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How to advertise on Facebook (Meta) and use Facebook Ads Manager | Step by Step Guide

teacher avatar Nikola Lugonja, HR and Marketing Instructor

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      Introduction and course description


    • 2.

      How does an ad look like and what is it


    • 3.

      Ads Manager interface explained


    • 4.

      Types of campaigns


    • 5.

      Setting up the campaign (Ad Set)


    • 6.

      Setting up the campaign (Ad)


    • 7.

      Reports and metrics


    • 8.

      Ads Manager New Interface Update!


    • 9.

      Thank you


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About This Class

How to advertise on Facebook and use Facebook Ads manager

Here you are going to learn a lot of new things about Facebook Advertising. You will learn how to make and set up new campaigns, track results and read metrics. Furthermore, you will be able to achieve efficient results with minimum investment. After this course, you will be able to set up your own different types of campaigns and ads. Be sure to check other courses for Instagram, Google, YouTube, and Snapchat ads! 

Facebook Ads (lectures):

  1. Introduction and course description

  2. How does an ad look like and what is it

  3. Ads Manager interface explained

  4. Types of campaigns

  5. Setting up the campaign (Ad Set)

  6. Setting up the campaign (Ad)

  7. Reports and metrics

Canva section (lectures):

  1. What is Canva

  2. Canva's home interface

  3. How to design part 1

  4. How to design part 2

  5. How to export and different options

Fonts (section):

  1. Typeface and Font difference
  2. Serif fonts explained
  3. Sans Serif fonts explained
  4. Script fonts explained
  5. Display fonts explained
  6. IL1 test
  7. How to choose the best font (advice)
  8. Where to download the fonts

Meet Your Teacher

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Nikola Lugonja

HR and Marketing Instructor


-Multi-year experience in both HR and digital marketing. I started my career in Marketing, but over time I dived deeper into the world of Human Resources. I find these two areas commonly overlapping (e.g. when it comes to employer branding), therefore I will also try to link them in some classes. 

-Here are 4 values that I always keep in mind when preparing and publishing classes:

Keep it short and sweet - eliminating waste i.e. everything that does not bring any value and ensuring the students get the most out of every single second Unscramble the content - making things simple to comprehend and outlining the most important takeaways Always explore - stepping into the unknown to extensively research new topics and broaden the knowledge spectrum Improve... See full profile

