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Drawing exercises: figure drawing with simple shapes

teacher avatar Milan Glozić, Painter, illustrator, Designer

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      Introduction to the class


    • 2.

      Materials and 3 things to know before you start


    • 3.

      Holding a pencil


    • 4.



    • 5.

      Live drawing of a horse


    • 6.

      Time lapse drawing of a big cat


    • 7.

      Drawing of a human body


    • 8.

      Wrap up


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About This Class

Hello everyone,

Whether I make drawings for clients, or for personal projects I always try to make my work efficient and the final result a great looking drawing. How do I do it? With lots and lots of practice.

In this 50-minute class, you'll go behind-the-scenes as I share my process of drawing exercises. From introducing you to 3 basic principles of drawing to hand postures and finally the actual drawing, I’ll provide you with helpful tips for better understanding of shapes and lines. All for one purpose – to get better at your craft of line making.  

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Milan Glozić

Painter, illustrator, Designer


Milan was born in Pozarevac, Serbia in 1979. From a very early age, he got interested in drawing comics, painting nature, and inventing games that he could then play with his brother and sister. He graduated from the University of Fine and Applied Arts in Belgrade in 2003.

He works predominantly in the medium of traditional painting, but his art includes digital illustrations and book covers. He has had solo and group shows in Belgrade at the Progress Gallery, the National Gallery in Pozarevac, "In the Face Labyrinth" exhibition in Amsterdam at Arps and Co Gallery, and many more. Also, he is a Top-level designer at the 99Design platform where he made various book covers and illustrations for publishers and clients across the world.

