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LinkedIn Advertising | How To Set Up Your First Campaign | All You Need To Know | Step By Step Guide

teacher avatar Nikola Lugonja, HR and Marketing Instructor

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      Introduction (LinkedIn in numbers)


    • 2.

      How to access LinkedIn Campaign Manager


    • 3.

      How to create an account


    • 4.

      LinkedIn Campaign Manager settings explained


    • 5.

      How to create a campaign group


    • 6.

      How to set up a campaign


    • 7.

      How to set up an ad


    • 8.

      Different objectives and ad formats explained


    • 9.

      How to set up the Insight Tag and check the performance


    • 10.

      Thank you


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About This Class

Here you are going to learn a lot of new things about LinkedIn Advertising. You will learn how to make and set up your account, create campaign groups and ads. Moreover, you will get to know LinkedIn Campaign Manager and how it works. After this course, you will be able to set up your own different types of campaigns on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn Ads (lectures):

  1. Introduction (LinkedIn in numbers)
  2. How to access LinkedIn Campaign Manager
  3. How to create an account
  4. LinkedIn Campaign Manager settings explained
  5. How to create a campaign group
  6. How to set up a campaign
  7. How to set up an ad
  8. Different objectives and ad formats explained
  9. How to set up the Insight Tag and check the performance

Meet Your Teacher

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Nikola Lugonja

HR and Marketing Instructor


-Multi-year experience in both HR and digital marketing. I started my career in Marketing, but over time I dived deeper into the world of Human Resources. I find these two areas commonly overlapping (e.g. when it comes to employer branding), therefore I will also try to link them in some classes. 

-Here are 4 values that I always keep in mind when preparing and publishing classes:

Keep it short and sweet - eliminating waste i.e. everything that does not bring any value and ensuring the students get the most out of every single second Unscramble the content - making things simple to comprehend and outlining the most important takeaways Always explore - stepping into the unknown to extensively research new topics and broaden the knowledge spectrum Improve... See full profile

