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Entrepreneur Mindset: Productivity and Procrastination

teacher avatar Matteo Morelli, Creative Entrepreneur

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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      Start here


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      Hack #1 Boosting your physiology


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      Hack #2 Empowering your inner voice


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      Hack #3 Manage Time like a millionaire


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      Procrastination Bonus Tips


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      Conclusion: how to motivate yourself ?


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About This Class

Read First !

Yes, we have all been there, trying to accomplish something... But procrastination and lack of organization prevents us from getting where we want to go.

If you are here, it is likely that you had some problems so far to motivate yourself doing what you want.

After having helped dozens of people with NLP and Hypnosis, I came to a point where I could define exactly what were the missing points. Your problems are not really far from somebody else's. If it has worked with more than a hundred people, it will work with you too.

In this course, I teach you how to

- Use your physiology to boost your capacities

- Change the tone of your inner voice to enhance your performance

- Use time to your advantage to get more done is less time

- Secret brain hacks for stop procrastinating

After you implement them, you may start to feel changes in the way you think. Several things that could appear difficult before might start to sound easy suddenly.

After you have had success with these brain hacks, please comment and let me know which one worked best for you ! :)

Meet Your Teacher

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Matteo Morelli

Creative Entrepreneur

Level: All Levels

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1. Start here: Are you sick of procrastination? Are you tired of not accomplishing what you want? Every day in this course I will show you how you can double triple, multiply 10 times your productivity. After watching this whole course, you will be able to achieve today all the things you pushed back to tomorrow. What is the biggest thing you have always wanted to accomplish but never had enough time to do? Think about it. Then it will be the first thing you will be able to accomplish. After you have used all the techniques I am giving you here. Please let me introduce me. My name is material Morelli. I have a traditional psychology degree and I have been using neuro linguistic programming and hypnosis for years to help the people unleash their true potential. What I am giving you here is from my experience some of the best tools you can use to overcome any kind of procrastination and become natural protective. First of all, why is it difficult to be productive? Let me tell you why productive It is difficult because your brain likes what is familiar and not what is different. If you think about it, human beings have survived millions of years of evolution by avoiding dangerous life threats and experience totus that everything that is different is potentially dangerous. That is why I will always more comfortable in this so far, watching Netflix rather than actually doing something productive. So the trick is your brain likes what it's similar and familiar, but learns by what is different. It means that you will always feel good in something you already know, but you will only grow in something that is new for you. 2. Hack #1 Boosting your physiology: let me explain that people have lied to you. You have been trained to think that in order to be productive, you only need to develop new mental habits and discipline. That is foals because your mind and your body act as a country T use loop. When you move your body, you are changing your mindset or when you're changing your mind, set your physiology changes to This is a systemic principal called retraction. It doesn't matter which one you start with. It only matters that you start somewhere. I like to start by changing my physiology because I think it is quicker when you have the right amount of physical energy and right physiology. Your mind is starting to give you a treatment, this amount of productive ideas. So basically move a little bit and you'll be productive, Easier said than done. Why? Well, the problem I see most often is that most people want to go from this to this like automatically obviously doesn't happen that fast. If you try to go too fast into a super great amount of productivity, you may get discouraged and find excuses for saying why you can't and then get back on the sofa to get some energy and become productive. Start by small movements. I guess that most of you sit down when they work, right? That is great news. Because when you are going to sit down, the first thing you can do is not actually sit down. But stop yourself chills before the end and get back up and then go back and back up and go back and back up about 20 times. That shouldn't be that hard. Another thing you can do is just extend your arms like this. Put them here, extend back, put him here, extend back and again just small movements just to remind your body to get some energy and then fuel your mind with some productive energy. You don't need to be a tub ethic to get some energy, justice, some movements, some small movements and your body is going to give you that smoke pushing me to get your mind to start something. The last thing you could do would be to listen to music that not a vase. You think about the music that you know that is really motivating. You really pushing you Or maybe that is reminding you of a re energetic moment. You had any kind of amusing. You get the point. Finally, sending the proper physiology is important, but it is nothing. If you don't apply all the other principles in this course, all together, they form the strong foundation that is going to help you to accomplish everything. 