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teacher avatar Canava, Industrial Designer / Illustrator

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

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About This Class

This time I will be focused on the magic world of FLORAL DOODLE.

You will learn how to draw a simple flower and leaves shapes, I will cover different styles. From the most simple ones to the great journey to break real flowers and leaves down into simple shapes.


In this course, you don't need any special supplies. Just pen, and paper to doodle on. if you prefer or you have the materials at home you can use an archival pen instead of pencil.


You will feel very confident in this course because I teach step-by-step each flower. I'll break down every part so it will be easy to follow.


This class is for everyone, even if you have never doodled before in your life, you can take this it, you will really enjoy seeing how easy is to improve this skill. You only need practice, coffee and music :D


Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image


Industrial Designer / Illustrator



I'm Catalina Navarrete from Bogota, Colombia.


I'm an industrial designer, and self-taught illustrator. I have always loved drawing and traveling. For that reason, I decided to make my passions part of my lifestyle. Now, I'm living in China, a place where I opened my eyes to a new world, and a new way to live; a country where I discovered new inspirations for my illustrations.

I fill my life with adventures and travels, not things. Every illustration has a story to tell. 


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Level: Beginner

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1. INTRODUCTION: how China Today I am happy to be back with a new class floral liberals, everyone control. We went back to basics off drawing flowers on how to create a lot of different styles from the same structure following treating ballistics. So it will super fine to show you guys how to throw a different type of flowers you can't or whatever you want in a piece of art. This class designed for the people that want to learn on starting the floor doing work you don't need any special materials. Onley, pencil paper on Deserved to live Onley following trees full of steps. You will be ready to do the war in the project. You are going to draw the initial er off your name with euros. I hope you find helpful, enjoyed the class, share your projects on your work in the bridges showcase 2. STEP BY STEP: through this class, I will show you how to do go a florist, a by step. First, the stock plus the branches equal the basic structure for different kind of Dorrell's. In this lesson, I will have one basically structure. And from this I am going to draw a different kind of flowers. You will see how from the same base you will have different options. - I am going to start off by showing you liberation off better shape that you need to know to drop. For example, Here I have the option eight. It is like a small rose that is based in our one about that goes connected with that you shape I Yet I live on the left side like a little detail. The last step for this class is to draw a floor from the beginning. First the stock second the branches, then the floors and finally, dead tales. - The new flower. I want to show you that I draw absolutely everywhere on Lee need to draw first as more life and then draw the other next to the 1st 1 And so on through all relief pointing up, they're repeat the same steps to complete the Douro. I tried to do the core branches and I stopped to look more natural. Don't forget to out the small detail at the end floor , See is secured one. It is based in half hour with three or four parents coming out. You start point, it is up to you. You are going to have a second Ihsan result. The last step is going to be as more practice for you. In this lesson. I will show you one flower and you are going to draw the complete doodle for having another option more with the same stock at us, many brushes has you need. In this case, I wouldn't specify that it is. So you need to add a new one for these. You will find that is a straightforward to see many varieties off flowers to draw your Dorrell's 3. DOODLE 2: Okay. Got here. We will repeat the same mistake by Shang in the style and thoroughly. I'm going to start with the stray stock plus history branches with the small straight lines coming out. I would like to show a lot of version for you. Play around with it for option A. We have a small drop. Those move like a small tears. It is very simple. Leave then continue with the process. Step by step. In this case, I do exactly like a show you in the steps. First the stock, then the branches and last one, the leave. But as I told you, depend on your way to draw. You can change the way to do it. - For example, Here I am show you how to draw exactly the same branch. But I'm bringing together two at the same time. There's more branches on the leave. They have a slightly change in the shape. But Mosley is the same brush Option B. It is based in a small dots, it still drawing a circle and careening with pencil. Do it in different sizes, then continue with the process roaming the small dot At the end of its stock I am showing again and no where to draw with this is a little bit faster that the normal one you control these in different sizes and see in, which is Thailand says you prefer emergency. You only draw circle on coloring. These DOT is the base. Now connect a U shaped with it. Are you canister with a U shape and then close it with a small dot. The second task is with a small leaf on a run our structure base. 4. DOODLE 3: the structure is going to start with the same stuff that the last one a stray one, plus a V shaped branches you can do this connector only draw branches from one side on. They start with the other side. The first option is a regular live with appointed on end connected with the 2nd 1 that goes behind first draw. The branches are long ball ties off the stock, then will decrease the size off the Russians. When you get closer to the top, finally draw the flowers. In this case, it is good idea to agree the size off the flowers. When you get closer to the bottom here, I will show you the same example only change the size. How looks on delivering In this case, I'm drawn with all the branches exactly in the same size on drawing. The fraud is smaller than the first time you can play with these dimensions on way to illustrate the structure to create a lot of varieties. The option. We looks like a hurt, but the center line continue to feel the beginning on, then proceed with the second side in the corps with center. I am going to that a corpulent with a small dot on the top, I am going to repeat the same example us in the progress Rowing on Lee. Having tool thing lies on the bottom off its power Option C comes again with the U shaped like the base and to close eight on the top. I am going to draw a sex act like and finally at the core beeline with a small dot in the top. Okay, come again with the steps. I'm going to draw the branches coming from the center off the stock and then continue with the flowers finally to climb from from the center off the flower finished all by adding to black circles. 