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Fiverr: 10 Simple Steps to Selling Success

teacher avatar Mike Battle, Film and Music Professional

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      Introduction & Teaser


    • 2.

      Course Structure


    • 3.

      The Basics of Fiverr


    • 4.

      Step One - Providing Value


    • 5.

      Step Two - Differentiating Yourself


    • 6.

      Step Three - Selling Yourself With Media


    • 7.

      Step Four - The Secret of Pricing


    • 8.

      Step Four - Part 2 - Upselling


    • 9.

      Step Five - Professionalism v Desperation


    • 10.

      Step Six - How to Utilize FAQ & Gig Description


    • 11.

      Step Seven - The Importance Of Contactability


    • 12.

      Step Eight - Oversatisfying


    • 13.

      Step Nine - Speed


    • 14.

      Step Ten - Reviews


    • 15.

      Extra Tips & Tricks


    • 16.



    • 17.

      BONUS - Real gig breakdowns


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About This Class

This time last year I had never heard of Fiverr. Cut to today and I am now one of the top rated sellers in my niche! It's been a life changing online business for me and in this course I will share the lessons I have learned along the way. 

You will learn how to create a more successful seller profile by following the exact methodology I use. Note: I am in the music niche but these tips apply to any niche. 

Through an easy to follow framework of 10 steps, I will teach you how to choose your gig wisely, build it, sell and market and ultimately deal with orders in a way that will provide repeat business. 

I look forward to seeing you on the course!

