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Build the Ultimate Abandon Cart Email Automations for eCom

teacher avatar Alex Huston, Coach

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      Introduction to Class


    • 2.

      Concept of our Emails


    • 3.

      Designing Abandon Cart Email #1


    • 4.

      Designing Abandon Cart Email #2


    • 5.

      Designing Abandon Cart Email #3


    • 6.

      Designing The Buyer Callout


    • 7.

      Configuring the Email Flow Automation


    • 8.

      Configuring The Content of each Email


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About This Class

Do you have customers who are leaving your website before they finish purchasing? It happens to every eComm store. But luckily, we can use the power of email automation to recover these customers.

That’s why I made this class. To show you from start to finish how to design powerful branded abandon cart emails that we can automate to set and forget it while recovering potential lost sales. This email automation is a must-have for every commerce store and is extremely powerful for re-engaging customers who are almost ready to buy.

What you will learn in this class:

  • The concept of branded abandon cart emails
  • How to design out each stage of the abandoned cart email automation with affinity photo or photoshop
  • How to configure the technical aspects of the email automation within your email service provider
  • How to set up each email within your email service provide and optimize them for both desktop and mobile

I’m super excited to teach you all these skills that can greatly enhance your eCommerce journey. Be sure to watch the entire lesson to get all of the nuggets of knowledge in this class!


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Meet Your Teacher

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Alex Huston



Alex is a determined and focused young professional who has developed an array of skills to share over the past 10 years. With primary focuses on digital marketing, eCommerce, music production, and various creative software, his knowledge is applicable to several different industries.


His zealous passion and worth ethic stem from a love of learning and the application of new skills to the projects and businesses he is involved with.

