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DIY Wire Wrapped bead pendant. Create a pendant with only a few supplies

teacher avatar Colette Kimon, Jewelry Designer, Owner of Kreative Coco

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      Introduction and Class Overview


    • 2.

      Tools and material


    • 3.

      Making the pendant


    • 4.

      Weave demo


    • 5.

      Finishing up the pendant


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About This Class

In this class,we will learn how to make a pendant using a tear drop/briolette bead and some wire. In doing that, you will also learn a wire weaving technique that can be applied to other projects.

Meet Your Teacher

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Colette Kimon

Jewelry Designer, Owner of Kreative Coco


Hello! my name is Colette. I am a self taught jewelry artist, and enjoy making and creating things with my hands; I love DIY and craft projects. I have been making jewelry since 2005, and I just love discovering and learning new techniques. I enjoy making jewelry and many other crafts such as crochet, drawing, doodling etc... My work has been featured in the September 2011, Fall 2012, and spring 2013 issues of Wirework Magazine. I also have a project published in a jewelry book. I make all my creations from my home studio in Pennsylvania where I live with my family and sell them in Person, and also on my website:

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Level: Beginner

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1. Introduction and Class Overview: My name is Colette. Welcome to my class or making a easy and elegant beat better. I am a jewelry designer and I have been to India y project since I was a child. Grain up. I was always involved in some type of craft, such as in Brother Remake. Remain sewing Crush A etcetera. I started making jewelry 12 years ago and started by stringing and maybe bees, as many people do. But I quickly move on toe walking with wire and metal in general, and I have been doing that ever since. The project for this class will be to create a simple and elegant pendants using your bid. This class is for beginners as whether people have some knowledge of jury making techniques . I would be showing you how to use different type of wire and it be to create the span. It you will only need a few tools who are complete this project and only a few materials up where by the end of this class, you will have in their class with beautiful planet. But you can wear probably. I hope you enjoyed my video. If you have any questions or suggestions, please leave a comment and I get back to you as soon as possible. So let's get started and remember to have fun. 2. Tools and material: Hello and welcome back to my class in this segment. We talked to you about the tools and materials needed to accomplish this project. First of all, you will need some type of wire 20 gauge Ron wire and 26 Cage Ron wire. - They are different type of wire that you can use for this project. Yeah, I have some German style wire. The 20 gauge, 20 gauge German style Ron wire. You can also use some copper wire, 20 gauge rahm copper wire for the bear and also 26 gauge round copper wire. Toby Useful. Be wrapping. I also have some sterling silver wire. This is a 20 gauge round sterling silver wire and a 26 cage. Wrong sterling silver wire, That's where for the wrapping. All of the wires. But I just showed you are soft wire. You will also need a bit off a choice for making this pendant. I have different ship beats here. About the most important thing to remember is that the bead has to be side drilled for this project. I will be using a flat bria let paid, but is about 11 by 15 millimeters. You really the future rolls off this project, Runar, to measure your wire, it can nose plier. Just make sure your players have smoothed yours. Iran knows players a flush Carter in metal five. Finding the wire. You will also need a shipping to to shift bill of dependent. And here I have a screwdriver bracketing use for my pendant. You can also use the pan which, uh, always shop your marker or something similar. 3. Making the pendant : wait here have beat, but we'll be using for the project. So next how we need some off my wire. Some of my 20 gauge around the wire. Now, using a paper tower, I'm gonna run the wire for my finger to straighten it a little bit. Or you can just use your fingers, run it around the wire for your finger. Just straightened wire a little bit. Next, you want to use your ruler and measure like 6.5 age off your wire and cut it with your flush. Carter, now that we have ah, wire of 6.5 inch of wire, just measure the middle of that piece off wire and market beef your shopping marker once. You'd only that you want to insert the wire in Jewish into your bid. A mixture of you beat is position made off your wire. Then use your finger to press one side of wire against, thread up against, obeyed and repeat on the other side. Now you have both wires crossing on top off beds. Now what you want to do is take your chain those players and grab one side of the wire. You need to grab it right at the tip off obeyed and bandit back backwards so that you the wire is sticking straight up and repeat the same thing for the other side. You grab the wire right after tape off the bed and Benny backward so that we wire is sticking straight up. So now we have been wire sticking straight up. Now you want to use your fingers toe, push both side