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1. Introduction and course description: Hey, everyone, and welcome to this section. Of course, in general we're going to talk about Facebook. So Facebook is not just one of the biggest, biggest plan for social media blood from out there. So I don't want to spend the much words on Facebook regarding their statistics, but just few words. They have monthly or two billion active users. They had one of the biggest database of users in the world. And just imagine, with that data vis how specific Tor anything they can give to to advertisers on that is really the most powerful tool. Facebook. So we're going to focus on the following review is we're going to focus on that. And I'm really happy that who had this opportunity because I find Facebook as to be very useful regarding the content of the course. So as it said, we're going to firstly explain what and that is. We're going to take a look at some ads and see where you can set up those at. So we're going to take a look at Facebook ads manager interface different to see different options, settings and so on. That going to take a look at different types of complaints that are available. Okay, so we're going to decide that in the course which which campaign we're going to juice for. Deron. We're going to set up one of the campaigns, and not just in this in this in the foreign leaders, but in future years. We're also going to take a different base because baseball guys are like the world for itself. So you can you can really do a lot of things there on after that. We'll take a look at some conclusions, metrics, reports and so on. And, of course, you the whole course you're going to be to get great advice and tips on the most important thing. Not to forget this. When we do that step by step setting up off the campaign, we're going to take a look at all perimeters. Audience place, budget optimization format on all the things that are necessary to get the best value for one invested. So thank you for watching ants uniformly videos 2. How does an ad look like and what is it: so Hello, everyone. Once again, welcome to this course, and here we're going to talk about Facebook and off course Instagram advertising. So I will just try Teoh give you some not just fundamentals and basics about it. But actually, to give you some advance steps that you can use to set the up your first or any other type self campaigns, I'm going to walk you through the interface of the ex manager. And I'm going to show you how to post your ad on Facebook and instagram so it can perform and how to make that performance as a Davis possible. So here I just prepare you to see if we have a completely beginners. I just want to give you an inside what is actually add. So if you scroll on your Facebook newsfeed or instagram doesn't matter whether you do it on the phone or on the computer, so you will eventually among your friends post and other pages, you will see this kind of post. So, as you can see here it is written who is the publisher that opposed this sponsored and basically it looks like a normal one. So it's not something special It's not with different colors. It doesn't have any other effects, is it's like a normal post. But you can see by this that it is a sponsored one. So I didn't like this page. And basically, algorithm recognize that I have interest. Maybe I read some article on this ah website. So they're now offering me there their subscription. And here I could do the same thing I could do with any other post. So I can like, I can't comment. I can share. And actually, uh, this is the end off. Ah, the end result that we want to achieve with our ads manager. So I'm going to show your hearing as manager how you can sell a pure campaigns which types off campaigns there are, how do they work? And we're actually going to set up once, or I will walk you through the to the individual steps and they're just going to talk and say how it would look like I will actually show you. So that would be a short introduction and see you in the next video 3. Ads Manager interface explained: Okay, guys, welcome back, and we're continuing with our course. So as I said, first you need to go to actually come to your manager. And you can do that by going to your Facebook profile and just on the left side you will see that I cannot at manager, But you can also type like facebook dot com and I just this adds manager and then you have to be off course, log in in order for your account to open it. The only, uh, thing you need to have is a page on which you want to publish your red. You don't have even if you want to post, that's on Instagram. You don't have to. You don't need to have instagram page because if you don't and you want to have an add on instagram, Facebook will make your you automatically and instagram page which won't be visible for people to click on and follow. But it will be possible for your ad to be shown. So this is what if you're making your first campaign. This is how it is going to look like so you won't have anything here. Ah, if you do have some uh, campaigns that it would look like this and I will get back to that later on here. I just want to show you that you have, like, three important types when you set up your ad. So you have a campaign inside off every campaigns, their assets and inside off. Every ad said there is a specific ad. So thes categories are very important because you can have multiple assets within one campaign. And also you can have multiple ads within one at set, so we will talk about that further own. But now I just wish to show you this first interface, and I'm doing it here. Not on this, that because I don't want you to get confused with a load those data. So, uh, here you will have the option to create a new campaign. Which are we continuing for Iran, and you will have when you, when you post your companion will have its name here, you will have, whether it's approved or not, or in the process off approving. Here, your budget results your reach impression. We're going to talk about this categories for Iran costs ah abound. That was spent so far when it dance? What is the frequency and unique link clicks, even if you wish. I think this These are the columns by default. But later on, if you wish to add some or some others, you can always go to columns and customize customize ones. And there you will actually have the opportunity, as you can see now to add different types of color, different types of column. So if you want to have a column with, AH, cost per click or I don't know what's at