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How to properly set up YouTube Ads (everything you need to know) | All YouTube ad types explained

teacher avatar Nikola Lugonja, HR and Marketing Instructor

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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    • 2.

      Skippable in stream ads explained


    • 3.

      Non skippable in stream ads explained


    • 4.

      Discovery (TrueView) ads explained


    • 5.

      Bumper ads explained


    • 6.

      Outstream ads explained


    • 7.

      Sequence ads explained


    • 8.

      Non video ad formats explained


    • 9.

      How to link your YouTube account with Google Ads


    • 10.

      How to set up a YouTube campaign (step by step) part 1


    • 11.

      How to set up a YouTube campaign (other video formats) part 2


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      Thank you


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About This Class

Everything you need to know about YouTube Ads. Firstly, we are going to see different types of ads that are available: bumper, skippable in-stream ads, non-skippable, outstream, discovery, sequence ads, non-video ad formats... Secondly, we are going to connect YouTube account with Google Ads account so you can properly set up your ads. Finally, we are going to take a look at how to set up different types of ads and what are some important tips and advice to have in mind.

After this course, you will be able to set up your own different types of campaigns and ads on YouTube and other Google's partner websites. 

YouTube Ads (lectures):

  1. Introduction

  2. Skippable in-stream ads explained
  3. Non-skippable in-stream ads explained

  4. Discovery (TrueView) ads explained
  5. Bumper ads explained

  6. Outstream ads explained

  7. Sequence ads explained
  8. Non-video ad formats explained

  9. How to link your YouTube account with Google Ads

  10. How to set up a YouTube campaign (step by step) part 1
  11. How to set up a YouTube campaign (other video formats) part 2

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Nikola Lugonja

HR and Marketing Instructor


-Multi-year experience in both HR and digital marketing. I started my career in Marketing, but over time I dived deeper into the world of Human Resources. I find these two areas commonly overlapping (e.g. when it comes to employer branding), therefore I will also try to link them in some classes. 

-Here are 4 values that I always keep in mind when preparing and publishing classes:

Keep it short and sweet - eliminating waste i.e. everything that does not bring any value and ensuring the students get the most out of every single second Unscramble the content - making things simple to comprehend and outlining the most important takeaways Always explore - stepping into the unknown to extensively research new topics and broaden the knowledge spectrum Improve... See full profile

