really prime and loves your content, you create a lookalikes. You're telling Facebook. Fetch me more people who love this content. So really hear your purpose is to get your audience and have killer creative, and your creative is only going to get better because you will test and know and you'll have metrics right away to know what works and what doesn't work. So again, this is a method that's going to completely change your game. So your homework is to create a simple PPE video ad using just $5 a day test. Different creatives test different audiences, and within a day you should know what the CTR is, and you can start eliminating either creative or audiences. And then I encourage you two if you have enough data. So if you have above 2000 Impression Chu create lookalike audiences of people who've watched your video like we saw in the previous chapter. Alright, guys, you can do this. I have faith. 10. Building A Community In Record Time: So why is it that some brand has such facility creating excitement around their brand and building a huge following? Well, they know their customers in and out, which is why I can't stress enough the importance of really understanding your audience now . Beyond that, we also talked about the importance of paid advertising to really understand the psychology of your customer, what really attracts them now The next step is figuring out a platform that's right for you and building that relationship with your customer so personally, I absolutely love YouTube. I think it's completely underutilized and a lot of brands or even influencers shy away from video. Yes, it takes a little bit more effort, but the beauty about YouTube is that first of all, you are you're tapping into customers who are searching for a specific answer. And so, by just doing that, you're bringing the traffic if you're doing it right back to your website, so let me give you an example. Let's say that again. You're in the dog niche. Five toys that multi eased off absolutely love in 2018. That could be a YouTube video where you share different toys that Maltese dogs love. If you're doing that specific BRI again, I'm just giving you a random example, right? And so, essentially, by having that YouTube video and if you are able toe, rank it and don, your proper due diligence is first keywords, etcetera. That traffic is already looking for those answers, and within the video, you can have what I call a Trojan horse. Where you, Tom, that you were going to give him a full list of 20 or 30 list if they go on your Web site of all these different toys that could potentially purchase from their Maltese dog. I've done this for different e commerce, business of mine and also for various clients and videos that are a year and 1/2 2 years old, are still getting attraction and still getting traffic. So this is why I personally love YouTube. Now there's we're gonna walk through all their platforms that you can use other ways. You can build your audience and excitement around your brand by using different tactics. But the other thing about that I love about YouTube is the fact that you start having a relationship with your customers just because there's nothing like video video is such an amazing tool that is often under used. All right, so let's dive into the content. So now that you have a better idea of who your audience is and you're going to be able to re target D's individual well, essentially, what you want to do is start building a community, and I'm gonna show you a few ideas on how you can build a community in record time to get traffic that is already qualified and interested in what you're doing. And the beauty is your content will be much stronger because you already know what people are engaging too. So I highly suggest, and this is something that's quietly overlooked by a lot of brands is the power of YouTube . YouTube is an amazing S e o winner, and A will really make such a difference because a lot of brands shot away from and I'm gonna show you a great example, and you don't need to necessarily be pumping videos on a consistent basis. So you need to focus really on what people are using Keyword CAG. I've already mentioned this tool, but a great tool, which gives you ideas of potential content you could post about. So here is to show you how there could be huge potential for your brand to come in. Look, these are the top searches that were provided back to me. One of the video is from 2013. There's opportunities for any brand to go in. As you can see, some of these videos are quite old, so this could be an opportunity for you to get traction and being able to get your brand featured and people to discover your brand through YouTube. Which is why I think it's such a great tool that's under your alloys by a lot of brands. A lot of runs are spending a lot of time on this program. I love instagram, by all means, but the beauty of YouTube is that it's search engine and it's forever searchable. So as you can see Teacher Dog five things in five minutes. These individuals who posted in 2013 are still getting traffic from 2013. You couldn't say the same about Instagram, so please consider video viral video. So actually have a few viral videos, and what I really recommend is that you create list video, so 10 dogs. Ah, you're 10. Doctor is sorry here. Maltese will love could be an example. Um, Liz Videos air Great. Because they're how to videos and they provide information. And you have to again use this tool like I mentioned, which is a key word check to see what Ah, volume of different keywords aren't in order to come up with different ideas. Storytelling. Ah, and making it sensational also helped a small TC saved a life, etcetera. So you want to come up with different ideas? You can also look for inspiration on viral thread, bus feed and also instagram. So it takes a while, but just come up with different list ideas. Like I said, I have a few clients were created list ideas, and they're still getting traffic. And this was like up 2 to 3 years ago. Now step two. So we're gonna if you're married to Instagram. Absolutely. Love instagram, then recommend Are you partner up with influencers? It will make all the difference because you're leveraging their demographic. You need to find Influencer Creek co branded content. You could do