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Fun and easy watercolor feathers - loose style

teacher avatar Viddhi Saschit, Author|Artist|Surface Pattern Designer

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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      Welcome to the class


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      Materials required


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      Warm up and basic techiniques


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      Final project


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      Adding Details


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About This Class

Are you a beginner in watercolor ? Do you like watercolor , but don't  get them right at all ?? Are you good at watercolor , but looking for something easy and fun to relax ?? Then this class is for YOU as it's a class for all skill levels . 

In this class today , I will be teaching to paint some colorful feathers in loose style ONLY with some easy brush strokes . You will be delighted with the output as I guide you step by step from the basic techniques , warm up , practice and final project . 

By the end of the class you will feel confident in working with watercolors and will feel more inspired to paint. Along with practice, you will be able to find your own unique styles using the techniques that are taught in this class.. What are you waiting for? Let get started . 

Meet Your Teacher

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Viddhi Saschit

Author|Artist|Surface Pattern Designer


Hey I am Viddhi Saschit, Artist, Author, Entrepreneur and a Surface pattern designer.

Artist Instagram: Click here

Website: Click here

Surface pattern design Instagram: Click here

Surface pattern design Website: Click here

Website for courses : Click here

Podcast : Limitless Art Podcast Click here

You can get in touch with me through email - at if you are interested in working with me.