Meet Your Teacher

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Mike Battle

Film and Music Professional

Level: Beginner

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1. Introduction & Teaser: this time last year, I've never heard of five. Skip to a few months later on I'm now one of the highest rated sellers in my niche. This course will teach you my simple 10 steps to increasing your gig, visibility and sales on the platform. Now, as you can see, I'm in the music niche. But the tips I'm going to teach you apply toe or niches on the platform, whether that's S e O marketing or logo design. Whatever is your service, the way the course works is that I'll go through a very short introduction to what five is and get straight into the 10 steps. I'll teach you how to choose a gig listing that people might actually want to purchase all the way through designing it, choosing your gig, media, marketing it to people and then ultimately dealing with the customers that you meet along the way. If this sounds like something that you'd like to learn in role now, we'll get going 2. Course Structure: terms of the structure of this course, I will talk a little bit about what five actually is in the beginning, but not very long, Really. There are other courses on the platform that can help you with this. Well, then get straight into the top 10 lessons for how you can boost your sales on five. Finally, I'll give you any extra tips and tricks I've learned along the way, and you can stop them into your technique. By the end of the course, you'll have all of the necessary skills to head over to five dot com create to sell a profile on become incredibly successful on the way. 3. The Basics of Fiverr: first he friend of mine begin a learner's. What is five fiver is an online service exchange platform whereby you sign up as a seller or a buyer. The name fiver with two R's originally came from when the service opened on bond. You could only charge for $5 gigs these days. That has changed drastically, and I will get onto that later because it's a very important part of how to earn more money on five in terms of commissions. Five take 20% off anything that you earn. So in the original economy, $5 gigs would be $4 for you on $1 for five. This hasn't changed, Andi. I have worked on different platforms online, and, to be honest, the amount of people that five provides you customers from all over the world. I think that 20% is actually quite fair. A seller would be someone like me who provides services within a niche. My niche being music. I sing I some rights. I put words to music. Anything within that niche is my domain, but you could do anything. Five. Has business consulting, website design, logo design, personal assistance, podcast, art design, everything under the sun. Andi, you need to choose your niche and then sign up as a seller. Once you signed up is a cellar. You can then offer, what, five a call geeks, a gig being a listing off the service will provide. For example, for May I can offer a vocalist gig, but I can also provide a songwriting gig, etcetera, etcetera, that covers the basics of what fiber is. So let's move on to the lessons that you're here for. How do you make a more successful profile fiver, and how do you earn more money? 4. Step One - Providing Value: Okay, so let's get down to lessons of why you're here. You want to make more money on five. How do you do that? Well, actually, you need to take a step back because these lessons all about how do you become a great seller on Fiverr and therefore the money will come in later. How do you provide a great service? How do you advertiser market yourself essentially on what to do within your gig that will help you gain more sales on then that obviously in the equation equals more money. Lesson one is provide value. People often message me asking, How do I get more sales while my gig succeeding blah, blah, blah. If you look at their accounts who realize that a lot of gigs they're doing no one cares about. You need to provide value, for example, for May without sounding awful. I'm a good singer. I'm a good songwriter. I've done it for over 10 years. I've played all over the world. I've written songs for people around the world. I've paid at festivals played in top London venues like where Ed Sheeran and Jimi Hendrix has played on. I'm not saying this to boost my own ego. It's to show I have a talent. I'm good at it. I have value in that area. Make sure that the gigs you're providing providing value. For example, I appreciate that some of the services available on five are quite menial on. There are people from all around the world offering different things. But if you look at yourself, if you're doing a $5 gig to research some basic things on Google, I can do that in 10 minutes. Why would I pay you To do it? You need to provide value. One of the best ways to work out whether you are providing value is to ask the question if you're providing a solution to a problem. Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk. All these types of people, they are multi billionaires because they've created businesses that solve problems. Amazon. It solves you having to leave your house to go and buy anything. It saves you money because it's cheap along musk. Back when he was younger, Pay power solves the problem of how do you pay online? Look at your gigs. Are you solving anyone's problem? For example, with me, people want singers to sing on their Cdn tracks. It's very popular on their lots of Swedish guys. Message me once in medium vocals. I can sing those vocals I'm providing on answer to that problem. Lots of people message me wanting a love song around Valentine's Day for their partner. Can I write a love song? Yes, I have solved the problem again to go back to that example about Google research. If you're Googling research that anyone could do in 10 minutes, you're not solving a problem. Provide value Following on from that Google Research example, Ask yourself, Can anybody do the service on providing what's special about you? Again? I'll be talking about my nish is quite amazing to look on the music niche on Fiverr and see how many people who are offering Giggs, who cannot sing as singers. People who are not very good at guitar offering services to play guitar or they're recording, but they haven't got good recording equipment. You're not providing value. You're not providing the solution to a problem, and you're not going