Email Marketing 101 | 2-5x eCommerce Sales w/ Automated Post Purchase Emails (3 of 3) | Alex Huston | Skillshare

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Email Marketing 101 | 2-5x eCommerce Sales w/ Automated Post Purchase Emails (3 of 3)

teacher avatar Alex Huston, Coach

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      Introduction and Overview


    • 2.

      Post Purchase Flow: Email #1 (Thank Your Customers)


    • 3.

      Post Purchase Flow: Email #2 (Engage Your Audience)


    • 4.

      Post Purchase Flow: Email #3 (Upsell Exisiting Customers)


    • 5.

      Recap and Outro


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About This Class

Check out Strung:

So you've started your online eCommerce business but are looking for ways to increase your store's revenue? Perfect! Let me introduce you to Klaviyo. One of the industries leading email service providers for recovering lost revenue and increasing the value of your lifetime customer. 

Online retail and eCommerce is growing quickly. In the 4 day span of Black Friday to Cyber Monday in 2018 the eCommerce market broke an all-time high of recorded sales equaling a total of $7.9 billion. Yep, you read that correctly. Not to mention this was an industry increase of 19.3% from 2017.

Are site visitors signing up to your Newsletter but not buying your products? Are people beginning the checkout process but not purchasing? Have no fear, we will cover all how to set your emails up to ensure that you recover as much revenue on your store as possible.

In part 3 of 3 in this mini-series, we will go over the psychology and build-out process of engaging your customers after they have already purchased from you! This will allow us to increase our average customer value as well as be top of mind to our favorite customers. 

In this course we will cover:

  • Integrating Klaviyo to your Shopify store
  • How to time out automated emails series for your site visitors and customers
  • How to set conditional triggers and splits to strategically send your site visitors and customers the proper emails based off of actions they have taken on your site
  • Set up an automated series of emails for site visitors who sign up to your Newsletter (1 of 3)
  • Set up an automated series of emails for customers who have abandoned their cart (2 of 3)
  • Set up an automated series of emails upselling customers who have purchased from your eCommerce store (3 of 3)


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Meet Your Teacher

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Alex Huston



Alex is a determined and focused young professional who has developed an array of skills to share over the past 10 years. With primary focuses on digital marketing, eCommerce, music production, and various creative software, his knowledge is applicable to several different industries.


His zealous passion and worth ethic stem from a love of learning and the application of new skills to the projects and businesses he is involved with.