3. Hack #2 Empowering your inner voice: another. A big problem that I have countless encounter with clients is the problem of the self talk . The way you talk to yourself, we'll have a tremendous impact on your productivity. It can obviously enhances procrastination to if you don't do it, probably and people tend always justifies their lack of meditation or their mistakes through their own inner self toke. Think about it. I shoot it healthier. I shouldn't have had jack late, so it may appear weird. But the way you talk to yourself well, definitely enhances or destroy your productivity and your motivation to accomplish something. It will be a weapon. You will be a minister of death, praying for war. But until that day you are pukes. You're on the lowest form of life on Earth. You are not even human fucking big because you see the same exact words say, different set of with a different tone of voice can have a different meaning. So by changing the tone of the voice you used to duck to yourself, you will have a completely different range of possibilities. So how to be sure that you use the proper tone of voice to speak to yourself? notice what you say to yourself when you procrastinate. Think about it. The tone of the voice he used is more important than the actual words, then big voice of someone who is extremely motivated or extremely motivating. Now repeat the same words you said in the in that first position that say them in your head with the tone of voice of that person and notice how it changes your words and perception. Maybe you think about it differently. Maybe you think that what you said is not relevant anymore. Maybe the excuse you gave in the first position doesn't have any meaning anymore with that new tone of voice. And maybe talk to yourself with that voice is allowing you to actually find the step that is missing for you to become productive. Now, while you are in that position, I think about the very important task you never fully accomplished so far. And to say to yourself, I am doing this whatever today, while using the voice of that motivating person and notice what picture comes into your mind by talking to yourself that way, notice what feeling you have inside notice where the motivation comes from when you speak to yourself that way, because all of this will be your unique code to stop procrastinating and start to be motivated. Whatever you have to do now, everything you have learned so far are things that happened inside yourself. Now what you need is actual strategies you can use to plan your days, which is where we're going to talk about in the next video. 4. Hack #3 Manage Time like a millionaire: Another big problem of people who suffer from procrastination is a proper time. Management. You want to do something, but you never have enough time to do it. Probably don't worry. Here are some easy solutions. Let me just grab my tab. I already talked about that in the PC ology video. Most people want the big results first, but in order to accomplish something rate, you have to break it down into very small in actionable steps. If you want to write a whole book, for instance, and feel these courageous because it is a lot of work, you can start by writing all the possible ideas you have for the content section. Then the next step could very well be to highlight the best ones, all the ones that will be impossible to remove. Then you can set yourself to write all the ideas you have for the first section, and so on that away. You'll have written your whole book in no time. The next tip I would have to share is an incredible trick. I learned the in Tim Ferriss of seven book the four hour Workweek. One secret of your brain is that if you give it too much time, your brain becomes a lazy and unproductive. By setting a time frame in which you have to do something, your brain is going to activate its really resources and potential by giving only two hours to your brain to do something. Even if you don't accomplish it fully, you will still accomplish much more than if you give it a whole day. Setting a time frame will create this optimal zone of stress in which your brain moves faster, but it's not overwhelmed by too much pressure. The other pole of this equation is to set moments of relaxation in advance by setting time limits. I also means setting times off pose toe workout for potential during your working hours. Your brain needs to be charged, but you only have a limited amount of focus you can use at once. Brains do it all the time. They go somewhere else. Sometimes you start dreaming eyes open about something, and you don't even realize it. Your brain needs those moments of passive imagination. Let's say that a way to reload the batteries and the funniest thing