delivery or cost per 1000 people reached or any other types of column you can actually select to see that, and you can just apply it here so that that would be and yeah, here, you can set up the if you wish to see the campaigns from the previous month or previous week or previous year, or maybe during your lifetime, actually the lifetime off your account. You can set it, set it up here, and this is very good when you have a lot off ads and actually campaigns and when you don't use some anymore. But still you don't want to delayed it from here, because maybe you will need it for your own. But you can, like, just select the date you from which you want to see, And then it won't be like full of this. So that that is my recommendation. When you get get it up, you can hear you can see the breakdowns. When you have some campaigns finished, you can see how they performed by special categories. And I think that would be for stars. That would be enough. That would be the basic things you need to know. And in the next video, we're continuing with the types of campaign we have, so you're the next. 4. Types of campaigns: Hello, everyone and welcome back. So as I said, we're continuing with our course, and we talked about this interface, and now we click on Create this that will be open. And here you can see different types of campaign that you can choose. So depending on the objective you want to achieve with your ad, you can choose different types of campaigns Here. You can see that you have ah three categories and we were going to talk about each one and then we're going to set up ah d one campaign from the following ones. So here you can see firstly, a warning awareness. You have a brand awareness and reach. Usually, this categories are only used by big companies which want to achieve a big, big, big number off impressions and big reach in there add So they're not. So they're not so interested in the driving people to their website or making sometimes off conversions. They're mostly interested in the like showing their ad to do as many people as possible, even with the higher frequency, which means that the same user will see some ADM or times actually the same at more times and as I said, This is very important for companies where they when they are introducing a new product which they want a lot of people to see. So basically, it's like, Ah, when you want to, ah, put your ad to as many people as possible and you just want them to see it So that would be this Category four and usually it is not. It is not used by small businesses or pages that are that the pages that do online shopping or promote themselves on Facebook and Instagram, As I said, it is mostly used by big companies. Let's say when Coca Cola is promoting their products for the Christmas and New Year's and Christmas holidays in general, they can use the reach and bring brand of or awareness in order to show their product to allow the big amount of people regarding the consideration category. Here you can see that we have many others, much more actually categories, and I think that each of them is you can get a sense of what it is used for by the headline . But also you can read about every here if you hover over this cycle, so basically this is that I would say this one and this one are mostly used. This one is to drive traffic to your to the link that you put on your ad. So basically here, if we take a look at the sad, if I click on it or click on learn more, it will take me to the link they put. They put it here. Maybe, is this link. It's the link off their website, so that would be like driving traffic to your website or your app doesn't doesn't matter, but it's usually it's usually ah website with a specific landing page. Engagement could also have a link to your website, but it this type off campaign will drive people more the word liking, sharing, commenting, interacting and engaging with your posts. So usually when some companies are publishing their, uh, I don't know when they're offering some kind of reward or there costumers. They use this kind of the this kind of campaign. This one is pretty much explained by its headline. So if you want to get as many app insults, it's possible you can use this one because the bottom like download now or by now, will be shown there, so basically, they will be able to download the app within one click when they see an ad. If you want to post your video and achieve a big number off video views, you can do it here. But actually you can post also video in this kind off campaign, which we're going to see. But there is a difference because here it's more like the video that you want to show and see the statistic of it. How many home, how much people did war did watch the 1st 3 seconds or the whole video, or how much they engage with it. So if you have some, I would say that if you have some special videos that you made some videos that are explaining the product itself, how it is used its reviews or it's a its performance. I would say that this campaign type is better. Lead generation is when you want to gather lead when you want your your customer to sign up for registration form or any other, any other kind off subscription. I suggest you use this one off course, and it's pretty good because Facebook already has prepared templates, which will make your and sometimes it will also out to fill the data off the user so they won't lose a lot of time, like filling it out and messages. It's like Mawr. If you want your customers to message, you're more center, then you can choose this type. So basically, then with your ad, Facebook will push them or to write your message or ask something or interact in that way. And it will do that by offering the send message bottom so they can do that very easily. Regarding the third category, we have here conversions, and we have different types off campaigns and usually these arm or advanced once for some of this one's, you need also to have a Facebook pick. So you have you need to have digital catalogue and, uh, this one, I mean, as I said for this one and now this one, I think it's better to leave them for later for later. On the thing that they're not good or something, that's not sure. They're very good. And if you know how to deal with them, they will be very useful, especially if you know which type of conversion you want. to achieve. But if you're just starting or you're just dealing with a small budget that this less than a few 100 euros I would suggest to use do not use this one and this one, and only to concentrate on the consideration that is thes categories and choose the most appropriate one. So that would be it for this lecture. In the next lecture, we're going to set up a concrete add in this category the which is school, which is named Traffic. So thank you and see you in the next election. 