a giveaway, for example, and china work with smaller influencers. Anybody who has less than 10-K Make sure they have plenty of real engagement. Lots of comments. People who, um, are actually following what they're doing. So look for for influencers. I have a closet specifically focuses on how toe find influencers and then lastly, while you want to continue engaging with your audience and get feedback so you could do this either on YouTube you can do this as well on Instagram, so I recommend that you do the following and focus on the following wants. You already have an audience thes two steps above is to help you build your audience. So what the YouTube video is the goal is to bring traffic to your website. This is a way to for people to discover you through Google. So a great a way to get ahead of the competition and the beauty here is well is like I mentioned. If people are right, if you already have an idea of creative that works because you've done your homework is forest Facebook and instagram ads? Then you can go ahead and apply this knowledge within your YouTube, and then the second thing you want to do is partner up with influencers, so you can start getting the stream of traffic from these influencers. So once you start getting an audience, then obviously you're going to start building an editorial calendar in under around your social media. Um, but again, this is priority number two. Priority number one is testing, knowing exactly who your audience is, what they like. Then you, ah will amplify that outreach by partnering up with influencers and also creating you to content. So you, to content will help you have a constant constant traffic. So engage with your audience. Get product feedback, tell a story. Ah, see what successful accounts are doing? Share new products, give special AC sex, etcetera, create an editorial calendar. Really? The key to building a community fast is to partnering up with influencers because essentially you're influencers are helping us first. Credibility as well provide lots of value, which is why I actually love YouTube. You're providing value. This is a great way to bring people back to your website. You can also all that YouTube content you're providing. You can create many, uh, pieces of content with an instagram and share that with an instagram student. Essentially, you're creating a library of social media content being consistent. So being consistent is more important on instagram than it is on YouTube on YouTube. If your brand you can get away with posting once a month or just posting a bunch of videos and then just letting them, um, bring you traffic etcetera. Most importantly, reward your audience for being part of the family. Make them feel special. This is where again, on your instagram profile, you should have the link to your Trojan horse, meaning the link to, ah special offer whether you want to provide them a giveaway, whether you want to provide them access to a free webinar a free video because ideally, you always want to give them free content so they come back for more. So this is how you build a wheel, and you kind of hack your way and builder powerful community in record time. And I assure you, if you put this in place and actually stick to it, you will see the difference. So what I want you to do is shoes your platform. Choose your poison of choice whether YouTube or instagram really just stick to one thing. Um, if you're gonna do the YouTube game, then come up with three video ideas, like list. Useful list Use um, the keyword search tool in order to figure out which keywords have the most volume. Try to see what kind of questions people are looking searching for and come up with different videos of how you can explain are different products or just make it as information as possible. So this is how you're going to create constant traffic to your lining page or to your website if you already have one. Instagram. If you were wanting to do instagram and stay away from YouTube, Instagram come up with different contests related to your niche and partner up with influencers. So I I would just highly suggest depending on your Ben with and depending on how big your team just focus on one thing first and from there, build up. Alright, guys. So you have everything. You have everything now at your disposal to be able to grow your community, Rickard time. So let's now talk about the importance of social proof 11. Monetizing Your Influence: So how can you monetize on your influence now you have a presence online. Either you started doing couple YouTube videos or you started being more consistent with Instagram. You also have influencers you've collaborated with with Don Contest. You've also done ads because you wanted to know specifically who your audience is, the type of messaging that would work for them. So now you want to continue monetizing so well you have to keep in mind is that winning a customer is like dating. You wouldn't go up to someone at a bar and asked them to marry you. You have to build a relationship. So this is why it's important to Hadi's Trojan horses at the very beginning because you don't want to ask somebody necessarily to purchase. So by all means, I know that you've seen ads and, um, talked about ads where you are promoting a product. Um, the following can be done, meaning that you can push a product. However, it really depends on how well you position it, meaning that you have ah solution that you're helping them with a problem. You're helping them with a solution and action, and there's a really pain there. However, you're just starting out. You want tohave? Ah, Trojan horse. You want to create a welcome email? Siri's. You want to be re targeting these individuals. So the thing is, the first step will be for them to discover you either through YouTube, either through instagram, either through an influencer, either through a nod. And when they've engaged with your brand, they're not necessarily gonna fall you on social media. They're not gonna follow, necessarily provide with their mailing lists. You will want to continue retargeting these individual, and I'll show you in a second hottest set up retargeting ads. It's important to have that retargeting mechanism so you can warm up this audience and the goal of the first phase essentially