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DIY Asymmetrical wire wrapped pendant

teacher avatar Colette Kimon, Jewelry Designer, Owner of Kreative Coco

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

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      Tools and Materials


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      Weaving the pendant


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About This Class

An elegant, easy to make asymmetrical pendant using only a bead and some wire. This tutorial will give you the list of tools and materials and step by step illustrated instructions with pictures, and you will be done making this pendant in no time. This is an intermediate level project; only Basic knowledge of wire work is required in order to accomplish this project, so even beginners can successfully take on this project.

This class will teach you how to make this elegant and unique asymmetrical pendant, and you will learn a new weaving pattern along the way, that you can apply to many other designs. Hope you enjoy my class.

Meet Your Teacher

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Colette Kimon

Jewelry Designer, Owner of Kreative Coco


Hello! my name is Colette. I am a self taught jewelry artist, and enjoy making and creating things with my hands; I love DIY and craft projects. I have been making jewelry since 2005, and I just love discovering and learning new techniques. I enjoy making jewelry and many other crafts such as crochet, drawing, doodling etc... My work has been featured in the September 2011, Fall 2012, and spring 2013 issues of Wirework Magazine. I also have a project published in a jewelry book. I make all my creations from my home studio in Pennsylvania where I live with my family and sell them in Person, and also on my website:

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1. Introduction: welcome to making class. This class will focus on making, and that's metrical and elegant dependent. I am a jury designer and have been doing Tia Y project for many years and making jury for over 10 years now. I started making Jury over 10 years ago, and my main focus right now is walking wire as well as metal sheets. I use base metal as well as precious metal, mostly fine silver and sterling silver. The project for this class will be to create on elegant as metrical pendant, using a bid these classes for intermediates as well as people who have a little bit more knowledge off jury making techniques. I would be showing you out to you different up off wire and be to create the spending. You will only need a few tools and materials to accomplish this project, and I hope that by the end of this class you have a beautiful pendant that you can wear. I hope you enjoy my video. Just relax and have fun creating your pet. It 2. Tools and Materials: way I'm going to Syria. I'm gonna go ahead and and show you what we need to think of this project. Now, we're going to talk about the tools that we need to accomplish this project. And you need a pair of flat nose pliers. Make sure the jewels are really small. Make sure the jaws off pliers a smooth. We also need a playoff. Run those flyers, it payoff wire cutters to culture wire. You will also need a metal fire to find the end off your wire once you call it and also a measuring tool. And I have a small water here to measure my wife. So these are the only supplies that we need. Toe make out. Bend it. But we have a flat market shape bid, and this video is about 25 millimeter long and it is drilled over side. You can see right here. So it is drilled on the side. Okay, so next we have some 20 gauge wire and this is copper wire, But I would be using for the project, and we are going to need 12 edge off this wire. And for the wrapping, we have some 26 gauge wire. And this is also copper wire that we will be using 26 Cage and we need 40 inch of these 26 gauge wire. 3. Weaving the pendant: way, ready to start working on bail of Bennett and also frame. So you want to take your 20 gauge wire sliding through the whole off days and make sure you position your bed of tomato off your wire. If your finger mean price one side, I'll be wire right up against the bait and repeats onto this side. Now you have both wires crossing on top off beat. Next up, you wanna take your generals players and starting off the left side crappy frame wire right up on the teeth for speed and bandit back war at about a 90 degree angle and repeat the same process for the right side of the frame wire. Now, you should have something looking like this, both wires sticking up. So really, I am ready to start weaving bale of dependent as well as if side frame of panic. So this screenshots, we show you a weaving pattern so that will be wrapping the boredom wire three times, then wrapping both wires twice to start the within process. You wanna take your weaving wire, which is the 40 inch off 26 gauge wire, and loosely place it around your baby and hold both you leaving wire and you'll be together just to secure it. Then wrap both for different wires twice. If you're weaving wire now, you can use your fingers to gently push. We weave together, so but the tight and packed here you have your bottom wire. Then you have the top one yet stuff the next step for me toe wrapping bottom wire three times. So go ahead and wrap the bottom wire three times. You may need to spread the frame wires path slightly. Just facility that you work. So when you don't wrapping when you don't. If you three wraps, just use your fingers to push me. Wraps close together. Next step you need to push wolf friends close together again and then you are going toe rap both off the wires twice. So go ahead and relevant twice. And now we have a double wrap. So after each wraps, make sure you push them close together. If your fingers so next step will be to rough bottom wire again three times. So you go ahead and wrap it boredom 13 times. So this is our pattern three times and then twice. So now you have bottom wire wrapped three times which them together. If your fingers make sure tight, then you're going back again and wrapping both frame wires twice. So we're going for a double room. So now you go ahead and wrap off wires. Frame wires twice, then make sure you put them together again. If your fingers and we see what we have so far, so keep within your wire this way until we have a live off about 3.5 inches or in 0.5 centimeters. This design is quite forgiving, so you can hardly woven three Mahwire. Be slightly longer and remember how how pattern a weeding pattern is rapping the bottom wire three times, then rapping bull from wires twice for a double. I called that double wrap, so you roughly bottom wire three times in both wires twice, and you keep going until you have a length off the path a frequent five inches about but is 8.5 centimeters. Oh, a little bit boy could be slightly longer, and that's okay. - Now that you have a desire left off wilbon wire, cut the excess wrapping liable. But if your baby is larger, you may want toe wait and do it at a later time, just in case you need to keep wrapping a friend. So after you cast the excess wrapping way off this user, chain those pliers to press the ends off the wrapping wires flat against friend, the next step will be to form the tale of dependent. I'm going to use the double raps on the movement frame to determine where to start. So I'm going to count for double wraps and place my candles players at the 4th 1 to phone bear. I'm going toe rub your moving frame around a ficus portion of chain those flies, so just use your finger. Prints were moving from around the jaw off channels prior to form your beer, and you should. Now that we have been completed, it's time to start walking on friends. In here. You have front off Bennett. We feel non dominant hand. Hold there between your index and farm, and we feel the pain. You'll be woven wire and rapidity room bottom out there. Now you have you woven wire won't be left, and the video is showing you the front off dependent. Continue wrapping and bring the woven frame back up. Toe the front off bandit like this. Now you have your woman. Why you you're right. Now we're going to shape it. Iran, decide off, baby. So now I'm holding Beauty My left hands and I am going to ship the woman wire around beside off beat curving it around I just want be woven wire to form 1/2 circle Iran decided being and I'm goingto bring the wire Iran a tip off the bottom tip off dead just like this. So I'm going to continue walking on this and I'm going to hold the bead and frame both together in my left hand. Then what I want to do is rap both wires around the bottom tip off bid here you every back and I'm going to continue rapping and breaking back again to the fruit, to the front it And here you have it. Now our friend is nicely secured. Iran Pbde So it's time now to cut off the excess wire But we do not need now that we are Don't walking on the frame off bandit You stand to cut off extra wise, so use your flush cutters so drain off the excess wires. Now that you don't cutting off the extra wire stand to use your med. If I find the end really small to finish up, I'm just going to use my flat nose pliers and pull shop and off the wire around the tip of dead just to make sure my baby's really secure. So walking from the back until the same thing and pushing, gently pushing the wire around the tip off a bit, make sure everything is secure. There you have it. Dependent is done. The only thing you need to do is pull it off the chain. I hope you enjoy this glass and I hope to see you my next guest.