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Email Marketing Masterclass: Build & Growth your Email List

teacher avatar Diego Davila, Entrepreneur and Social Media Innovator

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      1.1 Welcome to the Email Marketing Masterclass


    • 2.

      1.2 Complete overview of the Email Marketing masterclass


    • 3.

      2.1 Creating your Free MailerLite account


    • 4.

      2.2 Knowing the MailerLite interface


    • 5.

      3.1 First step- Identify your customers' desires


    • 6.

      3.2 What are the strategies for building your email list?


    • 7.

      4.1 What is a Lead Magnet and how it will help to grow subscriptions exponentially?


    • 8.

      4.2 Types of Lead Magnets and how to choose the best one for you


    • 9.

      4.3 Tips for Choosing the Best Lead Magnet for you


    • 10.

      4.4 Ebook - How to Create an Irresistible Lead Magnet


    • 11.

      4.5 Video Series - How to Create an Irresistible Lead Magnet


    • 12.

      4.6 PDF or Report - How to create an irresistible Lead Magnet


    • 13.

      5.1 Subscriber management overview


    • 14.

      5.2 Creating groups


    • 15.

      5.3 Using Segments


    • 16.

      5.4 Importing & Exporting subscribers


    • 17.

      5.5 Remove inactive subscribers


    • 18.

      6.1 What is a Landing Page


    • 19.

      6.2 Creating an Irresistible Landing Page


    • 20.

      7.1 Creating subscription forms in MailerLite


    • 21.

      7.2 Adding a subscription form to your website


    • 22.

      8.1 Introduction to Email Automation


    • 23.

      8.2 Planning Your Email Sequence like a Pro


    • 24.

      8.3 Creating an email sequence in MailerLite for new subscribers


    • 25.

      8.4 Activating and Testing your email automation


    • 26.

      9.1 Analyzing your campaign data


    • 27.

      9.2 Anty-spam policy. Keeping your account healthy


    • 28.

      11.1 What 14 studies say about the best day to send email


    • 29.

      12.1 The style you’ll use in your emails


    • 30.

      12.2 10 ways to ensure your emails are mobile-friendly


    • 31.

      12.3 Personalizing Your Email Content


    • 32.

      13.1 How to get support from MailerLite


    • 33.

      14.1 Final Project


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About This Class

Welcome to the Email Marketing Masterclass

This is the only class you will ever need to apply and master everything that involves email marketing.

We'll cover the top strategies, and you'll have all the tools to run any email marketing campaign, perfect for entrepreneurs, business owners, or anyone looking to start a career in the digital marketing space.

In this course, you will learn:

  1. How to Build an Email List from Scratch and apply the right strategies to grow it to thousands of subscribers and customers.

  2. How to Plan successful email campaigns

  3. How to Create irresistible Lead Magnets that attracts thousands of clients

  4. How to Create an optimized landing page that converts

  5. And Advanced strategies like Email automation And A/B testing

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Diego Davila

Entrepreneur and Social Media Innovator


Hi, I'm Diego. welcome to my SkillShare profile! 

My Mission is to help entrepreneurs and small business owners to spread their message all over the world and make a huge impact in the life of their fans, friends, and clients.

My goal is to produce the absolute best material, best courses to help you to bring your life to the next level, next level on your health, finances, relationship, and to help you to conquer your goals so you can live a more fulfilled life.

I want to thank you for taking the time to improve your life and learn more and more, take a look at my courses. I created each one of them thinking about YOU.