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1. Introduction (LinkedIn in numbers): Hello, everyone. Welcome to this video. We're going to start our talk on the Lincoln Advertising and before we start with with the taking a look at campaigns manager and the different objectives and ads are available there , I would just like to give you a short introduction on how powerful Lincoln is. So without further ado, let's dive in tow. Some statistics I took from Alberta Online and the 1st 1 is that Lengthen has currently over 650 million members, so it's a pretty large number. It's still not even close to the numbers off. Let's face Bo that is the most popular, with 2.5 billion 1,000,000,000 users, and it probably never will because Facebook is more general social media network. This is more of a business, the media natural. So I would say that for the purpose that linked anus serving, having 650 million members is really, really something powerful and something valuable. The next one is that 38% off LinkedIn users are between 25 34 years old, while 30% of them are between 35 45 years old. So comparing leads, let's compare that to approximately Facebook's users, there are 65% of them that are younger than 35 years. And also, if you take that, data for Instagrammed and percentage of people would be even higher. So you can get a sense that the most adults are on. Especially people from the business survival environment are active on this social media network. The next one is that 92% off Fortune 500 companies use Lincoln, and that is really, really important to know because it's definitely sense different message, because it's not just that a group off people is using this. This Social Media network, but also companies that are most popular in the world and the biggest companies in the world are using the Social media network. Blink then is responsible for 80% off business to business leads from social media. So that is really important to know again that business environment and I mentioned an average length in session by six minutes and seven seconds. This is just an approximate number. It's always changing. It is still lower than the Facebook's average session, but I think it's a little bit higher than Instagram average session so you just you can just get a sense of it. And 57% off Lincoln traffic comes from mobile device, so more than 1/2 is coming from the mobile advice. But you can still see that the desktop device is present largely. So if you compare this to, let's say Facebook, there is over and also instagram. I mean instagram off course because it's it's most a DEA. But let's say Facebook has over 90% of traffic coming from the mobile advice. So comparing that to 57% off link, then it doesn't seem so much so that can say that that's still present because people are checking linguine world layer on their work while they're sitting on their computer and so on. Thank you for watching. This was just a short overview of the lengthen, and probably during the course, I will make embarrassment to mostly to the Facebook, because they're very similar in some terms. So stay tuned, and I hope to see in the foaming videos 2. How to access LinkedIn Campaign Manager: Hi, everyone. Welcome to this video where we're going to take a look at how you can access your campaign manager on London. So there are two ways the 1st 1 is to come to you and just type linked in campaign manager . You can choose the this link, and it will bring you to this page engaged or not logged. And if you are, it will take you directly to the campaign manager where you need to settle the account and we're going to see how you can do that in the next video. That was the first way that the second way is to come regularly to LinkedIn, page or profile. And from there, choose work and click on Advertise. You will be brought up again to the same page on their campaign Ellington campaign manager So you can choose the direction which ever you prefer in whichever is easier for you that the most important thing is to come to this page. Thank you for watching and seeing the following video 3. How to create an account: Hello, everyone. In this video, we're going to take a look at how you can set up your account in campaign manager. And we're going to take a look at different levels that you have here. So we're currently in the Lincoln campaign Manager on. Before we start, we need to dio it's choose which account we're going to use or to make one if we don't have any. Okay, so here, as you can see, I already have two accounts. This is just the Devil Demel profile demo account that I will be using for the sake of the thes videos. And of course, if you don't have one, you need to make one so you cannot continue without having an account. What do you can do is click your on, create account, and they give a name to your account, choose the currency for your account, and here it's important to know that once you choose your current, we cannot change it later on. So be careful on this step, which one you're going to choose and how you want to get charged. And finally, you can associate Arlington page with your account, and this is an optional step. Okay, so it's important to know a zit is probably with any other social media network. Actually, with most of them, there's page and profile that you can have. Okay, And usually when it comes to business, you want to have a page. Something goes here for the London. If you have a LinkedIn page, you should include link here, however, it says optional, because you will still be able to run some ads without having an official LinkedIn page for your business. But it's definitely advisable toe have one. Because if you have a LinkedIn page and you pretty rolling here, you will be able to run all of the the ads that are available as four months that are available there. So my advice would be to include a LinkedIn page here, and if you don't have one, you should make one. Okay. When you're done with that, you should press, say, and you will have your account listed here. As I said, you can