about this is that your brain is going to take this moments of Poe's whether you want it or not. Even if you try to work eight hours in a row, your brain will ever, ever parades momentarily. At some point you will just part yourself thinking about your next vacation or whatever. So sitting news posed moments really helps your brain to maintain focus for the whole day. The technical schedule I would give is setting one hour of work for 20 minutes. Break during the one hour of work, you switch off your phone and every possible distractions. Then, during the 20 minutes of break, you switch everything's back on and switch it up again For when I work that away. When your brain knows that you're going to have access to all these dirty instagram and Facebook and all these bullshit, it is really much more motivated to finish the work in the hour at hand. Then, during the 20 minutes break, it is free time. You relax, it's OK and then you go back to work. My third a tip full time management is cut. What you do before the end a secret. Another secret about time management is that your brain can't stand the tension of unfinished business. You know this TV shows where they cut the episode chance before the final revelation. To be sure, you'll be there next time watching the next episode. That's exactly that. If you're into the middle of something and cut it abruptly, your brain will have a treatment. His desire to go back at it the next day because it wants to finish what has been cut in the middle that away. It becomes much easier to motivate yourself the next day to start again, where you left the work, the previews day finally, and this is something I found out really recently. It is a simple hack to set a more productive work schedule in the beginning of the week or in the beginning of the day, depending on what you need. If you're not really sure about what tasks are, you have to you have to do during this week. All today you can apply this simple process right? All the possible things you may have to do during this week, Then select out of all this test. All this possible task selected the main things that are totally impossible to remove, the ones that are basically going to kill here will destroy your life. If you don't do, then this week and highlight them. Then start by scheduling there's ones into your work schedule and feel the remaining hours with all the secondary important stuff you have written on your list or it with any hint any inside you had. Why selecting the most important tasks at hand? 5. Procrastination Bonus Tips: these last tips are all the other devices you may use to help you destroy your progress donation once and for all. You can already prepare yourself to say goodbye to the old procrastination. Tomorrow will be the birth of more productive version of yourself. I personally used to sleep, work, eat, play, exercise and we don't know nothing. All of this in my small bedroom when I was in I parents house. Obviously, this was way too much. Do you know about this thing called anchoring, Incurring man's between other things that everything in your environment can become an in court to some emotional state? If you try to work and be focused in the exact same place where you play or relax, that's gonna be much more difficult. What do you want to do is trick your brain. Change your location when you have something important to do. If you dedicate one specific and environment to do important things, it will be much easier to motivate yourself to do it. A dedicated place can be anything like the local library. Your office wants specific room of your house or apartment on one specific room. You'll hardly go to a restaurant, a coffee shop, whatever preferably. Choose a quiet place with as little distractions as possible, a place where there is basically nothing else to do or close to nothing else to do other than working or doing your specific important thing. Once you have worked two or three times in a place where you never go for anything else, your brain will create an Angkor to that place, and we'll associate your productive state to that place, putting you back into that state every time you go back there. That is the beauty of incurring. Basically, it is like conditioning associate its stimulus with their special emotional state, and therefore, when the stimulus is fired back, it is easy to get the emotional state back at the same time. The second magic procrastination atomizer is to trick your brain into liking during what you don't like. Yeah, but how to do that? Once again, your brain can be really done sometimes, and your rain always acts on a principle of momentum. Did you ever know it is how easy it can be to watch the next Netflix episode? Once you have already watched at two and three and Before you know it, you have finished the whole season. Or when you start eating that piece of shitty food from the bag you should not be eating. And before you realize it, you have finished the whole bag. The truth is, once you have made nine steps out of 10 is it really difficulty to the last one? Most likely not. So my advice here east to story of task of the day by once you like the most started work by something you love doing. Or that is at least Please, Ines, Once you have started something, why is it much easier to go on? Actually? Well, it is usually only the beginning of something that is hard. Once you have started with this principle of momentum, everything becomes