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1. Introduction: Hello, everyone. Welcome to this YouTube section course in general, and I just want to give a short introduction before we started the lecture. So this part, we're going toe talk about you Too bad, general. First of all, we're going to see different at four months that are available. It's capable that's capable in stream ads not capable and operate South Stream ad sequence says also not video eyes format. And we're going to talk generally about you to how to set up campaigns, which goes there are and how to use it in the proper way and keep invited you to be really , really popular right now, and it's great to do. If you want to reach your audience, reach your customers. And the definitely video is most popular for birth off engaging format online currently, so that is a great opportunity for you and your business. Don't has stayed to ask me if you have any questions during the course, and I hope that you would like to thank you and see there 2. Skippable in stream ads explained: all right in the world come students on in this video, we're going to talk about one type of YouTube video ads and the 1st 1 that we're going to mention ISS capable in stream or often called Chew the truth you had, which is the most usual when it comes to you two beds. So generally I'm going to explain all of the video types that are available currently, and I'm going to give you an example of how they look. And also I'm going to tell you in which type so goes, you can use them. So I'll try to keep these videos short and to the point, and later on, we're going to see how to actually set up one of those campaigns. So, as I said, we're starting with its capable in stream ad, which is most usual on YouTube and as you know, your video at place before, during or after the video that you chew chose to watch so depends it can be at the beginning. In the middle of the video is very long or at the end, after five seconds, the viewer has an option to skip the ed and the capable instrument video ads can appear on you to watch pages on the videos on Partner Side on Absent the display that Google Google so just too quickly. Some up which campaign goes allow in stream ads. So with leaves with website traffic product and brand consideration, brand awareness and reach and of course, campaigns that are created without a goal. So if you choose any of those campaigns that I just mentioned, you will be able to makes capable in stream ads if you choose any other. Unfortunately, you will not. And the I suppose it all of you. If you use YouTube, you know all different types of ads. I'm just going to show you. So this is the most usual one where you are obligated to watch it for five seconds, and then you get the bottom to escape at and it can be actually a short video wonder three seconds or longer. One. And here I have the example of Over here is the video 24 seconds for website monday dot com where basically you when it places an ad. Now it's currently another that I just found it on YouTube because I would have to watch several videos in order to get those ads. But as you can see here, it's 24 seconds, and since it was, it was published as a inescapable ad. Then after five seconds, you're able to skip it. So I would just, uh, show you my team. And I always have trouble one of my found, but they don't go. You see now, after this moment, I would get the bottom here, Skip ad and I could skip it and continue to the video that I chose, or I could watch it for the whole 24 seconds. That will be it, another one that I found that it was published as inescapable ad was for weeks dot com, and it's longer one on the minute and full seconds. And the reason I chose to show you both of the videos is because here you can see that this video is long is shorter than 30 seconds, and I just want to say something about charging for the ads. So Monday. Don't call will be charged only if you watch the full length of this video that is 24 seconds. While where does that call will be charged if you watch three seconds off its video. If you recall in one of the previous courses we mentioned that, um, you to charge two based on the 32nd watch of the video or less if it's full of so here, I'm going to play. You already have a stunning website. That's cool. You're welcome. Skip war. You see here after this moment, I would be able to get the bottom skip ad and escape. So if you can know that something here when they published this adds, since they know that majority will skip it after five seconds, they try to make a call to action. They tried to make to say something interesting in those 1st 5 seconds so they can gain your attention. And so you can watch the whole video until it sent, which is actually what they want. So that was just an example. Toe, actually to two examples off inescapable stream ads. I hope that you office capable instrument story. I hope that you I understood it on in the next video. We're going to see the other four months. Thank you for watching and seeing the next doctor 3. Non skippable in stream ads explained: welcome back. And in this video we're talking about our next four months, which is nonce capable in stream ad and then just a few words before we show an example. Announce capable in stream ads are a za Words suggest nonce capable former that is designed to allow toe reach customers with entire message off the advertiser so you're nonce. Capable in stream at is 15 seconds or shorter, so it's between seven and 15 seconds. Because if it's less than six and it's called differently, it's called Bumper at. So we're going to see that also so nonce capable instrument ad is between. It must be between seven and 15 sec and place before, during or after another video. That is the video that you chose view Words do not have the option to skip. Yet That's the most important thing on dance, capable as can appear not just YouTube videos, but videos and partner sides abs on Google Display networks, and you pay this important to know you pay based on impressions, announce capable as used target CPM that is conspiring 1000 impression cost per mile eso Each time you're you pay each time when you're at this shown? Sorry. You pay when you're at this show for every 1000 times that you're at this show eso which campaigns can use this month's capable ads only brand awareness and reach. So if you want to choose unspeakable, you I will show you here. So no, it's capable. So here we only have it available here inescapable. Share your entire message with up to 15 seconds. If you go to any other, let's, like try website traffic and shoes Video. Actually, no. Here I can show you because it meets the connection, I think Here you can see you see here. I don't have it. I have sequence and Shelby I have something else, but I don't have I don't have that. So maybe I can I will hear No, this four conversions. Okay, Anyway, you're only available with this type of gold, and I believe that you're familiar with this type of it. So basically it's usually stating seconds, but it can be less. And here I have, for example, and of course, during the whole video you won't get anybody here. Actually, you