have multiple accounts, and you should choose from which one you want to set up your campaigns and for the sake off . This video will choose Theo F account on from there I will proceed to the campaign level where I will get a similar interface is you can see And you can probably recognise its similar interface to Facebook ads Manager and also Snapchat manager and so on. So you can see here that you will have your campaign listed here. You will have different metrics that are available here. If you hover over different metrics, you will have explanation. But most of them are a pretty general for for every on the same for every network and platform. Were you advertised? So you will know them already, and you have filters to choose custom columns. You can make different breakdowns, time arrangements and so on. Here you will have a surge book, have our to search for different names off the campaign's groups and so on. As I said, you will have your campaigns listed here suggested fold one that is given by lengthen. You will be able to choose how many complaints you want to see. So 15 50 or 100 per page. Okay. And you have your page vested here. Eso This would be at the level of campaign groups with which are created inside off this account. And from there you will have a different campaigns and different as within those campaigns . So these three levels are pretty familiar. Eso It's like Facebook when you have that objective that you choose and then you have that ad set level and then you had add level. You can apply this similar logic here. Okay, so without further ado, I would finish on this for for this video. And in the following video, we're going to take a look at the settings that are available in the campaign Manager. Thank you for watching and seeing falling with you. 4. LinkedIn Campaign Manager settings explained: Hi, everyone. This video was taken A look at the settings within campaign manager, and you can find settings options here in the top right corner. If I click here, I will have my account idea listed here. And then I will have the option to add in my account videos that I've previously set up. And you can see here that I can edit my account name. I can. Unfortunately, as I mentioned earlier, I cannot edit my currency. And of course I can the associate, my LinkedIn page or I can create a new one. When I'm done, I can save changes here. Moreover, I'm able to manage access on uses permissions for this account s so I can see who has the access here. And of course, I can edit those access so I can add a user to account. So I just need to copy his or her LinkedIn, profile you out, and then I will be able to give to assign them different rules. You can see different roles that are available here. So depending on how much permission you want to give them, you will be able to choose different roles. Also, when you're done, you can press the changes and proceed. Then I can head up to billing center where I can choose my method of payment. And also, I can see my building activity here. So transactions, coupons and credits and so on that I had I can see dates, descriptions, payments, amount spent, amount of upcoming amount that I have to pay and so on. If you see here, I have a notification saying that the your current account is your account is currently on hold Eso what I need to do with said my payment method. So that's why I have this notification here. And when I add my credit card, Donna will be able to run My adds, of course. And finally, the last thing I want to show you here is contact setting. So this is really something powerful is something positive that I find from London to offer , and that is that you can choose when you want to be contacted so you can choose which you merely want to provide in your account settings, and from there you can choose when you want to get contacted. So if you're right, this rejected or your campaign is approaching toe an end, order some optimization opportunities or new features and updates. So that is really something valuable. I can choose these two options and let's say that I'm, uh I set up a campaign and I went on to do us so some other things and I'm thinking that my campaign is running. I come tomorrow to see how it is performing, and suddenly I see that it was rejected yesterday, but I didn't see that. Now I can choose that I can choose have the option to for lending to contact me whenever my Addis rejected. And that's when I will know immediately that something is going on sending for campaign ending. So let's say that I didn't notice that one of my camp or I forgot that one of my campaigners on dink on I simply get une email. Hey, your campaign is approaching tone and if you want to extend it, so one, so is a really valuable option that you have. You can have here in choose which one you want to have on press safe, so that would be it regarding some basic settings and available here in the falling videos . We're going to take a deeper look at the campaigns and different options that are available here. Thank you for watching and see you there. 5. How to create a campaign group: Hi, everyone. And welcome back to this Solingen advertising course. We're taking a look at the campaign manager and in this video, we're going to take a look at how you can set up your first campaign group. I have already made one, but I'm going to show you how it it. So what I need to do is actually to set up a campaign group from where I will be able to set up different campaigns or just one campaign. Okay, so what I want to do here is click on Create Campaign Group and I can give it a name so it can be in discussed. That's the campaign campaign. Group number two. I can set up my total budget, but this is an optional steps, so I don't have to do with right now. I need to set up a starting day which beat today, and I can choose and then date, which is again optional. If I don't do that, it will. My campaign will run indefinitely, okay? And I can choose my status or whether this is something that I want to be active and published at the moment when