brighter. That's why I'm suggesting to start by something you love. Doing that way will trick your brain into starting anyway. But once you have started Hey, guess what you have already started. So the momentum goes on and you can easily do the rest of your daily tasks. Yeah, well, I know. Obviously there are sometimes where all you have to do is bull reunite. Interesting stuff. We have all been there, actually. So what to do where nothing looks interesting in your daily tasks. Well, let me refine procrastination First, progressive nation is not a lack of doing. It is actually a very well crafted, skilled about a while and better well crafted one. Your brain has a special code full procrastinating. Do you remember when I talked about the productivity unique code of your brain back in the fucking which one? The physiology video. This unique code is made of internal voices, connects static feelings and images inside your head that your brain all put together to create the emotion creative. The feeling in the state associated with that code and your Greenalls have a unique code for procrastinating. Your brain has a unique code for everything in maybe a sequence of a specific tone of voice . Getting of being heavy and bad in Major is about the future. For instance, let's keep being really simple for now. I want you to think about something you have to do in the future, but feel very lazy to do. Do that right now. Once you have it, I want it. I want you to think about this thing in your future you don't want to do and look at the picture you have inside your head. And now I want you to reduced that picture into something really small in time where you barely notice anything inside the image and notice how the feeling changes. By doing that, maybe you feel it less constraining. Maybe you feel that it is Mormon agile. Maybe you have a new insight about this task while looking at it in that reduced form it you can always a shift the pictures inside your head to shift the feelings associated with Jews pictures. Your brain basically doesn't make the difference between something that is remembered and something that is imagined and a positive feeling that is remembered. We always be most likely bride colorful with shiny light side image or some juicy colors inside a picture. So if your picture something you don't like as a big a major of a lot of light, your brain will accentuate the bad feeling associated with that image. But if you put that image in a small, tiny, useless piece of shit, then all the bad feelings it seems to really lower that is a magic trick of the brain. Don't ask me how it works. I just know that it works. And finally, the final tip is to lower your expectations. When something doesn't work at first, stay flexible. One of the major lows in the universe is that a solid object can always break, but a flexible object will band. When you're flexible in your thinking, you become capable of overcoming any difficult situation. It means that when something doesn't work, start to move it right away. Don't stay stuck, ruminating or stun something that didn't work. These comes back to what I said about fraction aiding your goal in small steps, but it is more dynamic here. Right here. Let's say that to you. Well, you have successfully broken down your gold into small stabs. Good job. But you overestimated yourself for a little bit and still try to accomplish too much. Well, that's normal. That's fine. You're simply going to send the same task again for the next day or the next week. Whatever. But you're going to set a Siempre a version of it. For instance, let's say that your task was to answer 20 emails and you failed. Okay, set for the next day to answer Onley five e mails hand off course. You may wonder you have How am I going to finish everything if I really use so much the quantity? Well, you have to expand your thinking if you have just to discover that the task you set for today waas too much, you have to lower it for several reasons because let me tell you a cigarette. This is another systemic principle assistant. We always obey to all heats components now to only one. So it is not only about the actual quantity off things you accomplish every day. It is also about the personal satisfaction, the South, his team and the motivation you gain after every after each day when you only said tasks every day that you can accomplish. For sure your self esteem and your self confidence will grew a little bit mawr every day, which means it will become easier and easier to achieve much bigger and more difficult task in the future. So said whatever task you think for now is good for you, Then if he was really too easy adjusted, make it a little bit harder next time And if he was way too hard and you couldn't finish it right away, well settled simper version of it. 6. Conclusion: how to motivate yourself ?: So let's recap. Number one your physiology. Your body has to be active for your brain. To follow number two and following your inner voice, find device of someone who is really motivating and talk to yourself. With that tone of voice number three time management set proper time limits moments of relaxation and cut what to do before the end. Now, please tell me which of these principles would be the easiest for you to apply. Right now, you can leave a comment below and detail why. If you want to know Mawr, you can find me at Material Dash morally dot com and I will be happy to help you in any way I can.