will. And it will said that your video play after the ad but you cannot click it or skip it after five seconds you can with other ads off course. Thes thes ads are not so. Usually you won't see them as much as you keep as you see s capable ads. Because people would get annoyed if, uh, normally they would have to wait always 15 seconds to watch the video. So YouTube has an algorithm that carefully the sides went to boot. Does ads 15 2nd ads. So I want to play. I switched clustering number. Once fragrance is calling Christians. And basically now, after this moment, I would be sorry here. After this moment, it would automatically go to my two video that I have chosen. So that's that's Ed. This this type off ad is usually used when you want to. A said give the whole message when you don't want people to skip your read. What I noticed was that Apple was using really much this this type of ad because they wanted to get to their customers with with the entire message they since their type of a premium brand, they didn't want to get skipped work to show you an ad, and then you just after five seconds keeping. So they tried to. They try to get to their customers, their users with the entire message, and that is the better option because you have more time to express what you want to say. But keep in mind that usually this thes type of its cost more then the ones we talk about in the previous video. So that will be it. Thank you for watching and seeing the next video we're going. Take a look at some at other types off as formats. 4. Discovery (TrueView) ads explained: welcome back. And now we're going to take a look at the discovery. Adds discover true view as on there would be different. So I'm actually not going to show you any. Any video actually images off how those video looks, how those videos look like and before we start. So discovery. True view ads, Just a few words The community is for to promote a video in places off Discovery, as they were suggests, including the places next to related YouTube videos as part of a YouTube search results or on the YouTube mobile home. So here I actually found the great great image that shows that. So if you watch YouTube video below that, sometimes you will have a recommendation sponsored one that is Discovery ad. If you're scrolling on the home page, maybe at the first video would be a sponsor, one that would also be a discovery at. And also, if you search something on the 1st 1 that pops out based on your keywords, that, based on the words that you talked in, that it will also be a discovery at. So here are some images on how that looks, so somebody typed. Google blast on. Okay, This I believe it was a few years ago because it was popular. Topic Baghdad in 2014. So if you can see here, somebody talk to go less on. Before you got the organic videos from the organic search, there were two videos that were sponsored. You can see here it's written ad and those are actually discovered. Two you act and another thing. So if you're watching a regular video or in this case in stream at the first video inflammation on the side for the next for their recommendation suggestions, you would get a sponsored video, which would be, But I will try to assume this bed. So although small pictures, you can see here much. But anyway, it's like the the suggestion. You have a discovery, ed, and it's the sponsor one. So I just want to quickly say which complaint goes can use this type of. So here you can see product and bread consideration on campaigns created with article. So in these two options, you are able to create Discovery adds on to place them in the surgeon spot. Important to know you will be charged only when yours choose to watch your ad by clicking on the thumbnail. So that's important to know you won't get charged based on impressions or something like that. So that was mostly it. As I said, I I didn't I can show you a video of it because it can be any video. But here, the most important thing is a place where it's positioned on now. You can also, if you wish to show your rights, and this way you can choose it. And as I said, the great opportunity and the great thing is that you only get charged when somebody clicks on on the videos. But keep in mind that usually these videos videos need that you have a great time, Dale, so people would be interested enough go to click on them. And moreover, they need to be very relevant to the keywords there mostly used so they will pop up very often. If we talk about this, this type off uh, off, uh, gold. So thank you for watching on the sea in the next video 5. Bumper ads explained: Okay, so we're continuing with the course, and now this video, this lecture we're going to talk about Bum Perez, so they're all. You can also see them sometimes, but they're not so often as unusual. Is capable instruments but bumper, as are actually a short video ads, which are designed to allow you to reach more customers and increase awareness about her brand. Your bumper video ad is only six seconds for off your shoulder and place before, during or after another video defense and you were also do not have the option to skip. The ad from Paret can operates, can appear on YouTube videos and videos on our partner sides and absolutely display that work repays based on impressions on bump Arad's use CPM on. That means that you pay for your right when it is shown 1000. We mentioned several earlier before I show you the example just too quickly summarized which campaign goals can use this type of ad? Those are brand awareness and bridge and competing create created without a goal. So, as you can see most yet just just, I would just want to say one thing that I always forgot to say, Keep in mind that if you if you're watching this course and you have a different interface , don't worry. It's just because there's already knew interface. But I don't have. I haven't updated my home worship, so I think this is the old old worsen off Google eyes interface. But don't worry. Generally, if you're watching the course and your interfaces different one, the functions are basically the same. Maybe they're just replaced with other words, or they just put on the other place on so it goes the other way around. But don't worry. Mostly they're there. So don't worry about it if it's a bit different anyway. What I wanted to say is that as you can see here during the course, we talked about different types of videos, and mostly you were able to use product and brand consideration brand awareness and reach, or maybe a cost campaigns without ago. That is because YouTube is usually is mostly used for brand awareness for reach for spreading a message to large number off people. Still, YouTube is not so good and in making conversions and making click toe actions because people come to YouTube to look for videos, and then it's very intend to go off the network, toe CNN and maybe go to the website is rare. It's not so frequent as it is on Google Display Network. Or maybe cool Sarah Attention or Facebook instagram and so on. So keep that in mind. That is why we're mostly oriented on only these options. And that is not so unusual. Still, you can use other things you can even gain leads and