I'm done with it or I wanted to be a draft. Since it's just that, then more count I will use attract. When I'm done, I will just press save and a Z you can see here, actually is you're going to see it within seconds. I will have my best campaign group hashtag to I connected the name here. And from there I can proceed. Teoh compares. And now every campaign that I made here will be inside off this campaign group. Okay, so in the falling videos, we're going to see how you can make different campaigns. But this is just the This was just the video showing how you can make your competing group , which is an important step so you can make further campaigns and after that, several or just want ads. Thank you for watching and seeing differently with you. 6. How to set up a campaign: Hi, everyone. In this video, we're taking a look at how you can set up a create campaign within your campaign group. So if you'll recall from the previous video we made a campaign group number two and for Disco Pain Group, we're going to set up a campaign. But I want to do here is flickers create campaign and, uh, probably this interface will ring some bell, so it's very similar to some other ads managers, and the first thing that I can do here is given name to my campaigns from this case. It's going to be a test campaign on, and I can just leave it like this in case I want to change which campaign group I want to use. I can do that here, so I have to campaign groups that I made. And I have this one, which is which was made by default. And it's important to know that once you choose your campaign group and publisher read off course, you're no longer able to change that group. Of course, so I will just leave it to the group to. But if I wanted, I could also change it to the Group one and now I can choose the objective that I want to have for this campaign. So I have three columns and I have awareness, consideration and conversions when it comes to awareness. I have brand awareness when I want to spread. I spread my message and the more people to learn about my business as it is written here when it comes to consideration had website visit so I can drive traffic to a destination on or offline, then engagement where I want more people to engage with my content post and the video views where I want more people to watch my videos. Finally, I have conversions column when I have lead generation where when where I can collect leads on. I would say that this objective is one of the most popular with lengthen adds website conversions for which I need to set up inside tag, which is similar as Facebook pics. Also, I need to set up inside bag on my website in order to track versions and job applicants where I want where I can promote job opportunities at my company. Okay, so if you hover over each objective, would you have you will have a short description telling you the purpose of it, and from there you can choose which one you wish. I will go with the website visits now and the then you will see here the steps that are going to be followed. So now I will have to choose my audience. If I already have some saved audience, I will see them here. And from there I will be able to choose in case I make any audience that I want to reset it . I can do that here. I could do some lengthen audiences. So what? So first of all, I need to start with the location when it comes to audience, and I need to choose at least one location. What I can do here is choose, let's say, the North America, United States, and from there I can choose different states. So let's say California that I want to choose certain area and so on, so it's a bit different than then. Let's a Facebook. As manager, you don't have a map here showing radius and so on, so you will have to check manually here and so on. But you can do here. You do that here Okay, you will see a forecast results showing up here. And you can, of course, even exclude if you want people in certain area. Okay, When it comes to location, it's important to know that you can choose whether you want to target the permanent location or recent eso people who recently visited that location or people who permitted they live on work in the selected location. Okay, so usually you can just leave it dispersed. Option? That would be it regarding the location. So you can choose which location you wish to have from there. Okay. And you can choose, as I said, even separate areas. But enough. You can leave all of them to be targeted when it comes to profile language. So you can read that here. So your audience sizable very depending on the language that you select English may be selected as default language, even even in areas where local and which is available. So that means that some people living in Germany may use LinkedIn in English language, although there in Germany and there is the Chairman Lincoln available. Okay, so that's important to know. And these are the language that are available when it comes to the target audience and a specific interests and so on, and you can again exclude certain audience. Or you can narrow audience okay, and when it comes to narrowing audience, you will have audience attributes. You will have company demographics, education, job experience and interest, and all of these are relevant. You don't have the necessary choose the more about. Sometimes you will use different attributes, and depending on that, you will be able to form their audience. So here you can see you can find members based on companies that are listed in the lignin profile. So maybe you want to target certain employees a certain company. Same thing goes with demographics. Maybe you want to reach people based on their age or gender education. Maybe you want to reach people that have different educational background and so on job experience and their interests. When it comes to match audience, basically, you can upload your audience that you have on, you know, so use your data as it is, really use your data to retarget website visitors or reach known contact and account. So this is a bit more advanced. The