to get lots of sales. Step one. Provide value 5. Step Two - Differentiating Yourself: a second key lesson. To become a better selling on five and make more money is be different. Make sure your gigs are different from your competitors in the music niche. There are lots of female singers, lots of modern electronic singers. My vocal is a lot more like at Shirin kind of acoustic e pop style blues. Therefore, I'm providing something different. I'm male and providing a different style again. You are solving a problem. You're different to other people on your providing value, as we've just learned supplies to a different niche. For example, if you're doing S e o optimization, how you gonna make yourself different from competitors? Obviously, being male or female doesn't matter. But how are you going to differentiate your gig? Could you include a free e book with tips on how the buyer could use S E O optimization once they finish using your consulting services or something like that? Are you going toe offer seo optimization in a specific niche that you know a lot more about than your competitors. Otherwise, you're just sitting is another $5 gig, most likely next to a load of others to say I will do s e optimization. I'll do SPL optimization. What you need to have is a riel brand in a way whereby you can say this is May I'm doing something different for May. It's I've got a raspy kind of bluesy vocal. This is my thing. If you want it, you can go for that And here's what I'm different to everybody else. 6. Step Three - Selling Yourself With Media: The next thing to learn is to provide quality examples off your work. I will be saying a lot of repetition throughout these videos, but I do believe that repetition is the best way to learn it, particularly when you're doing this 10 step plan. So far, we've learned to provide value. We've learned to be different from our competitors, but the next question is, why would they buy from us? They're run out page. Why would they choose us? Even if you really are providing a valuable service on its different to lots of competitors out there? The reason that people are finally gonna click that button by is because you're offering high quality media and examples off your work, particularly in the beginning of your five career. Everyone's gonna be more experience than you have better record of sales, mawr views or this whole thing. What can differentiate you is showing your high quality examples of your work and your high quality media. So if you're an illustrator, you want to show your amazing drawings. If you are a photo editor, show you amazing edits. Now I am aware that is obviously much easier to do this when you're in a creative field for me. I show my songs. How do I sound? People can click? Yes, that's what I want by. Obviously, it's more difficult if you are in perhaps on my marketing. But that does not mean that you can't show high quality media on examples of your work on your gig page. For example, if you were doing SC optimization or on my marketing, all these kind of things get some testimonials on Make the Marcus J. Pegs or videos that you can put on your account. Having a video as well makes it much more likely for people to buy. On my count, I have music videos as my key gig page media. I then have J pegs falling, after which are very high quality. Again, make sure it's high quality, but to go back to the previous example. If you're doing online marketing, have some graphs showing previous clients you've had and testimonials with it show the difference you've made. If you've got a gig sitting there and you've got an amazing service and you different to everybody else, how can you prove it? Why would anyone believe you online? The key is high quality examples of your work and, ideally, media that can show what you've done in the past 7. Step Four - The Secret of Pricing: on the lesson for If you follow steps 12 and three, we should now be prime toe. Have some orders coming in. You provide the value you've created a gig that's different to everybody else on the platform. Ideally, and you've got amazing examples of your work or content that shows buyers why they should buy from you. So the next lesson is on pricing and specifically the pricing secret, which is the ultimate key to being successful on Fiverr. Obviously, five became famous on its $5 per service gig advertisement. It's catchy. You can see why it blew up, but this has changed drastically. This is not the economy of fiber anymore. Yes, there are people doing $5 gigs, but this is not where you want to be. In the beginning, I charged my gigs at maybe $30 which is already a little bit above some the others. You do not want to be fighting for the lowest common denominator. $5. This is not what you want to do. This is absolutely crucial. The way to increase sales and to increase the amount of money you're making pardon the obvious is to increase the amount of money you are charging your services for. I'm aware that it seems counterintuitive to increase your prices to increase the amount off sales you will make. But trust me, this works if you are following all of the previous lessons and you're providing something worth value that people actually want, the more you increase your price within limits. The MAWR success you'll have on the platform on the less time you will be wasting on these low cost geeks for $5. Another facets. This is people paying for $5 gig listings. Who is literally anybody, in my experience, can actually be a lot more difficult than the people who are paying for higher geeks. There's actually plenty of examples on ready if you want to look for it. Loads of difficult customers on. This is true in the events industry as well. For example, if you have an event that has multiple different ticket prices, it's the customers in the lower end who actually complain a lot more than the customers who buy the most expensive tickets. If you are providing a service worth the money, that is the difference. Customers you and I included are intrigued by things that cost more money. I've been on fire is a buyer on instantly. If I go into video editing search and I see someone's charging $1000 for their idea, you want to click that and find out why. And that's what I do with my strategy. With a real life example, we can look at my five career. So in terms of seeing how important this pricing structure is, take a look at the earnings that I've had in the past time that