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1. 1.1 Welcome to the Email Marketing Masterclass: Hey guys, welcome to the course and happy and excited for you to see you inside the training. Here we will learn amazing strategies about email marketing. By the end of the course, you will have a complete email marketing sequence ready to go setup established on your business. Doesn't matter. The kind of business you have is a personal brand. Or if you have a company selling products or services to grow that exponentially. And let's start right now defining email marketing. I'll give you my official definition, which I like better because it's easy to understand. We will talk also in these videos, stay here with me. This is important. Why this is so important for you and for your business. Why do you need to start investing on email marketing right now, starting today? My official definition is that email marketing is one of the most powerful tools in digital marketing, with which we can convert anyone from your target audience into paying customers. And also we can transform your existing customers into passionate fans of your products, your brand, and your company. Why email marketing is important for you? Number one, because there are 3.8 billion e-mail users all over the world. That's 50% of the world's population, 50% of the world population, they have emails. We are working with e-mail marketing. We can reach them eventually, seconds. On average, this is important for every $5 companies spent on email marketing, they generate in return around $200, which represent a return of 3,800% on investment. Next, we have that 2-out-of-3 customers made a purchase as the direct result of an e-mail marketing message and email marketing campaign. Number four, when it comes to customer at decision, email is 40 times, 40 times more effective than Facebook and Twitter combined. That's outstanding. Also. And this is the most important reason why you need to start investing and implementing digital marketing on your company and your business on your online strategy. With e-mail marketing, you have total control of your list. You have control of how many times you will be sending the message. You have access to all the information of your customers. You have access to an email. If you are collecting phone numbers, you have the phone numbers and names. You can do anything that you want if you can create any strategy to use that to sell more. People said DIY have social media, I have X number of followers on YouTube, on Instagram or Facebook, facebook pages. Why do I need e-mail marketing? Because with e-mail marketing we have control. We don't have control. What will happen with Facebook or YouTube? I'm not saying that they will close the doors in a few weeks or a few months. But what I'm saying is that when you post something on YouTube or on Facebook, on Facebook page, just a percentage is more percentage of your customers will see that information of your followers. Why is that? Because they want you to pay for ads. So you need to, you need to pay it for ad, you need to promote that. You need to spend your money to tell Facebook, for example, to show that message to more people that are really follow you that I really liked your page and already our subscribers on YouTube. That's why that's the main reason you have control. And if something happened, if they cancel your account or I saw that happen several times with my clients, they have a huge Instagram followers, follower list, and Ethereum close their accounts, something happened or the account got hacked and they could not recover all the information they have to start from scratch, they lost everything. So with e-mail marketing, you don't because you have control. You are the owner of the list and you can do whatever you want with the least. And that's what I will show you here. How you can start that, how you can use that leads to sell more, to promote your brand, to promote your business, and to reach people all over the world. I hope you are excited. I am. In the next video, we will start doing that from the beginning. Let's see. 2. 1.2 Complete overview of the Email Marketing masterclass: Before we start jumping inside, email marketing during the things is important to have a complete overview of the car. So by the end of this lesson here, which is important, you will know exactly all the steps we will be taken along the course. You will know exactly what you will be learning and what you will have at the end of the course. So please stay with me here. I'll make it quick for you. All. Start creating your account on mailer Light Miller is the system we will use to develop your e-mail marketing strategy. You will understand everything about it in the next section, so great, that account. After that, we will talk about how you can build your email list from scratch if you are starting from scratch or if you already have at least how you can take it to the next level. Wolves walls talk about specific strategies on Model three. We'll talk about, for example, late magnetic block, block access to content and other advanced strategies that you can use right now with a few clicks and implement on your e-mail marketing right away. In the next section after that model for we will be creating a lead magnet that attracts thousands and thousands of new clients. So we'll talk first about what a lead magnet, why this is important, and especially now that you will know what is important, but you will know also how to create the lead magnet will create different type of list link magnets that you can use for your audience. Will after that jump model, five above subscribers, Subscribers management on mailer light how you can import subscribers creating groups, segments to have more advanced options for your subscribers, for your campaigns. After that model is six, we will talk about landing pages. So basically, we'll create a landing page, a professional, good-looking, impressive landing page that will captivate your clients when they land there, they will say, Oh my God, this is great. Let me put my name and email here. I'll get delete these lead magnet and I just move forward with these guy with this company, with this curve. So that's what we want with the landing page. And we're creating landing page for free on mailer light. So you're gonna need to pay or anything like that. Modal number, number seven will start creating forms. Took to put that on your website, but we'll install forms on your website. And form is basically a field where they can enter their name and email. You can do that on your website. Soul start capturing people that visit your website. And I'm moving them to your e-mail list so you will have a complete database of everybody that visits your website. You can contact them with products, with News, newsletter and stuff like that. After that, we're going to model eight with an advanced model about e-mail automation is advanced, but it's super easy to implement. These simple model will take your, we will give you more time because you will automate the process and also will take your email marketing system to the next level with automation. Again, this is a free option on mailer light if you have a plan. Also after that, we're going to understand they can paint starts, the statistics, the data that is generated every time you send an e-mail using a campaign. We will see, I'll show you exactly what you need to see. There are three main elements that you need to see. There are millions of elements on their report, but you'll need to worry about all these, all you need to worry about these are three main elements. And we will talk in details about that. I'll show you what the elements are. What are the, the idea result that the numbers that you need to have on these elements and we'll set goals for your specific case. For these three elements, three datas. After that, we're going to model ten. This is another advanced model which is also super easy to implement on mailer light with a few clicks, you will have this ray to o in around 20 minutes, half an hour. We will have the AB testing ready AB testing is when you test different models of your campaigns, of your emails to see which one is best. The email marketing system will automatically send the winner the one that performs better, sounds complicated is not, but the good thing is that this is a revolutionary strategy that can also change your game here and email marketing. After that, we have two bonds models about what's the best day and time to send your emails. So I will share with you studies that we have right now, showing you what's the best day and time to send these emails. And I'll show you also how you can test these for your specific items. To make sure, to make sure that these times on these data I will share with you are actually the real deal for your out is because it changed depending of the outers you have. The last section here, 12 is deciding the format and styles of your e-mails. So are you talking about in a formal way or informal or direct, indirect? What is the best way to do that with your audience? Subject lines, how to capture their attention, how to increase your open rates. The call to actions that you will use on your e-mails, all that here on the last module of the course, module 12. And that's it. After that, you will have a complete system with automation, with AB testing, with subscribers, with emails, capture being captured on your landing page with forms on your website are capturing name, an email 247. You don't need to do anything. People go there, they leave their information, they get their free lead magnet that we will create together. And your e-mail list start growing. And after that you can start selling to these people. That's it. I hope you're excited. This is great. If you think this is too complicated, don't worry. You and I, we're going to gather step-by-step on each one of these model, each one of these lessons, and I promise you this will be fun and will be really productive, will create real resource for you and for your business. Let's start in the next video. 3. 2.1 Creating your Free MailerLite account: What is mailer light and why I recommend these? I personally on my business, I use mailer like this is what I have all my email list and you will see behind the scenes, you will see all my e-mail list, the details, the groups, and everything we have during the course I recorded. So you can see, I also love Miller Lite because you can start for free. It's free up to a 1000 subscribers and its lifetime. So every time, if you are under a thousand subscribers is free forever, you never pay. And you use all these tools with all these fantastic strategies for to grow your business. And of course, if you pass for a 1000 used, are paying a small monthly, monthly price for the number of subscribers you have. Let me show you here. So up to a 1000 is free. And if we go, let's say to two hundred twenty-five hundred, you pay 15 bucks per month, which is fantastic because you will be making money from this list for short, That's the goal of this course. Now to continue, we click on sign up free. And if you are not here, if you are on the main screen, you can also click on the blue button, sign up free. And here we will enter your name or your company name, your email address, and your password. Remember the password requirements and lowercase number, uppercase and eight characters minimum. Let me complete that so we can continue. Excellent, your password is secure. I will click on Create My Account. Excellent, welcome to mailer light. Now the next step is to complete these steps here. The first one is to complete your profile and request approval. So all you need to do is come here, enter your company information first and last name, your company, email address, your address. Information about your industry. Which industry are you in, how many people are in your business? We click that, we agree with the anti-spam policy and click on save. Excellent. Now the last step is to request approval. You click on that Miller Lite will receive your application, they will approve yours if an email with the confirmation and congratulations, you have a mailer late account, you are ready to move forward with the course and start using e-mail marketing on your business to grow and reach more people. See you in the next video. 4. 2.2 Knowing the MailerLite interface: Welcome to mailer light. Here we are in the dashboard. In this video, we will explore the dashboard of Miller Lite. So by the end of the video, you will know exactly where things are and the specific tools that we will be using here on this course. If you're already familiar with the interface, you can jump to the next lesson. Let's start at the top. We have the top menu. This is the main section, the main menu where we will work. We have here the dashboard. Every time you want to come to the main screen, just click here. They can paint options we will create and send emails, can paint everything from here, AB testing all about campaigns, about email sending we'll be doing here in the campaigns manual, subscribers. We have a model about how to organize your subscribers in groups in bucket, in segments, advanced options that will help you to take this email marketing your list to the next level here in subscribers. Also, we can add Forms to your website. We can create landing page and websites and we can set up our automation for your emails. So that means one thing, when certain things happen on your email, on your e-mail list, the e-mails will be sent automatically to your audience and this is fantastic. This will save you time. Also, we have here on the top right-hand side, you see my picture here, you see your name here. The main thing here is you can edit your profile account settings. You can edit that too. The next good thing here is integrations, because under integrations, you can integrate your mailer light account with several services. For example, one that is my favorite is you can create an opt-in page and a landing page on Facebook. Inside of Facebook, we can create an opt-in page asking for name and email. This is fantastic. Half a great conversion rate. Also, if you are selling services, you can integrate with any of these services. If we go, for example, to campaigns and we will explore these in details later hitting the course. You see here all the campaigns we send, we can create a new campaign and we can do a regular campaign AB testing our recent campaign, an RSS campaign. We will be working with all of the, all of these later. Also here, subscribers, we see all the subscribers and we have amazing tools. Here lies segments and groups that will help you to organize everything and have everything ready for your business. Also forms. We will create forums to add forms your website so we can collect name and e-mail of everybody that visits your website. Great, right. You have the option to create websites on landing pages here on mailer, right? Also, they'll assumption here is our automation where we can create these fantastic automations that I'll show you here. Under the dashboard we see here the subscribers, this is the number of subscribers we have right now, the total active subscribers, the new subscribers this month and last month. We see here the plan that we have. This is the plan, the e-mails that we sent this month so far, all the information about your growth is here. This is fantastic. They can paints we send and you have all that right here on your dashboard. And at the top is showing the last campaign that you send. And you see the numbers here. How many recipient, how many opens? You can view the report here. You have all these data and we will be working with these step-by-step here in the course. Also one of my favorite tools and this is available 247 for you is the chat option you see here. If I click on the chat, they usually reply in under two minutes. This is fantastic. These guys. The support is amazing. If you have any questions, doesn't matter the question if it's too basic or to advance, they are always here to help us. All you need to do is come here, send a message and you will get a solution, you will get a reply, and they help from these experts. This is Miller Lite unexcited. Let's continue with the course in the next video. 5. 3.1 First step- Identify your customers' desires: Welcome to the strategies to build an email list from scratch here in this section, we will talk about that in Betas by the end of the section will have an assignment where you need to choose one of the items to one of the ideas, one of the strategies I will share with you that you will add a dark to develop on your email marketing system, on your strategy. Let's start with that. And the first step to do that, to start writing an email list from scratch, the step number one and this is allele bit, something that we need to think about. So some students don't want to do it, please stay here with me because if you have these elements in place, this is the base. This is the foundation of your whole system. If this is not right, we can work and work and work and improve and optimize your email marketing system. But it won't grow as it should if we don't have the right foundation, which is this section. This is exact video that you are watching here. So stay here with me. Please do the exercise. The first thing we need to identify here is what your customers desires, what they want, what they are looking for. If you have a target, our audience, they are looking for something they want to buy specific products. For example, I have a training about the Camino, the Santiago de Compostela, which is a pilgrimage in Spain. If something that you go to Spain, your flight out there and you walk for 32 days around the country from, from east to west. Just enjoying your time there. But that's something super specific. Not everybody wants that this is a specific target audience and your target out this is also specific. The first step we need to keep in mind, and probably, you know, this, it because, you know, your target audience is what? The deepest desire, what do they want? What exactly that, why are they looking for you, for your products, your services, for what you are looking for. My example about the community Santiago, the training that I have. I hope people, people to prepare for that journey for the 32 days hiking on Spain, I helped them to prepare equipment, how it works there, where to sleep on all these details. So if I'm taking that as an example, that product, I will think that they are, the main thing they look for when they come to me for this training is to know to be a 100% prepare for the Camino Santiago for the trail. They want to feel confident that they are ready to go out there for 32 days and walk around Spain. They want to be saved, they wanted to be ready and they want to have all the equipment they need. So one of the things that I know, if I go even deeper thinking about what's the desire, I know that one of the steps, one of the things they want is actually a list of equipment that they want that they can bring to the Camino. What is the ShoppingList they need to buy in order to do these 30 today hike on Spain. So that's one thing they desired. If we are talking about your clients, your target audience are not just Client people that are on your target audience that are looking for something you offer, what they are looking for, what they do they desire, what do they want? Think about that. Make a list of five things, five topic, at least that we will use later here because we will use that. I'll tell you where, where are we using that. We will use that in the next video because we will talk about specific strategies that you can use for to build your email list. If you have this list right now of five things that they desire, that your audience Desire for you, from your company, from your products, your services, what they are looking for, how do they want to feel when they consume your products, your services, your content? If you have that list, that will help you along the course. So this list is important. I know it's not that fun to think about that, but it's super important. So please do it right now. And also we'll use these to create the lead magnet in the next section, model four is about the lead magnets will use these lists that you are building right now in this video, the desires of your audience to actually create the perfect lead magnet that will attract millions and thousands of followers. Think about that in the next video, we'll start talking about specific strategies that you can use to grow your e-mail list from scratch. See you there. 6. 