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Level: Beginner

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1. Introduction to Class: All right, y'all welcome back to another class. I'm super excited about this one. In this lesson, we're gonna go from start to finish on how to create a high converting, abandoned car Email, marketing, automation with your email service provider for your e commerce store. This email automation is a must have and so powerful for any e commerce store owner because it cannot only help you recover lost sales, but also increase your revenue on the back end of your store on the best thing about it is once you said it and its automated, you don't need to touch it again. So it's super powerful to set up and have running consistently as you're sending all your traffic digitally to your e commerce store. So every e commerce store is going to experience abandoned car checkouts. If you think you're not going to, you're in for a rude awakening. It's just part of the process. People get distracted. People decide they're not ready to purchase for whatever reason. So having this set up is a really powerful way to continue to engage people, and it's basically ah, foolproof system in this, in the sense of with our e commerce store. Our traffic that we send, we're gonna have gaps. We're gonna have holes in our in our traffic flow. And this is one of the holes when people forget to check out or don't finish it. And so, as marketers and as entrepreneurs, we need to plug those holes. And the abandon cart effort is extremely powerful to plug that hole. Not only that, but we can continue to engage people with branded content and deliver home our entire brand value within these emails. And we're going to see that within this lesson, I'm not only gonna bring you through the technical side of setting these emails up and how we want to structure them, but I'm also going to send you through a process of designing these emails so that they're very beautiful looking. They can continue to bring home branded content and push the value add of your of your brand, whatever that may be. So by the end of this course, you will not only be able to design out these emails, but you will have them set up ready to rock so that anybody who comes to your store and abandons their cart they will begin to get re marketed to. So this course is gonna be for anybody that already owns an e commerce store. Anybody that's looking to get into e commerce, anybody who does any type of, uh, graphic design, four marketing and anybody who does any type of digital marketing or email marketing themselves. So I'm really excited to share all this with you guys. Make sure you watch the entire course throughout because there's a lot of good nuggets in here, so let's dive in. 2. Concept of our Emails: Okay, so we're in Affinity Photo. If you're not familiar with affinity photo, you can buy it on the Apple's App store for about 40 or $50. It's basically the same thing is photo shop. It's just is lucrative. You can certainly use Photoshopped. It's pretty much a copycat software. So everything that I do in here is gonna be pretty similar if you're using photo shop. But what we're going to start with as we're going to give you the brief overview of how we're going to start to design these emails and just kind of give you a structure, I'm just gonna draw dummy one here in a file. And then we're gonna go into actually designing these us that we can begin to build them out in our email service provider. And today we're gonna be using Claudio for any WELP service provider. If you're not familiar with it, it's a very powerful email marketing tool. Definitely check it out. If you're using a different email service provider, you should be able to do something similar with the automation is that we're doing here. So we've got our blank document. I'm just gonna take my paint brush tool and kind of give you an idea of what we're gonna be looking at here. Just so you can conceptualize I'm a little bit. I think that's really important to understand. So the first top part of our email up here, we will first have up here our logo. Right. So Logo is gonna be up here, and then we're gonna have a branded piece of content, so we'll have our branded piece of content brand content with a brand message as well and a call to action. Okay, So this is gonna be where we get our custom content in there where we can really make these beautiful looking sales emails to get people to come back and finish their purchase down here. We're actually gonna used an automated, um, template from Claudio, which is gonna input the product that they were checking out or what there cart is. So this is gonna be cart items on, and I'm gonna show you how to do that within Claudio. So cart items and then at the bottom here, we're gonna do a buyer, call out, So buyer call out. This is where we're going to say things like free shipping. Um you know, uh, money back guarantee. Whatever it is safe and secure, check out just another way to engage our consumers toe. Let them know that this is a safe place to shop on down here is gonna be our footer, and we're gonna use a generated one within club you as well, and just make it fit our design. We'll go through that. So that's gonna be the concept of each email on. Now we're gonna go through and design these emails and talk about the messaging that we want to do within our branded content and things like that. So let's go to the next lesson and we will do the first email. There's gonna be three in this automation. We're gonna start with the 1st 1 3. Designing Abandon Cart Email #1: Okay, guys. So we're in here in our affinity photo, and we're going to