grabbed her an email address so they can continue being on your mailing list and continue knowing about your brand Sova eventually their purchase from you. So what? Your prime ing them up with four is their first purchase. And, um, the first purchase meaning that they will see an ad potentially of a product that they like . And because they've seen your Brent over and over again, they were like, Oh, yeah, I'm willing to purchase from them or they receive an email from you. And, um because they've interacted with your brand already. They provided you with their email addresses. Well, they're more likely to purchase from you and then brand loyalty, which is more advanced. We're essentially you start, continue with your email, Siri's and whatnot. So I just wanted to give you sort of idea of what the funnel is and why it's so important. So influencers are going to make all the difference because influencer help you with credibility, and they're gonna also bring you new potential customers. Now, I love the way Gypsy Shrine uses works with influencers. Um, this is a great way for influencers to user creativity and also, um, sure, with their followers. And when as a new customer, I go on the gypsy shrine, I mean, don't even look at the followers. Even they had less followers because they were collaborating with influencers. This would give me social proof, and this would make me more likely to purchase from them. So don't forget to include those Facebook pixel and Google analytics. I can't stress that enough because this is how you're going to retarget these individual and use custom audiences like we talked about in the piece book advertising. Um uh, in the Facebook advertising chapter and creating lookalike audiences. So I'm gonna show you how to target people who engage with your INSTAGRAM account. Let's switch to the dashboard of Facebook advertising. So what you want to do is go under audiences and you're going to create a new audience and you're gonna create a custom audience. You're going to create an engagement audience. This is for Instagram. So Instagram business profile and then this is my account. So any of the individuals and this is great cause I mean, you can retarget people up to 365 days. So anyone who's engaged with my business for 365 days, I'm gonna call them retargeting, um, instagram account. Okay. And then I'm just gonna create that audience so fairly simple. And then you can also find new, similar, um to my existing user or create an odd using the audience. So, yeah, this is what do you want to do? You want to create an odd using the audience, okay? And essentially what you're gonna do as you're gonna want it to be a conversion odds because these individuals have already senior brand. So this is a prime opportunity for you to do the following you can do and at the car to purchasing ad. Whatever it is, let's do a purchasing ads. We're gonna call it retargeting because the audience up I've chosen as retargeting. Whatever. Um, at set? Yes, I need to come up with an outset. So I don't I don't have any of this stuff set up because this is not an account that I use , but, um, we would do, we would do purchase. There you go. Purchase and then upset names. So I mean, whatever, we're going to call this retargeting because that's the audience. Okay, Retargeting. And we're gonna used a safe over there it is Saved audience Retargeting instagram. So it's going to go to that audience, and then you just set it up just the way I've showed you before. Okay, um do you needed you d We're gonna do at it. Placement in this case. I mean, since these people are from instagram, I would recommend just doing mobile instagram. So then they see the out again on Instagram which is where they found you anyways in the first place. Ah, budget $5. That it? Ah, And done, uh, continue. And this is when you come up with a creative. So I recommend you do single video, just upload video etcetera. OK, so this is where it's gonna show up in the instagram feed. Now, if you're interested in instagram stories, um, you can do the same instagram stories you're gonna select. Obviously, the format that fits, um single video. So, Instagram, let's do instagram stories. Ah, video template. So you know what? Your what? The specs are format and there you have it. Oh, Nini, Nini, I think it's c. Yeah. Ask the great world. There you have it. 10 80 by at 9 24 stories. So keep that in mind when you're uploading your video and you're doing story out. I love story out that perform really well. So I encourage you to do the following. All right, So you are retargeting your customers you're working with influencers toe have social proof on, um obviously create a social media at eternal calendar where you're gonna Sprinkle influence her collapse for credibility, giveaways or contest too bring in more customers. Premium content, access, product feedback announcements, etcetera. So this is really a full toolkit for you to be able to successfully get results from your brand. All this would come in later. Once you've tested all your creative once, you already know who your audiences. But this would be sort of stage two, if you will. So my recommendation is if you haven't already to shoes a handful of influencers to collaborate with. And obviously you can do the contest idea like we talked about in the other chapter. Or you can simply give them your products and a change for some exposure. In some cases, you might have to pay them. It can go anywhere between 20 to as high as 100 to his highest 10,000. If you're dealing with bigger influencers, by all means, I recommend to go with smaller. Just make sure that they have plenty of engagement and the second step will be that wants. You have all that data and these individuals have interacted with your instagram done make sure to retarget. Hm 12. Feeding the Machine: So the purpose really is for you to continue feeding the machine with positive feedback. So your post are getting engagement. You are getting Facebook and Seagram YouTube, the essentially giving them proper feedback, right? So don't try to do it all. I recommend that your first priority should be paid traffic, focus on getting traffic and retargeting that traffic. What you want to do is build a mailing list by having Trojan horses giving free offers, getting