make sales and promotions with you. Too bad. But I want to say that keep in mind that usually YouTube is based on a brand awareness and reach and product and service consideration. So that's why they also charge based on view so cost per view rather than the cost per clicks because they know that simply they wouldn't get enough clicks to charge their advertisers anyway, just to show you an example for short bumper, right? So as we said, you were also not able to skip it. You need to wait for six seconds. So this time six seconds in this capable at it was five seconds to recall. And as you can see here now will play. Okay. Sorry. It was it was excellent. Anyway, a So you can see here, Those are short, short as that you're not able to escape. And usually they're they're six seconds, although they can be shorter. But there's six seconds because advertisers want to You want to use their their full time, and usually there are. Those are just some ads with short message. What can you say in six seconds? So it must be very, very creative. And honestly, if if made right, those ads can be really, really powerful. So because they're not so long, they're not 15 seconds long. So you're not So, uh, you don't have that feeling off. Off, off? I don't know. But at least in my case, I'm much happier refire to see an ad. And I had to because I used YouTube without any premiums. I'm happier when I can when I see this type of bad rather than I see the ad of 15 seconds. So give that in mind if you're making ads for for YouTube and that will be it. So thank you for watching and see what the next year we're going to see which ones which other types we still have. So thank you and see there 6. Outstream ads explained: welcome back. And this year we're thinking, Look at the out at the outset, Matt, so outre matter more by lonely when I say my only idea, I am referring to phones and tablet devices, and the ultra Mads began playing with the sound off. That's the important thing to know. You need to do that theatrics so you can hear the sound to mute it. And advertisers are only charged when more than half off the ads green space is shown for two seconds or more. So this sentence is very important to remember. I will repeat it once again. Advertisers are only charged when more than half of the ad screen space is show for two seconds or more, so that there is a big difference. But keep that in mind. The four month is designed to increase your video ridge at inefficient cause, of course, and all stream as play only on partner sides and absent Google display network. So at time of the recording, they're still not available on YouTube. You're charged for out stream at space on viewable C. P. M s, so you'll only be charged when somebody sees your video play for two seconds or more. Keeping minded viewable CPN is a bit different than regular CPM because it it ask or charged when there is a higher, higher interaction. Let's call it like that from user. So this is the view The viewable CPM is, let's say, a bit better option than the regular CPM in this case because you would get sure that people have actually seen something all off your video, and I just scroll over it to recap. So which campaign goes? Use out, Stream adds. Those are brand awareness, as you can see here, and campaigns that are created without goals. Guidance. Let's see an example. And here, keep in mind that not this whole video is out stream ag, since I said they're not played on YouTube, but only which we're going to see here on this mobile phones. As you can see here, it's a website 24 and the person scrolling on that website and you will see a video of Burger King. And that video is, uh, that video is actually another straight back. So display camera experiencing iShares work for you can see here. Okay, this this ad is actually announced. Rematch. So you're going to hear the person with scrolling here. There is the button to a mute since now it's it's muted and you can see here it says add So its sponsor form on the advertiser, but again will be charged based on viewable CPM. That is that you have tow watch at least two seconds off. Great. Okay. Sorry, guys, about this. I'm experiencing some issues with my father. I Okay, sorry. I would just try to repeat the whole process because I'm recording this video several times . And every time when I play, it has problems. I don't know why. Maybe when all the fresh green in the warmer sandwich I got you. Okay, so what? One more burger, and as you can see there, that was the whole ad. There was a time in this corner, and you can continue now on scrolling or sorry about this, cropping some things. I mean, I actually making this video several times now because every time it was it was cutting it with this. So it's not At first. I thought it was something with the internet, but apparently it's not. Maybe it's something about video. Anyway. That was just an example. I hope you understand. You understand how it works. So basically it's everywhere else on other websites. Haps partners off Google. If you see an ad which is played without a sound at the beginning, you will know that that's an out stream at Thank you for watching and seeing the next lecture. 7. Sequence ads explained: Welcome back students on the last type off video ad, at least in the video former that we're talking about this sequence at so it's not so popular is relatively. Let's call it relatively new, but it's a very good and storytelling options, so just a few words before we start. So with this type of that format, you can tell your product or brand story by showing people ah, serious off video. So the key word here is serious of videos in order that you defined with each step off a sequence being an ad group and the video ad. So that's the important thing to know when creating it. Most of the sequence settings are selected at the campaign level, so you won't have to. It's not like making if you have five videos in the sequence. It's not like making five different companions is by actually one campaign, but at groups and ads for different and of course, important to know that, um, as I said, bidding strategy, I mean, everything that is referred to the complete level will be the same for every video as a budget targeting, and so are once your sequence campaign store returning videos are running, people will see the first step in the sequence. And after a person sees the first step, they can see the 2nd 1 the 3rd 1 and so on, depending on how much you have determined, forgot to see, um, you can also, um, you can also play with frequency, which means that you can choose how often they can see the video and how often they will see the next one. And so on the 30 days or depending So, ah, for example, you set up to show the whole sequence off five different videos only once in 30 days so they can see the more than once in 30 days and, um, off course during those 30 days, they will see it in the sequence from 1 to 5. That's definitely important thing to know, and you can also set up how many segments you want them to see. In one day or so on, we will see how to. Actually, it's hard to find examples because I would have to actually know the story, telling