stick with an example that I use that pulled some more additional content from Ali Express to build these example Emails out for you guys. So we're gonna go in here, and the first thing we need to do is we need you create a new document that's gonna be the right size for this email. So we're gonna create a new document or page with is gonna be 1600 pixels and page height is gonna be 1800 pixels. Okay, so we're gonna create this, and the reason we're doing that is whenever somebody opens this email on their phone or on their computer, this branded piece of content that we're gonna build here to put at the top of these emails are gonna be extremely posterboard ish, right? They're gonna be billboard like when you open that up, you're going to see this beautiful custom piece of content that's gonna translate our brand and our additional value. So the way we're going to start with this is we're gonna bring our piece of content in going to size it up to our email cool. And the next thing we're gonna want to do is we're gonna head over to our effects. And I usually like to do a color overlay and of black and bring it down to bow 30%. This is gonna give us some room to put some text over it and for the text to not get blended in. Um, if you strategically take your photos so there's a lot of background space so you can put text on it. That's also good. So the first thing we're gonna do is we're gonna build our call to Action button, which is gonna be, ah, button that we put on this piece of content so that we can link this content back to the court as well. So the first thing we need to do is come over here and grab our rectangle tool and draw a rectangle right quick right school. So what I like to do with my buttons is I like to go over it here. The layering option we're gonna go to multiply so that the white goes away. We want we need your button to be white for multiply to do this and we're gonna hit her affects layer, and we're gonna go over Teoh outline and we're gonna a white and we're gonna bring up the radius that we've got a nice bordered but in right cool. That's gonna be our calling action, but in and then inside of it, we're gonna put text. Okay, so we go down to our text tool, withdraw some text, make this white, and we'll right, Go two car. And we're just gonna make this bold. Ariel. Yeah, old Ariel and size it down a little bit and bring it into our but in and make sure, but looks the way we wanted to do. You can go over to your two layers the rectangle and the text you can high like both of them. Come and G make a group. And now you can move this around freely, not having to do too much effort. Make that a little smaller about to hear. Well, then we want to put some text on top of the image so that people know what they're looking at when they get this email. So the first thing we're gonna want to do is come over here, build our text tool again and we're gonna do bold. And we're gonna say snag our Sorry. We're gonna say Don't leave. He's hicks behind. Right? So when somebody gets this, they understand that we're re marketing them. Essentially, Um, we could probably put this in mourn sentence, cool connection to make this button a little smaller. Okay, Now I'm gonna copy paste this text. I'm gonna put another another message that says, snag them before someone else does. We can make that a little smaller and put it under the the initial text. And so with that, we're just adding a little bit of scarcity, letting them know that Hey, get these before somebody else does, um, you can say get them before they sell out. Or we've only got a few left things like that, but put a little scarcity in there, but this is gonna be the basis for our first abandoned cart email. So let's head over to the next lesson and we will go into building out the second abandoned cart email and what kind of message we're gonna be doing there 4. Designing Abandon Cart Email #2: Okay, so let's start with our second email. So let's go over toe affinity photo and let's start a new document, Same size for the same reasons. And we're actually going to take our first email, and we're gonna pull a few things in. So we're gonna take our school is called action. We take our call to action and bring it in to bring it in here. And we're also gonna take our texts and bring them in here just so we don't have to recreate it. So I'm just copying control. C Control B R. Sorry. Command C command the from one documents in the next. All right, so we're gonna do the same thing. We're gonna take another branded piece of content. I'm gonna pull it in here, and we're gonna resize this to the size of art document, and this one's actually gonna be really easy. So I'm gonna go and do another color overlay and pull that down to about 20 and we're gonna have or call the action button here, go back to the car. Right. Um and that's when we're just going to say something easy. Getting something. Question more. Um, nothing more than that. It's gonna be a very, very simple email. We've already given them some scarcity, and now we're just letting them know, like, Hey, did you forget this? So we're gonna end that email there, and we're gonna go under the third email. So let's head over to the next lesson. It will design that one out real quick. 