people to up 10. You also are getting your Facebook pixel. Dana, you're building your audience data as well on Facebook through having lookalikes retargeting audiences. You're gonna have all this data and you know exactly who to target. These are individuals who are gonna be interested in your brand, and you're also getting them warmer up the funnel. Now, you also need to remember that social media is your second priority. Yes, of course. You want to post but leveraged the power of scheduling tools like plan Italy for instagram or buffer for Facebook partner up with influence. Or so you're not the one who has to constantly create content to contest use again, wreak targeting tools. So I also want to walk you through the psychology of understanding what will make individuals click on an ad, Which is why you have to spend quite a bit of time really understanding your demographic and really looking at what your competition is doing because you know it's it's gonna take practice to get the right ad and to get the right messaging and really understand how to solve problems your audiences air having. Which is why you need to really go through all that data that's already available and do your proper research. That's what's going to make all the difference because we have a lot of assumptions. And once it's not till we start testing that we start really understanding how we can help our customers. So the first amazing out I wanted to share it seen box and the graphic says it all. We can all understand what it's like. Toe have 13,000 Amina 13,000 more e mails and ah, the idea of not having any in your inbox and getting them all finally cleaned up. So for 22 years, I was doing email wrong and I didn't even know it. There we go, so so powerful any entrepreneur. Any small business owners would click on this. They would pick their curiosity. The image in itself says it all. The relief of having zero email. I mean, I feel an emotional trickle. F I feel an emotional pool to click on this ad. The 2nd 1 is pylea lunches delivered to your office If you have a healthy lifestyle. If you part of that demographic and getting a 20% discount was definitely I would be interested in, ah, in trying it out, just only 7 99 I mean, I'm not ruinously recommending price points as a way to grab your audience, but again, if your audience is pretty warm and they already know about your brand and they're really passionate about eating healthy and paleo than by all means like this is a great ad which will speak to that demographic. The 3rd 1 is 17 Hats team the chaos of running your business. Yes, well, I think any consultant small business owner entrepreneur, we know that running a business can be chaotic and obviously ah, between keeping all the administrative aspect of it So great. Headline photo of a Nen Div Egil who obviously has a small business. She's a photographer. She's a creative a great way to pique my interest by having that learn more button. And again, I'm not. I'm not. I don't feel like I'm getting celled out. They, uh no, that I have a problem. My problem is the fact that I feel overwhelmed and I just have too much on my plate as, ah, small business owner. And they are giving me a solution of helping me tame the chaos of running my business. So because I have that deep, deep problem, I'm gonna click. So again, the easiest way to appeal to your demo is to think about what the problem is and what the solution and have relates back to your niche and how relates back to the product that you're selling. Alright, guys. Well, thank you so much for ah, for taking the time to go through the cost. I provided you with a lot of information. Take it one step at a time. Start with the paid ads strategy, really understanding your demographic. And once you've done that, move into D social media aspect of it. Um, all in all, I recommend that you test for about one month, aspires the pate strategy, and then you can move on to social media. From there, I have an advance e commerce class available. If you're interested in learning more about different spy A tools or events instagram and Facebook at techniques or email sequencing, Um, I have a list of skill short classes. Most importantly, please make sure to provide me with a review. Makes all the difference. I put a lot of work into these classes. One of make sure that you guys are able to take this knowledge and actually apply it and follow me on instagram. Pretty active on this, Graham. Miss Luna Vega. Thank you, guys. And I Yeah, please start your stories as well. Looking forward to it by 13. Conclusion: guys. I want to congratulate you for finishing the class and super excited about everything up to come. Please, please, please share with me. Your successes on Instagram at Miss Luna Vega. Most importantly, please leave me a review. It helps us far as ranking the class. And I want to make sure that others like you, get to be able to view this content. I want to help as many people as possible. And most importantly, I want your feedback. I want to know what you would want me to essentially focus Mawr in some of the other classes that I'll create for you guys. Because again, I tend to Jim pack my classes of a lot of content. In any case, the one thing I want you to leave this class with is understanding the fact that you need to focus your attention and bringing traffic. Qualified traffic individuals are ready to purchase and then re targeting them. We haven't talked about this in this class, have other classes like that e commerce class where I share case studies from Kylie Jenner . Another classes where I showed the importance of the cells funnel and understanding that it takes individuals anywhere between 5 to 10 interactions to feel comfortable purchasing from you. So if you're getting traction, don't get this courage. Make sure that you have retargeting in place. Whether with your Facebook or Google uh, tags. It's important that you I mean, that's the first thing you need to put in place if you have on your facebook pixel and you go tags so you can essentially, we target these individuals and don't lose hope. You need toe always constantly on a weekly basis. Look at your analytics and see how you're performing. All right, guys. Thanks again. Looking forward to hearing back from you guys by, huh?