him some brand, then to search for different videos and try to figure out the order, which is really hard. So I found only some images to show you. But you will get on idea how it looks like before that. I just want to say that here bidding strategies can include a target CPM, which is recommended option by Google eyes. You will see that on the maximum CPM maximum cp cost per view and off course with target CPM. They optimized bids to show entire sequence Campaign to the audience on that can help your sequence gather higher. Complete completion rate, which means it a higher number of people will see it anyway. Show you an example how it looks like. Here is the story. See Cuentos storytelling or 55 videos from 1 to 5. As you can see here, the 1st 3 ones are short one, maybe their bumper residents there six seconds and basically first you will see this video . After some time you will see See this video than this one. Then you will get this one. I suppose this is the last capable one and in the end you will see long one. So the whole point off this thing is I will say it is to see disorder. So maybe They're giving one message here, the other one here littered on here than before one here in the last one here. So it's very important to see the sequence and disorder not to see the 1st 1 that the 5th 1 than 31 before it wouldn't make sense. So this is a very good thing, as it suggests when you're telling the story here, you can see how that looks when you're building it. It's a screenshot for home from some gruesome ends. Some guys Google eyes. And as you can see here, you have sequenced steps for each step you need to upload the video, and the only after the 1st 1 ISS is viewed than the first they use. You can see the 2nd 1 that they're going and affordable what that will be determined by YouTube. So don't worry about that. And of course, you can target your CPM or any other option building cause strategy that you choose separately for each video, which is also very important because sometimes maybe you have some videos that you want to that they're in different formats, so you want to Teoh be charged more or less. Anyway, I hope that you now understand how this works. So it's a group of several videos They're not playing once they're distributed on the time period, a certain time period and they're gradually showed in order given by the advertiser regarding I didn't mention because I didn't mention which campaign goes have this video. But don't worry, you can find it here on the campaigns without ago. I am British. Yeah, you can find it here on the brand awareness and reach about the product and brand consideration Also on, uh, that would be, I think it not sure currently about the others. Maybe they will change that since storytelling can be more interactive. But for now, you can You can use it for brand awareness and were spreading your message to a large number off addi an audience as it was the case with previous ad formats. Thank you for watching on CNN next video 8. Non video ad formats explained: welcome back, and in this lecture, we're going to take a look at some different ways to advertise on you do, but not the type off video format. So this group of ads is called None video ad for months on you, too, and you have three options you have overly as this players and sponsor course. So 1st 1 is over my ads, where you can see it. Here it's from Unisphere, and this something that you can find very often it can pop up during the video at the beginning of the video on with pressing often X, you can put decided to wait and any second sending any period do it for it to pass. And basically, very often they're also transparent. In this case, it wasn't, but very often it is so you can see through it, and here it's It acts as a matter, so let nothing more to say about it with extensive visual graphics. Moreover, on display at you can find it here, so it's usually on the so it's on the right to the video, and the of course is for the desktop version from the mobile version. Now, I'm not quite sure on. I don't think that it is actually visible there. So I think it's only for the best about mature, depending also on which more? Well, maybe they there, they optimize that. But I think that this banner type and this this plans are not viewable or at least not so often mobile because there's simply not enough space. And, uh, keep in mind that this display at this shown here on the good thing is actually, we'll see that later on. When you're setting up your campaign, you can actually choose what's going to be here so you can upload your image or better, and it will be directly there. I will show you that and following videos when we were when we set up some multiple base and it also exits and better. If you click on that, you will get to the website. That was that was input there, and the last things are responsive cards, which are usually not visible so they won't be distracting the video. Your But if you click on it in the corner on that exclamation mark, usually here I think you can You can sit here. You can find some sponsor courts that are small coal collection pops up pop ups and you can click on them and go to a certain like so you can see here, it says. Discover more so it's with the link. If you click on it, it will drive you to some website, I suppose, for my shopping or something like that, since this is a fashion show or I suppose it's relative to it and, uh, cards, Aziz said. Important no is that cards will only expand to their full size when they're picked on, so they're not. They won't show up like this automatically at least a day so far. So that would be in something about different that he's actually these four months off. Advertising were used before when there were so many ad for months for video at four months for YouTube. But now they're not so relevant because you can find these things on any other partner website or Google. So they're not, at least from the research that are done, that not they're not forcing it so much here on you toe that that explains why there mostly available only on that stuff. Not so. So they're They're much more focused on the other things on the ads on the video ad formats , which is a good thing if you want to achieve a low cost per per mile or Cosper applicable or so on. So give those things in mind. Everything has its both different negative size pros and cons, and that will be it. So thank you for watching and in the next lecture. 