5. Setting up the campaign (Ad Set): Okay, so Hello, everyone. Welcome back. And the now we're continuing. So as I said, we're going toe make an a specific campaign. And if I click on traffic, which I explained in the which I explained in the previous video what is used for? I will be asked by Facebook. Do name the campaign, and you can put it here, like, just right at us. Um, you don't have to check to check this fields. Uh, this one is very good when you want to make a split test and to compare some meds and then you will be offered Teoh do different things and to actually compare your ads or your audience or maybe placements of your eyes. And moreover, if you click continue, he will be brought to this page, and here you can actually will be brought to the assets. Since you chose your campaign type, you can type your at set to be. That's the gate. That's, uh, at that. And the now I will walk you by. What is this used for? So here you don't have to, uh, change anything. You can just leave it by default. Since you want to drive traffic to your website, not the nap or messenger, as you can see. Although I mentioned that there are, uh, special campaigns with categories for, uh, increasing the number of messages or at pencils. You can do the same thing here, but I would say that if you have an app that you want, ah, people to download or you want a special type of to receive more messages, I would say that you use a campaign for that gold, that objective rather than choosing a traffic. So I would recommend this. If you want to drive traffic to your website and then leave it by default as it is, if you don't have any special offers, just skip this one and come to the audience. So here you can. Actually, this is one of the most important part. So because basically here you're choosing who to whom. You want to serve your ads. So you can, uh, here, If you have any previous saved audience, you can see them here as I do, because it's much easier when you engage in when you make your first basic audience author , that you just take a look at the report and just you know, adjusted and added it according to the results that you gained from your stats and analyzes and, uh, here you can actually choose the location. So in which country, which cities or which part of the country you want your adds to be served, you can choose the category of people from or which to which age. You can also exclude areas so it doesn't only have to be areas you want to include. You can also exclude some. Moreover, you can choose gender. So if you're like, I don't know, promoting makeup products and some special types, so I don't know some purses or anything. I mean off course. There is a possibility that some, uh, men will buy for their girlfriends or wives or are don't know sisters, but the bigger the chances that people will that women will b'more interested in those products. So maybe in that case, you just want to select women languages course. And regarding this, uh, this think this is more like advanced things. So when you want to make it look like audience custom audience that you want to save later on or you have a pixel when your website and you want to put your audience here. So if you're just starting on it or you're giving with a small budget, you can skip this field and here you can, actually, as it is written, So include people who match at least one of the following s O what is what are their interests, behavior and demographic. So let's say that we are an online shop, so we can first just type on life shop. And here you can see different interests shop online, online shopping and from their own you can choose, uh, if you sell like makeup, you can check up, uh, cosmetics. You can type again, make up and ah, press like makeup. Ah, girl, you can also So basically, here you have, like, ah, different things. So, uh, as it is written here, So no way. So you can see here The size of the audience is pretty large and off course, you can see the interest and description of it. So basically, people who have expression expressing interest, and or like the page related to Klezmatics. But this is still very broad, so I should I don't want to take your time now, but Usually I would set up the A trench, maybe gender languages. Maybe I would sometimes go more precise with the location, but I don't want to lose the time that now I'm just showing you, uh, what you can do here. You can choose your detailed targeting, and I would suggest that you devote some time to this concrete field because it's very important because basically here you're choosing the audience for your red. So no matter how could your ad is, if you're not serving it to the right people, there's no point. So my advice is to do some research, if you don't know. So maybe check on the online, which are some keywords which are some topics that are your customers following and you can engage with them there. You also. If you run out off the ideas, you can see some suggest suggestions here, and you can also bro specific behaviours, interest or demographic. So this is very, uh this is a special, uh, special category in which you have to devote some time, and I and I suggest you do so you can also exclude people. So, for instance, if you're like selling, I don't know certain type of makeup and you're not selling the other type. You can live that other type here so your odds won't be shown to the people who are looking for that other type which you don't have. And you can also narrow your audience. So is you. Remember here we wrote, include people who match at least one of the following. So this that could be shown to the people who like this thing or this this thing or this thing or this thing. But if you type here cosmetics, the ad will be shown at for sure to the people who like cosmetics. And of course, maybe even if they like this one. Okay. But you know, like this is the condition they need to have in order for yet to be shown. And there's one are not obligated, so they can be engaged off any of this. But the condition you put here, that is the interest you put here they must be engaged with. That is one. That is why it says must also so, as I said, it must also match at least one off the following interest so you can deal with that here on the for Deron. You can save the audience here so you can