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Easy Outline Animation Effect in Adobe After Effects using Trim Paths

teacher avatar Sean Bates, Graphic Designer

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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      Starting your animation


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      Preparing your After Effects composition


    • 4.

      Styling your text


    • 5.

      Animating your paths


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      Exporting your animation


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About This Class

In this class you will be learning how to create an outline animation effect using Adobe Illustrator and After Effects. You’ll be able to make an animation using your own text and then apply a little bit of depth using a wiggle camera effect

You will then complete the class project in which you create your own personal design.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Sean Bates

Graphic Designer


Hi, I'm Sean

I am a Graphic Designer currently living York. I have previously worked on a range of projects both academically and professionally, all projects of which are available for viewing within my portfolio. I have a particular passion for branding, interactive design and typography.

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Level: Beginner

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1. Introduction: Hi. I'm sure in this class I'm going to teach you how to make an outline. Animation effects. Using Adobe Illustrator on aftereffects, you'll be able to make an animation using your text and then apply a little bit of death using a wiggle camera effect. If that's something you're interested in, go ahead and keep watching slumber. 2. Starting your animation: Okay, so the first step is to you. Go ahead and create a new illustrates documents. Now we want to make sure we got set to pixels in the drop down way. Want the wits to be 19? 20 pixels hike to 10. 80 vessels on. Then we just want to make sure the advanced options what color mode set are to be on the PP . I said to you, 72. So once you've done that, go ahead and hit, create. I'm just gonna hit close mine already. And it should look a little something like this on the first step really is to you create our text. So it's gonna go to the text tool or tea on the keyboard on click anyone. Onda. We just want to type out words that we want to animate today, so I'm just going to use the way outline on. Well, that's a fairly large what might set 250 point Andi, I've got the spacing sets 25. I'm just gonna go ahead on center that in my art board. Okay? So once you've done that, make sure you've got your text electors and then he wants can't objects and expand way. Just want Teoh. Okay, What That's done There is that's changed that from live edits full text into objects on the next step. As you can see, if I move this about its it's a solid group of the moment and we want each individual letter to you Be independent. So back up to object. Hey, I'm group if you just select on research to see that now we've got each of the individual letters on groups. That just means that when we copy over, we can edit teach lots of independently. Okay, Now we've got our text on Grouped on All of the letters are individual objects Way want Teoh, Go ahead and file Export Export House. And we just want to say this is a B and G. What that will mean is when we take the letters over Interact effects would use this Teoh lined up so use our bold arms Just hit all because there's anyone Outboard, Just go ahead. Im export Resolution 17 to on set up to you. Transparent! Okay, now we're gonna have a with you after fence 3. Preparing your After Effects composition: Okay, so you've gone ahead. You opened up after effects on. Now we just want to create a new composition. Now we want that to be the same width and height that we set our illustrates document to so 1920 10 80 frame rate will set to you 25 on duration force out of 30 seconds. Weaken below a lot later. But go ahead and do that. Now get dark gray looks one. So go ahead on. We'll just hit. Okay? I'm just going Teoh rename my composition. So I know what I'm working with on a Z can see at the moment If I just see, we've got this composition, which is blank, but we've got the background sets Dark gray. Now what I want to do next is we want Teoh import our P and G that we exported. Alia. Um Yeah, go ahead. File important has file import on. Find the fire which will export. Well, that's done is it's dropped in to you. Our projects. The guy had bring that down onto the timeline on. As you can see, it's completely static there. But that is our text now. We can't animate this because it's just a flat object. So what we want to do now is we want to bring each of our letters in as individual shapes. So we're going to go ahead on and go up. Teoh, be Pento just here. Now, what the pent allows us to do is once we have our path selected in illustrates that we can just copy that across. So if you come back across the illustrator now, we just want to select the outer edge of this. You hear? If you select the whole object, which we will do for the other Lasses, it will bring this in a part. Here in I was possibly the same object, so just go ahead, using your Doris Lessing, select each point of the just go ahead and click, Poppy. Now, you might not be using the word outline, but this rule part for other lessons that have inner parts. So, like a B or an R. So, yeah, what's you've got that selected your head and copy? I cannot see come back crossed you after effects still got Alpental selected. So just go ahead and click on the composition and at the top here. You just want to make sure you've got to create shapes, elected not to create mask on. What that would mean you bring is an objects rather than masking and insisting, once you've done that, just had paste. And what that's done is it's just brought our outer edge in is an object. So if you hit P on your keyboard will bring up the position