3.2 What are the strategies for building your email list?: What are the list building strategies that you can use on your business to start building that email is what specific things you can do to start from scratch, no subscribers, to grow your lease exponentially. The first thing is to create a lead magnet. This is the most popular strategy and I'll share with you in the next model all about lead magnets will create a magnetic different kind of, you can choose any doubt that fits better your business. Lead magnet is the first. What is a lead magnet is something that something of value that you offer for free to your audience. For example, in exchange for their name and e-mail. So you offer something for free and they give you the information. And it can be an e-book or a PDF or report, a video, a video series are training a webinar. There are lots and lots of examples that we will talk in details in the next section. So that's one strategy you create and lead magnetic, something for free that is valuable to them. Remember that we've talked about what are the desires of your customers in the last video. So that's why that was important. Because we delete magnet. We can create something on value. Some say that they desire what? We will give them for free in exchange for their information, their name, and email. That's one option, is the most popular. And if after watching all these videos and learning all this strategy, view the side, if you are not sure what to do, I will tell you to what we delete magnetic, which is the first strategy. The next strategy is to block access to content probably use. So these are already some magazines. Journals are right now, they are implemented. This is growing and growing. They have a section of their website where the OH is only for subscribers. For example, the New York Times, I think I'm not sure if they changed that, but the last time I went there, they allow you three articles per day. So if I read three articles, if I visit three times or three different articles on the website. The fourth one, they want me to sign for that to be a subscriber in order to read, to access the content. Or even sometimes, you don't need to be a subscriber, but you can just give your information, your name, and e-mail. So they say, hey, enter your name and e-mail to access this article, you already use the three credits you have. For example, you can use that strategy to if you have a block, if you have a content website, if you have content videos on your website, you can use this as try the foreshore is very valuable, especially if your company is created in a way that is something that they desire. If your audience needs your content because they want that they desire that they want to learn about that they want to consume. They are willing to give their information, their name, and e-mail to access that content right there right away. You do like a VIP area of your website. And it's behind a username and password that they can create, leaving their information. That's the second strategy. So right now we have lead magnet and block access on the website content. The next one is one of the most popular too, is newsletters. You can create a newsletter. Basically, a newsletter is something that you sign up to receive emails from you. You can send weekly emails, sometimes daily e-mail, sometimes a twice a month, twice a week, you choose a strategy and we'll talk about that, about how to choose the best strategy for newsletter later in the course. But that's another strategy. You collected information on, you just set on your website. You have a form where they can enter the name and e-mail and you say, hey, if you want to receive news about the latest on digital marketing, enter your name and email here once a week yours. If I complete email with my best tips, for example, I can put that on my website. People will go there, enter the name and email. And I will be collecting this information and every time, every week or every month, depending on the frequency edges, I will be sending these newsletter to this group of people. So that's another strategy. Two more. The next one is also very popular and is a great way to collect name and e-mail and to grow your list is offering discounts on products or services. So if you have products or services on your website view cell that some people don't sell. For example, if you have a block, you don't have products or services. You are not selling anything on your website. So this is strategy doesn't apply to you, but most people are selling something. Products, services, digital products, physical products doesn't matter. You can offer them a discount if they leave their name and email so that you can say, hey, enroll here or just put your name and email here, enter information and you will get 10% discount. That's an artist strike. The last strategy is for people that are selling physical products. So if you have physical products that you need to ship out to your customer, you can offer, for example, free shipping, that's an option. And if you have a digital product and this is very popular, you can offer a free trial of your product, of all of your service. If you have products or services that are digital, so like an online course, consulting or something like that, you can offer a free trial of your products or your services if they leave their name and e-mail. So here are five greatest strategies, and you can choose one of these five right now that you will go, you will use, you will adopt that to move forward with your email marketing strategy. So you can choose either lead magnet, creating lead magnets, creating a website where you have content, a block, and you require their information in order to read the articles. So that's blocked access to content by a form. Or you can use the newsletter where you collect name on animals and you send these emails frequently with meals, with updates, valuable content. Or you can use the discount where you offer discounts on products or services if they sign with their information. Or you can offer the free trial if you have digital products or services that you can offer for them for free, seven-day free trial or something like that. If they leave their information. Before we move forward, I want you to choose one of these is tried if you are not sure if you said, oh, this is too confusing, I'm not sure. I recommended to go either with the lead magnet strategy, which we will build together in the next section or the newsletter will you just will send e-mails to your, to your audience. You can start like that. These are really the two best options to start if you don't have physical products or services, lead my neck or newsletter, choose one of these five. In the next video, we will have an assignment where you will share with me and with the community. What is your choice? See you there. 7. 4.1 What is a Lead Magnet and how it will help to grow subscriptions exponentially?: Welcome to this section here we'll talk about lead magnets. What is a lead magnet? That's how you can create one and how you choose the perfect lead magnet for you, for your business, for your products, your services. The lead magnet I will help you to grow exponentially. That's all we are talking here on this section. I'm excited to see you here. And by the end of this model here, this section, you will have your lip magnetic ready for your audience to see, are ready to share that with your audience and start collecting name and e-mail. So let's start with the definition, the official definition, what is a lead magnet? My definition is that a lead magnet is something of value that you offer your customers for free in exchange for their contact information or their name and e-mail. There is only one main purpose of a lead magnet and the purpose is to maximize the number of targeted leads you are getting for an offer. What is that exactly? Basically, let's go about the definition. The definition is that you offer to your out and something for free. It can be a PDF, it can be an eBook, an image, a video, a video series are training a webinar. All that can be a lead magnet or any other ideas that you may have, maybe for your specific case, that you can share for free, that is valuable for your outlets in exchange for their information. Again, the goal here is saying is to maximize the number of targeted leads you are getting for an offer. So targeted leads, leads means people that are really desiring what you offer, your product or your service. That's a target lead. And how do you know that they decided that? Because you will prepare that delete magnetic in a way that if you know that if they left their information to get this for free, this something for valuable that you are offering here. That they are a target audience, perfect outlets that are looking for the big solution, the big product that you have here that can be any products or services that you offer. That's a lead magnet, for example. Let's, let me give an example so you understand exactly how to think about this. We have a course about the community. Santiago is a pilgrim metrics pain that people go to Spain for 32 days and they walk around the country and they need to prepare for the trip and they need to buy equipment and all that. And the main desire of my outliers, the people that I sell the training too, is to be totally confident when they go into plane to Spain to start working. They wanted to feel confident. They want to feel that they have all the equipment ready, that they are prepared physically, that they feel well and they know exactly what to spec that their biggest desire they need to be they want to be safe to feel safe on the trip. A lead magnet that I created for this target audience about this course, this training is a least a PDF, a simple PDF with a list of a 100 items that they need to lead to. Pack for the Camino Santiago is a packing list of equipment for the Camino boots, backpack, rain re-encode, socks, every single thing that they need to pat on the back to go to the Camino. I have that lead magnet is very successful. Why not? Because it's super important? Not because the information is outstanding and unique, is because that's a main desire of my outers, the outings that is looking for this training. The main thing they want to know is what to pack for the Camino because you need you cannot pack a heavy because you will be walking around for miles and miles with your backpack on your back. It doesn't it doesn't need to be heavy. And they need to choose wisely exactly what to bring and what to leave at why. That's why this link magnetic with the packing list is outstanding for these target hours. And that's what you need to think about here on this section. You need to think about your target audience. What's the best? Lip magnetic, what is something of value that you can offer to them for free in exchange for their name and email. The next video I'll share with you examples of lead magnets. You will choose one of them, and after that, we will create each one of these for you. See you in the next video. 8. 4.2 Types of Lead Magnets and how to choose the best one for you: Excel or another, you know, what is a lead magnetic exactly is something for value that we offer to your audience in exchange for their name and email. Here are sharing with you 12 leak magnetics ideas that you can use to create your lead magnet. And this is important because I, my goal here is that you get inspired and get ideas from these 12 examples of link magnetics. You choose Delete magnitude that you will use on your e-mail marketing. The first option is to share an e-book. If you have a physical book, you can create an electronic book of that specific book. And you can share that as a late magnetic or do you can do number two, a video training or video series. You can offer something for free on a video format that I'll show you later. How you can host it, how you can create it. Very easy to do is fun, is simple, and people love it because it's a video. And it can be one video or a video series that you will send over email. My example, let's say I have the Camino Santiago course as I used this example before here on the course where I teach people how to prepare for the community Santiago de Compostela, which is a pilgrimage on Spain that people walk for 32 days. I can offer, for example, a video training showing what are, what are the main things that top ten things that they need to prepare for the Camino, how to prepare physically for the Camino top ten tips. Or I can do a video series of how to back for the community, the shopping list, the boots you need to buy, the backpack, the codes, every equipment that you need to buy. I can do that on video for Sharp, same subject, I can do a webinar number three, this is another option, a webinar for my audience about that. Today we have automatic webinars. So you don't, you're going to need to basically be live there on the webinar is ideal if you are life because it's an event and is more powerful if you are live, you can answer questions, but you can softwares today that you can use to create webinars that are recorded, prerecorded. So you basically do a video as saying that you are live here, here we are on the webinar. Thank you for being here, guys. Post your questions, blah, blah, blah. And it's a recorded webinar or you can do a live webinar. This is another great option for elite magnetic so that you can offer. Number four is a free trial of your products or services. If you have digital, digital products or services that you can provide, you can offer, of course, a free trial for people if they leave their name and email, then the next one is a discount for your products or services. You can offer a discount at 10%. These count 20% discount is up to you on your products, on your services if they sign with their name and email. Also, free shipping disease, especially if you sell physical products. If you sell physical products and they usually paper for shipping, you can offer free shipping option if they leave their information, you can create a guide. What is a guide is just it can be one sheet to one page, two pages is up to you for step-by-step how to accomplish something. For example, in the community Santiago, I can create a guide of how to prepare physically for the trail for the 32 days hike, for example, step-by-step process. I can create a report. You can do a report also that you can share. You can share infographics if you know, you can go there great infographics for free about your subject, some sort of value that they can use. And you can shared these infographics on your Web and your website or anywhere as a lead magnetic, also you can use, you can share as a list of tools or resources. Let's say I'm creating this course for you, the e-mail marketing masterclass. I have a PDF which is a resource of all the tools we use heat on the course. I mean, it's not something that you can figure it out if you, if you re-watch the videos. But it's useful because it's all in one page, let's say all the links, all the tools with the benefits, the explanation for each one of them. This is something that you that are watching this course may be interested on, which, which could be a lead magnet, for example. Also, you can do quiz or service. There are surveys that are available in websites that to see the results, you need to enter your name and email, for example, okay, I'm calculating my body weight for example. And to see the idea of diet for to lose weight, for example, I enter my data and at the end to receive the results, I need to enter my, need to register or enter my name and email to receive the results. That's another way to do it. Also, the last one which we come in before is access to content. So magazine and journals, they are usually very recently they are implementing these more and more today. They are putting content behind a login or putting content behind an opt-in. That means that in order to watch content or rip content or hear, consume any content, you need to leave your name and email. For example, the New York Times, I'm not sure if they are still doing that, but with me, I visit them. I read an article, I can read 123 articles for free. For the fourth one I think it is, they said, Hey, you are ready. Use the three credits you have today for free, so you need to leave your name and email in order to keep reading. If you have a website or blog content, you can put that content behind a wall, that wall that will require them to leave their name and email the information in order to access this content. They don't need to pay anything at this point because it's a free lead magnet. But they need to leave their information. Here, we have 12 ideas for lead magnets. This is not everything that exists. If your business is a little bit different, you can come up with ideas for different late magnets that are not here on the list. This is just a list for you to get inspired if you don't know how to start. But of course I want to think about, I want to invite you to think specifically about your target audience, about your business. What is the way, What do they desire more than anything, what your audience is looking for? So think about that. Create a lead magnetic that can be any of these or any other. And we follow with the course, we continue with the course in the next video. 9. 4.3 Tips for Choosing the Best Lead Magnet for you: Now that you saw the list of 12 lead magnet ideas, and you maybe choose one over the other. And some people may be still in doubt, an insecure and who are on what you choose and how to do it. Let me share with you some ideas on how you can choose the best lead magnet for you. So good, some good practices that you need to keep in mind. The first one is to keep things simple. That's very important. So an overly complicated LET magnetic defeats the purpose because it's super complicated if people cannot understand or know what you are saying and whether you are trying to share with the elite magnetic, they can appreciate it. So keep it simple, concise, and with a lot of value. Remember that the ligament, the main goal of the lead magnet is that delete magnitude is something that they really want, that your audience desires and they won and they are ready to give their information or even money for these free lead magnet. That's number one. Number two, Focus, focus on your strengths. What is that? If you're a good writer, you can write, write an e-book, write a report, right? Pdf or the information for their a guide or anything like that. If you are good in camera, if you feel comfortable in front of the camera, you can do a video. On my case, for example, I prefer to be in front of the camera rather than writing, write an article or a guide or a workbook, I will spend hours and hours trying to write an editing. In the other side, I can just turn my camera on. Say what I want to say, share with my audience, add value, and that's it. That's me, but everyone is different. So focus on your restraint. Where are you good at? What is best for you? What do you feel more comfortable with? The next one is to prioritize, prioritize consumption. What is that beats your link? Magnetic needs to be something that is easy to digest, easy to consume, and should be fast to consume two, because it has a lot of value. They delete magnetic needs to create that feeling, that sensation inside your customer's hard, that they got value from that and us fast, it was quick, it was easy to consume. And that's important because that move the delete, delete the audience down the funnel faster. You can fuse. You can sell your products and your services later in the future. With email marketing, it's important that you choose a format on your lead magnet, video, audio, or any other format that you prefer. But the most important thing is that it's fast to consume and that this leap magnetic add lots of value. 10. 4.4 Ebook - How to Create an Irresistible Lead Magnet : Okay guys, let's create an eBook right now as your lead magnet in this series and this lesson and the next two, we will create a specific lead magnets in case you choose one of these, you can just follow my steps here on the video on this one specifically, we are going to create an eBook that you will use to share that as a lead magnetic with lots of value with your audience. The good news is that with the tools we have today, you don't need to be a designer and you don't need to be a really good writer because you can find book templates that are outstanding, created by designers. You can buy those, I'll show you how to do it, or you can do, you can create it for free if you prefer. With this template is really easy to create your book or your e-book, because all you need to do is start adding images, replacing task, and adding the value that you promise for your audience. One place where we can buy any graphics and book templates is called Creative Market. So this is the website you can go to Create IT And here you have all the options in the menu of the templates, everything. I'll go here on the search bar and I will search for book template. Let's see book template. You see that we have good results here with gray images. So the first one, for example, you see there is a full book InDesign template. This is the InDesign software if you prefer that or you can use any other software. Let's say we use Canva, for example. You can go here and type canva. You were looking for a book template on Canvas. Here we are on Photoshop or any other software that you prefer. I like Canada because this is because it's free and I'll show you here in a minute how you can do it for free on camera. Here we are. Let's say we have here 16, One bundle code creator Canva option. We have a planet and journal. Here we have an e-book workbook canva template. So let's take a look on this one is $19. For example. Here we have another one, workbook for creator for a coach, thirty-five dollars. Let's explore these 105 pages. You see that it's super professional. This is what we are getting actually in all we need to do, we will import these two Canva, which is this over here. is amazing. If you don't know that, you can go to and create your account and it's free. And this specific one, I'm not saying that you need to buy this one is just that I randomly selected here. We see that it's compatible with Canva, as you see here on also with Photoshop. So you can edit in both softwares if you prefer. Let's explore what do we have here? We have the thank you. We have all these graphic. We have three pages for the cover, six welcoming statement and thank you pages for content, page variations to essence of the cars for intro chapters and you see all the things that they are sharing here on this template. Really good, really professional. So imagine that you with a few clicks can create easily super professional, created by the signer. E-book or book for your lead magnet. This is one option. Another option of course, is going to any text editor like word for example, and start typing. I can just open Word and start typing my book, my ebook, started writing the book. And when the e-book is ready on Word, I can export that to PDF or to any other format. And I can just, I will just need a cover for my book. I need the phase of the book that we can create for free on Here I, I will start here for e-book. Let's see. Here we have ebook covers, eBook page. So let's go to Ebook Covers. Here we have examples. Look at this. I can just go down the list. I can, I can select the style if I want here we have lots of styles. There are some that are paid. If you see this crown here on the corner is paid, the one that doesn't have that are all free and you can edit for free. You don't need to pay anything. Let's say he does. Here is another one that we need to pay, which has the dollar sign. Let's say we like this one here. How to release your inner child and making art play. So let's click on this one. Here we have. This is the face, the cover of the book. I can edit any of these elements here. Of course, I can edit the test. So let's say here that we want a complete guide for email marketing. For example. Let's call it lit. Excellent. And we can change the name here by, and you put your name or any other name if you want the velar. Excellent, here is the cover of my book is ready. Of course, if these graphics may sense for my content, if not, I can select any other free templates and I can also add photos here. I can customize all these with Canva. I want to spend time here teaching you Canada because he's a huge software with lots of applications. But if you go to YouTube or to Google, there are free tutorials that you can watch on YouTube that are fantastic and it's also super fun to create and to edit. This is ready. I can download this as a PNG or any other files format that I want. Download is free. Is there, it's ready to go. So I can just add these to my ebook and allow my customers, my leads, to download these for free as a lead magnet. You see it here looks fantastic. This is how we create a lead magnetic of an eBook. I hope to see you in the next video where we will create another kind of lit magnetic. See you there. 