5. Designing Abandon Cart Email #3: All right, So we're back. We're going to do the third email here, and this is actually going to be the most important one. So we're gonna offer discount code within this email because this is gonna be the third attempt to try and get this customer to return and purchase with us. Um, And if they do purchase the way that we're going to set up the automation If they do purchase off one of the first or second emails, they're not even gonna get this email. So that's the power of automation where you can tell the automation to not send the third email if we don't need to. But if we get to that point where we've engaged somebody twice and they're still not ready to purchase now we're gonna give them a discount code that's going to give him more incentive. Teoh, finish this buying process so again, once again, we're gonna go in, create a new document 1600 by 1800. I'm gonna pull in my last piece of example, Creative. Then I got off express. Pull this down cool, and we're gonna do the same thing here. We're gonna do affects color overlay and we're gonna pull it down to about 30. Um, gonna go back into our example. Email. Take our call the action button command. See Zanzi over. Cool. We got our our go to cart button, and now I'm gonna go back in and grab this text and copy this back over. And this is where it's gonna get really important what we're gonna say here. So we're gonna say something like, I need another reason to rock our style, something like that. You could make it more branded dependent on what your brand is, but I need another reason, and we're gonna go over here. We're gonna copy and paste this again. So we've got another text box, and we're gonna say 20% off. Okay, We're gonna make this one big. So it stands out within the email so that your eye when you first open it, you see this and then you kind of fill in the rest of it as the consumer, you fill in the rest of what it's saying afterwards and we're in a copy. Paste this down, and we're gonna put a discount code under that on, and you don't have to do 20% off you do 10. You could do 15. Whatever you want to try on and we're gonna say use code. And I'm actually going to make this unb old, making regular? Yes. So a little bit of change, and then you can say Royal 20 or whatever the Cody is that you make inside of your shop. If I store and we could make that a little bit bigger, right? L center it under the use code, bring it up. And then it's just about getting these pieces to look nice together. I don't know. You got like that that I may even come over here and select all these and just put down the whole thing down a little bit, so that's pretty good right there. So the next thing we're gonna do is we just need to export all of these. So we go file export, and we export as a J peg and we'll go through an export. All these so that we can now bring this in. Teoh Claudio. And so the next thing that we're gonna do is we're gonna design out that buyer call out Bore that we're gonna have in each one of these emails, so we only need to do that once, and we're gonna head that lesson will do that real quick. 6. Designing The Buyer Callout: All right, So we're gonna design out this buyer call out. Should only take a couple of minutes here quick and easy. We're gonna go over to new start a new file we're gonna do 1600 with Let's start at 1000. Uh, hi. 1000 pixels. For the height, I can already tell it's gonna be too big. So we're going over to our crop tool, and we'll bring it up to around there. That's probably more like 800 height or sorry. Uh, 600 heights. Um, the first thing we're gonna do is create a pixel layer over here on the right. Take our paintbrush, make a white I round picks a layer on the right paintbrush making way cool. Um, and that will come over and do our rectangle tool. And we're gonna draw a nice little rectangle in the middle, change the color to black, and we are going to resize this so it's very, very thin. You can see it's about four pixels wide there. That works for me and come over to our selector tool, and we're gonna find where the middle is. There's the middle. That's just gonna be a little separator. because we're gonna put some text on the left here and some text on the right color. So I'm gonna go to my artistic text tool, and we've got Ariel. We've got regular on. We're gonna do about free shipping on all us orders like that's a pretty good bye or call out for standard thing offer and will make this bold and italics. Um, because we're we're trying to switch it up a little bit, so we're gonna center that That looks pretty good. I'm in a command C command v, this text. Well, it over here. And then we'll do on this side about 100% secure. Check out. I like that. And that's gonna be our buyer. Call out super easy. Um, looking at the time on my camera here under two minutes. So we'll go ahead and export this the same way File export as a J peg and you save it to the location you need to on your desktop. So now we're gonna go into actually putting these into our automation within Claudio on. I'm really excited to show you guys that so let's head to the next lesson. 7. Configuring the Email Flow Automation: All right, So we are in Claudio now, and we're gonna build the build out of this flow. So this is an old account that I have not loved dad in here. But I'll be able to show you how we do this on all the technical pieces behind it. That will be very beneficial so that you can set this up once and forget. If you skipped to this part of the lesson on Lee, I would highly recommend going back to the design phase just because there's a lot of good messaging that we do branded messaging all those Brandon pieces of content that you'll see how the way that we talked to our consumers through each individual email is really important. So let's go through this process. We're gonna head over to flows on the left hand side here, and we are gonna do create a flow. So we're gonna start from scratch, gonna type abandoned cart, and I'm going to do abandon cart standard. Cool. So I'm gonna do you create? Well, this is what I like. So once you sink your, um, Claudio