9. How to link your YouTube account with Google Ads: welcome back. And in this, I hope, short video. We're going to take a look at how to connect your how to link your YouTube account, where rule light. So that is very important in order to run your YouTube beds because, as you will see later on, in order to publish your you do bad, you will first have to upload it on your account on YouTube so it needs to be connected. So Google ads can know that you actually own that video and that you're paying for it. So here it sounds so hard. Wherever you are in the Google eyes, in the here, at the menu about you will have the option tools and you can go to the set up, go to link the colors, and then you will have several options to choose from. As you can see here different. Perhaps the ones that you're interested now is you to go to more details. And if you still don't have any YouTube account connected, you can click here to add General. If you really have something you want to add additional one, you will have a plus here. Blue in the blue circle and you can click there at your account. Anyway, when you type at channel, you just need to copy or link of your channel here, okay? And, uh, as you can see here, it will recognize it. You can say whether you own to show somebody else somebody else, then you have to. In any case, it needs to be connected. They dio you need to have a permission to collect it. Now I'm going to my YouTube account. It will ask me to sign a name. I just use my name, and you can leave this things here for now. And the very, very important thing to know is to leave this box on check. This is very important because if you reject it and save it, maybe some of your ass won't run because you're disabled interest based ads. And here it says if you sell like this option, personal ads will not be shown on the videos on your channel. And this may significantly reduce general revenue and so on. So you might have some problems which re marketing videos later on someone. So it's beds to leave this box checked in case some of your videos are not writing for some reasons you don't know why. Please come here, Jack. With his boxes unchecked. When you're done, save it and, uh, go back here. Ondas, you can see here. It's already connected. So maybe five. Just refresh it. You can see here. AEA. It's here. It says its length and so on. So yeah, that will be it. Now it's connected and out Videos that type publishing my profile can easily be connected to my Google eyes account. And I can run my abs without any problems. That would be important to know Thank you for watching and seeing the next one. 10. How to set up a YouTube campaign (step by step) part 1: Welcome back on in this, uh, lecture, we're taking a look at how to set up for you to compare. And since we don't have enough time on it would take all of time actually to cover all of the video for months that we explained previously. I will just show you the most use one that is in that is this capable in stream at on the following videos, I will show you. The difference is if you want to set up the other type of format. But keep in mind that generally, on the campaign level, targeting budgeting and etcetera is the same for all the groups. So on Lee, the ad creation is different when it comes to video. Anyway. Again, quick update. Just so you know, if you're interface of Google, eyes is different. Don't Don't be surprised by it, because I still haven't updated my so you can find some differences. But the core of it, the structure should be the same anyway. When you went to the video, go on. Uh, choose which video. Former, You wish you can name your campaign and this video in this example, I would just use campaign one you can determine your campaign budget total, or you can put it to be daily. You can put up a starting date on the end date. Also, you can put it up to be published a soon as it is approved date. You can leave it to not so it can run indefinitely until you manually stopping. Or you can select the date, then bidding strategies, depending on different, different video. Four months. A different campaigns. Currently, it's only for this campaign. This format, it's only available target. CPL. When it comes to the networks, you can choose where your ad will be. Blade On the this case, I can only choose whether I want to show it in this place that for or not, since I'm not using discovery ends in this example, I don't have search results on YouTube. Ads are videos are actually mandatory for for this sake. For the sake of this campaign, languages on location are pretty clear. We already saw that some previous courses, videos and lectures. However, you can use the custom one you can target all territories and countries you could do. You could choose the languages that you want, and so on, So it's very simple when it gets when it comes the contact exclusion. Usually you can leave it by default on standard inventory here and here. You don't have to touch anything unless you really know what you're selling. Your are familiar with our audience on, and you have some sensitive content products or services that you're offering. So maybe that case you would consider you can consider limited inventory or expanded one. It basically gives you the ability to, uh, show your ads on different types of videos that could be considered un appropriate, maybe or less desirable. So you can compare in mentoring types by clicking here, and you can see what what is it included or excluded in the sort of baggage? Moreover, if you go here, you can see that our check. We're trying that manually. So as you can see here in the near future, since the content categories, it'll in video campaigns will no longer be available, maybe somewhere there already not on sending here, so as you can just to give you an or grab like if you check this box, it says, By selecting this category, your exclude content such as news, commentary, documentaries and educational or historic historical content related to wars complex or tragic event. So you're basically long, long story short your ads born wrong on the videos that are in these categories. Additional settings. As you can see here, you can target different devices or leave it to all devices. You can play with frequency, which is desirable thing when it comes to the ad sequence format. But you can also, if you're Dismore with more advanced things but advance thing, but you can play with it if you're familiar with it. You can set a number off frequency impressions or views per day per week for mom and choose in which level, whether you wanted to be a obey that before at level. Same thing with the view so you can limit how many times people can view your ad or how many times it can be shown to them. And you can choose the day of the time of the day when you want your rights to run that you can also add different hours. And now we came. Teoh. Sorry if I was a bit fast when it comes to the campaigns options, but mostly recovered it in other videos and courses and so on. So I didn't want to spend much time there on When it comes to the group you can first name . It's so at Group Pash, that one and the here, you're basically playing with the targeting options. So first of all, we have demographics and you can target different gender age potential status in certain country, you can get a household income insert not depending on which are you targeting. In this case, I'm not able. For instance, if I have put the U. S as a targeted country than I would have this ability, the thing I would recommend here is to leave this unknown box checked. And that's the something that I found out recently while I was preparing this courses in doing the research. So basically, I read somewhere that, um, Google is not so powerful when it comes to demographics data. So it's not so accurate as Facebook is, for example, or social media networks. So majority of users actually don't