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Level: Beginner

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1. Introduction to the class: Hello everyone and welcome to my drawing class. If you like drawing and like to improve your skills in this area. I think that this class just be good for you. My name is Milan and I'm a painter, Turner teacher for many years now. And I've been drawing for most of my life as long as I can remember. So I've picked up a few things along the way. And in this class I will share with you some of those things will be trying some basic shapes and some not so basic and more complex. And I'll show you how to use simple geometric shapes in order to draw some more complex ones so you can improve and get better at it. Oftentimes, people look at some drawings and see, wow, this is great. I can never do something like this, but what it all comes down to practice. And it's the same like when you're watching, for instance, a famous basketball player and he does something incredible and you say, Wow, that's amazing. But the thing is the team practices all the time and he has maybe like 54 hours a day of practice and that he knows to that specific aim. The same thing can be applied for drawing. So if you practice regularly and draw your skills or of course, pull over time. In this class, you will just see how to exercise better and how to use simple shapes to improve on these skills. So, see you in the first video. 2. Materials and 3 things to know before you start: materials That, besides paper that will be using is of course, pencils. I have Stefanik opened here. Ordinary pencil here, amusing be pencils there for drawing Have mark be here and also, um, lead that's inside. Here is also be This pencil is the or seven millimeters and has this insight And also it has, uh, the cerebral here. So like I said, the first thing is construction so we can start construction locate say about the construction is fitting together The three basic shapes toe for everything that we see around us And these shapes are our rectangle This is so are bad One square and on the lips What we can do with this Three basic shapes used to make a cylinder out of the rectangle A box out of this square and a sphere out to this Oops! The challenge east to learn Find these shapes in old that surrounds us and basically everything that you can see. We can turn them into something more. Let's say easier to understand And those are these basic shapes The cylinder off the rectangle no square or the box and the lips Ford sphere The second thing Yes, and that to me, so I'll be asking who. Maybe that's too complicated, but it is important toward the artist or draws. Would you like to learn how to draw? Because we cannot draw what we do not know. So it's important to know at least some basics off anatomy, and it's really only necessary to learn the surface anatomy off the figure as well. Assault the animals, trees, plants, machinery or anything that you would like to draw and 13 is technique. Technique is what we apply to drawing after these about steps are successfully executed. Some popular techniques are charcoal graft, pencil called pencils, but in this case will be using the graphite pencil. Like I said, Uh, exercise or practice is very important. So maybe you should be always caring something like this, or even smaller inside your pocket during your jacket so you can draw on your way to work, makes fuel sketches on your lunch break, tried to look the nature and in your surrounding for inspirations. And don't be intimidated thinking what the drama drawing has to be something beautiful every time I have to produce a mess. Api's. The thing is that you have to practice, and the best way is toe. Look at your surrounding and see. Try to understand how it functions, how it behaves and then put it on paper, a lot of practice, and in some time you will master it. 3. Holding a pencil: Now, when you're studying to grow, it is important to learn how to hold your past. If you're using your pen, pencil or whenever toe, make bigger skill drawing, then it's commanded. Toe. Hold it like this, your thumb Toby on top of your pencil and your index finger below. So when you making longer lines, it is much easier the North like this, then to do it on Lee with three fingers. But if you're using our drawing some smaller scale drawings, then you can use it like this. More important than that is how you move your hand when you're drawing, so it will be very hard when you're trying to make circles. When you rest your hand in the paper to circle with your hand toe. Make this things may be for very little details that is all right. But if you want toe create something bigger, then we have a problem. Another toe do this better. That's a right is to move your hand from your shoulder to Europe elbow, then your wrist and finally to your hand. So when you're drawing your fingers in your hand is still it holds pencil and you move your entire. All right, make a square for a box or some kind of ah, uh, circular shape. So make this exercise now and see the results. It will be easier to draw shapes, whatever they are. If you're using your hand from your shoulder and not just your fingers, and it doesn't matter how big or small these details are, you can do it very easily. So I even recommend to make this exercise in practice before your every drawing. Just toe. Get the feeling of the in time when you warmed up. You can make straight lines even without the roar. Also helpful is toe. Move your paper around. It's not fixed money kinda surface, so you can make you stronger lines, even thinner. But it's important toe moving paper around and work from your shoulder. This wasn't too long and try it out and see how it goes and seen in the next video 4. Examples: before moving on toe drawing. Next exercise. Look at some of my examples and see how they how the previous likes a lesson. And those shapes are used in, oh, one concrete drinks. So here, some so a couple examples. This is drawing off a girl reading a book. It's very We made this pencil, and as you see here, we have a square for the book Triangle Triangle for the basic shape off the hands or square another triangles here for shapes off the bands, some kind of shape here for the feet and stuff like that. I have even some kind of cylinders for the remaining off her likes here under example and exercise and drawing the faces they have for the least with the skull. They haven't ellipse. It's not the circle. It's an ellipse and then shape here that look B four face, and this will be for the neck and stuff like that so you can place next eyes knows that stuff like that. I even went on to further develop this thing but made few mistakes like the nose Shouldn't be. This upright should be somewhere you hear. But like I said, it's all about errors and tryingto remember where you made mistakes previously and draw next. Demetrio In proof like that, when you're drawing nature or have a model like for thes charcoal drawings, it's not so good. So let me so melt a bit. I just have thes things. Uh, always look for shapes. I could see I wasn't interested so much in this case. Face, I want to get that gesture on the feelings of people sitting down Lord, hands where the knees and stuff like that on a hero. So some squares for dough back. But for the back the parts sl Oh, this condition there. Okay, so so circular shapes for Maddox. Uh, some squares for hands, another circle for head here, some cylinders for Lex and stuff like that. Observe. And