account with your shop five store, you'll be able to do these shop a fight based actions to trigger emails so you can see that it's triggered with when we click on this trigger. When someone starts check out. So we want it. We want to add this. We want to make sure it's people who start entered this flow when they started, check out and placed zero order zero times since starting this check out. So this this second part, the flow filter, is gonna be under flow filters if we click on this. And what someone has done or not done is what we want to select place in order with our Shopify icon zero times since starting to flow. And we are going to use that filter throughout the process of each email. So, like I said, in one of the design phases is, if someone purchases off of the first abandoned car email and we're in business, we don't need to send on the other two emails because that's just gonna be in the way. They've already completed their purchase. They don't need to continue to receive those abandon carbon emails. So we are gonna place that filter after each email because if we don't, then they will continue to receive those emails. So the first thing we're gonna do is let's make sure that those filters air set up. So I like to do this. We're gonna set the structure of our of our flow here first. I like to set the first time the leg. About 30 minutes. You could even do less. But, uh, if you've watched my SMS marketing hail our essence Sorry, SMS marketing, which is text marketing. Of course. We actually send them abandoned car text message in that about five minutes after they abandon cart. So is his regular phone. So we'll do 30 minutes here in this email Hubble had saved. I like 20 hours for the next email. That's pretty good. I'm gonna go here. I'm gonna clone this and dragging down, cause we're gonna do a 30 male and let's do let's do another 12 hours from then or another 16 hours from them. So this will be over the course of day one. This will be about day 2 2.5 and then day three actually need to clone this email and pull it down under that last one. So the next thing we're gonna do is set up our conditional split. Right? So or sorry. Yeah. Conditional split will do. Conditional split here. So after our first email, we're going to do wait 20 hours and this is gonna be what somebody has done or not done. I'm gonna copy this flow filter so placed in order, placed in order zero times since starting this flow. So we want those parameters there in the configuration. Okay, Green hit, save. And we're gonna We're gonna do this after are 16 hour as well, and I'll explain exactly what this does. What's I did a trigger split? Delete the no cool. And we want a conditional split there. What so many has done or hasn't done, placed in order zero times since starting this love saved. So what this means is the way that this is structured just to give up quick overview is this flow will trigger when somebody starts check out. And they have placed orders in order since zero times since starting this low. Then we will wait 30 minutes and we will send them our first email. Then we will wait 20 hours and we will also go through this conditional split again. They have still yet to place an order since starting this flow. So if they meet both these conditions of waiting 20 hours and having placed in order, then we'll get our second email. Okay. Same thing for the 30 male. We'll wait 16 hours, and if they still have in place in order, then you'll get the 30 new. And after the third email, we didn't convert that customer. We're gonna exit the flow. There's gonna be no more engagement. We can try to win that customer back that some of our other digital marketing efforts. Okay, so that's gonna be the configuration of the flow. In the next lesson, we are gonna do each female, build it out, and I'll show you how that's done. Let's head there. 8. Configuring The Content of each Email: Okay, now that we've got our flow configured, we've got all affected all our filters set up in all our time DeLay set up, We're gonna go in and do the first email. So our first band currently now we're gonna go in, and where they click on that, we're gonna hit at it. Okay, so up top, you put your store name, we'll just leave this for the dummy account here, Sunset Jewelry store on. And the next thing we're gonna why do is pick a catchy subject line. So, um, I found this one subject line through brand I was working with, and I thought it was great. And it's we're still thinking about you two dot dot dot um, every like that subject line because it entices people to be like what? On open your email. So you want to pick a subject line that's gonna be catchy and well entice people to open your you know? So we're gonna hit, save, and we're gonna go in, and we're gonna edit content. And we're gonna do some some work on this because this is this is now what we wanted to look like. Right. Um, so we're gonna go ahead and we're gonna remove this right away. We're gonna remove all this right away, or you remove all these pieces. It was okay, but what we are gonna want to keep is this product block here because this is coated within the template that we picked when we configured our flow for whatever. Whatever product they're looking at will appear. So you won't see it in the preview of your email. But whatever products in their car, it will show up in here within our Brandon email, which is really, really great. Um, and we can keep this return to cart button down here, too. That could be very powerful for this. Let's go over here. We're gonna do. We're gonna make this black this footer, and same with this. We're gonna make them background black and will make the text far