I've joined five. So in the beginning I was charging quite low on. I was doing about £130 of months. Something slowly I start to increase my prices 193. By the way, this is in British pounds and it goes Teoh 320. Bear in mind that this this highest one here 3 20 we go into 2020 is now the lowest one here. So that's three or five first very similar, and I I went back home over Christmas, though that's why wouldn't really only much around this time in January. So then I became a level one seller, so I up my prices again and then boom, £1200 1415 £100. Then I became level to sell I up my prices again. And then I did my biggest month ever, about £2500 which is massive life changing money for me. This is where five has changed my life so much. And then last month again, about £2000 Ignore this one here. I had a terrible experience with a buyer where they asked me for load, alleged his work and I made this great song on. Then they paid for all they tipped me. And then the day after, they sent a message to five customer service saying, Actually, someone else's on their account. And then it all got canceled. So I wasted two days of my life. But anyway, it is the fourth of June today, so I haven't really don't know much yet in this month, But already that's in four days. I've learnt about £300 so you can literally see how the graph goes up as you increase your price as long as your quality is good enough to hold the price. Remember that at the time recording this course, my lowest price gig now is actually my highest price gig from when I first started, and you have to slowly move up the chain because otherwise you're never going to get out of the lowest common denominator fighting for these $5 gigs. And it's a waste of your time as long as you're following the lessons from 12 and three. By providing a higher price service, you will have more success for anyone who's been on five before, only to think now about when you went on there is a buyer. Did you see someone charging extremely high price and think, I've got to see that? I think we probably all did now. Obviously, you don't want it overcharge. You can't be charging thousands of dollars for your service when it's not worth that. No, I hope you understand. What I'm saying is that know your worth. Essentially, you need to know that you're worth more than that in your time on your money, for example, for me to write a full song, it takes me hours and hours of different work thing. Give different ideas, creative output, and that's my talent on There's a lot of skill and craft that go into it. It's not worth $5 my hours and hours of time. I'm not worth $5 you have to accept that point to move forward and increase your sales and make more money on five. I would say this is the most crucial lesson off this course. That's probably different to other ones you may have watched, so please take to heart. Let's move on to the next lesson. 8. Step Four - Part 2 - Upselling: another part of this lesson, which is the reason I think it's the most important in this course, is that up. Selling is also incredibly important when you're doing your pricing. In my experience, for example, I spend hours and hours potentially even days writing this song from my bio. I sent over their super happy with it. I get a five star review. Amazing. Either message them and say, Well, would you like to add any more instruments to that? This is the up sell up selling so crucial because the money you make for the time you Putin is amazing to apply it from my own examples, let's say somebody buys a custom song from a It takes me hours of my time, potentially even days to write. This song has taken my craft etcetera, etcetera. I send over their happy with it five stars. Amazing. Now is the time, I say. Would you like to add any extra instruments to that now? The original piece of work took me hours and hours potentially days, but for me to add a bit of piano guitar solo, anything like that doesn't take me that long, but you can add it is an extra. So let's say hypothetically, you charge a song for $250 I might say, Well, I could do piano drums on the guitar. So for $100 on a lot of the time people order it, particularly if you can add a bit of storytelling as well. So I get a lot of people asking me to do romance songs for their partner, especially around times like Valentine's Day. If you add a bit of strings on a bit of soft drums and lovely piano is gonna be a much nicer song anyway. So it's good for the work is good for the buyer, and it's good for you, so make sure you're up selling all of your work. 9. Step Five - Professionalism v Desperation: less and five is just a little short. One following on from lesson for where we learned about the importance of the pricing secret on how increasing your prices will pay dividends in your sales on revenue. So Lesson five is basically just I know it sounds silly. Don't be desperate. It follows on from Know your worth. Make sure that the listing that you're providing on Fiverr shows you as a professional, a consummate professional. If you earn money for something, you're a professional. Therefore, make sure that buyers looking your profile no this part. The reason im including this little lesson is that a lot of people who message me from all over the world are so desperate to get their first sales on in all of their rhetoric on their examples of their work and everything the way they list their gig, it's very I need this. Can you get this? I need my first sale, etcetera, etcetera. This is not the way to go. It's much like in a relationship if someone begging the girl to go out with them or begging the boy to grab with him. It's probably not gonna happen, and you want to act like a professional in your gig lis things to stop this. If you have high quality media and providing value and you're providing something different to everybody else, people will come to you. You do not need to go out messaging. Everybody's saying I beg you, please buy my first order. Give me a good rating. Give me rating for rating all this kind of thing that I see all over the platform, which is absolutely the worst. And again it comes back to that conversation off racing to the lowest common denominator fighting for these $5. If you are providing a service that people really want and you're charging a fair price for it, the orders will come. 10. Step Six - How to Utilize FAQ & Gig Description: Lesson six is utilized. The F A Q section on