controls for this life on. I'm just gonna go ahead on war in that with our P and G that we bought Malia. Their minds already got stroke effect. Apply to it. You can adjust that up here. Now you might find that you have a color selected here. You're not able to select transparent. If you just hold on the keyboard and click that you can cycle through the different Phil options until you get transpiring. Same applies for a stroke. Go ahead on, apply my stroke toe white, and then we just want to do the same for all of the other letters until we've rolled them in a separate objects, huh? Now, as you're pasting in your parts, just make sure you'll naming the latter's appropriately as wants you. You got many layers and here is gonna be quite difficult to know what's going on. So I brought in the outer already and you know, appropriately. Next, we're going to bring in you so back to illustrator for this one. You can just go ahead and select that you don't need to use the direct selection tool. Come back across to you after effects. Make sure you've not got any less selected. When you use a pencil, go ahead. Click on the composition paste in the path and then usual position. Teoh, line it up. Uh huh. Can use the keyboard hours as well, just to make it slightly easier. Okay. And just go ahead and keep doing that for all of your letters until a paste. 4. Styling your text: Okay, so by now you should have all of your outlines pasted into after fats as separate layers on . The next step is we're going to use a feature called Trim Pounds on this while ours to animate the outline which we have pasted it. So making sure we always got all of our layers named correctly as well. We're going todo ahead. Hands take the outer row. For example, Hit the little arrow next to you next to the name and then just here we want Teoh, click out and go to trim pots that just as the effects trim passes to the land and you get three controls here you get start and offset to the start controls where the past begins. In the end, while controls where ends on the officer just shows, at which point around your path it's it's located, it gets a little bit of irritation. So go ahead. I want to say that, but CIA right about 1% on, and you just want to go through and apply this effect to you each of your letters. So here are just lowered the end and, like the stars, is now on each of these letters were going to have to parts. So I've gone ahead and just make this on quite short on and I'm imagining the other path coming in around the bottom here. Save. Go ahead on, then select the next letter. This would be the same again. Click adds trim, pouts. And this time, same thing. I'm just going to bring the ends down. I'm gonna keep the opposite to this. And I kept the past quite sure again. And then, same thing. You just want to get along with your Lassiter's learning down that end point and you letters like you. You want to keep the past relatively long to keep definition. Bring that. That's very good. And then we can have another pass around the top here. Go ahead. Same for the T. This is gonna be quite complicated, lattice. So you want to keep some of that mission making sure you've always got path around the top . Now, if you paths, not quite right now. You can just just like that the offset Or you could just the start. Yes, just in adjusting the offset, we're just going through more, applying same effects. All of these layers bringing down the end setting else that just guess keeping the definition now the ends quite complicated on as well. If anything, you want to keep this quiet, long old times. But we could always change this later. It's not sex. We're just dropping this ends gal self started saying Renounce the D. Okay, so if I d select that and then if I used a little eye on last top to turn off our PNG, which reports that you could just see that we're starting together. Nice effect appearing. But the moment there's still no emotion. 5. Animating your paths: so go ahead on just keeping up the outer and we want to hit the stopwatch on the offset. What that means is that we'll just bring it around and that that's what we were used to animate. God, bring the timeline along to about 10 seconds. Gonna have another key frame. We're gonna change the offset value to one times on what that means is within that 10 seconds, that line will go around the latter. One time I'm will start and the same point. And that could be quite good if you are doing a looping effect so you could have this continually looping. But if we bring that down on next steps that should do that for us, I should just keep going. Yeah, you get It's nice looping. Same thing for all of the other letters. Again, it's a case of just gang through paying stopwatch gangs 10 seconds outing Another key frame changing that one rotation. What you can do is just to save you. The time is now well done. You can see that that make quite nicely going in opposite directions which works well. We just want Teoh copy these key frames keeping the timers, right to copy those key frames. And if we open up the you hit the offset stopwatch and then just paste this in, it keeps the same value, just saves. It's a little bit time. We can go into each of the blasters. Officer, that is lovely. Quick, you know, you know, continually pulling over. Lovely. Say, as you can see, just close allies again. I just diesel ect this lab. We're going Nice motion happening here. You know, it's you can't really tell what it is in the moment. You know, it sort of says outline if you try really hard. So what we're gonna do is we're gonna bring in a second line on each of the paths to go ahead, and we're just gonna hit Copy. So command or control C Come on, control me. Brought in a second coffee on to keep this nice and tidy down here. What we can do is we can right click on those layers and gets pre composed. Just call this line one then Same again with these pre compliance line to keeps it nice and tidy. So if we go into our line Teoh composition Although we've got in here is a copy diversion off those lines. So if we go