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1. Introduction and Overview: All right, guys, this is the third and final installment of Increasing You Were e Commerce Store revenue with automated marketing with Claudio email marketing with Claudio, um again special thanks to the company's strong for agreeing to let me use them as an example with their their back and build out of this, Um, if you haven't caught the other videos, Strong is an awesome company. They make customized guitar string jewelry out of recycled guitar strings and guitar strings from famous musicians. Ah, other products are associated with a popular song, a swell, and they do a lot of work with music based charities to, um, ensure music education and helped create the future rock stars of tomorrow. So if you're interested in checking out what they have to offer, I'll leave the link in the description and possibly a coupon code specific to anybody who watches this. This Ah, this video. So let's dive right in, Guys, The last thing we're gonna cover in this series is the customer. Thank you. Also known as the post purchase flow. So the the the purpose behind this Siris of e mails that were going to send out is going to be, um, to engage anybody who has placed an order with us. Um and so we want to keep those customers engaged. We want to let them. We want to let them know that we're thankful for, um, for their purchase. How it contributes to ah, what we're up to as a brand. Um, And and we want it. We want to stay engaged with them. So we're gonna dive right into this customer. Siri's our customer. Thank you, Flo. 2. Post Purchase Flow: Email #1 (Thank Your Customers): eso right off the bat. We concede our trigger is placed when to when somebody places an order. That's awesome. Um, and we're gonna wait. We're gonna put a time delay in there, and we're gonna wait one day. So the reason for this is, um, Shopify also sends out automated notifications. When you place an order, it'll just kind of give you an order Confirmation, Um, and so we can wait a day on this one because they will receive basically just an order confirmation of of of their order from our Shopify back end. Um and so the first email we're gonna send is your what makes this great. Right? So we'll take a look at this pretty view. Oh, are, actually, let's see is going to hear. Yeah. Okay. All right. So you know what's makes us great in this email? Were just were just thanking people. Ah, for their purchase, You know, Thank you for your order. Your what makes us great. Thanks for your most recent purchase and for joining us in our mission to create the future rock stars of tomorrow portion of your purchase will be donated to one of our music based charity charitable partners learn more here and then and will hyperlink that to our you know, our brand message. Um, And then we add some additional products in here because somebody who's purchased from he wants is ah, much more likely to purchase from you again than anybody else. Um, so we want to make sure that they're aware of other products that that we offer. This is a good place to drive additional revenue. Um, and we're gonna have our buyer bar and our contact information and so really, very simple. Usually the first email on all these flows that we've gone over through the Siri's. The first email is the most simple and direct email. Very casual, um, and very inviting. Um And so, yeah, we just thank them and continue to drive home our brand message and let them know that there are part of it. Let them let them know that that they're up to something bigger than themselves because they've interacted with your brand and they bought into your brand. Branding is huge. Here 3. Post Purchase Flow: Email #2 (Engage Your Audience): cool. And so, the second email we're going to do, we're gonna wait one day. Um, yeah, that's pretty good either. 1 to 2 days. It depends. Um, it really depends. And the second game, we're going to say something along Lines of were preparing your order. Okay, so in our backend Shopify pretty much automatically this is gonna be set up to send shipping confirmation emails so we don't want to. We don't want to send anything regarding shipping in our inner Claudio Flow, because whatever film it's service you have, whether that's gonna be, ah, drop shipping products with over low or you've got 1/3 party provider. Ah, three pl that's doing your fulfillment and shipping. Um, when they mark and order as fulfilled. Uh, I'm pretty sure it's set Standard and Shopify to notify customers that their order has been shipped. Um, and if it's not, you can go into your settings and look at your notifications. If anybody has any questions about that, feel free to Teoh to shoot me a message. Um, but so we don't want to talk about shipping in our post purchase flow, but we could talk about getting your order ready. We could talk about order processing. Um, and that's what we're doing here. So we're gonna say your order is processing. Um, we're gonna thank them again for their most recent purchase. You know, we're preparing your order now, and we'll notify you wants the chips, which we just talked about, Um, and then we're gonna have them engage with us. We're gonna try and drive these consumers to become part of the audience that we can tap into pretty organically and consistently on our social media channels. So we're gonna we're gonna ask them to join us on social media. Um, you know, we've got a specific hashtag that we want people to take pictures of their product with eso We let them know about that and lower down in the email. We've designed out these nice buttons. Ah, that are linked. So if we click on these, I still gotta put that in there. Um, but this will link to our instagram page, and this will link to our Facebook page. So, um, we give people a real direct opportunity to connect with us in more than one place because we've got their email now. Um, let's see if we can get them to interact with us on Instagram. Let's see if we can get them to interact with us on Facebook. And this is where our branding comes into play big time. Um, we want to make sure that we're continue to drive home our brand messaging on all these other social channels so that we can continue to engage with these consumers and make them life long consumers instead of just one time purchasers. So this is super important here, guys, um, super important to drive any of your, uh, any of your