11. 4.5 Video Series - How to Create an Irresistible Lead Magnet: The next link magnetic that is really powerful and really popular today on digital marketing East, a video lead magnet. What is that exactly is a video that you create. Where do you add value to your audience? Remember, there is a thing that they desire and you are sharing this information with them on a video. It's that simple. It can be a five-minute video or ten minutes or an hour video is up to you. On this example, you can see a video that is a talk that I did about the coming of the Santiago in a convex tour 2016 is all. But it's a good example. Why? Because this is a torque of 49 minutes where I add lots of value about the community Santiago, I talk them how to prepare physically, how to pack for the Camino, what to expect when they are there, how works with the hotels? How much you spend, how what you eat, and how long you walk every day. So all the basic information that they need about the communities and TIA, which is my main product that training, they have it here but they will end these, they will consume. This is fun, it's easy, it's quick. But at the end of this, they will be ready to take the next step because it's day. If they really wanted to do the Camino, they need more information, they need to go deeper. And it's a serious thing because it's a lot of days walking around Spain and you need to be prepared and they know that. So I know that. And that's what I did. This lead magnet. So this is an annex simple. You can do a one video LET magnetic or you can do a series of video, four videos, three videos is up to you, and all you need to do this is easy. East, create a YouTube account. You probably already have a YouTube account. You upload that to YouTube and you set these videos as unlisted. What is that is something that won't be available on the search on YouTube. So if i certain YouTube, I won't be able to find it. But if people have the link, they can watch your video. For example, how you do that, you come here, this is my studio, And let's grab this one, for example, just to show you how to set the video as unlisted, I come here, I update, update this and you see here the visibility on this case it's public and I can change these to private or unlisted. If I put private, nobody will be able to see it even if they have the link. If I put on listed, only people with the link will be able to see this video, but people won't find these on the YouTube search. This is how you do it. And once you have the video up here, all you need to do is click on Share to get the URL. And these URL you add on mailer light on the email that you will be sending to your audience when they give you their name and email, is that simple? You can send them straight to YouTube or you can send them an email. What they will see, read something about you. You can thank them is the welcome e-mail and you can add the lid magnetic there. Is that easy? This is powerful. If you'd like to do a video with my neck, this is the best and easiest way. 12. 4.6 PDF or Report - How to create an irresistible Lead Magnet: The last category of lead magnets is a PDF or report I guide an infographic or any thing that you can create, any document that you can give them with information inside that they can download after giving you their name and email. There are award of possibilities here because there are lots of options. And what I suggest that you do is to just one of them. And to get inspire, you can come here to create a market and you can search for late magnetic template. You see that's the keyword, I searched, lead magnetic template. And you see the results here. You can just, this is order by best match. So the first one are the best reviews. You can watch all the options they have here. For example, we have a lead magnet toolkit, coating lead magnet templates. Let's explore these. $130. You can buy these if you want. So you have the habit tracker, action plan, the Wheel of Life, relationship, resources, emotions. So all 0s here, if this is your specific area, you'll see here 40 working, 40 coaching new worksheets on this case. Ten tutorial pages, ten coaching planners, ten checklists. We have seven quote page. Let's see what. Twenty-five e-book pages 17 towards an infographic. So you have lots and lots of material you can use here for your lead magnet if you like. Of course, you're going to explore any of the other ones and choose the one that is more appealing to you. If you don't want to pay and you don't want to buy the credit market, that's totally okay. We can always go to in here, in, we have great options too. The templates that are free and you can customize as you want. Let's see. We can come here and we can go to templates. Let's see here. We have here for you, we have presentation, social media, videos, print products, marketing office and more. Infographics, for example, for the college desktop wallpaper, graph, book cover, MyMathLab you, this is a powerful one. You can share a mind map with your target audience as a lead magnet, infographics is another good one. Let me open one infographic and one mindmaps. So you have an idea. Poster worksheet works. Here's another one, another one report. This is the one that we're talking about here. Report for your report lead magnets planner. You can do a planner also on camera, totally free. If we go, for example, to the infographics, you see that we have all the, the left, we have all the templates. This one is for you. They selected some for me. It looks like if I go back or education and infographics, comparison infographics, data infographics, information out process. You have lots and lots of categories. And inside each category, you have also good several ones. So if I click here, I go here on education, and I click on SEO, you see all the ones that they have available here for education. Let's go to this one Earth. You see here, this is an infographic that I can totally customize and I can customize the test I equal to customize the image, anything that I want. So this is a really easy way to create a lead magnet that can be a PDF or resources or report, infographics or anything that you want using Canva, which is one option or buying something that is already done and done by designers, which is fantastic on Creative Of course, you can download these after they add these to an e-mail. So if I wanted to share this one as a myelin magnet, I can download this as a PDF or any other format. Let's go with PDF. I can hear basically shared this on my email when they sign where their name and email on mailer light. And we will see how to do that step-by-step later in the course. They will receive an automatic e-mail. And inside that e-mail will be this infographic or the link to the infographic if you prefer. This is fantastic. I hope you try one of these. Let me know what do you choose. I see you in the next video for the assignment. 13. 5.1 Subscriber management overview: Hey guys, Welcome to this section and excited and happy to see you here in this section we will talk about subscribers on mailer light on basically we will talk about how you can organize your subscribers, how you can divide it in groups, in segments. And why do you need to know these? Because by, by organizing your subscribers and dividing ban on groups, depending on the actions they take or they don't take. Sometimes they don't open your email. So we can do specific actions or we can create campaigns for that. It's important because that will help you to grow your e-mail marketing campaign, your system, you released. And you will also have the chance to use your release in the best way possible. We will optimize basically with this, your subscriber list and the results you get from this, if we click now on subscribers, here is where we were already working on this model. You see here we have the segment groups filled, statistics and cleanup inactive. The segments. We will have a lesson about this. This is really important is at an advanced option here on mailer. Basically, you can create segments of your lease based on behavior and an attributes that what is that exactly that. If if somebody open an e-mail, if somebody click on a link, or if somebody didn't click on a link or people that are not opening your emails, we can divide people by region, by location, by time zone. We have gray gray options here for you that will help you to take your e-mail marketing to the next level with segments. Also, we have groups and we're talking about groups in the next lesson. Now, this is basically dividing your audience in buckets. So you have, we will create different buckets for your business and we'll divide your audience in these backend. We will organize a starting in the next video. Also, we had fields. Fields are the information that you are requesting that you could collect from your audience. In this case, this is the default by mail or light email name, country, city, state, zip code. But you can add more fields. Of course here we will check that later to the statistics are the statistics of your subscribers, the average open rate, the quick rig, the unsubscribe, all the information about your account and the cleanup inactive. We will also clean up people that are not opening your emails. In the last six months, in the last week, you can choose the cleanup system that you prefer. But we are exploring all of these in this section. I hope to see you in the next video, is we'll talk about groups, which is the most important of all these are when we are talking about subscribers because it's the best way to organize your lease and to use your e-mail marketing list efficiently. See you there. 14. 5.2 Creating groups : Okay guys groups on mailer light. This is imagine that you have a list of a 100 people. One thing is to have everybody on the same, the same account in the same bucket. I mean, that means when you need to send an email, you cannot divide between people. Maybe you want to send emails just to the people that sign up through your website. Or maybe you want to send emails just to the people that sign up in the last week or send or send an email to people that bought your product or people that did an open your emails. So you don't have a way to do that without groups. So that's why we have groups. These are all buckets where we put people inside. You see this is my account. So you see that I create buckets for X specific groups for where I have my opt-in page, my opt-in form, the people that are coming from my website, for example, this is one of them. What is here we have, this is, these are the people are enrolling a specific course in English, that people are specific courses in Portuguese. We have also the leads of another product here that we allow to recently, we have the the group, everybody that signs on my Facebook group. And there is an optional field where they can leave their email. And every time they leave, they leave their email there we are adding them to these bucket, to this group, the English Facebook groups students, for example, we have 404,958 members. Right now, we have the same for Spanish and Portuguese. Same thing. Also, we have a late magnetic on the website and we have two subscribers right now. We just did this, we just did a cleanup of this leaf with merge these with the English Facebook group recently. We have another one. So basically here you can create buckets. Every group is, will tell you exactly where the subscribers came from. That's the key thing here on the groups. How do you create a new group? You come here, Create Group. And you can say, hey, let's see, email marketing course. Create. Right now I have a new group email marketing course. When I'm, what if I will create a form here and we are doing these in the next section. Or if I will create a campaign or I will start collecting e-mails on my landing page and we will do that heat on the site option later here in the course. I can, I can choose where do I want to put people on? Let me show you so you understand exactly what, how this works. So if we were to landing page here, every time I create a landing page or a form, I can choose in which group I will assign people that leave their name and email here on the specific page. If I click on one of these landing pages just to show you how we select the group, I am creating a new landing page. I add a name here, so we add a name to the landing page. Next step will be to select which is the group where people will go when they sign it. Sign in on through this landing page. Here we select the group, subscribers group. Here we are. And we will see here all the groups that we have. And we can just click on Guan group and we will say, okay, everybody that comes on this one is going to this bucket here on the e-mail marketing course, for example, you can save and continue. And that's it for now on everybody that science through this form or this landing page will go to the specific group. That's the idea. Also, we have the option to edit the group so we can rename or split the group. If I go to Split, I can select other groups in how many groups I want to split, two to ten. So let's say I wanted to split in two. I click on Split and it will create two different groups. You see here email marketing course to email marketing course one. So it will split half and half into different groups randomly. To delete a group, or we need to do is click on the Delete icon or you're sure you want to delete it? Yes, I ensure. Let's delete this one to also to see what's inside the group, all you need to do is click on the growth. In here, you can see how many subscribers we have in this group on this bucket. We see all the emails of the people that sign for the group. And we have the option to show different conditions here. So we can say, okay, the group that belongs to this group here, this is the group that we have. We can add condition here. We can say, let's use the campaigns so they can paint that was sent, was this one. It's showing now how many people from this group received these campaign here. So we have over 4 thousand people that received that. If I went to see people that didn't open my last email, for example, I can just come here, create a new filter. I will say to my light that we want people from this group. We will add the condition campaigns. We will say was not, was not open. And we choose the campaign that we send to this group. Let's choose this one here. So we see that 4,151 subscribers didn't open these specific campaign that we sent. You have an idea with these. You can play and see, play with the criterias and see how people are reacting to your campaigns, your emails based on the specific group. Also you have, this is an end condition. So this is a condition. And to be, to show these results, these two conditions needs to be fulfilled. So the subscribers needs to be from this group also, and also they need to fulfill these conditions so they was not open this campaign. And you have also the oral conditions. So you can have all these people that belong to the group and didn't open their campaign. And also you or you can add another one for groups that belongs to this one, for example. And they didn't open the container, they live in specific location here, let's say European Union, for example. You can do these specific filters if you want these R groups, this is very useful. The main thing I want you to remember is that groups are buckets. That's it. You can create 1234 groups, doesn't matter how many you have. The most important thing is that the groups help you organize your subscribers and divide. And so when you look at the groups, you know exactly where people came from and what they are looking for. So if, for example, offering one specific late magnetic on my website, I know that these people here came from the e-mail marketing e-mail lead magnet. I know that they really wanted to learn about email marketing so that I know because I have these groups. Think about that, plan the groups for your business. You don't need to plant like 1015 groups, plan 123 groups, that's enough to start. And I see you in the next video, we will continue with subscribers management. See you there. 15. 5.3 Using Segments: Now we will talk about segments on mailer, like we just learned about groups. And segments are similar to groups, but they are a way to create a specific segment of a group to send emails to. And I know it's confusing, but let me let me explain to you. So you will understand is super easy and super helpful on your email marketing campaign. Let's say that I have, let's see this group here, the Facebook group in English, we have almost 5 thousand people here. And I want to say this is a bucket. I know these are group, I know that everybody that is here, they came from a Facebook group for students in English. I know that because that's the name of the bucket. Only people that come from the Facebook group can be on these bucket. No one's no-one else. I send an email to these group recently. And I want now to create a segment of people that actually opened the email and also click on the link that was on the email. How do I do that? I cannot do that with groups. I need to create a segment for that. Why do I need that? What is the reason for that? Because maybe I want to thank people that click on the link or maybe I have an upsell, I have another product or service that I want to sell that what I want to offer to everybody that click on the link on the last email I send. If I send that offer that to somebody that didn't open my email or somebody that didn't click on the email, they won't understand, they won't be ready to receive the offer and maybe they can complain on spans or anything like that. On my marketing strategy. This example, the most intelligent thing that I can do, the most efficient, is to send an email right now. And that's why I wanted to do only to the people on these groups that opened my email, my last email, and also click on the email. But I cannot do that only with groups. Because if I send to the group, everybody will receive the e-mail. So I need to create a segment. This is fun. Look at this. I go to segments. I can create my first segment here. I don't have any. This is a dynamic list of your customers base on attributes and behavior. So here's the keyword dynamic list. So it will update automatically over time based on what on attributes and I am behavior behaviors. So let's create a segment of these people. Let's do e-mail marketing test here, please. The name of the segment. Of course, you need to put a different name. The key tip here guys, for you, is when you name segments or group, I recommend you to use a name, a naming that when you look at it, you immediately know what is, what this is about. This is the key thing because if you have like many groups like I do, or maybe I have clients, I have 5060 groups. And you have like 5060 groups here. You are. I mean, you can be confused on the naming. So I recommended to use a naming that you, when you look at it, you immediately know who these people are and what this group about the same four segments. Let's go back here. The segment we are creating. Here. We are familiar with this. We have all the subscribers here that we have in the account. This is not just for groups. We have everybody here. So the goal is this. We will create a filter here. Some criteria is that we will use. This criteria is we'll filter the subscribers. They will divide the subscribers in segments by actions and behaviors. So I can say something like this. I can choose any of these. I will go with groups and I will select people that belong to or don't belong to or belongs to any or no groups. I mean, I can do anything like that. I can go like no groups. So I can create as a segment of people that have no groups that why this is important, because for some reason they came up on my email list and I don't want people to have no groups because if I have, if I have subscribers, I have no groups are not emailing them because to email somebody, they need to be on a group. This can be one option that I can create this safe. So now, from now on I will have this segment. And in here, I will, I will always have people that have no group. So my goal is to come here once a month, once a week, and assign these people to specific groups because if I have somebody here, they are not receiving my emails. So let's create another test here. Email marketing test to. Now we will create the list of people that click on my link on the last campaign. So people from the group, English Facebook group. Excellent. And they need to be from this group. And you see that already changed from 33 thousand people to 4 thousand here. Now I will add another condition. I will say that the campaigns was click. I can say any campaign. So I can basically say, okay, from this group, this is interesting too, because from this group here, I can create a filter, a segment of people that click in any campaign that I sent. Why this is important? Because I know I have 400 people here from 4 thousand people. So it's around 10% of people that actually click. And this is very valuable because these 400 people, 400 subscribers hear from 417 subscribers. They are people that actually opened my email and they not only open, they click on the link. So this is a hot list. Why? Because they click on the link. The most things that they can do on the eight when they click on your link. That's amazing because that's like buying your product on email marketing, they receive, they open, they read what do you have? The like, what you share and they click on the link. I can create this segment from people that, for people that click on a link so I can call them clickers for example. Not sure if that's a word, but let's use it just for the course. It's go back to segments. I can rename these to clickers. The clickers are the people that click on my links on the emails. So this is a segment on these specific groups. And this is not very specific because I have several groups. So I can rename these to be more specific, something like clickers on Facebook, English Facebook group for example. I know now that from the English Facebook group, group, I know that this is a list of all the people that click on the email. And this is how you can use segments here. And the good thing is that these number on this case, for example, will update automatically. You don't need to worry about it. You need to come here and update it. It will get is dy is a dynamic list. Every time somebody that never clicked before on my emails that is from this group, they will be added to the segments. So I know that this is a super hard segment of people that click on my links or that open my emails, for example, I can do that too. So you have all these options. This is segments. I hope you try this. See you in the next video. 