back into our fat controls for each off the each of the paths against Trump pats, we could just change this up a little bit. So what we want to do is delete cookie fresh local that we just want to move this part ground source somewhere. Opposites where Ward iwas. So on the e hair guys to 188 way hit the key frame. Same again, way just hit one rotation. If you come back into a main composition, you can now see that we've got the second line coming around on the It just means it's slightly more recognizable as a Lhasa. You're gonna wanna work on this alone dance weekend. It's just right the moment you can see spiked together. So we go back into our line to composition. Same with the end. You know, we're just gonna want Teoh edit the trim pots doing key frames, offsets It's a little, but maybe make it slightly longer stopwatch. And unfortunately, the copy and pasting doesn't really work for this because you want it to be a slightly more manual. That so you have a bit more control over it. You can see that just game that ends. Looking nicer. E might just make that slightly longer. You got to do that just by adjusting the end percentage. Now, what I've done here, as you can see, is adjusted. The end percentage. What's happened in these lines have now slight emerge themselves together, which we don't really want. It's not nice. In fact, I'm just gonna bring that back down. Maybe it just starts and make up. Okay. Back into. Still not quite right. So am I going to my line? One composition, just just the offset on that line. So it's starting a bit further round now for do the opulence mission that you adjust the second keep right. So I've changed. That's a positive for see? Just want this set to you one plus 74 every day that smoking much. Go ahead now and just do that to you. Each area letters out of second path. Just go through and offset the mall until you're happy with how they look. Okay, so by now you will have created Teoh pre compositions effectively that just groups of plays adjusted your second paths. Andi, you should start to have something a little bit like this animation here. Yeah, just an amazing round on keeping my stuff. Just gonna get back in and adjust the tea on mine because it's more with quite all right. I want to make that pass a bit shorter. Bringing, like, the beauty of this is that you can go back in control. You have full control over point. Still not quite right. So you great. That's looking much. Okay, So by now you've successfully created an outline. Animation of your text on the next step is we're just going to introduce the cameras on, give it a little bit more depth. 6. Wiggle: So what you want to do is you want to come up to competition is going to create a new composition. And we're just gonna call this one camera on, as our main competition is now. 10 seconds. We could go ahead low that from 13. 10 and bring in your outline. Composition looks just the same. They were gonna come up to layer camera, Andi, just like 35 millimeter. Quiet. Nice eyes. Thing is just a warning showing you that it doesn't affect to delays. But despite matter in this. So you've got you. Come around now, you want to come back up to layer New, I create a no object and the no objects will be what we control. Now we want to set the outline. Do you have the parent lab that No object. You could do that just by using this little last you till here. So go ahead and grab a little OSU dragging up on Teoh object. Alternatively, you can select in the drop down here for the same with no object said the power leads. So what that now means is if we open up the camera position, for example, you can just just It'll control your land without affecting the original proposition. Uh huh. So what? We want to do this? We want to create a little bit of a wiggle movement. OK, so now we've done that. We just want to come into unknown object. I'm gonna hold down the old key click on the position stopwatch. And what that's doing to do is it's going to bring up a tax books for us to write our expression into, go ahead and just type in. We go from bracket, I will say five by two pixels. Not bad. Just click out as you can see with just gang a nice little bit of movement on our time. 7. Exporting your animation: Okay, So now, IV crazy little wheel effect on your type. We're gonna want to explore this now. I've just dropped in a black solid behind mine just to get a bit more to stand down. You have? I'm going to learn new solid, then make com size to cover. Okay. And then what? You happy with it? We're gonna go ahead to file. What? You happy where they were gonna go ahead and go Teoh composition on, then adds toe adobe media encoder que. What that's gonna do is that she's gonna open up your adobe media coda on it, allow you to export your clip. It just gives you a little bit more control than using the default after effects sentence. So go ahead and let that load up. Now, once he's laid it up, it might take a second. But you should get your project coming up like this and I want to explore my four. So I get to choose ph 40.264 and then I just wanted to be match source and that the output file. So, like what you wanted to be output outline animation. Go ahead and click, save and then hit the little Poi Boston. Just what that does is it just starts. Teoh. Render out your clip, Andi. The benefit of doing in Adobe Media encoder is that you export files that are much lower file size than if you just used the after effects. Render queue directly now would give after effects around Nikki. You can often get files like gigabytes. Where's next? We'll bring it down to a much more manageable size. Now what's that's exported? You can just go into your files on find the animation and go ahead. Just good luck. They have your looting outline. Animation effect. Where's the little bit of Littleton? 8. Thanks: Okay, so that's it. You've now learned House. Make an outline animation effects using your own text and then applied a camera with please feel free to talk me into designs on Instagram will submit them to the school shack loss. Thanks for watching.