description section off your gig Effectively. The reason that this is important is that while we provided high quality media on examples of our work that sells our work, but our description on F A Q can sell ourselves. And if people like you, they're going to be much more likely to buy from you. For example, with my work on Mike Eggless things in the description section I talk about where I've come from is a music artist. Some of the festival's I've played the venues and the famous people that have played there . Obviously dropping a name or two can't help on your pitching yourself. You're showing your experience and your showing the you're the right person for them to spend their money with. If I really dig listing on its someone offering online marketing for your podcast or something like that, if you mentioned the you've had your work featured in Forbes magazine. Andi, all of these kind of news articles. Obviously I'm gonna be much more likely to buy from you, so make sure to be selling yourself in the description area in less than five We were talking about people being really desperate to get their 1st 2 sales on the General Five and tone off their messaging with buyers. Bean quite a kind of lowest common denominator. I need this service again in less and six here without descriptions. We don't want that. Just talk about your story. Pitch yourself to these people on. They'll understand where you're coming from. Secondly, is really important to use the F A Q section off your gig list things. Now. The reason for this may not become a parent to first time sellers, but the more you use the platform, the more it becomes relevant on personally. The reason I think that if accuses very important is one. It's an extra way you can sell yourself. I ever make jokes and things in mind on People want to work with you. The reason the F a Q second is really handy is that you can answer any question that people might have before they were going to purchase. Now, when you first darling five, you might not realize that this is actually very important, but the further down the line you go, it really increases in its importance. The reason being is that you become aware of the fact that a lot of people on Fiverr probably partly why they're looking for services online in that way, rather than maybe reaching out in the wider world, is that they want things fast. And if they want things fast, they want to look at your page. You know exactly what you're gonna provide that minute and know whether to purchase the package or no. For example, if you were in mine industry and you're providing a vocal, they want to know for that price, how much time do they get? Do they get the stems for their production? Do they get the commercial rights, all these kind of things and they want to know it quick. The F A Q section is the best way to utilize this on. That's why you'll get Bing Bing Bing with these orders coming into your index, which is obviously great if you don't fill out the thank you section and you come into contact with one of the many hundreds off. I want this quick buyers on Fiverr. You may lose out to your competitors, for example, if someone is looking for logo design, and they need the commercial rights for it, and they need it in 24 hours. If they look at your page, it doesn't say in the FAA cues all the details about the commercial rights on all these kind of things. They might not go with you and then just go to their competitors because, as we mentioned before on keep knocking this into a brain, you are competing with thousands of other people on. That's why we need to follow each of these steps to make sure that you're getting the most sales you can. 11. Step Seven - The Importance Of Contactability: Lesson seven. So Lesson seven comes after us following 1261 Go through them all again now because you heard the one million times. But so far we've got really robust gig listing. We've done all of the things before. Andi. We're getting messages coming in now from clients or potential clients. Personally, about 80% of the orders that I get have messaging and conversation prior to actually buying anything and then I to send them in a custom order request in the message, which matches my fees on the page rather than people just clicking by. I want to buy hundreds pounds off some writing without discussing it first. So Lesson seven is be contact herbal. And to be very specific, be contact herbal on the five. An app on your smartphone. Make sure to download it now because it's much faster in receiving replies than the email request that you'll get sent through. As always, we competing with hundreds of other people on five for business on buyers are probably sending out multiple messages to lots of different people talking about services you provide on whether you want to be the best one for them. so by being contact herbal and specifically on the app, which goes ding, just like on your whats. App is the best way to straight talking away with the customer. I'm always amazing my own buyers by being straight back on the messaging service. If I had to wait for my email to come through toe, answer them. The whole process will be a lot slower. And to be totally honest sometimes my email, even Mrs Things I get sent on Fiverr on having the APP is an incredible asset for dealing with buyers promptly and getting the order signed off and ready to go. Furthermore, as another praise of the APP, it's a much better messaging service. You can see typing a lot easier, much like when you're talking with your friends on Facebook Messenger on Just generally, it's a hell of a lot easier to converse with your buyers than it is to do over the e mail service that you get normally 12. Step Eight - Oversatisfying: by this point, we've made an amazing gig list thing on. We've got lots of orders coming in. The last few lessons are about how to deal with the orders themselves. So lesson eight is over. Satisfied customers. Of all the money I've earned from five, maybe 40% of that has been from the same. Few people repeat buyers, and you really want to keep people out there happy. But how do you create a repeat buying over satisfied customer? Certainly in the beginning. And certainly if you're a new five seller, what I mean by this is, for example, in mine ish, I might do a vocal for somebody. Normally, I would charge them extra money, probably another 25% or something to do backing vocals. On top of that, the up sell. But