5. DOODLE 4: Okay, we come again within one Corby stock blast. Other stocks, like the 1st 1 in this case, we only have a stocks that all come from the bottom. This option is an easy one. It looked like infinity symbol or are sent out. Eight. You only need to go eat in one line. Just if you don't feel so sure about these, try to draw one drop connected to the other. When finishing the stock. Continue with a small live try to draw all along both sides off their lines. Always try to leave the intersection of your life. Cross with the stock. I'm going to draw again the same a little bit smaller and I will show you that you can choose to leave everything for them apart or closer together are a bit of both , depending on what you like. Barry Option B is a beautiful one. It completely similar to the 1st 1 in this lesson. But the two dot com with a little uncle facing up on with a point of live in between Like the others, they're always different Order to drop presses with the same. Here I am showing one where you only draw on next to the order. You are never going to leave the fancy. The assumption here, you will see, is pretty much the same shape that the 1st 1 but with a pointed top, you have the opportunity to put a live closer together or for their apart. The task off this lesson is doing such were the same. But with this is more fruit All around. Onley draw two circles, one next to daily are finally a tiny dot on the top in the indecision. You can start either for the big rings or the small one on the top. 6. DOODLE 5: these lessons start with the straight stock plows. The typical branches, which is a touch it the one branch from the other option a draw cynical. Attach it to the other and in the bottom where the two rings met, drove to thing lives. When you repeat on practices shape over the time it becomes easy. Then when finished the structure draw these one in his ranch stop started always with the big circles and then they detail the option b is articulate Depends on how you draw it. I love to illustrate this in the same way that the order that is similar to the horizontal A it is the same. But they are 28 crossing on. I tried to do it all with the same line, but it is up to you here. I will show you the different way to do it. This practice is goto have more confidence when throwing. The positive thing is that they are not a set pattern on a replicate off each one. - The last one is the easy one. To throw this shape only need to do as quickly circle on draw a dot in the center. This is a very after one. It is more a loss. Do you need to be very suckling? Repeat Exactly the same. A step one more time. - And finally, in the end, I draw a long grass on the bottom. The task off these rows are composed for the three drops to a small on another big one in the center. You can do it one by one. Don't forget to what At the end? More details if you want. 7. DOODLE 6: Okay, We are almost finishing. These one is a core belong with the smallest stock all along the line. In this lesson, we will see the most common branches to the road in shape. I start from the base off the serial and move my pent up worse once I get to it off the fatal I wrote my pen around back down to the top of the flower There should be it is the same that the last one but with a small core for at the end they make it looks more natural. The last one is similar to affirm what is composed with us quickly shape creating and truly newest style. Remember that you can draw the leaf closer together or further apart for this task. I would like to make exactly the same instruction but this time with nothing. Understand the leaf. You can do this test more than one time and you can use the orders. Leave that I show you in the other past. In these a structure you can combine all the tusk, the Florida show you on their structures and then create 100 off dura for your arsenal 8. DOODLE 7: here is the last one. These one come with a straight stock. Plus is more branches all attached on the bottom? In this case, the auction will be a s'more like the 1st 1 Look like a fork or more like a trident. I only move my pen. I work from the start point on. Repeat these 2 10 more. There are times that you can practice one way to do something about where you will use later in a flower. You realize that the decc to do another way like here when I drove these one is natural to me to do a U shape on, then in the mural draw a straight line. The option B is a straightforward. You only need to do as more circle of different sizes. The last floor that I want to show you is this one finish with these flour and other small dashes coming from the center. When you throw these in the top of the branches, there are time that doesn't look natural. If this happened, tried to do more branches with all their size to give more rhythm, Then you can repeat with the same the same, but with different branches draw Asmal circle in the center with several lines radiating out off it. This line can be either we contacted toe the circle or draw with a little space between the centre off the flower on the start point off the line, especially in these, when you control any simple shape on the branches, stop and they will look amazing. 9. DOODLE INK: No, that you must have the simple one, Lestrade. An excess state that is more complicated. You willing all your dough rose. The idea is to use on archival pain or any pain that you have doesn't matter the thickness or color. The idea is to practice your confidence while you drone for that started throwing the door of that we have in pencil and his one tries to draw exactly the same but directly inning. Repeat this with all the door of that we create. This is the first step to feel more confident our drama in dry cleaning if you made mistakes straight to correct. But if he's not possible, no problem. Repeat again and again. It is necessary you will get very with the time. 10. DOODLE PROJECT: the critic off this class is to draw the first letter off your name, but during first drove the ship off the learner. If you need a guide, you can trace it. Then imagine the letter is the guy for throwing the stock on around these one. You will let the branches combine all the branches that we have learned. You can do it first in pencil, or, if you feel comfortable, you do it directly. Inning. I'm going to make in pencil on Lee the guide and then you staying to throw the flowers. It is Go to improvise while you are doing. When you finish the guide branches, you can continue at in the flowers on the top. Off each one, you can go back to the Duras and have more ideas about which decide you prefer. The idea is to start with a few branches, but with the time you cannot more and more the design it it's up to you. I like first to draw the rushes in the way that we have learned and finally s a drawing a lot of tiny details that will create contras in the composition. Here you can combine with all the science even in the same a structure draw different flowers on the top . - I hope you enjoy this class. Please share you projects. And you were in the produce, so quiz. I would be happy to see it. See you in the next class.