improve their their demographics imposed. So there this category is actually a pretty big one on For that reason, it iss adjustable that you live it checked, which can lower your costs and actually brought in your audience. So in this case, only if you're familiar with your audience, you can, of course, check it and use this categories. But if you're like do we get on the broad audience and you want to raise awareness awareness, I would suggest that you laid this check so you can lower your cost and reach more people when it comes to the audience. This is a familiar one, so you can type relevant things on. Let's say I want to type something about cars. I haven't haven't prepared anything about it, but actually, no since it will be educational video. Then I can, like do with this so I can use education, technology and education. Um, maybe it can be something about movie. I could target people who recently graduated, and so the good thing is that you will get some ideas here on from there. You can also choose, so it will help you to determine your your audience closer. Another powerful tool that you can do here is bro's on not just demographics, but those so different interesting habits, the things that we already saw, and this is a very powerful thing when it comes to re marketing. But since I haven't used this profile for regular advertising, I don't have any audiences and re marketing the things don't hear. So usually you you can have your YouTube subscribers here or channel visit. The results have visitors so on. So you can target that. Yes, you can find that here. Anyway, it's really powerful toe on. Next. You can use keywords, topics and placements for targeting. So the thing that would suggest is that, uh, depending on the type of the campaign on the uh size of the audience that you want to cover on. Sorry, I would suggest that you use audience and topics in the combination. Don't use topics, keywords on audience. Because sometimes if you don't have enough, if your audience is not big enough, your had simply one thrown, you will get overcharged, which you really don't want to. So keep in mind that would be advice for me. It's worked so far, good for me, But keep in mind, I was mostly like doing the campaigns for the smaller audiences. But whenever I used all three off the targeting options to narrow my targeting. It was so narrow that my ad sometimes didn't even run. So I had to exclude usually keywords and leave just these two. Or I have to exclude these two and you only keywords which prove out proved to be very, very useful. So regarding the topics it's about, as we're suggest topics of your video. Since we mentioned education, I can say it like that so visual it can be used to this one on, maybe see their something else. When it comes to education, there is so it can be I want to be general. But just here on okay, I'm just using the random things. But very often people get confused. What is the difference between audience and topics? So there is some so topic targeting to explain it brief like Doc targeting places as on pages that are more contextually relevant to the oral topic. On the other hand, interest categories allow you Teoh reach people who have demonstrated specific interests, regardless off whether that ad you're serving is contextually relevant to the page. There currently are or it's not so I don't know if you understood, but to make it more simple. Consider topics to be subjects, while audiences are people that its users having interests in those topics. So I hope I made it clear with that. It's a bit tricky to understand, but anyway, it's It's not so hard, like mostly here. We're talking in audience about people here. We're talking about content on topics, so that will be it from audiences and topics. You should combine it, and they shouldn't be different because then you would get there wouldn't be a relationship between then. You can put cars here and education here. It's simply it doesn't make sense on may be in some advanced or getting there could be some logical relationship between different terms, but that is for advanced things. And here keywords over. We cover keywords in previous courses, lectures and so on, and possibly the future. There might be some courses on keywords. I just want to say that those are the terms that are typed in the search box or titles of the video description so on, based on which you, too, will serve your ad to users. Since we were talking about education, let's put like this education on line or learn new things. Um, I don't know, starting always and so on. So these are maybe just some dumb words I use. But like here, you can enter what is your product or service and then, or even a website, and then you can get some idea. So here are mostly it's about college and so alone because he now glad says, thinking that I'm a university or college that wants to do to advertise itself. Since I haven't choosing anything for this video, I'm just using this as an example. I won't check anything, but anyway, you can get your ideas here, and you can choose those keywords here. Keep in mind that keywords with quotation marks and brackets have different meaning, but as I said, you can see that in other videos. Other lectures. Moreover, when it comes to the placement, you can choose where you want to put your ads. You can fruit, your eyes and certain channels. You just copy. You are here on certain videos. Website ABS. Even that's categories on that store, Apple App store or Google play. Keep in mind that although this is a powerful tool, for example, you can target videos and channels off your competitors. But if you only target few videos or channels and your based on the CPI M, your cost might be very, very high, since it's very hard for you to to make 1000 impressions for your ad if you're only serving it on a few videos, so keep those things in mind. You can multiple placements, but it can be a powerful tool if you know what you're doing. And if you're like aiming, get competitor or something similar. When it comes to the bidding, you can target your CPM bit here and for the top content bit. You can adjust it by percent, which means you can hover over here to read. But basically you're saying, if you have determined your maximum CP bed, how much per sensually would you be? Would you be ready to pay to increase your paying? If your ad was delivered to the most popular videos to the trending videos at the moment, you can see the countries where this is available only, but as you can see here by increasing your bits with X percent, you can increase the likelihood off serving your video ads on the most popular content on YouTube and the display network. So and you can see here it can rage for 3 to 500%. Finally we came Teoh, create your video ad and I will just copy the rental video from that it. Since it's an instrument, it's okay for the land. If it was less than 11 2nd seconds, you would see that it would say that for the short videos, for example, less than six seconds I should use bumper. As for videos between seven and 15 seconds, I should use knows capable as but I can also use. If the video is longer than 11 seconds, I can use it for its