in time, you better going or even you're making some funny looking sketches for illustration and stuff like that. For example, the head of this character is basically that. And then we have that. And it all started with some kind of a circle like that Chip pad details, story to make more look funny. Empathize. Just some smaller, thinner legs with arms this proportional to his legs make it more interesting. Like Chrissy here. DeNoon finish. This are my left Because I just wanted to see the post how to draw it. So here he we see the sleeves off his T shirt or his shirt. Same goes for all the other characters you have circles for locals here. Boots stuff for for this illustration. I could see I go all over the place because these air just initial sketches where I think about what I'm trying to draw and how to do it. So for this girl, I want toe to have circular heads. Same for cat. We have circles here in the umbrella. Some sausage like shapes for sleeves. Lex, He's wearing some kind of Ajami or something. I don't know. All right, you see this also here. Finally, when you're done drawing those basic things shapes, you can go on and make it a full detail. This based on a photo from of my friends. Pet his dog. So first you make shapes, find other shapes, connect them together, toe, make this animal, and then you go into shading and doing other stuff like seats Been because it was the next size. I used to carry it around me and that photo his dog. And whenever I had time, I used to draw it and then have fun with this. I know because it looked cute. So on wantedto exercise it and dry it so that it. And now we'll move on finally toe some real joy. 5. Live drawing of a horse: okay for next exercise we're going to do drawing or an animal. So what you would need for this exercise? Of course. It's a paper pencil, maybe rubber and a reference image that you will use. You can look up for images on the Internet to the novel DeJuan paint. You can look at your pets. Maybe you'll some for from magazine newspapers. There were stuff like that. Um, this way you will learn how to use thes shapes that I used in the previous. Did you go and put them in use? Um, told it start first. What we're going to do is to make rough shape off our animal, using lines that the rare lights who can erase them later on, or stuff like that press that's exercise a little. Get in the mode. Yet these lines have that only barely touching the surface of paper. On when you feel ready, toe draw. Then you can start. I'll start with the neck. So first, maybe four strokes without even touching the paper. You're no probably thinking, Well, where are these shapes that you mentioned trying? For starters? Think about the overall shape with the animal. I don't like to paint. Oh, I mean, drop. And when you're satisfied with it, they can start applying. What do you mean talking about? We'll start off it head Toby Square a little So called there another square, a little bit shorter. And let's say for now this will be for the mouth and the nostrils, not it. Be kept that thing here. Well, don't be afraid to make mistakes like See, I see that there's some kind of strangle here. I've been under Dr Episode shape here. Stuff I got to see. Get them all in sight. Also, rib cage is about here, and the back, like, is here. And remember, if you're drawing animals, there are four parts. Yeah, so this will be the first. That's the neck and head than 4/4. That will be where first pair of front Lexar, the belly and the rear quarter. That's most cases with mammals and animals. Such as knows Now. The next thing would be the legs like you see here. Like I said, you draw the entire shape first and then you want to details when you're ready when satisfied with the overall shape, so the front legs start here somewhere go here. So I use a rectangle or you can use cylinder. Now they're stealing their would be here for his. How do you call that ankle? Straight down Shift the papers say off more control. Feeling right around so you can align it better with your movement. And finally, horse and the other, like should go somewhere runt here. Maybe draw a line. Went their shape so you can have the alignment position. Think about where that should end here and maybe closer here. Observe your object, C Which lines fit in what space? And I think you got it. Oh, Detroit's thank another hoof. And when you're done, you come continue work at were your legs and the other one. Let's not forget about Dale. So let's make Dale something like that. Maybe it's off the truck, but this matter don't have to follow strictly their your reference image. If you're using the image, I But somewhere here then nostril and oaths after that here, that will be some kind of shaped like that. And how do you say in English care of the course. I kind of remember right now I'll look it up and put it in the video later on. So there's a basic course okay to make who here and another hoof here. That's the basic shape. And you can start working from there. Maybe to add some interest in this photo, you can make it. Are you in a corn? Adding those or why? No, my calling. Only time just I think about feathers. Bird. He was a reference, but in this case it was just something that bumped up blocked up into my mind. So meaning that you can draw some more details. Maybe I still small, but, well, think about it later. Maybe this thing next big. That's okay for the breast General. And to refine the lack when we had the cylinder. Now we need toe more like horse like so it has to have some kind of a muscle, and how that isn't didn't take so long. But now it's time for you tried out this method of drying, using the basic shape for establishing lines. If you want, you can finish this drawing, adding more details, but it is important for this exercise. Make this could drawings and 1 may be finished them later on. Pointing is too. Get the understanding of how to use the shapes and how toe use it. Toe flush out the shape a financial. Don't be afraid to make steaks or stuff like that. That's fine. And thats way of learning. Keep the record of destroying. Maybe say it at a date when you draw it. The days What? This Today? The 10th of January. Something like that. Mm, February. Sorry, 1000 17. So, you know, when did you made it on track progress. See how you go along. That's it for this drawing. Maybe it more ninth neck on the body. You can go in tow shaving anything more precise with those. But I think that's a subject for another class. We can go much more in depth about that. 6. Time lapse drawing of a big cat: Here's a second example off my animal drawing on this time, I decided to draw a panther, another four legged animal. So show that the same rules apply for whatever animal that you're trying to draw, as long as of using the basic shapes and connecting him toe make an animal in this case. So the entire drawing took me about five minutes or so. So this is better up like three times and Cindy and you'll see results. So basically everything can be done using these simple shapes and connecting them together . So enjoy the rest of this video and see in the next time you 7. Drawing of a human body: finally or will be drying a human figure. Quick hopeful, hopefully human figure and for debt case abusing this book. It's called Anatomy School, drawing Hungarian book from him. Guarantee your were still, I guess, and I have, ah, creation addition. It's a great book, and I have a very long time, and I used it many times for my own exercises. And besides human figure, there are many