16. 5.4 Importing & Exporting subscribers : Importing an export in subscribers. This is also something that you may need to do, especially if you have a list of subscribers that you want to import to Miller Lite or if you want to do backup of your account of your list, which I recommend you to do at least once a month, do a backup of your subscribers, you can export. This will take you like literally a few seconds, ten seconds to do. So how do you, how do we export subscribers? How do you do a backup of your list? Here? A mailer light. First you come to subscribers. And you see here we have all the subscribers and 33 thousand. And we can export, we can click on export, a CSV. So this will create a CSV file with all the subscribers we have. And that file is all you need to save on your hard drive. And you can use this file to restore your account, restore your list on mailer light, or an any other service if you want to migrate, let's say. Okay, I don't like Lee Miller Lite any longer. I want to try another service. You can explore your lease and just import in the new provider on the new e-mail marketing service. And this is the same file that you will need, the CVS file, CSV file is export in right now we have a big list is 26 thousand right now. It will take some time. But when this is done, you will see a link here and you just click the link and download the file. Here we are. We just click the link and it's downloading right now. Here we have the file. All I need to do is get this file and save it to my hard drive. Now let's, let's say you don't want to explore everybody. Let's say you want just to export specific group. So if you want to export the group, you come to groups and you click on the specific group. Let's go here for example. And we can export these group, export CSV. Same procedure that we did before. Also, if you want, you can create a specific list of your subscribers. Here we have also describers. We have the filter, so we can select by groups, by opening as you prefer. And in this case, let's go for groups belong to this group and I will add, and I will export only people that open my last campaign, let's say open my last campaign, this one here. We have 274 people, for example. I can click here and export everybody. Or I can just select some of them, like 50 subscribers and I can export these 50 subscribers. I have the action here on the selection that I can add to a group remote, remove, front group, moved to unsubscribe or delete the subscribers if I want. This is another option we have. Export these to a CSV file, the 274 subscribers. So we can do a test right now. Here we have the file I click here is downloading right now, okay, file is here. Excellent. So now let's say we want to import subscribers. You have a few options. Look at this. We come here to add subscribers on the top right-hand side, here we have the option to import a CSV file, which is the one that we have here we just downloaded that. We can copy and paste from Excel. We can add a single subscriber or we can import for Mailchimp. Probably you will see more options here if you watch this video in the future, they are constantly adding new tools here. If I click on Add a single subscriber, you see that I can just type an email and a name, and I can add more fields. If I want. I select the group where I wanted to put this subscriber that I am manually adding, let's say to this one. And that's it adds subscriber, it will add automatically. If I go with a CSV file, you see here we need to drag and drop the file here. So I just put the file here on. This RAM is uploading, wonderful. I can click on Import. It will read the subscribers and it will ask to add to a group. So we select now this is important, the group where we want to add these subscribers. If you don't see the group here, you can, I recommend to stop now, go back to groups, create a new group for the subscribers. And you can, you can select here, or actually you can just type the new group here. For example, new group. You see here add two new group, so it will create the group called New Group. Also you need to match the fields. The CSV file is a file. Let me show you how it looks like. So you understand this with more clarity. So we have several, several columns. The first one is e-mail, E-mail sense, open subscribed the date of subscription and all that. So you can match the columns with the fields that we have on mailer light for example, the column one is saying e-mail and it's showing an example of what is the data of this column. Yes, you read these and use it yet, this is an email. So here I will select email for that. The second column, this is email send. So I can skip this column or add a feel for that one. This is important. Let's see here, subscribe, you see here this description date. And he's saying to skip this column, I actually want to assign these two. Let's see here, sign-up timestamp. This is the one that we want for these as described day. When you are ready, you can click on finish adding subscribers. I will cancel the impact because this is just an example. So this is how you import and export subscribers and data on your Miller Lite account. 17. 5.5 Remove inactive subscribers: The last option is to remove inactive subscribers. This is important to do frequently, at least once a month. You come here and you clean up people that are not opening your emails. Why this is important? Because it is good to have a clean email lists. You don't, you don't want to also pay for subscribers that are not active, that are not opening your emails. We want people on your list that are active and that really are interested in what you have to offer. That's the most important thing. In here. We can select, click on I'm subscribed inactive, or we can go to save this as a segment. Remember we talked about segment. We can export to a CSV file if you want to backup, Let's say these people before removing, which is a good option. Here you can show the inactive by time zone, by not by time zone, by time. So the last six months, 12 months, 24 months are the people that never open your email. What are these guys? These guys you see here that the subscribers are people who have either never open an e-mail from you or have really open, but but haven't opened in the last six months or on the time that you select here. If if I select here 12 months, it will grab everybody that have not opened my e-mails in the last 12 months. So I have 28 subscribers from 303233 thousand. That didn't never opened my email. So basically on the last year, they received like 13 emails you see here. And they never open or they have an open on the last 12 months. So in this case, all I want to do is I want to click on unsubscribed inactive and mailer. I unsubscribed these people and remove it from your account. This is how you do it. I hope you clean up your list. Keep it clean, keep it beautiful. And I'll see you in the next video. 18. 6.1 What is a Landing Page: Hey guys, Welcome to this new section. Here we will talk about landing pages and how you can create amazing, outstanding, beautiful landing pages for you, for your business, to collect name and email for your audience. So to start, let's talk about landing pages. What our landing pages, landing pages is a page on your website or anywhere else. I'll show you examples where you will offer a lead magnet and you will ask for name and e-mail of your audience. Basically, you are offering something for free or something that you're, our audience Desire, a product or service. Pdf, a free e-book or video, access to content doesn't matter. We talked about lead magnets in details in the prior sections. In exchange of that, they will give you their name and email. The landing page is the page where they land, where we send them when we are creating content on social media or we're creating, we're sending an email inviting them to the landing page. They will land on the landing page. They will see what's going on. They will read the messages and they will set, Wow, this is great. I want the slit magnetic. Let me put here my information, my name, and email to move forward. These are landing pages and here we'll create your professional landing page step by step. The good news for you is that we are here on mailer Light. Miller Lite includes this option for free. The good thing that I love is that you can create with a drag and drop builder CD, CDs, drag and drop builder. We have lots and lots of templates. Miller Lite pre-built templates that look amazing. And you can use any of these pre-built templates as a base to your landing page. So we will choose one and you can edit, change images, change the text, and that's it. In a few minutes you will have a beautiful landing page. Ready to go, ready to collect your customer's name and email. Here we see some, some examples of landing pages that they have. Let's go here to the category e-book, for example. If you want to launch an e-book, here are some landing pages. Let's see this one. The breakdown landing page you see here we have the logo. We have fought off the book or the e-book, the description, and here we have the option, get a free copy name and e-mail. So late migrates here, name an e-mail asking here, great landing page. You'll see more information about it here. Let's go back and see another example that we can use. Let's change to, let me select randomly travel. And here we have, let's click on this one. Next level cruise. So we have an a beautiful image here and the e-mail sign-up option here, our landing pages on here in this section we will create your landing page step-by-step. So by the end of this model, you will have your landing page, life on the internet ready to receive your customers so you can invite them through social media or any other way. Let's start with that in the next video. 19. 6.2 Creating an Irresistible Landing Page: In this video, we'll create your landing pages step-by-step. So by the end of this specific video, your landing page will be live, ready for your customers. So let's start with that right now here we are a mailer and we can go to Sites, insights. We have the option of landing pages or websites. I will click Justin create a landing page. This option here. Excellent, We'll give that a name. Let's, let's go with email marketing. Landing page. I will put test. So I know that this is just a test because this is my main account for email marketing that I'm sharing with you. Let's go next is building is loading everything now, the next step will be the subscriber groups. So we need to choose what is the subscriber group where people will go when they sign for this email list. Every time somebody goes to these not email is to this landing page. Every time somebody goes to a landing page and enter that name, an email, they will be put, there will be a subscriber and we can add them to a specific group. Let's add them to this one which is email marketing course. Click on Next. Next will be the template. So now we will select the template. There are several templates here on mailer light that you can use for free. And all we need to do is just select the one that you like the most and customize. We can customize with your information, with your name, with your company name. And all these we have here. Let's see how many. We have 48 on each page, we have 4444 templates for you right now and they are adding always more and more templates. Here before you select one, I recommend you to preview. Let's say that we like this one so I can click on Preview and we'll see a preview of this landing page, how it looks like we can scroll down, see all the options they have. Looks great. It looks like a website actually. We're going to scroll even more. Let's view this one. Also. You can, you can look for categories and I'll show you that in a minute. Let's leave, let's see this one. We have the camera, we can change everything here. We can change the photos, the images, the test, and all these information that is here. So let's filter by categories and let's go to our authors. Let's say we won this one, Let's preview this one. Probably use these templates. So let's say that we want to, this is actually about email marketing, perfect for us. Let's say we want to launch up an e-book about email marketing. And this is a lead magnet where I offered the first chapter of the e-book, for example, or I can offer a preview, a PDF or a report or anything that we talked about before. Let's use these templates. I click on, use these templates now mailer ladies copying and creating these landing page for us, ready to customize on the drag and drop builder, which is what is loading right now on screen. Here we have it in the left area, in the center left we have the website and landing page with all information we see. In the right, we have the right menu with block settings and we can change all the settings, the test and everything. So let's say I wanted to change the photo of this guy here. I click on the pencil. I see the image so I can delete the image and I can add a new image if I want. So let's see which images I have here. I have this one here, select, select this one. And it's uploading here we have the field with my photo. In this case, if I want to update the test here, I just retype Diego Tabula about the alpha and I can add any information. Read the bio if I want. If I want to change, for example, where this button is pointing, I click always on the pencil to edit. I can add a link here, opening a new tab. I can change the test that is on the bottom to read bio for example, to just Bio. See the video. Any test that you want and you can add more links here. You save when it's ready, you can change the color. You can change and customize anything that you want. And you'll see that we have here, down here we have this ascribed form. This is where people will actually subscribe to. They will enter their e-mail. You can add, you can ask for their name too if you prefer. If we go to the pencil here, we see the form and we see that it's only asking for email. I can add another field that will be the name. You see the name now, I can put the name, first, name, and email. Excellent, I can add more fields if I want, like lastname. Or company name or any other information that you will need for these settings, you can change the colors and everything. Let's save this. And also guys, you can add more media like videos as you see here, we have the option of adding video, more images, image, carousel, testimonials. You have great tools here to build your website, your landing page with a professional style. If you don't want one area, for example, let's say I don't want this one, this specific squares, I can just delete that and it's gone. You see that now we have the book and we have the outer here. And let's say that I want actually to have the form asking for name and email here below these books belonged the image. I can just go there. I can grab this guy and move up to where I want to put it here, for example. So you now see that we have the book and I have these content area here, actually asking for name and email. What you will read. I don't lie this RS, so let's delete this also. This one. Testimonials is good. I will leave it for now. I will delete this. Do you have any questions? They can send the questions if they want. So I remove a few boxes here, a few blocks and add a new one. So here, this is ready for me. I ally these, I like how this looks like. Of course this button here, they can add a link if you want. I will save this for now. And save and publish. Excellent. Now we have the landing page and you see Subscribe and you can add a test here, a URL, let's say it's ascribed slash email marketing. Now or e-book. This could be let's see if he's available. Look like it is. You can also add your own domain here if you want. We already add or domain this one here. So anytime we want, we can create a page, a landing page inside or domain, which is more professional because you have been able to slash email marketing e-book. So it's easier for people to recognize these. If you want, you can just follow these steps to add your domain. Also, you can add a favicon, which is the icon you see at the top of the webpage when you are, when you are browsing. And you have some settings for SEO that you can add a base title. Let's see here, emo marketing e-book. You can choose the language where there is actually for the landing page. You can add keywords here for SEO if you want, and you can allow search engines to index this page if you prefer that. And you have also settings for social shirt that you can preconfigured. So when somebody's share this on Facebook, on Instagram, it loads with the right information, the information that you want for the title, the description, and the image that is optimize already for social media, twitter and all that. And you can also add Google Analytics code if you prefer. And Facebook pixel, of course. This is more advanced, is non-mandatory, so it's up to you when you are ready. This is the most important thing. This is the URL you will be sharing with your audience. We can just go and click on Save and Continue. Wonderful is ready. You see now this is the test that we are doing, the e-mail marketing landing paid tests. We said we have an overview. We can see the analytics here, automation and domain. We can configure our automation if you prefer. Here you have the option to double opt-in. That means if he's on every time somebody subscribes to this landing page, they will receive an email from the system wood with a link that they need to click in order to be added to the group to the list. If they receive an e-mail and they don't confirm, they won't be as subscriber. You can leave it are on, on, on or off if you prefer. Here is the URL of your landing page. If I copy this, Let's see how it looks like. Here we have we have the logo subscribe, now we have the book. We have this ascribe form that I can where I can add a name, an e-mail. We have the photo of the Alpha, the testimonials, everything looks fantastic here of course, you can customize these with the phase, the colors of your brand, of your company as you prefer. What else? The page SCO, everything is ready. So now what we need to do is just copy this URL and share that on social media. Send these by email, add these to your website so they can visit the landing page and opt-in become a subscriber of your list. I hope you do this and I see you in the next video. 20. 