use it in the future. Regarding the placements here, you can leave it to automatic ones. But if you know where you want to read to be, I suggest that you added them. And here you can basically first choose whether you want to show your ads both on more violent desktop. So sometimes maybe you have just an ad that you want to show on the desktop on mobile. So if you like offering people to download the app, there is no point of showing it on the desktop because on the phone it's much faster because they're connected to the APP store or a place store. The do the Apple store, a Google play store, and, uh, here you can actually choose because Facebook owns instagram, so you can choose whether you want it to post it both on Facebook and Instagram or just on one platform and inside of that pipe. ERM you can choose here. If you just hover over, it will show you on the right side. What is it? What? What does it look like? And basically what you are doing here is that you're choosing where you want your ad to be shown. So if I just exclude all of this things here Sorry, uh, this means that my ad will only be shown in the newsfeed. Not on this things. Ah, and, uh, I won't go into details. What are these things these things are. I mean, if you use the Facebook a lot, you can probably get a sense of it, because you will recognize them. But basically, they're trying to put their stories, uh, their ads on many everywhere, actually. So, uh, you can just choose which place exactly want to post? Same things. Applaud. Scenting applies to instagram on the audience network, which is basically a network off other places where Facebook is is able to put your ads and , of course, the messenger. So, uh, when you're finished, when you're done with that, you can choose here. Ah, whether you want your ads to be shown on special advice is, and you can check whether you want your ads to be shown on Lee when people are connected to divide by. So if you have ah, video that is really long, you can probably people who are using their phone Internet there megabytes won't be so interested in looking at it because it takes a lot of their Internet. And for that reason, maybe you you should check this field so the ads will be shown to them only when they are connected to divide. Here, you can set up your daily budget, and we're like some budget. So you have two options and you can put your ads to run continuously. And then you just decide one day that you want to stop now, which I don't usually do, because I'm afraid that I will forget about it or I won't see it. And the other thing you can set a start and eight, which is which is recommended more. So basically, you just choose when you want your right to be start to finish, and that is it. So here, you can optimize if you want to. What, actually you can read about these things. They're pretty clear. So whether you want to optimize your right to drive more link clicks or landing page views or impressions, so those are and here you can also said, when you want to get charged whether when you get the link clicks or impressions, there are some. I mean, uh, those are all our relatives things. So there's not like, uh, accurate definition off which one is better. It depends on the situation. I mean, if one was always better than the other, wouldn't be here. But I would say that if you want to make sure that you're getting the link clicks and that you're only paying for the thing when people are clicking on your ad, then you should definitely put the You should check the link click here. But because I had a few experiences when I was testing this and basically when I left it to impression. So when I said to Facebook that he can charge me according to the number of impressions, not according to the link clicks, I actually gained far less link clicks with my budget. Then when I checked the CPC here, So I suggest that you read about this comparison on the Internet. You can also contact me to ask the about recommendation and the yeah, here you also have at scheduling, So basically I don't know why is it not available now? But the Yeah, Busy. Maybe because I didn't put the things before it. But anyway, you are able to choose, even if you wish. Teoh. Choose one during the day. You want your ads to be shown. So if you just leave it to the Facebook by default, he can has 24 hours during the day to show you read. And he will do that throughout the whole day. But if you set up like I want my adds to be shown only between I don't know, six oclock in the evening and 10 o'clock in the evening. Then he will show your ads only in that period. And actually that would be it regarding the ad set And in the next video we're going to talk about yet. So without further ado, see you in the next lecture. 6. Setting up the campaign (Ad): So welcome back. And we're continuing with our a campaign that we are making here on Facebook. So we're now in the at field and we're going to actually set up now this So how? What? Actually these things that we set up in the outset, those are more of the back end things. The things that, um actually there were we were setting the objectives who want to achieve audience placements budget schedule, etcetera. But you were actually setting the thing we want. Our users are audience to see. So this is also very important. And, uh, here, basically, you can give it a name. Uh, if you wish to make a new post, you can do it here. If you wish to use X 60 existing one which you already published on your page, you can click here if you have multiple pages, you can choose here for which one you want to select it. If you have instagram profile, you can set up here. So basically, here you choose on which page you want your ads to be. By which page? So here you can see it's published by the page D economist. So when they did this process. They they have put it here The Economist and here we have different formats off the ads that you can use so in this objective that it's cold traffic. As you recall, we have like five different former that we can use. We have carousel where you as you can see here you have multiple images that must be in a square format so they can, like, slide it on the right and then see more photos. It's like in the beginning it was a feature off instagram. But now it is also available on Facebook. Uh, here and this is very good. When you have the carousel is very good. When you have multiple images, then you have a single image when you want. When you only have one poster, a single image you want to post a single video flight show is basically when you have