My Mission: Motivate Myself Daily

My Mission: Motivate Myself Daily - student project


1- Write the physical moves you are capable of doing every day to boost your physiology.

  •  Everyday before I work, I will: do 20 squats over the work chair before I sot down to work

2- Choose your role model's voice, start to use it to speak to yourself

  • My inner voice role model is: Sarah Jakes Roberts
  • Example of a negative internal dialogue: Making 6 figures a year is too hard.
  • When I repeat this phrase with my role model's voice, it becomes: exciting and I’m inspired to make 6 figures even if it is hard. I’m excited to  take on this challenge. Feeling like anything is possible.

3- Define your optimal Work/Relax Schedule:

  • For every 25 minutes worked, I will take a 5 minute break. During that break I will make a cup of tea or walk outside to get some fresh air.

4- Apply the procrastination brain hacks:

  • My favorite location to work is Pistachio Cafe or Manjares.
  • Every day I will start my tasks by doing the thing I love to do the most first.
  • When I reduce the negative images in my head, I notice that that I can do anything by just taking 1 step towards showing up to do the thing. XO|Vanessa


Virtual Assistant & Social Media Manager