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1. Welcome to the class : e everyone, this is me. Quickly creative artists behind limitless are I love water colors and it's my free of medium toe work. Always. This is my first culture class, and I'm so excited to be teaching you all off fund watercolor lessons. It's gonna be a loose and easy style off bringing Fred does, which is completely for any beginners. So even if you have no sketching, experience or work will expedient, you can still take this class, and I will make sure that you are a little more confident and watercolors come Let's get started. 2. Materials required: way before we begin. Enter the lesson. Let's look into the make evidence required. Paper is the most important thing in vertical because it actually reflects on the output. For this class, you would be needing a paper which is 300 years up at least and cold pressed. Next is the pains. This class you didn t any watercolor paints that you have not necessarily a professional grade being. Even storing great being should work Fine, but make sure you have some bright colors like lose red stand oranges. And typically I'm gonna use my prima classic and trump. Next is the brush Julie's class. You would require a brush off size 12 or any other bigger brush, which you have, but make sure that your brush is wrong and has appointed tip. It's gonna be formed feeding feathers with a bigger brush. But just in case, if you are in comfortable with the first time with a bigger brush, you can only based cargo with the sides. Sixth and next. This a mixing palette. Usually work of the 10 boxes come with the mixing area, but I always use a dinner plate or Islamic palate, a mix of new colors, and you are also required a glass jar off friend with clear water. And lastly, the most important, the paper towels. He's already Essen Shield and water colors and also some additional supplies, which you may require wide course. Are you nivel white signal pen for some detailing purposes. Now let's begin with the warm up. 3. Warm up and basic techiniques: Now I'm going to teach you some off the basic watercolor techniques. The 1st 1 has went on bed, blending two colors. For this. He would need to read your paper fourth, and then I'm one color and add another color so you can see now how the blue and the while it blends the next ISS Corliss Britain dry. For this, you don't need to wake your people. Just directly tell you'd one color and added over the paper. Now you can see that the 1st 1 is more lighter than the second. This is because the 1st 1 has two layers off water, and the 2nd 1 has just one layer of water. And that's where it's more open to help you understand more. The first technique you can use for basically owes and washes because it is lighter on the 2nd 1 you can use where if you want something to be solid, the third technique is going to be similar to the 1st 1 traded. But I'm gonna just laid it with one color after nearing, I'm just gonna wash off all the paint and squeeze out excess water on a tissue paper on table concentrated pain and basically dropped colors on the Web itself is. You can choose any colors you want, but I hundreds going with purple and why. This is because this gives a beautiful blending effect when the paint is still wet. But if you're doing on a dry self, it it's just going to stand up. So certain times when you want the colors to blend, you can use this and the dry thing when you want things to be very different. After we're done learning the basic techniques, we will now move on to practice some basic brushstrokes. This brush strokes would help you of all off Freddo from painting leaves. So let's begin with painting some simple leaves like these. Just take green color and start painting on. Remember, value paint leaves you internationally a wide gap in between, which were actually help you and painting feathers so you can even practices more leaves until you get the right one like these so that waas exercise one for the brush. The 2nd 1 is gonna be a simple one. Load your brush with the color and then put it on perpendicular to the paper like this, and then pull it down and lift off the brush. You see, you get a thin line while you lift off. I'm going to do a 2nd 1 for you to look closely. You can always collect the sheep off the feather like this. Now that you're called the shape right, the next step is to paint with a wide gap in between. So I'm just doing the same stroke again on Remember to leave a gap like this. And, as always, you can correct the shape in a way, it is. So that's in about the second brushstroke. Now, 3rd 1 is to practice Chen line using the same brush for this. You would need to squeeze out excess water on the tissue paper again on Then load your brush with some paints and make sure that the tip is very pointy like this. In case if it's not, you can swell on the palate like this to make it pointed and but very less pressure. You can just practice something strokes like remember the lesson pressure you give the dinner lines you get. If you give more pressure, you're gonna get very declines. You can keep practicing until you get them right after you're done, you can go back to the further and try adding thes small strokes over there. Now you see, we get a beautiful those style feather already done. Now, do you see how we have evolved the shape from leaf to war? Freddo, isn't it very simple and easy? Now, let's make some more colorful feathers. 4. Practise: now, after we had done with the basic strokes, Now we would go on to painting some feathers. I'm just mixing some bright yellow and orange and getting started with it. You can choose any color but you won't just paint the top off the feather like this. The book alot you makes, the more fun it is. I'm just mixing some more bright orange over hell and painting the boy off the feather. I'm just intentionally keeping though. So until gap play and after done with fainting feather Now you can just add some 10 for at the bottom. So you're almost done with the shape off the first feather. Next, esto drop color on bread. It's a technique that we learned always makes contrasting colors or the doctor shit off the colors. But ive used for the basically I'm using years red to bring in more contrast For the next type of Freddo, I'm gonna create some tick and short strokes like thes and to make the top off the feather . Once I'm done with it, I'm going to take a pink color for contrast and paint the body off the further painting with the same stroke. So that it looked like you can keep the feather body short along, depending upon your choice. I'm just gonna me to meet him and just finish it off. And but the paint is still wet. I'm just doing some additional corrections and doing the drop color on red technique. You can play around with some more strokes like these. Remember, there is no rule in making these lose for those times. You can have any color that you want any color combinations and just keep exploring, Whippet. Now, the next one I'm gonna do already. Short feather, which has credit. Sh General, When I paint a federal, I take two contrasting colors. I don't go more than two, but it's up to you. You can be creative and cleared your own. The next one that I'm painting is slightly different. It is smoke off than the usual. Just paint wondered off color and add two colors on both the sides and repeat the scene. I'm painting the same ship again, but with a different color, and this time put a lot of gap and put me and repeating the same way. Now I'm painting a long off rather than the rest. Remember, the more shapes and the more color you use, your composition will look more interesting. Just try exploring on under the process off creating these flu style feathers. For the next one, I'm gonna paint a base layer with clear water and then at some colors, while the self is still great. And for this one I'm gonna add another third color. You can see that the orange and the pope has been blended to a little brown, which I'm not happy about. Sometimes this happens, but you can always corrected when it is still. But all you need to do is wash off the color and keep your brush down and take off the excess color on the people. That was man, that's it. It's fixed up, and now we're marrying the favorite part again. Now I'm going to repeat the second feather again, but this time, with a little differently, I'm going to repeat the same strokes that I did for the second feather. But this time I'm going to keep the body little more shot and more off trying. Alosha. You can see that we have created a very off meadows were just some simple brush drugs and just last one with more gap and keeping it ready. Lose. It doesn't even have to be ready defined. Just keep it lose. The more lose that it is, the more dynamic it seems to be. And with this practice now, we are good enough to compose a page full off feathers. 5. Final project : Now, after all the practices done, we are ready to work on the final project. As we go by. I'm gonna give you some composition and color combination tips. Remember to paint feathers in different angles to make your composition more fun and interesting. You can bury the same feathers also in different sizes, like you can repeat the same feather and big and small sizes and different colors. According to my experiences with personal workshop, I have seen people finding a difficult to compose, so I'm gonna give you a step for composition. You can see that the feather, which I painted recently, is almost similar to the 1st 1 but it still looks different because off the additional details I did and also off the color and little relation in the shape. The 4th 1 Rich AM painting is also the scene. But again, the color on the reim adding detail makes it different. Now. If you closely observe and see that the 1st 4 feathers that are Peter is almost similar part, the size, the shape and the color makes it look different. And another thing is that while you're painting and composing these, make sure that you leave at least little gap between two fellows. - Now the dog looks a bit composed. So a moving downward and painting a co shape trader remember to choose contesting colors as you pain for this prank, I'm gonna give little blind blue for some contrast and actually go by. Keep filling up biggest places where larger fed goes like this one that I'm going. And as you paint by, make sure that your colors ardent parents like if you had more off yellow and orange is on less a clue. It wouldn't look more colorful and would look more unbalanced. So at equal amount of blue oranges brings yellow and all the colors possible to make it look really interesting and attractive and colorful. So if you heard the last line that I spoke, that is the secret off my colorful feathers and how it looks more attractive and bready balanced. So now we're done filling up major area off the people with big feathers. There would always be some gaps in between, which would be smaller. For that you can just fill up but simple strokes like bees, it need not be even perfect. Brothers just really abstract and lose would even do. I'm just adding a few more smaller feathers, and then we would move into the detailing part. 6. Adding Details : after all your Fedders air dried, we would move into the detail. In part. You can corrupt the white penned that I mentioned earlier, or have a wide quash or any other white or big medium that you have with you. The feelings already simple. I'm just doing some dots and some lines. It's really simple and easy. You can be creative while detailing. Not necessarily. You need to follow these thoughts and lines, but this is my way off. Doing you can always doodle or make any patterns that you like, but make sure that you don't always know anything and keep things very simple because the simple this the more interesting and dynamic it looks. Now you can see how adding these simple white lines and dots has actually enhanced the fellows that we have painted. And if you're not a fat off these white lines and white dots, you can always do away with DACA colors like these. Hello, Why penned more? And I used that for almost all my father illustration that I made because it is small fund and looks even more interesting and very pretty. You can see how all the white highlights actually enhances our feathers that were painted, so basically a might not look very appealing. But as you keep adding the details, your feathers would look even more interesting. Vietnam almost done with the details. I'm sure you would have enjoyed the detailing part as much as I do, and there we go with the finished piece. 7. Conclusion: Thank you so much for watching my class. I really hope you enjoyed painting some loose feathers. And if you injured this class, I would appreciate if you left a feedback below in the comments, you can also share work below and also tagged me on Martin's took rampage. This is my handle. And you can tell me so that I can see What do you have created using my class? Thank you so much for watching again. And I would love to connect with you on my instagram page if you have taken Michael last. Thank you. See you again on my next class.