of the wires a little bit closer together until you have about a 2 to 3 millimeter gap in between. Both side off the wires, ma'am. But we have a been wiring place. We need toe cut some of the wrapping wire and that baby 26 cage around wire. You are goingto need about 25 ancients off this one. 4. Weave demo: for this demo, I would be using excited Rebid and copper wire for the bear. This is some 18 gauge wire. And for the wrapping, I would be using 22 gauge wire. And this is this 22 gay silver wire. Im justly thicker wire for wrapping. So you guys can better see the weeping powder because silver on silver is kind of hard to see. Every 26 gauge wire is so thin, it's not easy to see the we've on video. So just follow along with your project here we have a bit ready for weaving, and what I wanna do is to hold both the bare wires that bottom and gently spread from the part of the top until you have, like, a V shape. This will happen throwing the weaving process so we can easily pass a weaving wire through the bare wire. Now, to start rapping, you wanna take your weaving wire places on top of debate and hold them together. Then you bring your weaving wire in between bail and wrap the left wire a couple time so it's secure. So now we have our first rap. What I like to do is flip my bait back and forth and let a turning motion toe wrapping for May I like that technique better. So we are going to turn the beat Iran three times counterclockwise. On the first, you will pass fee wrapping wire in between the Bear Nam pushing the rap down a little bit with my finger just to make sure it is way I wanted today. So we flee power base over one so we have two more rounds to go, so I'm gonna flip it over a second time. You can check your wraps and make sure the tight and flip it over again for the last time. So the scenes, your laster. Now you have your wire on top off both off bare wires. So now we are going to go ahead and rob you of aside. So here we go again. Flick my bait. Once was the 1st 1 Faith rewire in between the bail, then making sure a push lobby rubbed down and I'm gonna flip it off over again a second time. So here you go. I flip it over again last second term, then I will not flip it over again for the last turn. So now we are Don't wrapping that side. So now I'm done walking on the Why only left side on my left in the All right, this one. So let's move on to be right on. So here we go again. Flip your bid. Iran first turn. Bring your wire in between the pair wires, Flip it around the second time and do it again for the third and last time. Make sure your bullsh of your raps down, if your finger so that were tight and close together. So you keep repeating this weaving powder until you have about one inch off your bill, but it's completely wrapped. So here's a recap of the wave. First wire goes in between the bear second time and we go for the throat namby up, completed the rap, so we move on to the next side. First turn wire goes in between second turn, Then we go for the last time. So now we're ready to move on to the next lesson. 5. Finishing up the pendant: So let's pick up where we left off. I have my bit ready. If you one inch from section Now, we are ready to shape the bill of a parrot for us. Use your flush cutter to trim the Esra wrapping wire and then use your flatness prop pliers to press the end off wrapping wire against their. Then you are just going to need to repeat the same process for the bottom off Bayless, where the next step will be to Shefi bailout dependent. Here I'm using my screwdriver, a position the shank of the screwdriver in, made off my rap section and then use my fingers to press for Bailey around it and create the hook ship. So this will be the back of my pendant. Now you can use your hands or your flat nose players toe slightly band the Esra wires upward. Then you need to press the bottom path off the hook together. So you have a sort off teardrop shape. Continue bending the S for wires upward until you have about the 90 degree angle or something closer that at this point, the toe extra wires are located at the back of dependent. So turn depend into the front. And you want to bring the wire on the left. Iran. Three beds off the bear. It'll be right side and repeat the same process. If you wire on your right now you have both wires crossing at the front of Bennett. Now we are going to flip the bid over and work on the backside of dependent. So walk in from the back of a bandit, breastfeed right side while you're at it. Pays off there. Next, you want to measure a bath record often inch to one inch and trim the excess wire with your flush. Carter, use your medal 5 to 5. The end of the wire. Smooth. Now, to finish your backside, we we create a curlicue with s for a wire. Yes, We tip off Iran those players to create a small look with the end off the wire. Here. I'm using my channels pliers flattened my first look. Reposition the tip off Iran, those players inside your first look and create the second girl before remaining wire here . I'm just using my round nose pliers, toe push, my curlicue flat against the bed. Now we have a back off bending down. Let's go to the front of dependent and repeat the same process. And finally the planet is down. All you need to do now is hang it on a chain. I hope you enjoy my class. Please feel free to leave a comment or question you may have and I will get back to you as soon as possible. We also be happy to see a project and any other design you come up with. Thanks for watching.