right here. We're gonna make that white. I just like I just like black for for the footers, it just looks clean. It's really easy. Any brand, no matter what your brand colors are, you can use black. So it's really, really clean. And it's just always worked well for me. So let's go over here, and we're gonna first put in our header logo. So whatever your logo is, I think I've got one in here from before. Let's see. Yep. Handler, logo. I just made a dummy one. So we're gonna put our logo at the top of all of these emails. So if you don't have that, uh, go make sure you've got a logo and put it in an image block at the top so that your emails look branded and they look nice. So we're gonna align this, and we're gonna fill the image area. So and then we're gonna type in our store name here, so www dot epic jewels store dot com whatever it iss uh, Justin example. I don't even know if that's a real website, but this is an exit. So put your website in there so that if somebody clicks on your logo, they'll get directed to your website. The next thing we're gonna do is we're gonna drag another image block in, and we are gonna take our first email. He's content. Brain apiece, continent. We designed out. We're gonna drag it in here. And wow, this looks great. So we're gonna center it we're gonna fill the image area, and then the next thing we need to do is go over to block styles and just get rid of this padding on the left and right so that it fills in the area us that it looks nice and flush with our our email, the edge of our screen. Right, So we're gonna hit, save their. And what we're gonna do is we're gonna click on this return to cart button, and we're gonna take this linke warm while you see this. We're gonna copy this, so I'm gonna command, see, and we're gonna go back here and we're gonna put it in there so that when somebody clicks on this photo, it's gonna take them back to their car. That's how this button is coated. And we want this picture to do the same S O. There's effectively to places where they can return to their car here, and you can you can even choose to get rid of this. But if you really want to, But we're gonna leave it in this case, we're gonna go over the block styles on this button, and we're just gonna make this look nicer. because this green button, it's not doing it for me. So we're gonna do drop shadow, black background black and we keep the text white Go to I'd even say, Let's let's just say go to card again, go to car. And the next thing that we're gonna do is we're gonna put our buyer call out here, right? So we're gonna go with another image block, and we're gonna place it under our but And we are. You can either browse here. I'm just gonna pool my file and right there. And so we need to align this to the center, fill the image area and put our website in here again. Your website, doctor. And so this email already looks amazing, right? If you want to build out the foot or a little more if you want to put social links in here , that's a high recommendation as well. So people can click to your instagram, your Facebook, whatever you like. But this is already a really, really powerful email. Uh, so let's check it out on mobile real quick. Somebody gets to sell mobile, they they see exactly what they ordered their and that looks great. Okay, I So one last thing here is definitely keep this piece in your email of the no longer want to receive emails you need Teoh. Keep the unsubscribe link in there. It's just unethical thing to do. If people don't want received your emails anymore, you're able to allow them to opt out from an email list. So we're gonna go. This looks great. We're gonna go and save this content and hit down here. And this is where it becomes a really rinse, rinse, repeat process. So first, we're gonna put this live cause we're ready to send that email and we're gonna hit clothes . Okay, so all that changing that we did, we don't want to do that again. So we're gonna hit, clone and just pull it toe where our second email is. It won't delete our second. You know, that way, all we have to do when we go back in here toe edit it, His change, the subject line. So we'll go. Teoh, Did you really forget? Forget these. Forget things will save that and we're going to hear at it. The content and the only thing we need to do now is change this image. Okay? Everything else is set up, so we'll take our second email header, and we'll pop it in there. Oh, now let's save we hit done. And we're gonna do that one more time or our final you now and again. This is gonna be our most important email because we've got an offer in there for our consumers. Right, So we've got 20% off discount code that we want to highlight. So that's gonna be highlighted in our subject mind. So check out now and save 20% today over something like that, right? We could have saved. We'll go in and edit. The content will come over here. We'll replace image uploaded import and will drag in our third header. Then we can hit save. OK, take a look at this one more time. Looks pretty saying Good. It's a way safe and done. Then we go over and we make this life. And now our entire email automation is set up and running so that when anybody starts check out and they don't place an order, they're going to get this set of emails. And so this is really powerful again, guys, I really hope this is helpful. I hope it helps your business. I hope it helps your marketing efforts with your e commerce store. You have any questions? He sure Ask them in the discussion. Be sure to give a review to this class. And if you think this class would be helpful to anybody that you know, please recommend it to them. So I can't wait to see in the next one much love.