7.1 Creating subscription forms in MailerLite: Hey guys, Welcome to this section and excited to see you here, because here we will talk about subscription forms for your website. What is that exactly? That is that we will add a mailer light form asking for name and email on your website so people can download your free lead magnet. Or if you don't have a lead magnet, they can subscribe to your newsletter. This is exciting because starting today you can collect name and emails for people that are already on your website that are interested for your products, your services, what you have to offer. So let's do that right now. The first step is to create the form on mailer light. But before we do that, let me show you how it looks like. This is our website and you see here, here that we have one form offering to get access to a product which is the late magnetic, and we're asking for name and e-mail. So this is something that we can do with mailer light and it's super easy to the weekend, do it with a few clicks. The first step is to create that form here on mailer light, and the second step is to add that to your website. In this video, we will create that hero Miller Lite. In the next one, we will add to your website. Let's go to Forms. Click on Forms, and here we have a three options. Right now you will probably have more. They add options frequently. So we can create pop-up to add to your website. So when somebody goes through a website after a few seconds, they will see a pop-up window offering suffering a free lead magnet or offering the newsletter. And they can joined by entering the information. Or we can do and bad form, which is the example that I showed you here on the website. Or if you prefer, you can also do promotions. Promotions are something like this where you offer also a freely magnetic but ESA, two-step process. So they can click here first on the bottom to join. And after that in a second step, they can enter their name and e-mail, so it's up to you. The good thing about promotions is that they have currently 13 different templates that you can just with one-click, use it. Let me show you a really quick here on the forms. The one that we are creating here is an bad form. So we go to embed forms. Again, you can create any of these three options is up to you. I will click on Create and bad form here at the top. Enter a name for the form. Email marketing course. Test Form. Save and Continue. X-linked saving. Now for us, the next step will be to tell Miller Lite, which is the group where we went to add these people after they joined. So every time the form is on my website, somebody goes there, enter their name and email. In which group are we putting them? Adding them to the e-mail marketing course? Group? Click on Save and Continue. You can add to your group. And the last step is to create the form, right? We will visually create the form and after that, the success messages. So that's what we're doing right now. It looks like newsletter. We can change on the Settings, sorry, on the design, you see that it's default is selected right now. It can click on change and change, for example, to cart or horizontal as you prefer, where we have an image at the top. And of course, you can customize the colors you detest. You can customize anything that you want here. Let's add a picture here at the top. I will click on browse. Let's find, let's say that they will download these, this image here, the download the course workbook for Instagram ads for example. Here we have the image wonderful. After that we save, of course. And we go back here newsletter, Let's change this to let's see here. Download the book. Let's do you stuck around or book? Sign up for a special news. Let's change this. Enter your info to download the workbook. We're asking just for email. Let's say we want to add name to name an email. So I just click on the box and I click on Add Field, we add the name. You see that email is first unnamed later. I can change that by just dragging that to the top. Now we have name and email. Wonderful. Let's save this. After that, we can change the background color of the landing of the form. And also, if we click on Form, we can change the background color here so we make it all the same color. Excellent content style. Let's see the heading. We can change the color to white, probably will be better. White, excellent. What else? The test to font color. Let's go there and the button. Let's change the color button too. Maybe blue. Let's see. That's good. Here we have it. Of course you can customize even more if you prefer. Let's just leave it like that. And if we go to settings here, we can add the privacy policy at the bottom of the form, the confirmation checkbox if they wanted to confirm if you need that, we can add the GDPR task here where they can check the boxes and confirmed that they agree with everything. And you can add the recapture where they say click on unknown rabbit to confirm that they are human. If you prefer to use that. At the top, we also have the success message where you can see here, thank you. You have successfully joined us are ascribed at least you can change these to anything like check your e-mail for the download link or something like that. Save. And now when we are ready, click on Next, and that's it. Excellent, We have the form created. You see here the double opt-in is on. We can disable this if you want to remember, this is the option where when they, when you have a new subscriber, they will get an email from you that they need to click on the link to confirm. So it's a double opt-in. You can leave this on or off depending on you. We had a design here. We can preview that if we want. We are putting these people in the e-mail marketing course group, which is the group we selected. And here is the URL that we can share for these forums. We created the form that's wonderful in the next section, in the next video, actually, we will go to your website. I'll show you that on my website we have a test website here. We will use to add this form into the website and we're doing that step-by-step in the next video. 21. 7.2 Adding a subscription form to your website: Now that we created the form, we will add that to you to your website. And I have here a WordPress website that we use for testing during the cars. And in here we will create a new page, our new posts, and we will add that form to make sure we start capturing your customer's name, an email with a free lead magnet. This is the website we use is play dot Diego is just for tests. Probably if you come visit this website, you will look different than it is now because we always change these and tests new products in here. What do you need to do if you have a WordPress website? You can follow the exact steps that I will share with you. If you don't have a WordPress website, I recommend you is a little bit more complicated. I recommend you to contact the creator, the developer that created your website, and they will be able to add these form really easy is fast. Your website in a professional way because it's not WordPress, but it most people have WordPress. So follow the steps here that you will be with me. Let's go to the WordPress dashboard. So you go to your domain, your slash WP admin, you login and you will see your WordPress dashboard like this. The first thing we do is to add a plugin from mailer light. So we go to plug-in and we'll click on Add New. Excellent. And here we will search for Miller Lite. Search for Miller Lite, we will see three plugins firm from Miller, miller Lite. The one that we will use is this one is Miller Lite sign-up forms official. Mine is already active. You see that I really install these. If you have not installed these, you will see here the Install now button. So I just click on Install Now. And after that click on activate, and these will activate the plugin for you. Next step is to go. Now you have on the left menu, you have an option called mailer light here. Just click on that. You will see we have three options here, sign-up forms, settings and status. Let's click on Settings. Inside settings. The first thing we need to do is connect with your mailer light account. To do that, we need the API key. The API key is a code that is only for you, only for your account is exclusive you so you don't need to share with anyone and you can find it inside your account settings. Let me show you how. If you come here on the top right-hand side on your name and go to integrations. Excellent is opening for us. The first option here is developer IPI, and you will click, click here on USU. And when you open these, you will see at the top of the page, your IPI, all you need to do is copy that API. Go back to WordPress. Here we are unjust paste the API, the API here, and save the key. Once you do that, it will connect WordPress, your website will be connected with your mailer light account. And that's all we need to do to continue. I hope you are here. If you are not, stop this video, go to connect your Miller Lite with your website right now and come back when you are ready. Let's continue. Now that we're connected, we go to sign up forms. We can add the forms here. We have two options. We can create a form right here on the website, which is this one. Or we can import one form we created already on mailer light and that's what we are doing here. Click on that, click on Create Form. Excellent. Now that we said that we will see all the, all the forms we have on mailer light. So I have this one and I have the e-mail marketing course test form that we just created amino logo in the last lesson, and this is the farm right? Now we can edit the form or click on Save. We will save the form. An exit. That's all we need. Now how do we add that to your WordPress website? How do we show these on your website? Is simple. All we need to do is use a short code. And here is the code. The code is actually this is mailer light slash form ID3. Your code probably different, so we need to copy this and paste exactly where we want to add your form. I'll copy this and let's say that I want to add these form in a new post that uncreated in a new post. So I come here and I will create a new post. I can also add two pages. I can create a new page, or even I can add to the homepage if I prefer, I can go to pages. I can find my homepage here on the pages I have. Just paste the code as I will show you right now to make it thinks easier. And I hope you do these assigns showing you. You can test and make sure it shows as you were expecting of you inspect, click on add new pose. Let's see, at new posts will create one. Excellent is loading the post for us. Here, all we need to do is create an HTML block. And I'll show you, I know if you don't know about programming, this could be a little bit scary, but it's not, I promise you add a title to your page. So let's say download your free workbook. Now that we have the title, we need to add a block of HTML and you have two options here. You can just come here and you can tie, for example, here you can download, download or workbook. You can just paste. Remember we copy the code on the mailer light option and we can just paste this. So I will go here and paste. And you see that our automatically added a block at HTML and HTML short code here to the page. If I click on Preview here, Let's go to desktop. You will see that we will hopefully see the form already on the page. Let's see. It's generating the preview. Here we go. You see the formula we created and it's ready to go. That's one way to do it. Another way to do it is let me delete this. Delete the, remove the block. I can come here and I can click on the plus sign to add a new block. So you see all the options here. I can search for HTML. Here we go. I will add that and now I can just paste the code that we copied. Let me preview one more time. Generating the preview. Here we go. Same thing, it work also. This is how you add the form to your website. Of course, we need to publish this this page to make sure it's life. And here we have the URL that we can share with our audience. Let's take a look. Perfect, it's working fantastic. This is how you add force from Miller Lite to your website. And remember, you can add these to oppose as we did to any page, to your homepage, even to the sidebar, or even if you prefer to the bottom of your website. So the footer of your website, you can add that here also. I hope you do this and I see you in the next video. 22. 8.1 Introduction to Email Automation: Hey guys, Welcome to this section here we will be talking about e-mail automation. This is one of the advanced options here on mailer light. And this is fantastic because this will help you to save time and to provide to your subscribers, to your list and outstanding experience because you can create automations that will keep your list engaged. I will keep it send the right messages at the right time depending on the action they do. And if I know it's confusing, but it's outstanding and I'll explain to you here in this video. So stay with me everything who about automation? So by the end of this video, you will have a clear idea of what we are going on while we're doing. This is super fun also because you can create automation. Some mailer light just with a few clicks is fun. It's easy to do. By the end of this section, you will have automations ready on your email marketing campaigns. Here we are on the Email Automation page. You see here examples of our animations. And the good thing is that with automations, we can send trigger emails. What is that? For example, we can send emails when subscribers joined to a group. What is that? Every time you have a new subscriber, let's say you have a landing page, you have a late magnetic, they enter their name and email. They are going to specific groups. So we can say we can create an automation that every time somebody joins to a group or every time you have a new subscriber, We will trigger that automation sending a series of emails. And I'll show you a real example here in this video. So stay with me here. Also, we can send automation where subscribers complete a form when they click on a link. So if you send an email and they click on a link, we can trigger an automation after that when they update a field anniversary date, exact match date off, and more and more options that we will see later. You can improve customer's retention with this automation. You of course, can personalize email and I'll show you examples about that. And it's so easy to do. Look at this, we can create blocks and each block will have options where we will choose what we want to do next. We want to send an e-mail. We want to wait X number of days. This is fun and easy to do and you will see how to do in a minute here. You can also do automations like this. Here we have some examples. We have a series of emails, few days, let's say we have a new landing page that we created for your business. And you are offered an elite magnetic. Every time somebody joins to that list, they will be added to the group name, case a. So when you have a new subscriber, they will join to case eight. Here we create an automation. So every time somebody joins to that group, every time you have a new subscriber, they will wait until eight AM for some reason this is what they created. And at eight AM they will send this first email. This is the welcome e-mail they're sending welcome to fashion shop for example. After that they will wait one day. Will send the second email. After the second e-mail we are wearing two days and we have here a condition. So he's saying we're sending an email call. Here's what's new in stock. We are talking about a fashion store here. We have a condition was open and did not have a specific link. Click the if the client, if the subscriber open but didn't click the link, they are going to one condition. They were received this e-mail, we miss you. If they click on the link, that means they bought your product, they are moved to another group, which is called case a click. You can easily create, for example, a group of only the people that click and bought your products here on mailer light, let's say you have a book promotion, you are launching a book. So when subscriber joins to a group Miller Lite list, this is the name of the group. We are sending him immediately. This welcome e-mail. Every time somebody joins through your landing page, what happened then if you don't have an automation, nothing happens. You need to go and manually send emails to anyone and to everyone that has joined in your group. But with automation, we can create this. We can say, hey, every time somebody joins to these groups will send out automatically these first email, this is the welcome e-mail. We will wait one day and because they are new subscribers, we want to send an a second e-mail query. Here we are second e-mail, new sections of new books. We are waiting one more day and we are sending another email saying, Hey, selections of new books. If this email was click, you see here, if this email was click, if they open the email and they click on that. This is the condition they are going through this funnel here. So basically we are moving them to a different group on this example, if they did not click, they are going through the other funnel, the people that didn't click. And we are automatically sending another email after one day saying, hey, free e-books or download a free e-book since you didn't buy my book. You can download a free a free e-book to keep you engaged and keep you on the list and maybe you can buy later so we can continue with the automation here later if we want. These are automations. This is outstanding, is fantastic, is easy to do. In the next video, we'll start creating these right away for your business. See you there. 23. 8.2 Planning Your Email Sequence like a Pro: Before we start creating your automation and going and programming that on mailer light, we need to have some ideas and we need to have a plan of what your goal with the email sequence or what's your goal with the automation that you will create? One of the first automations that you need to create. And most companies, I mean, every company that use mailer like they need to create this alternator automation first is the one that is an e-mail sequence. What is that? Is that when somebody joins your list, if you have a landing page on your website, if you have a lead magnet and they leave, they don't know you. They've met you for the first time and they said, I like this, I will leave my name and email. They are going to your lease and they are a new subscribers. So every time you have a new subscriber is recommended that you send them a welcome email. A welcome e-mail is a must. You can also set up email sequence. Email sequence, which is a welcome email with received right away after they joined and after that they will receive a sequence of emails. They received received several emails. Email one, Let's see here. At least email to email three, an email for, I recommend you to set at least four emails for new subscribers. And some companies and some clients, they have ongoing e-mail sequences. They have email sequences that go for the for the whole year, for 360 days. They are not emailing every day, but they are emailing once a week or sometimes twice a week. And they have the 52 weeks of the year already cover. So every time somebody joins, they will receive they already have warranty because there is a huge automation ready, which is a year, 365 days of email automation ready to go. So every time somebody news join, they have a year of content that is warranty for that new subscriber, which is a Mason. I'm not saying that you need a year of content, but you can program and you can create at least one month ahead your content. These are the two things that we need for automation. These are the 2 first uses to send a welcome email. You can just send one email or you can set I'm already an e-mail sequence of at least four emails. Every time somebody new joins, they are receiving content from you. Content that is proof, content that works, that's established your relationship and grows your relationship between you and this new, new, new, new member of your audience, new member of your list. So that being said, we need to think now on what's the purpose of your email sequence. Let's say we will create an e-mail sequence for new subscribers. Or you can create an e-mail sequence for already existing subscribers. That's up to you, but what's the goal? So let's put here, What's the goal of your email sequence? I'll give you some ideas here. You can get inspired and you can pick any of these ideas. Feel free to use any of these on your emails, on your e-mail marketing strategy. The first one is to, the goal could be to sell products. Sell products. Let's say that you have an e-mail Automation, an e-mail sequence, that they were, the main goal is to sell your products. If your goal is to sell your products is not good, is not a good practice to just send like for emails, I recommended here offering your product because if somebody news join, what happened if you just send promotional e-mails to it, they will complain, they will unsubscribe. And maybe they will even complain of span because you are not adding value. The main key factor here guys, is to add value. Add value on your emails always, always, always. If one of your goals could be to sell products, you can also create an e-mail sequence for people that are ready, click on your email for subscribers that are hot, that are all subscribers are released. They already know you, your company, your business. They are ready to go over the array to buy. Maybe they already put your product on the card but didn't check out, they didn't complete the payment. You can create an e-mail sequence to sell product if that's one option for you. Another option is to create 11 sequence to increase your credibility as company or brand, so increase your credibility. Another option could be to inform your customers about your products or services. Another option could be just send new news and updates about your blog on your website. I'll give you an example about this. Send news or updates. Send new or app or update is let's say you have a block or you have a website. You are creating new articles, so you can add these two. You can create an e-mail sequence every time you have a new article. And you can add that your email sequence. If let's say you have already an e-mail sequence of four emails for every new subscriber and you create a new article today. This is an eager sequence that you created, let's say a year ago, for example, today you create a new article on your blog or you have a new video on YouTube, you can just write a new email here. This will be email five. You can write a new email. Adding these contents in. Hey guys, here's our content about best ten, best practice, practice practices for email marketing. Or two, how to create an engaged email campaign? Something like that. I mean, I'm just making things up, but it's a content. Email is an email, it adds value and it's something that you just created here on your block. But you can come back to your automation that is all ready, have things going on. You can come back here and just add these. So every time a new subscribers join this email sequence, they will receive all these e-mails that they were already, that they suppose to receive already. But now they will also receive email number five because you are constantly adding this to your e-mail sequence. That's an idea. Another use for that. Another goal could be about special dates. That's Christmas, for example. Can be holidays, and others. Also, you can create an e-mail sequence for new products. Every time you will launch a new product. Products or services, actually, new products or services. Let's say you launch a new product or a new service, or you are about to launch, you can create a ready an email sequence of four emails or three emails or five emails. It's up to you with all the information about, I mean, to prepare your customers or your list to receive these new products. So if I'm launching, for example, a new course about email marketing, which is this course, Let's say I have my list. I can create a month before the launch day. I can launch automation with four emails once a week with tips about email marketing. So I'm letting my audience know that this is important. I'll, and showing them without telling them, Hey, I have a new product. I am telling them adding value and showing them why they need to worry and what do you need to invest right now on email marketing, why that's important for them? I can do that through an e-mail automation. So here are some ideas that you can use to create your first automation. In the next e-mail, we are going to create an e-mail sequence for new subscribers. We are going to create this thing here that you see on red, on the red rectangle. And what I want you to think right now before we move to the next video is about your goal. What's your goal with these new automation that we will create? So every time somebody joins your list, think about this. Every time somebody joins your list, we will send them for emails. What is your goal with this e-mail? What do you want every time somebody joins your release to fill, what is your goal with these new subscriber? Do you want them to be prepared to buy a specific product you have? So every time somebody joins your lease, maybe you are prepared, you already have a product. Let's say I have this course that I wanted to sell to them to my new subscribers. Every time somebody joins, I can send these emails, preparing them, and showing them why my product could be important. One it might product is the solution for the problem they have, for example, for my service. Or maybe you have any other goals. Before we move forward, please think about the goal you have. Of course, the first one will be the welcome email. And what is the goal that you have for the next e-mails? Think about that and in the next video we are going right there on the tool and creating these amazing automation for you. See you there. 