if there are new customer, I might be quite likely to throw it in for free on The goodwill generated from this is probably gonna breed a potential repeat customer. And if no, you're certainly going to get a five star review, which is off, see great for getting more business. I hope you're starting to see now how the bull really starts rolling as per on the graph off my earnings going to doom Doom. You can see how, as you apply all these lessons throughout the money on the goodwill and reviews gained are gonna only more money and more sales to apply to a different leash. If you're working in translation, if they send you a document has got 1000 words and they only paid for 500. Just do a few more. Do the whole document. If you're offering a logo design service the most popular thing on five months, that's like you messing it. Why don't you provide a little bit extra? So let's say someone ordered a two D design from you to deal ago. Maybe you've provided it. You think it's great. Throw in a three D as well. For them. You want to get these people onside because thes repeat buyers can be incredibly helpful in boosting your sales on boosting the dollars you're bringing in. As with any business, good word off mouth is the most valuable asset that any company any products can have. So, by over satisfying the customer, you're essentially creating a nice piece off word of mouth. Now I know this on the Internet. But you don't think that this in the review this is gonna pay off. It really will on other buyers will see this and want to purchase from you. So make sure you over satisfied customer. That's me. 13. Step Nine - Speed: Lesson nine is complete jobs. Quickly now, as we learned in the previous lesson, we've got over satisfied customer on a second way we can do this is by completing jobs quickly. We've spoken in the past about how there are hundreds of people floating around on Fiverr who want jobs done quickly. But even the people who put in an order that will be done in maybe four days or seven days or anything they still want to get it quickly. I mean, who doesn't? Who doesn't want their Amazon delivery to arrive within 24 hours? On most of my gig pages, I offer my services for perhaps four day delivery, but 99% of the time, I will deliver it in once two days. Again, this creates goodwill on the part of the buyer, because to go back to what we originally said, writer, beginning this course if you want to make more money on Fiverr, it's about taking a step back on doing all of the good fundamentals that will build you that good reputation that could then create more money, more sales. If you want to be extra tiki, you can even right a longer lead time. When you're giving somebody an offer, let's say you off for seven days. But you know that, really you can do it in three, offer seven days anyway, and then make sure customer knows that they might come in that seven. If you then delivery as four or two days or anything that's going to make them feel great about the service you're providing as on the quality. Of course. Now, while completing jobs quickly might seem like quite a small thing, actually, it can pay dividends again in revenue. So obviously, you've got a customer you've given them an order on, Let's say, for a seven day lead time on, you delivered it in four days. How can this be helpful to you in terms of the money you make? Well, it can foster repeat customers on again. The speed element helped build this. For example, In my own niche, I've had a few people who want to be making song albums, not just one song. Now what they'll do is they'll hire with different people to write different songs, and they put it all together or whatever. But what I do is I deliver so quickly that there really happy with the product and they want to go again. So with another repeat customer again, the importance of repeat customers. I've had about five within maybe two weeks because I was going back two days, two days, two days every time. And they want to get straight on to the next one because it's hits that dopamine hit. In a way, when you get your notifications, you get that delivery Through is exactly what you want less through the next one. Let's go with this guy. He's fast and he over satisfies again. I was like to provide another example, so it's not just my niche, but let's say you are a writer and you provide maybe block posts. If somebody hires you to do a 500 word block post and it's gonna take you five days, if you do it in five hours, they might be much more likely toe high. You to do an entire website. They're probably doing a whole website or not, these people looking around on Fiverr. What they'll be doing is farming out all these different block posted it from people. But if you're coming through with amazing block post with great content providing value within five hours. They're gonna want to use you again. Next minute You've got commission for the whole website. Amazing. 14. Step Ten - Reviews: final lesson on. I'm sure it doesn't come as a surprise. It's one of the most important is reviews are everything on the five platform. The more great reviews you've got the Mawr, great customers you're gonna get on, the more revenue you're going to make. Throughout this course, we've learned all the ways to create a great gig how to impress a customer. But if they don't then review and give you that five star rating, you're really unlikely to keep that ball rolling down the hill and increase your revenue on your sales as you move forward. Therefore, it's crucial to ask for a review with your customer. If you just drop that little break, come, they're much more likely to pick it up on Give you a nice review. Obviously, you can't. As per the five guidelines asked for a good review. But if you say if you could please give me a review, will be really appreciated. Often people are happy to help out the phrase that comes to mind when discussing reviews on five. It is you're only as good as your last job if you provide a really poor service and get a one star rating the next by looking on your page, is much less likely to purchase your product. And that's really not gonna be good to your profile on your ultimate revenue earnings. On top of that, for anyone who is watching this, who isn't already a fiber seller, you won't know that you actually have to keep a very, very high rating across the board anyway. To even make the next level, you need to keep above 90% completion and 