auction. This is like using custom audience on Facebook. Okay, When it comes to the audience attributes here, I just want to show you a few available things. So if you click on company, you will have you will be able to target based on company connections, industries names or a company size. So let's click here and you will see what I'm talking about. You can target employees that are working in companies that have between eso. You see rich members who work for organization off 51 to 200 employees reach people who work in large multinational companies and so on. Okay, so or people who work only for themselves So you can do that here. Same thing goes for companies name. So this is where something powerful you can search for a company and target in, please Working there. Okay, so let's if I just Nike here, okay? So I can put I can target them like this, OK, and you will see a lot of the data that are available here. OK, I would just exclude this now and go back to show you some other options that are available when it comes to demographic is very simple. You can target people with different age and different gender. Okay, on the first, you need to give your approvals on the on this notification that you will not use this demographic to discriminate. Anyone sent it goes for gender. When it comes to education, you can target people based on their degrees field of studies or members who also maybe, if they went to certain school that you want to target business schools and so want job experience so you can target people based on their job functions, jump titles, their skills, their years of experience. Or maybe you just want to target people from certain. Maybe you just want to target engineers with five plus years of experience and so on. Okay. And you can see that here. So you have different options that are available here for job functions. And, of course, for job titles. OK, you can just type as you can see here. Some examples Director, engineer, executive, manager of sales, and so on. Specialist associate the system and so on. And finally, when it comes to interest, you can target people based on different groups. There are members up or different interests. They might have okay, and again, all of those things go for excluding audience. And as I said, you don't necessarily have to use all of these attributes you can use always some that will help you to make to target your audience. And you will always have forecast results here. Based on some time periods, you will have your target audience size, and you will have different numbers showing here. If you scroll down, you will be able to choose different ad formats that are available and the current leader or six of them but lived in this. This is updating this constantly, so I would just go over these ones, okay? And the 1st 1 the single image so most widely used. And you just have an image while you scroll on the feet so people could see it. Same thing goes for the Caruso. Let's where you were able to use several images, not just one on the off course. When it comes to video ad instead of images, will have a video when it comes to Techstat. So, as it is written here, create that space as I don't show up in the right column. On top of the page like. Then she will see them on the size on the side. You have a spotlight ad, which are personalized as using your profile data data and will promote an offering products service on other offers that you have, but only on desktop. And when it comes to message as so, this is something very special for, like then to be able to create as deliver to your audience inbox. Okay, so it's like a personal message. Depending on which had format you choose, you will need to add your LinkedIn page. And, as you can see here for single image at London, is asking me to provide a link to my LinkedIn page. If I go to text at, you will see that I'm not necessary obligated to Havel England page. But for some other things, I am so usually you are. That's why I said at the beginning. So if you have a linden page, be sure to include your link because then you will be able to have all the at four months. But if you don't have, you will still be able to run text that message ads and maybe some other at type of fed okay when it comes to placement. Besides Langdon there is also linked to an audience network, and a zit is written here. You can reach up to 25 more off your target audience by allowing, he writes, to be run on this Lincoln audience Network again, you're not able to run all of the ad formats on Lengthen Audience Network, for example. Now you're not able to run message at on linked in audience network. But if I click here, I will be able to choose whether I want to enable the linguine audience settle or not sending a ghost for actually know for Tax said No, but I think for yes, for video ad euros able to include or exclude lignin audience network. And from there you will oh, so be ableto exclude certain categories. So if you don't want your ads to be shown in certain industry category and so on on that audience network, you can also choose that here finally were coming to the budget and schedule area, where you're able to choose a daily budget or both daily and a total budget. So in any case, you will need to set up a daily budget, which needs to be minimum off 10 euros. Okay, so if you tried to set up a budget which is lower than that is simply one, allow it. Okay, so 10 euros is minimal. Okay, so if I put five, you will see here daily budget needs to be at least 10 euros, OK? And again, you can choose. You have to choose a start. Eight, okay. And the futures to be today. Then you can also choose the end date. But you don't necessarily have to, because if you don't, it will run indefinitely. Okay, But let's say that you choose it for actually, we're a longer period. Okay? You can also choose your, uh, both daily and total budget. Okay. So it can be set up like this. Okay, on when it comes to bed typing, so you have again. Depending on the ad format and objective that you choose, you will have