24. 8.3 Creating an email sequence in MailerLite for new subscribers: Welcome to this video here we're going to actually go here to Miller Lite and create your first automation for new subscribers. So we're creating an email sequence for every new subscribers you have on your e-mail list. Let's do that right now. Let's go to automation. Excellent. I remember that when some, when we have a new subscriber, they joined to a specific group. We created a form in the last videos. In that form we said, Hey every day, Hey Miller, Miller Lite, every time somebody later him an email, please put them on these bucket on this group. So keep that in mind because we will use that right now. Here we are an automation. I have a few already created here. We will create, we will click on Create Workflow to create a new automation here. Excellent. And you will see how fun disease, what is the workflow name on this case, I'll put mu subscriber, email marketing group. What is the trigger for this workflow? What is that? When we need to tell mailer merely light right now, when they need to start these automation, what needs to happen in order to trigger, to start these automation? We have some ideas, some options here. The first one and the most popular, the one that we are using right now is one subscriber joins a group. So that means this workflow, these automation will be triggered when a subscriber joins your specific group or when somebody leaves their name and email on your LET, on your landing page, you have other options like update or feel anniversary date once we ascribe or click on a link. So if somebody clicks a specific link, we can trigger an automation. Once it's quite a complete a form. More options. Let's click on one subscriber joins a group. Now, we need to tell Miller Lite which group we're talking about here. Subscriber joins a group, let's say when they joined email marketing course group, which is the group that we are using every time somebody leave their name and email for the lead magnet we have about email marketing. Excellent safe. Here we see this is the automation name. We have a trigger. So every time somebody joins this group, this automation will start. They are saying here, here, click on the plus icon above to add the first step of your wharf rock. So that's why we are doing here. We have some options. What we need to add, what needs to happen next, email, delay, condition or action. In this case, they joined the group. I want to send them an e-mail. Excellent. Here we will define the e-mail. You see that we have the e-mailed picture here and on the right we have the settings for this email. What is the email name? So welcome. So the e-mail marketing VIP List or VIP group, let's say what is the subject? I will copy this and use the same subject here. Who is the e-mail from? Here we will design the e-mail. I won't go right now, hit on the sign the email because you learn that array is super easy with Miller Lite how to design your email. You can use drag and drop blocks to add information, texts and all these cool things on mailer light. And it's very intuitive. So if you go here and you start doing it, you will. I mean, it's easy to do. You can design your email here. We have tracking options you can link with Google Analytics if you want. I am not using these because I think the reporting from Miller Lite is good enough for my campaigns, but you are free to go and activate this if you want. You select the language of your, your email. I unsafe when it's ready. Saving now, Wonderful. Now we have one step. What is happening right now? Every time joins to the e-mail marketing course group. So every time, every time somebody lift her name and email automatically, mailer light will see this welcome e-mail. If I just leave this like this, this is what will happen. This is good enough already. So because now when somebody joins, two things happen if you don't have an automation. First, nobody will receive a welcome email because people will join and you will not know that somebody joins your group. They will never receive your welcome email. And if you don't have automation that no other option is to come here daily to mailer light and see. Okay, I have 15 uses quavers. Let me send emails to each one of these groups. These guys, That's crazy. That's why we have automation and this is fantastic. So now when we click here on the e-mail, you see actually we see on the right now the statistics for this automation. We see how many times width was completed, how many are in Q? We can view the workflow activity and we have information about how many emails were sent, the open rate, the unsubscribed rate, and all these. And we can of course see the full report here. But we're not stopping here right now. We can add more steps to this workflow. So I'll click on Plus. Now we can set another email. What happened if we put like this, if we add another email, what will happen is every time somebody joins, they will receive this e-mail and immediately a second e-mail. This is not good because, I mean, unless it's necessary for you. But in this case, they are receiving two e-mails from you right away. So how do we actually send one email and wait a few days to send the second one. Very easy. We delete this. We add delay. How many days, minutes, hours, weeks, or a specific date, how many? How much we want to wait. Let's wait. Two days here. They join the list or maybe one day. The next day I will save this next day, something will happen. What will happen? Let's see. We can add things here. We can add a condition, we can add an action, or we can add an e-mail. Let's add a second e-mail here. Remember, we're creating in email sequence of four emails right here. The second e-mail you can add the name. I will add here second email. Save. And I will wait another, one day, another two days now. I will send the third email. Stay here with me. Third email. Save. Now that we send a third e-mail, we were using a condition just to move things. Of course, I can create as many e-mails as I, as I want here. As I'll show you in the example, this is great guy. So please pay attention to this part. This is amazing. As I told you in the last example. Let's say I have right now three I have three emails right now. Welcome. Email, second email, and third e-mail. That's it. And let's say I activate this and people are starting. This is what I have. And I'm running this for like a month already. People are coming to my list. They are receiving the e-mails. Everything is good. But now I just created a new article or I recorded a new YouTube video and I allow it to YouTube video. The YouTube video is on my website with an article and I want, I want people to see that because that's value, valuable. So I can just create a new email here about these articles. So I can come here and I can, I can keep adding this. This is fantastic. This will fit your audience with great content, with valuable content guys, you can add another email with a new video, with a new article you just launch. But let's do something different here after they received the third e-mail. Let's say we add a condition. What is the condition? This is a little bit different than we were doing so far. You see here on the right. Great condition, up to five conditions specific, whether any or all needs to be true for the condition met. You can choose any rule or all rules. What is the difference you see here? Select one or a few conditions where any we're talking about any of the rules can match the criteria. So if I have like three criteria, if any of these match, the condition is true. If I select all rules, that means that all the rules and unusual, you understand right now all the conditions that I said needs to meet to be able to move to the green. If not, they move to the red. I know it's confusing. Stay with me here. I'll show you exactly what I mean here. Here we have the conditions. If I click here we see campaign activity workflow activity, activity custom field group membership and segment membership. Let's go. We can paint activity and we see, let's see, we have the conditions here. What is the campaign that we're talking about? Let's go with this one here. Just as an example, this is the actual campaign that I sent. Of course here we are. We need to select the third e-mail. That's the goal here. So we need to select the third e-mail is not showing here because we didn't save it within a graded yet. So I will select just any emails that I have. What needs to happen here had any click link. So if somebody clicks any links that I have on my email, this will be true. Hat a specific link clicks. So if I have many links, but I have one link that is, I want that is a link that what they can just buy the product right now for example, if they click that, I can select this. It was opened and did not have a specific link click or has not opened, was open and was open with no links click. Let's say that we want to select people that click any links. Or let's suppose that all the links are the same. So if somebody came here to this third email, which is this one, and click any link. That means we have all the conditions ready. So they go through this workflow here. If they opened by, they didn't click, they are going through here. What is now the ego? Excellent, but what's the difference between any and all rules? Again, I'm not understanding. Okay. Let me show you here. We can add another condition here. Let's say we have group membership. Just, just to explain to you exactly what I mean. Like select this one. What happened here? If we go with any rules which is selected right now? We have two rules here. We have these rules, this conviction and these condition two. We have two conditions. If we have any rule selected. If this is true, if they click, but this is not true, they are still going through the green path. If this is, the reverse is the same. If this is not true and this is true, they are also going to this path. So if any of these two are true, if this is met or this is met, they are going through the green path. If I select all rules, you see that this just changes to, just change it to end. Let me show you or and now it's n. What is that? All the conditions needs to met the criteria to be on the green path. Be true. If one of these conditions is not fulfilled, Would they are going through the red path? That's a different value added, more advanced, but probably most of you guys that are starting, I recommended to start just with one condition, go to any rule and select one condition, and that's it. So here is what we have. If they received the third e-mail and they click on that, they are going through here. Let me save this excellent people that click on this email. I will say, I will send them through these paths and they will be moved maybe to a different group where I have but the people that click on that or the people that purchase my product because that's a link to purchase the product. Or I can do any other action. Ladies, copy to a growth, update the field move to a group, moved to remove from the group I'm subscribed, or move to another step. Let's move to a group. These people will be moved to a group which is the group of buyers. So they will move from this group to, for example, this one. Let's say this is where people, everybody that is here are people that actually bought the product. Save this. If they didn't click the open these, but they didn't click, I can send them another email. Or I can actually wait. I can wait. Because otherwise they will receive this e-mail. This email will be about free sample or free e-book or a free trial or something like that. This is just an idea. I will save this. If they didn't click, I will send them another email here. But we have a problem here. Why we have a program, this specific workflow. Because what happened here, they will get the third e-mail. Let's go up one step. They will get the second e-mail. After two days. They are guarding, they're getting the third one. The problem is here, look at this. After they get the third one immediately, we didn't add here. Wait time immediately, the system will analyze if people click or not. And if they haven't clicked, they are moving. All, everybody's moving through the red path. We need to add here a delay. So at a delay of X number of days or hours, I will add one day here, for example, after they have one day, I send this e-mail. We have one day. We let them one day to click and to open and do whatever they want. And if they after one day, yes, the mailer light will execute these condition. And we are moving people through these group. People that click and people that didn't click will receive another email. This is an example of an automation that is not complicated and we use most of the audit tools they provide to us here. So this is fantastic. I hope you come here to automation and play with these. This is fun, is good. You can create personalized content for your subscribers with this great tool. I hope you try this and I see you in the next video. 25. 8.4 Activating and Testing your email automation: Now that your automation is ready, we need to activate then if you see here at the top that you have some incomplete steps is because you need to fill the e-mails and you need to make sure everything is setup and ready to go. Once it's everything ready, you will see this on-off switch here at the top. So you can click here to turn it on. Its load in is activating right now. It's on. As you see, I can go back to mailer light and we can see the automation actually active and working. Let me see. Well, here we are. And we see here this is the automation we created new subscribers for email marketing group is active right now and you see how many emails were sent in these automation, open rate and click rate at anytime you can activate or deactivate. These is if you prefer. Of course, we have the overview here. With the overview, we see what's going on. We see the, when it was created, the number of subscribers, the number of completed subscribers. That means people that are already went through the whole automation workflow. Subscribers in the queue, people that are currently on the queue of receiving e-mails, the total e-mail sense, Open click the stats that we have on the image on the workflow, you'll see all the list of e-mails right here. You can view the report for every single one of these e-mails. Also, you have activity here with more information about it. The subscribers that completed these automation. Or you can also filter for Q and cancel. And this history, you see here all the information about when it was activated and deactivated. So you see exactly what happened and when. This is automation now I recommend you before you. I know you know that it's active right now and it looks, it looks great, but I want to invite you to test this. So go to your opt-in page, go to your form and login, enter name and email. You can enter your name and email to test it and see or any other name and email to test this and see if this person, this e-mail is going through the sequence. When you log in, when you opt in, you will see here one email send because they were probably received a welcome e-mail that it's supposed to deliver immediately. This is good to test before you open to the public and you open to your new subscribers and to the world. You actually know that this is working and everything is as you expected. I hope you'll try this. This is fantastic. This is an advanced option here in Miller Lite. These simple strategy guys can take your business, your e-mail, marketing, your sales to the next level. This is a personalized, very powerful tool and I hope you use these and put these into action. See you in the next video. 26. 9.1 Analyzing your campaign data: Welcome to this new section and excited to see you here because he will talk about the campaign data. What is that? Is the data that is generated from your campaigns, the emails you send. We have great data to analyze heat on mailer light, and I'll show you exactly how to do it. And the most important thing is that how you can use these data to grow your business and to grow your e-mail list to improve and optimize your campaigns, your email sequence, and everything that is related with e-mail marketing. We have lots of data showing up here on mailer life that we can use. But there are three main elements that I want to highlight because these are the three most important things that you need to look for an optimize on your campaign. So let's jump to that before we see and we analyze a real data for a campaign that I sent. Here we have analyzing the following KPIs. These three are the top ones. What is KPIs key performance indicators? So it's the key things that you need to look for poor performance. The first one is the open rate. That is how many emails were open versus the emails or what? If I send a 1000 e-mails and only ten were opened or a 100, I have 10, 10% percent open rates. So this is one key thing that we need to think about and keep on eye on or campaigns. The second one is the click-through rates. What is that? How many emails, how many people click on the links on your emails? I sent a 1000 emails, let's say a 100 open 10%. And from these handwritten, how many actually click on the links that I have, which is the end goal of my campaign. Because when they click on the link, they are going to my website or to anywhere that I want to forward them to buy my products are any goal that you have. The third one is the absolute scribing rate. How many people unsubscribe from your email list. So let's take a look on a real case here. On mailer light. If I go to campaigns, we can analyze the data for one of the campaigns. Let's analyze this one. Here we send, let's analyze this one here. Built website first email to. In this list, we have over 5 thousand people. 17, the open rate. Remember we talked about the three, the three main elements, the open rate, how many people open the click through rate, how many people click on the links on your email, and the unsubscribe rate. So let's open the complete report for these ones so we can take a look on all these numbers. Here we have the number of subscribers. We have a 17.90% open rate. That's 885 people from these we have 1.58%. Click, this is low. This is not idea but is a result. That's 78 people that open actually, the click on the email, I need to keep an item. This, I need to try to improve this. And this. Also another thing is the unsubscribe rate. How many people answered described from these email? I send this email and just because of this e-mail, 43 people unsubscribe. So this is one and another indicator that we need to keep a look on. So if we use that gradient, but how do I need to actually plan that? What is the goal? So this is a list of the goals that I1 U2 set for your e-mail marketing. The first goal is to increase the click-through rates. That's people that are clicking on your e-mails. So click-through rates means that your target audience read your email and follow to click the link to your website, which could increase your conversions or you can sell more. Increase. The first goal needs to be to increase your click-through rates. The second goal we need to set is to Increase, Increase the open rates. And unopen email is just as effective and as an unsent email, if they didn't open is like you've never send the e-mail. Try to increase the open rates is a solid goal to set for your e-mail marketing strategy. The best way to increase the open rates is number one to add value, add value. E-mail constantly kava a regular scheduled for email him so people know what the spec they already received e-mails from you. The third 11 of the most important is the subject line. The subject line, it needs to be catchy and attractive and needs to call the attention of your customers. So they will open your emails and the open rates will increase. If you increase the open rates, of course, the click-through rates without automatic we increase, increase because the more people opened your emails, the more people could click on your emails on your links. The third goal that you need to set is to increase the subscribers. So you need to increase the number of subscribers. The more people you reach with your emails, the better. The Sarah series of goals that will help to increase your total subscribers. Remember that we talked about the, um, subscribers on the last slide, this one, the KPIs, how many people unsubscribe? You need to keep an eye on this one because this is a critical thing. But instead of just setting a goal, Hey, I want to decrease my subscribers. I want you to set the goal to increase the number of subscribers you have. Promote more, create more content, reach more people on social media. Do any marketing that you could to increase the list, to increase the number of subscribers. These are the KPIs and the goals you need to use. And this is how you will use data to grow your e-mail marketing strategy. 