consumers who have purchased from you to your other audience channels. So we take the opportunity to do that in this post purchase flow, and that's gonna be the second email that we send out. 4. Post Purchase Flow: Email #3 (Upsell Exisiting Customers): Some people like to make this flow a little longer dependent on what your shipping time is . Um, if you're drop shipping. Ah, I know a lot of people do that. Um, and I've got some I've got some other videos on that as well. But if that's what you're doing, you're gonna want to make this flow. Probably somewhere between 7 to 9 e mails. Ah, the example we're using here. Um, you know, we we've got fast shipping times. We were able to deliver a product within 2 to 5 days. Um, and so we don't need to stay as engaged while the customers waiting for their order to arrive. Um, but we're gonna talk about this one next here. So we've got a time delay of five days from the last email we've got. And we may even want to put one more email in there. Just remind them of the brand. Continue to talk about the brand. Um, you know, this company's got a nice brand video. I could probably link them to that. Um, but what we can also do, um, in here is strategically set up a timed review email. So integrating an app such as like Yapo or Lukes reviews. Um, what's another good one? We're using product reviews. Um, you can send out timed ah, review email so that people can review the products they have received. Um, and you can use that content to market other people. You can. You can use that content toe, feature it on the product pages of of the products that they're reviewing. And it's really good. Just user generated content to build brand credibility to build social credibility as well . Um, and so we may be doing that in this time because the final email that we're going to send in our post purchase flow is gonna be an up sell email. Um, so this email is gonna be sent to them after they received the product. So they're gonna get this on day six or seven. Effectively. Um, as you can see, we got one day here. Day two, day five, Another five days. So day seven, they'll get this email. A majority of our consumers are gonna have their product by day seven unless something funky goes on with the shipping process. Um, but so what we're gonna do is offer them a nice big discount to purchase from us again. So this is a great way to up sell consumers that are already ah, that have already bought from you and drive home our drive up that lifetime value of that consumer. Um, and so pretty basic here, we're gonna talk about more about the brand. We're gonna drive that home again, and we're going to say something along the lines of being for being so great. We want to expend extend a special offer of 15% off your next order with us use code Mission 15. That check out to clean this offer on your next purchase. Um, so again, somebody who's already purchased from use way more likely to purchase from you again than somebody who's never heard of your brand. And the great thing about this email is this is being sent to somebody who directly to their email inbox. So we're not, um, spending more marketing dollars to acquire that customer. Um, so that's why we're able to offer such a big discount because the cost per acquisition is virtually non existent, because the cost of sending emails is pretty low. Um, as opposed to like a Facebook ad or a Google ad which make may cost you anywhere from 5 to $10 for an acquisition. And if if your ads are optimized, really well, hopefully it'll cost you 2 to $3 toe to sell a product like this. Um, but that cost per acquisition is virtually gone. So we may even make this a 20% off discount, um, to people who have already purchased from us and then at the bottom of the email, we're gonna import a lot of products. We're gonna show a lot more products than just three in the previous series and the previous videos in this Siri's. We've really only shown three or so products of what we thought they may also like, but this is a time to offer them a little catalogue. Um, and at the bottom, we give them, you know, shop all styles which will take them directly to our home page, Um, and our buyer bar in our in our customer info. So that's gonna be that's gonna be the end of this post purchase flow. Um, again, the psychology behind this is really to ah First engage with them, let them know that we're really thankful for their purchase, How it contributes to the brand. How contributes to what we're up to. Ah, we're preparing your order. You know, make sure you connect with us on our other social channels in the meantime, and then you can put one or two other emails in here. If you really like Teoh, I think I'm gonna end up putting one more in there talking more about the brand before we send this. Ah, And then our final email in this post purchase flow is going to be offering a big discount to somebody who is already purchased to us. Because again, guys that cost per acquisition is non existent are virtually non existent, and we can offer a bigger discount to these to these consumers. 5. Recap and Outro: so that wraps it up. Guys, for this Siri's, that's That's pretty much an overview of how we're gonna be able to increase our revenue. Ah, using a multitude of, um, various different flows on the back end, and they're all automated Once you set these up, guys, you don't have to touch him again. You may have to optimize a few things, but once you set him up, um, it's pretty much it's pretty much good to G O. So if you missed anything, there should be another, uh, another lesson on the welcome Siri's and another lesson on the abandoned cart flow. So be sure to check those out. Ah, and again, big shout out to the company Strong, Um, if you if you haven't haven't caught it by yet. This company makes custom jewelry out of guitar strings on also from guitar strings from famous musicians. Every single piece of jewelry is related to a famous song, so there's some really cool stuff going on there. Um, they they do a lot of stuff with charitable partners to help ensure music education and creating the future rock stars of tomorrow. So there's a lot of cool stuff this company does. I'm gonna link them in the description. And I'm probably gonna put a coupon code in there that you can use if you're watching this video, if you're interested in any of the products that they have to offer www dot get strong dot com. Thanks again, guys.