different types. But my advice would be to always leave it on the automatic, so LinkedIn can automatically optimizes for the best performing bed. Okay? And finally, when it comes to conversion tracking, which is also off optional if you want to add certain conversions to track more metrics and so on again, depending on the objective that teaches, you can set that up here once you're done. Sorry. I will need to to do. Actually, I don't know why is not allowing me to have Ah, a budget which is higher than yeah. For some reason, sometimes it's displaying an error. So if you want to put the budget, that is higher than yeah, okay. Never mind any case it needs to be daily budget Lee to be at least 10 year olds now. There is a currently some bug with with the London Daily Budget. So you're not ableto added it for some reason. OK, but anyway, just don't type under 10 euros and you don't dollars and you won't have this problem. When you're done, you just press the next and you will head on to the next step. Think watching and soon the falling videos. We're going to take a look at the step Duke, actually, how to set up your ads. Thank you for watching and see there 7. How to set up an ad: Welcome back, everyone. We're at our second step where we need to set up an ad. Okay, so now I'm seeing this field as the option to create new ed on. If you recall in the previous video, we saw how you can set up a campaign here. We're setting up the theater ad, which is the last step we need to do. And keep in mind that we're doing this for the tax that format. Okay, so the one which goes in the right column and it's important to know that we were able to use only this one and the message at the type, because otherwise, who would need to connect our page? And keep in mind that when you connect your page, it will be easier for you to run the single image, other crew, cell or video because you will already have your posts. Connect that and you will be able to use some of them some of the description and so on. So since I don't have ah LinkedIn Page, I'm using this for the as a demo count for the test. For the sake of discourse, I will not connect any page and that will just make ads that use informants and available. In this case, it's next ad for Medicaid and I will click on Create New Ed. I will have a new window. Okay. And here I will be able to add an image. I will just use the one that I prepared here. So it's a back to ray image for that stop from Tesla factory, OK? And you can see how it looks here. So it's pretty small is in the right column. Usually these ads really low cost. That's on the here. You will be able to add your headline toe your description and destination. You Well, okay. When you're done, you just press create and the so headline best, uh, it's just something good here and the okay. And if we create one, you will see it here. Okay. Off course, you will be able to create more. It's on and off course. You will be able to rotate those ads and you can choose how so you have a recommended version to optimize for performance or to rotate them evenly. So you have several ads, you can rotate them evenly, or you can let blink, then decide which one is the best performing one used that most often you will again see some forecast results here. When you're done, you just press Next you will see here on, uh, find on the final step, you will see old available information that you choose and so long on again you will have to change. If you want to run this this ad, you will need to change it from a draft to act them off course. And finally, you will be able to launcher compared Now I'm going to do that because that is just the This is just the demo account and just a test version. I'm showing you. And here again the thing that you will have on the forecast that results to see how well you perform on one day basis, seven day basis or 30 day basis. Okay, here is that notification I was telling you about on in case you wanted lead your campaign . You can always do that here. Okay, so just press of action, delete campaign and it will be deleted. You can see that this is trapped so engaged. You want to run it, you will have to go back and change it to be the act and one which is do that. The campaigns group settings. Okay, thank you for watching that would be regarding setting up off the campaign. Of course, I will not go through each of the ad former it each of the objective because they're very different and you will have You will need to have a different Fiji different options, different settings for each of them. But it's important to understand this first step on how on what are the important things within setting up the compares that we saw here. So no matter which objective or red for what you choose, you will always have to set up audience placement margin budget. In some case, you will have to set up tracking also, and you saw how you can set up different ads if you have them within your right format and so on. Thank you for watching and seeing the following videos 8. Different objectives and ad formats explained: Hi, everyone in this video, I just want to show you how different ad formats will look like since we only saw so far tax that format. And I want to show you which at four months you will have within different objectives. Okay, so first within the same website visits objective. I want to show you how you can use message at format because for these other four months, you will need to have a page connected. If you click on your message ad, you will see that it's not necessary to have LinkedIn Page connected. You can click next, and basically you will have the same field, same interface that you had when you clicked on tax that you will be able to create new ad okay, to give it a name to choose a sender and two for your message. So it's very similar to regular. A message to subject had subject next call to action, but landing page rural and so on. You will have some tips here and advice on how you can make a good message. At and off course, you will be able to upload an image. Okay, so