capable instrument in this case it straight and 1/2 minutes or almost so I can use it here. I can see the preview here on that stop mobile on. I can put my euro hell here. I cannot call to action bottom and I can actually added it. So like learn. Now let's say on, I cannot headline also. So is it or more? Yeah, and here I can upload an image or like to be out generated. Basically, that's the banner that will be here so if I uploaded manually decided to do so, it has to be 300 with 60 pixels on. This is the maximum follow size. And here I just need to Okay, basically, that's that's it. So from here, then you just go to save and continue, and you get to the information page, so mostly that will be it. You can play with the things here on. If you're publishing on this play network, you will also have the bottom here for the preview. We don't skip on the display network, uh, partner websites on. Yeah, that would be He has some more advanced options here, but they're not so relevant right now, so you can leave that as it is. Andi, I think I would be mostly I hope that you understood how you do that as work that now you're able to actually set them up on. As I said in the following videos, we're going to see how it looks with different at different video formats on it's important to know that most of the campaign level ist of the things we did above this above this section off video add more. There are the same so only this thing will be different, depending whether you want a bomb parade or you want, announce capable, add. It will depend on the time. So here I wouldn't be able to fight like chose any other like, let's say her add example and let's use the 1st 1 that pops up. So okay, okay, if I call me that short video here you see, it says, since it's only seven seconds, it says this video is under 11 seconds. Instant video and must be longer than 11 seconds to increment the public. You can when watch as an ad. So basically it tells me that it's not suitable for this at four. I need to I need to use it for something else, So anything that is longer than 11 seconds will would be suitable on. Also, if it's below 15 seconds and actually between seven and 15 seconds, it can be used announce capable. So that will bid. Thank you for watching and seeing the next one 11. How to set up a YouTube campaign (other video formats) part 2: Welcome back on in this video. We'll continue with setting up the YouTube conveyance, but I'm going to show you, since in the previous one we saw how capable in stream ads looked like and how to set up a campaign. And as I said, on the campaign level, most perimeters are the same, but there are some differences. I'm going to show you that. So I'm just going to use an example for bumper read, First of all, to see, to show you how low so as you can see campaigning the same budgets and days. Most insane bidding strategy can sometimes be different. You can have several options, but most of the time it will be CPM networks, depending on the availability availability on Discovery, adds there could be a YouTube search results on so on on out stream as you won't have you took videos, of course, because it isn't wrong on YouTube. Still, location. The same contacted exclusion the same thing about inventory, which we thought in the previous videos. Additional settings. The same we come to the as a group. They're demographics, audiences, topics, keywords, placements, the same bidding defensive general bidding strategy is different and now three. Only different part is the video that you create. So now if I I should copy. Since it's a bomb parade, I should copy the others the video which is six or seconds or less. But I will just call me the one like this one, which is almost four minutes and just show you what it says. So you see, choose the video that a six seconds or less So you will get notice on that. Because simply if you don't, uh, simply if you want. Teoh, advertise this video this longer. One. You're in the wrong campaign. Go. So you have to go to to the s capable instrument. You can do it here and same thing here. Coffee. This 1 15 seconds. It will say that choose to be here this seconds six seconds or life. So I have to use this one which is actually a bumper at in order to get approved. So as you can see here bumper red and then I can publish it. So again, I have options for this by oral where I want the link to go on some other options. You can see how it looks on YouTube. How it looks on Google will be the A partner Websites on mobile that stop and again, you have the ability to generate a banner photo on the side to upload an image or channel we used by someone. So that's the only difference. And let me just show you once or announce capable in stream ass. So basically against the same. But I need to use, like, if I use this one, I think it won't get approved. Yeah, because they could look now. So let's try again. Everything is the same. So maybe you can sometimes get different options here. Still, for this campaign goal, no is the same. But here, if I copied the bump, read it will allow it because it's it's a seven second, actually, which is a bit too weird because it says here six seconds, But apparently it it adds one seconds somewhere. I'm not sure, but try to go with this one off seconds. I suppose it won't bruise this one. Okay. Yeah. You see, this video is too short. Use a video 7 to 15 seconds so I can choose this one, which is 15 seconds, I hope. Yeah, OK, it's at 16. But that's because that's one second extra on this video. But it apparently one second is tolerated by you do because it can short it automatically or something like that. Anyway, you can see the options are the same. Boat depends on the on the type of the foreman on the last thing I want to show you. Or this is the ad sequence, which is which. We're not going to sell it because it is most making a lot of videos, but it can be different. Majesty. There Now you have the one option more. You have moxie. Maximum cost per view. See? Yeah, you have much and CPM Yeah, Okay. So you can choose between those two options you can the other things that most of the same . But here, when it comes to the sequence step, you have to choose it on Add the different you see for every sequence you make special add group and you had the video that you create. So I will make an ad a group here I will target my CPM or CPI. If I should chose it there on, then I will upload copy the euro of my video will add a sequence, and that will be the 1st 1 And then I will add as many as I wish, So that will be it. As you can see, it's mostly the same, but it depends on the type off. The campaign will campaign and type of the video format. So give that in mine. And if you have any questions, let me know. Thank you for watching on. 12. Thank you: Hi, everyone. Thank you for taking the scores. I really hope that you find it to be helpful. Please. If you have any suggestions, steps, advice on how I can improve my courses, let me know. And also, if you have any suggestions in which topics I should cover, please limit down below in the community tab or related within the review. Thank you once again and I hope to see in the following blesses