ah different images from which you want to make. I didn't dynamic had, so it will. Basically, it is a combination of these two, So you put if you like 345 10. Whichever number of photos off images and Facebook will automatically made a video of it so It's interesting because people arm or engaging in videos today, so that's why it is not so static. It is more than a dynamic, but on the other hand, the pluses that you didn't have to devote so much time as you need for a video, because you have to edit it and set it up in the special broke or two recorded collection, as you can see here. So it's offering like, uh, mix off images, videos, text. So I would say these are like when you have more materials that you want to put. Basically, this is the newest feature, but it's also now widely used, So you will get a template here, and I just want to show you how it looks. So it's not so hard to set up. Basically, will. You just need to type things and toe, upload photos and videos and to foods different bottoms. But yeah, basically, you will just scroll to wear. This is very good if you haven't online shop, so it's like a short list of your catalog things so and in the end there is always a link to your website or that thing where you want to drive visitors. So you this is really good thing. But only when you have enough sufficient number of things that you want to publish. Anyway, I will just focus. Let's a single image eso When you chose your poor mitt here, you will be asked to upload the image. So basically what I will do. Actually, I want uploaded that actually, I will upload it And what I can do I can, like, choose image from I don't know. Let's choose this one. Uh and, uh, that I will have a preview of it. I can even crop it. If I won't, I can adjust it now there. There are a lot of good things about Facebook they offer you to edit and the adjust your photos here and importantly, is that okay? Here there There are that there isn't any attacks here on the image, but usually if there is, it shouldn't be over 20% way back. Facebook didn't allow the ads that were that had more than 20% of the text on it. Now they will allow it, But the performance of your ad will be much lower. So it is not recommendable but the thing is that wise face doing that? Because they don't want you to put an image or with a lot of text on it. They want users to be visual engaged, but they're offering you this space here and here to put your text. So don't worry. If you have a lot of text that you wish you can type it here. Here, you can put your website. You are out. You can put your headline. So this is that is a thing. Here, you're you're all will be here at your news feed. So basically, if you like what show If you type your like, uh, welcome to our website. So it will be shown here. Uh, if you have a headline like visit go, it will be shown here. If your website z dot com o so it will be shown here. So don't those air all the great things for for your ad that can be put there. You can also put it like finally here. You know, if you want to be more engaging, but those air like they're not mandatory things, so you can get your call to action bottom. So learn more or see manual depends, You know, if you like. I don't know if your advertising the then disappointment and you right here like I don't know, visit us or sign up for Europe appointment with your dentist, then here. You want to leave it to learn more? You can, uh, put your bottom to sign up for request time or something like you can. Also, if you're delivering, you add your at the multiple audience in different countries which use different languages . You can set your ad and different languages so you don't have to leave that to the Facebook or Google Translator to do. Basically, here you have some or, uh, advanced options if you don't want to set up your pixel and enter your news feed. So this is just a test. I see it will be written here, and basically, when you're done with it, uh, what you can do is breasts review to see how it loves. But you can also see it here on the if you're in. Yeah, the thing I forgot to say is you can see here like, if you want to do it here, you can see how it would look like on desta This is how it would look like the mobile phone . This is how it would look like on Instagram. This I would look like on instagram stories, and I, you see here like this is this. Actually, it's not so good. So you should consider, like editing those things for the instagram, etcetera. I mean, you should definitely choose because not all of the images are suitable for every platform . So I would say that you should. They could look at this and choose only like this thing is more suitable because of its format is more suitable for the desktop. You see how it's much better here than, let's say on Instagram. So, for instance, or maybe you can choose a different image on for that you can use this plate test. You can maybe make a specific make any other ad you can even choose this year, you know, for certain as it is for certain placements, you want to use like, different image. No, like I don't know, you can go to stock and just ah so let's say a lot of cars and you can see here watermarks want appear in the final add image so don't worry about it. But the good thing is that you have free images here that you can choose. And basically, now you chose a different image for Instagram then, uh, the one Facebook. So that is pretty free or something. You know, you don't have to go to set up a different dad. You can just add it up here when you're done. You just pressed, confirmed, and that would be it. It will take some time to for Facebook to process your at, but usually it will be within a few hours. It will be, ah, set up to go and you will start getting your results. So that will be it for days and see you in the next lecture. 