that is regarding this type off ad format. And if I go back to the contained group and actually choose okay, the same campaign, I just want to show you how it would look like if you use different objectives. So instead, off website visits. Now it's informing me that all the previous data will be deleted. OK, and now let's say that I choose engagement, for example. You will see that now I will have different ad formats so I won't have the ones that I had previously. I will have some of them. But for example, instead of text ed and spotlight dead and message, I will have a follower. And but I can create that are personalized using profile data and will promote a company page strong to test. Okay, so something goes, if I choose, for example, lead generation and now you see that I have a message at I don't have a follower and and so on. I worry fight shoes, for example, video views. It's logical that I will only have a video, a sanad form, okay. And the last thing I want to mention is, But I just take a look for brand awareness and OK, you can see the front end forms that you have here and the last thing I want to mention and that unfortunately, I cannot show you because I don't have a LinkedIn page. But as I mentioned for certain that formers, you will need to have a Lincoln Page in order to use them, since I cannot show you now because May creating Arlington Page is not as easy is doing that on Facebook because it requires some type off verification, and it requires you to have a certain number of connections, have a profile for seven period of time and so on, which you currently don't have with this demo account. Okay, so what you actually do then is choose that format you wish you pay based, you're you're all here and you click on Save You will be do the next step. You will be brought up to the same interface, same page that we saw earlier. Instead of just creating new ad, you will also be able to he was existing post that you had on your page, which is very valuable, so you don't necessarily have to create something new. You can already use something that existed or that was published on your page earlier. Thank you for watching on DSI in the form of videos 9. How to set up the Insight Tag and check the performance: higher one. I really hope that you're managing to keep your attention successfully during this course. Andi. I know that we're covering a lot of things, and especially if you don't have any previous experience with Facebook, Google Snapchat, that's all of this seems very new to you. But don't worry, it's not that hard. And it's actually you just need to understand the basics. And from there you will be able to understand different things and how they work. McCain this video. I want to show you how you can set up inside the bag, how you can set up conversions and also show you where you can look for your campaign performance. The first thing they were going to cover is that inside that I mentioned so basically functions as Facebook pics. So it's a tag that you set up on your website. You get a code here that you can call you, go to your website and paste it there. In case you don't know, you can always send it to your developer, or the third option, which is not so popular, is to use it with tag managers. You get your I D. And then you can combine it with some other bag managers actually link it to tag manager. Okay, so this is only important if you want to have some additional data available and if you want to run a conversion, that's okay. When it comes to inside tag. If you click here on the website demographic once you connected with your website, it will take up to 24 hours to verify, and after that you will have a lot of the data available here. So basically, with inside tag, you will be able to see the behavior off your users. We're coming to your website and you will be able to utilize the data in orderto optimize your ads can. That is really important. So you can see how people are navigating when your website, what are interesting in and Howard a behaving And when it comes to conversions, you can set up conversions here and you can also set up an objective which is a conversion , and run the campaign like that. Okay, so if you set up a conversion, if you create a conversion, you will see them listed here. And here is just a short ovary off. What a conversion contains, you will have to name it. Then you will have different settings to enter. So which type of conversion that is What is the estimate? A return on the nads spent. But it's optional clicks, views within certain date range and so on. You will have different options here and here. Okay, How you want to track them? But those are a bit advanced options. I'm just showing you where you can find them. And finally, when it comes to campaign performance, where you can see that besides these data. So if you want to see some graphs, what you can do here is click on chart. And for this campaign group, you will have. Once you have data available, you will see them here. What you can do here is change your view for performance or demographics, and you can choose which what you want to display. So whether those triplex impressions average cost per clicks click through rates cost for miles, conversions, leads and so on, you can also choose data that that this time range Okay, so you will see that they'd available here and you can do this not just for the campaign group but also for on the account level and on the campaign level. Okay, so that would be it. I hope that you got a sense off howling in advertising. Worse wise, It's so powerful and I hope to see in the form of videos. Thank you for watching. 10. Thank you: Hi, everyone. Thank you for taking the scores. I really hope that you find it to be helpful. Please. If you have any suggestions, steps, advice on how I can improve my courses, let me know. And also, if you have any suggestions in which topics I should cover, please limit down below in the community tab or related within the review. Thank you once again and I hope to see in the following blesses