27. 9.2 Anty-spam policy. Keeping your account healthy: Important advice, advice that you need to keep in mind is the anti-spam policy of Miller Lite. If we scroll down to the bottom, you see here this is the most important part, the account suspension. You need to make sure you look into your numbers. We're talking about statistics for each campaign here. You need to make sure the percentage of the span complaints are lower than 0.2%. If this is higher than 0.2 per campaign, not per account PR campaign, that could be a problem that could get you with the account suspended. The bounces more than 5% is also a flagged. The AMS suscribe more than 1% per e-mail campaign. And a very small, small, small open rate less than 3% also is a red flag for them. So keep this in mind. This is a good practice. Never send span to your, to your list, never buy leads from anyone. Just collect your leads organically. That's the best way to do. It. Doesn't mean you are paying per liter here on mailer light, so doesn't make sense to add leads and you will start paying for them because you need to e-mail them. And these leads are called list or leads that never sign for your email list. And an opt-in for a lead magnet. The chances for date then to buy a product or service for you are very, very low. Never purchase leads or ADH leads to your account without authorization for them. You're just collected organically and keep an eye on these numbers. That with that in mind, you are ready to go and you are ready to start growing your list. See you in the next video. 28. 11.1 What 14 studies say about the best day to send email: In this video, we will talk about what the best day and time to send your emails. This is important because there are some days that are better than others. And before I show you what 14 studies are showing about that, we will, I showed the results and I'll share with you the link for this article, hitting the resources area of these lessons that you can read at anytime. But before we jump into the data, I want to share one important point with you. Depending this data, this result is not absolute. What is that? That will depend on your business, on the kind of business you have, on the niche that you are. For example, if I find on the niche of digital marketing, which I am, you are on the niche of or on the business of travel and tourism and maybe travel on Spain, travel around Europe. Or maybe you are on the niche of children education, or maybe you are on the niche of dog training or cooking or hobbies. I mean, every niche is different. So if for me that I'm in digital marketing, the best days for me to send e-mails are actually Tuesday and Thursday. These are the best days hence down. But for some of my clients that are in a total totally different niche or a totally different business. Sunday is their best day. That these results are not absolute, but these results worked for most businesses. If you are not sure if you are here and you said dA1, not sure which day is the best day for me and even the best time and I have no idea of the day. These studies is interesting because if you have no idea, I invite you to share, to try this 1 first. Let's take a look. Here we have the results. They are saying that the best days to send the email is Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. That's what they are saying. Number one is Tuesday and they are saying the best day to e-mail is by fire. Tuesday. Number two, they have Thursday. If you send two emails in a week, Tuesday, Thursday for your second day, they are saying, Hey, if you are sending just once a week, Tuesday is the MST. This is the absolute best on the studies. If you are sending two or more, the second one, make it on Thursday. Wednesday is the third one, while wisely wasn't the most popular, it was mentioned several times. So basically you see that these two are the most popular for most people. That shows in the 14 studies that we are reading here. Next, what is the best time when we talked and we talked about day? What is the best time to send your email? They are saying here, six AM, ten AM to PM, 81012 PM. They're saying here for ten AM, while late morning sense send signs where most popular in general, several studies conclude that the best time to send emails East ten AM, this is the absolute best time. Following the studies. Apm are saying that Campaign Monitor notes that this is likely do people checking their e-mail before going to bed. Apm. If this is interesting, look at this. If your audience, if your product, if your services, if what you offer is something that your, that your audience will check, email or will be interested in hearing about it before they go to bed. Maybe eight PM is a good time to send. And on digital marketing for me is perfect to send at ten AM, at 10:00 PM, I will be bothering my subscribers because nobody wants to hear about email marketing or digital marketing or something like that at APN before they go to bed right now, if you are teaching performance, productivity, or habits, maybe at 10:00 PM is a good time to send an email because they will go read these and go to sleep with what you share in mind. Tpm. It looks like it might be successful by sending your email later that days, but people are checking out of work mode and looking for distraction. So TPN is more for distraction. So if you are in Hobbies, travel, maybe 02:00 PM is a good time to do it. 06:00 AM. 50 percent of you begin today by emailing in bed. And that's true. Most people are saying 50% of people are checking the e-mails when they wake up, right there, when they wake up, the first thing they do is checking their e-mails on bed or minutes after they got out of bed, get out of bed. And if you send a segue six AM, people that wake up at six or maybe at seven or maybe 730 or 645, they all will have your email on their inbox. So that's another good option, again for me, for my specific niche, which is digital marketing is still ten AM is perfect because nobody, I think nobody wants to hear about email marketing or digital marketing at six AM. Maybe they want to hear about different things, personal development or stuff like that. You need to figure out which one is the best for you. The last thing that I will share with you here is that they are saying test your emails for the best days and times to send they are giving you. Here are some ideas like Tuesday, ten AM, test this first, see how it goes to the second test you can do is Thursday at APM, Wednesday, two PM. And you'll see all these days on time. Think about this, read this article below this, we have all the articles here, the 14 articles you see here. The sources. You can access the articles and also you can read exactly what. You can see the data behind all these that we just talked about. For example, the hand, the best date, all the data, the graphics, and everything you need to analyze if you want to prove that and to make sure this is relevant for you and for your business, do that and see you in the next video. 29. 12.1 The style you’ll use in your emails: Deciding this style you'll use on your email is important because that will determine if the e-mails will be well-received and will be red and people will take action on what you are sharing that with them or not. The main thing here, guys, is to think about your target audience thing. About your target audience. Why is that? We need to think about their age. Are we writing for people that are 20 years old, 50 years old, or 40s. So depending on their age, you can write in a different style and you can use different words. That's important if you are writing for a 20-year-old community, somebody and you're out is is 50 plus, maybe it won't be well-received. So that's one thing that you need to think about. Next, let's think about the gender. If we're writing for men or women, maybe you have a women niche where you help women to be successful in business. For example, you have men on relationships. So the gender of your audience will influence that specifically. And also another thing that we need to think about, if you want, doesn't matter the age or gender, you need to determine if you will use a formal, informal, direct, etc. What is the language that you will use? If you will be more direct with people, if you are going straight to a pointer reviewer telling stories and an expanding on your writing on your e-mails. If you are writing a formal way or you are just more informal like one-on-one, like a friend. If you are communicating like a friend, that's important too. These are things that you need to decide. This looks like obvious, but are things that you need to decide and make sure that you are, that you have a template and you are always consistent in the way you write to these people. That's key. Think about that. And in the next video we will talk about the ten ways to ensure that your emails are mobile friendly. See you there. 30. 12.2 10 ways to ensure your emails are mobile-friendly : In this video, we'll talk about the ten ways to ensure that your emails are mobile friendly. Remember that 55% or around 55% of the emails I read on mobile devices under devices are usually small. We have a cell phone, a smart phone, which is small. Sometimes some people have a little bit bigger screens. But usually the email if it's not optimized, is hard and difficult to read. So here we are sharing the ten ways to ensure that your email will be excellent on mobile devices. The first one is to create short subject line. The subject lines are the one that attracts people. Usually at the beginning is the main thing that will help the subscriber, the site. They will open or not. And if we have a long subject line, it won't fit on the cell phone screen. They will just see the first few words. Remember too short your subject lines. The second is to use a single column model because if you have several columns on the cell phone, it won't fit the whole screen. Some of your email could be off screen, which is really bad for your e-mail marketing. Also keep your email under 600 pixels to make sure they fit completely on the screen. Use large fonts. Size like 13 or 14 pixel is recommended, so it's easy to read if you use like ten or 11 will be hard to read for some people also display small images. This is key. Sometimes images are not optimize for mobile. When you receive an email, half or the a of the image or even more than half of the image could be outside of the scream. They are watching there, open the e-mail and they just see a portion of your image which is non-professional at all. The next one is to provide an optimize call to action for mobile and don't make your CTA your call to action, an image call-to-action is when you said to people, hey, click here to subscribe or click here to buy my product. Click on the red button. If you add your call to action as an image, because it's a mobile device. Sometimes people are not on Wi-Fi and sometimes the cellular network is not fast enough to load all the images that you will add on your email. It's important to have, if you will, use an image for your call to action. Half, also another call to action where you have unlink and it's easy to read and click in case the image is not loaded because the internet is slow at a time. You can still see make sense for them where to click to follow your call to action. Avoid menus, because on the menus on the cell phone, you probably know are terrible. You need to click the three dots at the top to expand the manual. Nobody knows that. It will be bad for your e-mail marketing strategy. Don't stack links. Some people send lots of links one after the other, and it's difficult to click sometimes on mobile because the links are if they are too to tie together, when you click and you put your finger on that, you tap on that. You can click on several other links that is not the one that you want. So separate the links from each other. The most important thing is test on multiple devices. So if you have an Android and iPhone or any other device, You can send you a test e-mail to make sure the format is good, to make sure it looks good in either device. You may be thinking now, Diego, this is too much, I mean, how much time I will spend testing all of these every time I need to send an email. That's crazy. You are right, but you don't need to do this every time. You need to do it once. And you will create a template with this, with the right size, the right system. And once you send the first email and you see that looks good, everything is good. You can just reuse that as a template and you doing that, you are making sure that all your emails will look good on mobile. 31. 12.3 Personalizing Your Email Content : Personal lives in your email content to increase open rates. Here is the important information. Emails with personalized subject lines get 26% more opens. That does that don't. What is that exactly? Let me show you here on mailer lie. Let's go here. If we create a new campaign and we are opening, let, let me cranial campaign here. We can personalize the subject line. You see here this is the subject line. And I can add information about the customer here. So I can add, for example, their name, their email, lastName, companies, CDE phone state or CIP code. For example, I can add their name. So this is the code comma I hope you are doing. For example, this could be my subject line. I can also add emojis like this one or any images that you want. In this case. If I'm collecting name an email, I have access to the customer's name. I mean the subscriber name. If you are just collecting e-mail, you don't have these variables. But let's say you are. In this case, this subscriber will receive, let's say it's jumped, it will receive jump. I hope you are doing great today. And a Smiley face. I mean, if I receive an e-mail saying Diego, I hope you are doing great today, I will probably open that the car is personally somebody that knows me, somebody that the information should be relevant to me. My name is there, the first name, the subject is my name. Probably. That's why personalized subject lines are very important. You're going to also add state. For example, let's say this. You are from you at state. Doesn't matter where they are. If you are, of course, you need to have the option to collect the state when you are collecting name and email, they will receive you are from Florida, you are from New York, you are from Colorado. You they have more chances to open because this is they're saying Yeah, I'm from Colorado, or even do this. John, you add the name John. You are from Florida. So it's even more personalize. Of course, this needs to make sense for your year with the content that you are sitting on, the email, you are not sending, just hey, name, you are from, state. If this has nothing to do with your content of your email, we want to make sense here. I'm just demonstrating how these work. Also, we see what are the things that we can personalize on emails. We can include their name on the subject line, which I just demonstrated here. We can write an e-mail as if we're address to a person. This is really important guys. This is, this is top, top tip. This is really important. Most people, when they write newsletter, they are saying, Hey, I will write as a company. So they are saying, we are happy to have you as a subscriber. Heat is something that we developed for you with a team, blah, blah, blah. That's good, but it's not personal is recommended and this works really well. But you are, when you talk with your subscriber, you talk as if you are talking with a friend, with a person one in one, even if it's not a friend, if you are using more formal language, that's fine. But use Personal as you imagine that you are in front of this person and you are just speaking and you write down what you will say. That's the best way to write for. I mean, not the best way to right by the best, describe that will generate better engagement on your e-mail marketing. Very important. Also, you can add information from past purchases if you have a system to do that, or add items that they have looked at recently, like retargeting. If you, for example, are a student of my course here of email marketing costs, you are watching this right now. I can send you an e-mail on my email list. I can say, Hey John, I know you are a student for my e-mail marketing course. Thank you for being that. Or, hey John, I know that you are enrolling my course or my e-mail marketing course, and I know that you are already took 50% of the lessons. Congratulations. I want to invite you to blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. So it's super personalized and the results could be outstanding if you have that capability, if you use this strategy. This is personalizing your content. I hope you think about this strategy is interesting and I see you in the next video. 32. 13.1 How to get support from MailerLite : One thing that is always important to know is how to contact mailer light. Because sometimes when we are watching these course, are implementing the strategies. Sometimes you may have questions and doubts and problems, maybe with your account, with subscribers, things that you need help solving. The best way to contact them is by chat. They have a 247 chat service, which is here on the corner. So you see it here. All I need to do, or all you need to do is click on this and start a new conversation. You see that they usually reply in under two minutes and this is real guys eye contact. These guys frequently a few weeks, a few times a week. And they are always really fast replaying, and they are always happy and unhelpful. So this is a resource that you need to think about it if you have problems or if you don't know how to do something specifically, just come here as the question and you will find, you will receive help. Another way to do it, if you don't want the chat, you can come on the top right-hand side on your photo, your name, and here you have the option of help. So if you click on Help, you are going to the mailer light knowledge base. Here, they have articles and videos that are outstanding. They have lots and lots of articles that will help you to accomplish anything that you want. For example, I can come here and search for automation. You will see that we have how to use our marriage. Our summation is story, how to use automation steps, automation activity, workbooks. So you have all the help and the articles, let's say groups. Everything that contain groups you have here, so you can just one-click how to create and use groups. All information is here with screenshots, very easy to follow, very easy to do. This is how you get help from mailer light, and remember to use these resources anytime you are starting or unit help to move forward. See you in the next video. 33. 14.1 Final Project: Hey guys, welcome to the end of the class and happy and excited to see you here. I hope that you learn amazing strategy is about email marketing. And as I, as I told you in the beginning of the core of the course, my goal is to make sure that you start using e-mail marketing to grow your business, to reach more people, engage with your clients, with your audience and increase your company's sales. That's the goal. And I hope you got the best strategies here to get to do that. Now it's time to take action. So I invite you to scroll down here to the projects are we have a final project for this Skillshare class. All you need to do is create a project on these, Create a Project button here. You see a description here. What I asked you to share here with me and with the community, our choose simple things first, tell me what you are planning to use for a lead magnet. We learn that how it's great lead magnets. And we also learned that lead magnets are essential for the success of your e-mail marketing because a lead magnet is something that your client really desire, something that they want in exchange for their name and e-mail. So share with me if you are using a PDF report, an e-book, video series, or just one video. Anything that you are using as a lead magnet you can share here on the projects area. And the second thing I want you to share with me and with the community is what is your main goal with your e-mail list? Do you want to increase the relationship with your audience? Do you want to increase sales? Do you want to promote your bases, promote your brand? Do promotions, educate your audience? What is your main goal here? Share that. Also here on the projects are submit that and I hope to see your project here. After that, we are ready with the class. We've completed this course. And I thank you so much for your time, for your energy here on the class. You are a winner because you got to the end of the class. And I really appreciate that. Thank you so much and I see you in the next course.