other anatomies. And compared to her Net amis and stuff like that, the great place to learn stuff about drawing and in general figure sketching and stuff like that. And if you look inside there many beautiful illustrations and decides anatomy, you can see the pencil strokes and stuff like that that can health care, work, skeletal bone muscles, images, stuff like that. Then you can see the lines and how they're made. It can help you in your work. Also another resource that I recommended now put the link in the product section of this class are the videos where you have new models that are being shown for a brief amount of time so you can draw for that for 5 to 10 minutes, or even less. You can improve your skills. It's a great place for learning. If you don't have a mother, what we will be watching. And I'll be drawing Paige, I guess. Three. So here we are. They have trying to. Three will be working on, and this is this one here. So it's a great exercise to start and think about takin performing in some simpler shapes. You can use images that you can find on the Internet. You condone draw from the channel that I will leave link in the Project gallery in the project Action of Discourse. And that's that. First we have to examine the drawing or the images you'll be drawing. See the different shapes you see here. There's still in there, another cylinder here, here on some oval shapes and stuff like that. So 1/3 uh, way to start first, let's start in the middle. So we have here this shape that will be our leg cylinder smaller on one side and bigger on the other side. And it this is angle. You have this shape here. Be a little smaller shape here and you join them all together. Like I said, the biggest thing is try to learn to match all these shapes together, which were which one goes then we have It's difficult. Draw this book. I've tried to do it time I have old shape here. I'll be one of these for, uh, me to me. Kep Okay, mother, here it is a condom. This just part on head. Maybe this is a bit too. Hi. So no. So hand here changed position a bit so I can drop certain council. Think pink draw. He's here because he though there is little part of the face and is there? Oh, so I see the arm. Maybe the headless big. Okay, Because they but the other hand, somewhere over there, that's it. No, cool. Like when this is a basic shape. Now that we have done that, we can continue to work. Like I said, this is a neck, sir size. So it doesn't have to look perfect, but it should be clear, but we're doing however, at this stick immigration, we were mistakes. There's a reminder. But this is Dr Toe the race It I continued to work. And when you're working with pencils, you can put some kind of a close or paper tell something like that underneath your arm so it wouldn't erase drawing while you continually going over different sections on. I say it's better the work on the tile work on the tire drawing the same time and not just fix it on one part, because that would have united drawing that that remains coherent throughout peace fingers . They're divided into smaller parts, trying to lose bet and lastly, the other me, which I forgot, drawn time. But should I? Earlier Mistake happen doesn't have to beat yourself about it. There's so much lines ankle, you hear some it's finger and but their fingers itself. Like I said, this is no way uh, finish them is just sketch. Better understand the body on its parts, where each part lease like that. I don't have to worry about shading. If you like these videos, I can make another one where I'll shake this or other drawings. That's basically it. No, you see the result. They still images stand up exactly the same, but here it is, and it's good. You can check for mistakes, see if something is missing or like see here. There's bigger gap here, and it's always good to look for the negative and positive things and shapes. See this shape here? It's a triangular one save that appears in your drawing, said where this elbow is comparison to this part of the like said, This party's this for Cassie. This here compared to here, it's close or so in this case, it's here. So that means that I should have drawn it here. So that was a mistake. Which this thing should be like this, unlike you. See, after a friend of drawing made make the comparison. See that? So what? I should have done it. I think here and see where it goes. That's it for now, Uh, I helped elect this drawing class and that you learn something in the choke. Continue the draw on and practice practice practice, which will make your drawing skill much higher level. Please leave your project in part, a gallery or comments in the comments section, but stuff that you would like to learn next. And if you would like to receive some more classes also, if you like this class, please leave a review. It will be helpful for me to know where I'm doing right or wrong, and if you some 8. Wrap up: Hello. This is our wrap up video and we'll quit. Clear. Go Well, we learned today and help you to have your final thoughts about this class first material like that paper and pencil. And I'm thinking about three important elements drawing like we said earlier, that this construction making away the shapes that will help you don't make the final drawing that cylinder box and sphere and binding them together, too. Deliver drawing. That represents everything that you can see you around, you better understanding off and at me and working your technique so you can make better drawings and improving your work enough for a while. You'll see house go here, our drawings that we did today Horse. I made it in tow, some kind of a plane unicorn and all the shapes that form his body. Like I said earlier, therefore parts when you're drawing an animal that's the head and neck, the front quarter with front legs, belly and the rear quarter. Uh, this is an exercise doesn't have to be finished drawing. You can force your works in the particulary and we can discuss more about that. But remember, whenever you start make of produce mineral drawing and some lines, so you can quickly put your hand in the mood for drawing. Also, when you're drawing like I said, don't do it from here, but try to make from your shoulder in your elbow. This is the second drawing. You see the same thing you see in the speed up video and all the shapes stepped. Helped us make this drawing look about some 15 to thank you think. And the last one we have here, the figure also quick drawing. Just someone shapes without any shading, because I think that will be a good subject for our next class. I hope you'll join. Join me that one. Before that, you can always look my other classes. I have currently the moment two glasses. About what? Coloring on how toe paint with what colors of doors. Also, if you like digital media, you can have other classes about painting inside for a shop or inking inside Illustrator uh , for a warm oppose, I met these toe drawings son can't from photo and another one off a dark on a leash simulation coast. Somewhere here on the test, these things that go around his neck go and I think you can use your photos. You can use the best that you see. The best thing about drawing is blue hand. How you can learn fastest if you're looking straight in the nature and seeing these objects . But for starters, you can use even photographs toe improve your scarce. So that's basically it. Thank you for watching leave a review like seen so far and let the old work in the broader gallery. So start drawing and enjoy it while doing it. Thank you.