90% ratings all this sort of five star ratings, even to get up to stuff like Level two top rated cellar. So make sure that you're getting the best reviews. If you followed all of the steps 129 efficiently on. Well, then there's no way, in my opinion, that you wouldn't get great reviews 99% of the time. Yes, they will be the order person that may be is a bit odd on didn't do that, but on the whole, Evan's gonna love you gig because you've provided great work efficiently. So perhaps even over satisfied them. But like ways, if you go backwards, all of steps 127 fail. If you don't get any good reviews. If the good reviews aren't coming in, it doesn't matter how good everything else is. You're probably not really going to get any more offers on again that rolling ball down the hill. The more reviews you get, the more successful have on the platform. So we wouldn't want to be making sure that people are reviewing us. Have mentioned previously about the people who message me a lot asking, How do they do better on five? How do I succeed? How do I make more money, etcetera, block by block. Now a lot of the things they say are very about them. How do I make money? How do I succeed? How do I Whatever. Now, obviously, that's the natural thing to think. But actually you want to swap it around. What can you do for the customer? What can you do to make their experience better on by following the steps that we've learned in this, you're gonna create an amazing experience for the buyer on. That's therefore gonna create an amazing review, which will then finally help you. The benefit for you comes at the end, not the beginning. People need to learn that, and that's why it's really important to get as many good reviews as you can and follow the steps we've learned through this course to make sure that final step along the way, when they finally get to type in that review, it's gonna be a five star because that's what's gonna get your next sale. 15. Extra Tips & Tricks : aces and one of the core lessons. But just as a last little video before the conclusion, there are a couple of extra things you can do to increase your sales from five. The main one, in my opinion, is the buyer requests have. So if you got to the top of your window and click by requests, you'll see lots of buyers within your niche who are essentially advertising for what they want done now. I actually haven't really had much success with these. That's probably because I only go for the high value listings on Lots of people want, you know, great work from the low cost. But I know that you can make money from these on. People might not necessarily find your gig if you're looking through by requests, sometimes you'll find people that weren't gonna reach you anyway. For example, recently I did a $250 gig for somebody for a song for their wedding. Andi, she said, that I never would have found you if you hadn't message me on the by requests. So it's a really great thing to do once in a while. But don't spend your time clicking through a 1,000,001,000,000 by requests because you have to compete with a lot of people again. Secondly, you can promote your gig as five is always going on about. You don't have to provoke your giggle the time I've never done it myself. But just so you know anybody watching this video, you can use the links to promote it for free. Or you can do paid advertising to try and get more people to, you know, personally, I would say that there's enough people on Fiverr that you could be making great money without wasting your own money promoting elsewhere. So that's just a few more tips for you to keep an eye out for when you're creating your selling empire five. 16. Conclusion: So in conclusion, we've learned that the key to succeeding off five is It's not about you. It's about the buyers that are out there. It's about providing a service that people want. That solves a problem. The solution to a problem that somebody wants to pay for and not only pay for. Pay a good price for you don't want to be fighting around for $4 worth of $5 orders. It's just not where you want to be. Don't be the lowest common denominator. Be better than that and make sure that you're valuing yourself, because if you do value yourself, the buyers will as well, and you'll be noticed for that, and it will be reflected in the ratings. We've also learned how to craft a great gig listing how will get noticed and then when those messages come in, how to capitalize on them with things like the five or app to get the most orders possible . We then spoken about how to deliver those orders in a fast, premium way that's gonna get you repeat buyers because that's a crucial part of earning the most money you can. The tips that I spoke about in this world. Things that I've really used with my phone profile. I really wish you the best on your five journey on. Let me know how you get on. 17. BONUS - Real gig breakdowns: Hi everyone. It's Mike here. I've realized there's a load more people have been signing up to the class recently. And one of the things I think I'm missing is a surgery where I go through what some people actually doing wrong and you can see some real examples. So I'm just going to quickly go through some real Fiverr profiles I've found which are not doing things right. And I don't want to be mean, but it will be helpful for you to see what they're doing wrong. So first up, we've got this guy here. Now what does it strike you that he's doing wrong straightaway. I will do something good for you. I mean, no one's going to click on that except me. It needs to be specific to what you're doing. But this guy hasn't done that at all. And if you want to talk about media, he's got this one logo here, which to be fair, looks good. But it's the only one He's got. So therefore, I guess that he's doing logo design. Yeah, he's up here, he's logo design, but I will do something good for you. I mean, come on. Then if you scroll down, this gig is always the customer is king. I won't, won't be disappointed my king. Okay? So this is what I mean when there's a kind of non professionalism, slight desperation to the way that people write. And just to preface this, to be fair, this is often for people who aren't native English speakers. So I don't mean to be harsh to them. But there's an element where the rights that they will do literally anything for the job. And they don't come across necessarily as someone who's getting lots of work. It's a bit like