7. Reports and metrics: Okay. Hello. Their students and welcome back. So we're approaching to the end of this course, and here I just chose one. The campaign that I did you can see here on July off 2018. And it was, uh, the campaign regarding some online shop and you can see here. I just want to show you how it looks when it's done. So it will be here, written, completed your strategy. So I checked it to be like traffic and to achieve as many as possible. Link clicks within the budget. The daily budget boys around three euros. And the whole amounts band was around 16 euros. Not so much, but the result was actually very, very, very good. So actually, Cosper result was only 0.1 So that means for every click to the link to this website. Ah, I was charged only like 0.1 So that's like very, very, very low. And also, the important thing here to see is that, uh, I managed to get 1319 clicks. The reach was 16 1000 more or less, and the impression was 24,000. If you go further on. You can see when it ended and what was the frequency and the uniquely blink like So let me tell you something about every of this field. So, um, link makes it's it's pretty easy to understand. So the number of times people click on the add and that went to the website reach is the number off Ah, unique people that saw the ah, the yet number off impression is number off reach plus the number off more than one time that ah, the people saw the ad. So basically here I can see that out of this, 24,000 people 600 for 16,488 people saw this a this ad, but some of them So it s so it twice. And the for that reason the total impressionist 24 hours. So basically it was shown 24 24,000 times. But the since it was shown to some people twice or some people maybe three times. They told the lumber off unique profiles off unique persons that are unique. People that saw it is this number frequency you get when you divide impression with reach. So this is the in average every person. So it 1.46. But you can see it like 1.46. You can see it either once or twice. So this means that some people so it twice or maybe three times and other so it only once uniquely clinks. That means that it is always lower than the totaling clicks because some of the people click more than once. But you can see 101,300 people clicked it in total, and only around 50 clicks were less were unique ones. So the good thing is that there were new users that clicked away and the click through rate . Those are some metrics that you will get to know when, but basically when it takes in the consideration off the people who the percentage of times people saw your at and clicked on it, basically, you can read about those those things here. I can see my breakdown here by delivery, for instance, if I want to see how many, uh, male and female, So it's so here. You can see it if you want to see. Actually, I was showing it only in one country so there's no point of clicking here. But I can see different platform. How? Actually it was only performing good on Facebook. But if I, like, put a placement here, I can see on you see in the news feed on how much I managed to get on the desktop and on the mobile so you can see that this ad was more oriented over the mobile. Ah, mobile platform and off course. All of it was in newsfeed, not an instant article or any other. I think that this is this is because I added my placements to be only on mobile in the new speed. So that was that's why the result is like this. And also you can see here a time of the day when they saw the ad. So maybe sometimes it is relevant to you or you to see when your customers are active. And you can see that according to Europe account, Time zone or viewers, I will take that into account. If you're showing your at two different public all over the world, you know, because for them it will be very, very important, you know, for I mean when you're showing it in your country, then it's the same thing. But if you're liking once on one side of the world and you're making threats for the other side of the world and this differentiation is very important, so keep that in mind and that would be it. Thank you for joining the course. I believe that. Now you're ready to set up your first at campaign, so I strongly support you to do so. If you have any questions, can, uh you can just write to me or post your question on the platform. And if you have any doubts, any advices or suggestions, I'm open to it. I hope that you enjoyed in this course be free to take a look at some off by other courses . And, of course, since I'm doing, I'm dealing with these things with ads not just untraceable, but also Google and on other social media's. If you need any help be, do not have state to call me and contact me, so thank you once again and issuing some other course 8. Ads Manager New Interface Update!: Hi, everyone. In this short video, I just want to give you an inside look on the new design interface that Facebook introduced to its Facebook ads manager. And it's a big difference, but the main things are relatively the same. The main difference that I have. No, this is that. Now you have a sidebar on the left side and here, with the button, you can expand it, collapse it, and you can see that you have an account over your, which is what we're seeing right now. If I goto campaign level, you will see that that it's relatively the same as it waas. And the thing is that you have these columns here, you can choose which columns you want. The breakdown is right here, the creative otherness here. And, as I said, instead of having those at campaigns levels and that says levels here, you know, have them in the sidebar as off mid July end of July 2019 you still have the option to to switch to the previous version. Andi, also the setting bottom is here as a zit. Is the case with the notification bottom in search button that you can choose the dates that you wish here on those. So here you can see the keyboard shortcuts, which is very helpful for some options. Moreover, the important thing to know is that other business the business told menu is now here. It's also a bit different, and you have new icons, and the organization and categories are a bit different. But everything is still here, so don't worry on that. As I said, if you're if you're confused, if you can find some option, you can always switch to the previous version for now on, that would be it. I just wanted to give you this short overview introduction on what they have changed, and I hope that it will be easy for you to navigate just a week. Just just tell you that they didn't change anything so far. When it comes to creating the campaign. So askew go through those steps of choosing the campaigns levels and adds that levels and setting up the ad. Everything is the same so far for now, but maybe they will change that in the future. So thank you for watching and seeing falling videos 9. Thank you: Hi, everyone. Thank you for taking the scores. I really hope that you find it to be helpful. Please. If you have any suggestions, steps, advice on how I can improve my courses, let me know. And also, if you have any suggestions in which topics I should cover, please limit down below in the community tab or related within the review. Thank you once again and I hope to see in the following blesses