dating. You want to seem like you're the belle of the ball. And again, let's go down and see if there's any FAQs. No, no. That's that one. It's going to number two. This one here. It's actually the opposite problem. So this, I would argue, is too specific. I will create an awesome clock logo. I mean, I get it. But I would personally say that's a little too much. The other guy had no specificity, and this guy has too much. So you want to try and get a happy medium really in the middle. Who's next? So this guy here, this one is classic. I will do you a text-based logo design. I mean, there's no text. There is just a picture of this guy. I don't know. I presume it's him, but that's not correct. The title has to match what you're doing. It goes without saying that the media use is obviously not great. There's just this one picture which is unrelated. So not great there. Then there's no different pricing up here. So you won't be able to upsell. Next. This one here. It's not that the worst title in the world. I will do modern business design logo. But again, the work needs to match the title. This is not a modern business design logo. This is something that you do in school ten years ago on Microsoft Paint, like they need to match. I can see where he's coming from. If you didn't, if he'd written, I will do retro funny PowerPoint design, then I've got it. But he didn't. So that's the problem there with this one. Okay, this one here, I would say, is over promising. So I will create LFTs that will make you thousands of dollars. You just can't say that. I mean, it's very, very unlikely that that would happen. And you do need to be careful with what you say on your profile. So I wouldn't say that for certain. And the double bubble here is that he seems to just be ripping off board ape Yacht Club, which if you don't know it is the most famous NFC projects and this is essentially just bored APR cup. I'm not quite sure what, while he's adding here. And it so happens that they are worth thousands and thousands of dollars. But these are certainly not, not great. Okay, this guy here, I will teach you how to make money online. Lots of people want to know that to be fair is not wrong there. But it's just not specific. Again, and he doesn't even elaborate in the rest of the copy, how to make more money? Unlimited report support a 100% online business work from whether you want. I mean, it just sounds like a scan, doesn't it? Professional premium support, totally legal method, step-by-step guide. No specifics whatsoever. Blah-blah-blah. How to make money. No good. Sorry, mate. This title is one of my favorites. I will do something I am good at. Again, who is going to click that? As they say in YouTube consulting, you have to, when the click, you have a thumbnail and you have a line of copy the title. You have to win that click against hundreds of other people, potentially thousands, hundreds of thousands, even on YouTube. Nobody is going to click this except me. I will do something. I am good at. This woman. She's probably great at EDM, pre cue survey engagement, EDM, whatever that is. But no one's ever going to see it. And that's why she's got no reviews. On top of that. She's got this totally irrelevant piece of media. Don't know why that's there. And then the triple whammy and she's also really expensive. So nobody is going to pay this premium ticket prices for something that they don't know what it is. It's just not gonna happen. So sorry, That's another dam on this one. Here's an interesting one. I'd say the work is actually good. It looks good. They could see these. But he's over promising again. I will make you the best CV in the world. Just don't say that. Be specific. I will make you an excellent CV for working in the field of SEO or something like that. The best CV in the world. Again, it's this sort of desperation angle that you get. It's just no good. And then he takes his great work and then doesn't elaborate on it here. Nice-looking professional CV. Well, hold on a minute ago it was the best CV in the world and that's just a nice-looking one. You got to have a copy and everything correlate. This is part of this. The title is part of this. This stuff is altogether at the same thing. It needs to be one cohesive unit. So you're probably thinking, let me see some good ones. I'll do a couple of those as well. This guy here, I will create amazing sticker, label, logo and patch design. Specific, but not too specific. And amazing work. It's this one here is his main thumbnail and you can see everything he does. It's a great collage. On top of that, he's got more and more and more brilliant work. Here. He's not too expensive, but he's not really cheap either. 65 quid, which is in dollars, is about 80 US dollars. That's good. That's a good ticket items. I have no wonder he's got 314 reviews. It's got six orders in the queue. He's got great work, he's got a good title. He's going to win that clicky one might click. When I was looking for good people to use in this example, I will do sticker design with high resolution, blah, blah, blah. We get it down here. Nice specific thing, what you can get. Very good. Next, this one here, I thought was really great. It's got a nice specific niche which he wins the click with great media and again and again and again. So lots of people will be looking for t-shirts. And he's got a specific design that you gotta go for him for. And that's why he's got so many reviews. It's a great price. C is not under selling himself. Really great work. Finally, we've got this guy here. I will teach you how to make money online with blogging and SEO. I put this one in here because it's a contrast to the other one where it had no specifics on how you're going to make money. This guy, he says, I'm going to show you with blogging and SEO, which is totally plausible. And even though he's actually hasn't gotten many reviews on here, I think this is a good gig. He's got a nice thumbnail here. He could maybe do some examples of his work is quite hard to do with SEO plugin to be fair. And then an okay price which is hitting a middle ground. So that was just a little less than that. I hope that helps. I hope I didn't insult them too much. Those people there, some of them had really great gigs and you can see why when you do it in this kind of surgery format, it's very easy to see why some people who are succeeding on Fiverr and others aren't. And I hope it helps. Best of luck.